03-03-65 Bible Study Q&A


Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...About the Pyramids in Mexico, about their background and how do they compare with those in Egypt?

ANSWER:...Well, the Pyramids of Mexico are real Ancient and they go back into Pre-Mayan times or very early Mayan Kingdoms. There is a possibility that some of the later Pyramids buildings are by Mayans themselves of this Step Pyramid building for this was influenced by the Tribe of Manasseh who came over about 760 B.C., and came into Central America from the Caribbean. Of course this was the coming of the White God of the skies whose children were to come. According to old prophecies they had almost in all the records of the Ancient people in South and Central America some record of the expected coming of these white sons of the Eternal God of the Heavens. But the most developed areas of it was among the Mayas. The Toltecs were also a very old civilization like the Maya, and we know that the Manasseh people, to the Maya, were received as the Divine Off-spring of the God of the Sky. They effected the culture of the Maya, and even the Toltec to some extent in that time, but then Aztec demon gods got involved later, and the Asiatic Aztec gods were very evil, demonic things. The Mayans were a much more peaceful society, and their culture was advanced by the coming of the white man. And they included in their records the knowledge of such things as the flood of Noah's time. They have this woven into the Mayan traditions but in weaving these in they relate themselves to it. In otherwords, this is all in their history of this race of the heavens and so forth. So this being true then there was some changes made in their architecture, in their temples, in the Yucatan, but the temples around Mexico city go back 11,000 or more years. These Temples are covered with lava and radio carbon precludes their great antiquity.

In the days when Atlantas was a thriving civilization in the areas of the now Atlantic Ocean and where basically the southern Atlantic is today, a great continent of land mass stretched almost over the entire ocean, and had land bridges connecting with Africa and Europe. There were water ways as well, great masses of water as well as small seas. But the sinking of Atlantas left the great areas of the ocean which came across to the Carolinas from Europe, and then south to North Africa, and the areas around the Azores...all this was once a part of this continent.

Now; the Ancient Atlantians had Pyramids on the high mountains. These Pyramid Temples were Temples unto the God of the sky to YAHWEH or YAHWEH-PUTAH the God of the Universe. And these Ancient Atlantians were from the Ancient Tungus people and had a very highly developed civilization and an Administration of a high Spiritual Order. For instance the spirits used to serve in these Ancient Pyramid Temples of Ancient Atlantas. This is also true, we are told, of Temples which existed in the Pacific, but that continent is also gone altho there are Islands of that Civilization still found today. We are told that in the areas now covered by the Matagrossa that there were great civilizations and Steppes and Temples around the world. Temples in Atlantas, and Temples in the Pacific and also in China. But after the Luciferian fall, and the rebellion had gone on for some time, then these areas were lost in the catastrophe of Mongrelization and all violations of law brought catastrophe which engulfed these people. In Ancient records of Atlantas like those found in the books of Horus, in Egypt, it tells much of this story of how the Celestial Children out of the Heavenly planes came to earth and served in these Pyramid Temples on Atlantas and elsewhere, served the one true God. Then the rebellion came and Lucifer declared himself the one true god of the Universe...and became the Serpent and Dragon god, then the intermingling started, the mongrelization came and with it catastrophe, and YAHWEH-PUTAH was angry and withdrew these Celestial Children. They no longer served in the Temples and catastrophe came upon the people. First having warned them through His Administering Spirits and through His children warning them who still worshiped HIM and had not gone over to this pollution, warned them of the catastrophe to come and told them that later the Celestial Children would also be embodied in earth in bodies like they had...he withdrew His children. He told the people that these, His Children, coming into flesh would be known as the Children of YAHWEH-PUTAH, and there would be another Temple built but this time in Egypt. It would be similar to these Atlantean Temples but with secret measures setting forth the purposes of God in the earth. So this is one of the reasons why the Egyptians accepted Enoch and Job, these white men who came into Egypt as the children of YAHWEH-PUTAH. Actually the Adamic race was accepted as the embodiment of the Children of Spirit promised in this Ancient land, as the Children of Spirit served them. They talked of these tremendous symphonies of music, and tones, and the spiritual excelleration which came from this music and spheres in these Temples of Atlantas. They used to talk about the magic and the patterns of spirit, and of light and color, and how these waves of color had strengthening forces and how they emerged from the Priesthood of the Sons of YAHWEH-Putah. But now this was gone because of the mongrelization, and catastrophe and the announcements was coming that the mongrelization was destroying the continent of Atlantas and how it would sink beneath the waters of the earth. That earthquakes would shake it, and mountains would spew fire.... clouds of vapor would rise and areas of earth would sink. They who still worshiped YAHWEH-PUTAH were warned to travel to the eastward, and they traveled before the last of the land bridges crumbled, and then made their way across North Africa and settled in the fertile crescent around the Delta of the Nile. All this is in their record, their background, and this story they tell of a great earthquake which cracked open the earth, and how water from the seas came in and then steam blew the top of the mountains off and fire came out. Pieces of continents shriveled, and then all sank.....eventually all went down.

Now; the earlier Central American Temples in Mexico may have been originally tied to this chain of Temples because they go back to the period of time of the sinking of the continents. And some layers of civilization there go back 30,000 years. They have no relationship to the Pyramid of Giza which was built by our race except that this was in the shape of those old Temples, and instead of the Altar step it had no capstone which was rejected when they built it because it was to fulfill a prophetic significance for these latter days. It did continue to contain measures, but the unfortunate thing is that many did not know the full significance of this, and in their desire and the full expectations of it, and in their hopes they pursued measures they themselves had drafted to interpret what was in it. Then things did not happen as living up to their expectations and people in our day became willing to cast everything aside and forget it. And now they attack the whole thing, the whole idea.

The Don Bell report lately has attacked the Israel Identity Movement, and the Pyramid. The Jews are probably behind the pressure put on him, but he probably does not know this. I think that he is being buffeted by people who say if he doesn't come out and do this job then they are not interested in his report, see...so he goes along. Of course he quotes Rand and several others, but only quotes them when they are wrong. He never quotes them when they are right, but this is true of most critics, they always quote the error. There is no area of theology today where you don't find that among some of the Clergy attached to that theology, that there are areas of error. But you don't blame all the Clergy...or all the Methodists for men like ex-Bishop Oxman, and I don't blame all Episcopalians for Bishop Pike. Of course if their general boards take a wrong trend then it is time for people to get out. But there is never any fairness with those who fight deep truths or racial heritage, or things of the Kingdom. When they fight the Kingdom they go all out for this. There is never anything which makes the Devil more angry than this Gospel of the Kingdom. Because as long as he can hold the Kingdom he is not worried, but when he sees people waking up he is angry. He sees himself as losing control and he fights to hold this, to destroy the opposition to himself.

So the alikeness of these Pyramids probably go way back to Ancient symbols. There is a Pyramid, a very, very high one in China. It is now covered with dirt and trees grow on the sides of it. But it is like a mountain, it is a huge monster Pyramid. It is way up in the motherland of the High Steppes. It hasn't been penetrated lately although there is tunnels into it, so there is something inside. While explorers know it is there, still conditions have not been right to make any real excavations. Right now it is inside Mongolia and Russian territory so nothing is being done at the present time. But we do know of the great antiquity of these Pyramids. Because furniture in them has been tested with radio carbon and then one of these Temples which was inundated with lava...inside they found Chinamen with Jade beads, so it goes way back that far. Although it was not to far from Peking where the Jade hills come from, but down there were Jade ornaments which got buried and sealed up, and would have been burned to a crisp if they hadn't been deep down in these huge Temples. But they couldn't get out so they died there.

QUESTION:...Was the continent of Lemuria destroyed first?

ANSWER:...Lemuria may have proceeded the sinking of Atlantas at least some areas of it, but they were not to far apart. Though the sinking did not occur all at once, the catastrophe which occurred with the sinking of Lemuria not only involved volcanic activities, but earthquakes, water and steam and terrific subsidence, but it also involved nuclear war. So in the latter struggles with the Luciferian forces which involved the earth, then nuclear war did take place because Isotopes can be found on Easter Island and various parts of the Pacific. These were fused pieces like trinite which is made out of glass and sand fused together. Many of these things were never radio active before these severe transitions took place through a nuclear war. And the radio activity in many of these Isotopes are there yet which were never original materials. There is a long chain of evidence of materials which go back..tying the people of Lemuria and the High Steppes into great antiquity. We have 100 and some odd spots in the entire Pacific area wherein things are found all identifying them to a high continent and one super religion, and so forth.

QUESTION:...But they were pagans, were they not?

ANSWER:...Originally they were not pagans, but they became pagans after the coming of the Luciferians and the Dragon religions. The God of Light who was the God of the Heavens was supplanted by all these false deities. One could talk all evening just on MU and this all ties in. And then there are Scripture passages in these things which criss-crossed way back in history, mysteries in the Book of Job and so forth.

QUESTION:...Is there any particular information on when either of these continents might be coming up?

ANSWER:...Well, shall we say that the Azores are rising, and that areas of Atlantas are coming up. They have to put buoys out in some of the shipping lanes and in some of the smaller shipping lanes they are putting out markers so ships do not hit the reefs coming up which were not there when I was a boy. In fact there has been quite a bit of activity in the Mediterranean area of the Atlantic Ocean lateral. And there is activity in the Pacific in various parts of it as well.

QUESTION:....Is there some rising between here and Catalina?

ANSWER:...Well, I wouldn't get into that argument, there may be some areas where it is rising but I look to see more go down before more comes up. The question is was there a rising of the land between here and Catalina, but there is land rising here and Japan?

QUESTION:...What is the difference between The Beast and Babylon?

ANSWER:...Well, Mystery Babylon the Great is the whole Satanic order, and the Beast System is of course the whole political system of the Satanic order. In otherwords: Mystery Babylon is political, social, economic and religious. The Beast System is the whole racial system of the kingdom. The Beast people are the non kingdom races...the world order.

QUESTION:...But neither of these then refer to the Jews?

ANSWER:...The Jews head and lead the Beast System of the world. They are the offspring of Lucifer and the Head of the Beast System. They are more cunning than some of the others. They are referred to by Peter as 'Brute Beasts'...'To be taken and destroyed.' So we may well say that the Jews belong to the Beast System..this system of Anti-Christ. Man without spirit of God has the number of 666, and of course this is the number of the Luciferian order. The number of the Anti-Christ is the number of the Beast and of Mystery Babylon which involves the super plans for World Government and entrapment, and the economic upheavals. As long as all the false religions of the world are under the Beast System then the false prophet symbolizes the leadership of all false religions, symbolizes all false religions being stemmed by the same Satanic family, all the evil in the world is propagated by Lucifer and his household. So this continues and there is no change in that.

QUESTION:...Did you know that in New York City they have built some huge glass buildings, and one of the recent ones is about 75 stories high, has on the top of it about 50 feet of numbers, and they are 666 in Neon lights? And they show up as far as you can see from an airplane. Can you tell us who owns that building?

ANSWER:..I have never heard of it.

QUESTION:...I haven't heard of it, but I have seen it.

QUESTION:...How is the number 666 arrived at?

ANSWER:...It arrived because God said:..Here it is. This is the number of man without spirit, the number of Luciferian destruction, the number of the trilogy of evil. Man with spirit of God is 777.

QUESTION:...Does this have anything to do with the Hebrew numbering system?

ANSWER:...There is a numerology of early Hebrew and 7 is a Divine number, 8 is a New thing, and 9 is the number of Judgment. I could give you the value for every number in Hebrew for what is symbolized, but the perfect number for Divine Seed is 7...thus Spirit, Soul, and Body is 777. But the number 6 is without spirit and embodied beings without spirit are 666, thus spirit, soul, and body is 666...or without the spirit of God. And now being mutated and in rebellion it becomes the symbol of the Beast System and Anti-Christ or....666.

Divine Seed has to come forth from God, and the 6 seed comes forth from the Luciferian impact. However there may be many people under the Beast System who altho never of the Spirit of God still were good in their be- ginning.

QUESTION:...What about this saying:...'Judge not lest ye be judged?'

ANSWER:...Well this is the critical attack made by Christians against Christians merely because they are gossiping, fault finding, trouble makers. They are always within the camp, thus this is their shortcoming, they run around and judge within the camp. So the Scripture says:..'Judge not lest ye be judged for with that judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged.' Matthew 7:1-2. There is also this:..'He that is spiritual judges all things.' I Corinthian 2:15. This is relating to the children of God being spirit of His Spirit, being children of the Spirit, as against the natural man of the World Order. For we are the only administrators who judge and rule under God, who have the capacity to rightly delineate. So he that is spiritual offspring judges all things, and the Apostle Paul tells us this. Here in the Book of Corinthians he had just said that the spirit in us is not the spirit in the natural man. Neither can the natural man comprehend the things which we can understand. Not that we are not in physical bodies in a world where natural men reside, but the content of the Intellect in the children of spirit has been drawn from the essence of the BEING OF GOD. So this being true we fall into an entirely different category thus we are thoroughly justified in the administrative judging of all things on the basis that the Spirit of God is within us. But we do not judge our fellow Christians because they come under the same factor of total justification as we do. The only thing is that when the enemy can influence and individual, and this individual works for the enemy then you have a right to judge the force which is motivating this to keep it from injuring the church, or the structure of the kingdom. And I will show you this passage:..'Which things we speak are not in words which are designed by mans brain. I know it says mans wisdom, but what is referred to here is mans brain. 'But we speak of those things which the Holy Spirit teaches'..comparing spiritual things with spiritual.' I Corinthians 2:13. Then he said:..'But God hath revealed them to us by His Spirit, for the Spirit searches out all things, yea, the deep things of God. But we speak the wisdom of God in a Mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world, for our Glory'.

Now;...as you see this was not for the World Order or the Beast System, for those round about because they could not understand it. 'But had the Princes of the world (order) knew...had they known they never would have crucified the LORD OF GLORY.' But they could not understand this mystery, they could not understand the wavelength the wave length of the Father. They were not spirit of His Spirit, not a part of HIM, and in rebellion against HIM they had no capacities even to be illuminated by the truth. So therefore none of the Princes of the World (order) knew or they would never have crucified the LORD OF GLORY. For when they crucified the CHRIST they gave him the opportunity as a man without one transgression of his own altho he carried all transgressions upon his shoulders by HIS WILL, but they could not keep him out of the Netherworld, and they could not keep him in either. For when they crucified the Christ then Lucifer no longer could hold the sons of Adam, and when THE CHRIST came out of the grave HE brought them all with HIM. So there was wisdom they (the world order) could not understand, and it is written...'Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love HIM.' This is the natural senses, these things in Gods plan and purpose but they can be known unto us...'For God reveals them unto us by His spirit, for the spirit searches out all these things'. They are not perceived by the ear, and by the senses, as the original source of wisdom and understanding.

'For what man knoweth the things of man (Adam) save the spirit of man that is in him? For the things of God knoweth no man except the Spirit of God be resident in him'. If he therefore when born into this world had the spirit of God then he was the Issue or offspring of God, and different from any of these other people. Paul says:..We did not receive the spirit which the world received, we received the Spirit which is out of God...so that we might know the things of God which are freely given to us of God. Not through the natural evaluation of the senses but through the higher source of wisdom which comes from the Father. So he said:...to the natural man, this one without the spirit, the things of God seem like foolishness to him. And he would never know them because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is of the spirit judges all things, yet he himself could not be judged by any man without spirit. For they have no capacity to judge since they cannot understand...they can't know. Therefore..'Who hath known the mind of YAHWEH that He may instruct him...we have the mind of the embodiment of God.'

Now is there anything I did not answer for you?


QUESTION:...The LIGHT CARRIERS....what or who are they?

ANSWER:...We will not go into all the factors of the LIGHT CARRIERS, for there are some things which cannot be related. The early Wisdom Schools of our race started from early revelations which God gave to men like Enoch with the exceptional experience of being taken back out, and re-educated in the dimensions and planes of heavenly orders, and then brought back to earth while in the body remembering these things he recorded them in a Book and passed these things back to the family of God in earth, his progeny as well as his brethren.

Job was also given unusual and exceptional revelation. These men represented two of the most informed men of their race, both of them taught of God, both of them having unique experiences. Both of them set up unusual 'orders' that were to effect the thinking of people in symbolism and form. But also to become schools of wisdom and knowledge for men who sought after deeper wisdom and truth, and applied themselves to know.

Now; Enoch and Job headed these great schools. And out of one of them comes the 'Master Builders'...the Masons. The concept of the Master Builders was that the Children of the God of Light were embodied in the earth to build a Kingdom. So the building of the Kingdom to the Master Builders was to establish all of the Administrative levels of this Kingdom. They were Mater Builders in the kingdom in which they would have to apply all the technology of raising up their architecture, their civilization, and their technique as well as all related to Divine Law, to understand patterns and knowledge of spiritual application of the natural sciences. Along with this was the natural testimony of the greatness of God. Then there was a spiritual order of Spiritual Law, which was also being studied. These two dual schools taught the wisdom of these things. Later as the Levites came in the days of Moses they were selected to represent the spiritual order. But they received whole orders of deep wisdom that came out of the spiritual order.

Now; among these Master Builders which were also called Masonos which is a relatively new, or Latin name...remember that the Apostle Paul said I am a wise Master Builder, and he used the Greek frame for it...'No other foundation can anyone lay but that which is laid in YAHSHUA..Messiah..God em- bodied in earth.' If you are going to build a kingdom in earth for God you have to build it with a King, to build it with the Very God embodied as KING, and therefore the chief cornerstone which sealed the whole building together, and the Apostle Paul was a student of this wisdom and lore. He was a Master Builder, a Master Mason if you will have this. Although Masonry today is a sad deteriorated, degenerated institution far removed from its Ancient Wisdom, but there still exists an area of society within the society not necessarily known to the high officials in areas of it which were 'Light Carriers'. And these Light Carriers were the symbol of those who were spiritually called in the Ancient Masonic order to unveil and teach the great truths. They were virtually Priests in the order, and one could be a Grand Master and rule over the brothers. Once they were called 'Brothers' this is the thing...originally they were 'Brothers' and were selected because of this service, their capacities, because they could be Grand Masters. Generally speaking the Grand Masters of the Lodge were the High Priest of their order of wisdom. They were men who had been given spiritual illumination, who carried on the ministry of Job in this matter. So they understood these things, understood the Ancient Wisdom, understood the symbols as to how far they had traveled in earth, and how far they would have to travel in earth. Generally there was a certain number, this we will not discuss, but there were a certain number of Light Carriers, much greater than at later periods. And these Light Carriers were totally responsible for the education of young men who started as early as 13 years of age, but these would be young men most adapted, interested who came from families of Master Builders within the race, and who desired to know. And if they showed the aptitude of their fathers then they were taught these things. Many times a person would be selected then at 30 years of age, and be taught to be Light Carriers. They were given certain clues, certain mysteries, certain areas of knowledge, and their responsibility was to keep this knowledge was kept alive in these Lodges. Always the Brotherhood knew that these were the secrets of the people. Later as the Lodge worked out what we call degrees, worked like fraternities have worked out degree work, some of the degree work carried the mysteries and the symbols as the Lodge was being invaded by Luciferian forces who saw the significance of all this.

Now;...the earlier Light Carriers were the sons of YAHWEH who knew they were children, and for identification they carried a Winged Orb, and it had within the Orb, the All Seeing Eye. This was for years used as the emblem but later they ceased to use the emblem because it was being duplicated by enemies who sought to lead the Lodges astray. So back in the days when the House of Rothchild formed the Illuminati which Adam Weishaup and other had a part of, they adopted Ancient emblems of the true Mystery Carriers of Light of the Lodge. So the little disk with the All Seeing Eye within the Pyramid was adopted by the illuminati, so they could deceive people as being the Light Carriers. And the reason why they called themselves the Illuminated ones, they were trying to sidetrack the effectiveness of this Ancient Wisdom School and its highest spiritual center. Because when they tried to join the Lodges they were always rebuffed.

The Mystery of the symbols of the Light Carriers called for racial respect and complete racial purity in the Lodge, it called for complete principals in the Lodge because as Light Carriers...Masonry transferred from Old to New Testament and it recognized Christ as the MASTER BUILDER. And the strongest center of the Master Builders in the time of THE CHRIST was in London in the Druid University of London, and in the Essene Company of Palestine. These were the two strongest centers. So when the Christ went over to Britain with Joseph of Arimathea, then immediately the word which had already proceeded HIM said that this was the son that the Star had promised which they had sent Wise Men from their own assemblies to behold, this was then the Messiah, the embodiment of YAHWEH (God)...thus when The Christ arrived, the savants, the scribes, the wizards of that order came to interrogate The Christ. They took Him to London to the University and Jesus with profound wisdom answered all their questions, and they recognized Him as the MASTER BUILDER OF ALL MASTER BUILDERS. That He was the GRAND MASTER of the Universe, that He was the Key, and was the Light that Lighted every (Adam) man. And He assisted in the building of the Wattle Church of Glastonbury. It is recorded that the GRAND MASTER had visited them, had arrived on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea, this became their Ancient Lore. Therefore when the Jews later tried to conquer Christianity they had penetrated the Church at Rome, but they could not penetrate the Church in Britain because Britain had the Masons or Master Masons. This is why the Jews sought to turn the Catholic Church with great hatred against the Master Builders. Because they had gained control of the Roman Church, but in Britain this was one thing they could not crack. It was the one thing they could not get into. Then later they were able to infiltrate certain areas of Masonry but only after they had set up their own Illuminati, and counterfeit emblems, they set up phoney lodges and brought in Oriental orders and Oriental degrees.

Now; like the mystic order of the Shriners, this is supposed to be just a play lodge, filled with idolatry and paganism. You take Pike's book today ..'Morals and Dogma' which is the Main Masonic text book, and it is filled with false religions of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali and all pagan religions of earth, with each having their nitch in Masonry. But they have no part nor lot with the true Master Builders or Masonos. They could not even enter the Temple, for this Temple was built by Solomon, and was built unto YAHWEH. It was a most beautiful building and was built to Divine specifications. And the Priesthood would not let the pagans participate in the building. When Solomon brought in the King of Tyre and craftsmen from other places they would not let them work on the Temple. The day of the dedication they would not let them in, and in fact it almost boiled down to a major battle between them and the people of Tyre and there was trouble from this time on. But the thing is that all the time the Luciferians were trying to get in to destroy the spiritual lore, and wisdom of the race. They tried it in the Christian Period, and of course under the Illuminati, under this symbol they moved in. That is why the Illuminati has some of the symbols which belonged to the Light Carriers. The Illuminati of course means the Illuminated ones, so the Jews stole this...way back there. And yet today the only true center of Masonry is still carried down through the symbols of the LIGHT CARRIERS. And today the Light Carriers find themselves shut out of the Lodges or they don't participate in Lodges which have become to dirty for them and won't move in because they are so far from the truth. However there are LIGHT CARRIERS in the Lodges of America and in England who are trying to purge the Lodges and make a comeback. There are people outside who are not in this order at the moment because of this defection, who will still carry the LIGHT, and will train others to carry the LIGHT. Maybe never tell them about it until they are ready to tell them what they have been brought up on, and what they have been trained to teach. Light Carriers will replace themselves, generally they will have two replacements, and this has been going on for a long time. This is kind of a mission among the race and is carrying out the principals of the two Wisdom Schools of our race. And since this question was asked we have told you what we could about it. There are some things best left untold about it, but again...by this process there would be more Jew infiltration to deceive the very Elect if that was possible, and we are getting to much of all kinds of possible deception as it is. We must pull people out from it, let's not give them any of the keys that are necessary communication....or what it might provide.

QUESTION:...I do not understand what Paul is talking about when he says some one is justified?

ANSWER:...Chapter and verse you are talking about??

QUESTION:...I don't have it.

ANSWER:...Then I will supply it.

QUESTION:...He says; who are the Israelites....also.

ANSWER:...This is found in the Book of Romans...'We know all things work together for good, to them who are called according to his purpose. To them who he did foreknow (this was before the foundation of the world) that you were in the bosom of the Father already blessed with all blessings. That these were His own sons, his household, that he Elected before the foundation of the world to build his kingdom. And those he did know, those he did predestinate.'

Now; those HE did foreknow He did predestinate...to conform to the image of the son...this His embodiment. He did pre-destine then that these children were going to measure up to His Divine embodiment. That they now embodied in earth would come under the fall but would then measure up to his fullness. For we have been predestinated to conform to the image of the son, therefore that He might be the first born among many brothers. And when it talks about being born among many brothers then it says:..'These He did pre-destine, then He called, and those He called, He also Justified, and whom He justified He also Glorified.' The only translative error here is that the church of the first born...or the children of the first born were those who were begotten in the heavens. This is where the Celestial Order begins. This is the reason why over in Chapter 8 of Romans that I can show you another mystery which the Apostle Paul brings out. 'For with earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestations of the sons of God.' He said he did not reckon that the suffering of this present time was worthy of being compared with the Glory which shall be revealed unto us, which shall eventually be unveiled to him..... in the earth.

Now; the Creature (physical body) that we dwell in shall be delivered unto the glorious liberty which belongs to the children of God...this is Spiritual Immortality. 'We know that the whole creation vibrates and prevaileth in pain together until now'...everything round about us in the flesh is dying, the whole creation, so this whole creation is groaning round about us. Not only 'they' but ourselves also, which are the first fruits of the Spirit, being begotten in Celestial bodies, Celestial people who are the first fruits of the Spirit because we were begotten in Celestial realms.' This is what it is talking about, we are the first born of the Spirit (Father-Matter).

QUESTION:...But this word justified, I can't understand. What does it mean when it says...those He foreknew, He did predestinate, and those he did predestinate He also called, and whom He called He also Justified?

ANSWER:...This is SOVEREIGNTY it is already settled in Heaven. In other words:...those he did foreknow he also predestinated, they were sheep before the foundation of the world. You are a believer..a Christian..He pre-destined you and those He predestined He called, and those He called He justified and He did this before the foundation of the world. Wasn't he the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world? It was only THE ACT WHICH HAD TO BE COMPLETED. All Israel was Justified year by year in their offering, as they looked forward to the Sacrificial Lamb, this was projected for them up until the event or act, and it is projected over us as we look back to that event although we add nothing to it. Thus HE JUSTIFIED those who HE GLORIFIED.

Let me show you something over here in the Book of Hebrews...this is God's business, this is what He should have done. He being God could not do anything else. Hebrews 2:9. 'Now we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death...crowned with Glory and Honor; that He by the Grace of God should taste death for every man.' Here we see God who is now a little lower than the Angels because He put on a body of flesh which could not die, whereas Angels could not die.

But this was becoming of God..in otherwords this was what He should do. You see this was God who came down here, and put on a body of flesh and it died. Yes, He was YAHWEH, Himself, and could have stopped this any time. Being God he had absolute control of the Universe. Therefore He let every- thing happen...that happened, to take out of it a greater good, a greater development by letting this thing run its course. Letting Spiritual Seed establish itself, letting all these experiences take place. He let the triumph occur, let the Majesty of Grace be demonstrated, let the superiority of spirit over the Luciferian order show itself. Therefore it was becoming unto God for whom all things are...in bringing His many sons unto glory by being made Captain of their Salvation...thru HIS suffering... see? The translation is not very good here, but in otherwords...it was a becoming thing for God to have done. He should have atoned for what we could not atone for. HE therefore became the Captain of our Salvation by His own crucifixion if it were necessary. This was a becoming (proper) thing God said that He had to do...for this is His Universe, His children, and He could not lose His Household, or upset His Kingdom.

Now; justification means no area of conduct can be weighed against you, the weight of temptations, the forces and vibratory impact of evil, and the necessary impact of what God put in and felt compelled to put in, because He owed this to you His offspring...now put into this environment with His foreknowledge prescribing Destiny. Knowing what He was able to do, knowing that He could have eliminated evil to begin with, that He put you in this environment knowing what you would do in these circumstances thus He said:.. ..I JUSTIFY YOU...and He alone can do that. People are all the time trying to justify themselves, but when God justifies you then you are justified. In otherwords this is what Justification means. That you can look God in the face and say...Here I am I have accepted your atonement, it is complete and there is noting I can add to it, I believe it is done. Now; God does not run around challenging...He knows its done. He just wants you to have the kind of Faith so that no one can come around and put guilt complexes on you to beat down your spirit. By the time you know this your desire is for good anyhow...see? And if it isn't then you would not be interested.

QUESTION:...Then Romans 3:9-18...must be a mistranslation because it says that there is none righteous...no not one.

ANSWER:...Oh!...here this is talking about Israel in their transgressions but taken care of through the atonement. Because:...'All Israel shall be saved as it is written.' Now; all me have violated Divine Law, all men have sinned and come short of the Glory of God, but all men who have violated the Divine Law, and come short of the Glory of God have been Justified by His Grace. So we are not under His judgment of transgression anymore, and if you pick that up and walk away with it then you are just making yourself miserable. In otherwords that...if it is a finished work...then it is FINISHED, and if it wasn't then you will never pay for it yourself.... see? Jesus said:..'It is finished'..thus it is paid for, it is clear. Now; when Paul said:..'all men have sinned and come short of the Glory of God'...then yes we are all sinners, but saved by Grace, by the GRACE OF THE FATHER.

You see...Paul is quite a philosopher, there are many philosophical gems in Paul's writings as to the vastness of God's Grace, and to show this he dialogues with himself as he speaks...as a man and as he speaks as the spirit unfolds. He condemns the flesh, and justifies it through the spirit and so forth. But remember that Ecclesiastics likes sometimes to use areas of these passages in order that in their administration they can hold a very strong control over people. But people should be controlled by the spirit not by Ecclesiastical hierarchies trying to keep them in fear. We don't want people to keep coming to this Bible Study because they are afraid that if they stop now God would get mad at them, and they will go to hell. You could never come back here, and it would not make any difference as far as your Eternal Life is concerned except you might not know as much as you would if you continued to come because God keeps unveiling things. The fact remains that whenever a Priesthood says you have to do this, you have to come here, or you will go to hell, well, Priesthoods do not have that power.

When someone starts to put their collar on backwards, then look out, he is trying to turn it around backwards because God never set up an order like that. He never put on these robes and frocks. He was never involved in all this silly stuff. This is just their way of showing they have Ecclesiastical authority and we don't have that. An Ecclesiastical authority is only a Spiritually endowed authority, and it must make itself clear, not just by rituals, empty rituals and procedures. It isn't done by responsive readings or by reciting the 'Apostle's Creed', that is alright, but you can also pledge allegiance to the flag, and that is good, but it isn't necessary to do this every Sunday morning....see?

The things I am pointing out is that we set up a form, and then we rigidly cement it, as an Ecclesiastical order, and then people want to dominate it, and if they don't dominate it then they want to move out and wreck it. This has gone on in Rome, has gone on in Episcopalianism, and in Lutheranism, and has gone on in others. They get mad and move out and try to wreck it, and hundreds of churches have been started this way. The only thing is that in the earlier days they generally knew more and they had points of doctrine to divide over so they fight over power. But what I am pointing out today is that a bunch of goons who have no intellect at all as spiritual things are concerned are attacking the Apostle Paul. Anytime that you find some preacher attacking the Apostle Paul..you put him down as a bee bee brain. Because the Apostle Paul has gone to heaven and back down. And everything they say the Apostle Paul said they are not interpreting it the way the Apostle Paul said it...the way he intended it to be interpreted, they are going around it. The Apostle Paul said:... 'sometimes I speak like a man, and you can criticize him if he said he was speaking as a man because he might not always be right, and he knew this. And he does it on purpose to show you what a natural man might think. Then he says:..'this is actually the spirit conveying.' For instance, I might make you do this and go through that but I can't say that the spirit makes you do this or that, or you aren't in...because 'let no man judge you in what you eat or drink', and then he said:..You can't eat this or that, or I wouldn't do it...and I can tell you the same thing. If the laws of God tell you not to eat certain things, that something is not good to eat, then you better not eat it. But I also can not say that you are not a son just be- cause you did not obey the Father. You are still a son when you get sick... see? So lots of times the things Paul said would seem to be contradictory but they are not, it is just the way they are translated to keep the Ecclesiastical hold on people.So be free..take a deep breath and say:...I AM A SON OF GOD, THEN GET ALL THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD YOU CAN GET, BUT DON'T TAKE THE BONDAGE. QUESTION:...Now the last verse of Hebrews when it speaks of Angels as being ministering spirits to those heirs of Salvation?

ANSWER:...There are two kinds of Angels..there is two words used for Angels. There is one place where the word for ministering spirits is translated Angel. This should not be..for relatively...lets get this clear...the word Angels should only apply to the beings created, but not to the offspring of God. The word Angels should only apply to created beings, created as Angels.

Now; there is different kinds of Angels, there is the Cherubs around the Throne, these are anointed Cherubs that covereth. But there are several orders of Cherubs below that order. And there are Serephims and then orders of Angelic hosts of heaven which are Archangels, and warrior Angels of God. All of the Archangels are not Cherubims. But Lucifer happened to be classified in the Archangel class as a Cherubim that covereth, but remember that Michael is also an Archangel..in that class, but he is not classified as a Cherub. I do not know but people seemed to get their concepts of Cherubs from various procedures. Somebody who seemed to bask in the light and the color, and in symphony of sound, these are Cherubic but those who commanded the great fleets of the hosts even before they needed armies, this was the job of Michael the commander of those Hosts, the educator of hosts. Another one was Gabriel, and he was a great proclaimer of knowledge and coordinator of information. Thus there are these orders of Angels, and there were other orders of Angelic beings. And these beings existed in Celestial planes unless they took upon themselves...a body...by changing the vibrator wave length of their existence. This they could do as long as they obeyed Divine Laws while under this category. But if they violated Divine Law then they had left their first estate and might not get back in, and maybe stayed disembodied. But once they violated Divine Law after being embodied in form in the creation they could never get back to the status they had before. Now; understand this...there are propagating Angels, there were Angelic orders who served before THE MOST HIGH that multiplied, they multiplied their own order, so they were propagating Angels, and this is true through out the Universe. Then there were Angelic Hosts in high positions who were not propagating Angels. Lucifer and some of those to begin with were Masters of Orders and were not propagating Angels. And when they stepped up out of their order..or their first estate..then they didn't keep this first estate and they took on bodies of flesh, and intermingled with the daughters of men. This is told in the Scriptures, and in the Book of Jude. Then there were fallen Angels who left their first estate and intermingled with the creations and people of God. They intermingled with Asiatics like the Tungus people, and this happened not only on earth but also in the Milky Way generally. In fact they resolved to in some way disintegrate, and try to destroy the Throne of God, the control of God, the planets of God, the great space stations of God. This was actually the concocted plan, and Michael was put in control of the plan to stop this. Thus the fleets of God were instantly expanded, and Michael began to fill them for he was given this power and became Captain of the fleets of God.

Now; there were separate orders of being, and Angels, but even the biggest Angel in the sky was not greater than the offspring of God..who were His own Spiritual Seed...His offspring who were spirit of His Spirit and light of His Life.

Now; in earth bodies...Angels who did not keep their first estate were greater in power than a man who could die due to the fall. But before the fall they were not greater...not at all, this is why the Book of Hebrews makes this statement:..'To which of the Angels' (speaking of Jesus..or His embodiment)..'Thou YAHWEH..in the beginning formed the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the work of thy hands..they shall perish; but thou remainest, and they all wax old as doth a garment, and as a vesture shalt thou fold them up, and they shall be changed, and the seasons change and winter goes out with spring'...all of these are the same...so..'To which of the Angels did He say:..set in the scepter hand of authority and I will make thine enemies thy footstool.'

They are not all ministering spirits sent for to minister to them who are HEIRS OF SALVATION. Now; they are not all ministering spirits...in otherwords all Angels were our servants, and they were our servants in heaven, and they were the servants of our Father, and they are thus our servants. Thus in the fifth verse of the first Chapter of Hebrews we are told:...'to which of the Angels said HE at anytime...thou art my son, this day have I begotten thee?' Never at anytime did an Angel measure up to the son level. And His Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God, not only that but we have existed with HIM before the world was framed.'

Then come on over here and what does it say:..'Since the Children of God were partakers of flesh and blood, he (YAHWEH-God) took upon himself a body likewise the same, that he might destroy him who had the power of death.' This speaking of the Devil..and 'for fear of him'..those who through all their lifetime were in this bondage. 'Verily He did not take upon Himself the nature of Angels, He took upon Himself the SEED of Abraham.' Then what does it say?? 'He was not ashamed to call them His kinsmen..or His brethren. Wherefore in all things it behooved Him to be like His brethren ..family, and He did this to bring His many sons unto GLORY.' Hebrews 2. God Himself thus admits that we are His children...sons of God down here in bodies of flesh so He took a body of flesh to be just like us.

QUESTION:...Well, I always thought of Gabriel and Michael as being sons but not down here in the flesh.

ANSWER:..No. He was Captain of the Hosts of Heaven and their fleets. He is still an Archangel, he is different than us, he is our servant, our warrior Captain. He defended our Celestial realms and the planets in space. And he is coming in to defend this planet just like he defended in Ancient times.

Now; there is another word used in talking about the children and Angelic orders and Jesus makes this very clear. He said He was going to gather His Elect from the four corners, and with His Holy Angels He would also bring the Elect, as a great and mighty army when He comes to over- throw. Now there are lots of children of God who have not dwelt in earth. QUESTION:...Oh, I was wondering about that. Where are they?

ANSWER:...They are out there in other planets, in other places. Maybe some of them have never dwelt in physical bodies, and there may be a lot of them whom still may come throughout the ages to come. But this 'ELECT' according to the foreknowledge of God..a lot of the Elect have gone back into the plane of Spirit, for He said He is going to gather them from the four corners of heaven, and they will come with Him as He gathers also the Holy Angels when He comes to overthrow completely the powers of Darkness. The greatest spectacle in history is what is involved here...perhaps not to far removed.

QUESTION:...Is there any record how far back...when the Luciferian rebellion occurred?

ANSWER:...Well I would say 75,000 years or a little longer. I can't remember...but I can tell you that it had to be this far back because the Negroes came here on the space ships of Lucifer. In the first invasion after Michael gave them a first big trouncing they came in on the space ships. And they have been burying Negroes in Kilmanjaro since about 75,000 years ago. So the first wave to earth was at least 75,000 years ago. I also know that about 14,000 years ago they were using Negroes to mongrelize these continents both in the East and the West, and this brought about the catastrophe which sank these continents. I know that 11,000 years ago the Andes Mountains went up on the upper end and the Matagrossa changed, all because of these violations of law. I know that we came after that...about 7400 years ago to start putting things back in order.

So again I could go a littler further..suppose I said: this happened 1,600,000 years ago. So do I have any justification for this? I could establish that 1,600,000 years ago there was something in motion which had created the catastrophe which wiped out the Ancient world. I can also show you that 73,000 to 75,000 years ago was the first impact of Lucifers defeat by Michael and then Lucifer was in earth. Maybe the catastrophe was not as developed as it later became, but it was in development. For instance we see the deterioration of the Chinese only in the last 25,000 to 30,000 years generally. Then as I follow the migration of the Tungus man in Ivor Lissners tremendous work on this migration, I find that they were worshiping the God of Light, thanking him for the supply of food and of the reindeer, they recognized the symbol of evil, and they symbolized an incarcerated evil in the emblem of the snake and the bear. So they destroyed the Bear as they would go in a sacrifice to the God of Light, thinking they had killed great evil. So this was back when Steppe men were coming into Europe and dwelling in caverns and caves, and you find there hundreds of those bear skulls, and the rites of sacrificial order connected with it, and how this was worship of the Great God as a symbol of the conquest of evil, this is all represented in their work. And there was animosity between the bear and man w which was charged to evil. I wouldn't want to state how far back this impact was. The later impact, the final catastrophe, the total mongrelization, these things had a big impact on earth 14,000 to 11,000 years ago. But the Negroes in great numbers were buried back in the caves of Kilmanjaro and the Radio Carbon on their fossils, fires and so forth say 73,000 years ago. But you never get a white man back that far, not before 7400 years.

QUESTION:...We have ten commandments, and then one of the Apostles said to Jesus...what is the greatest commandment? And he said:..'Love the LORD above all others....why is that?

ANSWER:...Well this is all the commandments fulfilled in this one. Because if you love the Lord..THY GOD with all thy heart and all thy soul, with all your might then you are not going to mix this Holy Seed by adulterating it with another race..now are you? You are not going to receive this commandment and then go steal from the Holy Seed...thy brethren are you?

QUESTION:...But...Here O Israel...thy God is one God?

ANSWER:...Now wait a moment...that is confusing, this has nothing to do with your first question. YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is ONE LORD. But the commandment is to love Him with all thy heart and soul, and if you keep this commandment you would keep all other commandments. It is only when one does not perceive this in its fullness that he breaks the other commandments. Now; I do not know what is going on in your mind, I am just answering what comes out of your lips, so is this what you had in mind?

QUESTION:...Well, I can't quote it but I know some where it says that this is the greatest commandment and I didn't know why.

ANSWER:...It is the greatest because to LOVE THE LORD with all thy heart and all thy soul...then you would keep all commandments. Now then the greatest commandment that Jesus gave His household was to love one another ...why? Because this builds much strength. If I love the brethren I am going to defend the brethren against the enemy. We are going to be a strong society, a solid society and we will carry on. So remember the law of the kingdom...the Sermon on the Mount is a law for the kingdom it is not a law for the outside..the world order..see? So therefore you walk the last mile for the brethren, but after that sometimes you can't do any more. But we say that the most important thing is that you appreciate the fact of who you are, and what you are here for. When you understand God, when you understand the kingdom, then you realize that you are a Celestial race in a physical world, and we are battling the darkness to capture the earth. We are going through heavy tribulation because of this, but it was pretty tough back there in the days of Jesus also, for they were stoning them and killing them. They tried to get us shot the other night so they are after us here to, its all part of the same thing. It is just that we are at the end of the age, so maybe we are just coming out a little more lucky than they did at that time. Then there are a lot of things the LORD needed done and we are past that point now. But the thing to remember is that practically everyone of the Apostles was martyred, but the society hung together. There was loyalty that existed in the early Christian Church. Oh, they had their fault finders, and back biters, these are natural human ailments so this is why admonitions were given, so as to not create problems. And all these things were given, so they should love one another as they also loved God. Actually, every white man is related to every white man, but there is no one else I am related to, so I am glad of that. I am not about to expand the family...see?

QUESTION...The King James says that Eve was the Mother of all people, and Moffett says this interpretation did not actually exist in the original text, so they were tampering with the text clear back to there?

ANSWER:...That is right. The King James Version is relatively late. The 'Brotherhood boys' were at work when they changed the Sinatic and Vatican versions. They changed them when they tried to get us to go out and preach the Gospel to all creatures in the name of the Father, the son, and the holy ghost, so as to make them who are saved...saved or damned by the way they believed.

The 'Brotherhood boys' were at work in the third century and they put that in there. Of course they were working in the days of Jesus also. They said:..Look we are all brothers, we have one father even God, so lets all be brothers. And they tried to teach Jesus the fatherhood of God, and the Brotherhood of man, but none could teach Jesus anything. He said:..I am the Father, and you are of your father. You are from the devil and I am God so don't you Jews say you are my relatives, it won't work. But there is a rather interesting connotation on that... some texts fairly old contained the fact that Eve was mother of all 'LIVING SEED' and they knew this. If they were not the offspring of Eve through Adam then they could not be 'Living Seed' and the Old Testament makes the differentiation between the LIVING and the DEAD. Some dead are dead while they live, so you are not just talking about flesh life, but spirit life as well. Where it existed in the early texts although they may have sought to twist this later in interpretations of Ecclesiastical pressure still it was conceded by the Nicean Fathers that Eve was the Mother of the HOLY SEED, so then he tries to use that to say that every one..Chinese, Negro, White, everyone came from Eve.

QUESTION:...What scientific evidence is there regarding the mental capacities of say the Japanese or the Chinese? I was talking to a so called intellectual, and he said it was known...they had taken IQ tests that showed that the Chinese and Japanese had the highest IQ's of any race in the earth.

ANSWER:...Well, God forbid that I should have to evaluate my intellectual reasoning by the ratings of UCLA. This does not mean that you met an intellectual, this just means that you have been exposed to extreme propaganda. The best evidence of that is in what the society of people have been able to create. The best evidence of the fact that the IQ of the white man is higher than an intellectual Chinaman is the fact of what we have created and what they have been able to do with all the area that they have had. In fact they haven't been able to feed themselves.

QUESTION:...Do they still copy everything we make?

ANSWER:...That's right, they have never been original in any technological field. Now; the milliamps of mentoid energy which comes through, that comes out of the areas of the 'third eye' which travels down through the consciousness of the individual when he is thinking, the mentoid energy of the white man has always been a minimum of 30% higher than any Asiatic in this field. There are some of them especially capable of great mental energies, but their mental energies are not in the field of what we call mentoid impulses. Now the Negroes have electronic memories, dogs have electronic memories, and elephants have also, but not in proportion to their size, but they still never forget. And as much size as they have as elephants...their brain is a big thing. But the fact is memory is electronic and with as much sense material as he has to draw senses...then the elephant has a strong memory. But when it comes to creative ability, and initiative this is a different type of energy, this is mentoid energy and the white man is thus higher in earth than all the rest. Not only that but the difference in the brain tissues are remarkable. There is a difference in the convolutions of a Negroes brain and that of a white man...a visible difference.

Here is something I want to point out to you...when the Devil wants to prove a theory, he forgets the last theory he tried to prove...see? Be- cause he at the moment is only trying to work with one. Now when they are trying to destroy faith in God and creation and everything else, they were trying to prove that everybody evolved from something. And as they evolve everything or everyone up to the Negro, then they come up step by step, and have the white man on top. I can show you this even in the Britannica, and even in the text books. And when they were trying to prove that there was a difference in the stations of even mankind, they showed the differences of the Negro brain. They showed the differences in the Negro skulls, and they showed that there was 46% brain capacity in the most advanced Negro, and the most stupid white man...see? They tried to prove that there was a difference in the Craning, a thicker super orbital ridge went across here, the 'fornum magnum' was not set exactly in the same place at the base of the skull where the spinal column comes up through...see? This is where the skull rests on the atlas. They at that time when trying to teach evolution were very glad to prove that everything evolved and into the higher order, the more development came, the skull became thinner and the brain capacity greater, but they were trying to prove 'Brotherhood' and to integrate us all, but they were forgetting that they had these lower stages of mankind only a few decades ago. And now they want them your intellectual equal so out comes this story of the phoney IQ test. They never give a Negro the same IQ test that they gave a white man, they have a different Civil Service test for the Negroes. Why these fellows, most of them, could not get a drivers license if they didn't give them a different test. I know this goes on all the time. They are resentful down in Mississippi that they have a test to be able to vote, but they don't want any test for the Negroes, because too many of them couldn't pass the test at all. They can't prove that they are smart enough to vote.

Now; the Asiatic is much smarter than the Negro, and they shouldn't even be classified in the same category. As far as trainable people...being out of the Tungus people they are smart. I think that at the capacity of craftsmanship, and the reaching ability of the Japanese they are far ahead of the Japanese. There are some smart Chinese, and they worship their ancestors because...they had a far greater day in those times. But remember Japan is the highest of Ancient Mu, but the technology of the Japanese is far ahead of China, even before they took on western ways. They had greater agriculture knowledge, and in almost any phase of life they were ahead of the Chinese. They were all off on their religion, but the white mans creations astonished them, as they examine them, and anything they see they can duplicate. But they never reason that some things need repair. For instance their artisans and craftsmen would take something that was broken by a white man, and they would pick it up, and then make one that was broken. The first things they copied from us as things we had thrown away as worn out. For instance I know a man who had a beautiful medal, he had received it for bravery and a piece of shrapnel had caught it, so during a rest period in Japan he went to one of their finest houses for doing Jewelry and so forth, so he said:...I want a new medal...they said they could have it ready for him inside of a few days. So when he went back for it, the new one was just like the old one. A great number of things were taken over there and duplicated, then they finally caught the idea that it was better to start out with a new object.

QUESTION:...Wasn't there some study back in the Boston Institute for instance about the study of brains?

ANSWER:...The Mentoid Energy...back in the days of Lucius Larken for instance. He produced a tremendous area of psychiatric knowledge concerning the human brain and worked on instruments they developed, and he worked as a scientist down here at an Observatory years ago. He was Dr. Lucius Larken and he wrote a book on 'The Mind Maize'.

Now; I have volumes of tests made by the U.S. Army on reaction, aptitudes, intellect, and brain waves, and they measured Negroes against Chinese, Negroes, and Asiatics and this was a test book. In fact I can show you page after page of army text, from Army scientists, psychiatrists, and Medical Science which proves that the Negro is way behind in everything. And then after the Negro, all the Mulattos were classed the same. And the Chinaman next on the ladder, and then the Japanese with the white man on top. These were guides for the Military, we didn't have to man Orientals, but the Negroes were left with the menial tasks like cleaning the stables of the Calvary and so forth. They never used Negroes in any important part of the Military. I will show you when Dwight Eisenhower even said that he would never permit integration in the Service. That is in a Military text. I can go further, I have text material and page after page of information for just what you are talking about.

The other day I heard someone on T.V. say:..history has demonstrated that the white nations, the white race is technologically ahead, or superior, but the evidence of what they have built than any other people on the face of the earth. Then this man on T.V. went on to say:..Well I am tired of all this propaganda on T.V., and you may not like what I say but Army statistics say this:..is up to a given time. Underwriters of Insurance Policies said this, they had to have more insurance coverage for fire departments for instance when there were more Negroes there instead of all whites, and this was based on experience. Negroes will not go into a hot fire like a white man will, and won't back up his partner, and so forth. Well this man got this all across and everything he said I knew was right because I have the evidence in my Library. But then he come around to this statement...what has gone wrong, why all this trouble today? The other man then came on the air and he said:...well the Anthropologists of today repudiate all those things, it is all old fashioned. We are making progress correcting all these ancient things, we have set aside all these ancient things. You are quoting your Anthropologists and we are quoting ours, and ours are being accepted by the Colleges today. Yours are being repudiated, the text books of yours are being taken out and ours are being brought in. The first man said:...Well, you will have to admit that there is a difference between say Los Angeles and the Congo and there the argument rested. Today the difference isn't even to great.

Another man then came up with a good one...he said there isn't any doubt that the Capital of Ghana and the United States is different, and if we were not their superiors they would not be fighting to be our equals. So the T.V. then turned him off.

QUESTION:...Who was he?

ANSWER:...Just a young man who came up to challenge.

QUESTION:...My encyclopedia called the Negroes the highest type of Anthologist.

ANSWER:...Is it the 11th edition?

QUESTION:...I don't remember but it was published in the 1890's.

ANSWER:...Is it a green one?

QUESTION:...No. an old brown one, but it was in all of them up into 1911. I was reading that they have discovered some other species that can be the missing link between the Negro and the Ape, and it said that these people creatures, they don't talk, but they use tools.

ANSWER:...Are they still alive?


ANSWER:...Then we better keep them for they will want to make them equal and seat them in the United Nations.

QUESTION:...How do we know that Jesus healed anyone not of our race?

ANSWER:...you know that.

QUESTION:...No, I don't for everytime he healed someone he would say... go thy way and tell no one.

ANSWER:...But He turned to this woman who admitted she was not of the race and possibly an Negress...and said:..that this time He would heal her child. As to whether He ever healed others outside the race...I am trying to think about the man who was obsessed with the demons.

QUESTION:...This time He told him to go tell everyone, whereas he didn't before.?

ANSWER:...Well, there were times when Jesus didn't want things told, and then other times when He did. There is a reason for this, but it is a long subject, and not time to get into that tonight.

(end of the taped sermon)


I (E.M.) believe that Dr. Swift was a LIGHT CARRIER to our race. For more on this Ancient BROTHERHOOD see my tape about the ROSE CROSS.)