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Wesley Swift A to M

A Great Commission A Living Priesthood
A More Sure Word A Time Every Purpose
A Tumult Upon The Mountain Adjustment_to_God
Admiral Crommelin Amazing_Grace
America's_Delemma America_Ancient&Modern
America_A_Great_Salvation America_Battles_the_Dragon
Ancient_Caledonia And This Shall Be The Plague
Angels_Who_Kept_Not Applying_The_Law
Armageddon Local and World Wide Art Thou a Disciple
As in the Days of Noah Ask_In_My_Name
A_Choice Before The People Behold I make All Things New
Behold_The_Bridegroom Born Again Hoax
Both Lord & Christ Bringing Sons Unto Glory
By_Creation&Design Can_These_Bones
Casting That Mountain Children of the Light
Children of the Spirit Children_of_The_Beast
Children_of_the_Stranger Choose_Whom_Ye_Serve
Chosen in Him Christian Vision
Christianity&KKK Christmas_For_Israel
Church&Race Church&State
Cities of The Anti-christ Communications With God
Confirmed_In_Christ Conforming_to_the_Image
Confusion_Throughout_The_Land Conquering_Faith
Conquest_Last_Enemy Conquest_The_Nether_World
Control_of_Space Crushing_The_Serpent
Dead_Sea_Scrolls Decision
Discipleship Dwelling_on_Two_Planes
Eagle&Serpent Earths_Greatest_Day
Everlasting_to_Everlasting Every_Tongue
Evidence of Divine Assistance Faith To Move Mountains
False_Economy Foretold_Destiny_Of_America
From Outer Space From_Horizons_Beyond
From_Judgment From_Mystery_To_revelation
From_Nativity Garden_of_Eden
Gathering The Tares Geting Out Of
Give_Not_Unto_Dogs Glory_of_God
God Will Realign God's Appointment
God's Controversy with the nations God's Great Transition
God's Message God's Prophecy Against Magog
God's Secret Weapons God's_Liberation
Gods_Stratergy Gospel_St_John
Great Marks Great Spiritual Treasurers
Great_Events Hail_to_The_King
Healing_a_Sick_America Help_From_The_Celestrial
Help_From_The_Heavens History_of_the_Sons
His_Name Hour_of_Peril
How_Long I Am The Way
I Give You Power I Will Break Your Covenant With Death2
I Will Pour Out I Will Yet Be
Immanuel Immeasurable Promises
In a Twinkling of an Eye In The Beginning God
Independence not Interdependence Individual&Nat Predes
Is Divine Healing In It is Given To You
It Is Later Than You Think It is Now Time For
I_Will_Do_ALL Jerusalem_Old_&_New
Judgment Day Just Sets of Weights & Measurements
Key To Knowledge Land_of_The_Eagle
Lest We Forget Lightenings
Manifestation The Sons of God Measures from Heaven
Mechanics of Kingdom Men or Beasts
Michael_Prince_of_Space Miracle of Deliverance
Mother of God Mount Up With Wings
Mysteries & Symbols Mysteries_of_Life
Mysterious Incidents Mystery_of-The_Kingdom

Wesley Swift N to Z

National Restoration New Age For God's Kingdom
Newspaper betrayal Not Guilty
Occupying The Kingdom Occupy_Until_I_Come
On earth as it is in Heaven On Earth as it is in Heaven
One Sat On The Throne Oracles of God
Our Eternal Heritage Our Inheritance as Sons & Daughters
Our Prince of Peace Out of the Netherworld
Patterns of Judgment Patterns_of_Revelation
Peace & Safty Political Christians
Political Leaders of a New Age Power In The Word
Power of the S Glory Power_for_today
Prehistoric America Proclaiming Liberty Throughout the land
Promised Before The World Prophecy in The News
Prophecy Russia Red China&West Prophetic Hour
Prophetic Voices & Warnings Putting Hooks In Their Jaws
Racial Streams Raging Waves of the Sea
Re-Opening The Trial of Jesus Reaping The Whirlwind
Redeeming the Time Removing The Staff of Life
Resisting Unto Blood Responsibility of Discipleship
Revelation of gods spirit to the church Right or Wrong
Scoffers-The Hippies Separate Vessels
Shekinah Glory Should We Serve God or Man
Signs in the Heavens & Weather Signs in the Sky
Slaying The Dragon In The Sea Snake Nest
So Great a Salvation Sound The Alarm
Speak The Word Spirits Like Unclean Frogs
Standards of Israel Standards of Israel
Storming The Ramparts of Mental Cap Story of 4 wise men
Strategy of the False Prophet Subtlety of Satanic Control
Surporting Power Of The Unseen World Symbols of Religious & Political Activity
Tare Time Terror By Night
That you Should be Mine The Knowledge of a New Age
The Abomination of The Desolator The Adamic Race
The Age of Restoration The Antichrist Battles
The Appointed Place The Arch & Keystone2
The Arch&Keystone of the Christian The Ark of The Covenant
The Armour of God The Army of Christ
The Battle Against Witchcraft The Battle For Truth
The Battle is The Lords The BattleFot the Mind of Youth
The Bible & The Race of Destiny The Bible is True
The Blood of The Righteous The Bloodstream of Babylon
The Blue Tunic Army of Christ The Brotherhood of the Kingdom
The Chalice or Crown The Chalice
The Children of The beast The Children of the Heavenly Father
The Christians Responsibility The Church True or False
The Churches Responsibility in opposing Babylon The Coming Economic Earthquake
The Coming Liberation-USA The Covenant Race
The Covenants of God The Dawn of a New Day
The Day of Deliverance The Destruction Of The Serpent
The Difference in People The Distinction Between Sons & Servants
The Distinction between Sons The Dragons Seed
The Dwellers of The Deep The Earth Will Fight
The Elect of God The Elijah Ministry
The Encircled Kingdom The End Of The Satanic Power
The Essene Company The Eternal Throne
The Everlasting Gospel The False Church Speaks Satans Lies
The False Messiah Where Will He Come From The Flight of Gold
The Four Horsemen The fruit of The Spirit
The Gopel Of The Kingdom The Gospel for Our Day
The Government Ends At Armageddon The Government-flying saucers
The Grace of God to You The Great Apostacy
The Great Election The Great Transitionppp
The Great Tribulation The Greatness Of Our Heritage
The Heavenly Light The History Of Israel &The Church
The History of The Church The Hollow Of His Hand
The Holy City The Horses Of The Apocalypse
The Hour of Prophecy The Household of God in Tomorrow
The Indestructible Kingdom The Invisable Power of the Spirit
The Irrisitible Word The Kingdom Come With Power
The Kingdom of God is Within The Kingdom Which Cannot be moved
The Kingdom&Lake of Fire The Kings of The Earth
The Law of The Spirit&Race The Liberating Power
The Life of Christ The Light in a Dark Place
The Light That Did Not Fail The Light That Went Before Them
The Lord is a Man of War The Man of Sin
The Mantle of Divine Power The Mark of Israel
The Mark of The Beast The Measures of Prophecy
The Message to The Nation Church&Throne The Miracle of Resurrection
The Mission of God The Modern Witch Doctor
The Mountain of God The Mysteries of Spiritual Truth
The Mystery of Assurance The Mystery of Christ&His Kingdom
The Mystery of Melchizedek The Mystery of The Corridor
The Mystery of the Family of God The Name Above Every Name
The Nations The Neverworld Hell
The New Order Of The Ages-Time The Patterns of Divine Judgment
The Patterns of Revelation The People Who Foun Grace
The Perfect Vision The Plot to Destroy America
The Power Behind The Red Revolution The Power Of Creation
The Power of God The Power of His Resurrection
The Power of The Kingdom The Power Of The Resurrection
The Power The Eternal Preisthood The Power&The Glory
The Pride of Race The Principal of Reversal
The Prodigal Son The Promise He Hath
The Race of Destiny The Race That Produces
The Races of the Earth&Differences The Racial River of God
The Revival of The Elijah Ministry The Riders Of Revalation
The Ring That Shall Never Close The Scope of Gods Grace
The Seal Of God The Secret Key to Victory
The Seed of The Dragon The shacking earth
The Shaking Earth2 The Sheep of His Pasture
The Sign of the Son of God The Sign of The Son of Man
The Sign of The Sun The Significance of The Cross
The Source Of Intelligence
The Spiders Web The Spirit of The Ever Living
The Spirit Which is of God The Spiritual Race
The Star of Destiny The Star of The New Order
The Stars of God The Stone Uncut
The Strategy For Victory The Stream of Life
The Sword of The Lord is Truth The Sword of The Lord
The Symbol of the Cup The Ten Virgins
The Testimony of Tradition The Time Of Jacobs Trouble
The Time Of Reconciliation The Time of The End
The Times-The Measures The Trees & The Vine
The Trial Of Christ The USA_UK&Germany
The Venom of The Asp The Voice of the False Phophet
The Wave of The Future The Woman Clothed with The Sun
The Word Became Flesh The Zero Hour
TheLittle Horn of Daniel Then Are Ye Abrahams
There Is No Middle Road There were Giants in the Land
They Shall Acknowledge My Sons They Who Rule One Hour
The_3_Frogs The_Appointed_Place
The_Quickening_of_Our_Spirit Thhe Devils Hand in Your Pocket
This generation shall not pass away Thou Art a Holy People
Thou Shalt Have No Other God To Be called Great
To Be Free Again To be Taught of God
To Preserve Our Freedom Transference of Power
Transfiguration Transforming Power
Treasures in Earthen Vessels Truth-The Key to Victory
Understanding Equality Was_Christ_a_Jew
We are Not Alone We Have Seen His Star
Weighed In The Balances Were_All_The_People_Drowned
What Are The Requites What is The Gospel That Jesus
What Shall Be Made Manifest What The Father Has Planted
What The Prophets Desired When Babylon Falls into The Sea
When Flesh Puts on Light When God Was Tried on Earth
When Mortality puts on immortality When the Canaanites Leave The House
When The Earth Fights for the Kingdom When They Say Peace & Safety
Where Are My People Who is Jesus
Who_Are_The_Jews Who_Are_The_Jews2
Why Censorship Will Not Work Why Evil Must Fail
Why It is Impossible for Evil to Triumph Why Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice
Why The Anti-Christ Will Not Why The Church Must War On
Why The Nations Of The World cannot disarm Why We Are Here
Why You Cannot Turn Back Will The Christian Church Take A Czar
With Violence Shall Babylon Be Wither Bounds
Work The Church Has Yet to do World_Upheaval
Wrath Dhall Rise Up In Their Countenance Ye are My Witnesses
Ye Are The Light of The World Ye That Have Killed For Gold
Yhe March Ahead of Time You
Your Covenant With Death Your Personal Destiny