01-31-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---(tape)--Would you please explain what you mean when saying we would see more and more of animals attacking humans. Why is this??

ANSWER:---Well, it is a peculiar thing, but the book of Seth talks about men that are beasts and beasts that are beasts. Seth said there are men who are bestial as well as beasts who are bestial. And then he said that in the latter days before the coming of the King, as the Beast systems rise, so also are beasts going to attack men because there are men who are beasts and beasts who are beasts. He was looking forward to the fact that the children of God's Kingdom could expect to be attacked by men who were bestial as well as the animals of the earth. Seth didn't know when this was to be, just knew it was out in the future. See? When the children of God would be fighting the Beast System ruled over by Lucifer, these were men who were bestial and beasts that were beasts would also help these men who were bestial. And thus you would have to slay the beast because they came against the Kingdom of God.

Now, the books of Enoch also talked about the latter days when the beast system would rise. And he said men would be in league with the beast who themselves were bestial.

Now, all the children of God are spirit of His spirit, life of His life. And therefore, they had a spiritual entity before they came in to the world. They are not of the world (order). They are of the Household----this family of God. This same truth is reiterated over here by the Apostle Paul over in the book of Corinthians, when he said:--'We have not received the spirit which is of the world, we have received the spirit which is of God. He then said:--'the natural man has not received the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolish unto Him.' Neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned. And the natural man is also symbolized as the Beast man because he lacks the spirit of God. The created man was called Enosh. These are the Chinese. But the Enosh is also translated beast man and this is because of not possessing the spirit of God. Their spirit in the day God created them was good. Thus establishing the Beast system, these created ones were easily confused and were identified with the Beast kingdom. So this question came up that at the end of the age beasts would attack men.

Let's take a look at the situation before W.W. II when Haile Selassie was head of Ethiopia. Where as he had white blood in him. Still the tribes of his land were largely Negroid. But this was where some of the children of Israel had reigned. You see, the Queen of Sheba had a son by Solomon. But since she was not of the line of Jacob/Isaac, altho she may have been white, the Priests would not let Solomon's son into the Temple. So he sent the Queen away and she went back to one of the areas she ruled over. There were Negroes in that area, but the rulers were these people of the Queens court who were white . This son of the Queen of Sheba was Manlec I and she made him vice regent over Ethiopia. Thus this son of Solomon was king of Ethiopia , and Solomon sent 1000 Nobles of Israel and their families to make a court for this son, and then Manlec married into this line of High Israel. His seed then married back into this line of High Israel and for six or seven generations this happened so these who ruled over Ethiopia were white and Israel They named the king of Ethiopia the Lion of the tribe of Judah. This continued on until one of the relatives of the king started a vast orgy of integration, and the king line later then began to take on color. Then a son of Manlec III recaptured the throne and cleared up the lineage. In the days of Jesus Ethiopia was ruled over by a white line of people. They had preserved their Israelite doctrines and origin and so in the days of Jesus the Queen was Queen Caddice and she was a white lady and they had regained the throne and were of the true lineage.

Now in the book of Acts you are told of this Apostle Philip who was walking down the road and here came a chariot. And in the chariot was a Eunuch from the court of Queen Caddice . This Eunuch was going to Jerusalem to the temple. Thus he had to be an Israelite, he was reading the book of Isaiah and the reason he was reading this book of Isaiah in Hebrew was because he was a Hebrew, and the religion of Ethiopia had for a long time been that of Israel coming from the Nobles who had gone over to form the court for the son of the Queen of Sheba, and Solomon. A lot of preachers get far out and they say that this man was a Negro and salvation was extended to the Negroes first, all of which if they were very intent, they would know that no one not an Israelite could get into the Temple in those days. They were still holding to this even tho Jews had taken over the Temple in the time of Jesus. But they let the Israelites come because the tithe still flowed to the Temple. Since he was reading Hebrew, this proved that he was an Israelite. And when asked by Philip if he understood what he was reading, he admitted that he didn't. So Philip baptised him. Ethiopia was the name for all of North Africa. And back in the days when the scripture was written, the word Ethiopia didn't mean black, but only that you were a dweller in the land of Ethiopia. And the Queen of that land at that time was Queen Caddice, a white descendent from the Queen of Sheba.

Now, during the time of Christ and onward, there was intermixture of that line and Haile Selassie now has some Negro blood. The government of Ethiopia used to go out and capture prisoners and take them home and sell them to the slave traders. And Russia was the biggest buyer of slaves from Ethiopia. And so Haile Selassie would send his troops out into Samoaland and there they would capture the Negroes and sell them to Russia.

The writer Pierre vonPossen in his book "Days of Our Years", talks about this. Also you discover there are several volumes telling about this slave trade. But Italy owns Samoaland and the Ambassador reported home to Mussolini that Ethiopia was capturing Negroes and selling them to the Soviet Union. So Mussolini sent notice to Haile Selassie that he had to stop this. When it didn't stop, then Mussolini declared war on Ethiopia. Now, all these preachers were telling all this silly stuff because at this time the preachers were, in general, saying that Mussolini was the Anti-Christ. And that the Old Roman Empire was being rebuilt. Well, they didn't know anything about true Israel, about the Bible. And they just thought they did. The son-in-law of Mussolini was put in charge of the Air Force. So he was fighting Ethiopia from the air while the Italian forces were fighting on the ground. And one day 100 lions were turned loose against the Italians. These lions were trained to jump at the Italians whereas they wouldn't jump the Ethiopians. So you had prophecy literally fulfilled. Here were beasts who were men and beasts that were beasts, attacking men. So as these lions let out a great roar, then the Italian soldiers would shoot at them and then run. But then the Italians are noted for being lovers not warriors. In the years before the Germans came down into Italy, the finest brigade of all times, the Italian ski brigade, were sent to prevent the Germans coming thru the Alps. They would get on their skis every evening and go home and spend the nite with mamma, then next morning go up the mountain. So even the history books of fifty years ago cited that Italians were not much on fighting. They were better lovers. But Mussolini then came to the forefront and a lot of Italians were of the tribe of Gad. And they were pretty good fighters. So Mussolini had a pretty good army in Ethiopia, but they didn't like to fight lions. That was one of the instances of beasts being used in battle.

Now, about two years ago in Glassier Park in Montana and in areas around there, they had all kinds of bears in that park and thru Montana. But they never worried too much about them for even Grizzly bears would move away from people. No one was allowed to take a gun into a National Park. But there were camps along streams where you could fish. So a man and a woman and their children were camped along the stream and a bear attacked the woman and bit and scratched her pretty bad. Her husband came running with a stick and the bear killed the man and dragged him off in the bush. Well, this was unheard of altho you would hear of people killed at times by Grizzly bears. Then about two years ago, another condition transpired, as two guys and two girls had gone out fishing. And they worked in the park but they had gone further out to camp. Suddenly, a bear started to knock over their gear. Someone said--'get out of your sleeping bags and into a tree.' One girl tried to get out of her sleeping bag and the bear was there trying to bite her arm off. She screamed and the bear killed her and dragged her off into the woods.

There has been times when bears have attacked people in Yosemite and Red Bluff Parks. And last year in all places of National parks, bears were attacking where as normally bears will run. The black bears and brown bears can be nasty, but normally they will run. After I came back from hunting up on Shasta, a Volkswagen turned over trying to miss a bear in the road and the bear then killed the people in the Volkswagen. I was bear hunting up around Berning. But never saw anything strange. But we note that all over the country, we get reports of ferocious bears.

Coyotes also are doing the same thing. They are much like a wolf and fifty years ago, if they were in bands they would attack a man. They never did this for years. But here lately, we have reports of coyotes up around Tahoe, attacking people. They tell you that a mountain lion is a coward, but that isn't true. In early days they would drop down on a man out of trees. And you always carried a hunting knife to throw him off. But now, once again, they are once more attacking man.

We go back to the book of Seth, and it says that Lucifer takes the men who are beasts and turns them against the Kingdom which would descend from Adam thru him. So he believed that a great Kingdom, would grow up from his seed. And at the end of the age a great battle would come between the Kingdom of God and the anti-Christ. The anti-God people are the same as scripture says.-- They are anti-Christ. Of course, Christ is a Greek word. And Seth never used that because this was way back there. These were Anti-YAHWEH people in his eyes. But we would take his writings as there would be a rampage between normal beast and the beasts of the field. And they would come against the Kingdom.

Now, in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 7, where God speaks of Israel calling them a Holy people unto YAHWEH their God. 'YAHWEH HATH CHOSEN YOU TO BE A SPECIAL PEOPLE UNTO HIMSELF ABOVE ALL THE PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.' He said:--'THE GREAT TEMPTATIONS WHICH THINE EYE SAW; AND THE SIGNS AND WONDERS, AND THE MIGHTY HAND, AND THE STRETCHED OUT ARM WHEREBY THE LORD THY GOD BROUGHT THEE OUT, SO SHALL THE LORD THY GOD DO UNTO ALL THE PEOPLE OF WHOM THOU ART AFRAID. MOREOVER THE LORD THY GOD WILL SEND THE HORNET AMONG THEM UNTIL THEY THAT ARE LEFT AND HIDE THEMSELVES FROM THEE BE DESTROYED. AND YAHWEH THY GOD WILL PUT OUT THESE NATIONS BEFORE THEE LITTLE BY LITTLE. THOU MAYEST NOT CONSUME THEM AT ONCE, LEST THE BEASTS OF THE FIELD INCREASE UPON THEE.' So until they became more in number, as God helped Israel put out the pagan nations, He let Israel get stronger before they took each new land and thus the animals never became strong enough to destroy Israel. So he said he wouldn't destroy the pagan people to fast or the animals would then attack Israel. So at that time, animals would attack men even in Palestine. When they eventually took that land, and then scattered out in migration, always it was so that the animals would not overcome Israel.

Now, the buffalo was not such a great scourge, but the Indians lived on the buffalo. And they could travel all over and live on the buffalo. So to defeat the Indians, then they had to get rid of the buffalo. The savages were out there and the hunters killed off the buffalo. The hides were shipped all over. Even to Europe. We killed millions of buffalo. But as the buffalo died off, the Indians didn't have such ready meals and they couldn't fight as well. But as the Indians thinned out, the great bears became more numerous. From 1918 to 1920 huge bears were everywhere. They would give a man a run for his money when they hunted them. But it was mostly for their own protection that they hunted the bears. But this shows again that in the latter days, the beasts of the field would turn on men (Adamites). Of course, one of the signs of the age was that the beasts of the Beast System as well as natural beasts would turn on Adam man.

QUESTION:---How does the thought reach the animal beasts?

ANSWER:---Well, don't worry about what animals think. When it comes to killing and eating, this has been a normal thing for animals for a long time. But if they are now getting ferocious against man, that is just a sign of the times. As far as Lucifer was concerned, remember, that Lucifer approached Eve. And symbolically, what type of a body did he have??? A Serpent was the emblem of his body. Hydra the serpent from the heavens. But when he seduced Eve, he had the form of a man. And all the kingdom of Lucifer from him on down,--they all wore the great tunics of gold and silver with woven into this garment the emblem of the fig leaves. And the fig leaves are still a part of Buddhism and Gotmaism today in Asia. So when God came into the garden, Adam was hiding in the bushes. And God said:--'Adam, why are you hiding.' Adam said:--'Well I discovered I was naked, so I had to put clothes on. So I put on the fig leaf.' Actually this meant he had taken or been taken over by the Luciferian system. So YAHWEH killed the animals and made a coat of skins to cover Adam and also Eve. This was a symbol of atonement. This situation is a marked pattern of the enmity between the seed of the woman (Adamites) and the seed of the serpent (Luciferians). These serpent people had legs and arms and they walked upright and so forth. And in the symbolism, Lucifer used the symbol of the serpent. But he was as a man in the great tunic and on his head was a cap a lot like the Pontiff of Rome wears which was also like that of Mystery Babylon. Only Lucifer's cap came up to a great peak and the head of the Cobra made the top of the mantel for the clothes he wore. In otherwords, Hydra the Serpent was one of the emblems like the dragon and so forth. And it tells you in the book of Revelation that he is the serpent, the dragon, the devil. These are all the names of Lucifer because he turned people away from God. The words Devious, Satan, Shaton-who refused to reflect the light, are words associated with Lucifer. So on Lemuria and in ancient Asia, at one time he ruled over all that area as well. And he had garments with scales like a serpent. And he wore over his head, the great mantel of the Cobra with rings of gold on top that came up to a point. In fact, the ancient city of Angkor--Puok-Angkor, that Mrs. Kennedy had to go visit in Cambodia, ( and this visit probably cost us thousands of boys lives, for they wouldn't bomb the communications lines while she was there)---And for two weeks she was there. And the enemy was able to bring in reinforcements for their forces.)---But this city of Temples was woven with serpents and dragons. This was one of the ancient citadels of Lucifer. So again, when they refer to him as a serpent, this meant he was attired in this manner. But God cursed the serpent and henceforth the serpent was to craw upon its belly. This was symbolically. But then serpents no longer would have legs altho the area of legs can be found in all serpents. All snakes of any kind had to crawl on their bellies because they are the symbol of Lucifer. But Lucifer was also symbolized as the Dragon and the Hydra the serpent. We want to point out that Lilith, who fell with Lucifer, was the consort. And there were other female angels. Like________(Chalandra), _________(Tamatraze),_________(Doseleze).---These were all female Angels who rebelled with Lucifer along with the many male angels. He had been the Exhaulted Cherub and like these others never kept his first estate and appeared and took on the form of a man. Therefore, there are all patterns with Lilith the serpent woman, known as the mother of the Ganges. After the seduction of Eve by Lucifer, then Eve introduced Adam to this violation of law, and the sexual orgies of Lucifer. And Adam begat a child or children by Lilith. And this is the way she became known as the mother of the Ganges. For this lineage made their dwelling place along the Ganges river. Kali is also the assassin goddess of India. In fact the assassins were a cult; a group. And they all ate, it was said,--Kali's sugar.

Now, the white Hindu in India, came from the Aryans and they served YAH. They came out of Persia. They came in as a conquering force and conquered India. Then later, Abraham had children by Ketura and they were Aryans. And they also came into India and were known as the Brahmans and they served YAHWEH. Hindustan was the name of the country at that time. Then the Mongols came in again and conquered and then the worship was of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva and Kali. The dark skinned Hindu were from Lilith and Adam and from the other dark forces there. And they go back even to pre-Adamic periods because India was mongrelized to begin with by the Negroes who came in with Lucifer. The land of India, the Bay of Bombay, used to have a great extension before the land broke off. And the Ganges river flowed for hundreds of miles further that it does today.

So we note that the Aryans brought great culture to India. The Taj Mahal was built by an Aryan king for his Aryan queen. That was a beautiful structure. And there was no idolatry in the Taj Mahal. But then the Mongols swept in and pretty well dominated India. The Alexander the Great came into India. But he went back before bringing all of India under his control. So the Mongols came back in. And under all kinds of mongrelization and all religions, were vicious. And the present temples of Kali marked by the assassins is quite a thing. But then no one knows how an Indian native thinks because he is not rational anyhow. He serves his pagan gods and will pay all sorts of tithe to these pagan gods even tho the pagan goddess will protect these assassins who come out to prey on them if they are not careful. So all of them help keep the assassins as they pay into the temple of Kali.

Great Britain passed a low against all these assassins. And the army moved out into the field to stop the assassins. And while Britain held that colony, she reduced the assassins down to a little group who hid back in the hills and India became somewhat safe for civilization under the British mandate. We understand that now the assassins are back and there is no attempt on the part of the Hindu's to do anything about the assassins in this present situation. Nehru didn't do anything to stop them. In fact, he wore the sign of Kali on his forehead. I remember how when President Eisenhower went over to India, they wined and dined him and put the mark of Kali on him because Nehru was,---I am sure---a Priest of Kali. But instead of Eisenhower saying:--'I can't accept this because I am a Christian,---he instead accepted that caste mark.

QUESTION:---Well, how will this effect Ike???

ANSWER:---Well, if he is an Israelite, then of course all Israel will be saved in the end. But he isn't a good one because he did take Kali's mark. But then a lot of Israelites have gone into idolatry at times then came back. While Moses was up on the mountain getting the law, remember, that they made a golden calf. So they did these things and brought judgement on themselves. But largely they still knew the truth.

QUESTION:---Is Ike a Swedish Jew?

ANSWER:---No, I don't think that at all. They have pages in the book at West Point. And they put all kinds of funny things in there. And they called Ike a Swedish Jew. But there is not one speck of Jewish blood in him or his relatives. But there is Negro blood in his blood line. And it is not more than six generations back because his grandmother was a Mulatto. Lizzie Stover was a Mulatto in the state she lived in. She looked white. And the man who married Lizzie Stover didn't know she was not white. And when he found it out, he was very unhappy. But because his grandmother was an offspring of a Mulatto, then Eisenhower told his grandmother that some day he would destroy all segregation in the United States. So way back when a boy, he promised that he would someday have a part in ending segregation. Then when he got into West Point this idea wasn't popular at that time, so he was as anti-Negro as any man in the service. In fact when General Douglas McArthur had Ike as his aid, when he was in command in Washington, D.C., then McArthur said:--'Ike was not a very good soldier, so he would never give him a promotion because he just said yes to everybody no matter who he was with.' This is in the book about McArthur. Eisenhower never liked McArthur and didn't like it that he didn't consider him a good soldier. But when Ike became Commander of the United States force during the war, this proved true. However, prior to this time, he said it was a very impractical thing to integrate Negro troops and white troops because Negro troops don't think and react like white troops. He said that they are slower to think and this is a dangerous situation. I have Ike's statement where he says that Negro troops jeopardize the strength of an army especially a white army, for they think differently, act different speeds, and don't stand under fire. They run to the background. They are best used in transport and other jobs. That he would always oppose any integration in the United States Army. This was his own statement. But as the country under the influence of the Supreme Court, etc, moved into the program of integration, he said that to integrate the United States would end forever, this problem of fusion of the races. So he just contradicted himself.

Now, I have a book titled "I Was Eisenhower's Secretary". And in this book, she tells about Ike's grandmother being Lizzie Stover. However most of the Eisenhower's were all white. But they had absorbed this marriage to Lizzie Stover. But there was not Swedish Jew in Eisenhower's line. They just used this as a banter, because he was so tight fisted in a trade. And they couldn't get the better of him. So they called him a Swedish Jew. That was in the days at West Point. You could say, you are a 'kike' or a Jew and get away with it. But now they have taken in the Jew and we have Jewish Generals, and Colonials. But when you have men like Sellers in the House and Jacob Javits in the Senate, they appoint Jews to West Point.

QUESTION:---Well, Barbara Streisan is from the serpent line isn't she and others???

ANSWER:---Well, there are tremendous things in the scripture and many things have been hidden in verses that are hard to understand. In the Apocrypha books which the Catholic church helped to put out, there were so many things---from the days of the books of Seth, of Enoch, and so forth, that would have revealed too much---the Jews who were contending the Faith had a hand in not canonizing these books. So the books with a lot of mystery in them concerning the emblems, the symbols, the beasts, and all these things, they ruled out of your Bible. But you sill have enough in your Bible to know that "A wayfaring man shouldn't error therein." Altho some of them do. The fact remains that the truth is still here. I can take 64 of these books which are genuine and prove anything we need to prove in the entire program. But I don't have to get along with just those for I have lots of books which they didn't canonize and these are also important. I think all the books are going to be restored to the House of God, the Kingdom of Israel. Of course when the LORD comes, we will know as He knows. But these scrolls, scriptures, records which are sacred, are going to come back. It will make a bigger Bible. There will be 153 books in it.

QUESTION:---I finally found what I was going to ask. It is in Chapter 3 of Zachariah, verse 1 thru 4. Who is standing there?

ANSWER:---This was Joshua, with Lucifer contending against him. This is symbolic. It is explaining that man is not going to be the victor by himself. That man with all his righteousness , is just filthy rags. But God said He was going to remove these filthy rags from Joshua and then clothe him with righteousness. This is God's covenant with everyone of Israel. "Arise and shine, thy light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon you."---So the radiant garment is the sign of imputed righteousness to Israel, to her commanders, to His Kingdom people. The power which would defeat Lucifer was to be the Glory of God resting here on Joshua. And all his transgressions and anything which Joshua had done wrong was to be wiped away in the atonement anyhow, which was still coming. Joshua is an example and this still rules up into our time. For this was a prophecy being made here. Again in the areas of leadership, as we battle the anti-Christ, we are not boasting of what we have done, but we stand on the righteousness of God who is our Father.

QUESTION:---Well, on down to verse 8, it talks of the Branch which God extends to us.--

ANSWER:---Now again, the body of God is considered the Branch of the Nation. And also--my servant which is a branch. And in talking about all Israel being the Olive tree, then Ephraim and Manasseh were two Olive trees that stand by the God of the whole earth. So remember, the nations said God make us as Ephraim and Manasseh. So the Anglo-Saxon people were to be two powerful branches that would emerge to be a protection to the House of Israel. Again we have the two witnesses--church and state. The state or nation bears witness to being Israel. And the spiritual center is found in the heart of the Kingdom, and this is the Church. So where the Church exists, where you have the throne, this is the Kingdom of Israel.---These two witnesses, abiding witnesses, unto the end. The filthy rags is only a symbol of man's righteousness when measured up to God's. It takes an atonement for His people to bring forth their righteousness. Thus at the climax of the age, then it is --"Arise and shine, thy light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon thee."

QUESTION:---In verse 9, it talks about the seven eyes of the LORD.---

ANSWER:---This is the seven-fold (perfect) spirit of God.

QUESTION:---Why seven eyes in particular??

ANSWER:---Well, it would take an hour to answer. But this is again the seven-fold spirit of God. This is again the magic seven. This is the plains and dimensions in which the spirit of God is Omnipresent.

QUESTION:---Those lost books of the Bible, are they genuine or phoney???

ANSWER:---It depends on what you are talking about. Sears Roebuck published a book called "The Lost Books of the Bible" and "The Forgotten Books of Eden." Well, largely these volumes have been edited and changed by the Catholic church. When they canonized the scriptures, people were still showing up with books they hadn't canonized and most of these books were inspired. Most have a right to be in the scriptures, but not as the Catholic church has changed them.

Now, the book of Nicodemus, --this Gospel of Nicodemus is almost perfect as it was written, except for a few little things like the wood of the cross and so forth, which the Catholic church added. The Gospel of Nicodemus was put back into its original shape. And when Oxford translated it, they put it in its original shape except for a few little spots where they still have some of the Catholic church version. But it established the power of the resurrection, and the Catholic church would not admit it in its present, for it has no limbo, no purgatory, no hell. It has Christ going into the Netherworld and taking all His sons out of there; taking them into glory. It sites that He took captivity captive and led His many sons on high. The Catholic church doesn't want this. They want them in limbo. And if they don't pay out quickly, they go into purgatory and slide on down. And if they don't get out of purgatory, they land in perdition which is flaming fires and so forth. But if you don't have flaming fires to scare them with, they won't pay the money to get their loved ones back up out of there. This is the whole reason for this. See? Some Catholics believe this and some don't. And most Priests have to endure it. They go thru the rites and rituals and shake the gourd to drive off the evil spirits and all these things. So there are many things phoney today in the Catholic Church. But yet there are a lot of good Christians and Priests in that church. They just got stuck with all these phoney things. And are forbidden to find out how these things got into their religion. At the same time I think that inside of America, the Catholic Church was making some advances. For instance, they refused to sell indulgences which was a concoction of the Jew, after they gained control of one of the Popes and some became Catholic Cardinals. This indulgence was that if you wanted to violate divine law,--maybe fornication-- for $10.00 and then confess to the Priest--. You could get a real break on this, if you would come and pay $100.00, say--for it in advance, then you could go sin and not have to come to confessions. You could get so much boundary on this by getting your sins forgiven before you committed them. This was called Papal indulgence. This isn't practical you know. And there may be some Catholics who won't like this on this tape, but it is still true. I can prove this by the Encyclopedia and I also have shelves full of Catholicism and who put what into their religion. Like the bodily assumption of Mary. You know Mary was buried in Glastonbury. But it was--I think--in the 1930's that they decided that she bodily ascended into heaven. So from then on they taught the bodily assumption of Mary. Now, I don't think it makes too much difference, but she is still buried over in Glastonbury. Since Christ ascended into the heavens, long before she died, this bodily ascension is just one of their tales. But I always thought that one of the saddest things in the Christian religion, is this selling of indulgence. In otherwords, you might find some situation, some position there the Priest might pray for a person. And if he was a Bishop of the Church, or a Priest, and a person came to him, and he prayed for them, he could remit their transgression because remember, that Jesus said:--"Behold I give to you the Keys to the Kingdom and whatsoever ye shall release, shall be released. And whatsoever ye retain, shall be retained." So they could translate this as that Christ had given this authority to His clergy so that they could pray for this repentant transgressor and remove his transgressions as far as the east is from the west. Of if he wasn't repentant and acting in revolutionary attitudes toward the church, he might have to retain them. But the fact remains that this forgiving a person's transgressions before they occur, giving them the right to go out an commit ten transgressions for so much money, this is wrong. And ignorant Catholics then go out thinking they are forgiven and there is no transgression against them. You could never have any moral law with this. It is that reason most Catholic societies do not have moral law. And the people are more ignorant. You go into Mexico and down into South America and over into Spain and they have no moral law in Catholicism until people got brighter in that country to know that the wealthy bought these indulgences and the ignorant went along with it. But there has been much argument inside the Catholic church among the Priests as to this selling of indulgence. But this is just one of the areas of error in that Church. In the book of Revelation, God said He had many things against this church, such as the doctrine of the Priestcraft, the doctrine of the Nicolatians and so forth. But I know thy faith, thy strength and thy charity.---But He denounced their Priestcraft saying it controlled the bodies and souls of men. And yet, God said all Israel is going to be saved, no one is to be put into perdition forever and forever, and there is no purgatory and never was. This was all ghosted up by the Babylonianism sowed in. And in Babylon, if you didn't serve Baal, who was Lucifer, then Lucifer put his own people in purgatory. And they transferred all this over into Christianity. Baalism, even the Pontiff, the title of the Baal Priest and even his cap is the same cap as well as the robe which was worn by the Babylonian Priesthood. And the Vestal Virgins are those who gave their life service to Baal. And the Catholics have this woven into a certain extent. And in Priestcraft all these in service are Vestal Virgins. In otherwords, this is the principal of it altho the average convent today may not be run like they run the Vestal Virgins of Baal. Still this is the beginning of the idea of this service. I don't believe that Mr.___________(Koloque) who wrote a fantastic garbled version of this. And I don't believe the doctrine put out by most of these anti-Catholics because most of them put out the most obnoxious stories of what is going on which is not necessarily true. Many of the Protestant ministers are just as evil as the Catholic Priests. On the other hand, this goes the other way also. I think many of the 'Sisters' were conned into a life which is neither good nor healthy or natural. But they do service. And their charity is one of the things they are known for. I think today we have a hateful type of ministry that wrote books which are entirely morbid. But they are sold by Evangelists who thought they saw the anti-Christ set up in Rome and the Roman Empire being rebuilt in their theology. These futurists thought that Rome had to be rebuilt and therefore they had to have an anti-Christ in Rome. The head of the Roman government would be the anti-Christ and the head of the Roman Church the false prophet. But I can show you these books on my selves. But they are not basically true. Hislips "True Babylon", does show the transference of Babylonianism into the religion. But I can say today, that Catholicism believes in the Virgin Birth and the Blood Atonement. And this is far more that we can say for the majority of the National Council of Churches and so forth. They have dropped even lower than this for they deny the deity of Christ.

QUESTION:---Who then would be the false prophet???

ANSWER:---Very easily, the false prophet comes out of Jewry and this design. The false prophet is in al religions which are anti-Christian. And the Catholic Church is basically not anti-Christian. They do identify Jesus as The Christ, the Embodiment of God. They do say that Mary is the Mother of God. They do fulfill the magnificat of Matthew. The false prophet does none of these things. And Jesus said of the Catholic Church,--'I have some things against you' and this was their area of Priestcraft. But the woman who rides on the Beast and the Beast sits on seven hills,--this is in Revelation. And some writers come out and say that Rome sits on seven hills. But this is not what is being talked about because Jesus said that 'seven hills' are 'seven kingdoms.' Five have fallen, one is, and on is yet to come, and the eighth is out of the seventh. So this 'seven hills' of Rome is all marlarky. That this is Rome just isn't true and never was. But today organized religion that is moving into theosophy has this system of the anti-God. Again it is the program of Paganism. And Jewry sponsored most of the pagan religions of the world. Most of the High Priests of paganism are Jews. So when you get to Satanism and anti-Christ and false prophets, these have to be Jews for they are the children of Lucifer.

QUESTION:---Who is this woman riding on the Beast???

ANSWER:---The mother of harlots, the abominations of the earth,--this is the false prophet. This woman symbolizes the false church whereas the Bride of Christ is the House of Israel out of which the true Ecclessia comes. But this woman rides on all the Empire powers until finally the people rise up to burn her with fire. But you see,--each time some of the Preachers think this is it, so ever so often, someone comes along and they make anti-Christ out of him. The closest they came to being right was when Genghis Khan came out of Asia and was conquering Christian cities as he moved in. Martin Luther said here is the anti-Christ. And the Pope and Martin Luther signed a conferdot. And the manhood of Germany, Rome and Britain and Scandinavia came to fight Genghis Khan and his Mongol hoards. And the heart of Europe, all the way to the mountain, was torn by vicious battles because the Mongol hoards were coming in to destroy Christianity. And it was the Jews from Venice who had set up Genghis Khan. They had a deal with the Mongols whereas the Jews wore yellow arm bands so the Mongols wouldn't kill any of them with their yellow arm bands. They could go in and out of the city anytime they wanted to. They wore their yellow arm bands for protection. And Martin Luther discovered this. Long after Martin Luther was dead, the hoards were still trying to come in. But Martin Luther referred to the children of anti-Christ as wearing the yellow arm bands. And he told the leaders of Germany that they should deport every Jew and take all their wealth, for they had taken it from the German people. I have all the works of Martin Luther, and you can see this.

Now, at that time, beast power rested with Genghis Khan. This was the seventh which received a wound nigh unto death. Then the eighth was to come out of the seventh area and this is world communism. And it gathers the same hoards out of Asia, out of Russia, and the same power comes against the Christian world once again. Since the Red Revolution it has been growing into the picture. We have now --and this is the last anti-Christ power and program,---so of course the false prophet rides upon this power. The economic program is also a part of the design of the Beast System.

QUESTION:---I hear that the Viet Cong are wearing yellow arm bands???

ANSWER:---Some in Saigon are wearing yellow arm bands. But how could you tell one from another?

end of tape