02-05-69 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---When it speaks of the Mark of the Beast, all who receive, does that mean we are to refuse it? And it says it is to last 3 1/2 years.????

ANSWER:---The Mark of the Beast is something not for us. It is the Mark of the World Order. He fights the Kingdom but he never takes it over. In fact, Revelation 13 ---(the beast is described in scripture).---It says:---'I stood upon the shore and I saw a beast rise out of the sea having seven heads and then horns. And upon his horns ten crowns. And upon his heads, are seven kingdoms upon which the beast rules.' He talks about this and names the seven as Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome, the sixth, that is. Genghis Khan hoards are the seventh and the eighth is out of the seventh. This is communism. These are the same here in Revelation 13. It describes them saying the Dragon gave him his power, or seat of great authority. So the actual power of each of these behind the seven in these administrations was Luciferian.---or Jewry. So Jewry throws their weight into the Beast System which is totally against the Kingdom of God. Always seeking to conquer Israel. Conquer the white race. Trying to put it down. Always serving this dragon. And we are told in the 12th chapter of Revelation, that the Dragon is Lucifer. And his many children are referred to as the seed of the Dragon, Lucifer, Satan, and devil. The Dragon is one and the same thing. Therefore we see that the Mark of the Beast is the mark of the world order. It says here that the head was wounded, but the deadly wound was healed and all the world wandered after the beast.

Now; the beast rose to power again after Christs time when the Jews rose to power and gathered the hoards of Genghis Khan and hurled them against Christian civilization. They conquered Sammerkand, Baghdad, and all those areas, and then they hurled them against Christian civilization. When the hoards were coming against the Western Christian civilization, Genghis Khan was injured several times but had always recovered. But he then had a heart attack and his wounds were bad and he died. They carried his body back to Lassah. And the Beast system which was made up of all these countries, all these people who were on Lucifers side with their false doctrines, and pagan philosophies and idol worship, headed by organized Jewry which is the children of the Dragon, went to Lassah to choose new leadership. There were many descendants of the Khan and they all decided they would take over their various areas that they came from. Shoggy Khan went into the areas of Russia, for instance. And the deadly wound was healed because they kept coming into Europe. But they were never quite able to get as far as they did under Genghis Khan. Remember that the Beast system came into its effectiveness about 1000 A.D. This power of Genghis Khan may have been slightly before this, but their entrance into Europe was about 1020 or 1030 A.D. But at the same time the Beast power of Jewry had been working about 250 years before this time to try to raise such a conqueror. They eventually sent Chepe Noyon, a Chinese Jew, out to bring forth Genghis Khan. In the meantime, Jewry had gotten such a hold on Western Europe and were swindling the people. And at that time their programs were evil. The actual world order was beginning to succumb once more to the Beast system. The mark of the Beast tells us this---it was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blaspheme. And power was given unto him to continue 40 and two months. This is 3 1/2 years. But a day for a year in prophetic time measure symbolically shows the rise again of the Beast system which actually extends over 1/2 of the 2520 years of the rising power as the Beast comes back to his power when his deadly wound nigh unto death is healed. For Jewry keeps on trying to get someone to follow. And when the last Beast rises up as its deadly wound is healed, we see world communism rising up. And of course, this mark in the hands and in the forehead is just a matter of translation because they put their hands to do his work and their heads to think and proclaim his message. So that the people are given over to the ideology of the Beast. And they put their hands to do the work of the world order. This is the mark. An identification of all these people who put their hands and heads to work for the beast system headed by Jews.

The Kingdom does not receive the mark of the beast. It is not a world system. They put to death people by the thousands thru the years as they came into power in Asia and in Europe. Then stimulance is put in from time to time as they rise to power. They put 17 million people to death when communism came into power because they would not give up their faith in Christ. So don't think that the Soviet Union does not liquidate Christians whenever they can. But the Kingdom does not receive the mark of the beast. It tells you here in the Book of Revelation, that this Beast opens his mouth to blaspheme the Kingdom of God in earth and in heaven.

"And it came to pass that power was given to the beast to make war with the Saints and to overcome them; and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him whose names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life, slain from the foundation of the earth." So God makes it clear that all of the Adamic race had their names written in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. They are His sons and daughters. They battle and they die. But they do not carry the Mark of the Beast.

One thing about the house of God, they are pretty stubborn when it comes to something being crammed down their throat. But they don't take the mark of the beast because their names were written in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. True Christians don't take the mark of the beast. They would die first.

Now; the mark isn't something that is put on your forehead or hand with a branding iron. It is simply that they put their hands and head to work for the Beast, the World Order. There are people that waver alright, and do the work of the Beast because we have the socialists and communist doing the work of the Beast and trying to spread in our country at this time. But it reads that power was given and all worshiped the Beast whose names were not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world. It talks about the Beast whose deadly wound was healed so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of men. And now this actually may be the Beast system which has the atom bomb. They have stolen these secrets and are using it over Asia and the rest of the nations of the world showing they have great power. The Kingdom doesn't fight for the beast system. The Kingdom builds its own atom bombs and gets ready to fight against its enemy. You are told in the Book of Joel, that there are to be pillars of fire and umbrellas of smoke. You are told in the Book of Peter, that elements will dissolve with fervent heat. As the fashion of the world order passes away----then what manner of person ought you to be when God delivers us with this kind of deliverance, and these things transpire. ?

Now it says that he does great wonders and deceives those who dwell on earth, by these

strange powers , and that they gave life unto the image of the Beast and caused it to speak and decided that all who would not worship this image of the beast should be killed. Now; this is talking about Lucifer in control of the World Order, and they will try this, and verse 16 says:--he causeth all both small and great, rich or poor, free or bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads; that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark , or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. This is alright in the World Order, this is what they have been doing in the world order all the time ever since the last socialistic came along. Thousands upon thousands of people starved to death in Russia because they did not have the money to buy food.

Now remember that in the translation of the scriptures of the book of Revelation as well as the rest of the book in the days of King James, they did the best they could. They translated it into the best English they knew how but they didn't know anything about how the image of the Beast would speak. Actually this has already been done, for power has been given and the Image does now speak, and the whole world order also speaks just as you see the symbolism of the kingdom as well. Today the T.V. are all over the world and the image of the world order speaks constantly putting out propaganda and its a talking picture, this is what this means. This is a picture and it speaks, it would be a strange miracle to the people who were translating the King James version at that time.

QUESTION:---Is it not one person then?

ANSWER:---No there are many anti-Christ , they are all over the world. John says Lucifer is embodied in one person and at all times there is always a leader in the communist cause, but there is many anti-Christs . The Beast system is already here, it is not something which is to come. As far as the mark of the Beast is concerned this is the mark of the world order, and the world order assumes it. But the children of the kingdom do not follow it, the scripture says that they do not. But the image of the Beast is already talking and you are hearing it. But when you hear this voice speaking you don't' accept his philosophies, you get angry. Lots of things over T.V. are not put out by the beast but the image of the beast is made to speak all over the world today. As far as an idol raising up and speaking as some have thought, that they would build a great big idol and it would speak this is not going to happen, a sophisticated world would never accept that , and this is not the story. In the original Greek when they translated from the areas of coptic Aramaic which was the language of John then into the Greek it was as tho a talking picture that was presented to the people, and made to speak. the thing is, whether it is a painting or a talking picture people didn't know this because they never dreamed that the day would come and T.V. would be made to happen, it would seem like a miracle unto people. Its like when Christ comes they will see him round the world in a twinkling of an eye. It is absolutely impossible if Christ comes to the mount of Olives , or into this country, unless it be by T.V. It wouldn't make any difference what part of the world he came to the curvature of the earth would not let you see him but for T.V. ---yet with satellites in the air then T.V. carries over here from Asia and Europe. It is a fact today but they get almost instantaneous T.V. all around the world today. So it will only be a matter of a few moments and we can see all over.

QUESTION:--It is now almost possible using laser beams to project your T.V. right in the middle of your living room in 3 D.

ANSWER:--Well that is alright it is still an electronic phenomena.

QUESTIONER: --But it appears that it will be right in the middle of your living room and not on the screen?

ANSWER :---Well, this may or may not be --we will believe it when we see it.

QUESTIONER:--I have already seen it.

ANSWER:--as far as being experimental yes, but as far as whether this will stand up under massive T.V. we don't' know. But as far as the image of the beast speaking this is what it was talking about. And if people are waiting for something else to happen they will wait their life time, and not see it. This is one of the reasons it says over here in the book of Peter---'People say that all things continue as in the days of our fathers, nothing new happens ', yet prophecy is being fulfilled and has been down thru the thousands of years, historical things, miracles , things that are not unusual coming as we move into this age, but then people said how can chariots run in the street with out horses. So it says in the scriptures that in thee latter days Chariots would run with out horses, and jostle each other in the streets, and we don't think of it today, but chariots do run in the streets without horses, and there are lots of wrecks, this is what it is talking about. Then it talks about how the red army comes, how they would be able to mechanize their cavalry and infantry, how they would come with all these vehicles and they would be symbolized by the red on their uniforms. It talks in prophecy about the hoards of the red army becoming mechanized in our time, and they are and we are mechanizes against them this is all true .But as far as the mark of the beast I am not worried about it for as far as we are concerned America NEVER goes down under the Mark of the Beast. It comes close under its influence as minority groups become active in our nation and spread their doctrines. But America will break loose and rise up as the Right Wing get stronger and stronger and they will repudiate it.

Mr. Nixon has been elected on a conservative trend and he will come more and more to the right for the force which raised him up are very determined that they are not going to be ruled over by socialism or communism of the forces of the beast system. If he will not perform, or cannot perform you can be sure that some one will perform even if they have to put someone in on horseback this will come. So the people will not take betrayal, I think myself that he is sort of undecided and does not understand a lot of things. I think his church is largely responsible as they think all men are brothers. They don't know Israel Identity , and they don't understand a lot of things that they should understand. They think they can play to the world and the world will accept these things. But the world will not do these things until Armageddon is over and Christ gives them a new heart, or makes new creatures of them. You will never get a spiritual reaction out of them because they do not have the capacity for it. for they do not understand. You send missionaries into Africa and into Asia, even tho they cut their heads off, they go back again and again. Some went down into Africa where they have these blow guns and their arrows, and they killed the missionaries, so their wives said we will go down and work there, so missionary after missionary went down but they get killed not realizing that they are dealing with a savage force. But there is a time for everything and we are told in Ecclesiastics, and there will be a time when you can make some evangelistic headway but not today. But as long as the Beast system (Political, religious, economic control) is not defeated, as long as it has more sway over more people than the kingdom does it doesn't pay you to go in a peaceful program into a pagan country where the agnostics, the pagan religion and Cannibalism all exist. In other words the only way to go in was the way the British Empire went in---send in the army and then the missionaries and they would listen or go out in the bushes, but don't send people in to get killed. There used to be respect for the U.S. also, no one raised their hand against the U.S. in the past when we were in our heyday of military strength and missionaries went out. Actually American technology may have made our nation stronger in its ability to make war, but we haven't been as strong on foreign policy.

The rise of the beast system and the kind of tribulation wee are going thru even tho we don't receive tribulation like those people who have lived ever where the beast system is strong such as in the Soviet Union, and these areas . But we have had types of tribulation here, economic warfare against us with depressions and problems. We have had one of the things which has been a catastrophe in our society. We have let Jewry sweep into our nation, we let them integrate our society and move into our field of education and today I think that the strongest influence today in our education system outside of the white teachers scattered around---the thing that rules it is that they set up a lot of programs and that is organized Jewry. I think our Colleges are filled with Jew Professors and that has been sown into our schools, and have brought in things that are not American. All these things we would call a type of tribulation here. But we do not get the type of tribulation that exists out where the World Order is king. He declares that the earth remains but the world order will be destroyed but we also remain, will be here when he comes. The earth will be the habitation of man for ever and forever. The world order isn't going to rule over the kingdom, we are going to fight, to resist unto blood. This is what Armageddon is all about. This is one of the things---the people can talk about peace, I have heard Mr. Nixon speak at his inauguration, and I thought this is a fine ideological address filled with all the things he thinks are right. He does not want war, he wants peace, and he bends over backwards, but he is not a realist, and does not recognize that the scripture says you are going to have Armageddon not Peace. This is the thing coming on the horizon and the most important thing today is to get ready to win it not try to make Peace with the enemy who is going to doublecross you anyhow. I think Mr. Nixon will find this out real quick. The fallacy of trying to go around and make Peace with the world is a very foolish policy when the world is run by Lucifer and the satanic powers. If you can't convert the world, and you can't as long as these Buddhist Priests operate, and the devils programs operate in these countries, then you are going to have to smash Communism and Buddhism and Hinduism, and after that then you can get some where with the people. But you cannot get anywhere with them before that, and the President isn't aware of this. But we do have senators and congressmen on tape who are saying we agree with you and you are right, and we just wish we could spread this around Congress. We wish we could we could get people to see this, we have some ministers looking back at thee bible and saying this is it, and they see how these little fetishes of things have been translated in because they didn't understand. But they translated as close as they could to the realism of their living. They did not have automobiles, and they did not have T.V.'s none of those things. So all of these things are what we face. But as far as the Kingdom of God is concerned I am absolutely confident in the victory of our God, because I believe God. I do not stay up every night and worry about the anti-Christ , we are going to knock the anti-Christ down . We do not have to have the majority of the world , we will do it with 1/6 of the worlds population and we will have only abut 1/3 of them. But the fact remains that we are going to clean up on the powers of darkness. We are going to smash all evil, and when we get thru the people under the control of the World Order are going to worship the right God. In the midst of this situation we have the armies of Christ and the hosts of Michael and all these forces coming into the picture. I can't think of a single moment of future prophecy which isn't filled with tremendous transition, with such tremendous power that I just want to see it. Some want to push off Armageddon ten or twenty years , but I don't. I want Armageddon to come now, I want to see it now. I know that we are going to win, I just don't want to miss it. I am not patient I want to see it come , for we are assured of victory. The Apostle Paul said; --I don't want to die I just want to put on immortality . I think we are in the time when most every Christian living----we are in the days when the return of Christ with power will be seen. Time must be shortened, the Jews already have Palestine, they want now to challenge the Arabs. They want to tear down the Mosque of Omar and build a temple and prove to the world that they are Israel. But if they were as real they would not care about proving it. In fact we are Israel and we don't' care if the world knows it or not, we know we are Israel. And his spirit bears witness with our spirit that t hat we are the children of God. If ye be Christ's ye are Israel, and Abraham's seed. These other people follow the background of paganism, so we must see a victory of the kingdom, and the kingdom nations. When we see all these situations come to pass we realize that we are about at the climax of the age. Take about 15 years from now, and some person said in fifteen or twenty years the church will start paying you annuities and you can get the money back. Well I don't have to worry about money, I think the kingdom will come in, but some churches want you to loan them money and you get it back in twenty years or so, or your heirs do. But I don't think you have to operate that way. I people would start fulfilling the kingdom program right now you would get it under way in a hurry, and bring it in with great speed. This is one reason people should wake up and start to act.

Napoleon once said , if I can get my Generals to catch my vision and understand what I want them to do, then all we have to do is do it. Lots of them did --like Bluheer and Marshall May, and they just about did it. But you cannot do anything that you cannot perceive or understand. Even Hitler , materialistic as the program may have been, once he got the program across the people started with this idea and it took the whole world to hold them down. The kingdom of God thus is the most powerful force in the world today, it has spiritual power, it has miracle power, and when people say I don't see any miracle, then I say you just haven't tried it that is all. The kingdom of God has miracle power, he has promised victorious power, miracle power and there is no question about the fact that it is going to be used. Yes, I would not be surprised but what the Russians start some bombs and things, but that will only cause us to cry out LORD save us, and he will. I think it might do the people good if they get real scared by the Soviet Union, they are talking it real easy right now. In fact when I hear these politicians cry--- lets go over and try diplomacy on them, we think they have had a change of heart, they don't want to fight anymore, this is just what the scriptures say will happen---Peace, Peace when there is no peace. Their nature is not that way, so we are in prophetic hours.

Again we want to point out to you--that this Beast system is said to have seven heads and 10 horns. So don't think this is a 3 1/2 year period or just something which comes up. Jesus told you that the seven heads were seven kingdoms, and they start with Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome was the one at that time, how long has that been? It has been thus thousands of years in coming to pass, the ten horns are ten countries around about which gave their power to the Beast (world system) in prophetic scripture patterns of the latter days. This refers to the time when world Socialism, Communism comes into view, so lets take a look at it. this spread from the Soviet Union into China and out into Africa. It spread into the mid east trying to get a grip on the Arab nations which it will not get total rule over Ishmael altho it will over some of these people. And it is working in Indonesia, and Laos, and Cambodia is falling so you see this spreading , and the only nations not going Communist are the white nations. Then they talk almost 1/3 of the white nations under, some going behind the Iron Curtain, and with even Sweden almost a Communist society. Altho its churches and its people round about still the areas around the government are almost a Communist society so Asher is also almost gone--see. At the same time these things are climaxing in our time. I think we are going to see some tremendous things in the area of victory. At the same time we want to point out that with all the operation that the enemy has been up to he has not been able to silence the gospel of the kingdom. For instance as we look at our tapes moving out over the states to the south, east, north and out to the other continents, more people are accepting this than realized, what they were accepting. But they were accepting the scriptures and prophecy and interpretation and became Identity with out even realizing that there is even an argument about it .

A minister will see this almost instantly -----And YAHWEH says --In this place where they are called not my people they will be called the children of the living God. This is the operation in the latter days, in the climax of time There is then not so many things to be fulfilled. They say they are going to get their Temple built within a few days after they tear the Mosque of Omar down but they will not get their temple built anyway for it will be torn down with an earthquake so that is that.

QUESTION:--These apparitions that appear in the church of Egypt are they part of the false wonders that are to come?

ANSWER:---Well I do not know, basically they are Christian churches, We do not know whether they are false wonders or not. Because they are Catholic churches some might think they are false wonders, but we differ from them in our doctrines, but there is no question of the fact that thousands upon thousands of Catholics have believed that God was going to perform miracles in the church. Have believed that they have seen apparitions of Saints, the Virgin Mary and so forth. There is no question that lots of people have been healed in various of these apparitions in Europe.

Now; in Egypt people have cried out to the LORD and it is just one of those strange situations . Actually I don't think that the Anti-Christ has anyone praying unto God for the things he preforms. In other words the false miracle that he performs as anti-Christ is to lead people away from god not to HIM. I don't think they are actually imagining things because there is to many witnesses to these miracles. I don't think ----I don't know why they would be in Egypt altho maybe this is a part of it. We well understand that when talking about the Pyramid that he said there would be signs and wonders in the land of Egypt as well as a pillar and an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land in the latter days. So the altar is the great pyramid which was built as a wonder and a witness. It is a stone, a mighty stone tower as well as an altar to the most HIGH GOD. As to the signs and wonders there, I wouldn't say---but I think that many people --to many people Christianity is rather simple. They believe in Christ alright, they believe in his church, they don't know there is a lot of humbug there, but also a lot of good Priests and workers. And one thing they have is that they will keep the sacraments, still keep the communion, and still believe that Christ is divine. So even with a Jew Pope this is a bad deal, but I would not say that the Catholic church is a lot farther down the road than a lot of Protestant churches today when some of them even deny the deity of the Christ. They don't believe in the communion or any miracles of the communion at all. In fact some churches may think it not the symbol of the body of Christ, think it is just a ritual. They sing their hymns but the preacher don't believe in them. So we have the falling away first as we are told there would be in the latter days. I don't think these miracles we have seen in Europe have been so far out of order because almost all of them have brought praise unto the MOST HIGH GOD. As to these in Egypt many people , by the thousands have gone down there to see these miracles. They do not always see them sometimes they do, sometimes they don't , but apparently they see or think they see the Virgin Mary and there have been thousands upon thousands of witnesses so it is hard to say.

QUESTION:---The Pope who came out and said this was a vision of the Virgin Mary was this the Pope of the Coptic church?

ANSWER;:-Well the Coptic church is more of a true church it doesn't have all this fakery .

QUESTION:--Why do you think the Virgin Mary would return to principally Moslems?

ANSWER:--Remember that one of the things that will happen to the Ishmaelites in the last days is that they will recognize Christ. You know that Allah Allah Ackabar is the cry of the Muslems, and it is ---The LORD God is one. Well Abdulla who was a Jordanian king went to worship at the Holy Sepulchre church and he said that Christ and Allah are ONE. he was convinced that Christ and Allah were One because Christ was YAHWEH embodied . This made quite a stir in Mohamedianism and the Jews had his killed because they were afraid the Arab would turn Christian. This would be a serious thing for them so they assassinated him.. This again is something the Mohammedins had not believed. They believed that Jesus was a prophet but not that he was conceived divinity. But the Virgin Mary is a symbol of Immaculate conception. She is 'Hail Mary' blessed above all women --and Elizabeth said; why has the mother of my God come unto me.? Thus God became embodied and the vessel was the Virgin Mary.

Now of course Protestantism has been over so far from this that lots of Protestant ministers talk about the Mary Royalty of this and try to make it as tho it is the worship of the Virgin Mary and they may impute a lot of things to it that is doesn't have except among the ignorant. But as far as the recognition that Mary was chosen of God a thee mother of his embodiment, that he emerged forth from her, one of the things Christ did was that he spent a lot of time in the preparation for her comfort and care , for when he left he wanted Mary cared for. He said: --

to John ' Behold thy mother. ' and as to Mary , his mother he passed her on as tho she had become a mother to John and the disciples in that she being the mother of God it was their responsibility to provide for her for as long as she lived. So therefore many of these things which creed bends and twist, and greed can go off in all directions as well. As far as I am concerned I don't think I have seen any visions of the mother of God but I have seen visions of Christ, and they were about what I expected. but I have beheld HIM. It made not a great significance to me and yet I recognized it for what it was. The areas of the Catholic church in Europe have died before the anti-Christ. They have put to death----of the 17 million up to our time of Christians about 75% if them have been Catholic who would not give up their faith in Christ for Communism. So these are things we should take into consideration and even the Protestants may not like what I have said , there may be a few critics who will hear this tape, but I still think the fact is that Mary is worthy of respect, and honor. All generations will call her blessed of the fact that she was chosen to bare the body of God. But she is the symbol of the Immaculate Conception --of a virgin Birth.

I am not going to pass judgment on the things seen in Egypt. But the Coptic church was among Israelites that dropped out along the way. Some were left behind in Egypt, and in Armenia and some never got into Greece or Mesopotamia as others did, then they never went on into Europe. But these churches held on to Christianity in its original form .They continued to call themselves Coptic before the Catholic church was ever established in Rome. The reason why it was called Catholic was because they referred to it as the Catholic church----which meant the Universal church, that is what the Catholic church means, the universal church of God. In other words it meant the church united, so the Armenians and the Israelites stopped in Egypt or other places on the way and always referred to it as the Universal church.

Now; they looked on Rome as more political than spiritual and this is true for Rome is a political power. The word --Catholic---The Methodist church recites the Apostles Creed and they say;--I believe in the Holy Catholic church. They don't' say they are Roman Catholic , they say Catholic church, and they mean they believe in the Holy United church of God. This is where the word Catholic comes from.

I think that the church of Egypt recognized that this was a miracle , probably to the Mohammedians, this was a significant thing which they needed to see, that this was a miracle which related to the birth of Christ in this way.