02-26-69 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


We told you that you would have intense weather patterns. And millions of people under tension has more effect on the weather than you realize. They set up patterns of static electricity. Planetary alignment has an effect on people. This may bring judgement on themselves. Bring their own chastisement while other people might not be touched by them.

The earth is vibrating 54 vibrations per minute. The San Andres fault is tremoring. Hudson River is on a tremor, and there was an earthquake back in the days of the Revolution---there. The Hudson River East and the East River are fault lines. Manhattan? A fault also has had light earthquakes in the last three months. Also a mountain range from the Great Lakes down to Oklahoma City went down. It is vibrating again.

Lots of earthquakes in 1969. Kiuawii in Hawaii erupted. In the Caribbean Sea in the time of Cortez, in his exploration of the Incas, there was lots of gold found and some or it was buried on an island as they transferred the gold to his island and buried it. This island became known as a headquarters for Pirates. Then a volcano erupted and the whole island went down and the gold is at the bottom of the sea.

Vast amounts of water, subterranean seas under Lemuria before it sunk. The Sumari people were a tall people. The people of China talk about how they migrated from the motherland of Mu.

In India, they talk about the great Matavara which is a battle of the gods. So in the temples of India there are some people who worship Krishna still today. But not many anymore.

Zoroaster taught that God was ONE and His people were the white race. He was called the prophet of One God. Today it is not anything like it was once.

There are some people in India, the descendants of Lillith and Adam. And their offspring were Hindus, but they were originally a light cast with structure more like Adam.

The cast system of India was to protect the race. The children of Keturah mixed with the Persians of India. Jahanagar built the Taj Mahal. He was the last of the white kings.

In the background, Krishna was taught by the Aryans. The Mantavara would be fought against as Krishna comes to life for his people and restores them. Brahma, Vishnu, Siva and Kali are the evil gods of India. Vishnu is the seven fold goddess. She becomes united with Kali. And 1/3 of the children of India are the children of Kali's brothels. They talk about the great Krishna who ruled the heavens and the great chaos monster. And they talk about how the God of heaven only liked white people. But Lucifer said he liked all people, so mix the races. They name 4 different areas of the Pacific and these people in India say they escaped from those areas. They weaving of their stories still are found in the scriptures. How Lucifer made many in the heavens sin. And how Lucifer hates God and His race. The same things are woven into the Book of Revelation and of Daniel. So the world will see another Matavara.

The people of the Greeks are the white race. At the same time their philosophers talked about all theology of the world. Paul went to Athens and told them that this unknown God is our Great God. The Gospel was translated into Greek. This is the reason we have changes in theology. In Greed it was Christ. In India it was Krishna. This brought it back in and He became Christ. YAH-Zeus is the Savior God in Greece. YAH-Zeus will be Christeed. So In English, we call Him Christ. He will clear up your name for Him in time.

In the background of India, they talk about the collapse of the land of Lemuria. Nuclear bombs were used in Lemuria. For Easter Island tells you this. Trinitites are radio active and isotopes on Easter Island are still radio active.

The ancient people of India talk about the horrible stars that burned over their cities.

Those Priests came from the cities that sank and called for Lucifer to protect them. Then a type of poison gas came over and killed many of them. In the pagan hatred, they still find enough of the truth to have a testimony of the scripture.

Thailand was a cultured type of Buddhism. They had living Buddhas. And instead of starting with the living Buddhas, they instead go way back to the Gotmas. And the Gotmas were the results of mongrelization. You find these huge Gotmas idols of Buddha. But Buddha did not appear to be any bigger than an ordinary man. The Jews just built him up this way.

In Genesis 6 there were giants and the reason for the flood was to drown those giants who were trying to absorb the white race. So this flood was actually this carrying on of the Matavara. This battle between good and Lucifer bringing a flood of judgement upon the Luciferian forces.

This is why all the Old Testament,----He is always angry with these other gods. "I alone am God." You see this all over Asia. Worshiping of these idols.

Tidal King of the Nations was pre-Adamic. In the battle for the gold of Ophir there were thousands battling just a few short years after the flood. This goes into the question of ---is the weather a judgement. Well,--God used the earth to fight for the woman. Earthquakes, judgements, famine, ---but it does not hurt you too much. A great star---wormwood--will fall. Maybe hit over along the Mediterranean. But the white race will not be destroyed. But if you go live with the enemy, then you ask for it. And you may die.

When Jesus was with the disciples and He said He was going to rest, then the storm came up and the disciples got scared and they woke Him up. He just said:--"Peace. Be still." And the storm stopped. But that storm really stopped because the electronic balance which was setting up that storm, was corrected by the mind of God. And that just stilled and quieted the turbulence. It is not magic. He understood the cause and He leveled out the balances and the storm stopped. The disciples were amazed. They said that even the wind and the waves obey HIM. But Jesus said:--"Even greater things than these will you do when you understand how."

So the turbulence at that time could have been caused by the hatred of the Jews against HIM. There is no question of the power of thought waves to earth.

But it is in the scripture and it is in the background of the ancient pagan religions. Lucifer scattered Negroids all over Asia and Lemuria and Atlantas. But then most of the Negroes went to Africa. Beelzebub is the prince of Hell in the book of Nicodemus. He rebelled against Lucifer. So devils do fall out. The Negroes are now falling out and that is good also.

QUESTION:---The aborigines of Australia?

ANSWER:---They are pre-Adamic from Lemuria. The thought stick from one runner to another and the man on the other end knows what they are is a mystery.

QUESTION:---Water witching?

ANSWER:---This is a gift. Some people are gifted and some are not. Divining rods.---But as far as devils, they know where the treasures of earth are. I have never known anyone to get rich with it. I knew a Swede and he could with for metal. He would go each year to Sweden and witch for ore. He was paid 10,000 per year for this. He believed in identity and paid his tithe. When we could, we would go out into the desert and he could find the different kinds of ore we were looking for. Or he could find oil. But he could never find it on the land to produce it. I checked this out. I knew a man from Europe and he found tungsten. About $1,000,000. worth. But I never found any of those men who found a fortune for themselves with that gift.

A Negro, you say, found gold in Oklahoma. But he was never able to get enough to make any money.

Now days we have instruments that can do this. But this is not divining. This is using scientific instruments.

QUESTION:---What is the Beast?

ANSWER:---The Beast is the sum total of the world system under Lucifer. The mark is those who put their hands and minds to serve this system against the system of program of the Kingdom of God.

QUESTION:---Is there good or bad in the Netherworld?

ANSWER:---I think that is pretty well taken over by Lucifer. There were some who dwelt there even before Lucifer. Paradise was in the center of the earth. But Hades or Netherworld is under the dominion or domination of Lucifer. The Deero used to live there and there are the elements and all those things.

QUESTION:---When Jesus was buried in Joseph of Arimathea's tomb, was this an entrance to the inner earth?

ANSWER:---I don't think so. There are different opening over the earth, however.