Individaul And National Predestination, 11-19-61



by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 11-19-61

We turn to address you upon subjects which we feel are important for you to know and to understand. And these relate to the sovereignty of God to the Predestination of men and nations.

But before we start our subject we would like to relate to you that another address was delivered in the south land in the last few hours. This address was delivered by the President of the United States, altho I question whether he drew it up all by himself. That address was an admission upon his part that he knows where all the dangers internally in the United States lay, and he can no longer play innocent. For in that address he blamed all the people who were of the right wing, who were investigating communism, or having study groups who point out the enemy. And in his attack upon the right wing he said that these people are superstitious of everything, and of all their neighbors. And he said that this group wants to shirk their responsibility of facing the enemy on the outside. Therefore to get out of this responsibility they build up the image of the enemy within the United states.

I want to point out that those patriots who point out the enemy within are not those who are holding back America from struggling for a victory on the outside. The strange thing is that he said:---'these people look at the finest of churches here in America and find Communist in the pulpits'. ----Well that is a fact, for that is where you will find a lot of them. And then he warned that the 'right wing' even mistrusts the government and its agencies concerning the fluoridation of water, and blame that on the Communist for starters. However that is also quite true. Then in his declaration he moves out to say, that when we have financial crisis it is blamed on some of the immigrants, and on the manipulation of money, and that there is not enough money at times. --Well --I tell you that this is also true, for if we kept out all the anti-Christian immigrants that have come into this country as refugees, and kept them out of finances, out of the control of our money thru the places of power which they have moved into we would never have an economic crisis, and he cites that when we have wars, that we blame that on the International Bankers, and the arms industry ----and again he is right about the International Bankers, for they have created every war you have ever been in.

Now, I am not going to go into detail about all that speech but he said:---The reason there is a crisis in Europe, and the reason the Communist armies are there --the 'right wing' blames it on the Yalta agreement.-----Well he is absolutely right because if it had not been for the YALTA agreement the communists would not be there. --Then he said:--they attack the Communist party because they say that it is trying to create a welfare state, and a welfare state is a Socialist state, and a Socialist state is a Communist state, and they call that the trend we are following. -----Well, again he is absolutely right, that is the trend that they are following.

So after listening to that speech I can no longer have much compassion for a man for some possible ignorance concerning where the danger lies. It is self evident that the President knows where the danger lies. But he is trying to cover up the danger and have us always looking outside where there is danger. But we realize that to face up to that danger on the outside, we must have a secure house on the inside. So as I listen to the patriots and all those who love their country, I realize that one fifth of America is already awake. And that one fifth must be by their actions beginning to worry, and hurt the left wing advisors whom the President has appointed. After all, remember that 77 of 116 of those advisors are non-Christians.

I am well aware that his own church takes an active part in opposing communism. I have some of the newspapers from his own church which opposes the catastrophe in the United Nations and opposing co-existence, and opposing everything which a patriot opposes, and so when he attacks those who point to communism in the church, I happen to have a copy of a paper published by his own church which points out communism in all the Protestant ranks.

The fact remains that Communism has moved into churches, and into education, and into every field of our lives, and that's the best way to have a victory in a country opposing Communism, is to search it out, and stamp it out. I am not amazed that the President would have advisors who would prepare a speech like that, but I am amazed at the perfidity of any politician who would deliver a speech like that. For irrespective of whether a man is a Democrat or a Republican, he can be a patriot, and under these instances he will lose all Democrat patriots, and he will never again convince any Republican patriot that there is an integrity in the design to defeat Communism, in the White House. Tonight we will talk more fully about the enemy within. It is a rather strange thing that in our time they would like to silence the church in any discussion like this, but at the same time they want to use the church to spread their propaganda.

I have upon my desk at home great numbers of copies of United Nations material which is sent by government agencies, in which they want us to sell our people on cooperation and complacency, on U.N. development, so that they might be educated so that they will help in carrying out these developments. But if a Clergyman attacks the U.N. from a pulpit they get very disturbed about it and say he has gotten out of order, and this is utterly non-related to the church. I have spoken to you in the past about the responsibility of the church, and I would tell you this afternoon that the church is the great spiritual life center of God's kingdom---It should contain the illuminated awakened, intelligent, spiritually guided leadership of God's kingdom. If the church does not speak out against the design to overthrow the structure of God's Kingdom, then my friends there will be no voices, and no one will speak out. You may point out some activated patriot here and there, but I tell you that if the church does not activate the principals, and the ethics which came from his mothers knee, and which has given him the integrity with which to face this hour--there would be silence, even upon the part of individuals. There are those who have wondered why there seems to be in face of these problems, a great number of people who have not turned to any of the churches--but this is understandable because the church---The true Church---is a great invisible body. There is also a vast body we call the church today, and it is made up of hierarchies and people, and many of the things taught those people are not always --"Thus saith the LORD." Therefore the physical manifestation is not always to be identified with spiritual reality. We want you to know that there is no power on the face of the earth which is going to destroy the effectiveness of God's church, and the very powers of disintegration, death, and all the capacity of the enemy to wage war against it will not destroy God's church, nor the nations of His kingdom.

If there is anything important for you to understand it is God's relationship in this matter. This is why we are speaking this afternoon upon the subject of God doing what he wants to do --The personality of God to Will, and to accomplish what He wishes." There are certain attributes that must be maintained in your thinking when you talk about Deity. If there is any one thing you and I are privileged to know it is that we had an acquaintance with God who put the Universe together, and this was a close relationship because He is the Father who begat you. And you and I are told by the Apostle Paul and all thru the scripture that he is not only our Father, but James also tells us that He begat us by His own will. Then the Apostle Paul tells us that we are spirit of His own spirit, that His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. He does not want us to forget it, he wants us to keep it in constant recognition. He wants us to behave like children of God, in full understanding that the word is night unto us, even in our mouth. He wants us to remember our inheritance as the children of God, and He wants us to occupy our inheritance--as children of God. ---Believing offspring. We are the believing offspring of God and as such wee should know a lot about our father.

There was a time in your Celestial consciousness when you knew all that transpired in heavenly plains, as it relates to the Universe, and in that close relationship you were not only protected and shielded, but as children of the spirit you were dwelling in the presence of the father, in the midst of perfection, and you were somewhat aloof from the points of impact. but the power of the organization of the heavens, and of the Universe was being directed for what God eventually intended to do, which was to put everything back in order, and also to use it to develop in you ---a deep and wide range of appreciation of righteousness and understanding by having come in contact with the forces of darkness as well as light. By Choosing the light and following the course of righteousness which is the most intelligent way to go, because you speak from experience then you learn. God permitted some of the things which have transpired, and ordained some of the conditions thru which you have passed---for the development He purposed to produce in you.

The words we would call attention to are found in the book of Ephesians as well as other parts of the Book. That word found there has been passed over by denominations who do not know how to cope with this special word, and they would like to wipe it out of reality. The special word is ----Pre-destination, and someone always says:---'Dr. Swift do you believe in Pre-destination?' I could not believe YAHWEH-YAHSHUA without it ---why? Because there are certain attributes of god, and one of them is --Omnipotence --or unlimited power. And any one who understands the things they read knows that He is all powerful. In Colossians then 'All things were made by HIM, and there is nothing in this Universe that he did not Will in the seat of his intellect, did not direct the mighty mentoids of energy, and group the powers of this energy which he created out of the majesty of the power of his intellect and mind, and then synthesized into the elements, until the whole Universe, everything in it has been made by HIM.'

"All things were made by HIM, and without HIM was not anything made." Then before you get thru you find--"all things were made for HIM"---that my friends if Omnipotence. There is no limitation upon it, and it does not say all power within certain limits, it says:--"All Power." Then it goes a little further in the description of "all power" and says:--'He knows all things, He knows the end from the beginning, He hath purposed all things. There is nothing in the range of knowledge that men know, that He does not know. How could it be any other way for He made all things, and would have to know how they were made, and how they would perform. He possesses in the capacity of His spirit, because it is the entity out of which Life itself exists, another attribute called ----Omnipresence. There is nothing which moves, there is nothing which moves, there is nothing which exists, there is nothing that vibrates in any field, anywhere in God's Universe, that the consciousness of God is not aware of because of ---Omnipresence--because this Universal 'Omnipresence '--or Great Spirit --is holding all things together. These three attributes in themselves are a part of the nature of God---Omnipotent---Omnipresence, and Omniscient, and you cannot take any portion of it away, or take any part of the powers which are related here, and still come out with YAHWEH-YAHSHUA ---you cannot take anything away and come out with the whole ONE.

Thus the Eternal Father (spirit) is all power, all wisdom, and He is ever and Eternally fully present thru out His Universe, thru the wavelength and perception of His spirit, and still can possess the entity of being embodied in a human body where the fullness of God once dwelt, and walked among us. This my friends, is Deity, and if there is any problem that we face, in the thinking of our religion then remember this. There are some who do not like to call Christianity a religion, but we ignore them because it is a religion. While it is the true religion, it is also a way of life --but still a religion, and when you can have errors in it, which didn't come as Life, and the errors come from within then it is still a religion. Hierarchies of theology have created concepts within religion that have impaired the great freedoms which belong to God's children, inside the kingdom, as far as the knowledge of the kingdom is concerned. They have built a large part of the program of kingdom upon a fear complex. They have watched a large part of the tyrannies of fear, as it effects men dwelling all over the earth, and they have found that people under fear will many times bow and fulfill responsibilities placed upon them. And do it thru fear where they might not under other methods. I think you can look around the world and see a little trend of this, for a lot of people, and a lot of nations do as the Soviet Union wants, because they are afraid of them. America treats them nice but they don't do as America wants them to because they know that America won't do anything to them. This is a part of the objective which some ecclesiastical hierarchies use concerning things as they relate to God. And others have thought they had more power thru fear, thus whole doctrines, and whole shaping of the slanting of concepts were created, and the patterns by which men followed the word of God in the scriptures were influenced by interpretations---to create a field of fear. ---Why? To produce the kind of conduct they thought proper. But I want you to know this about the nature of Your Father--He is not seeking obedience of his children thru fear. He is asking for obedience thru love, and thru understanding, that anything he has purposed or requested --is for their best interest. And the highest intellectual capacity you can develop is to know the things God has purposed for your best interest. You cannot be educated beyond God, that is impossible, for there is nothing else to know.

Sometimes I find someone who thinks his sophistication in the interest of modern affairs has educated him beyond the need of God, or beyond God himself. And that in itself is most fallacious because there is nothing which does not have its existence in HIM, thru HIM and by HIM.

Now, we would turn to consider this word --Predestination. This means God pre-determined certain things. That virtually every course in history, is eventually going to be shaped by the energies, and forces, and influences which God turns loose to accomplish certain results. And the great shaping instrument in his hands is the great superior society which God put into the earth, so as to use that instrument capable of receiving his thoughts, and being influenced by his thoughts to accomplish his purpose. Therefore God places his own family, with his own kind of life, and his own spirit in a physical world, in a physical body because their spirit can receive his thoughts, and be activated by it. You say:---'well there are a lot of them which haven't received.' --But --there is none of His family anywhere in the world or in the Universe, that He will not consummate his purpose with----before He is thru.

Now--I read here in Ephesians:--"Blessed be the Eternal Spirit --the father of the embodiment of God. This Eternal spirit has blessed us --his children --with all spiritual blessings, in heavenly places, and accomplishes our right to these things, thru his own embodiment----dwelling as a man among men He hath chosen us --in HIM --before the foundation of the world, and has destined us to be wholly in love, before HIM, before He is thru." And as Paul said:--"He hath destined us to conform to his own image." Then a little further we read:--"Having therefore predestined us to the very positioning of our birth, the very day we were to be begotten in earth, having set our coming in and going out,--having predestinated us to the position as His children, by the Will of His own Incarnate embodiment---as the Eternal God----YAHSHUA --the Christ ------Having predestinated us, not only as children to himself, but according to the good pleasure of His own Will. To the praise and Glory of His Grace, where he has made us completely acceptable in his own household.

I want you to know therefore that he hath abounded to us with all wisdom and with all prudence, and having made known unto us the Mystery of His will according to His good pleasure which he has purposed in Himself.

Now, a declaration to the Apostle Paul --like this--after the Apostle was given a heavenly experience and instructions --in HIS own presence --and until Paul was able to write in Ephesians these facts for you--thus --'Hath declared that He hath predestinated many thing. One thing is your embodiment, your birth in earth, your being a part of this household, these things are a part of His predestinated purposes for you. We cite to you that in this predestination of purpose, what you have been sent into the world to do is going to be accomplished, that in the dispensation of the fullness of time He is going to gather in one--all things--in Christ and in His embodiment which involves you----all things in heaven, and which are in earth, even in Him and we have obtained an inheritance being Predestinated according to His purpose, who works all things according to the council of His will.

As we have said to you before in trying to answer the symposiums--of agnostics in our colleges --several church organizations had put out a pamphlet saying why they were here, and these church organizations were still maintaining the fantastic idea that God had gambled with the spirits of his children by simply placing them in the world to see whether they could make it or not. And that we were here to see what kind of a choice we would make---heaven or hell. And then they went ahead to describe heaven as Eternal bliss, and Hell as Eternal flames and torture. but all of the strange and fantastic superstitions have been incorporated into that doctrine, and they thought the reason why we were here was to see which way we would choose to go, to see if God would win, or loose. They intimated that if we burned forever the Devil would win, and if we made heaven then the Devil would lose. and on the other hand there were people in the earth that perhaps we could influence--so they would make the right choice.

We cite to you that any concept or doctrine that would have the children of God sent into the world with the possibility of God losing them would not be predicated on the Omnipotence of God, or the Omniscient of God and the assurances that He made. It would overlook the fact that you were predestined before you came into the world, with the exact timing of that birth, having written your name in the Lamb's book of life before the foundation of the world, and He did not ordain that He was going to lose any of you. He ordained that He was going to perfect, even in the errors which would occur in this physical body, but he was going to perfect each and every one of you until you would be like unto Himself. More than that he ordained that all his family would come eventually to complete victory, for death was not even to have any victory, over even one of you.

You say:--'but we have had Christians dying ever since the days of Jesus'.---Yes, and we are going to have them all resurrected in one great moment, because there is not going to be any defeat for the house of God. He said:--'According to the council of His own will.' This does not require anything from your own will----just His will. Some say but everything is dependent upon mans decision, man's choice, for man can will to go out and be destroyed, or come in to find life. But I am going to tell you that it is not Him that willith ---but He who calleth. He says:--'I call my sheep by name---I lead them out --I give them Eternal life, and they will never perish.' More than that the Eternal said that the spirit is greater than the flesh. Thus the Messiah in His declaration as the Shepherd ---Jesus in person--YAHSHUA said:--'No man is going to take them out of my hand, and the spirit is greater than the flesh, and no man is going to take them out of the spirit. The translation in the King James Version say:--'The Father is greater than I and no man can take them out of the Father's hands.' But the proper translation is:--'the spirit is greater than the flesh, and no man takes anything from the spirit'. But He here in the flesh, also said:--no man can take anything from me.

When God Almighty makes plans those plans are good. Those plans have reached out from before even the foundations of this planet concerning what He was going to do. And He carries them out and adds, out of the graciousness of His own nature, out of the essence of His own spirit,--every necessary thing to move among the people of His Kingdom, to accomplish certain results. God is not out of the International situation, and He is not out of the internal situation. For He is moving. He is stirring up consciousness. He is activating people. He is moving at one time--what you might call the spirit of patriotism upon His people. And at another time He is moving upon them with spirits which demand the concept of integrity. And He is charging them to see that the Kingdom measures up. These are not just determinations that men have made just by themselves. But it has been the stirring of God.

Everytime there is a great revival in your race, irrespective of what phase of action is involved, it is God who stirs it up. That is one of the reasons why they used to sing "Revive Us Again." It isn't that you are all dead, but there are a lot of sleeping people that lie in a position which looks as though they are dead. They may fulfill the position in scripture--in Revelation--as two witnesses. This church and state which lie for a period as the dead in the streets of the three cities of Babylon, Egypt and Jerusalem. Someone said:--'These two witnesses, when will they come to be slain and lay in the streets of the three cities?' -- If you go to the book of Revelation chapter 11, you find that you can't put two witnesses in the streets of three cities. The forces are so classified that you couldn't put this as two people in these various places to destroy them. Thus the witnesses are church and state. The two witnesses of God's people have been reduced to a position where there is not such opposition to these influences. Egypt is World economic bondage and social bondage. Jerusalem is ecclesiastic--Satanic presence of evil in the ecclesiastic area. And Babylon is all in represents as the great world--economic and political force which seeks to control the earth. And in these areas of ecclesiastical, political and economical bondage, they have sought to control the two witnesses until they lay as though dead. But they are not dead as far as spirit is concerned. For it is only as far as the body politic. And as far as the physical body of the church is concerned, that as witnesses, they go thru this cycle.

The purpose of God for the victory of His Kingdom, and the triumph of that Kingdom was ordained before the world was framed. Now we call your attention to this. Having pre-destined, having pre-determined how things will come out, He will add everything essential to bring it out with all the wisdom that He has and all the power that He possesses.

I am going to tell you that we have these words by the Apostle Paul:--'All Israel shall be saved as it is written.' We don't have to go too far in identifying to you who Israel is, for I believe almost everyone in this auditorium knows who Israel consists of and what it means. The Apostle Paul tells us a lot about Israel in the book of Romans. And we who are students of the scripture know that the children of God in earth today came down thru the Adamic race, down thru Seth, thru the house of Noah, Shem and on up to the time of Abraham. And we know these are the Israel people of God--ruling with God. And the name was specifically placed upon the house of Abraham. Now we are told things about Israel and we are told things which pertain to Israel. And who then are the Israelites?--To Israel pertains this being born at a certain time by the will of God in the earth. To them pertains the Glory of God, the covenants of God. And to them pertains the giving of the Law and the service of God and the promises. When the Israelites are the people, then who are the fathers concerning the flesh from whom God came. Who was above all -- God blessed forever? Thus the Israelites are the people who are the kinsmen of God. They are the children of God and every promise in the Book was made to them. The covenants were made to them. And their coming from heaven to earth was determined by this process. The world is Huiothesia in the Greek. But the translation here in Romans 9:4 is the word 'adoption'. And it is a sad translation of the meaning of this for today. But we have assurance concerning this. For the word is placing of sons.

Now we are told by Paul in Romans 11, that Israel is a people that God foreknew. He hasn't cast aside His people, His family, His Israel, His race. Paul said:--'Has He cast them away, God forbid. For I am of the seed of Abraham from the tribe of Benjamin. I am an Israelite. God has not cast away the people that He foreknew.' When did He foreknow you? He foreknew you before the foundation of the world when He pre-determined what your ultimate destiny was going to be in the earth. Someone said:--'Well, that is hardly fair, because some of them have been destined to perdition and some to salvation.' But I tell you that God has not destined any last one of the seed of His household, any begotten in His household, in the spirit and begotten in the earth, to destruction,--to perdition. Not a single one of your race has been pre-destined to flaming fires and perdition. And I am going to tell you this. Not a single one of them will ever get there.

You say:--'What does that mean?'--It means just what Paul said. The Grace of God is a part of the nature which He has poured into this. And all Israel shall be saved as it is written. So where was it written? Romans 11:26. Let's go back to the book of Isaiah. He who met Isaiah in the temple high and lifted up in His Glory. And Isaiah beheld, and had the coals of the oracle put to his lips and was charged with HIS Glory. Now, listen. God speaks to Isaiah and Isaiah says:--'Verily thou are a God who hideth Himself, O God of Israel--the Savior.' Then concerning your race, He says:--'It (your race) will not be confounded. It will not have shame. And all the enemy against you will be in confusion. All the makers of idols, (the Khrushchev's, the other rulers of the world order), but Israel shall be saved in YAHWEH-YAHSHUA with an Everlasting salvation. (Isa. 45:17 and 25) He shall not be confounded world without end. He said, you can look at me, all the ends of the earth, for I AM YAHWEH and there is none else. Israel is going to help bring this message to the ends of the earth with the firmness of the Kingdom. But I have sworn by Myself and My word has gone out of My mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that unto Me every knee shall bow and every tongue shall swear. While they are doing this then God says that in YAHWEH all the seed of Israel shall be justified and shall Glory--all Israel.

So you see that Paul didn't take any license with his revelation. Because what the Apostle Paul was told was that which had already been written. And the Apostle Paul said:--'All Israel shall be saved--as it is written.' You ask 'Why'? Because it was already WILLED. God said:--'They have My life in them and I am not going to lose anything.' This idea that you have to have a lot of people lost in order to have religion, or a lot of people lost in order to have the process of Christianity, or to make men obey God, or bring them to the realization of God, is not the Will of God. There are people lost today, and Jesus talked about 'Lost sheep.' And there are a lot of people who are out of adjustment with God and with His plan. And they need to be found where they are going thru the process of life in that situation. But when He finds His sheep HE leads them out. God has established very clearly, that the violations or errors of His law are sins. And He came to save people from their sins, not to find some process by which they would have to say a few words and identify themselves with it to save themselves from some flaming torture when they die. God didn't come down to bring flaming tortures. He came to bring life, to bring power, and eventually to overthrow the process you call death. There isn't any question as we look into these scriptures for there is nothing any more vast than that which God has declared. He said:--'I declare the end from the beginning. I can determine events, because I can pour enough power into the situation to make the events work out. I will declare the end from the beginning and from ancient times---things that are not yet done. MY COUNCIL SHALL STAND. I WILL DO ALL MY PLEASURE.'

I would rather rest in those words than put any hope in all the assurances about America's destiny coming out of the mouth of politicians, including the President. Because there have been great armies defeated in history and masses of man power of peoples conquered in earth. But I know that God has willed that His Kingdom shall survive and shall conquer. And there is not enough power in all the evil in the earth to change one thing which God has 'Willed' or purposed from the beginning. God has willed sometimes, to let you pass thru experiences which when eventually these experiences are evaluated, will become of great value as they are written on the very tables of your heart in appreciation of HIS LAW. God deals with you in great Grace. The Grace of God gave the Law to your race. Someone said:--'We talk about our race, but what about the rest of the people of the earth?' We have the same passages which speak about Israel being saved, meaning saved from error. The error is going to be taken away and they are going to be alright. The power of God's spirit is going to cleanse them. The Glory of God is going to rest upon them and you are going to keep His law. You are going to do His Will because you want to. And thus will be saved from error. But when a people think right, act right, do right, then they vibrate to the very nature of God's spirit. Then what would you have left to do but watch the fulfillment of the Glory of God upon those in the environment they are in. And all flesh is going to be saved. For everyone is going to bow the knee and everyone is going to swear to the Glory of God. and they are going to sing the hymns of His praises. This is why in the book of Revelation that John sees the Universe in the heavens above and all over the Universe and on earth and even down in the Netherworld. And they are all singing a new song. They are praising the LAMB and singing songs about the CHRIST and of His revelations, and about the fullness of GOD.

That is somewhere out in space and time, you say. Yes. But I read these words over here in the book of Colossians:--'in which we started to declare unto you that the Apostle Paul, under the inspiration of the Spirit, tells you that God made all things. HE put all things together. And the Apostle Paul then turns to say:--'HE has made peace thru the blood of His cross, to reconcile all things unto Himself.'

And I say, whether they be things in earth, or whether they be things in heaven, He is going to reconcile all things. Get it all back in proper relationship. And while you are thinking about those majestic words in the book of Colossians, then turn back here to these words in the book of Philippians, in the 3rd chapter which just preceded this, and see that HE is able to transform flesh until it is fashioned like His own glorious body according to the working power, which is with HIM, in which HE is able even to subdue--all thing unto Himself.

Now, if the God who is our Father, and whose spirit dwells in us because we are His offspring, if the God who is our father has Omnipotence, has power to subdue all things unto himself, and then says:--'I am going to do this'--I believe. And He has never failed to do anything He has said He was going to do---then you do not have anything to worry about. Do you? Oh, you have a lot to be happy about and a lot to praise him for, but you should move forward with courage, and without any great burden resting upon you, of fear, because there is nothing to fear. "Perfect love casteth out fear," and the Father has loved you, and awakened you to this consciousness--thus this is perfect love. There is nothing to worry abut even concerning destiny of the Eternal spirit. But there is much you are to do in conforming with the law.

There was a Clergyman the other day who asked me a question. He said:--'I would like for you to explain to me why you think the Israel people--the white race are superior to any other people on the face of the earth.' I replied:---'It is the content. There has been in all the creations of God, that which was good. When God made the other races He said they were good. When your race was begotten by his spirit, the essence of life in you was the essence of God's life. You could think His thoughts because you were His offspring. You were His seed, His life, and you were incorruptible seed.

Here is a declaration that no other race on the face of the earth has been given a knowledge, and an understanding of the laws of God, and its judgments. There is no other people who could build God's kingdom in earth but these people who have the laws of God and the judgments. There are no other people who would understand the know how of spiritual force and power in the Universe that God made, but the children of His Spirit. Therefore because it is the way that God willed it --then Israel must be the instrument by which these things are accomplished.

I ran into a Holiness clergyman who said:---"It isn't fair". I said:--'what isn't fair?' He said:--'It isn't fair that God predestined some to this. It isn't fair that God selected Israel for this and didn't give it to everybody.' ------"Who art thou o man who replieth against God?---Shall the thing formed say, why hast thou formed me thus."?

If God has produced out of his own Grace, the transference of his own family, from heaven to earth, and poured out upon them the assurance of their destiny, and empowered them with his holy spirit to accomplish His purpose, this is not only fair, but this is the most gracious thing which could ever happen to the world which was following the course of Lucifer. It would be as foolish a saying that the creatures of His creation cried, because they were not made like something else.

This is not to give you a complex in which you become haughty, because we the children of the Eternal father have been humbled by the fact that thrust into the environment in which Lucifer was at work--we also succumbed to his treachery. But the Eternal Grace of our Father who had purposed that we be educated, even by this process--by the outpouring of His spirit, by the calling of His household, by the unlimited power that He possessed, and absolute completeness of power to reach every horizon with it---is restoring in His children their returning to the objectives for which He put them in the earth. There is no loss with God, there is no chance of loss in this process. "I call my sheep by name----I lead them out -----who has resisted His will. ?

One Evangelist said to me:---'Dr. Swift when that man comes down to the front of my church, or where I am speaking and makes the statement--'I accept Jesus Christ' and I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and I accept his atonement for my sin'---When he makes that statement--at that moment that man is saved, and he won't go to Hell.'-----I said:---'That is a moment when he made a testimony to a doctrine which you taught him, and he acknowledges that he believes that Jesus is the Christ. It may eliminate a lot of fears from his own mind, but the fact is that he was a child when he left the presence of his Father, and he was a child when he was born in earth, and his name was in the Lamb's book of life before he arrived in earth, and no words which you are going to say are going to change your destiny.

One evening after out services we were waited on by some Clergymen and they said:---You did not give an altar call.'---Well, I said, the altar where I expect you to approach God is in this Temple which you are living in. There is a holy of Holies right in here. Your body is the Temple of God's Holy spirit, because the spirit in you was begotten by Him. And there He visits you in the seat of your intellect. Our forefathers have been moved with religious practices as they were stimulated according to the knowledge which was being restored unto them, of their service of God, I have looked upon great meetings where thousands of people have been stirred, and hundreds of people have made decisions to serve Christ and that is good but there is another thing to be accomplished by this knowledge, and that is to know that the Spirit has quickened their consciousness to know who they are, and the most important thing they could know to begin with, was to know that all thru the course of their lives, the Father was still there, looking after them, and had sent his Angels to have charge over them. And that they were in the Father's hand all the time. The Grace of God is the greatest thing that you can understand, as the great spiritual force and process in human lives. It is just God's nature working out His will. Yes. He has pre-destined us to conform to the image of his son (his embodiment). He has predestinated us to this so great a salvation, He has predestinated us to all that God would reveal in the spirit, thru His family, and all that he would accomplish. He is going to do all the pleasure of His own Will.

There is nothing that you can understand that is more important to your mental, spiritual, and intellectual consciousness than this salvation. And there is no greater force at work, than the saving power of God to redeem his people. There is nothing that belittles God more in the minds of men, than for them to hold to pagan superstitions.

I was advised one time by a missionary who had been unable to make a great measure of impact upon a bunch of pagan cannibals, ruthless, bloody and living in violence. However he had sought to accomplish an awakening to their condition, and then he became a little harsh when he was exasperated with their conduct, and he told them that the Great God of the Universe had given them this opportunity to listen to His word, or he would burn them up forever and ever. Then after a little preaching one of the Cannibal Chieftains said:--'Your God is worse than our God, for when our God delivers them into our hands they are dead. But your God would torture them forever and ever, so he is no better than our god.'

I am going to tell you that you better get the image of our God up to its proper stature in your own life, because if you have a God who tortures, and you serve him thru fear, he hasn't as much religion as you have so you better convert him. If God were less Christ like than you are, it would be hard to explain for what is good in you, what is merciful in you, what is gracious in you is the very lighting of God's own Spirit, and his own love, And God is love ---but this does not change the fact that in the environment in a physical earth, the very violations of law produced the catastrophe, which descends upon men. The depressions, the wars, the bloodshed, the great burdens, the economic upheavals, the insecurities, these are the result of violations of the principal of law in a universe as it is. The Grace of God causes you to understand the law, so you can put this thing into practice and reverse these conditions.

There are times when in the cause of his purpose, that he takes some people out of the way--on purpose. When God removes a man of your race, sometimes it means that he seems to have been used by the enemy and is unprofitable to the kingdom, so he is taken out of the way. He hasn't been taken beyond the Grace of God, for back into the plain of spirit from whence he came ---is where he goes, and there he is properly dwelt with by the MOST HIGH. But what he was sent to accomplish, and what he did had to have some tremendous effect upon the kingdom to get certain results, and God still had these things in mind.

I have told you on several occasions that as you moved into this year that certain things were going to happen, and men were going to fall, and would be removed right out of the political life, and world life because they were hindering the program of the kingdom, and God has had enough. And I don't weep for those he removed, because there isn't anything to weep about. Some of these spirits will be brought up to a quick adjustment in the dimension of spirit where as their minds have been bound, and their services have been used by the forces of darkness in the earth.

We are in no way removed from our responsibilities concerning the building of God's Kingdom, by the great Grace God has bestowed upon us so that we might learn our destiny. I can tell everyone of you your destiny this afternoon, for that destiny is to be exactly like Christ. To be filled with His light and with His glory. That destiny is to do miracles in the earth, that destiny is to be felt from one end of the Universe tot he other. You are going to walk in God like Majesty as a son or daughter, reflecting the Glory of your Gather--that is your destiny. There is not a person here in this room that does not find that the covenants cover him for this destiny.

Now, you say--suppose I just move thru earth in other courses not paying any attention to this destiny, and these courses do not necessarily pay honor to serving the laws of God--what happens? Well, you get sick, you suffer, you go thru all kinds of mental torment, but the fact remains that you are not going to change that destiny. Thus there is no point in rebellion. If you are a mechanic and you want to put something together then you observe the instructions and the mechanics of that construction, that is just common sense. In any field you must apply the facts, and a rebellion will get you no where even tho you say:--'I just don't want to do this.' In following that course you are just following the course of subtlety which Lucifer has used as he moves against the human mind. For all the processes of error must start there, that is why the great battle for men's minds is so important today. That is why the powers of evil and the forces of darkness are trying to capture the mind of your youth, and of your people. That is why those who do their will suddenly begin to talk like that. Do you want to know how to get all the people in a group to agree with you? Just tell them that they are the only people smart enough to understand what you are saying, and every one will agree with you. They used to teach things like that in pastoral psychiatry, inside the Bible schools, and they still do. They probably taught that in psychology to Mr. Kennedy for he talked the other night to those 1500 people who paid $100.00 to $1,000.00 per plate for their dinner. After he downgraded everyone then he said:---'You and I agree that this figure of thought (the right wing) is the menace. You and I agree that we only need to build the weapons to fight the enemy on the outside, and don't worry about the inside. You and I agree because we understand this.'

I don't suppose that 5 out of 500 understood that this whole strategy was to put people to sleep and get no resistance on the inside. But I want you to know that it isn't just a matter such as that. For God has already declared:--you are my children, and I have given you this capacity, and we are going to make the world just like we planned to do it in the heavens. We are going to take out evil, we are going to go thru every process, and restore everything --just as we planned to do it in the heavens. We are going to take out the evil and we are going to go thru every process and restore everything. We are going to put everything in a proper pattern of equity, and take out all the processes of evil, right out of the heart of men's economic dealings. We are going to move thru the whole course of nations and remove the hand which is dedicated to Lucifer's service from administration. We are going to put the whole government of the world in the hands of the sheep nations. We are going to make the world to know -----"That I HAVE LOVED YOU".

Yes, that is what He said.--For Jesus did not look down upon His ministry. You say:--'but there were great masses in Palestine who did not follow Him.' Yes, but there were thousands who thronged to Him. Ever once in a while I hear people saying Jesus had no followers, and the people persecuted HIM. Yes --everywhere He went the enemy fought against HIM. But everywhere He went there were also followers. They thronged along the roads, and so great was this crowd that a little man climbed a tree to be able to see HIM. They pressed around him to get the Life that He gave. They came out to the gates of the city and cried:--'Hosanna in the Highest, to the son of David. Blessed is YAHSHUA who came in the name of the LORD. The throngs that were there, the people who could hear HIM were there. Jesus looked out over them and over His disciples and said:--"All those that thou hast given me ----Thine they were in the heavens, mine they are in the earth---I have not lost a single one of them. The only one in this company whom I lost was Judas of Iscariot the son of Perdition, and I did not lose even him for I never had him to start with. Jesus did not lose even him for he never had him to begin with. Jesus did not lose anyone, and He wasn't worried about Judas of Iscariot for He told him--go and do what you have to do.

Jesus wasn't worried about the betrayal, and He wasn't worried about the crucifixion. He had willed this from the beginning. He knew about the Resurrection, and He knew about the end of your age, about the glory of His Resurrection, and the dividing of the Sheep nations, and the goat nations, and He told His disciples all these things.

The day is going to come when Lucifer, the father of Judas of Iscariot and all his household is going to get down on their knees and worship the MOST HIGH.

` Now, this is a much more gracious outlook that eventually everything that is evil and Satanic, and devilish is going to be removed, and everything God created and put into operation in the days when this Anointed Cherub once served before him----this will once more be revealed. A God who can put this Universe together who can cement it with His Grace, a God who can use any phase of its operation for education and training, and then see that it comes back into balance, can reconcile all things unto Himself--can bring everything back into submission, is a much bigger God than a god who tried an experiment and then threw up his hands in failure, and then to satisfy his own grieved nature had to torture them forever and ever because they didn't make it-----you don't have to go home and ponder it. You can believe God.

Our forefather Abraham possessed this essence of divine purpose in this spiritual seed which God had begotten. He lived in Ur of the Chaldeas, and his father was Prime Minister, and his home was a palace. He had everything from the natural aspect that a young man could look forward to, for prestige. But God said to HIM--you have to get out of here, for you cannot create the civilization that I am going to build for you by mixing it among these people--you have a destiny, and it is the Destiny of this book. Then God revealed to the mind of Abraham that he would build from him a great civilization, a great nation and a company of nations, and his seed would be the seed of the kingdom.

He revealed to Abraham that the Life and the light of God's household was flowing thru him, and God unveiled these things to Abraham, and in this communion with God Abraham walked out of Ur of the Chaldeas, and he walked out of there a King. When he left his home with his servants and his household he walked out in Majesty. He wasn't afraid, he moved right down the line, he went out into the midst of battles, and he expected miracles, and he received miracles.

And Abraham went everywhere rejoicing and telling the people what was coming. For He believed God. He saw this whole great world order, this heavenly Jerusalem this great spiritual power, and mighty race God was building, and he rejoiced in it before it even happened.

Now, I am going to tell you that without such faith you can't please your Father. This afternoon you can believe that God has promised you this destiny, has willed this destiny, has determined this destiny, and nothing is going to stop it. If you can catch this panorama of the kingdom, and know that this is your inheritance as it was given to your forefathers, and that it belongs to you, and you see nothing but victory, even in the midst of addresses, and errors that are hurled against the kingdom, let me tell you --my friends, the righteousness of God will descend upon you even as it is within you, and it will form like a glory round about. I think one of the great shields--like Shekinah Glory is going to emerge out of their great awareness of the LIVING WORD, AND THEIR ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE IN IT.

You know --self righteousness is like a pile of old rage, so the scripture says, but Faith in that element of His Eternal Nature which God bestows on you, and that Word which he gives is the very light and brightness of His Glory, it is infallible, and it never fails.

I do not always look for human perfection, but I can look for absolute Faith, I can tell you this afternoon that the Father has pre-destined you. He has made up his mind, it is the counsel of His Own Will. He has declared it from the beginning, and it is not going to fail. That is the reason why I know that there is victory before us. This is the reason why we are not disturbed because powerful enemies have been raised up against righteousness, because God is going to deliver all this into your hands,--for good. For the good of every one who dwells in the earth, and for the good of everyone who dwells in the whole universe, and you his family shall conform to HIS IMAGE.

(end of message.)