Prophecy In The News, 4-21-69

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-21-69

Tonight we see again, an attack upon our nation as we hear of the attack upon our aircraft in the Japanese sea and we see some strange conditions around this. First, we blame North Korea, for she claimed she shot down this unarmed reconnaissance plane and she claims a great victory and calls America a ‘Paper Tiger.’ And well she may be, under our present leadership.

Responsibility Of Discipleship, 1-1-69

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-1-69

As we look at our subject The responsibility of Discipleship we turn to the book of Isaiah, to the eighth chapter, for it tells us something about disciples and discipleship. Many people confuse the disciple with Sonship. I want to point out to you that disciples are those that follow a leader. A disciple is one who coordinates with HIM, whereas, the family does not always move in the area of discipleship.

The Shaking Earth, 4-14-69

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-14-69

We will take a bit of time and consider the things in the news and how they relate to Biblical prophecy.  I want to point out a few things that have happened.  About a year and two weeks ago, we had an assassination in these United States.   Martin Luther King was assassinated.  Now I want to point out several factors about this man.