01-04-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...How do we know that the dimension of spirit consists of Light, and what do we....or what relationship does this have with anything?

ANSWER:...This may seem an unusual question but lets turn to the Book of John. It says...in the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God. The same was in the beginning with God. This is of course the concept of all of God's thinking. The clarification of the thinking of His mind and so forth, and the essence of His Spirit...."All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.", referring to the embodiment of the man Christ Jesus. "In Him was Light, and the Light shineth in men, the Light shineth in darkness and darkness comprehended it not.

Now; there was a man sent from God to bear witness of the Light. That all men might see. John was not that Light but was sent to bear witness to the Light. That was the true Light which lighteth every man who came into the world. "He was in the world, and the world made by Him knew Him not." Now actually as far as Light is concerned it is...in it's wave length it is as much a part of a plane of Light in the patterns of dimensions as the physical wave length of the atomic world. We are to understand that the planes of heaven, and there are various planes of heaven, that they move on different wave lengths but they are distinct and separate and a part of the creative purposes of the Most High. So the presence of Spirit is the presence of Light altho it is not always visible, still sometimes when a person is adapt enough they may be unable to perceive it. Sometimes you can see the area of aura surrounding a person, shining from a person, but the dimensions of the spiritual plane are maintained in Light and they are different from the physical plane but we are surrounded by a great Angelic world, the planes of spirit exist in planes of Light, they are no less tangible then this one. In the dimensions of Light and full consciousness it is as real as this world is.

The wave length of this world is established in the atomic wave length. The velocity of the electrons moving around the mass which is somewhat the same in each and every atom, in the entire field in which we are existing, establishes this atomic plane and the atoms which we exist by in molecular masses produces the patterns of substance and material which you can touch and taste and handle. All the things which have been created in this plane, all the Sidereal systems and all the areas off immensity that are created in this place are created in a wave length which we refer to as electronic or electric plane. We call them particles of electricity, we have them very minute and small. We have the nutrients of the individual atom, the protons and the electrons. The wave length of the electrons moving around...and the speed which they move around the neutrons determines the wave length of the atomic structure which they are combined in.

Now; we have the spiritual plane and they excel in this....the spiritual plane is wave lengths of Light radiation, and the wave lengths are much higher and faster than those of the electronic or what we refer to as the electronic wave length of the atomic world.

Now; the fact that God is Light is some what obvious. In the days when the children of Israel were migrating out of the land of Egypt then remember that God went before them. It tells us that He rode above them in a craft which was clothed in a cloud, and the Shekinah Glory of His presence was shining down upon His people Israel. It was as tho a Pillar of Fire by night. It was as tho a radiant effulgent cloud by day. For 40 days and 40 nights the essence of God's presence never left Israel. We are told that the Illuminated them so that even their enemies could not approach them in the darkness because the Light shown round about. We discover that the God of Light was establishing His presence in the craft which moved above Israel. Of course we have evidence of this in the Book of Deuteronomy also where it talks about how God with thousands of His Saint's came to give Moses the Law. They traveled over the various places in Arabia and came down over Mt. Sinai, shown down over them with great Light. But the area of the Kingdom of Heaven exists in the spiritual plane in a dimension of Light.

Again we have the time when Christ takes the disciples upon the mountain, and there as they were looking upon Him they saw Him transfigured. He took therefore the Light of the Spirit, enveloping His physical body as tho He was enveloped in Light. So radiant, so effulgent was the Light and thus He was transfigured or transformed before them while they stood there amazed as they looked at the Majesty and Beauty of the Light surrounding Christ, then Moses and Elijah stepped out of the Light and stood talking to The Christ. These disciples stood there enraptured with what they saw, and they saw the Light envelope the body of the Christ. Jesus told them thru His servants to go back off the mountain and work for the Kingdom.

Now; the Apostle Paul speaks over in the Book of Corinthians and he talks here about a house or a tabernacle even like his physical body....not made by hands, and it was in the heavens. For this he said.....he vibrates, or groans....the word is actually 'vibrates', desiring to be clothed thereon with the house which is in the heavens. It says here found naked. If we in this tabernacle find ourselves being burdened, not that we be unclothed then we do not desire to die, but we would like to be clothed thereon...so that mortality be swallowed up in Light. That which hath wrought us for the selfsame thing is God who also hath given unto us the earnest of the spirit. Paul is talking about the fact that he doesn't want to die but to be clothed upon with Light.

On thing that the human element of the Christ in his human position prayed for was that he might have the Light or the Glory which he had when within this realm before the world was framed. The translation does not do it justice...but it is the Light which was in me before the world was framed. He also missed the Light and the Glory as he dwelt here in the physical world. The one thing he did leave off when he came into earth was the Light and the Glory which was the element of the fullness of His Spirit...that is to sustain the element of the physical. But, if the physical body had been encompassed with Light the physical body could not have died. The Light would have re-synthesized the physical pattern of ailing tissue from attack or injury, and they could never have crucified The Christ if He had been enveloped with the Light which He had when He was within the area of His entity before the world was framed, or before He came into the earth. This is why in the Book of Hebrews it tells us that...what is man that thou art mindful of him or the son of man that thou visited him...thou made Him a little lower than the Angel's and crowned Him with Glory and Honor, putting Him over the works of thy hands." So also we find that since the children are now in the flesh....and we see Jesus made a little lower than the Angel's for the suffering of death.

Now; we find that this is also the entity of the physical body....when God begat His race, He begat the Adamic race in a physical realm and willed that His Celestial children come into this Adamic household, and continues to grow and to increase until they have covered the earth. Now; in this again that the Angelic hosts of course retained immortality...the human body would not retain immortality if it violated Divine Law. But again immortality when the Light came back upon it, as would take place in the redemption. This is why God had a work to do....a redemption. No one else could do it, no one else could have brought the Light of Life but the Redeemer who consisted of the fullness of perfection. Thus we see Jesus a little lower than the Angel's for the suffering of death. In otherwords...had He remained in Angelic equality even then He would have been surrounded by planes of Light.

Then we have Angels who did not keep their first estate, they left off their Light and became physically embodied, and then sought to cohabit with the races of earth, and thus they brought upon themselves the curse of Lucifer, and they did this by seeking mongrelization and mutation of Divine Law. So under this area again we find that Jesus did this so as to suffer death for every man, and then again crowned with Light and Glory He was raised from the dead. So....'They who were set apart, and He who set them apart were all one, and He is not ashamed to call them His brethren (family).' When the begotten household existed in Spiritual planes it existed in Light or Light planes or dimensions. Thus it is that it was totally impossible for those begotten in the Light to forsake the Light, to leave the areas of the Light. Only as we became embodied in physical embodiment, and flesh enveloped the consciousness was it even possible for transgression to occur,...only when we were separated from this area of Light.

Now; we discover that in Him is the Light, and in Him is the pattern of Light referred to here in the scripture as He said:...'Ye are the Light of the world.' This is another place where Jesus is referring to His disciples and He refers to them because He knows that spiritually they were children of Light...and thus they had the capacity of receiving the Light into their soul consciousness, or illumination for the thinking pattern of the mind and the will of God. Thus He said:...'ye are the light of the world, a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Do not light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let you light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.' Thus again as the Celestial consciousness adjusts itself with the Light of God's thinking, and the soul consciousness is able to tap into the Light in the Inner Holy of Holies of the individual therefore he becomes filled with Light, whereas human consciousness depending sorely upon the senses. Then in the patterns of its error is referred to as the darkness. He refers to the fact that He is the Light which shines in darkness, but the darkness comprehended it not. The world does not recognize or receive The Christ. Thus again in the 14th., chapter of John He says Light will descend upon them, even His Spirit which the world cannot receive. It is talking about a plane and a dimension entirely removed from the normal thinking of men. He is the Light that Light's the world, the Light which shines in the darkness.

So now in the 60th., chapter of Isaiah it says:...'Arise and shine, thy Light has come and the Glory of Yahweh hath risen upon thee. Behold, darkness hath covered the earth, gross darkness the people, but Yahweh shall arise upon thee, and His Light shall be seen upon thee.' This again proves that in the spiritual area of completeness that God who is enveloped in Light, is Light and is referred to as the Light of the world.

Now; back in the Gospel of John it again sites that He is the Light that Lighted every man who comes into the world. Every Hu-man or Adamite who was begotten in the Light. This is the difference between the physical consciousness and the people of earth. They have only an area of physical consciousness. They do not possess the Light of God, but they could to a degree possess the Light of creation. The children of His own household are begotten by Him and thus they possess the true Light of Life which lighteth every man who comes into the world.

Turn to I John, this then is the message which we have heard of Him concerning you....that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. And if we say we have fellowship with Him, and yet walk in darkness then we lie, and know not the truth. If we walk in the Light we see in the Light one with another, and we have fellowship one with another.

Now; God is Light and in Him there is no darkness at all. This again is the concept that John has received by the Spirit, that the plane of Light, and the dimensions of Light are just as tangible and real as the atomic world. There is no error, no mistake in the dimensions of the spirit, and this is one of the reasons why you who have been born of incorruptible seed, it has been begotten in the Light, thus makes it incorruptible seed, and it lives and abides forever, and knows no error. So the areas of transgression occur in the soul consciousness, there you think error, and it must come thru the pattern of the senses by which again without the guidance of the spirit...error can come. So the only area we have that needs redemption is the soul consciousness and the physical body. This is one of the reasons why the redemption of all flesh is prophesied in the scriptures. This is why immortality is once more looked forward to by those who wait for the promise. We are told that mortal puts on immortality...this is one of the fulfillments of His Kingdom. He does not intend to cast aside the flesh. These people who saw the flesh profiteth nothing do not know whereof they speak because God has promised to even restore the elements of the flesh as well as the soul consciousness. To unify them and cover them with Spirit (Light) until they become the perfect man. Again we turn into the Book of James, and here it tells..."that every good and perfect gift cometh down from the Father of Light or the Father of the Children of Spirit, every good thing comes down from Him...He is the Father of Light." He is the Father of His children of Light...His children are begotten of the Father of Light. So in every area where we deal with the spirit we see the Divine effulgence. We see radiation, we see the aura which surrounds the Children of God, but since the redemption, the area of Light has also been restored, it is being gradually restored upon the Children of God. Enough Light that they are possessors of Eternal Life and Immortality. More than this as we see the children of God growing in grace and in knowledge of God, then the Light of God is an aura surrounding them, a wave length that you may not see even as you do not see heavenly hosts, or guardian Angel's in this room which surround you, but still they are here. This might be a might boulevard in spirit even tho a closed room in the plane of earth. So again we want you to know that all Light is not perceived by the natural eye. The wave lengths of Light exceed this....and goes into extremes on all sides, but at the same time God shall appear. This is one reason why, out of spiritual planes, appearances and disappearances can take place because they de-accelerate and step into this place, and become visible, and then accelerate even faster in this plane and then the wave length changes and they are invisible. It has happened with Angelic hosts, has happened all thru the scriptures that the Angel's of the LORD had appeared. Remember one appeared to Joshua...a shimmering, shining warrior in golden armor. He was radiant and his face was shining brighter than the sun, and Joshua says:...'are you for us or against us? ...for there are many against me now. He beheld him and then recognizing that this must be destiny, he fell on his face,' and in this instance whether it was an Archangel or Yahshua Himself it was the head of the LORD'S Hosts, and as Joshua watched he faded back into the dimensions.

Now; we see this with Elijah for instance. We see that he was spiritually adapted to the point of perceiving probably much better than those around him. He became one of the very unique of God's family for he even sent a Chariot for him. The thing we are pointing out is that you are able to see the Host's of Heaven as was Elijah. This was proved as one day the King of Israel is being beset by the hosts of the enemy, and one of the things pointed out was that this man was able to foretell or foresee what the enemy was about to do. He spoke up where there wasn't a thing that God did not show him concerning the enemy of the Most High. And his servant woke up one morning and discovered that the enemy was coming in to take him and the prophet said:...'Lord just open up thy servants eyes. And the servant saw all around the armies of the Angelic Hosts. They were there to create problems for the enemy. But it took an adjustment of the natural eyes for the servant to see them, but Elijah could see them all the time, but Elijah could perceive the spiritual forces which surrounded him. Of course when the battle became real then the enemy was defeated because their minds were confused and they fell upon one another, killing one another trying to get out of that area. It was just one of those victories with Divine help. Someone said:..well that isn't even tangible. But it was because they even focused on the enemy and defeated him. But God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all.

Now; here in the Book of Revelation we are told of this Light again. There is no need of a candle or for the light of the moon for Yahweh giveth the Light and He shall reign forever and forever. Therefore the New Jerusalem, the city, which is set on a hill is illuminated by the Light which covers them. And the presence of God is in the midst of His city, and His civilization. There is a radiance, an effulgence which comes from Him which makes everything else unnecessary because everything is illuminated by the Light and the Glory of God. This is one of the closing chapters of Revelation. So Spiritual planes are accompanied with Light and the Light can be made manifest even in a physical plane, and eventually can envelope and cover the physical plane. This is called heaven coming to earth. AND WHEN HEAVEN COMES TO EARTH THEN EARTH IS ILLUMINATED IN A WAY THAT HAS NEVER BEEN ANTICIPATED BY SOME.

In fact, the enemy in darkness calls on the rocks and mountains to fall on them because they can't stand the Light of the presence of God. Thus planes of Spirit are planes of Light and Light wave lengths. There is no question of the fact that when Christ prayed, He missed the one thing He did not leave on which was His effulgent Light. But He wanted His disciples to see the Glory of heaven, and thus they saw Him illuminated.

QUESTION:...Since MacNamara is disarming us and wants to make us so we cannot retaliate when Russia strikes, could this be the 3 ½ years?

ANSWER:...There is no 3 ½ years for Israel at all. That time rate was a day for a year and it has long since been fulfilled or is climaxing itself in this hour. In otherwords, what we are now to witness is the restitution of all things ..this is coming...the re-awakening of His servants, His household. We are not looking for just any 3 ½ years of trouble. MacNamara is a rascal, I believe that not only is this man disarming us and trying to lay us open to the enemy but at the same time people are waking up. Dan Smoots is writing 'Treason'. We have reports from our flyers in the Viet Nam area and they say they got out with half a bomb load and dropped them on a couple of logs because they think the Viet Cong come down that way at times and cross the stream on the logs....that is a bridge, or they saw drop a ton of bombs on one little piece of jungle because there might be a sniper there. At the same time we are risking planes and men are being killed. Our pilots who have to fly those aircrafts want to know why we don't hit some of those cities like HyPong. Is it that these pagans working in these cities making war material more important than our men? You go in to beat down the enemy resistance. We cannot conquer an enemy by holding him back and trying to show him it is not a paying proposition. While MacNamara is a Traitor in my estimation, I think President Johnson is equally guilty for having gone along with him. We can't wait out his term, we can't go on wasting American blood and not hit their cities. We ought to give them one week to get out then hit Hanoi, and HyPong with everything we have and do it quickly. Don't waste American blood in trying to teach them a lesson in a prolonged war. They are calloused and cold, this idea of trying to make friends with them after all the years of experience we have had when they never kept their word, when they make an agreement under oath, but don't place any value on them and break them after a few months is suicide. When F.D.R. recognized the Soviet Union it was with utter assurance by the top diplomats that they would stop the function of the Communist Party in these United States, they didn't need it anymore so they said. They would not expand in communist subversive operations in other sovereign countries. This was only when they were frightened did they say this, and in three months they were here moving out in great projects like the WPA. and others trying to carry on in the same way. To attempt to try to make pacts with communists is stupid.

We find that with the alignments....with Saturn and Jupiter squared, and Mercury (U.S.) riding with Jupiter in the latter part of February with Pluto coming in, you are going to see larger and larger casualties. But this is all a phoney communist operation, we should destroy it without question and teach them a lesson and then get out quick. This 3 ½ year thing goes way back to the dark ages and has nothing to do with us now.

QUESTION:...When the enemy was defeated at the time of Elisha did you say they were defeated with Light?

ANSWER:...No. I didn’t say that. But they were not visible to the natural eye because Elisha said:..'Lord please open his eyes.' I didn't say how he did it, but there is no doubt but they were confused in their minds. The Angelic army had access to this plane.

QUESTION:...Oh, then the enemy fell on each other, killing each other?

ANSWER:...Yes. This happened another time when Gideon and the men with him were up on the mountain with their lights (lamps), and the trumpets began to blow with a great noise. The enemy thought they were surrounded by a great army and they ran over each other trying to get out of there. They destroyed one another and 2/3 of that army was destroyed trying to get out of that valley, and they thought the Israelites were after them. Then the children of Israel lit on them and cut down the rest.

QUESTION:...If Light is made up of color, is there a significance in the various colors of the spectrum in the Light realm?

ANSWER:...Well, even color can go into a wave length not visible and still show the color in the plane where it comes from. So the basic patterns of color fill the spectrum. As far as color wave lengths are concerned that is the law of the Octave.

QUESTION:...Is there a significance in the various shades, tho....in the spiritual or Light world?

ANSWER:...As to color...possibly, actually the purest plane of Light is the highest plane of Spirit...see? So we note that sound and color in their octaves, in their wave lengths do apply to certain forces. They have healing forces as well, and we know they apply in putting certain vitality and life in plants. You don't see the colors which come from the heavens above even from the orbs, because the various suns are burning in different colors, and the color is not always visible to the eye, but is visible with scientific instrumentation. They have also discovered that if you cover different plants, or you were to cover an orange tree at night that the oranges will not be orange but a very, very pale color. Therefore sometimes during the night we pass thru under a set of stars which must somehow add color, for if you cover an orange tree at night and uncover it only in the daytime, then the oranges never get to be orange color. There are other vegetables they have found also that are effected. They have taken and experimented with color therapy with plants and found that it makes quite a bit of difference with plants so it must have results with the human species as well, and with everything in the Universe as far as that is concerned. But I don't want to go into color Octave because that is something else and I don't know whether or not people understand it.

QUESTION:...I would like to hear it?

ANSWER:...You couldn't get thru it in one night.

QUESTION:...Isn't it true that the magnetic forces act much in the same way? I have rad that if you plant in one direction they don't grow very strong and vice versa?

ANSWER:...Some plants might, but we are dealing here with forces which in our cognition....why we are beginning to show greater understanding of the forces of magnetism and I think that flying saucers have caused more study of Magnetic Forces than the country would like to admit. But you see, we have been babes in the woods on magnetism as we have been on color. But one thing we now know or the great laboratories now know is that the forces of gravity are magnetic, and that all things are magnetized by certain elements of earth force whereas you have to have a certain type of material which you refer to as magnetic. You hit an iron bar with a hammer and it will magnetize and pick up all other pieces of iron. All the things you saw are magnetic.....little do you realize that all things which exist in the atomic structure are also magnetic, to a certain type of magnetic force, and this is what gravity consists of.

QUESTION:...Does this have anything to do with a vine growing on top of the equator?

ANSWER:...that's right. they twist around, did you know that?

QUESTION:...water does the same thing going down. First to the right, then to the left.

ANSWER:...What?? We will have to try that.

QUESTION:...They tell me that when putting down drains that they have to enforce them to keep the water from swirling to the left.

ANSWER:...I hadn't thought about that.

QUESTION:...Dr. Swift? Do we as children of God...do we have anything like an Aura around us now?

ANSWER:...Yes. There is an aura around each and everyone of you.


ANSWER:...Yes. Now the area of aura from a very Light aura, an emanation which comes from the human body apparently..or surrounds it....they think it comes from it but it might surround it. It generally is very close, some times it stands out several inches. The aura is generally not visible to the natural wave length of the eye. But apparently also the eye becomes able to see it, the more earnest an individual becomes in the knowledge of God the more they seek it, the stronger the body aura becomes. As they seek the Will of God, as they seek to serve God the more they concentrate on the elements of the Philosophy of God, the truths of God, or the powers that can change the world....the fact remains that the bigger this aura gets then the more the aura has as tho an elastic effect. It thins out sometimes on some people to about four or five inches.

Now; there are times when we can see this aura more clearly. We can see it most times on everybody but sometimes some people stand out much more heavily with aura's then others do. Sometimes they wonder why... you see some people who attend church services, they attend because they know they should and they are a little bit interested in the things of God but they are also thinking about dinner and so forth. Do you know that you can tell who these people are? You can see the aura standing out on some people, but those people have just a little tinge of Light, that is all, while other people have a lot of it.

Now; this doesn't mean they are self-righteous, holy, sanctified, as some evaluate these things. Because they are just as rugged or fine a person as anyone else. But they are interested in the things of God. They are interested in His Kingdom, their interest is not just a passing thing, it is something that abides with them day after day, they carry their aura all the time and their aura gets stronger and stronger. In fact some people at the age of 65 or 70 may have a much stronger aura than they had when they were young, but they weren't as interested then either. They are tied in their thinking and their experience, that is what has brought this thing up.

Now; it may well be of course....you take with Christ and He was enveloped with Light, but they couldn't see it. He brought the Light in close from Heaven, and when transfigured He was as radiant as the sun. But the scriptures refers to the aura. It also talks about the Light of the righteous, it talks about the Light of the evil people as being darkness. The scripture says:..'Lucifer and his people, his children, and all who serve him move around and emanate darkness. For this reason the effulgence of the children of God draws other children of God, whereas the lack of effulgence, the areas of darkness push you away. This is why you don't feel comfortable around the enemy whether Jew's or whom ever. You feel an uneasiness around these people. You can't see what it is but it is there. The same pattern is true, you can take a magnet, you take a bar and hit it until it is magnetized, knock a lot of chips off and every time you bring this bar close then it will pick up those chips. But if you hit a bar in one direction, then cut this bar, and then de-magnetize it, then hit it in another direction, and if you were to file pieces off this bar, then if you brought the other magnet up close it would push those pieces away instead of picking them up. In otherwords...this is the same thing with people. The one wave length of Light band is extreme brilliance and the other wave length is of utter darkness. The children of Light are drawn together. Jesus said:...'If I be lifted up then like a magnet I draw all Hu-man's to me....they come to me.' He drew all men but the pagans, the commies don't come, they are not Hu-men and are pushed away....see?

For instance, it is talking about the 'stone' which is the headstone of the corner...even tho rejected. It tells us that 'He is a stone of stumbling, a rock of offense, because the children of Light are sealed in by the capstone on , or the headstone which is perfect, and to which they conform.' But to the enemy, He is a stone of stumbling, or a rock of offense, and they are pushed away, because they are different in wave length and background. Actually, there is a physic area of perception which some have and some don't. Some might develop it, but to those who do have this area of perception they can see this wave length of aura around people...see? This is something that you don't turn on or off, but as you are preaching or teaching, as the thoughts are reaching some people then there is a Divine accord and the energy of it is tremendous. And you feel this, and you automatically can see the aura on the people out there, and you know who is getting the message and who isn't.

QUESTION:...Is this aura a protection for us?

ANSWER:...Well! I don't know that, I imagine that it is. I think that people who are charged with the knowledge of God cannot be deceived too readily. I don't think they are open to these frauds that move around among us. I think also that some people might be superficial in their thinking for a time, but that doesn't mean it is lasting, they may later pick up. But when people working for the Kingdom of God, are working politically, socially, economically, and are all wrapped up in it. In otherwords, to live is to think of the Kingdom, this is all you think of when you read the papers. You think how is this going to line up with what God has said, with what He is going to do? But you know this is the think I discover and that is that some people get all wrapped up in a project, and that is alright to do, but this is generally the pattern, and that's when you find people with a strong area of aura, it is because they have been strong in the things of God.

QUESTION:...Do you find a particular color or shade of color?

ANSWER:...It is generally white, a golden white. I don't see it in color.

QUESTION:...Incense if violet.

ANSWER:...Well, violet is closer to white than you think.

QUESTION:...Would you comment on the movie about Jack Ruby?

ANSWER:...Will, I don't know that this is an appropriate question, but I will say that Jack Ruby died an unnatural death. Either an active virus of some kind was introduced into him or he passed our from something else. I think they eliminated him so they could say....well, he confessed that there was no criminal motives...just one of those things he did on the spur of the moment. There was no conspiracy, and they came up with this in the last few days ...that a dead man is not going to lie. But a Jew will lie all the time, he doesn't know any better. I know an attorney who represented a lot of Jew's and he said it's a lost cause, they will lie when it would have been better to tell the truth, and they get caught in it. He said that they just lie all the time, even if it is a simple case they will still lie. Even if they are going to win, they will bring in some new evidence, and he said he would just throw up his hands. But after all they are children of a lie and their father is a liar.

I personally don't know whether to express myself too fully because I don't want....don't know where this tape will end up after the FBI get's their copy. But I think that top men in the Washington area of this whole commie conspiracy were in on this. I think this man (Jack Ruby) was a commie with direct links to others. I think he was tied in with a lot of men in Washington whether the President knew anything or not, I think someone was responsible for his car being so far back. I believe that whether he knew it or not...someone must have activated the Secret Service men who thought something was going to happen when they jumped off of his car and were running forward 2 ½ minutes before the shots were fired. He had stopped already, this is also a strange coincidence. It is sort of hard to upset time this way, it is not on two dimensions. I think there is something phoney when on the left side of the car there was someone with a long barreled pistol looking like a magnum pointing at the President's car. And the "Life Magazine" pictures shows him getting ready to shoot at the Kennedy car while the man was shooting from the gallery of the building.

Now; they ordered these pictures pulled, Life Magazine already had 20,000 copies of the Magazine out when this was discovered and they called back all the copies and expunged these photograph's of the Kennedy killing. Why? Why wasn't this in the Warren report? What are they covering up? Had they used up Kennedy? Were they ready to move in another, or was it Kennedy that was killed? They site that Tibbets, the Police Officer, looked like Kennedy that they used him as a double. Also in one instance they had pictures which they didn't use showing that at the impact of the bullet that Kennedy's hair leaped off his head. If this is true then this wasn't Kennedy at all.

So again this is the pattern, and whether we will know the truth is in question. But we can say this is a deep, deep conspiracy. I think that Ruby shot Oswald for fear he would talk, then they killed Ruby for fear he would talk. Every Investigator who knew anything about it including some who had investigated, had material which covered discrepancy, who went down to Dallas lost their lives, they also died in Dallas. I think there is 11 of them now who have died who were investigating down there and all of them are now gone.

QUESTION:...Then there is only 2 left. Jackie Kennedy and one man.

ANSWER:...There is the fact that Jackie Kennedy was called forward to the front of the airplane, they wanted to swear in the President and she was furious. Finally she went and Johnson asked if she wanted to change her dress for the picture,...she said no....I just want everyone to see who they have killed, and what they have done. They looked at her kind of sharp and then went on swearing in the President as she stood there with the blood supposedly of the President on her dress. We now that Bobby was talking and he said:...so they used assassination to get we the Kennedy's out. I am glad they think they are in. This is in the book, but they want this expunged with that record. But the book will come out because the man who wrote it sent copies to Germany and other places. They can't sell it because of the copyright, but they can give it away.

We live in a terrible time, they can put an injection in the milk bottle which sits on your front step which will take care of you. This is being done quite often. Actually we people of the "Right Wing" should not get milk on the front porch. But the fact remains that every brilliant leader in the anti-communist cause have been put to death and they have traced it to the milk. But there is all kinds of avenues for getting at you, but we can't go around looking under the bed all the time we have to trust God to protect us. The fact is that the enemy is using toxicology to remove people, and he has lots of cooperation from Jewish doctors, interns, and pharmacists

QUESTION:...What is the background of the man who was supposed to have influenced J.F.K. so much?

ANSWER:...He was a socialist teacher of the Political philosophy of Wilson and others in England. Of course JFK went to school in London to study political science. So he was a student of a type of Socialism under Lasky, and was without doubt endowed with a peculiar sense of responsibility because of this Socialist propaganda...all people. He wanted to divide up everyone’s money and give it away to all people...all except his own. This is the way with most socialist's. A liberal is a foul chere who wants to give away everyone’s money. The Bible tells you that a Liberal is a 'foul chere.' They have a super consciousness for everybody else finances to disperse it to everyone who doesn't any.

QUESTION:...Is that the same Laskey that wrote the book "Robert F. Kennedy the Man and the Myth?

ANSWER:...I believe it is, or the son of the man.

QUESTION:...But this Lasky is quite anti-Kennedy. I wondered how much of the book we would take as fact?

ANSWER:...I don't much trust any socialist, they, all of them, have the part of the politic's of hell if not all of it. Of course we have the word Socialist misused today. The German's were fighting the communist and they referred to themselves as National Socialist's, but there weren't Socialist in that sense, they didn't want to divide up property that belonged to people, they wanted the people to own their property which they had together. Well, this is a different philosophy than the Socialist world of today, this was called National Socialist. If you have areas of property such as the streams of a country, or National forest's, these are things owned together that all the people own shares of that. But the private property is private, doesn't belong to anyone else. But some Socialist's want to divide up everything, in fact disavows in the end the areas of property. But the whole program of socialism and communism are wrapped into One. There is just various degrees of it, such as Lasky's Socialism, and Wilson's who is a Socialist Premier, but he goes along with communism. I think we have a lot of them in our Government, and they are generous with everyone's money. I think even President Johnson is a socialist with your money, wants to divide it up with all the Negro's, but doesn't want to touch his own family fortune.

QUESTION:...This Popinjay of Greece, is gaining lots of power. Is he a Socialist or Communist? The country is a democracy.

ANSWER:...Well, I don't think the Greeks will ever accept Socialism. This word 'democracy' is a misused word. Democracy rules the Russia's but they call it differently. The Greeks are quite a fierce people, they won't give up property rights, family rights, the sovereignty of a man and his house. He gives his King a limited allegiance as long as the King protects his property rights. One of the hardest people to capture with communist philosophy will be the Greeks. This is true here even. You don't find Socialist Greek's in this country.

QUESTION:...Well, this Popinjay, isn't he a Greek?

ANSWER:...I think he is a Jew. But the Greek's have fought communism. They were given support and Mr. Truman did give to them and the Greek's did win a terrific victory over the Red's. I think the Greek's will survive. Plato's conception of a democracy and of a republic was greatly lacking. In some areas it was of a collectivist operation. The people went along to some degree with his concept's of a republic, but not all of it. It was more of a philosophic operation. This is why we have this program of democracy...democracy all the time. But democracy is mob rule of the masses. We do not stand for this, but for elected representatives who rule intelligently and with integrity not for mob rule. I don't like the word 'democratic', I don't like anything about it as a policy for the nation. I like the concept of a Republic....not a democrat.

QUESTION:...We say democracy then when we don't really mean it?

ANSWER:...I know we say it is a democratic country when actually it is a parliamentary or like a Republic. But a democracy can even have a dictator.

QUESTION:...Why do they call the Soviet Union a Republic....the Soviet Socialist Republic?

ANSWER:...This is just a gimmick they don't follow the cause of a Republic, they don't allow any opposition, there is no opposing party. So the people are not choosing candidates to uphold the various principals, a Republic in the release of its ideas will select candidates who will support policies of that group. Then the Candidates may appeal to the people whose philosophies and ideals are moved in line with theirs. The Soviet Union however doesn't have any other opposition because it is not a Republic.

There are different states here where you can't get another party listed on the ballot, but this is a very limited Republic and there are other states where anyone can get on the ballot. Of course it is a question of who is eligible for getting on the ballot. I personally don't think a Communist should be on the ballot in any State. I don't think it is smart to even let them function for their program is of force and violence.

QUESTION:...But the cause of the Soviet Union can be maintained no other way.

ANSWER:...Yes, I know even so it is an amalgamated Society. The Soviet Union has, I believe, 19 basic sections or Soviet's who are all in one and of course it is all a communist Soviet. But the Ukraine area is one of those, and Mongolia is one of the Soviet's of the Soviet Union.

QUESTION:...in studying history, it seemed to me that at one time we almost had a six pointed star in our flag. What is the significance of choosing the 5 pointed star?

ANSWER:...I don't think we ever almost had a six pointed star. The 6 pointed star belongs to our race however. The Davidic Star was six pointed, the Jew's took it but they didn't originate it. Plus the pattern is that their star is an interwoven star and is formed by the serpent, when finished the weaving the serpent holds its tail in its mouth. The Davidic Star was a pyramid pointing up and a pyramid pointing down. One was...God building with man, and one was...Man building to God. The Jew's seized the six pointed star for they wanted to claim that they were from David and Judah. So they took the six pointed star then wove it with a serpent. Back in the days when the Jew's finally got into England...or was allowed back into England, they then got control of finance and they were foreclosing on everyone, so they had a man to carry the papers of foreclosure and he was called a Sheriff...he served the Jew's not the court's, to carry the papers of the Jew's. So in the days of the revolution then George Washington and others knew this and they were thus against this six pointed star for their own official acts all over Europe and so forth. So when our founding fathers came together to select the star for the 13 stars in our flag, they said they wanted a five pointed star so they could in no way be sited as a star of Jewry. Back in those early days in Europe, the Jew's foreclosed on peoples homes, on their property of all description, and our founding father knew this. Benjamin Franklin was very knowledgeable in this and he was very adamant that no six pointed star be used in any way in the flag of our country. So when the founding fathers came to decide on our flag they had definite ideas of this situation. They knew we were an Israel nation...a great Israel nation. They did not recognize Jew's as Israelites. Proclaimed instead that this was a Great Israel Nation under God. They hired Col. Totten of Yale University to run down the heraldry of the U.S., so they could choose the Seal of the U.S. Most of the Master Mason's of that time knew the Jew's were not Israel. They knew the Jews were trying to infiltrate the Blue Lodge.. ..but it was secure in that day.

(end of this message)