Abomination Of The Desolator, 12-11-62

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-11-62

The scope of the measures which relate to this year are so many and of such multitude, that it would be almost impossible to cover them in any given night or evening. We discussed with you last week some of the significant foretokens which relate to this period. We will discuss more tonight for there are many of these factors still before us. And we will discuss them thru the year as we progress thru these weeks ahead.

Gospel For Our Day, 9-12-62

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-12-62

Today we are talking on a subject entitled the Gospel for today. There is no question about the fact that you hear much about the Gospel, about the preaching of the Gospel and the acceptance of the Gospel. But there are a lot of gospels. I think it is most important that we recognize that God has a Gospel for today. And it is important that we understand what that Gospel consists of.