While today I do not agree with everything that Wesley Swift taught, I cut my Christian Israel Identity teeth on his writings, along with those of Bertrand Comparet, and it was those two primarily (although E. Raymond Capt and Clifton Emahiser certainly helped) who compelled me to my own quest to understand History and the Bible.  So when R.J. Gardner gifted me with the typed collection of Wesley's sermons on a CD, which he had in turn obtained from Lorraine Swift, I felt that perhaps the community should have a text-searchable website devoted primarily to Wesley Swift.  So here it is, and with some of the best Web database technology available, I pray.  

William Finck has just issued A Critique of Wesley Swift that you may not want to miss whether or not you are familiar with Wesley Swift's ministry.

Dr. Wesley A. Swift was the only child of a successful Methodist minister in New Jersey. He received his call to preach in his teens, and was licensed to preach by the Methodist Church at 18. 

While this site shall be kept simple by design, and for the most part limited to Wesley Swift's material, we have also added some William Gale recordings to the audio library, and some other papers as well.

I had the good pleasure of being a correspondent of Wesley's wife, Lorraine, for several years before her passing in 2005 (thanks to Jeanne Snyder).  For nearly 35 years after Wesley's premature death, Lorraine continued faithfully distributing his tapes and sermons to all who requested them, and especially to prisoners.  Certainly there are many who still miss her. Perhaps one day I shall post some of her encouraging cards and letters here also. We will add more of Wesley's material in the future, in the event that any more is found.

Thank you, and I hope that you enjoy this site.

William Finck


1st March, 2010 

This site was made possible by the hard work and perseverance of Mrs. Ella Rose Mast, and our fortunate association with R. J. Gardner. And also, of course, to Pilgrim and all of her hard work.





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