02-02-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...(From the tape circuit) What is meant by a Kingdom of Priests and do we have any Biblical record of this Priesthood?

ANSWER:...It is very curious...I don't know what I might have said on one of these tapes that brought these questions. But the passage where they have taken their question is in the writings of I Peter 2:9..'For ye are a chosen generation, and a royal Priesthood, a holy nation, and a peculiar people that you should show forth the praises of HIM who called you out of darkness into His marvelous Light.'

Now; in this instance it is 'Ye are a chosen generation'...the word is progeny, not generation. You are a select, chosen progeny (children) an elect Priesthood and a holy nation. And this particularly belongs to the one people of the entire Scripture. This again is to the people called Israel, or the Adamic race. They were not only foreknown according to the purposes of God but were elect according to His foreknowledge from before the foundation of the world. So by this declaration the head of each family was a Priest. Each had a family Priest. And in the eighth chapter of Genesis we note that the head of that household..Noah..built an altar unto YAHWEH and he was fulfilling the Patriarchial Priesthood duties. 'Noah took of every clean beast and fowl and offered burnt offerings on the altar.' This was Noah's responsibility as Patriarchial Priest for his household. Adam was a Patriarchial Priest for his household, then after him Seth, and each was responsible for carrying on this duty for their household...as to the carrying out of the ritual of sacrifice.

The Books of 'Adam and Eve' and also the Book of the Bee which are the oldest books we have of the Adamic history as well as quotes made in the book of Seth, and in the early writings of Enoch we find such concerning Adam and Eve. We discover that Adam fulfilled his duty in the Priesthood, and this was strictly a race Priesthood. As a Patriarch of his household we find that it was his responsibility to make a satisfactory offering, one in which blood was shed for the area of atonement of transgression until Messiah come. So this didn't start with Moses, it started way back in the days of Adam.

Now: in this instance then YAHWEH did the first sacrifice for Adam..we have brought this to your attention before, Adam had been shown all the races of people on the face of the earth. YAHWEH said:..I want you to see that there is none of thy kind. This you find in the Book of Adam and Eve. YAHWEH said:..there are those who converse with thee, those who are house dwellers in houses, those who have dwelt on the earth for ages, still they are not thy kind. For thou art My Life, My offspring, My kind. Then Adam was given a trip to every part of the world and he looked at all creatures ..all people, and there was none like unto his kind, that could perceive the Light of the MOST HIGH GOD. None was there who could show forth the Light like the light of day. We discover this passage even in the Book of the Bee...'none shown forth like the light of day.'

So the original condition of Adam and Eve was so much like the light of day that Lucifer complained to THE MOST HIGH GOD that people of earth could not stand to look upon Adam and Eve because of their Glory or Light. Also you note that this was the aura surrounding Adam. The Scriptures then show that in the day that Adam violated Divine Law, he having known all these things:...knew them before God removed Eve by taking a portion from Adam produced then Eve so that they might be one flesh, one household. Thus Eve was deceived and seduced by Lucifer but Adam was called to join and he joined himself unto the consort of Lucifer and he knew better, so he lost the aura or Light at once. And as he lot his Light there was nothing to sustain or immunize him from sickness as that which beset other people. In otherwords the Light and Glory of God was a complete immunization as it shown round about his physical being. And that Light and Glory could not cohabit with the darkness.

Lucifer and his household did not posses this Light, this is why the Scripture says:..'Eve was deceived but Adam was not.' Adam thus transgressed, and thus under this instance we note..that God came into the garden and Adam was hiding. But here you have YAHWEH..this is the Patriarchial Priesthood..YAHWEH the Eternal who is the Eternal Priest-King forever...this is the order of Melchizedek without father, without mother, without beginning of days or end of life, abides a Priest-King forever. This is Melchizedek and this Priesthood starts with YAHWEH, it belongs to HIM in the fullness of Celestial Deity because it is a Patriarchial Priesthood that is an intercession for posterity. I think this is really important because you see the Patriarchial Priesthood and then the Father Priesthood which YAHWEH established in the earth..is a father of a household or a tribe, for its posterity, and on the death of the father then the oldest of his offspring becomes the High Priest of that family. In fact this task passed down to the oldest, or the wisest of the Household. This is a Patriarchial household so naturally YAHWEH having begotten Celestial children, Spiritual children and then having begotten the Adamic race, having brought it forth as his own issue and identifying it as His children then any need them might have for Spiritual advice or for any area of restoration or atonement....then HE would have to act as High Priest, there was no one else who could act for his children but the Patriarchial High Priest, thus the Melchizedek Priesthood is an Eternal Priesthood abiding forever.

Now: of course in the Universe around about, God who had put the whole thing together was alone the only one worthy of Worship. Being alone worthy of Worship He said:...'I alone am God, there is none beside me...thou shalt worship no other God.' So the whole Universe Worshiped the Ancient YAHWEH the Eternal YAHSHUA or Jesus...all one and the same. Lucifer also Worshiped Him until he rebelled. And in that rebellion he refused to acknowledge the sons and daughters of God.

Now: the Eternal YAHWEH from the day He had begotten a household had children like unto Himself, and He becomes the Patriarchial..Father..Priest for them if they have need of any Spiritual administration beyond their own Spiritual nature. And until we had violated Divine Law we needed no Priestcraft in the areas of anything to reconcile us back to the nature of God Himself. All that we needed was a continual process of service and worship in radiance and Glory that illuminated our consciousness with our Eternal Father. So in this instance then YAHWEH the Father, as the Father of the Celestial children who are of His Issue, His Household, His Celestial offspring...is the Patriarchial Priest-King forever. But in this instance He is also without father, without mother, because He is the Eternal YAHWEH- YAHSHUA (God).

Now: this priesthood could pass in similarity to this upon flesh men. But because they inherited this from a Spiritual Father, you being Spirit of His Spirit, the essence of His Spirit was without beginning or end altho the entity of you as an individual starts with your being begotten and your physical being by being begotten, the essence of the substance of Spirit which is within you is also without beginning or end because it is the Life out of YAHWEH Himself. So therefore the only people on the face of the earth who could inherit the Melchizedek Priesthood in similitude had to be offspring of the Father, and their work was for their Household, for their people.

Now: I want to point out something here that is quite important concerning this. You find it in the Book of Hebrews 1:1...that we have something rather unique. This Melchizedek is King of Peace (Salem)..Priest of the MOST HIGH GOD. He met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings, and He blessed him. This was the embodiment of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, the theophany, the body which YAHSHUA Jesus possessed and later would bring it thru the Virgin Mary. And when He met Abraham you are told that 'to HIM... Abraham gave a tenth part of all...first being by interpretation the King of Righteousness, and after that the King of Salem, who is the King of Peace.

Now: go back just a moment to that important mystery passage:..'Unto us a child is given, unto us a son is born.' Do you know that this is one of the most important passages in all the Book of Isaiah because it contains so much.

'Unto us a son is born, unto us a child is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders, and his name shall be called wonderful, councillor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.'

Now: we point this out. The word king of Salem is Prince of Peace... without father, mother, without descent having neither beginning of life, the Incarnate YAHWEH-YAHSHUA (God) a Priest continually. This is translated in Hebrews 7:3., as son of God..but it should be 'Abides the Incarnate YAHWEH-YAHSHUA because this 'Like unto the son of God' is like unto the embodiment of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA but without father, mother, without descent and having neither beginning of days or end of life, abideth like unto the embodiment...a Priest continually.

Now:..consider this: how great this man was, or this bodily form. Abraham gave a tenth of his spoils to Him. And 'verily they that are the sons of Levi, who receive the office of Priesthood forever for Israel'... but remember at that time they were still in the loins of Abraham. For Abraham had as yet not even begat Isaac, and out of Isaac would come Jacob and then his 12 sons, one of them Levi, so when Abraham paid his tithe then Levi and all of the Priesthood to come were still in the energy of his loins, and their spirits were existent with the Father. But Abraham paid tithe to Melchizedek and he was paying it to a greater one than any of the Levi or anyone who ever lived. For even Abraham whom God selected was paying tithe and our Priesthood was paying tithe to HIM..this was the Priesthood of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA Himself.

Alright:..can we prove this? You read here that 'if therefore perfection were by the Levitical Priesthood there would have to be a change of the Law. For it is evident that our LORD sprang out of Judah, of which tribe Moses spoke nothing concerning the Priesthood, and yet we understand that HE was a High Priest for us. Because YAHWEH testifieth (vs 21) thou art a Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek. (vs 22) Therefore the declaration..Jesus was a Priest of a greater testament than Levi. This declaration is that the embodiment of the man YAHSHUA..or Christ Jesus was a Priest forever of the Order of Melchizedek, and He didn't come out of Levi, but out of Judah. He came out of HIS Divine Origin..He was the fullness of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA Priest-King forever. Thus we may say of this entity of the man Christ Jesus..this was the Everlasting Father...the Prince of Peace.

Now: there is further evidence of this...the High Priest first had to make an atonement for his own transgressions...this was a Levi High Priest ..he had to make an atonement for his own transgression before he could enter into the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle to make a sacrifice for the children of Israel. Because he had to first rid himself of his own transgressions of guilt on the body, the atonement not having been consummated as yet by the coming of the Messiah and the finished work of Jesus. So the Levi High Priest first atoned himself, then having made that atonement he was thus perfect before God in similitude he could then enter into the Holy of Holies for everyone else.

So now we have a High Priest in the man Christ Jesus who didn't have to make an atonement for Himself before He entered in to become the sacrifice, or when He entered into the Holy of Holies for us. We discovered that HE Himself was without violation, had broken no law, did not have to make any sacrifice for himself, only a sacrifice which was for you. Not only was He able to pass into the Netherworld, and out again enveloped in Glory, and His Power of Resurrection manifested this. So we have a Priest above all Priests. He is a family Priest and He passes on a physical embodied Patriarchal Priesthood on down to the leaders of the race. When Adam transgressed, and was hiding in the Garden God said:..where art thou Adam? And finally Adam said:..I am over here, and I am naked. But that wasn't hard to tell for his Light was gone, Adam was no longer enveloped in Light, it was gone. You can get this out of the Gospel of Nicodemus, or out of the Books of Enoch, or out of the Book of the Bee, or out of the Book of Adam. But the Light had gone off of Adam and Eve and others could now behold them without fear. So the other races said:...look their Light is gone. Adam and Eve were now afraid to come out on the surface of the earth because they now had no Light covering to immunize them from the conditions of the outer earth.

Now God said:..who told you that thou art naked? Then YAHWEH made a sacrifice and covered them with skins...a coat of skins..you are told that they covered themselves with fig leaves, but this was just an emblem woven on their covering. So a sacrifice was made, and they were given their coats of skins. God made the atonement, made a sacrifice for them as their High Priest, the blood flowed, and they were given a coat of skins, and the fig leaf was taken off of them.

Satan you understand was already covered with the fig leaf emblem when Adam was hiding and before that. Satan didn't have a fig leaf covering he had on the same kind of a tunic the Buddhist Priests wear today, and the tunic had a great big fig leaf woven on it. You look at the miters of their Priests and they have fig leaves on them also. On every pagan temple in the world you will find on the frieze the fig leaves. Everything connected with the devil has fig leaves on it. The Jews are thus figs also, they tie themselves in with the emblem of the fig leaf. And on their synagogues you will find fig leaves. But then they are different from the vine of the Kingdom. The LORD identifies this difference between them. Israel is an Olive Tree but the Devils program everywhere carries the emblem of the Fig Tree, the Jews being a part of it carry this symbol also.

But Adam was hiding and he said:..I am naked, but he was wearing one of these tunics which Buddhist Priests wear with the fig leaf on it. So YAHWEH stripped that off of him. Adam had lost his aura so God gave him a coat of skins. Some people said Adam didn't have any skin before this but that is not true, he had just lost his Light. He still needed a containing envelope (skin) to hold in the blood, for he had blood in his veins before his fall, and the process of mitosis was effective than as anytime. The only thing was the gestation period under the Light of 360 days was changed to 9 months like the fallen races round about. Henceforth woman would bring forth with pain and with sorrow, for cosmic conception was mutated by the fall.

Now: in this instance then God Himself was the High Priest, He came down and made the sacrifice and clothed Adam and Eve with skins. Then when He made the statement that there was the seed of the woman, this is only a small part of what He said. The King James Version carries very little of this, only what Moses records in the Book of Genesis concerning what God said to Adam and Eve. In the Book of Adam and Eve and in the Book of the Bee, God made it very clear, He said:..behold woman shall bring forth offspring in pain and sorrow, but this is my household and out of this household shall I..the Eternal YAHWEH come..a woman shall bring forth a child who will be thy Eternal Father.

Therefore when Isaiah said:..A Virgin shall bear a child whose name shall be Immanuel, meaning God with us, the Isaiah was by inspiration repeating what God had very well elaborated on when HE said:..the seed of the woman (Israel) would be very God, for YAHWEH would encompass Himself and a woman of the household of Adam and Eve would bring forth the man child.

In this instance again then Adam was given instructions that he should make an atonement, and do this every month at the new moon, make one sacrifice for the family, for transgression. And once a year they would make a sacrifice for the family.

At this time again after this clothing of Adam and Eve after the sacrifice then Adam and Eve were driven out upon the face of the earth and not allowed to go back into the portion known as Paradise wherein was the original Garden.

Now: the next Patriarch leader of the family was Seth, for no one was acceptable unto Seth for the carrying out of the line, but Adam was still the Patriarchial High Priest until his death, then Seth Became the High Priest. You come on down to Enoch and he was the great High Priest of his day, then we have Noah listed as the Patriarchial High Priest. So long before Abraham was called, long before God gave the law to Moses, we find Noah in chapter 8 of Genesis and verse 20., offering a sacrifice for his whole household. He built an altar and offered up a sacrifice so this is an evidence of this continuing Priesthood. In the Book of Jasher we see that the Patriarch of the family was responsible for offering a sacrifice. Terah, the father of Abraham, was the High Priest and he carried out this duty until the time when he became Prime Minister under Nimrod. Then these associates of Nimrod were bringing in all these pagan gods, and it was a popular thing to follow them. At the birth of Abraham, Terah was warned to send his child away because Nimrod had been warned by his soothsayers that a mighty new leader had been born who might be in opposition to his kingdom and might overthrow him. Thus Nimrod wanted the death of this baby, so Terah sent Abram and his mother down to the cave where Noah and his family resided. And Abraham stayed there until he was ten years old. Then when Abraham came back to his fathers house then Terah was no longer carrying out his position of High Priest. So YAHWEH called Abram out of the land of Chaldea and made his covenant with him and the Patriarchial Priesthood was carried forward by Abraham. So Abram made sacrifices for all his household even up into the days of Isaac, and he thought he was even being called upon to make a supreme sacrifice of his son Isaac for the purposes God required. But God of course spared Isaac and He had a ram caught in the thicket prepared for this hour from before the foundation of the world. So Abraham took the ram in the thicket and prepared the sacrifice which God had prepared in the beginning. Some times people think that this is a strange passage for after all Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac if YAHWEH wished. His desire was to serve his Father and he had an unshakable Faith in YAHWEH. The text here is translated erroneously in the King James Version from its intend. Now I have experienced...But God knows everything, He knew what Abraham was going to do, and what Isaac was going to do. But there comes a time when you experience something and God here experienced the perfect Faith of Abraham... ..he obeyed God, and God counted this for RIGHTEOUSNESS. He knew what Abraham was going to do when He called him. He knew what Abraham would do when He told him of the great cities, the covenant He would make with Abraham for a great nation and a company of nations, as He told Abraham that these nations would come out of him. Later Abraham would sit and watch the sun go down and vision this great nation and company of nations, and he would sit there and believe it. He enjoyed following God, and God said this He would impute as Righteousness. He told Abraham that sometimes Abraham would be enveloped in Glory and Abraham believed this. Out of the records of Egypt we find that Abraham shown forth as quite an illuminary. This meant that the aura shown forth to other people.

We would point this out...we are a nation who also is very different, specially different in this way, remember where you read in the Book of Corinthians that God calls for you to come out and be ye separate? One of the things we read here is..concerning you..that you body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Why is this? Because you reside in this body. This may be strange to some people because they haven't thought this far, but let me point out something to you once again. He said:...there is a difference between you and other people. Therefore what agreement hath the Temple with idols, for ye are the Temple of the Living God. He hath said:..I will dwell in them, I will walk with them, I will be their God and they shall be My people. Then He says:...therefore come out from among them and be ye separate, segregated, and touch not the unclean things, so that I can be a Father unto you. God will never be a Father, or have a personal relationship to a mongrel. He never plays stepfather to Satans children at any time.

So..in this instance..for violation of Divine Law, Adam lost his aura, but he was still the son of God, but Cain was not. But here in the Book of Revelation when we read concerning the capacities of the people of THE MOST HIGH it says:..we didn't receive the spirit like the world received, the spirit which we received is the spirit which is of God. Therefore we speak wisdom among them which are perfect. You say..well Paul wouldn't have had many people to talk to if he only talked to those who are perfect. Oh, no? Paul had a lot of people to talk to..these are the ones he was sent to. Every last one of you...hear me now..everyone of you is perfect..yes, for the spirit has never transgressed. The spirit is born of incorruptible seed. Do you know of any formula by which you can corrupt the incorruptible seed? But the soul consciousness may err, and the physical body may transgress. But that which is born of the spirit is born of incorruptible seed, and never transgresses. The transgression then is not of the spirit, the transgression occurred down here in the flesh after temptation reached the consciousness, and the transgression was in the flesh..but the spirit did not participate. For this reason the aura of Light passed off the children of God. This is the only reason, this is the one thing the Apostle Paul knew he had..he knew he had a celestial enveloping envelope, a celestial being for his consciousness to reside in. And he knew after his trip into the heavens and back, he knew again that this was still his. He knew that if this physical envelope dissolved that he had a house Eternal in the heavens that is not made by hands, which was begotten, it was not a building, and he knew this. So he said:...Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD. But he also said:..he did not want to die, even tho he liked the idea of going back into the heavens, but he had a lot of things he needed to do here, so he didn't want to die, he just wanted to put back on his heavenly house. He said he wanted to be wrapped up in the Light once again. So when Adam violated Divine Law the Spirit wouldn't cohabit with the darkness and the Light went off.

Now: the one thing which will mark the end of this age is when mortal puts on immortality, and it is already working in you and you are being transformed from Glory unto Glory. Even when Moses was in the presence of YAHWEH, and because of his conscious association with YAHWEH, tho he was a son of God in a physical body, the fact remains that as he talked with YAHWEH day after day he was absorbing this aura element of YAHWEH and as he absorbed this then he was more immunized each day until he could come into the presence of God. When the day came for Moses to go up the mountain, remember that the children of Israel gathered around and the enosh as well. And when Moses came down off the mountain he said:...Don’t let the children of Israel or the enosh (beasts..the mixed company of non Israelites) put their hands on the Mountain because this Mount was charged. After all those space ships had landed there according to the Book of Deuteronomy and we know that God Himself was up there. We know that the Mountain looked as tho lit up with neon lights and plagued with fire and lightening crackling around it. After all it took a man of Faith to climb that Mountain with all that display of Glory and Power. So Moses said:..don't let anyone touch the Mountain, for I have to go back up there and talk to God. Nobody doubted that God was up there, for there was to much going on, but when Moses went up the Mountain remember that he could stand in that Shekinah Glory which covered the person of God. He couldn't look at His face but he could see His form, he could see this Glory which covered the Mountain, the Glory was so great that he had to cover himself with a garment for the children of Israel could not in their condition have looked upon the Glory of Moses, and been able to take the Light vibration from the intensity of the aura which radiated from him. So this again was the result of his association with God until saturated with the Glory he had been prepared for. But this is something the Adamic race had from the beginning. This is why the Devil is a phoney, a fraud, when he came to Adam and Eve he said:...did God say that you weren't to associate with us, to mingle with us in our celebrations? Did he tell you that you would die if you did this? If you participate and join with us you will be gods as He is and your posterity will be covered with the radiation and glory we are covered with?

Now; compared to the jewels and junk Lucifer was covered with after his fall, then Adam and Eve were more brilliant with their Light then Lucifer and his host but they fell for this line. But the fact remains that as they violated Divine Law their Light went off them, and whether they knew it or not they were dying from this time on because they had no immunization to disease from then on. Yet it took them almost 1000 years to die as the physical body disintegrated. But prior to that time the speed of the electrons moving around every nucleus and every atom of their body was at such a point that their own shield wouldn't permit any chemical synthesis, any breakdown, any change or breakdown of metabolism, no sickness, no virus, nothing could have destroyed them until they lost that covering. Now; in this we are told that whereas Moses came down from that Mountain so covered with Glory he had to cover himself with a covering before he could walk among the children of Israel. It says:...yet we have received a better covering than this for we are being changed from Glory unto Glory. In otherwords we by knowledge, and by spiritual wisdom and by the transition of Faith there is building up, yes invisible, but the aura is building, the catalyst is getting better. Then suddenly God is going to throw the master switch and suddenly the children of God will have the illumination or Glory they had in the days of Adam. More than this we go back to the Book of Hebrews when talking about the Priesthood for the Mysteries in the New Testament, Hebrews is the greatest Book in the Bible to find this.

Now; in this again we are told that as God took on a body like we had because we are His children that one of the significant things is that He didn't take on the nature which he had in the heavenlies because He left the Glory of the Aura off of Himself. And He took on a body like you have, not one coated with Glory like we had before the fall. This is the reason why Jesus said that this is the only thing He missed while down here in the flesh. Altho He was God above all this was the fullness of God dwelling bodily but what He missed the most was the Glory He had before the world was framed. Jesus never prayed for Himself, He never even prayed for the world even tho we have silly preachers running around praying for everyone in the world. Jesus said:..I pray only for those the world gives me. 'Thine (spirit) they were in the heavens, mine they are (in flesh) in the world.' So I don't pray for the world I only pray for those the spirit gave me. But you tell these silly preachers that and they will be shocked. They say...He gave His Life for the world. NO..He gave His own embodiment, sacrificed it so that He might give Eternal Life to those He came for. He bought the world to redeem the treasure hid in the field. That was His people Israel, and thru them He was going to bring in His Kingdom just like He said He would. Then He proved He could restore the world because He said:..'All flesh shall be saved.' It is written in the Book of Timothy and other places 17 times that 'All flesh shall be saved, all restored.' Oh people bury their heads in the sand but if people started to preach the Grace of God they would get a lot better behavior pattern out of people. Because you can scare the hell out of people and still they will go back and do it again. Really, people are gamblers and they teach them a phoney theology, teaching them...Look out now, if you make one little transgression He will send you to hell. You can be in an accident and if you die before you get back and repent at some altar you are going to go to hell ...see? So the people will take a chance on getting back. I see how this goes even with some so called holy people. They will say...well we are on the outside, and now we will take a chance and blow the whole works before the next revival, and they do this. I have watched this...before I found the full Grace of the Scripture when I was a young minister my theology had some facets of Armenianism in it, this was Methodistic and follows along other areas of theology. And I often noticed that if a person got out of the area of spiritual blessing they often broke their attendance in church, and I often wondered what caused them to break sometimes. They wouldn't come until you would get them into an Evangelistic meeting or some way. You would get them back and you would ask them why they had come back, and well they would say they backslid. Someone had taught them this, but they always had in mind that they would run for cover before it was to late. But this is what an upsetting theology does. But when you have an all seeing God full of Grace and Glory who is the Master of the Universe...look He made the sacrifice for Adam. There was no bigger sinner in the world than Adam, so lets fact it, he brought this upon the whole race. But YAHWEH came down and made the sacrifice for Adam and all our transgressions are tied up in Adam. But God came as High Priest and made the sacrifice and then He said: ..'All Israel shall be saved as it is written'. Israel..all My family ruling with me in earth shall be saved.

We have been instructed to carry out by testimony and by action as the Household of God, therefore we dwelling in physical bodies being spirit of His spirit, our bodies are the temple of God because we are Elohim... children of God and we serve in this physical temple in a most unique way. There is much to be said on this in the symbolism of the body, and the temple..and of the Pyramid. The Pyramid has a deep significance in that it relates to all of us, and then as it also relates to the facets of each individual. Our physical body is also the outer court of the Temple. The Inner court is where you have the brazen altar, wherein you also have the molten sea, and wherein you have the great laver. This is where your soul consciousness is with its divine ability. Then you have the holy of Holies where you have the celestial consciousness, and this is where the spirit of God abides. And because you are spirit of God's Spirit then have an inner connection. In otherwords, that essence of God's Spirit is one with the Father, and He can activate your soul when your soul can't always pull back to it. This becomes the still small voice and when it comes thru we call it conscious. Because this gossamer thread of spiritual pattern reaches in to you.

Now; you are the Royal Priest in a Royal House. You are also after the order of YAHWEH'S Priesthood because of the Eternal Spirit. For this reason He inspired Paul to record for you that 'your bodies are the temple of God'. That a Divine Spirit resides within you. Therefore these other bodies are the temple of idols. Why? Because the ego which resides there go back to their father. There is no spirit of God supplying them with this Priestly capacity which is yours.

Now; there are priests of the darkness, of idols, and there is no way that you can marry with them without mutating this spiritual connection even as Adam did. You relay the capacity but the offering is mutated and cannot receive. For there is no fellowship between darkness and Light. I YAHWEH cannot be a father to your offspring if they are thus mutated. So the Apostle Paul said:...come out and be ye separate and segregated, there is no other way. I think any white man if he will sit down and listen to this will understand and agree. Because these facts are supported by text and by scripture and by every background of Revelation.

So we are already being transformed by our Father with each revelation. Serving in this house in this Temple we are being constantly changed into His own glorious image.

Now; we go back farther, we are a nation of men and women who are to rule and reign in the earth...'Ask me of things concerning my sons' as Isaiah says:...'Command ye me'. God said:..you are to set the captives free, the world will look at you and say:...'Surely God is in you'. But the Father wants Himself revealed in you so He will be very happy with that. Paul is talking about this in the Book of Romans and he said:...The whole creation vibrates together waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God'. They as well as us are waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God. When this Creature shall put on LIGHT...Paul said the suffering which he had gone through, even to fights in the coliseum for his life, he said 'I don't count any of these things even to be compared with the Glory revealed to me as the son of God'. When he brings this forward, there is many Mysteries in the Apocalypse of Paul which bears out this picture. His Epistles are only segments of His Apocalypse. We hear much about the church of the first born, begotten in the heavens. But the church of the first born..begotten, are the children of Spirit. Celestial children out of the heavens. Now, in earth you are members of His Celestial Church. We read in the writings of the Apostle Peter...wherein therefore a new born spoke desiring the word so that ye might grow old, if so be if ye have tasted of His graciousness. To who did he come? He came unto a Living Stone. It may be disallowed by men of earth but chosen of God, and precious. What was a Living Stone? It is His kingdom, the Stone Kingdom, this was the race and ere are lively stones, built into a spiritual house, a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to YAHWEH by YAHSHUA or His embodiment as the Man Christ Jesus. Wherefore it is written in the Scriptures behold I lay in ZION..the holy mountain, the Holy Kingdom, a chief corner stone, elect, precious, and he who believeth on HIM is not confounded. Unto you therefore which believe HE is precious; but unto them which He find disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same will be the headstone of the corner.' This is a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense, even to them which stumble at the word, being dis- obedient; where unto also they were appointed. You mean there were people appointed to refuse to accept and to repudiate?...Yes, Lucifers children were appointed unto Judgment. This judgment is built around God Himself in human form who they were going to reject, who they were going to repudiate. Yet you...lively stones grow into a Holy Temple unto God in which He is the chief cornerstone. This is a pyramid, the only building which has a chief cornerstone. The Apex stone with which the whole building is spiritually sealed together. Every angle, every side has to have the same angle on a pyramid, and all the stones framed together make up a pyramid, but the CAPSTONE is the symbol of the whole pyramid. He seals the whole thing together. This is why the Kingdom of God is a covenant to a race, and the number of stones on the U.S. Seal, where you see the pyramid is 72 times. There is in the Bible the re-conformation of the Abrahamic covenant. And the Living Stones, with Christ taking the crown and the throne as King of Kings is the Chief Corner Stone. And 72 stones are thus on our Seal and on our dollar bill, and the chief corner stone is the all seeing EYE of God. This all seeing eye has been an emblem of ours since the days of Enoch and Job in Ancient Egypt. It was on the great reflecting eye as they went into Egypt. It was one of the symbols of the children of YAHWEH, where the 'eye' of YAHWEH went before them. I can show you all thru the Psalms the reference to 'the eye of YAHWEH'...the emblem of the people, and the 'seven fold eye' of the Spirit guiding the people and so forth. The eye of YAHWEH thus goes before us. Therefore this is the symbol of the fullness of the Spirit of God, of the being which caps His Kingdom, so therefore this is again the symbol that all of the people who make up our race form a Holy Temple as the people make up the Holy Jerusalem, so to their bodies make up the Holy Temple, and the High Priest capstone seals it all in.

Now; what are you? A Kingdom of Priests. Read in the Book of Revelation and you find that you are to reign with HIM as Priests and Kings unto YAHWEH our God. We are going to rule and reign with HIM upon the earth as a Kingdom of Priests, then what do you do? You serve in a righteous way, be- come spiritual illuminators round about. Become the symbol that the sacrifice has been paid, the sacrifice that buys the world. By that Atonement Jesus paid for all transgression, He paid for every transgression, He took a cup in the Garden which filled the dregs of transgression, every violation of law...WHICH HE COULD HAVE STOPPED. Do you realize that God could have stopped Lucifer, could have put a rope on Lucifers neck, and said:...no, you aren't going out in rebellion. He could have stopped him right now, could have put out a flash of Light and scorched him right now. He could have burned out the error and changed his plans, and Lucifer would have still been playing a harp every since. Remember this now;..God let the devil do what he did. Someone said:...why did He do that? But that is HIS business, however I will tell you one thing it did do...it has given the Universe a perception of righteousness, and appreciation of righteousness, an evaluation of the law that they never could have understood if Lucifer hadn't rebelled and done what he did. You never would have known why righteousness was right. You would never have known the nature of your Father or the vastness of Grace, there was nothing to compare it with, for without comparison even Light holds not its fascination. So the whole thing is.... education. You say:..but God invested an Archangel in this. Well, it was His Archangel, your servant, for he used to serve your family, used to come and go. He was your Archangel too. So many people get so shrouded with this veil of flesh whereas they lost their Light, that if they don't pick up enough Light to illuminate their way they stumble around in darkness even while they go to church. Lots of them stumble around here in darkness in the church because they haven't broken thru the veil. You know, we are being transformed constantly by Light...illumination to illumination, the horizons expand the concepts get bigger, and all the time then God gets bigger and bigger. He is all God, nothing challenges or stops HIM. And you are not going to change one little iota what comes about tomorrow, but you are going to fulfill it. And out of His Grace He has built in the requirements, He has added the energy, and moves out the Spirit, and if the thing gets to dry, if the people lack the spirit, He says I will pour out My Spirit on my sons and daughters, like rain upon the ground. This rain is spiritual energy, wave after wave, after wave, coming down upon His people. It can fall all around them, it can rain on the darkness, and they comprehend it not, but the children are activated by it. And God can do this, He can direct it until it activates in you the ego consciousness, until you seek God. He said:...I can call my sheep by name, I can lead them out, they hear my call, they do not hesitate. We can always think of Zacchaeus because I can't think of anyone more miserable than a tax collector, that is about as low as you can get, for when you are gypping your own race there is nothing worse than someone who beats his own race. You have enough troubles with the Cainanites, and all the rascals without one of your own race working against you. And yet you know, maybe God selected him to show that the Grace of God saves to the Uttermost, this to me seems like the uttermost. I think that a tax collector who defrauds may be the worst because they produce the conditions which brings on prostitution and these other things.

But God looked up in the tree and saw a little Israelite captured by everything which was wrong, and He said:...Come down Zacchaeus, come on down. Now men say:..but some men turn God down. Nay, who hath resisted HIS will? does the thing formed say to he who formed it, why does thou make me thus? 'All that was given unto me of the spirit shall come, and He who comes I will in no wise cast out'. So here goes out your American Evangelism...out...at once. 'No man can come unto me except the spirit giveth it to him, and I will raise them up in the last days.'

Now; I don't think we have to question the theopany of Jesus, there is no if's in it. It was a total absoluteness, a total victory an absolute. So what transpires therefore...one can live with Grace, with Peace, live while battling the enemy because we are not battling the kingdom, we are battling the enemy trying to take the kingdom. We are battling a force of darkness which brings pain, sickness, death, evil, catastrophe, this is our enemy. There isn't anything that is beyond the capacity of Judgment to do what has to be done, if he has to be destroyed, if he has to be put back into the dimensions from whence he comes the first thing HE is going to do is not to permit the darkness to control the Kingdom. There isn't anyone who has as much grief as someone who acts like a spiritual moron, and yet maybe they give lip service to God, and yet they talk like a pirate, but they can't get it out of their system, its raised in them. Sometimes these people thru out the country are so selfish they will hurt people, they will some times end up working for the wrong side. Take today, lets say there are some things the President might do..that he knows better. He is perceived better, or he would never have gotten elected out of Texas. Now he is doing what his advisors around him are advising him to do, and you say what are you going to do with this fellow? Well, he is not as far out as Lucifer and God is going to capture Lucifer, so I can look at that fellow and know that there is Grace enough for this. Oh, there is not enough Grace in me...for I would drive him out of office if I could, because God says you are responsible for the Kingdom, you are to battle everything which hinders, when the people call for them to turn and they won't, then take them out of the way. God told them back in the Old Testament...when these rascals double crossed them...to take them out and stone them. Someone said:...my that is a terrible thing for them to do. No, it is far better to get them back where they came from rather than having them create trouble down here. Of course in those days, in the Old Testament era, His sons went into the Netherworld where they were held captive until Christ came and set them free. Then He brought his many sons unto Glory, for when He did the work of His Melchizedek Priesthood He went right down into the Netherworld and preached to them and then took every last one of them out of there. He brought His many sons unto Glory. Therefore the day will come when you will be Priests unto the uttermost parts of the earth.

Someone said:..but what will we do with all these other people? Well, they will never become your kinsmen in that you are sons and daughters of God, but something can be done with them, something can be synthesized in there. There is a rather significant statement which says:..'They shall be made new creatures, and it shall be in the cosmos of their being.' In otherwords it is possible for a new wavelength to be built right into them by a transition of energy and we are going to be co-creators with the Father. And by the very Word of Truth..the creative word which shall go forth out of you, then you are going to remold, and remake new creatures out of people all over the world. After all..now they may hate you but you are their best hope, because our family is going to perform a Priesthood forever. We are a kingdom of Priests and a holy nation. Oh, maybe not in perfect behavior, but in a perfect spirit which the Father shall bring thru Light and Glory to a complete fruition until soul consciousness and physical beings shall be perfected. God said:..when the day comes, when I present you to me there will not be a spot or blemish, if you don't think God means this all the way...then He also says that there will not be any aging, but perfect health and virility and vitality. The perfection of an endless life physically, perfect without spot or blemish. Just think they will have to change all their T.V. commercials..see..they won't be selling any cigarettes for that is one thing the sons of God will quit using. They won't be selling all this beauty cream because we won't need that, and all the listerine and so forth for you won't be sick. Mortal will have put on Immortality so there will be a lot of things they won't sell. So a lot of things they won't be able to sell you because you will no longer need them. But what I want you to understand is that He is going to restore you physically and mentally because you are going to know and to think even as HE thinks, and as you were known. This is quite an item too, and a lot of people think they will be bored as the world gets so good, but maybe they are not fishermen. But they don't know what is out there in the Universe either, there is so many things we are going to be able to do. 'Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, all the things there are to do and yet people are worried about being bored? The thing which bores me is that we have to spend so much time fighting for the Kingdom that we don't have time to do the things we like to do. Yet you couldn't give it up if you wanted to.

Someone said:..wouldn't it be boring if the world all behaved itself, but no I don't think so, there would be a lot of time for things you need to do, we wouldn't have time to catch up with things. With all those trillions of suns out there, then there must be things to do. Its been a long time since we were out there, maybe a lot of places we never got to, so we aren't bored with anything.

Probably only those who know these truths are the ones who have these vistas. Other people are worried about a doubtful future. He said:..'I give you Eternal Life, and yet they want another covenant. He said:..I paid it all, neither height nor depth nor principalities can separate you from me. When you think we need a Higher Priesthood..I don't know where you are going to get it because YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is your High Priest. Then He came down here and proved it. Then went back into the heavens and took the scepter hand of authority. He took a human body right up there and put it on the throne in heaven, but wrapped it up in Light. He said:..now, I am once more in the sphere of the Universe, but I took the body of a man up there, a man crucified and resurrected. When He did this He lifted your race up from whence it fell and now you have the right to Immortality. You have the right to Light, to Glory, because He paid it, and it is mine. All I have to have is intelligence enough to take it.

I am going to tell you now that you can have as much now as you have the Faith to take, but not far-removed..in the fullness of this hour we shall know more about this Priesthood than people have any idea. Because It is going to be made manifest, and it already works. Therefore when we say..a holy nation..beside the rest of the world then 'All Israel' is a holy nation. Beside the world with their pagan gods, their voodooism, their witchcraft and their filth, and all these things, beside this the nations of Israel are a holy nation.

Now; someone said:..but what about our slums? They say they have this negro now in charge in L.A. so they are going to clean up the slums. Well, lets look at this, who lives in the slums, who made it slums? It wasn't so long ago that I drove thru Pasadena, the part I used to drive thru years ago. And it used to be beautiful homes and well kept, new buildings were being built, progress was pushing out to the east. But now I drive thru there and its a black belt, and I see the houses running down, the housing areas are being ruined. The slum is made by the people who live there, they make a slum out of it. They throw the dirt, the crud in the back yard, they throw out that which makes it dirty. They keep it dirty on the inside, so the difference is in the inhabitants. So what makes a house look like it does on the outside is what lives inside. So again don't let the slums which show up discredit the nation, because remember there are people in this nation who don't belong here, if they want out the slums would go. And if they hold down other people..well white trash is created by the enemy, not only economically, politically and religiously, but the fact remains that the trash that runs down to find its own level is the only ones who want to fraternize or mingle with the situation. Our greatest problem today is a lack of knowledge, and the Priesthood is responsible to the people, to give them knowledge of the way of God, not only was this a responsibility to teach 'Thus saith the LORD' but the church of the New Testament under the guidance of the Holy Spirit was to become a living oracle. There is no excuse for any church of today not to be teaching 'Thus saith the LORD', and if the church had taught this strong enough and not permitted the enemy to come in we wouldn't have the problems and conditions we have today. So when we talk about a holy nation, still before the MOST HIGH God, this is still God's country. These Christian nations are still as high above these pagan nations as the sun is above the earth. And God is not finished, He is not defeated, He has not given up, He is taking them thru and the processes they are going thru is a part of His administration to bring them unto Himself in the way He wants them to come. And they will perform, everyone of you are going to perform the highest type of Priesthood, the Universe has ever witnessed among the people outside of your family. Ye are each one to a degree a Priesthood in your own family, to this degree that each is responsible for his own family. Not only responsible for their conduct but responsible for 'the word' which goes out. So God will bring all things to fulfillment.

QUESTION:...Well, all I wanted to find was where it said....you were with HIM before the cosmos.

ANSWER:...This is before the foundation of the world. 'Ye are they who were with me from the beginning'...the word is cosmos, that is in the Greek. This is in the Book of John...'Ye were with me before the world was framed'...after all there are many things tied to that. Your name was written in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. You were predestinated...now remember you had to be a being because God predestinated you to conform to His own being, in perfection and righteousness with the power of His Resurrection before the world was framed. Then... the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy, and you were there because 'all of them shouted for joy'....see? QUESTION:...You have mentioned several old books, like the Book of the Bee and etc?

ANSWER:...These were old scrolls carried by our race. We know that Noah had them on the Ark, that Seth had them, and Adam had them, and after the flood they were in the caves where Noah resided, and because of these scrolls and records this was called the Caves of the Treasury. So these scrolls from the Cave of the Treasury make up some of the oldest literature of our history. They were copied and diligently kept alive. The Essene Company had these, and this is why we tell you that there was 163 scrolls, some real old going back to the days of Noah, and to Adam and some not so old. But they make up the areas of Scripture which the council of Nicea threw out. 153 of them were known as excellent, the other 10 were historical but not necessarily inspired. But 153 is the displacement factor and they threw them out.

QUESTION:...Are any of these available?

ANSWER:...Yes, I have them, or did have them in some cases.

QUESTION:...I meant anywhere else?

ANSWER:...Oh, I don't know. I looked a long time for some of them. But I have had some of them stolen right out of here. I had scrolls taken, and I haven't been able to replace them. I had old volumes taken, you see these old scrolls were published sometimes 20 to 30 a volume. The 365 scrolls of Enoch were published in 1672 in England. Then the Episcopal church didn't want them, and tried to suppress them because they taught things they now wanted to suppress, just as Rome did. But the older Books of the Bee and the Books of Seth, when the head of the British Museum Ethnic head did a lot of work..Doctor Budge was the man..he also Translated the 'Egyptian Book of the Dead'. I have this translation of the scrolls also, of those in the Cave of the Treasury. He found whole copies of these when he was over where they were doing Hittite excavations..by Wooley, from the city of Ur and so forth. When this stuff came in some of these contained copies of the very scrolls that went back to the days of Adam that our race had. Some were on mud plates, some were scrolls, and he translated fragments of what he had, and these are called...his book of 'The cave of the Treasures' and I have these right here in my Library. Tells about the difference between the Sethite and these other races, way back in the time of Adam. So I am always probing these musty old book stores for they don't know what they have.

In 1600 to 1850 the curiosity of the literary world in seeking out all areas of religious historical tradition caused them to record, and copy things they didn't even know how to interpret, but for these we hunt. Now we do have in our safe one of the 3 volumes known as 'The Court of the Nations' which goes back and reviews all the old scrolls and records that were in the British Library before it burned down. It came out of the Alexandrian Library which was burned down. Remember Alexander the Great built that great library down there. But later after Constantine became Emperor they became so wrought up as Christians wanting to get rid of heresy in the world that they burned up that great library, that collection of scrolls of everything known in the world. The only thing was that the Priests who were the keepers of the library, then went into the underground tunnels that Alexander built which came right out on the beach and they brought out scrolls and buried them in the sand, they wrapped them in parchment and then took them away in boats. They were priceless and up in Britain where our House of Israel was located, then our merchants used to come down and go thru the Pillars of Hercules and into the Mediterranean and they discovered these rare things, and they used to trade for them, and these scrolls were taken back to the Druid University in London and they had what was called...The Library of London, and later it became known as the British Library. So they had these old scrolls and they translated them diligently. Esoph Gale was the name given to a man who was the highest master, the High Priest, called sometimes a Wizard. He held the job like Aaron, and he had the Breastplate, all the jewels on it, and this man translated all these that he could translate and they were known then as 'The Court of the Nations'. Then right after this 1000 volumes were printed in English, the Queen was behind this work, and then the British Library burned down and all these priceless scrolls like those in Alexandria of Egypt were gone. But some years later someone remembered that the Masonic Order, which was the Master Builders, and Druidry, and the Masters of the Rose Cross...had decided that all these scrolls should be translated into English as the sum total of the knowledge of the race, of the religion, all this should then be recorded in 'The Court of the Nations'...and there is a copy of this today in the British Library. You can't take it out but I understand they have photocopied every page and you can now look at the photostatic copy of the original.

Well some years ago the Rosicrucians found one of this book and I think that it was Manley Hall who found it somewhere in a Library over in Europe. So when he notified the world that he had found it then the Masonic Order and others commissioned him to go thru it and produce a volume of the sum total of these Divine and Historical Truths and Mysteries which were in it. So that is when they brought out this huge volume with 600 people putting up $1,000.00 a piece to get this book in print. I have one of these copies out here, and it took all the money to print the book, some of it is even in color. You used to be able to get a smaller edition, small print thru Masonic Order. But Manley had this book but he never interpreted it right for he was Blavatskized by Madam Blavatsky whom she was the reincarnation of Lilth the Serpent woman. Isis..she was a Satanic Devil, a Jewess. She mutilated and destroyed the great mysteries. She also put out some very extreme volumes that should never be touched by the average person. Once they get involved with Blavatsky they get taken over. And she made a vegetable in my interpretation out of Manley Hall who went over then to India to study, and he got Elephanitis and everything else. He is not the brain he once was and he has deteriorated under this influence. Then one day I got a call from a book hunter and he said:..Dr. Swift I bought a whole Library which was stored in trunks in a Scottish Castle. The outside was moldy but the books inside were fine. He said I found some of the books you wanted. I found this 'Court of the Nations'...or to the Gentiles, and I found another one, but I don't know what to charge you for them. But I am going to divide them up for what I paid for the whole thing, and I will add on a fair percentage of profit, and sell it to you. So I bought the book at a silly price, the only 3 known existent copies in the world, and this one is here in my safe. That is why I can bring out some facts that there is no where else you can get them from. If you could find another book like this one I would give you $1,000.00 for it, and a new one I might even double that.

But these things come...the LORD provided...see? And everything He gives me in vision to proclaim He soon gives me the evidence to support the vision.