02-05-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:----I want to know something about this tower of Babel. I have a friend who is a Catholic and he went to his Priest, and he said that the races began at the tower of Babel.

ANSWER:---Of course, he is quite wrong. Because there were people before the tower, because they built the tower. This would be like the egg coming before the chicken or did it?

QUESTIONER;---What I would like to know is---were these people trying to reach the heavens? Would God need to confuse their tongue to show them how foolish they were?

ANSWER;---God has never really worried about anything. We have a lot of traditions and history connected with the Tower of Babel. And of course the city of Babel was one of the places conquered by Nimrod, and thus was under the rule of Nimrod. His capital city later was UR of the Chaldeans. But when Nimrod first conquered, what was known as Erech and Babel, when he first marched down into the plain of Shinar, his idea was the avenging what had been wars and massacres against the white race carried out by these pagans of all kinds. At that time Nimrod was a monotheists of course worshiping One God, and the basic thing about Nimrod was that he was from the house of Noah, from Ham, and the catastrophe which had enveloped the upper Tarim basin before the flood of Noah's time ,had been induced by some of these Satanic and pagan forces.

But the word had reached the Hametic group that the cities which had been built by progenitors of Enoch and Job had been wiped out while these two co-patriarchs and their vast company were down in Egypt building the city of ON, the Temple of Zendera, the Pyramid and the Sphinx. And because of the anger at what had been done to relatives of his, of this white race, then Nimrod warred with a ferociousness against these cities of Babel and others. But the history and the name Babel was really applied in a later period to this place he conquered. but identifying the area he conquered ----it was called Babel ---but what transpired was that first the city was built around the site for a great tower.

Then came representatives from India and they approached Nimrod, and they were representing these pagans --the old Imperial line whose Pagan Priests ruled the areas of religion, and directed their thrones. So they tried to persuade Nimrod that he was the wisest of all men, and also the smartest of all men. This was an area of weakness with Nimrod, altho he had fought ferociously for what they had done to the Adamic race, still he fell to a certain extent for their flattery, and in this they said that he had without doubt gathered the greatest group of wisemen of all times, and they would like to join him in some mammoth project, so ----in memory of his greatness then why did he not build a great tower and call it the 'stairway unto heaven'.? In fact build it all the way into the heavens.

Of course if they had any real perception of the dimensions of space they would have known that if you put the whole earth into a six foot shaft it would not have reached anywhere as far as dimensions and time are concerned. But in this instance they started this tower, it covered many acres in width, at its base it was almost 1/2 a mile in width. They started to pile this material up, and in order to make altitude they had to spiral it in. So they tried to bring it in a little more than the width of a chariot. Then they decided this would not be enough so they came back to the base and widened it two chariots wide. Thus this would give them in each revolution of the spiral 20 feet narrower than it was before. Thus five spirals would take them 110 feet, and 250 spirals would have lost them the whole mile. Therefore the average grade on the lower part was to be 15% grade, thus they were going to be going up a 15% grade. But the tower never reached the height of the Woolworth building for instance because it took a tremendous amount of material, but they started a central shaft which they built smaller to be a central core. They had the idea that they could build a core, and then widen it out and come out on the shield of it, and then start up again where as it would be a pattern of colonnade, and it was rather a ingenious design. So that the frame that they made, the shaft of it was almost as high as the tower itself which they made, and now they came back to build out the core

Because they had workers from all over brought in to do this work who were speaking all different languages they could not tell if they were plotting against the king, so they decided on a stern rule. The advisors came to Nimrod and said; you must tell these people that they must speak only in the language of the Chaldeans. Anyone who is not speaking in the language of Chaldea will be put to death. Thus anyone in the land, had to speak the language of the land ---this was now the law--and if they could not do this they were required to learn. So all the language used in building this tower was the Chaldean language and the overseers directed this building using this language.

I have a volume translated out of Sumerian by the British Museum and it talks about --'The ode to the tower'--and how they built it. Then how one day a great earthquake came and as it was shaking then a part of this tower fell to the ground. As parts of it began to fall then these men working on it ran in terror in all directions, It was the type of earthquake that whereas the crevices opened up in the earth and then came to get her with a bang. It was also quite a rolling earthquake and as fright hit these workers they started crying out in their own language, in each his mothers tongue. So here they were from all over the world, and thus having violated the law of the Chaldeans, with death as the penalty, they all fled, in great numbers, Having violated this one law of using only the Chaldean language it made it impossible for them to stay, thus the tower, in the midst of the earthquake swayed and fell creating quite a havoc so the workers left in great numbers.

Now; out of this was built the story as to how God was disturbed, that what ever man put his hand to do, this he would do. But this is a little license of translation for God was not a bit disturbed about them getting to heaven. The fact of the matter is that he shook the thing down, and they could not get very far with something that he wished to shake down. But in the confusion of the earthquake the workers called out in their own languages and, and they then all left. This was called the confusion of their tongues, having now spoken in their own languages--many languages, they departed, leaving Ur of the Chaldeans, each going back to their own lands. Thus this area of the translation which has God disturbed about the building of the tower, or that it is the beginning of languages and races is not true. Remember the Egyptian empire existed when Adam was put in Eden. The Sumerian and the Assyrian Empire was all over the world, wherever the Assyrians were their Empire was, the racial streams of their kingdom were everywhere. So these languages were basically different back in the days of antiquity We have antiquity in the cuneiform which goes back in the Mesopotamia plateau and river plateaus which show how far back that goes. Where as the Sanskrit of the Persians which is used after they went into India, goes back into another direction. We have the Sanskrit which was in the first millennium of Adam. So all of these things prove that the tower of Babel did not start languages. It only started a bunch of people to thinking about their lives, and they went back home. This is all a matter of record, and I can show you the 'Ode to the Tower', I have the translation of it here. Way back in the Sumerian records they tell of this tower also. The part found in the book of Genesis carries some of the story by the Bards as to how they were going to heaven, and how God was frightened and so forth So this is just a quotation, or something similar that has been placed in the tower story. But we know there never was a chance of their going to heaven, we know that this was not normal ignorance ---in other words Enoch and Job had already built the Pyramid which preceded the flood, but these men did know dimensions. These builders had accurate perception as to the procession of the equinox, the signs of the Zodiac, and of course no one knew any better than Enoch the vast distances involved in the patterns of space, so he was under no illusion about height, but then neither was any of the Patriarchs of the scripture. So there was no necessity for this error to be there from the standpoint of general ignorance. Thus it is an inserted area of the narrative which colors it some.

QUESTION:---Do you know who the wife of Moses was--his second wife which upset Miriam so much that God turned her into a leper?

ANSWER:-- THIS WOMAN WAS OF THE MAGI She was of the Job household. This was a part of this household which had migrated across North Africa. They were at no time Africans as such, had nothing to do with Negroes. The word Ethiopia is not used just specifically for the country we call Ethiopia today, but was a word used over and over, again and again for north Africa. The woman that Moses married was of the Magi household, in other words these were the children of Midian, the household which came down from the Magi. Remember that Jethro and his household came down from this same grouping, they were Sethites, but not of the house of Jacob. And since they were not of the house of Jacob and with this stringent division as held by some of the Priests of Israel, this disturbed Miriam. She did not want Moses to marry outside of their particular division of the white race. But Moses had not violated any race law, of at no time in the scriptures is there any place which would insinuate this

In the old Zohar there were regular 'odes; to Moses and his wives. They tell of Jethro's daughter who was blond of hair and blue of eyes. How her hair shimmered like gold, how she ran like a Gazelle, that she was a Princess of a Shepherd King She was of the Magi, she was the second wife, for Moses did not claim the first wife.---again it talks about how stately she walked and how she came from a long line of Sethite people. But the only strife was on the part of Miriam, that she would not accept anyone not of the house of Abraham as acceptable. At no place do we discover that any of the Patriarchs crossed the color line.

This was so ingrained that Abraham sent out a servant for a bride for Isaac, so as to make sure that this line is held. This is also well identified with the instructions we discover for the household in the writings of Enoch. No Patriarch, no man used as was Moses, the recipient of vision and knowledge would have made a violation in this manner.

It is unfortunate today that the continent, as person dwelt in it, is associated always with color. We say today---Americans, but we have some Americans today who we could ship back to Africa and do well. But as far as calling themselves Americans, this does not denote color. This may mean that they were born here, and actually the use of the word Caucasian becomes an exploited area of semantics, because we have named all the white race Caucasians whether they came thru the Caucasian pass or not., when there were Aryans living in India and other places as well. So we use that word in semantics as an identification of a specific people.

Thus again we bear witness to this, had t his been a later time--had Moses followed Solomon it would have been more easy to explain this, but still it carries thru , its explanation. Remember the Queen of Sheba, SHE WAS A FAIR QUEEN AND SHE WANTED TO MARRY SOLOMON, BUT THE PRIESTS OF ISRAEL WOULD NOT PERMIT THIS HAVING SOME KINGSHIP TO THE EGYPTIANS, HAVING COME OUT OF THE SETHITE LINE, BUT NOT IN SUFFICIENT PURITY ACCORDING TO THE PRIEST OF ISRAEL, THEY WOULD NOT PERMIT SOLOMON TO MARRY THE QUEEN OF SHEBA, THIS WAS ALRIGHT. But Solomon HAD A son by this Queen of Sheba, and this son was called Manalec I. When the Queen of Sheba returned to her land she was not only a queen of Sheba and Dedan, but her armies controlled an area of Africa which was at that time called Ethiopia.

When this son of the Queen of Sheba and Solomon was born, then 1000 of the Nobles of Israel were selected, along with their families to go with this son, and the Queen of Sheba left her throne to this son Manalec I and he was surrounded in his court by these 1000 Israelites and Israelites would not inter marry with any people of Africa, nor with any of the tribal people of the Arab, the Ishmaelites. They held their identity there as a sort of blood sacrifice and one of the daughters of the Israelite Nobles married Manalec I, and their offspring married back into the second line of the Nobles. What they were doing was this tenth generation bit, trying to bring this line back into the throne of David line. Of course they were more than 3/4 white if not all white so these people held their lineage for centuries

Remember in the days of Christs ministry, and after his ascension the Apostles went out and were bearing this message, and it tells us that a Eunuch, the treasurer of the Queen of Ethiopia's treasury, and at this time it had to have been a White Queen and descendants of this same throne had held up all this time until now with a more stringent racial purity than you could imagine. Now; this treasury was in the hands of this man, but he was not a Negro --that is silly. This Eunuch, this Ethiopian was an Israelite, a white man the descendant of these same Israelite Nobles that Solomon had sent out with his son. He was riding along in his chariot reading the book of Isaiah. This should be well marked, but it wasn't' so long ago that I heard a minister say that one of the first converts to Christianity was a Negro. That God was no respecter of persons, but this minister was twisting up people and relationships and this was a fallacy. In the first place Negroes did not read the book of Isaiah , and did not read or speak fluent Hebrew. Secondly this Eunuch was going to Jerusalem to worship at the Temple. These Israelites would never have permitted a Negro to go into the Temple. He could not have even gone into the court of the nations, or even into the court of the Ethene of the outside. If they were not of Judah or Benjamin at that time they were considered the Ethene of the outside, even those of the ten tribes of Israel. For only those of Judah and of Benjamin of Palestine could now go into the inner court. So here comes this man, close enough to the tribes of Judah and Benjamin who could go into the Temple to worship. Thus proving that he was a white man of Judah connection, a Hebrew scholar, and even tho he did not understand what was contained in the prophecy when asked, do you understand what you read;--he replied: --How can I understand but you see he could read it. So here you have the word of an Ethiopian and he is an Israelite, and a white man, who never could have gone into the Temple if he had not been, and if a Negro would have had no association with it whatsoever.

Now; it was not until about the 4th., century , in fact in the later Marmaduke Kingdom, late in the fourth century A.D. that there came a pollution of the blood stream of this King line in Northern Africa. Then the dominions split in the days of _________ (Shelaasam) who became one of the contenders of the throne of Manalec I and it was from this line that Haile Selassie came, tho this had been quite a few generations with. There had been some slight Arab contamination, more than with Negro contamination. There were Arabs who had crossed and fused back and some of them had served in Shalmanezers kingdom, but do not confuse him with the Assyrians. Today Haile Selassie's group claim that he is from the king line of the throne of David and of Judah.

QUESTIONER:---He claims to trace back to the Queen of Sheba and Solomon's son?

ANSWER;---Well, there is no error in what he claims, but back about 11 generations they lost the purity of the king line. But the thing I want to bring out is that ---here in the New Testament, an Ethiopian did not have to be a Negro --he just dwelt in Africa.

QUESTIONER;---I understand that, but my friend was arguing with the Priest, and got into that same argument, because he claimed that Jesus would have had to have been of mixed blood because Ruth was a Moabite.

ANSWER;---Oh, but this Moab comes out of Seth, and out of the background of Manasseh's house This is not the pagan Moab. Again we must learn that a duplicity of names shows up in the scriptures. We must learn to decipher this and to understand the principals and rules by which the race abode.

For instance when you are running down the genealogy of Cain, the son of Lucifer , you find that in the household of Cain there is an Enoch and a Methuselah, and over in the genealogy of Seth you have an Enoch and a Methusaleh.. These are current names. Today we use last names basically where as those names were first names, and in the Hebrew line they might say;--Abraham Ben Jacob, or Jacob Bed Isaac and so forth, but no last names were used. Lots of times they just dropped off --'the son of' and as a result of this, just because the name is the same it does not mean that the person had to come out of the same race, anymore than if you went down into Harlem today and could you denote that Mr. Jones was a relative of a Mr. Jones from England, because his name was Abraham Lincoln Jones ---there would not be any relationship by race with Mr. Jones from England. But this thing has been going on for always.

There is one thing about the Canaanites they continually adopted the names of the people they wished to infiltrate, to hide their identity for the carrying out of their chicanery. This again has been a confusing factor. From the time that the Cohen's changed their names after coming over here then pretty soon any familiar name has a kike hiding behind it.. So you cannot just use names to run genealogies , you have to run them down from house to house

QUESTION:---Then what happened with the woman at the well, as Jesus asked her for a drink of water? She was a Samaritan woman, and she said; "Art thou greater than our father Jacob? Was this woman from our race--from Jacob?

ANSWER:---Yes this woman came from our race, for several households of Israelites had stayed in Sumeria, had planted vineyards there and settled in to stay. These people came from the migrations of Ephraim, and when those of Ephraim were carried into captivity these people in the hills hid, and thus these Sumerians were part of Ephraim.

QUESTIONER:---You mean she and they were Israelites, back to Jacob's sons?

ANSWER:------ But you see so narrow minded had Judah and Benjamin --this remnant that came back to rebuild the city with their quota of Levi, so narrow minded had they become and their Priesthood also --while this mixed multitude was expanding and taking them over, that the Priesthood here at Jerusalem now refused to recognize the other ten tribes, and called them Etene or Gypsy (non-Israel). I can prove this to you--remember Peter after the Holy spirit had moved on these people of Jerusalem and Palestine --still they were not willing that they must go into Europe, to the Anglo-Saxons and the other Israelites because they had not totally stayed loyal tot he center of the kingdom of Judah and Benjamin. They had gone out in the days of Rehoboam. The fact that the Judah kingdom had gone into captivity also made little difference to Peter. And even tho Peter was aware that these people were of the seed in their background still he did not want to give in.

Remember that Peter was one who used to sit in the banquet room of Joseph of Arimathea, the uncle of the Virgin Mary, he owned the tin mines of Cornwall, and the hides of land at Glastonbury. There was of course trade between the British Isles and the coast life which came into the Mediterranean. At the same time--knowing this --still one thing that Peter did not want to do was preach to anyone, or take them into the church if they were not of Judah and Benjamin, were not converts out of the Priesthood of Jerusalem. This was his problem, and it was thus necessary for Peter to have that 'sheet' experience, with God telling him---" Don't you call those ( your brethren) unclean, who I have just cleansed". But the basic classification here was relative to the fact that they (Judah and Benjamin) here in Palestine still did not want to recognize that lost seed. This is why Jesus said: --'if I graft in the wild branches ) of the olive tree (the ten tribed kingdom), how much more will I graft in the two natural branches (Judah and Benjamin) back in to their own Olive tree which is Israel.

The fact is that they were still Olives, thy had never stopped being Olives, for a white man is still a white man no matter where he migrates to. He is still the offspring of God, still the children of the covenant, and Judah and Benjamin had to receive them as they were brought back. That is the relationship here--Peter and some of the others were a little prejudiced in sharing the administration of the church, and its Glory with even any of their racial descendants who hadn't stayed loyal to this long fetish, from the time of the building of the Temple ---On.

Now; --going back to this statement concerning Christ ---it is totally impossible that Christ could have been of mixed blood. If Christ had been of mixed blood he could not have bought an atonement for us. Nor could he have been the embodiment of God and violated his own law, nor mutated the capacity of the body he dwelt in.. He had to be 'a lamb of God' without spot or blemish. And to be without spot or blemish he had to be of an unbroken seed line straight back to Adam had he been a mixture of Races He could never have fulfilled the pattern of atonement because He would have carried in the vessel a Mixed seed, and a fused wave length.

Now; if there was any perfect spiritual mentality, any perfect physical comprehension, if there was any perfect pattern of soul quality it would be in the embodiment of God as Messiah. There could be no contamination here or He could not have accomplished His work or finished the Atonement. Thus this is again why the book of Luke is so explicit in carrying the genealogy of Christ back to Adam, so that the could not be confused with any source or any other line .So Jesus is no way constituted a mixture of the race, HIS embodiment was of a pure Adamic Sethite line, and thus it is so marked.

There never was a contest in Jerusalem or Palestine concerning the title of Christ to the throne of David. This is never interjected even in the trials, never an interjection made concerning this seed line..

QUESTION:---THE BIBLE PROVES that Ruth could not have been a pagan Moabite, because when the Manassehites came thru that land they wiped out all the settlers there, and this is where David's grandchild went back to.

ANSWER:----Yes, and you see there was in the house of Manasseh, the name of Moab---a first name. There is about 18 Moab's in the scripture. I will prove this to you. Probably no one ever spent more money trying to trace their genealogy, and went thru the background of antiquity and records even the moldy ones in the Vatican, and in the Alexandrian Version quite like the people among the Mormons, you will discover quite a few Mormons named Moab. They even have a city named Moab, Utah. These people would never have named themselves after Canaanites or outside the seed. Nor when they ran their genealogy would they have come up with any Moab if this name Moab was not used for genealogy in the household.

QUESTION:---I would like to know why they traced the seed line thru the male? does that have anything to do with the wife changing her name to that of her husband?

ANSWER:---Well this is a custom, they have always passed the line down thru the male, unless you came to a point of fusion or selection in the king line such as when you transferred the king line of Zedekiah over thru Tea Tephi to Eochaidh the Herremon in Ireland All the sons of Zedekiah were killed so they transferred the seed line of this house of David over to join it with the other line out of the house of Judah and David. This Herremon was actually out of the house of Judah which had gone out long before. In Ireland we had the Celts, the Anglo-Saxons who had been coming in thru the migrations of Israel thus the Caucasus pass and had settled in this land, in fact Israel had been coming westward for some time. And Jeremiah said he was raised for the task of transplanting and planting, and he moved the last daughter of Zedekiah to Ireland. It says he caused the Green tree to dry up, and the dry tree to flourish. This meant that what was the Empire of David in Jerusalem was now cut down by Babylon. But when this happened, this woman even tho she was the only one left of that line, she just joined again with the branch of the tree which would now be the green tree, and would take on the dynasty of the kingdom.. But then of course concerning the covenant it was ---'I will overturn, overturn, overturn and then no more'. So these overturning's from Ireland to Scotland, and to England occurred and there you find the throne today. As far as the seed line was concerned they used the name of the man. There was only a few exceptions by some tremendous event, and this still continues on to this day.

QUESTION: ---What about Pharez, how does this go in Luke?

ANSWER:--Well this is still a pure line of Judah.

QUESTION:---I know but was not Pharez one of the twins born out of wedlock?

ANSWER:-- This did not make any difference in the seed line.

QUESTION:---It seems like the mother should have been mentioned there.

ANSWER:---But Judah was the father.

QUESTIONER:-----who was the father?


QUESTIONER:--Oh, then he was of the race line.

ANSWER:--Sure, he was one of the sons of Jacob, in fact out of this line came all of the seed of the household, out of this line eventually came the major strain of Judah.

QUESTION:---If you were trying to trace your family tree would you try to trace them back thru both the father and the mother?

ANSWER:----As a matter of interest, yes we would do that. As far as the male line this would give you your inheritance rights in the line of succession unless you run a king line down on the side of the mother then hang on to it.--Ha. But remember this is all Israel stock, still at the same time there was no violation of law by intermarrying between the tribes of Israel, but because of the intricacies involved they had to bring the history of the inheritance thru the male line. They could not take an Ephraim inheritance and give it to a Simeon. Therefore the mother when she marries accepts her husbands inheritance and renounces her own. In other words if she marries another Ephraimite then her inheritance would follow her as she would still be an Ephraimite. But this was just the way it was done in Israel. In America today a great number of our stock might be Scandinavian, with Naphtali on one side and maybe Anglo-Saxon on the other. Remember that the throne line of David supplied kings for Scandinavia, for Britain, for Germany Then when they went over and whacked the Mongols on the head --those who were the successors to Genghis Khan, --we set up a white throne line in Russia. The ten Princes of Germany supplied out of their provinces those who settled in white Russia. And the Czars were all white rulers out of the Royal families of Europe, With Czar Nicholas, Kaiser Wilhelm, and King George all first cousins. My own stock is on my fathers side Anglo-Saxon clear back to the Brittians. and on my mothers side it goes back to the Hohenzollern (Royal family of Germany) about 1066, and thus in the Judah line in Germany. Strangely enough that household is the same household which inter-married into the Windsor line --the British line.

QUESTION:--I could not help but notice that in the Olympic games the Russians all looked like Adamites, how come?

ANSWER:-- No, practically all of the pure white Russians are gone, they are mostly a mixed bag, sort a fusion of bloods. In areas like Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia when they brought in those Mongols, then in the last few generations, they have been fused, and they are just part white. But there are very few pure white Russians today. But it is true that the Olympic contenders look white. There are Russian talent scouts and they go thru out Europe and they hire the best athelites, then take them home and run them on their teams. All do this today in all sports, for instance the New York Yankees are not all ball players from New York, they are hired from several places. Actually as far as the Olympics is concerned, we do not always lose these event on the basis of performance. This is just the way the ball bounces today. A Russian judge often times give an American a much lower score than a European, or Russian competitor. This is the way things work out.

QUESTION:--Can you tell us a little about the pyramids in Mexico, did Israel build these at the same time she was building those in Egypt?

ANSWER:--- No, Israel did not build these per say . However the white race stock like that of Manasseh was early in Mayan history about 700 BC to 800 BC and basically pyramid symbolism and old testament history transplanted into Maya were transplanted by these white Gods who arrived. This was just a part of Manasseh who crossed the sea in ships. This is also in the scriptures, it is also in the history concerning these people. This is also why the book of Mormons talks about some of the Manasseh people coming over here. There were accurate accounts of this and leading archaeologist and anthropologists did a lot of research especially is this true since the war, in Maya areas of Central American history.

These pyramids are step pyramids, but the only thing we can say as being pyramidal about them is that they are shaped like pyramids, but they do not have a smooth surface. The Great Pyramid of Egypt had a smooth surface the reason why it looks so rough today is because the Arabs took most of the great white tiles off the Pyramid and took them over to build their mosques out of. Some were taken all the way to Mecca, but these polished pieces of stone were hauled away and they used them in buildings. Of course they were pretty and white and accurately cut. A wealthy Sultan --Al Manoun, who was a great explorer came from Mecca, and he is the one who tore the hole in the Pyramid. They blasted it in with powder to get into the pyramid to raid what they though would be great treasures in there. So he was the first man in it, but when he got inside there was no treasure. He never got into the upper king chambers for they were blocked off by this piece of granite which had not deteriorated. So he did not know it was there. But he did not take any loot out of there because there was not anything to take. It was not made for a treasure house. It was made as it was for a symbol of an empty tomb. The last time there had been any use for this was when the descendants of Seth---Shem had come down out of the upper Tarim basin to migrate on down into Egypt to join his brethren, the tradition says that he brought the embalmed body of Adam down into Egypt and placed that body in the sarcophagus in the pyramid which was not at that time sealed. . The body of Adam then lay in the pyramid until the time of the resurrection, and it was sealed at that time of Shem. And that mighty spot torn in the masonry at the time of the Resurrection of Christ, was also the time that the body of Adam was taken out of the grave, it is not in the earth today. At the ascension of the Christ this was one of the bodies taken bodily into the heavens. Remember --this was a sign of the triumph over Lucifer-----for in Adam all die ---but in the second Adam was the covenant that that all would be made alive, and of course Christ was the second Adam. This is traditionally told with the connected with the empty tomb, and the empty coffer. Someone said; --well is it true? It might be hard to verify but not hard to come up with the tradition , and its antiquity , and also it makes a lot of sense.

Again these pyramids in Central America were never designed exactly the same. There is also a pyramid over in China as high as a pretty big mountain. Having built it they covered it up with dirt, and hid it. They know that there is a pyramid there, but apparently haven't been interested enough to get the Chinese to dig into it. Maybe there is ancestor worship involved in this, but we haven't friendly enough relations with China since its discovery to go over there and perform any archaeological development to see what it contains.

QUESTION:-- Who built it?

ANSWER:---I can't tell you this.--It belonged to the pre-Chin Dynasty and we don't know just what it is, but some stone shows thru the dirt in a few places.

These pyramids in Central America, in Mexico may have some of the things of the Manasseh influence out of Egyptian memory but they do not have the design inside, and most of these are Temples not tombs. And the great pyramid was not a tomb unless you want to classify it as an empty coffer. As far as these pyramids in Central America, they were Temples to pagan gods , such as Quetzalcoatl, or some of their other gods.

QUESTION;--how about those temple along the Yucatan shore line ?

ANSWER;---These fall into the same category, they all relate to the temples of worship, such as steppes or high places. Of course they had one time a great tower among the Incas, and we have seen pictures of it cut into rock and engraved into metal showing a great flame burning at the apex of the pyramid which of course was a symbol of the high mount of their gods. Almost all the early pagan religions sought to put the highest mountain top they could find, as the highest altar top to their gods. This is one of the reasons it talks about the worship of the pagans in their high places, and also the cutting down of their groves, and high altars. There has never been anything in Pyramidology in the south that has anywhere approached the size of the actual stones in construction of the Great pyramid. There are blocks of stone of tremendous size and weight hundreds of tons that have been fitted with expert fittings, and has been moved hundreds of miles in South America. From the Matagrossa high in the Andes, but these may have been moved before the Andes went up.. No matter how they were moved, there was a science applied here, and probably it was guided by our race in its Celestial administration over the earth before the Luciferian falls, or else the cunning of Lucifer was not yet forgotten----- and had somehow been imparted because this science surpasses the modern technique of our time. To move those stones and fit them like this called for a great skill.

QUESTION; ---How do the dead sea scrolls verify, or add to any of our knowledge?

ANSWER;-- WELL ALL THINGS ADD TO OUR KNOWLEDGE IF WE know what they are all about. The Essene company were descendant Priesthoods of our race from the two pillars of wisdom. They represented not only applied knowledge and wisdom for the science and defense of the race, but the Priesthood of spiritual thought coming down.

Now; the Essenes were Priests, Warriors, and scientists therefore they had all the original books and scrolls of our race. They had books of the Bee, and those of Adam and Eve , and of Seth. The Essenes had all the Patriarchal scrolls. We talk about basically 165 scrolls, and how 163 of them were outstanding and were possessed by the early church. But these Essenes had all these, and they copied them and they had great libraries. They copied the scrolls on Papyries and other material and they put them into jars made of mud, and sealed them so they would not deteriorate thru the years. But in a library you will find a lot of things we have that you do not subscribe to. Here we have Das Kapital and by no means do we subscribe to it, but it would not be a complete library without it. You could not argue with the political philosophies of Marx and do it intelligently if you had never read the book Dos Kapital So in this library you will find lots of hand books, a lot of doctrines and religious technique of things we definitely oppose such as paganism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and so forth. That is why we don't just turn anyone lose in this library and let them take any book home to absorb it thinking they will get good out of it. There are books in there we wouldn't loan to anyone on account of they might cram their heads full of Satanic error. But in order to perceive the procedure thru which their minds travel, is why we have done research in all these areas so we will know.

Now the Essene company had in their libraries volumes of scrolls which actually were not their own teaching, and they had a way of marking or cartouching by the stamp put in the clay what was in the scroll. When the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered there were many copies of the scriptures in little fragments, some in decomposition, and some in good shape, like the book of Isaiah. There was not just one scroll of the book of Isaiah, but they found several of them intact. They found more and more archives of the Scrolls. Remember these were found in Syria, but there were other caverns in which the Essene companies had lived in which were in the land we call today--Israeli. So Israeli started hunting these Essene caves and dug up scrolls, and if they did not measure up to what they wanted you to think today they destroyed them. The story of the battle between the Sons of Light and the sons of Darkness is very uncomplimentary to these people called Jews today, and they wanted to stifle this. The Sons of Darkness are the Jews, and the sons of Light are the true Israelites , and they didn't want that to spread. There are several scrolls which relate to the battle between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness, and some of these they destroyed.

Now; when the Seragat of the Greek Orthodox church should have been well aware, being a Syrian that you can never trust a Jew anytime he forgot. But there comes a time when numbness effects the heads of scholars in which they respect everyone's scholarship even the Devils. --So when the University of Jerusalem said; --We would like to examine the scrolls and would think it a great honor if you would loan to us these manuscripts so that we could also diligently compare them. And after they got them they would not give them back Some of them they tried to steal, some of them they tried to destroy, but fortunately there were duplicates of some of these Scrolls. The man of the Greek Orthodox church, the Metropolitan of Syria sent me a photostat copies which I have --a bound set of these scrolls which they photographed even before they let them go to Israeli, so they couldn't destroy the copy lest there be some change or mark in the quartering which they wanted to keep. So the Dead Sea Scrolls contain much of scripture, and here is another thing, the Syrians have a book of Enoch, not all we have in the books of Enoch but much, in long scrolls The Armenian church, and the Alexandrian church scrolls had much of Enoch, and all of Enoch was held in these Essene company retreats, an they tediously copied them over and over. So you say are they any good to us? Well, their history is unique, and even those that are written by Jews which were in their library and are again---still significant because it shows the futility as they tried to take over in the days of the Maccabees.

QUESTION;--This introduction in the Dead Sea Scroll book that I have--was it by a Jew?

ANSWER;--- Sure, that is right, the thing is--these fellows are not the authors writing the dead Sea Scrolls, they are the authors who are commenting on the Scrolls. and they contain parts of the scrolls. But you will never get anything out of the Jews except catch them trying to cover up certain things, and have things their own way.

QUESTION:--I could see him try to color in his interpretation.

ANSWER;--I have several various authors, probably 15 books on the subject and also some original photographs of them. I put the significance on them that it has confirmed one thing, for instance it confirmed that the Essene companies had copies of the books of Enoch, that were several hundred years old when the caves were sealed. In other words back in the days of Christ their copies were several hundred years old when they were put in the jars. Because radio carbon on the material pressed on the papyries show the antiquity of the documents There were some of the documents and scrolls which were of 800 years before the Christ. So you see they had kept these documents and preserved these rolls, but those in the Essene company in the days of Jesus had not produced these or else they had OLD paper to write on because we have the antiquity of the paper. So this proves that when someone comes along and puts a preface in the Oxford translation, and says ---the book of Enoch for instance is a forgery cleverly put together by Christians who wanted to bolster up evidence, this is just like the 'Higher Critics" of our time, Why would anyone want to bolster up the the scriptures by writing something like the books of Enoch? On the other hand it would have been impossible for these people to have known all these things people knew and then have them come out on time astronomically and so forth. But when you can pick up copies of things hundreds of years older than the church, or even the time of Christ, then no one can say they were written by the church afterwards in the second or third century. Of course in the antiquity of the book of Enoch we have fragments older than that, we even have areas where the Sumerians were quoting Enoch from things that Enoch had said, thus showing how old Enoch is as far as their history is concerned.

QUESTION;--- What is meant BY ALL THE PRESENCE OF GOD? and the Omnipresence?

ANSWER;--- Well the omnipresence of God relates to the intellectual capacity of God to know everything which goes on in the Universe. in other words omnipresence is everywhere---His spirit fills the heavens and the earth. In other words the synthesis of the energies of His mind is the grouping of the substance of creation. .

There is not anything today that is not held together today in a physical universe by the mentoid elements inside the nucleus of the atom. And every mentoid proceeds forth from Him, for he is the author of all energy and life. All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made. All things consist of Him. Therefore we might say that God is Omnipotent in that, for instance everyone in this room is an offspring of God, spirit of his spirit, breath of his breath, and life of his life, so there is a portion of the essence of His being in every individual in this room. And the fact that we have not received the spirit of the world, so the Apostle Paul tells us. But we received the spirit which is of God. And we have the assurance of His abiding presence. The cognition contact between the intellect of God and your mind in the seat of the spirit is retained, and will never leave you, nor forsake you. For everywhere you go God is there, plus the fact that He is the entity holding together his Universe. And His mind has full perception as to anything existing in the universe, and at no time is there anything which could be held secret from him.

Now; infinite patterns in limitations of perimeters the human mind cannot perceive, other than that it can perceive that the spirit within him is a portion of the essence of God's being. So perceiving that I am a child of God, and that the spirit of God is also with me as well as a part of me since I am of the essence of His being thus I can receive guidance of his spirit. Understanding this then I can say that I know God is everywhere white men are because this is His covenant. and they are also a portion of Him.

The Omnipresence is thus manifested by the fact that God fills the heavens and the earth. because of the relationship of his perception, or the holding together of the entity of His being, by the law.

Omniscience is all knowledge, and Omnipotence is all power, so He actually holds all things together. Strangely enough then all power has to be related in chain reaction in areas of dimensions in which it is manifested. If you are talking about atomic power, then the atom itself is held together by the very energy patterns of His own energy, being the force when it come apart as well. Also light is the synthesis of substance in compounding energy and we have all the carbons which we burn for fuel or translate thru oil for all the life carbons which produce energy, and they come out of Light, and Light is life of men., and has its synthesis in Him from whence the substances in transmutations come.

QUESTION:-----In regard as to when Adam and Eve were told not to partake of the tree 'of good and evil' but were told that of all the other trees they could partake, what were those trees?

ANSWER;--Of all the trees of the garden FOR FOOD , thou can eat, but of this 'tree of knowledge of good and evil' thou can not partake. The 'tree of knowledge of good and evil ' was a racial tree of the Luciferian household. But of all the trees in the garden for food there was no restriction, they were to eat.

All the racial trees of earth had already fallen and knew about good and evil, but mongrelization for the Adamic family was strictly out. The difference between race trees and food trees is specified here. After all where ever you have knowledge you have intellect and this does not come thru the average apple.

QUESTION;---When they write about the garden of Eden or show pictures they always have a snake and an apple.

ANSWER;--Yes but have you ever saw the word APPLE in the Bible?


ANSWER;-- So it was not a fruit tree with something you could pick and eat this was never indicated. They had peaches, and pears, and apples, in the garden and in the old texts such as the book of Adam and Eve ,every fruit which was good and delicious was placed in the garden for man to eat. All the grapes and citrus fruits--everything was there. God said --all of these trees for food I have put there for you, but always we find the use of trees for symbols of Empires, as well, but this tree of 'the knowledge of good and evil' is an intellectual tree, not something you could eat from, this is a family tree. And the scripture talks about this family tree, and Ezekiel in the 31 chapter also brings out the use of trees as symbols of kingdoms. Remember the prophet said; 'I saw a tree walking!.

QUESTION;---I have been wondering about this making of hybrids out of his fruit, do you know ---how kind was to be like kind works in this?

ANSWER;--Yes. relatively speaking---there was of course in most of this stock a we can prove by botanical memory, there were varying types of citrus fruits. We have various inter-crossed types of citrus fruits, but we still produce citrus fruit. We do not cross citrus fruits with Peaches or Pears. We may make grapefruits out of crossing lemons and oranges, and be amazed that they grew so big but there were giants in those days to you remember.

QUESTION:--What is this great and dreadful day of the LORD, and is Elijah supposed to come back to us before then, does that mean that or has that prophecy been fulfilled?

ANSWER;--Well John the Baptist was Elijah who was to come. But the spirit of Elijah descends upon his household, this is important, this is to restore the thinking of the parents to the security of their posterity, and cause the children to remember their background, their history and their forefathers. This is in the book of Malachi. This means racial self respect comes back and we are going to be segregationists. And we are going to preserve our seed and respect our heritage.

Now ; this is the spirit of Elijah, the spirit of Elijah moves upon the race and the spirit of Enoch moves upon the church and the result is that the church and state are the two great witnessed of Revelation.

QUESTION;--Yes, but is this for one particular time, this great and terrible day of the LORD?

ANSWER;--The great and terrible day of the LORD is almost at hand, and we are all for it. This will be a great day for us, and a terrible, dreadful day for those who know not our LORD. But its a day of salvation for the children of the kingdom.

QUESTION;--But can we expect Elijah?

ANSWER;--No, I am not looking for him in person. The spirit of Elijah is a symbol. The day of the LORD was also used in symbolism when Christ was here, then it was a day of the LORD, which was a short time. The great and dreadful day of the LORD which talks about the spirit of Elijah--this is to descend upon His ministry, His household, Oh, Elijah could come back this is no problem, but the two great witnesses of Revelation are symbolical witnesses, because you could not cut the heads off of two men in three different cities. It says they are Egypt, Jerusalem, and Babylon. In other words these two men are beheaded in the cities of Merchants. So what does that mean:----it means that church and state are in economic bondage, religious bondage, and under political bondage. Church and state are the kingdom, and these three are attacking the kingdom, and had made the witnesses and testimony of both church and state, of Priest and kingline, the two witnessing forces in the kingdom as tho it were of no effect until they come up out of their sleep.

For instance 1909 is called the time of the Great Apostasy---this is when "Higher Criticism" made its attack upon the scriptures, and all these things started. Also this is the beginning of the revolutions impact and so forth. And this is the period when we see the economic power of world Jewry expanding. Following this came the Federal Reserve system, and the World Bank and so forth. And from 1909 on then we see economic, political bondage gradually expanding on over the kingdom. Thus these three cities are symbolized as to where the two witnesses were beheaded for this time, then also they were placed where they are to rise again.

If you were to raise two men in three cities then they could not be two individual bodies, they are two forces of the kingdom --church and state.

Now the two olive branches which stand by the :LORD GOD of the whole earth, have a significance like Ephraim and Manasseh which is the house of Joseph. Remember that Jacob Israel said;---"Let my name be named on these two lads", then remember that "all Israel is to say;---Let us be like Ephraim and Manasseh at this time", in the end of the age. Actually I find that the entity is more closely affiliated with the house of Joseph, than with the house of Judah which are after all the two great branches of the olive tree which stands by the LORD of the whole earth, because this is their basic destiny. Where as some thought that this meant that this was two branches out of the same tree --Ephraim and Manasseh ----it is actually two great posts or staves 'which become ONE in MY hands'. Thus the two great witnessing houses of the olive tree are the House of Judah and the House of Joseph, and part of the house of Judah is in Joseph land. The two great institutions within them which are the witnessing force are church and state. The evidence of them being the kingdom, the inheritance of the kingdom, and the spiritual center of the Kingdom. These two things are symbolized of course--Enoch symbolized great spiritual perception and wisdom. Elijah was the utilization of this power and wisdom for the preservation of the state. Thus the Prophet was to the country, and as it related to the king, and those things, then he prophesied, and having fulfilled his work was taken into the heavens.

QUESTION;---What was the significance of the fig leaf and Adam and Eve being naked in the garden?

ANSWER;-----Well this is a pretty long thing to get into, it deals with the fact that originally Adam and Eve were clothed with a shielding emanation of aura, and halo of Light . And after their violation of divine law they had lost their radiant halo of light that immunized them from the direct rays of the sun, from the cosmic patterns of descending energies. This again made it very unsafe for them to dwell out upon the face of the earth. The scripture says that they were driven out upon the surface, but that is to long a factor to get into tonite. So they were hiding in the leaves and the brush when God came into the Garden. This is all symbolic --he came into the garden and called for Adam who is hiding in the leaves, this is just a historical piece of sculptural license. He was hiding and he did not want to come out because he was naked--this is symbolism.

QUESTIONER;--Where do you find it that He made Adam a coat of skins.?

ANSWER;--In the book of Genesis. But you can't find this fig leaf, but I think that was enhanced by Greek sculptural license. A fig leaf was a pretty good sized leaf, they could do a lot more with it. You note that lots of artists used the maple leaf also. --You can look up that passage, you can't miss it, or I will show it to you.

QUESTIONER;--I bought myself a Strong's Concordance so I can find it.

question:---What about the number 666?

ANSWER;--This is the apex of physical triology with out the spirit of God. In other words 6 is the number of man or the flesh creature . And when in this triology he is 666 then he is at the 'beast level'. When it is 777 this is divine level. Thus this is why 18 is the triology of man and 21 is the triology of the walking God or the embodiment. You are spirit soul and body, and a perfect set of 777. This 666 had different significance for instance this is the number of the 'Beast system' showing that it is ruled over by men with out spirit. And therefore it is the number of Lucifer's embodied offspring, having g no spiritual capacity. It is the number of Jewry for instance, and they identify themselves with 6. They identify themselves in more ways than one. Lots of people try to fit 666 to many things, and if you work hard enough you can do it. Most anything can be worked out in a numerical pattern. Of course they use the Latin word for the Vicar of Christ, representative of the son of God, so everyone of you are representatives as sons of God. The church put this on their Bishops and the Pope carries this, so by taking all of the Roman Numbers out, they sought to establish that the number of these numerals if added up, or set in a row are 666. So therefore this must be that the Pope is the Anti-Christ. But this is just a coincidence of a twist, it is not something which is prophetically determined. then they come along and take the Latin word for man, and they take out all the letters and come up with the number 666, and they worked all night on that one , coming up with that one. So they hung this on the pope and said see his number is 666. But this is not necessarily so, the number of his names, an the Roman numerals of their names have not as yet made 666--names do not make it. This is actually a satanic system, and this is the number of Jewry.

QUESTION;--- Does the name Pope Paul the VI have any significance/

ANSWER:--- Well Paul , himself might be the biggest fool of them all, yet when you read the Latin, the Italian versions as to what he says, then you see we read over here in the newspapers as to what he said, and it isn't always the same. I was noticing this in the ecumenical conference, the other day, he would have permitted men of all religions to approach the Ecumentical conference, but he spelled out specifically that he would not permit anyone to join the communion as participants unless they would acknowledge Jesus the Christ and bow the knee to this extent. But when they translated what he said, this is the way they put it-----he was willing for Hindu, Buddhist, all men to come into the Ecumenical conference ---but he was actually willing for all men to come to Christianity in unity, but not to vote or have any word in it unless they were Christians-----so you see again this omission in the news reports.

Now; no one is any more opposed to his foolishness than I am, anytime you would make a Cardinal out of a Negro---well then you must know what Cardinals are worth, for you have not enhanced your faith. But when the Methodist have a Negro Bishop and he isn't very good either----so I think that Pope Paul made a big mistake and he soon found this out. A short time ago he did this showing that these men aren't as sharp as a lot of Americans who are not Popes, for instance inside of several of the Provinces, these men are Communist party members, but women went to the Catholic church. They could not get the men to go to the church because they were Communist, and enemies of the church, and were not permitted inside the church. Well, when he did this then many of the communist men came to church with their wives, but One-third of Italy then joined the Communist party. So in other words it went the other way, and he is in bad shape and can't reverse his own edicts. So I think he is sort of a numbskull and probably took bad advice.

QUESTIONER;---I am not sure he should be called a numbskull.

ANSWER;--- I mean as concerning this strategy, he made the same kind of mistake that a lot of silly white men with the wrong advisors have made over here. But i do know this that he is deeply unhappy, that so many of Italy ran out and joined the communist party after they permitted them to come to church. The reason for this is that now this is upsetting the politics of Italy, and if the Communist win, the Holy See is going to come down, this he does not want. With this restraint gone then Communism would sweep from out of the advance right into Italy and sack the Vatican. Albania wants to do this all the time, and the Chinese would help. They have offered to transfer thousands of their men to Albania, bringing them over by submarine, and by ships so they could help in this sacking of the Vatican. Now the Red Chinese are friendly with Albania but Albania does not want to share the loot. We have been keeping clippings from American and European papers, but I think this man is the poorest Pope they have had for many, many centuries, but remember that this one and the last one were numbskulls during the last war. They got taken in by the Jews who pulled the money strings, and they rescued Jews out of Europe and let them have baptismal certificates, and thus passed them as Christians so that they could migrate from one part of the country to the other. They came out thru church avenues to get over into the western world. So here we have a great number of Jews moving from areas of the country to the other where actually they engaged in conspiracy when saying they were persecuted. And if ever there was a fraud committed by high church men which violated church law this was it.---giving baptismal certificates to a bunch of Jews merely for them to escape with. This man and Pope John were both engaged in that practice, on advice of the money changers. So I do not trust him any more because of some of his actions. Some of these things have already boomeranged., and there is a great resistance right now from the Cardinals, and from the Holy See because of raising an African Negro to the rank of Cardinal.

QUESTION;---This beast system is it to put their mark on your right hand---and since they call us right-wingers has this any relationship?

ANSWER;--- No--the hand of authority is the right hand--this is a symbol. So what is done, or what is symbolized as 'the mark of the beast' is something you cannot see or read. It means when a man's intellect gives accent to the Beast system, (the world order) and he has put his hand to do the work for this system then he has this mark on his hand, and in his forehead. We find a lot of that up in Washington D.C. and also up here in Sacramento also are people who have the mark in their head and hand, and they have tied their star to this, thinking it is the way up, when one of these days it will be the way down.

QUESTIONER;--I was thinking of the significance of the right hand of Christ.

ANSWER;-- When Christ ascended into the heavens he assumed the scepter hand--the right hand of authority, but this is just the way it was translated. What actually happened, as he ascended into the heavens is that he lifted up the right hand of authority, for he had taken the throne again.. He did not sit down on the right side of himself. You will note that over his shoulder he carried the 7 star symbol, and in his right hand the symbol of the 7 stars. This is the control of the Universe, a Supreme master. Also the symbol of the 2 edged sword---when it was beheld back when he was the leader of his hosts it was held in his right hand. This is just a symbol of authority.

Now; the right wing is on the right side for there is no other place to be. You will see how right we are in not giving a story to "life " magazine. Those three fellows and those who wanted to take pictures were liars all the way thru. They just said they were doing a historic story on Conservative movements, and on what we do. That they would write just what we said and would not slant it, that here would be no attempt to discredit or down grade the right wing. But we don't trust them, we have seen nothing come out of 'Life" yet when it covers the right wing. We told them that we saw what the 'Post' did to Billy James Largish, and others so we would not give them a right wing story. We said that when we saw some good articles we might be interested. So they didn't get the pictures of you people they wanted that night, but we said they could listen, and they had a tape, but when they went out of here,they went to San Diego the next night and came into that meeting and started shooting pictures which was a felony---to interrupt a church service. When told by Comparet that they could not take pictures, they left but with about 19 or 20 pictures. They were told that if they used those pictures, and any injury developed, or they gave us a bad story then we would move against them.

Now; we are not in the story, but it is quite obvious that every one who gave permission for the taking of pictures like Miller, and Fields who they used to try to persuade me to let them take pictures---of those groups they wrote smearing, nasty articles about their influence in America, and they had a separate article on this entitled --"why men hate", then they ended up joining articles and smearing the whole bunch in the article. So in other words, experience shows you what to do. God gives you a little intuition and this little discernment he gives you is far more accurate than the opinion that these people can give you in good publicity. If the LORD says to move, then move but if he doesn't then don't move.

QUESTION;---Is there anything to this idea that this coat of skin that Adam and Eve were given ---was the beginning of sacrifices?--the killing of these animals for this coat of skin for Adam and Eve?

ANSWER;-- Well it could be but I don't think that is the reason why ,

QUESTIONER;---Is there symbolism here?

ANSWER;--- You can make any symbolism there you want, types and shadows as long as you have death and blood in it because without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin---you can carry this back as far as you want to, but we are not redeemed by the blood of sheep and goats.

QUESTION;---I see on the 5 cent stamp that there is a picture of Adam Cadman in the hair on Washington's head---

ANSWER;---Well Adam Cadman is primeval man. This goes into symbols of antiquity even woven out of ancient mystic symbols.

QUESTION;---It is Jewish is it not?

ANSWER;---No--but Jews grab on to these things and then twist them, but its older than that. Adam Cadman is primeval man uncontaminated. Oh, the Jews have woven things in, especially into our money before this.

QUESTIONER;---- A woman has a blow up of a five cent stamp to about 8 inches square. It shows a V standing out on his neck and you can see it real plain, and there is a third eye right there also in the 5 cent stamp, and there is supposed to be some 40 symbols some expert said of Jewish symbols, and being on his neck, this V that Churchill had --everyone doing---

ANSWER;-- No it did not have anything to do with that. The V was just the first letter for victory. There is no sense for giving any added significance to this. Churchill wasn't trying to to throw a Jew emblem. With Churchill I disagree with many of his conditions, but he was forced into these by Roosevelt, and the fact is that as far as Churchill is concerned he didn't try to dissolve the Empire.

QUESTIONER;--- But isn't this V a Jewish emblem of the cloven hoof, conquer and divide?

ANSWER;- ---No, this is all a bunch of stretched imagination. The cloven hoof -----you are an Israelite ---but the fact is that you don't find yourself under this measure, the area of deer meat and Lamb they are all Israel food.

QUESTIONER;---Well I went to where this woman was speaking and she was showing all this stuff.

ANSWER;---Well Mrs. Dillion does all this stuff to, but she does not know the old testament relationship of our race. In fact these people just flaunt every law in the old Testament diet because they want to eat everything they think the Jews are told not to eat--see? in their thinking they think the Jews are the people of the book when of course they are not---these people are Israelites just as you are, and they were given what is good for them to eat.

QUESTIONER;---Because of the raven on things , it does not mean necessarily that it is Jew does it?

ANSWER;-- Do you mean that if you mixed white, yellow, and black people you would get a Jew. No you would get a mutation--a mongrel.

QUESTIONER; --Then there is something---

ANSWER;----Now wait a minute---Lucifer's children are Jews, and they are yellow, black and off white Jews, because these fallen angels did not keep their first estate, and mongrelized everywhere in the world and produced these evil Priesthoods.

QUESTION;--- Is it hard to recognize JEWS AFTER SURGERY?

ANSWER;--- Yes except by their works.

QUESTION;---How many Jews are in the world?

ANSWER;--- Well they show about 20 million in the Jewish year book.----to many,

QUESTION;---Is 9 the number of judgment of a man?

ANSWER;---Nine is the number of judgment--this judgment comes, and if there is no man around then you wouldn't know there was a judgment. You can't prove there was a noise if there was no one to hear it.

QUESTION:-----Why is it number 9?

ANSWER;--- Well numerology was set up in the patterns of the father. We do not have anything to do with setting up the numerology patterns. The values of these numerology patterns were set up in the Universe and they are woven into activities or are something learned by observation. Sometimes learned by Biblical declarations---for instance --9 months was judgment of gestation instead of 12 months as was original


tape runs out.