02-16-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:..I am searching for some kind of an interpretation of born of the water and of the spirit?

ANSWER:...It seems that they were getting some kind of information that says this has something to do with baptism. This piece of scripture has nothing to do with baptism. In fact this is based on the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus (John 3). You will remember that Nicodemus was a teacher in charge of a phase of theological instruction in Judea. He was an Israelite and having heard of the teaching of Jesus he wanted to interview Him. Also being a wise man he came to see Jesus at night, and this wasn't cowardice on his part, but instead he was using a little discretion because as a doctor of theology, if he had come in the day time and interviewed Jesus and had accepted His doctrine before others heard it there might have some imputing of his right to teach. So for that reason then Nicodemus came to see Jesus at night and one of the most important things he asked Jesus was concerning how a man could enter into or participate in the Kingdom of heaven. Now when he talked about entering into the Kingdom of heaven he wasn't talking about the general area of theological interpretation of today which generally divides the destination of men into...either heaven or perdition. Then thinks that when a man talks about entering into the Kingdom of heaven he is dying or going into celestial realms. Actually what Nicodemus was asking was: 'how can I participate in the Kingdom of Heaven?' Now the reason that Nicodemus asked this question was because Jesus was preaching..'The Gospel of the Kingdom". Now the great project of God was to establish this Kingdom on earth as it was in Celestial Planes. He wasn't talking about the ultimate destination of a man, determined by his conduct, but as it related to participation in the Kingdom. Thus Nicodemus asked: 'how shall I participate in this Kingdom? How shall I play an active part in the administration of this Kingdom in the earth?' And Jesus said to Nicodemus:.."Art thou a Master of Israel and not know this?" Another question which Jesus might have asked Nicodemus was.. 'Are you a teacher of theology and teach the young of Israel, and yet you do not know this? Jesus said in answer to the question:.."Ye must be born of the Spirit and of the Water."

"Ye must be born of the Spirit and of the Water." The translation imposes this just turned around in John 3:5. Rome changed this translation first then the Protestants did this later and their translation transposed this verse:.."Except a man be born of the water and of the spirit he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God." The latter translation working of course from the documents that Rome had changed, and thus they carried forward the transposed translation. And in fact in some translations they even added on the words 'born again' as in ver 3. (in the margin it says 'born from above')

Jesus said:.."Ye must be born from above and ye must be born on earth. Meaning...'ye must be twice born.' You can go to any lexicon and it makes no difference, for you find that they support this. If you check the original words which were in the beginning in Aramaic and then translated into Greek and into English, you find this is the true translation of what Jesus said.

Thus today we have a whole area of theology built around the translation of several words, and we find that these words appeared 3 or 4 times in different places in the scriptures because this was the way the translators translated these words. And I'll tell you this....they also translated these words this way...on purpose...make no mistake about that. Let us turn to these words of Jesus as He is talking to Nicodemus in verse 3., "Except a man be twice born, or born from above and born on earth, then he would not be able to perceive the Kingdom of Heaven." Then Nicodemus said:.."How can a man be born when he is old? How can he enter the second time into his mother's womb and be born?" Jesus said:..."Verily, Verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of the spirit and of the water he cannot participate in the Kingdom of YAHWEH." The word unsed in the translation is 'enter' but it should be 'participate.' Why? Because the Kingdom belongs to a Royal family of YAHWEH....God. We have discussed this in many Bible Studies but some factors require repetition, so we say again:.....

The Adamic race is the offspring of the Most High God. The word in the Hebrew is..'Bara'..meaning to bring forth issue, thus God had addressed His Celestial children which were begotten in the spirit, in Celestial realms. Therefore this Family of God, the Adamic race, the whole white race which traces their ancestry back to Adam had their existence in the Celestial plane before they were ever born on earth, into this physical world. Thus they were born of the spirit which was Celestial in existence. Along this line we have talked of the areas of dimension's of God's creation. We have 3 dimensions of consciousness..one is spirit, one mind, and one is the physical entity of the senses, recorded in the brain. Also the soul consciousness or ego consciousness is aware of these reactions and allegiances to the senses. So there is three areas of consciousness which are again:..1. Mental, 2. Celestial, and 3. the area out of the senses. Then also there are different planes:..Celestial and Spiritual planes are synthesized out of Light and Light particles. Soul consciousness is a compact pattern of organized energies which we call electronic memories, because they have all been based on recorded experience, or remembered facets of it. When we deal with the physical creation round about then we deal with electrical or electronic forms, for instance....in the days when God spoke to Enoch He told Enoch that the world was made out of Light, out of thought and out of electricity or lightning. This was beyond the physics of Enoch to explain but not beyond the physics of today, because we are well aware that every atom and all the areas of the physical world is made of atomic substance which we call atoms, and they are organized areas of energies. Thus we simplify this as we break down the atom into the nucleus and into the electrons that revolve around the atom. Actually these electrons are little magnetic waves in contained units of energy that hurtles like little balls of electricity around the path of its orbit, the nucleus is the center of this. The Atom is like a little solar system with the energy grouped in the center. The protons are an area of energy, and we then have positive and negative units of electricity, and the proton is the positive unit and the electron is the negative unit of electricity. Then we have what we call the neutron which is found in the nucleus, this is the proton and the electron combined which neutralizes one another and becomes an electronic field. Now there is neither a proton or an electron, but tied in with the nucleus cement of what we call mentoids and other patterns of energy which exist inside the nucleus.

If we were to take circles and dashes and dots and separate them and say this is a neutron, an electron or a proton, the only reason would be so that your mind would separate these into units of electricity. The modern physicists's today in the text book of the University makes dashes, dots, and little rings going around the nucleus, and he is trying to illustrate so that the mind can get an image of the fact that there are particles of electricity that are different from other particles, and that they are revolving around the nucleus like planets in our solar system around the sun. The nucleus is your electrical energy. There are some who think that light and electricity are synonymous but they are not, although they are both waves of energy. There are light particles that travel through space at great speed, and they might be suddenly gathered together into particles of purposeful energy which could be light wave-lengths, but grouped together. Sometimes these masses would form into nebulous masses and maybe of Gas. Then they could be changed again and become other groupings. Thus particles of electronic energy move thru the Universe catalyzing their speed and move much faster than we realize as we speak of them as faster than the speed of light, because even the speed of light can catalyze.

We think we understand the 186,000 miles per second norm of light but this is only an electrical norm for speed of light. Also this is just the norm for the atmospheric pressure at the earths surface with no other resistance except what you would get from hydrogen and nitrogen and other particles of air. There would be much higher velocity except the friction itself slows it down, thus we have no way of stabilizing the speed of light through space, because the resistance does not stay the same. There are some areas which have very light atmospheric's, and some with almost no atmosphere at all, and some areas as tho moving through a vacuum. Speed becomes almost instantaneous when there is no resistance to particles.

We have been given all kinds of ideas, and these are related to Spiritual Law, in things that people have been taught in the pattern of physics. Remember that the Universe was put together by the Master Creator, and He has been doing that forever. There has never been a beginning, and as we say this we mean there may have been a beginning of this planet or that solar system, but the energies and materials from which they came has always been creating and making His universe, and we are now able to learn that there are new groupings and forces that are becoming visible and beyond anything perceived before this time.

With this pattern we talk about the fact that the physical things that you touch, everything that is tangible to you, while your consciousness is inhabiting this physical world, or in this physical body, which is made of composite particles of energy and electricity, all of which we have a chemical analysis for. We have today the process of chemical analysis and we have been able thru this process to break down chemicals and minerals thus we have the study of chemistry and physics. But we know that all the basic elements are organized by groupings of electricity. We know that a hydrogen atom is one electron and one proton, one little unit of electricity going around the sum of the nucleus. So you have a neutron, a proton, a electron, and a mentoid, and then also a hydrogen atom. Some of them are not so stable because of the amount of neutrons involved in the electrons moving around where the neutron cement is not too strong.

So we have these elements and they are all units of electricity. Remember then the words of the Apostle Paul as he was taken out into the celestial plane. He writes in the Apocalypse of Paul more extensively than in even his Epistles, but the Epistles are written on the basis of the knowledge and information originally given to him in the heavens. One of the examples of this in the scriptures:..."Things are not made from what they appear." For the visible things of this world are made from invisible forces or things. You can't see a proton or a micron, or an atom, tho today with modern instruments we can measure a micron. But we can safely say that things are made from what they do not appear to be made of. A few years ago if you had told people that all the synthesis of the physical universe was made out of the same substance as lightning they would have thought you were talking foolish, but this exactly what Enoch was saying. This was what was unveiled to Enoch as God had him travel in a vast space vehicle out into the universe and back again. And Enoch was to write 365 books of spiritual measure and history for you to study. Today you have not one book written by Enoch in your scriptures. There were available at one time.."The Secrets of Enoch", The Pillars of Enoch", "The Book of Enoch", and "The Towers of Enoch", and not one of these are in the scriptures because Rome decided to leave them out. Why? Rome decided that it was better to leave these books out of the scriptures because with the things Enoch learned included in the scriptures they would have upset the areas of doctrine already established by Rome. They threw out many volumes the day the scriptures were Canonized. Then Protestantism did no better because they just accepted what was chosen by Rome, altho they did a better job in some areas of interpretation and responsibility.

I think that it is important that we understand that the dimensions of the physical world is made up of electricity and energy but is held together by law and by fixation and by form. Now light particles are in two periods of synthesis. It is true that when we talk about them as waves of vibration we are partly true, but they have a different wave length. Actually light is the mother of matter and synthesizes it. Now the thought patterns are also particles of energy. We have what we call mentoid energy, and then inside your mind are two kinds of energy. Electronic particles are remembrance, and everything you have heard or experienced, you have had the energy moving around the tendrils of your mind until it becomes memory and settles down. That particle area of thought can be activated by the process of the intellect as it searches and probes backward to reactivate and unravel this memory. The moment that you try to remember this certain thing, those little electrons will move around that nerve tho there may be layers of them, millions of them one on top of the other. This is the mystery inside the soul consciousness that starts this revolving, and when it revolves around it that image of thought is again erected in your mind just like the original experience, so you have in this physical body a great network of very delicate nerves. They relay the messages of the brain which set up the motor control, to every facet of the body. They are the electronic system that relays the idea that causes the molecules to tighten and do the things your mind has directed. You are so used to occupying this house that you don't have to think about what you want to do such as walking, it is almost automatic, yet you have also relayed these impulses down through these fine nerve filaments from a ganglia of nerves that carried the intent. It is that the physical body takes direction from both the subconscious and the conscious mind to make it obey. But it also relays back to consciousness first to the brain and then to the soul the things that it hears, or tastes, or touches. Thus all the patterns of the senses are coming through an electronic system.

You are not only as a body synthesized out of these particles but waves of energy which now pass into a semi new phase, and we have what we call thought forms. These thought forms turn into electronic impulses. When you generate many amps of electricity, and the stronger the catalyst of your thoughts the more amps of electricity you generate. Actually when you are thinking, the amp output can be recorded with these delicate instruments that we have today. Some people have more of an output than others, this may be because they have used more areas of the brain cells in their thinking, and the more they use the more is developed and then there is more brain energy usable for them. This brain energy travels out to produce the impulses of the body as well as other factors. Then there is a ganglia of nerves in the consciousness almost like a third eye which is a ganglia of nerves. This picks up wave lengths of ideas translating it into the ganglia off nerves and bringing this translation into the center of the thought section just like the senses. So this 3rd., eye is bringing in spiritual impulses into a physical mechanism in which it is being recorded and even reasoned by the soul consciousness. The wave length of this area of perception in your race is different than in any other people on the face of the earth. There is a difference in the diameter of the nerve tendrils. There is also a difference in the wave length just as tho these nerves had a fixed wave length of receptivity. Even as a crystal would in a receives set. You don't change the wave length of a crystal, rather the crystal determines the wave length. In the days when we first had radio's the crystal determined the wave length.

The fact remains that nerves have a wave length, and they can receive out of the spiritual realm a wave length vibration, and if you were not tuned to this you cannot receive. The consciousness residing in your body also has an affinity to this...thus there is a difference in the white man and other races, other species, and other backgrounds. That doesn't make them good, bad, or indifferent, but it does make them different from the white man and his capacity to understand spiritual things. The Kingdom of Heaven existed in Celestial realms and the Celestial realm has form just like this physical realms has form. In otherwords, in the light dimension of the spiritual realm which is a wave length of energy, there is just as much solidarity in that wave length as there is to your consciousness in this wave length in which you are now residing, and in which we call the physical dimension or the dimension of electronics.

All of the Universe that we see and as we look thru a great telescope, then it is all like the substance we have in earth. There may be some new atoms out there that we have not discovered yet but they would still be atoms in some form. As far as we can determine by the spectrograph which analyzes the wave length of light, and it does this by grouping substances we have already picked up....you put this band of light in the spectrograph and you get a band of color, and you can tell by the color what the light consisted of. Because, what the light reflected off of, what the sun or burning material was where this light came from...coming up thru this prism will break up into these exact colors that alone have affinity to that atom. So modern technology and modern physics have geared us to even greater understanding of the Universe. We understand that we can analyze by light the substances of the Universe. Therefore there is a relationship between light, between thought, and a relationship between the substances of electronics. But the synthesis itself of these materials is the synthesis of energy and electricity, so don't let that fool you into thinking it is not solid. You can't put your hand into that solid, and you can't put your hand thru that wall either because you don't understand that law at this present time. Now if anyone does remember then please give us a demonstration, for you have experienced this but you just don't remember it at the present time.

The wave lengths that your electrons move around in the nucleus in this body, determines the solidity of this dimension. If we were to step up ever so slightly these electrons it would make a difference in the composition of material to a degree. For instance we are on the border line in our physical body of the capacity to synthesize tissue or to cause it to deteriorate. The speed of the electrons, the whole function of metabolism, the chemical synthesis that goes on...you can feed it, you can add to it...you can go thru the chemical metabolism of it, you go thru the transition of the production of new cells which is also animated with life, and that life is the life of men. The facet of life is a rather fascinating thing.

The spiritual plane is the plane of light and life. The Apostle Paul said:..'I know that if this physical body, this tabernacle, I dwell in which is made out of electronics and is of invisible things, even tho I feel it and I touch it, still it is made out of invisible things. If this body be dissolved then I have another dwelling place, not made by hands, but it is in the heavens, or the plane of spirit.' For this one was begotten by God if it was not made by hands. For God begat His children and they are spirit of His Spirit, and their consciousness or their thought patterns dwelt in the Spiritual realm before they were born into a physical body inside the earth.

Now I want you to realize that no Asiatic was born in the heavens, and then was transplanted into earth into a physical body, for they started here in the earth. When God made this sidereal system the people we know as the Asiatic's were His creation in the earth. They have a spirit which He gave them when He breathed the breath of life into them, but there is a difference in this creation and the white man. The Adamic man..the white man was transplanted from heaven to earth...you are the Elohim. God said unto you in the 82nd., Psalm:..."Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of the Most High." Ye are the offspring, plural deity, multiple seed, like the sands of the sea shore, and the stars of the heavens. Now..He says:..I want you to occupy the earth as I have told you, as I have explained to you before. I sent you down to earth to overthrow the darkness caused by the fall of Lucifer, and you are to set the people of earth free from that darkness.

Now; you are going to say that there were more people than the Asiatic's here on the earth when Adam came. Yes, there were Negroes on the earth as well, for they came in with Lucifer in those days off war and rebellion. They came in from other areas of outer space, they were not adapted here, they were brought in. Always in his violation of Law...Lucifer in his fight against Yahweh-God tries to change every thing. He tries to mutate, mix, mongrelize everything and everyone. He is not a creator, he is a destroyer. He does form things not formed before because he takes two things which have perfect form and brings them together into a single form which is not then perfect, and not as it was in the beginning as God's creation. Even the Negro was much higher in the days of their revolt at the time when they first followed Lucifer and before he mongrelized them with people all over this world, and after they had deteriorated by following Lucifer into whole policies of conduct that were bestial and evil. In fact these were the violation of Divine Law that effected antediluvian civilization before the white man walked the earth. This is why that before God put the Adamic race into the earth, He put the Asiatic or Tungus man back on the earth and told him to repopulate the earth because the earth had already been swept with catastrophe in the past. So the Adamic race also had a responsibility in the earth and this was to repopulate the earth with a Holy seed, with the sons and daughters of God, enveloped with light and with divine destiny. They were not to mongrelize, they were not to mingle lest they mutate this Holy seed. from all the trees in the Garden which were for food they were to eat, but this tree with intellect which knew both good and evil they were not to intermingle. This was a RACE tree which had already violated the divine law, and knew both good and evil. In those days when Adam was first placed in the earth the word was..'Bara'..meaning begat. Adam's physical body was the offspring of the Eternal Yahweh, not forgetting at this point that God was Eternal in Spirit, Soul, and Body. The Man Christ Jesus was the same, yesterday, today, and forever. The strange people we have for Clergy who think that God is dead because He died on the Cross are forgetting that He raised that body from the dead, because His Spirit and His Soul were part of His being. Now this wasn't another being, this was THE BEING..'Before Abraham was, I Am." And before the foundations of the world He was Yahweh the Eternal One. Before Him there was not anything. All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made. This is concerning Jesus, in the Book of Colossians as the Apostle Paul tells you that God Himself told Him this in the heavens. So before you take the word of some theologian, take the word of God, for let every man be a liar, but God be true. The scripture tells us that besides the facts of the mind of God..interpretations, or concepts we sometimes have to find the original patterns of truth because there are areas of errors which are translated into some texts.

Some people really get excited when you tell them that. But let me ask you this....have you known anything that man has touched that he has not hurt it a little or tried to mess it up with a little translation which he wanted to make fit his ideas? Almost always there is some area of Priestcraft involved in this process of trying to extract something out of someone. In order to do this they have to create a little area of fear, that is the reason for the word..'hell'...in their theology. They don't want the translation of Sheol which means grave. "The wages of sin is death." "Death came to all men." Something happened to bring this about, so what was it?

When Adam violated Divine Law as Eve did and cohabited with the same Luciferian fallen society, then Eve was deceived, but Adam violated the Divine law and fell because he didn't want to be separated from Eve, so he lost his Aura or his Light. The loss of his Light decreased the speed of the electrons and he became subject to disintegration, sickness, and death. Prior to that time the velocity of those electrons was higher, the wave of light protected him until you couldn't destroy him for that light gave him immunity. Now that he lost that immunity then came death, and that process passed on to our entire race. However, it did not disallow us the fact that we were still the children of God, the offspring of God. We were synthesized first in the Celestial realm and we existed throughout the ages in that realm. There is no way of telling how long you existed in the spiritual realm. There is no age in the spiritual realms. Time is only a measure of how long you have been here on earth. Spirits may have antiquity as far as time is concerned, but they don't age as far as substance is concerned. The Spiritual substances are incorruptible, immortal, they never take on any area of indestructibleness and every last one of you was born of incorruptible seed. And that which was born of incorruptible seed cannot be corrupted.

Now; when men in areas of Priestcraft tried to create an area of a possible permanent torture for the spirit unto which it would be subject to throughout the ages...this was consigning the spirit of the children of God to a dimension into which the children of God could never get into. Because the spirit is not in the area of the violation of Law. The violation has been in the soul consciousness and in this physical body. Now physical bodies die, but you can't torture it after it is dead. Thus we know Priestcraft wasn't talking of torturing physical bodies after death. Soul consciousness in the areas of its recollection and its stored memories could be activated by experience to see the areas of its error, and be filled with remorse in its imprisonment. This was true with the sons of Adam from the time of their fall until the time when Christ being Crucified went down to the Netherworld and preached to the souls of the Adamites there in prison. And when He resurrected He brought forth from captivity into Glory the many children of Adam, because He was made Captain of their Salvation. He said:..'They being His sons, He brought many sons unto Glory for He was made Captain of their Salvation.'

I go back then and tell you that the change brought about by the fall was not in the spirit, rather it was in the flesh. Now when Nicodemus came to Jesus he said:...'what must a man do to be able to participate in the Kingdom?' Now Asiatic's are never twice born, and that means that they were only born into this world, for this is where they came from. I might hedge a bit on this because some may have been thru a couple of cycles, but there have been no new spirits provided for the consciousness of an Asiatic since the Luciferian fall. But the Asiatic's came not out of the heavens, for they started here as God created them here, and it was good. They don't have to go back to some place else, for this is where they started. No Negro ever was in the Pleadies or the Celestial heavens. He never existed in the spiritual realm, to begin with. There isn't any Spirit in a Negro, instead he has a soulishness. He does not even have a soul such as you have. You can't get anything like a spiritual wave length out of a Negro. They can respond with soulishness to emotions, rythums, drums, anything they can get with the senses. Even to the image of an idea thru the senses, but it doesn't come out of the spirit. Anyone who thinks it does is misinformed. They are the Zombie, the walking dead, as far as the spirit is concerned. And their dead when they die do not know anything at all. That is what the Book of Ecclesiastics says. They are dead until some future date when they are raised by the Grace of God.

But the living when they die. Now you say...how could you be living when you are dead? Because, the spirit of the living never dies, for ABSENT FROM THIS BODY IS TO BE PRESENT WITH THE LORD. Therefore remember this; the spirit you have is an Eternal Spirit, and we are thankful for the Grace of God that made a satisfactory atonement, and consummated the restoration of the right of His Celestial Children to enter back into the spiritual world from whence they came. No man can ascend into heaven unless he came down out of it, and you came down whether you remember it or not, and you probably don't remember. If you remembered all you would like to remember then you would know how to put your hand thru this wall. All you would have to do is step up the velocity of the electrons around the neutrons and you could do this with the spiritual intellect, because it is strong enough to do this.

You say:...How do I know? Well, Jesus gave us a demonstration of this. Jesus walked along and He commanded the winds and the waves to be still. He changed the temperature of all those atomic particles of atmosphere so that they stopped rising and bringing in the fast winds. As the heat made the elements rise the cold air rushed in and they had a storm on the Sea of Galilee, and He cooled down the air and the air stopped rising. He was able to control all the atoms and substances around Him, because He catalyzed His energy. He was the Master of all things, at the same time remember that He could send a wave of energy into the spiritual consciousness to catalyze the energy of people, until it stepped up the synthesis of material, until the blind saw and the lame walked. You say..how was this done? Miracles are done with know-how, by directed energy, by the catalyst of the intense will of the mind of God. This is supernatural because it is above the natural law, all things deteriorate under the natural law. The only way to keep things from deteriorating is to throw a sufficient wave length of energy around it strong enough to stop its oxidation or deteriation. All metal left out in the elements will rust unless you put a film of oil on it.

Everything falls apart unless you care for it. Even a house gets better with age if you add to it all the time, and you synthesis it by the energy right out of you. I'll prove this...you live in a house even if you don't do much to it, and it still stays in good shape, then you move out and shut it up and it goes to pieces in a hurry. The fact remains that if people lived in that house there was energy moving out from them which had an effect on that house, more than you realize. Just like the things I am saying to you being put on the walls. And my how good people will be when they can take things off the wall.

The Ogpu are getting pretty bad anyway, they have listening devices and they have invaded your privacy but one of these days they will just take it off the wall, because everything has impact on everything else. And these vibrations make recordings altho you may never be able to separate them like you can with the sequences of this tape recorder, because as this passes its magnetic head the electrons are being put on that magnetic tape. And these electrons being put on this tape are just like the electrons you are putting in your brain right now if you are thinking of what I am saying and its forming an idea in your mind. You are storing the electrons around those nerve ends or tendrils, you can wipe that message off that tape by moving it over a magnet. But you can move a magnet all around your head and there is living synthesis to catalyze it and you just can't wipe off what is put on by an electron in a persons brain, unless you could step up the amps and blot it out and then you could receive a shock wave which you wouldn't recover from as far as remembering is concerned. This is what they can now do in a hospital with a lazar ray, and you will not have a cut in your head. What I am pointing out here is that these areas of energy and existence..these areas of light and sound are all according to the laws of God.

The more you as sons and daughters call for knowledge, the more you learn. In fact many of these things exist in our consciousness in form.. to some people the idea has to be formed. It all depends on your background, on your comparison in this field. So it is important that you as a people know that you make up the Adamic race and that you were begotten by the Most High God. The physical body of Adam was to start generating the seed out of which the Celestial children would make their entrance into a physical world. And their Spirit and soul consciousness would enter into the physical body. Thus you were born first of the spirit and then of the water.

Now; some churches taught when they were baptizing people that this process made them born of the water. In fact, some of the Christian churches teach this way, so they read it thus:..'Ye must be born of the water and of the spirit." They think that when you went into the water you were born of the water, and when you came up out of it you were endowed with spirit, because you had fulfilled your Faith, thus making you a son of God. But I am going to tell you that no amount of water on the face of the earth will make a son of God out of anyone who was not a son in the beginning. In otherwords no amount of water will make you a child of some other set of parents. You can wash them or leave them dirty but they will still be the child of their parents. So what I want you to understand about this is...that the water baptism is an outward sign of anticipated function of faith, which God Himself promised to consummate. In otherwords, this was being dead, buried, and resurrected with the Messiah, and the spiritual mystery of this institution which would carry His instruction to the people was His church. Since the church is the especially activated group of His offspring in the world today among the nations which came out of His race, we have a spiritual center. These are people who's consciousness is more activated to think the things of God, and the thoughts of God, and therefore seek to do the will of God. They do this because they are flesh of His flesh, bone of His Bone, and Spirit of His Spirit. But they are activated spirits, and the moment they become activated to think and do the will of God then they, because they are a Christed body, start to do the things which are the work of God. And therefore this group is called..HIS CHURCH. Thus the church is the body of Christ in the world today. Therefore why do we call it the body of Christ? Because it is that part of the Christed Children of God that thinkingly and knowingly seeks or strives in part or in all to carry out that which God would do if He walked the earth.

"For ye are gods, and all of ye are the children of God." And the more closely your spiritual consciousness develops, then the more you seek to carry out His will.

I am going to relate this to real tangible factors of living in a little it, but now....you were begotten in the spirit first. You had a Celestial body made of light, it was there in the heavens when God told you what He was going to do when He first wrote your names down in the Lamb's Book of Life. It was there He unveiled the greatness of mysteries to you...it was there He told you what would happen, and even then you were pretty sure you would never do some of these things, for aren't we Elohim, O Father, you can count on us! But He, with His Omniscient knew the conditions and patterns of environments...knew also the advantages that eventually experience was going to do for you. Knew what the great power of His Spirit could do. Knew what the Spirit in you could accomplish. Knew what the synthesis of these things would be. So when you were born into the physical world there was enveloping in the areas of the nucleus, surrounding the whole structure of the embryo ..a membrane filled with water, and this water gave a protective shield to the unborn embryo, and before your birth into the natural world this water broke, and of course then the child was born.

Now; being born of the spirit is to be born of the elements of energy by the synthesis of God's own will, which was a spiritual body before the world was framed. Being naturally born into this physical earth is by process of the synthesis of substance in the womb of your mother and the breaking of water signaling birth.

Now; the other people on earth as well as even the animals have been born of water also, but you cannot become an heir to the Kingdom, you cannot inherit the purposes of God to rule the earth, or to rise and help overcome the Luciferian forces, or to resume the responsibilities of a son or a daughter of God, unless you are and always have been a son or a daughter. You can be created and not be a son or daughter of God, but to be begotten is different.

Therefore you have to be twice born if you are going to participate in the government. Now; you say but look at the Kook's in Government? Yes, sure we have but we should eliminate some, and be sure some are never elected again. But the government in fullness of time is going to be in the hands of a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation. A people in this physical tabernacle to carry out their Priestly responsibilities, and living as Lively Stones fitly framed together to grow into a Holy Temple unto God. You are all living stones, Peter tells you this. More than this you have been destined to rule and reign with Christ on this Earth...and it tells you this in the 5th., chapter of Revelation.

Let me point out to you that you have a very emanate destiny, therefore who you are is very important. Every once in awhile someone wants to argue that it doesn't matter any way who you are, but God made certain promises to certain people because of who they were and you can't hand those promises out to someone He didn't promise them to, must because you have a kookie theology which was put together by some Priestcraft. These Priests said:..we can set this up a little differently, and if we can make the criteria something that they have to say, then we can pass this out to anyone that we can get to go through this ritual. We might even charge them to let them say it and therefore if they don't say it, then we will send them off to some torture chamber. So they went throughout all the Satanic lies in the Universe and they gathered up all the concepts that were horrible and they ended up with torture chambers, and flames and fire. All things that were taken out of all the areas of Mystery Babylon the Great and all idolatry, and they put it all together and called it HELL. Then they said :..if you don't accept and repeat what we tell you to say and go through the right institution, when you say it, then you can never go to heaven, and of course you want to go to heaven because its a pretty nice place. Then they tell you that Heaven is where God is and that is where the power is that holds the Universe together, and this is the ultimate goal of everyone, but you have to be good to get there. Also you have to do as we say, and then of course you have to pray for it because they need money to operate with, and without this ritual you aren't going to make it. Then if you still haven't measured up to the concept we have laid out then it will cost you more because we have to go thru a lot of mumbo- jumbo when you die. Such as light some candles, or push you closer to the altar or push you back, and if you aren't careful you will land in limbo, then back a little from that is purgatory, and a little back from that is Hell. Unless you have a lot of money this will happen to you or your loved ones.

Of course they talk in Mumbo-jumbo so you don't understand it, because if you did you might question this process. Now you say:...but Protestantism did not do that. O Yes...they kept a lot of the mumbo-jumbo and carried it forward. Now you will say...but these are devout men? Sure there are a lot of devout men, a lot of men who don't know any better, but if what you are putting out is not true then you are a fake even if you think you are doing right. The fact is that they may have some areas of truth, and they may have the most important area of truth, and that is, the capacity to recognize that Jesus is the embodiment of God. This is the foundation stone of our Faith, and the first beginning of His Church. The Church was built on this rock for He said:.."Thou art Peter, the little Rock, and on this little rock I shall build My Church, and the very gates of Perdition, Sheol the grave, shall not prevail against it." Matthew 16:18.

Therefore remember this:...that on this foundation you are supposed to grow. I am surprised at the number of people who throughout the areas of theology never grew. They don't know any more than they did when they first joined the church, and learned that Jesus was the Christ. They accepted that then they learned of His Atonement and accepted that this gift was to lift the burden of their transgressions, but they didn't realize that this gift was to take out of them the fear, and to give them peace of mind, so they carried on that teaching. Now the Monk Armenian was a good man but he just didn't have things straight because they had already taken away many great truths. So he came up with the idea that you could be good today and be powered with Faith and sure of what would happen to you then get things mixed up and if you didn't have time to get back and go back through that ritual again then you could go to perdition, and this was called the Armenian theology.

After the dark ages, and the pulling away of Luther and then also Calvin, they rediscovered what the Apostle Paul and the disciples taught according to the areas of Grace. In fact that was what caused Luther to leave the Roman Catholic Church at that time. Now there was truth in all Christian churches, but this was one thing that Luther saw, that justified by Faith and the Grace of God is something important. "I give you eternal life and ye never perish."

The Apostle Paul learned in his heavenly journey that he had an incorruptible Celestial body and if he was to die in this physical body, he would go into that spiritual body. Now he knew this wasn't true for everyone on earth, but it was true for him, and it was true of the children of God and he said:...'We are not of they who can draw back to perdition, we are the children of the Most High, His Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God...Teknon..meaning 'offspring of the Most High God.' We are His Heir's, His Household. I could go through many passages all through the Bible and they would confirm this but in this instance again when God was unveiling to Nicodemus things He wanted him to know:...'as he talked to Jesus he learned that to participate in the administration of His Kingdom and to rule in the world in His ultimate Kingdom, you must be His children who came down from a Celestial world into a physical world.' That you have dwelt in that Celestial plane and then in the physical plane and be able to perceive the great wisdom of divine mysteries, even be able to instruct soulishness, people of soulish concept. You have to have the spiritual capacity to receive these thoughts. Now:...God goes farther to say...Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, unto them it is not given. Thus it is in that 14th., chapter of John he talks again of sending the Paraclete, the intelligence of His own mind, the spirit of truth that the world cannot receive.

FOREVER....divide the world from the Kingdom. You are in the world but not of the world. All races of people make up the world who follow Lucifer and who have a false religion, and who are not of the Adamic race, and therefore they are of the world order. Now they may be converted from the areas of the world, but they have been in the world order. They may be taken out of the world order and classified as under the administration of the Kingdom, but the world cannot receive by direct perception that which you are able to perceive by being spirit of His Spirit. In the Book of Corinthians Paul told us:...We did not received as we came into this physical body the spirit that the world of the natural men received, but the spirit we received searches out these things of God, and makes it known unto us. We are not natural men but spiritual men in natural bodies. Once we understand this we lose a lot of this hocus-pocus...that a Priest can sell to you.

Now the Levitical Priesthood was set apart by God, and scattered throughout all the tribes of Israel. He sowed this seed through the Adamic race and He calls ministers out of this Priesthood. Of course there are lots of ministers who are not called. There are a lot of ministers who have no spiritual vision. There are a lot of ministers who do not belong to the ministry of God but they try to perform theology and say the things they were taught, and they preach a social gospel and tell people to behave, and generally they tell you not to lie, or steal, and they try to influence you in that way, but they may never be called to preach the mysteries of God. This is something they do not discern. At the same time your entire race has the capacity for the discernment of what is revealed. At the same time God says:...He does nothing unless he reveals it to His prophets and His ministers. So we feel there is a very definite difference in those called as His Ministers and in those who may be lay men, whose responsibility is to teach the things which they have learned, and God can pout out His Wisdom on any of His sons and daughters.

The important thing for us to realize is that the great synthesis of the Kingdom is around Divine ideas and Divine purpose, and it comes into our consciousness, out of the Spirit, if it is Divine revelation. But the object lesson of it in relation to cause and effect can be observed by the senses, as we study the world order round about. And as we see these things our soul also records the experiences which it sees, and of course our part in those experiences and God keeps a very active part in you. Just like the mentoids inside the atom which is the book keeping element in your consciousness. There is inside of you in the seat of your consciousness a quality which seeps out of the Celestial mind into your soul consciousness resident in the physical body, and if the physical soul consciousness violates divine law in this physical body then all of a sudden it feels uneasy. This is because it is out of synthesis with the spiritual mind and we call this conscious. And we say that the conscious is pricking the individual. It is well to heed this because you could go get sick at this, because you get out of balance with God. You would be surprised how it effects the areas of your perception and your ability to co-ordinate. All of these are functions in the highest areas of attainment, the highest areas of success, the highest areas of Peace of mind comes from the synchronizing of the soul with the things which have been born witness to you as life correcting conduct from error...in seeking to conform to the patterns of divine law. As the developments of these concepts form in you there is being developed in you...the mind of Christ. Therefore as the mind of Christ is formed in you..then Christ is embodied in the world, for you are an embodied child and the activities of this synthesis gives you greater power.

Therefore Jesus said to Nicodemus when He talked to him and said:..you have been twice born and can enter into the administration of this Kingdom, for you are qualified as you have been born of the spirit and born of the flesh. Many today don't understand this and they are trying to open up the Kingdom to every man and every creature not withstanding his origin. They think integration is going to be the answer to this situation, but it is not. Even the church today proves something....without a Levitical Priesthood or where you have materialistic ministry without spirit, or where you have spirit without it being activated, you get all this deterioration that is going on today in our society. Look at the tremendous deterioration which is taking place as churches and nations are throwing aside moral laws. See the Homosexuality and perversion being licensed, welcomed and no longer being condemned. Then you have kookie Bishops who support this such as Bishop Pike, of the Episcopal church. He came out and said that he no longer believed in the Deity of Jesus, that he doesn't believe that Jesus was the embodiment of God, in fact he hardly believes there is a God, its just a force of ideas in our minds. Besides Jesus was just a revolutionary and that why they crucified Him. Besides He went out on Palm Sunday and advocated a revolution with Clergy like this no wonder this Christian nation got into trouble. This very week we have had 3 proclamations out of the World Council of Churches and the man at the head of that organization shouldn't even be allowed to teach a Sunday school class, let alone head the World Council of Churches. This man is Carson Blake out of the Presbyterian Church. He doesn't believe in the great doctrines of our Faith, rather he believes that Jesus was just a good man, but God is dead. He goes along with the thinking of Bishop Pike of the San Francisco church and last week he told the President that we think that it would be bad for the U.S. to win in Viet Nam because this would be the image of a white Christian nation forcing its will over an Asiatic nation. So we better lose the war and get out of there because this wouldn't be a good form for Christians. How crazy can you get? You are fighting the Anti-Christ, and it doesn't matter if the people you are trying to free, know it or not. The first things to remember is that the Kingdom is to break the chains of darkness and set men free. Also guarantees the survival of the Kingdom as well, which is part of its own responsibility. This is an example of what happens when ministers get out of step, and the church gets out of step as they lack spiritual capacity, and they end up like this.

Now; I am 100% with the war effort against communism, the only thing I oppose is the procedure by which our government carries on this war. We are not using the capacity by which God raised up in our race, nor the knowledge to carry out our fight for victory. You should back our men with our technology and bombs and not send them over there defenseless to be outnumbered and killed.

The instance of this is..spirit, soul, and body, the Kingdom of heaven in the world today, for a people from heaven to earth, growing up, multiplying, expanding, the Kingdom which came down out of the heavens like a bride prepared for her husband and the words for this are:..."I am married to you O Israel"...My issue ruling with me in the earth.

Just get those Jews out of your mind when you say Israel, for there is not a Jew on the face of the earth who is an Israelite. This is a matter of evidence that we can establish. There are some Clergy who revolt and say this is not true...this can't be, but nevertheless it is true. A Jew today is a Yehudin and is not an Israelite, so don't try to classify them as good or bad figs. Figs are not Israelites and should not be classified as such. As far as this is concerned there were Jews before Adam and there was Jews in Ancient Assyria, and in Ancient Egypt and by no stretch of the imagination did they come from Israel. Jesus turns to them and tells them who they are in the 8th., chapter of John, and you can be sure that Jesus knew who He was talking about. At best the whitest ones are Cainanites, and they war against the Adamic race and have since the coming of Adam. They killed Abel and all the Prophets and even called for the blood of Jesus, but He rose from the dead proving He had greater power. But the thing I point out is this, that the Kingdom of God can only be administered to by the children of God in the earth. What is the best thing that could happen to the earth? You say...For God to come and rule the world. To rule out evil and rule out error, rule out war and destruction until life became the synthesis of living without all these complications, where the Universe is yours to live in and to explore. And you wouldn't have to worry any more that the enemy was going to shoot you or to confiscate all you have worked for, and all you own, or that he would seek to pervert the minds of your children with false doctrines. This is all gone...this is victory.

Some people think it would be boredom to live in a world that is good, but this isn't boredom for eye hath not seen nor ear heard all there is to do, out there when there is no wrong.

With these little instances we capture a little of the pattern of the Kingdom of God. This is what we are here for, and as we live on earth, we carry out this task. You will have to go on with your job and responsibility of carrying out this pattern for the earth. You say:...oh my, we are going to fail. But no, you aren't going to fail, for every one of you is going to conform to His image, who belongs to the Household of God. Alright, suppose they die without this happening? What happens then? Well, first they didn't go to hell as some tell you they did. The Spirit goes into Celestial planes and there it goes through areas of re-establishment, and goes through areas under Shekinah Glory where errors are purged out of them in the Light of God's Grace, but, these people will still live again in physical bodies in the days of resurrection, and they are going to do the things God sent them down here to do, so make no mistake about that. There are a lot of people who think they have gotten out of doing a lot of things they should have done, but they are still going to live like sons and daughters and conform to His image.

We have a lot of people today who don't do much of anything, and their religion is sort of a sad thing. They are sitting in their chair and rocking, waiting to die, and they say...I just sit here in my chair and rock and wait to die and I don't even look out on the world or I might make a mistake or two then I might miss the boat and I might not go to heaven. Do you know that there are people who are afraid to use their talents? There are people who are afraid to fight the enemy, they are afraid to live, they are afraid that at the last minute the enemy is going to get them and they might not make it to heaven. The older they get the less they want to do because they might do something that would upset this process of going to heaven, so they want to just hide and sit and rock. Well, this is a bad practice if it ever gets to the White House, because it won't get you anywhere when we face the enemy. But we do have people like that, who sit and rock the hours away. I don't care whether you are 70, 80, or 90., years of age, if you know the Gospel of the Kingdom and why you are here then there is still a lot of fight built up in you, and resistance against the areas of error. I know people of those ages who are full of wrath as wrath rises up in their consciousness and they see what is going on in the world and they want to drive the Cainanites out of the House of God. They are moving with energy and ideas, and they are listening to news casts and anticipating the fulfillment of prophecy as they think...in your heart so are you.

They aren't planning on going anywhere, rather they are anticipating in sending out a catalyst of ideas and being here when Jesus comes. The more the Kingdom of God thinks the truth of the Kingdom the more energy you put out. It is just like a house...you pour into a house a wavelength of energy. I've walked into houses where I didn't like the feeling in that house. I knew someone had been dwellers in that house at one time who had left a wave length of energy which wasn't good. I can drive through areas of L.A. even in the dark and cannot see anyone, and still I feel this same thing. The fact remains that the more sensitive you are to spiritual laws the more sensitive you are to this wave length and its impact, and it grows on you.

Now you may get to a point when you are trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and that will slow down the perception of people, and you embrace more of them than you should, and then you find out that you should have followed your first intuition. The Children of God were given the gift of discernment and if you don't follow that discernment you get in trouble, for this is the source of your warning to begin with. If you don't follow that discernment then you are embracing someone who was short- circuited at best, or have no part or lot with the children of God. I can tell a Jew the minute he comes along. He may even have blue eyes due to some mongrel background, but there is something about his nature that sets up an irritation, you can be fooled sometimes, but this may be not of the blood, instead be adopted children and raised in this background, Thus, put out some of this affinity but they are not blood Jews.

I tell you that you can feel the vibrations of a city, a part of a city, or a house but these are catalyzed energy moving out from people. This is now amps of energy, the synthesis of spirit, soul, and body impact. You will find that people will buy a house and then they don't feel comfortable in that house. We have prayed in that house and we have exercised that energy, and it is easy to do. However we don't want to get caught up into that occupation for we don't have time for that now. But nevertheless you can bind an area of influence and you can recharge it with spiritual life. Maybe you can buy a house cheap that has bad vibes and then exercise it later and recharge it, but I want to tell you that all these things are relevant to spiritual law and all can be done by you, because you were begotten in the spirit first, and then again by the breaking of water, and this makes you different from those people who did not come down out of the spiritual realm. Some were transplanted here from outer space by the Luciferian rebellion that don't belong here, but they are still subject to the natural laws. This may in part explain some of these things.

Some people still get real shaken up when you break up their little pet perdition. I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to get rid of this hell-bit, but they seem to want to punish people who they think didn't behave as good as they did.

The scripture says that you righteousness is like filthy rags compared to the righteousness of God. People say...don't you want to even punish the devil? Well, I just want to get the devil out of the way and let the Lord take care of him in the fullness of time. When God has refined again the spirit which Lucifer was before his fall, when God has destroyed the Satan nature, and Lucifer has acknowledged the Most High God and is worshiping at your feet then that chapter is finished as far as I am concerned. I haven't any grudge against Lucifer because he cannot destroy me, and he can't destroy you for you have eternal life. Now; what about all the misery he has caused? This is in the area thru which he will have to go through his chastising and the Creator will take care of that. Remember this, that when we are battling him now we are not battling the battle of a thousand years from now, we aren't now battling the endless tomorrows. We are placed in the earth to occupy now. So why battle against the sons of darkness that are in physical bodies. If they have to be destroyed in physical bodies we war against them with shot and shell. If they take up the sword then we strike back at them with the sword. But we live in a physical world at this time and we battle against the incarnate sons of Lucifer. We battle people sometimes whose minds are in captivity by them because we are occupying the earth in this dominion. But remember this, what might we have to do in this dominion doesn't possess the permanency of what the spirit is capable of doing or of the patterns of their nature. This is why God says:...First all Israel shall be saved, because they have this spiritual capacity to react to what I am going to do. Then He says:...All flesh is going to be saved. So God in the fullness of time has the power to put all things in order. In the fullness of time doesn't mean...next week, it isn't even a thousand years from now...some people just want to hurry everything.

As far as the coming in of the Kingdom, right here on earth and the overthrowing of the darkness and getting rid of communism and deporting the Jews...this is not far away, maybe even weeks or months or years, but not far away from this hour of this generation, but as far as all that has to be done ...that reaches out into the endless ages of tomorrow. You are the children of Eternity, the children of an endless Life.


QUESTION:...What limitations are on your staying here?

ANSWER:...You can stay as long as you want to do the work of God. Because the catalyst of Spiritual power which can synthesis light and vitality can be somewhat directed by you. It can be drawn in for this purpose and can be added by perception that relates to the Communion. You see what happens is that people say they can stay here forever, and they say I am determined to do this, but they are not determined enough to apply a percentage of their time to rejuvenate themselves with the Spirit. So even tho they say they want to stay forever, yet they do not sacrifice enough material time to move into this immunity, and if they would do this they could stay. Now there are lots of people here who aren't dead, and that doesn't mean that all of you will die. I believe there will be millions still alive when Jesus comes. I think you can catalyze your energy and stay awhile. As for when Jesus will come, I believe that this time will have to be shortened or there won't be any flesh left. Then even in the hour of His Majesty there will be no pain anymore. He is going to fill your mouth with good things to eat so you will eat, taste, and like what you eat. He says you are going to sit under your own vine, or under your own fig tree, and no one is going to take your inheritance. Even among those without life, a child will be considered young at 100 years. This mean as far as time measures are concerned. These are some of the changes of the new age. And you who are the children of the Kingdom will participate and you are participating now. If you did not have a spiritual connection you wouldn't be participating now, and God would not be awakening you.

Now I like to say the right wing because the enemy hates to hear it. But the great right wing is rising up. I like to see the anger in them because God says He will raise up the anger in them to turn them against this evil. I like their fighting spirit, their devotion to God, to race, to country, to family, and to the Christian Religion. I have no commitment to promote any other religion. In fact if I could push a panic button and liquidate all the false religions of the world then I would push it and release all those people of the world from their error. If it had to destroy the Priesthood in the process then that would be O.K. because we can do without them, we will let God handle them in the fullness of time. Actually today it is truth that is important and significant. And the carrying forward of truth is your responsibility and objective here in earth.

God said to this race:...I would give Africa for you. I would give Egypt for you, because you are my household, my offspring. You are the first and the most important thing I have in the earth, but remember that everything I ever made back in that order, because I am Yahweh-God, none can add to it or take from it...this is My Will.

QUESTION:...In John 14., 'He who has seen me has seen the father.' what did He really mean?

ANSWER:...When Jesus is talking He many times speaks out of the physical areas of His humanity, and He doesn't say what the translators recorded. Agra-Pneumas is..spirit= father of substance in the dimension of spirit. So the entity of the synthesis of the indestructible part of God is in the spirit. This is what he talks about as He says:..'He who has seen me has seen the father.'

Jesus is saying..this is all the visibility of God here in the world, thus He who has seen me has seen the father. Before this He had told the Jews ...'Before Abraham was, I am.' Jesus, this one visible on earth was the one who met Abraham and offered him communion. Melchizedek abideth the Priest King forever. Wherefore when God talks here He says:..Now in the flesh all that is given me in the Spirit shall come. He that cometh I will in no wise cast out. No man cometh unto me except it be given unto him..Agra-Pneumas.. of the spirit. All that are mine in the spirit shall come, and I give them eternal life and they shall never perish. So in the Book of John 14., He says:...No man shall come to me except the spirit (father) giveth it to him. And all the spirit giveth to him, shall come. There are no ands, ifs, or buts, nothing left out, absolute sovereign control, predestinated purposes of the Most High God. He say:..I call my sheep by name. I lead them out (John 10:3). Jesus had just told the Jews that they were not His sheep because they believed Him not. He said:...I come only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel, and I lead them out, I give them eternal life and they shall never perish. Then He said:...More than this, No man can pluck them out of my hand.

Now; Jesus was standing in earth in the flesh when He said:..No man can take anyone away from me. I can raise the dead, I called Lazarus out of the grave. I can unstop deaf ears, I can even take a tax collector who has wronged everyone, and take him down out of a sycamore tree which he had climbed out of curiosity and make him into a transformed man (Luke 19:8). So, no one ever was taken away from Jesus that belonged to Him. Now there were some that followed after Jesus and didn't belong and then they left when they didn't like the things He said. This bothered the disciples and they said:... Some are leaving us. But Jesus said:..Don't worry for those who leave are not of us. No one ever took anyone from Jesus. He said:..I give them eternal life. Here I have this much power in the flesh and the spirit is greater than the flesh, therefore nothing can ever be taken from the spirit. The translation is thus:....I have lost nothing, for the father (spirit) is greater than the flesh and nothing in the Universe can be taken from Him. So you see the devil is already whipped and doesn't know it. However he may have an idea because he is sure running to and fro, because he thinks that his time is short. There are a lot of people doing a lot of running because they think the time is short.

QUESTION:...When Jesus comes will people such as the Asiatic's live forever?

ANSWER:...No, but there will probably be a longer life span because spiritual law will stop the retrograde procedure brought about by violations of Divine Law. The violations of Divine Law create guilt complexes which attack the seat of the consciousness, and set up toxic patterns in the body to destroy it. People that get right with God sometimes stop this toxic pattern and live longer. Eventually in the fullness of time then the procedure of death will cease and there will be no death. Some are worried about where we are going to put people...but take a look at the Universe and quit worrying. Some are worried about the population explosion and how we will feed all the people of the world. Well, day by day we are building better and better ships and are exploring the Universe. Tomorrow the moon and then on to Mars and so forth. I'm not worried about where people are going to live, I know where I would like to send some, but the fact is I don't think we are going to be overcrowded. I think there is going to be a lot of people missing one of these days from the earth and then there will even be more room here on the earth.

QUESTION:...Aren't you getting tired of this mixed up earth?

ANSWER:...Not exactly. I'm sort of getting used to it. I've gotten hold of some of that stay-ability that God put in our nature, just like He pulled a curtain down over your memory. The Apostle Paul said:..you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth, but if you could remember where you came from and how you got here then you would go back immediately. That just shows you how much better the dimensions of spirit were, than the earth under the fall. So God said:...I just pulled a little veil down over your remembrance so that you would have to start over and learn the vocabulary. So here we are a wise little babe in earth. Your consciousness even in a new little babe is old, very old. The Spirit in that new babe was with the father before this world was made. Now a new born babe may remember more at the time he is born, than he will later because as he adapts to this environment that which was will slip from his memory.

So we are pilgrim's and stranger's in the earth and the scripture says that the World Order is not worthy of you, but if you could have remembered where you came from you would have gone back there. This is one of the reasons for the veil over your memory, but as far as the Universe is concerned, it is filled with room for people. However we are put on earth for a purpose, and we become adapted to it, but never forget that this is our fathers world and we are His heirs, its our ranch and we are going to rule.

The best thing for the world is for God to take over, then the next best thing is for the children of God to rule it. That is why I believe in white supremacy...100%. I think we should tell the world order with its revolution that we aren't going to let them destroy us or the world. If they burn Negro houses then we have to rebuild them and thus it is our loss. So therefore if you fulfill your supremacy, then you will lay down the law and say....this is the Law of God, the Law of our society, and then enforce it. you would once more have the streets safe for a woman to walk upon them. If you do that then they will behave.

Then comes a bleeding heart and says:..Oh but that is sad. Well, the Law of God enforced with a rod of Iron makes the emotionally immature behave. The intellectual developed with the Spirit of God behaves because the Light of God moves in. Remember, that you are the Light of the world, and if you were not the Light of the world then where in would the darkness be illuminated?

But if you mix your race then you fuse downward your vision and the Light goes out, then you do not have anything. If you fuse the salt of the earth with the chemicals of earth that have no salt in them, then pretty soon the salt has lost its savor, wherein then would the world be salted?

Don't be ashamed of your race, your Faith, or your destiny and don't worry because they will never crush you out, just remember what you are being taught in the word of God, what the word of God means to you and to your race and to your destiny...for it is tomorrow's history. All these fellows who are banning at you to destroy you are going to discover that this is different than Africa or Asia...you will be quite a surprise for them. There is no doubt that they do incredible things with their dictatorships, and they crush with power and move with suddenness. We know what they did in Russia, and they will try the same thing here, but they won't get away with it for there is a great power in you than is in the world. "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." The spirit that is in you is synthesized out of a higher material, for it is Spirit of His Spirit and Light of His Light, and Life of His Life.

If it were the other way around then you would be finished but the Promise is to you..."Greater is HE that is in you...than he that is in the world."

(End of message)