02-09-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


We have questions coming in from all over the world and last week we received a question about the Priesthood, and they wanted to know the relationship of the King and the Priest in the Holy Nation, thus we decided to use this question in our bible study for tonight. This is basically founded on the fact that we being the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, and occupying a physical body which is our earthly Temple as an individual, is connected symbolically to this Temple which Moses was instructed to have the children of Israel build with its Inner Holy of Holies, and with a central Court, and an outer Court, for THIS WAS THE IMAGE OF MAN. The outer Court being the physical body, and the activities of service done in the outer Court is the work done in the world...physically...for the Kingdom.

The Inner Court has the area of revelation and here was the Molten Sea. As the Priest's looked into the clear water they watched as they said:.."Hallelujah", and as their voices rippled the water they were to discern or see in the water the image of the thing revealed by the spirit, in the Holy of Holies.

The Holy of Holies was where the Ark of the Covenant rested, and in the Ark of the Covenant resided the Law, and the Abiding presence of the MOST HIGH YAHWEH, in His Shekinah Glory was standing over the Ark, and in fact it was radiantly covering this Ark with Glory.

This Holy of Holies was considered as the area where the High Priest, having made atonement first for his own transgression, then entered into the Holy of Holies and there he was to receive the guidance of the spirit, and could then receive the answers for any great problems that rested before the people. The Sacrifice then having been offered for their transgressions he entered into the Holy of Holies having upon his Breastplate a little box, which carried the Urim and Thummin, the divining instruments by which when turned over into proper position the answers of 'yes' or 'no' were provided by the MOST HIGH YAHWEH. Thus the High Priest entered into the Holy of Holies after making a sacrifice for transgression for himself, and for the people, then entered into the Presence of God, and there to find guidance and blessing for all the people, and for the remission of all transgressions.

Now; the physical body is the Outer Court, and the soul consciousness is the Inner Court where we see the witness of the spirit, or where we see the rippling as in the water, of the things which God would show in the seat of the intellect. Here men must think, and here men must understand, and here they must translate the things that proceed out of the spirit into their consciousness before it can be activated in the physical body, to be performed.

Thus the Tabernacle was a symbol of where God and man were to meet, and where man conducted the areas of his Priesthood, wherein...in the service of God they assembled, and out of the center of their assembly for worship came the symbol of the embodiment of the Children of the Most High Yahweh. We are told by the Apostle Paul that these bodies are the Temples of the Holy Spirit, that this was the Temple which every man resided in, and thus every man was a Priest in his own Temple. That every one of them...as Peter tells us..were framed together as living stones, which were to grow into a Holy Temple unto God.

Think....of being called a Temple as an individual in which God warns you to separate yourself from the enemy. Under the declaration in the Book of Corinthians, is this passage which is still significant because of the divisions and construction involved. This passage which you cannot wear out at the Present Time says:...Your bodies are the Temples of the Holy Spirit, while their bodies (the enemy) are the Temples of idols. Therefore they are of another culture than you, so what is behind them is different than which is behind you. Wherefore God said:..."what have you to do with Idols...Ye are the Temple of the Living God." I dwell in your bodies, you are my people. Therefore come out from among these other people, and be ye separate said 'Yahweh the Most High God. And touch not the unclean things so I can receive you, so that I can be a Father unto you, for ye are my sons and my daughters.

Now; Yahweh gave instructions to the Apostle Paul that He will not be a step-father to Satan's children. Under no circumstances can they...the Israel people...mutate the structure of their house of service with any other race and expect Yahweh to receive their offspring, not can they expect that the Spirit of Yahweh will reside in such offspring.

This is rather unique in that Peter, when he makes his statement concerning the children of God, makes the statement that we are Living Stones which fitted together and shall grow into a Living Temple unto God, and also he says that we are a chosen generation, a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation, and as such that we are a chosen...or as Lively Stones built up into a Spiritual house so that where as individuals we may serve in this tabernacle in which we live, united together we then make the Tabernacle of God which is the BODY OF CHRIST IN THE WORLD TODAY. Remember that as you are called a stone, they you stones are framed together to make a Holy Temple, a Living Stone, and thus Christ who is also called a Living Stone becomes a Capstone. And this Capstone Seals the whole building as the Pyramid Stone of this Temple, and all of you then framed with Him form His body in the world today. For you are spirit of His Spirit, and His Spirit dwelling in these bodies all framed together is the ...MANY MEMBERED BODY OF THE CHRIST. For this reason the Apostle Paul said:...We are one body, but many members. Because we are many members we are not all...the eye..the hand, or the foot, but the whole body of the Christ together which is the complete responsibility of the Church in its ministry, and is the symbol of the body of God, because this is the witness of God in the world today. So by the procedure then of this line of thought, then no amount of transgression separated your race, or you as an individual from the Father. In fact God is an Eternal Priest as we have said,.. without beginning or end of days, or end of life, without father or mother, abideth a Priest King Eternally.

Now; this is that Priesthood which Yahweh choose:...so just step back to the question as to what relationship do we have with the Priesthood of Yahweh? The relationship is that we are the continuity of His Household, we are His Posterity. Then when Adam transgressed...this was the greatest transgression of all...why? Not only was Adam the begotten Image of Yahweh, but he knew that the spirit within him was the spirit of the Eternal One, which came from heaven to earth. And Yahweh especially told him specifically certain things that since he was the son of the Eternal One then he could not intermingle with the people symbolized by this Tree of Good and Evil. In fact Yahweh walked with Adam around this world and they looked at all the people on the earth, and every creature that was upon the earth. When Adam said that there was no helpmate for him, then he knew that there was no woman on the face of the earth who was of his race. This is why Yahweh caused the deep sleep to come over Adam and then took from Audaum-Adam and produced Eve so that she might be of that One Flesh...Yahweh's offspring, so that she could carry forward Adam's seed, and fulfill this responsibility. Again we point this out to you, that when Adam transgresses this law, it was Yahweh Himself without reservations who came down to Adam to straighten out this situation.

Remember that as we talk about the things people do in their transgressions and in their impact on society, we see a man who in violation of Divine Law permits strangers to come into our country, that we never should let come in, and then we see them wrongly advise him and take over, and we get real angry at the President because he let them take him over. We should get angry but let me tell you this...that all the problems that you have ever had, all the loss of immortality, and Radiant Light is due to violation of Law, by Adam...."For in Adam all men (all Adamites) die."

Now; at no time did Yahweh ever say...oh, we have to put this man or that man in hell and roast him forever. The first thing that Yahweh did and now remember that Adam could not now help himself because he was wearing a tunic of fig leaves...the symbol of the Priesthood of Darkness...and remember that Yahweh sent Adam down to earth, so the first thing that Yahweh did was to sacrifice the animals and make a coat of skins from Adam. And He said:...Now Adam, you know that you are naked even tho you are wearing this Tunic of Fig leaves, because although this tunic may cover you physically, still it has no illumination, no Aura, and it does not give you immortality. It does not sustain you for your transgression makes you transparent. So Yahweh then said to Adam:...I will thus make an atonement, and I will now cover you with this coat of skins. Then He made this statement to Adam:...In this atonement, I will emerge out of your race, and in this emerging out of your race, this seed emerging through the woman (Israel) will bruise the head of the Serpent. Then He explained this more extensively that the short summary we have from Moses, for in the Book of the Bee then Yahweh told Adam and Eve...'Ye are my son and daughter, and altho you have been disobedient and death has now come upon you, and altho you have put this transgression upon all men, and all of your race must now be a part of this, still I will restore you, I will make this atonement for you, and I shall redeem you.'

Now; this is thus significant. No man could become a Priest for Adam as there was none higher than Adam...except Yahweh Himself. Thus Yahweh said:..Therefore as the Eternal Priest I will make this atonement for you, as you are my posterity, and I make this promise, that I shall redeem the entire race. I will restore, I will give back what you lost, this includes your life style, your illumination which is gone. Remember now that you are subject to sickness and disease, and catastrophe, still the day will come when I shall restore everything you have lost, for that is the connection for your technology and your vision. And Adam, you will discover concerning the earth itself that you have lost a great area of understanding, for I placed you in earth with a great knowledge of how to make the earth bloom like a rose, and how to make it produce, but you have lost that knowledge to a great extent.

Now; remember in the seventh day that Yahweh also said:..'There is no Adamite to till the soil.' Yet in the sixth day Yahweh and His family had already made man and woman in this same general construction and these men and women had traveled around the earth and built civilizations. They were a nomadic people and they were hunters, but they did not have the technological perception or the ability of total adaptation to their environment which had been mutated by the Luciferian fall. So therefore Yahweh said...I have prepared this garden, in this area...eastward in Eden (Earth) and there I will place my family.

In the King James Version we discover that one of the things done by Jewry in this translation was to transplant a thought and a word. I can show you wherein Jewry participated in this in Rome. For instance in the original Genesis record, in the Septuagint, in the first chapter and the 26th., verse was not there. It was not found where it is now found in your Bible, but over in the second chapter of Genesis it was a part of the 5th., verse, in fact it was the last part of the fifth verse, and I can show you this in the Old Septuagint. Thus this is what Yahweh actually said:..'upon this seventh day, or in this seventh era,...Behold I have caused all these things to grow upon the earth, but there is no Adamite to till the ground.' Then Yahweh Elohim said:...'Let us make Audaum in our own image, and after our own likeness, and let THEM have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So Yahweh begat Man, and brought him forth, and Adam was brought forth with his life and his spirit, thus Adam was a Living Soul.' Here we are talking about Adam-man for must later, the Apostle Paul would come along and say this concerning the Christ..."Where as the first Adam was a Living Soul, the second Adam was a LIFE GIVING SPIRIT."

Thus the difference between Adam and the Enosh around him was that Adam was offspring and progeny of Deity, whereas the Enosh were created beings who worshiped God as the Creator. And Yahweh never called these creations...sons and daughters. He never gave His Light and His Glory to them for He said:...'I give not my light and my glory to another, I reserve this for my household, for my own.' And then He said:..'I am Yahweh thy God, and therefore my light, my glory, my aura, my radiance, I do not give to another.'

This we note about this Light, and the loss of the Light, we told you last week about the Aura, and Illumination of Moses when he had been on the Mountain with Yahweh. Well the Apostle Paul then said concerning you....if this be true of Moses, then how much more than that is it true..with you..for the New Covenant is sealed with the very blood of the Christ, and by His Atonement. For now, the Glory of the Spirit having been consummated in atonement can be revealed in you, and you shall be changed from Glory to Glory, and from knowledge to image, to power. And as you look in the glass, when you realize this, you are being changed from Glory to Glory by the Wisdom, the knowledge, the spirit, and the Light which His Spirit now conveys, thus everything which is lost is to be restored. You remember how Milton wrote:.."Paradise lost is Paradise Regained?" Well that old thought has greater concept of theology than a lot of theologians. I have an original copy of that book and Milton realized that Adam and eve in that seduction lost their light, that this great light was gone form their bodies, and they also lost their great perceptive powers. They had lost their immortality and thus he wrote..."Paradise Lost, is Paradise Regained", for he believed that Yahweh would at a certain point in time consummate, and had by His own intervention and atonement made ready to restore this Light back to Adam and Eve so that they would again shine forth as the sun, and the world around them would be radiant. So Milton's book was built around this area of understanding.

Now; going back to this then remember that the Apostle Paul was talking about an area of mystery made known to him again, in the heavens by the renewing of his mind so that he might again bring it to the attention of this people here in earth. The thing I want to point out to you is that there can be no discounting the amount of responsibility which fell on Adam, for IN ADAM ALL DIE. There is no question that all death was traced to Adam's transgression, for he lost the Light, he lost the protection against viruses, against diseases of all kind against catastrophe and all hazards of the flesh, and he brought mortality on our race. He also had to suffer for this and all men (Adam) have suffered since then. But the second Adam...meaning a Divinely embodied life seed that is in the flesh, the body of the LIFE OF YAHWEH...and since Yahweh therefore projected His Eternal body thru the media of the womb of Mary now refers to Himself as...the second Adam, the second offspring of God altho this is very God Himself. By the process of having brought forth Adam as Issue then Jesus the Christ (Yahshua) is the second embodiment of this form, but the first begotten out of this our race. Adam was the first of the race, and at no other time did Yahweh bring forth another Issue that He personally begat in the flesh thru this Issue (Adam) until He brings Himself froth in the miracle of the Immaculate conception. Therefore Jesus would be referred to as the first begotten out of this race. Whereas this relates to Adam then He is the original Issue..thus a Living Soul...Yahweh renewing His children, is a Priest with a life giving Spirit. And in this instance again whereas by one man came death, by another man came life and immortality. But Yahweh as High Priest made all the atonement necessary. He first met Adam, in His atoning work after Adam's fall, and He came down and looked for Adam and called him out of hiding and made a reconciliation with Adam, by the substitutional sacrifice. He established the principal of sacrifice which runs down thru the Adamic race. He established the principal of sacrifice which was a sacrifice for transgression, in substitute for the day when Yahweh Himself would make a total sacrifice in His own Tabernacle (flesh) for them.

Now; remember that the scripture says:.."The WORD became flesh and tabernacles among us." so that a body was His dwelling place, was the place where His Spirit as High Priest served Him, and thus you are a child of Yahweh, a Christed people, a part of the many membered body of the Christ, thus you are divinely Incarnate in the earth. We use the name of Jesus Christ, but Christ was not His name, that is His condition, and this is also your condition. When we talk about our Lord and His Christ we are talking about you, about the Adamic race, did you know that? Our Lord is Yahweh- Yahshua and you are the Christ (anointed) of God in the world today, you are the many membered body...the Christ of Yahshua in the world today.

As Yahweh says:...'ask me of my many sons, command ye me', then He also said:..' I have placed my sons in the world and they are going to set the Captives free, they are going to liberate the nations. They are going to restore unto the other nations of the world the things they have lost under Lucifer. they are going to enforce the laws of the Kingdom, for out of Zion is going to go forth Righteousness. And in the fullness of time all flesh is going to be saved..."as it is written." This is not an 'and' or 'if'... this is a declaration. 17 times Yahweh refers to this, and all thru the Epistles this is referred to. All Flesh ...not some, but all. In otherwords, the absolute supremacy of the Priesthood of Yahweh is also passed down, now in similitude to His children, thru their Patriarchal Responsibility. Thru the Father altar to His family, then to every individual dwelling in this Adamic body. He is now inside a physical Temple, a living son of Yahweh from heaven to earth to serve as High Priest, this is your reasonable service that you are to do. You are a 'Kingdom of Priests, and a Holy Nation.' This does not mean just one or two, this means every last one of your race has this responsibility in the earth to fulfill, and not only here but throughout the Universe.

Enoch was told of the Royalty of this Priesthood that there was not one of the orbs of Heaven, not one of the sidereal systems, not one of the occupied planets of the Universe which would not be governed by the family of Yahweh, and that they would be received as Elohim...blessed forever. What does that mean? Simply that as the children of Yahweh you will be received as Divine Seed.

Why sit around every day and say:...what is going to happen? I was talking to a preacher the other day and he was really shook. He said:...you know people should not ask for Divine healing because they should just live as long and as well as they can, and then die and go to heaven, because what they are asking for is for God to overcrowd the earth. For if everybody lived and no one died, then the earth would be crowded, so people just have to die and go to heaven and get them out of here.

Now; I do not think that Jesus died just to go to Heaven, and I don't think that Moses left just to go to heaven. And you say:...but Moses died, but that is not true. Someone just said that in the portion of the Book of Deuteronomy that Moses did not write. You know Moses couldn't have written that, because if he had then he wouldn't have been dead, and secondly if he had been dead the devil would have found his body. The Devil could find anything in the earth, yet the Devil could not find the body of Moses anywhere. In fact he got into a fight with Michael one day as Michael came in with his fleet, and they were arguing as to where was the body of Moses. You will find this in the Book of Jude as the Devil said:..."I own the dead so where is that body?" Then Michael said:.."You cannot have that body. In the first place if the devil could have had the body of Moses, he would have resurrected it or appeared in it with Demon power, and have tried to lead our whole race astray. He would have said:..Look I am Moses, you do as I say. It is bad enough for us to have these Jerks in Washington telling us what to do without having the devil coming around in the body of Moses, and saying:..do this, or do that.

Moses never died or the devil would have found his body, for never were any bodies taken into the heavens that were dead. Just remember this is all relevant. Moses did not die, or he would never have appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration with Elijah. Remember when Jesus took His disciples up the Mountain and then suddenly brought out of the dimension of spirit...suddenly materialized before their very eyes these two men...Moses and Elijah? So these two were not in the Netherworld waiting for the Christ, and if they were not in the Netherworld then they never died, because every one from Adam down to Christ's time who had died, were in the Netherworld waiting for the Christ to conquer the Devil. Then following His Crucifixion they were waiting for Him to descend into the Netherworld and preach to those who were there. The Adamites in the Netherworld could not get into the plane of spirit until the Christ Resurrected, and then He took His sons and daughters out of the Netherworld and into Glory. This is the reason the scriptures say:...He first descended and preached to those who were in the earth, like unto dead, from Adam on down...being the Captain of their Salvation. He did not have to take Moses and Elijah, or Enoch out of the Netherworld for they weren't down there. That bit was just put into the scriptures by the Jews, as they tried to say that Moses was dead, and the devil started this because he couldn't find the body of Moses.

The fact is that in the administration of the declaration that is given concerning the continuity of the Priesthood...the Apostle Paul tells us therefore that mortal would put on immortality. But since this was inevitable he wanted to be wrapped up in his Light, he wanted to get his Light back, and he wasn't worried about the earth, as he said:...'Being absent from this body is to be present with the Lord.' By the same token also the Children of God are all involved in what He told Adam that He would do, in that He had also told Enoch, also before you ever came here to live, and this is also what is absolutely confirmed clear thru the Epistles of the Apostle Paul.

The Book of Ephesians is the greatest Mystery Book of all the scriptures, for it contains the deepest and most vital truths concerning the character of this race, and their relationship to their Father, and the fact that you are tabernacling in this body. In otherwords, a Tabernacle is a dwelling place for a celestial Son, and thus God also became flesh and then Tabernacles with us. And in a body out of our race, became a kinsman with us and was not ashamed of this fact. Therefore whether you are a good son or a bad son He is the same good Priest who took care of your transgressions, and by His stripes we are healed. In this instance what God performed as High Priest for you was something you didn't have anything to do with...thus it was not something that was determined by your reaction, but by His purpose. When he called His sheep by name, and when He leads them out His sheep were not made sheep by something they did, but they were sheep before He called. A sheep thus is a sheep, and a goat is a goat, and a goat is not a sheep by going to a revival meeting, for you cannot make a sheep out of a goat at a revival meeting. In fact revival meetings are not for goats, they are for the people who belong tot he Kingdom and who need reviving. A revival is something that had life and needs to be reactivated so they will have more life. Goats never had spiritual life, and they need to be led by the sheep. The Children of Lucifer have no spiritual capacity and you can't take them into the church, you can't take them into a Biblical organization or write their names in a book and dunk them in water and when they come out of the water have anything but devils. People will have to learn this fact.

The other day I visited a Theological seminar and that seminar had six Jews on the theological staff. I am going to tell you what that is....that was 6 devils on the staff of a training school which was training Christian Ministers. In fact they had it on T.V. also, it was a Wesleyan College and one of the older ones at that, but that school has come out with a new philosophical interpretation of theology. Mr. Guensburg and another professor who had been teaching theology there, and helping in the areas of translation, and another man of philosophy teaching there were involved, and I have the names of their staff. Well, here are men who do not believe in the Deity of Jesus the Christ, and these men do not belong even to the Methodist Church who are teaching in their college. Here are devils in their college teaching and the devils effect the methods used in that school. The Methodist Church is founded on the method of John Wesley for carrying on the work of the Methodist Church as to what he thought was his responsibility, and because he had a certain method for his Evangelism, and for the conduct of his teaching and thus they called it the Methodist Church. That church was founded on one thing.... inseparable...and that was the Deity of Jesus the Christ. Any minister who ever questioned this great fundamental doctrine was to be thrown out of the church, and not permitted to preach. And the Methodist discipline which had no provision for change would never have permitted any of these teachers in that college to teach because of the status of those who taught. Now this church was no greater than the Baptist, or other churches for God moved on Calvin, and on Luther, and on John Wesley, and they saw some factors and issues in the program of God's Kingdom, and in its growth, line upon line and precept upon precept, in the redeveloping structure of the church.

Today there is truth to be taken out of all the Christian Churches, and the sum total of the truth out of all these denominations is the great living truth of Yahweh out of the very Holy of Holies of this Living Temple. Everyone is a Living Stone to grow together unto a Holy Temple unto Yahweh, with His embodiment...Yahshua as the Chief Corner Stone.

This bunch of Kike's they have in this Wesleyan College came out to say that God is dead. But that is just what happens when you take in devils. They say that God was just a thought form until the time of Jesus, and the sum total of all this revolution was found in Jesus, and we follow Jesus for He was a great man...but God is dead, there is no god outside of such ideas that exist in you. Then they said:.. maybe we have been involved in the same, from the standpoint of Jewry but we follow Jesus in the things He taught in the greatest of the HUMAN features that He stated. This was the conclusion of theology, or of Divinity in Him, out of the revolution of the God Spirit, or ideas that are found in the institutions of theology of His day. This then is the aspirations of our race, to reach a Divine level without God being real, or their being posterity in the structure of the society of which we are a part. Thus there is no god except what is in thee, none outside of thee, this is a developing God, therefore thrown aside all the old tenants of religion, and we will form a new brotherhood, and accept all faiths, and all philosophies, and accept socialism and liberalism.

Now; why is this? The thing they are driving at is to cut you off from your God, to dislocate you from His Holy Word, and dislocate you from His instructions. This is all a part of our coming revolution for a concept of Deity, but it wasn't good enough and today they now announce that God is dead, He is just a developing force. The highest example of God was Jesus, but since His crucifixion and since there is no Resurrection in their picture then that is that, it ends here. So under their theology they have us all by ourselves and we are in a fix under their theology. Because under their theology there is no help coming because all help has to be developed right here, and has to be developed out of us. And if we had ideas that our religion is better than some of the others, it will only be better if we can sell it to them. And if we can accept all religions and all theology then we can make it better, because after all, if God is dead there is no other way so what develops is what we will have to turn to, and that is... Socialistic revolution developing inside of us.

Now; when a church, and one of the strongest Protestant Churches inside of America today is predicated on this area of untruth, and turns to this position it should shock all the good Orthodox Ministers, and there are hundreds of them, as well as lay people who should be shocked at this, so before long they would have to come out of here because this will become the Daughter of Babylon. Either they have to throw out this theology and teaching, or the Ministers and lay people will have to come out. After all, there is only ONE church and that will be a Christian Church.

Now; I just received some literature from the Catholic Church of Ireland and they have made some interesting admissions in this pamphlet. They show in this pamphlet some interesting things about the belief's of the Catholic Church...for instance..this says that the Catholic Church is not subject to the Bible, for the Roman Catholic Church had the truth long before they had the Bible, besides they are the ones who separated the Holy Books and decided which books to put in the Bible, and all others were thoroughly rejected. They said that in those days there was no printing press so they copied what books they considered were acceptable. Then when Protestantism started they had to make their translations, but they had to accept the changes the Roman Church made in the existing text because they received them as the Apostles wrote them, but they did not leave them in that state...because there were some things that the Church knew more about than the Apostles themselves. How could this be? This is their own statement! Then this pamphlet goes on to say that Jesus told His Apostles to preach and not to write, however the Apostles did write, but the spoken word was more valuable than the written word. When the printing press came then Rome printed a Vulgate Edition for their own people, and a King James Version was printed for the Protestants. But the Protestants had to accept the fact that they got their scriptures from Rome because the Protestants don't have one single book in their Bible that was rejected by Rome. Therefore Protestants don't use in their Bibles anything that was rejected by Rome, they use only what Rome reserved and copied. Then this pamphlet goes on to say that when the Printing Press came along...we printed a Bible as we wanted our people to read it, but also we want people to know that the Bible does not take superiority over the authority of the Ministry of the Church, and that ministry of the church is not subject to the Bible. But we will interpret the Bible for the people for they have no way of interpreting the Bible.

Now; I have these affidavits they sent me and the facts of what went on in the Ecumenical Conference, as to whether they were going to change anything. I am going to say this:..if this line is carried further the Catholic Church will lose what little true faith it has left. I want you to know that the Scriptures were written all the way down from Adam, and the Catholic church was not in existence at the beginning of the scriptures, so who put them before the Bible? Also if we talk about the writing of the Apostles then remember that the Apostles did their writing soon after the Ascension of YAHSHUA, the Christ, and all the time they were preaching and teaching and writing. Mark was established in Alexandria, Egypt and down there in that great church Mark had all the Epistles that made up the New Testament, and many more...many more. So therefore there is no one that can cast out the fact that the WORD of God is found in the inspiration of these books. I will go along with the fact that Rome threw away many books and we should have had 153 of them. Ten of the 163 did not matter as they were discarded, but if we had all 153 books, or volumes, then we would have a great fountain of wisdom.

I would point this out to you...that as far as the service of the Living Word..then remember that "The WORD became flesh, and dwelt among us." He tabernacles with us, and we as the children of Yahweh (God) have the inner Holy of Holies where the spirit of God can unveil truth to us. There is some truth to the statement that if they burned all the Bible's in the world we would still preach the Gospel because we do know the Bible, and we know the message of the Kingdom, and we know what God said because it is burned with fire in our minds. We know things of importance and we know the answers to many questions concerning race, responsibility, Anti-Christ, and the coming battle. We know these things because they were put in our hearts, just as His law is put in our hearts. We turn to the Bible and we say:.."Thus saith the Lord."

Now; because this may be burned in my heart as a minister, or in your heart as you have listened to tapes, and swerved direct, or have diligently studied, and the things reach you, then these passages become a part of you, and you remember them. Someone may say:..we have heard that before and we want something new, but you should listen, and study and hear these...time after time until they become a part of you, and then that way they can never be taken from you. Even if they put you in a dungeon, that dungeon will only be as dark as the Light in you. There is this one thing which is very valuable to you, more than anything which you possess, and that is what YOU KNOW. Knowledge is not only power, but this that you know is a possession which you have stored up out of the inspiration of revelation given to you. As the Priest of this Tabernacle you have stored this Revelation in this Holy of Holies, and the Holy Spirit can bring everything to your remembrance. Even those things which happened before the foundation of the world can be brought back to your remembrance. Even those things which He said such as..."I told you in the Beginning" or "I will renew your mind".."I will receive you"...."I will do these things"...and "Know this."

Therefore we not only have the continuing process of being Living Priests of God but the scriptures also say that:..."My Word will not depart out of your mouth, or out of the mouth of thy seed, and thy seed's seed for one thousand generation's." This is of course only an allegory because a thousand generation's is only 30,000 years and it will come and go, and we still won't forget anything. We have only been here on this earth about 7400 years, but I am not about to get worried about the enemy being able to stop the Gospel, or wipe out the Holy Seed, or stop them in the fulfillment of their Priesthood. But the moment that you realize this...then there is power. God has ordained this and He has also established a Levitical Priesthood, and it is my personal opinion that all ministers scattered among the Kingdom who are personally called of God, are out of the House of Levi, because Levi is to be "Thy Ministers for ever and forever."

However let me point this out also, you are a descending embodied House of the sons and daughters of Yahweh, and every last one of you have a Divine Spirit. Every last one of you are Children of the Father in the Heavens. Every last one of you have been embodied in earth and every last one of you is going to conform to His own Image, to His Glory as He possessed it in the Illumination after His Resurrection. And you...all of you are responsible for this one thing:...that whereas He raised up Ministers over His church, and He subjects you in areas of instruction and responsibilities to the service of His church, and to the service of His Kingdom and Nation. He also has ordained that every one of us shall serve as a Priest in this House in which you live. So all of you become His witnesses, and in your outer court (this physical body) you are to live lives as befitting sons and daughters of Yahweh. You are to stand forth with a declaration of power.

You say:...But suppose I slip? Well, Adam slipped the farthest to start with but this does not change your responsibility. You know...no one has ever backslid out of his responsibility. No one ever backslid beyond the fact that he is a son. He has just backslid into trouble, he just got himself into the place where he gets his lickings, and chastisements, and meets catastrophe, but there isn't one single one of these sons and daughters of God, no matter how far he slips into the Miry Clay as the Psalmist would say....that God doesn't reach down and get hold of his son and set him back up on the SOLID ROCK. That is why David said:..."The Lord reached down and took me from the miry clay and set me up on solid rock."

Now; why would He do this? Well this is the saving work of your Father. He is always saying:.. "Give me your hand, ye sons of Jacob," even tho lots of times you are like little boys running around down there...still "take my hand and stand tall, as I want you to stand. However I do not want you to be afraid, I want you to know that I placed you down there in those bodies as sons and daughters of Yahweh, and I want you to stand tall, to live, to occupy and to build a nation out of men who fight the darkness, men who have their political structure but know that everyone who makes up this people are a Holy (Blessed) people...for Ye are a Holy generation, a royal Priesthood, and that is why you make up a Holy Nation."

Now; you say:...But what makes it Holy? For Only that which comes forth out of God is Holy. Even Webster's tells you that, and even the Britannica which has been changed and slanted has to admit that under religion and sovereignty that only that which comes forth from Yahweh is Holy. Therefore He says that you are a Holy Nation, so you had to come forth out of Him. The Holy Seed which is the Life of Yahweh and which you are a part of,...this Holy seed had to come forth or emerge out of Yahweh to be Holy. this is why Amos didn't want any mongrelization as he said:..."Mix this holy seed with people of other lands, and when you do this then this offspring has a confused Faith. Yahweh says:..I won't claim them for offspring, so put them out, thus these offspring cannot go forward with the Household of Yahweh."

Therefore ye are a Holy Nation (race) and to keep it Holy you can only intermingle with your own race which can produce the continuity of the Holy Seed. Thus Yahweh said:.."I put you, for this purpose, in earth to set the nations free, to set the captives free, and to fill the earth from one end to the other with the knowledge of God." And this is the one aspect that you possess inside this Tabernacle that cannot be taken from you. For this purpose then is the Mystery of the ability to bring to your remembrance the patterns of all the wisdom, and the genes, and Chromatin...of the remembrance stored around the tendril's of the brain are not to be mutated, and again this is part of the secret of this race.

So what is this Priesthood. A Priesthood has one reason for existence, and that is to complete the close communication between Yahweh as the Father and His Household. Every earthly Priesthood which makes up the ministry of the church, such as the Levi of the Old Testament, has only one responsibility and that is to work to keep the cognition between the children and the Father, for the will of Yahweh, for the work of Yahweh, and for the worship of Yahweh, this is the reason for the Priesthood.

Now; the atoning work of the Melchizedek Priesthood was for all times. The Levite's had to atone for their transgression, but Yahshua...of this ONE it is said that He did not have to make an atonement for His sin, for He was the Lamb without spot or blemish, He had made no transgression, and He then entered boldly into the Holy Place, even the Holiest of all. He hath descended, and He hath ascended into the heavens. He brought not only the body which was the 'Second Adam', His Eternal body, and seated it on the throne of the Eternal heavens. He assumed the scepter hand of authority and remains Yahweh-Yahshua forever, above every potentate, every power and above every principality.

This is the reason why we tell you that we see the signs of the times as we view this evil demonstration coming out of the seminary of a great church, with this evil philosophy, and it reminds us of the teaching of the so called new math. For this new math did not come out of the great knowledge which Enoch and Job had in their great equations with which they planned and built the Great Pyramid. They knew Algebra and all higher mathematics, but their math produced results that mattered, it was not a futile operation. They taught Algebra which was how to set up equations and to find unknown factors by Mathematical solid patterns. Yahweh had taught them how to survey, in plane and in solid form the Chimerical patterns of figures and angels, and form, and this was called trigonometry. This was taught in Egypt and was brought back to Greece, as those of your race at that time went down into Egypt to study and to learn the great knowledge left there from the times of Enoch and Job. Thus Mathematics was a knowledge of your race, but today they come out with this idea that we are wrong and that we don't really need math. And this new math, it seems it is not important to really find an answer, it is more important that they get a theory across into the minds of the children, and the young folks that this new math lets you see in groups or steps, but never cares if you get the answer, just get the principal across.

The scientific world is crying today as they say...'what can we do with this generation of students if they work for us and don't arrive at the right answers?' Mathematics is an infallible science and you cannot change the value of numbers. Their's is an infallible science which is clipped and hard, it is one thing that you cannot change. It is like the Holy Word of Yahweh...it does not change, and Mathematics may be an expression of the Word of Yahweh because in numerical form there is a Bible of Numerics which you could not work with this new math. Oh the Devil wants to upset the math of today and I consider the new math the same as the doctrine's of Anti-Christ, and the United Nations in their work on governments. They admit that you cannot use the new math for Astronomy, or for Navigation, and for none of the principals that we use mathematics for. Understand this...under this same pattern you cannot use this new theology put out by the Methodist Seminary, for anything of value. Under that teaching no one will go out with life, hope, or vision. If you were to accept this silly fallacy that God is dead, you would quit right now...why go on? You are outnumbered you would think, so where is my help coming from? There is no covenant, there is no purpose, there is no promise, and we don't know how to finish this thing, so there wouldn't even be any purpose in having the Bible. This goes to show you that when the children of Yahweh want hope, when they get into trouble then they turn to Yahweh as their only source of inspiration and vision. That is one thing the enemy overlooks when they push too hard, they turn the Children to the Father.

Now the Roman Catholic Church says that there is no authority to prove the inspiration of the scriptures except that the church approved them having within the church the infallible authority to determine that which is Holy. I am going to prove that their statement is wrong because you can prove it by things that come to pass which were spoken of thousands of years before they happened, when they said there was no way to prove the inspiration of the scriptures remember it says:.."Holy men wrote the scriptures as they were moved on by the Holy Spirit, so there isn't any question about the fact that the scriptures were inspired." Peter says that the Epistles of the Apostle Paul are to be taken as scriptures, and Paul says that the writings of Peter are scripture. When the Apostles speak of the scriptures they were talking of the Old Testament as well. So the Epistles are a part of the scriptures as well as the Old Testament, and the scrolls were...THE WRITTEN WORD, they were the inspired word of your household as THE WORD OF YAHWEH.

There are many things today coming out of peoples imagination that are not revelations of Yahweh. Every once in a while I hear of some high priest somewhere who tells all other Clergy that they are wrong, and then does not proceed to establish their error with any facts, other than some new idea out of their mind. No one believes in the special revelations of Yahweh more than I do, but you have to confirm it with the evidence out of the word, with facts and with events.

Someone sent me a book the other day, a large book that tells me that Christ came in 69 A.D., and that we are now in the developing end of days. Well, we know we are at the end of an age, but if we are in all of this trouble and Christ has been here all this time then He better come out and show Himself because we are waiting for His manifestation. But this person putting out this book is trying to help his whole church discover what has happened. I point out to you that you are Priest's in this Holy Temple to bear witness that Jesus is the Christ, that He is Yahshua come in the flesh, that this Kingdom is real so thus we pray:.."Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven", that you are the living adjective of this WORD.

You may discover that many things may be in conflict because they have been warped and translated in this way, but the Spirit bears witness with your Spirit to these great fundamentals of factors, of the Christian belief. I think we are going to see one of the greatest renaissance of all times in history as Yahweh turns to activate His people, as He calls for judgment to begin in the House of God.

The Priesthood of the Most High is responsible for the instructions of the nation, and the nation must depend upon the church because this is the area where the Ecclesia exists in the Kingdom. So there it is...the responsibility of the church to stir the great moving force that changes the nation. It is the Church's responsibility to deny the catastrophe that is round about. We are reaching the climax of the Satanic design for their attempt to end...this great nation and all the great nation's of God's Kingdom.

This program of Urban Renewal is set up using certain cities as independent or separate governments, under a Federal controlled government which is under an International government. The little cities will be but satellites of the big cities, and under this plan they will control the housing and assign people where they can live. They will destroy existing housing and remake it out of cement and stone, and then landscape it, and set it up as to its's zoning and its food supply, and ultimately you are to have no money, for they aim to issue you script for food, for amusement, and so forth. In fact eventually they have designed that you will have no family life, instead just an orgy of living that has no spiritual meaning. This is Regional Government plans, if fact at this time we have Justice's at the Supreme Court who are working on the institutions of the Ultimate Democracy. They intend to use the world court, and the United Nations to be this structure, and these cities and states are to be under the world Provincial pattern of the United Nations, and anyone who opposes this will be anti-social, they think they have found the plan which will lead to the liquidation of the family of Yahweh (this white race). It is impossible for the mind to conceive what has been designed for you at this moment.

Now; the President gets into the act as he comes out and appoints a Negro at the head of all this Urban development. Thus we have Roy Wilkins in charge of the New City development and he is to follow this pattern prepared for him. And now on top of that we have at the head of all housing this Negro named Weaver, and that is now a Cabinet Post. So you see how they take the lower end of society and put them in charge of the area of mechanics which happens to be where the Anti-Christ is trying to set up his outpost.

You say:...but this can't happen here? Well, I happen to have a blueprint of this entire design, where under an emergency they hope to take over America with a Complete Dictatorship. First in this plan is to take over with what is called a post attack, but actually it is a pre-control over all communications, and over all transportation. Then gradually all things. They plan to do this by Executive order.

Dan Smoots comes out with this outline of this design and he says that the last three President's, Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy have been building a dictatorship, and they have lied to the people every time they spoke, they have deceived the nation and they talk about upholding the law. They were instead talking about taking over areas of government by executive power.

The court has gone along with this plan and are upholding their lies as they destroy America. They are destroying our sovereignty, and our liberty, and the people do not know it is being done. The things which got out concerning the setting up of this plan ties it to a National policing by the OGPU, to a national control of all highways, and communications, a control under an emergency of all food, all money. We are getting deeper and deeper in Johnson's war in South Viet Nam, but we are fighting the wrong people.

Now; the Lord says:...I told you that if you bring in these strangers then these things will happen, and they will take things from you. God says:..I call you to denounce this evil and come out of her... Oh, my people, and I will destroy her (meaning Great Babylon). Come out of her and then I will restore you and I will be your king, and help you to accomplish this. I will make you boil, and seethe until there is not a Cainanite left in the House of Yahweh. In this instance of this we are told the facts of this result of our disobedience for permitting the strangers to come into our land, and into our society, and dwell in the midst. There is no way to preach to the nation today unless you tell them to go back and do their first work, and do the will of God, fulfill the law for your children, your nation, and your God, and for your culture.

I sometimes think that some of these men who teach GRACE, as they abandon the law of God do not understand what Grace means. Grace not only gave us the law so it didn't have to be searched for by trial and error, but Grace showed us the advantages of the law. Grace pointed out the catastrophe of the disobedience of the law. Grace was the way God treated us, then He came along and forgave us, that is also Grace. I am not talking about your destiny, and I am not talking about Eternal Life, or about where you are going to spend Eternity. Always someone comes along and worries about where you are going to spend Eternity. Well, I am going to spend it right where My Father knows I am going to spend it, so I don't need to worry about where I am going to spend Eternity. Someone will always say:...Well, what if He has prepared a perdition for you? O.K. I happen to know that He said:.. "I did not prepare perdition (the Netherworld) for my children. I prepared it for the Devil and his Angel's, and I did not even prepare the oral Lake of Fire which is Shekinah, to purge out error, I did not prepare even this for My Children, I prepared it to restore eventually Lucifer after we have destroyed the nature of Satan in him. Anything God prepared for the Devil, he is going to get, but He states who He prepared this for so don't worry about it. And what He prepared for me I am going to have. When people tell me that they love God but are afraid of Him and what is going to happen to them, that is not love, even tho they think they love Him. Perfect Love requires that you have trust, and faith, and perfect love thus casts out all fears. Now this does not tell you that you do not have to do what He says here in earth. This does not dismiss your responsibility. He says...'I sent you here to get this Kingdom built, and put it into operation, and at the same time to put it back into shape, with the power that it fell from, into the destiny I have set for it.' Get it operating so you can set the nations free.

There are a lot of people who get the cart before the horse, they want to go out and put the World Order in its order before they get the Kingdom in operation. You can't carry out the mission of the Kingdom unless you do it God's way. You don't share the Administration of the Kingdom with a bunch of Cainanites, you go out and do it God's way. The armies are to back the advance of the witnesses, and the strength of the Kingdom is to be an indestructible thing. We tell you that you are living here, a kingdom of Priest's. You are living here a witness for God.

Now; the World Order cannot understand you because they do not think like you do. They do not possess the wave length of this. They have always been saying that the children of God are a peculiar people, and when anything happens that the world cannot understand, they think that you are crazy. Remember how they laughed at the Prophet, but when the bears came out and gobbled them up they weren't so sure? God just laughed at the Prophet. There are times when I could use some bears. Ha. The fact remains that as far as the truth of Yahweh is concerned it is vital and lasting..."The world is going to know that you are My sons and daughters, and that I have loved you."

So this is not an area of fear, it is an area of realization, and with this comes the end of the destructive force of disintegration. One of the things that destroys people is fear...fear eats them up, it puts a cold chill in them. Fear therefore by this process may bring more death processes than anything else. But when people believe in the Kingdom, when they believe in all these things God brings to pass, then they go thru all these experiences with assurance of achievement and victory. There are many people today worrying for fear they won't get to heaven, that they do not have time to occupy and build the Kingdom. If they were not afraid of all these things they would have more time to help build the Kingdom.

I talk to ministers all the time who worry like that...they say: 'If I could just get all the people saved.' And I say fine, how do you go about that? So they reply:..'Get them to accept Christ so they can go to heaven.' So I say:..how do you take them into your church? He says.."Well we put their names in the book, and they are saved.' So I say..Fine, now what do you preach to them? And now I find that this minister does not have anything but the Gospel of Salvation, but he thought he had to keep preaching that Gospel for fear they would backslide and get lost. So I said..What you ought to preach is the Gospel of the Kingdom, because Jesus said..."I call my sheep by name, and they follow me." And He would not have lost one of them, even if you or I had not come along. For He said...If I lost one sheep I would go hunt for it. Then I said to this minister..Did Jesus die to keep some men from going to hell? He looked at me rather strangely and said:...Oh! Yes. So I said...Where in the Bible does it say that, what does it say that He came to do? I read that He came to save men from their sins?

Now; actually what raises Hell in the world is violation of the law, depravity, deception, murder, immorality, and so forth. All of these are not the work of the spirit, these are the work of Lucifer. People are caught and twisted, and bent, and do things which are in error because they are not thinking right, and no great spiritual charge moves out of their consciousness.

The power of the Holy Spirit which is the great flowing energy of God's being, mind, and consciousness, out of the entity of His being can flow thru your spirit and activate your consciousness because you have the spiritual connection for this. So therefore by this cause, as men are quickened they start to think about the things of God, and they start to respond.

Now; I am going to say this, everyone in here can't say that they haven't transgressed. I know it and you know it because not a single person here can say that, and yet the spirit in you did not transgress, for it is a Holy Seed and it abides forever. The mortal puts on immortality but you never corrupt the incorruptible. So that Divine Issue of the Spirit never violated the law, but the soul consciousness in this physical house under temptation broke every law, and if transgression was to separate you from God for Eternity, then if you broke one law it was as important as the breaking of all laws. If that was the case then, and if it were separating by this pattern, then any error would separate and destroy, and this would bring destruction of any man's soul.

Now; let me point this out to you...Yahweh came down here to save men from their sins. He did not say anything about saving them from going some place when they die, so error has replaced truth.

Now; I said that there wasn't anyone here who hasn't transgressed, for there isn't anyone who doesn't have some facet of breaking Divine law working in you, for the Devil is pretty good at binding up the sons of Yahweh with error, this is the way he work's, he binds them with transgression, this is the SIN question. But since all of us have sinned and come 'Short of the Glory of Yahweh,' I just want to ask you one question...since you discovered who you are, and since you have discovered God's plan for occupying this earth and since you have discovered where you are and who you are hasn't your mind been taken over and filled more and more with the things of God? As you sit here you know that is true, that there was a time when you were not nearly as filled with these truth's as you are now. You thought about the Movies, the great outdoors, or just living, and these truth's never meant very much to you. Oh! you had a Bible and you believed that Jesus was the Christ, for you learned that at your mothers knee, but you weren't saved from your sins. What do I mean by that? The only thing that will take you out of ERROR is the coordination of your consciousness by the Spirit of God with the things of God, and as these things roll on you there is a great change that takes place in your life. This change makes these things you learn important. Oh, you laugh and you enjoy life and all the things of God's creation are still open to you, but all the time you find this quickening voice is more demanding on you. And you find that you are doing and thinking, and working because a transformation is taking place in you. And for each new revelation, each new truth revealed to you finds you being changed more and more into His Image...this is the looking glass picture, the Glory of Yahweh is already at work.

Now; I know that you have admitted to transgression, or the breaking of the Divine Law in the past, but you now admit that this isn't a process with you as of today. Oh, you may make mistakes but you have corrected this error, and you do not give accent any more...why? Because as this truth of the Kingdom takes hold of you the desire in your heart becomes to be right, to bring this Kingdom in.

Now; you say, but everybody does not do this. Yes, that is right, and this happens inside the Kingdom, and inside of the church, they yield to error and to temptation, but if they know the truth of the Kingdom and they know they haven't been thrown into some outside Outer Court or maybe some outer destruction, then one transgression does not throw them into abandonment. I tell you that we are not of THEY WHO CAN DRAW BACK INTO PERDITION OF FEAR, AND CONTAMINATION OF BONDAGE. We could not get into the Netherworld if we tried, the only ones who can get into the Netherworld is those of the Satanic household, and they have to go back to their own place. When Judas of Iscariot hung himself where did he go? Back to his own place. I am glad he did, for I would not want one of the Devil's children up here in earth, still selling....would you? They are trying to frighten some of the family of God with some of these teachings, for I heard one preacher say:..'we better learn to get along with all people here on earth, because we will have to get along in heaven, so better practice getting along here.'

Now; I am not a bit disturbed about this for there is one going to meet me at the door and say:.. "Who-dat?" Remember that Jesus said:..no one is going to go up there, but those who came down out of it. These people started in the Luciferian realm and they were alright in the days when they were created, then they became a part of Lucifer's revolution and he seduced these people. They came to earth in that ancient great struggle, but they were not the offspring of the Most High God. They did not come down from the throne of God from high in the heavens, therefore they can't go back into the center of Heaven.

Someone said:...wouldn't you like to go to Heaven right away? No, I would like to see the finish of this thing. Now if I could just take a run out there, if I could be back in three or four weeks, but I would like to see this thing finished here. This is where the action is, and also this is where I was placed to do a job, and i will try to finish it, then I'm ready to go anywhere He wants to send me, anywhere in the Universe. There may be new fishing hole's to visit, there may be places out there in this far flung Universe that I have never seen or heard of before. As to what is prepared for us..God puts something in us that pertains to this job and we want to do it, and we don't want to leave until it is finished.

You go out of here to where the enemy is and you find there is futility in their religion, they commit suicide, and they burn themselves or throw their children into the river, for life means nothing, it is so cheap. But in the Kingdom of God nobody in the world tries to save people harder than your race does. Nobody puts more research into the field of philosophy to try to learn how to save the people of your race. We study all kinds of therapy and we have Chiropractor's who try to keep the bones lined up to free the nerves, as well as physicians who try to remove something gone wild so as to protect life. We have all the time been engaged in research trying to preserve life. I make no condemnation on any medical doctor, but it all just proves that we of the kingdom are trying to stay here as long as we can. So when someone of your race commits suicide they are just sick in the head. Some say that they are going to hell, but no these people didn't keep their spirit activated, and they went backward for a while. They are just sick in the head.

Now: I'll tell you something else, for those of you who believe that we are going to overpopulate the earth. The time will come when the sons of God will increase and the pagan's will decrease, and eventually as far as the purposes of God are concerned, those who did not start here will go somewhere else. You know, one of these days with the great transportation system we will have, we will be transporting people to new solar systems, taking them out to new far flung places.

Tomorrow's activities always activate in the vision of God's children beforehand, and already they are talking of transportation systems to Mar's and to other places. Besides My Father has been synthesizing things for a long time, so there is plenty of room in the Universe. You will have to learn that you will never have more people in the Universe than there is a spirit for. There will never be any more of those outside the family of the Most High than He has delegated the spirits of this creation to their cycles of return. As far as your race is concerned...of the increase of His Kingdom there shall be no end.

Now; I am not worried about those things, I am interested in getting the work of this Kingdom completed. I know that the plan of my Father is good. I know that He is bringing into our minds what is just over the horizon, not what is in the far distant future.

If the person realizes the Kingdom is Light and our Father is the Light giver, the Light giving Spirit of that Kingdom, then we want to go out and make everyone and everything well. The fact remains that our race is a Light giving race. We are one of these days going to do great miracles of the tomorrows. A great Transition will come and we will go out and make a new earth, and the presence of the Most High God dwelling among you for the next 1000 years is going to bring all this to pass. Remember when we used to sing 10,000 years? Remember that we have as many years to sing His Praises as when we first began, for we are the children of an Endless Life. We are the Priest's without beginning or end and we are the children of His Spirit.

QUESTION:...Who was Azazel?

ANSWER:...That is the personal name of Lucifer as told to us in the Book of Enoch. He was the star of the morning, and his name in the earth from the King James translation is Devil, Serpent, or Lucifer, but his real name was Azazel. He was called 'the Morning Star' or one of those who sang with the Morning stars and all the sons of God...as they all sang together. He became a great Archangel, but he was not a son, he was a creation of the highest level of Administering spirits outside of Yahweh's own family.

(end of this message)