1961 Sermons

Individaul And National Predestination, 11-19-61



by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 11-19-61

We turn to address you upon subjects which we feel are important for you to know and to understand. And these relate to the sovereignty of God to the Predestination of men and nations.

But before we start our subject we would like to relate to you that another address was delivered in the south land in the last few hours. This address was...

Prophetic Voices And Warnings From Celestial Planes, 11-12-61


Prophetic Voices and Warnings from Celestial Plains

by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 11-12-61

As we speak to you on the subject of voices that are coming out of the dimensions of spirit, and out of the energies which have just been released, we tell you that there has never been a period in human history when there are more voices speaking to gather the attention of people than now. Never have more powers, unseen, been at work to guide and influence men, than in the...

Scope Of God's Grace, 11-3-61



by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 11-3-61

We are talking about a subject that is related to the whole philosophy and thinking of Christendom. We are talking about the Grace of God to His Kingdom. We will talk about the subject of Grace--one of the most unusual words in all the English language. The word Grace particularly related to the nature of our Father. There is no knowledge that you can know, more important, than to know and to understand the...

Spirit Of The Everliving, 10-29-61



by DR. WESLEY SWIFT - 10-29-61

Dr. Greer speaking:---'Tidings out of the north and out of the east shall upset the bear and she shall come out against Israel. (Daniel 11:44)

On the map you will notice that north of Russian is the U.S. and east is Red China. The recognition of Red China by the U.S.---could well be the signal that the time has come for the final show. Also remember, that...

Secret Key To Victory, 10-2-61


The Secret Key to Victory

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-2-61

Never has there been a period in the thinking of you and I than this period and the adjusting of our thinking around the nations of the Kingdom in our world than to know, the actual key to survival and victory is for each one of us. We have been speaking to you on your origin and about your spiritual capacity and the things which are most significant for you to know. Thus we turn to the words of the Apostle...

Seed Of The Dragon, 10-1-61


The Seed of the Dragon

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-1-61

The scripture has not left us in darkness as to the seed of the Dragon. It has not left us not knowing who they are. And this message tonight, is not designed to particularly please anyone at all. Especially are we not desiring to please our enemy. For the enemy in the earth today is the seed of the Satanic powers who are waging war against us.

If you will turn...

When Flesh Puts On LIght, 9-24-61


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-24-61

We are speaking this afternoon on this subject....'When Flesh Puts on Light', and we recognize that never was there anything more significant for us to understand at this time than to know the Power of Light, and the Glory of Truth. How often we have heard the words:...'The Glory of the Lord shown round about.' The Light of the countenance of the Most High...'The Glory of the Lord'....'And the Glory...

Transfiguration, 9-18-61



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-18-61

This afternoon our subject is Transfiguration. Before we get into this subject, we want to bring some things to your mind, and then we will have more to say this evening. Never in the history of the Kingdom have we ever been in more of a struggle for the preservation and survival of every phase of the Kingdom of God in earth. We are also aware that we shall triumph because God has ordained victory for that Kingdom....

Hollow Of HIs Hand, 9-17-61



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-17-61

It is one of the most serious hours in our national history. It is of necessity that there are certain things which we must discuss along with our subject ‘The Hollow of His Hand’. And tho to some, it may be repetition of remarks made previously, those who have not heard, it is most important that you know the subject matter...

New Order Of The Ages - Time, 9-12-61


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift 9-12-61

We will not understand the New Order of the Ages, or the knowledge of the New Age until we stand on vistas of human understanding which dwarfs the concept of our Universe, as we knew it yesterday. For we knew almost an insignificant or small beginning as to what we are doing here, and why we came. At this hour we can study every phase of our natural sciences, and we find the astronomer has added in the...