01-08-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---What about Love your enemies, it says this so many times, and you hear it always?

ANSWER:---This is just a controversial question actually, because the Sermon on the mount, and the teaching of Christ gave as a social order was given freely unto those who constituted a Christian society. This order that Jesus discussed in his sermon on the mount, as instructions to his disciples are declarations unto the culture he was counseling which was a new order of Christian civilization. The instructions related to how people conducted themselves inside the kingdom. They had no relationship to the dealing of the Kingdom with those on the outside. There were special instructions concerning this matter. Jesus tells how he would deal with them himself. So where the scripture says they were to love their enemies or turn their other cheek this was not talking about the enemies of God's Kingdom. This has not relationship, for instance between the Soviet Union and the United States. But inside the true Church, inside the Kingdom, inside the Adamic race they were to treat one another this way. In other word something to appeal to within this race. There is a sense of responsibility, of shame, or pride based on the ability to define the law. But there is no spiritual emotion to appeal to when you get outside the household, outside the race when you deal with the enemies of God. YOU cannot appeal to their emotions and ethics and morality of an idol worshiper for instance, or to the hoards of communist who would just as soon liquidate Christian nations as not. Never turn your cheek to them or you will lose your whole head.

QUESTION:---How can we prove this to people?

ANSWER:---Well the way we do this basically is because we understand the scriptures, and to who Jesus was talking to. I will show you---now no Christian is more advanced in Christianity than God himself, this is true is it not? There is thus no Christian who would be more Christian than Jesus would they? Thus Jesus said: (Luke 19:27) "Bring hither mine enemies which would not that I should rule over them, and slay them before me." Now; Jesus wasn't talking about those of his kingdom. He was talking about satanic power sowed in the earth, these were those ---"BRING HITHER-MINE ENEMIES".--Now I am not giving these instructions, I am just quoting Jesus--what he said he would have you to do. So therefore since a man cannot be more Christian than God, in other words righteousness, this is judgment, this is the law. But as far as your responsibility id dealing with fellow Christians, you don't deal with them the same way as you would the enemy. No, you seek to appeal to them, you seek to develop them, to get a response from them. However I don't want to get into the philosophical side of this because we have to many questions of more basic importance.

QUESTION:---We are confused--we understand the word Jew did not appear in the Bible until later publications, and Judea was interpreted as Jew, so what was the word for Jew when Christ or someone said that the Jews were contrary to God and to all people?

ANSWER:---He used the word Yehudin which is now translated Jew, as he said that the YEHUDIN were contrary to God and to all men.

Now; I have another question, which may help answer this one, and maybe it will help answer this question. This will also get into a multitude of questions, and will get a certain repetition started, but it is essential that we keep a clear pattern of this about these people who today are called Jew, and about who they were in the days of Jesus. In no sense of the word however were these people of Israel, not at all. In the first place lets deal with the people of the book, here we have the King James Version, the Douay Version, and the Septuagint which is largely of the old versions of the old testament, the Siniatic version also. Today we have translations:--Moffit--Lamass--The Harper and Brown, and Scofield. In fact I can think of a hundred translations all of them basically the same story just using a few different words. But the scripture which were inspired and originally written continued pretty much in stable form, except a force of people tried to change and twist them. These people were of the Luciferian offspring, these were the forces of darkness trying to twist the scripture, and they did manage to intercept 1400 years of chronology in the Septuagint, and some things like that. But basically they just made a few twists and added a few things, and I can show you these in the King James Version, and we can show you these in the Catholic version, for we are acquainted as to where they made these insertions. The insertions were not made by Rome, not necessarily made by King James Protestants or New England ones, but they were made by Jews who tampered with ALL BIBLES. They joined Rome, just as they joined the Episcopal, they joined everything where they thought they could contaminate.

Now; this Bible is basically the history of the Adamic Race. When I say history I mean Biblically or the relationship of the Adamic Race with God. This is what we are talking about, for there were many races besides this Adamic Race. When we pass this area of understanding we no longer have the problem of so many people today where Churches are teaching integration and violation of Divine law. There were 16 Popes of Rome who disagreed with the present Pope, therefore this man cannot be right, or infallible on his concepts of integration and all these things when 16 previous Popes disagreed with him on the basis of Biblical law. And the responsibility of preserving as far as they were concerned, the highest leadership in scholarship and vision. I only bring this out to show you that the old background of that church influence--that which follows thru the texts as they are, rather than as they should be, can even use the scripture which is wrong.

Now; in the first place the Apostle Paul---and lets clarify this---he said:---"I am an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin, and of the sect of Jews by religion---because in the day of his life, the Jews (Yehudin) had captured most of the Bible centers of that land, and had replaced the true center of worship with these gathering places of what we would then call synagogues.

Now; the Apostle Paul did not consider himself a Jew by race, but he was one by religion, UNTIL HE BECAME A CHRISTIAN. But in that old land they had conned many, and taken them over with their false religion. So lets look over here at what the Apostle Paul says; and when I call this to your attention I am in the book of Ephesians. Let us just say this if it is different, remember that the two basic Bible tests of today in contemporary use would be the King James Version, and similar versions in Protestantism, and the Douay Version and the Vatican Version of the Catholic Church. And basically these two Versions are not too far apart. Where one is in error the other is also in error, and where one is right the other one is right. There has been an insertion of a few words in the Douay Version and a few areas of doctrine which has not followed thru in the King James, that did not exist in the original text as written either by the original authors or the Apostles.

One of the most important things men can understand are the doctrines of race, the things which God taught either directly to the Patriarchs or thru such men as Enoch, or the things he unveiled to Job, or as to how he instructed Moses, or as he talked to the Prophets such as Isaiah, and Jeremiah. These great basic doctrines and traditions which He himself confirms while embodies as the Christ, or when he inspires the Apostle Paul, as he takes him into the heavens, for the Apostle Paul was given a space trip into the heavens and back again. These doctrines are the great basic doctrines of scripture.

Now what happens after this ? There are places when the doctrine of God may disagree with a verse because the verse may never have come from God at all, but been changed and adjusted to satisfy some individual church , or the influence of some ecclesiastical authority which was trying to shape the doctrines to suite themselves . We do not say that these men might not have believed in the errors of their changes , and justify these changes because it taught the things they believed was true, but there was areas of error involved in this thing , for instance I would clarify as first this doctrine of hell , purgatory, and limbo as totally fraudulent because these areas of error did not exist in any of the original texts what so ever. .

Now; lets go to the third chapter of Ephesians and the Apostle Paul in verse 14,15 and :--"for this cause I bow my knee unto the father of our LORD Jesus Christ ." The original was far more clear because the spirit is Father of Matter, and the spirit that was in the man Christ Jesus was the spirit of the Eternal God for--"He who hath seen me hath seen

the father " and --"I and the father are one". Then the Apostle Paul said talking about Jesus-- all things were made by him, and without him was not anything made/ He was before all things , without HIM nothing exists. --God is not a multiple of Gods. Therefore the Apostle Paul said:---Vs:14---"I bow my knees unto Agra Pneuma (the spirit) which is the Father of all substance, also of the body of our LORD Jesus or Yahshua of whom the whole family in heaven and in earth is named. So who is he talking about but the family of God both in heaven and in earth. These are the people , a specific people , but this does not involve all the people on the face of the earth. This does not mean that this is reprehensible ,nobody has any responsibility to the patterns of his birth. A Chinaman cannot help being born a Chinaman , A Negro cannot help being born a Negro, these are just matters of fact. But because they were a part of a race which originally God created has nothing to do with a household or a race which God brought forth who are his own family which existed in the heavens in the heavens and now in earth.. There is no reason why God would have to make everything the same. There is no reason why he cannot have creation as well as a family. anyone who says that God can't have a family is rather narrow minded. You can't tell God what He can do, and what he cannot do `for He will have what he wants. Secondly if anyone should be happy about it then it should be the people who belong to this family . Instead of fighting about it, instead of resisting it they should discover their responsibilities --why are they here , and IF A PART OF A FAMILY THEN They should lift up the honor of the family AND SERVE YAHWEH AS THEIR FATHER, TO THE best of their ability to holdup both the honor of the family name, and the family attainment for which they were PLACED HERE.

So I am dealing very frankly then with this word: 'The whole family in heaven and in earth is named:----" There is something rather significant about this , and some people are not aware that God has a family, but you turn over to the book of Isaiah and he said:--"Ask me concerning my sons". (Isa: 45), this is in the Vulgate Version, the Douay Version, and the King James version, so there is no division here between any branch of the church, Protestant , or Catholic, this is in the text of all. . There is a vast difference however between what the Clergymen may know , the average Protestant and average Catholic Clergyman does not know, they are totally unfamiliar with the content of the scriptures. They are very familiar with the doctrines that they teach, and are familiar with a few passages which support this doctrine. But most of the time they just go round in a circle repeating rituals and doctrines, creeds, and dogma, but they don't discover what it is that God in his spirit inspired Holy men to write , such as the Patriarchs , and the authors of our race.

I am far more interested in knowing this, that we might be informed , that we might know, I am far more interested in knowing what was on the mind of God, what he wanted his household to know than I am of the Ecclesiastical dogma, doctrines, and rituals in churches in which many of them were just ghosted up to leave the total pattern of truth. If you have just a little corner of something but you may say:--THIS IS TRUTH --, yet if it is out of context, and out of balance with everything else which is true, if it does not fit into the Mosaic then it is just hiding the truth.

Most people think the whole bible is built around John 16--and they run around talking about it all the time, where as this my friends instead of being some of the greatest of scriptures, is a condemnation scripture. It hinges on the human will from whence no good

can come, instead of on the Will of God from which all good comes.

Thus I again point out this to you in the 45th, chapter of Isaiah: "Thus saith YAHWEH the holy one of Israel"---and his author says:---"Ask me concerning my sons, concerning the work of my hands"---Thus who are his sons, but my household? He said: --they are going out into the world and build my new order. They are going to set my captives free, and they do not do this for any type of reward, but do it because they have an urge to set men free. They do this because of this motivating force, they are not out today moving to the ends of the earth for a reward, but to aide the MOST HIGH in rolling back superstition, darkness, ignorance, and to lift people out of bondage.

Now; the great catastrophe of our time is that in doing the work of the sons and daughters of God which the sons and daughters are going to do because God has ordained, because He is going to stimulate, and which they alone have the capacity to do. This does not mean that we have to integrate with these people, that we have to marry with these people, that we have to form one race, because there is no curse in all the scriptures, of the violation of Divine Law, that is greater transgression in the eyes of God than to pollute and mongrelize, to disturb the KIND AND SPECIES. Therefore to mutate the Divine family of the Household of god, to mix them with earthlings without the spiritual capacity is to mutate the capacity thru which God intended to reach the people. Therefore wouldn't this be the casting away of one's own birthright? This is one of Esau's mistakes, this mess of pottage for which he sold his own birthright , this was to marry some out-race woman thus losing his right to the inheritance. But Jacob who had observed this and followed the right direction took the birthright when Esau so disregarded it. This is a part of that symbolism.

Here there fore we have established it in Ephesians, that this is the family of God, both in the heavens and in the earth. So when we say the family of God in heaven and in earth, then it stands to reason that the family had to originate in the heavens. The book of Ecclesiastics then said we brought nothing into the world, it is certain then that we take nothing out. Therefore if we came in we came from somewhere. If we came into the world, then we did not originate here. But this is a point of arrival that we have now arrived at.

Now there are races which originated in the earth. Every Asiatic on the face of the earth originated here. The Toroug race originated here, when millions and millions of years ago, the creative acts of God were going on. One million seven hundred fifty thousand years ago, God made beings that walked up-right, that were a part of what we might call Homo-Sapiens under that measure, altho probably they would never be referred as Hu-man. I do not like to use the word man always. Man comes from Manu, and means only tall white men, and Hu-man means Spirit man. And Man not begotten by the spirit first are not Manu; they are not Hu-man; they are beings which we can call Homo-Sapiens under the Greek and Roman pattern, but actually the scripture called them Enosh. There are three kinds of people in the world, but I will qualify this basically: The Adamites are the Children of God, children of Spirit, and the Enosh are beings of creation who are formed, given breath and life, and they were given ability with the brain of reason, but they did not possess the Living Spirit as the offspring of the MOST HIGH. So therefore they have a different category in translation thru out all the texts of the old testament.

Then when we get to this passage--then the Apostle Paul talks about the whole family in heaven and in earth. I think it is important then that we go back to the book of Genesis which is written in Mystery, symbols and allegories. Of course there is strict fundamentalists who do not understand that there were mysteries, and things hidden here, and they think that everything must be taken in absolute literacy without a key to this, and or this cause they lead the blind in blindness, and sometimes this is just as dangerous as some who in their liberalism go so far out into liberalism that they overlook the power of God and the supernatural purposes.

In these eras of Genesis, these are not the eras of 24 hours long, they were the great eras of re-creation. In the book of Genesis you find:--"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." This 'in the beginning' is filled with the antiquity of millions of years, thru out all the ages of the Pre-Cambrian ages, the Pre-Cambrian seas, the Mieassian period, the latter uplift, all these patterns have taken millions of years in geology. No violations of this in the Holy record, no importance of significance as far as that is concerned, there is not one person in this room, child or adult, that was not with the Father when this earth was created.

So really, if you did--with spirit---watch this, then there is no young spirit in this room, in here at all for spirit does not age, This is an Eternal spirit which moves forth from the Father. Spirit in its Eternal form was begotten of the Father for the Household of God. Every last one of your race was the issue of God in Spirit. You are the Celestial children born of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever; you cannot corrupt the incorruptible. No spirit transgresses, the transgression is not in the spirit. It has always been in the areas of its embodied substance where transgression occurs. The soul consciousness thinks wrong, and when the body violates divine law under such processes of sense temptations, then you get transgressions.

Now; we point out therefore that in the creation when God not only produces the patterns of earth---we see the dry land appearing, we see the establishment of vegetation. All these things are in their proper order. One of these things which many do not understand is that the sun, moon and stars existed in great antiquity. so inn the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and then in the next verse the earth was without form and void, and the darkness was on the face of the deep---thus void is an aftermath of destruction. And between the first and second chapters of Genesis 1 --could roll forth a whole library of information. I can show you here in the scriptures in the 4th, chapter of Jeremiah where he describes what God brought back to his remembrance, how while in the spirit he saw this happen. Now the whole world went thru a great catastrophe, and great cities and civilizations were overthrown. This was under a Luciferian rebellious force before the recreation cycle.

But the fact is that this was before Lucifer was cast into earth. We note that in the sixth day era, after the animal kingdoms had been reproduced, and the waters had brought forth abundantly, for he did not have to recreate the creatures of the sea as they were a part of that original world which had become without form and void when the world was overcome with water. But the water did not drown the fish, thus in this recreation it says:--"Let the waters bring forth abundantly" and they continued to do so because there was plenty of life in them.

Now; we come to the seventh day and it says:--"On the seventh day god rested"--and while YAHWEH was resting from all his re-creation--and the word is --YATSAR--meaning to make and to form, then HE said:---"Behold, there is no Adamite to till the ground.." It is translated here as --'No Man'--but what do you mean--no man--there were lots of men on the earth at that time? In the 6th, era he had made both male and female, and told them to go out and populate the earth. So if in the sixth ere he tells these people to go out and populate the earth then what does he mean when he says:--"There is no man (Adamite) to till the ground."

What God is talking about here is the word--BARA--meaning to bring forth issue, thus to use the word creation here is just ecclesiastical ignorance, because this word is --'Bara'--to bring forth issue. And in this era HE brought forth ADAUM, then took a portion out of ADAUM and produced EVE, and said:--'I have taken Wo-man out of man, and they shall be one flesh.

Now; in this instance Adam was the offspring of God, this was his breath and his life, and his being. And God said:--'There is no man to till the ground, for all these civilizations before this, if you were to call them that, were Nomadic. There was no agriculture production as such until the time our Adamic Race came into the picture. In no time then we were planting gardens, sowing grains, and we had no question about the fact that the earth would supply us with food, so that we did not have to depend upon herds, or upon the game, thus we harvested as we went. Altho we raised sheep and cattle, these patterns were in the background of the race. The Adamic people arrived on earth with a written language, a spoken language. It arrived on earth with an understanding of agriculture; architecture so as to build houses, and such. It arrived with the perception as to a multitude of things which were not necessarily in the background of the Races which were here. Lets make this clear the Toroug or Tungus people were the basic people out of which also came the people of the Steppes, the Asiatic, the Sumerians, the Assyrians, the Empires of people who dwelt in the Isles of the sea. This was the original Toroug, or Tungus society. They were not a multiple of hues and colors at this time.

When Lucifer rebelled as is referred to in the 12th chapter of Revelations, and other places in the war that was fought in the heavens that he lost, he had gathered one third of the areas of the heavens that he controlled. This happened to be of the Milky Way system. And he as an Archangel was only sharing with other Archangels----Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael the 4 areas of the Universe. These areas which each ruled over are so vast it would stagger our imagination to think in terms of number. We have 126 trillion suns with even our more primitive glass scope, and now that we have gone to electronic scopes we have multiplied that number by ten.

Now; Lucifer had one third of these in the Milky Way system under his control when he rebelled, and many rebelled with him. And on these planets out in the Milky Way there was a race of people much higher than they are today. They had much greater capacities but were no equal in any way to the white race, but they had their intelligence, and they had been as highly oriented as any except the Divine line. Now these people existed in the Milky Way system. And today on earth we call them Negroes, however that was not the name for them in antiquities of yesterday, but they were dark and curly headed. this we know because the Sumerians whose dynasties go back for thousands of years record, and Ivor Lissner gives you 600,000 years of the Toroug or Tungus man, on up to the Sumerians, and Assyrians, on up to today. He is one of the greatest of Anthropologists in the world today backed by unlimited areas of support of fossils, of carbon 14, and now of fluorine replacement in the breakdown of all patterns of Carbon deletion. We can thus determine that we have 600,000 years of these the Torougs, or Tungus people.

Now; with this pattern of statistics coming on down to the days of the Sumerians and we have their records in the British Museum, these Sumerian Dynasties ruled not only over all areas of the Steppes of Asia, but over Shinar, and clear on down until Ur of the Chaldees was built on that plain. The Sumerians talk about this great battle between the Gods of the sky, and because they were not as alert as they should have been they fell under this false religious force of Lucifer. But they also talk about how these people came to earth with the great god Tiamat who fought against the God of the Heavens.

Now the name of Mardoc is the Sumerian and Babylonian name for YAHWEH--The Eternal God--Our Father. But this Tiamat is the Chaos Monster, or Lucifer in rebellion in their theology. So they talk about how the Great Sky boats, the boats of the Sun fought in a great struggle, and how Tiamat came to earth, and with him were many people, including the black and curly headed ones. And in the course of Sumerian literature, they talk about how these people were not very smart, and that as they came in contact with them, that if you gave them constant supervision you could get them to do a few things. This is also something which is taught by Job who tells a similar story. He tells about things that happened to him, and how he did not think they were to much smarter than his dogs. In fact he did not think they were fit to stay with his dogs because of their morality or lack of it.

Now: these were of a fallen race, and what they were is not what they are as they came to earth. Because Lucifer had already mutated these people with his false and evil forces of fallen Angels in the Luciferian rebellion.

Then there was mongrelizations, and mutations between Negroid and Asiatics that produced under Luciferian error, in an era before Adamites were placed in earth, and this produced people today who fill in between races, thus here are some people who are not Negroid, or not Asiatic basically, thus we have some of the Island races. These mutations being further removed and keeping to this line have established more or less a line of people. Remember that we have the Eurasians, and the Polynesians and all these patterns but they are not true races in their own sense.

Now; the Asiatics of Torougs had many variations we might say, thru their environment and time as a family might produce, but they were not identifiable because today anthropologists going out and studying the skull identity of a fossil found in Africa, or a fossil found in China of the Toroug man would classify him as an Asiatic. So you see the skull structure would not change. And when they find a Negro skull they classify him as a Negro whether they find him up in the Isles of the Sea, or down in Java, or in the caves of Kilimanjaro where we find 73,000 years of fossils of Negroes today. Showing which should be clear to the mind of any student that the white of Adamic race has the total chronology of only about 7400 years, and since that is true for your race then it is totally impossible for the Negro to have descended from the Adamic race. Since we have the fossils of Negroes which are 73,000 years old buried in the caves of Kilimanjaro, how could they be descended from the Adamic race with only 7400 years of history.

Now; I only bring this out to show you therefore that these races are created races. They may refer to themselves as children of creation, and therefore they can refer to God as their author, their maker where we as the Issue of God can refer to HIM as our maker altho actually he begat us, and the scriptures relates to this. I do not want you to think that God refers to all races, and we will just prove this quite quickly and see who he is talking about. Turn to the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 7 where YAHWEH tells the children of Israel not to intermingle with these people. the word Israel means Issue, and Ra means rule, and El means God Almighty. Thus issue ruling with God belongs only to the race which is Issue, or the Adamic race. It is to bad that when they translated the word Enosh as man, and the word Adam as man that they did not translate Adam as a white man, and it would have made the scripture story much more clear.

Now; we come to the fact that God speaking to Israel said:--The LORD thy God shall deliver these people before you and you shall not make a convent with them. In fact this is a little rougher than that, but I do not want to get into any explanation of who God was so hard on some of these people who were in the way of the children of Israel. Because we would have to go into the history of what these people had done to our forbears when they came down out of the Tarim Basin, and what was involved in all this. But God said:=='Thou shalt not make marriage with them. Thou shalt not give thy daughters to them, nor take your sons and marry them to their daughters.' Then he goes further and says:--'For thou art a Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God.' and when we say God of God the Father, He has a name. We are just using abstracts when we say God. It was a Babylonian work to start with. When we say God the Father, we are just giving him a title because He has a name and His name is YAHWEH. This is the oldest word in the languages of man--YAH IS ONE OF THE OLDEST WORDS. So God is our Father. Therefore thou art a Holy People unto YAHWEH thy God, and 'YAHWEH' hath chosen you to be a special people unto Himself above all the people on the face of the earth. Is that a good enough contract, is that a good enough statement for you? God told Moses, and he wrote it in this book that ---You are a special people unto HIM, and that HE hath chosen you because you are a Holy People.

I wish the word Holy was as well understood in semantics as it should be. The word Holy pertains anything which proceeds forth 'out' of God. For this cause then only that which precedes out of God is Holy, so if he says:--Thou art a Holy people, thy art Holy seed, thou art the Issue of God--reclassified as Is-ra-El ruling with God, reclassifying again, the fact that the Adamic race is God's household, and he who was battling against God was Lucifer, and Lucifer had been at one time a great Archangel, and his symbol in the sky after the rebellion was a great serpent. And on the tunics of Lucifer's earthly domain was the same symbol. We have had several hundred thousands of years to consolidate his earth kingdom, for we know that 73,000 years after his final defeat, he consolidated in earth. We realize that he had control over Africa and Asia the day that God put the Adamic race in earth. all races then had mutations, false religions, false gods, and pagan patterns. It was for this cause and by the Grace of God whereas he said:--'I am going to put my household in the earth, my own spiritual children out of the dominions of the sky, they are going to come into earth.

How you ask, could this be done? Therefore there must be an Issue --a race into which they could be born to enter into the world. They can live their lives in this physical domain and as they die or are destroyed, in all these patterns, then their spirit then returns back unto HIM who gave it. Therefore you brought nothing into the world, and you take nothing out of it. this is for who?---No one but the Adamic race.

Now; therefore all of the activities of the Christian church basically as it relates to its inner responsibility to the Kingdom, related to this, altho its message was carried to the ends of the earth as to who the true God really is. We not only came to tell the people who the true God is, but to occupy our Fathers kingdom, to wrest it out of the hands of Lucifer, to overthrow the powers of darkness, and reclassify the issues. Remember therefore that there are unassimilable children of Lucifer, and in the book of Jude, just before Revelation, it says these angels did not keep their first estate. In fact St. Thomas Aquinas who was the outstanding theologian who put together all the sum total of what the Catholic doctrine is all about, had to admit that Luciferian offspring created catastrophe in the earth, and are referred to in the book of Jude---but as to who they are he said he did not know. However, if he had not been so surrounded by such a wall of creed, he would have understood this. In other places he shows knowledge that he is permitted to write on the subject.

So I point out to you that here we have the Adamic race, and here we have a created race who are the Asiatic and we also have the Negroes who came in with Lucifer. But this is our fathers universe and He says:--I am God and I am going to make the whole Universe get into order. The day is going to come when every knee shall bow and acknowledge that I am YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.' So your job and my job as children of God now embodied in earth by natural birth is so that we can carry out the objective of building the Kingdom, putting it into place, multiplying until the rule of Righteousness overthrows evil. In our day the political symbols of evil ride behind the communist banner. Jewry created this, Jewry managed it, Jewry runs it, and is the secret force behind it, and Jewry is the never ending enemy of Christianity, so remember this.

I will come back to this in its other form, but the word Jew has gone thru transitions, mutations because the Jews thought to pervert the scriptures, to hide its identity, to capture the identity of God's people. To say that Jew is who he is not, to fight the church, fight the Messiah and fight the Kingdom, this is a very subtle, cunning way, and only the Devil, himself could have figured this out. Having designed this program he carries it forward.

Now; when I talk about these people I see that THE MOST HIGH GOD said:--'Thou art a Holy people unto YAHWEH THY GOD.' This means that you are a Issue that came forth out of HIM. Therefore you are the family of god. And when we talk about the whole family in Heaven and earth, this is also tied into this story.

Now; since we are on this subject, I want you to come over here to the 17th, chapter of John. This is repetitious, but it is still good until every man can quote it, talk it, understand it. For Jesus in the 17th. chapter of John is in communion prayer.---This embodied man Christ Jesus - in communion prayer with the spirit, not only in him, but which is filling the heavens and this earth, which is the spirit of the ETERNAL YAHWEH. The reason why this 17th chapter of John is recorded in this book is to give us a theological perception of the thinking of God, and of the mysteries of communing of His mind in the spirit. Because of this declaration in this 17th chapter of John we come upon a great mystery.

Now; 'I have manifested thy name unto men which thou (spirit) hath given me, who are in the world. Thine they were in the heavens, and now mine they are here in the earth.' Then He said:---'I do not pray for the world, I pray only for them.'

Now the world is the sum total of all the forces, people and races who are not the Issue of God. All of them having gone the way of Lucifer therefore the children of the Adamic race were a spiritual seed transplanted into a physical earth, into flesh where in they had violated Divine Law. Lucifer the serpent was of course not a snake. In fact as he came into the garden as a man, he wore a tunic which was splendid with jewels. We are told that all the radiant jewels were on his crown, and he was a radiant spectacle to behold, and around him were the couriers of his kingdom. He was able to seduce Eve by saying:--'Did God say you were to have nothing to do with the Tree of Good and Evil?'--He did not want you to know that you would be even as God if you just join me in this act. Remember that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil had intellect. And you do not have knowledge with out intellect. This then is a family tree of the fallen Luciferian hosts. This was the Empire tree of the Kingdom of Darkness.

If you will turn to the 31st, chapter of Ezekiel, you will see that Empires are Trees, Racial streams are rivers of water of a race. Thus it talks about how the Sumerian Empire was all over the earth in the days of Eden. This is in the Protestant Bible, this is in the Catholic Bible, in this 31st chapter of Ezekiel. So if the Clergy or Priests wanted to know, they could turn into the scriptures to learn that the Sumerians and the Egyptians were here before Adam. Negroes were here before Adam. Thus by no stretch of the imagination did these people come from Adam.

But it is important that we know that the family of god is in the heavens and in the earth. In heaven some of them may not be or have been embodied, some may be in Celestial form, but Spirit form is no less real than this, for it has the same shape, has the same capacities, the same perception. The Apostle Paul said when he was carried away, whether in the spirit or the body, he could not tell. so if the dimensions of spirit are so tangible and real that you cannot tell whether in or out of the body, then my friends, there is not much difference between them except the plains of dimension. That one is formed out of synthesis of Light, this one is formed out of electrons, protons, all elements of electricity and held together by patterns of Divine Law.

Now; within this same scope, thru out the vastness of the Universe there are physical forces in elements, and in form. In other words the Father's patterns of the spectrograph proves that the Universe around about is made out of the same substance as it is here surrounding us, a solid substance, and surrounding that solid substance is the Celestial plain, the invisible plain. We might call it a heavenly plain, but no less real because it is invisible. Therefore you as an individual have a Celestial being, a spirit body, not resident inside this physical one.

But you are also a Dweller on two Plains, you can dwell in the spirit or in the flesh, thus--'Absent from this body is to be present with YAHWEH, WHO IS ALSO YAHSHUA. There is no long waiting periods, no long waiting for judgments, and trumpets to sound, because you are a Celestial being.

Now; all beings are not Celestial beings. The Adamic race is spirit of His Spirit. Therefore they came down out of heaven, the Celestial realm, and they can go back into those realms. Jesus remember, said:--'No man can ascend into heaven except they who came down out of it.' O---some people run around trying to tell people---believe this or that and you are going to heaven. But there is not one thing in a catholic or Protestant Bible that tells us that a Chinaman or a Negro goes up into the sky when they die---going to heaven. You say--but where do they go? Well, the scripture talks about a final resurrection--in the resurrection of those who return to worship the Right God, they are classified as resurrected in the righteous plain, and the others are resurrected outside this plain, and they will have to go thru the processes by which god adjusts and chastises and forms in their areas of proper perception. They have to go thru the suffering or cycles of restoration, or they will not make it. In other words every being and spirit will come to the knowledge of the MOST HIGH GOD. I want you to know that when the heavens are referred to, then no man can ascend into heaven unless he came down out of them. This is not actually talking about moving out among the planets to the further sidereal systems, but to cross into that dimension or plain in which you have to have form or capacity to move. In other words since you have a spirit you can move into heavenly plains. You are in a physical body down here and you can move from it into a Celestial plain, and that Celestial plain doesn't even have to be way out in space. It is also right around here..

If we could suddenly turn on a wave length of illumination and you could see the inside of this room, you would see that we are surrounded by a great company of witnesses. More than this you would be able to see guardian angels if you if you could see into this dimension of spirit, because the Father hath given a Guardian Angel charge over every last one of you whose guiding influences as a Angelic individual is beyond that which normally we understand. Some of these hosts are referred to as Administering Spirits, and this is why sometimes there is a redirecting back into the dimensions round about us, of some of our own kin who have passed into Celestial plains and been given charge over the guidance of households. So we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. This is why we are not alone, for He said:--'I will never leave you, or forsake you even unto the end of the age, because His spirit carries this Omnipresent capacity.

Thus since we are his offspring, we are breath of His breath, live of His life, and Light of His Light. Then a portion of the entity of this is in us all, and because of this there is a wave length inside us, that is in constant communication with the Eternal Spirit, and the Adjustment of God's mind. The Spirit thinks and records, it knows, and charges even the soul, and the things in your remembrance which you do not remember.

The soul is the seat of your entity as an ego in earth, embodied in earth. Your senses come out of the brain, out of touch, out of taste, sound and smell. Therefore all temptations which effect you in the flesh have to come by this process. So if you can't see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, feel it, then there is no temptation. In other words all areas of temptation come thru the senses. So if the reasoning area is properly balanced by Spirit, because it has sought its guidance, is strengthened to resist these areas. Therefore of the Household of God the Response is to be kept informed, for this cause God established the message to the Patriarchs, established his congregations, keeps his churches and his oracles.

So if we direct our attention toward the values of spiritual truth we become more strongly adjusted to the processes of the resistance of error, and it is this resistance to error and the perception of right that causes men to do right, for men will do as they think and know. There is a darkness of perception which does not let men evaluate. How many men do you know who will throw away and make a bad decision if it is going to cost them a fortune? The reason why they don't do this is because they know it will cost them a fortune, thus they make the right decision. But if they do not know they make a wrong decision. Thus it is truth which sets men free, that empowers. It is the renewing of the mind with spiritual perception which helps to balance people. Thus is that as our race came into the world God knew that we would be taken over by the cunningness of Lucifer because we would be in a physical body and would not have the sharpness of spiritual perception that we had previously possessed while unhampered by a physical body. But He had not only promised to redeem His people after their fall, but He wrote the names of every one of your race, this family of God, in the Lamb's Book of Life---when?---Before the foundation of the world. He knew about our coming into this world, and our coming out of it, and the scripture tells this.

Now; the thing so important here for us to understand is that the program of God thru this race, thru its spiritual capacities, thru the great Messiahship of God, thru God being born into our race, and again identifying with us as His kinsmen, then we are coming down to your whole question being tied into this whole panorama. Thus here we turn over to the book of Hebrews and read again this passage, and again we tell you why this is basic in almost any study of the scripture, for we read:--"We see Jesus who took upon Himself a form just a little lower that the Angels, for the suffering of death, crowned with Glory and Honor. That He should taste death by the Grace of God for every man.---"It became HIM for whom all things, by whom all things are made, admitting here that this eternal YAHSHUA, who er call Jesus had put --all things together, whose intense mind holds together all the electrons, and protons, determining the elements of the atom thus is the synthesizer of His Universe according to the mass that His Mind has squared

Listen:--That He would bring His many sons back into Glory, would be the Captain of their Salvation. Thus He set them apart, ---this is you---and he who He sat apart, and they who He sat apart are all one. The Apostle Paul in this book of Hebrews which is written unto our race, for all white men are the children of Heber, makes it very plain that no Jew on the face of the earth is a Hebrew.

Now listen:---for whey who are set apart, and he who set them apart are all one. For this cause He who set them apart is not ashamed to call you his brethren. You are His life, His issue, and you one.(Heb:2:11). Since therefore the children of God are now partakers of flesh and blood, are now in physical flesh with blood, then HE, himself, took a part of the same--why? So that He could destroy death which was working in them.

Now; here we are--down hear in bodies of flesh--so who are we?--The family of God,--who are we?--Adamites---what color?--White.

Now; thru this process he intends not only to overthrow the power of the devil, but this is also to be carried out by His children. So who are His children? I point out to you that back in the declaration of this book of Hebrews,, he talks about these children of Faith, how Faith is a great spiritual force, substance of things hoped for, that the evidence of energy, and thinking of things that are not seen is for you. That thru Faith we understand how the worlds were framed in the past by this energy of God's Word, this synthesizing of electronic particles.

Now; we now know that things which are seen are not made of things which do appear. In other words we touch it, handle it, and it is hard, but do you know what it is? And yet it is just a little piece, or pieces of electricity. You say, oh, but its pretty solid. But it is only solid because it is a multitude of these particles synthesized by the power of God's mind which is the mentoid in that little atom. so firm is the will of god that all solidity is a part of it. Every Physicist who understands the atom knows that there is a mental unit in the middle of it that holds every thing together, and does the bookkeeping in every atom, determines whether the hydrogen atom, one electron, one proton, or uranium 235 or 238 is still cemented together by Will.

Now; listen:--who are these of the Race of this creation, and here it comes down past Abel to Enoch, and he can tell about how great this man is, of all the Patriarchs. Then we jump from him to Noah, to Abraham, then it says--coming down out of this man even when an old man. Still continues this race.

Thru Faith many of them died not having seen the fulfillment of all things promised, but they were persuaded of this. They all confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims in the earth. Do you understand that this race of which we are a part are--strangers and pilgrims here in earth, and why? Because we did not originate here. We are the family of God, we came here thus we are strangers and pilgrims in earth.

Now; it keeps on talking about our race, saying that now since we are here, we are always trying to go back to the country we came from, for if we could have remembered the country we came from and the place in the Universe we came from, and how we got here, we would have gone back. This is why God pulled this Gracious blind of forgetfulness down over you at Birth, so that you would not remember, or you wouldn't have stayed around here with all the Asiatics, and Negroes, and all the problems you have here. You would have just gone right back to the heavens where you came from. So our Father said He pulled this little shade down over your brain because you would have to be strangers and pilgrims here and not go back until the stated time. But He also said that He sent you down here to do something, and you will do this task.

Now; I think it is important, that we see this picture, and continue right on down with these great heroes of our race--Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, and yes, Rahab, and keep right on down to George Washington, and to Teddy Roosevelt, where you would end this except for a few exceptions like the man MacArthur.

But listen:--"Who thru faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in the fight and turned to flight the armies of the aliens." This is good business anytime, this turning to flight the armies of the aliens. I think God is raising up the Kingdom again to go out with a great blaze of Glory because we do this---'turn to flight the armies of Aliens.'

Now; listen to this again: (Heb: 11) it says this about these heroes, these keepers of the faith. "Of whom the world was not worthy?" Why? This is talking about your race, talking about this seed of the MOST HIGH GOD, so lets go back to this 17th., chapter of John for more of this story of this family of God--what they possess--who they are--and we will read speaking now of Jesus:---"I pray not for the world (order), but for them that thou (spirit) hath given me, for they are thine (spirit), all mine are thine, and thine are mine." Then He says:--' Do not take them out of the world just protect them from the evil which would destroy them protect them from evil. They are not of this world even as I am not of this world.

Now; why was not Jesus from this world? Because He was the LORD from the heavens, immaculately born, Virgin conceived, the LORD from Heaven. The Adamic race of which you and I are a part are also from the heavens. We having bodies of flesh, then He took a body of the same. This is why He had promised back in the days of the Patriarchs--from Seth on down thru to Isaiah--for they knew--"A virgin shall conceive and bear a son." For an issue was to come out of his race, a woman of His race---a virgin would conceive and bear a son. This is the reason why in all the modernistic conflict of all those who would apostate truth that they are trying to tell us, as they reprint the scripture, and revise the scriptures, that this just means a young woman. But who was to bear a son?---This is no sign for young women bear children all the time, the scripture says:--'Behold! I will give you a sign----'A virgin shall conceive and bear a son.'--and this would be a miracle.

Now; the fact is that this is the first time God brought forth an issue from our race, and you remember that Adam was the issue of God. Eve was brought out of Adam and then Adam and Eve produced a physical issue to house the body of God's celestial children. But now--then with Jesus we have the only begotten issue out of His race. We have many sons begotten of the Father in the spirit, then begotten of Adam in the flesh. Remember the Apostle Paul was to say:--Children of god after the spirit, children of Adam after the flesh---because we are the only race who are the children of God, and YAHSHUA WAS THE ONLY CONCEPTION IN THE PHYSICAL Body since the Adamic race was placed here, that was directly begotten for his own embodiment.

Now; under this instance we point out that we are not of this world, as HE was not of this world because we came in from the outside. We are thus strangers and pilgrims in the earth. When Abraham was down in Egypt talking to the Pharaoh he said:--'All my fathers are strangers and pilgrims in the earth.' --Come over to the Psalmist and David says: 'Oh! YAHWEH forget us not for we are thy strangers and pilgrims in the earth.'--We are of the household, and this is our responsibility. I can understand why the devil forces do not like us. I can see very clearly why the Asiatics and the Negroes under Lucifer do not like the picture of God sending us here to put the kingdom in power. He sent us down here to gain ascendancy over Lucifer, to overthrow pagan religions, lift up standards, build civilizations, culture, knowledge, technology, and then build up an army strong enough to enforce it. We are not supposed to go around patting the enemy on the back while they are killing us all day long. We aren't supposed to do those things, or put up with this silly leadership like we have in Washington, we are to change this.

Now; look, as we com into this understanding then we see that we have in this world a mutation which set up the Priesthood of darkness. They manipulate thru all areas of manipulation, they are Lucifer's family. This particular family controls false religions, they control the manipulations of economy because they know that by this method they can control food, and its production which is the life line of man's civilization, they do this thru their money manipulation. then they try to control the political forces so as to inflict their will on man. These children of darkness are inassimiable, and yet today they control the lifeline of your economy, and they tell you what to do. If you pay attention to what God says then you would run your own economy. You would run it on God's law. You would take charge of your nation and run it on God's laws, and you then could conduct your own religious worshiping of the only TRUE LORD GOD.--"Is there another God beside me---I know not any"---when you follow the course pushed today of brotherhood, all religions---including Hinduism, Kali worship,---it does not matter just so there is worship, just so its religion, then my friends---you are going against God. Whether this comes from the Pope, of Pike---any Bishop who as a leader of the church says embrace all these religions, is violating the law of God---"Thou shalt have no other God before me;"---because He said in the book if Isaiah---"Is there any god beside me? No I know not any.

Therefore says YAHWEH;--concerning this matter:--'I alone am God, and the things I have declared in the secret places before the days on earth, I shall bring to pass.' Then He said concerning His sons:--'You the Adamic people this white race are to build My New Order; you will build great Nations of Christian civilizations.

This could not be the Jews He is talking about for over in the book of Genesis He said of this house of Joseph:--Manasseh shall be a great nation and Ephraim shall be a company of nations. Judah was a nation and Levi would be given in service to his brethren, but all the rest of the sons of Jacob-Israel were also to become nations. So what do we have but Anglo-Saxon nations, and Nordic and Basque, Lombard, Germanic people. We have people of Scandinavian background, we have people from Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, South Africa, Australia, the United States and Great Britain, so all of these people came out of this race. Some may be scattered in other places, but they are some of the Brethren of the race.

Now; the house of Joseph was to be a great nation and a company of nations, not a company of trouble making sons of Lucifer. Oh! you say but how do you know this? How can you say that the Jews are the sons of Lucifer? On the authority of Jesus Christ. I need no other authority specially when I can pick up a Protestant of Catholic Bible, or any translation in between and get the same answer.

So this is the story and we turn to the book of Matthew and Jesus who was the fullness of God the Father, out of his own family said:--'He who hath seen me hath seen the Father for 'I and the Father are one'.. Thus here in the book of Matthew he tells where He sent his Apostles. (Matthew 10) He said to his apostles:--'Go to--the lost sheep of Israel." He was not talking about the Jews, and I will prove this:---when he sent his disciples out where did they go?--but to Rome, to Britain, to Central and all over Europe, because that was where the seed was.

Now; let me show you over in the 15th chapter of Matthew in the 24th verse. This is God himself speaking now as YAHSHUA or JESUS the CHRIST and he said:--' I am not sent but unto the Lost Sheep of Israel". This time he was talking to a woman from the coast of Cyrene. She had been following and asking for healing for her child. Jesus said that since you have witnessed enough to understand a need, then I am going to heal your daughter, but remember----'I am not sent but unto the Lost Sheep of Israel.' Thus here you have Jesus the Christ saying that he came only to this white race.

Now; the white race when restored is to do its work thru out the world which is the work of God's Kingdom. And he is going to come back and help us finish this in all the majesty and glory of a miracle reign --such as has not been seen in all time and history.

Lets take a look at this:--for Jesus said:--"I have come to the Lost Sheep of Israel. and he sent his disciples out to those same Lost Sheep, so then turn over here into the book of John 10, and Jesus was standing on Solomon's porch and the Yehudin (Jews) came around him. Let us take notice of this for as the Jews came around they started arguing with him a as to who He was. Jesus said:--'I told you and you believed not'--The work that I do, those I do in the name of YAHWEH (God). These bear witness of me, but ye believe not because ye are not my sheep, as I have told you."

In other messages, Jesus had said:--'You are not sheep, I came only to the Lost Sheep of Israel, I come for all Israel, but you are not my sheep. So if Jesus said Jews are not his sheep then all the silly preachers can't make an Israelite out of a Jew. Let's get this clear, the Jews today try to tell us they are Israel so that they can get a corner of the world, and steal all the Dead Sea riches. So they can set up this false Israeli, but Palestine belongs to every white man on the face of the earth. He said:--There would be a time when the abomination of the desolator would be down there in that Holy Place, but He also said that there would be a time when we would take it back. But we don't want it for a while yet because there is to be a great catastrophe there. Thus there is to be a great earthquake and half this mountain is going to fall into the Dead Sea, and the other half with Tel Aviv into the other sea, and when it is all over that land will be shaken, leveled down and a fresh water lake will be where the Dead Sea now is. So I don't want any part of this country until God get thru remodeling it.

Now if you think the Jews are the Chosen People you surely wouldn't take them back here and then shake it down for them? This is the abomination of the desolator, this is one of the end time judgments of the forces of evil which is behind communism, which wars on 'the church' and Christian civilization. Therefore the word 'Jew" is extensively scattered over the whole world of Judaism, and was in the days of Christ under the term 'Yehudin because they had captured by chicanery the Temple, and Caiaphas the High Priest and Annas his father were YEHUDIN, (Jews). They were Canaanites and Jesus told you who they were as he said they were the children of Cain, they were the sons of Lucifer, their father was the devil. He said they were guilty of the blood of Abel meaning they had to be Canaanites, as well. Take a look over here and see what Jesus told John who recorded in 1 John---'Cain was the progeny of the wicked one." John knew this as did all the Patriarchs, but 'Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom unto them it is not given.

Now; I will tell you something else---this mystery was known in the inner sanctum of the church. It was in the inner theological schools. Rome knew this in its inner theology, it was known in the inner theology in the days of Martin Luther. They just decided it wasn't good for the people to know all these things, so they kept a lot of these things back from the people, and that is why we are in trouble. Jesus said:--"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

Now; lets take another look at this declaration:--Jesus said that the Jews are not Israel, so if they are not Israel then in no way are they the people of the book because we are Israel, and we take the third chapter of Luke never forgetting this specter of repetition, but this is the chapter showing the genealogy of God, himself. This is the relatives of Jesus back from Adam, and if everyone came from the same origin there wouldn't be any sense taking Jesus back beyond Noah and Shem, but---this takes him back to Adam because in his declaration in the 31st chapter of Ezekiel, it shows how many races were on earth in the days of Eden when Adam was placed in earth.

Now lets look at this passage where it causes us to go back to this famous:---'Ye shall know the truth speech'. Jesus is standing in Jerusalem, and this is what He said. But here is where you get one of these mistranslation factors. He could be talking to a mixed group of Judeans, and sometimes the word is translated Jew, and then sometimes the word Yehudin is translated Jew. The fact remains that as Jesus was talking he finally looked at some of these people round about and he said:--if they continued in his words they would be his disciples. this was one of the marks of Israel.--If ye believe what I say (continue in my words) then if you accept ME this is a mark that tells who you are. The Jews then said:--'We be Abraham's seed--but Jesus replied:--(and here he was talking to the great mass of people) and he said:--"ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." In some versions it says that as he said these words there were Jews standing by. They said:--How saith thou that truth shall make us free. We have never been in bondage to any man, how saith ye that we shall be free?

Now; this should be the clincher, for if they had been a descendant of Abraham thru Isaac and Jacob, and a part of the 12 tribes of Israel, they would have been in bondage in Egypt. If they had been of Judah and Benjamin then later they would have been in Bondage in Babylon. If they had been of the 10 tribes who went out with Jeroboam, they would have been in captivity to Sennacherib. At that time these Jews were talking ---Israel had already been thru her bondage in Egypt, in Assyria, and Babylon, and these people stood there and said:--we have never been in bondage at any time. The best connection they could claim was the Shelah offspring of Judah, and they couldn't claim even this for Judah had violated divine law. He went to a harlot and the offspring was Shelah. But never was the harlot his wife or honored as such. This son went out into the darkness, into the forces of his mother's people into the Canaanite-Akkad line, among the Satanic forces of the Cain line. then 5 generations later we discover, ---they still haven't returned. then Solomon is now dead and now Rehoboam is King over Israel and now here they come, a bunch of hooked nose kikes and they say:--'hello relatives.' Those of Israel said what do you mean---relatives? So they tried to tie themselves back into the line thru Shelah. but you cannot do his for the first mongrel seed--is out. Then is would take ten generations to bring the mongrel line back but it never happens as they keep breeding out and out. If you are even 1000/64 part Jew, you have no part or lot in this administration and guidance.

Now; the Canaanites are a pure Jewish line, the whole bunch were Jews. So here they were coming in as refugees trying to overthrow the kingdom from the inside. They are still doing that same thing. One bunch runs from another bunch always trying to get into the kingdom. They cry help, help. Someone opens a door, and they all rush in saying:--Thanks, we escaped.' They overthrow you from the inside. They have been doing this for years in every country on the face of the earth. This is the way it works then they get some silly people to say they are the 'Chosen People'. Jesus had much to say about this, and if we have any authority it is in this book. In this scripture does not contain more authority than the Clergy establish by it then God help us.

Now; the Jews start to argue with Jesus. They said they had never been in bondage, and yet we are Abraham's seed, and descendants of God. So listen to what Jesus said:--(John 8:29)--'If ye were Abraham's children ye would do the works of Abraham.---but ye seek to kill me, a man who has told you the truth which is out of God. This Abraham did not do.'---"Ye do the deeds of your father "--Oh they said:--'Our father is God.', but Jesus then said, talking to these Jews:--"You do the deeds of your father."

Now; one of the phoniest doctrines is this doctrine of brotherhood with all people. Brotherhood is based on Fatherhood. My father's sons are my brothers, but those who are not my father's sons are not my brothers, and I am speaking now on a large scale.

Listen:--Jesus said: 'Ye do the deeds of your father.' Oh they said:--'our father is God.'. But Jesus said to these Jews:--'If God were your father ye would love me, for I am out of God. I am the embodiment (of YAHWEH). Then he said:--'Why do you not understand when you hear my speech? Because ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning (tying him back to Cain), he abode not in the truth because there was no truth in him. When he speaks he speaks a lie. He is the father of it, and when I speak the truth you cannot understand, and you do not believe me.' So Jews cannot believe truth-----he said: 'Which of you can convince me of sin?' You are so full of it you don't hear what I say. "I am of my Father (spirit) and ye are of your father the devil.'

Now; I do not have any brothers that are devils, so Jesus is talking to the Jews and you can see as you read this who they were. Let me show you one more passage which is something to remember as long as you live, and when you remember this text no one can confuse you.

In the 6th chapter of John, Jesus decided to break his disciples in properly to the fact that Judas was a Yehudin, the only one among them and he carried the money bag. He was a Jew by race. So Jesus said: "I have chosen you twelve and one of you is a devil." Why did Jesus say that? this isn't just calling names, this is a specie. Fallen Angels who intermingled with the races of earth produced a race called Devios or devils. they are not human, not that they would have to be spirit men to be human, but they are not Enosh either. They would have to be created men to be Enosh. they are thus a mutation, and Judas of Iscariot sold Jesus, and it would take a mutation to sell Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Anyone who would sell God for 30 pieces of silver would have to be a demon possessed person. And today we look at the scripture and we find that after Jesus identified Judas, he had to go down into Galilee. He could not walk among the Jews of Judea because they always sought to kill him.

Now if one reads their bible with an open eye they will see that this is the story, all the way thru. These people not only warred against Christ, but the moment he identified one of them, they sought to kill him. The moment he sought to explain to His disciples who they were, then all the Jews wanted to kill him because he had identified Judas of Iscariot, because he was their OGPU (5th., column) agent among them. You never know when there is an OGPU agent around, but back there--Jesus identified this one.

Thus we point out that there is a clear pattern here. The word Jew is misapplied sometimes for the words Judean and Judah, such as 'There is no difference in man who is a Greek and a Jew' (man of Judah), because the men of Judah and the man of Greece were white men. The Scythian were white men of Israel. The Normans and Germanic people were of Benjamin and Judah. The Spanish people were of Simeon, the Italians of Gad, the Dutch of Reuben. the house of Napthali and Asher make up Norway and Sweden, and Issachar is Finland. Zebulon is the Slavic Anglo-Saxon people make up those of Britain, and the United States, and where ever they scattered. The Norman base is in Iceland, so we do not have any 'LOST ISRAEL ' only lost theologians.

He said:--"In the last days you are going to know who you are, but 'blindness in part has happened to Israel'--Oh, not blindness concerning who God is, but blindness concerning who you are, and where you are as sands of the seashore, and the stars of the heavens, a great and mighty people in the earth. It shall be made known to you that you are the Children of the LIVING GOD. That is as good a promise as anything I know.

Now; I point out something else in the book of Isaiah which goes along with this family, this pattern, this identity. For this is my Covenant with Israel saith the LORD. My Spirit which is upon thee, my word which I have put in thy mouth are not going to depart out of thy mouth, or out of the mouth of thy seed's mouth saith YAHWEH, the LORD of Hosts, henceforth and forever. So for all times our people would be worshiping God in all of his revelations, and in all his manifestations of Glory. So this is what has transpired. In other words today the people who recognize Christ as he says in Jeremiah 31---I put my spirit in them, and they will accept my new covenant, the House of Judah, and the House of Israel--both.

But Jews do not accept Christ they worship Lucifer, and I can show you this in their Talmud. The god they worship is Lucifer, the devil, and our God they call the devil. I can show you this in the Talmud I have here, where they say that Jesus is a devil, and that Lucifer is God. But back here in the book of John they were saying this same thing, and Jesus said---Yes, you came forth from the devil, not the God of the heavens, when you say 'our father' you are talking about Lucifer, the devil. This isn't Brotherhood--I am of God and you are of the Devil. Today they worship Lucifer as God and call Jesus a devil, and some silly people who don't know the difference repeat it.

LOOK:--ARISE AND SHINE THY LIGHT HATH COME, AND THE GLORY OF YAHWEH HATH RISEN UPON THEE."----BEHOLD! darkness hath covered the earth, and gross darkness the people, but---The Glory of YAHWEH shall rise upon you, and His Light shall be seen upon thee.---Thus look unto this race, arise and shine for the Glory of God shall arise upon thee, and around the world we see darkness, gross darkness covering the people, but not those who are with him.

Now; let's go back to what God says about His sons in the book of Isaiah. He says:---"Ask Me concerning my sons, command ye me."---They are going to build my new world order, they are going to set the captives free all around the world. Do you know that, in the labor of Egypt, and the merchandise of Ethiopia, and the Sabians who come out of Asia---many men of stature shall come unto thee. Did you know that many people shall come unto you, many in chains. They shalt be in slavery and they will come and fall down before you and say:--'Surely God is within you? Outside of thee there is no other manifestation.

Now; note this:--for instance this is just a prophecy,--our civilization produced a New World Order. Africa came to us in Chains, in slave ships, in chains owned by the Jews who brought them---BOUGHT them from other Africans. Go to the American Heritage books, or take the Jew book "Marranos" both will tell you how they were going to destroy our race by mongrelization with these slaves. They thought to use them to mongrelize and integrate them. But do you know the worst enemy a Negro has?---It is another Negro. A Negro in power abuses Negroes, and Negro Chieftains other Negroes who sold them to Jewish slave traders who took them over and sold them throughout the world. But what does the scripture say about this?---Even Ethiopia (Africa) will come to you in Chains. But when they behold thy light, thy culture, thy purposes, even they will finally say:--'Surely God is in you.' They are going to come back out of this integration bounce and break the power of Jewry as they see that they are not going to get away with it. When you get the powers of darkness out of the way, they will bow the knee, this will come, one of these days. But we have problems and struggles in our civilization because of the violation of divine law. We don't hate Chinamen, or Negroes, but we are not to permit our civilization to be overthrown by Satanic powers who do this.

Now; God said:---I do not choose you because you were the greatest in numbers---you are but one man's family, my household multiplying in the earth. In face your race is the smallest race in earth, understand this now---the white race tonight is outnumbered by Negroes, and Asiatics, we are only 1/6th, of the worlds population. Yet we have created in excess of 70% of all the food of the earth. We have created almost all the technology of our modern age. The only area we can see of the background of technology coming down before us was that the Sumerian had a wheel, the Chinese had a wheel, but you never found a Negro with a wheel. Even in contemporary history, even up to the time when the Sumerian chariots were racing across the plains, of the Egyptian chariots were passing Sudan. When Israel's chariots came from The Steppes down into Egypt, and Negroes were looking out of the weeds of the Sudan---they never made a wheel.

Just remember here we come up to the Civil War days and nations and chariots were battling all over the earth, and then Livingston and Stanley went to Africa and they hadn't made a wheel. Here we are but a couple of hundred years back and they have never made a wheel. Don't talk about equality, technology, or civilization, they don't have it. The Negroes were the first mutation of the Luciferian fall, and they were the first shock troops which Lucifer brought in with the fallen angels.

You say:--what is in store for them? Eventual restoration from where they came from, from where they fell. God is just that big---just that Gracious. We go out and tell them to turn and worship the right God, leave off the witch doctors and forces of darkness.

But who stirs up the whole world into trouble? No one but the enemies of Jesus the Christ. Still they war against "HIS church", still talking Brotherhood, still trying to take Prayer and Christianity out of schools, to remove Christ from our nation. It is still Jewry which carries the sign

Now; since Jewry had gained control before Christ's ministry of almost all the areas of worship of Israel's race, except in the Isles of the Sea, and some places where our Nordic ancestors remembered tradition, and knew about the spiritual forces, knew that the guiding Valkyrie still rode the sky, knew the sons of God ascended and were not dead--outside of these areas Jewry controlled the worship of Israel, from Tyre, from Rome, all over Palestine they were in charge. So when Jesus came and started speaking the truth they mumbled against him because he was freeing his people. And when he spoke against them they knew he was talking about them. Thus Paul said:---'I am an Israelite, of the tribe of Benjamin,' thus he was a proper Norman, but he was of the sect of the Jew by religion, but not by race. The spirit then unveiled the truth to Paul and because he was a child of God then he saw the light. Jesus then said:--'My Sheep hear my voice---I give them Eternal Life---they shall follow me.' Then having found this great secret, then the Apostle Paul was also to discover that the most evil force in the world was Jewry, and he said:--'The Jews are against God and contrary to all men.'

We bring this out because this is the mystery of people. Who are they and what are they here for. Where do they come from and basically the declaration concerning us----this is why we find ourselves dropping back to these passages to the best days which are ahead, and then turn over to the book of Daniel.----

Never can we leave a subject like this unless we listen to something------"The believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD SHALL TAKE THE KINGDOM AND POSSESS THE KINGDOM FOREVER AND FOREVER. Who are the believing offspring?---You.

We want you to know that all thru the seventh chapter of Daniel, this is the story of the great victory of God's Kingdom, his family and his household. Do you know what the word Saint mean? It does not mean someone they elevated in the church and put a halo on. It means someone who already has a halo whether you can see it or not. It is a believing offspring of God. They didn't become believing offspring or Saints at the altar, or in an Evangelists tent. They did not become believing offspring in their station at the cross. They were believing offspring because they are HIS offspring. And when His spirit awakened them, they were believing offspring. The reason it says the believing offspring are going to take the Kingdom, is because the rest are asleep and never would take it. The people who will take it are those who are awakened and will step in to repossess their culture and their kingdom, and help liberate the earth. And when you go further in this He says:---'All Israel will be saved as it is written.' But all Israel first because:---I am the Savior--I am thy redeemer. Jesus said in all this process--I lose nothing. The world goes thru catastrophes, and wars, and famines, pestilence, and then the truth comes in and his kingdom can replace all that. This can be true of men, their families, their countries, and of their nations, and of the whole earth. For when truth comes, men are set free from those things and reverses all unto blessings. He said:--I did not come to condemn the world, but that the world thru ME might have life. I did not come into the world to condemn any part of it. I came so that it might be saved. How then can it be saved?--By turning to the true God of the Universe.

For the sons of the MOST HIGH GOD it is Restoration---a renewing of the mind, the lifting up of the standards, rising to ascendancy over the forces of a fallen society. It is a repudiation of Lucifer and the return of the Right God.

Even Lucifer, now turned devil, defeated by the hosts of heaven, driven into earth, smashed, broken, his power utterly destroyed in the eras just ahead of us shall BOW THE KNEE AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THIS IS ALSO HIS GOD. And that day even Lucifer is going to worship at your feet. It takes a pretty big God to do this, but it also takes a pretty big God to hold this Universe together by the very essence of His Will. So we again site to you than when the scripture says there is no difference between Greek of Jew, this is talking about men of Greece and men of Judah, -it is talking about the white man. In other words there is two passages translated in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 and these are the number of judgment (9). "Woe unto those who say they are Judah and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan." Jewry today claims to be Judah, and they are not. the second chapter of Revelation and the third chapter of Revelation, in the 9th verse---9 the number of judgment, condemns these fallen sons of Lucifer who try to claim our heritage.

Now: when you come over here to the King James Version and the Douay version of the Bible, it says:--'Woe unto them who say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.' Then the word should be--'Woe unto them who say they are Judah and are not.' Don't think for a minute that Jesus did not know who he was talking to, about who he was talking to as he spoke of Mystery Babylon, and all the trouble they cause you. He said the same thing to those of Mystery Babylon as he said to the Jews of Jerusalem:--'Ye are guilty of all the righteous slain that has been slain upon the face of the earth.'---They are thy merchants, and have committed sorcery with all nations. These merchants are those who are guilty of all the blood of the prophets, and saints slain upon the earth.

Now; we know this, for Jesus told the Jews in Jerusalem that they were of the Serpent, and had killed the prophets, so in Revelation it says they are the same thing. Then there is one particular word:---when their kingdom falls, when they lose control of the earth, then Christian civilization builds a new culture, with knowledge, wisdom and technology which we are standing on the edge of in this great space age. Listen:--when that day comes, when they lose their power, when the kingdom rises to its full, it says their cry is Alas, Alas, Alas, and it reaches unto the heavens. So you know what that word really is?---Oi, Oi, Oi----this is pretty good identification pattern.

Now; there is a reason why there is a difference between the word Judah and Jew. In the Old Testament the word Jew is used twice, but it doesn't properly belong there. In the instance of this, Abraham was not a Jew, and it never existed until the translation of the King James Version. In Kings it talks about the advisers around Rehoboam who were not of Judah, they were strangers who came in. and in the days of Ahab these Priests of Baal were Jews, Babylonian Baalites, hill country people such as was Jezebel. You see what God did to them, and he had her thrown to the dogs. And after Elijah's work 400 of them lost their heads and the rest were thrown to the dogs.

QUESTION:-- Why is the Cain line traced in Genesis?

ANSWER:--- So that they could be identified, so people would know who they were.

QUESTION:---Why was a mark put on Cain so that no one would kill him?

ANSWER:---We do not have to question God on this matter, but the fact is that Cain was Lucifer's offspring, battling the Kingdom, and foreknowledge knew he would do this. So when he went forth, since he was also out of Eve, none of the pagans were to lift their hand against him. There was no one as yet to lift their hand against him out of the Adamic line. And as the Adamic line would have no part of him, he went over among the Accedas and took a wife. The Accedas were black Jews by the way, and the background of his house were as the Magnificence of Sargon comes in of course, is when the Sumerians, Asiatics, Akkad dynasties all joined him. This is found thru all the background of Archaeology. I could talk all night on Sargon, but I don't wan to get into that tonight. In other words the Mark of Cain was on his continence, he was not a pure Adamic--white man. His Luciferian factor was involved and you could see his. But the mark is on them in more ways than one. We have different kinds of Yehudin today. There is the Ashkenazim, the Sephardim, the Hittite, Canaanite, Amalakite, and so on..

QUESTION:---Where did the word Jew originate?

ANSWER:---From Yehudin of accursed.

QUESTION:---This is what intrigued us in the Freedman's writings;

ANSWER: Don't bring up Freedman. He is not a Jew.

QUESTION:---No- but he said the word Jew never appeared in the Bible. so if it never appeared in the Bible until a certain time, then what did it mean when it says:--'the Jews are against God.'?--

ANSWER:---Now; what Freedman is talking about is that the word Jew did not appear in the Old Testament scriptures, and most of the places used today should be Judah except where it is talking about the Yehudin, but no distinction was made. The word was not applied as such concerning Israelites or his disciples. For instance;--'How be it that thou a man of Judea (translated Jew) have dealings with a Samaritan woman?' Then Jesus said:---'Salvation is out of Judah.' They did not use the word Jew in that passage at all in the original.

Now; you must understand that Mr. Freedman is a brilliant Prussian, and in order to battle the enemy he then tried to adopt a strange identity. He thought that then the Jews would not bother him. He was trying to make it appear as tho he was a Christian Jew. And by writing this way he thought they would not jump on him as say he was anti-semantic. But it didn't make any difference. They jumped on him anyway. I can't tell you all I know about some of these things because there are too many strategies. While we are not a part of them, we don't want to upset things. Do you remember that Palestine Christian Arab Publication Society, which was exposing the Israeli's conspiracy? Well, the Jew side of this debate was supposed to be Freedman and the Christian side included the publication 'Common Sense' and the Arab League was the 3rd, and there wasn't a Jew in the bunch.

QUESTION:---Is it true that in Aramaic, Latin, and Greek, there is no letter J---how does that fit?

ANSWER:---that is alright. There is one in the English alphabet, and you still get the same sounds. In other words, you get the sounds thru a combination without the letter, that is all. This is why when we translate it into English that we get the letter in phonics. And Yehudin is still YEHUDIN even if you put a J there. English men put the J for I.

QUESTIONER:---In the Strong Concordance, Jew and Yehudin are translated Judah and Judea then?

ANSWER:---Well the King James does not make any distinction between Judah and Yehudin and the concordance follows the King James error. But the word Judah no matter how you spelled it, was still Judah.

QUESTIONER:---Again how do I prove this to someone who doubts?

ANSWER:---You do not have to prove it---the bible story is pretty big and you might spend a lot more time showing them all these passages that they can't get away from, rather than to prove something with a lexicon that you don't have and a translation you can't read.

QUESTIONER:---But to the Jew first and then to the Gentile?

ANSWER:---To Judah first, ant then to the nations of Israel.

QUESTIONER:---I realize that, but how do I prove it?

ANSWER:---Don't waste your time in that area of it. In other words the reason I say don"t waste your time on this is because you would have to be a walking library to go down thru the language of semantics and texts to prove something to someone. Here I have all of it, and still had to prove it to you with all these passages, and yet you believe it, and still wouldn't prove anything to someone else. If I pull down off the shelf, a basic Hebrew Bible in the Septuagint line and said:---It says here---Judah ---then someone else might say, no it says Yehudin. Now, we do know that when the story fits, when the doctrine fits, when we have the Zorah and some of these other writings, where in the discussion is taking place---we know and we can show it to you, but you don't have to believe it.

QUESTION:---I would like to know what it means when it says that God is no respecter of persons.

ANSWER:---this is not talking about the outside races. It is talking about he who did foreknow. He then did predestinate to conform to the image of His own embodiment. Therefore it says:---those he did foreknow, he did predestinate to conform to the image of

His son, and those he called he justified. In other words, this talks about the fact that all of your race are going to be saved. All your race are going to put on the Glory of God, from the smallest, insignificant laborer, to the mechanic, from the farmer to the administrator. very last one of your race in the fulfillment of God's destiny, are going to conform to his image, or to his embodiment as the man Christ Jesus. This is what he is talking about. This is what he said:---By this he means that there is no respecter of persons according to your destiny based upon your status. In the book of Romans:---'Children not yet born neither having done good nor evil, that the purpose of God according to selection might stand, not of works but of him who calleth. Therefore is god unrighteous?--God forbid. He is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. He has the power to do His will. If he selects one an rejects another, who can say that he can't do that?