02-12-67 Bible Study Q&A


Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--How do you place Judah in Germany. We realize that Judah is mixed with Israel all over the world, but why Germany specifically? Since the Kings came from Judah, it is more likely England, is it not? We know that England is Ephraim and if Judah is mixed with them, why are they then Germany. Why does Germany have to be Judah? Will Germany be with us or against us in the last battle?

ANSWER:--I will answer that in the same vein that it was asked. The area of Germany is Judah today. There is no question of this. She carries the symbols of the double Eagle---two houses. There was a tribe of Judah altho the throne line thru the house of David was transferred to the land of Israel. When part of Judah and Benjamin with their quota of Levi, returned to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem, in the period of the Maccabees, in the wars started by Jews, these Israelites lost their temple which they had rebuilt under the leadership of Nehemiah. But they were still in the land. But Herod rebuilt this temple which was there in the days of Jesus. It was all covered over with gold. It was built by pagans because Herod was a Sadducee king of the pagans who had come in. Benjamin and some of Judah lived in Galilee, not Judea. This is why they were called Galileans as was Jesus. For the Scripture says:--’See if any prophet comes out of Galilee.’ These were the very words of the Jews. Remember when they sent out men to capture Christ? But Jesus fulfilled not only all the prophecies of Messiah, He said to this generation of Jews refusing Him in the city of Jerusalem, it would be better for Sodom and Gomorrah than it would be for that generation. He wasn’t talking to those of Judah and Benjamin, but about the Jews of Jerusalem whose father was the devil. He also said they were Cainanites and guilty of the blood of Abel.

Now, after the crucifixion and ascension of Jesus the Christ, remember that the Jews fought the Christian church in Jerusalem and Palestine. They sent in soldiers and the Apostle Paul who had been raised in Spain. He had sat in their synagogue teaching. And also he had sat at the feet of Gamaliel. He had been brought into Jerusalem and placed in charge of Jewish soldiers and sent out to persecute the Christian church. He had not heard the other things which the Apostles and disciples had heard who were with the Christ. But then Christ stopped him on the way to Damascus and unveiled Himself to him. And Saul (Paul) said:--’What is it LORD?’ But the others only thought it thundered. But they had no capacity to see Christ in the heavens. So remember that in this time the Jews are persecuting Christians, sending out armies, while the disciples are preaching Christ. The Jews used the power of the Temple rulers under Rome to persecute Christians. Then in 70 A.D. as Titus the Roman came against Jerusalem, because the Jews refused to pay any of the provincial taxes which Rome charged the various provinces. There was this good Caesar on the throne of Rome at this time and Titus was the son of Caesar. But prior to this time about six or seven years prior to 70 A.D., the Jews from the Temple were greatly persecuting those of Judah and Benjamin who remained in Palestine. And they (those of Judah and Benjamin) had petitioned Caesar who was the father of Titus give them permission to migrate into Europe. Thus this mass of Israelites (Judah, Benjamin and their quota of Levi) left that old land. And they migrated Westward into Europe. This was the coming of the VisGoth into Europe and the Normans. This was what they were called as they came in. No longer were they called Judah and Benjamin. But they had new names by which we can trace them. The VisGoth joined with the Goth who were of Judah and already in central Europe. This is today called Germany.

Now, this questioner sites that Judah was mixed with Israel. Well when the ten northern tribes were captured by Sannacherib, then some of Judah went into captivity with Israel. (Your Bible handbook lists them as being 200,120 people. So quite a few of them left Judea as the Israelites left Samaria.) They were not in the land when Nebuchadnezzar came to take the rest of Judah and Benjamin captive into Babylon. So in this hour then, the Jews had no part in this captivity of the remaining people of the Judah Kingdom. They were the Baal Priests and operated in this area of Babylon. And when Babylon was overthrown by Medo-Persia, the money changers, the Jews went to Pergamos. This was an island in the Aegean Sea. This was the place where Christ said Satan’s seat was. Thus this was where the Jews had their seat of operation after their power was broken in Babylon. This was where they manipulated governments by their use of money. It was from Pergamos that thru the use of their money they had bought the kingship over Palestine and Herod was king in that land of Palestine. But that did not make the people of the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin Jews just because this remnant of Israel lived in the land under a Jewish king. When this remnant of the Judah kingdom came back to their land to rebuild the temple and wait for the coming of the Messiah, a mixed multitude came with them. For some of the Israelites had intermarried with the pagans. But their number had been purged in the time of Nehemiah. And the Israel seed once more had been cleansed and established in the land. But they never fully gained power. And by the time of Christ, the land was ruled by Herod of the Jews. And the Temple was rebuilt by Herod. And Levi was no more in charge of the Temple. Then after the crucifixion and resurrection, then the remnant left in the old land, migrated into Europe and only Jews remained in Jerusalem to be broken by Titus the Roman.

It was the Jews who were dispersed in 70 A.D. And they never lost their identity. But the Israelites, when they left Samaria, and those Judahites with them, they did not retain their names. Altho they retained somewhat of their identity for a long time. They pushed thru the Caucasus Pass and into Greece where they were called Sythians. And the Dani who had gone out long before, were there. And they fought each other sometimes, and mixed somewhat with each other. But they still carried their symbols of the old marching order and identity into the Anglo-Saxon lands which was the British Isles. And Dan made his mark and planted his symbols in Dan’s land which is Denmark. And Naphtali and Asher planted symbols in their old marching order of old.

Judah settled in her place on the East between Issachar (Finland) and Zebulun (the Slavic countries) with her symbol of the Double Eagle. Yes, the Lion symbol had moved into Anglo-Saxon land with the throne line. But Judah still remains in her place as protector from the east. The tribe of Gad settled largely in Northern Italy. And the Lombards were of the tribe of Gad in Northern Italy. Simeon is in Spain and Reuben in the south, then moving north into the Netherlands, but easily traced. Iceland carried the symbol of Benjamin. And Britain and America the symbols of the house of Joseph all on the west.

But remember that Rome called anything not in Rome with their tremendous palaces and fine roads and buildings,--anything outside of Rome was barbaric. And the people were called Barbarians. They even called the Greeks barbarians. But in the days when Rome was trying to conquer Britain, they called the British barbarians. They would sweep into Britain with their armies and start building roads on which to move their armies. The British would come out and attack, and then retreat where ever they wanted a road and Rome, in pursuit, would build the road. Finally the British would surrender a small town. And Rome would set a tax collector here and then go home. Well, the Britains would not pay the tax. And back Rome would come and build more roads and bridges. London was one city that the Romans came into. And the people left before they came in. And after they left, the people would come back in and cut the heads of the tax collectors and forget about Rome. But when you read in Roman literature, that the Huns were barbarians, the British were also barbarians. That just meant that these people wouldn’t submit to Roman rule.

Now, Attila the Hun was a German and yet the Romans said he was a barbarian who rides tall in the saddle. But under his rule the Germans built large cities. People owned their farms. And they supported their soldiers who protected them. They were probably raiding those who surrender them but the fact was that the Romans called the Germans under Attila, savages. Because they fought the Roman soldiers with their golden helmets, who of course in the eyes of Rome, were civilized. But when they sent out St. Antasasia and then St. Augustine, they went into Britain and they said:--’these people are not barbarians. They even have the Gospel. They even have Christian churches in their land.’ You see, it was not until the third century when Constantine had conquered Rome after seeing the sign of the Cross---’By this sign we conquer’---that the church became free, government sanctioned institution and the Christians could come out of the Catacombs of Rome. And the church was no longer persecuted. But in the days of Nero, they burned Christians at the stake; had them fighting beasts and gladiators in the Coliseum. And even the Apostle Paul was thrown into the Coliseum at Rome and at Ephesis to fight the beasts or the Gladiators. But in Britain at that time, the church was free and Christianity spread quickly.

The Apostle Paul, when he fought the beast and then the gladiators, met some passivists and he said:--’Have ye resisted unto blood?’ So remember that those of Judah who moved with Israel came into Europe and settled into what is now Germany and they were called the Goths. And these people were never Barbarians anymore than any of Israel were Barbarians. This was just a term Rome used when anyone did not bow and join them. The Romans had already invaded Britain two times when on the third time, St. Augustine went with them. And he found that the Britains were not barbarians. In fact, they had the Gospel and the church had always been free. St. Augustine said:--’this is a strange thing. But I find here the Gospel and fine churches. Altho they do not have the doctrines of our church, still they are fine Christians. I find fine buildings and civilized people. We are conquering them---for civilizations sake???’

Then St. Augustine went into the areas of the Huns and he said:--’I find that the Huns (Germans) are not as civilized as the British. But they are not barbarians as such. They do have cities. And they do have agriculture.’ And missions were established there from Britain. Attila had so many legions, he had even some British in his legions. And he came almost to the gates of Rome. Almost thru the city. But the stories of the barbarians in Europe came out of Rome who thought that anyone not a Roman was a Barbarian.

So the people of Judah became the Goths of Germany and they heard the Gospel and became Christians very, very quickly. And the Princes of Germany were the defenders of Western civilization, stopping the hoards of Asia from coming in. In fact, they are the ones who led the troops who defeated the hoards of Genghis Khan as they came west. So many of the Judah kingdom went out with Israel in 721 B.C., and they were the Goths and they took their place on the East in Germany.

Remember that YAHWEH said in the book of Jeremiah:--’I will make a New Covenant with the house of Judah and with the house of Israel. I will put My spirit in their hearts.’ And now these of the house of Judah and the house of Israel would be Christian. This became a fact. And Christianity was older in Britain than it was in Germany by a little bit. But in Rome, Christians were still being killed and persecuted up until the time of Constantine. And then only the tribe of Gad was basically Christian in Rome. But actually Christianity had a firm hold on Germany before it embraced the Roman Empire.

Now, in 70 A.D. when Titus the Roman was back in Jerusalem because the Jews refused to pay their taxes, remember that the people of Israel had left that old land before 70 A.D. and had migrated into Europe. Then came in as the Normans and the VisGoth. They were permitted by Titus the Roman to pass thru Roman territory. And they came---and they fought at times, as the VisGoth joined with the Goth of old. But these later ones were also of the tribe of Judah. And these VisGoth coming in also had the Gospels. And they helped spread Christianity.

In the book of Zechariah, it talks about the people of Judah. How they would have a governor who would devour the people round about. And in that day the LORD said He would smite every horse and his rider. So we find at the battle of Mons in W.W. I, when the armies of the Germans and the Scottish Highlanders faced each other---here you had the flower of the German Cavalry facing the Scottish Highlanders in battle. There would have been a big destruction of White Christian civilization as far as their warriors were concerned. And then across this battlefield suddenly YAHWEH made visible to the Germans and the Scottish Highlanders a great host of white robed warriors,---30 of 40 feet high standing shoulder to shoulder across this plain between these two armies. Well, they could hardly believe their eyes. And the German Cavalry stopped. The horses cried out and they would not move. And the Germans retreated from the field. This battle was stopped because the horses were blind. And they had to shot over 8000 horses. But that is what the scripture says:---’In that day, I will strike the horses of Judah with blindness.’(Zech. 12:4) This is another way to identify where Judah is located---in Germany.

Then there is another way for this identification from the scriptures. It says:--’I will make a governor of Judah like a house of fire among the woods, like a torch of fire in the sheath, and they shall devour all the people round about, on the right and on the left.’ (Zech. 12:6)---Now, here in the book of Zechariah it talks about Jerusalem, the holy city. But it is not talking about old Jerusalem in that sense. This is a new Jerusalem which shall be witnessing in God’s Kingdom for ‘All of ye are living stones which grow into a Holy city, a Holy Temple unto thy God.’ --Now, all the white race are Israel and all by this time have left the land of Palestine and settled in Western Europe, having moved on over into this country. And He said:--’I shall make the governor of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood.’ Alright now, you have one governor who is able to stabilize all the house of Judah. He was able to stabilize Austria, Czechoslovakia, Germany and Prussia. Say what you will then, Hitler was the governor that was able to devour or gather all the people of Judah round about. There was a reason for this, because organized Jewry had divided up Judah. One thing you can say for Hitler, he was loyal to his own people. He was for Germany first, last and always. We could use a few leaders like that in America today, then we would have something to shout about. But Jewry forced Germany into war. And forced Poland into war because the Jews were masters in their governments. Poland then gave an ultimatum to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia (3 little Israel states) three days before Germany invaded Poland. They had killed German nationals in Danzig on Christmas Eve just before this. And had in July, killed more German citizens as they were going to church to a High Mass. They had assured Germany that it would never happen again, but kept it up. And finally Germany said stop it or else. And Poland said:--’Attack and be damned.’ All this is on record. (Dr. Swift had all the official records which he had brought back from Washington D.C.)

You see,--at the treaty of Versailles, it stated that in 20 years there would be a free election in the city of Danzig to see if the people wanted to go back to Germany. There was to be a free Corridor from Germany to Danzig. In otherwords, the land of Germany had been divided up and when the 20 years was up, Hitler’s government asked for that promised free election in Danzig and the corridor which also was to have the right to return to German rule. This was refused, but then it had been set up at Versailles this way---so as to have an excuse for World War II.

So Germany attacked Poland and Russia moved to attack Finland and grabbed off some territory there as well. Remember that the Polish government was in the hands of the Jews and they helped Russia. And when it was over, Poland was a satellite of the Soviet Union. But the governor who devoured those round about was Hitler. And there has never been one like him since. (Zechariah 12:6)

Now, in scripture it says that Jerusalem shall be inhabited in her own place, even in Jerusalem. This is talking about the whole structure of the house of God. This is talking about conditions for the end of the age. The book of Zechariah had different paragraphs and they are separated in the text. But in here they are set in chapters and sometimes these paragraphs don’t always go together.

But we are told that God is to save the Tents of Judah first. And the Glory of the House of David and the Glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem and do mighty things so that the others of Israel do not magnify themselves against Judah.

Now the fact is that a portion of Judah was in the king line of the house of David. This was an everlasting covenant. The king line of David was to remain in power as long as there was a sun, moon, and stars. God had promised this to David. But He also promised to make the green tree the dry tree. Back in the days when Nebuchadnezzar had captured the city of Jerusalem, he took the king--Zedekiah and his sons and had them killed. Then Jeremiah took a tender twig which describes Tea Tephi--the daughter of Zedekiah--this was the tender twig of a high Cedar tree---and transferred this daughter to Egypt and then to Ireland and married her to Herromon the king of Ireland, who was also of the Davidic line, an Israelite of the Zarah line who had migrated there a long time before. And remember these people in Ireland had been there for a very long time. And the Green tree of Judah and Benjamin in old Palestine became the Dry tree. And the Dry tree of Ireland became the Green tree of prophecy. But the areas of Joseph would now be where the Green tree lives. And God said:--’I shall water her and scatter her over all the world.’ And we discover that this was the British Empire which He watered and she spread out over the oceans. But from Ireland to Scotland and then to Wales went this Davidic king line now ruling in the land of Joseph. (Ezekiel 17)

Some of Judah did settle in Scotland, but most of the Scottish people are not necessarily Judah. But Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, Czar Nicholas of Russia, and King George of Britain were all first cousins at the time of World War I. So the king lines who ruled over the nations of Israel at the time of World War I were from this lion, or the house of David as well and the throne of David is to remain in the house of Joseph until Christ comes to take it. But these rulers of Israel knew who they were. But did not understand quite all the prophesies because the Kaiser wanted to build a palace on the Mount of Olives until Jesus came to take the throne. He was a Christian, but you do not hear much good about the Kaiser today. Because the Jews wanted to chop him up into bits and pieces and make him a monster. But this is the way of Jewish propaganda. If they can’t win, they scream. But we sometimes have a tendency to think that if we don’t rule everyone else, then they are barbaric. The fact is we were in the wrong war twice, on the wrong side. Just remember that Germany is Judah. And she stands on the East between the house of God--to the Westward--and the Soviet Union on the east. The eastern half of Germany and in fact, the eastern of Europe is now behind the Iron Curtain as the scripture said she would be. They are persecuted as Christians. Hungary almost overthrew the Soviets at one time, but they were betrayed by the rascals in our own State Department. We have intelligence workers behind the Iron Curtain. And when Hungary arose to throw off the yoke, we told her we would send in barges and weapons on the river. And a great company of Christians came down to unload these barges. And when they threw back the tarp to unload the guns, there were Russian soldiers in the barges and they mowed down the Hungarian people. Some escaped but not many. This was a betrayal right out of this country or else the Soviets had so penetrated our planning that they were able to seize out ships and barges. Mr. Eisenhower thus did not do anything about it. He said we will send you bandages but not bullets.

Now, Germany is Judah and the Jews know it. They expect us to fight to defend Germany in this end of the age. Our first responsibility is to the White man. And there are enough Germans in America and other countries who will cry out that we have to save Europe first.

Now, this questioner said that since the kings came from Judah, then Judah is more likely to be England, isn’t it?---But--no.--England is part of the house of Joseph. But the king line of David is now in the land of Joseph.--Judah and the Davidic line of Judah rules in Ephraim. But the main part of Judah is Germany.

QUESTION:--Why do you stress Germany so much?

ANSWER:--Well, because it is part of the Adamic race. It is Christian. And Germany was so important as the German Princes turned back the hoards of Genghis Khan. If this had not been done, there would have been no Western Civilization.

This is all in the prophecy, of the Empires or Kings who would come against Israel civilization, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Rome then Genghis Khan, financed and directed by the Jews of Venice. This was the 7th. And the 8th is out of the same area, the same people, and directed by the same ones. This 8th was World Communism and Germany played an important part in the 7th and will do the same in the 8th.

When Queen Isabella of Spain was financing Columbus in 1492, the Turko Mongols had come into Spain. And they were still fighting in Spain, and finally Isabella drove them out. And there had been skirmished in Hungary and Rumania just before this. Martin Luther and the Pope had called a halt to their dispute so as to fight the Mongols coming in. Martin Luther said that these Jews should never be allowed to join the church, for they will make the church the fold of hell. They have no faith. They do not believe in Christ. The Jews should be gathered up by the Princes of Germany, stripped of all they have stolen from the people, and driven out of the country. I can show you this in Martin Luther’s words. These are the facts. This fighting the Jews started long before Hitler. Thus the people of Germany are Judah as those also of the house of David in England.

It was the German Prince who went into Russia and destroyed the last of the rule of the Khans and then took Moscow. And they established the throne there. And made a German Prince the Czar of Russia instead of the Mongol Khans. They then brought Germans and other Israelites in to settle in the Russias. And they had about 4,000 German troops around this ruling German Prince and their army fanned out and from there they took the Ukraine. And finally broke the power of the Mongol Khans. And Russian was then ruled with a Christian Prince up unto the time of the Red Revolution. This ruling Prince was also tied into the throne line of Britain as were all the throne lines of Israel. It was not until Jewry led the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, that Russia fell again into anti-Christ hands. But remember that it was Jewry from here in America that financed the Red Revolution, such as Kuhn Lobe and Co. of New York and the Warburgs of here and in Germany. Those people. And they murdered the White Christian Royalty of Russia. Some of the minor status people of that regime made it out of Russia and came into this country. And our State Department allowed the Russian Khruchev to harass them when he came over here. Even tho they were by then, American citizens. But that just goes to show you how far down the line to Socialism our administration has gone.

Now, as the Red Revolution came, the Mongol hoards came back into power and they kept sowing Mongols into Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, which they had taken until today the majority of the people of Russia are mainly Mongols or Asiatic or Jewish blood. The Kazars are of course, mainly Asiatics converted to the Talmudic pattern of Jewry. But remember this. Jewry, with 3 million people, runs the Soviet Union of today. The German Princes were murdered or driven out, these who were basically of Judah and Slavic seed. And the Mongols once more took over to be the 8th to come against Western Civilization. This is the last. This world communism is their political system and it is to end and go into destruction.

So today you find still, the tribes of Israel by their symbols in the same line up as they marched back in the wilderness around the tabernacle. On the East, is the House of Judah (Germany), Zebulun (Slavic nations), on the right of Judah, and Issachar (Finland), on the left of Judah, but like the Slavic nations, still on the East. On the West is the House of Ephraim (Britain), Manasseh ( U.S.), and Benjamin (Iceland), all on the West. On the North is Dan (Denmark). And with Dan is Asher and Naphtali (Sweden and Norway). And on the South was Reuben who finally moved further north into Holland, and Simeon (Spain) and Gad (the Lombards of northern Italy).

While Russia was attacking Finland, F.D.R. said:--’The Russian bear will never change his spots. Little Finland will fight and die. But we will assist them against the hoards of Russia.’ But when the Jews put the pressures on, then we didn’t do so much. And the ones who helped Finland was Germany. As Russia attacked Finland, then Germany was free of the pact she had signed with Russia. Germany had made a deal to occupy Holland until the war was over. And the Queen sailed for England. But when the German planes came in, the Jewish officers turned the machine guns on the Germans. And that started the war in Holland. This was the reason why Germany bombed Rotterdam after notifying the people to get out. This was the city of the Diamond merchants. And the Germans destroyed it. This is just a few of the records and stories of W.W. II. But remember today that our battle is against Communism. And both Germany and the United States are White and Christian. And they will fight together, as will Spain and the other nations of Israel.

Now, we have had the sign of the ‘son of man’ in the heavens February 4, 1962. We have passed the time of the beginning of tare time. And we have come to the time of the abomination of the desolator who stands in the Holy place. This shows us that we are in the end time or in the last days. You will have increasing catastrophes, Negro riots. And anything Communism has its hands on will increase as they try to destroy Christian America and Western Civilization.

Now, there may be a lot of Willie Nellies in the cities and the churches. But the White man will stand--shoulder to shoulder against the Negro and the anti-Christ. For there is this pride of race which is planted deep in the hearts of men. We must not sell Germany short, for we will need every German as the hoards come against White Christian Civilization once again.

(End of tape)