01-15-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---When Solomon was dedicating the Temple, he said something about the stranger, who is not of thy people Israel, but cometh out of a far country for thy names sake: (1 Kings 8: 4-10)-"He shall come and pray at this house." Is this sound doctrine?

ANSWER:---This area of Solomon's petition is O.K. in that in the instance of the standards of the Temple, and the Israelite culture--there is no culture more completely segregated than this the Israel culture. No one outside of their race could participate in the Priesthood. No one outside of the society of the Levites could ever participate in the areas of education. But there was not any block against any people who approached the God of Israel--nothing to stop him--in petition from approaching HIM. They could never move into the inner court of the Temple, but they could come into the court of the strangers sometimes called the court of the Gentiles. From this area they could make their petition to the God of Israel. In other words this has never been closed for anyone to approach unto Israel's God. Basically it is a pattern of Monotheism, and in this Monotheism it recognized only one true Sovereign God of the Universe. And with this concept in background, then the stranger who threw away this concept of idols and pagan gods, and approached unto the God of Israel had the opportunity of making a petition from the court on the outside, which is called the court of the strangers, the court of the nations, or the court of the outside. Thus this is perfectly reasonable within the scope of Israel's mission which was to bring knowledge and light to the world. Basically this is the pattern of their prophets, and this was the concept. It made no provision however for any development which would occur by the awakening of the outside society to participate in any area of the administration of Israel itself. It did not in other words permit them to rise into positions of the government of the land in which they were then residing. And it was always the intent of the hierarchy of the Temple, and by the administration to send these strangers back to their own homes to witness unto what Israel considered to be true.

This is consistent with any intelligent approach to truth, because truth is not anything to be cornered. It is to be distributed according to the capacity of the listener and believer to carry it.

QUESTION:---I want to know what Biblical support there is for Races before Adam?

ANSWER:---This probably is more important as a subject than people recognize. There is much Biblical support of races before Adam. We have the chronology of Adam's race, and actually Ushers chronology is in error, being 4004 years before Christ for the chronology of Adam. In the most accurate chronology of today, by such as Professor Albright, or Adam Rutherford, and others, the chronology of Adam is 5407 B.C. This is supported by the fact that the oldest fossils or even artifacts which we have which relate to the white race, and the white race history, and its relationship to chronology is about 5000 years before The Christ with 5407 being the extreme point, thus we then have about 7400 years of White race history.

Now; as far as the antiquity of the races upon the earth before this---first going outside the scriptures, there is unlimited evidence of it. In the last 20 years we have added to the areas of knowledge, in the use of Radio Carbon. And with this Radio Carbon you can get within just a few years of the measure of residue of substance, whether it be bones of humans, or a piece of a tree, or whether it be the residue of plants molded into rocks which is coal. Radio Carbon tells how long it has been since the plants or organism died. We have a very interesting area of anthropology as well as students of race history. We have over 73,000 years of the history of the Negro. In other words Radio Carbon history and also Fluorine replacement history in the caves of Kilimanjaro and Rangania prove this is true of Negroes who have been found in perfect preservation as far as their fossils are concerned, even in the lime beds in South America. Proving that we had the Negroid types there as well as in Africa, and that 73,000 years ago they were existent in the earth. And we do not find any particular evidence of the existence of this particular race before that period of 73,000 years ago.

Now; with the Asiatic people we go back much further than that. We find them in stratus which go back just prior to the pre-Cambrian Seas. In face one million seven hundred fifty thousand years ago in the layers of earth and materials which we can well mark as going to the extreme end of all Carbon 14, and all fluorine replacement, and they are found in the areas of stratified condition---fossil evidence and partial remnants of people. The entirety of the measure of this same fossil line comes on up to 600,000 years ago. In fact Dr. Ivor Lissner who is one of the most advanced anthropologists, knows that these are Torogs, or Asiatic type men, who came down from the steppes, who lived in Ancient China. Their remains continued down to 14,000 years ago where in we have in what is known as "Peking Hill" and "Chicken Bone Hill"--in China, and we find that in the 11 to 14,000 year cycles of civilization that these Radio Carbon testings show accurately the age and antiquity of these people. We can go back much further than that, but not in the complete order that we have in this particular anthropologist find. So we can prove the existence of people who go back 1 million or more years, and even more. An anthropologist in the Olduvai deposits in South Africa has in this very last year established the antiquity of people there. Thus there is no conflict in this as far as Biblical knowledge is concerned. There was a time when it was conceded that everything started with Adam. This came out of religious ignorance, not because the Bible taught this. But it was taught by theologians who in their interpretations of the scripture thought that everything started with Adam, and there was no Biblical foundation for the existence of races who went before the time of Adam.

Biblically the 31st, Chapter of Ezekiel is one of the most remarkable chapters concerning this matter. And in this chapter is pointed out the antiquity of the races far antedating the Adamic race, and explains their spread and their influence. For instance in the Princeton University Press Volume which related to civilizations of the past--this is Finnegans remarkable work, but in this he traces the Sumerian Empires, and the foundation of the Sumerian Empires for 243,000 years. He gives the complete King list of the Emperors and rulers who reigned in this ancient Asiatic--Assyrian Empire. He lists them as to how long their dynasties lasted, some of them were 18,000 years in length, in other words they were father--son and so forth administrations. So in the British Museum today we have in the translations of these Sumerian plates by Dr. Budge, a chronological arrangement of king lines and lists, wherein they talk about the eclipses of the sun. They talk about the darkening of the sun and the moon, and about the positioning of the big wanderers which they could see such as Jupiter and Saturn and so forth. These have been recorded very accurately by Sumerian scribes, during various King lines. And checking there by sidereal calculators done both at Heidleburg and by British astronomers who became interested in it, they proved that we very definitely have a chronology of history which goes back over 200,000 years. I do not know just how much of the 240,000 years they have been able to check out. But it would be totally impossible for someone to say--if within the last 4 to 5 thousand years of study that they did not find the antiquity of this chronology, and a pattern of eclipses under certain positions of the wanderers of the heavens. The Sumerians were quite early and great star gazers, and had been telling time in relation to astronomical movements and positions, and had always correlated this with the reign of their kings. So we have the evidence here of an ancient people, where we have no biblical evidence or history as it relates to the Adamic race as going back before 5400 B.C. Where in we have close to 250,000 years as the backlog of history of the Sumerians.

In the land of Ur of the Chaldees, we have 7 layers of cities built in one mound alone. And these cities were built in two geological ages. So this in itself shows the antiquity of the Assyrian race.

Now; turn for a moment to the 31st chapter of Ezekiel, and in prophetic language of this chapter it says:----"Thus came the word of YAHWEH unto me saying: Son of man speak unto Pharaoh King of Egypt, and to his multitudes; whom art thou like in thy greatness? Behold the Assyrian was also a cedar in Lebanon (a mighty tree) with fair branches, and with a shadowing shroud, and of a high stature; and his top was among the thick boughs. The waters or streams which made him great were so deep they set him on high. And the rivers which ran around his plants sent out little rivers unto all the trees (people) of the field (world). There his height was exalted above all the trees of earth, and his boughs were multiplied and his branches were long because of the multitude of the waters of his racial stream, from whence shot forth his Empire, and kingdoms which were great. Until practically all the people of earth dwelt under its shadow (power), and practically all the great nations were under the power of the Assyrian Empire."

Here we note that in the days when Eden was created the Sumerian Empire was almost all over the earth, and there were few people who did not dwell under the boughs (branches) of this great Assyrian Empire.

Here in the writings of the prophet Ezekiel, in Biblical lore this time is referred to as Eden which is a word for the chief Hebraic factor of beginnings. So in the beginning of the Adamic race, the Eden condition of the white race, when the Adamic race was first perceived to be in existence, this Sumerian Empire was already existing all over the earth. And what made possible the many kingdoms or branches of its Empire was the size of its racial stream, which is referred to as racial water. And Ezekiel was to say therefore to the King of Egypt:---"Thou also are great, and the only greater tree at that time than you was this Assyrian tree. So the rest of the chapter deals with the antiquity of this Assyrian Empire which was an Empire in the days of Eden, or when Adam was placed in earth.

Now; this has more significance in the day in which you are living than you may realize, because thru out, the intent today is the idea to bring about the racial absorption of all people by the racial inter-mixing and marriage of all people, as well as the creation of the one World status of thinking. They, who times before, would have given no credence of belief to the Bible, are now suddenly quoting scriptures like theologians. They are saying for instance:---All men came from Adam who is the father of all men, and every man who didn't come from Adam had to come from Noah because everyone drowned in the flood of Noah's time. People who never believed in this area under discussion before are now suddenly quoting and saying all races should inter-marry, mix together and produce one race----on the basis of that all men had a common origin, they are saying this. But of course this is not only unscientific and unrealistic but these men are unaware as to what the scripture had to say as in such writings as the book of Enoch. There is no Biblical support for inter-marriage and the mixing of the races. This today is a part of a communist strategy which we see in such writings as that of Gunter Mirdall, the Swedish Communist. In face the impact of this man's writing is quite obvious to every American citizen who has read the position of the Supreme Court. If you read the briefs of the various Supreme Justices, you will notice that Justice Warren quoted Gunter Mirdall in his brief on the integration of the schools of the south. And he quotes the book:---"American dilemma", and I have these volumes of Gunter Mirdall in my library. So what is the content of his context?--He says that the greatest evolutionary development comes by fusing all people together. And he cited that no one could even oppose this biblically because every one came from a common origin, and can be molded back into it. But Gunter Mirdall says:---"We must use our influence over courts and parliamentary procedure to enforce by legislation the integration of all people, so that they can no longer be a separate race of people, and thus by the separation of a race, they retain a racial or national identity. He said the solution to all race problems must be settled on the Marriage bed. This, my friends, is Gunter Mirdall. This is the very book the Supreme Justice of the Supreme Court is quoting from. By the way, he says that the Constitution of the United States and the concepts the United States holds in areas of integration, and in other matters are dilapidated, and outdated. And should be cast aside.

I think that when a Supreme Court Justice or someone within the areas of the Supreme Court of the United States makes decisions based on material outside of the Constitution, they should be very careful where they select that material. But Earl Warren selected this material from Gunter Mirdall, and from the Negro sociologists Mr. DuBoise. But now DuBoise is dead. He just died recently. And when he died, you will remember that he was identified as a member of the Communist Party. He had joined the Communist Party openly in the last six years of his life, and was down in Ghana stirring up trouble at the time of his death. I think this is significant, so I point this out, for the race problem, and the discussion of it was definitely a part of the thinking of the Supreme Court when they made the decisions which invaded the sovereignty of State rights to control their own regulations, as to educational requirements and so forth. This is of course of vital importance to us because it goes beyond the issue of State Rights into an issue where the strategy of the communist world, as we take it from authors quoted, was to bring about total integration, and total inter-marriage. The problem to be solved as they knocked out the restraint on these matters---is on the marriage bed. So for this we hold Mr. Warren responsible, and that he quoted a communist for his opinion.

In this instance this is an important area of knowledge in that the Bible doesn't support a common origin of man, nor does it support equality between races. Nor does it support that their backgrounds are the same. So in this instance this declaration that we have here shows that Egypt was an Empire in the days of Eden. And the Sumerians were an Empire in the days of Eden. This makes it impossible for the Egyptians or Sumerians to have all been drowned in a flood which covered all the earth at some time. It never wiped out all the dynasties of the Sumerians, or the Egyptians, or the prophet Ezekiel could not have referred to this when he was talking later to the Egyptian Pharaoh. You will remember long after the flood of Noah's time when Abraham went down into Egypt and he talked to the Egyptian Pharaoh who was still there, and this is also a part of Biblical history. Remember also that the Sumerians were a very vital force, as later the Assyrian armies warred against Israel, in the periods of the Old Testament time when the ten tribes went into captivity. And it was in those days when Shalmaneser gave Israel their release that they migrated thru the Caucasus pass into Central and Western Europe. The Scythian having emerged first, settled in Greece, and the established patterns in Sparta and Macedonia had their origins at that time as well. So lets take another look at the instance of this. We not only have the evidence here of the existence of these people, but the oldest writers of the scriptures we find bound together in what we call the Bible is found in the book of Job. Here it talks about the conditions and situations which preceded, as he describes them both astronomically, and refers to them geologically, and talks about conditions which were pre-flood.

Now; the flood in Noah's time was not Universal. The word is eret, and is not as you would use the word to describe the whole earth, or that the water covered the whole earth, and the highest mountains and drowning all the people of the earth. But this, if it had been translated correctly, even in the Sinatic, Vatican, of King James version as it existed in the original Masoretic or Septuagint, the word used there as far as the water was concerned---eret --covered just all that country. There happens to have been over 3 million species on the face of the earth at that time, and to have brought about the preservation of those three million species, would have been a monumental job. And these 3 million species---even Darwin who was cataloging a vast number by their families and their groups says these existed about 5 or 6 thousand ago in that number, and there has been no basic change in these species during that time. So automatically Darwin put his ---no change in species---back before the flood of Noah's time which was established to be about 3000 B.C. and it occurred high up in the Tarim Basin. The flood cracked open the upper Tarim Basin, and the water came down the Wang-ho River in the east, and also down thru Mesopotamia on the west side, and came past Ur of the Chaldees. And all the buildings in this city close to the water were destroyed, but it did not effect them high up on the hillside. In fact we know that the water line reached 47 feet in Ur of the Chaldees, but there was never a flood in ancient Egypt except local floods when the Nile river flooded from the headquarters in Sudan. In this instance the highest water level to reach the Great Pyramid, is a water level which marks itself about 27 feet up on the casement stones, and it is only where the Casement stones are removed that they find this flood level.

Now; we go back to the status of that Hebrew word--eret-- all that country. Biblical record would have, if it had been a Universal flood--taken 7 males and 7 females of every eatable specie and 1 male and 1 female of all other species on the face of the earth. This means that you would have had a minimum of 6 million creatures of those living creatures on the face of the earth.

Now; to have taken care of them thru the time required--the 120 days of feeding would have been quite a project. That would have required a Navy larger than the British and United States Navies, and all the Merchant Marine of these countries. And then you couldn't have loaded all those animals on the ships. Plus, how many more ships with food to feed them. How could have one man, his three sons, and their wives have taken care of all these critters all that time? I tell you, that not only is this unscientific, and unpractical, but it is also un-biblical as well. But if you deal with just the Upper Tarim Basin from which we find the Sethite migrations emerge from, and it is out of this Tarim Basin, and it is out of this motherland that we find the Aryans coming down from, then that is a different story. Because we do find the Aryans coming down from there and moving into Mesopotamia, and portions of them coming into Western Europe, and a second migration coming, and we can trace these white race migrations thru history and scripture. We find the reference to the Manu or Aryan in ancient India. We find their writings referring to the coming of the Aryans, and their impact upon that society. Thus we can trace the white man, and in their history and their work of 'Bards' we have nothing which antedates 5400 B.C. for this race. And the flood in no way effected India, and it did not effect the Mayas of Central America. This is most significant because it did not effect the calendar of the Mayas. The existence of pre-Mayan civilization were not effected, which goes a long way back as well as the Incas, and Pre-Inca civilization. We discover that their calendars go back further than the flood period of Noah's time, and there is no record of this flood among the Mayas.

Now; there has been many catastrophes as land went down. Whole continents went down beneath the waters of both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. The continent which went down in the Atlantic extended unto the middle of the continent we call Africa. This land was so much a part of Egyptian history that they tell in their ancient writings of Horus, as to how they migrated from the land which was torn by explosive forces. They tell how great crevices opened up and how the water of the seas rushed into the mountains, and then great clouds of steam emerged. How there was a great shaking of the earth causing more crevices with more water rushing in causing more steam, and then came subsidence. The ancient people called Egyptians tell how they migrated from that land called Alatcan, while it was in this terrible upheaval. This is all lined out in Egyptian writing, and this is why in the early Temple of Egypt under Horus, that the people worshiped YAHWEH-PUTAH, and were so afraid of the Chaos god---Set or Sette. This is why in the instance of this, that in their book of the writings of the Priest Horus, they not only told the story, but the first white men who came into their land are also recorded. These white men were Enoch and Job whose ancestors had come down from the upper Tarim Basin into the land now called Palestine. And Enoch and Job and their company of Savants were from the Sethite migrations, and later as they came into the land of the Khufu, they came to build the city of On. This is recorded---according to Menthos of Egyptian History, and these were stated to be White Men. And this city of On was a White Race city. And with these people, came a knowledge of the extended use of architecture, and the use of stone instead of mud and straw. Thus they built the city of On, the great University city of ancient Egypt and established within this city the Temple of Zendera, in which all the signs of the zodiac were clearly defined---612 Illuminaries from first to second on to the 12th magnitude in proper order, with a proper movement of the Illuminaries showing an astronomical accuracy unprecedented, showing that these men established and built the most perfectly oriented building on the face of the earth, which we know as the Pyramid of Giza. And the fact that their knowledge, their astute leadership, their superiority in mathematics and astronomy was recorded by the Egyptians.

So what do these ancient people say? They tell not only of their moving from that land which under catastrophe was going down beneath the waters, but in these dynasties you find the dynasties of the Old Egypt. And later you have the dynasties of New Egypt, but they are not divided by a flood, but by political revolution inside the land. For instance, this is most important -----for all Egyptian writings have to support it, even the "Book of the Dead" supports the antiquity of this migration. And in the days when civilization left areas of intelligence and knowledge in Egypt---we find that Alexandria, Egypt, after the invasion of Alexander the Great, became one of the greatest seats of learning in the whole world. In fact the Alexandrian library contained more records and documents from over the world than any library had contained before.

From the Temple of On came the Savants of Ancient Egypt, all of them white men. Remember when Joseph went into Egypt, then later he would rise to power to save his people. And he married Asneth, daughter of Potipher, the Priest of On.---these were white people, and therefore acceptable unto Jacob who was not ashamed to let his name---Israel--be named on these two sons of Joseph. But this would have been Biblically forbidden if these people on On had not been of the Adamic race, under the doctrine of Israel which he was to abide by.

Now; lets point out something here---in later days when Greece thought the most advanced thing they could do for their astute youth was to send their young men from the wealthiest families, down to Alexandria, Egypt for their education. Thus it was that men like Plato, and Aristotle, and others---yes--Pythagoras, were sent down into the land of Egypt, and there they received their advanced education. There also they studied in the Temple of On. And one of the first things we find them writing about was the concepts of government, and the basic foundations for a Republic---this is where Plato got his concepts of those things. And he also wrote about an ancient continent which had slipped beneath the waters in a time of great upheaval. And in this instance Pythagoras learned geometry there in that land, and out of it came great concepts of mathematics. Thus Algebra and Geometry were brought home to Greece. Again it was just one branch of the white race moving into its pattern of ancient antiquity. But among the things he brought home which became part of the records and writings of the 'Bards' of Greece, along with even a copy of the theology, was the history of the migrations of the people of Egypt from the lands that slid under the water;-then also the concepts of the Netherworld, the river Styx, and so forth, all were transported out of Egypt and into Greece, and there helped make up the concept now of the Mount Olympus, and its relationship to Greek Mythology. But all along, within this concept, the Greeks continued to erect a temple to the Unknown God. A pattern of inner Monotheism continued to survive, and of course the Apostle Paul appealed later to this same pattern.

Now; in this situation we point out to you that in the 6th day in the book of Genesis, you have the discussion of creating----male and female created He them. Now the procedure by which they are created is totally unimportant to me. The pattern remains that each preceding era in the book of Genesis deals with an area of creation. It deals with a period by period cycle not unlike the geological ages we now possess. But the foundation upon which this is built are the words:---'In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth", and then the earth became without form and void. The word void was an aftermath of destruction; and an area of great catastrophe. And even Webster allows that void is something that has taken place after something already existed, so he utilizes this---in this connection. The 4th chapter of Jeremiah very carefully tells you that 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and then the earth became without form and void. And darkness came over the deep, and catastrophe shook the earth, and great cities were destroyed. Fruitful places disappeared and became wilderness, or waters covered the areas where once were vast developments of life. Jeremiah tells us the sounds of marching feet, the sounds of people and their civilization were gone. He said:---'I beheld all these things in a vision.' And then he talks about things which happened in the first and second chapters of Genesis. This is the re creative pattern he is talking about, the recreating of men and women and may well have been the Torog civilization. But this does not effect the white race, for it was not until you reach the 7th day of Genesis, or the 7th era of Creation until YAHWEH said:--'There is no Adamite to till the ground'.

There are two words in Hebrew which are translated man--one is enosh, and one is Adam. The difference between Adam and enosh is two types of people. One is a created people, ---one is an existing people with creation and form, and the other is a begotten people, or a brought forth issue, transplanted from another realm, for the building of a Kingdom---THIS IS THE THEME OF THE BIBLE.

Now; remember where others were nomads and wanderers, and quaffed of the trees as they passed. The Adamic race came to earth with a green thumb, and started out with a garden with gardening experience. It tells us in the book of Genesis that in the 7th day, God rested. He viewed all these things which had taken place and suddenly God said:--'Behold there is no Adamite to till the ground.' and the word is Bara--brought forth issue and produced Adam. And now we have the Adamic race on earth, and very carefully they were given certain directions. They were told that of all the trees for fruit they could eat, but they were not to participate or partake of the tree of knowledge of good and of evil.

Now; this particular symbol belongs to the symbolism of the ancient Zohar, the philosophies of ancient Israel, the background of ancient earth theology. The 'Tree of good and evil' is a racial tree, it possessed intellect. It has had experience in both good and error. And this New Race (Adam), had not had this experience in both good and error. Thus in this instance it is referring to what later we find supported in all kinds of Biblical texts as well as in the antiquity of history. This is the rebellion of Lucifer, the great space war of the 12th chapter of Revelations. The struggle for the Universe, and Lucifer the Mighty Archangel defeated, his mighty fleets falling to earth, and with him came other races who had not been seeded first in earth. Thus it is that we discover that the Asiatic--the Torogs or Sumerians--were the original earth people. There is not an anthropologist any where in the world who has studied the origin of the existing races that does not plant the Asiatic as the oldest of the races. In this instance we find the oldest fossils, the oldest evidence of the remnants of their culture, whether we take it out of the Pyrenees, or find it in the steppes of Asia,--where now we are finding more evidence than had previously been discovered-- that the Asiatic race is the oldest.

The period of this rebellion fits into the Sumerian stories--of the battle of Marduk and Tiamat which is their words, in their theology and in their language, for the Mighty God of the Universe, and the rebellious Tiamat---this falls into their theology or philosophy and Tiamat is Satan or Lucifer. So they are historic people regardless of their names, and the struggle was a mighty one, and it involved people and races. And according to Sumerian history the Negroes came in with this Luciferian rebellion, and then they were planted in various areas of the earth in great numbers, but not in numbers as large as the people who were already there. They were not accepted by the Sumerians--these ancient Asiatic until the time when they had increased in number, and then started the Luciferian plan of the inter-mixture of these people with the Sumerian people. This is found in the Sumerian and ancient India lore, --so it is also Biblical.

Then comes this Adamic race, and they started the agricultural development in the earth. There are very few people in the world who have not been touched by the agricultural development of this white race, and this continues on down to our time. This is the reason why all thru the theology of the Old Testament and even up in the New Testament,--in the

writings of the Apostle Paul---we find--'HIS spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the sons of God'.--We are the offspring of the MOST HIGH. We have been transplanted from heaven to earth for a divine purpose. It is for this same cause that we turn to the words of Jesus:--'Thine they were in the heavens, mine they are in earth.' They are not of this World Order even as I am not of this world order, but don't take them out of it. Keep them in it.'----This is again the same identifying factory of a people, who now existent in earth, will grow, multiply and increase, build a culture and civilization, and overthrow the darkness, and lift up the standards, bring intelligence, civilization and proper obedience to a True God of intelligence, love, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding and mercy. Throwing out the patterns of the witch doctor gods, and all the pagan gods, of their background. We have woven into theology today many old superstitions, which do not belong to the background of our race, or the true foundations of the history of our Faith. But it is sown in from these areas of superstition and illusion trying to continually penetrate the Old Testament, and the New Testament Faith of our Fathers, seeking always to mutate and destroy it.

So far monotheism remains unchallenged, and I think it is quite obvious today, irrespective of your opinions of religion, that the Christian nations of the world have the highest capacities of understanding. They have the highest technology, and they have demonstrated their ability to the environment they are in better than any other peoples who have existed on the face of the earth, from the standpoint of what they have been able to accomplish, and what they symbolize today. And in this instance the antiquity of these races are herein marked with the 6th and 7th day of Genesis. And you thus have two creations existing here.

Then turn over to Deuteronomy 7 of the Old Testament---Biblical but still well marked here. This you must always remember because it is basically associated with the people of this book. He said:--'Thus saith YAHWEH, the Holy One of Israel--Thou art a Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God.'--The word Holy is noted in theology in the use of the Hebrew word, and in the Greek use of the word. And in every dictionary and concordance, that which is Holy has to proceed forth from God.---different from any other pattern of creation. So He said:--'Thou art a Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God.'---'He has not only chosen thee to be a special people unto himself but he has placed you above all the people upon the earth.' The rest of this chapter is against integration, mongrelization, so that you might preserve your capacities, intellectual and spirituality. That you might carry out your destiny for the good of all the people of the earth, and the entire Universe. This is then New Testament theology as well, for the Apostle Paul also said:--'Come out from among them and be separate, or segregated; don't intermingle, this is an unclean thing, for your bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Your sound consciousness, your mental abilities, come from a long pattern of mental inheritance and spiritual background, where as these others--their bodies are the temples of idolatry, of witchcraft, and superstition. So don't intermarry with them, don't co-mingle, don't mix up in the pattern of the genes;--these inherited patterns of racial remembrance. Keep them clear so that you can be energized to think with vision. God said:---'Then I will be a father to thee, and to thy children after thee, in all generations. Do not hold back knowledge, wisdom, and truth, but also don't inter-marry; don't mix your society with those whose backgrounds are so different from yours.

This is Biblically a factor--New Testament and Old Testament. People may not like it, or disagree with it, but it is still biblically true and still historically true as well. There is no ground for reversing this, either in the position of the Apostle Paul or in the status of The Christ in this matter. So in this instance we point out to you that in this 7th chapter of the book of Deuteronomy a warning is made to this race not to mix with these other people.

Now; this Adamic people come down thru Seth, down thru Noah, and Shem on down thru the house of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Then out of the house of Jacob has emerged the 12 great National Streams of the White Race. Today there is not a white man on the face of the earth who does not derive his origin out of the sons of Jacob. Nor is it hard to establish this from the days of Shalmaneser, for out thru the Caucas Pass came these people--Caucasians--into Europe. And in this instance you will note that the genealogy of The Christ is given to you in the third chapter of the book of Luke. Here we have the embodiment of Deity identified with a race, and his genealogy starts with the Household into which He was born. And that genealogy runs all the way back to Shem, to Noah, to Seth and to Adam who is the son of God. This is why the Apostle Paul in his theology and philosophy refers to The Christ as the Second Adam, because this was the second direct issue. Therefore we have instructions and teaching which runs all the way thru the scripture, as to the difference between the Adamic race, and other races. All thru the scripture the word enosh, and Adam exist. This is why a clear understanding of this should be made to clearly define some areas in the Darby Version. It should mark the difference between the Adamic race, the sons of God, and the created races. This was those whom the Adamic race were sent here to recover from the catastrophes into which they had drifted, under superstition and bad influence.

Thus under this significant situation, we have the Bible as a compilation of a number of books about the Adamic race, as to its relationship to God., its relationship to patriarchs, and what this consists of. This Book has been written for you and received by you. One of the oldest words for white men ---the descendants of Shem---is Heber. There is not a white man on the face of the earth today who is not a Hebrew---isn't that a strange thing? And that does not mean you are Jews by any stretch of the imagination. But it means that every white man out of all white nations is a Hebrew who descended from Heber. In fact today the people who have the book of Hebrews are Christians, for this is the only place where this book is found. This book of Hebrews is one of the strangest books of Mystery in all the Christian faith. For it tells you here that since the children of God were down here in bodies of flesh, that God was not ashamed to identify himself with his kinsmen,--to be born out of the race, and to identify himself with this pattern of history.

In the Old Testament as well as in the New we find the existence referred to of the differences in races, and people in antiquity and time. And so the Bible supports not only the fact that races existed before Adam, and anthropology supports this, and archaeological evidence supports this. We have never found the fossil evidence of the white man, or the white mans style of cranium before 5400 B.C. Once when we have eliminated from the thinking of people, the idea that everyone drowned in the flood but Noah and his three sons and their wives, this will help. I am going to tell you that it would be a strange pattern of biological law if one man and his wife and 3 sons and their wives survived a catastrophe like flood, and then raised children; some of them Negroes, some white men, and some Chinese. This would be a biological impossibility, a violation of Biblical law which says:---' A seed begetting like kind, the seed having life in itself.' Any one understanding the process of mitosis knows that this would be a biological impossibility. Therefore it would be quite foolish to trace our lineage to Noah, and then get sidetracked because of the curse of Ham, for violation of a divine law. They say he was cursed and turned into a Negro, but this is quite foolish because Negroes existed so many thousands of years before this. God doesn't run around cursing people and changing peoples colors like a bad witch doctor. This only exists in superstitious minds. So we point out that there is no biblical basis for this idea, the Bible does not teach this at all. After all it would be sort of a mental hazard if you did not know if your children would be black or white, or yellow or brown when they were born. You have any foundation or pattern here, and we know that 'kind begats like kind, seed having life in itself.' And there is no recrimination upon any area of existence for what it is, because it is there. But there is definite areas where you must determine whether you want to preserve your culture, and in so doing what responsibility do you have in Biblical instruction and Biblical knowledge.

I think the Bible is one of the most important books on ethnic study, for here I can show you your responsibility to the nations of the world, and what He says as to ---concerning your marriage. It is forbidden to Israel in the Old Testament and in the New to inter-marry with these people. He also gave you some very definite instructions on how to conduct certain areas of your society. You are not to allow them to gain ascendancy over you or to teach your children; or in the areas of administration of your churches---you are not to let them gain influence over you. Some people say:---well, is this constitutional? But I am talking about what is Biblical.

Now; it is not a matter for the constitution, but lets be quite frank,--when the constitution was written it was written by white men---and for your race. Every signer of the constitution but one was a slave owner, and by no stretch of the imagination was he writing the constitution, in those days, for anyone but the white man. Irrespective of the bad patterns of slavery, of its bad influence upon nations, and what is inevitably liable to develop unless there is a virtual separation in social contact in these societies, we point out to you that as far as the design of your constitutional forbears is concerned, they spelled out quite clearly in the early works written upon this subject, even including those by Thomas Jefferson, and he was probably the most outstanding liberal on the race question, and in any question which related to the time of the revolution, but in his writings he said:--that all people, if there were enough of them in any area may be able to select their representatives. That the majority of representatives will select the majority of representatives within the structure of the constitution. So I point out to you again, that if a majority of the people in these United States should awaken, and therefore select a pattern of their destiny, then it is American, and it is constitutional. This does not mean suppression in any sense of the word, but it does mean the maintenance of some semblance of balance, and it does not subscribe that we be taken over or forced into a pattern of racial integration under the wild 'Bee' in the bonnet of some of these sociologists and these bleeding hearts of our time.

I think the Negro has never made the advance anywhere in the world that he has made under the influence of the civilization of the white man here in these United States. Where he is left to his own ways he showed no progress, except after Stanley and Livingston's days when western white Christian civilizations opened up horizons to him.

Again---never forget the wheel, always keep this in mind, the war chariots of Egypt rolled across the African plains, and the Sumerian civilizations for a quarter of a million years rolled across the plains, the Steppes and over Africa. But remember that the chariots of Israel from earliest times rolled across the plains of Africa as well. But when Stanley and Livingston went down into Africa, the Negro had never made a wheel. Don't talk to me of equality even in the mental area. They may have ability to retain something they are taught, but they do not have any initiative vision that would duplicate anything which would be of advantage to them when they see it. They have to have that initiative placed upon them, created; and thus don't talk to me about a few who may be a mutation in the area of species. I am not talking about 25--50 or 100 that may have developed under the white man's thinking and instruction and leadership and who are outstanding. I am talking about the general pattern.

Thus for progress we are thankful, and we would assist in progress with every ethnic group in the world. But at the expense of absorbing them or mutating and destroying our own God given destiny---NO. And under this same significance it becomes a matter of whether my posterity is going to remain white, or whether it is going to go into the dull grey which Mr. Eisenhower suggested that might be a solution to America's race problem. I am going to see how many white men I can wake up to see that our posterity remains white. I think this is good, sound, and intelligent thinking. On the standpoint of your race, for racial self-respect , racial self-preservation--this is the most vital law of nature; this is a divinely instilled factor. This does not mean suppression, this does not mean cruelty, but it also means we are not going to be abused, and we are not going to watch our civilization down graded, and we always have an area which is appealed to--with emotionalism, instability; it is appealed to with licentiousness, and it is appealed to with patterns of violation of divine law. These people we classify as white trash, and I don't care how much money they have or how much influence they may have inherited, that in mixing their bloods, mutating their society they mutate the intellectual capacities of their offspring. This my friends, in any language would become ostracized. God built in an antenna into your race, and this antenna was an affinity for people like unto yourself, and it created within your race at all times everywhere, a design not to adapt yourself to the immediate company who had mixed their bloods, and fused their races. It wasn't the area which you wanted your children to marry into. So someone said:--'Oh, but that is discrimination--we don't want discrimination. But your forefathers used to catalog a discriminating gentleman as one who they wanted to introduce to their family. A person who discriminated was one who demonstrated more wisdom than one who didn't. And since God who is a discriminating God, said:--'I have selected and chosen you above all the people on the face of the earth'--don't try to out moral God, . because from the standpoints of morality he chooses with intelligence. And the general aspect of most choices in this matter is in these same areas.

Someone said:---but suppose that 1000 years from now the Negro is different?' I have no room for assumption for 1000 years from now, I am only interested in today. If a thousand years from today we have a miracle before us, then I accept a miracle when it arrives. But in the meantime, until God gives us other instructions let us remain in keeping with Biblical and anthropological facts. Now the fact is that there is so much evidence that bypasses the flood, that I can show you other supporting evidence that of course the flood did not cover the whole earth.

When Abraham was crossing the plains of Chedorlaomer, the Kings of Sumeria, the King of Chedorlaomer, the Kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, and King Tidal were all there. This King Tidal is one of the most interesting men mentioned here in the Old Testament because this Tidal-King of the nations, is one who came from the land which sank beneath the waters. Go into a biblical dictionary, or go into an encyclopedia and you find that Tidal was the King over the people of the land which sank beneath the waters. And like the Egyptians and their Khufu of the time of Horus they also had descended from those people--on the land which subsided. But here on the Plain of Shinar they were fighting for the Gold of Ophir. Millions and millions of ingots were involved. So many ingots it is said, that among them battling, among the kings of Chedorlaomer, there were 5 ingots to each horseman. So remember that each horseman carried 5 ingots of gold. And in this battle also remember Abraham is crossing this plain and he finds himself caught up in this battle. This is a matter of history. He tells us who was fighting, and who the kings were, and their standards. And this is the area of the Sumerian plain, and all the men involved is probably the largest number in battle which has been fought on the face of the earth in recorded history. Far more than we had involved in W.W. II--.because these men were battling with lance and sword for this gold of Ophir. This was less than two centuries after the flood as well. And the thing which makes this remarkable is if you had followed the descendants of Ham, Shem and Japheth, you would never have produced this diversity of warriors, the size, or the number of warriors which had to represent whole civilizations, because they did not just breed men, you know. They had to have these armies of this size here engaged in this struggle for the Gold of Ophir, and behind this were the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the King of Tidal, from the lands beneath the waters. And you remember that Abraham is caught up in this struggle, so he went to a high hill and watched all this. And when the dust subsided, and the battle was over, when they had fought so hard that many of them had forsaken great areas of the treasure, they then scattered off in many directions.

Then Abraham came down with his caravan and rounded up more treasure than the kings carried away. Then along came the King of Sodom and said:--Look Abraham I will make a deal with you, if you will make a confidence with me we will divide the treasure. He--thinking that by some supernatural force Abraham had participated in this battle.---But Abraham said:---I will not make a deal with you lest you say I made Abraham rich.' Sodom, remember was a city of evil in its background and Abraham wanted no association with it. But the thing I point out is that here we are a short period after the flood, and here is Abraham who had been raised and instructed by Noah; for Terah the father of Abram, had sent Abram down to the 'Cave of the Treasury' of the home of Noah, and up until he was ten years old Abram was educated by Noah. So Noah was still alive at that time, in this close proximity to the flood. And we discover that we now have these millions and millions of warriors, while that city of the Chaldees where Abram's father was Prime Minister was under the administration of Nimrod. And we note that under the administration of Nimrod, that India sent their envoys, and they sent great caravans of goods to offer to Nimrod as well as wives to offer unto him, from the harems of the ancient rulers of India. They wanted to join, and mix the religions of ancient Ur of the Chaldees. And they were willing to recognize Nimrod as the Emperor of the Earth, if he would fuse a world government for his day. This is why they refer today, so many times, to Babylonianism, when talking about this situation. For Ur was the site of ancient Babylon before the days of the later Babylonian kings.

I point this out because I can show you wave after wave of research done in the ancient history on this subject, with little thought as to how it fell into the background of all this. Thus a great area of power from India was sending envoys to Nimrod just a few years after the so called flood situation. And also in the courts of Nimrod we have people coming down from the high Steppes, and their religion which they tried to sell was Gautamaism, which antedated Buddhism, for Buddhism is not so very old. It isn't as old as Christianity as far as Buddha is concerned. For Buddhism is built on the foundation of Gautamaism, and it goes back 11,000 years. So under these patterns we have an unending chain of evidence of the continuity of mankind, the history of men and races going back past the flood situation.

QUESTION:--I understand that it was Jesus as God in the flesh--is this right?

ANSWER:--Yes, this is the embodiment of God. This is sound Christian doctrine.

QUESTIONER:--Then what does the scripture mean when it says Jesus was going back to sit on the right hand of the father?

ANSWER:--This pattern was not developed until after the church decided to frame up doctrine. In other words the Scepter hand of authority is what you are talking about. The original declaration was that The Christ ascended back into heaven, and assumed the Scepter hand of authority. But they tried to set up a duplicate pattern of a trilogy of thrones, and in the theology they re-translated this material so as to have The Christ sit down at the right hand of God. Of course this made a multiplicity of gods, and would be contrary to both the Old Testament and the New. For under the position of the Old Testament, a proper definition of theology is:--"Hear O Israel--YAHWEH thy God is ONE Lord."---"Is there anyone beside me?" No not any--none on the right side, or on the left side." Also Jesus said:--"He who has seen me has seen the Father, for I and the Father are one." The Apostle Paul then said in the book of Colossians concerning Christ:--'All things were made by HIM, and by HIM was not anything made'--'He was before all things, and by HIM all things consist.'--then to the Jews, JESUS said:--'Before Abraham was ---I AM.' In the same instance it was the embodiment of God thru this principal given in the book of Isaiah:--' A Virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and call his name Immanuel--God with us'--. In the book of Isaiah chapter 9 it says:--'Unto us a son is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulders. His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.'

So when we deal with The Christ, we deal with the continued embodiment of the same Deity, and the ONE AND ONLY DEITY which our race has ever had anything to do with as far as our background is concerned. It is unfortunate that Babylonian trilogy was introduced into Christianity. But this did happen; but not until the second or third century. You will note that certain of these things are denoted in Bibles where scholars have added footnotes and references. For instance I will show you where this Tri-ology was first introduced--the tri-ology of gods, so we are told :-Father- the old man, --Jesus the son, or young man, --and the Holy ghost, an invisible god, or a spirit.

Now; God is Spirit, soul and body, and so are you as you are in the image of God---spirit, soul and body but one person. You have a celestial being like this physical one; it exists in light substance like this physical one exists in electronic substance--protons, electrons, multi-components, all patterns of the atom. But out of this molecular mass and out of this chemical synthesis is the physical body which you reside in. Your celestial body is made out of the elements of light. Its wave-length is well established today by modern physicists. The border line of science has not gone into ultra patterns of photography where people using an infra-red light and proper background have proved the emanation of the photography of Aura. Back in the days of H.G. Wells and Huxley, they produced the science of light. They had to put a whole new chapter in the back of the book because photography had already demonstrated the aura, and the emanation from it, even when death took place as it left the body. This book is in my library---'The Science of Light'---you can pick it up anywhere. But I only show you this because you are spirit, soul and body, so therefore you are ONE person. I don't see three people seated there; I don't see one person on either side of you. This is again something for you to understand. A man gets confused sometimes when theology is made difficult.

Now; just to prove a point---go into the book of Ezekiel, and you remember he had a very unique experience. One day he saw something sweeping thru the sky, with the sound of great rushing water, --such as a waterfall. This would not be to far today from the sound of a jet aircraft. But these articles as he described them, were round objects, wheels within wheels, and eyes round about like portholes. And this whole flight circled around and then landed. And after they landed Ezekiel said a door opened up and they brought out a throne. And he who sat upon the throne was the embodiment of God, like unto the son of man, but there was a rainbow around this throne, and the colors were brilliant. Ezekiel fell on his face, because he knew he was in the presence of Deity. He said:--'I saw the throne of YAHWEH and ONE sat on that throne.' Then Isaiah was given the sight of the throne---'High and Lifted up.'---in the Temple; and he said:---' I saw ONE seated upon the throne.'

Now; if you go into the work of the man who wrote the most and saw the most--this patriarch of our race--Enoch whose books were not canonized because for a time they were lost even tho they were to be found among the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Essene records and so forth; but they had always existed in the annuls of early Christianity, and in the Zohar, and among the entire documents and scrolls of Israel. But we do have the 'Secrets of Enoch' --'The Pillars of Enoch'--, ' The Towers of Enoch'. and they number over 365 books, and this is also the man who never tasted of death, but traveled out and away into heaven. And in this instance Enoch tells how he was told to shut up his house, and get aboard the craft, and they sailed away. He tells about going out over the pole and out into space. And he tells how many wanders there are. Now, this man lived about 5000 years before The Christ, and he knew exactly how many planets there were, and had passed every one of them on his trip out. But do you realize that it has only been in the last few years--say 35 years, that they knew where Neptune and Pluto were even tho they thought they were out their. They just could not point them out and prove that they were there. Enoch, however, recorded that they were there about 5000 years before The Christ. So he tells how he sailed out to the largest area of the Pleaides, and was ushered into the throne seat of the Master of the Universe, and the God of the earth. And ONE sat on the Throne, even tho Archangels, and others traveled thru out the Universe, and came to this area, but ONE SAT ON THE THRONE.

The book of Revelations--written by John the beloved Apostle of Jesus the Christ--and if Christian doctrine was to have any illumination, it should come from this man who listened carefully to everything the Christ taught--so also he was given this message to give unto the churches----He tells how suddenly a door opened into the dimension of spirit surrounding him, and as his door in the atmosphere opened he stepped thru and he heard a voice saying:--'Come hither.' And he said the first thing,--I looked for was the throne of God, and ---ONE SAT ON THE THRONE.

But lets go back a bit in this book of Revelations, and we are told that the man John is on the Isle of Patmos for the NAME OF THE LORD.---Why? Because the Jewish Priesthood did not want him to proclaim the NAME OF THE LORD. For instance the Jewish Priesthood did not want him to proclaim the Gospel of the Christ or His Deity because this would have conflicted with their retention of theological control over Palestine. Since all the true Pharisees had already turned into Christians, and were Resurrectionist---so the Sadducees who were reincarnationist lose control over the land, and they thus exiled John to the Isle of Patmos. He said that while on this Isle of Patmos that suddenly he heard a great voice saying:---'I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY'. And John turned and beheld the radiant glory and the image of this ONE and he fell on his face. And he heard the voice say:--'Get up John, don't you remember me? As we walked the shores of Galilee--you were there, and I am the one you knew as Jesus." And John beheld the ONE whom heaven had proclaimed was THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY--this ONE was his companion from the shores of Galilee. And John would thus start off his book of Revelations this way.

Now; irrespective of whether a person does or does not want to embrace the authenticity of this book on Revelations, the fact remains that it is sound Christian doctrine, and it is thus contained. Now it is not out of step, but is totally in step with all other phases of Christian theology. We today have not been liberated in the areas of theology which have been set up -- into areas of the hierarchies, who have established areas of creed and walled men in. If men were set free from just individual hierarchy creeds into the full knowledge of history, the semantics, and the ethnic patterns of this book then he gets an enlarged vision of all this.

Today if you wanted to know what the Bible taught, unless you move into avenues of a true Christian Church, or have the opportunities of the patterns of study which we are discussing, and which others are now opening up in these avenues, then you would have to join the Baptist, the Methodist, or Presbyterian, the Catholic church and so forth. And after you had joined about 21 of them, you would come up with the facets of what would make up an area of almost total creed, but here again, there were forbidden avenues. If it effected the authority of the Priestcraft, or the authority of the Ecclesiastical order, then many times it is limited. So we tell you that what is happening today in our national life, whenever men are exposed to truth there is a great new searching for truth which is opening up more avenues of it ---for 'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.' Instead of illiteracy or suppression, we invite all areas of knowledge, wisdom and science, and we will find it fits in harmony with the Creator. The works of the Creator, and the word of the Creator will agree. If there are areas which are not inspired, they will soon show themselves up as incompatible with fact.--

QUESTION:----What are the 7 churches of Revelations?

ANSWER:---The 7 churches represent ages. But they are best classified by the fact that they were 7 very powerful churches just across the Aegean Sea. And thus every one of these churches were also given names such as Pergamos, or Thyatira, or Sardis, or Philadelphia and Laodicea. But all of these were also cities. If you get the map of Greece and the Aegean Sea area you would discover that these were great cities of commerce, industry and people. And these were the 7 largest churches on the border line of Asia and Europe. In fact so much so that these were great centers of commerce of that time, and referred to as the 7 churches on the edge of Asia. They were not in Asia-proper because the Apostle Paul said that the Spirit forbade him not to go to Asia. When the Christ said:--'Other sheep have I which I must bring into this fold'--he was indicating the entire structure of the white race all over the entire map of Europe. Remember that he said:--'I have not come except to the Lost Sheep of Israel.' And he then sent his disciples out to the Lost Sheep of Israel, and to nowhere else. He referred to these Asiatic Jews on the steps of the Temple as he said:--' Ye believe not my words because ye are not my sheep.' Then he forbade the Apostle Paul to go into Asia because the first responsibility was to bring the awakening, and the liberation of truth to the race which had the capacity to respond. And then immediately this effected the beginning of civilization and culture which Christian civilization was to bring. What are Christians to pray for?---'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.' And we read in the scriptures that Jesus went all about preaching. And what did he preach?--but the Gospel of the Kingdom. So in this instance, this is the message which Jesus also brought.

QUESTION:---How soon do we expect Armageddon?

ANSWER:---Well, just a minute--Armageddon is not just one single battle, but it is a world military development which involves all nations, and not just on the plains of Meggido which was referred to as the plains from whence it started. In fact we may be much closer to Armageddon than you realize, because basically Armageddon as Ezekiel saw it was the forces of Asia, together with Africa, joined to war against the Kingdom, Now;--the nations of the Kingdom are those out of Israel stock and are referred to in the Book of Revelations as countries which are Christian. Because the war is made against all these nations who have the testimony of Jesus the Christ, and keep the commandments of God, you have every biblical foundation for war against the Christian nations, by the forces out of the Russias, out of Asia and out of Africa. At the same time this does not mean that all people of Asia and Africa will be participants in this battle. But the forces which control them will seek to hurl them against the nations of the Kingdom or Christian civilization. And the most dangerous part of Armageddon is the 5th column which comes up on the inside as a design to get us to accept a world government which is referred to in the book of Revelations as a time when a man could not buy of sell, or carry on his industry of trade without its (world government) approval. In a time when Christianity would be suppressed--out numbered--and out maneuvered by the masses of the world--this is what it is talking about.--a world government in which we have been told directly not to participate in. Thus the scripture says that we will get in to this world government, but we shall come out---'Come out of her O my people,' lest ye partake of the judgments of its fall. So I am going to tell you quite frankly, that we are in this battle of Armageddon, for this is building up. The scriptures tell us that the Abomination of the Desolator (Israeli-) would be down in the Holy Place, and this is a relatively abortive state, for it came into being suddenly and now occupies Palestine, and has the whole Middle-East in a fury. They drove out the people, the Arabs living in Palestine. Drove them out into the Negev desert. Practically all the Arabs are related, the Egyptians, the Jordanians, the Lebanese and so forth. Thus we have a condition of crises in the Middle-East which is a powder keg. Now one of the things which identifies the period around Armageddon is the crisis in the Mid-East.

Then the Soviets are to take advantage of this. And remember that basically there is a closer affinity between the Soviet Union and Israeli than many people recognize. For instance, ' Das Kapitol' was written by Carl Marx, and its heaviest area of financing came from Kuhn Loeb and Company and Jacob Schiff, who shortly after this, allied Hertzl's Political Zionism with the Russian Revolution. For instance in Israeli today they operate their agriculture with communes. They have a virtual commintern in their structure. They have a parliament very much like a collective---operate. And they have collectives all over Israeli.

Now; remember that in this situation, that Egypt was supplied with weapons from the Soviet Union and we supplied the Israeli with weapons and material, by direct functions carried out by the State Department,--indirectly without any approval by Congress. But when the battle between Egypt and Israeli took place, then Egypt was caught in a nutcracker, for she could not get ammunition for her Russian supplied weapons. And whether they knew it of not, they were in danger of being at the mercy of Russia. This is one of the reasons that Britain moved into the Suez. It was to head off a Russian occupation. Israeli knew that the Arabs could not prosecute this war very long before they would be short of ammunition--but so did Britain. This vast wealth of the Dead Sea area is always a temptation for it runs into billions and billions of chemical dollars. The crossroads of the world are vital to the whole hub of society and civilization, and commerce and trade which lies in this area. I think the Russian strategy is to throw us off guard, to pledge ourselves to disarmament. There is a difference between an unworkable economy while dealing with an area of money and exchange. We are thinking in terms of a society being bankrupt to supply creature goods to a people, with the ability to purchase this by their wages. But once disarmed while the military strategy of the Soviet Union continues, whether or not they are renumerated at this level,- is not in any way the problem of the Soviet States, which can hurl its entire economy, repaid or not---into an area of conflict.

Someone said:--I don't think Russia wants to do this---Well!--They who the gods would destroy, they first made mad.' I tell you this if you are a student of Soviet strategy, even now the Soviet war lords are a little disgusted by the strategy and the cunning by which the Khrushchev regime is moving. And even tho the text books have been edited by the experts of this regime, these hotheads are foolish enough to think that by sheer weight of man power, they can crush us. And so they are coasting along to see if they can get total disarmament of the Western nations. How close are you to Armageddon? It could start up in 90 days. But I don't think so. Nor will it be a major factor this year.

QUESTION:---What about this disarmament situation?

ANSWER:---It is the biggest fallacy of all. I happen to have in my briefcase today,--from Britain--an Intelligence digest. And in this digest, the Interpol, and the assurance given from certain areas such as Rustow, and the administration and others working on this, shows how foolish all of this is. Here we have the highest military budget in the world. We have then set up a process to find out how to destroy the weapons that we are building. It would be cheaper not to make them---This administration plans for a house to house disarmament of all American citizens under an Executive agreement, with treaty factors in the United Nations, if necessary, to supplement the disarmament plan as outlined, to be climaxed in 1965. (Well-that is one plan that did not work).

The first winter after a total disarmament of the United States citizenry, we would be invaded across the Bering Straits by hoards numbering into the millions. We can tell you this, that already a vast cleared area, with barbed wire emplacements, goes from the Bering Straits clear out across Siberia. And this is an avenue being prepared for the march of Red Chinese hoards,--and from the Soviet Union as well. They have established outposts and barracks and so forth. In fact this is why Will Rogers and Wiley Post were killed. For they were taking photographs---way back then, which related to the Bering Straits and the outposts and airfields, and what was then known as the laying down of these chain of airfields of steel over the Tundra. So - way back there-they were working on this. Go back and read---"Red China". And then take this weeks Inter-Pol report on the Peking conference, and the strategy of the Red Chinese and you end up with this one picture.

We have in this country a 'fifth column'. Some of them entrenched rather deeply. Many are ideological socialist and Marxists. The capitulation of our society into a Marxist regime is which they think they are going to be the 'Elite' corps has somehow captured their imagination. There is no other explanation why anyone would try to destroy a creative society like ours, who increases and distributes more to its people than any society on the face of the earth, unless they thought they would end up in some area of power, above the peoples of the nation in which they reside.

I will tell you this, -- if the United Nations troops march into these United States to try to suppress America, or to try to overthrow the sovereignty of these citizens, then the Americans will not accept this kind of situation. I happen to know that every Patriotic movement, that practically all conservatives everywhere --are disturbed about the use of foreign police service on American soil. And I happen to know--for I have had military leaders seated in this room---, and there are no more unhappy men, than the heads of the Armed Forces of these United States. They know that the abolishment of our military strength would be surrender, and the ability to defend ourselves would be gone. And the world would then be open to hostility, trouble and war such as you have never seen. The older men in the military would probably not stand for this. So this is the reason for the drafting of 18 year old's. They know they cannot take career officers who have pledged to defend America from all her enemies, both foreign and domestic, and get them to turn against our people. This would not be constitutional---even if dupes on the Supreme Court say so. America is not going to surrender her identity, and if they try to seize it or take it from them without a fight, there will be the greatest explosion in all history. I am going to tell you this,--as far as the ability to stamp this our---America is not a nation of assassins.

America is not a nation of violence. If we were a violent nation we would not have this happening in our nation. But Republicans, Birchers, whatever you want to call them have not attempted to overthrow the government with violence, upheaval and force.

Probably I have talked to as many groups in America as anyone has,--of patriotic organizations and even real hard core ones,--and even secret societies.---and I have yet to find anyone of these leaders talking of overthrowing the government. But I have not found anyone of them short on being prepared to defend it. So in these instances again, whenever a country can no longer trust a citizenry until it disarms them, it proves that the course they are about ready to embark on is not one that will be acceptable to the vast majority of the people, or acceptable to the Constitution of that government. And whenever a power thinks they can change by decree, or take away the life of a nation,--a Christian nation such as this one,--and continue to accomplish their objectives, first by disarming the people, and then by putting over on the people what the people would not accept,--It isn't going to work. Take away their guns and you would find that stones and kitchen knives would replace them, and archery would come back with great speed. There is a terrific army to round up if you are going to try to take away their guns---this is something to think about. This may be a part of Armageddon also, for we have a hidden enemy inside trying to get us to battle among ourselves which would be quite profitable for them. there is no doubt about this design to disarm America.-In the symposium held in Michigan---the program called for 5 western states to be involved. They were:--Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah.---These were to be disarmed first. They were going to surround them and do a house to house search and confiscate every weapon. Even the European countries knew this was the strategy. But Congress--as the Americans became alerted--passed a measure which was added on this disarmament act. And this stated clearly that this was not a measure to disarm the American citizen whose right to retain arms is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights---therefore it was only on a world level of disarmament among nations.

President Kennedy has said that no one has a right to any arms. He would disarm them all. But this is not going to work today and it did not work in his day.

QUESTION:--What about this of 1979?????

ANSWER:---This date of 1979 is a measure at the other end of the age. There are a whole lot of things to be accomplished before then. That is, the measure which is pretty old, and naturally your are in an interesting period right now, --you are in a 25 year cycle--the 25 year cycles are now moving.-- They said we were too civilized to enter W.W. I in 1914---but we did. And 25 years later in 1939, we moved into W.W. II. Now there we are 25 years later in 1964, and they say this is the Great Year of Peace. -------(tape ran out-----but did you notice the date 25 years later than 1964?)