Ella Rose Mast - Index of Writings

Ella Rose Mast was the principle individual who moved all of the material here at the Wesley Swift archive into digital format that we can share on the internet. In 2009, we received a CD with nearly all of the articles and audio files presented here from a good friend, who in turn had received it from Lorraine Swift. Shortly thereafter we began this archive. Ella Rose was an ardent follower of Wesly Swift's ministry, and her own writings are also preserved here for these reasons.

While we at Christogenea do consider ourselves to be beneficiaries of the good work of Wesley Swift, we do not subscribe to many of the beliefs - and especially to many of the more esoteric beliefs - which are described in these pages. However they are here for reasons peculiar to our desire to preserve our Christian Identity heritage and the history and course of the ideologies which have sprung from Christian Identity understanding. Some of it is excellent, and some of it may be set aside as curiosity.