02-03-65 Bible Study Q&A


Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...Did you see the program on T.V. about Stonehenge? And was it authentic?

ANSWER:...I did not see it as I was away from home, but we know how it was built and by whom. It was built by our ancestors, and built prior to the advent of Israel into the Isles. It was built by Aryans who had proceeded them, and they had gone to Avebury because this was to be located at the very place they wanted it to be. There was also Do-Ring's over on the Persian Gulf like this, and up in Burma in the Himalaya Mountains. Our forbearers had gone into India from there given them the highest order of civilization they had ever seen, had sent their savants into the highlands of Burma, and there set another Stonehenge. These 3 citing places, like the Great Pyramid were set to measure, not only for the procession of the equinoxes, but with them they could measure accurately the furthermost areas of the positioning of the moon and its changes, over the cycle of years as every six to nine years there is an alternating cycle, but they set those stones so perfectly that they could get the exact movement in relation to the planets of the Solar System, and their alignments. And they were watching and using this not only for the complete dates for the equinoxes, but they were waiting for certain configurations in the heavens. The one which was most important for them was for this Embodiment and coming of the Messiah.

This race of ours had this knowledge as to what to look for every since the days of Enoch, and even earlier. Remember our forbearers came down out of the High Steppes of the Tien Shan Mountains, and then out of the Tarim Basin. They came down to the Persian Gulf, and then some migrated on down to the areas of Ur of the Chaldeas and there later Nimrod would set up his kingdom. Some migrated into India which had already fallen under Lucifer and Pagan gods and they brought their high culture to that land. In fact history shows that Indians had their highest history under the Aryan invasion. We set a cast system in place immediately so as not to let our society be destroyed in that land by an inferior society, some were already really untouchable. But in setting up this cast system we gave them the advantage of our knowledge and wisdom, but not to the breaking down of our blood. Eventually of course there was some inter-mixing which was the result of the Mongol invasion because the Aryans were so outnumbered, so unable to hold the line completely. In the Vedic writings where great truths were incorporated, which was messed up later by Hinduism, the early writings tell of what was brought in by our race, and what was accomplished in the time we were there. If you were a student of chronology today or have studied races by headshape and anatomy, you will find that there were Aryans who controlled India at one time, that some of this blood fused through India, and perhaps there is still pockets of Aryans there today, and they are classified as Hindu, altho Caucasian type but not altogether of India. When you see these Hindu, although they have the head shape of the Caucasian type, though they have many no-Caucasian types, although they do have this frontology, and this came from the heavy Aryan stock which came into India in early times.

These people were the sons of Seth, and up to the time of Enoch and Job, for Adam left the Steppes about 5400 B.C. to 5000 B.C., and now we find Enoch and Job in this panorama of history, for Enoch was writing about his trip into the heavens back about 5000 B.C. Therefore it was close to this or soon after when he and Job led their great company down into Egypt carrying the 'Eye of YAHWEH' which protected them from the hosts of the Priests of Darkness Set and Soth, who wanted to destroy these white men coming in. After that encounter there wasn't much problem for them from then on. The writings of Enoch and Job date back about to the time of 5000 to 4000 B.C. in that period of time.

Remember that the sighting factors of Stonehenge, Do-Rings and the High Himalaya Ring of Stones are all the product of the white man coming in and building, to show this lore of measuring the sky, of understanding the pro- cession of the equinoxes, and knowing the world was round was specifically a white man's knowledge. This was true of course in the Temple of Zendera where they set up the signs of the equinoxes, and all patterns of it. There again the cycle shows the movement of the planets and their revolutions, and the earth and its revolution. So today studying this Temple that the white men built in Egypt, it is every clear that they knew that the world was round, that it made its orbit and they knew the positions of the Solar System. So here we have 612 stars of from first to seventh magnitude which we could see with the eye, and these are set in this Temple. So all of these 612 stars could be sighted through the night as they moved in their positions. The stars are always there, we shift north and south on our axis according to our ecliptic from summer to winter, and in summer we see different stars than we do in the winter time because of this shift, but except for this slight motion the stars are always in the same place, in their latitude, and longitude whereas it is only the planets that move. Thus we know that these Aryans who came into India established that civilization in about the same time as the people who provided the parentage for Enoch and Job and their great company...and they migrated down into old Mesopotamia, and then on down into what we know as Palestine. Enoch and Job lived in that location of what is now known as Jerusalem, and they were the first to name that city 'Urusalem' rather than Jerusalem because it was a City of Peace, the City of the God of Peace. It was quite a city, and basically it was also an agriculture site, and they had great herds. The flocks and herds were grazed all around the outside of this city, and the people were supported by their herds and agriculture. It was then from this city that Enoch and Job gathered their savants to go down into Egypt. So...at approximately the same time...shall we say...maybe 100 years be- tween the periods of 5100 B.C. and 5000 B.C., or maybe not over 50 years this is the time table when Aryans moved into India also and then built that observing center high up in the Himalayas. Now it is possible that we might have even a 200 years of differentiation here, in that Enoch had to have his experience, for he was taken into space by messengers and travel- ed in this great ship and was shown all those mysteries and then was told to write. Of course Job had his experience also but these two and their company then went down into Egypt to build this great city..ON..and eventually the Great Pyramid and put the measures and so forth within it. Now; knowing that this had to be the prelude before the going into Egypt it is a practical thing to believe that the actual knowledge concerning how to set up this sky measure may not have taken place until after the 100 years or so..and before he migrated into Egypt. One of the first things we know is that Enoch must have communicated what he had been taught, then runners carried this knowledge to all the outposts of our race. They had to carry it back to the Sethite Sons to get the full story as to what they were watching for, and vice versa...everywhere there were white men living, whether in Persia, in High India, in Britain, or down in Egypt, this same knowledge of what to look for, and what signs were to come and so forth. We know that the migration of Israel into Europe as the Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians, Basque, and Lombards and so forth did not take place until Shalmanezzar the Assyrian gave them their freedom from captivity as the tribes of Israel. We know when the captivity of Israel took place, we know that the last of the tribes to fall took place in 586 to 584 B.C., when Babylon took the last of Judah and Benjamin captive. We know there was no migration of Israel segment into Europe except for the Sythians who migrated about 80 years before the rest of them, forming the Greek settlements of Sythia..which is Greece and which was thus the first set up. Then the rest of Israel came through the Caucasus Mountains. When they came into Britain as the House of Joseph they found white men already there called the Picts. These were Aryans, they were very primitive, they had not built great cities, but they had built this great observatory. They had built stone dwellings some covered with mounds of dirt, some were made of wood, Wattle..so there were dwellers in Britain when the Israelites arrived. The Tribe of Dan settled in Denmark for their nation, but part of the Tribe of Dan went on over into Ireland. Thus Ireland is made up partly of Danites and partly of the Picks..in its beginning, and these Danites who settled in Ireland were part of the descendants of the Throne of David. Part of the rebels who had gone out with the Danites and others of the Ten Tribes produced...Heremon of Ireland, and he was King over Ireland when Judah and Benjamin in Palestine were taken captive by Babylon. This Heremon..King of Ireland about 586 B.C., was of the Davidic line ruling over the Anglo-Saxon people which were settled down in Europe to the extent that now we have Heremon a descendent of Israel seed who had settled in Ireland. But the predominate seed for the Isles was to be now the Anglo-Saxon of the House of Joseph, and with Picks and Danites having the Throne of David in Ireland ruling over them. This is why we find that Jeremiah took Tea Tephi the daughter of Zedekiah referred to in the Book of Ezekiel as the 'Tender Twig' ..took her and planted this tender twig by the great waters and plantations (Ezekiel 7). The Throne later was to be transplanted from Ireland to Wales, from Wales to Scotland, into the full heart of Anglo-Saxondom where it rests today in London, thus knitting the Isles together. But all this time..we know that Stonehenge was built so we would say that there was a period of 4500 years of existence for Stonehenge before any of the Anglo-Saxon brethren arrived. But when our Anglo-Saxon brethren arrived they carried in their minds a knowledge of the wisdom and mystery which basically came out of the Masonic Lore, of the Temple teaching which goes back to Enoch and Job. So in these mysteries of Enoch and Job were the Mysteries of the Skies, because this was never codified in writing until it was put there by Enoch, except in the 'Book of the Bee'..the Zohar, as well as the Book of Jasher and these are considered as having been added to, and this adding lasted over quite a period of time because the things God taught them through Divine Revelation went into these Books. These contain- ed the information that there would be certain signs in the heavens to mark the coming of the Messiah. That two great wanderers would come together, that as they came together for the third time the Messiah would be born. This would climax the pregnancy of Mary, this ultimate conjunction at the time of the birth of THE CHRIST.

Remember this was all known back in the time of Seth, this son of Adam. And the gestations which took place for the cleansing of the womb after Adam was driven out of Eden may have climaxed in ten or twelve years, then came the birth of Seth, and this gives us a pretty close dating for Stonehenge of an erection somewhere around 5000 B.C.

When our forefathers went into the Isles, one of the Great Wisdom symbols of their learning involved what was called Druidry. And remember that we went in with our tribal background, we had our High Priests in Anglo-Saxondom who were similar to the High Priests of early Israel. But once the seed of the throne was transplanted into the Isles of Britain were well known as the 'Household of Israel.' This is where Joseph of Arimathea owned his 'hides of land'. Here is where the first Christian Church was built. Here is where Jesus while visiting after going there on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea built the little Wattle church of Glastonbury. Here after Christ's Ascension Mary was taken by Joseph of Arimathea and some of the Apostle's and here she was to live out her years where she would not be persecuted by the Palestine Jews. This was the land owned by Joseph of Arimathea. This place where Mary was to stay had a fresh water well called... 'Mary's Well', it has always had good, cold, clear water. This is at Glastonbury as well as this Tomb of Glastonbury, and there is no doubt but that Mary was buried there. She was not bodily taken into the heavens...she was buried there. In Ireland is the tomb of Jeremiah which they called in Irish ..Ollah Fallah..the one who brought this Princess. This is a part of their lore and they know what Thor or Mound his grave is in. So here is the Thor which their ancient lore says was also where they buried the 'Ark of the Covenant' which then was taken to Westminster Abbey when it was built on land which was also owned by Joseph of Arimathea. Westminster Abbey is the House of God Westward, while Jerusalem was the House of God Eastward. Here in the floor...just before the Coronation Chair is a slab of stone, and all these Mosaics are fitted in. And this is a hollow slab which is the exact size of 'The Ark of the Covenant'. Records show that Ancient Druids and Masonic Leaders took the ARK out of its dwelling place in the cave, took the handles off and put it under the floor of Westminster Abbey. Tradition says that this is where the 'Ark of the Covenant' rests today. Some say the Ark of the Covenant was taken into the heavens until the return of Christ but there is evidence that an Ark was brought to London along with hose other things which Jeremiah brought, such as the Cellars of Salt which to- day are in the British Tower of London and are used at Coronation time. All these things go back as does the genealogy chart on the walls of Buckingham Palace, from the Queen of England back to David. This chart takes this genealogy of Tea Tephi brought to Ireland by Jeremiah right back to Zedekiah. The Scripture tells us that (in Ezekiel) when all the sons of Zedekiah were killed as the King of Babylon came and Zedekiah was taken to Babylon, that a tender twig off the tree was taken and planted by great waters, and it grew to be a great branch which spread out over the walls, grew in one of the highest nations of God's Kingdom. Then HE dried up the Green Tree and caused the Dry Tree to flourish, thus the throne was transferred and planted.

The fact is that these men of Ancient Druidry knew what Stonehenge was built for. They knew it was to measure the equinoxes, they had this in their lore, still alive from the days of the founding of Masonic Wisdom. It was known in the days of Solomon, David knew and it shows a lot in his writings...this secret lore, and as the Spirit moved upon him he wrote in the Psalms of these things. In fact a person who was a 'Pure Light Carrier' who hadn't gone through Masonry with a bang to be able to join The Shriners or something, if they had not been 'Piked' and messed up by the invasion which tried to change the doctrine of Masonry just like today they invade the church, they would discover if they read with their eyes open..these Psalms..and would get thrill after thrill from the Masonic Wisdom hidden away in the Psalms, because these secrets just keep bouncing out. If one had these 163 Books, or Scrolls, which contained so much of the Wisdom of God, it is my personal belief that if we had these 163 scrolls intact today we would finally throw out ten of them. I am of the opinion that there were as many inspired scrolls as there is in the displacement factor. And just as Jesus had them count the fish in the net. I think there was 153 inspired scrolls or sacred writings. I think ten of them are phoney like the 'Songs of Solomon' and the 'Book of Esther', and some of the others. But I think there were 153 inspired scrolls just as there were 153 ...1/4 of 612 Illuminaries, for this was the displacement factor involved in the fall of our race.

When we violated Divine Law we had lost the Aura of Divine Light and Glory and the Law of 'Sin and Death' took over in our physical bodies, then the gestation period was cut from 369 days to nine months, and then women brought forth children with pain and suffering. And we were cut off from three months of all the Celestial vibrations of the Universe. So this left us incomplete and under the Law of 'Sin and Death'.

Now; the reason why the Zodiac measure was so important was that in the Gospel message of the Stars, when God had consummated His purposes and became embodied in earth, had fulfilled His work as Messianic completers to restore His people, when this transpired He would have finished the Law of Judgment and restored us back to our status of LIFE. He would have been our completers and would have set aside all the displacement which evil had caused. He cited that this might not be understood until the day when HE finished HIS measure, and the second alignment pattern came in with the KING OF KINGS joining His people in finishing His Kingdom in earth. This being...now then remember that in Christ's Atonement He paid the price, HE restored us by Spirit and by Faith, with no condemnation resting on us. And according to our Faith to perceive it, and the function which was to climax in these latter days, but was available as we had the capacity to perceive ...the Spirit of The Christ..the Law of Atonement now restored to us this which only He the Completers and the Capstone alone could do, giving back to us what we had lost by the original fall of our race. So we have the displacement factor of 152, or everyone accordingly at their birth was just incomplete three months. This is the Law of 'Sin and Death'..this was the quantum of design, this was why everyone would have certain tendencies much alike according to when they were born, would be effected by the same vibratory impact of the Universe. But in this pattern there would all the guilt complexes be adjusted by this, and it would give people a life expectancy as to when they would expect to die. Psychiatrists realize today that people build up, and when they probe for the least common denominator between the background of their parents and their forefathers, they get the idea that they are just going to live just so long. Some think they are going out in 70 or 80 years, and then some of us don't think we are going at all. But the reason why we think that is that we have accepted the completion and the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus which is ref- erred to in his Mystery which the Apostle Paul in the Book of Romans refers to...'Has made us free from this law of sin and death. This does not mean that you do not make mistakes, but you have accepted this Atonement. Other people accept it in their mind, but they are anticipating the setting up of the clock work which brings on organic disorder which causes age. This is why that when we reach the end of this age that Spiritual revelation is to be restored. The Spiritual energy and the kind of energy this will release with the energy which will move out of a Celestial consciousness was to start rebuilding the human body of our race, and before the climax of this age God said He would do a short work of Righteousness, and after this:... 'I come'. He is to present His people unto Himself, His Household without one spot, wrinkle or blemish. In otherwords this is Restored LIFE, this is completion. This means that what we lost by coming as a nine month gestation because of the fall...He now the completers has now completed. And the Spiritual vitality, the flow of spiritual force from the Father to the children, this as is admitted by the soul consciousness..as we reach out to receive this...we then synthesize ourselves into the plans of God to reach out to Eternity. As we think in terms of race, and destiny and origin, and purpose we are already rebuilding that which the anticipation of friction and fears would destroy. Therefore this is why we know that our forefathers were vitally concerned for this, for this lore was deep in Druidry, deep in the inner core of the Light Carriers which was Masonry. It is true that they used the term Magician which is not a good word today, but the word Magician comes from the Wisdom of the Magi, and the Magi were our Sethite forefathers. For remember that Job was a Magi, and Enoch was a Magi, they were Sethites of God's Israel...Princes ruling in earth, before the name Israel was placed on Jacob to become a National Name.

But remember this...in this issue, these men were Patriarchal leaders, Astronomers, Scientists, Divinely taught at high levels. The Wisdom in the 'Secrets of Enoch' and the astronomical observation that they inspired to make, and their knowledge of various laws of physics caused them to be able to lift massive stones which we can't lift today without a locomotive derrick and then not fit them like they did, proves that this Divine Wisdom given to Enoch and Job and to our race at that time was of intense scientific value. And with this extreme and high spiritual intellectual reality we haven't been able to find today any area of contemporary science which is accurate as they were able to do at that time, tho we do have our skyscrapers, our bridges, and our technology which proves that there is nothing we have set our minds to do that our areas of inspiration cannot accomplish. The fact is that we have not fathomed some of the things they did without machinery to do it with.

So it was known that these men who could use such intense spiritual wisdom or such dynamic concentration were called Magicians. Because they could use spiritual wisdom and direct application of power without machinery to get the job done, and such men who carried this wisdom were called Magi. Some of them did not always have all the knowledge of physics, but many of them were Astronomers. This is why when the Aryan Princes arrived, these Magi...with the fourth one delayed that they were to say:..'We have seen His star'..we have come to worship HIM...and that is why they called them Magi...because they came from these Divinely taught Savants of our Race. They devoted their lives to keeping alive and passing on this know- ledge. So in the early Wisdom Schools and in certain areas today they knew what this power was for.

Now; there are some things I cannot discuss tonight about Britain... about Druidry and London, but I can tell you this that while these men (on this T.V. special) spent several hours on this symposium..there were some great intellectuals in Britain who could take them into a Huge Oak Grove.. into a very fine underground grotto where there is one of the finest Temples in Druidry today, and there show them the whole thing. In fact we have a friend high up in education in San Diego, and he attended our meetings and he discovered the great mystery of the two Obelisks..the one to Ephraim on the Thames, and the one to Manasseh in Central Park in New York City. So when I told him that on them was written the history of the House of Joseph, that one said:..'the mark of Ephraim may this follow his path, and the other said:..the mark of Manasseh may this follow his path..that these two were set up by Queen Hatshepsut in honor of Joseph and they were named after his two sons then he was more interested. They tell the whole story of how Joseph rose in Egypt to a position of great power and splendor and how he had married Asenath and to them two sons were born. Told that Joseph had contributed, how he had made with wisdom the right decisions in the hour of their famine and so forth, how these two Houses of Joseph would be received with honor..how he had married into this line of Magi people, this white Race Priesthood of the city of ON..how Asenath the daughter of the Priest of ON was of this white line. Joseph did not marry an Egyptian he married Asenath the daughter of Pontipher of the Aryan Sethite line. So here is the facts by the Egyptians themselves that Joseph's two sons were from this strange white aristocracy which ran this mystery city of ON, with its Temple of the Sky which had all this wisdom.

This man from our meeting went to New York and he looked at this Obelisk, and it is a little weather beaten from the freezing and cold changing weather. But remember that it was because of our participation in Egypt's archaeology in digging up the old treasures of Egypt, making this a lucrative business for Egypt as people came to see the tombs, so Egypt feeling kindly toward America and Britain gave us these two Obelisks. One was set up in Britain and one over here. But by strange design and destiny the one they gave us has on it...the mark of Manasseh...'may this follow his steps'. It has been more weather beaten from the changing weather pat- terns than the one in Britain, but when it first arrived the letters were very sharp. Men of our land then knew what was on it, but when I told this man at our meeting he went to New York, to the Museum of Natural History, to the room of the Egyptian Archaeology and he asked them if they could tell him what was on the Obelisk? They said no...but when it first arrived they had taken an impression of it. This impression had been permanently photographed and this Egyptologist could not tell him what it said...but it has been set up in the days of Queen Hatshepsut, and it was one of her Needles. So this man said:..'I already know what is on it for my Pastor in California told me what it says.' They said:..'that is strange, when did he come here and translate this?' Mr. Proctor said:..Well, he just said that this is part of the mark of the House of Joseph, and this needle says that this is the mark of Manasseh. The other one over in England says...'This is the mark of Ephraim'. The man from the Museum said he would take this over to the Egyptologist, and they went to him and he said:..'All I know is that it relates to the Dynasty of Queen Hatsetsput, and it relates to the time of about...oh, in the early history of Egypt especially in the second or third Dynasty, so I will check it out. Are you going to be here for a few know what is on it, and the Museum Egyptologist asked then what is it? Mr. Proctor told him it was the history of the House of Joseph, and even George Washington knew that.

When Mr. Proctor went back to the Museum he and the curator went down to the Egyptologist and said...Did you get this translated? The Egyptologist said:...'I am amazed, you are right, this has the history of Joseph on it, and this is the Joseph who went into Egypt of the Bible record. It is the story of who he married, of his two sons and how he was received and honor- ed inside of Egypt. This man then said to Mr. Proctor..I would like to know more about this and how you knew? My friend said:..well you do not know of the history of this whole race and the migration of it you do not under- stand, but this is a part of the lore of the Ancient Wisdom Schools of the race, carried down as to what was on those two Obelisks..they knew this, and the knowledge has been carried down to this day. It is a Masonic Secret of 'The Light Carriers' and a Druid secret which was known to George Washington. Altho he was a Master Mason, he did not go into all those foolish pagan rites, and he did not go into silly Jewish shrines. This Masonry was a 'Light Carrier' unit. He knew that the Pyramid was an ideal symbol of a Messianic building, that he was a part of the Destiny which related to the House of Joseph, and was tied into the two sons of Joseph and the Anglo- Saxons.

Well, when Mr. Proctor arrived in England he went to the British Museum and he asked them if they knew what was on the pillar out there on the Thames embankment. Since they did not know, he told them what was on it and what was on the one over here. So they said:..we will go and check this as we have all the plates drawn from it. We can tell you in a few minutes if it starts out like this:...sure enough it said:..'The mark of Ephraim'. Now; I had gotten this information from Professor Totten of Yale University, for he had gone back to all the things that George Washington and Benjamin Franklin and John Adams had used when they chose various emblems, tied them into our Scriptures...why they had made the Washington Monument an Obelisk? You see..the highest Obelisk in the world made the two needles look like toys along side the Washington Monument, but George Washington was a Master Mason and he knew that these two needles existed in Egypt in the time of Queen Hatsetsput. Of course when George Washington was president they were still buried in the sands of Egypt. But George Washington knew about the Sphinx, and the Pyramid, and about the Capstone, knew all about them. A man by the name of ...Tice was writing about these two Obelisks in the 1800's but they did not move them over here and to Britain until after the Civil War, long after George Washington's time. But this shows you how far reaching this knowledge and secrets of this knowledge really are. But in Britain they quite a bit about these things as well. And so our friend...while in Britain went to the Abbetry leaders of Westminster Abbey, and had quite a talk with them. They knew that the Ark was there, that the Stone of Scone was under the Chair. And they sent my friend to Glastonbury and told him to find a certain Rector in a Church who would be the key for him. So while there he took certain keys and information and the Rector was kind enough to pass it on, and Mr. Proctor was introduced to the Chief Druid who holds today the title which belonged to Merlin in the days of King Applestain or later known as King Arthur...this Merlin was Chief High Priest of Israel..in Britain..and he wore the Breastplate with the 12 Stones and was called a Magi, but this was an inner woven pattern. But Mr. Proctor was by permission taken into the OAK TREE, and he beheld all this...was allowed to go through one whole Druid Night, when leaders and statesmen came and assembled here in this vast Oak Grove, in this walled woods. So this friend had a tremendous experience and when he came back he was so bubbling from this experience, and he said:..'I will never doubt again.' I said:..you have confirmed for us this which I never doubt- ed that was true. But your confirmation with your experiences have just established how accurate is our tradition after all the attempts to destroy it.

Strangely, God is bringing all these things together for us. That what so ever we started on there is more and more of it, and we are finding more and more of the pieces. We knew the pieces were right, and now we have the confirmation. Mr. Proctor lived in Pasadena, he is now retired from all activities, is no longer one of the Schoolboard, and now lives in San Diego. But tied into all this lore is also Stonehenge that measured the procession, making it possible for them to know even at the London level that Messiah was to come, was about to come. That they could tell this from Persia, from Burma, and from Egypt as they used the alignment plane from the Pyramid and the sky measure there. We thus know approximately when Stonehenge was made. We know it was never a pagan temple, we know it was to made to behead people like some of the superstitions people think believing that the Druids were a pagan cult, and that they executed people at Stonehenge. There is no truth in that whatsoever. It is true that they used to slay a lamb, and they did this at a proper time in the Solstice. This was in our Ancient Heritage, for this Lamb was a symbol of our Faith..of Atonement. That is why there was a sacrificial altar..old Druidry knew this, and human sacrifice had no place in Druidry either, for this is just as foolish as some of the things they say about you.

QUESTION:...The fifth and sixth holes around Stonehenge, do you know what the significance is there?

ANSWER:...Well, I would have to go to some material I have and would have to determine from whence the numbers came. In setting up Stonehenge it depends on where they start their numbers as to what is the fifth and sixth hole. If they took it from our Aryan forbearers measure then it might not be the fifth or sixth hole today, so I would have to see how it is setting to see if it is the fifth or sixth hole before I give you an answer. I can show you a Druid Bible.....

QUESTION:...Professor Hawkins said these were to tell the eclipses of the moon.

ANSWER:...Well, Eclipses when they come, they don't always come with pure regularity, so that the eclipse would always occur in some one of these centers of these holes. But if one went to these centers to observe an eclipse through it, and cited across the ring they could find the relationship of this eclipse to the pattern of the alignment, and could know just where on the face of the earth this eclipse could be a total one, or if it was.

I can bring an Astrolabe out here and I can rotate it and it does not make any difference what day of the year, from here on out, and we can show just what the sky will look like from this in earth, if we can see through it. this is on the Asterolobe, its all there. And with this same equipment I can take the setting circles on my quesatr, or I can take an affirmer as to the position, latitude and longitude, and the position of the conjunctioning of the planets, and come back over here on the ring and show you exactly where they are going to be, and the exact configuration, what the great configuration is going to be. But they also did this with that great Big Stonehenge. Those fellows did this right down from the days of Enoch so they were pretty smart. We can go into this later more in detail with photo graphs and charts. All we have to do is throw the image on the wall and talk about it.

QUESTION:...Would you want to explain about this group research? ANSWER:...'Group Research' was set up by a bunch of Jews to gain files as far as they were capable of doing on every person they suspect of being ...'on the Right in America'. Having gained this knowledge from his file, then from this time on they learn of his job, and if they see that through their pressure...if they wish to..this man is laid off from his work first. Then as he goes to the employment office he is blacklisted so that he cannot get a job. And they are plotting to force economic destruction upon the Right Wing. Having accomplished destruction..economic destruction..they hope the Right Wing will turn outlaw, and to crime so they will be able to throw them into Penitentiaries or shoot them down without to much trouble. The only thing they overlook is that there is more of us than there is of them. So we must catalyze the strength of our society so the Jews don't determine who the majority of us hire. Now; don't think you can run out of here and escape from this because they already have you pinpointed, I can assure you of this. All over the streets, down town, the ear and the eye of the Jew and their proselytes are there to listen, and they are aware of anything which might relate to them, or maybe someone will come out strong for say..Goldwater..and this would still be enough to identify them as being 'Right'. It wouldn't make any difference if someone was opposed to Socialism or wanted to deport all the Communists, or someone was against the disarmament program or the United Nations, then they made the record in 'Group Research', and are recorded.

Now; I happen to know, and there are a couple here who also know, that one of our associates was able to tape one of the centers for 'Group Re- search' information, and while there found a file they were then classifying on the Christian Defense League. Whether the world knew or not that it was doing a lot..the Jewish Defense League knew it, and they had the names on a board, and were running them through for 'Group Research' classification. They had every other Patriotic group also, but fortunately they just happened to be classifying the Christian Defense League at the time he was there in this establishment. Without the man who was there aware of this organization a casual question brought up this answer.

Now; I happen to have the documents published in newspapers across the entire nation, in all the Hearst Newspapers, as to how 'Group Research' operates. And how successfully they were in going out to economically take over and destroy the Right Wing. They may feel so successful today with this 'Great Society' that they feel confident as to what they will accomplish with their strength in the Congress, and figure to do it with legislation, and force us to jump through their skip rope. But I will tell you something, they better keep their noses to the grindstone. Instead of any design for surrender, or retreat, or go back in a corner and watch and see ...we as a people must become more aggressive than ever before. We must win more people, get out more tapes to more people. Every design which Lucifer can come up with to stop tapes, not just because we are putting them out, but I believe tonight that the size of the tape expanse, its circuits and multiplicity in numbers that this is the strongest educational, alerting wave of explosive attack on the enemy which exists. With all these big organizations, moving, and spending millions of dollars in literature like the Hargis machine, and fundamentalist ministerial associations, and all these others, I still tell you that because of the area of coverage, the alerting of the people who multiply and repeat it, I think we are doubling the number of people this year who will think 'Right', who will keep the Faith and our national Destiny. The thing which makes it possible is the vast number of people it takes to catalyze this. So 'Group Research' can twiddle their fingers but they can't stop this. There is so many people waking up to become aware of what is going on, so we are not going to let up until there can be enough pressure on the various hiring agencies in this area.

QUESTION:...Do you think these fire arm bills will pass? ANSWER:...There is always that possibility but these fire arm bills are not yet coming out of committee. They have had several little corney ones up but they haven't come out of committee. I am assured that the pressure is going to be terrific and they will never get them out of committee. Besides, the politicians can't afford to disturb three million sportsmen in just one field alone, to say nothing of all the pistol clubs, and all the fire arms, and sporting goods industry..to big a lobby. The man who does that will never be President.

QUESTION:...What do you think of this petition to repeal Brown? ANSWER:...It probably wouldn't be advantageous to discuss this in Bible Study then they can't say we are directing a political position, but as far as Brown is concerned, because of his conduct he deserves it...earned it. QUESTION:...I am a little confused between the Torog and the Tungus man, or are they the same?

ANSWER:...Well the Tungus man is the oldest identification of record, of man on earth. We have fossils now which go back 1 1/2 million years. And pieces of fossils and evidence of civilizations and artifacts and so forth. We have fossils and technological dating for 600,000 years of the Tungus man from the Steppes of Asia, and he wandered all over the earth. Now the Tungus man was living in the area which is now the Sahara Desert. But it was once a land of great forests, but here they were called the Torog man. And there are some people today, desert tribes, fierce ones, tall ones who are called Torog, but they are not Negroid, nor Arabs, and they are very light in color, but they have a slight Asiatic cast to the skull. And when classified they come under the Asiatic skull type, and not the white type skull. These fossils of these people called Torog have been found in our time, they have been apparently always wandering nomads, so the word Torog is used interchangeably for migrating, fighting, nomadic Tungus. But the first creation...the Tungus started here in earth, he isn't offspring, he just started here in earth. And there was nothing wrong with them until they came under the Luciferian fall, they might not have been totally responsible for their fall. Just how many species there might have been I can't tell, there is some evidence that there might have been six or seven races here at one time upon the earth. There were mutations and catastrophes in the areas of Lemuria before it went down. But we also have certain universal factors, and we do have very definite Tungus type skulls found with their fossils from the Andes Mountains to Easter Island, and all the way to Sumaria, and down to Samoa and over to Java, and all over Asia. QUESTION:...You did use Torog and Tungus interchangeable then? ANSWER:...Only when I talked about them in certain locations. When they came down around the Mesopotamia area and down into the area of the Sahara Desert. Today some of the most fierce battlers of that area are Torogs. They wear sort of a mask, this is rather strange but when the Torogs ride out to attack they were wearing a garb almost like the KKK. It is very similar to this, it is a type of cloak and sometimes they wear the pointed cap with just a band across the face. But this has no relation to the KKK, but they were doing this over 1000 years ago. In fact the Torogs were going... back in the days of Genghis Kahn, and when we were fighting the Crusades these rascals were there. And they still come sweeping out with their camels and fast horses and they can give a bad time to modern equipment. But with the French and any of the others who are trying to hold down these wild tribes, they can move in now with airplanes, and machine guns, and take care of the situation. I am not to sure they do much about them unless they attack a big oil company pipe line installation.

QUESTION:...Revelation 8...the first verse, is this symbolic? 'When he had opened the seventh seal there was silence in heaven about the space of 1/2 hour', is this symbolic?

ANSWER:...This is exactly what it says. If a day is one year in prophetic measure then one hour is 15 days, and 1/2 hour is 7 1/2 days. In other- words you have this at that scale. But this is indicative of a measure... a long subject but we will get into it here. 'But he saw the 7 angels who stood before God; and to them was given the 7 trumpets, and they stood before the altar with the golden censor'.

The censor is symbolic of the prayers of the Saints. Actually this is the symbol of the catalyst of the awareness of the offspring reaching for spiritual power. Catalyzed together the emanation of the Aura is here referred to and is offered with the prayers of the Saints upon the golden altar which stood before the throne. Now; the smoke of the Incense which came with the prayers of the Saints ascended up before God out of the Angel's hand. This was the catalyst of Light formed of effulgent mist be- fore the throne showing the catalyst of the sons, the energy between heaven and earth untied. Actually we had this same effulgence lifted up back in the Temple when Isaiah came to the Temple. He tells you just what day, then he says he saw the throne of God high and lifted up. And that the Light or Aura of God filled the whole place with smoke.

I will show you this in the Book of Isaiah but you may notice in your references here the affinity between these two. So this was a period of catalyzation, or the charging of the Sons of God with the Will of God prior to their becoming aware of a cycle of acts due to transpire. And as their union in Spirit is synchronized with that of the Celestial throne, then this great catalyst of Light, this energy pattern on a heavenly level is like incense or like effulgent Glory rising before the MOST HIGH. This shows that the Spirit has ignited the consciousness for reception, this effulgent smoke is just radiation Aura or Glory of Spirit.

Let's go back here to Isaiah chapter 6., 'in the year of the king Uzziah when he died, I saw the LORD sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the Temple.' This train is a radiant effulgent Light which came from Him just like a robe reaching out. Just like an Ermine Robe of Royalty, this was effulgent Glory reaching out. And Isaiah saw the Seraphims with HIM who were saying:...'Holy, Holy, Holy YAHWEH OF HOSTS', the whole earth is full of His Glory. Isaiah said that the very door posts were vibrating just like they were breathing before the voice of the Eternal. And the house was filled with something like smoke. This smoke is effulgent Glory so thick that it looked just like clouds.

In the days of the Exodus when YAHWEH came down and stood with Moses as He promised him..after the children of Israel marched from the land of Goshen to the Red Sea...when the Great Shekinah Glory was in a cloud as a cloud of smoke by day and a pillar of fire by night, the word smoke is not proper, it was effulgent Shekinah, thick almost like a mist but an effulgent cloud..not smoke..but GLORY. They could not see through it, they could not see the Capital Ship up there but YAHWEH was with them. Then when they got to the Red Sea here came Pharaoh and his war chariots in behind him. Here was Moses leading 3 million people, but Moses took his staff, the command came and he reached out over the water and a great catalyst of Light, a column of this glory moved right down over the water, and the waters rolled back until these 3 million people moved through on damp but solid ground. But above them went the cloud you are told in Scripture, and in the Zohar it says a column of Light came right down into the water, and it parted and stood on the sides..both sides of them. The last person to cross was Moses, he went behind them with this staff, and when he got to the other side it says:...'THE SMOKE DID RISE INTO THE CLOUD'. In the meantime here came Pharaoh and his army and they ran down between these 18 foot of walls of water and the walls came together and drowned them. This is why they sang in the Song of Moses about Pharaoh and his riders drowning in the Sea.

Now; whenever you get this cloud of smoke, the symbolism of this smoke coming up out of the censor and this incense, and this smoke raises up from the altar and the prayer of the Saints...this is a Mystery. It is all written in symbolic language, but 'Unto you it is given to know, unto them it is not given'.

We have a lot of silly people today who are so superstitious that they are afraid to discuss the Book of Revelation because the last thing it says in the Book is that if any man tries to change one dotting of an 'I' or the crossing of a 't' of anything written in this Book all the curses will be added to him of all the things written in this Book.

Now; this does not actually mean that which is written here..but if we had this in its original text with the accuracy with which John received it on the Isle of Patmos, then no one would..if they understood it want to change it, and anyone who would change it would be the enemy. The fact is that to interpret for fear they will change it. There are some things in here that have been changed. They have changed the instructions for instance given to the overcomers:..'Will I give this and will I give that'...see? Then it is said:..'I will not blot your name out of the Lamb's Book of Life'. If you ever got your name in there it is never removed. God then said to the overcomer will I give unto him, to know, that his name is for- ever in the Lamb's Book of Life. Therefore I Haven't taken anything out of the Book, I just told you what was in it. But what the church did between the King James Version and Rome..they said:..'to the Overcomer I will not blot your name out of the Lamb's Book of Life'. Now they could shake a little whip and say look out you are not an overcomer, you will get your name blotted out, they then put words in God's mouth that HE did not say. But this is a Mystery, the whole process of prayer is different than you think, a very much misunderstood process. It is not just telling God a bunch of things, not by the process of running your lips, or letting God know something. There isn't anything, or anyone, here who is ahead of God. There isn't anyone who can tell God anything He does not know. The day you have to keep a secret from God, something He does not know, that you can tell God, then God has dropped behind you and you don't need Him. So Omniscience is His attribute, so what is this prayer business? Al- right we synchronize the soul and the body as we meditate upon truth. We live where we think and thus our soul consciousness which is our resident personality..as we synchronize our thinking with the thinking of God we call this perhaps meditation, but it is real communion...this is prayer. As we adjust our thinking to the things of God, to those things He is thinking we learn and HE tells us...we don't tell HIM. But at the same time we re- view in our own consciousness because we can't help it, the areas of our conduct or plans as they fit into this. But your prayer is adjusting you, it is not telling God anything. Prayer does not change God it changes things as it relates to you in your perspective of it. By this process then when we talk about the 'Prayer of the Saints', when the children of THE MOST HIGH GOD in the hours of great prophetic purpose, or great world activity, when they become so moved that it is a symbol of their stillness.. the instruction, and their meditation causes the catalyst itself..in the presence of God..and is like Incense rising before God from His Altar then you can know what God is doing..that HE is doing a great work of righteousness...in otherwords HE is teaching His children and they are listening... this is the meaning of this symbol here.

Thus it was as Israel people came before God, the made their sacrifice and listened for His answer. The High Priest would go into the Holy of Holies to get the answer and the incense would rise from the Altar. This is no sacrifice which is burning on an Altar, this is a Living sacrifice in a Living Temple catalyst...as the individual reaches for the guidance of the Father, so that he might perform the areas of his responsibility best. God does this through multiple procedures, He set up His church forever, He set up His ministry. He set up areas of Discernment. But Revelation is working on...two witnesses..church and state. This is the reason why it starts out with the church and its history, throughout the years..a symbolic pattern, and then it works on all the panorama of history from yesterday to tomorrow, and it cuts back and forth with some things overlapping. The Trumpets overlap, the Seals overlap, but the significance of this is based on a very short but empowering concentration of spiritual force, and its reaction, just before the unveiling of the Trumpet.

Now; a lot of these things have already happened, and a lot of them take place over and over. I don't want to work on Revelation tonight just by itself.

QUESTION:...What can you tell us about the Sabbath which was on Saturday?

ANSWER:...The Sabbath was never really on Saturday, you see the idea that God created the earth in six days, and on the seventh day He rested... these were Sabbatical cycles of many, many ages of re-creation. They say that God rested, but it was in this period when He ceased from the work of producing the areas of environment. But He did not cease from producing Life because it was in this Seventh Day when He was resting that He said: 'There is no Adamite to till the ground'. So He brought forth Adam as His own Issue in this Seventh Day, but He did not consider this as toil. Now; later on after man (Adam) had fallen they were told that they should rest one day in seven from their labors. This was for their own physical good, they needed a change of pace. And in this period of time they had freedom, they worshiped YAHWEH...this was the day when Adam enjoyed himself. And always they never broke this cycle of worship even when they were away from the center of the congregations which were early forming, they still broke for worship wherever they were on the Seventh Day. Now; you could not start a measure say year one and come down with every seventh a Sabbath. This..did happen then..but catastrophes came and signs in the sky, Venus came into our Solar System. But after the exodus God gave to Moses the laws, and He said that after the crossing of the Vernal Equinox by the moon..that every day thereafter was to be a rest period, and the seventh day thereafter was to be a Sabbath for a full year. So this meant that the moon might cross the Vernal Equinox on Wednesday and thus every Wednesday would be the Sabbath for that year. And all the days in between were also for Israel for a rest period of seven days. Then every seventh day thereafter was a Sabbath for the year. There wasn't to much trouble in this for they set the Sabbath by the moon, and the times and the seasons. This was the Mosaic Sabbath, not a creative Sabbath, no one had a creative Sabbath anymore, now they had a Mosaic Sabbath. The main thing was that they would set aside one day in seven to rest and to worship. Then the Jews came in to plague the court of Rehoboam and they were disturbed because they had to alter their rest, and close their business on these days. So they go together and they influenced Rehoboam and others so instead of setting up the Sabbath as God told them to do they set the Sabbath on Saturday, and they did not even call it Sabbath then, but it was on the Seventh day of the week.

Under the Roman Calendar which was named for certain mythological figures the first day of the week was then Sunday, then came Monday and so forth as we have it today. These named days were for various gods. The Jews who had come into Jerusalem and Palestine, this mixed multitude were Amalakites, Hittites, Cainanites, who Jesus identified as the children of Lucifer, and they in their influence in the Sanhedrin even before the days of the Maccabeas had been setting up a Saturday Sabbath. While the Essene company were setting the correct time based on the days of the week, and the measures of the moon. This was the reason then that as Jesus and the Disciples walked along the road and they plucked corn..that the Jews said:... 'Look he breaks the law, the disciples plucked corn on the seventh day'. Jesus replied:..'Look ye to it, ye serve times and seasons you know nothing about'. Who said it was a Sabbath? The Jews said this, but the real Sabbath that year was on a Wednesday, not on Saturday. So Jesus pinned this on them also, for they were the ones who changed the Sabbath for their convenience. Then Jesus said:..'The Sabbath was made for man (Adam) not man for the Sabbath'. This was a time for him to rest from heavy labor, not a time for him to starve, because it was no work to pick a few ears of corn or some apples to eat. It isn't like they had gone out to get a sack of corn to take to the market to sell it, they just picked some to eat. Jesus said:..After all the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath. After all we have a bunch of Puritans that thought they could not smile or laugh or even enjoy themselves in any way. In fact they couldn't go to some churches because if they heard the truth they might enjoy it. Some people try to make themselves miserable on the Sabbath but God didn't set the Sabbath to make men miserable. When I was a little boy I liked Saturday better than Sunday, I did not mind going to Sunday School or Church but I didn't like to be curbed like they curbed us in New England, for doing things I wanted to do on Sundays. I just figured there wasn't any difference in that day and any other day, and yet you were just to sit around and be real quiet, and read or look at pictures, and they even stuck the funny papers away until Monday morning. I am not condemning the pattern if this was considered to be an acceptable standard, but there wasn't anything like this in the Bible. We were some what like the Pharisees of that time, we had just set up more traditions on this matter. The fact is that sometimes people take to lightly their areas of responsibility...for they are to worship. But God never put a bondage on people so they couldn't do anything but just sit down and wait until Monday...see? So you say why did they change the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday? Well, Jesus had already proved to them that the Sabbath Day might come up on a Saturday, but that wasn't the Sabbath that year.

Now; when The Christ resurrected He did this on the first day of the week, and the Christians were now inspired to assemble on the first day of the week, and this was a new Sabbath to them, and THE LORD'S DAY was the day of Resurrection. They might have assembled on Saturday if all the shops were closed, they might have sat around and talked or had a picnic. But when the LORD'S DAY came the Christians worshiped. And it says that they brought in their tithe from which their blessings had come, and God had blessed them, and set in store so that they might bear their responsibilities. They would break communion, and many times eat lunch together. As Christian churches were established they always got together on the first day of the week. So this became known as an unrestricted Sabbath, we assembled on the first day of the week to WORSHIP. As such this was a day of freedom, you weren't bound down by heavy labor. Then the early church had quite a few arguments, the Nicene Fathers got into the argument over this so they said:..'there might be some areas of responsibility wherein some people might have things to do on the Sabbath while others worshiped. But all men should have one day in seven to relax, to improve their mind, to do as they wish, but if they didn't worship on the LORD'S DAY then they should have one day in seven to relax, to improve their mind, to do as they wish, but if they didn't worship on the LORD'S DAY then they should take time out for worship some other time. And even tho the people didn't assemble for worship they understood that they didn't get the catalyst of thought until two or three or more got together...IN MY NAME. This is why families should worship together, or congregations come together or friends because the catalyst will leave clearer impulse. This is a part of our culture and heritage. This is a part of our racial Destiny. This is why..if we had a Negro in here, he wouldn't help us at all. He might get something out of it but we wouldn't. His vibrations might not conform to this, and he would be like a dead stone. This is the reason why we were told not to worship with strangers. In the Temple strangers went to their own court. This is why there are some things people don't perceive but they are none the less real. The vibratory impact, the aura, the energy of the thought waves make up an area of environment, and you can feel it like a knife. When you walk down Hill Street, or Adams Street you can feel this while another part of the city..then everything is fresh. In a big city you see this more often. We don't have as much problems out here, the sprinkling of invasion is not as heavy. You take a big intense city and then get a high build up of the enemy, maybe they are 30% of the population, and the vibratory impact there is from their lack of spirit, their sordidness makes the environment and the spiritually enlightened can feel this. My how good it feels to get out into the fresh air. Someone said:..why not tell people to get out of the cities to live? Because they would not do it, and then it is closer to their work, more convenient, but I ..myself.. I would get out and go to the other side of the mountain for air.

QUESTION:...Besides the Ten Commandments, what other laws were the Israelites to obey?

ANSWER:...Well the Ten Commandments were very basic culture codes, and these are the important standpoints. But when God unveiled everything to Moses of course you don't think he was up there all that time just learning the Ten Commandments, but learning everything for Israel's good. But those Ten Commandments were Covenants in Stone of the basic requirements or key stones for a basic society. For instance:..'Thou shalt not commit adultery' ..here the word was:..'Thou shalt not cohabit with another race'. Not that there wasn't ample discussion later of all the areas of the moral code, but the code of ethics relating to the relationships of Israelite to Israelite, descriptions of areas of Agricultures, of diet, food, and economy, all these things are given to Moses, and are codified and in Leviticus. So these things were made known, Moses came down and wrote them all down, this the Israelites were to do.

Now; some places you are told:..do this and all these blessings come, if you don't do this then other things will happen. So the law is going to make these things happen, because it is energy that sets in motion the things that happen and HE does not have to come down and do it. Of course the enemy comes into the picture, so then God says He will help a little, will send storms and so forth.

God also teaches another law which we will discuss some other night. This is the vibratory law which relates to the energies and impact of the consciousness of men, on the forces of nature. This is why God has to put spiritual shields and fields around His people to protect them from the devastation of whole areas of society which bring these things down upon themselves...see? So remember this when the earth is shaking.

QUESTION:...Are there many food products according to Mosaic Law that we should avoid?

ANSWER:...Well, a lot of people eat a lot of Ham and this is not good. Some say...but that isn't important. Well, no it does not stop you from having Eternal Life but it does stop you from having it in this body perhaps. Because that stuff will kill you. Some people say:..but it has been inspected, well yes...inspected, but the worm is still there. It still carries things that you cannot digest.

Any doctor who has run clinical tests..run cancer tests, anyone who has had fresh pork one week before their tests..can bring a cancer positive AS long as any of that remains in the bowel tract. This proves that the juices of fresh pork have the same reaction. Now; the reason for this is because this is a filthy piece of meat not made for consumption..it is actually A MUTATION. I WILL TELL YOU THIS, THAT ALMOST THE WHOLE INSIDE OF A HOG IS ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE THAT OF A MAN, BUT IS A FOUR LEGGED MUTATION. Now; all the poisons drain through the meat of the hogs, and eventually comes out two little holes on the back of the heels. Lots of people don't know this but you look at a hog and you will see this little puss like material down there on the heels of that hog..all the poisons, the very toxic ones which carry the contamination, the disease patterns, the viruses move out through here. People will say but I like pork it is a succulent meat... sure, but you are eating all that drainage and puss and germs, and it is all juicy!!! But this is why you get this cancer reaction. Someone said:..I eat it because the Jews don't. Let me tell you..don't let them fool you on this, because although ritually they say they do not eat it, actually the Jews are heavy pork eaters. Everywhere they eat it, and the Jews got into the packing business and into sausage, and they run pork into all of it. They will say that this is Kosher, and that it is relatively free for ceremonial use. I will prove this for you. There is practically no known cancer today among Arabs except for those who smoke (Kahoo ta?). Arabs under the laws of Mohammed who followed the laws of Moses, and interpreted some of these things rather clearly without anyone messing them up, he would not permit them to take narcotics, or use any form of tobacco. They could not use any strong liquor or eat pork, and you did not find a Mohammedan who violated these laws, unless he is Turko-Mogol, and some of these Sheiks which you see using (Kahoota?). But you are now getting into Persia and these have come down from Samerkand..from those who have those long scented pipes which belong in Samerkand not in Baghdad at all. Now; it is known that Cancer is totally unknown among Arabs, but Cancer is high among Chinese, and where they have pork they eat it. And because those hogs live on refuse and run wild then only the wealthy Chinese get the pork and they are the ones who have Cancer. The rest who live on rice and not enough of it however never get Cancer.

Now; do not go out and say that I am a health nut, and don't eat anything but soybeans because I don't want you to lose anything you need... see? But this is not condemnation,..'in what you eat and drink, give thanks and die'...see?

But when you know this, the only time you are stuck with this is when you are in a home for dinner, and they serve this thing, and you do not want to offend if you do not eat it, therefore there is an area given by Paul and Peter, and even in the early church. They said they never eat any- thing which they felt wasn't eatable unless it was served to them by some- one who did not know this, they were not to turn this down at this meal. But they were responsible after this to inform these people that this was not good for them. But if you do eat anything like this after going out and buying it, then that is your own responsibility.

Now; the smoke and the salt have a tendency to deaden some of these areas in ham, but even after smoking and cooking they have discovered that the trichinosis will still be existent in the joints, or in the muscles and sinews which go through the meat. You will find these little hard bumps like a gristle in ham, and they carry the trichinosis in the pod, it is like a growth in there. This is one of the main things that the Scripture tells you about, so this is why I tell you about this...it is the truth. See?

You will discover that there is other theories about this. There is the idea that everyone has Cancer in them, and when you get run down it breaks out in you. It is true that you might have Cancer virus and spiritual Light would protect you from it. Or you might get real run down, in spirit, with some burden laid on you, or you might have your physical body run down as well and that which was contained might get loose. But at the same time if you never took this substance into your system it would never get loose. That which you would take in by substances...where not taking directly wouldn't be activated like in Pork.

Now; this does not mean that all pork has this, but we believe that all pork has the makings because all pork carries this..when making Cancer tests. Doctors in making the tests should request you not to eat pork for one week before you come in for the test.


(End of this message)