02-26-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Question:...Was Nimrod an Israelite?

Answer:...He was an Adamite, a white man, but his Queen was not of the race, and this was what got Nimrod into trouble. She was a Hindu from India, and this is where the Priesthood out of India set up their Satanic Trinity. They created this image and actually sought to transfer Lucifer and Lilleth and any embodied offspring in symbolism to Nimrod, to capture the Kingdom of Nimrod. Nimrod was a Hamite, but the Seth line thru Seth came on down to Terah who was Prime Minister for Nimrod. Terah was the father of Abraham but he got out of the Prime Ministers job under Nimrod before Nimrod fell completely under Paganism.

Question:...A lot of those things like trinity were adopted into the early church...were they not?

Answer:...Only into Rome first. This was done after the Jews joined the church to condemn the doctrines. They put a lot of pagan things into the doctrine of Rome thinking they would eventually take over. But they were never able to take away the testimony of the Deity of Christ thru the Virgin Birth. This is where they failed.

Question:...Is this where Ash Wednesday and different things come from today, and is Ash Wednesday to be celebrated?

Answer:...Well, Ash Wednesday is also in the Episcopal church since it was established.

Question:...What does it mean when it says some were 'cut off' from the congregation?

Answer:...This relative to areas of administration for the Clergy, which existed among the Levi. Also if they had violated any great or social law then until this was corrected they did not come into the assembly of the congregation. This is referred to as tho God had cut them off. Of course this was also effective if they married outside of their race, for this was the major violation of law, and was the cutting off of the offspring who were heard no more inside of Israel. The man who violated this law by marrying outside his race cut off his offspring for they would never be 'seed' of Israel. The only way a man could save face was to send away the woman called Outlander, and her children, and make proper penance that he would not duplicate this transgression again. There was no higher transgression under Biblical law that could be committed, than to mutate the Race. There is probably several hundred places where the word 'cutoff' is used, and this varies with translations. But it is talking of the separation out from Israel for disobedience. Or in the areas of moral discrepancy which did not hold with Divine Law, then if they were caught in such a situation many times they were destroyed by the people themselves, but this was a form of protection of their society. Many were guilty of violation of law, and when the people did not know this, then if they were not caught in the act, for instance, moral law, then they thought they got away with it. But when known they were immediately 'cut off' from the congregation. I have many such volumes which dealt with the patterns of Divine Law. Yale University of probably 25 years ago had a set of volumes on the Divine Law which is probably one of the most complete things done on Divine Law, and they brought out so much about this separation of people, and the 'cut off' of people for violation of Divine Law, and then no longer allowed in the body politic and the body social.

Question:...There are two creations, at least two...was the first of the spirit?


Question:...Well someone was talking to me about it and they got their idea from...'And every plant of the field before it was in earth, and every herb of the field before it grew, for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground.' Answer:...Now you are talking about the area of creation alright, and this is interesting, for how many creations there were thru out the Universe would be hard to determine. We know that in the earth there were several waves of creation, so what you deal with in the Book of Genesis is the setting of the creation which proceeds directly the placing of your race in the earth. After all this Bible is the history of your race, its patterns and relationship to God, and its Destiny. Therefore since this is who the Book is mainly about then this is about the creation just lays the foundational premise before it introduces our Race. We know some of this is in symbolism, and is allegoric, but it all pertains to quite vital areas of Truth. It is quite possible to deal with the Ultimate limitless millions upon millions of years of Universal history in dealing with the content of the relationship of a race in earth to YAHWEH God. So under this instance this is all the former foundations which are virtually eliminated in the discussion except the subject matter which comes up in the Scriptures which deals with the endless ages of the past. And your Bible starts in by saying:..'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.' This is relation to this Solar System, this beginning, and can reach back into endless antiquities, talking about the vastness of the Milky Way system. But it is not talking about the vastness of all the Universe, that is on back...back in its beginning. This beginning used here does not mean there is only one beginning for everything.

Since God always existed, there is no point where HE begins. HE is Alpha and Omega, before all things, and by all things. HE is from A to Z of the Universe..in Greek, so to speak. But the fact remains that everything in the Universe was made by HIM. But there was never a given time before which nothing was made, for substances existed, and was transformed and changed, and passed thru areas of energy under HIS Great Creative Mind. His tremendous ability to create and synthesize the Universe out of three things, which are:...wave lengths of Light...and these wave lengths of Light, these substances of Light are the Celestial or Spiritual Domain. The Celestial or spiritual being is synthesized out of Light. Electricity, the physical Universe is synthesized out of particles of electricity. These are multiple in their composite patterns, and we are to discover in the late age of physics, and in the Nuclear age more about how many particles there are in nuclear energy than we had previously known. But for some time man has had an image of the Universe from the smallest atom on up to a limited degree, as electronic particles. So the word atom has been used. The actual symbols of this have been found in the Old Testament, and in the New Testament as well as the Apostle Paul knew that things were not made from what they do appear. Actually the synthesis of all material things are particles of electricity, and they are not made from things visible to the eye, but still are real in their areas of force.

The third dimension of existence is in the area of consciousness which... the substance material is 'thought force', and is one of the most powerful forces in the world. This can move in transition from either the Celestial consciousness to the entity of Light of Spirit form, or can operate to a degree out of the actions of the physical body thru the pattern of the senses. Both are capable of carrying and producing areas of thought. But the consciousness of the individual resided actually in the area of awareness. Therefore we can refer to the soul entity with them both. You are spirit, soul, and body, so also was the image of God (His embodiment). Thus God has a Celestial body of Light, and he has a Soul consciousness which exists in the very area of its knowing...as it exists. So there is a dimension of the entity of Knowing which has substance. We can't quite line up substance as particles but we can line it up as particles of energy, which may be particles in both a light field and in the electronic field known as the mentoid in the electronic field, in the book keeping element inside the nucleus of the atom. But having personality and directivity of course, it finds its wider range of knowledge. So the thing which marks the soul is that this is a personality, and entity of energy, and not just an area non-existent as a being.

We do not have a force that just moves thru the Universe and we call this force God. But we do have a God who sends forth the energy out of His own being, this energy is that out of which things are synthesized. Some people talk about a God of Nature, a force of nature, or mother nature, or the God of nature. Well, of course all nature, the pattern and operation of this infinite mind, this pattern of consciousness by which HE synthesizes and puts things together creates within them their capacity for reaction, their neurology, their wavelengths, their electronic impulses, and their way of thinking. So all of these are governed by the entity of God Himself. It is totally impossible to not have God found in all these things. He creates in that He holds it together by its form. But in this instance we note:...'God created the heavens and the earth.' You will note that this first verse of Genesis is given to you as a premise to start this volume. This is talking about the beginning of this heaven and this earth. Some people have tried to imagine God hanging on nothing out in space before there was even a cloud to sit on. And they have Him creating the Universe from nothing. But there never was a time when there was nothing...because God was always composing, synthesizing out of the energy of His own being, out of the very organization of His own Will. Things were formulating, substance essence, structure changing and so forth, so there was no be- ginning with God. And He is never going to wear out. He is an entity and a being not just a force. The reason why some people never caught the concept of the personality of God as a being is because they never had a personal God, they have only a force which they serve. They don't always find themselves to compatible with the perspective of that force. And they will try to tell you...oh, yes I believe in God, He is just the force that rules the Universe. But HE is an entity, and a being, He has shape and He has form. He has perception and the closest way to understand this is to know that we are His offspring..we who are His offspring are in His image ..spirit, soul, and body. Even tho we are not always aware of all the spiritual capacities which we possess as Celestial beings, possessing a Celestial consciousness of recorded wisdom as well as a physical body of recorded experiences. So when you come into the next area of the Book of Genesis then it talks about the condition of the earth...not in the day when it was created, but in the day when the narrator now picks up the story after having discussed the creation of the earth.

This earth had already been swept by a terrific catastrophe, and now it says:...'the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.' The word in Hebrew means imparted motion to the surface of the water. So God was stirring, moving, changing, forming at this point. When it talks about the earth being without form and void, the earth had form the day it was created, thus the void here referred to is a catastrophe which happened by Divine intervention because of the conditions or situations which had happened in the Antiquities of earth. This goes back into original areas of rebellion, a force gone into rebellion in the by-gone yesterdays.

Then God says:..'Let there be Light and there was light.' This was not the creation of the sun or the moon, this was the permitting of their light to shine thru the great mystic mists which covered the earth like the vapors which surround Venus. In the course of things which has transpired we dense vaporous masses around earth thru which the form and shape of the outer light could not penetrate. So God said:...'Let the Light appear'...this had to be before any reconstruction, reactivation...for there is no light without Photosynthesis, without the processes of the essential support of life, for the plant has to have light to grow. The anamalcular (substance) had to have the carbon light factors to live on, and even the chlorophyll photo-synthesis had to have light. So everything is in its order even in areas of re-creation, and you will note that light proceeded and is followed by vegetation, and followed in its scales by everything which proceeded it. You will note that in this creation that we have here ...and you often find it referred to as when 'God divided the light from the darkness, and he called the light day, and the evening darkness; and the evening and the morning was the first day.' This is translated from old Hebrew words for day and night. In other words God separated the day from the night because previous to this, when this vast envelope was around the earth, everything in the earth was dull and dark, where the outer areas had light going around it all the time. But this belt would reflect the light, and would not let the light penetrate these denser areas of mist. But once this mist was dispersed as it did in this area of creation, then immediately we had the sun and the moon in the sky, and we had light on earth. We were on the side where the sun was, and because of our rotation then we also had night. But it still had not clarified the atmosphere so you could see them clearly.

Now; there was this thin belt of mist around the earth, and now the light was visible thru this mist. Then we are told that:...Let the waters be gathered together, and let dry land appear,' this was in areas where continental uplifts started to take place, and geological motion resumed. But remember event this is back a million and one-half or 3 million years ago because this is all Pre-Cambrian period. It could go back several million years as far as that is concerned because land and water has gone up and down several times in the earth, thru the patterns of history, and the things which proceeded it.

Someone said:..what happened to the beings which were left here? Well, I do not know that there were any left here under these kind of conditions. This was not relative to the conditions of the Torog or Tungus man, or the earth bound people. The earth was apparently a part of the titanic struggle in the distant past.

You will note that the Scriptures refer to the ground appearing, and then after this the earth brought forth all its grass, and herbs, every seed after its own kind and this was good. Almost all of the present things which grow upon the earth have been found to have existed for a million years or more. In other words you go back into the earliest ages, and down into the straits and you find the exact same kind of seeds, for wheat is still wheat, and oats are still oats, these things still continue thru this seed line factor. We don't have any plant evolution. We sometimes have a plant mutation but generally speaking we do not have a plant evolution. We have development within a specie due to being transplanted and planted into an environment where they don't grow so well, and they are stunned. But these are also hinged to changes in the earth, to creations of polar caps and Arctic air masses, and ice ages induced by catastrophes like comets such as Venus. This is all to far reaching to go into tonight, if we want to get past the first few verses of Genesis.

The thing is that eventually the mist was penetrated and there was light. The first Sumerian age we find referred to is back in the period of the great swamps, and the plants of this period like the Missean period, and later the Carborific period from whence coal came, but back in those periods the plants grew to terrific size. There were for instance, great ferns which were from 40 to 60 feet long. As the world had immense swamps in those days this happened.

Now; remember that the world then was still heavily watered by mists, because the mists had not separated off the Venus like conditions of the earth enough for the sun and the moon to be visible. So in this verse of 14 in Genesis One it says:...And God said:..'Let there be lights in the firmament's of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, for seasons, and for days and for years; and let them be for lights in the firmament's of the heavens to give light upon the earth.' Thus the greater light (sun) would rule the day, and the lesser light (moon) would rule the night, and he made the stars also. The actual truth is that these stars existed for billions of years, and our sun and moon has been here for as long as our solar system existed, but the mist just made them invisible at that time. So as the atmosphere rarified, and these mists were absorbed, condensed into water, and moved into atmospheric conditions, and atmospheric belts then now you could see the sun, moon and stars. In some old texts of the old Aramaic it was:...'Let the stars I have made now appear, and let the brighter light of the sun rule the day, and the lesser light of the moon rule the night.' Let no one take the ignorant position which some have taken that the earth was made in 24 hour days, because these were periods referred to as the next day. This is error, this was not 24 hour days, these were eras of the creative purposes of God out of the ages of the past. You will find that this must be understood to even under- stand this early part of Genesis.

You will note that it does not say that He created the fishes in the sea at this time, it says:...Let the waters bring forth abundantly. In other- words nothing that had effected the earth in the mighty inundations, such as were caused by the substance of land masses had effected the fish that lived in the water. The oceans were still teaming with all kinds of wild life, and altho it would have been less able to support itself in the dark period, nevertheless many forms of it would have become almost extinct during the period of catastrophe for lack of the chlorophyll, and the light factor which made the food and all these little forms in the water necessary for them to live on, still some were still there. So therefore:...'Let the water bring forth abundantly these moving creatures which have life, and also fowls that fly above the earth in the open firmament of the heavens.' This we see also take place, and in the older Aramaic it said:...'The waters contained the life, and God said:..Let it multiply once again. God created the great whales and every living creature that moveth which the waters have brought forth abundantly.' The fish were created before, He did not recreate them at this time, and they just multiplied, and the whales which were mammals...these He formed for the whales required chlorophyll and vegetation to live on, and also other life that needed vegetation to live on...so we see a re-cycle. Then the winged fowls were brought back on the scene. And then God said:...let the earth bring forth the living creatures after his own kind, cattle and creeping things, and the beasts of the earth after their own kind. The word here is Yatsar which means to create, to form, to mold, make, to give it its actual form, and to give it life. This is not process for each thing was made after its own kind. It was made complete in the day it was made, so that the process of mitosis continued to produce this way, ruled by the energies in the chromo- tin, and the genes, and the chromosome, and continued to this hour. There is no mutation or change except where this mutation occurs thru mongrelization.

Now; when you come down to man, then God said:...'Lets make man in our form.' This is translated image...in our own likeness, let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the earth, everything that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own form, and made He them:..Male and Female created He them. This is not the Adamic man, these are people we call the Enosh people. They also fell in what we call the Luciferian rebellion. They were those who we call the Torog man who moved across the Steppes of Asia, and down into Mesopotamia, and into Africa and on across to the Islands and other parts of the earth. We can trace him in Ivor Lissner's work back thru 600,000 years, and Lissner is one of the greatest Anthropologists of today. Others in Anthropology had to come to these points also, as a great number of these Anthropologists... on the origin of man...had thought to trace him by evolution, that process back to the Apes but have never been able to record one scientific fact as evidence for this...including Darwin himself, who originated the final evolution of this theory in his book called the 'Origin of species'. But he said in his own volume for instance that there is not one recorded change between one specie and another, which they have been able to verify after all this observation for 20 years. From the time he wrote the book until he made this statement in his 'Life and Letters' there is no evidence of evolution in species. In his 'Origin of species' he said: 'as of yet we have not been able to establish by this theory...any actual proving of change because remember we must admit that different forms of species, or different species, in no way have established for us that one came from another even tho we created this scale, and we support this as a theory.' Now; we note here as we come to man, that man was an entity from the beginning. And even the Torog man that we go back with to 600,000 years, he was a full man, full brain structure, everything about him showed him to be a man. An upright man, and not an animal, and he was not Negro, for he was an Asiatic man walking upright. At no time was he leaning forward, at no time was his back a little different in formation, and at no time was the arms long and dangling clear down to the knees. These factors were not even involved in the Torog man. He was an Asiatic man, and his skull was the shape of an Asiatic man, and his cheek bones were high, but he was still a man.

Now; when you come to the Negro then the Negro does not show up until about 73,000 years ago, and his appearance is tied into the Luciferian rebellion. And by this time the Torog man had inhabited many parts of the earth as had the Sumerians, and the Ancient Assyrians who were actually great Dynasties 240,000 years old and even older. We can establish this in 'Christian University Press', and other publications, such as Finegan's 'Light Out of the Ancient Past', and so forth. Actually these volumes list the number of years...ages that there were, and show their Ancient king lines, and in fact under Sumerian Dynasties and others they list this mans family rule for 40,000 years. As to how many of his sons and their sons ruled in this Dynasty is listed.

Then we find another man whose name comes forth as ruling for 12,000 years, so all the families of the Dynasties are listed. Thus the Akkad Dynasties were also old like those others and they claim one Dynasty for 400,000 years of traditional history. Then you get into the history of these Dynasties by sidereal calculator and they have checked out the areas where as they would relate their crowning of a King to the constellation position in the heavens, or to where the conjunctions of the planets were taking place in certain signs of the heavens. Thus using the sidereal calculators they could run it back to that exact position and check out more or less their years. They find they can come out very close to these dates. In fact in Heidelberg they found that their sidereal calculations proved the Antiquity of these races. But no man was yet on earth of the Adamic Race. And the Bible was not talking about these others as such. Now: the Negro is not part of this creation at all, he was not created on this earth. Actually he was a part of a system out in the Milky Way, and in this rebellion Lucifer, as he rebelled against the Most High God, and thought to take over the Universe he gathered up these now fallen ones... the Negroes...to man his space craft with which he fought the war as the twelfth chapter of Revelation tells you. In other words, Lucifer took over these Negroes in this rebellion, but they were mortal beings, or became mortal beings if they were not before, for whether death existed in the Universe before this time is not substantiated. But we know that these Negroes were Lucifer's Axmen and Swordsmen from the Book of Enoch, and from the Ancient texts like the Book of the 'Bee' and so forth. We find that the first use of weapons, the first attempt to invade other beings, and strike and bring disaster upon other beings was in this Luciferian rebellion against YAHWEH God.

Then Michael the Archangel in the twelfth chapter of Revelation tells us that Lucifer was defeated in a Great space war, and Lucifer was driven to earth. And when driven to earth he immediately established this earth as his fallen headquarters. With him were these rebellious Angels, and many of them had not kept their first Estate, as they fell when he did. As they came into earth they sought to have the Ancient Torog people and all of those of the Islands to now worship Lucifer. The Negroes were scattered in various parts of the earth, but Lucifer's main concept was to mongrelize these people in earth, to ruin their creation, and this he did by trying to mix them with the Negroes. He did not accomplish this all over the earth, but the Negro was degenerated under this fall, and they had also practiced bestiality, which was a tremendous violation of Divine Law, and the Negroes were especially degenerated by this evil practice. We know this had to be over 73,000 years ago because there are Negroes who have been buried in the caves of Kilimanjaro, and the radio carbon shows that their fossil bones, and the carbon wood of their fires for cooking and heating go back to approximately 73,000 years. So when someone comes along and tries to tell you that it was only lately, in the past few millenniums that man rubbed sticks together and started fire, by accident, remember there is no truth to this. There may have been people say 10,00 years ago who didn't know anything about fire, but just the same they had fire on earth 73,000 years ago, which proves that they are antedated, than the history of the Bible. What we use to note how long the white man has been here is what we call chronology. This is the distance between events of men. We can start back at our time and go back to Christ, and find that we are not off to much as far as we are concerned with the date of today. But from there...from Christ to Adam it was about 5400 years. Where as some chronologies are in error and have only 4004 BC, in the margin of many real scholarship Bibles of today. They will tell you that Adam was 4004 BC, but we tell you that the Jews tried to take out of the Septuagint 1400 years out of the King lists, and by modification to make Christ's Birth out of cycle, because the prophecies given in the days of Adam, in the Books of Seth and other old Books is that the Messiah would come who would be YAHWEH embodied to lift the curse of pain and transgression from his people who had viola- ted law in the days of Adam's transgression. And that this visitation of YAHWEH would come in 5400 years, but the Jews did not want the people to realize The Christ was the Messiah, so it was at this time that they started to make changes in the Septuagint and they modified and mutated it to try to knock out the timing of the King lists, thus to upset this timetable. So today we have this discrepancy and this is why you will not in the King James Version always get the correct time. But come over to a Lexicon or a Concordance and it will tell you that 5400 BC., is the accurate time, and it refers to Hales Chronology and the Alexandrian text and so forth.

Therefore I want you to note the difference here in the 28th verse of the first chapter of Genesis as it says:...after he had male and female and blessed them and said:...you be fruitful and multiply and repopulate the earth...you notice that the word is replenish. The fact that this word is used is evident that the world had been populated before and something had destroyed this generation. So in this he said he had given them herbs of the field, and the fruit of the trees for their use. Then come over to the second chapter of Genesis and the heavens and the earth are finished and all the hosts of them. This means all the things formed upon this day, all the creatures, everything was finished and now they are blessed, and this is finally the seventh day. Verse 7...'The LORD formed man of the dust of the earth, and there went up a mist over the earth and watered the ground.' But before the fourth verse it has talked about everything created, every plant of the field was in the ground, even every herb and so forth, but 'There was no man to till the ground...altho there were both male and female who existed back in the 6th., era of creation. Yet here in the seventh period then YAHWEH said: 'There is no man to till the ground.' And the word here is not Yatsar which is to make or to form something, but the word is Bara...to bring forth issue, a progeny, a household. Thus in this instance God said:...'Behold there is no Adamite to till the ground.' And God formed man of the dust of the ground...but the proper translation is:...'God begat man of the elements of the earth as of the creation.' In other words Adam was now in physical form in the earth. He was in the elements of the creation, instead of the Celestial plane where he had resided. Now; Angels fell to get into this dimension, but God begat an offspring in this dimension, an offspring of His own household so that they might combat the conditions of this dimension. And the creation it then could be brought back under the orbit of the heavens. This ties in with what we previously discussed on another tape when we talked about the Antiquity of the people of Ancient Egypt. How they came from a sunken continent, how they reached back to Ancient Atlantis which went beneath the waters. They were a part of the 6th., day creation where as the 7th., creation was different. There had been catastrophes developing in ever closer times, say of 12,000 and 14,000 years occur. But note here that god had brought forth issue, and this issue was Adam, and Adam was planted in the garden eastward in Eden. Actually the word was....a garden eastward in the be- ginning, for Eden means beginning. There He put the Adamites He had be- gotten, and here it is translated formed, and out of the ground made to grow every tree that was pleasant to the sight, and the Tree of Life was also in the midst of the garden, as well as this Tree termed 'The Tree of Good and Evil'. This Tree with the knowledge of good and evil is a different form of a Tree, and this is a racial tree, this is Lucifer's lineage. All of these trees for food the Adamite was to eat, but of this racial tree with the knowledge of good and evil...the admonition was...'do not partake of (eat).' Thus they were warned not to mongrelize their race by joining those who had fallen under Lucifer because they were a mutation, and they had this knowledge of both good and evil.

Now; you are told that YAHWEH PUT ADAM in this garden and told him to dress it and to keep it, and we are also told that those rivers were to move out over the earth. Then it tells us that in the day when you par- take of this tree of 'good and evil'...then Adam was to surely die. But remember here at this time we do not as yet have Eve formed. So YAHWEH said:...'it is not good for Adam that he should dwell alone.' I have for- bidden him to mix with these other races of this 'tree of good and evil', so I must produce a mate for him which is acceptable.

Then;..out of the ground YAHWEH had formed everything which was made, and brought them to Adam and he had given them a name. Then YAHWEH CAUSED a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and as he slept HE separated a portion from Audaum (Adam). Here it says that he took one of Adam's ribs, but this was not existent at all in the original text. It is only a matter of translative convenience here because Adam had apparently been made...prepared for this change. The original text says:...YAHWEH separated a female portion from Adam out of which He formed Eve. There is a strange idea floating around that man lost a rib and woman has one more than man, but there is nothing to this of course, and I don't know how anyone could think that if they know anything about anatomy. But you wouldn't believe the number of preachers who go for this idea. One man was talking about the revelation he had from God, and he was real shook over this, for the spirit was supposed to have had him speak in tongues, and then was supposed to have given him this understanding, and thus God told him why there was a difference in the number of ribs in a man and a woman. When he said this I knew that God never told him this, for there was not any truth to it, so it must have come off the top of his head. So you see God gets the blame for a lot of things which he really didn't have anything to do with. Thus God formed woman and she was named this because she was taken out of Adam-man. Therefore:...'Shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife, and they two shall become one flesh.' This is what the Adamites were to do. Most of the people of earth moved with their tribal groups, and they do not have this relationship...especially after the Luciferian fall. They do not have the moral entity in their family life that the Adamic race has, and this is thus the instruction to the Adamic race.

Now; Adam called her Eve, but she was first called wo-man, and not female as in the Enosh creation. This is the 7th., era creation and the word is Bara meaning to give birth to...or come forth as issue. So this is the Adamic race, the issue of God, brought forth in this process by which YAHWEH established His race in earth.

Question:...So YAHWEH didn't rest then on the Seventh Day?

Answer:...This is a matter of interpretation....from making things, forming, creating and molding, yes...He rested. But as far as bringing forth His own Celestial issue...into earth, He didn't call this work. We get some funny ideas sometimes as to what constitutes rest. When i was a boy, and maybe you can remember this also, but if you know what a New England Sunday was like you will know that you were not even to enjoy the day, if you smiled you weren't as good as you should be. I can remember that when the newspapers came you were not to look at them until Monday morning. It was sacrilegious to look at them especially if you saw the comic sheet and laughed....this was not acceptable.

This was the Sabbath Day, and you were to keep it Holy, and rest, but rest did not necessarily mean don't do anything. Rest meant they ceased from their toil and labor but they relaxed and enjoyed themselves, for they did not have to labor on earth this day. When we talk about this seventh era this was God bringing forth Celestial children, begotten in the heavens and now being placed in earth and this was not work or toil. Remember that God himself, in his propagation of His own physical being out of the Race..out of His own people...came out of the Virgin Mary who conceived of His Holy Spirit, the Divine energy of His Celestial being...for this body formed in the Virgin of Divine Energy was the body of God. And it grew up under this concentration of energy, and when birth was given this was a physical child out of the Adamic Race, and yet, it was the Life of God thus planted, and this miracle of insemination by Spirit, of the embodiment of God in a physical form was the sign of The Messiah restated to the Virgin Mary, but remember when He unveiled the Mystery of this thing to the Apostle Paul, He refers to Himself as 'The Second Adam'. Thus The Messiah ...this body of God was the second Adam...why? Because the first Adam was the Life Issue of God's Holy Seed in physical form. Thus the seed inside of Adam was a Holy Seed, and even tho Adam violated Divine Law, and no off- spring could be accepted to carry out the Destiny until Seth was born, still largely the cleansing of the womb was required because of the violation of law by Eve. But after Seth was born then Adam said:..'Now I have begotten a man in my own image and in my own likeness.' Thus you will note that this seed from Adam on down is a Holy seed, and this seed in your race is the Holy seed. Remember that in the Book of Ezra the reason why they did not want them to mingle and mongrelize with these other races was because.. 'You will mingle the Holy Seed.'

Now; Holy comes from Shekinah...radiant as well, and Qadish...which means Holy out of God. Thus only that which proceeds forth out of God is Holy. Therefore a Holy Seed is the Life Issue seed of God. Ezra said of the seed of Israel whose life seed was traced back thru Abraham thru Shem, Noah and back to Seth and Adam who was the son of God, so the admonition was not to confuse this Holy Seed. Thus when the birth of Christ is traced back you will note that as the seed household is traced, that this body of God is also traced back to Seth and to Adam...why? Because they were establishing that the body of The Christ is not a mongrel, that His seed is perfect. That the Christ to fulfill the Atonement as the body of God, had to be a Lamb without one spot or blemish, not one confusion of seed. Every once in a while someone who thinks he is a psychologists, and wants to advocate mongrelization and inter-mingle the races will say...there is no pure race, you can't prove that you are of pure blood. I can tell you that this is all 90% propaganda, a hoax to try to get people to pay no attention to the race factor. Our race blood is generally pure for when that blood is touched that one is generally ostracized. When white trash marry into the Negro race they end their absorption back into the white race in almost every instance going down...never back up.

Now; in this instance again this is very strongly true, so true is this that for some time we even had a more complete fetish than this. For instance after our tribal separation when the tribes moved into their various areas such as Sweden, Germany and England and so forth, there were so many family conscious that they didn't even want to mix with another tribal family such as Danes with Swedes and so forth. But the Race generally did not mingle out, for when the Ham line mingled out it was dropped right out of the kingdom line. From the day that Ham violated law, even tho he could not have assumed the Kingdom line, but from the day he violated law you don't find any listing of Ham. After you pass Nimrod the Hamite line is out. As far as Japheth is concerned you never pick up any Japheth pattern after the flood beyond the first of his line, because they mingled with the Asiatic and were out.

You never find the posterity of Japheth mingling in the Kingdom of God sharing with the Adamic family because you can go back to Japheth's sons and they made the first mixing. Then there is nothing of them forward from that time only backward. This is the reason why the Shemite house fathers all the branches of the white race today, with the exception of the Sethite seed which were perfect and was joined back into Israel as in the days when Joseph married Asenath the daughter of Potipherah the Priest of ON. Now let me also point this out...where as Moab was a name in all this plan, there was a Moab out of Seth that was in the early genealogy, and we find this in the Zohar. Also these people out of Adam-Seth were Israel in the earth, and God then specifically renames Jacob-Israel and gives him this distinction as he changes his name. The word 'Israel' meant something to Jacob, it meant 'Issue ruling with in earth'. So when God said I am going to call you Israel instead of Jacob, this word 'Israel' meant some thing to these Adamic people, and always had.

Now; remember for instance in the genealogy of The Christ that Ruth is said to be a Moabite, and everyone knows that she was not out of the Moab line ..out of Cain, or out of the Hamite line because this lineage had to be without spot or blemish. Not one area in all the genealogy of The Christ has ever had even one taint on it, this was perfection of the line. So therefore there is nothing in the Scripture more carefully carried out than the intent of God for preservation of Race, responsibility from the day that God created and brought forth His own Issue in the Seventh Day. Let me point out something else to you thru out the Old Testament...here we have the word Enosh for man, which is also translated beast, but it means natural man without spirit, who has a soul consciousness, but it is not the Issue of God. All the beast nations, and beast races had come under the fall of Lucifer. And the Adam man was not a Beast (world order) man, he was a HU-man, spirit man. So since he was spirit man or HU-man then he was therefore Adam...Issue of God. In the Old Testament we have two words both translated man...both Adam and Enosh. In giving you the areas of creation which are symbolism and allegory as well, they have still their foundation level, and are greatly discussed in the Ancient Zohar. There is much more to be said; but after all remember Moses was writing this Book 1400 plus years before The Christ, and he was writing this 300 plus years after all these things had happened. So here 3000 plus years after they happened Moses is giving a blow by blow account, so how could he do this? He could do it because this knowledge was a part of other volumes and doctrines and traditions, that were known to our race which carried this truth, this tradition with them. Plus the fact that the Spirit inspired Moses as to what he wrote. So he wrote what he was inspired to write, and God correlated out of the knowledge that he had. You know how God sometimes moves on a person and you gather everything. Maybe God just raises some people that way, he just gives them such a desire that they just want to go out and study everything. But when God gets ready to use that person he doesn't take what you might know, or What I might know on a given subject, but suddenly the Spirit separates what you need to know on that subject, right out of your remembrance, and you find it fitting right in, moving right into your message. Thus as Moses was writing the things the was recording were just the foundation to put this Book on the road, that was all He guided Moses to put down. So Moses in the first few chapters of the Book covers thousands of years, and then takes the next five chapters to cover the 80 years of his lifetime. So you see the man can write more fluently about the events he is in contact with, plus the fact that this was what he wanted to write about. The main thing was to get the foundation data out of the way. There are older Books than these, the Book of Job for instance was written 2500 to 2800 years before Moses wrote the Pentateuch. And the fact was that the Book of Job had been around all those years, carried and copied, and by the time we started putting the Bible together we still have the Book of Job which was about 5000 years old when The Christ was on earth.

We point out then that everywhere you see the word Adam then you have the white Issue...the white man...Israel..everywhere you have the other races you have the word Enosh. Did it ever occur to you...that ...the number which is perfect is 7? This is a Divine number, and this is why we refer to the seventh day, the seventh era for YAHWEH PUT THIS LIFE OUT OF HIMSELF INTO EARTH IN THE SEVENTH ERA, OR AS SOME SAY THE SEVENTH DAY. But the Beast system which refers to the Anti-Christ program...without begotten spirit..plans to conquer the world..this is called the Beast system in the Scriptures. And Jesus referred to this as the Beast system, and refers to its number as the MARK of the Beast, and says this number is 666...the number of man. He who understands will know that this 666 is spirit, soul, and body of man but not the Issue of God..is the creation without HIS be- gotten spirit, thus it is that man without number His begotten spirit is no. 6., and man with His begotten spirit is no. 7. The number of the Kingdom is 21...or 777, the number of Anti-Christ who we are to throw out of power is 666. Thus this is the trilogy of man not of God. Then comes the new creation as the Kingdom takes over and God starts molding again for bigger and better things under the cycles of 8. This is simply the numerology of the Bible.

Question:...This trilogy, what is it?

Answer:...Spirit, soul, and body.

Question:...You mean these other people have this to?

Answer:...Enosh people have a natural trilogy of earth. They were created right here as HE molded them right here on earth. They have the spirit of the natural man, and areas of soul consciousness, and a physical body. But you...you have the Spirit which is of God. Remember the Apostle Paul said:...'We have not received the spirit which is of the earth, or this spirit of the natural man, but we received the spirit which is of God, which brings us to the knowledge of all things, all the things of God.' He said:...we do not have the spirit of the world, we have the spirit of God because WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD.

Now; let me point something out to you about words. Someday people will understand this and they are going to wake up from all this silly substitution of imagination that they try to use in the place of God. People do this honestly, they get carried away, and there are all kinds of operators ...familiar spirits which come out of the subconscious part of the Will. No one knows what kind of a peculiar twist this can take, maybe an area of spiritual derangement as well, but not out of the spirit itself, but out of the areas of the consciousness. This may hurt some people, and not others, but I am going to give it to you as it falls, because we have had all kinds of religious developments thru out all times, and there is times when God's Spirit moves upon people. Now; if the human image out of the physical mind sets up this idea, then people think they got this message from God. They will therefore imagine this like they have intended in their thought picture to image it.

Let me show you something:...when God spoke to Joshua who had thought when he saw this big beautiful, majestic soldier standing there just before he went against Jericho:...'Oh! are you for me or against me?' Joshua had enough enemies to face without any more, so he asked:...'Are you for us or against us?' And here it says:...'I am the captain of the hosts of YAHWEH.' So Joshua was happy to welcome any of the hosts of the Army of THE LORD because he needed all the help he could get. But do you suppose that God spoke unto Joshua and said:...'Verily Verily, I say unto you that I am captain of the Hosts of YAHWEH'...remember this is English translation of the old type of English at the time when the King James Version was translated. HE talked to Joshua in Hebrew-Aramaic. And in the days of Christ's ministry He spoke in Aramaic. It was translated from Aramaic to Greek and from Aramaic into Latin, and into other forms, but when the Apostle Paul was talking to the Greeks he wanted them to understand so he said:... Yah-Zeus, because by his time Zeus in Greece was the Savior God, the Master God of the heavens, the Top God of the Greeks, and YAH meant the God who is everywhere so they called him...Yah-Zeus, but way up in Anglo-Saxon land they were using Jah...or Jesus when his real name was YAHSHUA. Now; when ever God spoke to the people of Palestine He spoke to them in Palestinian Aramaic. If He walked into Germany today He would talk to them in modern German, not the German language way back in History, He would talk to them in the German language they would understand. And if Jesus walked into this room today He would say:...'Hello, My Children'..in other- words He would talk just like we talk. Do you think that Jesus would walk in here today and say:..Verily, yea, and hear ye this? Anytime you get a message from God and it is Yea..hear ye this..verily and so forth you know that it is phoney. That is right, for YAHWEH does not talk today in King James English of long ago. He talks to us in the language which we speak. So if you think in one language, and have a religion in another this is because of the making of your mind. Some people still have God walking around in a Toga nightgown as when Jesus walked the earth. But God does not have to have an apparel which is separate from what you wear at anytime. HE could come in here in this great uniform of heaven described over here in the Scriptures, in mighty splendor, and His robes beset with armor and jewels wearing a 7 pointed star emblem, for this is the symbol of the rulers of the Universe, and John saw HIM like this also, and Enoch saw HIM like that when he talked to Him, but He always spoke the language of that day.

Question:...How do you know this?

Answer:...Well, God has talked to me for years and years, but He never once talked to me in any language but my own.

Question:...But then......

Answer:...Now wait a moment, I am going to show you something. God speaks in the language of the hour because language is the medium of perception...the vibratory pattern of the image of an idea, and the semantics which accompany the idea are the semantics which are yours. Question:...Now, you say He talks to you say in the English language, so how is it that you are the only one He talks to?

Answer:...I am not the only one He talks to, I know of hundreds of people who He talks to.

Question:...Well, not to me, I have tried to talk to him but.....

Answer:...Wait a moment, maybe He talks to you with a flowing pattern of ideas and with concept. I am not one that goes out and says:...God just told me this, no..., the fact is that generally I am asking for something when I get it real sharp and clear. But the thing is I can start on one sermon, and God has another one for me. And when that happens all I have to do is just talk, and it is coming thru good and clear as tho coming in one ear and out my mouth, and as this happens I get a panorama like a motion picture of the whole thing I am talking about. Whether struggles, battles, histories, it just passes in my mind just as tho I am looking at the panorama. At the same time there is given unto me in this perception, while this is happening...until I can see the entire audience, as to whether someone is getting it. I can pause and explain a question and then pick up where I left off and go on, this happens all the time.

Question:...I realize that...but...

Answer:...What I am sitting is that there is a lot of phenomena, and we are watching this development. Today Lucifer is trying to set up phenomena so as to detract people from the Kingdom, to make them think that is Holiness, but actually this is detracting, it is sidestepping, and always you will note this. I have covered practically every phase of theological thought in the past 30 years, and with intent. We have spoken in almost every denomination in Christendom. This involved from Episcopal churches, Methodist, Pentecostal, to Four Square churches, and in every area we have observed that which they had a particular affinity. We have watched people who were supposedly under the moving of the spirit, and then the interpretation which followed. We watched how it came, and how it went, and we remembered prophecies given in Lenin's church down in Pasadena in 1933, and I went there as well as others to watch this phenomena for he said that the spirit was moving, this was an outpouring of the spirit, messages were coming thru and things were happening which would relate to events, so I sat there, and when they prophesied I wrote it down. And I wrote down as to whether they were speaking in old English or modern English. And as I put it down I said:...'if this be of God then the prophecies of things shall come to pass. And if the prophecy does not come to pass, then the prophecy is of the making of the prophet.' Now; as I watched these prophecies and messages coming thru in various dialects and form, I noticed that every prophecy which came true had come thru in modern English.

Now; I cannot establish this separately except from missionaries who I do know. These were Anglo-Saxon missionaries whose children were raised in China, who talked Chinese and went to mission schools in China. They then entered the ministry and were moved upon and they were particularly of full gospel persuasion, but do you know that when they first caught their perception, their thoughts were in Chinese, but their semantics were in English. But the thing was...this was the language they were using at that time.

In the days of Pentecost you remember that the people who were gathered there were all Israelites, some had come from Rome, some from Greece, some from the coast of Cyrene, or from anywhere Israelites lived at that time. But they had come to the feast of the Passover, and if they had not been Israelites they would not have journeyed so far to begin with. Now; if on the day of Pentecost the idea was to get across to these people just something they would all understand, then they would have spoken to them in Temple Hebrew, and they would have all understood it. But the miracle which happened that day was that here was Peter, James, and John and all these men were Galilean's, but speaking now...One in Latin, one in Greek and etc. And the people said:...'how can this be, are not these men all Galilean's with one language? How is it that we hear these disciples speaking in the language where in we were born?' This was not in unknown tongues, this was in every language, a known tongue of the people here listening so the people...these Israelites who came from each country understood what this disciple was speaking to them. And...'In the language where in they were born.' Acts 2:8.

Now I am sure there is no one here who is old enough to reach back to the time of Peter.....

Question:...Then you mean we shouldn't be reading other versions of...

Answer:...I am not talking about the Bible you are reading, what I am talking about and telling you is that this is a King James Version Bible, and of course you read it, but when you see..'Thee and Thou and Yea', that is King James English, but if God should speak to you today He doesn't have to go back and speak in the old languages, He does not talk to you in the language in which He spoke to His disciples, for that would be Aramaic. Nor does He use the semantics of the sixteenth century. We are now in our 'Latter Days' and there are spiritual waves moving, and we are in the days when the outpouring of God's Spirit is again taking place. And in this out- pouring of His Spirit...is the purpose of preparing the people of His Kingdom for the job we have to do. Because of this every type of spiritual force is now on you, including delusion and sidetracking..not necessarily wrong or evil, but there are sidetracks at work and in this way they negate. In this instance we note that people thus motivated without realizing it do not talk in the same language in which they talk to you. The Bible is written in the exact language of the days of King James. If you get in here and get a modern version of the translation even tho I don't like the translation because the rascals have twisted it, still this new standard Version is in our English. And if God were to step into this room and speak to you he would not speak like a Quaker of the colonial days. He would speak like an American. God always reaches people in the medium of communication of their day. I only mention this because again the difference of pattern is quite clear. The World Order can't even perceive the things which are of God. They have to be taught these things because they have already been mutated beyond this capacity. The natural man cannot receive the things which are of God, but they who are spiritual can receive all things. But by this same token many devout and righteous people get off on areas of what they think is spirit, but is a high wave of emotion which is deeply moved, but they are in a language pit that is in a different Era entirely. In this instance one thing which the World Order of God does is that it confirms itself.

I do not want you to think that I am just giving a blanket approval for all kinds of voices and visions, and messages that come from everywhere for I am not, but I do believe that God does make communications with His ministers, or with individuals who He might give this particular gift to, but always it is for a purpose. Never does it take them out of the Kingdom, never does it separate them from the true church, but produces within that church some area of ministry. And this cycle we are now in at this end of the age will see more and more demonstrations of Divine Presence. But in this instance again:...watch it, check it, listen because in order to impress us that a thing is Biblical, the areas which would move us with emotion, will try to stick it back in Biblical language.

Question:... What about talking in tongues?

Answer:...Now you are getting into a very ticklish subject because the Apostle Paul said:...'I will talk in tongues more than ye all, but I would rather talk in a known tongue where a man understands me than to speak 10,000 words in an unknown tongue.' There are different types of tongues, there was this gift which God gave to His disciples for a special function which gave them the gift of being able to speak languages which were not their own. Then there was a strange Heavenly power which seemed to descend over men among the early disciples in which they found themselves speaking the LANGUAGE OF HEAVEN, and this was called the unknown tongue, whereby God understood it, but they did not always understand it. But the spirit was saying to them things which the physical consciousness would not be able to know or utter. So remember that the language of the Celestial may be different than ours. For the true language of the Kingdom of God is the language of Heaven. For He says:...'I will give you a pure language again, at the end of this age,' this is what the Scripture says. And the Celestial language may be a perfection of our English language, this is a conceited position at best, but it sounds best to me. But all the languages of Israel have something in common, for there is areas of Universal truth out of the Semantics, out of Latin, out of Greek, and so forth. You hear certain Phonetic sounds which have similar meanings, and similar intent. This is true especially in Western European lines until you can say that a great area of this goes back to Latin, the Latin form is a derivation of most of our modern languages, but the Latin form is a derivation of forms which proceeded it. All thru the Latin forms there are Hebrew forms, and all thru the Anglo-Saxon language this is true also. The Anglo-Saxon language has more pure Hebrew words in consonants and vowels that can be put together than could be put together in Hebrew because they don't have these in the Hebrew. But the tone ends up the same, so again this is another witness as to the Race line.

You cannot get anything out of Chinese which will mix in with your language. You don't take the gibberish of the Africans and find anything in common with a Chinaman or with the Hottentots. You can't take the gibberish of the Africans and find anything in common with them. But you will find a few words in Japanese which are a part of your language..why? Because they are a part of Ancient Sumeria which didn't go down of Ancient Mu, and Sumus in Latin meant the highest, or that which sticks out after everything else sunk, so these mountains were the highest. So the word Sumus in Latin came from Sumeria. This part of the continent which did not sink which we call Ya-Pan (Japan) today, was called Sumeria and the people who lived on it were Sumerians. So the word Summit moved all that route, and remember some of the children of Ammon were over there in Japan, exiled there by the Chinese in Ancient times. We won't go into that tonight, but the Semantics pattern does follow in this case.

This I do want you to know....all the religions of the world has to become personalized to you to do you any good. So when the Bible is for you and these characters are of your race, your background, your history, and you are a part of it then the Bible becomes a Living Book. Therefore if the Bible does not end for you, and the events of the Kingdom are not all over at the end of the ministry of Christ and His disciples then you must accept the part of the Bible which goes beyond this revelation. So then the Book of Revelation takes the Bible up to our time, and as it does this then we are living the Bible days of the events which Revelation unfolds. And God is reaching us here because His Spirit will direct and guide us to the Scriptures. As we live and become aware of the content of this Book, then it makes no difference to me whether I am reading it in King James or some other version for I can get so wrapped up in Moffets and other translation as well. The only reason I use the King James version is because it has so much common usage. But as far as the common language is concerned, I might read the Scripture when I am asleep then a verse come out, but when I am preaching I am not preaching in King James English. If I did that, the people would think that I was a Quaker. So what I want to bring out to you is that as you face the modern problems of today you see them dressed as an army of today, not like in Ancient times. Thus many things in Revelation are denoting things in our times, and even putting the words together. The image that it makes wasn't compatible in former times, for their understanding, even tho they used the words given...but it fits today. So again we will not put down any capacity of Spiritual revelation, but everything must become subject to the finished word which God is continually expanding and developing.

In other words, never have I found a new thing that we can't find a hint of or the foundation of which is still here...in the Bible. There isn't anything new under the sun anyhow, but I want you to realize that God has not stopped leading His people, by lifting us some, and calling them with vision, and responsibility. God does nothing except He makes it known unto His ministers, and His prophets. This does not mean that every minister is a prophet for this also is not true. Some ministers are but teachers, and some are not even good teachers. Some of them are Pastors, and that is a calling in itself also, but the fact remains that in our times, as we have told you...in the Book of Micah...that YAHWEH WILL RAISE UP SO MANY MINISTERS, SO MANY PROPHETS, AND SO MANY PRINCIPAL MEN AS LEADERS AND GENERALS TO SAVE THIS NATION, THE KINGDOM OF ISRAEL...the whole thing, in this day.

The fact is that the whole church might be motivated, and I want you to realize that intuitive perception...the more people who seek it, the more they discover it is there...thus...'Seek and ye shall find'...'Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.' And in this instance we are in communication with quite a few preachers, and we talk over quite a few things, and there is a wave of problems which are besetting them everywhere. And the more advanced they are in the knowledge of the Kingdom, and the word of God the more the enemy seems to plague them by seeming to neutralize their people with...just beautiful descriptions of God, or beauty, or life. But all are a part of the program to keep you away from the kingdom. The more men are able to see the Majesty and the Beauty of God the higher their spiritual perceptions are elevated. But I also point out to you that not one area of perception was granted to men that was not to be translated into real action. This is why Peter, James and John would have like to have stayed up there on the mountain. They weren't only on cloud nine, but they had it to all 13 clouds. They had actually looked at the Glory and beauty of God as that physical body was enveloped in all the radiance of heaven, with all the Divine Glory of the radiance of God around that physical body, and they didn't want to leave.

And remember that here on top of that mountain was Elijah and Moses talking with the disciples. So this had just proved to them that there was ...NO DEATH, and these men (Moses and Elijah) had just passed into the dimension of the spirit, and were carried away...one at least in a chariot. Yes, people thought that Moses was dead, but if he had been dead, he wouldn't have been on that mountain, he would have been down in the Nether- world along with the rest of the Adamites waiting for the Resurrection, but he was there on the mountain. This is why the Devil never could find the body of Moses. Oh, someone wrote a few verses in the last of the Book of Deuteronomy, but since Moses wrote the Book of Deuteronomy then someone else wrote those extra verses, for they tell about the death of Moses, so Moses didn't write them did he? In fact if you take a careful balance of these extra verses, it is as tho it is even the same author...or is it? We don't know who added that on to the Book of Deuteronomy but Moses didn't taste of death like other men, he passed into the plane of spirit along with Enoch and Elijah. But the thing is that everything which happened on that mountain was so physically real to those disciples. The thrill of seeing Jesus enveloped in His Glory, and yet they knew HIM because they were His disciples, and they knew the spirit bears witness instantly that this was Moses and Elijah. And here they are talking about the kingdom and all those things. The disciples wanted to build three Tabernacles there on that mountain and they said:...let us put up 3 tent houses, tabernacles, to protect Jesus, Moses and Elijah from the elements, and then lets just stay up here on the mountain.

But Jesus made it clear to them that these Spiritual forms didn't need protection from the storms. These Celestial forms which stepped out of the Spirit were just as real, just as tangible as the physical bodies of the disciples. but they were told...you go down off this mountain...I just took you up here to build your faith, but the work of the Kingdom has to be done down there among men on earth. Let this charge you with power and vision so that you know that behind you is the power of the Spirit. The unseen force that others cannot see...but you beheld it, so you go down and go to work. We today have so many who want to get off on cloud nine, that they don't think about getting up to cloud 13, they just want to stay half way between heaven and earth. And I think the Devil would like to have everybody out there floating around on that level. Cause there is nothing which would ever be done here, and there would be no real opposition if this was the case. The reason I note this is because there are many strange forms today of catalization. Scriptures tell us that This Same Christ shall return just like you saw HIM leave, but Lucifer says:...He is never coming back, so never mind about this old earth. Preachers preach about it, so we let them sing about it, and then take off for somewhere else. As long as you never do anything to throw out the darkness, or lift up the standards which are right, then it doesn't bother the enemy, for he wants to keep the earth, he doesn't want the heavens for he was thrown out of there once already. So recognize this until your religion can be translated into something real, for it isn't going to do you much good down here unless this be true. You say:...what about when i die? Well, you don't have to worry about that for the spirit is already perfect, you can go right back and feel at home in that dimension of spirit.

I am not a bit worried about heaven, for God has already taken care of that, and if He can't then I can't do anything about it. But My Father not only has heaven all in shape, but It pleases My Father to use us as to carry out these objectives on earth, except in the areas of the final conflict when all the embodied forces of Lucifer are involved. Then HE joins you with the forces of heaven, to bring back His whole Adamic Celestial family to earth, so there will not be one defeat, but all will join in this mighty triumph. This is why we are told that the whole hosts of heaven, and the Elect of God from the four corners of heaven, and the four corners of earth are to be gathered together.

Now; again the Celestial being is made of Light, and anytime you think there is anything going to happen to his Light body then the Devil is just lying to you. All kinds of messages are coming from Yogi and others these days. Every few days some part of the country sends mailings to me of so called revelations coming to this group of that group, and these things are from Yogi, or from Hinduism, so these spirits of confusion are moving all around us. And people pick up waves of this, and waves of that, along with some spiritual idea, and actually what they are coming up with I can show them in Yogi and other places...and it is just the spirit which has held them in delusion all the time.

Now; the reason why I point this out again is that I read one pamphlet sent to me which was supposed to have been received, and it said that the only thing you have to worry about was 'thought', you might have against anything created. These thoughts might break down the spirits of Light and cause your Light to diminish or be exterminated. So don't think anything harsh or anything evil unless your spirit be terminated by these thoughts and just dwindle away. This is of course phoney, lying subtlety because The Spirit is the one thing which can't fade away. The Spirit is the one thing of God which can never be destroyed. If you can destroy that which is incorruptible then there is noting real.

You see...in trying to devise an area to keep Christian people from doing things God wants them to do, they come along and try to make them think that if they were to actually think the things necessary to adjust them to God's plan, then they would be hurting their spirits.

Now; the whole Universe is put together by YAHWEH and the energy of YAHWEH is in every particle. But in this article put out by this University which is put out by the Yogi...it says: Hear ye, Hear ye, ye must learn to breathe for I am in all things. So since I am in all things, and ye breathe, then ye breathe me in. So the deeper ye breathe the more of God you get, and the more the light will glow, and the brighter ye shall become, and the more my wisdom shall descend upon you.

Let me tell you something...this is phoney, oh..it is a good thing to breathe deeply, good deep breathing is good for you, and if you quit breathing then you will die. But by breathing you aren't getting more of God, you are just living because the fullness of God exists in His Universe but you...being spirit of His Spirit, and breath of His Breath, when He imputes His righteousness to you, except for the final areas of immortality which is to ascend upon you, then you put on God. So as we talk about this remember...'As many as have been baptized into Christ...put on Christ'. But it is ...'The Christ in you which is the hope of Glory.'

Do not think for one moment that the BEING embodied in that resurrection isn't going to come back with the hosts of heaven to be joined with you in earth for the great victories ahead. Today I see all kinds of neutralizing forces trying to change this, and change it by saying:...do you actually think we are going to ever see HIM down here ever again in a body we can touch? No No No...But my friends I say:...Yes! Yes! Yes!, for that is exactly what the Scripture says. There is no dimension in which you cannot move, whether in Celestial or physical, so remember that. One of the things I note is that they are diligently trying to compare and to watch all things. Especially is this a responsibility of ministers of today. Ministers are not perfect, never were, they can violate patterns of law, and transgress the same as everyone else. But there is one thing...the gifts of the Called of God are without repentance. It does not require perfection to receive perception. The Spirit of God still moves upon His ministers, and when they reach complete perfection they will put on immortality. But in the areas of what God has to say in the instrumentality by which He raises them up, He gives them a clear focal area of truth. Today I would like to see more Bible schools, more Bible study, more people so educated in everything which relates to God and His creation that they wouldn't be running around as they are today hunting something. The great- est area of problems we have today is in the areas of extra sensory sentimentalism that effects the individual person. This being a factor is effected by all areas in the sense perception that can come thru thought waves. You little realize how much when you go into a city like Los Angeles, that the vibrations of thought waves running around, can hammer upon your consciousness because you are not even thinking about this, you are going about your own business but you have a built in perception which is like a wall of fire about you. What is this but...protection. God says He will be like a wall of fire about you. Since you are the child of God, and the wave length of your thinking is like that of His even tho you think like that or not, because your spirit is spirit of His Spirit, AND LIFE OF HIS LIFE. Therefore there is a wall of protection which immunizes you to a degree from the bombardment from all the areas of thought round about. Remember that all temptation has to come thru the areas of consciousness and thru areas of conscious thought. No violations ever occur unless they come by the thought. Therefore God shields individuals from the kind of temptations which destroy men and nations or races which violates the great pattern of Divine Law. At the same time He gives you a working catalyzing force, generating in the third eye, from spiritual perception to immunize you against whole areas of thought. If this was not true you couldn't walk down the streets of the big cities and think your own thoughts. If all these thoughts were coming in like to a great receiver you would have trouble tuning them out. They would not all be close enough on the same wave length to pick up which would confuse you.

Sometimes in the areas of spiritual understanding there are sometimes things which beset men, so because of this there were special commandments which God gave His disciples, and is some areas of influence in casting out devils, and to sometimes take away the obsessions of thoughts out of error which so penetrate the mind that a person thinks this was their own thoughts. And yet it would bind them until Christ liberated them, and cast these forces out. Sometimes they were so catalyzed that they were almost maniacal and then enough crossed and evil ideas obsessed an individual, and he has no control of his consciousness but moves more and more into this area we get as insanity, which is the result of this imbalance. That is why there are forms of insanity which are referred to as Demon possession. A demon is a spirit, a disembodied fallen spirit...a disembodied fallen offspring of Luciferian cycles. And I tell you that there are Devils who walk the earth, and we see them all the time. But some of these forces under the impact of the forces of heavenly hosts who have been battling on your side have become disembodied, therefore they can't go thru their cycles, and they want to obsess someone, and there are people today who are obsessed and this is the reason for it.

We don't have the time to go into the instructions in this area tonight but this is why there was all background formations of various areas of cognition of this problem. There were struggles between such forces which captured men's minds, and in the struggle for men's minds, and the struggles of the church there is also witchcraft, for there is such a thing. Oh, you say there is no such thing...why then did God tell Moses way back there to write...'Do not let a wizard, or a witch live?' Why? Because these Satanic forces can cast spells upon people. There are people today totally hypnotized by evil forces who can't free their minds from this control. There are mechanical ways, and Lobotomies and other ways, and patterns used to capture men's minds. There are areas of sound repetition while men sleep used to capture their minds. There are all of these things still done today, and I think we have men with captured minds in Washington D.C. and all over today, and some went to hospitals for treatment and came back not themselves, but they don't know it because Satan's children are running the show.

Now; I realize that some of these things may not be compatible with all the text books of medical science, but I am talking to Doctors, one a leader of the medical field in Southern California, and this man is getting very disturbed as to what is going on in the political field. The attempt to move in and stop all progress in the areas of perception as to how to apply knowledge and wisdom and healing, whether it be chiropractor or Osteopath or a medical doctor, or the new found ideas of nutrition, this doctor did not want any hampering on an area of healing just because a certain group of people couldn't control it, so therefore they didn't want it. He said:...the greatest fakes in the whole area of healing today are the psychiatrists, for the majority of them are Witch doctors. I said:... what do you mean, Witch doctors? He said:...they try to change the way men think and hold their thoughts in a new bondage. This is true...thus knowing this, knowing the waves of these thoughts we become alert to anything which does not synthesize with the program of God's Kingdom. Which does not keep people thinking in synchronization with their God.

There is nothing you can contemplate, no pattern of majesty which would be greater than the Embodiment of God in all His radiance and Glory, but you remember how Jesus talked and acted on earth as you read the Scriptures and you find that He wasn't real gentle with these rascals. In fact the things He said about them would be the same as cursing them for what they were. This was God, and there were places where He flogged them off the temple steps. He talks about the days when the enemy will be killed, He didn't say we are going to just run on all the emotion we can and make them accept it. He talked about love, but love among the brethren, not love the enemy. And when he came to the enemy He said:...'Bring them before me, these who would not have me to rule over them, and slay them before me.'

(tape runs out)