1965 Sermons

Heavenly Light, 12-19-65



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-19-65

As we turn just before Christmas to meditate upon the thoughts that run with all Christendom, thru all the Nations of the white race, from one end of the earth to the other wherever white men are moving, thinking and living, it is with this realization that one of the greatest catalyst of all times is the testimony that moves out from your race, your churches, your people at this time of year. The only point that...

Times, The Measures And The Climax Of This Age. 12-03-65

The Times, the Measures, and the Climax of this Age

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-03-65

When we speak on this subject, it become more and more significant, that people understand who the people of the BOOK are.

We tell you that you cannot understand the scriptures if you do not know the actors, and if you do not know who God is speaking, or whom HE is speaking about. So, you must know God and you must know the people....

Christianity And The KKK, 10-31-65


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-31-65

Now the KKK is quite a vital subject when in the history of our nation, we are holding investigations, on the Congressional level into the affairs of the KKK.

I think it quite interesting to note, that I have now numerous copies of various newspapers in my files that come from various parts of the U.S. These are Jewish newspapers. And these newspapers boast...

Eternal Throne, 10-24-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-24-65

We turn tonight to the subject The Eternal throne. And from the very body of God comes this declaration:--- ‘Thy throne, oh, God is forever and forever.’ There is no question about the fact that we as Christians are in a struggle tonight against forces which would destroy our Christianity, eliminate the continuity of Christian Civilization and eliminate the ability of Christian nations to be free. In this period...

Speak The Word, 10-03-65



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-03-65

We here today a part of God's kingdom, with events happening all around us. And standing on the threshold of new events prophetically. It is very important that we understand our relationship in the purposes of God. It is most important that we know the important things. There are many things that men can know that is important to them as knowledge, but the most important knowledge for us to know is centered around...

Tare Time, 9-26-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-26-65

Of course this subject of 'tare time' had a deep significance for you today, because of the conditions in your environment and because of the plan of God, for what we classify tonight as Tares. I point out to you that of all of the subjects, that Jesus spoke about when he explained to his disciples, and when he gave them to know and to understand the mysteries of the kingdom. When he had the chance to explain the deeper...

Judgment Day, 9-21-65



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-21-65

In talking about Judgment day, there has been a great number of people who when thinking about judgment have their minds set on final Judgment. And as they talk about Judgment Day, they are looking for the development as to when they see all of the people of the universe, and especially of the earth and the world, where they are gathered before the throne of God. Where they expect a long and lengthy transition, in the...

Why You Cannot Turn Back, 8-15-65


By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-15-65

There is no doubt but that we as a people are in trouble in America today. There is also no doubt that the areas we get into trouble as a people, and a race, are those areas where we have violated directly the laws of God. These are the laws which are the foundation of the establishment of laws of the Kingdom for Israel. These laws said that Israel was to be a separate people, they were not to dwell...

Great Transition, 8-4-65


By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-4-65

We turn in our thinking this afternoon to the subject of The Great Transition. I can assure you that we are truly in an hour of Great Transition, and this transition is from an Old Order to a New One. It is the consummation of the struggle of the Kingdom of God against the Powers of Darkness, seeking to hold, to retain control over the earth. This is an hour of Transition in which the Sons of God with Mighty...

Political Christians, 7-25-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-25-65

We turn tonight to the subject of the relationship of the Christians to politics, and the church as to her part in politics. In the "Life Magazine" we have seen this laid out, as to what the church has to do in order to exist. And we have reported that on the attitude of many Clergy who should not even be qualified as Clergy, in the church of Jesus Christ. But we make this assurance unto you that the church...