02-07-68 Bible Study Q&A


Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


(He is talking about the strange light in their house. He tells the beginning of the story at the end of tape.)

It had gone right down and into my father's study and never opened the door. My father said there was nothing to that. But there was a peculiar odor like ozone all thru the house. And my father could smell that. So he went down kind of easy and opened up the door of his study but nothing was in there. So they said:--'you must have had a nightmare.' But I hadn't. But they went back to sleep. So pretty soon I saw the light again and it came right back and took a good look at me. But I didn't holler this time. So it went on a little further then turned to look back at me. So I let out a squawk and my folks came running just in time to see the light disappear where the two huge doors were. So something came in that house. Something walked up that stairs and it wasn't a good spirit necessarily, because it didn't do anything good. About two weeks later my grandmother was there and she saw this thing. And she god kind of hysterical and let out a scream. That woke me up and the thing turned around, went back down the stairs and out the door. Following this, we would be sitting at dinner and we would get a noise like someone snapping their fingers right in the middle of the table under a plate. Pick it up and nothing was under the plate. Then sometimes it would come right into your hand--snap--snap. See? This was a strange thing. So my father said:-'Well, if this is the work of the devil, then we will bind it. We will claim the blood of the atonement and bind it. Demand that Lucifer leave this place and never bother it again, and we demand it right now.'

It never came back. But it moved over to another house. My father had some parishioner and it went over there and they became real frightened. They came to my father telling him all about this. How they were having terrible popping noises in their ears around the table and the walls. Father didn't tell them we had this experience, that it was here when we moved here. He just said that it sounds like a familiar spirit and I will come over and cast it out. My father exorcised it and it never came back again.

Now, you hear about all kinds of things. Pebbles falling off the roof and so forth. This is nothing but demon possession and it is a reality. People say 'oh, you are superstitious.' This isn't true. But it happened and this is obsession.

There are areas that transpire and with some people we have demon possession. And such a person generally never had a spiritual understanding, altho they might be of Christian stock and will have someday. But they might not be aware of some spiritual truths. Demon possession can be traumatic and probably 80% of the people today who have fits or seizures are possessed. epileptic fits especially. They may say they inherited it from their mother and father, but they just inherited the devil that is one of the main factors. Even tho it makes organic transitions in them, they inherited it. When one prays over an Epileptic it curses and swears it is violent. The most vicious things will pour out of its mouth. It will speak in another voice. In fact this is the work of demon possession. In fact, we've had several instances of this. We had one man who came to the church down in Los Angeles, when we were speaking there and in the midst of the meeting with about 700 people in attendance, this man fell over as tho dead. They called the ambulance and they came and checked him and said he was dead. Well, Theodore Fitch was there that afternoon and they called me and I said:--'alright we are going to raise this man up.' We commanded this man to rise and we commanded the devil to quite bothering this man, for causing him to go into a fit. And we cast out the devil in the name of YAHSHUA, and this man began to struggle and to rise up. He was already on the stretcher, so they took him on to the hospital. And he was back in church two weeks later. He still comes to church when in town. But we couldn't have a testimony that this man died in church. So Fitch and I joined and we cast out this demon and the man was raised from the dead. There were a lot of people there. And the man himself knows he was raised from the dead. He didn't know he was obsessed, except he had these seizures. But he doesn't have them anymore. But I have listened many times to the stream of profanity when you cast a demon out of a person. This is possession.

There are very strange things that have happen to me. Up in Santa Cruz, we had gone into a meeting there and a man was already in convulsions. But when the demons were cast out of this man, they came as tho little frogs. A whole stream of them came out and disappeared into the air. You say--you imagined that. No sir. You could see them. Little frogs, like little toad frogs came out of him and then it was all over. Now, sometimes you come on some that aren't so easy to cast out.---

QUESTION:---What about those shock treatments they are using now?

ANSWER:---All this is phoney. There may be some people who have had a brain injury, or there may be some people who do not have demon obsession or possession and the shock therapy may have helped them. But at large, most of this conducted at these mental hospitals by psychiatrists and some of them are virtually Satanist. I will say this. There is virtually nothing that can happen to the human mind of anyone who is an Israelite, that a minister, if he is in line with God, can't cast out. There is absolutely nothing for one of the first stages of reconstruction is the renewing of the mind. "Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." The fact is that there is no area of demon opposition which can stand against the name of Christ. We have more power in this than some, because we demand it in the name of YAHSHUA. And these others are honored many times because YAHWEH recognizes the use of the word Christ, for this word means the embodiment of God. People say there is great power in the name of Jesus. But He was never called Jesus in His whole life. This name Jesus was only used as they started to translate the Bible into English from Greek. Yah-Zeus was translated into Jesus. The name YAHSHUA is the name of God embodied. He said:--'I AM YAHWEH THY SAVIOR.' I can tell you this.---Prayer will be more effectively answered, 85% more effectively, answered using the name YAHSHUA instead of the name Jesus. Especially after people know the truth, you wouldn't expect to call HIM Joe. You say that is insulting.--Well, why call Him by some name which He doesn't have?? People say:--don't say that.---'Oh, how sweet the name of Jesus.' But that is only because of the association you have made with that name. But the fact is that if you pray in the name of YAHWEH, approach HIM in the name of YAHSHUA, then you will be answered. See?

Now, there are all types of obsession. One of the best ways to be obsessed is to fool around with Mediums. They operate with familiar spirits. And people go to seances and get obsessed quite often.

QUESTION:---Get possessed?

ANSWER:---No. Obsessed. In this area of obsession, most all of them get superstitious. See? They fear the spirits around them and actually as far as the results are concerned there are thousands of spirits around us. Maybe there are a couple hundred of them sitting around this room. People don't realize this but the plain of spirit surrounds our physical plain. There are guardian Angels, protectors. Do you realize how good people would be if they actually realized how many people are watching? There would be no violations of the moral code, whatsoever. They just wouldn't think of this if they realized all these people were watching. And they were going to meet them someday. If they realized these people were looking on. And here was all this immorality going on. Why they would be so good, if they could just see for once what surrounded them. But the fact remains, that the spirits of righteousness, maybe from our own loved ones who have gone on, who are then assigned back to this area for these are guardian Angels doing this job.

At the same time, evil spirits carry an aura of darkness. The children of spirit not only carry an aura of light but this aura of light which comes off our human body is the aura of our Celestial body which is transferred. This is why anyone who is interested in the things of the Kingdom, becomes more spiritually inclined to meditate and study and they build their aura. This aura sometimes stands out altho it is there whether you see it or not. But sometimes the situation is just right and you can see this aura. Maybe a person is teaching you things concerning the scriptures and the aura may become more visible unto you. But the fact remains that this aura is a very vital protection around people.

Now, it is true that Lucifer has a very dark light. In otherwords, the scripture refers to him as being covered with darkness. His imps are covered with darkness altho you don't see them. Don't see the darkness. And yet this is a blanketing darkness. Now, the darkness doesn't put out the light normally, altho in areas where you have priestly services going on with other wickedness then this darkness will so press down on the light that it will throw a fear into the white man who is there who had the spirit of God and he will feel oppressed. For instance, Lowell Thomas gave great evidence of this. He was over in Mongolia on the edge of Tibet. And he went to one of these Shaman meetings when he heard that the devil materialized there all the time. And these people worship the devil in Mongolia. So he is the master in control in that area. So Lowell Thomas and one of the men with him had one of these Monks---for a little money--, give them two of these garbs that they wore at these meetings and they came into this area which was like a huge pagoda make of skins, but open on the edges. They all sat around this area in a ring and this Shaman came in and entreated the devil. And they were all humming a little song, when all of a sudden, there was a flash of light and there was the devil. He was the most devilish god you had ever seen. Just like these gods carved out of teakwood and redwood and so forth. He was a horned devil. A very grotesque thing. Sometimes he was above the ring and sometimes on the earth level in the center of the ring. He was speaking in their native tongue. Then suddenly, he began to speak in English, saying:--' there are two men here. They are not of us. I give them just so much time to leave or I will destroy them.' So the men sat there trembling and the devil spoke again the language of Tibet and said there were strangers in their midst not of them. And they all began to look around. The devil said:--'we will extinguish the light and after it comes on again I will destroy these two.' So Lowell Thomas and the other man got out of there fast. But the thing is that they saw this devil materialize out of the air. This thing also happened in Madras in India. Here this Abdul Brabbi Baha is the Satanic area of deity, made to represent all pagan deities. Baha 'U'llah after he was dead. After this Baba was dead, it was his successor and various mediums connected with Hinduism that said that Barabbi Baha had come and Baha was the child of god, the personification of all deity. That he had promised them that he should visit them on this night. This was about 8 or 10 years ago. And the people all gathered around this great area and suddenly like a flash of fire, like someone performed a magical illusion, here came Baha the devil. He spoke to them telling them all sorts of things concerning paganism and told them Christ was a fraud; that Christianity was a fraud. This was one of the first religions on the face of the earth and they would destroy it. Then with a puff of smoke and fireworks, he went back up into the air. People saw this, including business men and Englishmen. It was written up in the papers and they said it could never be explained, but he said:--'I am Baha.'

So again, there are all kinds of mediums and familiar spirits. And Satan knows he is a defeated foe in the sense he couldn't hold the Adamites in the Netherworld when Christ resurrected. But he still thinks he may be able to gain control over the people who are left. But he is in an illusion. Yet he does destroy the minds of people, if he can. He will obsess people with false advice and throw confusion over the Kingdom. This is the area of obsession. Possession can become a very serious thing. And many people here in Asia today are possessed. Of course they have been worshiping Lucifer for years, but many are demonic. The assassins of Kali, a tremendous cult of assassins, are permitted to operate in India. When Britain was there they put a stop to this cult of assassins, for they killed for a living. They would find some rich man and he would have to pay off to them or they would kill him. This was all a part of his religion. They were agents of Kali, so he felt that this was the way he repaid part of his spiritual responsibilities. They moved in on politicians and they killed white men when ever they could as they surged out of the hills. The British fought these agents of Kali for many years and were finally able to do away with the Kali assassins. Masters has written volumes on these assassins. And now the English are gone and the assassins are back and occultism is sweeping over India once more. This is a strange thing, but always remember, that the devil's program ties in with Communism. Even Stalin was, as he said, an atheist, agnostic, did not believe in God, but he did believe in Bahaism. And he did recognize Baha and he also worshiped the Yesserdies and had communion with evil spirits. There is much we can tell you about that, for one of our ambassadors saw coming out of the Adriatic Sea,---like dozens of frog men. And they went into the house where Stalin was staying. They communed with Stalin, then came out and went down into the sea. Without question, these were creatures of occult thought. This was before the time when we had divers with aqua lungs and so forth. In the early years of communism, I think around 1928, this happened. So communism seems to be linked with the occult. For instance, the Buddhist Priest who are basically Jewish and all the high Buddhist Priests are Jewish. They told the people of Asia that they should join forces with communism. That communism was not against the true religion of many gods. But it was against Christianity and all its false religions. In fact, they so excited the Chinese that they made the Chinese government communist because they were following these Buddhist Priests. Then the Buddhist Priests were also running interference for the Viet Nam army. They used their pagodas to store guns and they got away with it because we never searched the Priests going in and out. Once a wagon broke down and out from under the blankets came machine guns and radio equipment. So after that they searched every pagoda and began to crack down on them. So the Buddhist Priests cried out against the leader of South Viet Nam, Ngo Dinh Nhu, and Mr. Kennedy, our President who was a Catholic, and Mr. Nhu who was also a Catholic,---but Mr. Kennedy had him liquidated. And the rest of the Nhu's were also Catholics. I always thought when Mr. Kennedy was assassinated, that he was reaping what he sowed. Mrs.--Madam Nhu who was in this country at that time also knew this. And tried to tell us in this country about conditions in their land.

QUESTION:---You said that some demons are hard to get out of the body of a Christian.?

ANSWER:---Well, I would say that they would be lots harder to get out of a non-Christian.

QUESTION:---Aren't you referring to this casting out as by prayer and fasting? Isn't this what Christ did?

ANSWER:---Well, I am not saying that prayer and fasting aren't good. But some people are possessed or obsessed and their relatives want them to be un-possessed, or un-obsessed while the person may not want to be un-possessed. In otherwords, this possession has gotten them into this state of mind. And they don't want to be un-possessed. When you get someone who is never rational, and don't want to be unpossessed, then it's a hard thing to get it out of them. This is when Jesus referred to prayer and fasting. Jesus said:--'this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.' Matt: 17:21 But Jesus, at this time had not yet ascended and the holy spirit had not yet come upon his disciples as a spiritual power like it did at Pentecost. And from this time on the holy spirit not only descended upon them but was in them. He said:--'I come unto you.' And this is why Jesus said:--'My sheep know my voice--open the door and I will come in and abide with you.' Of course the holy spirit and Christ are one and the same. But Christ had to ascend into the heavens. For while He was embodied, the spirit in its fullness, was with HIM. He told His disciples that this kind goeth not out by prayer and fasting. The reason why fasting was included, wasn't as a hardship, but the fact remains that people sometimes remain toxic from food, and they get a clear spiritual picture. But after fasting for a few days, the mind clears up and they get a clear picture. And then you become channeled for spiritual power. After the holy spirit descended upon the holy church, I don't think fasting was as important as it was before, because now they could lay hands on them, and people received the power of the Holy Spirit, and they could lay hands on them and cast out the power of the enemy. Paul came up against one who was a devil and a Jew. But Jesus said this man has no part nor lot in this matter. Then He came up on another one and struck him blind, because he was conning all these Christian people. When Paul came up and found out this man was demon possessed and a Jew, he just struck him blind. The man was blind all the time Paul was in town.

QUESTION:---Do you think that evil spirits have connections with disease?

ANSWER:---I think they may have connection with resistance. I don't think a spirit can sow disease of itself, but it could possibly contaminate it or bring disease upon people. They can get agencies to do this. Jews in bodies can do this. For instance, the beginning of disease germs started with the witches and wizards, the sorcerers of Lucifer. Generally speaking, they his offspring. They used to mix,--put together a broth and let the protozoa form. Then take another broth out of the things of earth and let it set for a time in the open air until bacteria formed in it. It would set for three or four days. Then they would pour these two together. So protozoa then which is harmless, became bacteria and germs. The bacteria being the plant germ life and the Protozoa being the animal germ life. They would cross and intermingle and then they would put this on food and people would eat or they would spray it into the night mists. A witch would spray it into the night winds and it would carry over a village. This was why people used to be afraid of the night mists. This was the way witches spread their evil brew.

Now, the body could probably always tolerate the natural protozoa, and bacteria would help in digestion. But when you have a virus that is kind of a cross between these two and there was no active immunity within the body to it, then it would cause disease, germs, and viruses.

Now, the body----the strange thing is that in Colorado, we have what is known as a germ factory. Here we have houses and others scattered all over and we are making cultures by mixing until they are so deadly. And we are then making bombs that will carry these. The Soviet Union is doing this also. And the pagan companies are working on these. Therefore, in self defense, America started making them. We have bombs now that if dropped on a city, in a few hours there would be an epidemic and nothing could help them. So now they have hade viruses so deadly they say either side is afraid to use it because it would spread over the whole earth. But I think the Russians will use these. In fact they have a fifth column right now in this country who could sow a little deadly stuff and soon the whole city would be down with a deadly virus. This is also an area of prophecy about the violence and disease and pestilence. The pestilence is the virus. See? We haven't come to the area where we have started this as yet. We don't think.--We don't really know however, how much of this Asian flu has been sowed in here. It then goes from one end of the country to the other. This flu has been different from any other. Of course when you talk about devils and demons, there is a race of them on earth right now. I think that many of them commune with Lucifer and follow thru on instructions. I don't know how much power a demon or devil would have. But I am not going to exalt the devil. I am going to tell you that we can beat the devil with the name of our Father. I am not going to say the devil has any power over the Kingdom at all. I think we can defeat the devil at every turn. I think it is only because people don't know and don't understand that they have any power over the Kingdom at all. I think the devil can handle Africa and Asia alright. He can take care of these people who have been subject to his religion. And now and then he gets a hold of someone who gets involved in Satanic religion. Maybe some people will listen thinking this is spiritualism. But this Yogism and all that stuff is not spiritualism. Yogism, they say is good because of the exercise and deep breathing. Yes, the deep breathing is good for man but Yogism is tied in with Yogi-Dieferosh, who is one of the chief devils who serves before Kali. See? So out of India comes this idea for health and life. You breath in the name of the devil god. You exercise in the name of the devil god. Do this in the name of Yogi. But I tell you that someone teaching Yogi is no minister. He is not fit to plow corn. The same with Hypnotism. This comes from the word Hyponoko who was a god found in Africa and Asia. And the Greeks knew about this one. Today we hear about hypnotism being a cure for pain and so forth. Definitely. Except mechanical hypnosis which is done entirely with a pendulum or a like type of object without any inference of the character of the person doing the hypnotising, which can be broken by just shaking the person lightly. This is sort of a mechanical process. But any hypnosis that requires the voice of the man, or the temple whether he knows it or not, that person ---the next time he goes thru this hypnotism---it gets easier and easier to hypnotise him. And he never quite gets free from this person who hypnotizes him. The only way to get free is to spiritually energize the individual, casting out the force. You hear people say:--I can hypnotise you. And you see them doing it even on T.V. You can see them put a persons head on one chair and his feet on another and he will be perfectly stiff. But this stiffness is an evil force. If it were not for this evil force, this would not be possible. The body is not normally built for this. We find that under hypnosis that people have done things they would not normally do. Say like, disrobe in public. But a hypnotists can get people to do this. And they will even murder under this influence whereas they normally wouldn't do it. But a hypnotise, after he has hypnotised someone, three times can wake him up and send him out to commit murder and he will do this thing. He will be cunning and devious and without question, they become a slave to this person unless some Christian minister can cast out this power.

QUESTION:---Does a layman have a right to request this power or is it only for ministers?

ANSWER:---Oh, sure. The reason why we mention ministers, is because God gave this power to His disciples, to the clergy in the church and to the Bishops. But they were probably better qualified at that time to do this. Whereas the other people might not have had this advantage. The fact remains that anyone can pray a prayer of Faith. But I don't have a scripture saying He gave everybody this authority. In otherwords, there is no place where the Apostle Paul does or does not say this authority is given. But I think God called men to preach and they go out with this authority. They may think they are just going to lecture, but they have this burning desire in them to preach. So He uses them just as certainly and they are thus many types of ministry as well. But if a person had the desire to go out and free people from demons without a call---well,--I just think that is a speciality. See?

QUESTION:---Whatsoever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven. And what ever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.---What is this about?

ANSWER:---That was given to Peter the disciple. That is the Keys of the Kingdom. This is again a pattern of obsession. But this doesn't necessarily refer to the Celestial nature of the spirit and soul of the individual. In otherwords, this doesn't mean a Priest can consign a person to perdition or keep him out of there. But it does mean that of the powers of the forces of evil, that whatsoever you bind shall be bound in heaven---in the Kingdom. And whatsoever is loosed as to the power of God or the hosts of Heaven, shall be loosed. So you can loose the power that will stop the devil. And you can bind the powers of the devil. It did not quite have that translation in the original text. It said:--'Whatsoever things nethermost ye bind working in earth, shall be bound. Whatsoever Celestial that you release for the Kingdom shall be released.' I think the Douay Version is much more clear.

QUESTION:---Could this be used against the virus warfare?

ANSWER:---Oh, I suppose so. We have prayed for all sorts of sick and they were healed. We have prayed for things which are a catastrophe like broken bones, crushed vertebra, and maybe it's easier to pray for big things because we did get results.

QUESTION:---What about Stalin's daughter?

ANSWER:---Oh, I think she is as phoney as ---I don't buy any part of her so-called conversion.

QUESTION:---I saw something the other night. This was about Rasputin's daughter.

ANSWER:---Well, that story is part true and part phoney. They made a lot about him being the devil. But I think he was just a con man working a good racket.

QUESTION:---They said he was a Christian and so was his daughter. They were members of the Greek Orthodox Church.

ANSWER:---Well, they got all of this from a picture. But I don't think some of this was true. I think Rasputin was an evil person.

QUESTION:---Getting back to these evil spirits, what about this Typhoid Mary who carries these diseases around? Is she possessed by evil spirits?

ANSWER:---Well, a person who carries a disease altho they don't contact it themselves, it is just that their body has built up an immunity to it and they don't catch it even tho they are a carrier.

QUESTION:---Why don't they get over it and not carry it?

ANSWER:---Well, I think this is a medical problem. It doesn't have anything to do with being evil. This is just that we are obsessed with sickness and diseases on the face of the earth.

QUESTION:---What about this man on T.V. who had a son being seized by an evil spirit?

ANSWER:---He was seeing a medium and his son was being seized by an evil spirit. This evil spirit took upon himself the likeness of his son, and was speaking thru an evil medium to a very evil man.

QUESTION:---when I was about eight years old, I had the flu real terrible and since then I never get any kind of flu. I am never sick. I just wondered if when they turn loose these viruses maybe I will be able to help someone.

ANSWER:---Well, I don't know whether you have built up an immunity in your body or not. But undoubtedly you did.

QUESTION:---My wife and kids can take the flu and I go back and forth from one to the other, and yet I never get it.

ANSWER:---Well, you are a very fortunate man.

(clippings read about earthquakes and predictions. Didn't write them off)

A professor from the University of Michigan and a seismologist said catastrophe and earthquakes which can do tremendous damage to San Francisco and Los Angeles are predicted. San Francisco in particularly vulnerable because of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bridge which will also go.

A man by the name of Walter, a minister, had a vision in 1951. The first time, he saw the area of the California coast line from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica, and it was almost as tho he was looking at a map. Out of the ocean the waves were bellowing around and building higher and higher. Something like a wall of glass seemed to hold back the water from the land. Then all of a sudden the water came in over Santa Barbara and Ventura and then something like a maze of freeways was seen. But in 1951, there were no freeways there. But he saw the waters break over the cement pillars of the freeways, smashing them to the ground. There were waves over the highways and plains. And in airports, planes were swept away as the waves swept thru the valley. Tall buildings fell like children blocks and fires were everywhere as gas mains and electric wires broke. Only a few tall buildings and hills remained visible as isolated spots above the waters. And the waters seemed to reach their peak in the Hollywood Hills where he was kneeling. Than an Angel pointed to the east and said:--Behold. And before his vision came the San Gabriel mountains and the Sierra Madras and suddenly there was a loud crack and a noise louder that hundreds of sonic booms all together. The earth shook and rocked and rolled. And he fell to the ground. Then a great chasm about a city block wide opened extending from the mountains down to Long Beach. The whole coast lie had been split loose from the rest of the continent and this continental shelf became submerged by the ocean. The tidal wave came in Walter's vision before the earthquake because probably a large earthquake had occurred under the ocean to the north. Walters was told by the Angel not to tell the vision to others until a sign would be given to him. And in 1960 this sign was given to him. Then three years after the vision, Walters was ministering in San Francisco and a third vision was given unto him. It was revealed to him that the San Francisco Bay area and the city of San Francisco would also suffer a devastating tidal wave and earthquake. So in the spring of 1962, Walters went to the Christian Business Mens convention and there at the convention was a man by the name of Branden. And he told them of a vision that he had. That before the next convention, there would be no city standing. So Walters had assurance by the witness of another evangelist of the revelation he was given.

Now, I don't predict it for this year. But it is coming. That I know. For we have also had visions. This Branden had a very successful ministry. God used him mightily in healing and he had a great gift of prophecy on some things. And on other things, he was very ignorant. For instance, when he went to Africa, he thought they were talking in tongues when the Witchdoctors rages. But he did have quite a ministry. But as to the earthquake it is coming. I don't want to be stuck with a prediction but it is coming. And it will be a judgement on the enemy, and I wouldn't want to live with the Jews in the Fairfax area anyway.

QUESTION:---The unclean food laws, do they pertain?

ANSWER:---Well, there did pertain in the land where they lived. Most of the streams were almost sewers. They were not to eat of some of the fish life of those streams. They were told that animals that lived on the grass alone were eatable and the animals with the cloven hoofs were preferable. But it isn't translated quite this way. A rabbit is not in the scripture and it is good food and can be eaten. Whereas there is a coney much like a muskrat in Australia and the coney in Palestine, and they were not to eat these coney. Most of the food laws therefore were right. But when you come to swine, of course always, scripture says not to eat swine flesh. We don't know quite when or what but way back in antiquity there existed no swine. So swine was the product of Luciferian sowing and mongrelizing of seed. In fact, the offspring of Lucifer which today, whether they come out of any race, they are just known as Jews. They were also the Priests of every pagan religion thousands of years ago. And these Jews, for instance, in Buddhism,--I have a little ivory statue of a pagan priest laying over the back of a small fawn. And this is a part of their pagan religion. They taught the mingling of man with animals, with the fawns, the deer, sheep or goats and so forth. And the Monstrosities which developed out of this mongrelizing were very very sacred to them. And they carved their little ivory statues of this practice of their gods. In Japan, this was also true. The ancient Sumari, the oldest warriors of Japan came from pre-Adamic races. And they were the people who survived when Lemuria sank. The word Pan came Ya-Pan and it was one of these monstrosities of half goat and half man that they worshiped. And also they had the minotaur in Japan. And Ya-Pan was one of the most recognized of these pagan gods. The land of Japan gets its name from this god. This Ya-Pan played the pipes and led the people and so forth. In fact, it became a tradition in Anglo-Saxon land about the god Pan playing his fife and all the children following. But this was half man and half goat and it comes from this paganism. Now, the fact is there exists in China today as well as all Asia, many of these monstrosities. And there are even several in the United States. For I have a doctor friend in Hollywood, who told me of these half-man and half-animal creatures. They did have them in some house in Hollywood for some occult pattern of religion. But I don't know whether or not they are still there. The fact is that the hog came from the crossing of some of these pagan (Jewish) Priests. And some of these animals, the hog, was the result of this. It may have been that the wild boar existed at one time as a boar. But the fact still is that the swine or hog of today comes from the intermingling of the ancient Luciferian Priesthood and some animal creature. And thus the Hog.

In the sixth chapter of Genesis, God talks of the conditions that produced the flood. And in this area again there were giants in the land after the Nephilin intermingled with the daughters of men. And they became mighty men of renown and their wickedness was great and their thoughts were evil continually. We note that the word Baal and Canna Baal comes in with this sixth chapter of Genesis. The word Canna was used for these Priests of Baal. And God saw that the wickedness of the Canna Baal was so great. See? This was not translated as homo. or Adam. But it was pointing out that the evil of these people was so great that God was going to destroy them. And what did they call the Priests of Baal? They called them Canna Baal because they ate swine flesh which was half man half beast and had wild orgies. And in their tradition, they also knew where the swine came from. So with this pattern in mind way back when the Catholic Church had existed for some time, the Jews began to join in to condemn its doctrine and bring in all the Babylonianism out of Babylon. They said that the Priests were to speak with authority. And when they thus spoke, the thing would be canonized. But this canonizing actually came from the Baal-Priests. Of course, a lot of Babylonianism was brought in like the Vestal Virgins and so forth with some changes.

Now, later on when the people began to talk about how the Negroes over in Africa ate one another, they referred to them as Cannibals. Why? Because they were eating human flesh. Thus Cannibals--or Canna-Baal was what all the Priests were called who worshiped Baal. So Baal Priests ate human flesh as well. And they would sometimes have human sacrifices which they ate in place of the hog. So the Canna-Baal Priests ate human flesh and swine flesh. And the hog came out of that area. The hog was considered unclean. There are drain holes on the back legs. The hog is a succulent animal. It drains thru all its meat. It doesn't perspire, it drains the poisons of the body thru all the meat and out thru these two holes on the lower hind legs. And you will notice that this drainage looks like puss. It comes out of them all day long. People don't know this. But the hog has all the processes that the human body does. In fact they say that the inside of a hog --the small intestines and the large intestines are more exactly like the human body than any other creature. Now there is one factor that Mayo Clinic in Rochester is willing to support. This is that in taking blood tests for Cancer that anyone who has eaten fresh pork in the last five or six days, will get the same reaction to a blood test as someone who has cancer even tho they don't have the disease. They get the same reaction in the blood test. So the Mayo Clinic doesn't tell you why, but they don't want anyone to eat fresh pork for five or six days before taking a cancer test. The fact is that the hog is one animal that carries cancer including carcinoma cancer. It is the most prevalent of all the cancer carrying animals. So I think God knew what He was doing when He said don't eat swine meat. In fact it was called an abomination because it originally came from Jewish Priests laying with wild creatures that produced a specie that produced the hog. Thus the hog is the most tremendous violation of divine law which man can participate in. Even as the participation of interbreeding of races was breaking of divine law. This stands out as a violation for any mingling of the Holy seed. And any violation like men with creatures of the field was a gross violation of divine law.

These food laws were good, for blessed is the man who teaches my law to obey it. As far as the laws of that good for health, they are good. In Acts 10:10-15, we discover that Peter was a normal Israelite from Galilee but he had some fetishes. Jewry had taken over the law and religion of Jerusalem from which area Christ called his disciples. The Jews had taken over as advisors in the days of Rehoboam and the rest of Israel left at that time. Then they left Jerusalem. They used to say that the only true center of Israel worship was in Jerusalem. This was taught to Judah and Benjamin. And as some of Judah and Benjamin came back to rebuild Jerusalem, then a mixed company of these Jews came with them and were there in the days of Jesus. And we find that Judah and Benjamin would have nothing to do with the rest of the children of Israel. They were taught that the rest of Israel had left the true center of Israel which was at Jerusalem. So they were now pagans and heathens. This was sown in by Jewry which had taken over the temple. Altho they still allowed the tithe of Israel to come in. So even tho Peter had recognized the Christ as Messiah, he didn't like the idea of carrying the message to the lost tribes of Israel. So anyone who came to Jerusalem whether a Roman soldier or an Anglo-Saxon then these of Israel here in Palestine, didn't feel the same toward them. So when Peter was told to go to the whole house of Israel, he still wasn't going to go to anyone but Judah and Benjamin. But he would be forced to go because God's covenant was to all Israel. So Peter went to sleep and God lowered a sheet out of heaven and it was filled with all kinds of creatures. Some were of the clean kind and some were not by the laws God had given Israel over in the book of Exodus. Now, Peter knew that this sheet was lowered by the LORD and HE said:--'Kill and eat.' (And this doesn't have anything to do with the food laws.) Peter knew this was from the LORD, but he said:--'I can't kill and eat. This is against the law.' But the LORD said:--'Don't call anything unclean that I have blessed. that I have cleansed.'

All this was to show Peter that he was being sent to the nations of Israel which God blessed. And he wasn't to call them heathen or pagan. These were white people just like Peter. But he wasn't going to go to them. So again, the LORD said:--'These Israelites, the lost sheep of Israel, you may find them in all sorts of situations, and eating all sorts of things. But they are Israel and you are to go to them.

Now, the Apostle Paul is accurate in saying that people are saved by Grace, not works. But is man were to do everything which was right still his righteousness by itself compared to the righteousness of God is as tho--'filthy rag.' So the Apostle Paul said we are not saved by works, but by Grace. A covenant was made with Abraham and he didn't hinge this covenant on the law which came afterwards. He made this covenant with Abraham before that law,--- this covenant before the law said He would save the seed of Abraham. Therefore HE made HIS covenant with Abraham and this covenant was not hinged on the law. So the law coming so many years afterwards couldn't disallow the covenant. However as far as the law is concerned, as a standard of living, is far beyond what man could find by experimentation even for 5000 years. They could experiment even with the laboratory processes of today and not set up better food laws. But just because people find things out doesn't mean they are going to reform anyhow. Everyone knows that tobacco smoke isn't good for you but people still smoke. They know it is cancer related and they still smoke. The fact is they find out something doesn't mean they will behave. Some will ruin themselves with liqueur even tho they know it will bring ruin. But God set the law. And if you break it then judgement comes. But that doesn't mean God is mad at you, the law is just the law. In otherwords, the laws of God are as good for a smart man as they are for an ignorant one. So if a person eats hog and contacts a disease that is that. No man can digest hog fat anyway because it melts at 113 degrees. And in the areas of the breaking down of fat, then lamb breaks down at 73 degrees. And by the time you get up to your normal temperature then lamb breaks down in a hurry. Beef fat melts at 88 or 89 degrees and this is still below the body temperature. But 113 degrees for pork,---you can't digest it. There is no way for a man to digest pork. So if you want to eat pork and take a chance on it, that is O.K. But God did tell you not to.

As far as the Apostle Paul is concerned, he says let no man judge you for the eating of meat or the keeping of days. I don't have anything against vegetarians. They say you must not eat meat, but this is a fetish with them. And the Adventists are quite strong on this. But most religious vegetarians are pretty sick. They don't eat meat and try to eat lettuce to make up for it. But a cow can go out and eat tons of lettuce or grass and when you cut up a cow to eat it, then all this is concentrated in the meat. I would like to see you eat lettuce and get protein out of it. Can't be done. You can get protein from nuts however, but not from lettuce. I can get more protein from one steak that a ton of lettuce if I could get it down. In fact Jesus was not a vegetarian. So if God can come to earth and eat meat, that is good enough for me. So is He wasn't a vegetarian for religious reasons, why should I be. To follow Christ is the way for me. He ate lamb, fish, and what was good in the land. After all what was the land of Canaan called?--Remember, it was called the ' Land of Milk and Honey.' So is milk was so good why do we homogenize it and make poison out of it? We pasteurize it and turn it into a very binding agency in the digestive track. We wanted to make it sanitary and when it is heated and separated it is almost poison. You can keep raw milk and when it clabbers it is still alright to use. But they make laws so no one drinks raw milk. I am not a crank, but I just like raw milk. But the Apostle Paul did say:--'Let no man judge you on what you eat of drink and in all things give thanks.' Therefore what he is pointing out is that this is not an area that relates to the spiritual consciousness of man or to the eventual salvation of his soul. What he eats or drinks doesn't effect this. But it does effect his health. A man who starts to think, realizes that his body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, because his soul consciousness is activated in its mind by the Holy Spirit. And the Celestial body with the Celestial mind is also resident with this physical body.

Now, the fact remains that if a man doesn't take care of his body, it is going to fall apart. Its going to die maybe sometime anyhow. But that does not alter the fact that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The spirit not as the world has but the spirit that is of God. We thus can know and understand the mysteries of the Kingdom so we should take care of our bodies at least it would be a good thing to do and not eat rattlesnakes and all that kind of stuff. You say rattlesnake is pretty good eating. That's right. I took a bite of it once, but after you think about it I don't see why you would want to eat it even tho it tastes a lot like chicken. But then with so many chickens around why eat rattlesnakes. See? You could eat skunk too. But I think the smell would keep man away. You can't eat buzzards. Why? Did you ever shoot a buzzard? Well, a buzzard stinks. His insides smell like all the carrion he eats. You can eat a turkey and you think a buzzard looks like a turkey, but it isn't and it doesn't smell. So God cited they could eat all of the birds which did not live on carrion. And they had gizzards. This word meaning gizzard is one of the requirements in the eating habits of birds.

Now, other situations, there are all kinds of creatures not good for food. The pagans can eat them. They eat elephants, but there is no mention made of elephant meat. One thing you are not to eat is the monkey. It is not a clean food, but the Negroes eat monkeys and pagans of Asia eat them. The fact is that a monkey can get about 75% of the diseases a person can, and they are communicable. The diseases the monkey carries is generally communicable to the white man.

Now, the Apostle Paul in Galatians---

QUESTION:---What did you say about the rabbit?

ANSWER:---I said that the rabbit eats grass, chews its cud and it is a good food. It is not the hare of the Bible. Not the same thing at all. The word hare was translated from the coney which is a rodent and looks like a ground squirrel without a tail. They hop all around in Australia. And they used to be in Palestine. I guess there are still some in Palestine.

QUESTION:---What about the scripture that says you shall not eat the blood because it is the life thereof?

ANSWER:---There is this scripture, most all slaughter houses take the blood out. You can't eat the lamb until you take the blood out. There is a related pattern to this. Also the fever is in the blood. If a man removed the blood, then the meat is good to eat. Then the Jews came along and usurped our theology and they say they have to examine the meat to see if it is Kosher. Now, let me tell you something. Everyone in this room would be 50% better off if they were eating only Kosher food. We make a big fuss about kosher food just because it is pagan. but you don't get poisoned at kosher restaurants if you don't know who you are. But the thing is there are lots of things which aren't kosher and are a racket. How would you kosher a pickle. Cut the stem off?? All of these things they have marked kosher on vegetables is fantastic. All the value of kosher would be with animals for food.

Now, in Galatians, the Apostle Paul talks about the law and the promises. "I say that the covenants were confirmed before God in Christ---the law 430 years after, could not disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect. For if the inheritance be of the law, it is no more of promise. It would then have to be earned by Abraham. But God gave it by Promise. The Apostle Paul said:--'How be it therefore, that you serve the beggar element. I don't want you to labor in vain.' And he tells them of this situation. The acts of the law are no longer beholden on man for his salvation. Because we are saved by Grace. But the law was made for our good to observe it. And that period of time from Adam to Messiah the law was good because man wouldn't obey anyhow unless the force of good was working within them to obey the law. The Patriarchial might obey the law, but you know as well as I do that in so many of these situations, people who know better do it anyhow. This was the thing. The health laws were good, but by the time they got thru the Talmud, which is not scripture at all, there was 560 health laws which the Rabbi had installed. They involved certain washing of their hands for certain things. Sometimes they washed their hands 5 times, and for certain things 3 times and so forth. This was never in the laws of God altho sanitation is a good thing. But washing your hands once would be a good thing. These were just things placed in the law.

QUESTION:---Can Christians be possessed with evil spirits and demons?

ANSWER:---Well, evidently it was possible. And it is true that devils do exist. That's where all the Jews came from which Jesus talked to. There is also disembodied devils and they, while waiting for the cycle of return, can obsess people. In otherwords, when they obsess them, they hover around the seat of intelligence. They don't possess them, they just obsess them. And they make them irritable. They cause areas of depression of the mind. Now, we do know that a Christian knows that Christ died on Calvary's Cross and paid the price of all transgression and evil. And when Christ arose from the dead, He conquered all the powers of Lucifer. Therefore the Christian recognizes his relationship with Christ and can plead 'the blood' which is the atoning factor which is himself, his house. And devils can't come thru this to obsess. But devils obsess just out of sheer meanness and create problems and many of the superstitions of man are actually contacts with demon power.

My father was a minister in New Jersey and we moved into a Methodist parsonage. And this parsonage had an obsession pattern. It was inhabited by evil spirits and we didn't know this. And we don't know why. This was a two story house and my parents slept in one bedroom and I in another. And down the hall my grandmother was at the end. The staircase came up past all these rooms and ended up in the study my father had. We didn't know that other preachers here had been bothered by this thing and just didn't know what to do with it, so they never said anything. But I woke up one night and I saw a light. Then I heard some of the steps of the stairs squeak as they would under the weight of a human body. I was curious as to who was coming up the stairs carrying a light. Pretty soon I saw a nun as tho shrouded not in this black garb, but shrouded in white. I didn't think anything about it at first. Just wondered who was visiting us dressed like that. Well, it came around the head of the staircase and I saw there wasn't anything in it where her head and face should have been. There wasn't anything. It stood not on the floor, but about a foot above it. Yet I had heard the noise. So I let out a shriek and my folks came running. So I told them that this thing had gone right down and into my fathers study.---

tape runs out.