Hour of Decision, 1954

Retitled from "Our Decision", where the audio file originally bore this current title. - WRF

by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT  -  1954

(Lots of current events---Joe McCarthy censured---Eisenhower Presidency---The difference between Democrats and Republicans disappeared 20 years ago.)

The second side of the tape:--

False Economy, 1955

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift  -  1955

Tonight we turn to a subject of the restoration of the Kingdom economy. How it could be accomplished. We are faced with one of the most crucial hours in history. The one thing that you can be sure, we will continue to do is that we will continue to tell you what transpires, as we see it, regardless of the circumstances that are involved and who is effects.

Stream Of Life, 2-5-61

By DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 2-5-61

Turning to the subject of the STREAM OF LIFE, we realize there is a very vital sense of knowledge and understanding concerning the life which proceeds forth from God. Its purposes in earth, the vastness of Grace, and most important for us each one to perceive. Probably there has never been a time of more uncertainty or when it is more important for us to know our relationship to HIS STREAM OF LIFE, and to the vital purposes of God as now.

Little Horn Of Daniel, 2-26-61

By DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 2-26-61

In the hour in which we live, we stand face to face with the great perimeter of the powers of darkness, now gathered with all their energies and strength for the conquest of God's Kingdom. If that be possible.

We do not look out over this situation with any fear concerning our destiny. We do not fear concerning the final outcome of God's Kingdom, because we have a sure word of His own cognisance.

New Age For God's Kingdom, Israel, In The Earth, 4-9-61

By DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 4-9-61

We turn to the discussion of the Destiny of the nations. Especially as it relates to us in one of the great turbulent periods of our History.

Mystery Of The Kingdom, 6-2-61

By  DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 6-2-61

We were discussing with you last week, the subject from Mystery to Revelation, and we mentioned that there are several mysteries of God. This week we are talking about the mysteries of the Kingdom.

Brotherhood Of The Kingdom, 6-4-61

By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-4-61

This afternoon we are speaking on the subject of ‘The Brotherhood of the Kingdom’ a most important subject at this time. If ever there was a great movement across our nation to disrupt the Kingdom of God, and to black out for all time the civilization of God’s Kingdom, it is now. If there were also a time when the spiritual forces were awake and wondering, it is also in this hour.

Proclaiming Liberty Throughout The Land, 7-9-61

By DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT -  7-9-61

We recognize very well that we are in one of the great turning points in all human history. But behind it is the panorama of events which has its foundations in the eternities and reaches out into the endless tomorrows.