02-12-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---In the Old Testament in some places it says:...strangers should be treated because you were once a stranger in Egypt. Other places wipe them out....are these harmonious?

ANSWER:---Yes, most harmonious. Anyone who comes from the outside, traveling thru an Israel nation, other races of other backgrounds are strangers, and they are not to be abused or defrauded. but when it talks about the strangers of the Canaanite houses, the Amalakites, the Amorites, these were enemies of our race. You are silly if you let them into your land as far as that is concerned but when you entered into old Canaan land you were to destroy everything which was there. If our race had obeyed this fully we wouldn't have this problem today with those who were allowed to survive...rather their generations. There is one handicap for women usually have an attraction for men, and most of them are attractive to a degree. So Canaanite women were allowed to survive, just out of the kindness of their hearts, but this was an error. So to understand the laws of survival in the Old Testament, one has to be fully aware of the background behind them. Remember that the Hittites were an old Asiatic line coming out of the Torog's. Actually they were pre-eminently assimilable offspring of Angelic called Nephilim i n the Old Testament. So you had a type of thin faced hawk faced Jew. He was not called a Jew because that word had not been put into semantics. But this is who they were, the same people, and they have also been known as Akkadians, or Akkad. So after Lucifer seduced Eve and then Cain was born, then Cain slew Abel and he was driven out of the area of habitation of the sons of Adam. And Cain went down to these hill country kikes and intermarried with them and then built one of the cities known as the city of Acin. His title or the Canaanitish word for conqueror was Sargon. So the title given to Cain from the family he married into was Sargon, and historically he was "Sargon the Magnificent" who was the all powerful conqueror that gathered so many Asiatics together. And these Akkadians together wages a war, a most relentless war, and they date back to Lucifer...but always they war against your race.

Now; I have unlimited plates and material here in my library with archaeological material, that will prove without a shadow of a doubt the accuracy of ...Cain as Sargon. More than this the curator of the British Museum in this area of Hittite antiquity, Mr. and Mrs. Bristow, claim when they wrote "Sargon the Magnificent had done much research. This book is quite interesting altho I have many volumes and plates of material which also proclaim this to be true. But these now as Canaanites were actually roving armies, Jew controlled forces, and they contained whole Torog forces who were mutated and mongrelized, and the result of this was that they waged war on our race, from the first inception of our race. Prior to this they controlled the earth, controlled Asia, and China in all its fullness, and with all the Steppe people of Asia. they controlled the land clear down to the middle of Africa. If you want Biblical evidence of this again you go back to the 31st., chapter of Ezekiel. There it talks about how the Assyrian Empire was over all the earth. How its racial stream was so great, so mighty, and its waters so great that its trees and shoots grew up everywhere. And its Empire covered the entire earth, and all the fowls of the earth dwelt under its branches.

Now; in this instance the Assyrian Empire was the Asiatic Empire, but the power which made it strong or made it great was controlled by this Pagan Priesthood in the periods which even preceded the Adamic world.

Now; the challenge of a divine race being placed in earth,..this Adamic Race who came with the destiny of taking over and establishing the kingdom of THE MOST HIGH GOD was of course a WAR CHALLENGE to the powers of darkness. Of course the kingdom came in with knowledge and understanding. The very first records of the Adamic race show their Agriculture contributions. It was not just a significant hint when it said God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and put Adam in it. The fact was that God had previously stated in the symbolism of Genesis that..."Behold, there is no Adamite to till the ground". So one of the basic factors was that we were to have an adaptability to develop the agriculture production whereas previously to this...most of the world was involved in nomadic supplies of protein. Their food was on the hoof, and whereas they plucked such fruit as they could find growing. They might to some degree utilize the surrounding grazing, almost all the food supply came from game that they shot, or herds which they were nomadically traveling with, and fish from the rivers and so forth. You go way back in the history of these Torog people and you find that they never entered into any Agriculture development. Then the moment that you came to 5400 B.C., then automatically a green thumb blossoms in the earth. Wherever the white man goes he is planting food, whereas even Nomadic white men where ever they would go still always had a home base where they wintered their stock and so forth. And they always had things planted there. Everywhere the Adamic race goes you find that soon agriculture starts to flourish.

The Nomad's and the Empires under Luciferian influence had always waged a warfare against our race as far as possible. They did this in the upper Steppe's, upper Tarim Basin, and upper Himalayas, they had gone south into Mesopotamia and Palestine, and then on down into the land now known as Egypt. Before Palestine on the map today was known as such, it was the area where the cities existed which were established by the forbears of Enoch and Job. In other words..the parents and grandparents of Enoch and Job...their society had all migrated down in a great company and settled here in this land. Then during the lifetime of these people, and before Enoch and job had gone into Egypt, there were a great number of cities established in this area now called Palestine. these cities not only had their agriculture programs, but they had on the outskirts of the cities, their great herds of sheep and cattle. So Enoch and Job were out of these families who held these great herds, and Enoch was also of a line of men very influenced spiritually, men who were always seeking more spiritual wisdom and understanding. And in that period of time Enoch was a Patriarch or Priest of His household as such. This also applies to the man Job as we see from reading the Book of Job. So in this instance after Enoch's experience which Job also shared, God visited him in the midst of his problems and afflictions which happened here in the Palestine area, then Job decided to team up with Enoch.

Then a company of Savants with Enoch and Job were to go down into Egypt and build that city which was to be in a very direct location which had been revealed to Enoch by YAHWEH. He had told Enoch how and where it was to be built so that it would be properly oriented for the measuring of the heavens, and for observations of the measures of the Most High, for the truest relationship for the measuring of the procession of the Equinox, and for the building here of this mighty altar and pillar of the Most High God. Also this would fulfill a covenant which YAHWEH their God had made unto the peoples of earth in earlier ages.

Now; this proves that the writings of the Book of Horus, this High Priest of the migrating Atlantians..how they came into this land now called Egypt after leaving the sinking continent in that great upheaval, is the source from which Plato gets the word Atlantis. Later he would get this story in Alexandria, Egypt as he went to that city to be educated. The Book of Horus would tell much about what happened to these Ancient people. I have much about Horus here in my library, and it tells about what happened and how the continent sank. About how the people ...some of them migrated, and how Horus was the name of their Priest, and that their king migrated with them. How their people would not mongrelize, how they would not intermingle with the Negroes under the Luciferian rebellion, how they would not worship Lucifer as God, and how they only wanted to worship YAHWEH-PUTAH, and how the judgments of God fell on that land. The Book of Horus tells of how these people worshiped in a great temple in their ancient land which was built like a pyramid. Horus tells how they would enter into this Pyramid Temple, and inside was actually like a great Cathedral. There were ascending steps, and a dais inside this Pyramid Temple, and the sons of the Eternal YAHWEH were there visible to them at times, and whose voices they could hear, but whose bodies they could not touch..but they would come and go in their Temple.

In other words, these sons of YAHWEH were in Celestial planes capable of materializing to the visible level, but were on a different plane. But they were called..the sons of YAHWEH who serve in the Temple of their father. Then they said that Lucifer built all kinds of Temples in the Lowlands, and he urged the people to serve him by inter-mingling in great orgies... this went on all the time. He had the Negroes who came in his ships in that defeat in the battle which the MOST HIGH GOD, and now he was trying to mingle these Negroes with the people of Atlantis, Lemuria, and Asia where the continent of Asia extended, even to our west coast. But in these instances many of these people still worshiped YAHWEH-PUTAH, but others were now worshiping the New Dragon god who had established himself in the continent to the Westward, while the Serpent god was established in the East. Lucifer therefore had these two symbols of his power...the Serpent and the Dragon, and had the world divided into two parts. These ancient people tell about how YAHWEH-PUTAH, the Great God said unto his spiritual children that they must be prepared to leave. Because God was going to bring judgments upon this continent and upon this people because they were not only violating His laws, but they were mixing together these people and producing not only this mongrel offspring of the Atlantians and the Negroes, but this was going on also in the lands of the other oceans. So you see this referred to the situation in Lemuria as well. Thus Horus was told by the spirits of the children of YAHWEH that this judgment would not stay...in other words, the judgment was not to come. There was also the fact that this violation didn't even stop there, for bestiality was being introduced, violations of moral ethics and sexual coded..with animals were taking place in certain areas, and the people were worshiping these strange mutations. And this bestiality was also a digression for God said:...'I will destroy this people, and this seed utterly. I will wipe out all these monstrosities, and all this evil in this place.'

But to the people of Atlantis who served YAHWEH, the word came for them to migrate, and they went eastward across North Africa, which at that time was lush in grass. No desert there at that time, and in their migration they came to the land where the Nile river comes down, and they settled in the land which is now known as Egypt. But in their migration they were told that the day would come when these sons and daughters who had served in the Temple of their Eternal Father...served in His temple for all His creations throughout the Universe, would come and dwell in earth in bodies of flesh, like these people had, but now they would be clothed in Light. Then they would show these people of earth the way to Osiris..LORD of Life and Resurrection, embodied in the earth. This is what the word Osiris meant..LORD of Life and Resurrection embodied in earth. But He, Himself, would come and in this instance the children of YAHWEH-Putah being embodied in physical bodies, then in the course of His plan and purpose, He the Great God, Himself would come as Osiris. God of Life and Resurrection. Why? ..to restore the errors of His own children now dwelling in bodies of flesh, who were caught in this great conflict. And that He would re-clothe them in Light so that they might consummate their task. And His Kingdom would be established again in earth and the powers of darkness would be defeated, and the forces of darkness across the river Styx would be forced to give up its dead, and the triumph of YAHWEH-Putah would be established. The fallen Archangel would be punished, and he would bow the knee and proclaim and acknowledge the sons of YAHWEH- Putah. This, my friends, is all in the old Egyptian book of "Horus". This is a part of old Egyptian lore. This is always bypassed where it should be taught in every seminary as testimony concerning the arrival of the Adamic race. This is confirmed in Hebrews, it is confirmed in the whole Biblical story of the Adamic race, this is who the Adamic race consists of. This is also the fulfillment of a covenant which God made with these former Atlantians, that He would embody His sons and daughters in flesh, and in the flesh they would overthrow the powers of darkness and then build again new Temples unto the Most High God. Enoch was told about these things when he made his assent, and was taken in this great craft into the heavens, and had these great experiences. Enoch was told of the purposes of God, and how he must go to a land which God would show him.

Now; this land where they settled was not called Egypt in its earliest days. It was later called that when one of the conqueror's associated with Nimrod, one of the early conqueror's of the white race...after the flood of Noah's time. This man's name was Egyptus, he was one of the descendent's of Ham, and he gathered around him a group of white men and they came down thru the Persian Gulf, and on down into the areas around what we call Egypt today, and they fought their way clear up to the Sudan of Africa. Egyptus established a kingdom which divided old and new Egypt and called himself Egypt...and the name Egypt stuck with these people, but they...before this were known as the Kingdom of Khufu. And this word 'Khufu' is not for one man but a whole tribal generation of Emperor's who had ruled over Atlantians and all were called Khufu. Thus this word 'Khufu' does not mean one man like Dr. Rutherford and others think, for they thought that Khufu built the Pyramid. But Khufu was just the name given to every Pharaoh, and one particular Pharaoh who they tried to give this title to was given the Greek name of Cheops by the Greeks. But they didn't give him this name until after the Greeks, in Alexander the Great's time conquered a large part of the world and took over Egypt. And of these Pharaoh's had found the Pyramid already built, because it was built by Job and Enoch who also built the city of On, built the temple of Zendera, and when they came down into this land it was called the land of the Khufu's.

Enoch and Job were sent to this exact location and perfectly oriented this building where it should be. They came out of the land of what is now called Palestine, and one time called the land of Canaan. But remember that this race of which Enoch and Job were a part of, came out of the High Steppe's, the upper Tarim Plateau, and had migrated out of this land where Adam and Eve had been established, and where they had propagated their family...where they migrated from many years before the flood of Noah's time. In the end of 4 centuries after the ejection of Adam from the garden, then Job and Enoch were down in the land of the Khufu's building the Pyramid. The word 'Egypt' does not show up in the books of Enoch because Egyptus wasn't even born as yet. But people will say:..but the ancient Egyptians came from Ham. But no...the name of Egypt came from the white man Eygptus..and he was a conqueror just like the Vikings. Only he started out in his lineage, way up in the Upper Tarim basin, in the high country. His lineage came thru the Himalaya pattern, down thru the bridges which divided Europe and Asia, and on down into the Persian Gulf, on thru Mesopotamia and on down. But remember that this man Egyptus came thru the House of Ham, who was one of the sons of Noah, moving southward. Remember that he came down...but long before this time, Enoch and Job had been in that land, and there they had built the Great Pyramid. they had lived thru their life span and a millennium had gone by because the flood wasn't until way up into a period later. And the Pyramid had been built about 4800 to 4900 B.C., and by 4500 B.C., the Pyramid and the Temple of Zendera were all finished and some time had passed.

There is something else that people are sometimes quite confused about, this whole settlement we now call Palestine was at one time settled by white men who came out of the genealogy of Adam, the same genealogy as did Ham, Shem, and Japheth. Pre-eminently Japheth people never came this way in their migrations. Japheth people went over into the Whang-Ho River district, and intermarried with the Chinese and Asiatics and lost the Japheth birthright by this process. As a result the Japheth people wandered with the Mongolians and the Steppe Torog's, thus some of the offspring of the Japheth people..now out of this mongrelization were termed ..Gog and the city they built was Magog. But this was only one white man's descendants who were ruling over Chinese and Mongolian people...and they intermingled with them. So the ancient areas of Russia were under these people who came forth from this inter-mixing, and their names were the cities of....Gog, Magog, and Togarmah, Tetrograd, Tubal Meshech and so forth, and all of these are old derivations which came down out of the Japhetic line as it inter-mingled and was no more pure.

But when the Hamites came down in the line of Egyptus then he came down to conquer the land of these defending kings called Khufu. And later the Greeks conquered this land, and by that time they found that one of the Khufu's did not know what this Pyramid was all about. But the Pyramid had been sealed up, and on one had been in it after it was finally sealed, but this is another long story of interest from history. But as this line of Egyptus came into the land of the Khufu this one ruling did not know anything about their being any chambers inside of the Pyramid, but all others had underground chambers, so he built underground chambers for himself, and a funeral chapel, for he did not see any chapel on the outside of the Great Pyramid. And this Khufu built this funeral chapel, and now we have a name for him, and it was...I think... Tera-tet-moss, but anyhow when the Greek's came in the days of Alexander the Great, they gave him a Greek name because they saw this name on the funeral chapel outside of the pyramid, for it was built Millenniums before Cheops was born. If they had known that there was a kings chamber and a queens chamber all inside that Pyramid he would not have built that funeral chapel on the outside. they would have blasted their way in and used the inside, but the fact remains that there was already a body inside that Pyramid. For after the flood then Shem brought the body of Adam down into Egypt where he had been told to bring it, to the land of the Khufu. So Shem was told to bring Adam's body to this land and when he arrived he would find the sons of YAHWEH had built a mighty Temple, and inside of it was a sarcophagus to hold Adam's body until HE- YAHWEH-Putah would come and raise the dead and take the body of Adam...bodily resurrected into heaven. My friends, this was the doctrine taught in the early days of our Race. This is why there is an empty Sarcophagus in the kings chamber in our time when we were to discover this Great Pyramid. That is why there is a hole torn from the descending passage way, right up to the date line of the Resurrection of The Christ. It is torn as tho some gigantic force just cut a hole right thru the stone. There is no body in the Sarcophagus, it is now absolutely empty. The fact remains that no body of any Pharaoh was ever in that sarcophagus. There was no body ...except the body of Adam which was taken there by Shem. And the seal block was never sealed until after that body of Adam was placed inside the chamber, then the seal block was dropped down, and became a block. That was known by Enoch and Job as they built the place, for they were given the instructions as to how and why they were to make the joints in construction, and they carried out all instructions given them.

Remembering all this...therefore the date measures were given, to be fixed, in measure by the pole star outside, and once we fix the date, the score line tells you what it was, and thus having the score line fixing the date, it does not make any difference about the outside date, on the outside of the Pyramid. I don't care whether its Davidson, Rutherford, or anyone else who in speculation makes a mistake, whenever they tell you that the outside of the Pyramid ascending line is the date when the Pyramid was built..for this is fiddlesticks. Because the Pyramid was built, and it had to have an outside perimeter, but this did not mean that this was the date it was built. It is the score lines which you get the dates from.

Now; there are other factors, but the Pyramid was built before the flood of Noah's time because there is evidence of the antiquity of this Pyramid in records of people who antedate the flood. So having these records we know that in the days of Pre-Karnac Temples..these little temples they have in the friezes of a temple, that here is a civilization of a people before the flood, and they have a pyramid. So by no stretch of the imagination could the Pyramid have been built later, nor could Enoch and Job have gone down and built the Pyramid after the flood, because they were dead and gone. Job was dead and Enoch was gone, and others of the race would now have work to do for it was a continuing race of destiny.

Under this instance then we have the fact that the Adamic race constituted the children of YAHWEH..now embodied in earth. As such, their posterity was to multiply and increase, but the whole measure of the Pyramid relates to our race, even the great symbols, and one of the most powerful messages of the Pyramid is this Message of Resurrection. In fact by the time this was to be read by our people in "The latter Days" this was an empty tomb. We were to have a pillar, and an Altar in the land of Egypt for a witness. Here is the witness of...THE POWER OF RESURRECTION...THIS POWER WHICH TORE INTO THE STONE..which is even a miracle. The fact was that from this time on the Pyramid was not meant to be a tomb, for even the deterioration time for the outside slabs, and the covering of the little air chambers deteriorated in their time, and then fresh air circulated in that chamber. You do not circulate fresh air in a tomb. So now this was intended for a special purpose. Thus you see that some of these earlier Pharaoh's did not know anything about the construction of the Upper Pyramid, and that would be even in the second Dynasty...the Pre-dynasties knew, but the latter ones did not.

Thus you have the history of the Hametic line, and I want you to remember that Nimrod was a descendent of the Hamite people who came down out of the Steppes. He grew up to be a mighty warrior and he was furiously angry with all those people you and I would now call Jews. Never was there a man who was more ferocious...anti-Jew than Nimrod and I will tell you why. The catastrophe of the flood had hit the upper Tarim Basin where Noah and some of the white race lived, and because not only were these unassimilable offspring of Lucifer seizing the white women, but they were forcing them into marriage, and they were also cannibal's ...eaters of human flesh. And God said:..they must be destroyed in that area. So remember that outside of Noah and his three sons, and their wives, there was none of the race left in that area that were of the pure line. Remember that the flood destroyed the three great treasure cities which were in the Upper Tarim plateau. And if you go back to the Book of the Bee, and of Seth then you discover that these children of Cain joined themselves with other children of Lucifer, and they had other fallen angelic revolutionaries such as Amraphel, and Lukii, and it says that they set up stadium's and raced horses. That they sold wine, and introduced women into this area of work. So there is nothing new in this idea of Wine, Women, and Song, or even of race horses, for it all starts way back there. I happen to have in my library the translation by Dr. Budge of the old books of what was known as "The Cave of the Treasures", which are some the oldest manuscripts of our race. The British museum has fragments of some of these old books, and the Cave of the Treasures was one of the places where also at a latter date Abram would be sent to live until he was ten years old, and where he would be taught by Noah. This shows you that Noah still lived at that time of Abram, and they had many records in this so called 'Cave of the Treasures' , these records were those that came thru the flood, and they go back to an earlier period of the Great Cave of Wisdom where the scrolls of Adam and Seth were kept.

You say:--but how do you know that they are accurate. Well when the narratives and records which are found in documents like this fill in all the little chinks, and niches, and made a perfect Mosaic from the records of Enoch which also came down to us from before the flood, and down by all this line then we come face to face with the fact that all the traditions and records of these people all fill in the gaps. If you have the same story all the way down you can be pretty sure you have fragments of truth. Besides there is the certain factor that the spirit bears witness, and they all check out. This is where some people--being so hidebound--with limitation of what is acceptable of books that were canonized, that they seal up whole areas of truth.

Now; the Canaanites were descendants of this monstrosity known as Cain, but actually he Sargon I, became quite a conqueror. And after the families of Enoch and Job, those people with them came down out of that same area, before the flood---they built two or three generations of the race in that old land called Palestine, and they built their cities, but these people were not warriors, they were wisemen, and savants, and tho they protected their flocks from beasts, still they were not warriors. Then when Enoch and Job were planning to go into Egypt to build that great city, they selected 144,000 men from this land. This is more than just a symbolic number for we are told that they selected of the numbers of the people who lived in the land, 12,000 men, for each house of the moon, or we would say for each month. In other words they called the houses of the moon, on house, altho we divide them into three phases, so they had 12,000 men for each month of the year and the number thus was 144,000 men.

Now; these men were divided by Enoch and Job into men of spiritual perception, men who could join in the witness of the guidance concerning the plans of the things which were to be built. And because they were Master Builders of the MOST HIGH GOD they were called Masonos. This is the first use of the word Mason---established long ago by Enoch and Job. And this Priestly line for guidance would apply the spiritual laws of God into altruism, and into symbolism, and this was the work of Enoch. He was called the Master of the "Rose Cross". This was where the first Rosicrucian came from, but modern Rosicrucian today--this is a derelict institution which has practically nothing to salvage where as Masonry still contains some knowledge of the ancient mystery schools. 30% of Masonry is still salvageable, and the rest is like this invasion which came into these mystery schools to destroy them. Like the church which has been invaded, this area of principal truth is thus invaded. In those time there was of course no prophet, and you could not just get in, but the mystery schools, not until the days of Solomon could you get in, but the Mystery schools were set up by Enoch and Job.

Yes, Enoch and Job did go down into Egypt and they did build that city called On, and they had artisans with them. These men were artisans at cutting stone, men who were artisans at the fitting and assembling of rock, and men who were artisans at the law of the Fulcrum, who were Masters of the use of Light. I think this was one of the great keys we have here. I think that the power which was used to elevate the great blocks into position, and move them across great distances was----LIGHT. This was a great secret and was part of the wisdom given to Enoch, and it continued thru the schools of the Savants until they had 144,000 re-trained when they went down to the city of On and built that city which was divided into 12 segments. This city was divided into these segments, and had a street that divided each segment which came down into a central square. And these 12 segments carried the names of the 12 months of the year. Of course the names we use today for these months were not in use, for ours are a later Roman and Western European derivation, but they used names of the months of the year which were in basic Aramaic, which we have a record of. Then in the center of the city was the square, and there they would set up the Altar. And here in were the stones, the exact color denoting the 12 segments around the Altar, as the colors of the Jewels in the breast-plate of the High Priest, later in the Temple of Israel. Here also were set up--symbolic emblems of the two great centers of Wisdom. One of these pillars of wisdom represented a Universal pillar, and one a Jerusalem pillar. But these two ancient pillars are still the pillars of Masonry today. They are the Universal word, and the Jerusalem word set inside every Masonic Temple everywhere in the world. And thus that is what these two pillars are---for these pillars came from that symbol of the Universal word, and the Jerusalem word. The Jerusalem word means-the center of the Kingdom of Peace or the location of Peace. This is the application of the Kingdom in earth. The (Onri, and Inri) symbolized here as the ULTIMATE. This is Adam---(Cad) man YAHWEH. This is the Priesthood of the Masters of the Universe, and the word Masono is the old word in derivation for Master Builders, and it still comes down to our day. Now; when they built this city of ON, then here were these great patriarchs--Enoch and Job who were the guiding influence who controlled the design. And as this great company with Enoch and Job went into the land of the Khufu, they left behind in the land we call Palestine today many times the number of men, women, and children to live in those peaceful cities. But these men going down into Egypt were very knowledgeable men, and they were told that the people in the land of Egypt were under the control of the dark gods of Set and Soth, or Setee, and his fallen hosts. And that therefore now dark and pagan forces were in control of the land of the Khufu, that they would have to appeal to the message left by Horus, that they were the sons of YAHWEH-Putah now coming into the land. Thus they would have to lift up a standard, because Enoch and Job were told that they would enter that land with LIGHT. Enoch was told that they would lift up a great circular piece of metal of spun gold. That this circular piece of metal was to be hallowed to the depth of so many grains of wheat. They knew the exact depth because they laid out the grains of wheat to find the exact length, and thus they knew that the exact length was exactly twice the number of what we call the Pyramid inch today which is made up of 13 grains of wheat. This is what we call Egyptian wheat today, the old stale long grain wheat, and the measure of the depth of this 7 foot discs was 2 inches deep in the center of it, and they were to put these great discs upon a standard. Then they were to encircle the land of Egypt, and if a horseman or these forces of Kufu came toward them then they were to wait until the sun was rising, and then in the face of the rising sun they would come into the land when Pharaoh's forces had their backs to the sun. Then everyone in this company with Enoch and Job were to lift high the "Eye of YAHWEH" to catch the sun and reflect the light of the sun on to the forces and the horses of Egypt. So when Enoch and Job entered into this land with their 144,000 company, then sure enough, word came to those warriors that a great and Mighty Host was coming into the land. Then all the devil priests got excited, and all the armies of the land came forth. But it was this great group of noble men and scientists, and all they had was this beautiful golden disc out in front of them. The cry went up that this must be the popular fetish to their god, so the order came to move in and take these great Golden Discs. But then the sun came up, and this disc became the most deadly lens they ever saw. It was the first "Death Ray' ever used in battle in Modern times. That Ray blinded horses and men, and there it remained on them--and it was so hot that even the trappings burst into fire. So the cry went up--"Behold! the Eye of YAHWEH" and the Egyptians fell back before this weapon. Then the Temple Priests of the Order of Horus came before the Pharaoh and said:---Behold! these are the sons of YAHWEH--PUTAH that our fathers were told would come into our land. And they were to build here a great Altar, and a Mighty Temple unto YAHWEH, as was in the times of old.

There was no more resistance after that to this company with Enoch and Job, and they went to the exact spot, and settled there where they were to work. It is said that they set themselves up rods and instruments which were made of brass, and with it they would cast their eye upon the shadow of the sun. Having located the exact spot for the building of the City of On, and for the Pyramid---these men with their sextants, and with Enoch being taught exactly the mathematics of the heavens---the latitude and longitude, as to where to build these things, then we know that they knew at that time that the world was round, for you could not even make the calculations for the Pyramid and not know this. Our race was never a bunch of bunnies like the Africans or even the Asiatics, we are not only those who knew about the circle of the earth, but we knew the exact curvature of it. When Enoch and Job built the Pyramids, they built according to the exact curvature of the earth. In fact that is the only reason the Pyramid did not crack--because it could displace its weight in this fashion.

The ancient people of Egypt talked of an ignoble people--in the temples of Set and Soth, but they also talked of the children of Osiris, the Ka of Ra, the children of God who was called Osiris. They talked of Osiris who was the coming God, riding out of the heavens, coming to dwell in earth among his own people.

The Egyptians had conflicting stories, but our scripture said he would emerge out of His race, the embodiment of YAHWEH--and we would call him YAHSHUA. But the Egyptian word for this was:--Lord of Life and Resurrection, which is of course the title which belongs to Christ, but at that time they referred to him as Osiris.

In this instance this is why the Egyptians had so much of our theology, for this is where they got it, and they had a very healthy respect also for "The EYE of YAHWEH". Because without the use of weapons, they could not stand the LIGHT thereof, and it was rumored in those days that in this Temple of YAHWEH-PUTAH that when these Wisemen had fulfilled the Destiny which God had ordained, that the Glory which would shine upon them would be even brighter than this LIGHT which had stopped the Egyptians. this is in complete agreement with theology, for it talks about the restoration of the Aura, and the Light and the Glory of God.

"Arise and shine thy light has come, and the Glory of God is risen upon thee."

This is a promise to race, of the Light and Glory which will eventually surround them, which was upon this race before their fall. This is what the Apostle Paul talked about when he said he wanted to be clothed with His Glory. Remember that we are told that in the Glory of YAHWEH, no man could stand the LIGHT---who looked upon his countenance. In this instance even Moses on the mountain, was only permitted to look at the back of God, not the face of HIM---when he passed by the rock. So also the Glory of your Race, every last one of you shall be Radiant Glory, bright like unto this upon the standards Enoch and Job and their company carried. And this enemy who would destroy the Kingdom will be destroyed by the Light. This is the reason why the scriptures also tell us that the enemies of God's Kingdom will be destroyed by the brightness of His coming. Thus you see again how all this ties into the pattern.

Now; after Enoch and Job had settled in Egypt to do this building, they remained therefore most of their lives, in this place. You remember that one of the hopes of Job had been as he expressed it was that he wanted to be able one day to transcribe and carve in the rock, and seal it with lead forever---the fact that he knew that His Redeemer Liveth, and HE would stand on the earth, in the latter days. That is exactly what was done here in Egypt, all those casement stones, and all those indentations were sealed in lead. The Pyramid sockets were sealed in lead, Job of course here in his latter days was finding that his latter days were greater than his first, before he and Enoch went into the land of Khufu.

Now; what happened in that land now called Palestine?--The Canaanites swept down upon these people after Job and Enoch and the 144,000 had gone. They captured and slaughtered and enslaved these white people left in that land, and then named the land Canaanland. But remember that in the days after the flood, word had come back to the Persian Gulf of the slaughtering in the land of the savants. By this time the number of our race in Egypt were not as many as at first, for the race was becoming smaller as they were not marrying outside the race, and the number of women were much less than the number of men, strangely enough. And because of this our race therefore in that place was getting smaller than ever. But still the enemy was afraid to touch the race because of the knowledge and wisdom found there and always it seemed--"The Eye of YAHWEH" was upon them. When our race built the pyramid we did not put the capstone in place--this was "The stone that the builders rejected" because it was the Corner stone, and this stone had to be perfect stone, and weigh more than any other stone in the building. The Egyptians say that the race did not set the stone in place on top because upon this stone was to be set "The Eye of YAHWEH", and therefore men were not ready for this. They could not stand the light of "The Eye of YAHWEH", and would die by His Light. this is a Masonic secret,-- this is why the ALL Seeing Eye of YAHWEH is set in the capstone of Masonry. This is why on your dollar bill that the ALL Seeing Eye of YAHWEH is set in that stone. That is one reason why the Egyptians and others believed that the capstone was not put there, for no man can stand the Light of "The Eye of YAHWEH". This idea came from this great lens when the Savants moved into the land of Egypt, for this Great Shining disc of Gold was symbolic of ' the all seeing "Eye of YAHWEH".

Today we have on the seal of our nation this "All Seeing Eye", on the capstone of our pyramid. This is on our seal, and on our dollar bill, and this shows how all these little incidents, and these factors all dovetail together to not only prove that we are the Race, and we are the Nation, and the People who are going to Win, as we run these Canaanites out of our land, and they cannot stop us---after all this period of time---they cannot stop us.

Now; during all this period of time, remember that the flood had come and gone, in the upper Tarim Basin, but the descendants of Ham had come down and then later marched into Egypt, and this man Egyptus had captured the land of Egypt, and held it until the fusing of the old Egypt and the building of the new dynasty in the line. And actually this Hamite line married into the old Atlantian line, and to this degree then the Ham line could never produce the Kingdom of YAHWEH. Apart from the fact that this man of the Ham line had violated divine law so that it effected his race line forever, he was not, and could not ever inherit the Kingdom thru his line. So as stated for you--The Shem line was the Kingdom inheritors out of the House of Noah.

In the meantime, the words were carried back as to what had happened to the cities of the White race descendants; how they had been overthrown and conquered, and how the land now called Palestine was in the hands of the Canaanites. How Jericho and Ai were great cities of these Canaanites, but also there were still people dwelling in the Plain of Shinar (Mesopotamia), and there Tidal King of the nations ruled over his bunch of cities, and his people were a mixed up bunch or rascals. The Bible has one word for them and it is---Bastard. The translators did not quite know how to translate this, for the word Bastard does not mean just one whose father is not known, but of his own race. The word for Bastard in the Old Testament is a word for one whose father is of another race, or whose blood is mixed. That is the word of those days, and the meaning is the same today altho we use other interpretations to show legitimate patterns, but this was what the word meant in its day.

Now; this Tidal--King of the nations--is one of these kings---when Abraham leaves the city of Nimrod, when this battle is going on in the Plains of Shinar. The battle is for the gold of Ophir, and Kings of Sodom and Gomorrah who were also fallen angelic hosts and with their immorality and corruption made these cities two of the worst spots on the face of the earth. But all these people were fighting for gold in the days of Abraham.

But lets go back a bit unto the time when Nimrod was a young man. He knew of the traditions, and he was gathering together all the white warriors he could find. And every time they captured anybody they pressed them into service. But if they would not join with Nimrod they would cut their heads off, and this method proved very effective. Nimrod thus built a great army, and he never stood still, he was a roving conqueror. Everywhere he went he would hurl himself at any of the cities of Shinar which was this land of Mesopotamia, and all these cities were inter-related with the people who killed the savants of the Adamic race thru their history. Nimrod continually said:--'These are those who wrought the great flood, and its destruction. They are the descendants of the very same people.' He never relented in this war. He overthrew the cities of Erech, an Babel, and then in this instance he turned his eyes on Egypt, but he was never able to unseat the power of the Egyptian line, and he returned to the City of Ur of the Chaldees to prepare for a second wave of attack.

Now; we find Nimrod on the throne when Terah, the father of Abraham was made his Prime Minister. This is showing that the Hamites and the Shemites were working together for the conquest of Mesopotamia. For Shem's line having gone down into Egypt originally, had now some of this line who came back to this land, and remember that Abraham comes directly out of the Shem line. And we show you this because we can take the genealogy of Christ clear back down thru Shem, thus to Noah, and back down to Seth and to Adam. Thus this has its significance in this matter.

Now; at this time that Abraham was born remember that the Asiatics were trying to pollute the Mystery schools, and the lodges of the white man by bringing in all these priests out of India, and they were saying:--'Hail to Nimrod, thou are greatest among all men.' And Nimrod was induced to take a Queen--who was actually a daughter of Kale--meaning a Jewess of Satan's own line out of Kali, who was a consort of Lucifer known as Lilleth, who rebelled with him, therefore was immortal evil. Thus Nimrod married this woman who became his Queen, and from that time on the seed of Nimrod became Satanic---and his son Nimus became the embodiment of this joining of evil. Thus the hand of God turned against Nimrod, King of Ur, in Babylon. But Terah was his Prime Minister when Abraham was born, and at that time there were certain signs in the sky. The soothsayers of the conjurors warned Nimrod that these signs in the sky meant that this child who had been would someday head a kingdom more powerful than his which would find its place in the sun. This Kingdom would be known as "The Eye of YAHWEH", and because Nimrod ordered the death of the child--Abram, and some of the servants of Terah said for him to smuggle this child out of there, and they would take him down to where Noah was still in residence, in the caves in the mountains near Petra. Here Abram would be raised until all this affair in Ur was forgotten. And until he was ten years of age Abram was trained by Noah---before Noah died. And at the age of ten then Abram was brought back to his fathers house, and there he finished growing up. Then here he is at the age or 20, and there is a decree given by Nimrod that all men must now worship the gods of whom there were now multitudes. And a day was set forth for the worship of these gods. But Abram is not paying any attention to this, as he rode and hunted and performed his service unto YAHWEH, TO HIMSELF AND HIS HOUSEHOLD. In other words he was gathering lots of servants, and most of them white men, who became loyal servants of his household. But they were also subordinate to a Prime Ministers son. Then one day Abram goes into his father's house, and this is the home of Prime Minister Terah, and here are all those idols carved of wood and stone. And Nimrod has just given his order that every man has to worship these gods. And Abram thought about this situation a little while then he went out and selected some little bowls of rice, and poured some savory gravy and other things over the rice, and then took these bowls set them around among these idols. Then he takes a double headed ax and comes in and chopped up all these wooden idols, and the others he breaks with a mallet. There is than a great cry and commotion and some of the servants come running in saying:--"What are you doing, what is going on"? And Abram says:---"I just wrestled this ax out of the hand of that big idol, for he was chopping up the other idols." So they ran to Terah and said:--"Your son Abram was in your home and chopped up all your gods." So Terah rushed home and he said:--"What is this that you have done to me, and to my gods? What have you done to my household. I shall not only lose my place as Prime Minister under Nimrod if he hears of this, but he also will demand thy life. Therefore I must run and tell Nimrod, for these others are running ahead of me to tell Nimrod what has been done.---Thou hast brought a great curse upon me."

Nimrod gave the order to capture Abram, but Abram didn't mind, and they took Abram to the Palace and now he sits before the Emperor of all Babylon, there in this City of Ur of the Chaldees. And Nimrod says to Abram:--"Why did you do this thing?" Abram replied:--"Oh, Nimrod therefore if they are just wood and stone they have no power, they are no gods and thus no one is offended. Therefore this is a challenge to thee---aren't thou a wise King, of dust thou fear rock and wood?"

Nimrod did not want to answer that just now, so he gave orders for Abram to be taken out of the court. Then the Soothsayers gathered around saying:--"This is the boy who we told you should be killed when he was born." So Abram then disappeared with his servants and herds, and did not come back again to his father's house until he was about 70 years old. But at this age Abram was still a vigorous man, had strength and power. For he was living by the laws of YAHWEH. And there was no question about the fact that here was a mighty warrior. Abram probably had a lot of fighting to do out there with his flocks, but he had now came back to get his father. And now Terah was about 100 years old, so Abram goes out of Ur of the Chaldees with his father, his wife Sarai, and his whole household. Later they would go down into the land of Egypt for a while. But in the Zohar we are told that the blessings of God were upon Abram and upon Sarai his wife, because they had been faithful to the MOST HIGH GOD, and because Abram had chopped up the idols, and also had preserved his race line. And thus God had granted unto Sarai perpetual youth. We find that this must be true because as they went thru Egypt the Pharaoh wanted to marry Sarai. Remember that since he was afraid, since his wife was so beautiful, that Abram said:--Sarai was his sister. This was only a few years before he went out of Egypt and shared the land of Lot. They then went into migration, and in this period of time then Isaac was born to Abraham. Remember how Abram had laughed because God said he was to have a child. He said:--'I don't think that is possible because my wife cannot bare a child. And since Abram and Sarai had both laughed at this idea----then the child, when born was called by the name of Isaac meaning:--child of laughter. This is why we are also called the children of laughter. And we have been laughing ever since Isaac was born to Abraham and Sarah. Then Jacob was born and from this line then came the tribes of Israel.

Now I want you to see this ;----When Jacob's sons entered Palestine, they did not go into the fullness of the land . They beheld the land, then they passed by the land and selected the land on that side of the river, but it was filled with Canaanites. Here also was the cities of Jericho and Ai . But the sons of Jacob were migrating when the jealousy of the sons of Jacob sold Joseph to the Arabs, and they took him into Egypt. There in Egypt he was sold into the service of one of the officials of the court. You remember what transpired there, that by his knowledge of prophetic vision he was elevated to the position of Prime Minister, after he foretold of the coming famine. Because of his ability to foretell these things----his master then had gone to Pharaoh, to tell him of the ability of his servant, and thus came the recognition of Joseph. But we remember that all this time, down in the city of On, there in Egypt, was still a white Priesthood , those who still had the measures, still were segregationists who did not intermingle or integrate with the other Egyptians.--No--they dwelt alone. Always the white race in those days when temples were set up to Set and Soth of the pagan powers-- still this white race Priesthood existed. Why did not these pagan powers wipe out this white Priesthood? Why did not they stamp out this power of this city of On ?---The secret of this survival was that the pagans were afraid of this "eye of YAHWEH". They were afraid of this power in the hands of this white Priesthood. They knew that this power had been applied in many ways, even in the building of the pyramid, in the movement of those great stones, and so forth. Thus in the background that is what is involved here. And you will remember that Joseph married the girl by the name of Asenath, the daughter of Potipher the Priest of the city of On. Then two sons were born to this union---Ephraim and Manasseh.

Now Potipher was a white man from the lineage of Seth, and this is the reason that Jacob-Israel , as an old man, could say that Ephraim and Manasseh, from which would come the Anglo-Saxons later----"Let my name --Israel be upon them:---for from them would come the ultimate leadership in the kingdom. Then in the latter days the world would say---'God make us as these great nations'. They were to say this in the hour of great problems that were to come. But remember that Israel lived in the land of Goshen which was assigned to them by the Egyptians, until there came a Pharaoh who 'Knew not Joseph'. Then the lot of the Israelites became serious because they were forced into servitude, and slavery, until the day of the coming of Moses

Now remember that Moses was raised by Pharaoh's daughter, and you will remember the story of the bulrushes, and how God's destiny was upon Moses as he was being raised by Pharaoh's daughter, as her son. Moses was not only trained in all the knowledge of Egypt but he was also down in the city of On, and there is where he went to school . And there of course he was schooled by men of his race, but the Princess who raised him sent him down there to be trained by the savants of the race, Remember that Moses was schooled in all the wisdom known to the Race. He knew that YAHWEH was Very God, he knew that Abraham's house was also a part of this descending line. Moses you will remember was the leader of Israel as they went out of Egypt, and when they had their contest with Pharaoh as they crossed the Red Sea, You will remember that as they crossed the Sinai that the order was given for the establishment of the law. The Priesthood the Administration , and the military. Why? because God said;---- "This land they were to go into belonged to the White Race, but these people who had murdered the families of whence these wisemen came of the time of Enoch and Job, were now in the land. There were Giants and monstrosities and fallen devils everywhere, evil existed now in this old land, and the ruling cities were Jericho, and Ai. Everything, every thought of their lives, of these now in this old land, which God had given to the fathers of this race were evil, just like Sodom and Gomorrah, which God said would have to be destroyed with fire. So God said to Joshua---after they had sent in the spies, and they had reported that there were these giants in the land----God said that is alright, for I am going to give you this land, just remember this . And Joshua said:---But look at the size of Jericho, and they have walls around this city, it will take an army mightier than ours to take that fortified city. But God said;---You just march around that city 7 times, and on the seventh time I will knock those walls down. Then you go in and kill every single one of them, every man woman and child. Oh! you say--but why?---because they were devils, of every evil, and they had murdered our race when they stole that land, from our people in the beginning.

Today you hear these silly preachers saying;---this must not be interpreted right, or the Jews didn't have anything to do with this, because they didn't know God. Let me tell you something Jews did not have anything to do with this, for God said our people were to move in, and do as he said. If you want to know, there were Jews in Jericho and in Ai. So when Joshua led the Israelites into that land he was warring against a vicious, corrupt and evil people, and under the power of God then Joshua took over these evil cities. He did however spare this woman Rahab who was held captive in that city, and she was spared because she helped the Israelites. At this city of Ai there was a great and mighty company, which no man had numbered. And Joshua who at best had 80,000 troops was here facing these gigantic armies of mounted cavalry men, such as these mounted Asiatic Steppe warriors who we would see much of in the days of Genghis Khan, plus all the foot soldiers with their arrows and their spears, and with their equipment for hurling rocks. This meant that they had ballast staffs to hurl great rocks , so these people weren't to backward or timid when it came to fighting. And here was Joshua with his army armed with swords, spears and shields, and mounted to some degree, but largely on foot. Yet God said to Joshua;---you go down and take this city of Ai, which looked to be defended probably like any city defended with the hoards out of Russia.

Then Joshua starts out and God said;---now remember you advance just so far, and don't go any further, for if you go beyond this point then you shall die.-----Alright --just go so far and no further, an then you just stand there and 'I shall deliver the enemy into your hands. I shall go before thee, and when I have ceased with my sword then you go in and don't spare a one of them.'

Well Joshua marched his army up to this point, then all of a sudden a meteorite shower

rained down on this place, falling on those Canaanites and wiping them out, and knocking down their horses, and armor, and explodes and smashed this city and its inhabitants. The stories are still today in the history of the Sumerians, and also in the history of Assyria as to the terrible battle when the city of Ai fell. Some of the armies of Ai were Assyrian or Asiatic, and it is recorded that they were joined in the battle of Ai. They record that they sent in Togarmah that day with his hosts, and that he died the day that the stars fell. So you see this Meteorite shower caused this catastrophe. But these rocks had been going around the earth for 40 years------ever since that catastrophe which hit Egypt that caused the plague and trouble which made Pharaoh let Israel go. This was the planet Venus which prior to this was a comet and had come into our solar system, and picked up great masses of ice , water and debris , and took it skyward, ---- on this occasion, back in the so called Ice age, but this time as it came in to stay in our solar system ---Venus at the time of the Exodus, picked up more debris, and this was the reason that it was neither light nor dark as things were falling out of the sky. But here 40 years later came these rocks, meteorites back to earth to create this catastrophe at thee city of Ai. Some of

this same debris is still floating around up there even yet, and will be used --who knows.?

Again you get into that pattern where you are asked why God would say as you came in to this land where these strangers were dwelling that you should destroy them utterly----------

but they were Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, and so forth, all the children of the enemy who

had destroyed those who served their father YAHWEH , and these now were children who served Lucifer.

Now; --These were strangers, maybe people from Asia ----if they serve the darkness then they die before the children of the kingdom, but actually after we have overthrown Lucifer these people are going to worship at your feet. The day will come when these races will come from the ends of the earth, and they will know that God has chosen thee, that his light is upon thee. Instead of a United Nations it is going to be a great white Administration of Light and Glory. These are the prophecies, these are the measures. Under this instance therefore we do not kill an the strangers, but we don't take them into our household either, we do not elect them to offices of government, and we don't expect them to teach our children. We do not integrate with them and we do not mongrelize our society. God says;--for this cause I have given you laws concerning the stranger, you are to treat them kindly, but he is to dwell alone. This is just a little of the narrative of tracing the history of the sons of Abraham.

QUESTION;---Is there any longer any importance for the date of 4004 B.C. in the bible?

ANSWER;;-----No--that date is an Usher error, and it is satisfactory to the JEWS so that they can use this date to repudiate the Messiahship of Christ.

QUESTION;---The reason that I asked is that I think it is Rutherford who has a line on the outside of the Pyramid going down and intersecting with another. Is this a fictitious date?

ANSWER;------This has no relationship to the time factor of the Adamic race -----in other words, his chronology is probably the most accurate chronology in the world in such things, as his chronology which is exceptionally accurate is concerned. the only point which is in error is the erection date of the Pyramid. But he also said that when taking the measures, take them where they are--never caring--but his score line going into the pyramid ---and then trying to come out is wrong, but all he proves is that this is the right score line, and this is the right date when you are going to look down the line, showing this is the measure of progression from this score line on. As far as that , this outer layer, the exact thickness of this outer layer is not there. You will remember that the beautiful casing stones, that beautiful polished line and hard finished material was stolen by the Arabs later in the days of another leader, and they were hauled off and put on the Temple of Mecca, that temple of the prophet. That is where almost all of the outer casing stones of the pyramid were taken. Anyway we will put them all back someday, but we will use new ones.

QUESTION;--- Who the heck are the gentiles?

ANSWER; - Well that is a rather extended subject. We could talk an hour on that subject, but it is a little late for that tonight. I will just tell you this---the word gentile comes from a multitude of words.---ghen means the people ---and aghen means the pagan people. It is a little like the word Ethnos and that means the nations. Later they used this word in a different way and said that a non-Jew was a gentile , but this is in the semantics of the Anglo-Saxon language. the Jews never called you a gentile, they called you the Goy and that means dog.

On the other hand when talking about the Negroes and such then Jesus called them Goy for they do not have any spirit. They have a soul consciousness but no spirit as such, so they are Goyim. The word Jesus used to identify them as dogs is similar to the Aramaic word which came from the Hebrew --Enosh, they were men without begotten spirits. However there is a lower order of these people and they are always referred to as dogs.

Job talked about these people as he said;-- these men go out in the thorn bushes and attack us with rocks and hollered at us, and they are ignorant, and not fit even to lay down with my dogs. He tells how they cried out against him in his troubles, and joined up with the evil. And he also says that he used to let them work in his fields , that now he would not let the children of these dogs ever work for him, ever again. He was not only not going to discriminate, but they wouldn't get the job--that was it.

QUESTIONER;----Last night I looked up the word Gentile in the Strong's concordance, and every time I looked up non-Jew it said Gentile. Then I started checking the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites , and there was a Jabaroo, and these were aborigines, and they were mixed with the lowest type.

ANSWER; --Sure that is right, a Jew is not an Israelite so he is a gentile, he is a true Goyim ( dog). They are usurpers . The scripture does not say that there is no difference between a Jew and a Gentile, altho the word sometimes translated Gentile in the New Testament is the word Ethene meaning Nations. So therefore when it says ;---: Blindness has happened to Israel until the fullness of the gentiles comes in----there in the book of Romans it should read:--

"Blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the nations come in." This is the grafting in of the wild olive branches back into their own tree. Let me show you what this really means--- Blindness has happened to Israel , not concerning who God is, but who they

are . We know who God is, all Israel are Christians , but blindness in part means they do not know who they are.

But remember what Isaiah said;---' In that place where they are called not my people

but Gentiles --- it shall be revealed that they are the children of the LIVING GOD , numbered like the sands of the sea shore and the stars of the heavens. This is the covenant that God made with Isaac and then with Jacob , this proves that these people who are Christians , but called Gentiles are the real Israel of God. They are the ones who God made the Covenant with in the days of Abraham, Isaac , and Jacob. And we have the proof of this. Since Israel was the wild olive tree, then Judah and Benjamin are the people of Germany and of Iceland , and Normandy ---- they are those captured by Nebuchadnezzar, and those who left Palestine after Christ's ascension , but before Titus took the country. They are called the natural Olive branches because they stayed near Jerusalem. The ten tribes became the wild olive branches , but they are still olives. To be an olive branch then you have to be an Israelite. You cannot be an Olive on that tree, and be a Canaanite or any of those others called pagan. You have to be an Olive to be grafted back on to your Olive tree. Also in talking about the symbol of trees, --in the days of the kingdom we had the olive tree, or the kingdom, but there was also the green tree, and the dry tree, meaning that the branches of the Empire were now located in western Europe. Thus the Green tree was now in place. But it had been a dry tree. The kingdom in other words had

come to Ireland in the day when Jeremiah had taken the daughter of Zedekiah the king ------little Tea Tephi to Ireland and there married her to Heremonn, the king of Jerusalem (the kingdom) since the throne was moved there, and then from Ireland to Scotland, and to Wales,

and then to England where it is today. ----"Overturn, overturn , overturn until it is overturned no more", so in this instance today in Buckingham Palace they still hold the seed line of the


Now; lets take a look at the measures involved in all this, for the covenant was made and it was fulfilled at that time. the Jerusalem branch became the dry tree, and the European branch the Anglo-Saxon branch became the Green tree. Now in the time of the days of Jesus all this had already taken place, the king line was already in Britain, even in the days when The Christ went there on the ship of Arimathea. So therefore they were never called Goyim as far as the Bible was concerned. because Jesus said the cities of Ephraim were are already in a far country. He said: Other sheep have I ---and I must gather them.----"I have not come but for the lost sheep of Israel." He was talking about your race, about the grafting back in, as the Christian Evangelist went out on their mission, and as they went , everywhere they told the Israel people that the Messiah had come. And everywhere they went the white race accepted, and western Europe became Christian. And the kingdom, now in the west was flourishing and growing around the recognition of the coming of Messiah--the coming of the king. Therefore we are told that ;--"Behold I have dried up the dry tree and caused the green tree to flourish.

By the declaration of the Messiahship of the Christ they were drifting back in to an awareness of the kingdom all the wild olive branches of the Olive tree. So by the gathering of these wild olive branches sometimes called Gentiles , the wild olive branches are gathered back on to their own tree. (Romans 11: 17-28) Thus this word --gentile is a misnomer, it is translated out of different words having different meanings and again we are not Gentiles.

QUESTIONER;---- I know that but lots of people up and down my street do not know that.

ANSWER; ---The problem we have today is that the clergy are not students of facts which they should know, and most of them don't take time to study or meditate , or learn, they don't even get close enough to the books to get the feel of the picture.

QUESTIONER; --- But you don't give them much of a choice if you say that you are a test pilot.

ANSWER:---No , you say that you are an Israelite, the fact remains that in this instance these are areas so many seminaries never cover, and these men never seem to get curious about these things when they see them, and thus they do not dig. We have to many negating things , we

have people who make fools of themselves , shouting, screaming, tumbling around, and never getting anywhere, and calling this religion. This is religion alright but it is not Christianity. We are not against the spiritual power but a lot of this is not spiritual power. And Even Christians

get tied up for a long time by what they thought they had to do. This started in about 1917 or 1918, and a lot of them were influenced by what they thought they had to do. This started in about 1917 or 1918, and a lot of them were influenced along this line of thought, and still are

today , thus we have two extremes. We have churches with no spiritual vision. We have churches which don't probe into the depth of the truth, and are trying to smooth all races into one. And then we have churches who are doing the same thing, while going into a fal-de-ral of nothingness. And they even try to move into the kingdom movement with all this stuff, and the more noise, they make, the less anyone understands. When they get thru with it then everybody made a fool out of themselves and nothing happened---nothing for the kingdom.

Now; in this area everything Satan can use to keep the kingdom identity covered up then of course he will do. So I tell you that this is why this message can reach out into every corner of this country, where ever white men are, and it doesn't make any difference whether they are

professor, or what walk of life, it has an academic answer, for the more they probe these things

the more they will find that they are true. And then they wonder why they haven't found this out before. Truth will take care of itself, and there is another thing about truth, you have a

little built in sensitive pattern, that the spirit , which is Omnipresent is at one with your Celestial being, and bears witness with your soul which is recording the pattern thru the senses, that this thing is true. So you get that little thrill of perception that the spirit is bearing witness with your spirit that this is true. That is just as vital as anything written in paper and ink,

QUESTION:--Who are these two witnesses of Revelation 11?

ANSWER; --We went into that in a pretty long and involved story about two weeks ago. These two witnesses are not people as such they are church an state. Symbolically they are referred to as being beheaded in the street of three cities.

QUESTIONER;---But the 3 and 1/2 days ?

ANSWER; ---Well before you start studying and measuring time, you have to behead two

men in three cities , so how would you do that?

QUESTIONER; ---But it does not say that here, it says in Jerusalem.

ANSWER; --Oh, yes it does, it says in Egypt, Babylon, and Jerusalem.

QUESTIONER;-- It does say that in my bible .

ANSWER; --Oh yes it does , even in that bible.

QUESTIONER; ---it does? That is interesting. The reason why I asked is that I was reading the Gospel of Nicodemus and Nicodemus said ; --when the souls of the saints come in, and when he says that he talked to Enoch and Elijah, and they say they are going down to serve a the two witnesses, and will be killed----

ANSWER;--- Alright but those two things were the only two things Rome was able to put in there, that and the wood of the cross.

QUESTIONER; ---You mean that this passage is no good?

ANSWER;--- I do not mean that, for it just means that Rome touched the story in trying to interpret the work of Enoch. There isn't anything to keep Enoch away, for the men who would be back here would be Enoch and John, but I will prove this to you. Remember that he said to John --You will prophecy in the end time before kings, and then remember how John ate the little book? ---There is nothing to stop John from doing that because John never left, that is a little secret. And as far as Enoch is concerned he could come and go at any time that he wants to.

Remember that Elijah came back as John the Baptist. Jesus said; --who was foretold to come, and he was the messenger to prepare the way of the king. There is nothing to stop this

messenger from coming in on a space ship again to prepare the way, but actually he is not to touch the ground this time because the spirit of Elijah is to be directed upon the ministers

whom God has raised up to denounce the enemy, and expose the program of Satan, just as the spirit of Elijah did in the days of Ahab.

Now let me show you this over here when they talk about these two witnesses. The

thing which gives power here -----Their dead bodies shall lie in that great city which spiritually is called Sodom, And Egypt where also our Lord was crucified."---Sodom is Babylon---political bondage. Egypt is economic bondage, and Jerusalem is spiritual bondage. These are three different symbolic things and places---but not actual places, for you could run out of heads. What I want you to see is that Church and state make up the Kingdom. In symbolism it is church and State and Throne, but nation and throne go together. Thus Church and State go together and these are the two witnesses of the fulfillment of prophecy and the covenant.

Now; these two have been as tho without power in the last hour because they have been in economic bondage. And mystery Babylon has been gaining in its political influence, and this is political bondage. Then the false religions cause bondage and this has come thru Jewry and the Anti-Christ in an effort to put the Kingdom in ecclesiastical bondage, but the light never goes out. And so in the climactic time of the end, then God brings these two witness out of their sleep, and they stand upon their feet. this is a climactic prophecy.

Now; if you go to the book of Zachariah you also have another double witness, a two fold area of operation. "Behold the olive branch which grows out of the cruse of oil from which they draw their life and spirit, and I said who are these two olive branches? And Zachariah records:---"These are two olive branches that stand by the LORD of the whole earth."--These are one branch coming out into two olive branches, or the House of Joseph--America and the British Empire---Ephraim and Manasseh referred to as two witnesses standing by the LORD of the whole earth. And upon the greatest of these is raised up a headstone, or a headstone is set upon it. --'Behold!! My servant---a land is set upon this foundation, proving again the ephah (measure) of the state, and the land where he raised the headstone, and it also has the spiritual significance of the oil which is the symbol of spirit, in its service, and is producing the Light upon the Golden Candlestick for the LORD of the whole earth.

Now; in other translations where it is not so confused they talk about the nation, and the land where in shall be the headstone, and the service thru witnessing forces such as Church and State---symbolically in its true form. The spiritual center is the Kehilla, which is the Church of Ecclesia of the New Testament. But actually the beheading of Elijah as he came as John the Baptist--where they cut off his head and carried it around on a platter---Elijah didn't have to do this, and John does not have to die either for Jesus said:--'There are some of you standing here who shall not taste of death until I come back in my Kingdom.' So that eliminates the necessity of cutting off the head of John.

QUESTION:---You quoted a scripture for the description of the United States in one of your talks---- what is it?

ANSWER:---The 18th chapter of Isaiah---and that is all for tonight.