03-02-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--People say that Paul was a Jew. Now I know that he was not a Jew, but how do I prove it?

ANSWER:--We could spend all night on that. The King James Version of the Bible does not separate in translation, the difference between a Benjaminite and other people not of Israel, who lived in that area. Now, Paul said that he was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin but of the sect of the Jews. In otherwords, he grew up under the theological teachings of the Jews who were in control of the places of worship, and what they called Judaism or the religion of that time, and had perverted and twisted this priesthood. It had been twisted by Cainanites, Amalakites, Hittites, and other ‘ites’. And thus Jesus said that this priesthood was of the children of the devil and the work of their father, the devil, they would do. And that they had been brought in to destroy. And Jesus accused them of being guilty of all the righteous blood slain from Abel to Zachariah.

Now, remember that there was total hostility between Christ and Jewry. But not between Christ and the people who were from Judah and Benjamin who lived in Palestine. These of Judah and Benjamin were under control of an evil administration that had taken over the priesthood there in Judea.

In otherwords, the people of the tribe of Judah and Benjamin who lived in Palestine were entrapped in a theological area of error. Because these false priests had taken over their religion. Even tho these people may never have left the main facet of their faith and still believed in the true God, who was YAHWEH, and still looked for the manifestation of the Messiah, who was to be YAHWEH in the flesh as YAHSHUA--Jesus.

Now, the Apostle Paul was from the city of Tarsus. He was a citizen of Spain which was under Roman rule, at the time and thus a part of the Roman Empire. So he came from a large city. He came from a family of merchants and they were wealthy. They were engaged in selling purple. Which meant the cloth which was made for Royalty and Rulers. And they also made tents which was a military operation as they were used by the military. And also, camping equipment for travelers at that time was made. Paul himself was a tent and sail maker as he knew the business of his family. So you see, he came from a very wealthy family and was highly trained and well educated. But when Paul went to the local temple then the Jews now ran the Temples. And these people called Jews in our translations were Hittites, Cainanites, and Amalakites and other ‘ites’ of that area. They were the descendants of Cain, in otherwords. They had taken over the Temples where the Scribes of Israel had before taught the people the Word of God and where the true Israelites had worshiped. Now these ‘ites’ were not true Judah and Benjamin. And they were not true Israel either. They were not the descendants of Israel. But they had perverted and twisted the doctrines as they sought to take over the Kingdom of God.

The only way they could hold on to an area of power was to give lip service to areas of the Mosaic Law, while twisting and working its doctrine. And they set up all kinds of professions of the Rabbinical house and there they taught their version of the teachings of God. You see, Judaism has actually created an authority from a rabbinical position that the statements of the Rabbi are greater than God, because there are more Rabbi than there is God. He is just One. Therefore, no one is to question the authority of a Rabbinical statement. (This was their Papacy.??) This is Jewry. And I can prove this to you by their statements.

Now, Christianity was given a very false concept of the Jewish religion. The Christians have been told that the Jewish religion was the religion of the people of the Old Testament and that these people then rejected Christ. So therefore, they were dropped from God’s plan, and that the Church was formed by Jesus out of anyone who would accept Jesus. And thus form a new substitutional society for God in the earth, in place of the Jews until a specified time.

This is a phoney lie. In fact, the Jews do not embrace the inspirations of the scriptures. They do not embrace the things advocated by Moses or the things taught to Holy Men of Israel, who wrote as they were moved by the inspiration of God. Actually, they take this scripture and they work it and rewrite it and twist it. And then each and every verse is picked apart and reset up by the decision of the Rabbi. Then each verse is set up to establish their own kind of society which is evil, vulgar, corrupt and without justice. This is their way. They can’t help it, as they are like their father the devil and his work they will do.

Now, Jesus knew this. For He said:--’Ye are of your father the devil, and his works ye will do.’----I expect ye to do the work of your father.

Now, the people of the House of Israel, the ten tribes and those of Judah and Benjamin who went out of that land with them in the days of the captivity by Sennecherib, were never perverted by this religion of Jewry which would come back from Babylon at the end of the 70 years of captivity for Judah and Benjamin. Instead, these of the House of Israel and of Judah and Benjamin. Instead these of the house of Israel and of Judah and Benjamin, with them, were released by Shalmaneeser. And they made their way thru the Caucasus Pass or they moved over into Greece and into the heart of Central Europe and eventually Western Europe. And these are the people who make up the structure of the whole house of Israel. And as they moved, the people who would be known as Jews, had not attached themselves to these Israelites as they moved, to any great extent.

Now the Assyrians had pagan philosophies and false religions. But the people who would be called Jews did not predominate all areas of thinking of the Assyrians. They were just the false teachers in their Temples. Today, every false religion, bar none, on the face of the earth, is Jewish controlled. Because we have red Jews, black Jews, and off breed white Jews. All these are those who cannot be simulated, for they are offspring of Lucifer, scattered over the face of the earth.

Now in the days of Paul, some Israelites were trapped in the theology of error. But they were not Jews by BIRTH. And they still believed in YAHWEH as Messiah. But they were looking in their Temples for truth and their Temples were now controlled by Lucifer’s priests.

But the House of Israel would have to be a Holy Seed, for ‘I YAHWEH, thy God, have put you above all the people on the face of the earth. Ye are a Holy Seed.’

Only that which comes out of God is Holy. This is even the definition of Holy which comes from Websters Dictionary. Therefore, when God talks about His people, He says:--’Out of Isaac shall thy seed be called.’ He also says that--’I am not the Father of an illegitimate child,’--meaning a mongrel. He will not accept a child born of mixed parentage. He will not bring that child into His household. And if Israel out breeds, then that offspring cannot participate in the administration of that Kingdom or in the teaching of that Kingdom, or in the spiritual area of that Kingdom. That cannot be done because there has been a violation of Divine Law. And thru that violation, the spiritual capacity has been mutated.

Now, the Apostle Paul could not be a Jew. And when I say this, remember that I do not mean that he could not have been raised in a false religion because he was, since the devil had taken over the places of worship in the Judean temples which originally belonged to the people of Judah and Benjamin. There were still good Priests left in Judea such as Zachariah and some of Levi. But the devil had taken over the places of worship in Judea. There were good Priests in the land but they were suppressed by the Sadducees who had taken over in the days of Annas and before the days of Caiaphas. This cheap chicanery inside the control of the Temples of Jerusalem and virtually all the religious circuits of the temple throughout the known world at that time was very skillfully done. The Sadducees were Asiatic reincarnationists and they had no part nor lot with the true Gospel and did not believe in Resurrection.

Now, the true Pharisee believed in the doctrine as God described them. Tho they may have had an area of self-righteousness in their caste. Still the true Pharisee believed in ONE GOD and believed in the ultimate establishment of God’s Kingdom and believed in the Resurrection and also that if a man died, he would live again.

The Sadducees were Asiatic religionists and reincarnationists and they did not believe in Resurrection. Instead, they believed that when a man died that he would be reincarnated again and nothing in the past had anything to do with the future. Even his memories were set aside, other than an area of accumulated knowledge or experience. But it would not make any difference under the Sadducees teaching what his first life was like. Now there were multiple areas in the Sadducees teaching. For instance, in India in their cults. Some believed that according to their behavior as it relates to the Hindu religion, will regulate whether they come back in a higher or lower status, socially or economically. Some believe a man could come back a wealthy ruler or a poor man depending on how well he served his religion. This was important to them. The other cults of the Sadducees were also reincarnationists, but they believed that you might come back as a rat, or an ant, or a monkey. But according to how well you served your religion would regulate your status in that situation. Those serving well might come back as the King of the Apes, or which ever body they came back in. That is their doctrine. Now they all had 612 year cycles. So they all knew the cycle of judgement. And they all knew of the measure of the disembodied spirits.

Now, let’s get back to our subject.---The Sadducees here in Judea at the time of Jesus, and called Jews in the Bible, were reincarnationist. And now consider the false Pharisees. A man by the name of Shamar established a house of Pharisees so that the Sanhedrin could be reset up and the greater number in the Sanhedrin would be Pharisees, so they could control the vote in this ecclesiastical order permitted by Rome. If the Sadducees had a great number in the Sanhedrin, they would control this vote, so this was thought up by a man who was a Sadducee, but who decided that if he would give lip service to the belief of the True Pharisees who were true Israelites, then the Pharisees would control the Sanhedrin.

Now, Rome permitted an area of fallacy to have their own government after all the people of Judah and Benjamin returned from Babylonian captivity. But with them had come a vast multitude of people not of them or of their faith. However, this government was set up and it was a religious government, a Theocratic government. And this government was ruled over by the Temple Priests and the Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin was sort of a Supreme Court with a greater court and a lesser court. Thus the Sanhedrin would also have a greater Sanhedrin and a lesser Sanhedrin. In later times this number was generally fixed. But you could adjust this from time to time, just like you can gerrymander a congressional district to control votes like was done in this country recently.

Now, Rome would make them keep this balance to represent the people of Palestine. So this Shamar Pharisee who was actually a Cainanite, decided that if he became a Pharisee and accepted the doctrine of the true Pharisee by paying lip service to their beliefs in the scripture and in the Resurrection, that his sect could become established in the Sanhedrin and then change the balance of power in that body. So when this system was put into effect, then the false Pharisee would vote with the Sadducees and the true Pharisees who were Israelites, were always outvoted. This method was used to put Annas into the position of High Priest. Annas was the father-in-law of Caiaphas and both were Cainanites. There was not one drop of Israel blood in either of these two men. They captured the religion and the control of the Temple. Now, they did not liquidate the true Priests for fear of a revolt, but they suppressed them by force. Throughout the area of Judea, they then went out and reorganized all the local religious assemblies. And now called them Synagogues. (And that means--Syn-o-gogs) Syn means religious assembly. But remember that the Gog’s belonged to the Steppes of Asia. So here was a religious assembly of the Gogites who were the original pagans of Cainanites from the Steppes of Asia. The original Temples of Judea were never known as Synagogues. These Temples were where the people raised in the Hebrew religion went to hear the reading of the Law.

It would be just as today where a man belonged to the Methodist Church and his grandfather and great grandfather also belonged before him. They had ministers come into their church to preach the Gospel. Some knew some identity and some did not. But the main thing was that they believed in God. And they believed in His Divine Birth. And they believed in His Deity. So they raised their family and took them to church and there they worshiped God. They were married from that church and buried from that church. And were called upon in that church to lead Holy Lives and to praise Jesus the Christ. These people were raised in this church. They get someone in as minister, such as the late Oxman. The conference sends him into their church and he gets up and he tells the young folks,---now we don’t believe that Jesus is Divine, that is an old fashioned idea and we have thrown it out. See how they start corrupting and changing the belief? Now the people of the church are still Methodists because their fathers were Methodist and they wouldn’t think of leaving their church.

Now say this man who doesn’t believe in the Divinity of the Christ becomes a Bishop, just like Oxman did. That is the way it worked for Annas and Caiaphas. So when these Sadducees took over they sent out their own ministers and began to contest the Scriptures. And they used the Rabbinical forces of their Talmudic assembly and anything they did not like they changed. So they had the whole religion applied to their own use. They exploited the people they were ruling with this religion, but of course the people still went to their places of worship as there was no where else to go and they had nothing to put in its place. It wasn’t like all the denominations that you have so that you can church hop. Here the religion was divided into these two groups and then the Pharisees were also divided into two groups. One was the two schools of theology run by the scholars Gamaliet and Hillio and the false Pharisees who were really Asiatic Cainanites. These two theological schools were out of true Israel and they all believed in the Law of God, in His Holy Word, and His Deity. And they believed in responsibility. But the Babylonian priesthood had some effect upon the theologians and they had inserted into their belief an area of overwhelming judgement and total catastrophe and permanent internment of the soul with ultimate torture and so forth. They had sold one school on the doctrine of ‘hell and damnation’ and the other school believed in the ultimate Grace of God and that all that believed in Him would be saved. And they operated on the basis of Isaiah.

So here at the time of Jesus, the Israelites religion was split between the two schools of theology. It must be remembered that they were still all Pharisees. Today we might say that among Orthodoxy, we have the Baptist Church and the Methodist Church. The Baptist Church still believes in Grace and Eternal security. And if they are hard shell, they believe in Predestination and sovereignty and that God is eventually going to have His way and get all His sheep. (Now knowing of course who the Sheep are.) While the Methodists believe that a call will be made and if the Sheep accept, okay, and if he does not, then he will be damned. And they believe that you can be saved today and then backslide and go to hell tomorrow. That is Methodist theology and it is very sad and incomplete. I was raised in it and I know. I discovered this error very early. There are however, a lot of churches in this area.

Now, in theology, the one who was the strongest got his name given to the theology. And the strongest teacher of ‘hell and damnation’ was the Armenian Monk. And he wrote more volumes trying to prove Eternal punishment and total ‘hells and perdition than anyone. This Monk was a powerful figure in the Catholic Church. He had gotten his ideas out of what the Jews sowed into the doctrine in the first few hundred years of the Catholic Church. The Jews joined the church to destroy it because the Romans weren’t killing Christians anymore after Constantine came to power.

Now the Jews had already infiltrated the church and sought to change the doctrines and they sowed all this powerful Babylonian superstition of this powerful Priestcraft into the Christian religion. This was accepted because of constant repetition. And this Armenian codified it. And thus those who believed that God couldn’t do much about it, then you take your choice and you go to heaven or hell whichever you choose. And ‘Hell’ is a permanent torture chamber and you can never get our to it. You burn forever and ever and so forth. This stuff is Armenianism. The Methodist Church embraces Armenianism. They almost didn’t. In fact, John Wesley was swayed between Calvinism and Armenianism. Calvin was very strong in the churches in England especially the Episcopal churches at the time. The Indians really changed or rather made up John Wesley’s mind.

At the time when the Wesley’s were over here in America, on a missionary work, and they were thinking Calvinism at this time--Grace, what they trying to do here was to take all the Indians and make Christians out of them. Well, you wouldn’t have much trouble with the Mohicans, or the Narraganset, and any of the White tribes like the Mohawk, and the Seneca of the east, but if you came up against some of the pagan tribes, you would not get far. Anyway, the Wesley’s were out there with their trinkets and their preaching and they were way out among the tribes, all by themselves. And a bunch of the heathen Indians swooped down on one of the communities which they were preaching and they scalped and butchered, and the Wesley’s had to ride for their lives. They rode all day and all night until they found a settlement strong enough to protect them. Some of the Indians who were pursuing them had been setting in their meetings in order to get an excuse to attack the community which they had been preaching to. This upset Wesley and his brother and they returned to England. And he said--the murdering Indians could be converted today, and then go to hell tomorrow. So he turned aside from Calvinism and embraced Armenianism on the basis of his own experience. Thus the Methodist Church became an Armenian school of Theology. And since that time they have held Methodists over the heater everytime they preach on tomorrow, or the future. So you can be saved today and go to hell tomorrow and then saved again the next day, but God help you if you backslide in between and die at that time.

Now, the Baptist Church taught Calvinism. And Calvinism taught Gamalielism which was advocated by the Apostle Paul. And the thing that is significant here, is that Gamaliel---in the time of Jesus, and right after His ministry,--was one of the chief professors of Theology to the true Pharisees. He taught the Throne of god and the Sovereignty of God, and that God would bring all things to pass according to His purposes. And that all would be saved. And that HE would save to the uttermost. And the Gamaliel teaching was filled with hundreds of texts from the ancient scriptures which told of the Ultimate Grace of God.

Gamaliel attacked this other doctrine as something taught by the Babylonians ans sowed by the pagan religions and did not apply to Israel, because the Grace of God would follow Israel. Still, that Israel could be punished and chastised and that Israel could go thru all kinds of punishment for disobedience of HIS LAW. Could bo thru all kinds of catastrophes and lose their lives, but God would still keep His commitment to Israel. That He would even go to the Netherworld to seek and preach to the spirits and bring them back into the Celestial plains. And even tho Lucifer could hold the consciousness of the spirit, he could not hold the soul of a man of the Kingdom, because since one of the Kingdom is spirit of His Spirit, and YAHWEH would redeem that spirit, He would not leave the spirit of His offspring in perdition.

Now, these two areas of theology were the teaching of the True Pharisees. The Sadducees had no part in this. They did not care if you were good of bad or indifferent. They just had a code wherein you were not to cheat one another of their sect and you were not to rob another of your sect. But it was okay for you to rob anyone not of your sect. You could rape a three or five year old girl if she did not belong to the Sadducees and it would be okay. This is written in their Talmud. I can show you that. It’s the most vicious thing in the world. Nobody ever admitted that they liked to read the Talmud, but Harry Truman. And he was a liar, for he never read it. For if he had, he would not have gone on national radio and told about reading it. For it is the filthiest set of books that were ever put together. I have them here and I know. They are right out of a Rabbi’s library. One of the gold bound editions. And you can read and see what they think.

Now, the Sadducees, evil as they were, had gained control of the religion of Judea. But they could not displace all the Pharisees of Judea. But they could contest the doctrine of the Israelites even tho they could not throw out all their doctrines. And now the sect of the Pharisees contained both True and False Pharisees. And those false Pharisees are now called Jews, because now everyone in all of Judea is called a Jew.

So, the Apostle Paul was raised in the sect of the Pharisees who are now called Jews as all religion in Palestine is now called Jewish. However, the people of true Judah and Benjamin who lived in Palestine, did not consider themselves Jews. They thought they were Israelites and men of Judah. This is why when you read over here in the Gospel of John, and in the 6th chapter, as we find Jesus being pursued by the GGPU everywhere He went,--as they want to put Him to death---and of course, He had one disciple that was called Judas of Iscariot. And He had this man as His disciple because the significance of this would show up later. This would stand as an object lesson for all times. It would take a Jew to sell HIM. So Jesus let one of their salesman be His disciple to mark for all time what the Jews were like.

Here in John the 70th verse, it says:--Jesus is speaking---’Have I not chosen you twelve and one of you is a devil.’ This is as common an identification of Satan’s offspring as there is between the offspring of a Black Angus and a Hereford cow. He is a devil because he came from his father who is a devil. This is not an epithet that you hurl at someone. This is a specie. He said---’I chose twelve of you, eleven are Israelites and one is a devil.’ So we aren’t going to make an Israelite out of a devil. We aren’t going to convert him. Now the devil believes more than even some preachers, but he doesn’t have the spiritual insight to catch the vision of God’s purposes and to work for these purposes. He has lost that spiritual insight and so he is fighting those purposes.

So Jesus said--I have chosen twelve and one of you is a devil. And he spoke of Judas of Iscariot, the son of Simon. Now he named this devil and you can’t make anything else out of it. Now look at what Judas did as one of the twelve. Is he a well known Evangelist? What did he do? Well, he carried the money bag. Is not that what the Jews do today? They have more calling for this than anything else. So what happened after Jesus identified Judas of Iscariot?--What happened?

You can criticize an Italian, or an Englishman, or an Irishman, but don’t criticize a Jew or you are a rascal, or you are Anti-Semitic. Even tho God walked the earth here in human body as YAHSHUA the Messiah, the moment that He called a Jew a devil, He had to get out of that area. Look at this. After these things then, Jesus had to walk in Galilee. He could not walk in Jewry because the Jews sought to kill Him. So since He had now called one of them a devil, He had to get out of Judea.

Then came the feast of the Tabernacle. Unfortunately, due to bad translation, rather than clear translation which would be a strict factor,--instead of calling all people in Judea, --Jews--, if they had referred to the people of Judea when they did not mean Jews who are devils or Cainanites specifically, this would have cleared up the matter. If they wanted to talk about the religion, they could have said--the religion of the Jews and then the distinction would have been clear. Because a man could be caught in the religion of the Jews (Cainanites) and not have been able to help himself. But he could be saved out of it. He could be transformed by Spiritual power, or be awakened and taken out of it. (Saved--from the religion of the Cainanites and the consequences of that religion.)

Let’s fact it. Even at that time, the people did not like the Jews. They were just stuck with them because at this time they were in power and had control over their religion and their government.

Now, you read the Jews had a feast of the Tabernacle which was being conducted in Jerusalem. And at that time, the Brethren of Jesus said:--’Let us all go to Judea so that thy disciples may see the work that Ye do. For there is none that doeth anything in secret, that He Himself seeketh to be known openly. If thou doeth these things show thyself to the world.’

In otherwords, this was the children here in this family of Joseph and Mary who were brethren of Jesus and they were saying these things. But Jesus said to them:--’My time is not yet come.’ In otherwords, He said ‘you can go and do as you like, but my time has not come to be killed, so you go down there.’ Then Jesus said,--’the world cannot hate you at this time because as of now you are not identified with any resistance movement, but it hates me because I testify of their part in this and the works thereof. So Jesus said you can go down to Jerusalem to this feast that the Jews are holding.

I had better clarify something here. Jesus said ‘the world hates me.’ Here He is telling His brethren that at this point that the world--the Jews--do not hate them because they aren’t yet identified as His followers. But Jesus had already identified Himself by being against the Devil, or the Cainanites. So if He goes down to Jerusalem, they will try to kill Him. And the ‘TIME’ for the death of the Christ is not yet. So the world being against Christ puts the world and the Jews or Cainanites together. But Israel is not of this world. Thus they are not the same. See, the difference should be made. So when Jesus said the world hates Me, He meant that the Jews (Cainanites) hated HIM.

So at this time the brethren of Jesus went to Jerusalem. And when they came to Jerusalem, they went all about, but ‘no one dared speak about Jesus for everywhere the Brethren went, the Jews were seeking Jesus.’ There was much murmuring among the people. And some said--but He is a good man, He is a prophet. They said--then why are the Jews after Him? In others said--He is deceiving the people and it is organized religion that is after HIM.

The Bible then says that ‘No man dared speak openly of Jesus for fear of the Jews.’ So when the Galileans who were brethren of Jesus came and walked thru Jerusalem, they couldn’t speak openly of Jesus for fear of the Jews. Now that tells you that the brethren of Jesus were not Jews. In fact, the people of Galilee were not Jews. For if there had been many Jews in Galilee, the passage in the 7th chapter of John, would not be there, for it says:--’after these things, Jesus walked in Galilee. He would not walk in Jewry (Judea) because the Jews sought to kill Him.’

Now, there might be a few Jews in Lancaster, God forbid. But it would not be like walking in Hollywood.

Now, you will say, but Jesus could do anything. Yes, but remember that Jesus had taken a body like you have, and He left off His aura, His Glory, left it behind. And it was this Aura that made Him immortal. If He had left Himself enveloped in His light and glory as it was with Him all the time, the Jews could not have killed Him. They couldn’t have crucified HIM. So in order that He could be in a body capable of experiencing all your body can experience, even death, He had to leave off this Aura of Light and Glory, this Light and Glory which He was enveloped in, even before this world was framed. The only thing that Jesus said He ever missed here in His earthly body--’Oh, that I might have the Glory which I had when I was enveloped in Spirit before the world was framed.’ That is the only thing He longed for. He did not pray for the world. He said:--’I pray for those that thou hast given Me.’ But oh, how He missed the Light while here in the physical body. His consciousness missed that enveloping Glory. Only on the Mount of Transfiguration was it made manifest.

The thing that I want to point out here is, He was in a body which they could kill if they could catch Him. So to avoid being killed before His time, ---oh, He could step up the acceleration of the atoms in His body and step right thru the wall,--as He did that a few times,--but still He was subject to them. So He had to do the disappearing act to stop them from killing Him before His time. They plotted and planned all the time to kill Him. And the Gospel of John says that then He had to go to Galilee for He could not walk where the Jews were in control. The fact is that in this instance, Jesus had a body like you have so that body could die. And thus Jesus could not go down to the feast openly for fear of the Jews.

Now the Apostle Paul was raised in Spain. And it was a big deal for him, as he sailed over to Palestine. He had studied the scriptures. He was a Zealot in religion. And he believed in YAHWEH. But when he arrived in Palestine, he was told that Jesus was a devil. You see, the Sadducees control of the Temple at Jerusalem was much like the Anti-Christ ruling over your religion. So altho the Pharisees were teaching, still that didn’t have much force, for they were so outnumbered. Now remember that when Paul arrived in Palestine, it was after the Ascension of the Christ. And Paul had not walked and talked with HIM. And immediately, Paul was put in charge of an army of the Temple and their job was to persecute Christians. The only thing that Paul knew about Christians was what he had been told, and that was that these Christians worship a god who the Jews said was a devil.

Now, this man Saul, whose name later was changed to Paul, was an Israelite from the tribe of Benjamin and had been living in Spain. He was well educated. He spoke Greek and Latin and some Asiatic dialects. He could converse in the Anglo-Saxon tongue and he could speak classical Hebrew and Aramaic. So how could you have a better prepared man to serve God. So here comes Saul to Palestine and they gave him command of the army of the Temple. And they sent this army out to kill Christians. So Saul did his job. Then he was riding to Damascus to kill more Christians, and he was planning on how to do that, and then God looks down and He said ‘I better rescue this man, for I have had enough of this. Here is the man I picked for My work to begin with.’ So storm clouds gathered and a great cloud rolled up and there was flashes of lightening in the clouds. And as Paul looked up he sees the image of God, and he is blinded by this Great Light. Then a voice out of this great Light said:--’Saul, Saul, why persecuteth Me?’ Then Saul said:--’Who are Thou?’ YAHWEH?’ How do I persecute Thee?’

Now, remember that the Jews who were riding with Saul did not hear the voice or see the Light. They just heard the thunder. You see the Jews can’t hear the voice of God. Now this is true. For in John 8:23, Jesus said:--’Why do ye not understand My speech? Because ye cannot hear My words. Ye are of your father the Devil and the lists of your father ye will do.’ You see?--They had no spiritual capacity, so could not hear His words. Cain remember, had killed Abel and the Cainanites were started. And Jesus said--’Because ye are of your father ye cannot hear truth.’

Now, the Apostle Paul could not be a Jew for he heard the voice of YAHWEH. He could not have been a Jew or he would not have been able to perceive Spiritual things. Jesus proved this fact when He was here on earth, and He talked to these Jews. (Cainanites)

Also, Jesus told you that He came for the Lost Sheep of Israel. He declared this in Matthew and He restated this as He says:--’I came only for the Lost Sheep of Israel.’ So by this same token, Jesus in the 10th chapter of John, was walking in the court of the Temple, and on Solomon’s porch and the Jews came around Him and they said:--’How long will you leave us in doubt. Why don’t you declare that you are the embodiment of God?’ But Jesus replied:--’I told you and you did not believe but the works that I do, I do them in the name of YAHWEH, but you believed Me not, because you are not My Sheep.’

See, He said ‘you are not of My sheep.’ Jesus had already told them He came for His sheep, and they were not of His sheep. So Jesus said:--’I call My sheep by name and --all Israel is going to believe and they are all going to come.’

Now, you see how the Apostle Paul came. He had to come for he was one of the sheep, an Israelite. And therefore he could not be a Jew. He was trapped in the religion of the Jews for a time. But he was not proud of being trapped in that way even for a short time. Paul said he was like one born out of due season. He should have been following Jesus while Jesus was preaching, but had to find this out on the road to Damascus.

Later, then what did the Apostle Paul have to say about the Jews? He said--’Jews are against God and contrary to all men.’ So you do not classify Jews as men. For remember that John said:--’No man could speak openly of Jesus for fear of the Jews.’

Now, that he is an Apostle, then Paul is hated by the Jews. And they delivered him to the Synagogues and scourged him. And their government was always trying to get him killed. So Paul had to appeal to the Roman government. And the family of the Apostle Paul, being a very powerful family in the Roman government that the Jews could not get away with killing him, so they harassed him in every way. But they didn’t kill him. They went to court to try to stop him. And they tried and tried him and finally sent him to Rome. While his trial was going on, Paul lived in his own hired house. A couple of times prominent Jews came to Rome and he was thrown into jail for a while, but was soon out. Since Jews hate Israelites when they stick up for Jesus. So here they had to go against Paul when he switched from killing Christians to becoming a Christian.

Under this instance, the scripture should be much more clear. And it was, before it was translated into Greek and then into Latin and then into English. In fact, we do not have time to go into this tonight. But I could show you some startling things. Such as affidavits from churches and the fact that most all of the passages which were copied over and over again. Now the monks of the Catholic Church preserved these passages from the Dark Ages. Once in a while, they got hold of an original and they passed it on. So we find that the same error that showed up in the Catholic translations showed up in the Protestant translation.

QUESTION:--But doesn’t the book of Acts clear this up?

ANSWER:--The book of Acts does not change the story. Not at all. In the King James Version the Jews helped with the translations. Church official positions were already fixed in the Episcopal in some areas. And they were blind to the identity of the Jews and did not differentiate between the Jews and Judea, or between the Jews and those Israelites of Judah and Benjamin. Protestantism was established from these scrolls from the Dark Ages. So that brings the errors up and into our religion.

Now, when anyone attacks you when you say that the Apostle Paul was not a Jew by race, altho he was a Jew by religion, until he became a Christian, then remember this. Anyone who is not a Jew by race but is enveloped in this false religion, may at anytime drop this religion and become a Christian. But one who is a Jew by race, will never be a Christian at least in this era. Maybe some transition may make a different creature out of him in the years to come. He cannot become a Christian because he lacks the Spiritual capacity. Jesus told you that. For Jesus said---’Ye can’t see---ye cannot hear.’

Now, you can be adopted out of an orphanage. For you see the Jews are such a mongrel bastard race that their fertility if low so they adopt a great number of children out of orphanages so they can raise their strain. Many White children are obtained by them just this way. But everyone who is trapped in this situation will grow up. And sometimes they will just not be able to stand the Jews. And they will eventually go to a Bible Institution. And they will train him and put him in charge of a Jewish mission. And then the people will say--see the great Jewish evangelist. Well, he is blue eyed and blond and he may be preaching Christ, but he is still labeled a Jew.

Now, the Apostle Paul was raised in a powerful family of psychologic origin. But their whole religion was perverted at that time just as modernism and the Devil is trying to pervert our religion today. However a majority of our race today, still holds to the old truth and our people can be saved out of this. But the false teachers will go.

At the same time, if these people who are talking about Paul being a Jew, can’t see these passages of what Jesus said, which prov that Paul couldn’t be a Jew,--THEN YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CONVINCE THEM.

At the same time, the people of Judah were not Jews either. They are the Germanic people of today. Austria is even Judah. And Benjamin was a missionary force, so they are to be found in several countries of the Scandinavian area, but Iceland is their standard base.

Again there is no foundation for people to identify this people who cannot be assimilated, this race of Luciferians which goes all the way back before Adam with the family of God. Before Adam, there were black, yellow and brown Jews (Luciferians) who were at the head or ran the temples of evil all over the world. The word Yehudim was a better word to identify these Jews than Judah, for the word Jew does not come from Judah, it comes from Yehudim.

Always the identity of the Devil, is that he works for the devil. He is Anti-Christ. He is the son of the chief force against God in the world.

The Embodiment of God in the world is Messianic of Christed. So YAHWEH-YAHSHUA or Jesus the Christ in the flesh, is God come to this part of His own solar system, His own world, in the flesh.

Now, Lucifer did not keep his first estate. And he sowed his offspring who could not be mixed with others without causing difficulties. And he wants to hold this force here in earth. So the main thing that Lucifer will deny is that God as the Christ has come in the flesh. This fact Lucifer will deny and will rebuke and try to hike so people will not know who the CHRIST REALLY IS.

You have been told over here in John, that many deceivers are come into the world, who will confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and Anti-Christ. This is in II John, verse 7. Then in I John, every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is not of God. This is the spirit of Anti-Christ, whereby ye have heard will come and is already now in the world. Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them. For great is He that is in you, than he that is in he world.

Now, there are spirits today that have been captured or obsessed by the Anti-Christ. There are men of your race who today have been obsessed by the evil spirits of disembodied Luciferians. I tell you that men like Pike of Carson Blake are demon possessed. Any man of your race who denies the Deity of Jesus the Christ, is obsessed by an evil spirit. For it is an evil spirit that denies that JESUS IS THE CHRIST. All the Jews deny that Jesus is the Christ.

Now, look here. When we deal with the declaration which the Apostle Paul constantly declares, and that declaration is --’The Deity of Jesus the Christ,’ and the Jews deny this, and want to kill him, then that is the mark upon them. They are a race of devils that are Anti-Christ and you are not going to change them.

QUESTION:--Did not blindness in part happen to Israel?

ANSWER:--Not concerning who Jesus was. The blindness was as to their identity, to who they were. Not to who Jesus was.

It says in Jeremiah chapter 31, and verse 31:--’I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and with the House of Judah, different than I made in the days of your fathers, different than I made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I will make a New Covenant and I am going to put My spirit in your heart. I will write My law on the tables of your heart. I am going to give you spiritual feelings for this.’

Now who received this? The House of Judah and the House of Israel. This covenant was made with both houses of Israel. The two great houses are well marked in the book of Ezekiel, where it shows that in the prophetic measure of time, there would be this division in Israel. And this division, thus marked the two parts of the Israel Kingdom. One is the Empire of the Stick in Joseph’s hands which is one branch of the nations of God’s Israel Kingdom. And the other stick is the throne or administration in the hands of Judah. The word came to Ezekiel saying: ‘Son of man take one stick and write on it for Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions. Then take another stick and write on it for Joseph, and the stick of Ephraim and for all the House of Judah and for the children of Israel his companions. Then take another stick and write on it for Joseph, and the stick of Ephraim and for all the House of Israel, his companions. Then join them all together into one stick and they shall be one in My hands. And when the children of these people speak and wonder what this means, say to them, therefore thus saith YAHWEH--thy God,--I will take the stick of Joseph which is in the land of Ephraim and the tribe of Israel his fellow nations.-------

Perhaps we should interrupt this today with identity. We would then say---Behold take the Kingdom which is among the Anglo-Saxon people and whose throne is located in Britain, and all the nations of Joseph’s brethren and call them one stick and then take the stick of Judah which is Germany and his companions and make them all one stick in My hands. I will therefore take the House of Judah and his Israel companions and the house of Joseph and his Israel companions and I will make one mighty power and drive the Russians into the sea.

This is what the scripture says about ‘MY PEOPLE.’ Also the scripture says that the House of Judah and the House of Israel shall be Christian. For they shall have MY SPIRIT IN THEM. This then is My covenant. And He said:--’I make this covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah.’

So by no stretch of the imagination, can these Jews of today be called Christian. And today when we are facing the Anti-Christ, by no stretch of the imagination, is there any group of nations that you can say---here is Judah and find them among the scruffy nations of Israeli which is of the Anti-Christ.

Instead, we have the Germanic people of Germany and some in Romania and other Slavic nations. These are all now in the area to be considered Judah, and these are a mighty power. Then we have the Anglo-Saxons and the powerful nations of the Anglo-Saxon people. Today the most powerful wing of the Anglo-Saxon people is the United States under the outstretched wings of the American Eagle. Now the throne still sits in Britain. But the United States of America is the power, for the power of God went Westward in this Israel House of God. You take the Anglo-Saxon people and you find that they are the strongest group of people in the world. The next strongest group is the Germanic group.

Well, who is going to operate these two sticks together? And He did not say it would be by diplomacy. He did not say these two sticks would just join and walk down the road together without any reason. The storm clouds are gathering---the Cainanites, the Asiatics and the hoards of Genghis Khan ride again.

So what happens with all the sad sacks that are in Washington? Still the fact remains that one of the best allies we have would be Germany. For she will fight Communism till the last drop of German blood. Why? Well, this is the House of Judah and it says in the book of Zachariah that we have to save the tents of Judah first because if they roll over her, then all Europe will be next and after that the United States of America.

(Remember. To stop this union of Germany and America, in this generation, then tear down Germany in the minds of American young folks with the Billy Graham movie)

Now, we have (in 1966), 1/3 of the White race in captivity already in Eastern Europe. The Scripture said that 1/3 of them would go into captivity. So now comes their liberation.

I point out to you that today all the white nations of the world are held together by the powers of Germany and the United States. Here is where the resistance comes from. Actually Russia said in their meeting last month that the things they fear are the political heart centers of the redeveloped rulers of Germany and the United States. You know they thought they had actually devastated Germany and they just about did, with our help. They said with all this grinding down this industry will never rise again. This then proves the tremendous flexibility in the House of God. And it is proved here in Germany. The Krump works here is now able to produce more today in every line of war material than ever was produced in any of Germany’s history. So the Russians admitted the other day that this is a demonstration of the flexibility of comeback of a people that cannot be put down.

Alright. The U.S. is also the arsenal of more nations and even in spite of the way we fall for the lies and the ‘fifth column’ in our country. The people as a race are against evil and against what it stands for. So now, Russia has come to the conclusion that they will have to destroy America because the ‘Right Wing’ is regaining its influence and holding back their plan. So they say, since there is tremendous power here, and the will just keep on expanding, we will have to destroy America as we have to keep Germany destroyed.

Well, that is the same pattern as the scripture. But if these white nations stand together, then all White nations will stand with them and together they are invincible. So this proves that Judah is not Jew.

Now, there is one other passage that proves this and that is Revelation 12. This chapter tells of the Eternal war, the Devil and God at war. And until the Devil is defeated down here on earth by God’s Kingdom, led by God Himself, there is going to be war in progress. There is no way you can co-exist. You have to have victory. So this war goes on until victory comes. Here in Revelation chapter 12, the war starts in the heavens. It seesaws back to earth, and back and forth and the combatants are named. But the war is in the heavens and Michael and his Angels are fighting with the Dragon and his Angels. The Dragon gets kicked out up there, and comes to earth, but he still keeps on going.

Now, who is this fellow, the Dragon up there?--Well, down here he is called the Devil, the Serpent, and Satan. So there is no mistake as to who he is.’

Now, the Jews come running out and say he is god. Lucifer the enemy of Jesus Christ is their god. You say to them, but what about Jesus, and they say--He is a devil. I can bring out their Talmud and show you this.

Well, then you say---yes, but here we just have Lucifer calling God a devil, and God calling Lucifer a devil. Okay, but God is right. So don’t make any mistake about that. And you better take God’s side in an argument like that so as to be on the right side.

Now, here in Revelation 12, it says, therefore under this circumstance the Devil makes war with all of your race. All the descendants of the woman with the 12 stars, who is Israel. So the Devil makes war with all that remains of this race. Now, in the latter days, here is a land carved out of the wilderness by this woman (Israel) which is given a most powerful defense---the two great wings of the Eagle. And today this land is the arsenal of the Western world. The White race hangs on to the technological ability of a race. And God raised this nation up for that purpose. This is one of the gifts you bring unto God---mentioned in Isaiah 18:7.

Now, back to Revelation. And therefore the Serpent is making war against you. Now you are the Eagle people. And all Eagles hate serpents. And all serpents hate Eagles. But you very seldom hear of a serpent whipping an Eagle. But when an Eagle picks up a serpent and then drops him from a height of a few hundred feet, the serpent really splatters. So it says here that the serpent cast out of his mouth, water as a flood. You have heard me on other occasions referring to the fact that water is the Racial stream so there were lots of devils here.

Remember in the 31st chapter of Ezekiel, that the water of the stream of the Assyrians was great and he raised great kingdoms and great trees and mighty empires.

Then your Kingdom which comes out of the heavens to earth is the Stream of ‘the Water of Life’ that flows out of the Throne of God and raises its Tree with its 12 manners of Fruit, and so forth.---Alright. Here you have the Stream of God’s Light, and the serpent casts out his stream. But when he cast out his stream, they were devils. And all those devils who are cast out, keep on trying to destroy you.

So what happened? The serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood. He is after the woman and he wants to swallow her up and absorb her. How?? He wants to break down your immigration bars and he wants to mongrelize your race and your land. Well, the earth it says, is to help the woman. And there will be earthquakes and catastrophes as the earth opens her mouth and swallows up this Dragon seed that is after you.

Now the Dragon is angry with your race. And it goes to make war with all who remain of this race who have the Commandments of God and the Testimony of Jesus the Christ.

Now, the woman, Israel, not ten tribes, but now all the twelve tribes together,---all the complete house of Levi not counted, so that the two tribes of Joseph can be numbered with the twelve. So the House of Judah and the House of Israel are now Christian and the Devil fights against them. And here in the last days, we don’t have a Christ hating bunch of Judahites, but we do have a Christ hating bunch of Israelites. But Judah is not over there in Israeli. For Judah has her tents pitched on the East side of Westminster Abbey. And God moved the last of His wall Westward. So now all the tribes are in their final position. And the House of Israel and the House of Judah become two great ‘sticks’ of power. But also ONE STICK --Christian--One Kingdom, One Empire, and One Race.

Now, God is not going to join all of you into one nation. He is joining all of you into One Kingdom of different nations which is a Theocracy---THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST. The time is coming when there will be the Government of Christ with twelve nations that rule with Him all over the world.

I am proud of our Constitution. But I am much more proud of my Father. I would much rather serve in the court of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords---my Emperor--YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, my Father than any decadent Democracy that can be filled up with the scum of the earth who deny God and fight Him always. The only way the scum will obey is to be forced to obey by the Kingdom and the Law that goes out of Zion.

We would serve the world and develop it and we would be glad to show the ends of the earth how to accomplish this. For there is a desire to see all men righteous and all men serve God. We would like to see these rascals changed. And they will be changed and transformed in the plan of thing God has prepared for tomorrow. But in the next 1000 years, they will also obey because the Law says that they will. And when they rise up after being given permission, which shows the justice of God can make them conform, and when Lucifer then comes out of his prison and yells to them to rise up and overthrow the Kingdom, you know these silly people who are the offspring of Lucifer will automatically revert and try once more to overthrow the Kingdom. They aren’t going to be able to do it. And they will never get another shot at us. For after this, Lucifer’s power will be forever broken.

Then is when you will see Lucifer enveloped in Shekinah Light which purges out all error. And you will see this nature of the devil as Satan--totally destroyed. You are going to see the day when Lucifer gets on his knees and sings praises to YAHWEH-YAHSHUA and acknowledges that YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is the Eternal Powerful One. You will see the day when every knee will bow, every consciousness and intelligence will proclaim that this YAHSHUA ---Jesus, if you will--is the Mighty and Everlasting YAHWEH.

There is a declaration of these things which shows up very interestingly. II Peter, chapter 1, says:--’I would have you to know that we have not followed cunningly devised fables.’ He thus said we have not followed these fables put out by these Kikes. I was a fisherman when YAHSHUA came along and He walked by the boat where my brother and I were tending our nets, and he didn’t tell us something which was not true. He just said--follow Me.--This was a command and straight away we went. Now, we have attended His ministry and we have watched what He did and we saw these things. When we tell you that He stilled the wind and the waves, and when we tell you that He raised the dead, then when we say that He unstopped deaf ears, and unstuck blind eyes, we don’t tell you something someone else told us. But rather we tell you what we saw. Therefore Peter says--we did not tell you cunningly devised fables when we made known unto you the power and the coming of YAHSHUA --God. (Translated as our LORD)---JESUS CHRIST.

The actual text in which Peter was written was in Aramaic. And when you look at that text then Peter says:--’When we made known unto you the power and the coming of YAHWEH’---in the flesh as YAHSHUA--Savior, we were the eye witness of His Majesty. And by this declaration not only was He put to death, in the flesh, but He was quickened by the Spirit, by which He also went and preached unto the Spirits in prison.’

In the Aramic, it says:--’HE---YAHSHUA--the fullness of YAHWEH dwelling bodily--when His flesh died, His spirit entered the Netherworld and preached to the Adamic souls in prison. Therefore, in this Celestial body, and by His consciousness, He went and preached to the souls in prison. Sometimes they were disobedient. But when the long suffering of God waited as in the days of Noah, while the Ark was preparing, so also God waited for this hour and now delivered His people. Where as the Ark was the procedure by which they entered the Ark and floated out the storm. So now in the embodiment of God and by His atonement, He became an Ark for them. And He went into the Netherworld and took those whom He had made the atonement for, back into the Celestial realm from which they came. This is Peter talking. And Peter said:--We saw this. We walked with HIM and He YAHSHUA did this by His Spirit---by His spirit He preached to those in confinement who you would say were dead. This was the fullness of God that challenged ALL THINGS. Peter marked very clearly that in the world are the enemies of God’s Kingdom. They speak evil of dignitaries, and they are against everything that if good. And Peter calls them--

brute beasts.’ And he marked the Luciferian forces. For these people who lack spiritual capacities will not recognize that Jesus is the Christ.

Listen to this and remember, that they are the descendants of fallen Angels. And they are the people you call Jews today. Now, Angels that were greater in power could not bring a railing accusation against them before YAHWEH. But Peter declares here that they are natural brute beasts, to be taken and destroyed, for they speak evil of things they do not understand and they perish in their own corruption. Now this is pretty plain. These are the people that all the Billy Graham’s in the world could not save. By the way, Billy didn’t do such a good job of picking ‘the man of the year.’ Remember when he was traveling thru Africa, he said he had met a great Christian. And he picked him for ‘the man of the year.’ This was Nakoma of Uganda. Well, Nakoma was un-seated the other day and even the United States government was glad to see him go as he is known as one of the filthiest, evil, communist of all Africa.

QUESTION:--Is this the one who ate his mother-in-law?

ANSWER:--That’s right. That was two weeks before Billy met him and called him one of the greatest Christians he had ever known. Billy just don’t have much discernment. See--he did not perceive.

Now, we would not be caught saying the greatest Christian was a Negro. For we know better than that. But here again, if they knew the scriptures they would not make such errors.

It is very hard to take a person steeped in areas of tradition and free them from this blindness. If you can get one wedge in their minds, one truth, you may in time reach them.

Now these passages in John are tremendous wedges of truth, for Jesus identifies the Jews for His disciples. And He is telling them not to ever trust a Jew again as He said:--’I chose you twelve, and one of you is a devil.’

QUESTION:--But what about these organizations where there are both Christians and Jews in this same organization?

ANSWER:--Well, there are Christians and there are Jews in the world. Wherever you find an organization in which there are both Christian and Jews in that organization working, you can rightly tell that it was set up as a propaganda tool to make it look like there was a brotherhood going on. But the Jews only embrace you so as to destroy you.

Now, the Jews were glad to come into this country. But once here, they want to take the Bible and Christ out. We should not have let them come in. Any who do not like the Christ. There are not good Jews and bad Jews. So I guess I would draw that line. For anytime that you think you have found a good one, then watch out. Robert Welch is going to wake up one of these days and find that some of these eating Moxie with him are going to double cross him. In the L.A. Times today, the B’nai B’rith came out and said that the John Birch Society is the most evil society in the world. Here after the John Birch Society bent over backward to let some Jews into their organization. Anytime an organization comes out against the Communists the Jews will be against them. For the Jews and Communism are one and the same.

Now, if all the Jews run out and embrace Jesus, you better be sure that something is wrong. If they suddenly pack around you and say you are a jolly good fellow, there is something wrong and you better get back to praying. They had a conference at Arrowhead last year. And it was for Christians and Jews. And you know---the Christians placed a Rabbi to teach the young Christians. And they taught them that we must not be dogmatic and criticize everything. Why not accept what is good that Jesus taught and the good things that the Jews teach and after all they are all one and have one God. So why not get along?

Now, that was pouring syrup on it to make it look good. And I still don’t like it. If there was not room in heaven with all those trillions of suns and sidereal systems for God and His family, and Lucifer and his family, there sure is not room here on little old earth. So Michael threw him out of the Heavens. And we are to throw him out of here and lock him up for a while. And when he comes out, he will be on his knees.

I think it is very clear that you are under no responsibility to embrace evil and set up an emotional nitch for the enemy of God because you think you should be sorry for them.

QUESTION:--Who is to blame for the Vietnam War?

ANSWER:--You say tonight we are in a war and our sons are heading for Vietnam perhaps to die and who to blame? Well, the Chinese Jews. And who is behind Red China?---Lenin and Carl Marx. And then who is behind Lenin and Carl Marx?--Well Kuhn Loeb and Company and their likes.

Now, we find that Christianity has been persecuted almost 2000 years by who?---Jews of course. So you say why don’t we must join them and try by any means to get along? Well, Jesus did not believe we should do that, for He said:--’Behold, I come quickly. And when I come we will bring in the cycle and reap the grapes of wrath until the blood flows unto the horses mouth, and I will tramp the wine press of Judgement and that will take care of them until the tare time is over.

Here is another passage:--’All things shall be glorified to Jesus the Christ. To Him be praise and the dominion forever.’ Then he talks about the Gospel which He preached saying:--’This Gospel will flow with anticipation through His Mighty re-entry.’ And in this declaration he makes this statement in revelation that ‘this is the fullness of Majesty and this is the Supreme thing, according to the promise. Looking for this New Order He is going to build. And he says:--’Therefore with long suffering we have waited.’

As far as knowledge or preparation, Peter always makes it clear that the scriptures were given by inspiration. And in the Apocalypse of Paul, we find that Paul quotes Peter. And in Peter’s writings he says:--’Let the words of Paul be accepted. Peter was a preacher that God raised up for righteousness. And He had him made a Bishop in his church and told him to protect the souls from----The Devouring Ones. Who are they but the Jews in our world today.

(End of tape)