01-13-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:... I have heard the word mentioned here of Inner-earth.

ANSWER:... Yes, a lot of people in there might want out. Ha.

QUESTION:... Where does choice or self-will come into ones experience?

ANSWER:... Well, it is with self-will that people get into trouble. In the first place our race came out of the Celestial, being begotten in the Celestial of the spirit. Then of course we will only go briefly into this because most of you now know that the Celestial plains are dimensions of light, energy and organization. And that it is no less a tangible realm just because it is spiritual than there is in a physical plain. We are going to classify these words:...consciously, repetitiously, continually because one can't understand anything concerning the plains of spirit until they realize it is just a dimension. And that as we talk about something being spiritual it is a plain of Light, it is a dimension in which a Celestial being is formed. And of course there are many plains in Gods Universe. We have the electronic plain which is the plain of all material creation which can be tested in the chemical law. Anything which can come thru the test tubes, anything which reflects the particles of light, and has a spectrographic analyst, and can be synthesized in electronic energy, protons, electrons....so this again is the physical dimension. The spiritual dimension is a dimension of Light, and Light has weight, has particles, has velocities. Light can be slowed down by the density of what it travels thru, by environment, by different wave lengths of different vibratory fields outside of its own. Therefore when we say....synthesized out of Light, from various experiences of the Apostle Paul, and various others who went into the plain of spirit and came back, they said:... 'whether in the body or spirit they could not tell.' These Celestial plains and Celestial beings have form and shape. The physical body is the exact image of the Celestial body as far as shape and form and dimension is concerned. This is why the scripture says the physical body is the express image of the Celestial body.

Now; the physical body ages and the Celestial body never ages, it has the synthesis of energy which knows no disintegration. Light does not disintegrate, and because of this we recognize that we have a Celestial body and a Celestial mind. Since the Celestial mind is synthesized out of the accumulations of energy on a Light plain that does not break down, it does not change...it is Eternal....its truths remain unchangeable. A physical body has a physical brain, we have nerve tendrils around these nerves where we store nasson electrons. And these electrons are laid down layer upon layer as we, through the senses, experience this in the physical environment.

So in such a physical environment we record, we touch, sound, taste, and all these patterns. Everything is by comparison, thus it is that we have learned to identify the things in a physical world in which we live by appearance, by sight, by sound, and by its taste, have learned to go thru this pattern of the senses. So we have stored up these images in our thinking, and of course we think as we see. The eyes are quite an instrument because we think in color, and as such we record it, and as we think, these process of thinking, you can't intelligently look around, even tho you don't think about it...until miliamps of energy are being created by you and laid layer upon layer around these tendrils. And while you are seeing and experiencing these things these are stored electrons. They are evolving electrons around the various nerves of the physical brain. So by this process we store memory. So within this pattern all remembrance in a physical world is stored electronically around tendrils of the nerves.

This is why memory is such a remarkable factor. This is why a soul consciousness resident in a physical body is an intellectual thinking personality. So that you, the individual, are a thinking being. The soul consciousness is actually synthesized to the dimension of the thinking of the being.....Exist Entelism (realism), is the major process of the soul. The soul must constantly be aware of its existence, and therefore it can be resident in a physical body, and it is using all the senses to think. But as you reside in this physical body you don't let the hand determine what it is going to do, you tell the hand what it is going to do. You make it do this. You think of this body as an instrument to get around in. Also since it has to embody your consciousness you try to take pretty good care of it. Some people get so interested in thinking that they sometimes forget to take care of the body, but the fact remains that this is your residence. At the same time your soul consciousness has existed ages before it came to reside in this physical body. It existed in Celestial plains, in a spiritual body, in a body synthesized out of Light. Where as this physical body has a physical brain which picks up sense images then out of these sense images stores them as experiences, remembrances. Your soul personally analyses and absorbs all the things that experience gives it. So your soul grows and is fed by experience, by knowledge, by things which happen. And if your soul wants to meditate on yesterday it starts on what happened yesterday going around the nerve tendrils, and these electrons start to evolve again, and any part of yesterday can be erected in your mind, or even five years ago...or anything your soul decided it wants to think about. The electrons start to revolve again round the tendrils of the physical brain. But at the same time your Celestial body had a wave length of Light Energy. This Celestial body also recorded light knowledge and experiences of all that you experienced from the days of your Celestial birth, and all this pattern. Of course there might be some here tonight who do not know what Celestial birth is but the Celestial birth belongs to every white man on the face of the Earth. Every white man was born originally in the heavens before he was born in Earth, was born in a plain or dimension of spirit.

Thus being born of the Spirit he was the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD who designed to have a family, and started His Celestial progeny who were spirit of HIS Spirit, Light of His Light. As such existed with HIM since HE started the preparation of His family ages before He created this solar system. He explains this to Job when He said:...'where were you when I laid out the measures? Where were you when I laid out the lines...etc? And Job said:...'Oh, yes, I am just a mortal, but God said:...no you are full of years, and I can bring this to your remembrance. But where were you when the morning stars (Archangels & Heavenly Hosts) sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy?' Thus the sons of God were with the Father before the world was framed. Sons of God are not Angels. If you turn to the book of Hebrews you find that it says:...'To which of the Angels did HE ever say at any time:...'Thou art my Sons'. So Angelic orders are not the sons of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA (God), they are created beings some of them with the capacities of propagation of their own kind, and others in different categories and areas do not propagate. But there are propagating hosts of the Angelic order. But the sons of God are offspring of HIS own Spirit, and since God is Spirit then His own offspring have to be of Spirit. So they were the first fruits of His Spirit. Since then HE has created many things throughout the Universe. Before we were begotten as the children of His Spirit there were then beings created in various planets who walked upright, who fell into the general image of what we call God. Because man is in the image of what we call God, whether the son of God or a created being.

When this solar system was created the first beings upon it were the people from the Steppes of Asia, the Tungus people. Today they are the background people of the oldest people who lived on the earth. Their fossils are the oldest, their civilizations are the oldest in the elementary deposits of earth. Also we have the oldest anthropology connected with them. There were ages of history which came by and of course the Luciferian revolt brought in other people. Negroes came in from outer space, they came in the battles of Lucifer against God, and in the defeat of these hosts by Michael the Archangel, and this landed them in earth. They...serving Lucifer...following in this direction become integrated into earths history. But your race never came to earth until God decided to put the earth in order with His own sons.

Now; HE planned this from the beginning, before the foundation of the world; before Lucifers final vestige of rebellion finally ended him in this solar system. He had known these things would happen which did take place. I point out to you that the Father told us many things that were going to happen. What so ever God hath purposed to do HE shall bring this to pass. This is why He says in the book of Isaiah concerning these things, that his purposes shall stand, that he shall do all these things..'Do all His pleasure'. There isn't any way to stop or stay what God intends to do.

So when God refers to His patterns HE says:...Fear not, be not dismayed'. Then tells about the positiveness with which He intends to accomplish His purposes. In this same situation this deals with every living consciousness which is in His Universe as well. There isn't any way for God to stop what God intends to do. So in this thing God had many conversations with His family. After all you say, but how old am I? Well, this might be hard to evaluate. But the Spirit which is in you was begotten of the Father before the world was framed. And it has no disintegration, it does not age, it is eternally vital, and of course your Spirit is capable of thinking any thoughts which come from the mind of God.

Now; like a built in receiving set, you being Spirit of His Spirit, that which is spiritual knowledge or spiritual truth is automatically an area of consciousness. So you as a celestial person thought all things as the Father thought. You are after all the only offspring of His Spirit.

Now; get this clear....God created races in various planets. The word CREATE means to make or to form. He assembled them out of the electronic materials of which He had created the solar system, or the elements of Earth. This is one of the reasons why the record of creation says:...'God formed man of the dust of the earth.' This is really fallacious in the areas of its translation, but not as to what the original tongue had said. God synthesized the bodies of men out of the same elements of which all the physical universe was made, not dust of the earth. He didn't make a mud ball and then shape it up and breathe into it and it had life. Man isn't a chunk of mud, this is not the way man was made. And as I use this word man, I am now talking about the beings created in earth. So when we talk about these people of Genesis 1, created in the 6th., day....'Male and female created He them'. They were formed out of the same elements and they lived in the earth. This was the Tungus man and their societies in earth.

The creation of the 7th., day man, is not to create of form but....BARA... to bring forth Issue. On the 7th., day God said there was no Adamite to till the soil, so this is talking about a different race, the white (Light) race. The children of God who came out of Celestial dominions and were to be placed in earth, so that God brought forth an Issue, and this Issue was the physical body of the Adamic man. This physical body was also made in an electronic plain so we could occupy physical areas of the Universe, like the earth, to which we were coming. So the physical body of Adam was also synthesized by birth out of the same energies electronically with which the physical Universe was made. But the difference between Adam and the 6th., day creation was that originally Adam was enveloped in LIGHT which was a wavelength of spiritual energy. And this which when the fullness of such spirit...untouched...is affecting the occupation of a body, it surrounded it with a wave length of such sheer energy that it was immunized to a great extent so that nothing could disintegrate or hurt the body in the normal, physical realm. The soul consciousness which had been resident in the spirit now found itself resident in a physical body. As a babe started to mature now he has to learn the languages, to find his way in a new world that he had never lived in before. So by this process he was now gathering a sense knowledge, and a veil was pulled down over his remembrance. Thus after the fall of the race he didn't remember all the knowledge, wisdom and process which he had possessed in the spirit. Because anything hereto had been sort of open to him...in the mind of God... except for areas of experience he had not had.

This being true we might say what is the difference between free will and predestination upon the part and program of God? This is then quite easy to explain in this contest. When God has laid out a blueprint for the ages, some of these blueprints are laid out for thousands of years. We realize that even before he decided to explain this to us, such as the Star of Bethlehem...going out for 124,000 years, then coming in on time, and out of the head of Aquila and crossing to the head of Virgo...then it took 124,000 years to move that star into the position which HE wanted it to be. Before He discussed this with Enoch or brought it to his remembrance so that he might have it outlined and the Wisemen of our race should know what to look for, this star was on its way. Enoch was told to look for this star 5,000 years before Christ, and this star was set in motion long before this.

Thus understanding this we realize that God's plan has reached out in endless tomorrows for 'Eye has not seen, nor ear heard'...sometimes what HE has planned for his household, or translated..'For they who love HIM.' Therefore God has a Sovereign destiny outlined, and as we have said before.. we volunteered to come into the world. We saw Lucifers rebellion...for Lucifer, an Archangel, rebelling against the plan of God...all because he didn't want God to have a family, even back there before you were conceived in the Spirit. When Lucifer discovered that God was going to begat a Celestial household, and thus have a family; as this came to Lucifers attention he was jealous for he was not an offspring but a created being. He carried the title of 'sun of the morning', but he was not an offspring. So jealous of this he tried to argue with God, but there was no surprise in the mind of God, for he knew this was in a permissive realm. But Lucifer argued about this, he said he wasn't going to tell this to anyone under his control, and he had one quarter of the Universe because he was an Archangel. So this is where we get the words..Shaton..Devil..Devioss... because Lucifer refused to reflect the LIGHT.

Of course after the multiplicity of God's sons..we don't know how many eons directly, but the fact was that Lucifer finally revolted. But we didn't have to participate much in this because the Archangels and the armies of heaven gathered and there was a war in heaven. And they tried to use the synthesis of how things were put together..nuclear energy..and so forth. And then because there were beings who lived in the various parts of the solar system and Lucifer controlled his parts of the heavens so he gathered men, and he had Angels who rebelled with him when he was able to deceive them into thinking he was as great as YAHWEH. So they made weapons for their warriors, and they had axmen and swordsmen and since you couldn't use axes and swords against spirits then they were going to wage war against people of other planets. And if they didn't surrender they planned to chop them up. This was Lucifer in his rebellion. So YAHWEH put together things and Lucifer planned to take them apart, to destroy. This was to be his pattern.

Then YAHWEH turned to Michael and said:...I make you leader over all my hosts, over all my fleets, over all these great vessels which come and go. Therefore you are going to have to resist, to put down this rebellion of Lucifer's. So synthesis of knowledge also involves other factors, and the technology of heavenly factors always could surpass that of Lucifer. They could disintegrate his ships in mid air, anywhere in the Universe...so there was a war in the heavens. The 12th., chapter of Revelations tells us about this. I have numerous documents which refer to this war. I find it woven into the Old Testament, and into other books not canonized. But remember that Lucifer had set up his will as to what he was going to do. The book of Isaiah tells you a little about this, and as does the book of Ezekiel..I will do this...I will do that and set myself above the MOST HIGH GOD. So Lucifers will was the area of his downfall. He willed that he would do this, or do that and as he willed, he opposed the MOST HIGH.

In the Scripture we are told that Lucifer was as the Sun of the Morning, the anointed Cherub that covereth, but he set himself up to oppose the MOST HIGH. The 28th., chapter of Ezekiel tells us that the beginning of transgression lies in the rebellion of Angelic will..the Luciferian will. Thus the WILL was the area wherein trouble first takes place. There was no exaltation of Will, he says about Lucifer:..'Behold! Thou art wiser than Daniel; there is no secret that they can hide from thee; with thy wisdom and with thy understanding thou hast gotten gold and silver unto thy treasuries, thou thinks you have become God. And you say you will set in the seat of God.' But after this God talks about his judgments..'Thou sealest up the sum full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty. Thou has been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, the diamond'....and so forth. 'Thou art the anointed Cherub that covereth; and I set thee so, thou was upon the holy mountain of God.' In otherwords Lucifer walked in the presence of God, and at this time in this book of Ezekiel then YAHWEH identified him as the king of Tyre. But then pointed out to Lucifer how he set his Will against the MOST HIGH GOD. How he trafficked with the Angels, how he rebelled, how he tried to set up kingdoms in the earth, all this is a part of the warfare, struggle and defeat of the Luciferian rebellion. The twelfth chapter of Revelation of course deals with Lucifers war against HIM. This is the WILL..I will do this...I will do that...Lucifer WILLED to do this.

Now; the answer is in the book of Romans as it relates to the family of God. Because they operate in the Spirit on Divine Will. Because their cognition of their existence is one with the Will of God. Nobody in the plain of Spirit who is the offspring of God ever violated the laws of God in the plain of Spirit. Lucifer was not the offspring of God...he was created but he violated a law in the Spirit. So we bring this to your attention where the book of Romans deals with this to a degree. 'Children not being yet born having done neither good nor evil, that the purpose of God might stand.' A purpose according to his election to accomplish HIS WILL. God knew the part you were going to play, the Mosaic you were going to build into life. Thus HE said:...'The eldest shall serve the youngest as it is written...Jacob have I love and Esau have I assued' (not selected). This is based on experiences and conditions thru which he would pass... which the MOST HIGH knew about. And even knew about before they happened. Then Scripture says:...'Shall we say there is unrighteousness with God? God forbid!' HE said to Moses:...'I shall have mercy upon whom I shall have mercy, and compassion upon who I shall have compassion.' Then...thus 'it is not of him who willeth, nor of him that runneth but of God that sheweth mercy.' (Romans 9:16) For instance... Pharaoh who was of a line influenced by Lucifer in the days of Moses, he was carrying out the work of the Priesthood of darkness trying to hold the kingdom in bondage, absorb it, or break it. So he said:...I raised him up, but I knew about him before hand, but this raising up was to show MY power thru out the earth. But at the same time God said he would have mercy upon whom HE would have mercy, and whom he will he hardeneth. So who will say unto ME who doth he find fault? For who hath resisted his will? ...and of Pharaoh...I didn't find fault, I just defeated him, just brought judgment on him because of the area of service which he followed, but ...I am God, and I know the opposition, but I also know MY powers. I know that in the fullness of time I can make Lucifer worship at My feet, I can redeem all flesh, put all back in order. But I will now let evil run its course, battle my kingdom, battle my household, then I will transplant my household as they volunteer..willing to go...from heaven to earth so that the offspring of God will dwell in the heaviest concentration of all evil which has ever been placed in one place, and still they will rise, and triumph in earth. They will put down the darkness until Lucifer or no one in the Universe will refuse to acknowledge that my sons have a right to reign with me...BIRTHRIGHT! Anything they lack I will add to their condition until they conform to my own Image. I will give them in earth a permissive will...in otherwords I have told them what I want them to do, I have made known to them what they should do. I will bestow upon them all knowledge and wisdom. They will fall, they will listen to Luciferian seduction and lose their power, lose their immortality in a physical body, but I will restore it to them. But in this process this race is going to have experiences. They will take these experiences and evaluate them, but I will give them MY LAWS, I will make a covenant with this race. I will develop this race because they are my kinsman in the flesh, my offspring. The body they reside in was not just a creation but is related to me. They are my offspring...Spirit of My Spirit, and Flesh of My Flesh. I have planted my offspring in the earth...BARA..to bring forth in birth.

Now; we point out that the Scripture then says that since they were his household, and HE had placed them in the earth, the HE intended to take them thru the various processes. He bestowed the law on them. He said:.. 'do this and you will be blessed, don't do this and judgments will come upon you because the law is inflexible, the law is made to adapt a person to my Universe as I have created it, in each and every factor of the law.. whether chemical law, mathematical law, social law which also relates to emotional law, or economical law. You don't change it, you don't even have to know about the law and it still works. You might be an ignorant cannibal who never saw a fire, he might not know it was hot, but just because he didn't know the law doesn't save him from getting burned. So the law still works, and remember the law was not given to anyone but one of Spirit, because no one else would have cognition of the law except by trial and error in its physical manifestations. So they found the law by experience, and you found it by revelation as God bestowed upon you the knowledge of the law and its results of violations.

Now; he lets you have this much permissive will. He gave you the permissive will so you could violate the law, and be chastised and punished by the law. And He also preserved for Himself the right to throw conditions in your environment to wake you up or make you do what He wanted you to do or to chastise you according to this.

At the same time He has a perfect Will of Destiny which involves nations and the ultimate arrival of the Kingdom. He called certain men to be Patriarchs and He predestined this before the foundation of the world. Having pre-determined this they will react, even tho they might have been rebellious sometime in their life. Or they might not have kept HIS law. But when He is ready He will pour out such a wave length of cognition and energy that makes the Celestial break thru to the soul consciousness. And maybe by experience He does this, but remember God can bring forth any son that He wishes to call, He can make known anything He wished to make known. Thus it was that He could bring back the remembrance of Jeremiah when he was a Prophet. He could bring back everything he saw before the foundations of the present creation when the old world was going thru catastrophe and upheaval, when cities were wiped out in antiquity, when continents sank beneath the waters and ice ages descended upon the earth. All these catastrophes He could bring back to the mind of Jeremiah because Jeremiah had been with HIM before he ever dwelt in earth. Spiritually Jeremiah was a real entity and could behold this.

Now; this is the reason why, when we talk about free will then there is no one free until he is set free from the bondage of sin and error. As long as you are in superstition or darkness and don't know the truth you may think you are free but you really are not free because you are governed by error. There are a lot of people of our own race in our land right now who think they have been informed, but they have been informed by propaganda, by the world government forces, by the Anti-Christ of things God is opposed to. They have been informed by the wrong kind of teachers in our schools, and this is our fault because we were given as a race, as a nation certain responsibilities. We were never to permit unassimilatable people to come into our society who are against our God. We were never to permit these other races to come in and take over. Never under Old Testament laws were we to do this, or to let them instruct our children. But what has happened? We have let them come in, let them take over the areas of our government and our economy. Ted had one basic immigration policy, the stranger shall not come in and dwell among you. He can only remain a given length of time, and never integrate with you, never take him into your...households.. except he be a servant with the capacity to serve, and this with only certain races, some you cannot even do this with. And if they are pagan forces they are not to be admitted at all.

Now; the laws of God were vital here...when people disobey these laws great catastrophes happen. God gave us the law and it says if you let these people come in you will lose in your economy, they will teach your children to serve other gods, you will lose your spiritual vision, your civilization will start going down. I will bring this chastisement on you. I will punish you severely for this thing.

Today our troubles come from these unassimilatable people. We should never have let anyone come into these United States from the time we were forming our colonies...that deny that Jesus is the Christ. We should not have let anyone not of our race in here, this is Biblical Law. And upon such law we form the discriminate laws such as immigration which were made to keep out all the Asiatics, all the non-whites who could not be assimilated, this was what the law was for.

Now; we would point out that all the troubles our civilization gets into is when we violate Divine Law. These violations cause all our troubles so we learn with these experiences. But when we say we have permissive will, there is only an area where in the permissive will gets out of line. But he doesn't let us reach the point where there is a destruction to our entity as a being. So this is one of these things we also site to you. There are certain individuals who don't have as much latitude as others, because God has a very special destiny in which HE is going to use them so he doesn't give them the latitude that others might have because others might be absorbing the impact of this collision of ideas, because we are a Celestial household, physically embodied in the world.

This is the reason Jesus said:...They are not of the world just as I am not of the world. Then as HE being the LORD from Heaven, and we being Celestial children born into the world from heaven, then repetition only strengthens this in your remembrance:...Since the children of God were in bodies of flesh He took upon Himself a body like they had'..to be like His relatives, and wasn't ashamed to call them His children. Proving once again that they were Celestial children...strangers and pilgrims in the earth.

Now; again...remember this, there is no way for a man to get out of destiny. There is no way for a man of God's household to get into a condition where he will lose his existence as a son, or cease to be a son. He can be a prodigal son but...'Thou art my son'. You might be a son who is lost and is found, but you never cease to be a son just because of the condition of your own mind. In otherwords when an individual is lost it isn't because God doesn't know where he is. It is because he doesn't know where he is in relationship to God. So they aren't lost...they just don't know who they are, where they are, or where they come from, or where they are going so a person like this is just lost.

Now; today we have a very strange area of Semantics which teaches that someone who is lost is eternally separated from God unless they say a few words at an altar and find themselves restored by making God happy with what they have said. But while they are lost if they were to die they would immediately be thrown into a flaming burning perdition of the Netherworld where this fallen Angel..Lucifer, who has been fighting God all the time will torture them forever and forever because they had disobeyed God. Of course this is a fantastic lie anyway because why would the devil who was fighting God...torture people he won over to his side? In otherwords if they landed in his clutches he would be recruiting for his army so he wouldn't particularly want to torture them, and he wouldn't do this to please God so why would he do this? In otherwords the devil is fighting God not trying to please Him. You say...but God throws them down there for disobeying, ....but who is going to do the torturing?

No, we point out that as we talk about Free Will and Divine Will...if people are trying to relate this to an eventual condition of the soul, or that an individual is going to be confined to a position of Eternal punishment this is a non-reality. Because to be saved is to find your relationship back to God. And as such your relationship in the earth. The most important thing is to get men to do things which are right, to save them from error, to stop sin. When we say sin we mean this is a violation of Divine law. Sin kills mens bodies, sin injures, sin destroys. Sin will break up homes, and in economy creates depressions, and catastrophes. Sin lays foundations for wars, sin is just violations of law! There are also mechanical sins, which can cause nuclear explosions, or create great catastrophes. Also there are areas wherein you sin against the ground, by not following Divine Law you exhaust the soil. You don't fallow or rest the soil and let it build up, you don't plow under as God told you to do. So what happens...you have a dust bowl or desert where you had blessings. So...what is this but the punishment you receive for breaking a law. Not that God got angry but by disobeying you ruined what God made. And He gave you the intelligence to know enough not to do it.

Ages ago the Asiatics, under violations of primitive law and Lucifers rebellion created the Gobi desert. It was once great teak wood forests, a massive teak wood forest, with high teak wood trees. In fact in this violation they cut down all the trees, made houses or sold the trees and made Temples out of them until there wasn't anything left. They didn't plant or leave any seed, so it soon was a desert as the rains stopped. When the trees all leave you don't get rain, except it comes from areas where there is trees, as atmospheric pressures carry the clouds. But there are lots of factors like this.

Now they had laws in those ancient days, and they violated them like we do. So these are just laws that function and they do work. So there is a Permissive Will and God lets you go cut up all your forests, lets you tear things up, but we are here in the midst of things and we are learning in these experiences all the time. At the same time He has a perfect Will which you cannot get away from. You may be buffeted by the enemy, given the propaganda of the enemy, and we have watched America in the last 25 years just going down the hill thru socialism and Communism because we let Jews come into America. We were never to let the devils come in, we have let pagans come in and we should never have let the Jews sell Negroes for slaves in our land. Of course this was a benefit for the Negro because even from being eaten to becoming a valuable piece of property was some advantage. But secondly he made more progress under the environment and influence of the white man than they have ever made anywhere else. Actually he may not have liked this, but he was better off under the white man than ever before. At least he was subject unto some truth, and wasn't permitted to practice this witchcraft which was destroying him. They made their slaves go to church and they come up with at least a soulish act of remembrance as it related to the right God.

Of course you can never work the conscious of a Negro like the soul of a white man, because when the soul of a white man is activated it is activated by the spiritual mind breaking thru to the subconscious mind of the soul. And this irritates it and makes it know it is not right, that it is out of order with God. This will keep it miserable or keep it bothered until it seeks out an adjustment. And we will find this thru the areas that God has established in our household, and the processes of our religion. This is why God established truth, raised up Patriarchs, continues the Ministry, this was so that the children might be turned back for balance. Therefore we have a conscious alone keeping us from being a free moral agent.

On of the fallacies of theology was to say that all men are a free moral agent. Let me break this down for you...the Scripture tells us that none... no one is free unless he has been set free by Christ. So if set free by Christ he is free indeed. This means that the influence of mens minds, and the influences of darkness which holds them in bondage which they came into by their fall, by the seduction of Eve, this violation of law where by Cain was born and Adam fell the same way for Lilith, the Serpent Woman, by this process the Light or Aura went off of Adam and Eve. They no longer were immune with that fire of energy vibration of Aura of a spiritual son in a physical world. You will not know this until in this time just ahead when the total Glory is restored and brought out on your race like it was before your fall. You will have a light like Christ had at his resurrection when this is restored. You will then know what the light of the Aura of the sons of God was like. Because you have not beheld this,...it is a part of the fall, but God has ordained that this shall be restored, the seed of such light is within us. The Aura of normal spirit life energy is in us and creates an area of Aura, and it gets catalyzed as to how our intellect is thinking in terms of God. As long as we move and function with in the world order then we slow down the catalyst of energy from the spirit thru the physical to the soul. The results is that our Aura can be very weak at times. The more we catalyze it with the thoughts of God, catalyze it with other sons of God as HE calls them out..remember He said:..'I call my sheep by name, I lead them out'...and all the powers of darkness cannot stop a sheep from coming when God calls. Nor can all the powers of darkness stop God from waking someone up quick, or slow. Either way He chooses. He can do it any way HE WILLS, but HE is going to do it. This is why sometimes it says that it please God to save men by the foolishness of preaching. You say:...why by the foolishness of preaching?...Well because HE knew how foolish men could be.

In the first place people think they make up their own minds to do certain things. Some preachers think because they preached certain things it made people make up their minds so they saved them and went from darkness unto light. Well, the reason why people understood what they said was because the Spirit of God made this happen. No man could recognize Christ, no man could understand God, no man could find the way back to the Father except the intelligence of the Father in him breaks thru into his consciousness.

Now; God has set up ministers and preachers and prophets in all the orders of the True Church, even in the Old Testament as well, for instructions, for development, for knowledge, after people have been brought back to their consciousness in their senses. So God lets people wander around in permissiveness until they come out of this. But maybe their parents are responsible for this, or their grandparents are responsible for their getting out of the true center. But no one lives a full life of balance or blessing...a full life which belongs to the children of God until they are closer unto the center of Divine Will.

Now; when they are in the perfect center of Divine Will there arises a state of almost perfect perfection. So maybe no one finds the true center of Divine Will until that which is perfect is come. But of course a short work of righteousness will occur...in our dimension...in our time. Just before the final appearing of The Christ there will be those who will be in perfect alignment. In otherwords this is what we are now doing, because we are approaching this great area of revelation. At the moment then of Christ's re-entry He said that his own sons and daughters would put on Light. Every last one of them will put on immortality including some of them out here who you don't want to associate with right now because you don't like their conduct, you don't like their language, you don't like the way they think, but they are still spirit of His Spirit and life of His Life. He doesn't take any chances..when He put them down here in a physical world, He was not going to lose Israel..because..'All Israel shall be saved as it is written.' And..'I shall take away the ungodliness of Jacob'. More than this HE is not going to lose anything. HE put us down here, and while here we are subject to the environment of this physical body, but with the cognition of the spirit. HE put HIS sons and daughters down here to fight the powers of darkness. We have unassimilatable people, and these people are Luciferian offspring. And we must resist them, break their power...for they are out to destroy our civilization, our nation and our culture. Thus they fight us, and we resist them.

Now; there can be no acceptance as such on my part of the Luciferian offspring who design to destroy Christ. There can be no acceptance of any who does not recognize Jesus as The Christ, and if they come out of the areas where they are the enemies of Christ by origin, by race, then I am always suspect of them, unless there is some evidence that they were adopted and raised in this pagan environment. Then their being adopted into this environment could come back. There are some Jews with very high sterility because of their mongrelization all over the world with every people, for mongrelization produces high sterility so they adopt and add to their people all of the time from out of orphanages. So there are people who respond to the truth because they are not of the error, but were just raised in error. but they can come out of error as they move toward truth. This is something else while we are on this WILL question...there are some people that I know who do not know the truth, therefore they sometimes become victims of the enemies of civilization because they don't know the truth. But when they find out the truth, they embrace truth, and they come along this way. And then they suddenly find out that there is someone that they know, maybe a publisher of a magazine or something or somebody, who could help their business and he is a Jew. So because this one has been kind to them or not gone all the way out, then this one is a good Jew. And they may turn from the truth because it would help their business to stay in good with this one. But in order to do this they have to satisfy their consciousness which is already being seared by the fact that they are trying to fill themselves with the error. So they quit or maybe go to another church which they teach something different altho they know it is not true. Or they try to kid themselves saying that they accept this, which this is one of the things they deep down disagree with. But I want to tell you this...anytime people sell out by any process..Their Faith, no mater how they try to kid themselves, before they are thru they will lose all the things they are trying to save materially, because God chastens this way. Those who seek to save material things by violations of the process of law, or seek to do this to save their conscious forget that the reason you have this conscious is because this is the way God works on you...to make you make the right decision.

Now; you are living in a world where the enemy is all around you, and you don't have to destroy all the patterns of your existence, you don't have to bring all of the fire of the enemy down on you, but don't give any mental process of acceptance to the enemy, and then try to save it with areas of error. This is one of the things which creates upheaval, this is the Human Will.

Now for what you think is some area of benefit to you, then you make the wrong selection, and by this wrong selection are evaluating on the areas of substance and other things for its decision, then makes a wrong selection... and it is this 'Permissive Will' which lets you go out, but it also produces chastening. Then eventually the mind comes back whether in this lifetime or whether it has to be resurrected to finish its proper selection...still it will come. Before God gets thru HE brings everything to its cognition.

Now; I can battle against the enemies of the Kingdom, against anything which battles against Christian civilization. Anyone who tries to take prayer out of the schools, or Bible reading out of this nation which is part of our culture...those are my enemies. And any individual even tho of my race who has been temporarily taken over by the enemy, or has been brainwashed, who would try to destroy the nations of God's Kingdom, or by their conduct seek to mongrelize our Race, or seeks to break down the laws of integration which smarter men than we have today set in place...these who try to break this down are also my enemies. The people who are non Christian who have come in here as refugees are our enemies. And in the struggle when struggle comes, or in this battle when the battle comes I will do anything God determines shall be done, or anything he guides me to do. As I would fight communism coming in from the outside, or as I would battle any nation attacking, I would not be resistant, I would have no remorse, I could lay down to sleep like a baby tho my hands were wet with the blood of the enemies of MY GOD.

Now; it doesn't bother me that in the fullness of time God is going to move on these people, that he is going to adjust them until all flesh shall be saved. That tho they be the offspring of fallen Angels, and will have to go back into that bracket, because they can't go back into any bracket of our society. So when they are restored to this, or to the earth pattern, no matter how they have bred out their lines this does not disturb me. That in the fullness of time God can restore them, and thus all flesh can be saved. Not only 'All Israel', but all flesh shall be saved. This does not disturb me. I am not unhappy about this. When you get some one with a religion who wants to torture someone forever and forever, who are unhappy if they say that eventually everything is to be put back in order because God is big enough to do this, then just consider that their God is infantile. I want you to know that this does not slow down my participation in the war against the enemy.

Someone said wouldn't you like to convert the enemy? I am already aware by the word of God that they lack the capacities of miracles being performed. To perceive spiritually as Jesus said of these Jews in the book of John, they can't understand what I say. They can't actually hear in the soul seat of consciousness...spiritual things because they are of their father the Devil. They are his progeny, and he was a murderer from the beginning, and the offspring of Lucifer thru Cain started murder...killing of our race. HE said:...these people wouldn't understand because they are not my sheep. I call my sheep by name, I lead them out, I give them Eternal life, they never perish. But he didn't waste any time on these others.

Now; at the same time I wouldn't waste any time trying to gather any people to come over here to destroy our civilization and culture, who want to take over. I don't blame them for trying, I just blame us for letting them. Because we know better than this. Actually they are their own worst enemies, and what they do is destructive. So everywhere they go they sow destruction. They will use a lie when the truth will serve them better, because this is their nature. The scriptures prove this so does their own documents. You take this Babylonian Talmud, the Highest Rabbinical Talmud you can get and they openly say it is no transgression to lie to the goyim. It is no transgression to bilk them in every trade deal. It is alright for a Jew to rape a 10 or 13 year old girl, or even a 6 year old girl, or commit all kinds of perversions as long as it is not to a Jew. Well people like this are really not fit to live. But we will not discuss this because too many people are prejudiced about this. But their ultimate evil is seeping out of Luciferianism. I don't understand how any of them could be good at all, with the background and pattern they have been infected with in their Synagogues. Actually a Jew who never went to a synagogue could be better than one who did, he would have less influence of Talmudic instruction than the others. However at the same time don't let me divide them up in good ones and bad ones, just say that some are bad and some more extremely bad.

But...anything which is not spirit of his spirit to the point where it can draw His guidance, which traces its origin to Lucifer is not good. A Chinaman was created in the earth as the Tungus man, He was made...a part of earth as such, and he was given a spirit. In antiquity they worshiped the MOST HIGH GOD, and followed the good Archangel before he went bad. So they do have some spirit, and as long as they are under the Luciferian influence there is no more spirit given for the multiplication of their race beyond the cycles of turnover which is another subject, such as reincarnation, and the Netherworld cycles which we won't go into now.

But your race is incarnate it never has but one body and that of course is the body by which it was born into the world, and which God can synthesize even tho it disintegrates.

Now; when we talk about 'permissive will' then the permissive will of God has permitted a wide latitude as to the areas of human behavior. And it also has given a sovereignty of Will which is a perimeter it can not step out of. Then it has exerted itself with a very special calling to establish an area of absolute close limitations on certain called ministries, or one God has raised up. But then HE said:...'who hath resisted His will'. In otherwords that which HE willed HE shall accomplish. He knew, and has provided sufficient areas of resistance, He will add sufficient Grace, He will accomplish that which He has ordained. And when we get thru with it we will have learned thru experience. Had we never had this conflict, had Celestial children never dwelt in physical bodies we never would have evaluated the Grace of our Father, the magnitude of His love, the magnitude of 'Rightness'. We could never have understood the values of right and wrong other than we might look with abhorrence upon anything which made war with us. But we never could have felt or moved, or even had a feeling as to what the error was like had we not gone thru the route. Our Father knew this from the beginning, and before we fell He told us in the heavens that He was going to be our substitutionary sacrifice...out of our own race.. slain before this cosmic order. And we said:...Oh no, Father. We aren't going to make any mistakes, put us down there and we will bring 'Heaven to Earth'. We will conquer the devil, we aren't going to fall. He told us what would happen, and we did as he told us we would do, but He knew this from the beginning, and made all the plans accordingly, and will bring those plans to fruition.

Now; this is why we have the word translated out of the Greek...pre-destination. It is one of the toughest, hardest words of all languages, but it is also one of the best ones. I like it almost better than any word there is because what God has pre-determined to do HE shall bring to pass. This is pre-destination and as long as I understand this process then this is one thing I know I can be sure of. God has planned for all his sons and daughters and is not going to lose one of them. He has also planned that He is going to bring everyone of His children to fruition. He has predestined that you shall conform to his own image as He was begotten in the Earth, as such.

Now; the first begotten Divine being in the flesh with an immaculate conception of our Race, was Jesus the Christ. Because the Race was his Issue. We were not only a Divine seed but also the first fruits of His Spirit. And Adam was the first body of man for God's own Issue to dwell in. But from Adam on down after the fall there wasn't anyone begotten out of the flesh...by the Father (Spirit) until He brought forth His own body thru the Virgin Mary. Thus this is why Jesus is called the first begotten of the Spirit in the flesh. But prior to this we were bone of His bone, begotten of His Spirit. So the Apostle Paul said...we were begotten after the Spirit, and we were the sons of God thru Adam after the flesh. So in this we point out that you have a very specific destiny. And God is capable of waking men up, of bringing them to areas of cognition.

Now; God intends to bring this nation into its proper course as well as all his nations, and therefore we can go thru trouble and chastisement, turmoil and catastrophe because we are not listening, but He raises up leaders to tell people what is wrong and they start to think right, and when they start to think right they start to do right and the curse goes away. As we perform then the curse is lifted. This is a part of God's purpose, and this is why we said foolishness of preaching because it looks like it is foolishness to preach when God has already determined what is to happen. But this is just a part of His awakening process.

Now; there isn't anyone here in this room who is not here for some destiny. They are here to learn and to know. And until all the knowledge which synthesizes all God's purposes flows thru your consciousness until you can repeat it anywhere, nothing is to repetitious. And when dealing with a record like this, every question you will find is inter-related back to the theme again...every question is inter-related in this factor. Once this happens you have a synthesis of theology which you cannot break.

Now; I know that there are many things people don't like to talk about. Preachers don't like to talk about it because they have to move within an area of chastisement, and they find themselves having to pronounce judgment, sometimes because they pronounce this from wisdom and knowledge which God reasons and brings forth, still it isn't very popular. And it isn't because of any personal factor but because this situation is under observation, but they know this and they resist having to enter this area.

Now; Free will is not a consistent fact, no one is set free but by Christ. Where as the laws of God are moral, still man is not moral until he is reactivated and renewed in his mind. Because the force has to be spiritual before it brings about morality. So therefore any morality is a reflection of Divine Righteousness. So God's sons and daughters before they are redeemed are not free or moral, they are in bondage in the mind, and most unmoral in their activities until they are set free by Christ.

Now; we have a probationary conduct required by our society and it keeps a lot of people from doing things which we know are not right, because not only does the conscious work by the factors round about a person, so whereas he would violate moral laws. It is not as tho they wouldn't like to, but they are restrained by habition until they become so charged with knowledge and the pattern of God that they desire to see the whole frame work of God's Kingdom come in. And they become so involved in bringing it in and so filled with the processes of it that they break less and less laws and coordinate their thinking with his thinking. So God does not have agents, he has sons and daughters. This whole idea of Free Moral agent was started by a Monk by the name of Armenian. He saw some passages of Scripture which he interpreted this way...'for God so loved the world the HE gave his own son, and who so ever believeth on Him should never perish, but would have everlasting life'. This area of fetishness was related to the soul being in bondage, and being held in the Netherworld, but to be released by The Christ...and this was for every last one of the household. But this was to prove something...because The Christ didn't get His Sheep by a 'Who so ever will'...call. Instead HE said:...I call my sheep by name. And this left Lucifer and all his household unable to say that there wasn't an offspring to come...and if they didn't come it was their will to say I won't go. ....See.

This put God out on the Justice level for He paid the price for the whole world...to redeem..what? ...the treasure hid in the field (world) which was His own household. And if the world then didn't come it was their own fault. But in this instance He said:..'It is not him that Willeth, but of God who shows mercy, because His purposes according to election...shall stand.'

Now; when we say election there is only one person doing selection for election, and that is God. You didn't do the voting, He did it. In otherwords He said He was going to do certain things...so who are the Elect? Those He did foreknow before the foundation of the world?..Yes, These are His Issue ruling with HIM in Earth..Israel..HIS elect. Again this isn't talking about that little abortive state, those people there came from all over the world, formed a world Kehilla and are tied into certain things. They don't even agree with one another. After all Ben Gurion is a Zen Buddhist, while another group of them are Talmudic Zionists, and another bunch of them are Atheists, but all are Luciferian offspring thus they can be red, black, brown, yellow or off white. Sometimes it shows up in the nose, sometimes in the ears, but always by their conduct.

This is why...again...we tell you that when we deal with our own race.. there isn't anything as it relates to Scripture that is the same for you and for Earth. Because you have a different background, different origin. He says:...you are My heirs, I will give you the heathen for a possession. I will give you the uttermost parts of the Earth...and the heathen for thy inheritance. You can have this...in otherwords the world is yours. So with wisdom, vision thus God gives us the knowledge with which we adapt the Earth to our necessities. Then they talk about the law of adaption, and no individual creature can be over adapted to his environment. Well we are adapted to the worship of God because we are of the Spirit of God. But I want you to know that as far as the world is concerned if we don't like it we alter it. And we have been doing this all the time. We co-create with the fathers, as He builds this a part of our destiny. So I am going to say that the superstitions which they sought to bind us with..the thought is that they would not only kill the body, but the body and soul. But the word used is just the soul and body in bondage. Because the Spirit will not permit the individual beyond death to be in bondage. The soul won't go into the Netherworld since the Resurrection of The Christ. ---('Absent from this body is to be present with Christ'). Some people will go into immediate adjustment when that happens however. I want to point out that this idea that punishment is a chastisement of pain and anguish by heat or fire is not found when you turn to the words of Jesus that talks about casting these who have violated the law into Gehenna where the fire continued to burn, and the worm dieth not...this ought to teach you then and there that a fire where a worm won't die isn't very hot. Secondly the word used here is NEPHAQ...or the soul. In otherwords this is not the death of the soul, for the only thing destroyed is error, refuse, this Shekinah Glory then purges out the error and leaves the good, but it does not kill the soul. And the soul by the acts of God thru Grace and Mercy will ultimately be restored.

Now; ...with the children of God He says:...I give them Eternal Life and they never perish...this is very, very vital. So when we say men can chose to go to perdition...they cannot chose to do that which is not possible. But they can make choices which produce hell on earth. This is the thing to remember. Jesus, The Christ, said:...I came to save men from what?... Hell? ...NO...I came to save men from sin. I came to seek men who were lost, and to save them from sin. He never said anything about perdition or Hell but to save them from sin. He said:...I am going to unlock the imprisoned soul which are in Sheol, translated..hell, who have gone by way of the grave to the Netherworld, where Lucifer held them in bondage until HIS atonement set them free. But HE paid the price of Atonement so Lucifer could not hold them anymore and HE brought them forth...'Brought captivity captive'.. and after the resurrection took His many sons on high. Since the resurrection of Jesus The Christ you can't lock the Spirit of a white man up or hold his soul in the Netherworld...as that area is now enlarged.

QUESTION:..I heard a minister over the radio say that we all had to be a Jew before we could be enlightened...

ANSWER:..Wouldn't that be sad?

QUESTION:..I think it was Garner Ted Armstrong...

ANSWER:..Well he is kind of trapped, the reason being that he said that is because he doesn't have the knowledge as to what has happened in translation. He doesn't understand that the word Jew is mistranslated many, many times for Judah or Judean. And also the word is used many times for Ceremonial Israelite because the law called for certain marks such as circumcision. But at the same time God said;--'I make a new covenant with the House of Judah and the house of Israel not like I made with their Fathers. this is the new covenant.' This is also the New Testament --therefore he said as in the Old Testament there was many things in the Covenant which pertained to Abraham, there was also the mark of the flesh, or circumcision, but in the new Covenant I will make the mark in their hearts. I will separate them from error, or change the hardness of their hearts. I will put my word in their inner consciousness. I will break thru into the soul consciousness, to divide and cleave between the body and the soul consciousness, to divide and to cleave between he body and the soul. And it will remove the memory of error out of the body consciousness and will place deep in the soul consciousness the knowledge of the spirit, thus He has then circumcised the soul and the inner heart. Then He makes the statement, for this is a ceremonial completion of Israelitishness whether they ever fulfilled the physical patterns in their wandering after their release or not. Therefore in this passage the Apostle Paul is talking abut whether circumcision is profitable or not profitable, the spiritual nature of a man does not necessarily profit, because it is not the circumcision of the flesh but the circumcision of the soul which will mark the fact that this is Israelitishness.

Now; the whole pattern had a ceremonial value, it has a value in more ways than one, in their direction. But the think I point out is that as we get into these areas of fetish and ritual, that many of these areas of ritual are not essential to the status of the soul. But every last white man on the face of the earth is fulfilling the ritual of identity of his race by the thing God does to him in his spirit. For if ye be Christ's then ye be Abraham's heirs according to the promise. You see there isn't any way for a white man to get out of his eventual destiny. And the very fact that he be Christ's makes this complete. Therefore not understanding what this is all about, and just picking up a few of these passages, then Pastor Ted Armstrong says; --every Christian has to become a Jew before this is all over. Well God forbid. ---We haven't become a Jew but we have in the spirit received the circumcision of the soul which means that God hath sealed us by his spirit and in this sealing hath put back into your consciousness a reactivated area of divine guidance, and perception enfolding of the Will of God and His law, and inner opening of the door to inner knowledge. For his spirit can bring all things to our remembrance and lead us to the knowledge of all truth. Even the spirit which the world cannot receive, anymore than they could enter into any other things handed down. We haven't lost anything in the Old Testament and we have just had more added to it in the New Testament. The New Covenant is even better than the old one, but the old one is yours as well as the new

QUESTION;--- What does this falling away mean?

ANSWER;--Well there are many people who are attracted to the truth thru the church which is the oracle or vehicle for the truth, thru the Apostles, and thru the Apostolic benediction or ordination. But the church also became an institution and developed the Priesthood, a physical institution in the world. So gradually the enemy infiltrates the church, they set up the hierarchies within it. The Jew joined the church in order to change its doctrines. They tell of this in their own writings, published by the American Jewish Publication society, such as Cecil Roth's --Marranos. Having done this many of the people never had a clear opportunity to have the truth uncontaminated. But spiritually they don't reject Christ even tho they get things mixed up. As time goes on the enemy tries to get the church to deny Jesus, until in our day there are many clergy inside the church who do not believe in the deity of the Christ. ---Now; this is a falling away from the areas of truth, and these climactic days shall not come until be this falling away first. And along with this there are people in our national life who have fallen away from Diving instruction and we have these catastrophes effecting areas of our society. But there are also those of the household of the enemy who joined us, then they went out from us because they were not of us, and then they rejoined their areas of satanic order as things start to get rough because they were not of this order. So the apostle Paul said; --we may fall away so I try to quicken your attention by giving you the truth so you won't be deceived by false prophets, so you won't be carried away by error, but ---We are not of they who can fall into perdition'--we are not of the Luciferian household who can fall away after the resurrection of Christ so that we can get down into the Netherworld. There are others like Judas of Iscariot who fall away and go back to perdition, but they fell from something they could not totally embrace because it was not of them, They came into and then eventually went out --but we cannot do this---why? Because we are spirit of His spirit and Life of His Life--the translation suffers a little violence here---"He who is born of God cannot sin, and you will say, Oh, my how can this be for we haven't seen a man who hasn't made mistakes. How can it say; --He who is born of God cannot sin Because the spirit which God which God begat cannot transgress, and that is the spirit which is resident in the sons and daughters of God. It is because of this that the sheep will hear his voice. It is because of this that His spirit can unveil the knowledge of the Father. It is because of this that you were sent here to build a kingdom.

QUESTION;--quite often you quote the Bible where God says;----I will give you great abundance but from others I will take away. It is easy for me to find where he promised great abundance for his race, but where is the best place for me to prove that he takes it away.

ANSWER;---You say that I say this often, so the passage you are talking about must be related to something else. Over here in the book of Matthew he said; ---to him who hath, more will be given, and to he who hath what he has shall be taken away. Is that what you are talking about?


ANSWER;---well that is a very interesting passage because the Communists use it against us all the time. They say that Christianity is a phoney religion and so is Jesus. They say that he said;---I will give to the rich ant take from the poor. I will make the rich richer, and the poor poorer. All the poor is promised is pie in the sky when they die. But the Communist promise you pie in the sky while you live. This is pure Communist propaganda but they don't understand what Jesus was talking about here as it says; --- It is given unto you to know the mystery of the kingdom, unto them it is not given. Therefore you who possess the spirit then there is revealed unto you the things of God and unto him who hath more still more will be given to him. but unto him that hath even the power --at that time he who holds power without knowledge, this shall also be taken away from him. This is the proper translation, so unto you who hath more shall be given, so what is to be given--Knowledge of the Kingdom of God. The possession of the Spirit, allows you that the more you find out the more hungry you get, and you find out more and more, God unveils and the more you have the more you get. So because you have the capacity to understand more is given. Then God also said; --I even speak unto you in parables so they won't understand even a part of it.

Some people have the idea that God wants to have the whole world know about everything right away----no --he didn't want the enemy who wouldn't change their nature to discover the secret patterns of divine strategy or to know how to function with greater venom. So the areas of mystery are never comprehended, an the great comfort of the spirit is never understood. So therefore there are other passages as well in the scripture saying;---- keep my laws, and I will give you blessings. I will multiply and supply your needs. I will fill your barns until they cannot contain your blessings. He says; --take 10% of your income, not 10% necessarily out of your profit, but the first fruits. The moment the crops are ready, they did not go out and garner it in and then weigh out the seed they planted and then subtract that and giver they 1% of what was left. They went out and tithed right out of the gross, and God said this is mine, and you do this and I will multiply and increase this because it is by this process that I support my kingdom, that I keep meat in my house, to carry out my operations. Someone sad; but it gets higher than that, but God said; --I will multiply and multiply you until your barns cannot contain it.

Now in this instance this is one area under this process of Divine law, He said I have a contract try and see if this is true, try me, and see if I cannot multiply and bless and supply your needs. If you tithe, if you support my kingdom you are supporting your own energies. This was talking to people who were not ministers, because they as such, poured their lives into the program of God as they poured in their earnings to carry on the kingdom.

Now; this is one place we find this ---I will multiply and fill your barns, I will pour out blessings on you even materially on you that you won't be able to contain. Then he comes over to the law and says; --do this and I will bless you, and I will bless your fields, your grapes will be bigger than you ever saw and your bees will make more honey, you keep my laws and the ground will bring forth all down the line. He says these are my blessings.

But disobey me and bring in the strangers, let them take over and here is what I will do. Your blessings will be cursed, they will take over your economy and you will lose my blessings. So what about the enemy --you say but the sun shines on the just and the unjust, still the enemies of God's kingdom never manage to get enough food out of the ground for their people. They don't have a green thumb. Look at the Soviet Union with all their technology they can't seem to grow enough grain. With all the help, with all we have done for them yet they plow up the Tundra grass and the wind blows and dust storms come, and God does not let them get a crop. They have never been able to take the things we trade them and make food plentiful. But God doesn't do that to us unless we break to many laws than he gives us a good chastening.

Look at china, if you were to take the people of the U.S. and put them in China in a few years there would be more food than they knew what to do with. In fact we would have the Yangtze tied to the biggest irrigation system in the world, and none of that water would be wasted. We would spread that water out and grow more food than anyone ever saw before. We wouldn't go plow up the Steppes with that great bunch of grass, we would be raising cattle all over it, and show them there is something besides the Yaks. and when we were through we would have sowed in other grasses which would grow in that climate that high area. We would put in winter wheat and spring wheat and have even flour coming out of the steppes. But why is this ---because we of this race have known how to manage agriculture. So the thing I point out to you is that the most valuable thing you possess is this knowledge which comes from inspiration, these are the things which God gives you that make you go, go, go. Some people say; I would just like to sit down and rest, I am on the go all the time, but that is the difference between you and the rest of the world .Some of them are on the go but they don't make it pay off. Of course you know a lot of people who aren't on the go, but they are going places whether they know it or not. If nothing else they are helping to produce a system that goes, so this is just a race of doers, but since that is true you will never starve out this race.

One of the greatest dangers to you is this program of the President to revise the Immigration laws bringing in all these pagan people. May the judgment of God fall on this mans house and any who try to touch these immigration laws. Let the prayers of Christians be for the maintenance of this law, lets call for the death angel, lets call for God to move, for Michael to make his appearance, lets call for every representative to hold fast. Let it be known from one end of the earth to the other that we do not want these immigration laws changed. That we want to preserve our race and our culture.

QUESTION;-- I heard that they brought in over three million Vietnamese.

ANSWER;--Well, maybe 300,000 but I doubt the 3 million. But they are up here in the northwest and more are showing up all the time. They say that we need to import this colorful culture. But that colorful culture hasn't had brains enough to feed themselves properly. That colorful culture can make no contribution to this culture which is so far above them as the sun is above the earth.

Now; they may not like what we say because it is true, but you will also say it and it will catalyze, and if they try to suppress one of us then it is your responsibility to say it, and spread it until it becomes as a flash fire, this is destiny time, and truth is the most important thing we have working for us.

We must try to get it across to your youth to remove the decay off their souls which is being put there by this Tom Tom music, this bringing them all together in the schools and the churches. This Tom Tom music breaks down resistance, it smothers their souls, this is witchcraft instead of the great music of your race, the cultural symphony, the waltzes, and so forth of our race , and all patterns of our culture. We are trying to take on the Tom Tom culture, and the witchcraft culture, and the Devil worship from the Temples of Asia. A seducing spirit that leads to mongrelization of the races.

Again this is important that we capture the soul of our race again---make them aware of their race and their destiny, this is to alert them that the conspiracy is to rob them of their land, to take away from their children, THEIR HERITAGE. In this program you are laying out your heritage for a little mess of pottage of the jungle. This mistake I lay at the feet of the parents, maybe you are asleep, but if you wake up, then change it, and its does not matter whether the child likes it or not, because they generally think they are smarter than the parents, preachers, or anyone else. But the enemy so desires this that they roll out the bait, they planned it from of old. I can show you in their writings how they planned this. They are responsible for a vibration which breaks in, to break the areas of consciousness and produces a whole wave of juveniles.

Now; kids have been mischievous in all ages, and kids have responded to emotions, and kids have broken maybe moral law because nature has so constituted the race so that it will continue to project itself. This is in the areas of emotion, senses and feelings so the only things which creates restraint until the proper age, and things are done under the laws of God as recorded, the only restraint is the law, and teaching applied in the home, and sometimes the church can provide this. But then, even then, youth is youth and emotions break thru but they get married and on they go. We can understand this process but this abandonment today is an utter promiscuous pattern, does not respect divine law, does not respect the patterns of nature, it is only for the destruction of our race.

(End of message.)