01-27-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---Esau was hairy and not liked very well, but I am sort of hairy also, and I wondered about this?

ANSWER:---What do you wonder about? This hasn't anything to do with any particular line, it is a factor which is generally hereditary, and of the genes. But as far as Esau was concerned then Esau and Jacob are extremely well marked, almost as well marked as the difference between Cain and Abel, although not quite as well. The question has existed in the background of the ancient theology surrounding these two, especially as to how it relates to their nature and so forth, as to whether they were children of a common father. This is a part of the pattern, back in the ancient Zohar and other old writings. It was thought that Jacob and Esau were not full brother, the fact is Esau married into the Asiatic Hill Country Tungus people. At the same time, the lines which he married into were tied into the Cainanites and Mongolians. They were Steppe people who had come in, and they were from the forbidden people. The symbol inside the scripture of Esau being first born would give him the birthright. But him selling his birthright for a mess of portage actually this was only a symbol. What he did was to marry outside the race line into forbidden seed, and he chose to live and dwell with these people rather than with his own race, so this was when he sold his birthright. The symbol of the transaction, by sealing it with food represented the old Asiatic as well as the old Mid-Eastern symbol of sealing it with salt. So actually Esau did not sell the birthright for soup, this was only the food, of salt, by which he sealed his agreement. That he would sell his birthright to his brother rather than join himself to the household and the camp. But then Isaac had always liked Esau for he brought him things, he was a hunter, and would hunt rare meats for him. In this instance this is the reason why, even though Esau had forsaken his birthright still his father probably would have given it to him had it not been through the work of YAHWEH, as he knew the difference between Esau and Jacob.

Jacob was thus more righteous than Esau although some have questioned this procedure. But he was so zealous for the preservation of the race, so dedicated to the purpose of carrying out the design of the Kingdom under Divine Instruction that he did not want to see this blessing or anything related to it dispersed on Esau who was dwelling with the enemy, and no more really had anything in common with the race.

But this hairy doesn't mean anything at all, it is just a sort of genealogical pattern which moves in and out, it is not any marked pattern as to his origin. Esau we are told was a little different, his complexion was very ruddy, almost like the Steppe people of the lower Himalayas back in India. He was really dark reddish brown which was different from all of his household. So we do not have all the answers, there maybe something else, or we may have all there is, but this is the picture. Early theologians in the race had questioned as to whether Esau was not like Cain, an outer to begin with.

QUESTION:---Daniel 11, is that a long time back in history or is it up to date?

ANSWER:---Well, all of the book of Daniel was, as well as the book of Revelation, they both travel forward and backward in measures. And a lot of these measures have already been fulfilled back in the days of the Assyrians, and the captivity of Israel. Most of Daniel's prophecies are fulfilled except the end time ones which relate to the Kingdom struggle against the forces of the Anti-Christ, and the final battle when Michael and the hosts come to our defense against the Satanic powers, and the final rising of the Saints to take the Kingdom, and to possess it forever and forever.

Of course there are several pictures in the book of Daniel showing that the Saints of the Kingdom will take the Kingdom and possess it forever, and forever. That He is going to see that the Saints get the Kingdom, that the great hosts come forth, that the Eternal God translated 'Ancient of Days' because of the antiquity, with those thousands and thousands times ten thousands times ten thousands streams of fire which go with HIM, and before HIM, talking about the mighty fleets of heaven which come forth from before the MOST HIGH.

Now; there are several, or most of these struggles between kings of the south and kings of the north have long been fulfilled back in those days when branches of the Assyrian Empire were having their impact in Mesopotamia and back around Tyre and so forth. Most of those prophecies have been fulfilled. It is only those prophecies having a dual meaning which project themselves over to the end of the age, for the final struggle that are still left ahead of us. There are a few minor measures which would have their consummation in the climax of the age, but would have started back in the ages of captivity. Most 2520 year measures are all consummated, each according to the time when the measure started. For instance 2520 years from the day of the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem was the beginning of W.W.I--and 2520 years from the day that Jerusalem was captured was 9-24-1917 the day the city of Jerusalem passed out of the hands of the Turks into the hands of Britain. Then 2520 years from the end of the war that Nebuchadnezzar fought against Jerusalem was of course 1917 the end of W.W.I. Thus there was this cycle of 2520 years and you can take practically everyone of these important cycles and this continuity of measure and it shows that we are in a period when that seven times judgment just measured from date to date. So some of these things, the final area of conflict which took place, actually there was almost 40 years of this battling to and from, so add that on to the climax of 1917-1918 and it brings you up to 1958-1960 when we start to move into the final climax of the time of the end of the age for its measure. Of course, there was a lot of very significant measures, and of course there is a four year discrepancy in the calendar because of the 4 year B.C. factor, and if you add that on to 1958 you come up to February 4, 1962 when there came the sign of the 'son of man' in the heavens. Then the 3 1/2 years time added to that brings us up to September, 1965 when the beginning of the judgments are supposed to start to fall upon the enemies of our God. Of course, there are a lot of people whose prophecy patterns are some what circuited, and this is because they found their measures of prophecy on all the old books written by the Baptists, Presbyterians, and general Orthodox patterns in which they did not know anything about these dating's, other than they may have known when Jerusalem fell, and they added their time to that, and they thought they were in the latter days. And there is a lot of people who do not know what the sign of the 'Son of Man' in the heavens is all about. They think it is something which will happen 8 to 10 days before the Christ comes. So they are off and do not realize that there was a time after the sign of the 'Son of Man' in the heavens and the picking up of the intensity on the enemies of God which would still be 3 1/2 years away from even that. So the sign of the 'Son of Man' in the heavens is not going to be 10 days before He arrives. We can't say that He will arrive in September, or in a year or two or three, who knows. But we will know before we get closer for we will know the season. There won't be a warning but we will be glad things are transpiring as they will be.

I note that you have a great number of people who are understanding identity or some areas of it, or are conducting research by going back into the records, documents, and tones of denominations which don't know as much as they should because they are in error all the time. So it doesn't make any difference how thick the books are. I can show you the Methodists, Baptist, Presbyterian, or Roman Catholic theology, but that theology only shows me what those men thought or did not know. In no way can I quote this as authority because those theologians are not an authority or they would have come to a knowledge of the truth years ago.

The scripture said that it would not be until the last days until many of these things would be known. And even the children of God who are Israel would be considered by the bulk of theology to be 'Not My People' or Goyim. So many of these things are fulfilled, and many of these things as superseded today having almost complete fulfillment, they are superseded by what we refer to as Direct Revelation. Where in God by direct inspiration declares things unto His ministers, and it fits the pattern of His measures, and it fits the fulfillment of prophecy. So this is something which is a part of the declaration, "That the Mysteries of God are reserved unto His ministers. And they are the keepers of the Mysteries of God."

Now; what we have gotten away from is the idea that God still speaks to His people. I can understand this for after you have listened to ministers as many as I have, and know how few of them have the calling of Spiritual Perception, they may have been called teachers, they may have a good ministry when it comes to counseling people as to proper conduct, all those things, but there is different classifications of called Ministers. Along with the fact that there has been no cessation of revelation, in fact we in this latter day when this out pouring is descending more and more, when it is not only going to unveil and show, but He is showing every secret thing, He is making these things known. He is expanding the horizons of His ministers. Thus in this hour there is no reason for us to think that we have to go all the way back to revelation, and say that revelation ended when we closed this book of Revelation. Or that God stopped talking, stopped unveiling things when He stopped talking to the Apostles. This is the reason why the church has stood still without to much transpiring or understanding of the key, but God is reopening this key once again. God is unveiling to His ministers and under the prophets He raised up in these last days. He is unveiling His purposes. So instead of the Book being finished, if one wrote the things being reveled, that God was showing, then there would be a whole new set of Epistles, but they would all tie into the past, and all which is the essence of the consciousness of God is making known to His ministers, who in turn also because being of the Spirit of His Spirit can receive and understand. And you the same when these things are taught to you, or you hear them, you will find a witness of the spirit which says these things are true because they fit into these patterns.

Now; these men of old, the only way they got these things is that God revealed them, and they recorded or wrote them down. In other words there is no difference between Isaiah, or Ezekiel, or Jeremiah or you and I because if He called you to be a prophet, He would reveal to you just as clearly as He did to Jeremiah or Isaiah. After all as we think upon the magnitude of the truths they recorded, to pedestal these men, and think of them as exceptional beyond all men is wrong. They were not exceptional beyond all other men, but it was the Spirit which brought the cognition to the mind of God which is so above the normal thinking of men that it lifts even the writer and the receiver above the normal of other individuals because they received it. The fact remains that these people were just as capable of making mistakes, just as capable of error, just as human as any of us in this room. But the fact is that when God unveils something the fallacy leaves, the human factor is set aside.

For instance, the Apostle Paul in writing his Epistles makes these qualifications, sometimes he would say: Now I speak as a man and this is my opinion, my idea. But at other times he is speaking as a direct oracle, not only as having had heavenly experiences and having things revealed to him, but God called him as an Apostle to bear witness unto these things. And of course Paul wrote most of the literature for the New Testament Church.

There are things for instance in our own individual experience, maybe something we come across in the scripture, or some factor relative to some event of prophecy, and this will fill our minds. And we will be meditating upon this and we might say it is an area of our own curiosity but suddenly this capacity of thought has taken hold of us, and we are not quite satisfied. We want a more full answer, and with this, in a day or two, this answer will come rolling in. First as a part of the whole pictorial story, and then will come evidence of it out of documents, anthropologists, archaeology and so forth. This has happened so long now that we have learned to depend on it. When God suddenly rises up an area that causes our own consciousness to think upon it with an avid curiosity then this is because He is about to show us something, and He has to get us to focus on it so we will be listening. If we didn't have our attention focused on that we would be thinking of something else.

QUESTION:---Could this happen to me?

ANSWER:---It could if God called you to this responsibility. In these latter days God said He would pour out His spirit upon His sons and daughters, upon--"My young men, and daughters and they shall prophecy and our old men shall dream, and the young men shall have visions. I will pour out My spirit upon My servants, and My handmaidens in those latter days". In this instance this pouring out of spirit is making you know things which are of wisdom and knowledge unto the spirit. Make them to think upon these things. He is saying: "I will strengthen their Spiritual Life. I will empower them. As they think with the congregation, and think with the thoughts of the things of the Kingdom, then I will thrust these things upon them.

Now; this is all I will say: sometimes ideas will take hold of a person and they seem to have them catalyzed, and then you form an opinion around them. Sometimes maybe this is not a spiritual revelation, but the results of a spiritual desire, and we develop a pattern from this. Then if this is the spirit revelation or this is something God wanted you to know, and He has created this desire within you for a purpose then it will suddenly have a deep significance and importance for you. Then it will bear witness and other people will hear it if they are within the medium of the same things. Then they will see it, so this might happen to you, or to anyone who knows the Kingdom story.

QUESTION:---I believe that you said that in 2520 years that Allenby went into Jerusalem, I don't believe that.

ANSWER:---Dr. Swift just laughed.

QUESTION:---Daniel 9:26 says, and the people shall come and destroy the city and the sanctuary, and the end there of shall be with flood. You said the pipes broke and water ran down the streets, and the Turks gave up and not a shot was fired, and nothing was destroyed. I don't believe that, I think.

ANSWER:---Now wait a minute, you are talking of something else here. I said, (Isaiah) "As birds passing over I will preserve it and protect it". This is when the city of Jerusalem was taken out of the hands of the Turks and put back into the hands of Joseph. This was a very special measure for a very short period of time until the time of Jacob's troubles. What you are trying to do is get a final 2520 years, but this is not that type of measure, it is from one event to another. So from the day of the first fall of the city of Jerusalem, from the beginning of W.W.I, this was 2520 years or 1914. Then from the first fall of the city of Jerusalem to the second hour of the return of the city of Jerusalem, this is the first siege, then this was in 1917, or its 2520 year time table. You see this even see saw back and forth several times.

QUESTION:---Yes, but that is not what it says, the command to rebuild the city, how do you explain that?

ANSWER:---You are talking about two different things. The command to rebuild the city did not go forth until the days of Nehemiah.

QUESTION:---I think that was to rebuild the city of Jerusalem.

ANSWER:---Well, but this is another measure, as far as the plan of restoration is concerned. No sooner had the city fallen than the Elders got together, immediately in their captivity, and all during those years of time, and here you can't even stay in the scriptures for this. You have to go back into the records which talk about how many times the Elders got together and laid their plans for the rebuilding of Jerusalem, as soon as they could break free of this captivity. So what you need is what followed the Zohar, which was called the Ziar, and there is then the records of the Elders also which was the records kept in captivity. But what I am talking about is not the passage of time that you are talking about. I am talking about the measure given for the time of the city to fall. It wouldn't matter if we knew any history at all, we know the day the siege started so add the 2520 years and see what you get. Here is the time the first siege comes, the battle wages back and froth, and then comes the second siege and the final fall of Jerusalem brings you to the beginning of World War I, the siege of Jerusalem the fall of Jerusalem and the Allenby marched into the city, the end of W.W.I, when then Armistice was signed, this is 1917. Now, I didn't do that I justly added, and there were other factors such as the forming of the League of Nations, and all those things such as laying the ground work for the Citadel of the Anti-Christ, all this is in with the measures of the Elders. There is not one single important date line which follows that doesn't have that same 2520 years escalation on the present time. You talk about turbulence in the streets then, but there has been turbulence in Palestine in those cycles from then until now, such as you haven't seen since the days of the Maccabees. Thus there are turbulence and battling in the streets, and there is a lot of things that are about to happen down there once again.

Now; there are many other measures which have their importance, many of them we discussed for years in the Pyramid clubs, and in prophetic measure. We could throw a chart upon the wall and show you dates that have been hitting down the line, some by alignments and some by using these measuring sticks on them. But we don't want to go back and dig up all these little measures like the starting of the United Nations, but they did happen. The day they set the United Nations up was a definite Anti-Christ measure. And of course everything which was of importance since that day hit on alignments, and all these alignments Pyramid wise lined up on things related to tying in points of alignments in the descending passages, all as of Satanic impact. All the great historical events of the Kingdom always fell on the alignments, and always the alignment was on the historical measure of the ascending passage, and the leveling of the passages and so forth.

QUESTION:---When it gets destroyed again is there a chance Israel will have to build it up again?

ANSWER:---When what gets destroyed?


ANSWER:---Well, when God gets through leveling Palestine you won't have to worry about it. We will build it up for a Memorial, but not for the Jews for there won't be any of them there. The city of Jerusalem is going to be in an uproar there soon anyway. The Jewish influence in Congress is being felt this week, the pressure is on. When the Johnson Administration would have continued to aide Arabs in an old agreement, the Cellar Influence and the Jewish influence outside of Congress used their pressure to cut Nasser off completely this week. Well, whether they know it or not they will just anger the Arabs and they will step up their attacks. You won't find that the Americans want to go down there and fight for the Jews, but it was the manipulations of the Jewish politicians in America that forced the Arabs into the hands of the Russians trying to get arms and assistance against the Jews, not realizing that the Jews and Russians were playing together, and the Arabs are caught in the middle.

QUESTION:---Why would the Russians help the Arabs?

ANSWER:---This is strategy, you depend on them for equipment and ammunition, and all this material, and they will so use the Arabs to stir up trouble then when the show down comes Russia will withhold from the Arab states the ammunition and supplies, then the Russians and the Jews hope to put the squeeze on to take them over, this is the double cross, no ammunition for their guns, their planes and so forth. (Then Sweden stepped in and supplied the ammunition and stopped that.)

Our trouble is that we have had so many of these Cainanites influencing our government administration that we have been turning the Arab world against us even those we have been trying to keep from out of the Russian orbit by giving them assistance, such as contributions on the dam and things in the ares of surplus food. The fact is if we had kept our commitments to them we would not have supported Israeli which drove so many of them out into the desert, out of their homes, and many of them died. Many were mass murdered by the Jews, nothing that the Jews ever blamed the Nazis for doing was as bad as the viciousness and cruelty with which the Arabs were treated by the Jews. They raped them, tortured them, murdered them, threw them down wells and cisterns, desecrated altars, all kinds of things to both Christians and Arabs, so there is nothing that the Jews did not do, in all the wild imaginations that they tried to frame Germany with, when the Jews got their chance they did it all themselves. I think before anyone ever listens to another war crimes trial, and go catch someone, we should be catching Jews for what they did to the Arabs and Christians in Palestine. We ought to put them in the same dock and execute them.

QUESTION:---There is a lot in the papers this week as to what is going on over in Laos, a Catholic missionary said they have installed gambling casinos over there, and they are going crazy over gambling, and they are doing human sacrifice. They said children were being bled to death and used for this purpose (sacrifice) over there.

ANSWER:---Well, after all you are dealing with a bunch of gooks. What difference does it make, they are Buddhists, pagans of every sort. I wouldn't spend a nickel to defend their culture.

QUESTION:---Isn't it only Jews who bleed children?

ANSWER:---Almost all of the pagan religions of the world are Jew founded. So if they bleed children then that isn't unusual. Jews have been using the blood of children, non-Jewish children in their sacrifices and rituals for years, this has been a tradition with them. In fact for years powered blood could be bought in Jewish stores or delicatessens for special rites and services. Whether it was the genuine article or not, who would know, after all the Jews would clip one another, and it would be lots safer than going out and committing murder for it. I have books in my library by Jews, concerning ritual murder in which they say that all Jews get blamed for things just some Jews do. But all the time they are just admitting that Jews do this, Christians don't go out and cut someone up to make communion, see, there is a difference. After all this is not to far removed from a Negro Cannibal, the Asiatic Devil.

Remember the first fallen Priests with Lucifer, when Lucifer set up his religion, it was called Baal religion. And Baalism or Baalie was actually the worship of Lucifer embodied. The Priests of Baal were called Cannabaal, and the word Cannibal comes from that word, Priests of Baal because these Priests of Baal ate human flesh back in the days even before the flood. They were devouring all these people in those days, eating them. All these rites of ancient Baal worship used to have all kinds of Barbaric customs involved in it, and while they did it with beautiful silks and lots of color, and because of its tremendous pageantry, still that didn't make it anymore less evil, just more symbols, more noise, more color, more whirling dervish, more dancing girls, more vestal virgins, more Priests who were Jews (Yehudin). The Luciferian mind just revels in all this pomp and splendor along with this process of evil, but this is Baalism, this is Luciferianism, and there is an over run of this in modern times. When the Jews came into the Catholic church for instance they tried to bring in a lot of Babylonianism and put it into that church. They were never able to blot out Christ, or the main areas of theology, but they did bring in some of the titles, the type of robes for the Priesthood, the Cardinal position, these things were brought in from Old Babylon and transplanted into the church. This is why we have so many of these Roman customs or actually so many of these Babylonian customs which did not exist in the first couple of centuries in the church. it was not until the Jews came in, in the days of Hippalaneus, and Uraneous that these things were brought in. Thus Mystery Babylon tried to penetrate the church. Mystery Babylon didn't get very far with this either, but there is still parts of it in their ceremony and ritual, but the basic is still there.

QUESTION:---Would you explain Genesis 9:20-25, where Noah began to be a husbandman?

ANSWER:---Well, this is not a very good question for the general trend of tape, however since you asked the question, this we will say, this is all ALLEGORY. What actually is contained in the Hebrew as to what transpired is that Ham violated an area of Divine Law. When it says that Ham discovered his fathers nakedness, this is a Hebrew word for having incest with his own mother. If it would have been with a sister it would have been discovering his fathers house. So the thing which was a violation of law, had nothing to do with Noah being dressed or undressed. But when Noah was drunk and did not know what was going on this happened. This was a cup the pagans round about had partaken of and had gotten Noah's household into, and they were over drinking. But the fact was that Ham violated the ancient law and had incest with his mother, this was called discovering his fathers nakedness.

Now; there was an offspring of Ham by his own mother, so this offspring could never inherit along with the family. Therefore under this violation of law, tribal custom, Patriarchal law, this offspring would never come to the inheritance level, but would always have to be a servant unto his brothers household. This was a violation of law, but Ham did not turn black, it did not have any effect on his color, all the offspring were the same color, this is but a superstitious lie.

Now; it was far easier for them to translate this more delicately, which they did by saying: He looked upon his fathers nakedness, and his brothers advanced to cover up the nakedness of their father, but what the brothers sought to do was to keep this thing from being generally known. But YAHWEH pronounced HIS judgment upon the seat of this offspring, so therefore this particular household from this line of Ham could never inherit, or could never administer or reign over their brothers. But I can show you that Ham had sons and daughters from a wife he took unto himself, and these sons and daughters were acceptable, and the Ham lined produced such rulers and leaders as Nimrod. Then Nimrod was the ruler and Terah was only the Prime Minister, showing that other generations of Ham were equally acceptable as were the brethren. While we look back on this as morally and ethically a very bad thing still there was more inbreeding in those periods of time, and under the influence of liquor this had transpired. Noah would never have permitted this had he not been drunk. But all this is thoroughly discussed in the Zohar and the Round table of the Patriarchs, and I have many of these documents and volumes, and this has been long known.

QUESTION:---The name of that son was Canaan and did this have anything to do with the Cainanites?

ANSWER:---No! Although this family might be called Canaanites, still there are different people in the scripture with similar identifications, there is another Cainan in the scripture who begat Mahalaleel and he was not a Cainanite at all. The Cain line who produced the 'Light' skinned Jew, the Cain line which is under the curse condemnation, and denounced as Cainanites, this is the line which descends from Cain who slew Abel and many of the Akkod civilization which Cain would be involved with as he went out to the eastward of Eden and took a wife in this land of Nod, this is the Cainanite line from Cain.

Now; there was also among the Akkod line the offspring of Negroes who came from servitude of the Negroes in the Akkod households. There were also many Negroes there who were not crossed with the Akkods, and this is the reason why there were Cainanites, some were more white, and some were more black skinned than others. Some had more Jewish characteristics and features, but there is also a black line which came down out of a Cain mixture and this is why some thought that Negroes were Cainanites also. But predominately Cainanites are white or light skinned, except for a small group of them. Historically we have these strong lines, and these ethnic tables and charts of ethnic lines which show that there was some Cain blood distributed among these people. But no Negro descended from Cain but there was Negro blood distributed among the Akkod society, but Negroes were here ages before Cain.

QUESTION:---Would you explain the parable of the unjust steward, it is hard to understand, to not serve mammon, and----------------?

ANSWER:---Of course this is all twisted in translation to begin with. In other words you mean this steward who was afraid to invest his goods?


ANSWER:---Show me the passage you are talking about for there are several.

QUESTION:---Luke 16---

ANSWER:---That is a long one to get into now, but the fact remain that as far as instructions, this certain rich man had a steward, this man had not been investing his talents, he was responsible for the temporal things of his master. He had wasted some and hadn't put himself forth to serve diligently for his master. So when the master called him to account he said: 'if you put me out I don't know what I will do. I can't go out and beg. He could but he didn't want to go out and dig ditches or beg. So he resolved what to do when he would be put out of the stewardship. So he called every one of the lords debtors and said unto him: How much do you owe the lord? And the first one said: 'a hundred measures of oil.' Now; that is just like a politician that goes out and figures he is about to lose his job so he is about to make a deal with various people so that someone will be a debtor to him, and will take care of him when he gets thrown out. So he said to this first one: take thy bill and sit down and write fifty. And the lord forgave some of these measures. And the Lord commended the unjust steward because he had done unwisely; for the children of the World (order) are in their generation wiser then the children of the Light.

Now; this word commended is not the proper word. The master said: (Darby version translation)--"I perceive that thou are a very cunning and smart man, and like all the children of the World order you are more cunning than the children of Light. See this is like saying that the children of the bonds woman are more than the children of the free. The Jews are far more cunning in the manipulation of money than the children of the Kingdom. The white man won't bleed you like a Jew unless you get some twisted minds who sell out for loot, but generally speaking this is not the average thing. But see, even in this mistranslation you are told that the children of the world order are more cunning than the children of Light. So since you are (the master speaking), the children of the world order you make your friends with mammon, or the world order. You do not have any spiritual capacity, and when you fail then they will receive you into their everlasting habitation, because you are a child of the darkness, you are smart because you have identified who you are. By the way you are handling my goods you are proving who you are, so you go out with the world order, outside the Kingdom. This is an instruction for He knows who they are, they know who they are, and He was not commending this man for being a rat. He was just saying: you have proved who you are, you are pretty sharp, what you did was a smart thing, to go out and buy the friendship of your own kind because we aren't going to keep you here. This is the status of this parable. He that is faithful in that which is least is also faithful to much. So that he who is unjust in the least is also faithful to much. So having been caught in one area of unjustness he just proved how far out he was when he went out and made a total deal with the world order.

QUESTION:---"Life Magazine", does not quite tell it all, you have to hate one and love the other, you cannot serve two masters?

ANSWER:---This is right, but "Life Magazine" is carrying a twisted, perverted, smashing attack on Christianity. But this is what you would expect out of a woman taken over by a bunch of Jews, influenced and guided. Actually the most caustic attack has been made on Claire Booth Luce's "Life" copy by the Catholic church. So she turned Catholic but the Catholics would not stand for any down grading of the scriptures like she did in that "Life" article. She has already taken a high level blast of this. I haven't taken that thing on to attack it. I think that the "Life" article is about as cunningly devised smear at the scriptures that has ever been put in print.

QUESTION:---What was this article?

ANSWER:---A whole "Life Magazine" issue about Christmas time.

QUESTION:---Dr. Swift don't you think it is about time for the Anti-Christ to show up all the fallacies of the scripture, because they wouldn't have a leg to stand on if they ever bear down on them. This wouldn't be the time when people would have to find the real truth because the enemy would be---------

ANSWER:---Well, anything can happen now, but actually the forces of evil want this disturbed picture. They don't feel that they will be able to hold down the truth, but they feel they can capture the power before the awakening gets a stronger hold. But I don't think that the Anti-Christ ever gets a great hold over the true church. In fact the true church will grow stronger, but the Anti-Christ will get more desperate. I don't think they made many atheists with that article in "Life Magazine, I just think they made Christians angry. Because the average worldly ones won't pay much attention to that issue, they will just say: oh, that is just a religious issue, and throw it to one side. So all they did was make good people angry, while others would not discern it. But I think the devil over plays his hand most of the time anyway.

QUESTION:---Would you explain the parable in Luke chapter 10, where a certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, so who was his neighbor?

ANSWER:---This is not a parable, this is an event that happened. "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." Jesus said: thou hast answered right, this do, and thou shalt live. But the man willing to justify himself said to Jesus: who is my neighbor? Then Jesus said: a certain man went down to Jerusalem from Jericho and fell among thieves, which stripped him and departed leaving him half dead. By chance came a certain Priest, and he passed by on the other side, then came a Levite and he passed by on the other side. Then came the Samaritan and when he saw who it was, he had compassion on him and bound up his wounds, and so forth. Then he paid the host of the Inn to take care of him so who was the Neighbor. Well, of course it is quite obvious that it was not the priest, nor it wasn't the Levite. These men were full of hypocrisy when it came right down to it, these men did not have much religion did they? So the Samaritan was the neighbor, but most of the Samaritans were Israelites who had gone out in the days of the captivity, but some of them had hid in the hills of Samaria, and did not go into Assyrian captivity. But still these were part of the Northern Kingdom, and there was friction between them an the tribes of Judah and Benjamin who later would go into captivity at the time of Nebuchadnezzar. But since the time of the Assyrian captivity and the Babylonian captivity of the other two tribes, there had been a separation of Israel, and those of the two tribes who stayed at Jerusalem considered themselves more holy than all the rest. They considered themselves to be the acme of religious authority, and even the Jews who came in and took over the Temple in the days of Jesus, and ruled over the land considered themselves a ruling aristocracy and they sought to perpetuate the animosity between Judah and Benjamin and all the house of Israel. But these Samaritans were almost all Israel seed, remember the woman at the well when Jesus asked for a drink of water, remember she said: how be it that thou a man of Judah would ask a Samarian woman for a drink? The people of Judah would have no dealing with the Samarians who were Israelites have left the center at Jerusalem of the Government and the Temple. But Jesus said: if you knew who ask you for a drink then you would ask Him for a drink, and He would give you of the Water of Life and you would never thirst again. In their talk the woman said: our fathers worshiped in this mountain, and yours worship at Jerusalem. And here in Samaria they were still worshiping YAHWEH as tribes which were in dispersion. Where as Judah and Benjamin worshiped at the Temple in Jerusalem, because they thought this necessary because this was the seat of the government and the Temple, the Samaritans thought that they did not have to go to the Temple in Jerusalem even though others thought that was the religious hierarchy.

Now a man fell among thieves, and he was robbed, and a priest of Judea came by and thinking the man had already been robbed passed on by. Then came a Levi and he served in the Temple, but his religion had run out, and he saw the man had already been robbed, and didn't have anything left so he went down the road. Then came the Samaritan or ordinarily would not have anything to do with this man on the religious level, but since he saw that this man was in trouble he stepped and helped him even though he could see the man was a Judean. So Jesus was just sort of rubbing it in, the Samaritan was more of a neighbor than the Pharisee and the Levi who passed him by. Jesus was just turning his back on these scribes who were always trying to trap Jesus. In other words they were always trying to find things hard for him to answer, but Jesus always turned it back and the scribes were stuck with their own question.

Here Jesus told this story about the man who had fallen among thieves and the hierarchy of religion didn't even stop to help. This idea of Judah and Benjamin that they were better than Lost Israel, would have to go, even in the days of the Disciples they didn't even want to go out and preach to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, who had not stayed loyal to Jerusalem and the Temple. (Even though it was now in the hands of the enemy.) The disciples would have different experiences to wake them up until they were ready to go out to the Lost Sheep. You see the white Romans were of the House of Gad, but the Disciples had to be taught a lesson to take them from the Jerusalem rituals.

QUESTION:---What then did it say for Paul not to go to Samaria?

ANSWER:---Well, by the time He sent out the Apostles the areas of Samaria were somewhat mixed, Samaria was not a pure Israel Kingdom, but Ephraimites had the Gospel, and He was sending the Apostles out into the new locations of the nations of Israel, to Rome, Britain and so forth. However this was not a permanent directive to stay out of Samaria. When He sent them out first two by two they were to stay in the Palestine area, never far from His ministry, this was not a different time.

QUESTION:---The last day my wife attended her Lutheran church, it was this same story, and the minister wound it up by saying that today the Good Samaritan would probably be called a Communist---

ANSWER:---Well, this is understandable because there are areas of the synods that are already penetrated by Communist professors. They are in the Lutheran church as well as the Methodist and the others.

QUESTION:---Why did God make evil and the devil and Satan, and why does He permit them?

ANSWER:---Now wait; He made Lucifer who was an Archangel, a bright and morning star that sang with all the other morning stars for millions and millions of years. Everything that God made was good, but it is impossible to polarize anything without the capacity of opposition, this is the ultimate of philosophy, the acme of the knowledge of negatives. As long as you have light you have utter antithesis of light which is utter darkness. As long as you have something right, the only way it can be right is not to be wrong. So you could not have an Archangel serving God with rightness, and not have the deviation to turn away from this to serve this which is against the law. You can never cope with something which is against that which is right, UNTIL IT APPEARS, and then it runs its course of development, THEN YOU CAN DESTROY IT, you can weight that which it negative as it appears. But you could never destroy that which is negative BEFORE IT APPEARED, without having destroyed this positive pole from whence comes this negation into existence.

Therefore the law of opposites was handled by YAHWEH-YASHUA with complete Omniscience, and with total knowledge. He even permitted the measure of timing, probably set the chemical reaction which ended up with Luciferian reaction, and in the fullness of time He handles this situation, maybe for the Universe, and for this Mantavara, maybe in every creation in the vastness of the Universe. There has to come a point of realization in the areas of things which are correct or perfect.

Now; if new creations are made in the ages to come, apart from these new creations being a final spiritual perfection of this which has happened, it maybe that this future creation will have to discover the right which polarized the creation. But by this time we will be experts with Him and will rule with Him over the endless ages. In this Universe they will never have to learn this experience, ever again. The reason why I cannot tell you about sidereal systems beyond tomorrow is because technically, "Eye hasn't seen nor ear heard, what is over that horizon." But I have never been bored, nor expect that I ever will be.

QUESTION:---What does it mean: "The last shall be first and the first last?

ANSWER:---This is symbolic as to the areas of authority and power. Today look out and see who runs your cities, and has great power. Look at the Amyors and the vast Fortunes which manipulate International finance and so forth. They move with their power and their purse, but the first shall be last as this situation changes. Their whole life has been built around substance and wealth. Even inside the Kingdom those of you own race who are materialistic that the things of God are not as important as the material wealth, those who have worked for themselves, not for God they will find that as the Kingdom moves into its fullness, that the areas of leadership and responsibility are given to those under that criteria who had been considered last, but under the standards of God, now they will be first. In other words some of these people will even be glad to be door keepers in the House of God even though today they may think themselves very important. Even in the Ecclesiastical realm I can think of some very pompous asses who move around the world today covered with gold braid and brocade, and people are kissing their rings and so forth. From Pike in San Francisco to several Cardinals, and I know a few Bishops and they think that the whole world, and the church are dependent on them. But one of these days they will be glad to just come in and sit down, for they have nothing to contribute but their own smugness.

QUESTION:---Every time I asks this question you always say, there isn't time, but about this marriage supper, some would not come?

ANSWER:---That is right but it is a long subject to be dealt with properly, and we should start the evening with it.

QUESTION:---But can't you just say something about those who would not come, the elect were invited, and when they wouldn't come then every one was invited.

ANSWER:---Now; it was not the elect who refused to go. They went out and asked those people according to their racial background, and invited all those people in the Sovereignty to come. These were again in areas of physical identifiable capacities of authority and power. (This was a king inviting the rich and the powerful.) But every one who did not come did not have the spiritual capacities to understand, in fact they were those with no spiritual capacities. But those out in the highways and byways of the world had spiritual capacities (so who were they?) and they were brought in to the wedding. The people who were invited were symbolic of natural honor to people in high positions of wealth, all had some excuse and they could not come.

QUESTION:---But the man without the wedding garment, he shouldn't have been there? (Matthew 22:11)

ANSWER:---Again this is a question of whether this translation is right. In the Darby and other Bibles the wedding garment is, Imputed Righteousness, and this was given to all with the capacity to respond. What we are up against here, and it was better in the Darby Version, is the fact that the church tried to ghost this into shape so as to cover some area of their interpretation. There is to many facets of this, as it has to be tied into the Wise and the Foolish Virgins, and all this wedding story has to be brought together. It is not something up in the sky, it is not so many years with something happening to take people out of this world. This is all a garbled area of doctrine which a sect in the church started by rumors, and then they tried to translate around it. Then they started to build doctrines around it so that is why there is no sequence to this story.

You see God is already married to His bride, His Race is His bride, Israel is the bride. And the embodiment of God is the man Christ Jesus. And He is identified with His people when He comes. And since the spiritual center that followed Him are the called out ones, or the Ecclesia, He refers to them as His bride, although they also make up the church. But not as the church itself, because when He talks to the church as the spiritual embodied intelligence He said: you are my body in the world today. And thus the two witnesses symbolically are the National Household, and the Ecclesiastical Household. So this is the unity, like church and state, or church and people, then as He was Christed, so are you. As He was embodied in the world, so are you, and therefore you are the body of Christ in the world today. And the spirit which dwells in you is the spirit of the Christ. Also it is the Christ in you which is your hope of Glory. In other words you are a divine seed planted in the earth, and this fact shows up many places in the scriptures. This is why many places He identifies you as having come into the world as He came in, born into the world.

QUESTION:---We were discussing this Sunday afternoon. Is it our understanding that the Adamic man was formed of the dust of the earth?

ANSWER:---No! No, this is a ghost story. He was formed of the elements of the earth, and the elements of the earth are tiny atoms which you cannot see. This is something which was always understood in the Mystery Schools of your race. Something that the Apostle Paul understood, that the visible things are made from invisible things, infinitely small particles. So the word in Hebrew for the smallest thing is dust. Therefore man is composed in his physical body of the elements of earth. But Adam was not synthesized like a 'mud' baby and then breathing in the breath of life made it stand up like a 'tar baby'. This isn't what God did, He didn't make a mud baby then breathe on it and spit on it and make a man. This was an offspring, issue of God. He brought forth Adam as His own image, own issue in one of the miracles of birth, from a celestial level into a physical form. This Adam man was a cloud of Living Life which God brought forth in form and separated simultaneously, it was both male and female when brought forth. One flesh, by Divine purpose. And then He separated the male portion from the female portion. He never took a rib out, for the word rib is not in the Hebrew, but God then separated the female portion and called her Eve, so that man (Adam) and the woman (Eve) might be of One Flesh, thus His Issue. He did this so that the man (Adam) would not dwell alone but have a female by which he might propagate the race without contaminating the seed line, and going into any other Race line of this tree with the "Knowledge of Good and Evil".

QUESTION:---Well, then how were the Enosh formed?

ANSWER:---The Enosh were created by the Most High just like He created the elephants, and everything else. He did not go out and make a mud baby for them either. God just synthesized the whole Solar System out of a spiral nebula by particles of energy which came to a given point, and were galvanized into action. As this mass of substance comes into being it takes its form from the smallest atomic atom to the largest one which was synthesized by the coming together of electrons, protons, neutrons, and then you have substance. These gasses out here suddenly roll into a volcanic, spontaneous generation and boom you have a planet out there, or maybe a white burning sun, then it explodes into maybe a dozen pieces. Maybe you get a spontaneous generation as well. There are some Solar Systems which suddenly came into being as masses, spun and leveled out and cooled and then God started putting different things on it. He has different ways and different blueprints, and lots of different plans. You can go out and tell the difference between an elephant and a horse, so He had a different blueprint for these two as well as all things. You can tell the difference between a dairy and a railroad station, different architecture plans for different things made. You can tell the difference between a hen house and a church so it is a matter of design. There is no architect like God, He had a design for everything. The only thing we can see is that the Architecture of the Universe was made by the same intelligence. The reason we tell this is because there is all kinds of chemical processes in areas of natural reactions that are built around laws of Chemistry and laws of Physics which we find existing in all the Universe, and all the creatures. The circulatory systems have hearts whether you find this in a whale, or whether you find this in a man. And the process of osmosis is the most simple way to get any kind of circulation. And you have functions in the edema which you will find in whole complexes of protoplasm, and you will discover that where you have shape and design which depends upon its habitat, to in this area then some things were designed for water and some to breathe in the atmosphere, and some were designed to fly through the air. But you will note that the principals and the patterns and the knowledge of aerial dynamics, the wisdom of the creator is demonstrated in the effectiveness with which everything was adapted to its area of environment. You never find any creature in the Universe over adapted to its environment. And of course it isn't a matter of friction, we don't see creatures with funny bumps sticking out somewhere waiting to become some new organ. We have heard about this but we never see it, but everything has fulfilled this pattern under His plan.

Under this situation when God made the Tungus people He made them in this similar image to the physical structure of His own body and His Celestial children, they were in similar form. They were brought forth as a living vital synthesis, and God gave them a spirit. He gave them a consciousness, He gave them a body and this is the way the original people who existed in the earth were created. When Lucifer brought the Negroes in we do not know how much the Negroes had already been mutated by Lucifer in the past, but we do know that they were a complete spirit mutation since no Negro in earth has a spirit. This leads me to this conclusion, and I find this from even Satanic texts like Uranta, and some of the other texts. You see these Negroes who filled the flagships of Lucifer as his shock troops of war in the days when he fought with Michael had already been seduced and deranged by fallen Angels before they rebelled against the MOST HIGH. In this rebellion Lucifer gathered his hosts after he taught rebellion.

Now; the moment any of the species who were creations cohabited with the Darkness they would have lost any spiritual affinity they had. For this cause then the Negroes who arrived in earth are thus known as Zombie, or the walking dead. They have a soul consciousness but when they are dead, they are just dead, they have no spirit.

Remember that God told us, 'The day ye eat of the fruit of this tree ye die.' So Adam and Eve lost their protective Light since the spirit could not cohabit with the evil. And thus they gave no spiritual emphasis to the fallen offspring. Thus they only had one spirit and this spirit was from whence they came. So the spirit of the fallen Angelic order was in the Cainanite line, they had the body factors but no pattern of inheritance. This is the reason why as the Asiatic line fell no new spirits would be given them for cycles of production until after their return. So the catastrophe which engulfed them had to provide any spirit which ever inhabited them, this is why they go through their cycle of return. That is why the law of reincarnation and this pattern comes out of the Netherworld, from the mutation and violation of Divine Law. But we are not children of reincarnation, we are children of resurrection, children of an Endless Life.

QUESTION:---Where does it tell us that the black race has no soul, or rather spirit?

ANSWER:---You are told: 'The dead when they die do not know anything at all, but the Living when they die return to God who gave it.'

QUESTION:---Where is this found?

ANSWER:---One place is in Ecclesiastics, but this is also found in several places in scripture.

QUESTION:---How do you identify blacks with this?

ANSWER:---Well, one of the oldest words is zombie, the walking dead. You never heard a white man called a zombie. This is an old word for the Negroes. You see Lucifer had a lesser Angel who rebelled with him and his name was Voodoss. And after Lucifer had a fight with Beelzebub he put Voodoss over Africa, over the Blacks and their religion is Voodooism. And their dead are Zombies, they believe that they can even enliven their bodies and make them walk after they are dead by using an evil spirit in them. They do this down in Jamaica, and this is also true of Africa.

Now; there can be a Resurrection of the dead other than the bodies of the Kingdom. There is a general when all the dead are raised. God can do as He wills, and Has promised. This is why he says: 'All flesh shall be saved as it is written'. All consciousness which ever existed, God can put back in order. Before He is through He loses nothing in His Universe, all this in the fullness of time. There is a difference in the House of Israel, and in these who are creations and those who are just flesh, but " All flesh shall be saved".

QUESTION:---Yes it says: "All flesh shall be saved", but what about the Zombie?

ANSWER:---Eventually everyone's saved. Salvation does not have to happen to everyone at the same time. Some have to go through more developing, chastising phases than others. But the Adamic race and the Kingdom will come to their completion long before the rest of the world, for we will be finished with the task we were sent here to do.

QUESTION:---Well, what about exaltation?

ANSWER:---Well, exaltation is just a coined word in semantics. As an individual is illuminated with knowledge and understanding they fall into two categories. This can be a deep area of spiritual appreciation which gives them an exhilaration in the seat of understanding. And is very poorly translated if they translate it exaltation. You could use exaltation as an area of pride of Life, and an individual might exalt himself above that from which he had developed, but the word actually, when God exalts an individual this should never be translated as it is in our semantics. It means that God elevated him with wisdom and knowledge and enriched him with understanding. But the word exalted today means a rich and powerful ruler, this is a factor many lodges and fraternities have, an exalted ruler. But he has only been exalted above all the others for a moment, but when God exalts a man He exalts him with perception, righteousness and power. Don't think you are going to end up with just a handful of exalted individuals, for God said: "All Israel shall obtain this." He has ordered that everyone of His Household shall conform to His own image. That is satisfactory because by the time you conform to the image of Christ you have made it.

QUESTION:---Does this happen right away?

ANSWER:---No! No not right away, but in a moment in the twinkling of an eye, each of His own Household shall know as He knows. Although there will be areas of leadership for a period, as they will not all participate in the same areas of under taking, because everyone could not do the same things anyway. This wouldn't accomplish anything, you wouldn't want everyone trying to be a judge down here at the local court house, because there will be lots of things to be done.

QUESTION:---Who then are you saying are the Enosh of the earth?

ANSWER:---All non-Israel people are Enosh. There are two kinds of people in the world, more especially since the Luciferian order destroys when it captures a race, such as the Asiatics, destroys their higher spiritual values and subordinated them to their bestial perception. They then only live by sense perception and error. Never are they guided until set free by anything spiritual. This being true the whole World Order, and all the outer races outside the Adamic race are thus Enosh, and it is translated sometimes as beast, although beast who walk upright, so it is men and the "Mark" of the Beast is the identification of the Beast and the Beast system. But when you talk about Adam then there is a difference, Adam-man is the white or Adamic Race. Thus you have the Adamic and the Enosh, and the difference is that the Adamic Race are spirit of His Spirit, the offspring of His spirit. You are spirit of His Spirit nothing can destroy the spirit inside the offspring of the MOST HIGH, because they are Celestial as well as physical beings. Where as these Enosh are physical beings with a spirit capacity. But under bondage (Luciferianism), until they are set free, they lack this capacity and they live under the Beast System (World Order) and are the Enosh.

Now; what was that other passage you had in mind.

QUESTION:---Isaiah 56:3

ANSWER:---This then is a matter of laws concerning the stranger who arrives in the outer court of the Temple. "Neither let the son of the strange who hath joined himself to YAHWEH speak, saying: 'The Lord hath utterly separated me from His people; neither let the Eunuch say; 'Behold I am a dry tree'. For thus saith YAHWEH: unto the Eunuch that keeps my Sabbaths, and chose the things that please me, and take hold of my Covenant; 'even unto them will I give in my House and within my walls a place, and a name better than sons and daughters. I will give them an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off.'

In this instance these strangers had entrance into the Temple so they were not strangers to the Faith, and therefore were not outside of the area of the race. But these were Adamites who had gone out, or had been like the tribes separated from the center, but they are not Enosh for they had a spiritual capacity, but when they came back to the Household they were not accepted by Judah and Benjamin into the areas of Temple Administration nor participation. So they were not cut off from worship, and this was making sure that they were not to be cut off from worship. A Eunuch of course is an individual who in service to a King or ruler especially when they had harems and so forth, they castrated them making Eunuchs out of them. They many times elevated them to positions of pomp and wealth, but this is the price they paid. But under the law this was something they were never to bargain for, but if it happened during a period of captivity it kept them if they came back, it kept them from participating as a Priest, even if they were a Levite. Never could they serve as a Priest, never could they serve in a position of leadership in the Kingdom as an authority under any given administration. But they were still allowed to come in and worship although they could not be a part of the areas of administration. They could never be a part of the Temple service, still their LOVE of YAHWEH and the truth made them gather and study. So as far as their spirits are concerned, their spirits were unhampered by the fact that they had been captives, or that they had been the victims of any mutilation to the body. It said: "They might get a name better than sons and daughters within the Household that had been within the circle all the time." There is nothing here to convey that you could give an 'out race' a status greater than a son or daughter of the race. This is not what Isaiah is talking about he is upbraiding Judah and Benjamin as administrators of the Kingdom because many times they, under these strange advisors, just like these strangers around the President who have come in, and Isaiah thus blasts the administrators of Israel as to those of Babylon, and those types of things. He said that even these children at Jerusalem in the heart of the Faith are more callous than the other Adamic people called strangers by Judah and Benjamin. Here Isaiah said: these Adamites who have such a desire for YAHWEH may have greater spiritual positions and capacities than some who did not take advantage of what they were in the middle of. This is what is conveyed here, and there are chapters of discussion touching on the areas of these passages. Again I see a change for instance in the Septuagint and others, as to how this is translated. For instance remember how even Judah and Benjamin called the ten tribes Goyim because they were on the outside of Jerusalem.

QUESTION:---Some churches teach that they have a better reward coming because they separated themselves, how about that?

ANSWER:---Well, they teach that they have a better reward coming because of pious conduct. Of course most people are well meaning in this design, they want to serve God real badly and they follow the instructions of their church to do this. And many of these people live sacrificial lives. But maybe they make very little contribution to the accomplishment of the Kingdom for all their sacrifice. God looks on their hearts and rewards them accordingly, and they may find a great area of peace since they have separated themselves from the world. Surely they couldn't get into much trouble doing that, but the fact remains that there are some facts relative to this, and last night I see they had a color film of France from the days of the French Revolution on down to Napoleon and it was nothing but historical events, buildings, and history. And in the course of this they were showing that through the citizens committee and so forth, there had been about 1800 people who were put to death in a courtyard. After all these were good Catholics, but they died because they took a stand for their freedom and they could not go against their church. So since they stood for the church in those days of Tallyrand and others, remember there was a bunch of rascals here also, for the Jews were sowing in a lot of Liberalism which is the foundation of socialism and communism and this was finding its way. They made war on the church as well as on the king. The King could be wrong in the way he dispensed his power but he wasn't anymore brutal than the revolution either. But these people were put to death and the Catholic church later built a Chapel here. And to this day there is an order of nuns who have for 400 to 500 years been going down to pray, saying mass three times a day for a minimum of 5 to 6 hours a day, for the souls of those people killed back there in the French Revolution. This is a waste of time, if God didn't hear them the first time, he isn't hearing them yet. In other words if you had to coax God to save these people, who very obviously died for what they believed, just stop and think, here are these girls who come out of the convent, they took their orders, probably took some of them all their lives, lived all these years spending their time praying for 1800 dead people who they couldn't help, nothing they did changed the status of these people. This is why they can be said to be, good for nothing. This is an area where in they thought they were doing something for the souls of these people who when the died, their spirits went back where they came from, so you see they wasted their time. I never pray for the dead at anytime.

Now; the Mormons do this, and they go out and baptize for the dead, but the fact is that all they are doing is getting their names baptized into the record, in case they hadn't been baptized where in this is a merit for them. The early church was very concerned for fulfilling the command of the Christ, to be baptized, so they went out and were baptized for all their family, for a generation or so, because they were carried away with the fact that they were baptized in the name of The Christ, baptized into his death, burial and resurrection. This is why that passage is in the scripture. But an essential ritual in the Mormon religion is this baptism for the dead, and they continue and work this into quite an elaborate operation. You don't have to pray for the dead, you do not have to worry about the dead, because He is able to keep that which is committed to Him, until that day. And if the spirit of a being does not possess Life, you aren't going to pump life into it, or wet it down, do anything to it for God alone is the giver of Life, you have enough to do to take care of the living.

Now; this is not a cause for criticism, maybe it does them some good to work for the dead, but the fact is it is not helping the dead, they don't need any help. As far as that goes there are lots of things done in churches today which don't make any difference. They come along and have a Mass, and some ring bells and so forth. Did you ever see this, they ring the bells in a High Mass, but do you know where that started? Way back before Mass was ever started it was a Babylonian custom. In order to constitute a service this was where the High Mass started, and then was transferred over to Christianity. All opposing deities were supposed to be frightened off by the ringing of the bells in the mass. This is why the bells were rung, to frighten or drive off all opposing deities, always in the Temple it was these bells ringing out Holiness, or a sign that all evil spirits, that this thing performed here was to drive off evil spirits. So this was why it was incorporated into the Mass. But we don't have to do this ever since the atonement, the Devil is licked, so we don't have to worry when we celebrate communion. We don't have to run off the evil spirits because all evil spirits in the world won't get next to the emblem of the Crucified and Resurrected Christ, if there is anything of any potency in earth, it is this emblem and what it stands for, but when people ring bells, so what!! This is just something that doesn't have to be done although people do it.

QUESTION:---This son of righteousness, and the sending of Elijah the prophet----

ANSWER:---Well, there isn't much time for this, but in the last of the book of Malachi, "Unto you who love my name, shall the son of righteousness arise with healing in His wings." This is the symbol of the Winged Orb, a symbol which belongs to our race. This symbol was with our race in ancient Egypt, and on the ancient Temples. Today this Winged Orb is in Washington D.C. on buildings, you will find it on buildings in Britain, and all over where Israel dwells. This is the symbol that we are the Children of Light, Life and Resurrection, the Ka (soul) of Ra, or the children of the Sun. And you shall tread down the wicked, they do this, thus saith YAHWEH. In other words the sign of the children of Light shall come, and then our conquest over the darkness takes place, and probably a little nuclear fission is in this because the enemy becomes ashes in this day of judgment.

QUESTION:---But this isn't---

ANSWER:---But we are getting there, this is all there in the book of Malachi; 'Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with statues and judgments? Behold I will send Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD. And He shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.'

Now; when John the Baptist was born this was Elijah who was to come this is what Jesus said: 'If you can understand, never was their a man born of woman greater than this one.' Because this was the only time a man lived, was carried into the heavens, and was now incarnate again in a human body. This was Elijah, and John the Baptist had his time, so he tasted death.

But in the end of the age God promised to send the Spirit of Elijah back again upon Ministers who He would select. And they would call the people just as Elijah did to challenge the powers of darkness, to over throw the prophets of Baal, and all the orders of evil. This is the Elijah ministry, it is to call for judgment on the enemies of God's Kingdom.

Now; the area where trouble comes, the enemy can only capture a society through their minds, their brains. So what Lucifer does is to try to bring people into an area of materialism. He tries to get them so interested in acquiring things, and paying attention to gold and silver and possessions until they no longer have time for their families, for the instruction of their children. They don't have time to see that their children are raised up in the way of God. On the other hand we should never have let the Luciferians come into our schools, so there is an area of responsibility here, but they did come in to teach in our schools. They came into all these areas where we were not to permit the strangers to come into our society, and they turn the minds of the children away from the traditions, and obedience of their fathers, and things which have been. This is just one area of evil which stands out today, Juvenile Delinquency, disrespect, the whole wild revolt against background, and culture is what Lucifer has done in this last days before the Kingdom come to full.

But this sending of the spirit of Elijah was not only to challenge the darkness, but to move on the parents, to teach their children the things of truth which are their inheritance. And to take time to assume their responsibility as parents which they cast off in the pursuit of material goods. And in turn the children are also going to be moved on, to turn back to the parents.

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