01-28-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Question:----Joshua 24:23----”Your fathers dwelt on the other side of the flood. What does this mean?

Answer:-----(tape) Well this is the translation in the King James Version of course but Joshua has gathered all the children of Israel. He called for all the elders of Israel and he is talking to them.

But remember that the Adamic race continues on down from Adam thru Seth, breaks into several streams and moved out under the ancestors of Enoch and others. There were Sethites who never saw the flood. There were people for instance who were descendants of Enoch who never saw the flood. And those Adamites who came on down thru Noah for instance----this was the only family of Adamites who dwelt in the Tarim Basin at the time of the flood. So at that time all the white race didn’t dwell in the upper Tarim where Noah and his family lived. But it was here in the Tarim Basin, where Noah and his family lived. But it was here in the Tarim Basin that the Nephilin had been taking the daughters of men and mongrelizing the seed of the white race. Monsters were born for normally the Nephilin were 24 tp 25 feet tall, and the normal size of earth people about six feet tall. The fact is that as far as the offspring of the Nephilin and earth women, the norm reached would be about 16 feet tall. Even tho the earth people were only so tall still the process of growth of this spiritual force of fallen Angels had an effect upon gestation. The size of the individual would come to this mean norm of the parent. This was why here there were giants in the land. It says in the sixth chapter of John that their thoughts there in the upper Tarim Basin were evil all the time. They were destroying these women if they didn’t submit to them, and they were also eating human flesh----they were Canna Baal----cannibals there.

But Noah was to preach to these people for 120 years, to warn them to stop what they were doing. Noah’s sons believe him and followed him, but the rest of the white race had moved out or were taken over. Most people who don’t understand as they speak out say that Noah’s sons married women of other races. So the Ark carried all these races thru the flood. The reason they think this is because they think that the flood was all over the earth. They say that since the flood was all over the earth, then all the races had to come back on earth out of Noah and his family---some way----some how. But in Hebrew the word is----Eretz----meaning all that country----so the flood was over all that country.

Now; Noah was a man who believed God and followed him and when he saw the catastrophe engulfing these people who were laughing at him then Noah, Ham, Shem and Japhet and their wives went into the Ark and the door was shut. They had taken in the creatures of that vicinity that they were told to place in the Ark, and then God shut the door. They didn’t take in all the animals over the whole earth, this is an idea that is not even feasible. But I heard a preacher the other day who said, if a man doesn’t believe the bible story of the Ark, that all these animals from all over the earth were on board the ark---then he doesn’t believe the bible. He said:----I don’t know how it was done but God does miracles, he could have stretched the Ark if he had to---but anyway he put them all on there.

Well maybe you would call this blind faith, but anyway to make all this come out they juggle the scriptures to make it fit in. But it won’t fit in if they use a crowbar.

Now; after the flood Noah offered a sacrifice and God talks about how he divides up various peoples in their places and tells where the sons of Noah are to dwell. Then when this statement came from Joshua that your fathers dwelt on the other side of the flood there is no question of that fact for they had descended from Adam thru Seth---and then some thru Noah, but their fathers did dwell on the other side of the flood.

When Joseph was sold into Egypt then he married Asaneth the daughter of the Priest of On, but we well understand that this On Priesthood was a white Priesthood, they were Sethites who had come on down from Seth. So Joseph married the beautiful white daughter of the Priest of the city of On. And remember these Priests of On were from those who had built the city of On, the Sphinx, and the Pyramid. But Enoch and Job had lived 5000 years before The Christ. They had been responsible for all this building in that area of Egypt. This was a very cultured center of the white race with Spiritual guidance. God had shown them how to do all this building, and now here comes Joseph and marries a daughter from this branch of the white race.

Then when sons were born to Joseph, he brought these two sons---Ephraim and Manasseh to Jacob-Israel and Jacob-Israel said:---”Let my name (Israel) be named on these two lads”.---Why? Because he perceived that this was a part of the white race, and Asaneth was a white woman from the Sethite line. They had already came down long before the flood, and this was a rejoining of the Sethite branches-----they were all of Israel. We have a sort of silly notion, I don’t know just where it started but ecclesiastical seminaries seem to do this work, and don’t seem to know to much about scriptures. They build up a lot of theory and teach it to their young people so all get the same theory, they never step outside this theory so it goes on and on with this error. But the word Israel does not just make its appearance when God changed Jacob’s name to Israel. The word Israel appears in the book of Seth, in the book written by Enoch---”Thou art my Israel” is what they were told----thou art my issue----Princes ruling with me that is what is meant. The entire Adamic race were Israel and God brought his kingdom out of the loins of Jacob. But Jacob knew this as he said:----”Let my name (Israel) be on these two lads”, these sons of Joseph. In fact God said that the day would come when all Israel would say:----Make us like Ephraim and Manasseh, these two tied together standing tall and strong. So Abrahams father goes all the way back to Adam, and I will point this out in verse 2----Your fathers dwelt on the other side of the flood in old times---even Terah and the father of Nachor and they served other gods.----We may have something here, one of the parents of Terah could have been a Sethite----see, because he speaks of Terah especially as having fathers who came from the other side of the flood.

The fact is that Terah and Nachor served other gods, but----”I took your fathers----Abraham from the other side of the flood, and led him throughout all the lands of Canaan and multiplied his seed. Gave him Isaac, Jacob and Esau, and I gave unto Esau Mt. Seir to possess it, but Jacob and his children went down into Egypt. I sent Moses and Aaron and eventually brought you out.-----God is just reviewing thru Joshua some of the history of Israel, but it doesn’t make any difference because all Israel goes back to Adam, which is a name of a race. In other words God begat Adam then took Eve out of Adam and they were one flesh, one race, the Adamic Race-----which is also Israel, the household of the MOST HIGH GOD and it is here to stay.

Now; remember that Terah was a white man, and he was Prime minister to Nimrod a white man who was a descendent of Ham. So these sons of Noah, Ham, Shem and Japhet were white men and Japhet was first more absorbed in Asia because as this tribe multiplied they pitched their tents to the east----near China, and then later they married with the Chinese. A large portion of the Japhet people settled in Yhunman province (on the border with Burma and some of them settled in the areas of Russia and there mingled with the Mongolians in time and thus came the name of Magog. They became the people of the steppes and built the cities of Mesheck and Tubal. They no longer were Israelites for their seed ended after generations and their offspring joined the enemies of God. As far as Japhet and his household being Israelites--yes---but after the mongrelization of the race----no. Japhet today is more well known as Gog and Magog but these mongrels became a mighty people fighters. They were already by then Mongolians for generations, and were Mesheck and Tubal and Moscow and Tobulishk---but these people who make up the Russians today are scattered thru out all the steppes as well as around the areas of the Russians themselves.

Now; as far as the sons of Ham---we find them moving along with the sons of Seth and Shem and some of them went down to Africa like Kush then his seed became somewhat absorbed down there. But at the time of Nimrod he was a Hamite but the mongrelization was starting to come because the Baal Priests begin calling him a god and bringing in people from all parts of the world. But at that time Nimrod and his sons were white, but now he started taking into his harem these Asiatic women, and here in this kingdom was Terah the Prime Minister for Nimrod. Now; prior to this time Nimrod had fought against these people on the plains of Shinar such as Tidal the king of the lands which had gone down under the Atlantic ocean, and the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah these cities where the fallen Angels had caused so much catastrophe. But most of these people on the plains of Shinar were Pre-Adamic. Some were descendants of Atlantas, but all were pre-Adamic. But one of the things which was the specialties of these people who came from Ham---they not only fought for this area which became known as Ur of the Chaldeans but one of the things Nimrod did was to take spoil of these forces when he fought them. Actually the forces out of the sons of Ham were warriors and they fought these pre-Adamic forces.

Now; Sethites came this way also as did the Shemites. So when the mongrelization started here God told Abram to get out of Ur of the Chaldeans. But prior to this Nimrod had been warned by his wise men, as to the signs which came when Abraham was born that Abraham would be greater than Nimrod, and would head God’s kingdom. So Nimrod was to have this child killed but Terah had the child Abram and his mother taken to the caves of Noah where he was raised and trained until he was ten years old. So with this picture in mind then as Abram came back to his fathers house then Nimrod had established idols in the land, and even Terah had them in the temple of his house. This you find outlined in the book of Jasher. Abram inquired as to why his father had all these gods of wood and stone, and Terah said:----these are the gods Nimrod had declared we must worship. So Abram takes a bowl of porridge into his fathers temple and sets it down, then went out and got an axe and chopped up all the idols but one which he left crippled and smashed. His father went into the temple the next morning and he hollered and screamed-----who has done this terrible thing?----Where is Abram? So Abram came and he said:---Oh, my father I brought a pot of porridge in here and said:---help yourselves. They have chopped themselves up with axes and have fought until there is only one of them left. Well his father said:---what are you trying to tell me?-----You know these pieces of wood and stone have no power to chop each other up, don’t lie to me. So Abram said:---Oh, my father, if these gods have no power, if they can’t move or even speak, then why do you worship them. But the people ran to Nimrod and told him that Terah’s son had chopped up all the idols in his fathers temple. That this was the one maybe that they warned Nimrod and Abram said:---O wise Nimrod brighter than all men, it is even as I have told my father that I entered in with this porridge before these idols and they all started fighting for the porridge and now there is only one left and even his is a wreck but he ate the porridge. Now; O Nimrod you know these gods have the power to strike and to defend Ur or you wouldn’t worship them. You wouldn’t worship just plain blocks of wood and stone would you O wise Nimrod? Well of course Nimrod was stuck, he couldn’t say in front of all these people that these were no gods so he had to let Abram go. But from that time on the soothsayers came together at Nimrods request and they discovered that this Abram was the son who had been prophesied. And from them Abram had to be careful if in his fathers house, but mostly was out with the flocks until the time came when God had Abram to take his flocks and his household and even his father the Prime minister with him and leave Ur, of Chaldeans. So they took their flocks, this household of wealthy people, and they took their belongings with them and they left Ur of the Chaldea. He didn’t know where he was going he just believed God. But later when Abram would think about this he would be so happy for God said:----I am going to make of you a great nation, a company of nations, and Abram believe this---he saw it. And Joshua here says all their fathers came from beyond the flood so they weren’t to be bound up by thinking they only had a background a culture from the time of the flood on, they were all the children of YAHWEH starting with Adam, this is what this chapter of Joshua talks about.


Question:---- Did Abram take Sarah with him at this time?

Answer:-----Yes, and his father---the whole household. He got out of there, and Terah never believed in these gods but he just had them there to hold his job as Prime minister.


Question:----You have mentioned that Judah and Benjamin who returned to Jerusalem after the captivity were so heckled by the Jews that they petitioned the ruler to leave, and they migrated into Europe as the vis Goth..

Answer:-----Some of Judah were the Goths they were with the original tribes. But yes they got their permission to migrate from Titus the Roman.


Question:----It is found in Roman history, I think you will find it in Gibbons, also in the history of the Roman Empire. Josephus contains a certain amount of this saying the Galileans left this land after the crucifixion never to return. The Galileans were the house of Benjamin and the real house of Judah. This isn’t in the scripture because the scripture wasn’t dealing with this. In other words it was dealing with Christ and the crucifixion and the early church, and they fled when Rome permitted them to leave. But at that time the history of the church at Jerusalem was not being discussed very much. They had already moved into the European theater and the book of Acts had run it’s course as the exodus takes place. By 70 A.D. when Titus the Roman invaded and took Jerusalem this isn’t in the Bible at all. Yet he took Jerusalem in 70 A.D. because these Jews who were Israelites wouldn’t pay their taxes, and were always causing trouble. But several years before that the children of Israel, Judah and Benjamin left in that old land were so persecuted by the Jews that they were permitted to migrate into Europe. Rome had visions they would establish more friendly colonize but they just moved in with those of Israel that had gone on before.


Question:----Where in the Bible does it tell of the black and curly headed ones?

Answer:-----Well, the black and curly headed ones are included in the Enosh. But Job talks about the black and curly headed ones who jumped on him after the catastrophe hit him, and he said they are not fit to lay down with my dogs. They threw spears at him out of the thorn bushes. There were negroes of his time.


Question:----In the first of the books----in Genesis one it says----and there was light---does this mean Light literally speaking----sunlight?

Answer:-----In this first part of the book of Genesis this is the aftermath of great catastrophe. The book of Genesis starts the story as it immediately has something to do with you and your race. So it tells you that---in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth----and this was millions and millions of years ago, and all kinds of people could have lived on the face of the earth.

I have a clipping sent to me by some miners up in Montana. They were mining into a solid cliff with a little vein running into it. Suddenly they fired off a shot---they were about 70 feet back in the mountain and when they went back after the shot there was a little cave, and they went into this cave of solid rock and on a shelf there was a little mummy about 14 inches high. So what must have happened----years ago----this solid rock must have slid in front of this cave which was about 14 foot long, 4 ½ feet high and 14 feet wide. They have examined this mummy now, and it’s a mummy of a man 55 years old, who was in that cave millions of years. So one will never know what happened but he probably sat on that shelf until he died from lace of air. But this man was there long before Adam or any of these creations spoken of in the Bible. This 14" man was full height but its establishes as the oldest mummy every found on the face of the earth.


Question:----Did they say he was cro-magnum.

Answer:-----I have pictures of him, he looked like a man maybe a little different in features, sort of like one of another race. But what this is pointing out is that this little fellow didn’t even belong in the first chapter of Genesis. This void is the aftermath or divine Instruction. So the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. So the spirit of God moved over the face of the waters. Why was it dark? It wasn’t dark above, the solar system was moving, the sun and moon were there shinning. Around the earth was a vast ring of vapor and the light couldn’t get in, that’s all. So God said let the light come in and it did, and he divided the light from the darkness and you had day and night. So this was the clearing of this vapor ring from around the earth. It didn’t mean there was token darkness, there had been periods of light before, civilization and culture here before.

Now; in this recreation we find here that God again made man and woman this is the sixth day creation. These were not 24 hour days, but eras will fall in with the geological structure of the earth, and you will discover that as God calls these ‘eras’ he talks about the creation factors, and we find that sometimes there is a million years between one ‘era’ and the next. Then in other places there is 50 thousand to 75 thousand years, and up to a million years in what was done.

Now; the strata of earth shows thousands and thousands of years of the skeletons and remains of these animals living before moving to the next creation.

Now; we come over to the sixth era and he created man and woman right here on earth. He didn’t breath into them the breath of life and make them living souls, he didn’t make them his offspring, but he made them an intelligent race of people like he had in other parts of the Universe. They were no negroes here then for they came in with Lucifer, but there were various races, and then God rested on the seventh day. And he was looking and said:----There is no man to till the ground. Remember he had already put people here so the word wasn’t man it was Adamite. So God formed this man of the elements of the earth and breathed into him the breath of life and he became a living soul. In other words HE begat Adam in his own image out of the same elements he had created other factors. In other words this physical man is made out of the same substance of which he made the earth. The word here is Bara meaning to begat, while the other word was to form. So YAHWEH planted the garden and put Adam there. But we know that when he did this there were other people there. Enoch and other books talk of all the things God showed to Adam. But in the book of Ezekiel it lays it all out as to these people on the earth when Adam was placed in earth. So this racial stream of these other races ran out everywhere, therefore the Empire which was a mighty Empire was watered by mighty streams and little rivers of Assyrians. And Egypt was also a great Empire. God said he made mighty Empires of these people on earth and they were all over the earth when Adam was put here. So what God is telling Ezekiel to tell Pharaoh is that he had brought down the Assyrian Empire and he can bring down the Egyptian Empire. So these Empires couldn’t have come from Adam, there is all kinds of evidence in the scriptures as to these preadamic races.


Question:----In Chronicles I don’t see any offspring of Ham other than from a Hittite wife.

Answer:-----Show me where this is.

Question:----Well then from Cain.

Answer:-----No--no Ham’s offspring weren’t Cainanites, not at all. The one you are talking about is Cannan. The Cainanites who came from Lucifer and Eve----thru Cain were way before the flood, and chronicles way after the time of the flood. You have a Cain there and from Ham after the flood you have Cannan---see.

Question:----(tape) was the gods in the world before Adam true gods or false gods? What does the Adamic race have to do with their deity?

Answer:-----I think I know what they are talking about. Way back before the Adamic race, why Lucifer of course was the god of this world in that he was this Archangel in control of one quarter of the Universe. This ½ of the Universe involved the milky way and your solar system as well. Each one of the four Archangels had 1/4 of the Universe, and Yahweh God of course was above them all. They were created beings with an Eternal spirit.

Now; in the days of the Luciferian warfare, when Lucifer set up his battle against the MOST HIGH and he had gathered up axe-men and swords men out of a place in the Universe, this is where he got the negroes. In this battle against God, I don’t know how long it lasted, maybe thousands of years, I don’t know, but in this battle he was defeated by Michael the Archangel and driven into this part of the Universe to this planet. This earth was the final battle ground of Lucifer and Michael wanted to go in and finish him off, but God said halt Michael, just leave him there, for I have other plans for him, you can put watchers around, but I will put my sons and daughters in this planet and they are going to defeat Lucifer until he comes to worship at my feet. The books of Enoch tell us that this was the plan, this was what Michael was told. So thousands of years went by, and 73,000 B.C. they were burying Negroes in the caves of Kilmanjaro in Africa. Just stop to think----73,000 years ago, this rebellion of Lucifer---he came in with his axmen and swordsmen. And along the various spots in the jungle are remnants of civilizations and buildings, and some have negroes in them buried as slaves. And in lake Kenyniki there were houses built on stilts around the edge of the lake. Today the lake has receded but still you find these remains of huts built on stilts. So we have all these patterns of people in Antiquity.

Now; when Lucifer rebelled he declared Lukii as a god, and Voodoos as a god, and Voodoos was a god over the negroes, this is where Voodooism came from that is how he teaches Voodooism, and fallen Angels and forces are ministering spirits here.

Now; these people served a superstitious group of gods, gods who were no gods even tho they had declared themselves gods. They had power alright, they fell with Angelic evil power, and there was no doubt that they could do many evil things. But they were no more gods even as Lucifer was no god. Sure he may have been the god of this world, he had some power, but he couldn’t do anything against THE MOST HIGH GOD, that was not allowed. But these people on the face of the earth, most of them were taken over by Lucifer, and they worshiped some form of the Dragon, and the anointed Peacock, the great Serpent. All of these were ways by which they were worshiping Lucifer, and there were great orgies, and the satisfaction of their gods had to be obtained, today the descending ways of Buddhism and Hinduism is much like this of yesterday---wild orgies, and principals of rituals are among the most evil things on the face of the earth. The Buddhist in Mongolia serve the devils of the deep blue sky and of the bowels of the earth. And in Africa they serve jungle devils. Don’t think they don’t see these devils, look into these Chinese art shops today and you see these grotesque idols. These are the pictures of their gods. They behold gods like this, these are the gods of the temples, they are named after the fallen Angels who they think are gods. So you see the pagans have all kinds of gods. These are all false gods for after the Adamites came they worshiped Yahweh. And as more and more of His children came in they said:----these are no gods, they are just sticks and stones. They didn’t worship idols until later when apostasy came in and then sometimes Israel would go for a golden calf. Then they would break away and return to God. But YAHWEH said:----are there no Gods beside me---no not one. Never do these other gods appear to interpose themselves before the destruction of the Most High God----this god can go down, and this god can go down, but no god comes out and stands up for them before THE MOST HIGH. It is true that the idolatrous gods of China, these apparitions do appear before many, and also the Voodoo gods in Africa do appear. But they never appear before the MOST HIGH GOD this is one thing you can always count on. When God stands up or has a prophet stand up they never come out----they are done, they can scream and curse, and can be heard. Many of the people of today who have epileptic fits are demon possessed. Some are absolutely obsessed by demon gods. And if you cast out a demon in the name of YAHSHUA or Jesus the Christ they will scream and curse. We can tell you this for we have witnessed this. The epileptic just things he has epilepsy and when they are prayed for they scream and swear. I never heard anything so evil as that coming out of an epileptic, as the evil spirit is exorcized out of it. There may be some physical conditions of a wound that would cause epilepsy, I know of where I speak, some runs in families that is a type of demon possession. The people who would be very cultured and refined become screaming blasphemers and then they are delivered. But the gods of this world have no power over THE MOST HIGH. They are real demonic forces and today may act as ministering spirits to these evil religions. Before Adam came to earth these were devils and demons, they may have held the people in bondage but they were no gods, they were offspring of Lucifer, of his fallen nature and fallen angels. They may be considered gods of this world but they are no gods.

I know a missionary who has been in the areas of China. In the Hunan province these demon gods have been a real force to fight. They say China is a state of roving demons, it is filled with evil forces, with actually black magic if you recognize it. As far as having power over a child of God, if they would stand in their faith---as many white people become neutralized with no understanding, if they haven’t been raised up in a good church they sometimes get captured, where as they wouldn’t if they had been raised in the knowledge of God. But there is no question about these demons----Jesus himself cast demons out of a man, these were a reality in his time.

Question:----I have some relatives who were acquainted with some missionaries and they were in China and were chased by communists, they came to a steep cliff. They didn’t know what to do so they lifted their eyes and prayed and when they looked down they were on the other side of the ravine. Those chasing them and the missionaries themselves couldn’t tell how they got over there.

Answer:-----Who told you that story?

Question:----A Christian missionary.

Answer:-----Well maybe he did, maybe he jumped it, but I was talking about demon power.

Question:----Also in that missionary story was how God delivered them from demon forces.

Answer:-----These were human forces


Question:----There is a lot more to it than that----for God said he would protect the children of God.

Answer:-----Well, mostly God casts out the demons, stands right up to them. Mostly these phenomena things like lifting people across canyons are not done. I have known of horses who have made some tremendous leaps. I knows God gave Jacob power to jump off of a high wall and he might have given these missionaries power to jump the canyon, but if the man on the other side, I don’t know how he got there.

Questioner:--I have a little trouble with Judges 9: 8-13------

“The trees went forth on a time to anoint a king over them and they said unto the olive tree, Reign thou over us. But the olive tree said unto them. Should I leave my fatness, where with by me they honor God and man, and go to be promoted over the trees? And the trees said to the fig tree, come thou and reign over us. But the fig tree said unto them---------read thru the seventeenth verse.

Answer:----Now; this was back in the days when Israel was to chose a king, all of this is a parable---The olive tree of course was Israel, and if they chose Abimelech they would be choosing the bramble tree. This is what it is telling them. Verse 18-----If he raised up against his fathers house and slew his fathers sons----three score and 1 persons and made Abimelech the son of his maid servant a king over the brethren-----But if he had dealt truly with Jerubaal and his house then rejoice ye with Abimelech, but if not, let fire come and devour the men of Sheckem and the house of Nillio. Let the fire come from the men of Scheckem and the house of Millio. Let the fire come from the men of Scheckem the house of Millo and devour Abimelech.-------This goes on but is all about the period of time----then about Abimelech and the men of Shechem. It is actually the hand of God using the symbol of the trees speaking thru his judge concerning their selection of a king and what transpired. It ends in battles and wars. The people did not trust the men of Sheckem. In other words the Olive tree said; no I will not reign. Israel the olive tree was not going to take the reign under the military leadership that wanted it. You see these people didn’t want to stand up, they didn’t know whether fire would come or not, and get them, they knew what they were up to.