01-24-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---(tape) I read the other day that a man said that the cross of the Christians is a pagan emblem.

ANSWER:---Well, never pay any attention to what a man says because they aren't always right. The Jews right now are raising lots of talk about the Cross. It says here that the cross is a pagan emblem and the Cross Jesus was nailed to was straight up and down thing like a tree. they nailed him to a tree just like a post. But the fact remains that the Roman Cross that they used to crucify criminals on was a stretched out cross. And they took the full weight of the body on the hands stretched out to add to the pain of the death. Also the Cross used earlier than this even by some areas of Rome, was a square cross. It had its arms set in the middle and they nailed people to this.

The pagans of India didn't use crosses; in China, they didn't use crosses; they didn't use the cross in Africa. So I am not convinced that pagans used the cross. Our race always used the cross. The Rose Crux of the heavens is the Gospel message of the heavens. So God as he laid the constellations out marked the cross as having significance as an emblem as it related to earth. This was the Rose Cross. And it marked the opposition to the head of Hydra the Serpent in the heavens. Also we see that the Crux was one of those marked patterns, that they used thru out the history of the Adamic Race. So I don't think this man knows what he is talking about. And it wouldn't make any difference anyhow for Christ was crucified on the cross and it wasn't a straight up and down tree. They made it out of a tree alright. But they nailed it together.

QUESTION:---Lucifer must have been the first born of God. Therefore he must have been of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever?

ANSWER:---Lilith was an angelic creature who rebelled with Lucifer. They did not keep their first estate. She was female, but she was not a Cherub. She was the wife of Lucifer.

QUESTION:---Did she come out of Lucifer?

ANSWER:---No. She did not come out of Lucifer as Eve was taken from Adam. She was one of the rebellious ones with Lucifer.

QUESTION:---Was Lucifer the condensed evil portion of God's Kingdom?

ANSWER:---Lucifer was the first evil portion in God's Kingdom. In otherwords, all of the Angels had been created probably with the capacity to reflect evil. A great pattern in divine purpose now shown forth when Lucifer was created. And God knew that this was the area that would be rebellious. He knew what would be in store for Lucifer. Still, he was 'sun of the morning'. And he carried out his activities over one-fourth of the Universe until the day God declared he would have sons and daughters. God knew that Lucifer would rebel; knew what courses of transgression would come. And He permitted this because there would have to come a time when a negative force would arrive and righteous forces would have to put it down. Therefore, Lucifer led the rebellious, negative forces, when God declared He would have sons and daughters; would begat a race as Himself. This was in the endless yesterdays. And Lucifer came and said:--'you mean they will be greater than I?' God said:---'they will be greater than you for they will be my offspring.' And Lucifer said:---'I will not show this in any part of the Universe which I control.' And he went out from the presence of God in rebellion and turned away. The word 'Shaton' or Satan means to turn away. Devil means to deviate or divide. And so he was called the devil. And in the book of Revelation, it refers to Lucifer as the devil, the dragon and Satan. So he went out into his part of the Milky Way solar system and he gathered axmen and swordsmen. And one-third of the Angelic hosts ruling over that quarter of the Universe followed him. He declared that he was God and would challenge the Great God of the Universe. So one-third of the Angelic hosts fell for this and followed him. From one planet or planets in the Milky Way solar system the Negroes came, those who were the dark and curly headed ones. And he made ax-men and swordsmen out of them and took them with him.

In his fall, Lucifer had lost some of the spiritual perception that he had and he said even if these ax-men and swordsmen can't destroy the Angels who are rulers, we will destroy the people they rule over because now Lucifer had ax-men and swordsman which the other rulers did not have, even tho they had many ships and crafts. But what Lucifer didn't know was that as God turned this situation over to Michael, then Michael would have weapons that Lucifer never thought of. There would be rays of light which could destroy nuclear fission and Michael also had great fleets. Of course because two-thirds of the Universe could supply Michael, then that war as it came in outer space would find Lucifer out gunned altho it took thousands of years before all the Universe was cleaned out of those following Lucifer. He was driven then into our solar system. And parts of his ships were smashed here. And he was finally driven to earth and the ships smashed and confined. When Lucifer came then to earth, he had a consort, Lilith. She also didn't keep her first estate and she assumed flesh from time to time. Lucifer assumed flesh from time to time in his rebellion. In fact Lilith was the mother of the Ganges. She also was the one who seduced Adam; and Lucifer seduced Eve and started Satanic seed. This was the Cainanite seed line. This is some also of the Satanic forces which existed in the areas of India---from Adam and Lilith. And we find that Madam Blovotski was an evil reincarnation of Lilith. The evil seed of Luciferianism is sowed across the world from Lucifer and Lilith. In fact as they talked of these patterns to Nimrod, they played up to him as a god. And they said:-'-we have established deity. We are the mother and father of the earth. So therefore we declare that thou art god. And since you have a son, he also will be a god.' So Nimrod and Semiramis had a son and they named him Nimion. This was the trinity that the Jews started in Babylon. And when the Jews came out of Babylon, they infiltrated the Christian church in Rome and sowed the Trinity in there. So they had a father god, a mother god, and then a child god. So this was the trinity. And thru Babylonianism was brought into the Christian religion. There was no other spiritual seed that God begat. Only this which came thru the Adamic race. The areas of creation and re-creation reach back into antiquity. And we know that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. When the earth became void, it doesn't necessarily mean that the whole earth was void. The oceans covered the whole earth. And darkness was upon the face of the deep. So masses of clouds and vapors obscured and some time later this was cleared away. But Lucifer was driven to earth and there were millions of people on earth at one time.

This was on the third day. At that time the earth was covered all but one-seventh of the land with water. This is remarkable for six-seventh's of the world was covered with water. But it isn't that way today. But I will show you something in the book of Esdras:--' I shall command the waters to be gathered into one-seventh of the earth; six parts were dried up and intended to be the dwelling place of the sons of God, so that they might serve thee.' In otherwords, God at one time, gathered six-seventh's of the waters and had people clearing the land. So here there were oceans----the water was gathered into one-seventh of the earth, and the rest of the earth was dried up and was to be prepared for the sons of God so that they might serve him. This was a tremendous amount of water. It was sent down under the earth. The mountains rose up and the water subsided and six-sevenths of the earth became dry land. In Revelation it tells you, and this is not going to be at the end of the age,--but it could come right after that--- it says that the seas shall be no more,---just little streams. It tells us that Mystery Babylon will be dried up. But it also says that the seas will be no more. And during that time the apex of a New Order---in the heavens and in the earth---, that is one thing to happen and at that time the land will be dry and the resources will once more be exposed to man.

Now, let me point out to you, that in the sixth day as God said to the Elohim---'Let us make man in our own image.'---that it came to pass that men and women were created on earth and they were in the image of God and the Elohim. So what did this mean?---They had bodily shape like God and the Elohim. But it did not mean that these people were children of God because they were not. The children of God were begotten in the heavens before Lucifer's rebellion. And they were the image of God and the Elohim.---This was one thing. But now YAHWEH said:---'There is no Adamite to till the soil.' Remember now that one of the things God had declared was that He was going to send His children down to earth. We were to occupy this earth. And He told us all these things before the foundation of the world. We didn't know whether we really wanted to come to earth, but we said we can do it. So you are told that in the seventh day, God begat ADAUM in His own image. Not to mold or make, but the word is Bara--to begat as an Issue.

Then let me point out that over here in Genesis 5, that these are the generations of Adam in the day that HE bestowed him in the likeness of YAHWEH begat He him. And this word likeness is the same as God---Spirit, soul and body. So this likeness is different than those made in the image of God. this likeness is in the similitude of His own entity, spirit, soul and body. Thus was Adam produced. And thus in the day that He begat Adam in His likeness of spirit, soul and body, then male and female were Adam and Eve. And HE blessed them and called them ADAUM. And the word Adam was the name of the race in the day that HE begat him. And then it gives the genealogy of Adam. Then Adam had a son in his own likeness and called his name Seth and from Seth the Adamic race comes forth.

Now, when God starts out with the book of the generations of Adam, He doesn't deal with the entity--Cain. Doesn't deal with the children of Adam and Eve before Seth. Because, remember, that in that day that Lucifer seduced Eve and Lilith tempted Adam and Adam and Eve lost the aura that was round about them, because the spirit of God would not cohabit with the darkness round about in any way. So since the Light which would have given them immortality was gone, and the seed of Adam was contaminated by Lilith, and Eve's womb was contaminated by Lucifer, it was then seven gestations before Adam and Eve would finish the cleansing of the seed line and the womb.

Now, I want to point out this. In the book of II Esdras 4:28--'Now therefore a grain of evil seed hath been sown into the body of Adam from the beginning, how much ungodliness therefore, hath this force of Lilith? How much hath it brought up to this time? How much shall it bring forth until the threshing time comes? Ponder now thyself, how great fruit of wickedness this grain of evil seed brought forth in the earth?' So you see--Lilith had children, or a child,

by Adam and this line them settled along the Ganges. And Lilith was called the mother of the Ganges. She was called Kali. And Kali is the mother 'assassin goddess.' The children or child that Adam had were planted in the Ganges area and became the people called the tan Hindu. They were a light tan Hindu. And this is described here in the book of II Esdras and ' behold this evil seed had been instilled in Adam for this offspring and it took gestations for Adam then to cleanse the seed for the Adamic race. Before the fifth chapter of Geneses, you have children begotten. And this Enoch that is listed for Cain, is not the Enoch that came thru Seth. So from Genesis 5, you go onward with Seth for Adam had finally produced a child in his own likeness and after his own image and called his name Seth.

I want to point out to you several things. That all the races upon the earth created by God prior to the seventh day begatting and also the people of Luciferian lines became natural men. And in the book of Corinthians, you find this mystery---this mystery of Eternal life. We cited to you before that these other people had no spiritual capacity as did the household of God. Remember HE said:--'I give my sheep Eternal Life and they shall never perish.' Then the scripture speaks out and Jesus said power was given unto HIM over all flesh. And then--all flesh would have a resurrection because of that power. Then HE said, He had power---all those thou (the spirit) had given HIM---and in this situation He speaks out as to this knowledge of God being Eternal Life. He that hath the mind of the Father hath Eternal Life. See? He who doesn't understand the Father, or understand the Messianic destiny, can't understand because he doesn't possess Eternal Life. He said HE gives Eternal Life to His sheep and for this time, thru these agencies He does this.

The thing is that here in Corinthians, it tells us:--'How be it that the first man was of the earth earthy? The first man was created out of the earth and these were of earth--a created people. The second man was a Lord from heaven---and this was the Adamic Race. Adam was a Lord from heaven. He would name all the creatures and was to rule the earth. The first man was earth earthy; didn't have any spiritual seed. He was created and thus didn't have any spiritual seed. The second man was a Lord from heaven---while the earth earthy, they are of the earth---earthy. And they that are of heaven are heavenly. Now, 'We have born the image of the earth earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly in our form.' Now, this I say brethren that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Neither doth corruption inherit incorruption. Behold I show you a mystery. (I Cor. 15:45-51) So we were begotten of incorruptible seed. we didn't inherit the heavens because we have an earthly body. But we had a spiritual entity. Therefore we have been told these things over in this book of I Corinthians. For this is a hidden mystery. It is something promised to us before the world was framed. It was the hidden mystery of His Glory. The princes of this earth didn't know this, for if they had, they wouldn't have crucified the LORD of Glory. See? They would have realized there defeat for 'eye hath not seen or ear heard the things prepared for those who love HIM.' But God reveals them unto us by His Spirit. Remember He said:--'My Spirit will bring all things unto your remembrance to lead you to the knowledge of all truth.' God has revealed the mysteries unto us. For the spirit searches out all things. For what man knoweth the things of man, save the spirit of man. Even so, the things of God knoweth no man but by the spirit.

Now, we did not receive the spirit of the World Order, of the earth earthy, but the spirit which is of God that we might receive freely the things which are given unto us of God. Because we are the children of God. So you see we had the spirit of the Living God to begin with, the consciousness of the Living God when we were planted in the earth, the children of the Living God.

Now, it tells us that we are not of the earth earthy, but we vibrate together waiting to put on our spiritual house. And over in the book of Romans, there is this statement:--'If Christ be in you the body is dead because of sin. But the spirit of Life in you is there because of righteousness.' If the spirit of HIM who raised up YAHSHUA from the dead is in you, then this spirit shall quicken your mortal bodies because the spirit of God dwelleth in you. So as many as are led by this spirit---it is well established--that they are the sons of God. So we have not received the spirit of bondage unto fear but received the spirit of the positioning as of the birth of children, so we can say--"Our Father". The spirit beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. If children, then we are joint heirs if we suffer with him. The fact then remains that He says we might know the fellowship of His suffering. That we might know the power of His resurrection. Of course this again is the mysteries of the communion and all these factors. And thus we discover that the Adamic race was begotten of God. That Eve was formed out of Adam to make up the Adamic race. the population of the Adamic race are God's Israel. They possess the spiritual seed. And the capacity to think as He thinks and to know as He knows. We lost some of this in the fall. But God is going to activate it, quicken it thru the lips of the prophet in the words which He had to declare. And into our time He said He poured out His spirit upon His sons and daughters. He said:--'I will come unto you and bring you all the knowledge of truth, all things shall be brought to your remembrance.'

QUESTION:---I was looking in Chronicles where Reuben lost his birthright. And I don't quite know what this is.

ANSWER:---Well, don't worry about it for Reuben is a part of Israel and "all Israel" is going to be saves. Actually, the scepter was with Judah. And Joseph had the birthright. It was bestowed upon them. Jacob blessed Joseph and said let all Israel be as these children Ephraim and Manasseh. So in this instance, then in the last days the throne of Judah is also in the House of Joseph. The throne of Judah was in the House of David in the days when God made his covenant with him. Then the throne was taken from the House of Judah and placed in the House of Joseph. And there we find that it sits today with never a lack of someone from the House of David to sit on it until Christ comes. And altho we are one of the strongest of the nations to come out of Israel, still the throne line stays in the House of David. As far as the birthright is concerned, 'All Israel is to be saved.' And the significant things which Ephraim and Manasseh have done as a company of nations and a great nation, was to fulfill that. Altho at this moment they are not standing out too much. The British Empire seems to be breaking up and it looks as tho the financial monkeys have gotten hold of this nation as well. But they are wrong if they think it will last. For God will raise up this great nation and he will raise up Britain also. Britain has been brought down by her leaders, but they will survive. Her leaders are listening to the Jews and they are turning their backs on South Africa trying to force her to integrate and mongrelize. But the regular Englishman doesn't like this. They are saying down with socialism. And labor is crying out, for England is in trouble. But in Revelation you are told that all the crafts, all labor would be controlled by Babylon. And then suddenly all these forces are going to be angry. They are going to cry out and Babylon is to be cast down. She will cry 'oi, oi, oi' as labor rises and casts down this organization which has plotted against them. Actually labor and all those forces they were going to use to try to crush the nations will rise up and crush Babylon and then the Jews will run crying 'alas, alas, alas.'

But as far ar the Dutch, they are Israel. Them even identify themselves with their song of 'Rachel, Rachel,' and 'Reuben, Reuben'---I've been thinking. What a great world this would be if the men were all transported all beyond the Zidder Zee.' In all their original folklore, they identified themselves as from Reuben. They knew that the House of Orange was the banner of Reuben.

QUESTION:---I heard a man speaking out against this idea of "British Israel." He used the 28th chapter of Deuteronomy to prove the Jews were Israel.

ANSWER:---Well, now how could he do that. The Jews have no part nor lot in the 28th chapter of Deuteronomy. But they have a great part in Genesis where Cain went eastward of Eden into the land of Nod and married him a wife. And these people of Nod were Addadians where he produced Jews. Jesus proves this--that they were Cainanites--there in Jerusalem at that time for they were of their father the devil who was a liar and a murderer from the beginning. This is Cain.

Then in the book of Matthew, He asks them who warned them to try to escape form the wrath which is to come. He told them their fathers had killed the prophets. They said that if they had lived in the days of the prophets they wouldn't have killed the prophets. And Jesus said:--'you have just admitted that you are the children of the prophet killers. He said I am going to hold against you the judgement for all the flesh killed from Abel to Zacharias who was killed between the horns and the altar. So when Jesus said this to the chief Jews of the Temple, He established that they were Cainanites. If they weren't Cainanites, they wouldn't even be guilty of the blood of Abel.

Then over here in the book of Revelation, Jesus said:--'Babylon is thy merchants and guilty of all the righteous blood slain upon the face of the earth.' Then when you come to the book of Deuteronomy, I want to point out several things for He said nations were to be driven out--the Hittites, the Girgashitese, the Amorites, the Cainanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites. The Jews were Cainanites and here He told them not to marry any of these people. And of course not to marry the Negroes either. He makes it clear then in the New Testament, that they were not to marry any of them. "Thou shalt make no covenant with them. Neither shall thou make marriages with them. If you do this, they will turn your sons from following ME and my anger shall be kindled against you." You are to destroy their altars, cut down their groves, burn their graven images with fire. For thou are a Holy People unto YAHWEH thy God. A holy people have to come out of God for only that which comes out of God is Holy. This is told even in Webster's Dictionary. And children have to be by begatting. So the LORD God chose thee to be a special people above all the people on the face of the earth. He set the Adamic race---His Israel---about all the people on the face of the earth. They run hither and yon and pull their chicanery and people get mad at them and they run. The people who are head and shoulders above all the people on the face of the earth are the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Scandinavian, Germanic, Basque and kindred people. God speaks to your race, to Israel, and says:--"You are a holy people and HE has set you above all the people on the face of the earth. And this is discrimination but God has a right to discriminate. He knows what He made them out of. He didn't do this because you were the most numerous on the face of the earth. But the LORD loved you and brought you out of bondage with a mighty hand.

Now, therefore, YAHWEH is faithful and keepeth His covenants for a thousand generations. So He promised to drive out nations before us. And they were to become smaller and smaller, such as in America and with the Indians. But I never saw any of this fulfilled by the Jews. In fact, the Jews control Bolshevikism and anti-Christ, but you don't see them receiving blessings as we did when we advanced into this wilderness and made America, or as the Canadians of Australians did as they moved out. Even the enemies who fought us dwindled away. This is what God promised us He would do.

Turn to Deuteronomy 32 and here you are told that the LORD'S portion is His people. Jacob is the lot of His inheritance. It says concerning His enemies, that their rock is a different rock. While our God is the ROCK and is perfect, just and right. But their spot is of a different sort. They are a crooked progeny. Now, remember, the days of old. Consider the years of many generations and ask thy fathers and they will tell thee. I have divided the earth according to their inheritance and He separated the nations of the earth according to the sons of Adam.

So the LORD'S portion is His people. Jacob is the lot of His inheritance. This was not speaking of the Jews for already He told you of all these people you can't marry. He is the Great Eagle and He takes you and bears you on His wings. He leads you and there is no strange god among you. This is not talking about the Jews, this is Jacob that He is talking about. "Of the ROCK that begat thee thou are unmindful, and hath forgotten the God that formed thee." And when God saw all these things that these other people were doing, He abhorred them because of the provoking of His sons and daughters to do wrong. He said:--'their rock is not of your ROCK. They ar of the vine of Sodom. And He is now talking about the Jews. Sodom and Gomorrah were pre-Adamic people upon the earth. Even fallen Angels came among them and the immorality and depravity and the mongrelization had totally corrupted them. Thus their vine is the vine of Sodom and of the fields of Gomorrah, their grapes are of gall; their clusters are bitter; their vine is the poison of the Asp--the dragon, and the cruel venom of the Asp. So who is the dragon, but Lucifer. These are the cruel venom of the asp because they are Lucifer's children.

So God clearly marks this as He says:--'if I whet my glittering sword, and mine hand takes hold on judgement, I will render vengeance to mine enemies and will reward them that hate me.

QUESTION:---But He did say that He was going to punish them and make them few in number and---

ANSWER:---But that is just the chastisement of the law. In areas of the law where they disobeyed, He says He will do all these things. In the time of Reaboam, he invited all these Jews into his court. He turned to these Jewish advisors and followed their advise and raised the taxes and so forth on the rest of Israel. So Israel said:--'to thy horses and thy chariots and the leaders of Israel led the 10 tribes out and they left.' Later then, Sannacherib the Assyrian leader came and took them captive along with some of Judah. And then the rest of Judah and Benjamin were taken captive by Babylon. And Manasseh was in captivity for 2520 years until 1776 when the United States became a nation. Actually, Ephraim was later than this. For it was 1820-23 before the British Empire was formed with their charter. Jerusalem fell to Nebuchadnezzar, and then 2520 years later to the day--Jerusalem came back to Israel (Britain) on Sept. 9, 1917. They held it then until the Jews seized it after W.W. II. So this is the time of Jacobs Trouble. And the abomination of the desolator stands now in the Holy Place. But they are just gathering for justice and great destruction. The land will be leveled out and that whole area will be from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, leveled out and raised. The Jordan will be a fresh water river and the Dead Sea a fresh water lake. And the whole area will be a memorial park because this was the land where Israel once lived. And where Jesus was born.

The fact is that the 28th chapter is just the punishment if you don't obey the law. But the Grace of God prevails and He said:--'I nailed to the cross all those ordinances against you, and I left all the ordinances of blessings for your work.' So--all Israel is saved,--by Grace. And in the atonement Christ paid the price for the whole world, including all flesh, so as to redeem all Israel. None of the laws of judgement stand against you. Only the laws of blessing are working for you. The nation however as such, can still come under areas of chastisement in disobedience to the Law. But not as we did under the 2520 years of judgement. Most of the trouble we are in comes from these Cainanites, Hittites, and others coming into our country and setting up all these systems which are wrong, such as Usury and so forth. These things are what He said He would punish Israel for. But He is also going to wreck vengeance on this group of pagans to wake up His children, because for a long time they weren't aware that they are Israel. But in this place where it is said:--'they are not my people, it shall be known that they are my people and that I have loved thee.' This will be a part of the great awakening.

QUESTION:---Samuel 2:12--these sons of Belial?

ANSWER:---It was apparently that Eli married a woman who was not totally of Israel. Maybe Eli didn't know this, but it would be the only way that the children could be sons of Belial. See Deut. 13:13 and Judges 2:10.

QUESTION:---Moses is talking to God--wants to know who he should say that sent him--The King James Version says: 'I am that I am.' This is a good translation??

ANSWER:--It is what they probably thought was correct. It is --"I AM THE ETERNAL EVER PRESENT YAH." "I AM HE WHO HAS ALWAYS BEEN." " I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE END. I AM THAT I AM." This was sort of a positive statement because it was in the present tense. This is Eternity in the present tense.-----He said:--'I AM THAT I AM. I AM THE ETERNAL EVERLIVING."