02-10-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Before we go into the questions, we might just mention something Mrs. Woodard was talking about...in the Book of Revelation. Whereas what pertained to the Book of Revelation might not pertain to any other Book unless some area of prophecy...but we think this is rather unique about it for it is fraudulent and John never wrote it. John wrote the Book of Revelation but there are lots of things translated today which he never wrote, and this is rather interesting, for you can take the lexicons and you can also go back into the earliest of the co-dexes of the Greek and you find this is true. John never wrote in Greek, he wrote entirely in Aramaic. It was translated from Aramaic to Greek. This work was laboriously done down in Alexandria, Egypt where Mark was pastor of the Christian church there. Now; at the end of the Book..this was never existent until about the 3rd., century, when this passage was put in this Book and it said:..'If any man shall take away from the words of this Book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the Book of Life, and out of the holy city, and from the things written in this Book.' In the first place when you look at that verse you know it was phoney from the word go because the Book of Life was written before the foundation of the world. God said:..those HE did foreknow, HE did pre-determine that they would conform to the image of the son (embodiment). HE also made the statement that our names were written in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. The Scripture tells us that the only ones who shouldn't worry, and shouldn't even be amazed at the strength of the anti-Christ are those whose names were in the 'Lamb's Book of Life'. And in the fullness of that text is the fact that those of the Book (of Life) had been told that these things would come to pass when they resided in the earth. So of course this did not meet the desire of the church to have the word explained,..that they were told some- thing before they came to dwell in earth, even before the foundation of the earth. So the church translated these things out of the Book, they didn't want people to know they once resided in the heavens, so they just eliminated that part.

Now; it was Rome who put into the Book of Revelation, after they had made many, many changes in the text, anything they didn't like they changed, but they put this passage then in the Book of Revelation. It is true that the King James Version has some changed in the Book of Revelation because they did have some older texts which they diligently compared which were older than the Vatican Version and the Douay Version, but it is also a rather significant thing that when the Priests and the Bishops and the Ecclesia got thru that this verse was in the Book of Revelation...'If any man take away from the words of this book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life.'

Now;..there is one thing which can't be done..what God purposed will be done, and it is forever. What HE foreknows..HE always knows..HE knew for- ever. You can't change this..then in otherwords God has HIS WILL..What HE wants transpires, and the children of HIS Celestial House, of those who would dwell in earth, their names were written in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the earth. You are children of the Eternal so HE knew every last one of HIS children before they came to earth, HE pre- destined..Pre-determined them to come and to conform to the image of the son (HIS embodiment). HE also had pre-destinated..Pre-determined them to a full restoration for any mistake or errors they would make while living in a physical world after the fall of your race. So all of this having been declared He even prepared HIMSELF as the sacrifice of the race...before the foundation of the world. At no time then did God talk about the fact that if some one was to change something like the crossing of a T or the dotting of an I out of the Book of Revelation that He would blot their names out of the Lamb's Book of Life. This Book of Life is forever, this isn't just a game and you get angry at someone and take their name out. Secondly the reason this was put in was because Priestcraft didn't want any interpretation of this Book unless they approved of it. And this would throw a scare into people so they thought people would leave it as it was. But God didn't have to do this..after all God unveils a revelation, He bestows it upon a people, HE give it thru an Apostle and if someone doesn't want to see it then that is their hard luck. In otherwords if they don't want to understand it is their hard luck..they are missing something. Its like this... some people say, but Dr. Swift you don't say such and such or people won't come to church. But let them stay away if they want to, it doesn't hurt me. The strange thing is..here it says.. do this or God will take you name out of the Book of Life, or the curses of this Book will be added to you. If any man take out of this Book..if any man adds these things or takes away these things then God shall add all the plagues of this Book to him. So that means that from being caught by meteorites out of the sky, like the great wormwood, to all the catastrophes, things, and conditions that happened one man would be able to live thru all the plagues...this would be impossible. What is destined by time and history isn't going to be related to just one man. There is a lot of people who don't believe God anyway so they just believe what is in the Book. If you seek to give them the accuracy of the original text, or seek to teach them what the context of the Aramaic text was, or what was in the Greek before it was tampered with, if you try to teach them some of what spiritual mystery is in some part of the Book of Revelation, some people say:...oh, you have taken away the dotting of an I, or terrible things will happen to you.

In the first place there are all kinds of idols, and some people are worshipping paper and ink. They have such an inflexible pattern of paper and ink that they have to make God measure down to translation, to the concept and pattern of paper and ink. But you can't pour God into a pen and paper mould. The best you can get out of Revelation..a paper and ink revelation is that you are catching an image of God's purpose and plan. So also that is all you can get out of any true Scripture God has inspired. Every word out of the mouth of God is true, every word out of the mouth of God is final, every word out of the mouth of God is positive, but every word in the Bible is not out of the mouth of God. The Devil talks in here, Jews talk in here, people make mistakes in here, the Apostle Paul even comes along as wise as he was, with all the experiences he had and he said:... Now I speak as a man. Whenever the Apostle Paul said:..now I speak as a man then you don't have to take everything he then says as authority, this he said is just how I have decided it should be. But the Apostle Paul is honest enough to release you from thinking he is speaking out of an area of inspiration beyond his own philosophical evaluation. I mention this because I think it is significant for us to recognize the fact that the Bible is the most vital Book we have today in the English language. It is the most vital volume the western world possess's, vital and important because it has such a vast amount of the inspired Word of God, as well as His purposes and plans. But the Bible still contains several Books which do not have one area of the Word of God or true inspiration in it. It also has within it several areas of attempted translation of error. There are many translations of the Bible..I have many translations..I have 23 I believe. It is not a fight between one translation and another one..one was translated by a Presbyterian, another by a Catholic and their Priests and Ecclesiastical order influenced their interpretations, and if they found something that could have a possibility of two or three ways of explanation, they took the one that fitted their philosophy best.

But the thing we are most interested in when we deal with the semantics of anything in its original text is that we get the truth of this thing as it existed, as it was intended to be understood.

But the thing we should establish as a criteria is..YAHWEH-YAHSHUA..and the nature of God HIMSELF. Then I attempt to establish an area of philosophy to bolster maybe some idea that might be compatible with the things we believe, things which we believe to be the direct result of inspiration. It is most important first that it fit the image of God. That doesn't make a fool out of God, doesn't make God say:..I wrote this book and it will survive forever, for they are my household..and then have God come along and say..now; If anyone takes something out of this Book then I am going to throw them out. I will have to change the record I made before the foundation of the world. I am going to have to admit I thought i foreknew what was to happen, but I was wrong, they changed the word. When you get something like that you just chalk it up as a little Irish malarkey and forget it.

Someone will say, but he threw a verse out of here, well..I will just stand here and not worry about it. I know the origin of this verse that they stuck in the back of this Book and God had nothing to do with it.

QUESTION:...Isn't it true that Buddhist and Hindus are winning a lot of Christians over to their religion thru Yogi? Is it true that Meditation is one thing their race has that....

ANSWER:...No..I don't believe they are winning a lot of Christians. Meditation is a multiple interpreted word. The fact remains that our race has always had a higher spiritual capacity of receptivity of Divine ideas. However the fall did have an impact on us because it had a tremendous impact on Adam and Eve. When they cohabited with another race, violating a Divine Law then they lost this aura which surrounded the physical body, they lost also an area of connection of direct communication of what we might call a psychological shock treatment, and they were in this shock treatment when God walked into the Garden and said:...Adam where art thou? They were then driven out of this area. But when you deal with pagan religions they are all demon operated, and demons are more realistic than some people understand. Therefore there are whole areas of delusion which come down on the consciousness involved in demon religion according to how, or what depth they became involved in it.

Now; just as there is many types of philosophies, Yogism can be found deep in Hinduism, in Bramah, Vishnu Civa, and Kali doctrines. Kali being the Assassin Goddess and the consort Lillith of Lucifer and so forth. This Yogism is a part of witchcraft, it is not just a science, this is just the bait put out.

Now; you asked:..isn't there a bunch of Christians being taken over with it? No, it isn't having that much influence, largely it reaches out to the Asiatics in our Society, some are Koreans, some Japanese, or Chinese. When you go down to a Yogi organization over half of those there are Orientals. Now there are a bunch of silly old ladies who seem to fall for this. They work upon them, flatter them that their intelligence is higher than most people round about because they can understand this, when they don't understand it at all. They tell them that the highest type of culture is to consider the beauty of the lotus flower, and gets them to meditating on the blossoms. But what they are working for, this thing to build up of all kinds of phoney hodge- podge, all kinds of special flowers, great radiant magic values will descend, great strength will build up if they contemplate and follow the instructions of Yogi. Actually they never get any de- livery only a promise.

Now; there is always a silly people, less then 1/1000 of one percent who will fall for something like this. For instance they start in on women's clubs who are setting all the affairs in the world in their own little councils, and they pass a resolution and tell the congress what they have decided..see? So this is sort of normal they have been doing this all over the world. One time I got a notice from a woman's club that this was antisocial to be opposed to integration, so they, they had made the decision and had forwarded me this information..so what..see?

But the fact remains this is what takes place, the speaker comes, he wrapped his turban around his head, he was probably born in Watts, but he is now a high class Hindu talking a piece of propaganda. He talks to the women's clubs and he starts lecturing on India. They haven't been there but neither has he, but they say that they are greatly impressed. There has been about seven of those rackets broken up already, one of them because it became one of the largest Yogi operations in the United States, and the fellow came from Harlem in New York State traveled all over. Finally after working in Harlem he went to Philadelphia and then finally came out here, and by this time he was a top notch Hindu. The fact was he had a wild imagination which Negroes have anyway, and this one had a doozie. And here was these silly white women kissing his hand, and he was bathing three times a day with Palmolive soap so he would smell nice. But the finally caught up with him because he had a con game going. We have carefully gone over this thing, and one of Satan's major designs in attacking our society has been to sell false philosophy. It is like this temple of all religions they have set up in Washington D.C., or the one they have in Chicago. Probably one of the most evil..is the B'hai movement which is thoroughly entrenched in Demonology. B'hai was always supposed to work in contemplation and it was always a super theology that he was supporting. But actually it was an area of demonology. Both Abudla Baha and the Bab were 100% phoney and a demonic deal. Only a few years ago they were trying to push a certain area under the United Nations, of a great world integration process, and they said that the Bab was going to appear and address a great company of all religions, as a great incarnation of all the spirits of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva and Kali, and Buddha...well they gathered at Binears, India and they came from all over India, by the thousands as well as others from all over. Here they had a great big ring like a prizefight ring with a canvas covered floor, and iron posts in the corner. And in the midst of this ring there came a great flash of smoke..maybe 5 lbs. of flash powder or maybe some magnesium which they used to take flash pictures earlier, and the flash blinded everyone..but there was little flares around also..but when people could finally see after that great flash then he stood in a spot in the center..this one claimed to be the BAB who looked exactly like the nephew of Abdula Baha the Bab who took over.

Now; This one started to speak to them..but this was not only a satanic trick, but I don't believe it was even a fully demonized operation. I don't think he materialized out of the ether. I think that while the people were blinded by this great magnesium flare that this fellow just stepped up there, threw off is robe and stood there in all his shimmering attire and made this big speech about how the great era..which was the era of Abdula Baha the real BAB..the spirit of the all Living God which was now extended to all areas of religion..embracing Christianity when Christianity would strip out of itself its own special idea that they have the only God and fuse their religion with theirs. But was asking these people to support the program that if the Western world did not accept the day of the Great B'hai revelation, or the final unification of all religions then it would have to be destroyed. This meeting was only three years ago.

QUESTION:...is this the same thing as Bahi?

ANSWER:...same thing, same Satanic thing. This gained more influence than a lot of these kind of things because it moved around thru pseudo sophisticated circles, and especially in Washington D.C., where there is so much Jewish influence in foreign service etc., where they were being pressured by all these areas of different countries, where they served, and they were to attend special services in Washington when they brought their phoney religious men into the country. So between fakers and these so called holy men who arrived in Washington all the time, finally there was a great big conference held, and of course I think it was her Negro blood which made Mrs. Roosevelt this way, but she was really embracing this thing, everyone could get together, everyone love everybody, just like she and her Negro chauffeur. So the results was that she was one of the sponsors behind this temple of all religions. Then all across America assignments were somehow set up and women's club after women's club, some real fine women's clubs made up of the elite of the city..and here were these phoney religionists coming to them from Asia, from the council of all religions.

About this time we had another money banks who decided he could sell his experiences and he put them in a book..his name was Spaulding and his book ...'The lives of the masters of the far east'. I have the whole set of these books, Spaulding was a newspaper writer and somewhat of a philosopher. He went over to Asia and got taken in with all the magic shows from the whirling dervishes, to the Red Shamans of Upper Tibet. Then after they had convinced him, he was convinced that it was good to be convinced because this made the best yarn ever written, and he could surely sell it, so he wrote these books about the wonders and lives of these Masters of the far east, and put them out as a set, and it was a come on by the theosophical schools and others. Even the Rosicrucian people joined it. If you joined them you would learn the great secrets. If you studied them you would become master of your environment and soon you will be head and shoulders above all your other citizens because of what you know...see? Well, I have watched this come on to see how far they have moved from the word of truth. We especially did this with the Rosicrution..at one time the Rose Cross carried great spiritual symbols of lore. And we decided we would see what had since transpired. So making application and following thru we got everything they had, so it was..send in the next lesson..send in the next lesson, send in the next lesson, always they were promising to deliver. We just wanted to see how far they would go, so after three solid years with everything done, with every answer matched, because it was the fullness of what they were talking about..I had more texts than they sold me, and I knew this book from cover to cover, and they were still promising me that way out there they would discover authors trying to put out this material and the improvisor of the organization for instance..started to probe me to see if I had some answers which he didn't know about because he was looking for something to take them on in..because he had run out of.. soft soap...see? So instead of these so called Mystery Schools looking for answers all they were looking for was just enough answers to keep them ahead of the people. That this is all they were looking for even tho the thing was concocted, put together..all made up. So I had no doubt in my mind that there had been far more written in the ancient past then they could come up with today, and the thing was a big come on. I have not found one area of oriental religion, one area of these so called Mystery schools, where they break off from these ancient schools with any real secrets which belong to our race. I have not found out of the original 'Light Carriers'.. true Druidry, outside of what was the early master of the Rose Cross, I have not found anywhere in the world any mysteries of wisdom beyond that which we are conversant with, and find already in the Scriptures and the sacred records of our race. I have found that 100% of all Orientalism is phoney. I have discovered that under the delusions of Witchdoctors, and Satanic powers that miracles may be performed because these are just natural areas of higher natural law, then man normally understands. But these areas of natural law can be diverted by demon powers to hold people and to keep them in mental bondage. I discover that in areas of supernatural patterns of revelation where one of them comes out of Orientalism, paganism, and false religions, from the area of Luciferianism, where as in Christianity and the white race, anything supernatural or higher revelation comes out of the Spirit of God thru the seat of the consciousness, and as such becomes not only an area capable of revelation, but capable of demonstration.

Now; I discover this that anything supernatural done in the kingdom of God is constructive, either people are healed or great roadblocks are lifted from their minds, and their bodies leave the contentions which create the toxics and conditions, this is a part of spiritual law of adjustment and they get back health and vitality. We find these people with their fears rolled away and their minds balanced with spiritual truths. I can tell you what all the psychiatrists in the world can't do and what the vitality of life of God's spirit can do, thru the proper understanding of purposes and the reaching out to him. I discover that in this area then, that everything we call a miracle in the Christian Faith is constructive while everything supernatural in the devil's area isn't to accomplish any good it is just a trick to get people to accept. For instance even when the Devil suggests something it is only a trick. At no time did Jesus perform a miracle unless that miracle touched the lives of men, opened up their consciousness, set them free, did something for them. But then along came the Devil and said:..Prove you are god make bread out of a stone. Make bread out of a stone just to show off, jump off a building just to show off, then you are God? But then nothing the Devil ever suggests as supernatural has any value. It is just some cheap trick, because he operates on cheap tricks. Some of it is illusion, some of it is mass hypnosis. I am inclined to think that some areas of it is phenomena because some of it can be photo graphed with an eight millimeter film. Tourists have even photographed it, cameras can't be tricked this way. When men climb up a rope and then disappear off it, then that is a good trick, but there is a demon factor involved in this because it can be photographed. There are other cases where mass hypnosis can be used. As far as their ability to take cobras and handle them and not be hurt, well the first thing they do with a cobra is to sooth him with music. It is impossible to sooth other snakes thus, and if you learn to handle them with music then a poisonous snake is just as gentle as a sheep, for a while. But they make a mistake once in a while and one of their holy men dies, but not to often so as to bother the tourists. So, there is nothing the Devil has to offer which is of any value, and the area where he is most effective is in spiritualism. In the areas of spiritualism his 'familiar spirit' comes out with false messages, but they are messages which to some extent win people but they are conversant with the image, and the nature of the person that they are trying to represent. This is a very simple thing because this is what we call image records. We know that the Satanic kingdom knows how and has recorded electronic records, or spirit records of every individual who ever lived in the earth, because Satan used to be the master of death. So as Prince of this world the wages of sin was death, and he claimed the body of every one who died, and the soul went into bondage as his. Then after the resurrection of Christ there- fore there wasn't one single white man whose consciousness went into the Netherworld that Lucifer could hold in any Netherworld anywhere after the power of The Christ's Resurrection. But prior to this he got into quite a few arguments, and the devil would even fight with some of the Archangels. He got into an argument with Michael and one of the things he was arguing about was...the body of Moses. Remember in the Book of Jude how he was arguing with Michael about the body of Moses? Michael came out with a clear, and loud report as to just who Lucifer was, but YAHWEH said:..now Michael hush, not even you Michael can call the devil even by one profane declaration. He said:..'not by one railing assaults', the word railing is profane, but Michael was so disgusted with Lucifer that he just blasted him. But YAHWEH said:..now..none of that you can't say that even about the devil. But the fight was about the body of Moses. There has as yet been no atonement so where was the body of Moses? The reason of course as to why the devil never found the body of Moses was because Moses never really died. But the devil knew that the record said Moses was dead, he knew Moses was gone, but he never had the soul of Moses down in the Netherworld, and he thought he had been gypped all these years. Here even the author of the Law breaks the law..so he thought..because he couldn't get the body of Moses. So the Zohar which is one of the ancient records of things which has been said..things of God..pointed out that the devil never did get the body of Moses.

Now; had Moses died it would have been a complex problem if the devil could have animated the body of Moses like he does the Zombie. The Zombie is the name for the Negro souls, thus they are the walking dead, and one of the oldest words for them is Zombie, that is what is spoken of in Ecclesiastics. When the dead die they know nothing at all, but the living, talking about your race, the Living Spirit returns to God who gave it. Negroes don't have a spirit like you do, they only have a soul, thus they are Zombie..walking dead. The Zohar said that Lucifer if he had been able to get the body of Moses, and treated it like the Zombie..empowered it with an evil spirit, he would then have led all Israel astray. But he never got the body of Moses because when Moses was full of Grace..80 years of age, then God took him away into the plain of spirit. How do i know this? Well if you read the Book of Deuteronomy where it tells all about the death of Moses, then remember Moses wrote Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. And every work of Deuteronomy as well as these other Books were written by Moses..we are told, so how did he write about his death? Surely Moses didn't write in the last of Deuteronomy that he was dead?? or how did he do it?

Now; there is no record as to what happened to the body of Moses, he just left the camp and no one ever saw him again. But we know, and I can prove that Moses never died but the devil didn't know this, and he got himself trapped. I can prove it to you..for when Jesus was on the Mount of Trans- figuration everyone from Adam right on down to this time was in the Nether- world and to bring forth the spirits and souls of everyone there, and take them into Celestial planes. So they were all waiting for the Messiah to come. And even the Prince of Hell...Beelzebub even at the time of Christ's crucifixion didn't want Christ to come down there. They wanted to get rid of the body of God, but they didn't want the Spirit of God to enter the Netherworld and turn on the Light and set free the children of God. So in this instance when Christ was on the Mount of Transfiguration remember it was Moses and Elijah who came and talked with Peter, James and John? If their spirits had been down in the Netherworld with all the Adamites who had died they wouldn't have been on the Mount of Transfiguration. Now; when Jesus went to the Netherworld Moses was not there. In the original text of the Gospel of Nicodemus, when it talks about the great Patriarchs being down in the Netherworld Moses was not down there. So this again proves that like Elijah there was no Moses.

But getting back into the picture of evil spirits..and what we call spiritualism..this is far more potent than any of the Odin doctrine, because people lose loved ones, lost sons in both world wars, providing a great step up for this work. Because the true spiritualist who was demon inspired promised people..yes, get in contact with us and we will put you in contact with your loved ones. And many times the image of the loved one would appear in the circle in the darkness, and they would recognize the person, and would almost recognize the voice when they got all those messages, so they would think they surely got in touch with..say Uncle Tom tonight. But this was a 'familiar spirit' and the word familiar spirit you find in the Old Testament as well as in the New..and these are demon spirits with the ability to reproduce the visible image of anyone who ever lived. In otherwords Satanic power puts spirits over certain areas. Probably there are a dozen spirits over Lancaster, or one over your block where ever you might be..who knows. But just like there are guardian Angels there are also attacking forces. And these familiar spirits are those called into play in areas when trying to hold people in bondage, or to attract people, and negate them by appearing as tho they are a certain individual, but they are just 'familiar spirits'.

The witch of Endor was used to doing this back in the days of Saul. When Samuel died, this prophet who had guided Saul concerning the things of God ..now Saul no longer spiritually alert was no longer able to get thru to YAHWEH..when things were about over for Saul who had violated Divine Law, and death which was the price was about on him, then Saul wanted to get in touch with Samuel. He had heard about this spiritualist, this witch of Endor, so he goes down to her. She said:..sure I can get Samuel for you, she had always been able to conjure up a devil to deceive someone. So she starts to go into her trance and she says:..Oh Samuel, Samuel come forth. And YAHWEH said we will fix it this time..you go ahead Samuel go out there. And when Samuel came out, the Bible tells us that it almost scared her to death because she knew she didn't get the devil..a familiar spirit..she had gotten the real thing. So when Samuel started to talk to Saul she was scared. This again proves that they knew when they got the real thing and were scared, because it took a special administration of God to do this. Always before when they called they go to these evil spirits. But people get involved in this and soon leave the areas of spiritual value. They are told in spiritualism that the dimension of spirit is all around, and you can go into it and people can be contacted. They live in areas of bliss, eliminate all areas of atonement, finding no necessity for it, but actually when you come down to it there is no area of wrong. I mean that spiritualism says there is no real wrong, it is just the attitude. But there are areas of improper conduct from emotionalist and emotionalism, because people don't understand that they are surrounded by spirits who lead and guide them thru Mediums who get paid for this.

So this is probably the most Satanically used area thru out all the years. False and 'familiar spirits' have instructed people to do wrong things, and people are captive of this sometimes and go out and do things.. from committing murder to robbing or just anything. So Satan has tried to use spiritism more than any form against our race.

Now; when we talk about this area of satanic delusion, don't think for one moment that it is impossible for spirits to have any influence on a physical world. Because the spirits of the righteous especially in these areas of the latter day, and those who have departed more lately, and those who have had complete affinity are catalyzing spiritual forces to the attention of those to whom they have had association and where as in the Celestial realm where is every reality of dimension as we have here, still we are not as far removed from areas of those who were their relatives, or their associates. And there is whole areas of revelation on this which the church didn't want to touch. But it doesn't require a medium, and it is not something which is directed by some Ecclesiastical institution, it is some- thing which can be directed of God. Just as an administering spirit or an angel can step out of dimension and could be revealed if he had a purpose, this is a part of the same truth. It is also possible to make a spirit, especially a demon spirit, step out and reveal himself, and become visible to the video eye. This is not done very much but it is a lore that does exist. This is not good for people to understand because they might play with this not understanding, and they will get in trouble bringing devils out just to show them off, but they are subject to the circle, subject to being found such as are certain things in this matter.

On the other hand there are some great spiritual factors which are quite significant also. The same power to command the assistance of Watcher Angels, and to call on Archangels of responsibility to deliver their minions to your assistance, this is your responsibility, altho they don't have to show themselves.

But getting back to the subject..spiritualism has its influence. Bahaism and theosophy has had some impact and of course all these religions which try to weave in all the mysteries of Pagan Asia. The mysteries are alright to know about, but not as tho they are of any value to you. But you can understand what is being done, and why, this is why we mention this. You will find it is hard to come up with any volumes on these subjects which we have not pursued, we are thoroughly acquainted with it, and how it works, and all of its faults.

But I am not at all worried in them making any major conversions in America. The most dangerous influence is on the egg heads we sent to Washington. It seems as tho the great problems we have in our society is people who are always muddying up the political stream and creating local problems so people say lets get rid of them and they send them to Washington. This gets them out of the local community but they forget what trouble they can cause when they are now handling the affairs of a nation. We have all to many people who never succeeded in anything, but they get to Washington shipped out by some procedure. In fact the B B brain President we did have went to Washington...the results of a bet. This was Harry Truman, and Pendergast had a bet that he had enough power in Kansas City to send any- one to the Congress of the U.S. that he wanted to. Someone said:...I will take that bet, you can't send Harry...who was on a high stool trying to work over some books. And he was just a little bookkeeper inside of the big Pendergast machine. So the bet was made..$25,000.00 that he could send Harry to Congress. So the Pendergast machine put up the money, won the fight and Harry went to Congress, and after he got there he was a Pendergast man, doing the work for Pendergast so they boosted him into the Senate. And then when they were looking for a running mate for the second term of Roosevelt, Sidney Hillman was the power in the Democratic machine with the gangster Mafia chief Jake Garvey who was an Italian Jew, and they were discussing who they were going to use and someone said:.we have to have someone who will say yes, someone who Sidney will approve of so they decided on Harry. They called Roosevelt, he said clear it with Sidney, so that's where that expression came from. And Sidney Hillman said:..He is the ideal choice the Pendergast machine said he was always been faithful and always followed orders, so that will help strengthen our control in K.C. This is how Harry Truman became Vice President of the U.S., then President by the accident of death.

QUESTION:...It is very clever of them, but this one fellow was red headed and blue eyed but completely sold on Buddhism, and they use our Bible to convince people.

ANSWER:...They only have about three passages.

QUESTION:...There is one passage about..go to the foot of the mountain, which means rely on the third eye and so forth.

ANSWER:...No, that is not Buddhist, you can't find that verse in the Bible, it is totally out of context and very mistranslated.

QUESTION:...Is there supposed to be a book out now that says that Paul was an imposter, a Jewish conspirator out to wreck the Christian church, and they point out that his teachings were in contrast to the teaching of Christ?

ANSWER:...This book is put out by what I believe is a Jewish infiltration of the Right Wing. This book is like this 'Izor Nazarrette' this is supposed to be the Mystic Life of Jesus which is put out by the Meteor Publishing Company, and is a filthy, vicious bit of publishing. Now; as one becomes aware as to who true Israel is he finds out who the Jews are. He finds out that they are the Luciferian seed of Satan. He finds out that Jesus denounced them, he exposed them for what they are. Then these individuals come to the passages all thru the epistles where the translators of the King James Version like that of the Vatican Version translated many times the word Jew when it should have been JUDAH. Or they mis-construe or they mess this up trying to make people think Jews are just as good as anyone and ought to be converted, or that the Jews were the chosen people which it does not say, but they wove all these fallacies into translation.

Now: there are probably 30 or 40 places in the Epistles of Paul relating to the Jews where it relates to them, and mistranslation have taken place. There was nothing which would please the Jew more and reduce Right Wing strength than to get them to throw out most of the New Testament as a Jew book. Most of the New Testament is written with this in mind, and to make the Apostle Paul seem at variance with Christ. Now; remember that Christ was the fullness of God, the embodiment of God, He not only fulfilled the law, but He gave command and instructions and tho some of this is bent and twisted in translation generally speaking the theme is good. Now; you get over to the Apostle Paul and he talks about Grace, he talks about many things which are higher spiritual law than have previously been discussed. Remember that Jesus said:..Greater things will ye do..greater things will ye teach and expound after I have ascended into the Celestial, and there are many things I could tell you but you could not bear them now. Now; the Apostle Paul wasn't a Jew, but the people who wrote this book don't know this, and the average Christian doesn't know it either, but then he has been given a bill of goods. But the Apostle Paul said:..I am an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin, but of the sect of the Jew. This is not a Jew by race because Jewry was the head of all religion in Palestine at the time of Christ's ministry, and Jesus exposed them as Jews, exposed them as being Cainanites. And many of these people then were Jews by religion but not by race, and when Christ came along they rejected Jewry and accepted Christianity. These were the people of Judah and Benjamin who made the second migration into Europe as the Benjaminites or Normans and the VisGoth.

Now; the fact remains that everyone of these things which tries to put Paul at variance with Christ is taking a twisted area of Scripture out of context, and pitching it against the areas of what Christ is reported to have said where it relates to the patterns of law in the Old Testament and in the New, and where Christ said:..'Verily I say' this and that, so they try to put Paul at variance. They say that Paul was trying to set aside things Jesus had said. But there is not one iota of these things in Scripture. I therefore classify this as one of the most deadly vicious and evil books because this book would break up the Faith, destroy all Faith in what Revelation and Truth is hidden in the books of the Apostle Paul. And the Apostle Paul said:..'The Jews are against God and contrary to all men,' this is in the Book of Thessalonians. That doesn't sound like a Jew trying to upset Christianity, it sounds like a white man trying to expose the Jews. So the Apostle Paul told you how the Jews beat and abused him. Now; the experience of the Apostle Paul is a two fold experience. Once on the road to Damascus when the Apostle Paul and these soldiers of Jewry were riding along, but they couldn't even hear...saying it thundered, but the Apostle Paul got the message. Then on top of this the Apostle Paul was taken away into the heavens in a ship which came for him just exactly like Enoch experienced. And he went into the heavens, had these experiences, and came back to write them in a Book called 'The Apocalypse of Paul' one of the greatest documents penned by man. But you don't have it today because of those silly Priests at Nicaea. We have had this Book and now have parts of it. Rome found it so profound, so powerful that they couldn't do away with it so they retranslated it and thus replaced it with one of their own, and took out a lot of things and put in a lot of fires and purgatories which were not in the original. Now they have practically defaced it so this Book was never canonized so it is not in the Bible. But in the Book, I discovered that almost all the wisdom and mystery which is hidden in Hebrews, or any part of the Epistles..originally came out of the Apocalypse of Paul.' And the New Testament has most of its areas of revelation found in the Epistles as you have in the narratives of the Gospels. After all if you have all the words of Jesus which are in Red in the four Gospels, over- lapping as they do, you don't begin to commence to have as much discussion on the subjects as the Apostle Paul under commissioned revelation wrote about which he placed in His Epistles. This is not a contradiction, it would be as tho God was busy doing the works of His Ministry making very profound statements on tremendous things and then said:..this is what I am to do in a given period of time. Jesus actually had a ministry actually a little over 3 years long, and during that period of time He performed all these miracles, did all these things, said all these things. Then the Apostle Paul was writing for 30 years, and traveling with the full benefits of all these spiritually empowering. So therefore Paul produced much literature where as Christ did not produce any literature, not thru his ministry. But John did, Matthew, Luke, Mark did and others, and Luke was the beloved Physician an emanate doctor, while Matthew was an emanate political figure and had great strength in the tax division of those days.

QUESTION:...The number 666 was brought up to me, would you please explain this which is in the Bible?

ANSWER:...Well 666 is the number of the body, or the being of man without spirit, without God. In otherwords 777 is the spiritual equation of Spirit, soul, and body. Divine perfection is 7. So Spirit, soul and body is the house of God...777. But the beast system is 666 because it lacks the spirit. So the Anti-Christ is 666.

QUESTION:...Do you think there is anything significant about this outfit of 6's?

ANSWER:...Oh, I don't know, maybe, but its O.K. the 6's fall that way. There is a lot of numerology which falls out. There isn't much to be said about this 666, only once is it mentioned and this is the number of man without God. This is the Trilogy..the acme of embodied lack of spirit. So the Beast system, the Anti-Christ are organism without spirit, and belong to the Beast class. With spirit they are on the Divine level.

QUESTION:...I was reading about the boyhood of Jesus in the Lost Books of the Bible....

ANSWER:...it is not quite accurate...

QUESTION:...it talks about Him as a boy making clay birds and they turned into live birds and they flew away.

ANSWER:...There are several books of this kind, one is the Proto evangelinn, and the other one is about the boyhood of Jesus..There was in the original of this book..The boyhood of Jesus..which told about how Jesus performed miracles as a boy. How a bird flew against the wall and fell to the ground, how Jesus went over and picked it up, threw it into the air and away it went. Then a playmate falls and hurts himself and Jesus goes and picks him up and he is better. There were quite a few of these things. Then later on there appears this extra story of the clay birds. Not that HE could not do this, but there is no evidence in the Old content which were accepted by Clements and the early church fathers..their story did not contain this portion. They have one place where Jesus got mad at a bunch of Jew kids, and it said:..Jesus lashed at them, and they fell dead. This was phoney..Jesus could have paralysed or did anything he wanted to but this particular part of that volume shows itself at the end of the second century, was not existent at the time of Christ.

Now; areas of this book, but without these references to these various things did exist. It talked about Christ as a boy, that when ever He spoke things happened. In otherwords miracles just flowed from Him, this was just normal for Him. They didn't always realize that it was a miracle, but when He touched the hand of a child who was sick, it would be instantly better, or if a bird fell into the wall then it flew again, but the children went home and told their parents about these things. Remember this took place around the time Jesus was ten or twelve years of age. But there are also stories of miracles that Jesus did as a little boy while in the land of Egypt. And the Coptic Church in Egypt and Ethiopia had a book of the things that Jesus said and did when he was in the land of Egypt after he walked. You see Mary and Joseph took Jesus down to Egypt and they stayed there until the time of the death of Herod the King so Jesus was in Egypt until seven or eight years of age. The Egyptians had in the Egyptian Coptic church the story of these events which relate to Jesus.

Not one of these stories out of the Coptic church have in them any area of violence, or of anyone getting hurt, but there were a lot of people who were helped. There is one instance in the Coptic narrative where a Jewish boy years older than Jesus rushed to do him harm, and Jesus said:..'Stay'. The boy was as tho frozen to the ground and couldn't get loose until Jesus was out of sight. Then the boy found himself free and he ran home in fright, and this story was sent abroad..See? The Apocalypse of the New Testament contains these stories and some excellent ones we don't have today all that was called the Apocalypse of the New Testament because the early Oxford Edition of it excluded certain areas of it, and printed others. They referred to some of these books as spurious and some as acceptable. However the same Priestly assumption was used in proclaiming some spurious as was used at Nicaea because the Gospel of Nicodemus is one of the oldest Gospels the church had. The Gospel of Nicodemus except for a few insertions Romanized, and later touched with Espiscopalicy, the Gospel of Nicodemus was a report of some of the most important pieces of testimony concerning Christ and His life.

I point out to you that the Gospel of Nicodemus belongs in the Scripture and just as we have Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John we should also have Nicodemus. Because it is a very vital testimony of the Resurrection. Mark had it down in Alexandria, Egypt and if it had been written later, then he wouldn't have had it. And it was among the 163 books at Nicaea, but of course they rejected all but 66 of them, but they should have rejected 10 of them and kept 153 because this is the proper displacement factor. Ten of them had no mention of the name of God, or any inspiration at all, where as the others were all correct. Of course I don't say that all the Apocalypse writings are included in that, but most of them were.

QUESTION:...bring us up to date on what is happening.

ANSWER:...This was current events as to the Viet Nam war, how Vinegar Joe Stillwell betrayed our troops, under the influence of Zionism in Korea. Mc Arthur was fired because he was an obstacle to the Liberals and Zionists. Viet Nam came after the French lost in Indo China, and we end up with two Chinas, 2 Viet Nams, and 2 Laos. We spent more money in the Korean war than all of W.W.II. If we lose Korea then you lose Japan and they are great fighters.

QUESTION:...this taking out of the Vaqueros by Mexico, does this have anything to do with this stepped up war picture?

ANSWER:...The Mexican government didn't do this..here you have the work of Washington D.C. The Vaqueros are important to California. They come up here, they help harvest our crops, and then go home and we don't have to keep them all year. They save the large part of the agriculture crops of California and for a lot less money than a white man will do it. (notice this is once more in the Reagan immigration plan) Most of these white men they have been getting to do the work are a bunch of poor trash, winoes, and they won't work. They have proved this all across California so it never hurt us to take these Mexican people in, let them work then send them back across the border. It helps the economy down there and costs us a lot less also. Now there are areas when they paid by how much you could pick and a white man could pick $25.00 worth in a day while a vaquero would pick $15.00..so the white man was more efficient, but there isn't enough of these men around to get in the crop. But the administration in Washington is doing the same thing to California agriculture that they are doing to the beef industry and everything else. They have been hurting the whole situation. You say but a lot of white people are out of work..but let me tell you something, a lot of these white people don't want to work. A lot of them are trash, they have no standards, no vision, and have been mixing with Negroes, and Mexicans, and are no better than those they mix with. Now; I know there are some who have had hard times for different reasons which is true, but no one who wanted to work could be unemployed in the agriculture field. They have been promised something for nothing and they do not want to work.

As far as Red Chinese being in Mexico, this is not the work of the Mexican peons, or the Mexican business man or citizen, but there is a strong hard core communist influence under their last President. It should be less strong there now but there is still political barons, and governors and how they feel about it I don't know. But I do know that there are thou- sands upon thousands of Red Chinese who got off at that cotton dock on Encinitas. Landed at night, and were hauled away in Jeeps. I have made some trips to Mexico and know something about it. But now they have these signs ..gringo go home. But this wouldn't have happened if all this propaganda hadn't stirred them up. I happen to know that there are regiments of Red Chinese in Baja. A security officer said:..there is over one million Red Chinese waiting to sweep across the border. The army know this but they haven't been given permission to do anything about it. They couldn't do anything about it without invading Mexico. But when the time is right they plan to come over the border and along the shore line. But strangely enough they have a vast paratroop line operation. They plan to not only sweep in from Canada and other borders, but paratrooping them in also, these are Red Chinese, Mongols, Steppe trained fighters, paratroop them into the Rockies and let them fan out thru Colorado and Utah etc. There is a text book our secret service have found where they have given them botany lessons as to what to look for so as to live off the land. They even had to be trained as to what our vegetables looked like, that grow over here. All these things just show me we are at zero hour, so keep your powder dry. The west coast is their ambition, all Red Chinese maps show from the Rockies Westward is easy to invade and holdable. In fact the plan of our government in W.W.II., was to drop back to the Rocky Mountains and hold and regroup, if the Japs had hit early we would have done this. At the present time if there were massive paratroopers landing and armies coming out of Mexico and out of Alaska the plan always is to abandon us all and go back to the Rocky Mountains. So one should ask who decided to go way back there, are they trying to give the Reds a foothold? This is why the civilian will have to defend himself. It is unlawful for a civilian to defend himself in an International situation, but we plan to rewrite international law. Someone said: Dr. Swift where could I move to and be safe? Well, this is a world wide struggle, this Armageddon, and they have different strategies, but I don't think that they understand that there are 50 million sportsmen.

QUESTION:...but with only one box of shells.

ANSWER:...well, don't count on this. Remember the first rudiments of Guerrilla warfare is that you have guns and shells. So if you have one box of shells, then you should end up with at least 20 rifles and lots of abandoned ammunition. If you are not good enough to come away with ten then you don't know what you are doing anyhow.

QUESTION:...could you tell us how to call on our guardian Angels?

ANSWER:...I can show you how to defend yourself with proper equipment, and then the Administering Angels will come in and help, there is no problem there. But some of these things we do ourselves. This is a war we are going to participate in. I am not disallowing spiritual forces but you will do your own fighting. But hosts will come in, and when they start pouring in like ants and all that then they will be surprised. We have all the forces of the Universe behind us, but we are the advance guard. We are the forerunners of the next thousand and then...years. So it took us 7000 years to get this far but lots of us come later but we are here and we will do our part.

QUESTION:...Have you had any new information on the enemies plans?

ANSWER:...well, yes, three or four reports, they are rather confused as to our power, and they are looking for other ways, and better excuses. They thought that Americans were so effected by law that they would just conform to it and there would be no resistance, but they are now puzzled by so much resistance to their One World plan and so forth. So they plan great Negro uprisings, but the white man will fight back. They try to pick up a lot of guns in this way and never give them back. They are afraid to declare Marshall law to take the guns for fear no one will get them..white or black. One thing they discuss is if they try to take the guns they would only get 10% of them, and then this would create such anger that there would be a sudden strike by this deadly Right Wing against all those who perpetrated this, and this must be avoided. Ha.

Now; I will tell you some good news...Stanley Moschavitch, on our California Supreme Court was once Attorney General, and he went back and spoke at an ADL convention and banquet at which our President also spoke and Mr. Moschavitch said:...I want you to know that you must not feel complacent. Don't think that by the great political victory that we won, and our selling people on this closing ranks, love one another, go on with the dream of the great society which we all realize is the highest development in all time and history, don't think we have defeated the right wing for they mustered 26 million votes. We must not rest but we must destroy this right wing. Attorney Generals closely related to me in our thinking show that the Right Wing has gained 15% since the election, and at the speed they are going inside of one year they will become one of the greatest menaces any nation ever had on the inside. He said:..I don't know how to stop them, and now he was just flipping his whiskers and playing with his skull cap. Well, he is right we are going to keep growing.

This Hargis thought he was so smart, so they got him on T.V. and the Jews then asked Billy Hargis what he thought of Gerald K. Smith's organization, and the Christian Defense League...what did he think of all these organizations which were pointing out that the Jews were behind communism, and are anti-semantic? And Billy Hargis said:..I detest them, I hold them in revulsion, anyone who attacks the Jew is against me, for My Lord was a Jew. There is nothing wrong with the Jew...there are some Jews who are communist just like there are some white men who are communist.

Now; the heat came in and then Hargis said:...but you understand this was a Jewish city where I spoke (Miami) so I had to speak this way, but of course we aren't against anyone fighting communism. But we are against anyone who stirs things up on a racist basis. Well, this made Cotton mad at these crusades because they wobble and they crawl under the bed when the Jewish question comes along. But that happens lots of time, lots of them crawl under the bed. Now: there are lots of good men in the Hargis campaign but it decries good leadership, and I hate to see white men deny one another.

QUESTION:...what about the minute men?

ANSWER:...well nothing is wrong with an organization of good white men, but it unfortunately doesn't shape up quite that way. There is nothing unconstitutional about citizens arming themselves to defend their nation. The only thing I wish is that they would make it white and Christian. Where as there is maybe only a handful of Jews and a handful of Negroes in it, still it should be white and Christian. As far as the Minute Men are concerned I am glad they are around. In fact I wish all the Patriotic organizations were all banded together and all white and Christian.

QUESTION:...I don't remember just which publication this came in but it said that this Fineburg was the most powerful Jew in the U.S. But it was Sidney Wineberg that FDR was illuding to when he said:...clear it with Sidney.

ANSWER:...well this may be but Sidney Hillman was the right hand man at the side of Col. Jake Garvey and he was one of the most demonical kikes in America. Sidney Wineburg has power in the economy but Sidney Hillman and his garment workers and that socialist left wing was a very powerful force. If he meant Sidney Wineburger then those guys at the convention didn't know it.

I got into this..in the middle of this when Dr. Comparet and I went back to the Democrat convention..to make trouble. Ha. And we were stirring up trouble with the south and their Congressman over this civil rights deal. But it was these three fellows who called all the delegations together along with Sam Rayburn and we went in with the Tennessee delegation. And Sam Rayburn said if any of you raise any issue on the floor against the Civil Rights bill, or any try to walk out, his bloody body will be found in the alley before you have been here 24 hours. He said: Jake Garvey's boys will take care of you. I can prove that he said this..so was Sam Rayburn such a great statesman or just a cheap politician in this kind of a machine? You cannot be a top man in this machine today and be honest. The only newspaper with the guts to print that was the Chicago Tribune and Walter Trohan reported this convention, this is on file.

QUESTION:...could you give me the low down on Winston Churchhill that so called statesman?

ANSWER:...well in evaluating him he is sort of an enigma. This is an enigmatic condition inherited from birth which he cannot always help. Winston Churchill's mother came from America. Her name was Jennie Jerome. Her father was 1/2 Jew, for his father was Jewish and his mother was non-Jewish. Then there was always a question because Jerome's mothers father was not a Jew. The fact was that Winston Churchill was about 1/8 Jew but was not brought up in this environment at all. He was brought up in an Episcopalian British environment. Sent to British schools with better class citizens. He had relatives in the House of Commons and in the House of Lords. There is no doubt but that Winston Churchill did everything in his power to keep the Empire strong and alive. He had a gift of rhetoric few men could make a better speech. His reasoning and his rhetoric was so convincing that he convinced even himself.

This can maybe be a greatness of leadership because he could even sell himself. There were three men in our age who have been able to do this... These three were Winston Churchill, FDR, and Adolf Hitler. They not only had a gift of rhetoric, and a gift of bombastic speaking but everyone of these men completely sold themselves, and in this carried away people by the thousands.

One of the great lost arts of our times is the ability to speak live on a platform, to speak without notes, it is a great lost art of our day. Give us enough platform men who can speak on their feet, and we could take America tomorrow.

Roosevelt was seldom right, Hitler was right about 80% of the time and Churchill about 80% of the time, the only thing, when you had Churchill making speeches to stir people in a war against Germany, there was also another side to the picture for the German pictures were slanted to as this point. Churchill did not want to enter W.W.II............


Tape runs out.....