01-03-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---Why should we get used to the name of YAHWEH instead of YAHSHUA?

ANSWER:---The name of YAHWEH is the name of the Almighty God. All thru the Old Testament the word God is YAHWEH. However, as He refers to His ministry, He says in the 43rd chapter of Isaiah, if we had out Bible translated it would read like this:--"Thus saith EL who created thee oh Jacob, who formed thee oh Israel. I have redeemed thee and called thee out." EL is a name for God--IsraEL--ELohim plural names for God. He is plural only as He had many children. He goes on:--"I have redeemed thee. Thou art mine. As thou passeth thru the waters, I will be with thee. As thou passeth thru the waters they shall not overflow thee. As thou passeth thru the fire neither shall flame come upon thee. For I am YAHWEH thy EL the Holy One of Israel---thy YAHSHUA---Savior." Thus YAHSHUA is the name translated as Jesus in the New Testament. As the Angel Gabriel came to Mary, he said:--"This one you will bear call His name YAHSHUA, for He shall save His people from their sins." The word God--Savior is YAHSHUA. Thus standing among the congregation he judges among the mighty--or the Elohim, which is Gods plural. Thus we are the Elohim--spiritual children.

Nicodemus said:--How can we enter into the administration of the Kingdom?---Thus Born Again became a dogma and you became aware of your identity. Then born again is a matter of race. The 82nd Psalm:--"Ye are Elohim, all of you the children of YAHWEH. Arise and judge the earth for thou shall judge all nations. If the theologians had understood they probably wouldn't have left it this way. You have been paid for and will be redeemed all the way. But people think that you have been saved from all that Hell means. But when Adam and Eve fell they were separated from the unction of God. The Aura of His spirit which surrounded His physical and theirs. So that the Aura of spirit protected the physical body; immunized that body against all sickness and all disease germs. The Aura of the spirit had all the essential patterns of vitality for a physical body. This was the covering of Adam and Eve. But this was lost when they cohabited with the darkness for His spirit could not cohabit with another race. This became sin. All these distorted and evil practices of sex are sin. But the fact is they lost their light. They were as shining as the sun and the other races cried out to Lucifer as they could not look upon them. They felt guilty. So Lucifer said he would bring them down for he knew how to put out their light.

Now, to be restored to this position of Glory is a remarkable thing. To be saved out of darkness is a remarkable thing. Thus for children to have enough light to understand this is to be lost. Thus salvation is saved out of this darkness, but another thing to other races

So they run around asking 'are you saved brother?' And don't even know what they are talking about. And try to prove you are not. Oh, we will go into that area called Hell someday. But it will be a different place by the time we get there. They will be singing praises down there by that time. Paradise was in the center of the earth one time. And Jesus took all the Adamic race up to the crucifixion out of the prison chamber of Lucifer. Took every Adamite into Paradise. Then as He ascended into the heavens, He took them with Him and set them free into their spiritual domain. Absent from the body now is to be present with the LORD. But before the resurrection, the soul consciousness and spirit were in the prison chamber waiting for their redeemer. The only thing not redeemed in most instances, is the physical body. Thus Christ comes to redeem that which He has purchased. Thus this redemption redeems the body and spirit.

Soul and body is then redeemed and made like Himself. He has the power and this is what He is going to do. As far as going into perdition, there was no one on the face of the earth going into Perdition because the fact of the matter is that before the foundation of the world YAHWEH had already told us that He was going to come down and redeem us. He said:--"All Israel is to be saved." And Isaiah also records this. He came on time. He set the stars in orbit thousands of years before to mark that time. And He fulfilled His appointment in earth. He was crucified and went into the Netherworld and took every Adamite up out of there. This is a great salvation. From then on the children of God were never chained up in perdition.

Paul said:--"We are not of those who can draw back and go into Perdition. Thru absence from the body is to be present with the LORD.

There are many people with less perception. They go to work then go for cocktails and that kind of an evening. And they have no perception of these facts. They are still children of God; they believe in God; they would help you; even give you the shirt off their backs, but they are casualties in this battle with the enemy.

Now, don't think that even tho San Francisco has more saloons than any place in the world that they are filled with a majority of our people. No. There is a minority of them. The rest are a people of the world. Thus our people are sort of a casualty in that situation.

But God said:--'I will save to the uttermost.' Once I thought after theological seminary that I had to get out and save all these people that I touched or it would be on my conscious. They pour this into in Theological Seminaries. So I used to be excited about that. But after I studied, I began to see thru that. How could God Pre-destine and not get what He wanted? In John 6, Jesus said:--(in absolute power)--'I say unto you and you believed not (talking to the Jews). "I am the bread of life and he who comes to me, I will never desert."

Now, all that the Father (spirit) hath given me shall come to me. Here this--'All that were begotten in spirit to begin with shall come to Me and he that comes to Me I will cast out for not reason." So there is no loophole for casualties. God said:--'where can a man go that I cannot find him. This is my universe. A mans spirit can't get away from Me.'

"Now, but no man can come to Me except the spirit which sent My embodiment draw him. And I will raise him up at the last day." .

Remember the word Father is Agra Pheumos or the spirit filling the heavens and earth. So He was the fullness of God dwelling bodily. This spirit which filled the heavens and earth was still holding the Universe together. Even tho it was represented as being fully resident in YAHSHUA--His embodiment. For the man Christ Jesus speaking now in His Messiahship, said:-'All that the spirit giveth to Me shall come to Me and I will in no wise cast them out(YAHSHUA)--and no man can come to Me except the spirit which sent Me draws him and I shall raise him up in the last days.'

There is another mystery in this situation. The Apostle Paul is speaking to the Greeks. And since he is speaking to the Greeks, he was also speaking to Israelites. And he said he passed by and viewed their devotions. He found an altar with this inscription (a big altar here on Mars Hill in Athens, Greece their capital) And there was no god behind this big massive altar. This was an Altar to the unknown god. So the Apostle Paul said:--'There are some things I want you to perceive. For in these things you are mistaken." Well.--these Israelite people had many gods which they had collected in their contact with the pagans. Paul said:--'Here is this unknown God who you ignorantly worship and Him I now declare unto you. He is YAHWEH who made the world and all things therein, being that He is the God of the heavens and earth and dwelleth in Temples not made by hands, as tho he needed anything. He giveth to all life, bread and all things.

Now, He made of one blood all the Ethene nations of Israel, all nations of the Adamic race, his household; for to dwell on the earth concerning the bounds or their habitation.

Now, that they should seek YAHWEH; that they might feel after HIM, tho He be not far from anyone of us. For in HIM we live and move and have our being as certain of your people (Plato) has said, for we are also his offspring. And since we are the offspring of God, we ought not to say that the God head is like gold or silver or stone carved by the art of mans device. For this ignorance, God hath winked at; but now He commandeth all men (Adamites) to return unto HIM. Therefore He appointed a day to judge the world in righteousness and He now speaks to them.

Now; Paul tells these Greeks, these Corinthians, and says:--'All our fathers drank of the same water, this water which came out of the rock. All ate of the same manna. Thus all of these Israelites, white man. And this was why the Apostle Paul was here in Greece.

Now; years had gone by, but Paul was telling them that the one God was YAHWEH. That in HIM we lived and move and have our being. And here also the Apostle Paul said that there was only one blood line for all the white race. Paul was telling them this so they would turn from their pagan gods and accept Christ. The strange thins is that the church took hold of this in about 65 years. All the Greek Adamites were Christians. In Rome it was different. But the Greeks built the first great Orthodox churches even tho it didn't contain as many Christians as the Catacombs of Rome where followers of the Christ were hiding out. This was called the Universal (Catholic) Church, where Peter was to come as he left Britain. He was then hanged head down, and the Roman church became a very important church. And in 150 years by the time Constantine conquered Rome, he was helped by some of the Orthodox churches of the East. Eventually the churches of the East became the Roman Catholic Church as well and doctrines were changed as the Jews joined the church. The Orthodox Church grew and grew. And their priests married. They then came together for the meeting at Nicaea which Constantine called. And then they began to split over doctrines. But all the time on the hills of land in Britain, the church which Joseph of Arimathea founded grew and grew into a great Abbey. Ministers then went out from the Abbey to preach. They were called Episcopalians. This was called the Church of England. It had been there as long as there was an England. And there were no denominations then until the time of the reformation when churches somewhat separate such as Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, and so forth, came into being. However, that church had to contend with the Roman Church.

When St. Augustine went up to Britain, he found that they had a church as old as the Roman one. Everytime the Roman army returned home, they were soon loosing the war. This was an amazing thing and they sent St. Augustine to see if he could convert these Barbarians who revolted against Rome. So when St. Augustine went to Britain, he found a great Cathedral. and churches. He said these barbarians were as Christian as we are. They worshiped Christ. They believed in the Virgin Mary. He learned about the Tomb of Mary being at Glastonbury and that is in his report. But the Roman Catholic Church then went a little off track and they had a bodily assumption for the body of Mary. They said the Holy Ghost had taken her body into heaven and now she sits at the right hand of God. But when St. Augustine went to Britain, he found that her body was buried there. And they hadn't had that great holiday where as the Holy Ghost had raptured her or something.

But salvation is the renewing of the mind to the great truths of God as to who they were. The Apostle Paul said:--'Do not be conformed to this world. But be transformed by the renewing of your mind.' He only spoke to the Israelites; the white race, because they had to have known before to have it renewed. The Pagans were always pagans. There was nothing to renew in their minds. They have to be saved in a different way; by the release from their pagan gods; the destruction of their pagan gods and so forth. A lot of this is still to come. We have gone out to try to save them from Hell instead of FOR CHRIST. We told them about how Great God is, but also how He would torture them if they didn't believe. And then asked them if they wanted to burn in Hell for ever and ever. One of the witch doctors thought about it and he said:--'I don't accept your God. He burn people in Hell for ever and ever. My god not do that. He may be a bad god and mean to people, so we keep him happy and he not be bad. So my god better than your God because if you make one mistake, he burn you forever and ever. My god don't do that.'

The minister got to thinking and he said:--'This God we present in the mission field isn't so good because there are millions of people who never knew HIM. Is He going to burn them all up? Toast them forever and ever?" This is the inconsistency of what some people call fundamental Christianity. We anticipate that God is going to put everything in order. Some people think that we live in chaos. But we would have lots more time to live in peace if we didn't leave our economy in the hands of the Jews. Didn't have to protect ourselves from wars and troubles. In fact, God said He wasn't even going to leave the ancient people captives. He said:--'My sons and daughters are going to set them free." He said:--In Isaiah---Ask me concerning my sons. The captives will say:--'God is within thee.' This is again tied to the scriptures; all the way thru the scripture; a victorious people; God setting captives free.

He never said He would make all people the same. He said:--I am going to save them all but their salvation is not the same. I am going to restore those races back as they were in the beginning. And if I restore you as you were in the beginning , then God's Glory will return back upon you." He is going to do this when He returns. He said:--'the light of Gods Kingdom will descent upon you.' In fact the aura will descent as it tells you in Revelation. There will be no need for a light. "Arise and shine. The Glory of God has risen upon you. It doesn't mean that the pagans are going to shine or that Negroes become your equal. An Apostate church might advocate this. They are in areas of bondage.

Now, even areas which consider themselves Orthodox, have doctrines which would be almost as bad as the doctrines of modernism that they denounce. In otherwords, if a doctrine be true, so big that we in our infinite mind do not comprehend its fullness, then it comes from God. If it makes God smaller than you, it cannot be true. Because He cannot be less than you and be God. He cannot be in relationship to you less than His reflected light. Every facet of the attributes of Gods Grace, His Mercy, His forgiveness; the patterns of His reflected love are but patterns of the reflected love of God. We are thus capable of receiving some of this and reflecting it as well. Thus it is the Christ in you that is the hope of Glory. Even now this is true. This means this Christed body, or you are embodied in this body because you are a special entity. As it talks about Our Lord and His Christ, it is not talking about Jesus and God. It is talking about Our Lord who is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. AND HIS CHRIST IS YOU.

As we think of all these factors, we think, if we could change an individual as he comes against us we would do it. In otherwords, as the enemy comes against us, if we could convert and change them, we would do it. If they became nice people and served YAHWEH, we would be happy. But don't think that you have more Grace than God, even tho He says He will put a sword in you hands to chastise the nations, etc.--The grapes of Wrath must come. The Wine Press trodden. You see, God knows their evil nature; knows the plain they came out of; knows they would be better off if they were back in their own dimension. Remember, they also are going to bow the knee. Even in the heavens and on earth and down under the earth. The thing is that we discover, we can reflect the Light of God's Grace. But He is so far out ahead of us that we reflect His grace and His goodness.

When we fought W.W. II, against Japan, we were cruel also. They were being a pagan nation. When we dropped the Atom Bomb that was International unadulterated crime as we would look at it today. But he said:--'I would give Africa and Asia for you. Then after they surrendered, we took our greatest general, our smartest politician, McArthur, over and we helped them rebuild. We gave them better leadership that we had here.

The Japanese cannot quite accept our Christianity. They are still trapped in their religion. Altho we have now won their friendship by the way we treated them after the war. But this is how a Christian nation acts and thinks. Because actually whether they knew it or not, they were acknowledging the Kingdom. And that the white man is going to rule over them from pole to pole. One of our mistakes was to let Babylon bring their evil control into our nation. The Christian nations are blind. The churches teach the Jews are the Chosen people. But YAHWEH SAYS:--'Blind is my servant." He will be blind until the end of the age when he will realize he has given away his heritage.

In these latter days, the enemy moved in and gained control of the Christian nations so as better to control the world. The ultimate service we children of the Kingdom can render is to strip this Jewish power of its hold over our finances. Thus as you collapse Babylon, the whole world can move under a sound economy. Controlled money is the root of all evil. It brings wars, troubles of all kinds. But the Kingdom of God still has the answer.

There is in the heart of people, this desire for Peace. We battle for Peace but we don't accept an unjust Peace as long as we stand. The enemy can't understand this--that we battle for Peace. So they stop the war and then they can take over and we do not have any victory. The Prince of Peace is head of the Kingdom of God. And the children of the Kingdom shall go thru out the world carrying the banner of the Prince of Peace. The Kingship of Christ. Therefore, we would rather have Peace than war. If we can have Peace under this standing. Whenever you give the enemy Peace, he gains ground. He expands and then comes again.

Therefore, we must not sign a Peace Treaty with the devil until we whip him. Never can they make war again this way. But then along comes the devil and says:--Oh. they want Peace. We will give them Peace.' So they give us the United Nations. This is a false Peace. It was only a trap. Ministers said:--'Oh, the U.N. is the worlds last great hope. But God says:--"That is no Peace and those men are not ministers of the flock. They will be in different positions under the Kingdom rule. This U.N. will be broken. This program of the devil will be finished. Only one solution. Victory for the Kingdom of God; the white race. Then a better way. This is one reason why until you know the Gospel of the Kingdom, you cannot understand the Book.

No political program can succeed unless it has the Elohim ruling with their Father. Unless they can see it, they want to mongrelize. Where as you see the Gospel of the Kingdom, you expend yourself to bring in the Kingdom.

Lots of men fight the communism. But until they fight it as soldiers of the Kingdom, you don't win. But now at the beginning of Armageddon then at any time the nation can rise and seize power and throw out Babylon. We are moving into an exciting time so don't worry about being persecuted.

The arch and keystone of the Faith-- is the name YAHWEH-YAHSHUA- and He is going to put back this name in your mouth.

QUESTION:---This coming of sons and daughters--does this stop sometime?

ANSWER:---No. For of the increase of His government, there shall be no end. There has not been as many sons and daughters born into earth as there have been born in heaven. So babies are still being born. But they probably will never all dwell here in earth. But they have observed this situation in earth and will not have lost the value. This is just a campaign, and there are some casualties, and some may get a blue ribbon. But there are 1000 trillion sons out there as big as this sun. And we don't know if there is some of the Universe we have to take care of after this. We know that God is sovereign. Just look at the tremendous developments to take place. The traveling back and forth; great cities and culture. Enoch, 5000 years before Christ, went out to the Crystal Palace. These are thy brethren from the four corners of the Universe where they rule. And there they were coming in ships and going back and forth. Enoch was more interested in this palace and throne and meeting God.

There are lots of things in the Book of Enoch that we have not considered as yet, because we didn't consider them too relevant. And yet when I look at them, there is no way to describe them. They haven't happened yet on earth. But he saw science and mastery beyond anything we ever dreamed of. But now we realize all this comes out of inspiration.

QUESTION:---When there will be no death?


(End of message)