03-04-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Question: Would you go into detail about the world projection---about using animals in producing vaccines?

Answer: This would not be in our field, this area is one in which you would find much controversy, and my personal opinion might be considered rather antiquated. I am a fair student in the areas of bio-chemistry and biology, and I don't believe in putting the crux of any dead animal into the human body especially if in any areas of this animals background he has disease communicable to the human being.

Now: fortunately for us diseases of horses are not communicable unto us except in areas of hoof and mouth disease. There is areas of this which can be communicated to the human being. But horses which have been well tested, and have no trace of this, and no pattern in it have no known diseases communicable to the human body. Thus it was when they came out years ago with the yellow fever and small pox vaccine and so forth, they found that horses were a relative safe area to go into. Your Salk vaccine as you know today is made from monkeys and from material taken from the kidneys of the monkey, and they cut it up in very fine pieces in finishing this culture.

Now: the monkey is first given a live virus of polio, and then from this kidney area is made the serum used in vaccine, and then this multiplied into a great culture from whence the vaccine is taken.

Now: the fact that the monkey can get polio, and that a human being can get polio, and that the human being can be immunized to any degree at all by any serum proves that monkeys can receive communicable diseases which the monkeys can take on. There happens to be diseases of the kidneys, there is diseases which run in the bloodstream of the monkeys which are communicable to the human beings.

Now: this being so, there is one deadly disease that attacks the blood cells and forms a cancer like condition similar to Leukemia. This does exist in some, not all, monkeys, and would be existent in the vaccine and could be communicable to the human being. So under this instance again I would say that these Polio vaccines should never be given to anyone. Secondly I don't think that the way to fight polio is the vaccine method. Of course I am opposed to vaccines generally, but the reason for this is---that in order to fight the disease by vaccine, you have to first produce a mild case of the disease. The mild case builds up within the body in the white corpuscle area, plus also certain areas of deposits in the blood that which helps the body fight the disease. In other words having given ourselves a mild case of the disease, we create within the body the anti-bodies and the white corpuscle strength to fight the disease. In some diseases this might not be bad, for instance you could use this with small pox, and maybe with diphtheria. But in the area of polio, in a high percentage of cases, if one has polio then sterility is the result. Now this does not require that this be a severe case, a mild case of polio can cause sterility, so we have no idea how much sterility we have sown into our youth with Polio vaccine.

Now: when the Polio vaccine came out--Dr. Salk stole the development from non-Jewish doctors, and then prematurely released it. They were only working on an experiment with monkeys and not on human beings, and did not intend to use this as the final source of the serum, and intended to use another type of serum entirely. But before they were sure that it was 100% successful, and would not be a communicable area of the disease---Salk ran with it ---came out with it---and like all Jews---stole it.

Now: the thing is that when Israeli's clamored for the vaccine, they went into a huddle and instead of sending Salk vaccine to Israeli they sent___________ (Glyoxlide) from Dow Chemical which was the invention of Dr._______(Cope) which catalyzed and charged when kept in non-conductor vials until it was actually shot into the veins---it balanced the atoms of the body for synthesizing strength and health, and nerves, and muscles, and to tone them so they would get such healthy body---and rather than get the disease, and then to use the virus. So the Jews instead of giving themselves a mild case of polio, immunized themselves by strengthening their system, their nerves and muscles so their bodies would not respond to polio. One of the factors, and this is one thing I can tell you that is the result of intense bio-logical research in the areas of bio-chemistry, and field biology with Polio of various types and various creatures---is that it has been shown that it is possible without apparently any contact under certain conditions, to induce the pattern of polio. So that Polio may be a virus which continually passes thru the system of the human being, but when his body does not have a resistance to it, then it can attack. It especially attacks children more than it ever does adults.

Now: when you break down the body to resist it---and this may seem a very strange thing---but high concentrations of refined sugars will make the body more readily acceptable to polio, and children who get to much candy and refined sugars are more apt to get polio than any one else. And polio is found more among families of means than it is among families of poverty. And out in the mountains of Arkansas, and in the deep south where the families are share-cropper, and lived on beans and rough cereals, and oats and so forth, and had almost no candy, then polio was an almost unheard of thing. And where you would be told that Polio would go along with malnutrition, and these people didn't have a proper diet, the fact was that they didn't have as high a sugar intake either, and thus didn't have Polio. Where as if you have children in a slum area of a big city, and where as they maybe didn't have a proper diet, still they might have an abundance of penny candy of stuff they didn't need. But Polio was found to run with a high intake of sugar. This didn't mean that they didn't have a balanced Pancreas that wouldn't burn up the sugar, for it wasn't the sugar itself, it was the factors in the refining of the sugar which weakened the body resistance. And the over amount of this type of sugar which wasn't extracted or transformed out of starches and other materials in the body, which was supplied as such, that this was the material which weakened the body resistance. Today even tho the candy manufactures do frown on it, and the sugar companies lobby against it, the highest research in Polio knows that as Polio is a virus , that the danger factor is of the body being not able to throw it off, and the resistance is effected by high sugar intake.---We are talking about refined sugar, not cane sugar or raw sugar. But it is established that Polio cases have had a high sugar intake---and we have had an increase not decrease of the number of people who came down with polio since vaccine. In fact a man up in Idaho who had--remember those little "Stinker Stations"--remember the sign of the skunk over them--well he had quite a business built up and they came up there with all those shots, and then they suddenly advised that the parents have shots because since the children would be carriers of it while being immunized, the parents might get it. This proves the deadliness of this---but anyway they gave this man a shot---must have been bad vaccine, and he came down with Polio, and he is down here at "Rancho" in an iron lung right now. That lung is how they are keeping him alive, but he was so strong and vigorous---and in good health before this. There were about 17 who came down with Polio in Idaho with this vaccine method, and they tried to suppress the story. So generally speaking stay away from these shots. If you have to be an objector then object on religious grounds that you do not put foreign matter of any animal into your blood stream, this is biblical and can be supported.

Question: Is there any other way our children can be immunized?

Answer: I think it may be hard for a doctor to come by Glyoxalide by Dow Chemical--but Dr. Cope was the head of the medical association of Brazil when the Germans owned it. He came to America from Europe and was here at the end of the war. One of the most brilliant scientists in the country, and the medical branch of Michigan University had him working there, and he was doing great research. He discovered Glyoxalide, and a procedure which was almost a sure fire procedure for eliminating cancer from the system. So all the Jews brought their wives over here for the treatment when they had cancer, but they went after him because they didn't want a sure fire cure for cancer on the market. They wanted victims which are worth 7 to 17 thousand dollars apiece, instead of cures. So they fought him and they hated him because he was Hitler's private doctor for several years. He was from Heidelberg and one of the most brilliant medical men in all Europe. This man was my friend, and I taught him Identity for he didn't know that, and how thrilled he was when he learned that the Germans were Judah. Altho there were things he said he remembered, that they thought the German throne was the throne of Israel. He thought there was something in the back ground of teaching, but he didn't understand. He said that Goebbels had something of this because early in his thinking he Goebbels said:---we are the people of the Bible, and the Jews are as false and fraudulent as they do appear. So this proves that Goebbels knew about this, and actually the original instruction was on Identity, that the Germans were the Judah of the Scripture and thus the Jew were a fraud, that the Anglo-Saxon people were the House of Joseph. And today we know where every tribe is---from Scandinavia to Spain. So in this instance we knew this doctor and we visited in his home, and in his great laboratory, in Detroit, and we saw some medical miracles that he produced. But the Jews were going to put him in the Penitentiary if they could---because of his success. So he left and became the Surgeon General for Brazil, and controlled almost all the hospitals there, and almost emptied their insane Asylums as the only man who knew how to re-synthesize conscious intelligent patterns where there has been brain damage. I don't know whether he is now in Argentina or Brazil because Brazil has gone thru a revolution, but Canada offered him the Surgeon General position also in their army and over all their mental patterns. You see we get a great man, and then let the Jews run him out, but the rest of the world recognizes him. I would say that Glyoxolide would be good, but a proper diet with plenty of protein and nutrition is the best defense against Polio.---Then again:---"If you keep my commandments and my ordinances then none of these diseases which came nigh the Egyptians (world) will come nigh you."

Question:---What do we have to look forward to, are we going to be invaded by Russia and all those people all over our country?

Answer:---Well that would be good shooting.---You have a biblical assurance of invasion, so don't worry about it, for it will come. The 38th, Chapter of Ezekiel positively tells us with assurance and promise that Magog will arise and come like a flock of birds, and will come over the poles and will come to attack. That Leviathan will rise out of the sea--depths, so the attack against the nations of Israel the Kingdom of God in the High mountain of God will come---from the hoards of communism---come by air, by sea, and probably in their attempt--over the areas of the north. Their major land invasion will be across Bering straits into Alaska and Canada. You didn't ask about the results-----but this is just what you can count on---what you can look forward to. But I think you are going to see the greatest pile of liquidation of bodies you ever in all human history ever saw--when they come across that ice. Unless the communist in our government so negate our use of nuclear weapons and heavy equipment, such as bombers, that we don't have anything to use. We will kill more Chinamen on that ice pact when they come across toward Alaska than at anytime in history. They will come across the corridor in Russia that has been prepared, right across Siberia. This corridor is several miles wide right thru the forests, right across Siberia, all the way to Mongolia. This is why they wouldn't let the Eskimos go back last month after they were fishing over there. As to proof, we have a lot of pictures and documents on this. And this is the reason why always a Chinese invasion would be times for winter. As soon as that ice freezes, it freezes to a depth of from 17 to 70 feet, and you can roll right over it with tanks, heavy equipment, and a whole army. Every time the government sends men to Alaska we tell them that alerts take place every week there, that they are a holding action to get the civilians out, and then they can surrender or fight, but their chances aren't very good.

As of today the United Nations controls the bomb. We have surrendered our right to use the bomb without the United Nations permission. We can't use it if attacked until 30 days have passed by, unless we get permission of Mr. Uthaunt head of the United Nations to use it. So it is possible that the nuclear bomb means nothing to us. I surely hope the Russians break a big bomb because that would break the pact. There has been every evidence in the past few days that they did this, and if there are any conservatives left in the Senate this should bring such a clamor that we resume our own use of nuclear weapons as you would want to hear. But as of now we are by treaty bound, with this false deal with the Russians, that we can not use nuclear weapons without Russian--United Nations permission.

When the attack comes from the air, then this is one reason why civilians should never be disarmed. When you are playing with communists you aren't playing with some one who honors International law. They are trying to disarm civilians telling them that civilians should take no part in war, or they violate international law, and that the armies can't shoot civilians only armed men. And thus when they are armed then they liquidate them like flies, so all civilians are then in danger. This is a strange twist that the United Nations and liberal propaganda is trying to give today for an excuse to disarm civilians and make it appear that civilians should never be armed lest they endanger all civilians in the nation. But you remember that when they thought that Britain was about to be invaded by Germany they wanted every available arms the Americans had so they could shoot everything that came down---to defend themselves. No one worried then about civilians being able to defend themselves and fighting. In this instance remember it is an ante-dated, antiquated old fashioned idea that wars are fought by armies. Remember that armies are only military objectives, but against populated centers of nation, against areas where production exists. They are fought where materials and supplies can be cut off, where morale can be confused. Make no mistake about it when war comes they will not be shooting at merely military objectives, but at big cities which may be a military objective, maybe a foremost military objective, but where they will strike will be where they can paralyze the city---by fear. Therefore the enemy will give no quarter for we are dealing with pagans. After all if you look at our history in the past 20 years---very ruthlessly---we joined in the bombardment of areas like Stuttgart and other places, and we turned them into a sea of flame. We started flaming fires which wiped out production and people alike, no more ruthless bombing was ever conducted at anytime in the history of our nation than the U.S. Air Force, and the British Air Force conducted over Germany---remember this. In fact, we had one young man in our congregation in this town who committed suicide because he could not live with his war memories and experiences. He was a machine gunner on one of our bombers, and he had a Jewish commander, and coming back from a bombing raid they took this plane down along the streets of a civilian German village where people were going to church and ordered the machine gunners to strafe people in order to break up morale. This young man refused to do this and they made one more pass, and this young man was told to fire or else he would be court marshaled and shot. So he fired, and he watched women and children fall on the steps of the church. So he killed women and children under the order of his commander of the B-52, who was a Jew. And this young man could still see these women and children crumbling before his machine gun bullets. This was done by our Air Force many times, because we had devils in it, in war which we had no business fighting. But at the same time---the order was to kill--kill women and children along with anything else. So don't think for one moment that our bombers take any careful design as to where they hit. Expect no compassion from your enemy either, as far as the Soviet System is concerned, human life has no value, it is only the operation which leads to victory.

Since this is true, I think we need an armed civilian population. One of their designs is wave after wave of saboteurs and paratroopers from the air. This should be duck hunting for deer hunters everywhere, and for the American riflemen this can be the most expensive operation an enemy ever engaged in, if you have an armed citizenry. Now;---of course if you don't that is a different story. If I had to pick 20 men to take paratroopers coming down out of the sky, just give me 20 of my friends around here who go deer hunting. I would pick them before those they train down here at the Marine Base. I can assure you of that. There is no more deadlier shot than the American shooting civilian when it comes to this type of fighting. In this instance we again point out the sea attempted invasion---for they have one fact which is vital. We must in that instance have plenty of low flying combat bombers to take care of this type of situation. The navy knows this and is trying to get the officials not to scrap the bombers in favor of missiles, for missiles will not take care of many submarines out of which people land on your beaches at night.

You say:---what can we look forward to?---Well---they are going to try it---but how successful this is or how intense is this battle depends on how far this country goes down, before it comes back. Or how a revolting--alert congress moves to give us adequate protection. But the Bible says they will come. It says they will come against the nations of God's Kingdom, against the great nations of Israel. This is what they will do---what they will try, but their defeat is to be great. The Scriptures say it will take us months with bulldozers as such to bury the dead in some areas, especially in the north. So probably Canada, the northern parts of the United States like Montana, Wyoming and northern Idaho, if they get down that far might not be so safe under the present line of March. This would be the first places to be hit in this country from the north. However all our beaches are always vulnerable but more easily defended. The U.S. government already has a line of defense which calls for falling back and defending from the mountains. Thus if there are areas along the coastal plains they could be heavy battle grounds. In other areas this is not so. This is however the plan from---Seattle South---down to about the San Francisco area, and there are areas there of rugged shore where they could not land. But from Seattle South the plan is to fall back to the mountains, thus the Oregon beaches will be left, and the defenders will fall back to the mountains. Here also in this area the first line of defense is the Sierra-Madre mountains between here and Los Angeles. Those mountains are a good thing to have behind your back.

Question:---Why did Jacob pick Ephraim over Manasseh when Manasseh was the oldest?

Answer:---Remember he took them by the procedure of birth, by the fact that the scripture says a hand proceeded first from the womb, and they tied a cord around it. And this was an Israelitish law, where there were twins involved. What ever portion of the child emerged first---this child was counted as born first. But in this instance---the hand then was withdrawn and Manasseh was born first.---Now:--Joseph said:--this one is the first born by measure, but Jacob was saying not so my son, this is the one who was first by Israelitish law---this first one was Ephraim of the Red Thread. Then Jacob said:---this one (Manasseh) shall be great also, but this one (Ephraim) shall be company of Nations. The reason why Jacob crossed his hands was because the spirit of God moved on Him. And he also knew the proper sequence of the birth by Israelitish law.

Question:---But was he blind at the time?

Answer:---You go back and read this story again about the cord tied around the wrist and you see that the servants attending the birth did as required by law,---and as far as Jacob being blind when he made the blessing, still he had them bring the two lads before him, between his knees, kneeling down, and he told them to put Ephraim on one side and Manasseh on the other, this is what he commanded, Joseph to do. So he knew which boy was which, and the scripture says;---guided his hand wittingly----. So you see he was fulfilling this destiny. You know there are a lot of people who have strange interpretations for the House of Joseph today, and they try to make Ephraim the United States and they use the idea that our many states were the multitude of nations, but this is not true. The British commonwealth is Ephraim and the U.S. fulfills the destiny of Manasseh. But you know, the Manassehites are Angles, and the Ephramites were Saxons. And most all of our original colonial migration was Angles, but of course our whole house of Joseph is fused together. And Manasseh's marching symbol was the outstretched wings of the Eagle, which became the emblem of the United States. And here in Manasseh land is the gathering of the people which had been prophesied in the Zohar. For here all tribes of Israel came over in their eventual migrations, and settled here, and we had all of the Shiite Nations of the Kingdom represented here. And now brought together into one nation---still carrying the English dialect---Predominately Anglo-Saxon, then remember the word Saxon was Sons of Isaac to begin with. But here we are Anglo-Saxon people predominately Angles by colonization. But here also we are Spanish which is Simeon, and we are Germans which are Judah, and we came out of Scandinavia with Benjaminites, and Naphtali, Asher represented, and from Finland Issachar, but all the people settled here, and most speak English because we carry first our House of Joseph Destiny. But we also fulfill this:---"One" out of many tribes, we are the One nation made out of many tribes of Israel, where as all the other nations are mostly made out of their own tribes. In other words the Swedes are Asher, the Germans are Judah, Italy is Gad, and Reuben is found in Holland and so forth. But over here we are Manasseh, and still---ONE RACE but there are people represented from all the tribes of Israel.

Now;---we don't count Negroes and Chinese and Jews because they were never to be citizens in this country, and some day our people will realize this. Every man who signed the Constitution except one was a slave owner, so the Constitution was not written for anyone but white men---freemen . And under the instance of this, the Constitution provided that none but white free men were to be voters in this country. Others were never to be classified, even in a straw vote these would only have 2/3 of a vote so could never be counted. So really there has never been anything to change this, it is still in the Constitution and I can show it to you. But if we come right down to it today, we are 149 million white Christians and we better learn how to run America, at least keep the power here. As far as we are concerned America carries the outstretched wings of Manasseh, no matter what some say who want to jump the fence and say we are Ephraim and Britain is Manasseh. This is not true, the British Empire is Ephraim, the white ruling class---not the races they rule over.

The Mother Lioness mothered us as a colony, and we are the young Lion who spanked the mother to fulfill Ezekiel's prophecy----- powerful from our beginning. And if they want to say we were a colony then we are the most successful colony Britain ever had. Only thing is the power of the Empire marched westward, and the balance of the power is now here. But as far as prophetic destiny, as far as historical tracing and accuracy there isn't one shred of question in the knowledge of anyone who traces out the pattern that the nations of Western Europe make up the purest strains of the white race which was the strain called Israel. Again remember "Issue ruling with God" this is what Israel means. No Jew ever had any part or lot in it, no Jew ever was an Israelite, and this Israeli of today is a phoney, abortive instrument made up of Kazzarites---Asiatics who call themselves Judah and are not. And made up of Hittites who came down thru the Hittite Sephardic line. The Jews of today divide themselves up into two--lines--Ashkenazim and Sephardim. Showing that they could say they were the House of Abraham-----and could not be or they are two races of people---Abraham was only one. Because one of he foundational fetishes of our race from Adam on down was God's order of racial purity---"Kind begats like kind". And the order to Abraham was not to mix, or pollute the Race. Thus out of Isaac shall thy seed be called, and then out of Jacob was the seed to be called. The seed must follow the racial purity and thus mixture of he seed, and they lose the inheritance, and they lose the intellectual capacity which comes from spiritual vision and initiative. Because the moment the chromatim is mutated the individual by mitosis is no longer an Israelite, he is a mongrel. And the wave length of his mental perception in miliamps of perception are changed, and the diameter of his nerve tendrils are changed. Any doctor who is a neurologist will tell you that the diameter of the tendrils in Asiatics and Negroes and white men are different. That the white race has the most delicate of fine points to the tendrils of the nerves, and that the Negro has very blunt tendrils, especially is this true of areas of the brain. So you see there is a difference in the speed of reaction, and there is an area of limitation upon the amount of energy they can produce. So a negro brain is unable to produce the mentoid ratings of energy output, anything like a white produces in his thinking. An Asiatic man under the proper educational systems and under the proper environment can almost equal your intellectual capacities, but in their own instance as a race do not measure up in miliamps of energy. If given problems which they understand, and they all lay side by side, and they put a man in the instrument so that the electrodes are attached to his body for its circuit, and they use the electrode at the back of the head, and give all the same problem, a negro can do.------You find that the white man using the mentoid energy he has, does the problem very fast. The Asiatic uses a electronic Kenic energy, and is fairly fast, but the negro just uses electronic energy and doesn't use any mentoid energy what so ever, and is much slower. This just goes to prove that if a negro has never been shown something he could never work it out by himself.

Now;---you could give a problem to a negro, or a Chinamen, and a white man and if they had never seen this problem the white man gets an idea which is mentoid energy and he may graft it on paper and produce it. The Asiatic may get a kenic wave of energy and he also may produce a way around it, but it will be more primitive, while the negro will never solve that problem unless he has seen it done. This has been proven and the psychologist at Heidelberg made extensive research in this field, and proved that it was true. The Russians also had to admit that this was true in their Romanian Conferences as well. So therefore it is highly important that you create an area of literacy so that you train Negroes---show them, so if they come up to the problem they can remember it---which is electronic, but it can never be mentoid because they lack these capacities. That is one reason why brother Johnson wants to get these literacy programs going all over the world so we show them something, so they have something to remember. Because if you go back thru negro history, they don't have anything to remember for they never made a wheel, just remember that. They didn't even make one after Stanley and Livingston had been down in Africa---never forget this even tho it may be repetitious to you. Never forget that way back in the days of the Sumerians, before there was an Adamite on earth, they had wheels on Asiatic chariots. Remember that the wheels of great war chariots thundered across the plains of North Africa conquered everything all the way to the great cataract of the Nile, and Negroes looked out of the bush at them, from even up in the Sudan , but Negroes after watching all that time, and then now 1900 + years more---never made a wheel. So this proves that unless you show them how, even tho they see it, they don't possess it. This is in itself a pattern, and thus there exists no pattern of equality between differences.

Only equal things are equal, this is an action of geometry, whether it is equal angles or equal lines. Therefore you can never have a pattern of equality with unequal substances. And the negro is as different from a white man as a white man is from an Angel---see---because they are different beings. Thus being different doesn't extend areas of equality where it does not exist. You say but all are equal before the law, and this may be a good thing. It all depends on how you rate Negroes. They are all equal before the law, but this does not mean that they equal capacities, or that they should be equal in the participation of administration, or intelligent selection which they lack the proper capacities to properly produce. So a white nation should never permit the voting of its population outside of its white majority. This is what our founding fathers intended, this is why they created immigration laws, and this is why they didn't classify these people (as eligible for immigrants into our nation). Some people say; but this our America of today, we have accepted this or that---well, this is America where you advocate what you believe. This is America where you seek to obtain by legislation and its processes the kind of America that you want. And for us to return to the kind of America our fathers had politically, while we advance in the chronological America to what our experience has produced, is a good thing. I want to see an America where only white men vote, and where only white men are elected.

Some one said:---but I want Negroes to advance, I want them to vote---well just go take them with you down to Africa.

Question:---How do you account for these older seemingly very intelligent Negroes who have high positions, and have a very quaint quality and ability to express themselves?

Answer:---They have been trained to do these things. My dog can be very impressive at times. Just remember that you never saw a smart negro that had higher efficiency than others that you didn't find but that he is a mulatto. For instance:---Booker T. Washington had a white father, you hear much about the brilliance of this negro, and yet he had to use white brains to produce his work. And he could never fit back into his own race, or forward into the white race. And we hear all about this Dr. Carver, this peanut man, but he is also part white. One of the great cures today of two races dwelling together in the same country is this race mixing. This is also well understood by the great Gunder Mirdal---the Swedish communist, for he said that if you thrust two races together at an early age, you bring about a lower cast by integration. This is the design they have, this intermixing. And this forces docile acceptance of this in Churches, and schools, and in areas of close communication and contact. The Negro is a venereal animal, and he constantly has rape on his mind. And they know that the result will be a gradual mutation of race until it is finally a gradual mingled grey. In fact I have a United States World News up here on my shelf where in the interviews of President Eisenhower after his election, and before he was inaugurated where he said when asked about the race question-----I have to agree with modern sociology that the race question will be settled when we all become a light Grey. What makes him think it will be only light Grey, not dark black, for there are more Negroes and Chinamen in the world than there are white. After all we are only 1/6 of the worlds population, but in the background of the mind of these funny thinkers is race mixing.

When someone talks about smart Negroes, they search all over Los Angeles and maybe there are 4 or 6 of them, they can bring forth on T.V. maybe 1/2 dozen---an attorney, a doctor, or a few demagogues. And now remember that maybe they can do this in several cities, but when Time Magazine wants to come out with a story like this, they search all America for a hat full of them and take their pictures and say they made it. But this is so common place in America, that anyone would say to you---can you name for us a handful of white electronic Engineers. And there is so many white Electronic Engineers can you wouldn't begin to be able to name them. But if one black electronic engineer can go to work for---say "North American" and can learn to put transmitters together in an airplane, then they have his pictures in Time Magazine. He isn't doing any more than all these other white Americans are doing, in fact there are so many of them doing it that it is natural, and it is expected that a white man can do these things. But if a Negro does it then its news---just remember that.

Now:---there are many areas of this that we could get into today, and you are not even to think this way. But if they pass this civil rights bill then you can come here and know that your thinking is illegal, and we will keep the door locked.

Question:---Do you think this law will be passed, and will they come after us?

Answer:---I wouldn't advise them to. But I think the senators will filibuster this bill, and cut it up, and revise it, until they emasculate the whole bill and then they will pass it, but it won't mean anything anyhow. And then when it passes it won't have many teeth in it, but if it passes with any teeth they will never spend the money, because it will be paid for.

Question:---Do you think this time will pass so fast it won't have any effect on our children?

Answer:---No---I am going to tell you something---what happens will depend on the home environment. Because in your home you know the score, and you talk about it, and your children grow up knowing they are smarter than the teacher, if they are pushing race mixing,---this is true, because I find this all over America. Where ever we go they are worried about the neighbors children but not about theirs because their children know the score. Theirs can sit down and watch a T.V. program and point out all the propaganda in it.----So you---not someone else train up a child and when he is old he will not depart from it. He may be swayed a little here and there, but he bounces back because this is deep seated. I don't think they will ever take us over, I think it is going the other way, to some degree, right now. The more they try to outlaw truth the more your youngsters are going to want to learn about it. Especially if they say you can't.----If they say they can't discuss this in college, then they will go to church to discuss it---see. In fact the moment you try to suppress youth, then youth goes forward. I don't think they will ever be able to brain wash youth in this matter.

Now: there is a quality which is bred into people, and this quality is a quality of inner feeling and discernment which makes these people not acceptable. In other words there is a feeling born inside of a boy or a girl, and this person may not be against Negroes as people, because people can't help being Negroes. And he isn't against collie dogs or elephants either, but he is just not about to embrace them, to move in with them, or to associate with them. So I am going to say that until the white girl disappears from the face of the earth they aren't going to sic the white boy on the Negro, unless they are white trash. If they breed down then write them off---they are no longer of the race.

Question:---I never know what to tell all these Christians who think they are all going to be lifted up.

Answer:---They are all going to be lifted up?

Question:---Yes, they think they are going to be lifted up and will meet the lord in the sky.

Answer:---They have a scripture which seems to support this by the way it is translated. And this is in the book of Thessalonians, and it says we shall meet the LORD IN THE AIR, and shall ever more be with the LORD. This is just a matter of translation, because the return of Christ is in like manner as you saw HIM go---return Physically embodies---into a physical world. So now no matter how many people went to meet him, if he came to this place, would they want to stay way out some place when he comes in? But actually the word doesn't say you are going to meet him out in the sky, it tells us that people are suddenly going to be charged and brought to HIM. The words in the Greek are the same for---caught up---caught to---or gathered to where HE is. And the word atmos is the word we use for air. In the Latin translation this was quite clear. When it was translated from Aramaic to Latin and to Greek it was quite clear. The book of Corinthians was written in pure Greek. The Thessalonians spoke both of Greek and Roman and both texts are found there. Whether Paul wrote 2 texts we don't know. We do know that the church of the Thessalonians could have spoken in pure Hebrew also and had no problem with that either. The text in Thessalonians says we are going to meet the LORD in flesh and blood bodies that breathe air. And the dead in Christ shall rise first, and we who are alive at the return of the Christ will not hinder HIM bringing the spirits of those who have passed on---to resurrect their bodies, and all join together in one great triumphant victory.

Now, when HE comes it is for one purpose, to overthrow the enemy in the mighty struggle of all times. So you turn to the scriptures and in this return it tells us that---HE comes in with HIS Hosts and His great space fleet, and there is a sign:----"LORD OF LORDS"--and "KING OF KINGS". There is a pennant flying saying THE LORD OF THE UNIVERSE IS ARRIVING. It says there is artillery and weapons, and the enemy, these powers of darkness will try to stop the reinforcements come in from heaven, and it says these reinforcements will join the battling armies of America and Great Britain, Germany and every white nation on the face of the earth. And you don't have to worry for there won't be any mistake, they have discernment, those coming in know who we are. And in this struggle heaven is to join earth for the final victory over evil.

Now: remember if in this instance there had been some intermediate coming which had snatched away all the Christians then there wouldn't be any who were alive and remain unto this coming when the dead would be raised, and the battle consummated. If all the Christians were taken out of the world then who in this bunch of bums we have running

this country---would be left to resist the evil? They wouldn't resist they would surrender and join them. The only people who will resist and fight are the Christians so that doctrine is fallacious. A good man named Larking decided to do with the what the writers did with "Alice in Wonderland". He charted it up with pictures and strange images, and before he got thru trying to make a picture of all the things in Revelations, and make it fit in his chart, then he had it all put together, the future according to---Larking, and some of the churches backed this up.

A man back in the end of the 19th century named W.E. Blackstone wrote a fine book entitled, "Jesus is coming." An this book was first instituted by the Moody Bible Institution. And then it had a rapid spread across among the people of the Western world. It was the first volume of any great size written about the return of Christ, and it scattered thru all the churches. And in this book he had Christ coming in two parts. First coming in the air, coming to earth all because of the way they had translated the King James version, in particular in this area, This said:---Just as He came back in a body with blood and that breathes air, and with elements of a body that are touchable, so also would we meet HIM, and the resurrected ones would be put back in the same form. In other words:---the one thing Christianity had was---resurrection--as the arch and keystone of the Christian faith.---

Now: we have today a lot of theology which is not supportable. I say this having fully investigated these areas of theology and not speaking just at random because they disagree with some pet theory. Frankly and not personally I don't have any pet theories. Anytime you can show me truth which replaces theory and the spirit bear witness that this is true, and academically it can be established, I am wrong and you are right if you have this. Let me tell you this:---what has transpired in our time has been that a high level of desire has replaced areas of sound doctrine.

Now:---the scripture sites that you are the Elohim, you are the sons and daughters of God. You are physically embodied, that your race fell by violation of Divine law, which was the original attempt to mongrelize your race. This seduction would have destroyed your race for all times, had not it been for the cleansing of the womb and the birth of Seth which was now a re-acceptance without any pollution, our race was unpolluted in as far as the blood stream was concerned except in the electronic memory deep down in those particles of chromatin which carried the memory of error, and thus the guilt complex of Adamic judgment has come down thru the areas of remembrance. But as far as the Adamic race is concerned the Sethite line carried it down to our time.

Now:---we had lost the aura of radiant Glory which made it immortal and which was promised to be restored . This Christ re-demonstrated on the mount of transfiguration. The scripture tells us that since his children are embodied in bodies of flesh that God Himself took on a body of flesh to be just like his brethren---children. In the second chapter of the book of Hebrews it discusses this fact that the children of God are embodied in bodies of flesh, and that He would be just like his brethren---so as to restore them---redeem them from their fear of death, and all this process relates to this.

Now:---the Apostle Paul knew this and says:---we are the elect before the foundation of the world, we are the sons of God. His Spirit bears witness with our Spirit that we are the children of God. If we are the children of God then we are joint heirs with God who was embodied with us---and whose children we are.

Under this instance then our inheritance calls for the eventual restoration of the radiant aura of Glory around the physical body until every atom of it is kept in perfect balance, and sickness can not happen and death not take place. So this was something which Paul looked forward to. That this mortal shall put on immortality, not that he might die to accomplish this---but that this might be swallowed up in light. This is among the great apexes of Christian doctrine. Some churches perceive it more or less.

Now:---therefore all the wisdom which is yours and which makes you head and shoulders above all other races, and made Christian civilization the technological masters of earth is that the spiritual being which is your celestial body is quickened by waves of divine energy to areas of perception in your soul consciousness resident in this body. That is why today because of this, technological and intellectual capacity of your race---you being the sons and daughters of God in physical bodies with this inspirational capacity from the spiritual consciousness reaching to the soul consciousness---elevates you above all others.

So the scriptures say;---it is the Christ in you which is the hope of Glory. And a lot of people think that this is talking about Jesus Christ or YAHWEH who was God embodied. But Christ in Greek is embodied in flesh. When YAHWEH-YAHSHUA-- God became embodied in the flesh he became Jesus the Christ. But Christ was not his last name. He was the embodiment of YAHWEH, and in the earth was YAHSHUA of the House of Joseph, but remember---this was the house he was identified with, altho

his genealogy was from Mary. Now remember as far as Christ was concerned, this was the fullness of God dwelling bodily. But you go back to the 82nd., Psalm and it says:---"Ye are Gods--or Elohim--and all of ye are the children of YAHWEH." So under this instance then the people of the Adamic race, the people of the covenant, they are a

celestial children, a Divine Household. So it is the Christ in them which will ultimately triumph. And the Divine embodiment, the sons of God--this race will eventually emerge with perfect knowledge, perfect wisdom, perfect attainment. And at the moment when Christ returns, in the twinkling of an eye, he finishes this, if it is incomplete in anyone.

Now;--therefore a doctrine has developed that Christ was being formed in us. In this instance it is the spirit of Christ which is already in you. Therefore since you are the children of God it is a divine spirit which dwells in you, thus your spirit is a divine spirit. As your soul consciousness obtains more spiritual guidance thru the light of perception. As this spiritual illumination reaches the seat of your physical consciousness, the physical soul consciousness becomes more and more in sequence with the mind of God. Now because this is an area of developing experience it will grow, and grow and grow until Christ returns. And even in the midst of battle with communists, growing battles at home, battles at P.T.A. and against bad politicians, this doesn't change your identity, this just gives you more power to draw on.

Now:---listen these preachers---and I have some good friends who are caught in this knuckle heads philosophy, but they think Christ is being formed in them, not that it is their own celestial nature now take over their soul consciousness to make them like Christ. This is what he predestined you to be---to be like, to conform to his image, so therefore everyone of us is the body of Christ in the world today. Living Stones fitly framed together into a living Temple unto the LORD THY GOD. But your body is also a holy temple, because the spirit which dwells in your body is holy because it is of God.

Now:---the many of us make the stone temple, and all of us who are Christians are the eyes, the lips, the voice of God in the world today because he has no hands, lips, or feet in the world today unless HE returns---and HE shall. Now: they thus have a doctrine that there is no bodily return, there is no second coming of Christ, that the second coming of Christ is only our development as we take over that is the return of Christ. This is just as fallacious as a kindergarten child trying to deal with Algebra which he doesn't understand. And generally it moves as a theory around Clergy who do not have to much background in translation and in foundation and old doctrine.---Now this does exist here and there, and every once in a while I will find a preacher and we will talk a while and he will finally say:--I must admit---it is there---Christ is going to come back again---but still they hang on to this theory. And ever so often someone has a new revelation that God will never return,---that his second coming is in us. Well if that is what happened then it happened at Pentecost for it says:---I will pour out my spirit upon my sons and my daughters and they will prophesy, this is in the book of Joel. But remember that John 14 said---when Christ is talking:---It is essential that I go away so that the perception of my mind called paraklete and comforter---will come. He said: when the spirit of truth is come I come unto you.---This is Christ in you. "Lo I stand at the door and Knock", and "Lo I am with you always even unto the end". So far as the spirit of God is concerned there has never ceased being a connection between your consciousness and that of the Father at any time. And ever since the Resurrection of Christ in which there is no limitation upon your right to draw spiritual powers, there is no separation between consciousness---the child and the father. So therefore there is an abiding relationship between the spirit and Spirit, and an instantaneous connection doesn't require Priest or anyone else.

Now:---in pointing this out I call this to your attention, this is not the second coming of Christ as referred to as a doctrine in the scripture. This is only the wave of spiritual outpouring in the relationship of God thru the Spirit to his children.

I want you to know that the book of Revelation is still just as honest as it was when Christ gave it to John . Christ will come back in the BODY. After all HE is YAHWEH-GOD and HE made the universe and we are in his image. And if HE wants to come back here in a great big V day I want to see it. Secondly when they come back and crown him "KING OF KINGS" and LORD OF LORDS" then you are going to rule and reign with HIM---not instead of HIM---thus saith the scripture.

There is then no substance to this doctrine. Maybe some people feel a little bigger with it, but I don't have to feel any bigger than to know I am a son of GOD, and when HE appears I will be like HIM. HE alone remains the ETERNAL FATHER, and I am perfectly willing for HIM to take over the top job. I don't have any political persuasion that wants to take over the top job, I am pulling for GOD to keep that job. Any time man tries to take over and rise up above GOD he always makes a mess of it. Look at what even an Archangel did to the Universe, we haven't gotten over that mess yet. Therefore just remember this---the more truth you know the higher the area of spiritual perception, the more it comes thru with clarity with reasonableness with impact. And so today religion operates on the areas of sight fetishness, an the areas of emotionalism, on the areas of spirit. The highest and purest truth comes thru at a spiritual level of high intellectual perception. And this intellectual perception is only high intellectual perception

because the spirit is the highest.

Now: there is some which can come thru in emotion, but generally emotion can separate itself from spiritual perception and be just as happy on error as it can be on truth, and never know the difference. Satan can duplicate that, and any witch-doctor can duplicate that, and they do. But I have never found that the devil can duplicate truth---he can't do it.

Question:---Before the great and terrible day of the LORD, is HE going to send HIS angels to take the tares out, before HE comes?

Answer:---The word Angels is used for administering spirits, servants. There are different kinds of words used for Angels, such as Seraphims, and Cherubs, and Archangels and so forth, but in this instance the word means Administering spirits. And this would mean in the areas if His Kingdom as well as in the world, on the part of all the sons and daughters to eliminate the tares. As at the same time the scriptures in Matthew and Luke tell us that HE is going to gather his administering spirits from the 4 corners of the earth. HE is going to come in with a mighty fleet, and gather out the tares, and take them away. So in this instance there is going to be a lot of missing people. At the same time as the spirit moves for the gathering of forces, for the gathering out of the tares, there will also be a great desire on the part of the children of the kingdom in the earth, to get the tares out of their land. Altho we have had tares in the world for 7000 years there has now become a great desire to get the tares out.

This was Germany's desire---to get the tares out of Germany. As we wake up we will want to get the tares out of here, and then before you know it, this will all be over. Someone said:---oh but Germans went about it in such a terrible way, they actually killed a few of them. For this we have no evidence---really no evidence of this. The fact is that what they did do was defeat them economically and they did leave, and then they said later that they had been burned in ovens and so forth. The fact is that the tares are to be taken out and burned anyway. If you want the most violent affidavit in any writing it comes from the lips of Jesus:---(Luke 19:27)---"Bring those mine enemies who would not that I should reign over them, bring them hither and slay them before me."

Now: I don't think there is anything more final than that. Someone said:---would you advocate that? I will let Jesus give His own command, cause you can get in trouble for advocating something like this. But I will tell you this:---Jewry is absolutely ruthless. Jewry has been massacring your race since the days of Adam. Jewry is out to destroy you. Jewry has been financing and directing all areas of false theology and philosophy. It has produced communism, and the scourge, it has betrayed us, it makes up most of the cabinet post and advisors for our government, and they went over to the enemy. So when we see these patterns remember this is our enemy, and what HE starts we are going to finish, and the help of our heaven will guarantee that this will be done.

Question: This help of heaven, I get real chicken without it---you know---but a T. V. commentator said two days ago he was outside Lancaster coming in from the north, and he saw this cigar shaped cloud and saw landing lights coming out of them, and he was waiting for them to land, a whole cloud of them. And he waited for them to come out of the cloud and they didn't. I thought it was fascinating if this was the hosts of heaven, but there hasn't been anything said about it since, except they laughed at them.

Answer:---Well we may have a plan or two, and we might be talking to them---laughter---But I will tell you this:---they are standing by. I will tell you this again: there are spiritual forces, and super natural forces which are standing by. And we are not alone, but the fantasy with which they try to suppress this at High government levels tells you this is true. Just like they try to suppress the testimony of the Russian, if it is phoney let him say it, and then prove he is wrong. But they say he has the list, and knows what he is talking about. I would not be a bit surprised one morning to turn on the radio and find that they are looking every where for missing people. But one thing you are not going to have to listen to is Oi Oi Oi where did they go because there won't be anyone around with that dialect.

Question:---You mean the tares will be partly removed before the coming of the LORD?

Answer:---In the involved struggles, remember that all kinds of things are going to happen. Even Palestine is going to turn upside down, and Tel Aviv will fall into the sea. The great earthquake will split the mount of Olives, the rift will come before the actual entrance and return of Christ, as is discussed in the book of Zachariah. So you see there will be lots of them taking passports out of here, and a lot of them taking passports down before this, because judgments are going to fall. But these areas of scheming rascals are to be taken out first, so the scripture says:---Where are they going to take them?---Out to a spot in the Milky Way, in the constellation of Ara called, "The lake of fire". Now: this doesn't mean it is an actual lake of fire, it is just named---this constellation way out on the edge of space---with nothing close to it---is just named "The Lake of Fire". Remember it said that they will be put in the Lake of Fire---so cast them out to the edge of space, outside the solar system where no place is found for them---inside our solar system among the inhabitants of the Universe---no place would be found for them. So what this is talking about is isolation.

Now: someone says, but what will they do with themselves way out there? Well I think probably some Grace and Mercy will supply them with spades, shovels, and seeds, and maybe some tents, but they are going to have to work for a living and this will be a great experience for them. There is a possibility that the LORD might have a sense of humor when HE puts them out there , and HE might just give them a million paper dollars. Because these fellows would then start right in trying to wicker each other out of them. But some of them will have to go to work to raise potatoes and beans to eat, and some of them are going to gather up the money and try to get the beans and potatoes with out working. It is going to dawn upon some of them sometime that there isn't anything backing this paper money, but the beans and potatoes, so they will all go to work. In a thousand years or two they might learn there is another way to live. The day is coming when every knee is going to bow. That means---every knee--- not only in the heavens above, and on the earth but under the earth--- the netherworld as well. The plan of GOD eventually reaches the rectification of HIS universe, so you don't have to be sorry for a fallen kike, because he will bow the knee. Someone said:--but you have to feel sorry for those that were shot. No, because they don't even belong here, they are unassimilatables who came in here as pollution to destroy, and I don't worry about them.

Yes,---we obey the law, but when the revolution starts communists are fair prey. And our job today would be much simpler if we would teach ourselves to apply the law. There is practically no contributor today to these communists that we cannot deport from the U.S. legally, because they are contributing to the support of a foreign government. They vote in Jewish election, with dual allegiance, and go down to the local synagogue to do it, and we can deport each one of them legally.

Now: there is dozens of ways they can be deported legally, I could set and talk all day on this subject but this is one way---dual allegiance.

Question:---What does it mean when it says "A remnant of My people will remain"?

Answer:---the word remnant is translated just like---a little piece of them is left, but the word was---all that remain.---And remember that tho the children of Israel be as the sands of the Sea Shore and the stars of the heavens---all that remain are to be protected, gathered---saved. I don't know what kind of a theology this was for the theologian who translated this into present day English as a remnant, as tho just a little piece was torn off. It doesn't matter how many of Israel there are, HE is going to gather ALL. GOD said: "All Israel is to be saved." And now salvation has to be understood: we have to come to a more advanced knowledge of salvation than some people have. Because some people have the strange notion that GOD has trained the devil to keep a great fire burning somewhere and people who displease HIM are to be burned there forever and ever. And that there is in that place a torture chamber where the devil is actually punishing and torturing some of GOD's Messianic children.---This is a LIE, it is superstition, it is worse than the Witchdoctors we are fighting. There isn't one thing in the scriptures which was in the original text to support it. In other words salvation is to take us from sin---error and---to teach us to do right by the spirit of GOD working thru us. And the price has been paid which would lift us from any essential punishment, except the punishment we put on ourselves because we refuse to be taught.

And people go around with a guilt complex when they could stand up free, and thank GOD for freedom. Now:--we have a lot of sadistic people who have been taught error for years, and they have an inherent remembrance of it. I know some women who will never be happy unless they see some people spend sometime in hell. And yet they want to send an evangelist out to save them---don't they. So if they will come down before the Evangelist and say the right words, then they all agree to having these people saved, and this pleases them. But GOD isn't that way---GOD has proclaimed the Glad Tidings of Great Joy, this is the Gospel of the Kingdom, it is the Good News---why? Because it is the Gospel of Salvation which saves men from all the things that error and transgressions produced. Such as wars, depressions, catastrophe, and if we followed the law of GOD, never violated it, there would never be a Jew in the U.S. to begin with, and they never would have taken control of our treasury, there wouldn't be an enemy here, and we wouldn't have all this trouble.

We violated Divine Law, and let them in, and let them do what we were told not to let them do, and then we are prey to their evil minds. Today the brothels, the corruption, the smut, and anything which is corrupt comes out of their studios, and out of their minds. They finance it, they control it they direct it, and they run it.

Now:---in this instance the scriptures don't tell us that Jesus came to save people from something he was going to do to them. HE came to save them from sin and since his own children had fallen into this captivity then he Said:---I have to set them free, so they can finish the task I sent them here to do which is to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom, to the ends of the earth. And the Spiritual center of his people is the Ecclesia, his church, the center of his Kingdom. Once we have out of our minds this eternal torture chamber idea, we therefore sometimes get out of our minds, this habit to destroy evil when it rises up. I know pacifists who wouldn't shoot their enemy for fear it would send him to hell. But the word Sheol is the grave and that eliminates the problem.

Now: actually we are not always consistent in our thinking. We not only attack a country who we have been told to destroy the evil which conspired against them, but we have trained our men to march forward in war and kill anything. So it is legal to kill as fast as you can when your commander and politician at the head of your country says so. But the same politician would not let you eradicate in any way a more deadly evil, because he lives in your midst---that isn't very intelligent is it.

So I point out to you that God doesn't operate in that fallacious way. If something is in the wrong dimension he doesn't mind snatching it out, or sending you to do it. As he told David---Don't spare one of them---march. Because your race started out without any knowledge of war fare, and without any idea except good for the world, and you know after Job and Enoch and that company went down into Egypt, your enemy came into that land they left, and killed every one of your race who lived in that land we now call Palestine. Killed every last one of your race who was not in that company of 144,000 who went down into Egypt and built the city of On and the Pyramid. This tell you that every time they have a chance the enemy liquidates your race. These are all matters of history but they do have certain patterns of historic relationship, they talk about hate, but hate is hard diagnose. The scripture says that we are to oppose evil, and if the animosity of opposing evil would destroy it, then this is translated as hate. The scripture says we should hate the enemies of "OUR LORD", yes and hate them with a perfect hatred. Then it says:--love thine enemies---but this is talking about people of your Faith, your race, those who have spitefully used you--have wronged you.

Now:---you can appeal to a child of the spirit to respond with the spirit, but don't you go out here and appeal to a Chinaman or a Negro and expect the spirit to do anything for you, because it is not going to. Never were we told to turn our cheek or our back on the enemies of our GOD.

Question:---Even some of these people who are so sure of themselves?

Answer:---Well some of them---but generally speaking you don't war against fellow Christians. Except when we get family fights which someone always stirs up. But we should have progressed until white man no longer was against white man. We should be smart enough never to let the Jews get us into a war with Germany or even one another. Every Anglo-Saxon-Nordic Scandinavian, Germanic Basque, Lombard man should learn, ever one of these nations should stand together. And the day we do that, the Kingdom is a again on the road to reinstatement.

The best thing which ever happened to the world was colonization, development of the white race thru out the world. GOD gave it to them and said: I have given you the uttermost parts of the world for thy possession. And then recognizing this then we must realize we are the source of civilization. There is one thing:---teach, and train the earth but don't surrender administration.

In the 2nd Psalm it tells us why the heathen rage--they do not want the Kingdom of GOD. But this is our Fathers Universe, and if they had their way they would destroy even themselves. So what does he say:---"Ask of me, and I shall give thee, the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession".

Question:---How about those of our race who have died and didn't know identity?

Answer:---Well, there are a lot of people who died and a lot even today who don't know that the Anglo-Saxon people are the house of Joseph. But there are very few of our race who don't know that CHRIST IS GOD.

Question:---When they die, or wake up now---will they be given that understanding immediately?

Answer:---They already have that understanding, they were a casualty only in this dimension. When they pass back into that plain of spirit they see and they know.

Question:---The spirit passes into a child of God when you come to earth, but what would you be in the plain of spirit---an old spirit?

Answer:---There is no age in the plain of spirit, there is only maturity.

Question:---Would you recognize a person?

Answer:---You always recognize a person, in fact you have perception as well. If you saw a person in the plain of spirit your perception would be equivalent. As far as a child is concerned, the spirit which enters into the child is a begotten child of the MOST HIGH GOD, existed with Him before the world was formed, but its not an old spirit because spirits don't wrinkle. The body that spirit went into maybe a baby, but that body will grow until it reaches its spiritual norm. And that has already been determined.

Now:---let me explain something; as far as the spirit is concerned if this body was to die, this spirit goes right back into the plain from which it came, in fact it never left it. Right now your celestial being is in the dimension of spirit. Your soul consciousness is in the dimension of thought, and your physical body in the dimension of atomic universe. But they are all at the same place right now, it is merely a matter of dimensions.

Question:---When does the spirit enter the body?

Answer:---The spirit actually synthesizes the body, probably when the embryo starts to take form. In fact there are essence of divine energy in mitosis of spermogenesis. The spindle fibers which draw the chromosomes in the first spermo themselves of mitosis are radiating strands of ____________(cytoplasms). And as the split of the chromosomes---the split of the genes, and the split of the chromatin doesn't matter---how the chromatin is laid in those genes---it divides equally. That is something to figure out when one little gene can have 20 thousand pieces of electronic iron oxide with electronic memory on it, and they split even . And we might say that the light of Life which is in the radiant strains of cytoplasm which have as an aura of illumination, at that point, which never leaves---we might say that this spirit which is sent for this process of birth has affinity with the child from the time of conception.

Now: the moment that child is born the spirit is with the child, but in its plain. The soul consciousness which is the thinking part of the child which is in the brain may have more connection with the spirit than it does the body. And until the child becomes fully aware of its environment, that is its senses perceive, and it begins to recognize its mother and knows it wants warmth, and knows it wants food because this is a physical requirement, a natural requirement then the knowledge of spirit is gradually turned low. You will note that there is a lot of wisdom sometimes in the eyes of a child if you have the perception to see. Those children are thinking, more than they are later when they start to run around. They haven't totally forgotten their dimension of environment. And as this sense would take over it drowns out their immediate recollection of this spiritual perception. But this is not a young spirit, there is no age in spirit, but this spirit in the baby is a son of GOD. So from the time it was conceived it was a spirit child. You know there are pictures of little children running around in heaven, growing up. But know if one goes back into the spirit, he went back where he was full grown. You brought nothing into the world and you take nothing out except experience. That may be the most vital thing you possess, anyhow because anything you know how to make you can make again. People worry about things instead of ideas, but ideas are more valuable, you can lose things, but you don't lose ideas.

Therefore perception and remembrance in the spirit are perhaps your most valuable assets.

Question:---We will remember then as we pass over?

Answer:---Yes, what will transpire is that there will be a complete circuiting out of the electronic memory any error, just like you can wipe out the oxide-electrons off that tape.

Question:---Will that come gradually?

Answer:---I don't think it is gradual, I think it is pretty fast. The remembrance of error that relates to you as an individual is gone to be remembered against you---no more. Someone said what kind of books do they keep in heaven ?---You have it right here---from chromatin to electronic memory you have the whole memory. But something which has no advantage in being retained because it is not accurate will just be erased off, just like erasing a tape. One positive charge of spirit and it is gone.

Question:---Isn't your conscience a part of this?

Answer:---Yes, a very sensitive part of it.

Question:---Don't some people have more conscience than others?

Answer:--- This is probably true and some have more discernment than others. Some people dull discernment or perception by never listening to it. Do not classify all recriminatory thought as conscience however, it is also very psychologically possible by repetition for ideas that you repetitiously build up create an area where in you violate this idea---you feel wrong about it. There are habitations of our race which are created by us, which came out of the fall indirectly that are not necessarily wrong. In other words there is nothing scriptures that say it was right or wrong for you to look at an ankle, or a leg, or a knee. But your grandmother, raised in her day, if she let her ankle show she had a guilt complex didn't she? But this was the law of habitan taught at the time , and for several generations before then. So since this was taught she felt a guilt complex for violating that law. But her great granddaughter wouldn't think anything of going swimming with a bikini on---it is a matter of idea.

Now: this is not a matter of right or wrong, moral or immoral, it is a matter of form and idea.---See---the scripture in this instance doesn't make distinction, this is just a matter of customs. You say:---would you disobey customs?---no, not generally speaking, not as long as the sense of an area has set up pattern of a social requirement. Because sometimes when one violates social requirement one sets up a violation of law itself. But conscience when it is spiritually activated is the work of discernment, and works sort of like a reflex guide to right or wrong, in an individual. You don't have to sit down and work your conscience it will work you.

Question:---Just like a child, he knows when he has gone wrong even when he hasn't been taught?

Answer:---But he inherited this. I have told you that you have inherited every experience of your father, mother, grandparents, every one of your line clear back to Adam. You say I don't remember, but activated the image is there and it can be re-activated.

Remember the Bridie Murphy mystery?---Altho this was phoney, this is how regression takes place. These aren't other lives that you lived, these are lives that others of your line have lived---these are the life entity of which your body consists, which was electronically formed.

Question:---Then psychiatrists are partly right when they say you have no former knowledge of right and wrong?

Answer:---Oh, NO--NO they are very wrong because you have inherited all the knowledge of your forbears on this matter. You have a feeling, this synthesis of conscience at this fundamental level is there.

Now there are Christian psychiatrists and there are Jews who practice that, and all of them are wrong, for we know that the Jews even knock their heads against a wall to get religion. Jew psychiatrists kick the wall---I know a dentist and he couldn't figure out what was going on, and he went into their office and they were lying on the floor and kicking the walls. He said:--what is wrong, and they said: we get so fed up with people that we kick the walls to get relief.

That is enough for tonight, about 1 1/2 hours is about enough.