03-06-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...I read in a religious paper today that Eden was a continent 1500 miles square and when Eve and Adam transgressed it was cast off the earth and became a planetoid, and it will be the New Jerusalem when it comes back from heaven?

ANSWER:...I don't know whether to even comment on this other than to say that the New Jerusalem is a living city made up of living people, and all of you are living stones fitly framed together into a living temple to grow into a holy temple unto God. It has to be a living temple because of the fact that in the Book of Revelation as it talks about the New Jerusalem there isn't any temple in it. YAHWEH is the temple of this city, and all of you the offspring of God are living stones fitly framed together who grow into a holy temple unto God in which He is the great corner stone..a great pyramid symbol. The all seeing eye above on your dollar bill indicates that your people are Novus Ordo Seclorum, the new order of the ages anyhow, which is the New Jerusalem.

In going back to the Greek it is quite clear, 'I saw a new heaven and a new earth, the first heaven and earth had passed away, and there was no more sea.' There was no more sea because no more was there a billowing moving mass of people rising up. Because the conditions of Mystery Babylon are broken. And he saw a new order of the heavens and earth because Lucifer who ruled the heavenly and physical orders of earth is no longer in control. He has been cast down by the children of the Living God. When the spirit says to John:..Behold the New Jerusalem it is coming down out of heaven as a Bride prepared for her husband..see? He says:..come in hither John, and I will show you the New Jerusalem, the new order. Then says:..come and I will show you the Bride the Lamb's wife, and he showed him this great new Jerusalem coming down out of heaven. It's been coming down thru the ages and thru Adam, Seth, Enoch, Job, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and on down to your time to this day. This is the New Jerusalem and the living stones, the living people, the new order of the ages. A new order of the heavens and earth sent here to overthrow the powers of darkness and Christ said:...I came to overthrow all the works of the devil. This commission is then given to you to overthrow all the works of the devil.

The New Zion, the New Jerusalem, the New Heavenly order is made up of people. Abraham rejoiced to see that day, if fact he so believed God, so rejoiced over this day of the New Jerusalem that HE counted it for righteousness, for Abraham believed God. It says in the Book of Hebrews that Abraham rejoiced to see this day, he looked for this New Jerusalem whose foundation and builder and whose maker is God. Abraham looked ahead and saw those great and tremendous offspring coming from him and he rejoices. This is the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God, coming down thru the generations. Where as if you turn over to Ezekiel then another Jerusalem is described so many miles square, it has a temple in it. But this is now the New Jerusalem the great memorial, not the New Jerusalem of Revelation. This is the great memorial city after the great earthquake, after the land has been flattened out fifty miles square. Then you will build a great memorial city. And the world will come and visit this city for it will be a city of God as well. But it is only as a memorial so there will be a temple there. But in the Book of Revelation when it deals with the New Holy city, the Jerusalem of the new order, there is no temple in it for it is a living temple. The Apostle Paul said:...your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. you are a part of the living temple. When the Apostle Paul talks about this your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, you are a part of the living temple. When he talks about this body he knew that this physical could die. But he said:..I know that I have a new home, a house to dwell in not made with hands, eternal in the Spirit. So what he is saying is that he has a body not made with hands for it was begotten in the spirit and if he could not stay in the physical body that his consciousness would pass into that body until the two be brought back together again. He said: ...I don't want to die, I just want to put back on my Celestial house, the enveloping spirit. He wanted to see the entirety of death swalowed up in Light. He wanted to see the physical entities of the children of God swallowed up in the Light of Life in the Spiritual. The household of God is spirit, soul, and body so all Israel will be enveloped in the Celestial Light of their glorious spiritual body, while inside their physical body. So there can be no more death, no more pain, no more sorrow which is described here as the condition of the New Jerusalem. It is because the unction of God's Spirit and the completeness of the enveloping aura of the Light of Gods being will be enveloping, showing forth out of all the children of God. Their spiritual body, their soul consciousness and physical body will be in one place at that time. They will be able to move into the plain of spirit, or into their physical body, or move into patterns of projected consciousness, all this is possible under the areas of the New Jerusalem. At this hour you will discover that all that has happened is that we have gotten back is what Adam lost before he discovered he had it. In otherwords this is the situation, but we continue as the children of THE MOST HIGH, and present in any dimension or plain, no limitation is on us because even as the Christ made His appearance, the fullness of God dwelling in HIM...appeared bodily with us, as He is, so are we. These are the situations that the New Jerusalem speaks of.

Now; you are not going to lower New Jerusalem on golden chains. I listened to a minister speak on the radio the other day talking about the great day when they lower the New Jerusalem down with golden chains at each corner. That it would be 50 miles square and would sit in a suburban area which would be 1500 miles square. He don't know where he is going to hand rollers to lower it with, there are no sky hooks up there, so no place to put hooks or chains on. And with all the Universe up there and a whirling globe I don't know how he is going to have them do this. But this man had a little vanity tied in with this New Jerusalem which he was having lowered down. In describing it he had it on a golden carpet and it was at least 50 feet thick, a great golden platform 50 miles square, with all those great and majestic buildings sitting on this fifty foot thick carpet or platform ...but he was going into a rapture as he talked about this beautiful city. But this is the way with a lot of these fellows. They start out maybe al- right, and then they run off into the rapture.

Now; this idea that a continent was snatched into space...God never pulled Eden out into Space. There is nothing to that, in fact any changes geologically that may have occurred as we have been lashed by comets and so forth could have dried up that situation. There used to be 4 rivers that ran out of Eden..The Pison, The Havilah where there is gold and so forth. In fact there was a little county seat where the gold deposits were and they called it Havilshup in Kern county. Well they named it Havilah because that used to be a river of gold. But there is no place on the face of the earth today where four rivers run out. They have gone into the upper Tarim Basin thinking it was out of there, but the waters ran out and down the Wangho ho river of China and down into the head waters of the Euphrates and Tigris river, but the head waters of the four rivers are not found in one spot anymore.

There has been indications that the inner and outer earth are vital in this picture. The inner earth can have more land surface than the outer earth, there is no question of this. There are great cavern systems. There may be tunnel systems in the earth. There may be places today where the inner earth is sealed off from the outer earth by the watchers who are ministering spirits because the Scriptures do talk about the inner earth, its inhabitants and conditions and so forth. There is enough in the Scriptures to show that there is an inner earth. They may have closed it up and watchers placed over the entrances, there is no question of this but we are told that when Adam and Eve were driven out upon the surface of the earth.. This was when they were run out of Eden, an Angel with a flaming sword was placed at the entrance so they couldn't go back in. The Tree of Life was there and so is paradise. We know paradise was in the middle of the earth anyway, but the Scripture has already committed itself as to where paradise was because when Jesus was hanging on the Cross, the thief said remember me when you come into your kingdom, and Jesus said:...today thou shalt be with me in Paradise. The one thief said to the other one, we are here because of our transgressions, but this man has committed no transgressions. Then is when he turned to Jesus and said:...Lord have mercy on me when thou comest into thy kingdom. So this man was an Israelite, he was a bandit also but he may have been driven into this situation because there were people in there usurping their country, and the Romans were there, so a lot of these fellows became bandits because of these conditions, and situations produced this way.

We know Barabbas who was captured being head of the armies of the king. And he had tremendous outlaw bands. In fact Robin Hood never measured up to Barabbas and the troops he had who served the Essenes, who lived outside the cities in the caves and cavern networks. But they used to raid the Jew caravans because they knew that the Jews weren't Israel, they knew the Jews weren't the true Priests, and they raided the caravans to get the necessary supplies.

But to the thief on the Cross Jesus said:...'Today thou shalt be with me in Paradise.' So we have this pattern which comes out of the Gospel of Nicodemus plus all the things prophetically proclaims as well as the words of the Messiah when storming the gates of Perdition. We see David even prophesying of this:...'Open ye the gates, ye everlasting gates, the King of Glory shall come in', and we hear Beelzebub crying:..'who is at the gates, the King of Glory?' They argue back and forth and then the Christ smashed the gates into the Netherworld and those who sat in darkness saw a great Light which was also prophesied in the Scripture. Then Christ preached unto Adam and all the Adamites who were in the Netherworld because of the fall of the race, then He led them out...led all of them out in that day...that 24 hour period. Let them out and across the chasm into Paradise where Lucifer would have no more control over them. And that thief on the Cross was in Paradise waiting for The Christ to come in, and there Christ then introduced this thief from the Cross to all the Adamic household, and then He sent some of them up. They are resurrected in the streets and in the Book of Matthew you find that many of the dead walked the streets and the Jews got scared and they went to the big temple and hid in the basement and why???? Because the dead are walking the streets, and telling how The Christ had liberated them. We discover in the Apocalyptic books as well as the New Testament that some were sent out. So Paradise was in the center of the earth and it is very possible that Eden was there also. Because it says Adam had access to the Tree of Life, and then was driven out and Angels guarded the Tree of Life which was in Paradise. So when Adam was driven out of Paradise, then Christ led the Adamites from Adam on up to that time back into Paradise, then led his many sons on high, and it says that after that hell was enlarged because then the devil got all of the inner earth...see? Except for the Mystery of the Tree of Life.

So if someone comes out as tho actually knowing where Eden is other than the center of the earth, then I guess he is just egotistical and there is some things that he doesn't know. But no planet has been snatched from the earth. Great land masses have been effected, mountain tops have been caught in comet tails and hurled into space. This travels as debris in orbit, and we have had showers of rocks and all kinds of things which came back from the results of those comet tails lashing the surface of the earth, but no continent was picked up leaving an ocean, this isn't even practical, or no where is this described. There is great boulders and monstrous rocks which have come down after being caught into the sky, and this is indicated in the Scripture as well. But as far as this ridiculous picture is concerned you would have to wait a long time for that to come back down. But there is a lot of interesting things in religious papers today.

QUESTION:...Jeremiah chapters 51 and 51??

ANSWER:...This is rather unique for it speaks for two periods of time. Much of what God talks about is for the last days of Babylon of that time, but he also talks of the destruction of old Babylon. He then talks about Mystery Babylon, how it will continue. Mystery Babylon is the system of anti-Christ. The program of organized Jewry which Satans own children have organized for economic, political, and religious mastery of the world, all their false doctrines, their false programs, Jesus called this Mystery Babylon. And if He called it Mystery Babylon then that is good enough for me as well. God pronounces His judgment upon it. There are many passages but skipping time...we come to the time of today and He says:..thou art my battle axes and weapons of war and with you I will break in pieces and destroy nations, but verse 19:...'The portion of Jacob is not like them; for he is the former of all things; and Israel is the rod of his inheritance, the YAHWEH of Hosts is His name.'

QUESTION:...what is the destroying wing?

ANSWER:...Jeremiah 51:1...'Thus saith the LORD; behold I will raise up against Babylon, and against them that rise up against me, a destroying wind; and will send unto Babylon fanners, that shall fan her, and shall empty her land; for in the day of trouble they shall be against her round about.'

Now; this actually happened when Medo-Persia came in under the walls of Old Babylon after they diverted the waters. Daniel even when they were putting the golden chain on him for translating the hand writing on the wall was here in Babylon and it was falling at that time. The fanners were for the Medes and the Persians, but then God speaks of the day and how Israel are His people. Remember that the Medes and the Persians were Gods Israel...Adamites. Every white man on the face of the earth was His Israel ..Aryans..as was the Persians, and they brought down old Babylon. They served Zoroaster who was a prophet like Moses. That is another story but it is also true.

QUESTION:...verse 13.....what is the waters?

ANSWER:...'Oh, them that dwelleth upon many waters, abundant in treasures, thine end is come, and the measure of thy covetousness.' The waters are the masses of people of the earth.

Verse 14:...YAHWEH of hosts hath sworn by Himself saying:...surely I will fill thee with men as with caterpillars; and they shall lift up a shout against thee. In otherwords He will do this and one of these days the Jews in their greed who have been eating up everything you had will not have anything left. In otherwords He is going to remove from them ill gotten gains.

We spoke last Sunday on the restoration of the Kingdom using the Book of Joel and we showed how He restores to you all the things which the locust, the caterpillar, the cankerworm, and the palmer worm hath eaten. These four creatures consume the Tree. And when God speaks of the tree, it is the symbol of Israel. He said the locust would hit the tree before the first leaves are out...when the first leaf buds as well as fruit buds come and they eat on them. Then the next worm comes as the tree blossoms out and you get the green coloring matter of photosynthesis, these worms come and lite on the tree, but this green coloring matter is what sustains the tree. Then the next worm comes and he stops this Light of Life which comes and he stops the life of men. This Light of Life is the mind of God which moves upon the tree which is the children of God who have the capacity to receive the spiritual guidance and uplift which comes from Him. So the caterpillar consumes this, throws out the Word of God. Throws out all inspiration and puts in a mess of propaganda. This is what the National Council of Churches and all these left wing people are doing today as they move in. Then if there is any fruit left on the tree the cankerworm bores right into the fruit and eats the seed, and then the fruit turns brown and rots. Then comes the Palmer worm and he goes for the sap of the tree and lets it run out on the ground and that kills the tree.

Jesus said:...I am the vine and ye are the branches, if ye abide in me ye produce fruit. But here comes a bunch of strangers into the land and they are like these four worms. And He says He is going to remove all these in- sects, its kind of a bug killing proposition. But the fact is they destroy everything on the tree. But He says He will drive off the palmer worm and seal up the tree and save the sap. We are going to drive the cankerworms out so he will not work on the fruit, and the caterpillar and locust will no longer work on the tree. God declares He is going to protect His Tree ...see? We see the Tree then pretty healthy by the end of the Book of Revelation.

But there is a stream of life which flows out of the throne of God, and this stream of Life is the Race stream of the household, and the nations of the kingdom with all manners of fruit growing on the tree, it grows with the stream supporting because all the life of the tree comes out of this God given source which has given her life, and light of strength and so forth, thus the stream out of the throne of God. So the race produces the tree, strong with all the fruit. Well, the situation is that God is going to send His armies into Mystery Babylon and they like the caterpillar will devour all the things Babylon has had because God says this is the way I am going to correct this situation.

QUESTION:...Israel is the rod of His inheritance?

ANSWER:...Yes, because Israel is the offspring, He is the root and David is the offspring. Then He comes out of the House of David and says people will wonder because David's Lord calls David His father? So David says:... how can my LORD call me father, and yet be master of the Universe? This means the Messiah came out of the race. This was the development from the predestination of the conception of Mary by His own Spirit until His body was the Mystery of this immaculate conception of Mary. Again this is why it says in this that the portion of Jacob is not like other people for He is before all things. This is that the House of Jacob is not like other people for He is before all things. This is that the House of Jacob existed Celestially in the plains of Spirit with the Father before the world was framed, before all things. And Israel is the rod of His inheritance for Israel is His Family. Then YAHWEH emerges out of Israel as the rod that shall rule, because this is the completion of the cycle as the Virgin born Messiah emerges out of the Virgin of our race. This completes the inter- twining which is the work of God.

QUESTION:...Jeremiah 51:25...this destroying mountain?

ANSWER:...Behold I am against thee; o destroying mountain saith the LORD, which destroyest all the earth. This destroying mountain here is Babylon. God speaks of another destroying mountain which is the stone uncut by hands. This is the kingdom of the white race which destroys all the pagan powers and grows into a Holy Mountain in the midst of the earth. But here in Jeremiah 51:25...here he is talking about Babylon, all the victories relate to the victory by the race over Mystery Babylon, all the chicanery, all the programs of political, social, and economic world Jewry and all the pagan masters and false priests are totally destroyed, wiped out, and God talks about this. One of the things about Armageddon...it is a destroying battle, and at the end of the age we are battling Babylon. In fact all our economic battles, our political battles all our false patterns of religion are all rolled into this, all this false National Council of Churches and World Council of Churches, all this falseness is Mystery Babylon, against which we fight. After all there is nothing we would rather destroy than these patterns of false doctrine in the world. There is no area of the economy we would rather crush than this which Mystery Babylon controls like the false patterns of usuary money, the money which is no money at all. If we do destroy Mystery Babylon we will be destroying their political control. Communism which is the 8th., out of the 7th., as told in Revelation, and when we get thru with it then the most important thing... God says..I am going to have happy warriors.

One of the strange things, did you notice all of the children of the Anti-Christ are planning on capturing the world? This has been going on for some time, they are building their aircraft and their tanks and massing their armies, while they are pushing these Peace groups to stop you. Even the Pope is calling for Peace..Peace, and Father Groppe is on T.V. calling for Peace. You would think he was somebody instead of just a wop kike, he is a Sicilian Jew is who he is. All for Peace..Peace and every where you look you find them pushing this Love Everybody, love the enemy. But at that same time they rise up and attack the white race, and even the policemen so where is all this love they are talking about? This Martin Luther King is just the same as all these others he sets up the riot situation then moves in on it. But one thing they don't want is for the kingdom to fight Mystery Babylon. You will have the Liberals in the church world who don't believe in the Virgin Birth and any of those things. They will put Priests in and they will spiritualize the whole Bible away to get people in the world. They don't like it, they live like devils, but when they come out with this ...people don't go for it, this is it they say...but it is not. I want to point out that every force today which wants the kingdom of God to go for Peace with Babylon instead of war is a part of Mystery Babylon and is doing the work of the Anti-Christ. Because the kingdom of God is to become alert and strike where ever they can against Mystery Babylon. Because organized Babylon is organized Jewry and is guilty of all the righteous slain upon the face of the earth. All the cry unto heaven for judgement comes against Mystery Babylon the Great. So this Mystery Babylon is the sum total of evil upon the face of the earth. The kingdom of God is here to over throw all the works of the devil.

Now; if they are in the flesh this is where you fight them. If they are in the spirit this is where you fight them. If it is political or economic this is where you fight, and what you fight. But Mystery Babylon the Great must be destroyed by the hand of the MOST HIGH GOD. I can think of a lot more people for instance who are doing this work (of anti-Christ). I can think of whole areas of the ministry, some are actually Jews and others inside the ministry that are teaching this massive passivism...to save the Soviet Union, to save Babylon while the Soviets are getting ready to strike us and suddenly knock us out at one blow. This again is just some of the strategy used in our time.

We tell you again, the Gospel of the Kingdom is a big Gospel. You will never wear it out, we will never wear it out, we have been preaching this Gospel of the kingdom for 30 years ourselves and we have never begun to exhaust it, or come to the end of it. You know...we never had to change the party line. If you heard us speak 30 years ago, or 20 years ago, or even 15 years ago we never had to change the party line. God has showed us new things, expanded our horizons, but the thing we had taught and thought we never had to throw it aside because it was just an expanding picture of the same thing.

When these fellows come along and say...now God has taken me up on cloud 9 and shown me these many things, and now I am moving with great spiritual force and what I taught before is all done, this is all a fallacy because he doesn't show you then un-show you. God leads and guides and when a per- son has something by emotion, and religious parafanalia and not by the guidance of God then it is nothing. When god guides He doesn't turn back, He moves ahead...see? We never had to reject Israel, we just discovered who all Israel was, we didn't have to turn and reject God. And most everything in the Scripture which God talks about is about the earth, did you know that? He talks a lot about spiritual planes which you came from but you knew all about those and one of these days you will remember again all the things you have experienced there. But the program of this Bible is prophecy concerning the earth, concerning His nations, concerning His kingdom, concerning His people. This is what this Bible is all about. Therefore the work of God and the work of heaven is to bring the kingdoms of this world to subordination to The Christ, and to the place the kingdom of Israel into totalitarian power. To make the name of God known, to have even the pagans who are captives of Lucifer set free. There will be tremendous triumphs ahead in the thousands of years ahead.

Alright....the thing is that the more you learn you never have to go back on it, you don't have to figure out how to sit on cloud 9 and direct all this. Even Paul said:..even those who die, we will bring them all back here, we are going to triumph here on the earth. We are going to rule the earth. We are going to make this our headquarters and run in and out of here for one thousand years.

Well this is Scripture, it doesn't have you out some where on an imaginary concept which you don't understand. In otherwords when these fellows have a vision...a cloud 9 vision they are going to get the people into a great developing truth. And they say:...we can't quite explain this to you until you are ready but we meant for you to know that you are the highest, you are the greatest and most intellectual, even tho you are only a dozen yet you are the highest because you have come out of this so far. So this is what they do...they are off on cloud 9 and they can't quite tell about it...see? But one of these days they will when the people are ready, tell them about it. But the fact is they never come out with anything new. Oh, they say:...you are sand seed and we are star seed. But when God comes along...He told Abraham that his children would be as the sand of the sea shore and the stars of the heavens. HE just meant uncountable. You know how many pieces of sand are on the seashore? You can't count them. The same with the stars of the heavens, they run into the trillions, it didn't mean He would just have sand seed and star seed, and the sand seed would never know anything while the star seed would be a great illumination. But these on this cloud 9 can never come out and tell us what this illumination is... ..see? If you actually pin one of these people down you can't get them to tell what it is, they can't express it because it isn't, it is always a promise, a vague promise. And all these..you know..the devil is happier over these churches who just sing and sing, and shout and shout, and never lift a finger. He is just so happy, all the Pentecostal churches in the world fulfill the work of the devil. Why is it? Because they won't lift one hand, they won't go out and clean up the kingdom. They won't lift one finger to put down the anti-Christ. They won't do one thing to defend them- selves in the schools. They won't take a stand for anything the devil can laugh at, it doesn't bother him at all because they dance around and sing but won't do one single thing to fight the devils kingdom. This is not an attack on the Pentecostal church but the average Pentecostal church has separated its people from the actual participation in fighting the devil. the Jehovah witnesses won't fight, they won't resist anything. They keep talking about the battle of Armageddon but all the people wo are to fight Armageddon aren't supposed to be in it according to them. They have been negatived and the devil likes a negative Gospel. If they had no participation, if they never get disturbed..that is fine. Every once in a while some of these people will say:..Dr. Swift we don't want to know anything about what you are preaching because we don't want to be disturbed...see? We just want to stay here in this pattern of serenity with God. Well, God isn't there He is out here with a sword in His hand. He said:...these mine enemies who will not that I should reign over them...bring them and slay them before me. He is the Christ swinging a cutlass and all these people are going to heaven, but He isn't there. This is true all these people are going off into heaven when Christ is down here..but this is their idea. But where Christ is will be good enough for me. But they don't want any part of that battle. The fact is we have to destroy..we have a destiny and He put that destiny in us. You can't get that destiny out of you, did you know that? It will burn in you, it will drive you, it won't let you rest, it will keep you going. So the destiny of the Kingdom of God is to clean up the world, to destroy the works of the devil. It is not my righteousness..no..it is Christ's righteousness, it is His power, His discernment, but how we want to see it come in...see?

You say:..how about those people who get pulled away with all that passiveness? Well Jesus said:..they who went out from us were never of us. You may have thought they were but they weren't. If they can be neutralized, they are passivist, they weren't with us at all. They never had a concept of it at all.

Now; it doesn't mean they are cast into some perdition..remember what God said to Gideon, as how to reduce his band? Finally he took them down to the stream and everyone who lapped up the water down on all fours, he said ..send them all home, and keep only those who raised it up with their hand. Well, until they have reached a spiritual attainment God says they are neither hot nor cold and He can't use them.

There is a lot of people who never do anything, they have been pacified by it all. But you look back at the founding fathers of your nation, and they didn't come over here as passivist, they went to church with a rifle over their shoulder. They had enemies out there and they knew it. They built their house and they may have been burned down but they built them again, and they stuck to it, and God speaks about it. But there wasn't anything new...God knew all about the Indian wars that were to come. He even said:..I will drive back the enemy before you as he lessened the number of the beasts that attacked us. Because if you drive the enemy off the land before you occupy it then the beasts will over run it. So God talks about the pagans and about this land you were to occupy. He wasn't going to leave it in the hands of the pagans. The white Indians you would absorb, the others you put on reservations. And a lot of people start crying about the Negroes then about the Indians, and if they want to cry about the Indians then O.K., but I am not about to cry about the Indians. I am still carrying the rancor from the days of the revolution and right after it. I am still carrying the rancor against the Indians who came in a burned my Great Grandfathers farm and killed his family while some were at church, killed the daughters and destroyed everything. I haven't forgotten that, these Indians were sleeping in the barn and being fed by my Great Grand- fathers family. I know what savage Indians are they are like the Negroes only a little smarter. Like the Asiatics in their patterns. God says the kingdom belongs to His family which came down out of heaven, He has given the kingdom to us. It is our inheritance, we inherited it be- cause we are His children. We are going to put law and order back. We are merciful in our success, merciful in our victory but we are not about to be brainwashed by these people who are gibbering idiots for all these forces on the face of the earth who are out to destroy the kingdom...see? Now; we don't care if you like this or not, if you don't then don't listen to it, but there is a lot more people who will listen then will not because the Word of God will speak to the spirit of those with the capacity to understand. When God speaks of this He says:..I call my sheep by name, I lead them out. There isn't anybody on the face of the earth who can be victorious in America but us. We are the only people who are a majority here. They are working on a minority who are sound asleep but they can never hold a majority. In America and the rest of the Christian world only the Gospel of the kingdom has the prospect of success because it is the message to the Majority.