01-29-69 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:: Men of one blood?

ANSWER:: This is only a translation, he didn't say all men, he said hu-man...of one blood. He didn't say all Enosh were made of one blood but all Adamites were made of one blood. This is rather a significant passage anyhow. Over in the 17th chapter of Acts it says (vs:21)...Paul stood in the midst of Mars Hill and said:..ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious, for as I passed by and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription...TO THE UNKNOWN GOD whom therefore ye ignorantly worship. HIM I declare unto you. God that made the world and all things therein seeing that he is YAHWEH of heaven and earth dwelleth not in temples made with hands; neither is worshiped with mens hands as tho he needed anything, seeing He giveth to all life and breath and all things. He hath made of one blood all nations of men.

Now; here Paul used the term Hu-man or spirit man or Pneumas man, this is the term for spirit. Therefore He hath made of one blood all the nations of Hu-man who dwell on the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed and the bounds of their habitation. That they seek the LORD (YAHWEH-YAHSHUA) if they might feel for him and find him, tho he be not far from every one of us. For in HIM we live and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said. For we are also his offspring.

So....in the old testament God made it clear between the begotten Audaum and the created races, he makes it clear that as he gave the law to Moses that the Adamites were HIS Israel. He gave the law to Israel not to the rest of the world because they were under the Luciferian satanic deception. He even refused to let the Adamic race have permission to marry with these other races because the Adamic race is the only race God calls men thru out the scripture. You can go thru all the scripture and he does not refer to these other people with the same term. They are Enosh, beasts, strangers but never does he use the same term to refer to them as he does his own household. He said there is no room for integration. If you marry with them they will teach you to follow strange gods. If you intermarry with them he can no longer be a father to you and your children after you. In the book of Ezra he says send out the outlander women that you have married and their children because I cannot be a father to them.

Now; when God says there is no spiritual perception, no capacities, he doesn't want you to be joined to them, this is because he knows what is right for you, and this is occasion enough for you to know that he knows what is best. For he is absolutely right, and knows how you will react. He made no mistake what so ever when he didn't take all these people in. Therefore he tells you in the book of Jeremiah that he is very angry with Israel because the women and girls were looking at the dashing young soldiers of the enemy as they came into the land and conquered a portion of it. These started chasing around and mooning over the women of Israel. But God said:..I consider the flesh of the people as the flesh of horses and asses, thou shall not join yourself to them for thy children in my sight will then be as the flesh of horses and asses. So God is very explicit on this and there is no way to get around it so these are the things that Paul is talking about when he says:..He hath made of one blood all nations of men. He has not made of one blood the white man and the Negro, a person would have to be an idiot to believe that. Because the genealogy is different...Kind begats like kind, seed having life in itself, there is no capacity for Negroes and white men ever to come from common stock.

It says he made of one blood all the Hu-man on the face of the earth, for 'In Him we live and have our being as certain of your poets have said'. This shows that Paul was well conversant with Plato, for Plato was of the Ethene..Greek and he wrote the works of Plato, but in one of the dialogues Paul says the Greeks work with God in their minds and live with them in their minds for they happen to be the offspring of God, and that the race descended from God. And always in the abstract they realize that they have descended from the greatest and mightiest God of all Gods. So Paul tells these Greeks:...'For in Him we live and move and have our being; as certain of your poets have said'. Here Paul was quoting Plato. 'For as much then as we are the offspring of YAHWEH (God) we ought not to think that God is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's devices. And in the time of ignorance God winked at some of these things, but now He commands all Adamites...all Hu-men every where to repent, because He hath appointed a day in which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he hath ordained, and that has given assurance to all men that he hath raised him from the dead'. So the Apostle Paul said:..'In HIM we live, we move and have our being'.

In the book of Corinthians the Apostle Paul said when writing to the Greeks naturally all our fathers were led by Moses in the wilderness, all our fathers passed thru the waters, all of our fathers ate of the Manna. So the Apostle Paul was standing there talking to the Greeks and telling them that their fathers were in the wilderness with his father, that they came right on down from Israel stock. Of course the Greeks were Ethene and well marked as Israel. And of course the Apostle Paul well recognized this. So he said our fathers came on down thru all these situations. As the Apostle Paul wrote the book of Romans he talks about the fact that the Ethene are without question Israel, and over in the book of Ephesians he talks about the fact that since they are Christians, followers of Christ, this proves that they are Abrahams seed. He then says: all who belong to Christ have to be Abrahams seed, so he admits right there that they had to be Israelites. That's why they are Christians.

Again we see that God talks about his offspring, his sons and daughters and then God embodied in the flesh is the man Christ Jesus and he prays that beautiful prayer in the 17th chapter of John, the only reason John records this is because God spake unto him in revelation to record this prayer. John may have even been asleep when this was given unto him but it was still recorded by John and is the record. So Jesus in the flesh said:.. Holy Father (Agra-Pneumos..Spirit) which fills the heavens and the earth. These children were thine in the heavens (spirit) and now embodied in earth...they are mine. 'Thine they were in heaven, now mine in earth'. And not one of them (in this ministry) are lost except Judas of Iscariot, Lucifers son. Of all these disciples, all that I have called there is only one lost, that is Judas of Iscariot. Thus Jesus here reveals the fact that we belonged to him in the heavens and now belong to him in earth. Now we begotten in earth, and he embodied...the fullness of God dwelling embodied, now they are mine. Paul said in Colossians that in HIM the fullness of God was dwelling bodily. So out of the mind of this humanly conceived, he was speaking unto the spirit which fills the heavens and the earth. Because God was ruling over the Universe as the man called Jesus Christ. In fact the earth had become the very center of the Universe with the things that were transpiring. So with this again Jesus said: no man can ascend into heaven except those who come down out of it. He was talking to the Jews when he said this, so when talking about all men of one blood he wasn't talking about Jews for they had no capacity to understand him. He said...you can't hear my words, you can't understand what I say, you have no spirit in you for this capacity. And the Jews said:...where is he going to go, what does he mean, that there is a place we can't go, unless he goes over to Britain, every place else we have our OGPU, so is he going to the cities of Ephraim in Britain? They were not allowed in the cities of Ehraim and had been run out of Ireland by Jeremiah, and there wasn't any of them there. In tradition it says Jeremiah ran the snakes out of Ireland...this is what it was talking about, the serpent was the symbol of Lucifer their father, the dragon and the serpent were the symbols of him. And Ollam Fola as Jeremiah was called, is the same as this background of Jeremiah and he is buried in Fola's Hill. It tells how he ran all the snakes out of Ireland, but there are little snakes like the garter snake and other's in Ireland that crawl thru the bushes as there is anywhere else. But the fact remains that the Jews were driven out of Ireland by decree in the time when Herramon was king. He decreed that the Jews were not to be permitted to come into Ireland because they were against their God and their faith, and then Scotland didn't let the Jews in either. But in Whales they made a great mistake when they let the buyers and sellers of gold come into their land. Here again Jesus talks about this, and the Jews thought he was just talking about someplace here on earth. But Jesus was talking about heaven. So you can't get Jews into heaven, and they didn't understand when he said:..No man can ascend into heaven except they who come down out of there. The Jews came out of some planets but they didn't come out of the Pleaides, back where the throne of God existed. So Jesus a little later made the same statement and the Jews said:..where can he go that we won't be able to find him? So all these things mark the vast difference between the people, the Apostle Paul is talking to, and those he makes converts out of as those begotten in the flesh. At the foundation of Adams race they being also those begotten in spirit before the world was framed....

In the utilization of the name Adam...'In Adam all die, but in Christ all shall be made alive', for the first Adam was a living soul and the second Adam a life giving spirit. Then Peter talks about the difference in the people who are the descendants of Lucifer. Some of them ruled over the Enosh, and Peter said they were Angels who didn't keep their first estate. They became earth bound and they become examples in the end time, and he says they are as brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed. They are always constantly trying to seduce the race, and swallow up the household of God. They think of immorality and depravity all the time. They rejoice in this constantly and make sport out of it. The motion picture industry is getting more vicious and rotten every day. For every good picture they make they do several so contaminated and rotten and yet they have people so used to seeing this stuff that the resentment is dying down to this. Corrupt and vicious stuff is what they put out, and they make sport out of you as they take money off of you. But they are wells without water, and just wandering clouds waiting for their own judgment. All these are then surely not the same people as the Adamic race and the household of God or these Hu-mans.

The Apostle Paul speaks over in Thessalonians and says:...these Jews are against God and contrary to all men. There happens to be in our race a certain reflection of divine nature, and this factor is that we always are feeling sorry for someone. Because our father feels sorry for them, we do too. but at the same time He is God, and is going to have his own way, going to do what he wants to do so leave it all up to Him because its going to come out alright anyhow.

But the fact remains that we reflect this nature of our Father, and we are always looking at these rascals and feeling sorry for them. Of course when they are stepping on your toes and you are slugging it out, when they are murdering your race then you don't mind moving in on them and destroying them. But in peace time when they aren't bothering you to much you tend to feel sorry for them. But it is largely that the churches have been given some strange ideas which have come largely from mis-translations. But the word Aura is translated fire just as...lake of fire. Actually the household of darkness and these forces are not ultimately thrown into a lake of fire as such, but are thrown into an isolated spot and surrounded by the Glory of God, the Shekinah Light. And being surrounded by this Light it burns out all the error, all the transgressions, and it may take thousands of years but it will do this. And it is torture to them because there is nothing in their hearts that is good. He says he burns them out and destroys that and this is the second death unto them. But the fact still remains that in the end God says that all flesh will be saved. He said Lucifer is going to worship at your feet. God talks about how even in perdition they are going to be singing hymns, praising God in the heavens, on earth and down under the earth. Not only is he going to do this but ultimately he will restore all things. The restoration of all things is one of the great mysteries of the scriptures and we discover here all the Apostles and all the Prophets...even Peter tells you this in the book of Acts..All say that...All things will be restored! So there is a reflection of this in you as God says ultimately he is going to save all flesh. But it doesn't mean that everyone is your brothers and sisters. It doesn't mean he adopts them into his family etc. It doesn't mean that he won't make new creatures out of them, he will have to because now they do not even have the capacity to receive him. This has long been mutated by the Luciferian rebellion, and Satanic seed during this hour. But Lucifer was an Archangel and he belonged to God, he has an Archangel invested in this, but God knew that he was going to rebel long before he did. God could have stopped him from rebelling. You would never have settled the sin question however until this rebellion came up. So every thing throughout the Universe was geared for this, and one part of the Milky Way set the stage for this. Here Lucifer was driven and here he seduced the races putting the people in darkness. Then here is where God sent his family to show Lucifer eventually that he could not conquer Gods own household. Here He would redeem them altho they would fall, and then he would raise them to the position of ruling power, and make them eventually conform to his own image. These things were predicted and laid out before the foundation of the world by YAHWEH our Father. Therefore Lucifer followed thru, and he became the negative force. He lost his First Estate and can't write these things, can't even remember how he knew them. And yet God talks about the day when all flesh shall be saved, and the devils nature is gone and Lucifer is once more restored as an Archangel, and goes back into the spot he once held. But remember never to any of the Angels did HE say:...my sons..my daughters. Because God considers your race the highest race on the face of the earth. In all of the Universe, not to even the Archangels, not even to these four Great Archangels who ruled over the Universe with HIM did he say:..My sons and my daughters. He talks in the book of Hebrews saying:.. 'to which of the Angels did he ever say..thou art my household, my sons and my daughters.

So I say again that we feel sorry for these rascals but remember that if they ever get the upper hand that they will never feel sorry for you, and don't anticipate that. These Jews may run department stores and look attractive but they have their hooks out and don't forget that. They are the merchants of Babylon, and we expect them to be in there chiseling and selling. The book of Revelation tells how they will be secretly behind organized labor and the getting control of all the crafts, all industry, even the buying and selling of men coming in and going out of the world. They just about have that, it costs so much to die, a person can't hardly afford to anymore. But the fact remains that this is a fact, and the Bible tells you that Mystery Babylon is owned and operated by the people you know today as the Jews. He proves this in the book of Matthew and identifies them in the book of Revelation as the controllers of Mystery Babylon the Great. These merchants run Mystery Babylon, they have no spiritual capacity, they revenge themselves on you and on your church. They liquidated the Martyrs, and all the blood of all the righteous on the face of the earth is the responsibility of these people. So God declares his judgment on them, he destroys them from off the face of the earth and gathers some of them up and some of them will be bundled off to the constellation of Ara, out on the edge of space. And it will be a terrible thing for these Jews, they will be put out there all by themselves and will not have you to work on. Then in the fullness of time they will have to come to the realization that YAHWEH is God. This is a part of HIS Grace, in the fullness of time he will reconcile all things to himself...all things. But the children of God symbolized again...the Gospel, the power of the Gospel of the kingdom goes first to Israel, this redeems His sons and daughters and they carry the message to the ends of the world. Thus it is to Israel first then to the ends of the world.

In fact in the fullness of time, one of the great duties of Israel in the Millennium period is the instructing, the teaching of the world the laws of God, and the worship of God. This again marks the difference between people and their breeding, for 'Kind begats like kind, seed having life in itself'.

QUESTION: The woman was married to one man and he died and another brother married her and so forth...so at the resurrection whose wife would she be?...Jesus said there was no marriage...Matthew 22:23-30?

ANSWER: Actually these were Sadducee and they were trying to blunt the fact that they were reincarnationist. They wouldn't have any problem with this as they would come back and marry someone else and so forth. So they thought they had Jesus as they thought he was a true Pharisee and believed in the resurrection. So they threw this question at Him.

Now remember we are told that of the increase of His kingdom there will be no end. Isaiah 9:7--In otherwords then if there is no end to his kingdom there is a continuity of increase. There is even a cosmic conception which is a perfect conception and this will take place in the generations to come. We are not going out from this generation with enough people to even put one on each of those planets out there in space. With 1,126 trillion solar systems we can now see we haven't had enough people bred of the race to put that many people out there, wouldn't have for another 7,400 years. So if you are to rule over the Universe there will always be an increase in His kingdom.

But these Sadducee were worried about this woman who had been married more than once, and they thought they had Jesus trapped. Then also when they translated the scripture they thought they had to make it come out in conformity so they had Jesus saying there was no marrying or giving in marriage involved in this.

But really Jesus said it wouldn't matter, for as this woman died she would be as the Angels of Heaven. And the strange thing is that the word Angels...is ministering spirits, and every Adamite is a ministering spirit, and all the Angelic hosts are ministering spirits also. Some like the Cherubs...we have no record of them breeding except if they didn't keep their First Estate. But there is record of Angels breeding because there is a whole generation of Angels listed in the book of Enoch. And in other places in scripture it talks about the generations of Angels which designates the territories of Angels and their lands and so forth. So the condition to the days of the resurrection...the woman when she dies, being an Adamite she enters into heaven, or the plain of spirit and there would be no increase of the Kingdom in the plains of heaven until the resurrection day. The Adamite...this woman didn't have anything to worry about, for when she died and went into the plains of heaven her relationship to the family of God, this relationship which had already been fixed before she came would still be in place. But there would be no marrying there, and she would not be raising children until the Resurrection (restoration) Day. This is what the passage of scripture says, that she would be even as the Angels of Heaven. But if you are thinking of Cherubs as Angels or Serephims around the throne...the original Greek didn't contain this passage and neither the Alexandrian version but when they translated the scripture, the church decided they better change this and get away from this problem, the only thing important being just get to heaven by any procedure, even if they had to charge for your route to get there.

I can't give you the exact wording here without going into my lexicon and digging it out again, but the message was that this woman would not be marrying or having children until the Resurrection Day. This is what Jesus told the Sadducee.

But of the increase of Gods Kingdom, of the multiplicity of His Kingdom, there is be no end. Thru out the entire course of the Old Testament and the New Testament this is the program. And even in the book of Revelation this was still the course and the pattern. So we still know that what ever God has in store...the cosmic conception will probably be a restoration and return. I don't want to get into that tonight, but cosmic conception was a perfect spiritual affinity. What we now do is that we begat our children after the flesh, and then the spiritual seed is within them, and the spiritual seed can be brought to the full realization of Life as God instills His spirit in the individual. But they were spiritually begotten in the heavens to begin with.

In other words we talk about 'twice born' men which is simply begotten of the spirit, born in the heavens of the spirit, and begotten in the flesh of the Adamic race. So therefore this latter is called the breaking of water, thus then born of the spirit and born on earth in the flesh. The Christian churches in some instances say that as a man is baptised with water that he is now born of water. But this isn't the deal at all, you could be baptised a hundred times and that would not be being born of water.

When Jesus spoke to Nicodemus as he wanted to know how to get into the administration and operation of the Kingdom, Jesus said:...you mean you are a teacher of Israel and don't understand these things?... man must be born in the spirit and of the breaking of water, thru this Adamic race on earth. Jesus never said:...'Born again', go back to the original text and it says:...born from above and then born on earth. A man has to be begotten of the spirit in the heavens and then begotten by the breaking of the water on earth, born of natural flesh of the Adamic race. So spiritual birth was first..cosmic conception was first. We think of birth by the flesh conception but actually cosmic conception was first. We think of birth by the flesh conception but it was not. There was within cosmic conception a spiritual perfection in which the affinity of spirit, spiritual entities produced the offspring thru out the generations. Of course their spiritual bodies and their physical bodies will finally be within one plain as one, and this is called the perfect conception or immaculate conception. Actually men and women of the Adamic race have no immaculate conception except for the Virgin Mary. She knew of the Immaculate conception by the spirit of the MOST HIGH God. You are told:..Hail Mary blessed above all women, this is only a part of the mystery involved here.

As far as this woman was concerned it says in the book of law that if an Adamite died and had no children, his brother who may have had even two wives was duly responsible to add this woman (his brothers wife) to his own household and even to raise children up unto his brothers name, this was Israel law. Of course it wouldn't be with in the pattern of the law today because we now have a law that a man have one wife and no concubines at least legally, but the fact remains that under Old Testament Law the family was a very vital unit. A man's household and his relatives we're a very close pattern. This was again why...if a man dies without a child his brother was duly bound to take his brothers wife into his own family. But now we have the pattern of one wife and this is taken from the words of Jesus saying that a man and wife become one flesh, they take this to mean that a man only have one wife.

By the same token this Apostle Paul said that a Bishop should be the husband of one wife because he would have to much trouble with his work as Bishop if he had to much household problems. A lot of early Christians in their traveling around they had more than one wife. But as the Israelites migrated they got away from this. But in migrations here was another thing, the migrating people even in the Old Testament times as well as in the New mostly had only one wife because of the problem of maintaining family life unless of course the brother died in the migration.

But we are not telling anyone that a promiscuous relationship or polygamy is right, we only say this is what happened in Bible times. But remember that the enemy was always trying to kill Adamites, the men had to defend Israel and they were being liquidated and always there were more women in Israel then there were men. This even happens occasionally since then. And there are scriptures that tell you that as Israel men are killed off that the men are to divide up the women of Israel so as to raise seed unto them for the future generations. (This keeps the seed line pure).

Remember the Mormons as they started out they built quite a settlement along the Mississippi river, and some of the churches were much against the Mormons. And lets face it, a lot of atrocities have been done in the name of religion. The church people came and raided the Mormon settlement and the Mormons had to flee. There was a terrific massacre back there and they killed off so many of the men that polygamy started at that time. It wasn't that it started back at the time of the revelation of Joseph Smith, but that so many of their men were killed off that when they go out to Salt Lake city, then Brigham Young took over. I don't go along with all his bee hive and the hundreds of women that he kept for himself, but at the same time they have built up quite a strong society there. But when they arrived in Utah the women outnumbered the men 6 to 1 because so many of the men had been killed by the attack from white men as well as Indians. And actually they took their instructions from areas of the scriptures. This was the way Polygamy got started. But today it has been repudiated by the church, tho they do have some sects of Mormonism which continues to practice this and not say anything about it.

This was the thing the Sadducee were thinking of as they tried to trap the Christ. They thought they could work out more problems for a true Pharisee believing in the Resurrection than for a Sadducee who just dies and marry's anyone else when they came back in reincarnation.

QUESTION: would you explain the first and second death?

ANSWER: There is no second death for you.

QUESTION: Well they told me that there would be no second death because I was a born again Christian, so I just wanted to discuss it a bit further.

ANSWER: Well, the people don't seem to realize that this pertains to the race question more than they might think. They don't understand the Christ factor or that there is a chastising condition when they are put into a period of instruction or chastisement. It burns out the error and the dross and this is referred to as the second death. It is the period in Revelation where you find the Saints enjoying the condition of Paradise while these people are going thru this second death which destroys their carnal nature.

QUESTION: Will there be any Israelites in this second death process?

ANSWER: NO, I don't see any way for Israelites to come into this.

QUESTION: Is it from these passages that the Catholics get their purgatory?

ANSWER: Well the Catholics never show you a passage to back up purgatory. They never show you passages to back up any of their doctrines.

Now; the Mormons for instance baptize for the dead and they have one passage of scripture for this. If there wasn't any resurrection however there would be no reason for Christians to baptize for the dead...see? In the desert they would be waiting for the rainy season to get baptised and they would be wiped out, they thought there would be no baptism so the Mormons baptize someone in their name, but there wasn't necessarily any instruction for this. So it is like that sometimes, that ordinances get made which are not necessarily Divine. It is like this with Catholic purgatory or with the confessionals. It says confess your faults one with another. Then the Catholic church said this wouldn't be a good idea, it would sort of be a boasting sort of thing, so they decided the Priests would be the only ones righteous enough to hear all the sins of these people. Therefore as the Priest hears them all he could revoke their transgression and enact penitence. So they worked this out and put a little money with it until today Penitence is quite a lucrative business. But there was never any place in the scripture for this. When it said confess your faults one with the other it didn't mean sit down and discuss every bad thing you had done with one another. But if you had been flying off the handle with your brother and getting angry over nothing, this was the type of thing it was talking about. If you wronged your brother then go to him and confess and say you are sorry, this was what it was talking about, not this confessing to a Priest. I have gone thru the Old and the New Testament and there is absolutely nothing there about the confessional in a church.

QUESTION: getting back to the second death, it says in Revelation that.. Blessed is he who hath part in the first Resurrection for on him the second death hath no power.

ANSWER: That is right, because the first resurrection is the judgement of Christ and you have already been judged in HIM, and your sins were nailed to His cross. No Christian is subject to the second death, this is the judgement of the world order. He judges the world, this is known as the judgement seat of YAHWEH when the world order is judged. Again the physical nature which is responsible for their transgression dies and goes thru its purging and chastising. But it is not a perdition as we have it though of today. There is no ultimate death because God says:...All flesh shall be saved. But these people not of the household of God are not of his spirit, they are after the flesh, and 'All' flesh will be saved. The reason we don't perceive all things related to the second death is because it does not relate to us. We have no part in it, and no capacity to see what it is made up of. We do know that it is righteous, and just since it is in Gods plan thus we agree, but the only passages on this subject are this one in Revelation.

QUESTION: Another place in Revelation 20, it says, the sea gives up its dead and death and hell gave up their dead which were in them and they were judged every man according to their works. I think this is dealing with soul spirits, because it says later that whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire, this is the second death.

ANSWER: That Lake of Fire is...Aura, the Shekinah Glory, the constellation of Ara. This is the same word in the Greek, absolutely the same word...Shekinah Glory. This Glory is what shines from HIS countenance.

QUESTION: Well I was thinking that if death and hell were cast into the Lake of Fire......

ANSWER: death is Sheol, the grave.....

QUESTION: well the challenge to Gods authority and what related to it were cast into the Shekinah Glory of God. would that be the culmination of when all things would be returned to their....

ANSWER: well, it is not done in a moment. There is more to the nature of these creatures than you think. It takes time, and era of time.

QUESTION: I just wondered if when hell and death were cast into the fire if this meant no more death for his children?

ANSWER: Well hell is a misnomer, but there will be no more death.

QUESTION: Well when death is cast into the Lake of Fire which is the second death then is this the end of death for them?

ANSWER: To a degree, it is all in the process, it is a big and tremendous process for the people who are not of us.

QUESTION: Well death ends for us anyway doesn't it?

ANSWER: We are told that there will be no more death, no more crying, no more tears, no more pain. So when Christ Returns this is done for us. But when this is accomplished for all natures this comes at a later time. As far as the program of Satan or Anti-Christ, it is totally destroyed, it is no more. The things I never cease to marvel at is the volumes of theology that are written out of nothing. In other words I go back over the passages, and they write whole volumes on one passage mistranslated or taken out of contest. They will sit and argue over it and write these volumes and it wasn't there to begin with.

QUESTION: it would sure save a lot of trouble if the Bible had been written right in the first place.

ANSWER: But it was written right in the first place. The fact is there is so much in Gods word that is mystery and yet is also revealed here and there in the Word of God, until we will never be able to consume it. In other words we will never get thru talking about the things which are, and all these other points. Take today, how many ministers in these churches know anything about the foreknowledge of God? Or the pre-existence of the children of God? Nor do they know anything about the difference between the children of God and the other races. And yet all these volumes they write about yet they never talk about those things, they just go round and round the little 2 by 4.

Lets face it some of the fundamentalists just know 'born again' and they go round and round with this. It is the only thing they preach and they have their people running out to grab you and say are you saved, brother? You ask him what they mean, and they say just get on your knees and say you believe that Jesus is the son of God, and that God raised him from the dead, the same will be saved. That is what the scripture says and if you believe this then you are a son of God and salvation is assured. But... but take a church with say 100 people in it and the preacher gets up and preaches this on Sunday morning then on Sunday night he gives an altar call and maybe 15 people go down to the altar. Then every Sunday he has an Evangelistic meeting and get a few others to the altar and they get saved over and over and over because this is all he is preaching.

What I am talking about...when a man gets a spiritual perception, when he understands this then that is done, you move on...see? Of all the doctrines that are in the scripture and all the mysteries that are revealed, are spoken on, talked about, then the church would never run out of anything to talk about. The knowledge would increase and increase until the kingdom of God would be the most powerful thing on the earth like it finally will be.

QUESTION: that's right, the church just preaches to people that are already saved.

ANSWER: Every few months I run into a preacher and he wants me to come over to their meetings. They sort of gang up on me, the Preacher of the Christian church and others. They say...you must come hear this man. I say what is he preaching, and they say, oh..he is preaching salvation and what people should do. So I ask what the people shouldn't do and they come out with the most heinous crimes and terrible conditions that these men are preaching about plus the fact that the whole ten commandments are in there. And I laughed again after receiving this stock answer. I said are your people doing these terrible things, are they stealing and lying, doing adultery and all that? If so, I don't want our people mixing with them.

But this is true this is the strange pattern today. But if they started talking about the mysteries of God and the Kingdom of God and all the spiritual patterns involved, the intuitive patterns, the guidance of the Spirit, and all things to be brought to your remembrance why they never would run out of things to talk about.

QUESTION: The Assembly of God church in Palmdale had a colored Evangelist come in to talk about the book of Revelation.

ANSWER: but this is something they should not do, this is integration...see?

QUESTION: Is there any place in the scripture either old or new where God declares the testimony written about HIM by mortal man, is to be taken literally?

ANSWER: Is there anything in scripture that says WHAT???

QUESTION: When men write does it say about HIM that all scripture is to be taken literally?

ANSWER: Well all scripture is given by inspiration of God. Peter said even the Epistles written by the Apostle Paul were to be taken as the scripture. That was why the Epistles of Paul were added to the scripture. And that the scripture which is inspired was approved of God. This is why you can say that the scripture is usually a dictation of God.

Now; I can't tell you that it is all translated correctly thru all these attempts of translation, but the themes are accurate and basically it still holds together and proves the inspiration of the 64 books. There are two books that you can't fit in but the 64 you can.

QUESTION: What this person is saying is that whoever wrote the scripture just said that Jesus said these things but he didn't.

ANSWER: But everything is backed up by other Apostles. And John the beloved disciple if he couldn't record what he learned from the Master then I don't know how you would gain an honest testimony. I don't think there is any possibility that the theme of what John wrote about is inaccurate or Luke either. These men wrote accurately, you can see the difference of their professions and Matthew the politician always is thinking about government of the kingdom, this is woven into the book of Matthew, but still he is accurate. Take the Old Testament Prophets, when ever they touched on the same subject they advocated the same things spoken of in the New Testament. The difference between Israel and the world order is clearly brought out by Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel and the others. If you didn't have the New Testament you could almost take the Old Testament, and get the New Testament out of it because it was declared and prophesied. The nature of God is pretty well revealed there.

(Tape runs out)