01-28-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Question: Did Moses Marry an Israelite?

Answer: Now this answer depends on where you start to qualify people as Israelites. The word "Israel"---Issue ruling with God---thus takes in all Adamites who provide this issue. The fact that Jacobs name was formerly changed to Israel did not start--Israel---as a people. In other words this was a name placed on Jacob's descendants and was thru used constantly and consecutive, but prior to that time both Enoch as well as Seth realized, because God had declared to them, that they were Israel, His issue ruling in earth, that this was their destiny, their commission. So Adam was an Israelite in that he was an issue of God. The third chapter of the book of Luke establishes this as it traces the genealogy of Jesus back to Seth, the son of Adam who was the son of God. The word---son----is Issue or progeny. Thus when one recognizes this, then the Adamic or White Race is the progeny of God. This is the marked distinction between the white race and other races which existed. There may have been and there is evidence that there were other races besides the Asiatics, and the NEGROES ON THE EARTH, BUT THE Adamic race was strictly the White race.

Now; there may be shades in what we call the white race, some may be a little lighter, and some a little darker than others, but the fact remains that the basic patterns of the white race were also definitely effected in skull structure, and in other areas of the anatomy. For instance in the skull structure we have 40 centimeters more brain capacity in the average white man, even going back 5000 years before Christ or longer, and coming up to our time, than the Negroid race, and about 23 centimeters more capacity than the Asiatics. So remember this that the Caucasian race is identified by this procedure in their migration. This race coming thru the Caucasus pass into Europe were then called Caucasians. And today strangely enough, in fact the eleventh edition of Britannica and other early research works call these migration white people who came thru that pass---the Caucasians. Thus they came to class all white men Caucasians even those of 4 to 5 thousands years ago, because they finally came thru the pass in the Caucasus mountains in their migrations. So the word Caucasian is a prize, and a pride.

Now; the Aryan people who came down out of the high mountains and into India were also called Caucasian. This is why today you will note in some text books of anthropology you will see that many of the people are classified as Caucasians, but they don't classify all Indians as Caucasians. But the majority of the white people of ancient India had the Caucasian skull. I noticed the text book used in California schools where they listed the people of the western nations as Caucasians and they then called the Hindus Caucasians. This is misnomer for Hindu is a religion, it is not a specie or a race. And the land where the religion was most active was called Hindustan. So the secret which occurred twice in the last thousand years of India's history came from the white man. We note here that the word continued--Aryan was Israh-patu, or Rah-pa-tu which means in the Indian language, the ruling offspring of the Mighty God of the Heavens. This word is still a part of the Indian language. In the Vedic writings we find the word Israh-patu used also, meaning ruling issue in the earth. This is where the word Israel comes from.

Now;---Moses married a Sethite, not a descendent of the late house of Jacob out of those tribal groups which had gone down into Egypt. She was out of the Sethite line thru the Magi line out of which Jobs household and patriarchal line had come. In the scriptures there are two Midian's in the ethnic background of the scripture, one of these groups of Midianites descended direct from the Sethites---the white believers of One God. This is also true of the word Moab---these are first names---Midian and Moab, and there is not last name in the old Testament. In other words you might be named after his father, but often you would get Isaac Ben Abraham, or just the Ben Abraham, but never a last name. So we have a Moab who descends directly out of the Sethite house, and comes down out of the household of Job, and thus this is the House from which Ruth came, and she was called a Moabite. And most people think the Moabites were the enemies of the kingdom who came down from the Canaanitish line, and who had no connection with her household what so ever. She could never have been classified as being fit to be joined in the posterity of the seed line which Christ was joined to, and which goes back to the household of Adam if she had been of the Canaanite line. Even tho the Masculine line was imputed for seed, the very position of Ruth had she not been of this Moab descended out of the Magi line from Seth, she would never have been acceptable n this pure seed line. Remember the seed of the Messiah had to be the Lamb without spot or blemish. There could not be one spot or genealogical count against the person of Christ even in the seed line to fulfill this destiny. This is the reason why the genealogy of Christ traced straight back from Christ to Adam, because it is most important that we recognize that the Messiah came identified with the Adamic race, rather than out of the racial streams of creation, and the tradition, revolutions, and conspiracies of the Luciferian household.

In this instance then every Adamite is---Israel. God told this to Enoch then sent him back to write it in a book. He was to carry the message back to--My brethren--My kinsmen--My children from heaven to earth---My Israel ruling issue with Me. Because not only were they the offspring of the spirit before ever they dwelt in earth, by birth into the Adamic race, by which route the spirit children made their entrance, but also by the fact that being strangers and pilgrims in the earth. And the Psalmists also said:---We are thy strangers and pilgrims in the earth, save us Our Father. This declaration then continues on down, and in the 82nd., Psalm it says:---"Ye are Elohim and all of you the children of God", because this was a transplant from heaven to earth by this procedure. So Israel ruling offspring, out of the heavens to earth, coming to build a kingdom, with the foreknowledge of their fall, and the plan and purpose of God to emerge out of this race thru a perfect seed line. And to identify Himself with their redemption was--The Redeemer slain before the foundation of the world. "The Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world", for a people whose names were in the Divine record before the foundation of the world, and who were referred to as His ruling offspring in the earth. In the oldest writings we have, and in the records of tradition which are much older than the Pentateuch we see this. After all the Pentateuch was written by Moses and this puts us up in a period of 1450 to 1480 B.C. for most of the writing of the Pentateuch, and we have the exit of Adam out of Eden by accurate chronology. We have the writings of Seth and we have the facts that Adam wrote upon skin parchment. And also reed parchment was made by Seth. In the book of Seth he tells about this, so our race has always had a written language, always had a concept of basic responsibility of things which had been declared to them. Thus this transplanting of the Adamic race from heaven to earth reestablishes the fact that Israel--a ruling offspring of God--coming by this process, and for this cause were sent into the world.

Now; the fact of the Word is that you brought nothing into the world when you came in, and you do not in substance take anything out of the world. Your entrance is by birth, and your exit is by the process of death. However in this hour when death is defeated, then men don't leave by the process of death, they leave by any process they wish to leave by, but mainly the transportation system of the Universe, which has functioned thru out all patterns of antiquity. God utilizes this transportation system, objects are transported by it from the furtherest reaches of the Pleaides to earth, and we see that this is a common function. And when we see that this is a common function, by birth and by death, then no man brought anything in and no man takes anything out.

So, your race came in from the presence of the Father, and returns to the Father. This is what Paul is talking about when he says:---"Absent from this body is present with YAHWEH". He said:---I do not want to die but I do want to put on my heavenly house.

In this instance then Moses didn't marry outside of his race at all. There is no more fantastic lie than that which some Clergy feel impelled to tell in order to improve what they think is race relations, but which violate the whole structure of Gods program, by trying to come out with this fantastic lie that Moses married a Negro. There isn't anything anywhere in the scripture, there isn't anything anywhere inside, any of the context of the commentary, or the ancient books of the Zohar that ever indicates this. So rigid had the race law become under the instruction which God gave Israel that they were even finding fault with Moses because he had married a woman out of the line of Midian, whose lineage was as pure as the line she came from. The only thing to this argument was that she did not come from the 12 tribe linage, and they didn't want to even go outside that lineage. When Abraham wanted a bride for Isaac he sent out his servant, and this is where all the types and shadows, and all the other areas of fundamental theology collapse and fall by superstition. They tried to say that Abraham was a type of God and sending out his servant was a type of the Spirit, and they were trying to divide God up and have him trying to find a bride for his son, or his own embodiment. And because Isaac was the symbol of the Messianic destiny of Christ the willing offering upon the altar, they use this symbolism to say that when the servant was sent out to get a bride of Isaac then this was like the Holy Spirit going out to the heathen, to the gentiles all over the world, to make them the Bride. But this is a lie because when Abraham sent out his servant he said:--you go to my brothers people and to my fathers house to get a bride of my own people. Don't go to the Canaanites and don't go to anyone else buy My people. Thus the instructions given to Abraham's servant in getting a bride for his son was---stay with the race, stay close in the race, so we don't breed outside of it, and produce an unassimilable strain lacking these spiritual capacities.

The Zohar goes into extreme detail concerning this conversation in the scripture. In the Genesis record it is packaged up real close but you go out and get a bride from our own people is still there. By this same principal also, if you will turn to the book of Revelation which refers to God referring to His race, and His Bride he says:---"Come hither and I will show you the Bride, the Lamb's wife". And therefore John says:---He took me and showed em this developing new world order, and I saw that the names on the gates which is the only process by which people enter into this city of the bride, and the names were of the 12 tribes of Israel. So as you come thru these passages again you see how specific is this identification of an administration, the ruling purposes of God, which is covered by this word "Israel" and it never changes. God is not gathering up all the peoples of the earth, and putting them in areas of administration. He does not have a set of advisors around like President Johnson and Kennedy had, he wouldn't keep them there for very long.


Question:----What is the DeGaul situation?

Answer:------It is easier to understand the DeGaul situation if you go back into his background. Earlier DeGaul ran with very radical groups and altho he climbed very fast in the army and was a very proficient general for there is no question about his logistical ability, you remember however if you know the background of the conditions of W.W.II, and the manipulations which developed in W.W.II, that Marshall Petain of France had a finer grasp and understanding of the things which faced France than DeGaul had. Therefore DeGaul was always a liberal, and went so far as to say that Petain was a Fascist. Said that he had Nazi leanings, because after the conquest by Germany there was a collaboration so they said between Petain for defense of France against possible communist takeover at the end of the war, and that Petain cooperated with the Germans. And you remember he had a provincial government under the German Administration. DeGaul revolted against this cooperation and set up what was called the Free French. Actually DeGaul was a member of the communist party, and two times was a participant with the communist party. Remember that Pennay who is chief advisor to DeGaul is one of the House of Rothschild's chief financiers. And DeGaul's mother was endowed by great wealth twice because of Pennay's influence. The rise to power of DeGaul was assisted by the Rothschilds who used Pennay one of their chief financiers to aide in this program. And ever since DeGaul has been in power he has gone along with Pennay's suggestions as it relates to the economies of France. At the same time this man DeGaul is always being advised by the Pennay Rothschild group to men his hedges with Russia, to stand openly with the Red Asiatics and Red Chinese. So the pressure around DeGaul is appealing to his Liberal and socialistic concepts and background. I think DeGaul is an ambitious man and would be a Dictator. The best thing about DeGaul is that he is getting along in years and France wouldn't be bound with his forever. He is not particularly for the U.S. he makes his plays, and passes, but he is for France first, last and always. You can't blame him for that, but the kind of France he would build would be a limited Socialistic Dictatorship. By this same measure he does not possess the loyalties that would otherwise be recognized by this nation or others concerning relationships on war fronts. In other words France would supply and do business with the Red Chinese, and then try to do business with Chiang Kari Shrek calling himself neutral, but would recognize the government we refuse to recognize.

Now; the socialist influences of the British government does business with Red China, and then tries to do business and have diplomatic relations with them, but we have always had some opposition to this. But if we did not have such a strong opposition in our Senate to this, do to the opposition of both Democrats and Republican conservatives the administration would have from Atchinson's time on, recognized Red China. Under this principle in the United Nation this becomes very dangerous, for in the United Nations where as there are two Chinas today only one of them is in the United Nations. And under the U.N., if there are two divisions of a country the division with the largest number of people take the seat if there is a seat with veto power, or a part from the general assembly there is a seat in the security council. Thus since there are two Chinas, Red China is not officially in the United Nations, but Nationalist China is in the Security Council and has a veto seat. So if Red China is recognized by the United Nations, then automatically Chiang Kai Shek goes out and Red China comes in on this board. (Today 1980) this has already happened and assistance to Red China builds up the prestige of Red China. Any country which holds the line then is looked down upon. Remember that the French lost Indo China to Red China, there occurred one of the most magnificent examples of sacrifice at Dien Bien Phu and at Dien Bien Phu the very flower of the French Foreign Legion fought one of the most brilliant of battles of all times. But actually 60% of the Foreign Legion at Dien Bien Phu was--the flower of the German army. For all of the high ranking Nazi officers and men who didn't want to live under any areas of slavery and still wanted to fight communism which was the fetish of the German army for they were so against communist, so they joined the French Foreign Legion and went to Dien Bien Phu and thus 60% of the loss of man power there was German, and 40% was the flower of the French army, they died at Dien Bien Phu. This leaves France in a very disturbed Condition tonight, for recognition of the enemy who caused the most bitter defeat of the flower of their army is not going to enhance the popularity of DeGaul, especially after what he did to French settlers in Africa over the Moroccan situation in Algiers. This is strictly a Red Advised move, and strictly against American opposition as he does this, but what we should do is cut France off without another cent, let her figure out her own problems. We have to become realistic when nations choose their sides today then let them stand by their decisions. The people of France are a very much hodgepodge mixed up people today, and I think that this may be one of the things that will be France's undoing.

One who has studied the situation in the last few weeks inside of Africa can see that the communists are playing the game---"all out". One can never understand the brain of the communist who works with all sublimity, and then ever once in a while blows up his own plot. Now he has Johnson eating out of his hand as he had Kennedy before him, and with all these communist Jewish advisors around the President they continued the program of appeasement. And now here we are in Geneva ready to deliver all of our fire arms into the hands of the United Nations leaving us at the mercy of the world. Then the Russians spook their own program by shooting down an American fighter and kill three of the pilots. Then when we protest they cuss us out as they did today. The only regret I have is that Johnson and Rusk weren't in the observation plane, so that we could get some real action. I don't evaluate them anymore important than the men in the plane.

Question:---What is being done about Cuba, we haven't heard anything for some time?

Answer:-----Well as far as Cuba is concerned Cuba is supplying weapons to two south American nations, where revolutions are about to break out. They are stirring in Guatemala and supplying the weapons in Panama. The thing is that at the present time the most dangerous area of potential trouble is not just the nuclear weapons which we know that Cuba had and still retains, for those missiles were never moved, but we have not guaranteed that they are free from inspection. So Cuba has been experimenting with a very new type of deadly nerve gas, and this gas doesn't readily dissipate. It is heavier than air and does blow along the ground. It will thin out in time but it can roll as far as 1000 miles and still be strong enough in it's front line because it does not dissipate behind as it rolls. It just stays together in a body, and has a peculiar molecular affinity within itself, and continues to roll. Thus they have this gas and it is very deadly, for in about 26 seconds it paralyzes the heart muscles, and the brain and you are dead. In lighter concentration it is dispersed by high winds and has the effect of producing idiocy for several hours, sometimes for as much as a day. If the idiocy in the gas is strong enough it will not be just an hour, or a day it will be permanent. Russian gas experts have been in Cuba experimenting with this gas for the last three months. They have killed lots of Cubans who were giving them resistance. Just last week the wind was blowing back on them, and the result was that one whole regiment of Cuban soldiers went crazy for several hours. Some which inhaled more of the gas were put in special hospitals under Russian Scientific observation to see whether they can pull them out of this, or see the results. There are sufficient canisters of this gas now to sweep the Southern half of the U.S. if you had a southern wind blowing up thru Texas and Louisiana, and up the coast of Florida. They can use the type of gas attack like that which has never been used, which would kill instantly unless high winds dispersed it and blew it back. It would cause idiocy and everything else, but this situation does exist, it has been going on, and our government knows it, but we do not have leadership there or they would do something about it. The only intelligent solution is a 24 hour Ultimatum to the whole Cuban outfit to break up and surrender, or maybe we should give this up after we get their surrender, not before which is the modern policy.

We have broken every commitment we ever made under the Monroe Doctrine. And every commitment of self interest as well as protection of the western Hemisphere even in this situation. The Panamanian situation is tied to it, and there is nothing as fantastic as the present situation in Panama. In our treaty in 1903 when we made the treaty at the beginning of the development of the Panama Canal calls for the land to remain in the possession of the United States for Perpetuity. It does not require renewing this ten mile strip, for this is ours forever, our sovereign territory, to be policed, to be militarily operated. And also all adjacent land which we need for sanitation or any land we need for protection of the Canal, or the natural resources such as water for maintenance of the Canal Zone for the personal use is ours. This means that if we have to move out and take a little chunk here and there that we can do this. The only areas not in this treaty, and this was a great mistake for we should have demanded this to, for they were only little honky tonk towns then, we could have moved them---these areas are Colony and Panama City. These two areas are partly in our strip and they are excluded from out sovereignty. Now in this instance there is nothing to discuss, the action of Johnson in turning this over to the Organization of American States (OAS) is imbecilic treason at the best. It would be either an area of total irresponsibility or a treasonable act because you can't turn the Sovereign territory of the United States over to anyone else to decide what is to be done with it. And the decision is already being declared that it will be a joint administration at best over the Canal Zone, sharing sovereignty over what already belongs to us. And Morrelle and Morino both of these men are in the OAS in Panama, and they are communists with long communist records. The "Internal Affairs Committee" and the "Un-American Activities Committee" both have long records on these two men. And even to talk to these two men about the fate of the Panama Canal is foolish. Our total supply line for our submarine warfare, and the military operations for the Atlantic or the Pacific require the maintenance of the Canal. If you were to try to go around the Cape of Magellan it would make any use of water for transport impossible. You can't today conduct any large military operation without miles and miles of shipping of supply, and time is an element that is vital. All this talk about an air lift of supply, you can't lift enough material for a basic campaign of any size unless you can support this with miles of shipping. This is what the Russian communist understand. We talk of building another Canal, but the time element involved in building another canal will come after the Russian action, instead of before. Cutting one thru Nicaragua without permission of Sovereign right to the territory is foolish. But then everything we do on an international scale is foolish because we surrender Sovereign Independence.

I think this Panamanian situation is a major catastrophe, and every patriot in these United States should be crying at the top of his voice, and be made to realize that this is the issue, we should impeach any President who even suggests surrendering any Sovereign territory of these United States. We should have done this to Kennedy when they suggested giving part of El Paso to Mexico. All the rail in El Paso were in this area, and we are giving it to Mexico because they said the river moved over. It doesn't make any difference about the river, we have had this area for centuries, this is the fantastic part of this situation. Besides we had to go down and fight against Mexico, against Poncho Vela where the lines are, and what is our territory is ours, so no one is to take it away. The transference of this area is not a matter of justice, it is a matter of picking at the borders to create an area of president. If we give the Sovereignty of any part of the Panama Canal to Panama, then Russia has her foot in the door to demand the return of Alaska on the basis that the Czar had not right to sell it. This is before the World Court today, and we have so far refused to accept the authority of the World Court in any area of the Internal affairs of the United States. This is one of the reasons why---while many conservatives were opposed to the recognition of Alaska and Hawaii as States, that this area included to many Asiatics but this does not worry men. If you were to bring Eskimos down to the mainland they would die. They can't stand our food, it kills them very quickly, they can't stand the pattern of our life style and living. The only place the Eskimos can exist is up where he is living, so they are not to much of a problem. But the rest of Alaska is important for this is the land bridge for the Invasion of North America. Across Bering Strait is the strategy for a major land assault against the Western Hemisphere. The plan is to cross the ice pack of the frozen Bering Straits, hit Alaska and move out into the Canadian north woods. Then advancing down with spread out military operation as well as hitting our west coast with paratroopers brigades and heading into our mountains. Then also when we are tied down with all these operations, they aim to hit us with a basic pattern. These things they say are simple, say the experts, for we can take care of all this with air power, but---what air power? I was riding with a procurement officer who operates in the area of procuring massive battle equipment for our air force. This man told me as we were listening to reports on Panama, and he was exploding and he said:----the thing which disgusts me is that here we have an army, and air force, but only one fifth of the equipment which we think we have, is still on paper. Much of this equipment they think they have has been scrapped, or put in mothballs, and some almost impossible to refit. We have been giving away, selling planes, and scrapping planes, and talking about fleet here, and a small squadron there. But if we had to rise and go into action against an incoming army we would not have at this moment enough planes to handle those they could bring in on their flat tops.

Then he said: this is the situation, there are spots like out at Marks Field where the situation is better, and the planes are ready to go, but that is the best spot all over the west coast. We shuttle them to Seattle and back here, and then send them somewhere else to make it look good, but every time they show up here they are missing other places. And he said:---there is not a military logistics man who is not very unhappy about all this. They see us disarming ourselves at Geneva, and talking about trusting the United Nations for Security, and they are all worried about the outcome of all this situation. We send men up to the Alaska command, and we tell them they are expendable. We tell them what this means, and what they are to do, and what is the determining factor in case of attack. We have alerts about three times a week up there in all our military bases. These men are told that what is important is the evacuation of the civilians when and if--the Russians strike. They are briefed in this way:---first evacuate the civilians, then those you hold dear, and then you can do this--either surrender, or take to the wilds and see if you can survive. I talked to young men who just came back from Alaska, as their tenure of time was out, and they are happy to be back. They said that they are kept on a constant alert, but some of their support has to come from Seattle, and there are times when the support is not there.

Now; there is another thing they worry about, and that is that we do have nuclear weapons to protect us from an invasion over the ice, but it is not Red Russia who will supply the manpower for that attack, it is the Red Chinese who are chomping at the bit, ready to come across. There is a corridor cut out all the way across the edge of Russia right into Red China. They have guards and barb wire all along this corridor, and there are stations, and provisions of food depots all along this corridor. But they have to arm the corridor because as the Red Chinese come thru they don't want Red China taking a bite off of Russia. But the spoils are so great here that Red China has been building up in hopes of making this march. However some of the leaders of Russia think they can destroy us by keeping us in trouble, and take us over as they talk reason, and Peace. Thus Russia will in case of opposition, let China march thru her territory, and then before we are tied down with any large Pacific operation she might, thinking she might receive the brunt of any retaliatory weapon, she would still like to go the peaceful route. The Military leaders know all of this and they are worried about our government rushing blindly into a trap. This my friends, is not done with ignorance, our unseen leaders know exactly what they are doing. Sometimes a smart alec Military man says we aren't worried, for if any one tries anything we are going to knock them out in short order, but you remember that this optimism is based on the idea that we have all this equipment on the drawing boards, and it is ready to go. They have been told this is true when behind the scenes there has been a gradual cutting back of Americas Military machine, where as if it was equipped and ready to go, we could probably lick anything and everything on the face of the earth. But we no longer have this capability for gradually over the years it has been cut into by the Rostovs and Fosters and others.

If we were to surrender at Geneva this year all armaments would go into the hands of the United Nations, then no longer would we have the power to defend ourselves even partly. The defense strategy to stop an invasion across the ice of Bering Straits is a Nuclear bomb broken above the ice, whose tremendous heat would kill the armies on the ice for a strip 50 miles wide. It would be a tremendous blow, and would melt the ice for a few hours. But we would wipe out an army coming across there even every few hours. But now we cannot even use this defense because we have now agreed not to use any nuclear weapons even for our defense except--by permission of Mr. Uthant, and the United Nations. And we will not retaliate for an invasion, for at least 30 days, and possible 90 days. Thus this insures no action will be involved. The Red Chinese could invade us and we couldn't use our nuclear war heads for 30 days. By this time they wouldn't be in Alaska they would be across the border into Idaho, and Montana and on down here. This is why the Military men see the futility in all these plans. They had previously been told that as red troops start crossing the ice in massive numbers, that at the red signal they were going to destroy the Red Troops. Then they would hit for underground bunkers until they heard an 'all clear'. Now, there is no nuclear weapons which we can use only tactical weapons and there is just a handful of men up there to stop that advance with infantry weapons.

This is what every Patriot should know, and you are being told that we are in the United Nations and we have great influence there. True they say, there are Reds in there but they don't bother us when we vote against things, they just refuse to vote because we might quit paying the bills and so forth. But I want you to know that of now it does not pay the Red world to out vote us while we are still armed. Because if they outvoted us and we faced a grave area of defeat in the United Nations, then there would come this sweeping impact of "take us out of the U.N. while we still are armed enough to protect ourselves' and this would end their game. The reason why is that there has been a skillful voting strategy by the communist to let us think that we always have our way even tho the Asiatics and Negroid nations are in the United Nations in numbers far out voting us, for each nation gets one vote. The U.S. doesn't have anymore votes than a little nation. The White nations are already outvoted anytime the other nations choose to stand together. the reason they have not been voting together is because of this skillful pattern being directed in the United Nations as to who and how the members were to cast their vote.

The very moment we surrender our armaments and heavy weapons to the U.N. for a basic world Police force, the next time there is a basic issue we will not only lose on that one, but we will never win again. Nor will we be able to extricate ourselves and carry out our own policies. We would not only not be able to defend ourselves, but they can disallow our constitution because even tho we have a constitution today still many areas of the Federal government by pass the constitution. Thus the whole process seems to be 'disarmament, socialist decisions and like king, Governor Brown of Calif., wants to run with Johnson because they think the name still has magic since his brother was shot.

Now; according to our law they cannot pass a law saying you cannot buy and possess arms, and make that law retroactive. You cannot have a post de facto law. Many states are finding this out. New York for instance tried to do this but they haven't been able to enforce this for 14 years. They finally made a move on the possession of a gun which a father gave to his son, but the son took the case to the State Court and his claim was upheld. A gift from a father to a son was still legal. However the State didn't go by the court decision so they arrested the son for possession, so he appealed it to the Supreme court and the decision there has not been heard. The Supreme court has never had time in 21 years to review the Sullivan decision so thus they get by the constitution.

Question:-----How do the Negroes fit into this situation of the Muslim movement?

Answer:-------The Muslim movement is a sort of renegade Mohammedanism that Negroes adopted. There does happen to be lots of semi-Mohammedan strains in Africa and some on the edge of Asia, and some in the Sudan and Egypt who are Mohammedans. But the large part of the African Negroes are not Mohammedans, they are under their Witchdoctors, and have been for years. The Muslim X movement (Cassias Clay or Mohammed Ali) is just a sharp job ghosted up by Elijah Poole who was in prison for a felony. So the best way to dream up a good business was to declare himself a prophet of God, and declare Allah was God, and he Elijah was his prophet. And of course he was appealing to a pattern of Negro racism which was quite successful, and almost all of those people in the upper positions of his movement have been in prison for various felonies. As a political force the Mohammed X movement has only one factor you might go along with--they are segregationists. On the other hand they are also exterminationists, and they plan on the extermination of the White man, and then ruling the world.

In this measure they will be segregationists but will go along with NAACP and CORE on the grounds that they have a common Negro front to win. But remember when talking about the Negro that he degenerated from his original status, and then never obtained the status of the white man, or even of the Asiatic. But in the Luciferian rebellion---in this great war in the heavens of Revelation 12, many of the ships of Lucifer's fleet were staffed with Negroes who came from a Solar system in the Milky Way where they had been placed in the days they were created in the antiquity of yesterday. When Lucifer was in rebellion he wanted to capture whole areas out in space, and in this instance Michael the great Archangel defeated him with superior forces and unlimited powers. But a lot of the actual shock troops of Lucifer's forces were Negroes. And because Lucifer sought to mutate every law of creation he sought to move into whole areas of violated law, such as bestiality, mongrelization and violated spiritual values of all kinds were placed on orgies up even there in the heavens. For which cause we discover discussions of this in the old sacred records and intimations of it all thru the scriptures. So the Negroes came into the world under Lucifer's rebellion. No Anthropologist or student of antiquity of fossils can go into the great antiquities and produce a Negro fossil that is over 73,000 years old. You go down to Tanya Nida and go under the line flats and come up with fossil bones, but they do not find fossil bones of Negroes with carbon dating as old as other fossils. The oldest Negro fossils are in the caves of Kilimanjaro and they are 73,000 years old. Therefore they existed thousands and thousands of years before the white man, because the white man was Gods own family put down here to rescue the world, to defeat the forces of darkness, build his Kingdom, carry out the "TRUTH". The Negroes had already fallen before they came in with Lucifer, and he scattered them along with Lukii and Amraphel and others in Africa and Asia, and sought to mongrelize people with them even as they sought to instill bestiality and did this---incorporating this into almost every Pagan religion on the face of the earth. For this cause the laws of Moses and other laws stand out against this and other areas of error. This is one of Esau's great mistakes for he went to the Hill of the Satyr. And this Hill of the Satyr was where they worshiped this one who was the monstrosity--half man and half goat. And of course this was Bestiality, and the worship of these mutations, and this was what the god 'Yah-pan' was--half man, half goat. The 'yah-pan' and the piper of pan' and the traditions of pan come down from the Minotar, and Yah-Pan. And of course the true Minotar was an old pattern of bestiality. So Negroes have played a part in all this, and are a degenerated specie to say the least. They are not classified in any areas of Holy Scripture a--not classified in a classification of Adam man. In other words you are Hu-man, or spirit man, and the Asiatics were the Torogs, the oldest civilization, and are Enosh, or created beings, not begotten of the spirit and transplanted to earth by the establishment of the offspring of God, but were created in the earth male and female, having life breathed into them, were the creation of God, and belong to the 6th day of creation, and not the 7th. Actually we shouldn't call i the 7th day creation for there was this 6th day of creation, then the seventh era was the bringing forth of issue. This is what the oldest use of words in the Hebrew text show. Adam was the offspring of YAHWEH, and Eve was taken out of Adam long after HE had made the man and woman--male and female, "Created He them". These were the Enosh, they did not have the green thumb of agriculture, and they were not God's Issue. This is known even in ancient India's tradition for they referred to the Aryan, the white ones, and they were called the children of Indra. Thus they realized that the white Race--the Manu--the Aryan (the word came from Persia) were the words describing the White Race. This is the reason today that the enemies of our race oppose the use of the word Aryan. Just say the word Aryan and a Jew will blow up because he knows he is not one, and he does not like the truth of identity which goes back to Adam's race. They don't like the word Hu-man means spirit man. The Chinese and the Negroes are Enosh they are not Hu-man they are emotional men operating completely thru the senses. And this on a lower scale of perceptive value for the Negro than even the Asiatic, and extremely lower than the white man of whom God said could receive the spirit of God. He said that the world (order) could not receive His Spirit.

Today we include in the scriptures the word Enosh all thru the Old Testament, but in the English translation the word is man or people. This is the error by which the assistance of Jews effected the translation. They did this on purpose taking advantage of the ignorance which as time went on---that the word Enosh especially meant the earlier creations. The Negroes fall even into another category and always fall into another level, a most bestial level of the word Enosh. But this is demonstrated again by the re-setting up of the Hebrew Septuagint, and reclassified in the Assyrian--Vatican Manuscripts. And by the time the King James Version was done this was all in place. For instance Moses was told to go up the mountain and receive the law. He left behind him the mixed multitude of those who came out of Egypt with the Israelites. These were Enosh, some were of Asiatic stock, some were actually classified as Canaanites, for always there have been some of the enemy along with the Israelites. When God spoke to Moses he told him about this situation, and it says in the King James Version:---"Let neither man nor beast put his hand upon the mountain". Now they weren't packing monkeys along with them which might have hands, and beasts don't have hands so what is it talking about?---The word is---"Let neither Adamite or Enosh put his hand upon the mountain". They translated the word beast here instead of Enosh, because these were children of creation and under the fall were under the Enosh or Beast system. This is the reason why the World Order under Anti-Christ is called the Beast system---and THE POLITICAL STRENGTH OF THE BEAST SYSTEM IS CALLED 'THE MARK OF THE BEAST'. (mark is identification) The people who make up the structure of the Beast Kingdom, and the power of the Beast Kingdom are not spiritually begotten sons, but are natural men. And when I say natural men, this was one of the strangest types of ecclesiastical interpretations that in the area of the renaissance of the church became quite active. During the times when we had the sparking forces of spiritual stirring, quickening churches, we moved into the Evangelizing of the Wesley's, and the reactivation of Calvin and so on, then we moved into more extreme Holiness influences. In fact in the days of Britain in the days of Wesley, as these brothers became extreme in their positions, then of course all kinds of man made Pharisaical laws went along with many of their positions. And the Puritans became known for extreme strictness in many areas. But often these were mandates which they had created in their strictness apart from the standards of Moral law.

In this instance in the use of the translation in the scriptures they made no distinction between man and Enosh (beast). They run the whole things together as tho one. But the scriptures tell us that the Beast System is the Pagan forces, and in their use of the word Beast in the New Testament they use the word--natural man. But because of their inclination to spiritualize everything to some cloud 9 interpretation, they divided this up thus.

The Apostle Paul said:---Now I speak unto you in Mysteries, even mysteries hidden since from the foundation of the world, which are now being made known unto you, for your Glory. We have not received the spirit of the world, we have received the spirit which is God.---Why?---because we being of the spirit of God, are the household of God, and thus naturally we received not the spirit of the World Order, but of the Spirit of God. And the spirit of God therefore seeks out all the deep things of God, and we in our consciousness as Paul says are able to know and to understand the deep things of God. But the natural man cannot perceive these things because they are spiritually discerned. For the natural man cannot perceive the things of the Spirit.

But they came out with things like:---there are natural men and spiritual men, we are twofold. This is what Paul was talking about, this is what was twisted in the days of this error in theology, and doesn't lay with the translation, but with interpretation. So they say that a man is a natural man until he is converted, and then he becomes a spiritual man. This is not true, you are not of the Beast system, where as the natural man is of the Beast System. (World Order) The spiritual man is of the Begotten system, in other words you were begotten of the spirit in the heavens before the world was framed. You were begotten in the flesh from the line of Adam when you were naturally born. When the Spirit of God calls you he only calls His Sheep by name and H leads them out. So you were sheep before you were called. In other words you are not a natural man, as we classify natural without spiritual perception. This spiritual perception may have been lying dormant inside of you but this is where the work of the Holy Spirit quickens, and renews your mind, reactivates your consciousness, regenerates your awareness, and restores every single thing. This we cannot repeat to often, this must become a working, talking, thinking area of every ones theology, and that is that everything in Christianity is restoring to a Divine Race now in Earth, everything they lost by their first transgression in the earth. This is renewing of THE MIND, RESTORATION, AND REGENERATION. You cannot regenerate something you didn't have before, you can't restore something you didn't have before, you cannot renew something you didn't have before.

In this instance in the purpose of God he goes further than that. He says he predestinated you to conform to the image of His own embodiment. He said:---I have destined my seed, in the fullness of time, I predestinated my seed, and they are going to shine with my Glory. They are to be as triumphant as I was when I was in earth. I am going to have triumphant sons, occupying sons, conquering sons. There is no "If" or Ands about this-- "All that the father (Eternal spirit) giveth me shall come"---"He that cometh I shall in no wise cast out". "No one cometh except the Father giveth him, and I will raise him up in the Last day." We don't have a religion which operates on chance, we have A Faith, we have a Father looking after every sheep in the sheep fold, and He has said:---'If one is missing I will search until I find him. We have a program of positive destiny. We also have people running around saying:---but look at all the casualties along the line. Look at all the men who died unsaved. Well this is a classification of theological interpretation. When we say 'Unsaved' we mean this fellow was a casualty in the struggle and was unaware of his own birthright. Or he was in the midst of the throes of this pattern, and his standards may not have measured up to the standards of a man living under spiritual power so they say this man went home 'unsaved' without victory.

Now;---listen, there is not anyone who is getting away with not finishing the job he was sent here to do. If he hasn't finished he will be restored---resurrected to finish the job, for his is still going to do this. But YAHWEH HAS covered with a covenant something here which is vital---"All Israel shall be saved as it is written." He said:---I have taken away the ungodliness of Jacob. So, just because Jacob man didn't wake up to this factor before he died doesn't change the fact that it was paid for and done.

Now;---remember therefore that the resurrection pattern is for the children of the Kingdom. Resurrect they will, and they are still going to perform right, and do it here in the body, for this task they were sent here to do, and they will do it.

When we talk about the natural man we aren't talking about White men even tho there are white men who live after the flesh instead of after the spirit. This has been the results of casualty conditions of environment, but he is still a man who can be appealed to. Within this area they are their own worst enemy in most of these instances. But their nature is not vicious toward people. They don't have the background for instance of an Asiatic, or the cruelty of wave after wave of background that the Negro has. It doesn't make any difference how much civilization you put a Negro in, you take away the law of the Kingdom, and he will go native right away. This week proves this, by the attack made on those missionaries in Africa. They hacked up these three clergymen in one day and then the next day killed 80 more of this group, and this one girl who had been a missionary with the Bible Institute they killed with an arrow. The man in charge of this massacre was one of the Ministers of finance, educated in our Universities, but who turned Mau Mau and went into this blood bath. Here a high official in the Congo government, educated, trained, given all the influence white men could give these officials, altho some were trained in Red schools, but the fact is this is the results of being forced by the United Nations to turn administration of the Congo over to the Negroes. But the Negroes are no more ready for the leadership of administration than a smart Chimpanzee, because they lack this spiritual capacity. And time you put people who are emotionally unstable into areas of administration which God told you not to do, any time you put them in administration over you then you are in for trouble. Today the white man is in trouble all over Africa. The revolt in Tanganyika last week was against the second and third British Rifles brigade, and after they killed these British officers, then the Negro troops of this brigade in Tanganyika killed and killed, and killed. Tanganyika had been a model area in the British administration, there were great hospitals built there, and schools and administration centers. But the British had, under United Nations pressure, decided that they could start withdrawing white administration. So they removed most of their fast mobile Panzer units of protection, and reduced the number of white personal and thus they had the major officers of the administration staff, and all the non-coms, and some even of the Commissioned officers now were Negroes. So when the Negroes suddenly revolted, they killed their white officers and then they turned and marched on Negro towns raiding and killing even their own people. So don't come along and say that they are ready for administration. The worst thing which can happen to the Negroes is for the white man to let them take over the administration.

Now; you say, but you have to be careful what you say about the Negroes today. Well, but you don't have to back up from discussing the truth. You are being fed the greatest whitewash game in history. The fact that they ghost one up and give him Edward R. Murrow's job isn't so great because Edward R. Murrow wasn't so much anyway. He was a Pinko, a Red, there wasn't to much difference in him and the one who replaced him. The only thing is that if you are not to active in your job, they replace you with a Negro. We may even be better off in this case because this Negro may slip in places where Murrow wouldn't have. They put a Negro in charge of the Post office here and ever since we have had nothing but trouble with the mail. The reason is because there are now more Negroes in the Post Office than Whites and this Negro in charge won't push the Negro workers to do their job. I happen to know this because some of the white workers are sticking it out to get their pensions, and then they will quit, and there will probably never be any mail delivered after that. But they tell me that the Negroes come in of a morning and punch the time clock, they shuffle a little mail and then go out for lunch. So one-third of the force is just goofing off all the time, and if a White tries to discipline them they get called on the carpet for discrimination. Thus you cannot run an efficient operation this way. But remember this:---Jesus put the Negroes in the dog category.

Remember when the women from the coast of Tyre cried out for Jesus to heal her daughter? And Jesus didn't pay any attention (Matt:15, 21-28) Here was a Loving God, here is the embodiment of Grace and Mercy, and HE doesn't pay any attention?---The disciples said:--go away, don't bother the MASTER. But she continued crying out the more, and saying:--my daughter is ill, please heal her. Finally Jesus turned to her and said:---"It is not meet (right) to give the children's bread to the dogs". So don't try to take this out of the word of God, out of His mouth, for it is the oldest of texts, it is there and you cannot change it. This was not an unkind thing, saying dogs---he just knew the difference in mankind, and so did she, for since she knew her place she said:---"Yes, Master yet the dogs eat the crumbs which fall from the Master's table." Thus since she had put herself in the proper category (bowed the knee) then Jesus said:---Because thou hath perceived by watching, and have seen other people healed, then I will heal thy daughter. But never-the-less his message was always:---"Go unto the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel". People can like this or not like it, and come up with all the phoney commissions which are not there but Jesus never sent His disciples to Africa---never. He wouldn't even let them go into Asia. The Holy Spirit which descended upon the Apostle Paul with his great conversion told him to not go to Asia. The Holy Spirit which descended upon the Apostle Paul with his great conversion told him to not go to Asia.

Now;---as I have told you before---that in Matthew and Mark---this commission to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all the world, to every creature is nothing but a lie. If you have a Scofield Bible you will look in the footnote and it even says:--from verse(9)on in the last chapter of Mark, it was added in the second and third century, by Hippolaneous, and Syranius both of Jewish ecclesiastics who had moved into the church. They were in there to condemn the doctrines of the church. And in order to mongrelize the Spiritual order of the original church society they added these church instructions which Christ never gave as instructions. And these were never in any of the Oldest Gospels. Anything added to Matthew's and Mark's Gospel 200 years after they were dead, or even one year after they were dead is PHONEY. In other words it is not real it is not true. Remember---"Ye are my witnesses that I am YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA unto the uttermost parts of the earth". But don't go out and say all you have to do is say some words of some religious mumbo jumbo and that will make you our equal, that it will make you an offspring of God so you can inter-marry with us, infiltrate into our society. This does not have any Biblical support, but has every condemnation clean up to the admonitions of the Apostle Paul. This is the status of the Negro in the scripture---the lowest of the Enosh people at best, never to be considered permissible to inter-marry with you or to be integrated into your society. The by-product of that integration will not only be every area of disintegration, but even if they are permitted to live close by you until their children run with your children, until they have a social contact, the impact of venereal disease, the impact of social degeneration because of their lack of morality will be felt by the entire white community. Ever since we started to let the Jews glorify the syncopation of Negro Tom Tom's beats in what they called Jazz, from there on we were using vibrations set up by the demons of hell who were known to so effect the nerve senses, to have a great impact on the sense nerve, and the sex nerve, and to cause a great relaxation in moral restraint. This was planned, one of the great leaders of Jazz tells in his own story and I have the words written for Jewish consumption in his volume which says that they had gone out and researched the most sensuous vibratory music. Realizing from the ancient backgrounds of the building of musical instruments brought by Lukii and Lucifer which you find in the scriptures, that out of the patterns of certain vibrations that the nervous system is attacked---sensuousness is picked up, the temptations in the areas of moral degeneracy are stimulated, and this is what they planned for us. This is the operations of their protocols. Thus they did this thing and if you don't go along then you are a prude. But this stuff is not music, there isn't any harmony in it, this is nothing but trying to turn over our youth into gyrations of syncopation with the Hotten-tots. This isn't like the folk-dancing we have had thought Germany, and Sweden and Denmark and other White western nations. This is not like the Waltz and the patterns of the symphony. This is nothing else than the lowest of the lowest vibratory appeal. And most of this stuff we see today which they are trying to sell our youth come from this area where they are trying to turn our youth against parents, or more turned against anyone who restrains this process. You are an old fogie or a square---why out if you don't go along with this pattern. The actual thing is that this was designed to help break down our race, by thrusting close to us a Negro which they were gong to force us to absorb. This is all a part of this same old pattern, and we have never faced a period quite like this. There is unprecedented conditions of atrocities taking place all around us right now. Just last week Mr. Bartlett was talking to a man who had been listening to our tapes and he said:---I am sure there is a lot of Biblical truth here but I feel it wouldn't be fair for me to get stirred up on the Negro question, or be against any man on the basis of his color and his creed. Thus this man is involved in the transfer of securities and money, and his partner has been associated with him for seven years. Last week his partners wife and seven year old boy were traveling across Los Angeles out near Rolling Hills. She stopped at a Service station for her little boy to go to the Rest Room. She waited and waited and he didn't come out. Getting concerned she started to go to the Rest room when she saw 3 Negro boys about 13 or 14 years of age come out, and still her little boy did not come out. She went into the Rest room and there was her little boy--totally emasculated--passed out--blood all over the floor, and they rushed him to the hospital and were able to save the life of this little boy. But this man now said:---I am going to kill every Negro I see, they are beasts. But this was the same man who wouldn't go along with the fact that we should segregate them until it happened to his own partners little boy. Then he realized that not only are these people animals under the skin, but this degeneracy happened back in the area of Lucifer's rebellion, and now they are in this status of negation, never to be integrated into our race, never to give any power in administration over us. Never allowed to arise to this position, in fact should be deported. And in such areas of earth where they are gathered together in the earth, should be ruled over and directed by White Administration. The Kingdom of God's program outlines this in the book of Daniel, and in Revelation, this is the maintenance of white authority and power.

Now;--some one will say, put them in the Methodist or Baptist church and the next generation will be alright. But these kids were raised in this generation, and the moment you release them from restraint or turn a witchdoctor back lose, you discover they are ruled over by areas of emotion, not spirit. This is what God meant by "the natural man cannot perceive these things because they are spiritually discerned. You say:---but we can tell them Bible stories, and later they become Preachers and get up and preach a sermon which sounds like someone else sermon.---Well, it was someone else sermon it did not originate with the Negro. But fact remains that the Negro Preacher can preach that sermon and then go out and start a child n half a dozen families that same night. In Washington D.C. less than 30% of the Negroes know their fathers. They are the weight of our relief patterns, their standards of immorality and depravity are unprecedented. We have had an unusual spread of venereal disease in our school because of the integration of the Negroes.

In San Francisco last month we were talking about some of their problems with the parent teachers association, and they say that since the Negroes have been integrated into the schools by bus that there is an organization in them--teenagers--who are pledged to rape a white girl. This they work for night and day. Nothing is done to them if they do, and get caught because they are emotionally upset, because--they say--of their treatment in Burlingham. This has reached the point that when White boys try to protect White girls in Morin county, that the police have to step in and arrest the white boys, and they are charged with inciting a riot. But just the presence of the white girls are all these Musk hungry Negroes need. But the more they get away with this the more it increases. There is battling in the cities today just like George Washington saw in his vision. The only thing which can protect white men is to start using their strength in their legislature to say this is what we want. Then prepare to defend themselves against this Anti-Christian upsurge that is being stirred by the Socialists, and Communist, which of course is Jewish managed. As this revolution hits we must be able to defend ourselves. (It did hit in 1965)

This is why the left wingers and communists want to disarm America so that we surrender or succumb and they say after all it is better to be mongralized rather than to be dead, or in prison. Remember it was President Eisenhower who said after his election when asked as to his opine of the solution to the race question, and we have a filed copy of his answer from the U.S. News---He said: I think all of the division of the races must end, that intermarriages must be accomplished. Eventually we may get a grey but happy race.---Men like this should be thrown into a cage with their families and let them be the first to start the wave.

Remember that it was Earl Warren when asked about what his contribution would be on the Supreme court, and he said:--I am going to bring about total integration as I can in casting decisions in this integration situation, and I am going to work for full integration of the races. We have this statement on file also. This is the White mans problem, and it is also prophetic, it is a time of Jacob's trouble, and we are going to be saved out of it. And we are going to win that is the best part of it.


Answer:-------Well I think we are gaining people all the time. We are gaining people faster than in all past history, the awakening is taking place. Remember it is a noisy minority who holds power, and even people who don't consider themselves conservative are furious about this situation. All are worried about their daughters except those who participate in the conspiracy.

This man I rode with today is a Democrat he has a soft job--by appointment--because of his loyalty to the machine, but he is so furious as he sees America going down the drain under this kind of leadership that the security is not as important as the future, for he won't have anything anyhow if this does not turn.

There is also this worry as the kids go to college, the father I was talking to said his boy is going to Stanford, and he said his boy is being turned into a Socialist. Well, why not, they use Beckwitch's text book on economy. This young man's father is a big furniture dealer in San Jose, and this boy had never wanted anything. He was driving a Thunderbird, and going to college, and the communist want to dive up everything and he is going along with the idea. Well this went on and the young man married while in college, and then his wife's parents worried about his influence on their daughter. But as he came out of college his father took him into the business, and he opened another furniture store in Burlingham and gave the young son this store. And in less than two years you never saw a tighter conservative, for this was his money they were giving away in taxes. Basically he came from good stock, and basically when he had the responsibility to preserve what was in his own hands, he found out the hard way what was right. He never would have gone along with integration for his family, it was always for the other fellow. There are a lot of silly politicians who say, this can't touch me, I am interested in security and power, but it is going to touch them; just you wait and see.

Question:---What about that statement----"As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of the son of man."

Answer:-----Well this was a problem in the days of Noah as it is today. Remember that Noah lived in the Upper Tarim Basin, and it upper Tarim Basin was a pretty large area in the sinking mountains. It bridges that mountain chain which comes in it's lower chain into Turkistan, and runs out in great cataracts down into Mesopotamia. Follow thru the other end of the Tian Shan valleys and the great Tamir valley and you come out on the area which would drain down the Huang(Yellow)river, and thus goes down thru China. Thus this upper area was a great Plateau with a vast under ground sea under this land. It was many hundreds of miles long, and in an area which was faulted. It was not to far removed from the center where our race was established.

Now; the migrations of the house of Seth started from here, many of them lived here in this area for sometime as did the household of Noah. This wasn't all the race, this was only part of it because there had been migrations out of here of whole areas of the Sethite house. Enoch and Jobs families had migrated out of here had gone down to the Persian Gulf area, and then on down thru Mesopotamia and were living in the areas which became known as Palestine, long before it acquired that name. And it was from this site in Palestine that Enoch and Job took their company of servants down into Egypt to build the city of On, and to erect the Temple of Zendera, and eventually the Pyramid, and the Sphinx, and so forth. Remember they did this before the flood---long before. But back in this old area of the Tarim Basin Noah and his family and the Asiatics living there were ruled over by the unassimilable offspring of Lucifer. These were Angels who did not keep their first estate, and they interbred with Asiatics and produced Giants. That is why the scripture says there were Giants in the earth after the Nephilim inter-mingled with the daughters of men. And this union produced these Giants who were utterly evil. These ancient Gautamas were the Giants of this fallen situation, and Gautamaism existed as the ruling religions with the Gargoyle like demons over Asia and China up until the time when Buddha who just like Elijah Mohammed XX, was in jail and conned his way out as a living Gautama.(god) And the Jews who ran the temples of Paganism thought this might be a new input to gain even more control so they backed his play. So by force and by decrees first was tried in this Tarim Basin, all kinds of revelry and orgies to seduce the daughters of men. Then they came with their raiding parties and seized the daughters of men and forced inter-marriage upon them. Many seeing the force of power of these men capitulated, thus it was that the doctrine of going along, capitulating, inter-marring and resist not, just switch was being put over on one area of the white race even back in that ancient time. This was one of the best strains of the race, for Noah and his sons were of this strain of the race left in that area.

Now; you are told that every thought of theirs was evil continually, and they were marrying and giving in marriage. Then when Jesus talked about this he said:---that one of the signs for the end of the age would be that the same situation would exist, even as it was in the days of Noah. They were eating and drinking and giving in marriage.

Now: there isn't anything wrong with eating, or drinking or giving in marriage, but the way it was done in the days of Noah was totally intemperate, and wild orgies that followed found them inter-mingling and marrying into these Satanic fallen Nephalistic forces, and Giants were being born who were also devouring this people.

The Baal-peor religion was established, and Baal-peor was Satan's image, and the Priest of Baal were called Canna because they were eating human flesh. There wasn't anything that was conceived of that they did not carry out. So YAHWEH said:---Behold, I perceive that they will destroy all men from the earth therefore I shall destroy these beings which have stemmed from this situation. Before they destroy all Adam men from the earth. He never said that He repented, this only exists after it was put into the translation. The Old verse never said God repented because He had made man. It said that YAHWEH said:---They will destroy this (Adam) Man whom I have begotten. Therefore I shall provide a way of his escape, yet shall this hour of judgment be 120 years. So 120 years was given before YAHWEH was going to wipe out all this mongrelized mishmash of that area. So he gave the instruction to Noah, and Noah built the Ark. He tells the people about it but they only laugh at him. But the only ones left in that area of the Adamic seed line was Noah and his three sons and their wives. So they went into the Ark, and YAHWEH shut the Ark, and the foundations of the deep were discovered, and the fountains of the heavens were opened. So it was not only low atmospheric pressure conditions that induced earthquakes that cracked this shelf, because if you go up there today you see whole areas of this rock shelf standing on edge. In other words when this shelf broke they were sitting in the water right now. It didn't take a long time to float the Ark, the land shelf broke and it was setting right in the water, and then the rains came down. Of course they were up in almost the top of the mountains anyway, and it continued to rain, and rain in that area. Remember that the Hebrew word---erets---meaning high mountain. So to climax this situation there occurred great earthquakes along the faults, and YAHWEH cracked open both ends of it great basin and some of the water ran down into the Wangho River and some on the other end came down thru Mesopotamia past the city of Ur of the Chaldeas. It didn't effect the homes higher up the hills in Ur, but many people caught in that first rush of water along the river, did die. But records were made we know exactly where the water went. It did not cover all of the earth, it covered that area, that country. There was no flood in South America at that time, and the flood never covered all the earth at that time, and we can prove it to you.

The 31 chapter of Ezekiel proves this as well for God told Ezekiel to go down and tell Pharaoh that---"Behold, the Assyrian was a cedar (Empire) in the days of Eden.

The tape ran out and Dr. Swift was still talking.