02-01-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---Do we have any evidence that the Adamic Race are Aryan?

ANSWER:---This is a unique question. But it is fundamental. Aryan was the name which showed up in ancient Persia, in ancient India and everywhere the White Race went. Wherever they migrated, as they came out of the high Steppes, or the mountains where Eden existed in Central Asia, there also we find this name of Aryan. The four rivers out of the Garden are not to be identified with later rivers of the same name, because those four rivers came out of ancient Eden. When the Adamites came out of that area they were called Manu and Aryan. And these words meant that they were sons of YAH (Genesis 4:26). YAH was also one of the oldest words we have in language anywhere for GOD. The word YAHWEH was the name of GOD in the ancient Coptic Hebrew and Aramaic. We know that Aryan was a name for the White Race in its earliest history and of course they continued to be Aryans. The White Persians were Aryans. The Germans referred to themselves as Aryans way back in the earliest formation of their tribal life. The Anglo-Saxons called themselves Aryans. So the people of Africa and Asia today, recognize that as the word Aryan is used, that it refers to the White man. There is no question of the fact that always the White man worshiped YAHWEH. There is no period in his history when he did not. That Adam was the son of YAH, and that Adam was a White man, and that YAHWEH said:--”Let us make the embodiment of Audaum in our own image.” That the household of God came from the heavens to the earth is thus well established. You can go any place in the world and when they talk about the Aryans, they are talking about the White man. Whenever you talk about the White man, you are talking about Adamites, or Aryans. Because the Bible definitely proclaims that the Adamites are the people of the Book. When you find the word ‘man’ in the old scriptures, it was talking about Adamites.

Now, this word ‘man’. There is a peculiar thing about this word ‘man’, for it is unique. For ‘man’ is a Sanskrit word from out of the high Steppes, from the Tien Shan mountains. For the word in the beginning was not man--but Manu, which meant the ‘thinker’ or the thinking white man. So we have these words for the White man---’Sons of YAH, Aryan and Manu for the thinking man.’ Of course God said that He breathed the breath of Life into Adam and he became a Living Soul. Thus he became an intelligent conscious thinker. One thing about this Adamic race, is that they had intelligence, technology. They knew about agriculture and concepts far beyond any of the races on the face of the earth. Since the time of their arrival, this was true. And they were thus referred to as Manu. And still today in India and in Sanskrit, Manu is the thinking White man. They never refer to the Asiatics as Manu. Only the White man. To some degree, some of the higher cast of India had a mingling with the White Race. And some of the Hindus were recognized as Caucasians. But the Hindu religion is a pagan religion in our time. But in our translation of the word Adam, it is translated man. And after naming Adam, then we call Adam the first Manu or man. And all the time there after that, Adam appears in the Old Testament, we keep translating him as man and actually everyone thinks everyone is man.--That negroes are men, and Asiatics are men. But from the earliest use of the word man, it was for the Aryan--the Adamic Manu or the thinker. So the word ‘man’ and Aryan are quite a developed strategy. You go thru the Old Testament scriptures and everywhere the word is used then it is Adam except where the word ‘enosh’ is meant. Enosh are called the Beasts of the field. And the enosh were people, but different from the Adamites who were capable of thinking the thoughts of God. This then is the difference in the Adamites and the negroes and the Asiatics with all their patterns of thinking.

QUESTION:---Well then explain how there could have been anyone left on the face of the earth but Noah’s family when the waters of the flood covered a height of 60 feet over the mountains according to Genesis story.

ANSWER:---Well, this is again, another question about the flood and I will try to answer it quickly. As far as the flood was concerned, the flood of that time was in the upper Tarim Basin. The Adamic race was being seized. Being mongrelized by the people out of the fallen Angelic hosts. These were the Nephilin. And they took all the women they wished. And there were giants being born in that land. Also, by their strange powers, they had put together, quite a civilization. This contained things which God warned Adam against. The books of Enoch warned against this area of apostasy of those giants who were referred to as Nephilin and the human race.

So in the days when the flood came, Noah and his family were living in that High Tarim Basin. This was a great plateau. And in this basin which was 125 miles wide and 340 miles long, lived these people. And this land was ringed with mountains. And under it was a great inland sea. Also, this area was on a tremendous earthquake fault which ran on down to the Wang Ho River in China. And the other one to the west finally let the water down into the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, down thru Chaldea and on out to sea. So when the flood came, the scriptures said that the foundations of the deep were discovered. And the treasures of heaven were discovered and the flood came. But what transpired was that this area was soon filled with water. And as the earthquake dropped the land into the underground sea, and the waters fell from the heavens, then the water did rise up over the local hills and then overflowed the local hills inside of this great basin. But the waters never covered Egypt or the Americas, or even China or the rest of the world. But the flood was in that area. ‘Eret’ is the word in Hebrew meaning all that country. But it did not mean all the earth as it is translated in the King James Version.

Now, Abraham in just a few generations after this flood, was trained by Noah. And it would have been impossible for all the people to have been drowned on the face of the earth and still Abraham to have found all those people represented by the warriors locked in battle as he came out of Ur of the Chaldea. In Egypt they go back in their continuous dynasties until about 11,000 BC until this is the later dynasties. And there have never been any breaks in their dynasties. All of them came on down from 11,000 BC until the time of Christ. And Enoch and Job who went down by 5000 BC entering the land of Egypt to build the Pyramid had already traveled out into space after God Sent for him, and then returned unto earth. But in the hour when Enoch made this trip out of the land called Canaan land, it was at that time the land of Oruselem. When he led those 144,000 Savants, 12,000 for each month of the year, into Egypt where they built the city of On, with the Temple of Zendera, and the Pyramid and the Sphinx and so forth, this was in the time span of 5000 BC and 4500 BC when this transpired. And the Egyptians were there. And later the Egyptians were taught by these White men of the power of Osiris the Lord of Life and Resurrection. They were taught that He would be the embodiment of God, the soul of Ra who was the God of Light. And for a while, the Egyptians turned this way. And their Pharaoh turned and respected these powerful White men. But there were Egyptians who existed in the days of Enoch and they continued on down with no break in their generations. The Temple of Zendera existed as did the Temple between the paws of the Sphinx right on down thru the time of the flood and afterwards. And there is no record of any flood touching this area. But we have the generations of their dynasties and their people. Then when Abraham went down into Egypt afterwards, the Egyptians were still there. In fact, he tried to deceive the Pharaoh about his wife Sarah. But still the Egyptians were there. And the Egyptians were a mighty people at this time. And later out of Abraham would come Isaac, and then Jacob. And out of Jacob comes the twelve tribes of Israel. But in the course of time and history, then Joseph was sold into Egypt. And he goes to the Temple of On and marries Asenath the daughter of Pontipher the Priest of On. And this Priesthood established by Enoch still remained there as observers (priests) of Magi up until the time of Christ. So there was never a single break in the dynasties of Egypt. But if the flood had covered all the earth, it would have drowned all the Egyptians. It would have also wiped out these people of Enoch. And Asenath would not have been there for Joseph to marry. In this situation then there would have been only Noah and his sons and their wives. But this is not compatible with what we have in the scriptures.

Now, we do have the Fenton Edition of the Bible and it is much plainer. It says:--’these are the register of the sons of Noah. Ham, Shem and Japhet where they had sons born to them.’ Now, after the flood an earthquake split open this great basin and the water on the east ran down the Wang Ho River and caused a tremendous flood. It also came down the rivers in the areas of ancient Chaldea. And the water came up very high in that ancient city which was there long before Nimrod built Ur of the Chaldeas. We can see the results of that flood still today.

Now, after the flood we are given the names of the sons of Japhet. And from these they spread themselves over the sea coasts of the country of the nations, each with their languages among the heathen tribes. These were the children of Japhet.

When we come to Shem, it says that these are the sons of Shem by their languages and in their countries where they went and dwelt among the heathen. So here again, Ham, Shem, and Japhet came down out of that upper plateau area and here were heathen everywhere they went. There were nations of people everywhere they went. And they settled among the heathen. So again, this is evidence which shows that the flood could never have been over the entire earth. Of course, we could say that there were also 3 million species on the face of the earth according to Darwin’s list of species, and Noah and his sons could not have taken all of these species on the Ark. Darwin said on page 810:--’to suppose that man has come down out of all those species by some area of descent is quite an unusual thing, because we can establish that there has never been any change for many, many centuries of these three million species on the face of the earth. In fact, he said:--’We cannot prove that there is any change at all.’ But he does admit that 3 million species were found.

In Melford’s Zoology in which he talks about the fauna of the earth, he also says there are 3 million eleven creatures of all the fauna species on the face of the earth. So this would have meant that Noah’s Ark would have had to be big enough for a pair, or more of all these species. But the scripture said of all the clean or eatable species take 7 males and 7 females. And of all the unclean, those not for food, take 1 male and 1 female on the Ark. So even if none were fit to eat, you would have had a minimum of six million creatures on the Ark to house and feed. But add those for food and no telling how many million you would have had. But it would also have taken at least a Navy as big as the U.S. and British combined with all their merchant fleet thrown in to have housed the creatures. Then consider feeding all of them would have taken all of the fleets of the world to have hauled enough food for them. Then how would Noah and his sons and their wives been able to feed and care for all those animals and run the ship, etc? But that is not what the scriptures said---’for it was all that area.’ So when Noah took the fauna of ‘that’ area into the Ark, then there came two of each of the unclean animals and 7 males and 7 females of all the clean animals of ‘that’ area. In the upper land there were Yaks, tigers. There may have been elephants. But we doubt it. But there were probably deer which were the clean ones to eat. And I doubt if there was anywhere near 100 species that lived in ‘that’ land including the insects and so forth. It is in Africa and South America where you would find so many animals. But the flood never came to that area. Besides they could not have loaded all those others in that time span either,---in less than a time span of a moon,--as all the creatures gathered to come into the Ark. Noah did not go out and gather them up, they just came. But think how long it would have taken for all of Africa’s creatures to get up there. And all of the creatures of South America to cross the seas and come way up to that Basin. He would have been 120 years or more just collecting animals alone. See?

There are the things that people don’t think about. The fundamentalists will raise a lot of trouble sometimes about these things. But we do believe in all the basic things in the scripture. We do not believe that the flood covered all the earth at that time. Or that all the people on the face of the earth at that time were drowned. God did pour out a tremendous judgement on the giants, the monsters at that time. The sixth chapter of Genesis does show this because there were giants in the land after these Nephilin had intermingled with the daughters of men. In fact, so terrible had become that situation that tho Noah came from one of the finest houses of the Adamic race,--in fact he was the basic house in that upper Tarim Basin,--these Nephilin had so mongrelized, so taken the children of Adam left in that area into their transgressions, that only Noah and his sons and their wives were answering the call of God out of that group. This does not mean that Noah’s house was the entire structure of the Adamic race that were saved at that time. Because there were descendants of Enoch and the Magi and many others were in Egypt, and the other parts of the world when Noah’s household was saved up in that Tarim Basin. Most of the Aryans had migrated long before the time of the Flood. And were migrating and moving out in their destiny at the time Noah lived in that upper Tarim Basin. But this was true of that area. And people did die. And it was water that caused their death in that area.

Now we would also have had trouble with subsiding waters in a certain period of time which is given in the scripture if the flood had been all over the earth. Where would it have gone in 120 days. The water would have been evaporating for centuries. Gone into the atmospheric belt and then came back again. There is just as much water here today as there was in the days of Noah. Just as atmosphere, land can go up or down. Underground seas can rupture. Mountains rise and volcanoes erupt. But there is just as much moisture. Put it in steam and it will come back down. If you have a vapor belt in the heavens, you still have it in the earth’s patterns. God talks about that. But the fact is that the Flood never covered the entire earth in that fashion in the days of Noah. But God promised He would never again wipe out a whole land with water. He had previously wiped out such areas as Lemuria and Atlantas, etc. But He made a Covenant that He would never wipe out a mass of people by a flood. And of course, the rainbow is used in the scripture as a symbol of that. Of course, there were numbers of Adamites or the offspring, because of this seizure and mongrelization. But this was not the major strains, of course. The ancient Chinese talk about how Noah had been warned of God. How there were giants in the land. How God cracked the mountains with a great earthquake after the Flood and let the water out. This is a part of the mythology of the land of China. They talk also about how the Japhet people went and spread his seed among the Mongol people. How he started to integrate and they were absorbed. And that they are in the lands of Mongolia today. This is what the Chinese write. They referred to Japhet as the son of Jude (Noah). And Ham came out of the Flood and went down into Mesopotamia and later Nimrod would build the city of Ur of the Chaldeas. And Terah the father of Abraham, who was a Shemite, would be the Prime Minister of that city. So the Shemites and the Hamites did intermingle and probably did integrate to a degree, but these were of the same race.

Later Abraham, the son of Terah, was called out of the land because even tho Nimrod was a mighty ruler, he was turning away from his earlier instructions. Turning toward mongrelizations. We read that wild beasts were multiplying all over the earth. And Nimrod became a mighty hunter fighting beasts lest they increase and exterminate men. He also took into his harem, women from India and Africa and was mongrelizing and uniting people so as to make his Empire great. So God said to Abraham--get out of Ur of the Chaldea, because he did not want his seed mongrelized. Of course, we know from the book of Jasher, and others, that Abraham had already denounced the keeping of all these idols to appease the pagans.

But remember that the Japhet people were white until finally they were swallowed up by the Asiatics, long after Japhet’s time however. His descendants were the ones finally swallowed up. The Ham people were white until finally they were later absorbed by other people. But Nimrod was a White man. So the negroes did not come down from Ham. And the Asiatics did not come from Japhet. They were in the earth long before the Adamic people were into earth. And there were still Asiatics and Negroes after the Flood because Nimrod was bringing them into his kingdom.

But at the time of Abraham the Shemites were the remnant moving forward to produce Isaac and Jacob and the 12 tribes of Israel, and the White nations we have still today. And the White men of Persia and other places still on the earth, in Egypt and other places united with the Shemites. When Joseph married Asenath, she was a Sethite. And Jacob was able to say:--’Let these two lads be named with my name--Israel.’ So he did not consider any of these White men in the city of On any different than he was. They were all descendants of the same race and worshiped the true God. So they could all intermarry. There was nothing wrong in that. But again, the Flood of Noah’s time did not cover the whole earth.

QUESTION:--Where are the disciples and Mary buried, also Joseph of Arimathea?

ANSWER:--Well, Joseph of Arimathea owned the tin mines of Cornwall. And he was an uncle of the Virgin Mary. He was a very wealthy man and was also in the Sanhedrin in Palestine and had many ships which came and went from Britain to Palestine. He owned the tin mines of Cornwall. These were called the Bar-tanic Islands. And they manufactured tinware in Britain. Then they bought it and traded along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and on to Palestine. He was quite a wealthy man. By the time of Christ’s ministry, he was quite attached to the Christ. He was a high Pharisee in the Sanhedrin. In fact, when the people of Judah and Benjamin anticipated Messiah, the Yehudin (Jews) in Palestine had no faith whatsoever. They were Asiatics, Cainanites, etc. So even tho they knew some areas of the law and had scribes to translate the scriptures for them, still they did not know about the coming of the Messiah. Were not interested in the birth of Christ. But the true Judahites and Benjaminites and Levi were interested and were looking forward to this event. The Essene Company were of Israel---many of the Levi. And they existed before Christ. And were still at the time of Christ. They lived in the caves of the mountains from Syria throughout Palestine. They looked for and expected Messiah to come. Like the Magi, they waited in great expectation for this day. And in the days when John the Baptist was born, he was taken to live with the Essenes because it was not safe for him to live in the land of Herod. They would take him out to the Essenes at times and then bring him back. But when he was ten years old, then he stayed from then on with the Essenes. Later he dressed in goatskins and he preached redemption for the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand and so forth.

But during the period of Christ’s ministry, then Joseph of Arimathea owned a great home in Jerusalem. And Christ would come. And in the great open dining room, they would eat and talk. They would have open discussions and they talked and talked. It was this Joseph of Arimathea who had the Chalice made and Christ’s face engraved on it. The engraver from behind a curtain, put the faces of Christ and His disciples on the Chalice. This was ll a part of the responsibility, so he thought, of Joseph of Arimathea. So when Christ was crucified, then it was Joseph of Arimathea who went to Pilate and received permission to put the body of Christ in his own tomb. He then, after the Crucifixion, being a wealthy and powerful man, was not afraid to approach Pilate. And he threw his weight around and quickly put the body of Christ in his own tomb. But after the Resurrection, and after the persecution of the church by the Jews became intense, then many of the disciples and Mary were taken on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea to Britain. Because the people of Britain were of the house of Ephraim and Manasseh. And the area of Britain had long since been united with the offspring of David.

Jeremiah had taken Tea Tephi the daughter of Zedekiah, over to that land. Had joined her to Heremon if Ireland. And from Ireland to Scotland to Wales the Kingdom migrated. But at this time when Joseph of Arimathea was operating, he owned the tin mines of Cornwall. He owned the hides of land at Glastonbury. He gave one of the finest pieces of land for a great Abbey or one of the first great churches. Of course, the brethren, many of them, the disciples of Christ and their converts stayed in the great Abbey. It was almost like a monastery altho they never followed the course of the Catholic Church, as they married and lived different lives. But it was a great headquarters for the spreading of the gospel. For they had Bishops and Elders and so forth. But in Glastonbury great parcels of land were owned by Joseph of Arimathea, the uncle of the Virgin Mary. He gave a beautiful cottage to Mary to live in. And there was a well or spring there which was known as Joseph’s well first. And this well or spring was where Jesus drank when He went to Britain on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea. So we know that this well in Glastonbury never runs dry. Even when there was a drought in England, this spring always came forth with lots of water. Mary used to get water from this well. And there was a Wattle Church there also. But Mary lived and died in Glastonbury. But she worshiped in this little church which Christ, with some of the boys from the Druid University from London, had built. Of course, it was older than even the Abbey which was given by Joseph of Arimathea for the establishment of the Christian religion in Britain. But it is true that the Disciples went there. Even Peter, for a while. Later he went to Rome. But most of the Apostles were in Britain at one time of another. We know that even Paul went to Britain at one time. And Rufus and some others, Paul writes to, were from Britain. And they were very strong for the Gospel of the Kingdom.

In fact, many that Paul talks about and writes to, were from Britain. In fact, the whole policy is that Christianity spread in Britain long before it spread in Rome. When the church in Rome had to hide in the catacombs, then it did not have to hide in Britain. They were protected by the Kings there and the Christian Church was welcomed in Britain from the first of its arrival. And Joseph of Arimathea was not only a member of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem, but he was a great man inside of Britain as well. These Britains were relative to the tribes of Israel. Even Judah and Benjamin who were inside of Britain. And Joseph of Arimathea was one of their own kind even way back when he owned the tin mines in Britain in Cornwall. But at that time under the dynasties of the king, they passed a law that the Jews could not come into Britain. They would not let them in or to travel on any ships going to Britain. Remember, that when Jeremiah had gone to Ireland, taking Tea Tephi, he warned the people of the islands and they drove them out and never let the Jews back in. He told them that the Yehudin (Jews) were the sons of evil and always they worked against the children of God. He reminded them that the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian and Western European people were the children of YAHWEH. And he united Tea Tephi with Herromon of Ireland. He made it very, very clear that the Jews were a very dangerous people. There is no question but that St. Patrick was Jeremiah. And he ran the snakes out of Ireland. This was the cleansing of the land. And then the ruling came that no Jews could come into Ireland. This is a strange thing, but when the ten tribes came --migrating out of Assyrian lands, they came thru the Caucasus Pass and other routes. But certain Jews moved with them, clear to Ireland. This is another one of those pieces of information showing that Christianity was sound and true with no perfidies in it in Britain after Joseph of Arimathea had established the Church in Glastonbury. Evangelism then spread very, very quickly in Britain. This is must one of the unique pictures of the church of Britain.

We want to point out that tho the church fought in Rome,--that Peter went down to Rome and was going back to Britain because of the persecution of the Church by the Emperors of Rome who were controlled by the Jews, thru the use of money. This persecution was so great, that Peter was going to return to Britain because Christianity was spreading faster in Britain. There were even laws there to help it. And in Rome, the Christians had to hide because of the laws against them. The Jews had paid for this and Rome had fallen for this persecution of the Christians. In fact, we know that when Nero was the ruler of Rome, he visualized himself as a god above all gods. They played on his ego and as Rome burned, when he realized he was in great trouble for this, then the Jews came and they said to blame this on the Christians. Say that they set the fire to the city of Rome. And the people turned on the Christians and they killed them and threw them in the dungeons and turned them loose in the Coliseum with the beasts. This was why Peter, who had come to Rome to try to extend the church as Bishop of Rome, decided to go back to Britain. But he was stopped on the second day of his journey out of Rome. And he saw the appearance of the Cross in the sky. And as he looked toward the light, then Christ appeared to him. And the question was---’Quo Vadis--Whither goest thou?’ So Peter said he was going back to Britain. But he was told that the Shepherd does not leave the flock to other shepherds. For this is an area of his responsibility. So Peter returned back to Rome and this was in the time of the scriptures. But we have this record in the early church that Peter went back to Rome and joined himself to the Christians in the catacombs and was preaching and teaching. Finally the catacombs were raided and Peter was caught. They took Peter into the Coliseum and crucified him head downward. They were going to crucify him head upwards, but Peter said:--’This is the way they crucified my LORD. I am not worthy.’ So they said--alright, we will do it thus unto you. And they crucified Peter hanging head downward.

But of course, then some years later, Constantine became the Emperor of Rome. And the Christian Church then spread out even in Rome with great speed. And the Christians came out of the Catacombs. And this is where the church of Rome actually got its start. Then when the Jews saw they could not stop it, they tried to join it. And they filled it with heretics on the inside whereas before, they had been on the outside. But the Isles of Britain had the earliest Christian Churches and they spread the gospel further and faster from Britain than any place on the face of the earth. And they carried the message to Scandinavia. In fact, one of the grandsons of Tea Tephi and Herromon of Ireland, was known as a powerful, influential young man. And he married the Princess of Norway. And later was known as a Prince of Norway. He became such a famous warrior in battle, holding off the Mongol hoards coming into Scandinavia from the north, and eventually died in such a battle. This was when they took his great battleship, set it in flames and it went out thru the fiords, and the people called Odin, Odin, Odin. So Odin became one of the gods of Scandinavia until the advent of Christianity. But it was actually more Israel doctrine than was realized because in Psalms 82, it says:--’Ye are Gods and all of you are the children of YAHWEH.’ So you are Elohim. And they believed that everyone of their valiant sons passed into the heavens. And like the Valkyrie---this is also a part of the background of the Germans---where they ride and hunt thru the heavens. And they believed that their armies ride thru the heavens ready to protect their children in the earth in great storms or great catastrophes. And in these Asiatic invasions, which came thru from Russia, they would cry to Odin, crying out---’Odin, cry out for us.’ And they would also call on Thor who was Jupiter with his great club in Roman territory. Thus the concept was much the same. But they prayed to Odin to intercede with Thor to come to their rescue or to turn off the storm, or to defend them against the pagans. Because they actually believed that they were a divine race and that their mighty sons were riding above them and would protect them and guide them and use their influence. This was again perhaps paganized, but only to a degree. But when the Gospel of Christ came out of Glastonbury, and they were told that Messiah had come, they accepted gladly. For in the background of their beliefs in Scandinavia, they believed that Messiah would come. That this would be the embodiment of Thor. That he would come and forgive their transgressions and restore all the people of Scandinavia.

So in bringing Christianity to Scandinavia, then they said that Thor had come and his name was YAHSHUA (Jesus). This is why the Scandinavians accepted it with gladness. And they quit warring with Britain and accepted Christianity. Oh, they would later fight from time to time, but Christianity spread swiftly over Scandinavia just as it did in Britain. You can go to Britain today and see the Tomb of Mary. The spring is still flowing. There are still landmarks at Glastonbury. Still significant and important patterns of history. As far as Joseph of Arimathea was concerned, he took Mary and some of the Apostles with him on his ships and took them to Britain. In fact, as he cut off his trade with Palestine after that, he went mostly along the Mediterranean Sea coast to trade, but stayed away from Palestine.

During the time of the Apostle Paul, the only Israelite left in the Sanhedrin was Gamaliel. And after the persecution of Peter and John, then he also left the Sanhedrin. But Joseph of Arimathea was settled in his latter days in Britain. He transported a real evangelistic group because they came and went from Britain after that. There did remain a church at Jerusalem. And it did receive persecution. And everyone of the Apostles and disciples were martyred but John, who went to the white communities of Asia. They heard of John for almost 1000 years. In fact, in the year 1000 AD, Prestor John was the mysterious John who preached to white colonies in Asia and along the Danube and so forth. Up into the tenth century after Christ, John was still moving among these white cities and communities along the boundary of Asia. And as far as the records are concerned, we don’t know that he is listed as dying anyplace. So he must be somewhere. ---’Some of you standing here shall not see death, taste of death, until you see the Son of man coming in His Kingdom.’ Now, we know that the rest of them died. When Peter said:--’ What shall this man do?’ Then Jesus said:--’What is it to you, just do as I told you. Follow me.’

Now, Jesus never said an idle word. So he just said if this man tarry until I come, what is that to you? But he also said that some of you standing here will not taste death until the coming of the ‘Son of man’ in His Kingdom. There is a peculiar picture here. For after the death of the Christ, then John shows up here and there, everywhere, preaching. And this is one of the great mysteries. We know that even in the climax of the age, he is going to be one bearing testimony till the coming of the Christ. So we wonder where he is. This is not just a speculation. It is a matter of Biblical record. He was never crucified, never martyred. And several centuries after the others were gone, John was still moving, moving, still preaching.

QUESTION:---There are rumors that Atlantas is rising.

ANSWER:---Well, the area where Atlantas was, of course, in the Atlantic Ocean. And the Azores are what is left of the high spots of Atlantas. Of late years, the soundings in the channels from South America across to Africa and across to Gibraltar, has shown that the surface of the Atlantas has been getting closer to the surface of the ocean. And in fact, they have to put out buoys in low tides to keep ships from running aground on ancient Atlantas. Of course, we can prove that Atlantas went down because much of that land became volcanic. The volcanoes erupted and they cracked open with earthquakes and water ran into the volcanoes and the tops of the mountains blew off. And continents sank because of God’s great judgement. The Egyptians in the books of Horus, tell this story also of the collapse of Atlantas and how a portion of the people made their way to Egypt etc.

Well the fact is that volcanoes do not run under water. And what happens is when volcanoes erupt under water it just erupts and erupts and builds up until you get a high mountain. But it does not run off long scarfs because the water cools it. So it builds up. But we know that from the Azores, that under the waters, divers have found that there are hundreds of miles of volcanic scarfs on Atlantas that is now coming up. These scarfs run out for hundreds of miles. Thus we know that land had to be above the surface for the lava to have run. Of course, this is the same thing we find in Lemuria. We have great walls running for miles like the walls of China. But they are on the floor of the ocean which is now over them. They did not build those cities on the floor of the ocean which is now over them. The cities sank. This is again a bit of the catastrophe of Atlantas. It is true that Atlantas is coming up. Just what is involved, is something we do not know. But to a degree the oceans are not going to remain as they are. And they will be no more. This does not mean that there will not be great waterways and great seas. But some of the massive areas are going to rise again. This is in the book of Revelation for some of the latter climactic events. It takes place in the latter days. In fact, in some places, Atlantas is only eleven feet down now at low tide.

QUESTION:---I understand that Japan is showing some signs of sinking.

ANSWER:---Well, there are some areas, some signs of sinking along the coast lines. But there is also this in the Long Beach harbor here. And Terminal Island is going down. They are quite worried about some of the Los Angeles harbor sinking. This is the kind of sinking they are seeing around Japan. Altho it is not all the island. YahPah is not all a volcanic island built out of volcanic ash and coral and so forth. Tho there are tremendous earthquakes on Japan all the time, still Japan was one of the highest areas of Lemuria. In fact, they were the highest mountains of Lemuria because as Lemuria sank the high mountains stayed out of the water. So if Japan sinks, it is just that spot of Lemuria sinking. But at other areas it is rising. We don’t look for the sinking of Japan at this moment. But we do look for some big earthquakes there. But it is a remarkable picture. For the people of Japan are real worried. Because that island shakes sometimes 300 times a day. There are two towns in Japan which shake constantly. And the people have moved out because they can’t live there anymore. The towns are falling down.

QUESTION:---What are the 3 basic races?

ANSWER:---The Mongolian or Turanian, or Tungus which were created here and the Negro and the White race. There have been areas of mongrelization creating lighter shades of Islanders, but basically, it was areas of mongrelization which made the changes. The Adamic race is the White race. And there is no history of the White man beyond approximately 7400 years.

QUESTION:---Well then, how did the Jew get into the picture?

ANSWER:---Well, the Jew is the son of Lucifer. The un-assimilatable offspring of Lucifer sowed into the Asiatics, the Negroes. And they were the Yehudin. And when Cain was born, then he was also a Yehudin for he was the son of the evil one, or Satan. And all his offspring were Yehudin or Cainanites.

QUESTION:---Well then, they are a part of other races?

ANSWER:---Well some are Asiatics, some Negroid and some white, but they are still all Jews.

Most of the Jews we have to contend with are Cainanites. They have spread throughout where White men dwell. They keep moving in on us all the time. Of course, we have had our days when for instance, God told David to slay all. Everyone of them. Don’t leave any of them, man, woman, or child alive. But David saw some of the women and some of the kids and thought they were pretty, so spared them. And then they bred back. God was angry with David but this just shows how soft we get and the race in that time of David was soft also.

QUESTION:---If two Asiatics are or two Negroes are joined with the Jews, how would you differentiate? How would it show up?

ANSWER:---Well, you see the Jews in Asia are mostly the priests and they run their type of Pawn shops too. But many, many of the Buddhist Priests are Jews. Especially in the higher echelons of it. And they control all of Asia. Today the top witch doctor schools---and they do have these witch doctor schools---these schools are run by Jews.

QUESTION:---You can tell a white Jew by looking at him?

ANSWER:---Well you can tell a nigger Jew also. And an Asiatic Jew. You can tell them pretty well. All Asiatics are not Jews. They were created here on earth.

QUESTION:---How about the ‘Blue Gum’ Negro?

ANSWER:---They are the Chia. And this is an old word in the scripture meaning devil. The word Chia is in the scripture in the Aramaic tongue. And it is in the ancient Hebrew. The Chia were devils in the beast kingdom. It is well known among the Voodoo cult in Jamaica. They call this negro the ‘blud gum’. And they are very, very strange people. Their skin is very, very black and the back of their tongue is dark. They call them devils. And most all Chia participate in the voodoo rites. And even when they are not witch doctors, still they are always working with the witch doctor in Jamaica and all the Caribbean and in Africa as well.

Negroes are afraid of the Chia. And sometimes a Chia’s eyes are red and the pupils will be the same. But where a normal negro has white in his eye, this is the Chia will be a pinkish red. And they are very, very worried. They say that the bite of a Chia is poison. If one bites you, then you are dead. And the funny thing is, the Chia negro, when he gets in a fight with someone, will try to bite. So the Chia know they are Chia. And I can’t tell how much of this is tradition and how much fact other than that the word Chia (devil) is in the Old Testament. The word Chia does mean devil beast.

QUESTION:---There is another type of red inside their mouth---

( the tape ran out)