02-14-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---(tape)When Saul went to the Witch of Endor, wasn't it Samuel she raised up? Wasn't she a spiritualist?

ANSWER:---Well, when Saul went to this Witch of Endor he had been told that he was not to go to the witches or sorceress, etc. Remember at that time that Saul was being replaced with David. Saul had done quite a lot of things which were wrong. And he had already passed under the chastisement of God. But he came to Samuel the prophet who had acted as a guide to Saul. Then Samuel passes away and was in the plain of spirit. and now in his stubbornness and defeat, Saul was meeting problems. So he called on Samuel, but doesn't get any answers. So he goes to the Witch of Endor. But she wasn't spiritual. She always brought up familiar spirits. These familiar spirits are not the children of God. The spirits of the children of God are never called back by a medium of evil spirits. The Witch of Endor was a witch. She served Lucifer. So when she went into her trance, as many mediums do, than a familiar spirit, a type of Luciferian, was to come forth. But of course, they are duplicates. A familiar can take on the appearance of anyone who ever lived on earth. So familiar spirits are summoned up by Mediums and people will say:--'Oh, that's my brother, or that's my cousin.' And this is where spiritualism gains its influence. These familiar spirits appear and generally they know enough about the individual that they can answer questions, and they always lead astray.

One way to tell if you have an evil spirit that has been raised, is to ask them if Jesus Christ is the body of God, or is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA the name of God. Or is YAHWEH God embodied and that familiar spirit will curse and scream and the meeting will break up. This is the last time they will tell you that they are bringing back one of your loved ones or anyone else.

Well, when Saul came to the Witch of Endor, she went into her trance to call up a familiar evil spirit. But God pulled one on her and sent Samuel instead. This really scared her. And she almost went out of her mind. And she cried out. She didn't expect to raise Samuel, but when Samuel came and she couldn't make connections with the evil spirits, she was ready to flee with terror. But Samuel spoke to Saul and told him that he had displeased God and the judgements had come upon him. And Saul finally fell on his own sword. But the Witch of Endor was just as much a witch as the Mediums with evil spirits of today. Some ask:--is all spiritualism evil? We feel that the majority of spiritualism is evil, but there are some people who have physic phenomena that does occur. But most all those who raise up someone similar to lost relatives are evil spirits. But always, we discover that they will never stand for the acknowledgement of Christ. Will turn to blaspheme and that identifies them quickly. There is no question about the spirit of them who have lived in the earth, have returned into the plain of spirit, may serve as ministering spirits or guardian angels, and they may even seem to guide the house of God. But they don't do it thru the medium. They may use the influences, they may give you intuition, and guide your spiritual nature because they are in the plains of spirit and have full capacity in spiritual plains to make contact if they so desire. But it will never be done by a medium and never by this process they are using. I think that answers that question.

QUESTION:---(tape)This is a question about the grafting of the Olive Tree---Explain this in Romans. Who are they, being grafted in?

ANSWER:---Well, the Olive branches are Israel. The Olive tree is marked as Israel. When we find the Olive tree or branches used anywhere in heraldry it is the mark of Israel. The Olive Branch is on the heraldry, seal of every white Christian nation in the world today. So all Israel is known as the Olive branches. Therefore when it talks about the Olive Branches and grafting them back into their own tree, remember, that Judah and Benjamin as well as the ten tribes went into captivity but they were all still Olive branches. But since the House of Israel went out from the center leaving only Judah and Benjamin behind, then Judah and Benjamin were a little bitter against Israel. But the fact remains, they were still all Olive Branches. But Jerusalem was called the true center.

So the House of Israel had gone into captivity, had been absorbed somewhat by pagan nations philosophy altho they traditionally held a spiritual center of truth. They did hold to the ancient patterns and traditions, and in some areas there was influence of pagan customs that they had passed thru. But Israel was still Olive branches. Judah and Benjamin had gone thru their captivity and come out of course, the design was for them to go back and rebuild the city of Jerusalem. So they went back and a mixed multitude joined them. And that mixed multitude came out of Pergamos where Satan's seat was long after Babylon was overthrown by Medo-Persia. So organized Jewry which had controlled the mystery of Baalism inside of herself, with their vestal Virgins and apostasy, these Jews were devils, always they were devils. They were in control of the religion of Baalism even when Nebuchadnezzar was on the throne. Of course, they persecuted Israel, but always they worked to change the religion of Israel to their Talmudic philosophy. And when Judah and Benjamin went back to Jerusalem, after their captivity then the Jews from Pergamos, the place of Satan's seat, they had lots of money and thus they controlled from there even the Roman Empire to a great extent. So in this area of strategy, none of these were Israel at all, only Benjamin and Judah were Israel. So as they were rebuilding Jerusalem, they were involved in wars. And then the Maccabees and others battled. And these battles were between true Israelites and false Israelites that came in to try to change the areas of their worship and change it to the thinking of the Sadducees, reincarnationist, Asiatics, and so forth.

So by the days of The Christ, the Asiatics had taken over the temple at Jerusalem. But the Israelite temple had been destroyed some years before this and Herod's temple had been built and overlaid with gold and so forth.

Now, when Nebuchadnezzar had captured Zedekiah and his killed his sons, and Zedekiah's daughter was taken by none other than Jeremiah, to Egypt and on up to Ireland. There she married Herramon the ruler of Ireland, who was a direct descendant of Jeroboam and the House of David whose blood was in Jeroboam. Then we discover that the House of Israel has always had to some degree the blood of the House of David over them. And now we discover that this is intensified as the daughter of Zedekiah, the direct descendant of the King line is married to the King of Ireland, and from Ireland to Scotland to Wales, goes the throne. But God had said in the book of Ezekiel, that HE would dry up the 'Green Tree' and cause the 'Dry tree' to flourish. But God was always grafting---moving back into the Olive tree--His Olive branches wherever He kept the Kingdom (headquarters). And the ten tribes of Israel were considered 'wild 'olive branches because they hadn't been in the true center at Jerusalem. But he said he dried up the 'Dry tree' and caused the 'Green tree' to flourish. So God therefore speaks of the Olive Tree and the grafting back of all the branches into the Olive tree.

Now, let me point this out (Romans 11:25),--"I would not have you ignorant brethren of this mystery, lest ye be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the tribes come in."

So what is the fullness of the tribes come in???--Listen to verse 24:--"For if thou wert cut out of the Olive tree which is wild by nature and wert grafted contrary to nature into a good Olive tree"---(this is speaking of the tribe of Gad; here he was talking to the Romans---the Christians being grafted back into their own Olive tree)---Now, how much more these which be the natural branches be grafted into their own olive tree?' In otherwords, Judah and Benjamin with Benjamin remaining with Judah all those trying years, of course, Jeroboam came to the throne and he listened to the Jewish advisors they brought in, the Cainanites who created the trouble between the tribes of Israel to begin with. So I want you to see here, that the wild Olive branches were grafted back into their Olive Tree. So a good Olive branch---how much more shall these natural branches then be grafted in. "I would not have you ignorant brothers, lest ye be wise in your own conceit, because blindness in part has happened unto Israel until the fullness of the nation of Israel are brought in." This is what this word Gentile means---until all the Christian nations, those that were then considered pagan nations, or were considered pagan nations by Judah and Benjamin because they were living in Western Europe. But as these accepted the Christ, they were grafted back into the Olive tree. They had to be Olive branches to be grafted into the Olive tree, and thus all Olive branches are Israel. But as these Olive branches are grafted back in---so was Judah and Benjamin grafted back into the Olive tree. So the grafting back of the Olive branches was the saving of Israel or the Nations of Israel.---'All Israel shall be saved.'---'I will take away the ungodliness of Jacob.'---you see in this area again prophecy is following that course.

Now, blindness in part happened to Israel, but this wasn't as to who God was, for they knew this before the embodiment of God. They called on Odin because Odin served Thor who was like the Mighty God of the Heavens, like the Shepherd with the staff, like the Jupiter with a club, like all these figures. Always Israel believed in a Supreme God, and the plains of spirit where they would ride in the Valkyrie riding in the heavens. This all came out of the pattern that "Ye are Gods, and all of you are the children of God." Actually, our forefathers weren't as pagan as you might think even when they were in the days of their wandering. Among the Anglo-Saxon household the Priesthood continued on down for many, many centuries. In fact clear up to the days when they were battling Rome, for Christendom had already been established there. They still held the tradition. the Druids still held to the rites of the Old Mystery Schools. And Merlin the magician had the breast plate of Israel, wore it on his chest with the 12 stones as the High Priest wore them, and the Urim and Thummim also. So you see all this was a tradition carried on down.

So when God said therefore that the wild Olive branches were to be grafted back into the tree, and the other branches of Judah and Benjamin to be grafted in, they knew who their God was to some degree. But they had forgotten who they were. This is still true today. You go thru these Christian nations today and they all recognize the right God. They recognize that YAHWEH came down here as YAHSHUA or Jesus. But they will fight you when you tell them that God only had one people. If they have to read the Bible instead of taking one verse from which they straight away depart, they will fight you. So you turn here in Romans and it says:--'I would not have you ignorant or blind in your conceits because blindness in part has happened unto these nations until the fullness of these nations has come in.' Then the next verse--'And so all Israel shall be saved as it is written.' --- How?---By blindness in part which has happened to Israel until the nations come in. The nations (Gentiles) which are wild by nature, are grafted back into the tree, the Holy Spirit took them right back into the Olive tree which is Israel. It tells you that they were Israel all the time altho as Paul says:--sometimes you were aliens but now brought back, and therefore this grafting back into the Olive tree is Israel being saved because verse 26 tells us all Israel----All Israel----shall be saved. And there shall come out of Zion (the Kingdom)--a deliverer. And shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob. This is my covenant with them. I shall take away their sins. This is the immediate process. Then---'Therefore the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. For as ye in times past have not believed in God, yet now obtained mercy, even so have these also now, not believing---that thru your mercy, they also may obtain mercy. For God hath concluded them all in unbelief that He might have mercy upon all. O' the depth of the riches, both of wisdom, and knowledge of God. How unsearchable are His judgements and His ways, past finding out. For who hath known the mind of YAHWEH? And who hath seen his counsellor?

Now, over in Ephesians, it speaks of this again:---'We have obtained our inheritance in HIM.' Of course this was before the foundation of the world. The grafting back of all the Olive branches is the grafting back of the Ethene or the nations of Gods Kingdom.

Now, translation does suffer some violence. In otherwords, the translation of the King James Version under the effective efforts of Jewry, in the attempt to cover it up, they transposed some areas of and certain words in the writings of the Apostle Paul. But they still can't cover up the depth of it for it overlaps and overlaps thru the various epistles. Lots of time's they say Paul said this, but it wasn't in the original text or the Alexandrian version. So Paul didn't say it. In the King James Version, they worked out of the Vulgate and the Septuagint. And when they got thru with those two versions, then there was as many changes made as there had been in the King list of the Septuagint and Vatican version. When they translated the King James Version, they made even more errors than the Vatican Version contained. Altho the Vulgate didn't contain anything about limbos or purgatories, these were inserted by church officials. These things were sowed in by Jewry, in about the second and third centuries when they joined Christianity. Again, even in the Douay Version, it said that the grafting of the natural branches of Israel which had remained loyal to the MOST HIGH GOD shall not hinder the wild Olive branches of Israel from being grafted back into their own tree.

QUESTION:---But the preachers say that these are gentiles.

ANSWER:---Well, the word Ethene is translated as gentile, but it means nations. You don't graft pagan nations onto the household of God. They don't fit.

QUESTION:---They think they are right.

ANSWER:---Well, I don't know what they think, but I do know that they won't accept the Gospel of the Kingdom. They can't explain away the things in the New Testament tho. These things get in the way of their works when they try to. They have no point of return. See?

QUESTION:---In the Lammas Version it says in the heading, that the Jews and the Gentiles united.

ANSWER:---Well, you see, Lammas--a few things he knew that were in Aramaic, he put those in his scripture. I have a Lammas Bible here, and another in Aramaic too. The thing is, the words were not Jew or Gentile. If any word there denoted Judah, it would be Judean. But this didn't denote that it talks about Israel and the word Judean isn't even there. It talks about the wild branches of Israel and the domesticated branches of Israel, which had been under protection all this time. And all of them are grafted back into one Olive tree. This is why there is no way to decipher it any other way. Because you go back to the Alexandrian version and you see where God speaks of the transference from the 'green tree' to the 'dry tree'. But this is just a continuation of one tree, and here the Olive branches were just grafted back to their own Olive tree.

QUESTION:---Does this have anything to do with the joining of the two sticks?

ANSWER:---No. Nothing.--The two sticks don't have any inference on their faith, their religion. The two sticks are the House of Joseph and the House of Judah. And He said in the latter days He would take these two sticks and make them One in His hand. Then like a big shalalie, they are going to trim the anti-Christ. But HE says--they will be one stick in MY hand then they will go after the rascals. This is the Germanic nations and the Anglo-Saxon nations, the House of Judah and all his companions, and the House of Joseph and all his companions. They will be one stick in MY hand just before the final battle. Actually, if you want to see who your best ally is, turn to this weeks World News and it tells you that America's best ally, the most dependable allies are Germany and Spain. Of course Spain is Simeon, and these two countries are thoroughly dedicated to destroy communism. England is backing up and trading with the enemy. The people are crying out against their government. But here it is speaking of Western Germany because she stands solidly by the United States. And strangely, a country we defeated like Japan in Asia, is quite loyal to the United States also, because we have treated her well. And it says:--if we have to fight a war against the Soviet Union, that these nations will hold Europe and send troops into the areas we have been fighting in. So you have Germany and Israel United States joining hands. Whereas the government of England isn't so good. They don't let the Queen have much to say. And the people don't have much to say because of the Socialism of their government. So what you have is for the largest nation of the House of Joseph, and the House of Judah to stand together at this time. Austria is a Judaic household. Most of the eastern part of Europe is a part of the House of Judah or under the control of Judah. For remember, Judah headed the House of God to the East. So you have Issachar (Finland) and Zebulon ( the Slavic people ). And they lie on the East with Germany. You have the same marching pattern everywhere God transplanted Israel for the latter days. And they are more or less in the same positions, around the temple---Westminster Abbey---as they were around the House of God to the eastward in Old Jerusalem, and in their wanderings.

QUESTION:---Is there any indication of the feeling of Germany now toward the Jews?

ANSWER:---Well, they plan my tapes underground. But the Germans have to appear very repentant for what was supposed to have happened to the Jews. And the Jews control many areas of industry over there. Even tho Germany has with her inquinity and technology and determination, came back, still, the Jews economically moved in. But the Germans don't like them any more than they did before the war. Secretly they are building, building. In twenty-four hours the mighty Krupp plants can throw off the veil and be the largest military establishment in Europe because they are much larger than they were before the last war.

Now, the development of steel---the Ruhr is growing again. But they have to be very, very careful. And they have to be just like they were when they rolled back the doors and hit Poland in twenty-four hours. Poland had it coming; should have been destroyed as a nation. Poland had forced Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia to surrender to them. They committed atrocities against the Germans in the corridors, and in the free city of Danzig; murdered them at their Christmas Eve Mass as they were celebrating. Because the Jews ran Poland and the Soviet Union, and were actually in league with the Soviet Union. We gave an ultimatum to Germany and the Treaty of Versailles said in 1918, that in twenty years that they would hold a free election in the city of Danzig to see whether that city would want to return to Germany. It was filled with German cities, and they had a free corridor all the way from Danzig to Germany.

Now, the people in the corridor also had an opportunity to vote to see if they wanted to return to Germany. And this whole big area of Germany had been given to Poland after W.W. I. The Poles were not true Slavs. There is a lot of Mongolian blood in Poland. There are a lot of Poles who are Slavs and they are religious. They never left the Catholic Church or the Polish Orthodox Church, whereas these other Poles were Asiatics and they dominated the scene. Jewry controlled Poland and when they murdered these people in 1938, then they hit again hard on Christmas Eve and then Germany sent a telegram to the Polish Government saying:--'We demand immediate reparations. We demand that you never touch a German again.' Poland's answer was that they would do as they pleased. Germany sent another message demanding immediate reparations, and a talk with the ambassador of Poland or they would attack. Poland replied:--'Attack and be damned.' So one of the most famous messages on the face of the earth came thru to the High Command in Germany. And when they got this message, Germany went right out to the Council of Britain and America.---as to an autograph album---on the end of this return statement from Poland, and she had all the council sign their names as a direct answer that they had seen this. And before they knew it, the Blitzkrieg was on. And they rolled across Poland like a knife thru hot butter. Poland had thousands of Cavalry. I think they had 90,000 horse cavalry and they thought this force the most powerful in the world. In fact, I think England and some of the others thought it was because they didn't know anything about a Blitzkrieg was. But it could move faster and could maneuver faster. And Germany thus moved thru them like a knife thru hot butter. In two weeks, Port Chester was being bombed by a pocket battleship, and fell in three days. One port after another was conquered by Germany.

Now, this is why Jewry had attempted to start this war. Jewry controlled Poland. The Jews had been driven out of Germany because they weren't allowed to control the economy anymore. The Jews went into Austria and Czechoslovakia and they tried to stir these two countries against Germany, saying Germany will kill all six million of us. I can go into my library and bring out a Jewish year book 1938, and it says:--Jews in the world, 16 million. I can bring out the world almanac a few years before. And it says there are 13 million Jews in the world. Now the year the war ended, the World Almanac said:--(this is the amazing thing)--it said there were 38 MILLION Jews in the world. So if they killed 6 million of them and yet they bred up to 38 million that quick, they are the fastest breeding race on the face of the earth. Rats couldn't even breed this fast. So the Jews however, in no way were destroyed in Germany. I think Hitler made the same mistake David made. They all came over here, and all they accused Hitler of is what David was told to do. But Hitler never even tried it. They picked all these Jews who were communist agents and locked them up. But I can go to the shelves in my library and produce Jewish books such as:-("Agana"--I don't know about this)--This is the secret army revered in Israeli today.

Now, during the periods when Hitler was coming to power, before the war, the Jews said they would lose their control of Germany if he came to power. They ran the brothels and vices. They were the shippers in the narcotics; controlled all this. And they thought they would lose this control. So the International Jews got together in Switzerland and formed the underground_________('Agana'). And this underground army was all over Europe and they declared war officially on Germany and the Germans know it. Therefore (this underground army) killed the Burgomaster. They used hypodermic needles. Put poison in their milk bottles on their front porch. They killed officials who were politically thinking about a change. Anyone who spoke out in favor of the Nazis, they killed. This was before any war; before any trouble. They set fire to the Reighstag and blamed it on the Germans. But the Reighstag voted over whelming to try the new government. The Chancellor of Germany at that time was Von Hindenburg. He called Hitler, and said--I will remain as President, but I want you to take over the Chancellory. Hitler said:--'not unless I am elected.' So they held an election and he won overwhelmingly with 3/4 of the vote. So he changed the economy. But even before anything was done about the economy the Jews started the shooting and killing of the Germans. They would just disappear. So I have this book--___________('Agana') telling about how they had killed the Burgomasters; how doctors killed their German patients and so forth. Alright, here is a confession on the part of Jewry that they had declared war. That these scoundrels, rascals, were liquidating the men of Germany. I wouldn't' blame Germany if they had killed every Jew on the face of the earth, because what Germany was fighting was a communist conspiracy. And these Jews were children of the devil anyhow. And they were murdering Germans for several years before they did anything about it. Then the Jews all ran out of Germany screaming they were being killed. But the secret army was kept in Germany and was still fighting in Germany when even 1/2 of the war was over. You see, there were some Germans who were Jews who didn't look like Jews. And they prided themselves on how they got into the army. And some had even gotten close to Hitler and yet were still killing Germans. So what would you do, if they were doing that here?--Of course, they are putting poison in your food because they can get a lot of you that way. Alright now, they have done this in this country. And yet not quite as like they have in other countries.

But the result is that when I take this book published by Jews themselves, and they are praising their heroes who have murdered Christians,--well,--the Germans know this. I have discussed this on my tapes and the tapes go to Germany. See? I have even given them the name of the book and they have gotten it. But the Germans knew this even in the war. They realize now what is going on. In all this lying and conspiracy, this propaganda on Press and T.V. in our nation, the great centers of communication put out all this propaganda. And then they put out a book and they think no one is going to read it buy themselves.

The Urhum was all the Jewish gangsters, Mafia of the world, who went down to take over Palestine. Someone bought a boat, some old destroyers and so forth, and they went down to Palestine. And they had organized about 80,000 of them. And the Urhum was the gangsters of the world, and they have now incorporated them into their army. But the Urhum assassinated Count Bernadott when he went down there from Sweden, for the United Nations. He didn't know the score and thought the United Nations was something great. But they killed him and ran off with his portfolio. They didn't know that he had sent messages into Syria everyday. So the word was getting out. Then they scotched the report coming out of the U.N. But not before some people had copies as we have in our files as to what was coming out as to how the Jews were murdering the Arabs and that the Jews were the aggressors. All of this was from Count Bernadotte.

Remember that the Germans were very angry and people say that the Germans have been taken over, especially the youth. But they just think they have. The National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches, with their leaders---I don't blame Hitler for throwing Menmuller in the hoosegow. I think it would be a good thing if we threw every Christ hating minister in the country in the hoosegow. After all we are a Christian country, yet we have homosexuals in our pulpits, and pervert. And people who don't believe in the deity of the Christ. We have people who stand to contend every doctrine of Christianity. Yet we are supposed to be a Christian nation. So I think these men should be put in a mental hospital if they don't believe in Christ. Why are they on the pulpit? If he doesn't believe in the foundation of the scriptures, then he doesn't have anything to talk about.

The fact is that they did throw this Menmuller in jail. But he was actually advocating a socialist economy and communism. And he was talking about integration and blending all into one heavenly family and acknowledging the leadership of Jewish Rabbis. He was a German clergy. So no wonder the Germans locked him up. Today, we are still suffering from all those areas of propaganda.

What is going to happen?---Germany was building slowly and surely, she needed a police force and my--what a police force. The best on the face of the earth. To hold crime down the Police force just grew bigger and bigger. And then they acquired vehicles. And then they decided she needed a few troops. And then the police force grew into an army and they knew how to fight. And then they had to have more policemen. Today, Germany could throw two million men into the field if she had to.

QUESTION:---What about East Germany? Are those Germans swinging over to communism?

ANSWER:---Well, they have been brainwashed for a good many years. But still they try to escape to the West all the time. They take their lives in their hands to try to escape. The situation is that one of these days there will be a great hue and cry and the Jews are already worrying about this. They are trying to tell us that the Germans are rising. But we just say they are only getting ready to defend themselves against the Russians. And they know the Russians are going to attack. They can tell that East Germany has more troops all the time. People coming across tell them this all the time. There will be a major world war. A mass blitzkrieg of Mongolians will hit West Germany. And probably today a million and one half Jews are back in Germany, but they won't be there when this things starts. Today, we have 54 million white Jews. I say white, but they are Asiatic and have mingled with the white European. The Cainanites, to a degree, are white Jews. And the 54 million white Jews we have in the United States, ---we have of these 54 million in our big cities, seventeen or eighteen million white Jews. They have inside of various cities in Europe, Paris for instance,--several million of these 54 million white Jews. All of the capitals of Europe have several million---tremendous amounts of these Jews. In Brazil there are 700,000 or more with more coming in, of Jews from all over. They own a big beautiful beach down there; 13 blocks of it packed with hotels. But they are actually bordellos. They live there. And it is just an open orgy, they tell you.

In Mexico City, they have taken over. They are even moving into Montana, and into Boise, Idaho, and taken over there also. They took over the city council and all that they can. We in these United States are supposed to have 16 million Jews and we probably do have. But the white Jews are about 54 million of the Jews in the world. The Asiatic Jews in china,--there isn't any telling how many in the total number of Jews in the world.---Yellow, black, and red--. But there are probably about 150 million. In Palestine, well,--I guess, there are more Jews in New York and in Los Angles that there is in all of Palestine. The Jews, ---majority coming into Palestine are mainly Asiatic. And they say that even the religion may change there because of that. There is a few clashes down there because the Asiatic Jews are the ones being put out on the collective farms. And the Negro Jews think they aren't being treated right. They think the white Jews of TeleViv, ought to have to get out and work on the collective farms also. So the black Jews are causing trouble just like out Negroes over here.

How could anyone be happy under communism? But the Jews seem to like it. They have an affinity to it. But the Germans of today, I think, are just biding their time. But this time I don't think they will make the same mistake. The Jews have come in there and demanded reparations just because they are Jews. One man we know of , was a high German Officer and he owned a pharmaceutical house before the war. And some Jews came and took it over claiming they owned it before. And he was just ousted out. This man is now in Missouri. But his family actually had a pharmaceutical house and the Jews claimed their family was killed in the war, so they just took over the house. One day their man was in Long Beach, and he still works for Pharmaceutical Supply houses,--But he came across a Jew and he said:--'Hello. Remember me? You were with a Pharmaceutical house.' And the Jew said:--'Yes. I remember you. Come over to my house and we will discuss old times.' But this man remembered this man was a brother of the Jew who came over to Germany and claimed the Pharmaceutical, saying all his family had been killed and they just gave this Jew the German's pharmaceutical house for reparations. So he turned to this Jew and he said:--'How is your father?' Ans.--'Fine.'--. Q.--'How is you mother?' A.--'Fine. they own an apartment house down at Long Beach.' Then this German said:--'Now let me tell you something. Because you father and mother were supposedly tortured and put to death by the Nazi, and you were put to death by the Nazis then in Germany, they took my fathers pharmaceutical house and turned it over to your brother for reparations.' The Jew said:--' Oh, there must be some mistake.' But this Jew was an American citizen, a refugee who had come in here, and was as 'red' as they come. This is just one example. And I know this German. He was high up in the intelligence sources in Germany before the war.

QUESTION:---Do the Jews control the banking system in Germany today.

ANSWER:---Well, they control the World Bank. They don't have a Federal Reserve System like we do. Powerful Germans do try to hold some of the private banks. But the Jews break the big banks. They broke the bank in Switzerland. They will let their gold deposits lay in there so they can do business. Then suddenly, they withdraw their gold, take it to Israeli and topple the bank. Maybe they leave it for 15 or 20 years and then suddenly pull it out. But some of the powerful people of Switzerland then came to the rescue and took over the Swiss banks and proved that the Swiss banks were good even tho some of the biggest banks in Switzerland went under and had to merge.

QUESTION:---Is there any developed plans that is war comes over there, to reclaim Czechoslovakia again? NATO or someone reclaim them?

ANSWER:---Well, as far as those people in those eastern European nations, those people want out. They would give their eye teeth to get out from under the Soviet Union. Some of the young ones, the reds who have taken over have been promising them power under the Soviet Empire. But the majority of the people want out. Hungary is just so ready. If Hungary could explode today--if they had the weapons, there wouldn't be a communist alive there. Those in power in the U.S. betrayed Hungary. I knew the General of the Underground of Hungary. I knew the plans where they were to come to the canals and get their weapons when the communists were about ready to fight in the streets. The barges were to come down the canals with the submachine guns that the U.S. government had promised them. Out State Department was working a chicanery. We told them we would give them these guns. The Eisenhower people were talking meanwhile, saying we don't want to intervene. But we would help them overthrow the communist yoke if they wanted to try. But there was this night, probably 10,000 men,--top men--who had gathered along the banks of the canals to get these promised automatic weapons. And then they would start their revolution that very night. Well, the barges came down, and they tied them to the docks. Then as they threw back the tarp, the Russians opened up on them with 'tommy guns' sub-machine guns and they killed thousands of the Hungarians, as General Zarkoff also started a 'pincher movement' on the Soviet Union had men stashed in the woods and they brought them out. And they killed thousands of the underground fighters that night. A few escaped. One general escaped and went to his home and then out the back into the vineyard as the Soviet came to his home. They knocked and searched for him. But our State Department betrayed the Hungarians and virtually liquidated that underground.

I sat in St. Louis and talked to this General. And he said suddenly every Jew in his town became a big man. Maybe he ran a little haberdashery over there. Once a tailor, then suddenly everyone of these Jews became high in command when the Soviet Union moved in. After the war, these Jews were the overlords. It didn't matter how small or how big. But the Jews were in communism when it came to Hungary. He said we Hungarians never paid too much attention to the Jews. The Germans tried to tell us about them, but we never bothered them. We just thought they were worshiping in their synagogues. We didn't know they were plotting against us there. But we sure found out.

Now, we had a convention in St. Louis and this man was to speak on "The Talmud." And Fulton J. Sheen was also speaking that night in the other auditorium. So Fulton J. Sheen sent a message to McKelvit that he wanted to see him. That he had a message for him. McKelvit wanted to know if I would go with him. And I said sure I will go. But why? He said:--'this man may not speak Hungarian, and I speak English rather brokenly.' Well, Fulton J. Sheen didn't know whether to speak with me present, but finally he said:--'You are a Catholic and I have to tell you, the command that you are not to say anything in your speech tonight that will look bad for the U.S. Government. Thou shalt not say one thing, that the State Department or the U.S. Government betrayed your people. About the communist being on the barges. In the name of the church, I command you to be silent.'-----This man was frightened of Bishop Sheen. But I said:--'You don't have to be frightened because he is against communist too. But someone in his church has commanded him. But the fact remains that they don't want you, a high Catholic layman of Hungary, speaking out against the U.S. Government. But the agents of this government betrayed you, not the people. Not the government. But the agents of this government. And the people need to know the truth.' So this man began to speak. And as he came to that part about the barges being filled with communists, he began to shake and got quite ill and sat down.

Then he was called to speak in Pennsylvania. And some of the Senate wanted to talk to him. But before he could talk to them, he was killed. The Catholic Church didn't kill him. But some of the Communists did.

QUESTION:---Do you think a lot of the people over there will remember that?

ANSWER:---I don't know. But I don't forget much.

QUESTION:---Well, God won't forget.

ANSWER:---You know that.

(end of tape)