01-10-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---When it says that the graves will open at the resurrection---who is coming out of those graves?

ANSWER:---The dead in Christ first. Then we who are alive and remain. The difference between the dead rising and we joining them is the 'twinkling of an eye'. That is pretty fast. In otherwords, this is the sign of the resurrection of the righteous dead. And ever since Christ's resurrection from the dead as He brought forth captivity captive and led them on high, there has been no Adamite, no white man, no Christian who has gone thru the Netherworld. Lucifer has never had any white man imprisoned there from that time on. There has been no Netherplains for them. There is no perdition or Hell or anything else. When Christ returns He brings with HIM all the Celestial family----Absent from this body, is to be present with the LORD. This is what the Apostle Paul said:--'Therefore their bodies are raised from the grave first. And then we who remain, also have our bodies transformed in the twinkling of an eye. They are to be raised in atmospheric breathing physical bodies. They are not caught up into the air. They will be in air breathing bodies. The kind they left. Only these bodies join those that return and they will have immortality, not being subject to death. The translation intended this and portrayed this in the original Greek. It is only that they messed it up a little in translation. It says:--'We who are alive and remain, shall be caught up into the air and shall ever be with the LORD.' But actually, this is just that our bodies will be transformed as their bodies are being raised and transformed like unto us. So this is the mystery of resurrection. And they have a strange doctrine out of the resurrection---out of the fact that Christ is going to come an bring back all of the holy seed that He has taken into the heavens. Then we who are alive are also going to be transformed. But they are going to have us taken up in the sky some place and we will set around some high dinner table for 3 1/2 or 7 years. And we are going to what is called the Marriage supper of the Lamb. And we will feast on turkey and pheasant. And lay around on golden couches and look down at the world which the devil is going to take over since the children of God are gone. The Anti-Christ is going to rule the world and cause great troubles. Then the people will accept Christ as they see the Anti-Christ. Then they will battle him but of course now they will all be killed. This is what orthodoxy teaches based around one set of error of a few words improperly translated.

But when Christ returns to earth, He is bringing the spirits of all those dead in Christ. And their bodies are to be resurrected, transformed into tangible air breathing bodies like as what they had when they left, only now immortalized. And we who remain are transformed in our bodies and then we also meet the LORD. We don't go out somewhere. We meet HIM here as He joins His Kingdom. And of course, the battle of Armageddon and all these things is going on. So the Kingdom of God is the victor and Lucifer is defeated. And all this other stuff has been concocted out of error. So Orthodoxy can be as much in error as heterodoxy is. And Orthodox people who believe this will fight for it; will do anything for it. Because this is the doctrine of the Rapture. But there isn't anything in the Bible about the Rapture. The word rapture is not in there. And the whole doctrine has been put together by well meaning people from a book by Blackstone called--'Jesus is Coming.' And instead of second coming, he has a second and a third coming. There are well meaning men, but in the areas of their orthodoxy, they are not quite accurate on this. And as this tape rolls out I will get a lot of letters trying to explain the Rapture for I don't understand it they say. But I do understand it and I am sorry to report, that it is a false and erroneous concept. But the world order is what Lucifer rules over but the Kingdom of God he will never be able to capture. The Kingdom of God fights the anti-Christ. Armageddon is the battle where the anti-Christ tries to destroy the Kingdom of God. But God comes to save His Kingdom not to take it out of the world. Jesus, in the fullness of His humanity is praying to His spirit that fills the heavens and the earth. He says:--'Father I have given them thy name. Thine they are in the heavens, and mine they are in the earth." Now; don't take them out of the world, but keep them in it. So the body of God in His humanity said:--'Don't take them out of the world. Keep them in it.' So the body of God in His humanity is speaking. And if you took the Christians out of the world there wouldn't be anyone to fight the anti-Christ. Surely if the people wouldn't fight the anti-Christ while they had the Gospel. The would never fight when the church is taken out. They would just join him. This is just the heavens and earth being burned up--cleansed. Sure. There will be a new heaven and a new earth, because the elements will dissolve in fervent heat burning up the old world order. In otherwords, the capitals of the cities of the anti-Christ in their atomic war against the Kingdom in this end of the age proves that it is in our time. Peter said elements are going to dissolve in fervent heat as this world order passes away. But again, what manner of people ought we to be in order to remain here when such a transition transpires in the world? Well, we ought to be sober and be thinking these things out. But actually the new heaven and earth, the new order is the Kingdom of God taking over both in heaven and in earth. It destroys the enemy coming against it with atomic warfare, and nuclear war destroys their cities; their evil. Because God has a war with Lucifer. So many of these things in orthodoxy, placed in some of the dogmas of their faith have never had a foundation of scripture behind it at all.

QUESTION:---If we were around the throne of God before this world was formed, in what form were we there?

ANSWER:---The Celestial form is exactly like the physical form. The physical form is the exact image of the Celestial.

QUESTION:---Alright then. Who --- I mean --why should this old physical body be raised out of the grave if it went back to God who gave it?

ANSWER:---Now, just stop there for a moment. In the first place, God is spirit, soul and body. And always was in all creations. And those creations extend into 126 suns in our own solar system alone. And there were creatures and beings on the earth in this solar system and the planets just like the Japanese and Chinese are people here on the other part of our earth. And the children of the MOST HIGH GOD governed and moved thru out the Universe at the call of God. This we can establish. For when Enoch was taken out to visit God, he closed the shutters on his house and told his children goodbye. And was taken out into the heavens until he came to the Pleaides which was the exact center of the Universe. And while there, he saw shops coming from all over the Universe and landing at these huge monster docks at this Crystal Palace of the MOST HIGH which was floating around in the Pleaides. As Enoch asked who these were, he was informed that these are thy brethren not yet born or embodied in earth. But --- they have been embodied in the planets around others come from various portions of the Universe who thy kinsman rule over---Enoch was told this.

Now, remember that in the Universe around about the children of God were not without bodies in various plains of dimensions. They had bodies without a doubt and they had Celestial bodies. And God had a Celestial body. And when He declared that He was going to put an end to the working of Lucifer---for Lucifer had lost this war against God altho 1/3 of the Angels had been in that battle. Michael had defeated him and driven him into 1/4 of the Universe and then into our solar system. And finally he was driven to earth. Some of his ships were smashed and broken. And Michael and his great fleets surrounded earth and held his here. Then Michael said:--'Let me go in and completely destroy Lucifer.' But God said no. He is an archangel altho he is now defeated. But I am now going to do even a greater thing. I am going to put my sons and daughters in the earth and they are going to come to earth and whip Lucifer and his kingdom. And he is going to finally worship at their feet. That was the first battle. Over your race. For Lucifer wasn't going to acknowledge you. He said he had never acknowledged anyone greater that he as an Angel. The he got the idea that maybe he could overthrow God and he went into this total rebellion. So remember this. The Adamic seed was born of God. Then Eve was formed out of a portion of Adam as it says in the scripture that God separated the female portion. The fact is that He selected the process thru which his children our of the Celestial were to come. This was thru the seed of Adam. Now of course the seduction of Eve had made it impossible that the first children of Adam and Eve could be heirs of the Kingdom. Altho Abel was a child of Adam and Eve. Altho he was the son of Adam and Eve, he was still out of a tainted womb. And it would take seven gestation periods to cleanse the womb because of this intermingling with Lucifer which contaminated the womb. Cain was of Eve and Lucifer. And Able war righteous when compared to Cain. But Cain slew his 1/2 brother. And there was no acceptance of any offspring until the seventh offspring of Adam and Eve. And then Adam said---I have now a man in my own image. This was Seth. And he is the father of the entire white race.

Now, spirit, soul and body---when God comes to earth---many times He was embodied. Sometimes just bodily visible, they could see Him but not touch Him. But most of the time up until His birth out of the Virgin Mary, they could see HIM; could watch His appearing and hear His voice, but were unable to touch Him. This was the situation with Joshua when HE stood before him as Captain of the Hosts. There He stood in shinning armor with gold shield and radiance coming from HIM with a countenance most beautiful to look at. There He suddenly stood before Joshua. And Joshua said:--" Are you for or against us, because we already have too many against us.' And HE said:--'I am Captain of the Host of YAHWEH.' And Joshua fell before HIM. Then Joshua was given the instructions as how many times to march around the city of Jericho. And he was told that the Hosts of YAHWEH are with you. But the fact is, that Joshua did not touch this body. But he recognized HIM as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Now, HE also walked and talked with Adam. And many times to the Patriarchs. And when He came to Mount Sinai without doubt, He had a full physical body. He traveled with a great fleet and ten thousand or so of His saints--offspring. And they came down on that mountain and remember, this was the same mountain where Moses, after receiving the Law, said:--' Oh, that I might see thee.' And God said:--'Alright. Only you cannot as yet look at my face and live. So you get down in the rocks and look thru this little hole.' Moses did this. Then God put His hand over the hole in the rock until He had passed by. But Moses saw the back of God. He saw the thighs of God. The legs of God. So God was embodied. But HE came in these monstrous ships of space which move material thru space. You are told about this in the book of Psalms and in the book of Deuteronomy as well.

QUESTION:---I understand this, but---

ANSWER:---I understand that you no not think we need to be resurrected.

QUESTION:---No. I am saying that if a baby dies, is that the body raised? as a baby?

ANSWER:---Well,--there is a possibility that the continuity of life will continue in some instances. However, as far as the spirit of the entity is concerned, your spirit was a full grown spirit when it came as a babe. It has a veil pulled down over remembrance that causes you not to remember the things that you knew before. So as a babe, you grew and developed in this world because the Adamic race were incarnated and Christed for this purpose. But this doesn't mean it will always be this way. For you are spirit, soul and body. And in any plain of God's creation, the children of God will be able to enter and participate. However, the fact remains that the plans of Lucifer were that he was destroying the sons of God; that by death had taken command. For the wages of sin are death. Lucifer is the commander of death. Therefore, by the fall of our race, the Adamic household --by this seduction of Eve---was now under control of Lucifer as far as the body was concerned. This is why he wanted the body of all the dead. And he argued over the body of Moses.

Now: Christ conquered the grave and he took all the Adamic spirits away from Lucifer . And at that time some of their bodies were even taken into the heavens, f or He kept sending them out and they were bugging the Jews for those three days as these people walked the streets of Jerusalem. The Jews were even hiding down in the treasury building for they saw the results of the Resurrection. In fact the earth literally broke open as the dead in Christ came out and walked the streets of Jerusalem. These of course were then bodily taken into the heavens. There were others in the scriptures as well who went bodily into the heavens. Enoch of course went bodily into the heavens as did Elijah and there were --

QUESTION;--They were changed from mortal to immortal then---

ANSWER;--Well the Celestial spirit has always been immortal. the Celestial being is separated from the physical being at birth in the physical, and for life in the physical, but the Celestial is still connected by a co rd, and you then sing;--"some day the silver cord will break"---but it is still connected to you but it had enveloped us at one time. and it will envelope us again. The fact remains that to conquer Lucifer then YAHWEH WILL RAISE EVERY LAST BODY, AND IN RAISING IT THEN IT IS IMMEDIATELY TRANSFORMED INTO A BODY WHICH CANNOT THEN KNOW DEATH., it can ten pass out of one dimension into another and return like unto it was in the beginning. In this instance then the resurrection is an essential factor because in the embodiment of the Adamic race, the seed of Adam is multiplied in the cell divisions right on up thru the embryo, right up thru mitosis in the cell division until you reach the mean norm, and everything else between the parents. The fact is that with this cord the Gauzer cord, connected to the embryo as it emerges, the consciousness of the individual as it emerges is the child, and the Celestial body is then over and above like the overlay. The fact then remains that ---'Absent from this body' my consciousness passes into that Celestial body and returns to YAHWEH until that day of resurrection. Then again this body even tho it is only ashes, as Job said;---long before Moses---"I know that my redeemer liveth, and will stand in the latter days upon the earth, and with these eyes I shall behold My Redeemer in a flesh and blood body. I am going to behold my Redeemer in the latter days , so Job had the mystery of the resurrection and he believed in the resurrection way back there.

Now the fact is that the resurrection of the dead is the final defeat of Lucifer. This is the final bondage, he no longer holds the body in death as the resurrection takes place. The reason why the body is raised from the dead and is synthesized by the spiritual consciousness of the individual then transformed in the elements of its being is because under the fall of the Adamic race they did suffer the loss of Light. The Aura, and radiance of this Adamic couple was lost. So in the transforming of the elements of our being the light will cover the Adamic race once again. The celestial nature will be on in connection as the physical body will be one with the celestial. And you will be able to see and to touch this body. At the same time you will be able to move in and out of t he Celestial dominions. But the fact remains that when they move in masses in the great armies to unite with the people of earth, they move them with crafts and with ships. And their ability to move in or out of the dimensions takes place.

We can prove this in all the sacred writings and all the ancient scriptures---of this traveling back and forth thru the Universe. So the fact of invisibility or the ability to pass back into the spirit does not do away with the solid patterns of substance as well. This is one reason we can produce thee Celestial medium on radar and today radar picks up all kinds of crafts still moving around, they can't see them but radar does. But the spiritual realm is still around and still is effective and has dimensions and qualities which radar can pick up. So as far as the resurrection is concerned, the resurrection is a vital part of our existence, and of course we have not been able to remember the formula of moving in and out of this dimension of spirit. This is what it means when the Apostle Paul is talking about the Children of God being down here in bodies of flesh. Then he goes ahead and says we are 'strangers and pilgrims in the earth, of whom the world is not worthy.' And if we could remember how we came we would return into the plain of spirit, so God keeps that Veil of forgetfulness down over us because everytime we got disgusted we would go right back. But the situation is that he wants us to stay here until we conquer the enemy in the body.

Now; we could know how to take this body into the plain of spirit, how the acceleration of the atoms of this body could be stepped up, but we don't quite know how to step it up. But one of the laws of the spirit of life in Christ is that this quickens the atoms of our mortal body, quickens every electrode, and at the time these are quickened we move into the plain of spirit. The dimension of the spirit in the physical body is actually developed by the acceleration of the electrodes around the nuclear atoms. Therefore the spirit of Christ Dwelling in you s hall quicken the mortal body. The speed of rotation will pick up around the nuclear center and you will move into the spiritual plain. Christ demonstrated this during his ministry. Always the Jews were trying and wanting to kill the Christ, and they never stopped trying. They thought to get him down in the treasury building and they had all kinds of rocks down there and thought they would stone him after trapping him down there. But Jesus knew all about what they were thinking so he just went down into the treasury building, and this was under the temple, and the Jews then tried to trap him, and he practically admitted that HE was the Messiah sot hey took up stones to kill Him, but he just went out thru the walls. So one of the guards came running down as they looked under the tables and so forth trying to find him, and the guard said;--But Jesus is outside talking to the people.

Now remember that Jesus was in the some kind of body that you are in, how do I know?--because Jesus took upon himself a body just like you have, like unto the bodies of the children of God who were down here in bodies of flesh, and He was not ashamed to call them brethren. So the children of God could do this for they had all the properties to do this, because here was the Christ showing you how in a body just like they had. But this veil of forgetfulness is pulled down over you and you have forgotten how to do this. QUESTIONER;--Do you suppose some of our people have lived in bodies somewhere else?

ANSWER;---No , I do not think so except Elijah who was a special situation. Because of this Jesus said;---'Never was a man born of woman like Elijah.' He said;---if you can understand it, this is the spirit of Elijah who was to come. There is no other instance of this.

Now, --the Adamics go thru the cycles of return because they are under the Luciferian fall. There has not been one new spirit born in Asia since the fall of their race under Lucifer, and there will not be until they are emancipated from Lucifer, then the new process will be entered and new spirits will be made for the Asiatics. But until that time they all go thru the cycle of return which is 612 years in its fullness, 305 and 1/2 years is a half cycle and some come back on earth in that time, and some in 612 years, and some even in a quarterly return. But the white race, these children of God are bound to earth. They don't go thru the cycles of return, they are the children of Resurrection not the children of Reincarnation. We do have the one situation which some people mistake because they have been fed lots of propaganda, and Asiatic theology and Yogi, and so forth. This is not to discourage you, but we are descendants of the Adamic race, and all these things that our ancestors have participated in have been stored around the nasson electron, the tendons of the brain tissue. So all the things the mother experiences as the mother conceives and her seed is united with the ovum seed, and there are chromosomes which line up ---there are genes, and inside the genes are the chromosomes. Now ass you have stored everything you have experienced and remembered around the brain cells and in the tissues, then in like manner you also recreate at any point in any 24 hour period chromotin which you have stored in the brain, and you have chromotin which governs everything--the color of the eye, the height of the individual , all these things are controlled by the Chromotin. These are the factors which generate an electronic pattern for mitosis.

Now when the child is formed the ovum cell is divided and increased and divided and increased until a period of about two months. Then it starts to form an organic division and some cells stop dividing and other cells take on new form before they divide, so mitosis which is the process of birth continues until the time that the baby is born. What people do not know is that all the factors of experience the mother and the father have had---back thru the grandparents and all the way back to Adam is stored as nasson electrons .. You thus have the sum total of all human knowledge, and all the experience of the line from which you have descended, this remains inside of your intellect.

QUESTIONER; --Does this mean we can remember two lives?

ANSWER;---Now wait a minute, you can ever once in a while remember facets of your ancestors clear back thru the line, but you will never get anything out India or Africa because you did not come that way--see. So these people who are fooling with something--these hyptomists who think they are taking them back to a period of regression, they only when they regress ---sometimes or many times they get 'familiar spirits'. But the fact is that if there is any pattern of regression it is a normal pattern of regression, and it sometime occurs when the subconscious mind is released, and the patterns of remembrance which lie in the chromotin are now released. And when that babe is born the sum total of his ancestry is a round the nasson electrons and the filament of that brain. These are called mentoids, these factors cover the direct line of descendence all the way back to Adam.

Now you might remember instances of things that happened to your ancestors clear back to Adam, and you may get a very clear concept for it is possible for you to pull out as you remember the things of your boyhood, like picnics or things which are precious and you can live these things over. This is called the pattern of remembrance and you sit back and remember about your boyhood, and about these things. But you could reminisce about boyhoods clear back to Adam if you knew how to pick it up. Now; you do this sometimes with the subconscious mind. And then there is another factor since we are talking this way---It is a very significant and important factor. This is that the Omniscience of the MOST HIGH GOD is the supreme factor governing foreknowledge. That God has his prophets and his ministers, and he unveils things that are going to happen until they see panoramas of incidents. we know this, you will see this whole thing developing as tho in a mirror, you are not a part of it, but it is there. You see this as the climax of events that happen, this is a type of vision. Some people think of this as a dream, some know it is a vision not a dream. However basically the LORD does this for his ministers. But lots of ministers never saw a vision or never had a dream, many just chose this profession seeing it as a good ticked to heaven and so forth. Because of theology they were called this way, but if God calls them maybe not in the first fifteen or twenty years of their ministry, but eventually God starts to unveil if this is a true ministry. God starts to unveil things which will happen, and as things come to pass he will show these things and sometimes you will see clearly dates and times, at other times you will see conditions. Other times it may be something for the very year, or something which will effect the kingdom, and you will actually see and know this. But the fact remains that we have had experiences during our life time of arriving in a city, or maybe riding in a car, or moving down a street and ---

I was there before. The people I meet I saw before, I see this happening all again. So what is happening---the foreknowledge of God is so absolute as it relates to individuals that God foreknows the things you are going to do, the places you are going to go and the places he is going to lead you to. Especially is this true in his ministry, and among those who have learned to depend on HIM. Therefore since this is in the Omniscience of God then somewhere in t he subconscious mind pat tern there has been implanted in me the thing I am going to do even tho I don't know this. So sometimes the recollection of this happening, altho it has never happened before because we have just reached this point in history---see. So this is again the mystery of the unknown, the fact that God foresees the situation , thus it becomes a predestined course for the children of his kingdom. So this becomes one of the great mysteries that takes place.

Now; by some strange pattern the enemy understands this, and Lucifer therefore knows that many people are frivolous and he might be able to persuade areas of hierarchies or turn you away from the truths of the Gospel by getting them to accept patterns of pre-existence, or reincarnation and all of those things. So ministering spirits, or fallen angels, or familiar spirits will convey some pattern of this thru a Medium or some other process and will start a person on the concept of reincarnation, and they give them some recollection of this because familiar spirits are aware of this. They will touch some area of the subconscious. I can take a tiny electrode and place it on various parts of your head, upon a part of your brain and you will remember something which is a part of your lifetime or of your forbearers. This will happen, you will get a clear picture of it. The frontal alone and right in here will get what has happened in your life time. In fact medical doctors who have been working on the human brain of those who have injuries take these tiny miliamps electrodes and work over these places to see where the injury was to the brain, and people remember all kinds of experiences like when they were kids, it will all come back from what they picked up from the frontal lobe alone, and a they move on back they will go back into past generations, and see things they think they had in another life. Lots of people get carried back into Civil war times, and back even further.

When these things come thru the occult route, thru the Luciferian route, why they impress upon the people that they have lived many , many times, and that this is one of their reincarnations, and that they prove this by the fact that the person recollects something but they don't know how. But the majority of the people aren't subject to this because they work, and sit and watch the T.V. tube, and never think like t his os it is not to successful. So the people who partake of this area are still a minority and they move into spiritualism and into Yogism, and maybe some preacher comes to town and teaches that these things are spiritual and miracles but they are not. The great miracle is the Mind of God, for He sees all things and knows all things. Sees all things in the future, has everything all planned out, and if you don't think it has been then I can assure you that God knew your name before the foundation of this world. Knew how many of you there would be. Knew the time when you would live, space you for your life time. All this is in the program of the MOST HIGH.

QUESTIONER;--I want you to explain something to me. I had a vision and I always wondered about the resurrection of this old body which goes back to dust. I had this vision about 15 years ago, my grandmother was 84 years old when she died, and I had this vision like I had gone into the heavenly plain and there sat my grandmother. She wasn't old, she seemed about 32 years of age.

ANSWER;--That is right she wouldn't be, that is vitality, they won't be resurrected as old people either, they will not have one wrinkle.

QUESTIONER;--Then explain this to me, for there was a beautiful lake there and trees and I said to her:--"Are you going to go back into that old body again at the resurrection?" She said:--"No. I have had my resurrection." I said:--"but isn't there going to be a resurrection day?" She answered:---"Yes. But I am alive. This is resurrection for the dead. Ye who believe in Christ are not dead." There is no death for believers in Christ. She said that is the first resurrection. "I do not need that old body. This is my spiritual body." So she was saying there will be a resurrection only for the dead; those who do not believe. So there are two deaths; those who do not believe in Christ are dead already. ANSWER:---Yes. But I want to tell you right now, grandmother was in her Celestial body alright. She doesn't have to re-dawn her Celestial body. But this physical body shall be raised. And every element of its being will be transformed into the age of full maturity. but for everlasting will be full maturity. This is what is coming to pass. Ever since the days of Christ, the children of Adam have been returning to Him. All the white race are aware of Christ and the transition immediately is putting on Celestial bodies to a degree. The others putting on Celestial bodies move into areas of instruction which brings them back up to the status they should have had in earth. But in the hour of Christ's return, in that resurrection, everyone of the dead in Christ return and that body shall be raised. That old body is raised, but transformed in the elements of its being. It never assumes again the age of that individual at death. But assumes the pattern of maturity. What you heard was right as to that existence. Your grandmother will never have to put on the body of age. But she will put on the body of youthfulness in this existence. She had a Celestial body. And sure, she won't have to give it up again. But all that goes with the physical body will be raised to go with it to insure the defeat of Lucifer.

QUESTION:---But I thought the physical body was the exact image of the spiritual?

ANSWER:---It is. They look alike. Remember, the physical body is the image of the invisible God. The body of the man Christ Jesus was the exact image of the invisible God. The man Christ Jesus is the image of the spirit.

QUESTION:---The last thing she said, that I could never figure out, ---she said:--now you have just taken the Angel out of the Bible.

ANSWER:---Now. Some visions take on dimensions. Sometimes visions take on the image of things we have believed. The vision will run into the spiritual and then it hits the subconscious pattern in our subconscious mind. So we get a composite picture. And then when we remember back, the things which the brain will coordinate, you have a three dimensional picture. But the thing still remains that the word Angel in the Bible is translated from the word ministering spirit. Now, there are Angels which are Seraphims, and Angels which are Cherubims. And Angels who are men. Because all of the offspring of the MOST HIGH are also called Angels. We can turn to the writings of the Apostle Paul and he says:--'What did you approach to? Did you come to the mountain burning with fire as did Moses? No. You came to Mount Sinai; you came to the church of the LIVING GOD; came to the spirits of just men made perfect; came to a multiple company of ministering spirits.' But they were called Angels----See?

So the ability to transverse the spirit realm even tho you are in a Celestial body, you are still a ministering spirit living in a spiritual realm and the word for ministering spirit, has been erroneously translated in all times by the theologians--as Angels. This is a true statement. Actually the Angels of heaven,--the Seraphins and Cherubs--are ministering spirits also made to serve you, the family of God. But in most instances the Angels in the company around the Kingdom are children of the Kingdom. And lots of people, God suddenly takes home,--people say:--'why did he die? why did that one die?' Well, there was a reason God wanted him there and he had some work to do while still in the Kingdom. Because the ministering spirits or Angels are standing guard over you. There is a ministering Angel for each one of you of the Kingdom of God on the face of the earth. They are interested in the Kingdom. They are heirs of the Kingdom. And therefore, the children of God who have passed back into the spirit are interested in influencing and protecting the children of the Kingdom who are still here in the flesh. So you see, it is a rather tight organization and hasn't any chance of loosing, because there is no such loss for God's Kingdom. The areas of death are not realistic to the child who understands the Gospel of the Kingdom as they are to those who don't know. In fact even the Methodist and the Baptist and the Presbyterian Church that are blind to Kingdom, to them, death is a much more sinister situation. They weep with a much more emotional despair to some degree. And they know as all orthodox churches, that Christ will return and the dead will be brought back etc. But they don't perceive the fact that there is an active continuity of life. Some churches think that the dead, when they die, are dead till the resurrection. Some identity people are like this. For instance, Record and others are silly enough to think that you lay there dead until the resurrection; that the dead in Christ will rise first.--See? But that is explained in the scripture. He says that their spirits He will bring with HIM. And then we who are alive and remain will also be changed in the elements of our beings. So these are areas where orthodoxy is a heterodoxy, because people will believe things which are not necessarily true. So we can believe all the words out of the mouth of God and all the mysteries of the Kingdom. But the resurrection is the arch and keystone of the Christian faith. From this all the fulcrum joins.

So God does give dreams to His children. He says in the book of Joel that in the later days He will pour out His spirit upon His sons and His daughters. And they shall dream dreams and shall see visions. This is scriptural. Those that see visions and revelations, this is from God. It is not fanaticism as some people say. They just don't know. In otherwords, if they knew the scripture, they would know that God is going to teach His people 'Line on line, precept on precept.' Some people never get dreams. But this doesn't mean that they are any the less prepared. But God has given some a gift of discernment greater than others until they can discern and tell who the rascals are here on earth and so forth. But even with that, there are very few spiritual gifts which cannot be inherited by people here in earth. For people discover that God has given them some gifts and then some don't know it. They just use it. Women especially, have a gift of discernment. And men get this but women don't have to have any reason for this. See? They may not even know it. After all, if a woman says stay away from that fellow. He is no good. This is probably so. But God protects them with this gift if they will use it at all.

In fact God gives everyone a gift of discernment. A hooked nose Jew can have his nose changed and everything else. You won't recognize him. But you won't trust him. there is an affinity about this. I don't care how he is changed. This is a gift of discernment. And of course, if a man desires the gift and prays to God for it, he will get it. In fact, he can have all the gifts of the spirit. See? I think all the gifts are good, And there is one you would use least. I think the Apostle Paul knew what he was talking about as he said there was one you would use the least. He said:--"I speak in tongues now more than all of you. But I would rather speak one word in my known tongue than 10,000 in an unknown tongue, because if a man can't understand it, then it's no good to him. And if other people can't understand it, then it doesn't do them any good.

I don't for a moment, deny that there has been tongues and interpretations. I don't know if the Bible translation is accurate. For there may have been some fumbling in the translation of the present Greek about this gift of tongues. Yet Jesus never spoke in tongues. And many who follow Jesus never speak in tongues. And yet there are many that do. We have nothing against speaking in tongues. But I will have to say 95% of all the speaking or interpretation or prophecies I ever heard in that order--ever came to pass. The time is far gone for them to come pass. And even the people who were supposed to be anti-Christ, they are all dead. And nothing came of their prophecies. So I am convinced that after a sharp study of this that 95% of the activities of this now known under apostelism 95% of this was a type of energetic fanaticism; a design to do what they thought was right; to get more of God, etc. And even some of this congregation moved out into this. But all they can see is God in colored lights and so forth. In otherwords, I am convinced that this is an area of emotionism which they had been taught to seek. And this largely plays a part in this. All the other gifts of Lucifer cannot duplicate very easily. But he does very easily duplicate the gift of tongues. The pagans in Africa, for instance, can talk and scream in tongues. And many times missionaries are agasp because these people are so profane. But they are the witch doctors. But the gifts of love, of mercy, of Grace, the gifts which deal with all the things God has pointed out, these seem to be the most important gifts. At the same time there may be an area of eloquence God can bestow upon man so they can perceive the light and understand the doctrines of Pentecostalism. But we understand these doctrines and stories and everything upon which it has been predicated. We do not say the doctrine of --sometimes speaking in unknown tongues is not true---because Paul said that when a man speaks in an unknown tongue, he speaks not as to man but as unto God. We think that 95% of this today is out of an area of emotionalism. And it develops an area of psychosis with people. And they turn it on and off at will altho they may not be aware of this.

QUESTION:---I think these are 3 different types of spirits which move people. The spirit of God moves people, and familiar spirits move people.---

ANSWER:---I don't think the spirit of God moves people into unlikely conditions.

QUESTION:---No--No--But there are these 3 types of spirit. And their emotionalism will move them. And if you are trying to do something, you better be sure it is the spirit of God which is moving you.

ANSWER:---I think the thing to do is to seek the best gifts first and then if you make an error no one will know about it.---Ha.

QUESTION:---On the resurrection---in Ezekiel 37--is this valley of dry bones the same resurrection?

ANSWER:---No. Not necessarily. This resurrection of the dry bones is the army of Israel. It stands as god spiritually calls on the house of Israel to stand up. It may be a type of resurrection, but God is speaking as He does when church and state lay dead in the streets of Babylon which is divided into three cities. Egypt: a type or center of bondage (world order); Babylon: religious bondage (by the manipulation of money): and Jerusalem: where the LORD was crucified. So not two men because you can't cut the heads off of two men in three different cities. So actually it is church and state almost put to death in the days which we are just completing. The church has come out with its statement of apostasy as the majority of the churches move out into the National Council of Churches, and the World Council of Churches. The state moves into the United Nations and World Council and it is as tho church and state were dead in the streets. Then as we come up out of it and God sounds His voice before His armies, He says to Ezekiel:--'Can these dry bones live?' For they are very, very dry. The bones were broken up, no tissue on them, the bodies were dismembered. God then said:--'Can these bones live?' And the spirit came upon Ezekiel and he was told to prophecy to these bones. And as he did this, it was as tho the wind blew out of the north, south, east and west. And the bones started to shake and come together. Bone came to bone into good solid skeletons. And He said to Ezekiel again:--'Can these bones live?' Ezekiel said:--'Only thou know.' But he prophesied and flesh and tissue grew upon those bones and finally the great army of Israel lay out there. And then Ezekiel called upon the name of YAHWEH to breathe upon the bones and breath and life came to them until a great and mighty army of God's Kingdom stood upon their feet. So this is God quickening the consciousness of His people Israel, calling them by race and background. And they rise up to conquer the anti-Christ. These are the soldiers of God who will arise. This is God calling upon Israel today; waking her out of her sleep. For the next thing God talks about is the two sticks ----the house of Joseph and his companions and the house of Judah and his companions. this is god in the latter days bringing them together, Germany and the Anglo-Saxons and all their brethren. Now they are one stick in His hands. And this stick He turns against the anti-Christ and wins with them. This is the chapter of the re-awakening of who they are. They are standing on their feet a great and mighty army. And then they are defeating the armies of the darkness; the forces of evil. This runs in sequence with the one stick in His hands. I think as of now we have been as dead bones. But the children of God are being brought to the realization of who they are. We now know the content of the scripture and we know we are God's Israel. We know we are the house of God. And that we shall take the Kingdom and possess it. Nothing else is on our minds. Nothing else is important but taking this Kingdom and ruling in it as we are supposed to do, and running the rascals out. One thing the Jews know, they say there is one factor that is dangerous. They say that once anti-Semitism is no longer recognized by people, once they learn the Gospel of the Kingdom, then they never get them back. This is why they have to stop this. And they call the Gospel of the Kingdom the most terrible thing. But this is Satan's children talking. So learning about the Kingdom is the best thing we can learn. All these parables, these dreams and mysteries are all fulfilled in time and history. And I think we are in the apex of this now. I think we will see lots more visions. I think we will be watching miracle s as the supernatural power of God reaches out to His people as this take place. QUESTION:---I have a grandmother who os 104. She is quite alert, but why is she being kept here?

ANSWER:---Well, I don't know. Maybe she is to stay until the Lord comes. I really believe that in three or four years, we will have the climax of all these events. It could go ten or 15 years, but for the Elects sake, the time is to be shortened. I will tell you this, that if they Atom bomb us this year, then within two years, the LORD will be here.

QUESTION:---My grandmother always said she would never grow old.

ANSWER:---Well, maybe the spirit in her isn't old. The thing is if she is alert--well, there is a lot of things I can tell you about death. It is unnecessary. See? In otherwords, we can stay alive as long as we have the act of Faith clearly activated. You don't have to die. If you believe that the spirit of Life in Christ Jesus is in you, then it makes you free of the law of sin and death. And now if--we are free of the law of sin and death, there is only one manifestation we wait for. The Apostle Paul said he waited for it but hadn't as yet attained it. But we wait for the manifestation of the sons of God. This is when Life swallows up even the process of death and you refuse to die.

Remember now, the devil has no claim on me. He may try to make me sick and all this, but he has no claim on me because the spirit of Life in the resurrection in Christ has made me free from the law of sin and death. Oh, I may be swept away and die but I will die still believing this. See? The Apostle Paul said:--'I have not yet obtained it. I know what I want. I know what I have it. But I have not attained it.' What he had not yet attained was the power of the resurrection. He said he thought the reason for this was because he had stood by and held the coat of Stephen when he was stoned. He had transgressed. This was what held him back. And yet he knew he shouldn't accuse himself of this because the Grace of God had blotted out all this transgression. There wasn't one thing left yet against him. But somehow in the infirmity of his flesh, he was still accusing himself of the areas of his transgression. People know that they make mistakes here in the flesh and they accuse the flesh. And they hold themselves in what they think is repentance, but they hold themselves laboring under some of the judgements of their transgression. And they could throw it off, cast it aside and forget it because God says:--'I will remove your transgressions as far as the east is from the west, and remember them no more." But they remember. But is they could cast it aside and forget it. See? and if they can recognize it, they are absolutely free from the law of sin and death.

Now, this Lucifer cannot claim---he cannot claim the body of the individual thru the blood of Christ. See? If people could understand that the blood of Christ has set them free, they can then live forever if they have the capacity to do this.

Now, some men---lets fact it.--Some men have lived forever. The Apostle Paul talked about this. That some men had lived forever. In the books written by the early prophets and fathers, you can see this. Some in their congregations just disappeared and never returned. See?

QUESTION:---Lazarus was raised. Did he die again?

ANSWER:---I don't know what happened to him. But it tells me that a man only has to die once. So I don't know that he died again. But the Jews wanted to put him to death again. They so hated the fact that Jesus had raised him that it says they plotted as to how to put him to death again.

A miracle can happen and they want to fight the miracle. They just can't stand this. They can't stand for Christ to succeed. But people fight this way of thinking. They expect death. An insurance man came to sell me insurance. I said:--'Why should I buy insurance from you? I would be paying your company money betting with you as to whether or not I am going to die." He said:--'Oh, you will die. Everybody dies.' I said:--'No. You are betting that I will pay you more money in premiums than you will pay me if I die. So if your company is going to bet on me living, I am going to bet on it too.' He stood there a moment and then he said:--'You don't think you are going to die?'---I answered:--'No.' And I quoted him the passage that the law of the spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free of the law of sin and death. So I don't think I am going to die.

Now, there is something else. You are coming back. The LORD says when I present to myself--my wife--Israel--this church--will not have one wrinkle, one spot or one blemish. That means that the older people will become young. There won't be one spot or blemish. Even these scars will go. Even those who got themselves will lose them. Most of them wish they could lose them anyway. This is one factor you can count on. God has promised to renew the youth of all of His household, the entire household of Israel.

I have known some---all it takes is to get across what God is ready to do and when we start to think His thoughts, we start to get His results. These things may seem impossible, but they are not. And one of these days the world will know.

(end of tape.)