01-06-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Question: Is a Jew a Mongrel?

Answer: Well yes, but you could have a mongrel without it being a Jew. You could have a mongrel come out of any, say, a South Sea Islander and a Chinese who would not necessarily have been out of Cain or Lucifer's line. A Jew has to come down from the Luciferian fallen Angel line sowed into the various races. You sow different Jews together and you just get Jewish mongrels, all colors of Jews. In other words if you have a Chinese Jew and a Negro Jew you only come up with another mixture of Jews. But if any of a Jewish line mixed in with any other then you just have a Jew, there is no such thing as a part Jew.

Question: Doesn't God put any of His Holy Seed into a mongrel?

Answer: No!

Question: Well, do you think the Devil would pass up that seed?

Answer: Now wait a moment, the Issue of the Adamic seed is the only Holy seed in the earth. Therefore if this seed intermingles with another race there is no spiritual seed in the posterity because there is nothing there to have affinity with. The Chinese for instance, they would be existent as creative people and they have their own seed after they were created, for 'seed having life in itself' is the rule. Therefore they are not the offspring of God, but creations of God, and were good before their fall. So He does not supply seed for the increasing posterity under the subordination of Lucifer, while worshiping the Darkness. All they do then is have a cycle of return. Every Asiatic then who is born in a re-incarnated spirit until the restoration of all things. But there is no new seed for expansion. This is why the kingdom of darkness does not get beyond the point which it was in for the hour of its fall, although existent by the millions. And then the catastrophes which existed an Atlantas and lots of seed which moves through cycles. But this has been a very involved thing. There is however much material on this theological lore, and Biblical extracts out of passages that relates to this. But as far as God is concerned the only issue of seed which has Celestial entrance, with permission, is the Household of God coming into the Adamic Race.

Now; the Adamic Race never falls under this other condition, and seduction of the Adamic Race produces an offspring with no connection, thus Cain for instance. Cain is no longer associated with the Adamic Race, but heads the Luciferian Household. He went over among the Akkods and took a wife. There is nothing quite so useless in any society as a Mongrel. Of course the scripture is quite clear, cutting off any seed for ten generations from spiritual or political leadership in the Kingdom. That is fixed so if you had one thousand/twenty-fourths mongrel blood you are not acceptable for leadership. Actually with all this propaganda turned loose today to try to tell you that the whole race is fused, that mixed blood is everywhere, no one knows who they are, or what they are, but actually people do know who they are, and what they are, and whether there is any mixed blood in their background. They go back generation after generation and nothing destroyed their self respect, or their prestige for they do not marry out into these lesser races. You have the Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, or Scandinavian mixed together but they are not going to mix with the Negro, or these other patterns. Where there has been any mixing with these races being thrust together they never breed in, but out, and the offspring are outcasts. Generally when caught at this all are an outcast.

Question: In the bible it talks about these four beasts?

Answer: These are the marching signs of Israel. Is that what you meant?

Question: The Lion, the Bull, the Man, and so forth.

Answer: Those are just the marks of the marching order of Israel. One had high emblems on each side, north, south, east, and west, and each side had 3 signs with one being higher than the others, thus making the 4 great signs which each side marched under. These are also shown around the throne in Ezekiel as well as in Daniel.

Question: One has ten horns?

Answer: No, no that is something else, the ten horns are symbols of Empires or Kingdoms associated with the political powers of the Beast system. For instance this is similar to Revelation where the seven mountains are seven Empires, and the 8th, comes out of the 7th. And it shows one of the rulers coming up in the days of the Beast system, comes up to be an outstanding leader in that period. All of this is interwoven with the Beast system picture. All these are in prophecies, and some are skipped prophecies, and real involved situation unless you have a big old chart where you can show where these skipped prophecies fit in. Actually they take the Book of Daniel and divide it into chapters where maybe it should not be divided, but there is some truth on this subject, and some on others. Daniel tells of the visions he sees, and lots of them are related to Kingdoms long since gone. Babylon rose, and the Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome since the days of Daniel, and in the days of Jesus we are operating on another process. He said that there are seven hills, or seven Empires upon which the symbol of Mystery Babylon and the powers of darkness were identified. He said that the Beast system had seven heads, which are seven Kingdoms. He talks about the 8th which comes of the 7th and then goes into perdition. So that starts with Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome, five are fallen and one is, which of Rome, and one is yet to come. Then the 8th, comes out of the 7th. The one following Rome which threatened the Kingdom was the hoards of Genghis Khan, and the 8th, is the Anti-Christ system for the end of the age. Actually this is the deadly wound that healed, which is now gathered together by all the perverted forces, thus the great masses and hoards that make up the shock forces, and much of the power of World Communism, for this final threat comes out is the 7th, area out of the Russias where the forces of Genghis Khan and those hoards conquered from the Steppes of the East, which came West. The threat to Christian civilization came from those hoards as they invaded Europe, through the Caucasus, and came down from the northern Kingdoms against Finland, against Germany and Romania, and all those nations on the East. These finally turned back after the death of Genghis Khan. Thus this whole beast system whose armies had a wound nigh unto death come again. Communism now led by the same power of the Dragon, the Jews gathers these same hoards and throws them against Christian Civilization once again. Thus the 8th, comes out of the 7th but this time goes into perdition, or final destruction.

However you do not have a different story here, you just have an overlapping story. In other words it was the pagan powers that dominated Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome which were the high lights of the Beast system using these Empires eventually for their own interests to try to destroy the Kingdom of God in earth, but were not successful. Actually Medo-Persia, the people themselves were not so bad, but the power that gained control did eventually destroy the strength of Medo-Persia. In Greece the people were Sythians, Israel, but the Empire in the days of Alexander the Great involved a lot of area, and Jewry came into the picture to destroy just like they did later in Rome. So always you come upon this same picture, the same old Beast system controlled by that same old power. If you get one Empire with authority over others then he will be used. So Medo-Persia, and Greece also before them Assyria rose to great power and then went down. There was a great Assyrian conqueror and he came to Jerusalem, and sacrificed a pig on the altar, that was a desecration of the altar. But this marked him as a tremendous conqueror everywhere he went for he warred against the people who worshiped YAHWEH. He worshiped pagan gods, and was the symbol of the Anti- Christ in all his fury. Of course he was a symbol; of the little horn of his time also because the horn is a symbol of conquerors. Actually they all wore these things on their headgear. Thus it was significant as they talked about the Beast with horns, for these were a symbol of Empires, Imperial powers, and various emblems were used, just like the yak tails by Genghis Kahn. Almost all the Emperors in the Pre-Christian era wore such headgear with the symbols of power, signifying great power against the Kingdom.

If you are trying to measure dates you have to have a starting point, and we can prove that Daniel's prophecies related to certain conquests even like those of the King of Tyre. Each of these things fit together, but there is no measure which you can split off. It talks of the 70 weeks, and so forth and they were fulfilled, they took place back in those days. You cannot extend that to something else, or some other time. Daniel was given the prophecy of seventy weeks and it was fulfilled.

Question: I have a problem with the mathematics here, in this area of Daniel for it talks about the horns, and this time and the dividing of the time and one half of time.

Answer: I do not want to get into a discussion tonight, it would take to long, but I can take you out here and show you where these were literally fulfilled. So this is already fulfilled, its over. The time and times and one-half of the time depends on the time measured. A time is 360 years, you have to have a specific translation for this time, times and half a time, you can't just say 'times because you don't know how many years you have here. This measure then is not translated right. But in translation the exact given measure was anticipated, and I can show you where everything in that prophecy was literally fulfilled in Kingdoms which transpired in the successive Empires. None of these measures can be used to figure up when the Anti-Christ is going to rise up, because they have already been rising up through past history. In fact there were Anti-Christ in the days past, when John was writing in his Epistles as he said: "Anti-Christ is already here as you have heard."

There is not just one Anti-Christ, there are many, those who deny that Jesus is the Christ are Anti-Christ. At the same time John talks about the 'Son of Perdition', which is Satan's offspring, and he talks about them not being like we are, but even in John 's time the Anti-Christ patterns were there.

The Apostle Paul states that Satan's own son, an incarnate Demon would be the leader of the World Order as the man of sin, the progeny of evil. But there are also multitudes of these. Satan's own sons have been the leaders of these Anti-Christs over the years through out ages. Of course at the end of the age which we are in now we have no end of Jews or part Jews any of which are Anti-Christs. I am not nearly as concerned as to which one is the top Devil, as to be ready to take on all Devils, and cut down their influence which relates to us. Actually there have been some strange characters in the manipulations which we have watched in Europe who lived through out the centuries. This is one of the amazing things in this Demonic pattern, this is what happened to ___________ (Decorsy) they threw him in the brig when he started to expose one of them.

Question: Could you explain the seven dimensions or plains of heaven?

Answer: There are seven dimensions in heavenly plains. When we talk about these then these are dimensions of existence. And you are living, a physically embodied person in a physical dominion. Around you is a Celestial plain you cannot see. It is a dimension of spirit which surrounds the physical plain. This is known as the first heaven, or first Celestial or spiritual plain. However there are also beings who come and go in this plain who have no particular affinity with you. For instance there are fallen Angels, Demonic forms existent in this plain whether you can see them or not, mostly you cannot see them. There is also a Celestial plain where your spirit was existent even though it is with you as an entity. If your physical body were to die, your spirit would go into its Celestial plain. The wave length of your spirit is capable of moving into this third dimension or spiritual plain. Those forms in the second plain cannot get into the third dimension because they are not in the same Celestial wave length.

A physical plain we know is made up of electronic forms, this is the one we are in. The physical plain is not known as a Celestial plain itself, it is a physical or electronic plain, but then the whole Universe is put together in an electronic plain. The spiritual plain is a light wave plain of which your spirit consists as it relates to you, for you have a wave length which is even different from other spirit beings who are in a surrounding plain, or second plain. For instance fallen Angels cannot get into the Celestial plain which your spirit can reside in. So we have a plain round about which you can reside in as well which they cannot reach.

The third plain is the heavenlies, and you cannot reach that one unless you travel out in space. The Apostle Paul did this, he was in the third and fourth heaven, and we know that Enoch was in the fifth heaven, and Enoch was in the sixth and seventh, but he was resident in the fifth, and received much of his revelation in the fourth heaven.

These are plains of vibratory levels of consciousness in which beings exist. Through out the Universe there are people traveling all through out space, many of these beings are in just as tangible a plain as the physical world. Their vehicles are made up of the elements also, and they are traveling but this is not considered the heavenlys as we now know it, this is just outside in space.

There is also a dimension with Celestial beings, and they are moving in just as tangible realms as the physical world that we see. These are only made of Celestial beings, areas of Angelic hosts, and spiritual beings which have not been embodied like own race, in Celestial form. In fact this is a third heaven, and in this heaven when Enoch was taken out into space, he was taken by Angels who came to get him, and he traveled through out the Solar System, and he hadn't even entered into the Celestial plain as yet. He was talking about the different planets, and then he moved on, and he saw ships, and things moving through out space. He was then permitted to see that there were other plains of beings, and his consciousness had access to this domain, he saw them coming and going through out the Universe.

There were beings, Illuminated in light and they were very active who had ships and vehicles, and were moving in that plain. He saw that this plain was as tangible as the one in the field of electronics even though it did not have as much illumination, while this other one was nothing but Light and Glory. And in this experience he eventually reached the throne of God, a great vast structure like a Asteroid in the Pleaides. This was the great crystal palace that was huge inside because there were ships coming and going from platforms around it.

When Enoch entered into this great Cathedral like Palace which was radiant as though made of hard diamonds, it was resplendent with all types of Light reflections and Glory, for there were clouds of Glory which hid the top with intense light coming down in this great structure. Enoch was now in what was classified as the third heaven, and he was brought up by one of the attending Angels to the very presence of God, into the very presence of the MOST HIGH. As Enoch listened to the things said he heard the Eternal YAHWEH-YAHSHUA say: "Come hither, unto me." Enoch stepped toward the throne and into a dimension where he found himself, his conscious being, traveling on the thought wave pattern of God, Himself. Traveling forward and backwards, with all kinds of things brought to his attention, with what so ever God wanted to implant in his remembrance, in his consciousness. And Enoch in his subconscious mind would go back to earth and record these things in a book. To do this he was taken into this dimension of consciousness.

In other words the form of things to come, and the remembrance of things of yesterday in the Divine plan operated in this pattern of a fourth heaven. Thus it was Enoch was shown that which would come after, even as it related to himself. He was reminded of things which had not as yet happened, or things which he was to tell his people as to what was to happen. So this fourth plain actually related to the fixation of certain points in his consciousness. Where as when he returned to earth these things would start to function, or activate his soul consciousness, and he would start to think on these things. But he was told to write these things in a book. In other words then the things being brought to his attention were implanted, of areas of divine knowledge and purpose that he was to reveal above just the description of the place he had been taken. In this dimension there is a sort of area of 'timelessness' in which he was taken backward and forward in areas of remembrance. Things which he had seen or had witnessed were brought back to his consciousness as they related to Divine purpose. So this is as far as Enoch was given, except to see and hear certain things, secret things of God which God wanted him to know.

Now; Enoch may have had more experiences, and I rather think that he did for he described the seventh heavens, the fifth one being that one in which he was able to travel ahead of time which is the sovereignty of Divine purpose setting up areas of development. He traveled ahead of time and witnessed certain things, and was drawn back in to consciousness to record this. He was told that there was one more plain, and if he was to enter it then he would see recreation, the development of new things, as new spiritual forces and entities were put together. This would be the highest form of Mantavra (development of the races) that when they reached this level it was a new thing. And when they reached that plain then the whole cycle would be completed. Then the cycle would start again, the only thing is that each cycle moves over into an echelon higher than the previous one, this is what Enoch was told.

Now; when John was taken into the heavens he was shown things in the Celestial plains, but was also carried forward in time in the mind of God. So he traveled in the fifth heaven dimension, in the things which were going to come to pass, and he had first called to his attention the things that God was shaping, but which had not yet come to pass. So John learned these things and recorded them because he had already been there. In other words he went out and saw these events, the history, all these things taking place, and he saw this with the Omniscience and Sovereignty of God's mind which set up the form of tomorrow. He traveled those tomorrows and came back. In other words we are now in 1965, and we are rolling along toward the destiny that may be out in the 70's or maybe any given time, but John has already been there, and back. But we are on a given time track, a time dimension, but that dimension of Divine purpose is already a 6th heaven. It is the settling of things which has already been purposed, that are already existent, already in solidification. All the energies and forms and spiritual forces are already counteracting, and have been by destiny counteracting, what Lucifer is generating, and his forces are turning loose, so Lucifer is already defeated but he just doesn't know it.

When Jesus said: 'It is finished' then it was finished for the Devil was already licked, the Kingdom was just as sure as if it was already here. But we are still traveling on a time track made up of experiences and destiny to reach it. And this is also true, for when it is finished, when this Mantavara is finished, this huge and climatic factor is followed, the old Universal word is Mantavaro, when that is consummated then Lucifer is defeated. The time track which John traveled on is finished, God is making a new heaven and a new earth, so the re-consummation or re-synthesis of what he is making does not destroy what exists except as he remodels and refines.

Then this great new spiritual order in its highest attainment come in, and "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard", what is the newest creation, as it starts in again to move back into re-solidification of the Universe in first levels, second levels and so on. In other words there always exists these plains, and when an individual is traveling on the thought waves, and this can be done when man is totally restored to the level he was in before the seduction and fall of Adam man, his entrance in and out of this field of full cognition of the mind of God, or this plain to total thought consciousness with God, is actually a 4th plain. This is a constant operation when the children of the Kingdom reach for it. There is nothing which bars them, it is possible now, but we do not have a separation from this area of consciousness. So, all these heavens or plains are areas of instruction, they are energies which have solidified the forms of idea, and the forms of spiritual power in what we might call plains, or echelons of existence. This is sometimes hard to solidify, we sometimes try to solidify it with pieces of electricity or particle of it, but unless you understand that the whole world is made out of these particles then it is hard to think of Electricity as having form. But everything you see and touch is solidified out of electricity. Your spiritual body has been begotten but it consists of light, since the God who begat you is Light, and since that which comes forth from Him is Light, therefore your Celestial being is made of Light, and is solid, is as tangible in its own dimension as the electronic organization is in this dimension.

Your consciousness, your thinking right now, while it is using the senses of this body to take in these wave lengths of vibration, to translate these patterns of ideas into your mind, your thought patterns are something apart from this electronic body, or the Celestial body in which it resides. This consciousness which is you, the thinking which evaluates, stores, and the capacities of carrying with it accumulated knowledge, can move into anyone of these plains. Because the one dimension where in the soul possesses this consciousness, where in the ability to think, or reason exists, it has access to any dimension or plain. But also requires a Celestial being to move in to the dimensions of the heavenlies, but after you have obtained the heavenlies then you may move into the thought processes of tomorrow, just as you are capable of doing, because you are Spirit of His Spirit, and Life of His Life. The only thing is, God opens and shuts the doors into the dimensions, or has given this into the hands of a Watcher Angel because to travel into tomorrow you either have to be a prophet, or called, for His particular ministry. Unless we attain the climax which takes place when we have access to all these plains this does not happen.

In the days before you were embodied in earth you had full access to any form of consciousness in the Universe. The Father had already made known to the race the things He was going to do, even promises and covenants that reached out into the tomorrows, all before the foundation of the world. The Apostle Paul said some of these things were promised us before the foundation of the world. Such as the patterns of Eternal Life, and so forth, these were told to us before the world was framed. These things came out of the consciousness of God.

Now; what we do not realize of course is that there are certain things which, in what we call the 4th heaven, or in the checking out of the consciousness before it takes its entrance into the world by birth, that there were certain key points that you were briefed in, that you were automatically briefed in out of the Omniscience of God which relates to you, that you physically embodied did not remember. But given time and by this process, effects your subconscious mind to create impulses to bring results. This is like a 4th dimension briefing and this took place. You are not now aware of it, but when these points come in your lifetime you make decisions accordingly because you were briefed into that picture which was the exact knowledge of the things you would come in contact with. So God does not take chances, he does not lose anything, he had people briefed and prepared as they came in.

Now; in this next area, in things He intends to do, this is generally easy. He took men like the Apostles Paul and John into the heavens, He had to get them out of this atmosphere, to be particularly neutralized by the senses around about, to get to them a clear picture. Thus had to almost take them into the heavenlies and to bring them into full contact so that when back in the flesh they would remember and talk about it.

Question: Then there is a different dimension or plain which you have to get into to remember?

Answer: Well, you cannot get into any plain or dimension which you do not have an affinity with. If you did not have a Celestial being you could not get into a Celestial plain. This is why Lucifer in his fallen condition does not have the right wave length anymore. His light became as darkness, and he does not have in his mutated condition any opportunity to have access to a higher plain. It is because of this that Lucifer is thus a Fallen Angel, but remember that God can activate this, HE can restore Lucifer. When Lucifer's negative nature as Satan of the Devil is wiped out then Lucifer can be brought back and restored, because he was an Archangel, and he served before the MOST HIGH as one of the Illuminated beings. He was the anointed Cherub that covereth. He filled up the sum total of wisdom and knowledge, he was as bright as the day, as one of the suns of the morning. So he had a capacity from which he fell, and he can be restored to that capacity or pattern.

As for beings, Asiatics for instance, they under the fall do not have this capacity before they fell and they will not have this capacity after their restoration. But then, a Chinaman never came down out of the heavens, he never did get up in to the heavens, and he won't be able to in his condition even after Luciferianism is broken, he won't be able to enter into the 4th or 5th heavens not unless God does a new thing and gives them higher wave lengths, and new abilities, a new spirit, until then this would not be true. Of course God in the fullness of time can make new creatures out of them. But there is no synthesis in these creatures of earth society as equals,

or anything like that regardless of what happens unless a transition is made by YAHWEH.

A Chinaman will not be your equal, and if into the future something changes him then they won't be Chinaman. So let's face it, some people are trying to analyses some of these passages which run into the Mysteries of Divine purpose, which are when God starts the new creating, and when you are co-creating with HIM.

One of the things to remember is that in certain of these areas after the restoration of these beings, after their fall, they will be given capacities which will keep them from making these errors, or mistakes ever again. They will be given higher perceptions than they had before. This is what the scripture is talking about when it talks about making new creatures out of them through the work of God.

Therefore with the atonement, having bought the world, He paid the price, the whole price for their transgression as well, and in the fullness of time can make new creatures out of them so that what He bought will stay bought, not falling back into areas of error. Therefore they themselves will be creators of new lines without sin and transgression, for Lucifer will no longer be in this business after he is finally broken, and forced to bow the knee, re-established as a Morning Star once more, and a servant of the Kingdom. There will be changes made to some degree even in all the sidereal systems that had been under the fall, so that this does not happen ever again. But this still does not make them Kinsmen with the abilities to enter into these upper levels of spiritual perception.

Now; when I talk about these dimensions they are just like the dimensions you live in only on higher plains. When you start moving into the timeless track of God's tomorrows, and what He has planned the elements of everything seen around you, including people and events, are real as this world in which you live.

Now; do you realize that some time ago having gotten into some areas of time where they picked up certain keys to spiritual lore that some religionists got beyond their ability to evaluate the differentiation between the heavenlies and reality. For instance Mother Baker Eddy who started Christian Science discovered that there were Celestial dimensions, and caught the concept that had already dedicated tomorrows to a climatic finish, which is triumph. And she came out with this illusion that we aren't here at all, we just think we are here. In other words we are somewhere as a thought projection living in this experience, but are not actually here. So since we are not here there is no sin, sickness, death, or even pain it is all an illusion of a mortal mind. But to have a mortal mind you have to have a mortal body, and you have to be here, she did not think this one out. She taught that there is a certain area where in man can go, into tomorrows and back into yesterdays. So if a man could go forward or backward in time then he wasn't limited to this body in time track, so this must be an illusion. And everything which isn't good is an illusion, and everything which is good is a reality.

This is the area that Christian Science got into and this is why it takes a practitioner a lot of time to figure out where he is. Because they have a theology which is unsound, and they have it dislocated from its proper plain. She had done some research but some of her writings are not all good. Some of this Science and research was not the answer, it was only part of it. But what she tried to convey she could not quite do because she did not have a clear picture of the heavenlies. This is not a Christian Science condemnation although I do think that it is about 40% in error because of the inability to conduct itself in its proper perception. You are what your consciousness is aware of. In other words as a 'man thinketh in his heart so he is'. This is true to the extent that this is where he is isolated, this is where he dwells. This is why men are transformed by the renewing of their minds. They are transformed by the elements of their consciousness. God brings men out with truth, He brings them out with the vitality of His Living Word, and develops their wisdom. And the difference between your race and other people is not only the spiritual factor that you are an offspring of the Father, but you are capable of thinking as God does, so you do not think on their level.

Now; as we come up to this plain or dimension, whatever plain you are in, in the heavenlies, you are in it with all your being while you were there, you are living in it. Even tomorrow as you are traveling on the time track of God it is full of people, and full of events. People who may be the offspring of we, the Adamic Race, people who are a part of tomorrow history will be there. People who are not yet living, not yet born, but you are moving with them as you are traveling on this time track, and John has been there.

Yes, John came back but while he was there, he ate, he talked, in other words it was not as though someone was looking through a spy glass or picture, he was in the midst of it. And now you are here, and the fact that you existed years ago does not now matter, even though you might not know it now, still you were there when the earth was formed. Not in this particular plain for you were with the Father, but you observed. You don't remember all of that although it might be stirred nostalgically to a certain point until it comes to your remembrance. But the consciousness of you, a Celestial being capable of seeing these things with a Celestial spirit perception watched history unfold.

Now; you are down here in a physical body and it is limited, it has dimension, and your Celestial consciousness is still with you, but your soul consciousness, the resident you, is right down here resident in a physical body. It is limited to its dimensions, and in its ability to get around, to travel, but you know that you are here. People are a part of your environment, you are tangible, you are here. But by the same token, the spirit here with you was here before things were formed. When this was a wilderness, when the mammals walked on California soil. You were with the Father before those days. So your spirit is on a far longer prospective time track. You have more accumulation of culture in the genes and in the chromotin, and in the nasson electrons around your never tendrils, you have a whole pattern of culture and background than any African or an Asiatic has because they did not behold these things.

Now; life is real to you, nothing is stopping the reality of the life around you, for you are living in this body. But at the same time if your soul consciousness in this Celestial light, it this body was to crumble, if death was to take it, your soul consciousness would be resident now in the Celestial body, and wouldn't even know it was hampered. In fact it would not be hampered like it is now, it would not even be limited even in its motion. In its Celestial consciousness it would not seem any less real. Just because it is in a Celestial or Light dimension, things are just as tangible, walls are walls, vehicles are vehicles, and you are capable of residing in both dimensions. But your thought realm, your consciousness can go step by step to any echelon of experience which God has stacked up, forward or backward in search of these plains. Why? Because you, being a child of God, are spirit of His Spirit, Life of His Life. You have the affinity to move in that spiritual track, you can travel out into the tomorrows or into the yesterdays. There is no secret in anything, you have the ability in your mind to shape and form, if it has true form, that you can't find the answer to. This is all in the reach of this consciousness in the child of God. This is what makes you different from they who have, thought, but you because you can absorb this directly out of the mind of the Father are different, where they cannot do this. Thus: "Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you."

Question: The Christian Science people say that you just think that you are thinking, but if you think with the perfection of God you think well. This does not make sense to me but maybe you can explain it.

Answer: Well, in the first place 45% of all the sickness in the world is in the brain. Oh, you can be sick as you can be if you are thinking wrong. This is being lenient, but 45% of the sickness is in the brain, and even to the fact that if men are not filled with the light, if they do not let their consciousness be ruled by the spirit then sickness can be induced in them by suggestions, and by measures, to the fact that there is something wrong. Among the field of various healing professions a high percentage of their income comes from their using of especially chronic thinkers who think themselves ill. These people can be adjusted by being told that what the Doctor has done for them has alleviated the condition temporarily, and so they are well, temporarily. The Dr. knows that they will be back later and he does not have to give them anything which will hurt them, even a sugar pill would work.

Now; lets get to this point, this is suggestive thinking, this is also pinned to functions of Witchcraft in this area. Now there are another fifteen to twenty percent where in forces or powers cause physical infirmities so that actually they can feel this. The other processes of sickness can come from many things, people can be injured, and do some vital damage to the physical anatomy by this injury. There are people who become sick because of viruses, and make no mistake there are viruses. There are also various kinds of bacteria and protozoa. Where in the body should be able to throw off these sort of things if in perfect balance, still they seem to take a certain toll of our race, our resident resistance, or our resident resistant abilities have been some what limited. This is why Christians have a stronger operation working in them to combat these things because we are not under this guilt complex. And the spiritual transition which happens with the renewing of the consciousness sets out a wave of energy aura that can actually become a very vital strength to destroy the impact of viruses, diseases, and bacteria. Remember that all germs and viruses started with the Luciferian mutations of organism, and the organisms of such culture made protozoa and bacteria which were not normal to the body, and became rapacious and would use forms of attacking the areas in which it dwelt. So in this instance again, the highest immunity to sickness and disease to a person who is a Christian, who possesses a certain knowledge of what Faith can do for him, this is the highest immunity, Faith.

In other words he can know what spiritual forces in the aura of spirit can help him throw off these sicknesses. It is possible that with injuries and things, that you can get the body out is alignment, have pinched nerves, and stop the normal routine of what would be the ability of tissue to replace itself, or stay in balance, so these conditions hinder people, and this is a physical factor. Generally speaking all of the processes that can come from chemical imbalance, by eating the wrong things can be corrected by proper balance. Some will even correct itself in time, while at other times some assistance is necessary. We are thus what we eat. Our bodies are synthesized of all the commodities that we have eaten. There is a process in which some of them are given catalyzation of light, the various light enzymes carry out their functions, and others are restored in groups and the energy in particles which we might classify as vitamins, there are thus all these patterns. But the synthesis of substance and light still follow the reproduction of Light tissues themselves.

Now; every attack destroys and negates the cells, thus sickness and these things always have a chemical reaction, and always carry an imbalance, and sometimes turn the cells themselves into powers of darkness. Merely thinking this is not true does not correct it. The only thinking that something is not, is the only time this takes place, and is to correct the areas of things we have absorbed as elements which have been mentally afflicted, therefore are mentally cast off.

Now; as far as spiritual power is concerned, the spiritual being and the spiritual entity which is you actually has power to put all things in order. It has power to throw off all things which are negated, no sickness comes from God, all that comes out of evil. God may use this to work advantages for HIM, but the synthesis of the Kingdom is to destroy death and replace it with life.

I have absolute faith in the ability of what we might call the Spiritual life energies of God also resident in you, properly directed as the consciousness of the spirit gives ascent to the affinity of God, to direct these forces to the areas which need it. And these spiritual forces accomplish this, God can do this apart from your participation. If you did not know that He had a purpose and plan and wanted to do this for you because, Divine healing really works.

I do not think that merely saying: what is, is not an answer except where people refuse to accept something being put on them by mental pressures first. There is no doubt in my mind that the T.V. makes more people sick, sells more patent medicine than any vehicle than ever before. They start asking: does your back hurt, do you feel tired, or uneasy, and they make people think about symptoms. I have a friend who gets everything he hears of, and if something new is mentioned he would get that. The remedy always gets him out of it for awhile because they told him that it would. This is the area again where things can be induced through the consciousness.

Now; there is no doubt that people can get sick this way and they can die, because when people think about things that are wrong, or make things wrong by their thinking, they can cause those muscles in that area to constrict. They block that function of the area of the nerves, they block good circulation, and the area becomes more toxic, and the area becomes weakened, thus this is the area where trouble starts. This can all function in this way, thus it is that the seat of the consciousness in the area of the intellect, and the adjusting of the mind with the soul consciousness, making even the brain in its senses become synonymous with the thinking in the spirit, so that the consciousness, and the thinking of the person becomes totally healthy with the concept of life and vitality, and does not accept any of these other things, although he still might be hit by a cold or some of these other things, irrespective of what someone might tell you can happen, because the viruses are still there. Yet if he is in perfect balance he can throw off this more easily. But of course there are certain times when these things go in their cycles. But as far as Divine healing is concerned a miracle can happen at any time. There is not any condition where in this could not transpire. I think today that on of the most important things for Christians, is to know that spiritual power will over come most of their problems and ailments, over come any of them but there are still things you can do for yourself. In other words you can't ask God to brush your teeth, or all these kinds of things because this is just a good sanitation pattern. It is just as much a part of living as eating. At the same time if there is something when you eat it that makes you sick, because it is not in chemical balance with you then you don't eat it because you like it, and then ask God to make you well. In other words if something does not agree with your body leave it alone.

In this answer again, nothing ceases to exist because in your mind you say, it is not there. But if there was nothing bothering but in idea, then as you correct this idea you get results. To say there is not anything such as sin, sickness and death is a rather foolish thing because there would not be any use for practitioners, or Cemeteries would not be in use either.

Question: There is a law to roll back age, is this of the spirit?

Answer: There is such a law but it is rather a long pattern. But the more you know about son-ship, Eternal Life, your heritage and what was paid for in the atonement, the more you will understand this, and the more you stop this aging process. If you have time out you roll it all backwards. People get so busy they don't even follow through on thinking. People can get so busy they haven't the time to practice all they know. But scripture does say: in Ephesians, to the church, or to those people who make up His Household, that when HE returns HE is going to roll back age, restore vitality, and ability, and Eternal youth at the fullness of this action, until He presents them to HIMSELF without a spot, without a blemish. "Not one spot, nor one wrinkle, not one blemish."

Now; the physical body is made up of chemical particles of electrons, moving around the nucleus, protons, neutrons, and many other parts of the atom, of all these synthesizing all together making them a nuclear mass, but organically applied, or synthesizing, pulsing elements, protoplasm, and matter, all consisting of their atomic structure. If we were to accelerate these electrons and make them go a little faster, then they will send out a little higher radiance of Aura. The sum total of this mass then puts out a radiation all the time. The higher the consciousness is of the soul, spiritually functioning again with the Celestial mind, the more it is charging the electrons in the consciousness around the tendrils of the physical brain. So the more these are stepped up energy wise by this Celestial level the faster these electrons are revolving. The more they glow the greater the Aura. The higher the Aura gets, the more it throws off all the processes of aging and deterioration.

Now; it is possible for this to move far enough until all aging reverses and then you stay static or start to go further in the process. Every seven years every atom of your body has been replaced. Every seven years you synthesize new tissue, so if your body makes new cells then every chemical composite has been made new every seven years, and yet it gets a little older all the time. So unless you stop this process, you must replace this tissue without it getting older, then if we can replace this tissue with a little younger tissue we can roll back time. If we can get this image as it relates to those cells, for this image is set up and is determined by a thermostat of measure, so as we accept what is consummate in the atonement, this begins to work.

Now; I can show you where the law is, I can show you this, but tonight I cannot tell you all the answers in the law. I cannot tell you all that is involved here, but in the book of Romans you are reading about the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ (Romans 8:2). This was the embodiment of the Spirit of Life, the synthesis of Eternal Life. This Life of Light of YAHWEH embodied in the man Christ Jesus which was the Light which lighted every man (Adamite) who came into the world. "The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free of the law of sin and death."

Now; then, I am literally free of the law of sin and death, the sin question I can throw over my shoulder, not worry about that, the death question I can recognize and repudiate on the grounds that everyone of us has Eternal Life, and this body shall be resurrected. But this is not the point, this is already mine, the Law of sin and death has already been defeated (Vs:5). If the spirit of HIM that raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in you, HE that raised up the Christ shall also quicken your mortal body by the spirit which dwells in you. The word quicken means the acceleration of the living vital units, the elements in the atoms, the speeding up of the electrons. And when God speeds up the electrons to the level this was before the fall of your race, and this is possible, then the body is constantly synthesized no matter what happened to it. There are then many things to go into, but the Law of Life is your inheritance. The Law of the Spirit, your being already knows. This is proven when the Apostle Paul returned back from the heavenly experiences. The fact that our, race are, 'strangers and pilgrims' in the earth, that we are coming and going, and have been told that the earth really isn't worthy of us points to that fact. But God has closed over our minds, this remembrance as to how we got here, for if we could have remembered how we got here we wouldn't stay.

Now; if a physical being could remember how to step into a dimension of spirit of leave the physical dominion, proves we have this secret, or immortality, if we could only remember it. The reason I did not want to get into this subject tonight is because this should come at the start of a meeting. But the tree of Life relates to a tree of consciousness in the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. That sets it constantly in affinity with the 4th heaven as far as the conscious level is concerned. This is the reason a Race having violated Divine Law, and having contact with the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil lost an Aura, and in a state of requiring the restoration of this Aura, the consummation of this atonement and all those other things are required. We were thus separated in our consciousness from The Tree of Life, and thus lived in our error not having been restored to the position God wanted His sons and Daughters to be in when they have immortality. Thus this is still some of the Mysteries left in the book of Genesis.

There are some areas where there are only particular times when you can get into the field where you can translate this in to idea form. That is why there are some nights when there are some subjects which I can not discuss in Bible Study. Why? Because I cant' at that moment get the image of the thing into idea form because somewhere there are some receivers who are not to receive this at this point. We can never tell in a kaleidoscope pattern coming and going why God does not want this thing at this moment to become lucid. Then sometimes the very thing we know we can't catch ourselves, and the next day just have a nostalgic glimpse of some of the pattern, so we have to wait and meditate and draw it back in pattern, then maybe three days later the thing is pouring in for some specific reason. And then there are areas of it we never forget. So at this particular moment beyond giving you this particular pattern of the Law, I cannot take you in and give you a more lucid pattern which you could go home and keep. We are not trying to be evasive when we turn a question, sometimes we can't pick up the tempo at the meeting, other times we may ramble on and get the whole pattern of what we are talking about. Tonight that picture does not round out.

Question: If a person has an Aura can it change, and how?

Answer: It can grow lighter, or darker. The Aura is an emanation, a radiation, actually its a radiation off your body, and the spirit itself as a Celestial being has a steady radiation. There are times when it catalyses with more strength. The soul consciousness is almost like a thermostat because it is the consciousness as it dwells on spiritual things, or as many people dwell on it then it builds up a catalyst of energy. In turn this is passed on to the nerve center of the brain, and this in turn, turns on milliamps of energy, or steps up an Aura of radiation.

For instance at some time while talking about spiritual lore, the intensity builds up so great, that the emanation will stand out on a person. There are times, and this is a funny thing, about this light, sometimes it is tenuous. It is true that the energy of an Aura is such that you could bring your fingertips together, and then pull them apart and the Aura of light would stretch out here like taffy until it pulled apart. In other words there are times when it would come out farther than ever before, and yet you might not be able to see that. There are times I can look out here, a few minutes ago when we were talking on another subject, and there were six different Auras which were out enough so that I could catch the perspective of this. If I looked I could find the fine line practically everywhere. I sometimes use this when we are on a certain subject to denote whether we are getting through. Sometimes the catalyst will be strong and get bright.

Now if you cannot see this, don't let it bother you for this is the wave length of almost the end of the visible field of what we call video frequency. It is like the light of discernment, and these other gifts, and sometimes you may not see it. As a rule, if a minister is in the pulpit and conveying something, when he is getting of the spirit, we can catch this pattern, and we can see it stand out. If it is just a bunch of malarkey there is no light. Sometimes maybe you cannot see it because you are out of alignment. This is true, there are times you know when you can't pick this up, but there are also times when you are very aware of it. But you have an Aura whether anyone can see it or not, and this Aura is just like a shield of fire. The Lord says: "I will be like a wall of fire around about you".

The more you dwell on spiritual thinking, spiritual truth and vital thinking as it relates to purposes, the more you want to awaken people to knowledge and truth, the more your life is poured into this mold, the more you synthesize this pattern the more this flame extends around you. And I will tell you something else about this, most of the time you will also immunize yourself from all kinds of sicknesses and viruses, and everything else, under this pattern. Somehow it is the quickening of the elements of the body that is giving it immunity.

When God walked the earth as the man, Christ-Jesus, this was the fullness of God dwelling bodily. But he could go out and talk to people, and pour out so much life out of His physical vitality while He also held the Universe together that this human aspect required a stimulation by the soul consciousness actually directing this energy to Himself, since He, Himself could become very tired.

Now; it is hard to think of Jesus holding the Universe together as He walked around, but remember that when He came down here He left His radiant effulgent Glory which shown around Him like the sun off of a brilliant surface. The only Aura Christ radiated, except when He willed it was the same as the Aura radiated off your body when the catalyzed spirit is in play. Thus what happened ? He moved around and people reached out and touched Him, so many people were draining Him, of His life and Vitality through His lips and His mind, that as one woman reached out He said: 'Who touched me?' Oh! He knew who touched Him, but she drew out enough LIFE to be healed, so He knew that, and then I would point out that ever so often Jesus would go into the mountains to be alone. He would say to recuperate, but actually what He was doing was taking time to draw into a physical body the strength that He had lost, for He did not take the fullness of what He could have taken as He came into the physical body which is just like you have. The fullness of God dwelt bodily here but He did not take any more protection for it than you have in your physical body. He took a body exactly like yours so that He could experience all the feelings of earth and its infirmities. He never took any special privileges just because He was YAHWEH God. This is why He had to go down into Galilee so they wouldn't kill Him ahead of time. Otherwise He would have had to be performing constant miracles. He did not want to have to be constantly stepping through walls, and all those things all the time just to keep this physical body alive. But the thing is he did this kind of thing with the knowledge that we all can know. But as far as the Aura is concerned this Aura is always there, and the Aura becomes strength and virtual immunization for you. This is why again that there is an area of total expendability, when an individual is so wrapped up, although not separated from family, life and so forth, but so dynamically wrapped up in the Kingdom, then they can keep going night and day, you can almost live on this.

Again, let me tell you that the scripture says that, 'the Light of the children of God, is ONE, and the light of the children of darkness is the light of the enemy. They have an emanation which has no illumination to it. Emanation is Light, this has a mysterious factor, for when you come to a person who has a strong spiritual catalyst you can feel the affinity. And you are not repulsed. Of course there are times when people are out of adjustment with truth, and they are doing something not good, and at that time it is repulsive to a degree.

Now; there are people who you accept because they give lip service to what you believe, they go along with what you believe, or say that they do, and you are hungry for numbers so that you accept them. But the fact is that they always make you feel a little bit uncomfortable, however you make allowances for them. This is because they do not have much Aura, or they might not have the proper seed, or there is some mixture somewhere. But there is one thing, if you have to be constantly making allowances, a constant uneasiness is there, this should be a warning, don't get to deeply involved. This is easier to say than do, because making bricks without straws we reach out for straws and some of them are moldy.

In this instance you will find that this is true. There are all kinds of people, and they put their faith in different things. They are good people and this effects an Aura pattern and you feel it. Some of these people put their energies not only in total areas of Spiritual revelation and have knowledge and Faith in God, but they are also materialistic productive, they accumulate, they create, and they spend, but they have no desire to control people. Their desire is to set people free, and to get all people working for the Kingdom. This is normal and works for most of you, but other people like the things of the Kingdom, but like the rich young ruler they have put their desires on wealth, and have a lot of it, and they want to control people with their wealth. They may not admit this, they may say they like this of the spirit, or that of the spirit, but when it comes down to a decision, one way or another they don't want to be bothered with this, they may not even want to tell the truth about this like Ananias, and Sapphira for instance. But they want to control people for good, but this control is with their money. And if they do not get the right amount of satisfaction they may fall and get hurt.

Then there are other people who have total ego, and they want to have people following them. And they are not as much interested in spiritual development, as they are in having people follow them around. These people can be of your race although their energy levels are not. You can feel their animal energy level but can never see or feel a light input. We won't go into this subject tonight but God does talk about how seed hits different types of soil, and of course the soil is the people, and they have certain areas in which they hear. So a lot of people who have used this area to gather their wealth, or their friends, and to use their influence, they never quite find what they are looking for, but they have had their reward, while others just wanted the praise of men, to be followed, so they have also had their reward. But in this instance they can't get the full value out of the end of this age that an individual does who does what God wants him to do. He doesn't care how much wealth he has, he does not care how much he has gained, but it must be in the areas of such stewardship that would be expendable for the cause. And you have to be willing to expend everything to accomplish it. God says, I will give you all things. If you have to pour it all in, then I will give it all back to you. But the Kingdom is the solution, and we are a part of it, we have our being in this consciousness and this truth.

Now; we say this again, in the days which we are now living in we find that they do not go over to spiritual truth, but go to some imaginary danger to their money, and something else in these patterns. Let me tell you this, you are living in a world where in Lucifer is a reality, where in the patterns of darkness are against you. They would like to impoverish you, they would like to destroy you, to wipe you out. But remember that the Kingdom of God is a reality, and God said: 'Listen my children it is the Fathers' good pleasure to give you this Kingdom'. Not only this but He said: 'If you live and move down this road then you are going to triumph over all these situations. Those who seek to save their lives will lose it, and those who get over cautious because we are in this climatic time are going to lose it. And the people who move with a feeling of Faith, and move with expendability, that I might decrease and He might increase.' If this be necessary, then God increases them. And lots of time in this area there is a law of attraction. There are things you need, and sometimes you go through hard conditions, this can be an economic cycle when different situations develop in your country, and yet you move through this period in Faith, and with the vision to get something done, and when it looks impossible it will come in the areas where you hurt the worst. Again in this instance you can drive away from you the things you want by fear, or attract them by Faith. This is monetary, this is in the areas of how you fit your environment to carry things out. But remember you never fooled God in all of this. You may say: 'I want this, or oh, I want to accomplish that all for the Glory of God, but do you want this for the Kingdom of God, or to bring in the Kingdom for the end of the age? God does not just give you something just because you want it, only up to a given point. The other pattern is a very important cycle because you will discover that no person is ever fooled in Celestial plains. Every being in Celestial plain, at the third level knows every conscious thought that you have. There is absolutely no privacy in Celestial plains. There is no need for spirits are perfect so why worry about spirits, but the spirit also knows the breaking point of Celestial consciousness and the physical consciousness, and the soul evaluation between the two.

Heaven does not waste to much time giving a soul a physical evaluation when it cannot be spiritually synthesized. It will also do this, it is inevitable, God will break out and sever, then let them regroup again until people get a spiritual desire, until they can feel what is really the synthesis of the household, and what is the brotherhood of the spirit, until this is perceived God will let them break out and go their own way until they see that His Way is the best. This is the reason why that all through life you will find that actually the supreme level is the determination of the spiritual catalyzation. We have a lot of people in a corner, thinking they are on cloud nine level with tremendous revelation when they do not have anything, they are just going round in circles. This is the type of self righteousness which Jesus said: I will spew this because it has no reality. Everything that relates to the Kingdom has reality, everything of the Kingdom of God releases energy, and this is why you pray: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven."

There are some people always saying: Take me out of this world fast instead of saying: Bring in the Kingdom, which is to be. This is why that over this nation there is a cloud of Glory. There is this cloud over every white nation and you can see it. The reason this is so strong is because it is the cauterization of all the synthesis of all these Celestial Auras of God's Aura, from the minor to the extreme. All of these forming an Emanation which joins with the Father, thus a Shekinah over His Household. The moment you get out of this dimension, or step into Mexico and start to fuse with other types and patterns which lack this light, you feel this loss. You go into India or Africa and you might be interested or amused, or be just fooling around looking at things, but there is something about this land that is depressing, until you reach another man like yourself. The moment you get back in your own environment you say you are back in God's country, and you feel the light, you feel free. Why? Because the spirit of truth is Light. There is no freedom without TRUTH, and where people move around in vast masses with so many areas in their consciousness which act in superstition and darkness, they put out a vibration like that which fills their land.

The scripture tells you not to associate with those who lack spiritual values. When you reach out tell them, teach them but you cannot make them the center of your friendship. You cannot make this the area of the environment you travel in. When you have to step down a degree you find this is drawing on you, especially is this true around the nations of the world. This is why you can feel this, the light in you is what is missing in these other places.

You go even to Los Angeles from here and you feel a little more pressure. Why? Because there is a greater wave of the people who cannot be assimilated with you. There is no affinity with the group mind of the Negro and the other races found there. They are reacting off the consciousness of darkness while the white man's mind comes off the civilization and culture of his race. Here would be a society which reacted and lived off the white man's culture, but you go into it today and you feel like a knife. Because a savage reverts back to this thing in his background.

Go to New York City today and even though I knew this as a boy, and could come and go about that city as well as most of the big cities of the East, I never noticed it then, but I go back there now and I feel this depression coming on. You say is this a great burden to the people? Well you want to say to every white man, get out of there, for that city does not shine anymore, that city is oppressive with the vibrations of the darkness. Los Angeles used to be a great Aryan city, but move into it today and you will feel depressed. This isn't something in your soul because you came out here and you feel better, the further you get into the open the better you feel. This is your Aura responding, reacting, repulsing like a sensing pattern, this is like a wall around you. God did say: "I shall be as a wall of fire around you, fear not."

Question: In Corinthians 12 it talks about the gifts of the spirit, different gifts as it relates to the church, would you comment on this?

Answer: Well, I am not going to relate this to the church, would but I will tell you this, over here in Verse 13: "We are all baptized by ONE SPIRIT whether we be of Judah or of the other nations of Israel." There is only One Spirit so we are baptized into the Spirit of Jesus the Christ. Now; the church is the spiritual center of the Kingdom, it is the Ecclesia, it is of the Kingdom, more of the things of God, more to the relationship of the earth, this is why it is the Oracle of God, and why God set it as an organization.

We have a bunch of knuckle heads today who went out of the church and they say there should be no church, they don't want anything organized today. If there is a minister, or teacher they must not be anyone, there must not be anyone like that because everyone is just to sit around in a circle and everybody prophecy, or something like that. But the church is organized and everybody does have some but not all of the gifts perhaps. You can seek after good gifts, but God sets these things up. But it tells you that God sets some as ministers, and some as secondary prophets. But in the first order of the church there were the Apostles, those who were with HIM, and those who beheld HIM.

Now; God keeps replacing Apostles to, but this is because the church is not organically united physically, and it is hard to identify the replacing of Apostles today. But the fact remains that God then also sets up prophets. Generally most ministers are suppose to be in an Apostolic class thus they have an Apostolic ordination which has come down since the days of the Apostles. So from church to church, denomination to denomination practically every minister has been ordained by a minister who has himself been ordained. Run them all the way back to Jesus and Peter, and thus you have a sort of an Apostolic succession.

Now; all church hierarchies are not all together in truth, they separate themselves in areas of error most generally. But first there is Apostles, then secondary prophets then teachers. Some were given the ability to teach along with the gifts of prophecy, and they are ordained for this.

There are some with the gift of miracles, some with the gift of healing, and some with the gift of helping other people with their problems. And others have been set in orders of the church in governing bodies, regulators of proper conduct, trying to get proper teachers in the schools, candidates in high office, and so forth. Don't think for one moment that part of the church's responsibility is not government. It starts with the whole society of the church spiritually. This is why it is over business, but also why it is to get Christians into government. And to make sure that your kind of people hold office in the highest offices of government down to the church itself.

Now; there are various gifts and everyone is not in the Apostolic class who are ordained ministers. All are not prophets, all cannot perform miracles, all do not do any of these things. But you can seek after spiritual gifts, and if you desire spiritual gifts in the service of God then He has promised to give you what you desire, anything that is a gift of discernment, or healing, He will bestow on you if you desire the gift and want to use it for His service. If this desire is more important to you than any facet of your life you will get it. Generally most people say: I want this, I desire this more than anything else, but really they don't and God knows this so He does not bother with it. This is just a whim anyhow, but what you ought to do is do what the spirit tells you to do. You should not do something just because you think it is good. A lot of people do this, they say, well ministering is good, the ministers are necessary so I ought to be a minister, but maybe he does not have an affinity for this, maybe he should never be a minister, maybe they would be happier doing something else, but since they don't particularly know how to do anything they may think this is something they can do.

Now; generally there are lots of ministers who are happy with the church and the work there of, but some people just choose something like a profession, and this does not work. We run into this situation all the time inside of churches, in their organizations. People want to serve, and lots of times it is in the choir, and sometimes they do not have the gift to sing, this does happen. I think that every one should try for the ability to teach people truth, there is nothing more important than that. Learn to convey and get across what you see and feel this is always good.

This gift of the spirit is a long subject, but every man is given 8 gifts, but sometimes you should tear up the gift you think you have within you and find out what your best affinity is. Before you have gone through these years ahead you are going to see a spiritual catalyzation with miracle forces in the Kingdom which will be totally unequaled before this. There will be those who will not be participants in it for they will move out from it at the very point where they should be drawn in, and they will not be participants in this era. They will end up at the end of this situation instead of getting the advantages of the Presence.

Now; this is a strange thing but I talked to some people the other day and they said they could not get enough truth. Could not get it in the church so I said: why don't you come to the Bible Study for we talk about more things, just where the spirit leads, we don't have to stay in the limitation of the subject, we can reach out. People come to learn, maybe some subject is not reaching them but the next one will. But if people are not finding truth where they are then come to our meetings where it is discussed. However if people do not have the time to come across town to the Bible Study, to assemble together hunting truth then they are never going to be satisfied in another subject.

The fact is that generally speaking those are the people who only want the kind of truth that sets them off in the corner, and never is applicable back to earth or to life. Then there are people who like truth if it does not cost them anything, if they do not have to give any service, don't have to take a stand on it, or it does not challenge them then they like it. If they can just sit back in a corner and pride themselves that they know something. For instance I know some who would like to go to a lecture to find out what the Rosicrucians knew when they had power. The Lecturer can describe to them what they used to do, but he can't do it now, so they don't have to do anything but listen, then go home and pride themselves that they are smarter than anyone else. These are people who will go to a Masonic Lodge because as they go through this ritual they feel like they are going through a symbolism of ancient truth which they do not generally comprehend today. However the leaders do this, and it was tied to the Grand Master of the Universe and His many masters, for you are all Master Builders, and no other foundation could any man lay except that which is laid in The Christ.

You are part of two great pillars, spiritual and physical, you all have the Jerusalem and the Universal keys if you understand it. All of you are qualified to go through the steps of the highest order of our Mystic wisdom. But masonry of today has those who cannot conduct the ritual, and people get little glimmerings and even though they do not know what they hear, they are delighted to go to listen, they like the form.

Now; you cannot get them to come here and listen to spiritual truth because they have not developed an awareness of it, and they feel that it demands more of them. They feel they can deliver all their obligation down there on Friday night at the Masonic Temple. It does not require anything the next day except, slap a brother on the back and salute the high chief of the blue lodge.

But out here this kind of truth never leaves you the same again. Now; do not think that we are against Masonry, for we are not, and do not think that we do not have Masons in our group because we do. But I am just saying that many of these things have become circuited to a substitution.

Again people will say: I am in search for truth, well, then come out and hear it. You will find that if you can get them to put forth enough energy in search of it they can pick it up.

Question: What about the President's (Johnson) speech the other night?

Answer: Well, I thought that he promised you just about everything and promised to give you everything but the right to disagree with him.

When all the country knows that this is the biggest piece of political hypocrisy, when all he is going up there to do is going through words, then he is making a fool out of himself. And it takes a real blind ed Democrat to believe it. In fact when he looks himself in the mirror he doesn't believe it either.

There is one thing, when my dog smiles he means it, and when he growls he means it, so I have more respect for my dog than I do for the President of the United States.

(end of tape)