02-08-67 Bible Study Q&A


Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---When Paul was sent unto the Gentiles, were they Israelites who had been scattered or real Gentiles, or were they scattered Israelites called Gentiles?

ANSWER:---Well, generally speaking all thru the New Testament the Ethene translated gentiles were Israelites. The Apostle Paul was sent to the nations who were of the house of Israel and to the church. Sometimes he is ministering to the church and sometimes to the people who were the Lost sheep of Israel. Of course he knew they were in Britain. Who talks about one God who is the Father of us all. He talks to them about being of Israel. And he does not talk to them as he does to the heathen. So very little of Paul’s missionary activities were to people not of the heathen. So very little of Paul’s missionary activities were to people non-White, non-Israel. So it was to Israel or the White race of people he went.

In the book of Romans, he says:--’Paul the servant of Jesus Christ called to be an Apostle and separated unto the Gospel of God, which He promised afore by His prophets.’ This is the way he starts his Epistle. Then to the Corinthian’s, he writes to the people of Corinth and he says:--’Paul called to be an Apostle of Jesus Christ, under the will of God unto the church which is at Corinth, to them that are sanctified in Jesus the Christ, called to be believing offspring of God, with all that in every place call upon the name of our LORD.’ Then he comes to the end of the book of Corinthians and in Galatians he is talking to the church located in this Isle, and he says:--’Paul the Apostle to men, neither by men, but of God. And all brethren which are with me, unto the churches of Galacia.’---And here he says brethren. See? And the word brethren of course only applied to Israelites. The word Elect also only applies to Israelites. And the word Saint meaning believing offspring, also only applied to Israel. So in each one of these areas the Apostle Paul was speaking to the House of Israel.

In Philippians, you find the same thing. ‘Paul and Timotheus the servants of Jesus Christ, to all the Saints who are in Phillipi, grace unto you.’ So in each one of these areas the Apostle Paul was speaking to the house of Israel. ‘Grace be unto you’,---so he says he was sent unto the Ethene. There is no possibility that the Apostle Paul went into Asia. He said:--’the spirit expressly forbid me to go into Asia.’ He was thus only sent as were the others, to the Lost Sheep of Israel.

QUESTION:---A man told me to ask you what you thought of the contention that the message to the Galatians was addressed to the people of Gaul or of France.??

ANSWER:---Well, I think that Galacia was an island in the Aegean Sea. And they had a church there. And it was a very strong and active church. The people were of the tribe of Dan and Naphtali like the people of Greece. The Apostle Paul was writing to these people like he did to the others. I think I was to Galacia the island church alright, because he spoke of their problems. Where as Gaul (France) had Christians or people who would be Christians but actually Britain, Rome and Greece had Christians earlier perhaps than did Gaul. It was about the fourth century before Christianity made great inroads into Gaul.

We do know that the Normans, when they came into France were early Christians. They came into France when the VisGoth came into Germany. This was the time when the people of Galilee asked the Roman king for permission to migrate out of Palestine because the Jews were persecuting them when they became Christians. But these VisGoths who came into the heart of Europe joined with the Goths who were there before them.

The people in Germany were accepting the Gospel with gladness. And the VisGoth were joined with the Goth who were there before them. The Normans later penetrated France and then dominated France for some time. And actually they were the major ones bringing Christianity to France and into the French Pyrenees. Some of the Normans then went up into upper Germany and on into Scandinavia with Naphtali. Actually the Norsemen were tied into Benjamin and they made their way to Ireland. But some of them stayed in Denmark with the Dani. I think it is about 250 years too late for Paul to have been addressing the people of Gaul.

QUESTION:---Who are the Turanians?

ANSWER:---They were the people moving down out of the High Steppes out of Asia as far back as 600,000 years ago. And they came into Europe and dwelt in the high mountain areas of the Carpathian Mountains to the Swiss Alps and also into the mountains of the Pyrenees of France. They dwelt in the caves and they did a lot of the great wall paintings which is on the walls of the caves. They used even color in their paintings which were quite well done. And those paintings were still on the walls of those caves of France in our day. We know it was 600,000 years, because of the fluorene replacement which proves they are that old. There have been layers of material on the walls of these caves and radio carbon ran out at about 25,000 years, so they knew something very old. Then they used the argon tests and the fluorene replacements and they determined that these were made 800,000 years ago. But they do have the results of their campfires back that long ago also.

So the Turanians came from the Steppes of Asia and they were a created people. They moved across the upper areas of Asia and China and they also came westward into what is now Europe thru the Caucasus Pass thru the Carpathian Mountains. And they went into areas of the Mediterranean Sea and on into Africa. They do make their trek down as far as Tanganyika. But this took thousands of years to travel. We can identify them by their areas of worship. For they worshiped one God. In the colder countries they killed the reindeer. And in Africa, they also killed the reindeer for food and skins. And they probably killed the antelope as they traveled. But they always fought the bear who was their traditional enemy even in the high mountains of Asia and Europe. The black bear and the brown bear are quite ferocious. We have them in this country. And they are big here also. There are also types of the Grizzly bear found all across Europe and Asia as well as here in America. These people worshiped one God. They were not idol worshipers as some of the ancient tribes. We think they were a high type of Asiatic people. They may have come directly from this creation of God---for male and female He created them. Probably were driven out of their homes as the Luciferian fallen Angels came into control. We know that the Turanians crossed the continent into Europe long before the sinking of the continents of Lemuria and Atlantas. Because we have the crossing of the Egyptians at 11 B.C. The southern part of Atlantas could have gone down about 14,000 B.C. We know that there were two uplifts of the Andes Mountains. And one was 14,000 BC and another one was about 11,000 years ago. And so the Turanian people were pre-Adamic. A pre-Adamic race. The records of Genesis for the creation do not in any way conflict. And they may have been from that area of creation.

Now, we know that ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ And of course the difference between the first and second verse of Genesis 1 can be many, many years. In the fourth chapter of Jeremiah, you have the evidence of the depth of time involved. It says :--’I beheld the earth. And it became without form and was void. The heavens had no light. I beheld the mountains and lo the hills moved slightly. And I beheld and there was no man. All the birds of the heavens fled. I beheld and lo the fruitful places in the wilderness were broken down by the anger of God. Thus saith the LORD, the whole land shall be desolate but I shall not make a full end. Thus the earth mourns. Its cities have been wasted. I have driven the men out of the cities.’ Now, this following the second verse of Genesis, which says:--’The earth was without form and void’. And it did not have any light for it says:--’Darkness was on the face of the deep. Then God moved upon the waters.’ So we do have a period here which may have been a long period of time. We know that God created the heavens and the earth. And we have 240 million years in the oil shale strata deposits in Colorado.

Now, there is one thing the scientists are correct on. We do have these bands of oil shale. This is from crushed vegetation and largely animal matter. And because this is petroleum based oil it would not have been thus unless it was crushed animal matter. Now in this layer there are poplar trees just the same as the poplar trees of today. In seed time and harvest these bands are about a foot of this oil shale. Then there is about a foot of high compression. And then there is this oil shale again. And for hundreds and hundreds of feet, there is this strata. Now we have discovered that in this seed time and harvest, they compute that the measure of one two thousandth of an inch is a year. Therefore you can compute how long these barriers are that have compressed this down until they come up to the upper surface, they cut back on the last 30 or 40 feet of this because there has been great pressure. And then a mountain sort of shifted over this and they found here that the poplar trees had been pressed down, but they can still decipher the shape of the leaf and seed time and so forth. Many Universities have converged on this spot with their geologists, knowing how much pressure, how much time it took to form the oil shale. Knowing how much time they have with the poplar trees, saying the pressure brought them down with one two thousandth of an inch ----meaning they have 240 million years recorded here.

Now, we also know that we have the pre-Cambrian uplift in the Culdvile gorge in South Africa. And there we have a thousand million years of strata in the earth. But then God created the heavens and the earth and He can give any time He wants, to things. So by the time we come to the second verse of Genesis 1, then the earth is without form and void. This was destruction by divine hand. So God in the latter periods of time after Lucifer had rebelled against God, and after great catastrophe had occurred, then God destroyed or voided it. In this first chapter of Genesis, this is not the first creation. This is a re-creation or restoration. It is a story of a much later recreation even up to the present time. For look what it says:--’Let the waters bring forth abundantly after its own kind.’---So the fact remains that the living creatures in the waters were still there and could bring forth. Even when animals had to be restored, or recreated, it did not completely wipe them out. Because we have over here in the book of Jeremiah, where he says:--’I will not make a full end.’ He says:--’I have totally destroyed them, have driven them out into the wilderness from bush to bushes where they can prey on themselves. I caused the mountains to move and the hills to move. I buried their civilization.’ So there must have been a great catastrophe which God wrought. Here in Genesis, God recreates or restored men and women and tells them to repopulate the earth. This was long before the begatting of Audaum. The Audaum begatting of the scripture does not come until you get down to the seventh day and in the seventh day, you note that God is resting from His work of re-creating.

So you notice that all the work was done. These were the generations of the heavens and the earth. And then God saw that it was good. But there was no man to till the soil, no Hu-man. There was no one on the face of the earth who had the knowledge of agriculture to start the growing of grain for civilization. Lucifer had caused such a great catastrophe. So YAHWEH begat Audaum and the word is Bara. And then He took Eve from Adam so that they would be one flesh. And they were told to multiply and populate the earth. And the LORD saw everything and it was good. And He tool Adam and showed him all the things that He had created. And Adam saw all the creatures of the earth and all the beasts of the field (enosh). And Adam knew there was no helpmate for him. All these were other societies that had fallen under the Luciferian fall. So YAHWEH separated the female portion from Adam, and Ever was brought forth. Thus Adam said:--’this is now flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bone. And she was called woman because she was taken out of man.’ It says they were both naked but were not ashamed.

In the book of Seth, we are told that they were covered with a covering of Light. In the book of Enoch we are told this also and the light was so bright that the children of Lucifer said:--’we cannot look at Adam and Eve, they are so bright, so covered with light. So Lucifer said, don’t worry, I will take care of that. I will seduce Eve and they will fall. I will take away their light and they will not bother you any more.’ So they were covered with light and Glory when they were first created, or brought forth. And this occurred about 5400 B.C. This is the time when the Adamic race was on earth, where we can establish thousands of years for other races. We have evidence from the Olduvai Gorge of a couple of million years back for mankind on earth. They have found fossil bones, pre-Cambrian periods that can go back a million years. Even in the areas of Four Corners of New Mexico, they drill oil wells down and come up with artifacts such as spearheads and chips of china. In otherwords, they made china and glazed it and painted it way, way back there in the pre-Cambrian period. We know this was done by some type of civilization upon the face of the earth. We know it was a very, very ancient period of time. But the Adamic race goes back only about 5400 years B.C. in the scripture. It may not be in details, but it is in the scripture. If we had all the 153 books we might have all the details for the books of Seth and of Adam and Eve do give details but this is the history of the Adamic race no other.

Now, people who try to make the world in six days, are really up against it. The time element would never permit it. They are wrong and today with radio carbon, we know they are wrong. There is a tremendous witness to this even in this country. We know that down in South America they had civilizations 11,000 years ago. Some of their cities are covered over with debris by the uplift of the mountains. One important find is ½ of a city at the bottom of a mountain. And when the Andes went up, the other ½ is on the top of the mountain. And the other half was covered with debris at the foot of the sheer cliff. Part of that city is ten or nine thousand feet up and below is the rest of the city. There is furniture in the city which has been dug up and bones. And when they used radio carbon, they could tell this was about 11,000 years ago. So anything which has existed has taken in atmosphere then radio carbon can test it. Even a man, he eats vegetables and all these things are energized by carbon. And the moment he dies the carbon starts to dissipate. So you can tell whether it was a plant uprooted or a man who ate the carbon. You can tell. It does not matter how much he ate. The carbon count will always be the same. The carbon count dissipates ½ in the first 6000 years, and ½ in the second 6000 years. And then ½ of that in the next 6000 years. So they can tell by radio carbon until they get to nothing. Then they have fluorene replacement and other methods to go further. But we can accurately tell 25,000 years back with just a very little variance. So we do know that God established the Adamic race approximately 5400 B.C. plus or minus a very little. We have the White man’s impact on Egypt as Enoch came in. And we know when Enoch was begotten. We know that from Adam to Enoch that we have a perfect line. We know that Enoch went into Egypt with Job to establish the City of On, the pyramid and the sphinx and so forth. For we can check the Egyptian records as to the effects this had on the Pharaoh who turned to worship YAHWEH. The called Him YAHWEH-Putah because one of the oldest teachers in Egypt had been Horus, and Khufu was their Pharaoh. From then on all their Pharaohs were called Khufu. Each Pharaoh was a High Khufu. So they worshiped YAHWEH-Putah. But later this went into the worship of Sett and Soth. The powers of darkness had gained control of Egypt and when Enoch and Job came in, then a Pharaoh who worshiped Sett and Soth was in control of Egypt. And he is one who was blinded by the ‘eye’ of YAHWEH, that great shining disc which was brighter than the sun. This was a highly polished concave lens and of course it burned their eyes and the eyes of their horses as they came against the great company who were with Enoch and Job. There was a lightly engraved eye right in the center of the great disc. And when the company with Enoch and Job came into Egypt, they shouted---’the eye of YAHWEH is upon thee.’ And they would turn this great disc to reflect the sun into the eyes of the horses and men. So men were trying to control their mounts and they fled as they had never seen so great and bright light. Enoch and Job took their ‘Eye’ of YAHWEH with them into Egypt. And of course this was a very great treasure. They had been told how to polish this huge lens and what to do with it. And Enoch tells you what they were to do to acquire the ‘eye of YAHWEH’. But he did not realize that he was fashioning a lens which would have such a burning capacity. But it was the shaping of the great disk that produced it. Egyptian history tells us however, about the coming of these men with the great lens. And how they had conquered the land with the ‘eye of their God. Now we know how they did it. For it was with this great disc--’the Eye of YAHWEH’, which these men of our race greatly treasured. This is why the Egyptians wrote that they were taken over with these people with the ‘eye of their God’. No weapons were upon these men, only the ‘Eye of their God’, so this history tells. So we have a complete area of history that can be very established. Whereas our Bible only lists 4004 B.C. But this is an area of error where the Jews created this period of time because in the book of Adam and Eve, it says that Christ or Messiah would come. YAHWEH also said to Moses that He would come and would fulfill His redemption. 5400 years would be fulfilled then HE would come.

In the book of Seth, then Adam has a very bad headache. And he appeals unto god and asks Him to heal the headache. But God said the healing would come when He redeems His people. The headache would go away but the redemption from sickness, pain and death would come 5400 years from that time. This indicated the coming of the King. Well, Jewry knew about this. They knew of the Apocalyptic books. About the scrolls. And they held them in the periods of Israelite history. When the Yehudin came in, they dominated the land under Annas and Caiphus and the false Sadducees. They had taken the land over just prior to the birth of Christ. The Essene Company had these ancient volumes and they had all the scrolls. And they were diligently copying the scrolls. But the Jews wanted to destroy the books of Adam and Eve. And they wanted to place the birth of Christ 4004 B.C. Because YAHWEH had stated that HE would come 5400 years from a stated time. Therefore even tho they tried to destroy and change the volumes, nevertheless, they never knew when some of them would show up. For they were everywhere. They never knew when the Essene Company would come up with a copy of the book of Adam and Eve or the book of ‘the Bee’, or the book of Seth. Therefore, they shortened the king lists. Cut out names. And even in the Septuagint, they did this. They shortened up the time coming from that prophecy so that if Christ came, then if it was only 4000 years back to Adam, then Christ, the real Christ, would not come for another 1400 years. So this was the way they were handling that situation just at the time of the birth of Christ and a few years after it. Then they were doing everything possible to persuade people that Christ had not come, had not died, and risen from the dead. In fact, they moved into Rome and tried to do this after they had joined the Catholic Church at Rome after it had already been established. After Constantine had conquered and given absolute immunity to the church, then the Christians started coming out of the Catacombs and started building their great Cathedrals. And then the Jews started joining the church. Nor being able to destroy it from without, then the Jews began joining the church. They gave lavishly of their gold and silver. And got themselves elected Bishops and to all these areas of influence. The were seeking to set up an area of doctrine that would be different. For instance, they knocked out all the Apocalypse books that they could. And everything that prophesied that Christ was coming. But they overlooked the prophecies of Jeremiah and they could not get it out of Genesis 3:15 where it said the seed of the woman would bruise the serpent’s head. But there was no time element there. But they did knock out the time element books. And in the Council of Niceae, they rejected all the books which said Christ would be born in a certain period of time.. They rejected the books of Enoch as well. For he had given them the Star Bible,--the signs of the configuration of the constellations which would transpire at the time of Christ’s birth. He established the Magi who existed then all thru periods of time up to the birth of the Christ Child and even afterwards. So the Jews were able to prevent these books being canonized. They were exerting all their influence at the Council of Niceae. Also since they were seeking to bring into Christianity, Babylonian theology, which was Baalism, and the patterns of the Trinity, they sought to remove any scripture such as also the Apocalypse of Paul which taught the Salvation of God, the redemptions of God, and of man being restored and so forth. They wanted the doctrine of hell, of perdition, which is a phoney doctrine and only based on the devil and his Angels. They wanted to put in the confessionals. So they taught that every man who obeyed would go to heaven and every man who disobeyed would go to hell. In fact, they added the last few verses to Mark and to Matthew which are the verses which tell them to go unto every creature and preach the Gospel and those who believe will be saved and those who do not believe will be damned. They are to baptize them in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost which are not names at all. They are not accurate scripture at all. And even the Scoffield Bible admits they were encased in the scripture 200 or 300 years after the scripture was written. So the great area of catastrophe was that whole areas of books were destroyed by the Jews as they entered into the church. And by their strong arguments, they knew they would never be able to get across the areas of theology they wanted to inject. Would never be able to destroy the ‘HOPE’ unless they destroyed these books. So these were good books, however, in their translation, they also have been tampered with. But in the true book of Enoch, then God talks about this redemption. And there is no perdition. The Shekinah Glory of God covers the children of God until it burns out the areas of error in their consciousness. And even if all their works are destroyed, the person is saved by the glory of God, fulfilling and filling His household, His children. They did take away the great volumes of Sonship as much as they could but they could not take it out of the whole Bible. God put in their patterns of the Saints--these believing offspring, and Israel ruling with Him. He promised He would save all Israel as it is written. Thus the Old Testament as well as the New carries that. So they did miss some of these things. But these volumes are fulled with God’s Grace and the things He was going to do. And they proved so successfully that the Jews were not Israel and never could be. So they took these books out and you only have 66 books left. Still these 66 books are vital except for two---the book of Esther and the book of the Songs of Solomon.

Now the fact that this is known can be proven. Come over here in the Scoffield Bible and in its chronology, and you look this up as to the various dating of the scripture. It tells you that the King James Version chronology deals with the time of 4004 B.C. until the time of Christ. Then it talks about the Alexandrian Version and other versions which have the accurate dating of 5400 years unto Christ. One gives 5300 years before the Christ. But Ushurs Chronology which was the one done after the Douay Version was formed, says 5400 years B.C. Later the Catholic version which was the original Douay Version or the Vulgate, they set it at 4004 B.C. showing that the Jews had gotten in there and changed the King line.

QUESTION:---What is IHS?

ANSWER:---This goes back to the Greek---spirit, soul, and body. God in all dimensions. I suppose they would say it is the emblem of the trinity, in the Trinitarian churches, of God in spirit, God in mind, and God in body.

QUESTION:---Didn’t the Druids have something like this?

ANSWER:---They did not have this. They had a different pattern. The Druids were not Trinitarians. They believed in God, in three manifestations---spirit, soul, and body. Of course, Druidry today is like the ancient Essene Co. in the days of Christ. The Essene Co. were keeping all the ancient manuscripts, copying them and studying them. In their wanderings the Druids did not have as many scrolls, but they had a lot of tradition. The Druids, according to their orders in it, were memorizing it. Repeating the areas of tradition until in 1000 years of Druidry, it would come out the same. One thing you know is that if you repeat something and pass in on, by the time it comes back, it is so changed that you hardly recognize it. But the Druids were opposed to this. One of the things the Druids wanted was truth. They wanted something passed on to a hearer even tho he might be 100 years later, and be able to hear the same thing. So they drilled them and drilled them on the mysteries of God which they had. During the years they had much tradition passed on. And in Britain today, there is a great underground Druid Temple in a great wooded park. You enter into this by going up to an Oak tree then going down stairs into this temple.

Now, we know about this, as one of the educators in San Diego became quite interested as he heard us talk about the signs of Israel. And the two Obelisks, one on the river in England with the mark of Ephraim and the other with the mark of Manasseh in Central Park in New York City. As we told him these things, he said:--’I am going to England to see.’ Well he was an educator and he went to see. As he went to West Minster Abbey, for instance, he knew where the Right Stone was, which was under the chair. He was inquiring for the Ark of the Covenant, and he talked to people. Then some of the men of the Abbey said:--’We see that you are very interested, so we will let you know of the mysteries.’ So he came back to this one Abbey and the man said:--’We will let you into the Druid Temple. We want you to know the mysteries of Druidry, for I think you will find this very interesting. For we see you know much that is not well known.’ He then said:--’You probably know about Jeremiah’s tomb over in Ireland, and those things. So we will take you to a Druid Temple.’ So they went to another man’s house and got into a car. And they blindfolded our friend and they went for some distance in a car. And when his blindfold was removed, he was in a grove of trees. And they went up to a door in a great Oak tree and then down into this great Druid Temple. He saw the service there. And the High Druid wore the same breastplate, just as the High Priest of Israel wore. They went thru all the rites and rituals. And our friend said part of it was Israelitish, partly as tho woven into the trees, and partly of the traditions as they wandered in their rituals. But he saw basically a definite organization for maintainment of the White race, for the preservation of the race, for the service of honoring the King and preservation of the King. And they knew Israelite identity. But also he was amazed at all the things and the rituals. He says there were about 800 men in this underground Temple that night that he was there. Then as they came out of the Temple, they blindfolded him again and it was quite a ride back to London. He was in England for three of four months. He went to the British Museum and thru the Egyptology department, a place filled with scrolls and tablets which go back into the various Empires. They have it divided up as well as possible. But thousands have not been translated as yet. They work on them all the time. He saw various things and much evidence of Identity. And even was allowed to see the genealogy on the walls of Buckingham Palace. This man was Mr. Proctor and he came back more enthusiastic than when he went, because of what he learned and what he saw. Of course, the ignorant try to say that Druidry is Atheistic or an agnostic type of operation, and that they practice human sacrifices. This is absolutely absurd. Totally fantastic. But this is just some of the ways some people think they will use to put away tradition. Actually we would say that Druidry has kept alive tradition as well as their zest to preserve the race. Again, you note there was quite an upheaval in Britain several years ago, over the tribal people coming in, --those under the Empire. When they did this, there were a lot of Negroes being brought in and the English people were against this. They said that the areas of Druidry was causing this protest against the bringing in of the Negro. And now they are trying to find a way to ship the Negroes back out. There are different ramifications. They have gotten into what has forced their separation. But I want you to know that the White man in Britain is quite upset about this. He will get rid of the Negro if he has to get rid of the government.

QUESTION:---I want to know who are the Vandals?

ANSWER:---This is a double question. The first Vandals came out of the areas of the Russias. There were not against Rome, but Vandals against the civilization of Germany and right into the heart of Europe. These Vandals were Mongols. And they came thru the mountain passes into Europe and they raided and then returned.

Now, the people of ancient Germany had settlements and cities, but they lived also in tribal units. But when they hurled themselves against the Romans then the Romans called them Vandals. There were 7 Princes of Germany and each ruled over his people with rather an iron hand. They would fight each other at times if necessary, but they had their capital cities and they had castles in the mountains. The peasants raised food and their warriors protected them, so they had food for the peasants and the warriors and their king. But these people of Central Europe were not Vandals, they were the Goth, and then there were people in Hungary, and they were holding back the Mongols coming thru the passes, but they became an Empire and then Rome called them Vandals, but they were not. Rome called them, all of them--Huns. Whereas only one German called his whole group Huns. But this did not make then any the less Germans than the others. And Rome tried to call all the Germans --Huns. They fought many, many years, actually 3 ½ years were spent and still the heart of Germany had never been defeated by the incoming hoards coming thru the passes from the east. But the actual Vandals were those Mongols coming out of the east thru the passes into Europe. When Genghis Khan took over the areas of Russia, he established Shoggy Khan over the areas of the Russias. They controlled the area now called Moscow and so forth. The Princes of Germany knew these fellows were coming into Western Europe all the time. And by this time the Princes of Germany had established their lines of influence. And they all had their Israel Identity. They were tying their king lines into the line of David in Britain. Even tho they sometimes battled, still they inter-married. But they went over and established the breaking up of the power of Shoggie Khan. And then put their own Emperor over that area. This was a son of one of the German Princes. And then people from Germany went over into the Russias and formed the court for this Prince as he established his rule over the 57 different types of people in the Russias. This is how the White throne of Russia was established. And they tied it right into the throne of David. In fact, King George of England and Czar Nicholas of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, were first cousins. So the Vandals were only Vandals as they were the Mongols coming in from Asia. They were never, however, quite successful in their coming in because they were rolled back time after time. The Jews of course, were behind this as they were trading with the Vandals and guiding them in.

The Jews decided that they would form a vast army outside of Europe and throw the hoards of Asia against Christian civilization. Thus they found Genghis Khan and united his many tribes. They sent in a Chinese Jew who became Prime Minister for Shoggie Khan. And the history of Genghis Khan tells you all those things.

QUESTION:---You say that Christ is God, then how does He sit on the right hand of God Almighty?

ANSWER:---You see a father and Jesus sitting on the right hand---Well, I don’ think you do.

QUESTION:---I have it written down. I found that---

ANSWER:---Well, let’s go back to the scriptures. “Let not your heart be troubled. In My Father’s house are many mansions. If it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you and then I will come again and receive you unto Myself. For where I am you may be also. Whither I go you know, and the way you know.”(John 14:4) But Thomas said:--’Lord, how can we know the way?’

Now, Christ was trying to point out to them that He was the Eternal Father. He had made promises to these people before they came into the earth. Before they were ever begotten in the earth. He tells them that the Spirit will bring all things to their remembrance. It does this. So every one of the Adamic or White race, all these of His disciples except Judas of Iscariot, had existed in the heavens, in spiritual plains, had been begotten in the spirit. See?

Now, they were begotten into earth, into the physical plain so already they were twice born,--in the heavens and in the earth. And He was trying to make this clear to His disciples. But it had not quite gotten thru to them. So Thomas says:--’We know not the way.’ But Jesus said:--’I am the Way, the Truth and the Light. No man can come to the Father except by Me.’---He does not come to God. He comes to ME. Then He said:--’If ye had known Me ye would have known the Father.’---So if they had seen Jesus they had seen the Father. And here Jesus is talking about the Eternal Father (Spirit). But still comes the question from Philip:--’Show us the Father and we will be satisfied.’ But Jesus said:--’Have I been with you so long and yet you have not known Me, Philip? He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father.’

Now, remember the Babylonian Trinitarianism was sowed in by Jewry, into the Christian religion. And whole areas of it are still with us. For Christianity has not as yet escaped from it. Remember the forerunner of this is in the Old Testament.---’The LORD (YAHWEH) thy God (YAHSHUA) is one EL.

Never did it say that Jesus sat down on the right hand of God. It said that He ascended into the heavens and from there lifted up the scepter hand of authority. Translators muffed this but then that was what they tried to do. Protestant theology copying Catholic theology and Catholic theology got this from Jewry. So they set up the picture of God as the old man and the son on the side of him, and a mystic spirit on the other side called the holy spirit or the holy ghost. But God is Spirit, Soul, and Body, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

In Hebrews 13:8 it says:---’YAHWEH--Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.’ So Christ was God before He was born in earth. He said to the Pharisees that He had given them the Law. He said:--’Abraham saw Me.’ Thus, He declaring that He is the Eternal God.

Now, in the 43rd chapter of Isaiah, this is one of the most perfect scriptural translations. In fact, much of Isaiah is very accurate because it is one of the books not tampered with too much in the areas of translation. It says:--’Thus saith YAHWEH, that created thee O’ Jacob, He that formed thee O’ Israel, fear not, for I have redeemed thee. I have called thee by name, thou are Mine.’---’When thou passeth thru the waters, I will be with thee; and thru the rivers they shall not overflow thee. When thou walkest thru the fire, thou shall not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. For I am YAHWEH thy God (EL) the Holy One of Israel, thy Savior (YAHSHUA).’

So who is this talking back there in the days of Isaiah, who ways:--’I am YAHWEH THY YAHSHUA. There is no savior beside Me.’---And yet Israel had at that time not even been saved? The Atonement had not as yet been done when He says:--’I am thy Savior.’ This is again a great area of truth.

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