03-09-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


The plan for Atlantic Union surfaced in Washington, D.C. this week and even Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon supported it. Paul Finley a Republican representative, said that this would be good for America, altho America would have to give us one of her sovereignty, but the United States would no longer stand alone. All the NATO nations would then be linked together. More Republicans came out for the idea of an Atlantic Union, putting the Republicans farther left than the Democrats. (In 1969) Dr. Swift supported Nixon and was sure that he had changed his mind on Atlantic Charter. As the drive for a One World Government gained speed, so also did the movement to oppose it. Thus party leaders are still trapped in their thinking, but the ‘Right Wing’ is growing in its resistance.

Our leaders did not advocate joining with the whole world. They only wanted to join with the NATO members who are the Western Christian nation of God’s Kingdom. But the fly in the ointment is this little nation of Israeli a ‘5th column’ in God’s Kingdom.

Last week in our meeting, we had several representatives from several of the African countries. And they tell us that the money coming into Africa to be used to supply the arms used against the White people of Africa, comes from the Jewish bankers. Even the Red Chinese leaders go home by way of Israeli.

Senator Dodd said that the Senate should know that Moscow is the source of trouble in the world because they are supplying four times the amount of war material to the Viet Cong than the Red Chinese. Even tho the Red’s are controlled in their leadership by the same people (International Bankers). But Moscow was moving this material even on Greek ships. So Senator Dodd called for a blockade of the North Vietnam ports. Dodd said that Moscow had decided that they would have to change their idea of taking over the Western world with Socialism and Communism. They would have to have a new plan. This would have a new direction by first---the Atlantic Union with Israeli. Then later they would move to ‘One World Government’ with the bringing in to that union--Red China and Russia.

Well, this would put true Israel into a union with Lucifer. And God said:--”I will break this up if I have to use great wars to do it.” He says our greatest danger comes from Peace and then joining with the enemy to find that we have permitted ourselves to be swallowed up. The one man, one vote concept is most dangerous for you as you move into a world federation---you are so out-voted. For two-thirds of the worlds masses would come from an illiterate sub-society and they would out-vote you 6 to 1. And that would mean the loss of your way of life, your culture and in time your life. By no stretch of the imagination could you live in co-existence within this set up. The elite core of this world government set up would be dedicated to removing your property rights and your wealth. There is only one way to go under this direction as men search for peace in the world and that is downward. Most of the countries of the world do not believe in property right. So the property would be taken from the White man and given by the world government to those whom they would choose.

From Genesis in the Old Testament, and then thru the New, one facet of the Adamic race deals with Stewardship, inheritance and the right of property. Even the year of Jubilee was to restore the right of property to a family so that it would never leave that family. Thru the right of property and the whole structure of the individual being is based on the freedom of the individual being protected from the state from controlling his property or his thinking. And it was not to control or imprison him except for such capital crimes as involved him in the life and security of other people. When our Constitution was framed it was built on the Articles of Confederation and it was planned so that no taxation could occur which would lead to the confiscation of property. All taxes would be collected at the point of the occurrence that would produce the tax.

Almost all of our taxes of today are unconstitutional, but the Supreme Court will not hear a case on this matter. They just postpone them indefinitely. One of the ‘keystones’ of the Marxist philosophy is the power to tax.

Now, this Atlantic Union idea is also unconstitutional under our form of government. The one document that cannot be infringed is the Declaration of Independence. And it would be unconstitutional to join in a union with any other nation or a group of nations, even of our friends.

The World Federalist and World government idealists have given up on those plans to sell the Americans on World Government, so they are looking for new ways to sell the old program. The Anti-Christ forces say that the ‘Right Wing’ has risen and is alerting the American people to racial responsibility and racial respect and the recognition of the Adamic race and its place in the world. Thus that has thrown off balance their program for world government.

I tell you that the ‘Right Wing’ is a more powerful movement today than at any time in our history. It is a growing White race movement and awakening the White man to his Biblical identity and inheritance, and to his superiority, his responsibility in the world in which he lives.

Last month in Moscow, they were discussing this situation and they said that the ‘Right Wing’ had even alerted and strengthened the Christian churches, somewhat, after they thought that they were pretty well suppressed after sowing in them a ministry which was taking them down the road to socialism and the philosophy of Karl Marx. But they said--a great wave of something is sweeping America today and they could only call it racism.

It is a cold, calculated, clear Biblical, historical, racism that is sweeping America. When a person understands these facts involved whether they be the mental facts, whether the facts of history, or culture of a people, or their religion, it does not leave any room for doubts as to the best interests of your race or your responsibility to your posterity. That is what they do not understand, or how to get around the fact of your Bill of Rights.

Under your Bill of Rights, there can be no law made that is constitutional that regulates the establishment of your religion, or even to the interpretation of it. If they could interpret for you what the content of the scriptures should be, they would have to nullify whole facets of it that are true. But as long as you have a sound indestructible foundation inside the scripture for your position, they cannot make any laws that effect the structure of your religion, or your responsibilities to it. When a country like America has the policies of segregation and the basis that made this essential to protect the rights of the individual, as they form their own communities, and they formed these by agreements or state governments, when these policies have been in existence since colonial days, and when even these people do not realize this---still these are the instructions of God both in the Old Testament and also in the New. It is totally impossible for them to legally enforce facets of law dealing with segregation, integration, or to set up State religions. First they have to find a way around your ‘Bill of Rights.’ Individuals have a right on the basis of their Faith, not to integrate. If they would stand together on this basis, they could become an immovable rock. This will happen as freedom of our nation and our race depends on the synchronization of thought with the Laws of God, with the background of the race. There is no question of Race and integration that cannot be answered by the scriptures. There is nothing that works for the advantage of the world like the preservation of the intellectual and spiritual capacity of your race.

If you, as a race, are to be absorbed or destroyed then the light of the world goes out. This is what the Christ meant when He said:--’ye are the Light of the world. A man does not take a light and put it under a bushel basket, he puts is where it can be seen, on a candle stick. You are thus, like a city ‘set on a hill.’ You cannot be hid.’ So when you have reached the point where you can no longer hide among the nations of the world, then the only thing for you to do is WIN. Since you cannot cover up America, or even the White race, since you have developed into your place of leadership, and cannot retreat without being overrun, then you have one responsibility and that is not to let America be wiped out by the mobs led by the enemies of your Faith who are unable to compete with your areas of inspiration. Their only course then is to destroy you. Thus you must extend the areas of your authority and set your outposts of security far out.

Today we have conflicting ideas as to the policies of defending America. Some of them have the idea that the most important thing is for you to retreat to this country and build up our arsenal and fight here. But this is where would die. Your first responsibility may be to get your enemy out of America first. But tomorrow the world. We must recognize as to where we want this destruction to come as the hoards of Asia gather to come against you. Is it better to fight there or here in America?

In otherwords, to keep the Geo-political heart center alive is Biblical wisdom, the struggle of the heart center sustains the heart and carries the battle to the perimeters. Because of this the continuity of vision should have made us turn, keep our massive production lines from being hit. This is what has happened over the years. And thus the world today depends on our armament production. Germany, because of their ability to rebuild their production lines, because they are of Israel, makes it important that you preserve these areas from destruction. Thus it is important that you fight your wars overseas. That is the areas of the world where you are outnumbered. But if we had any vision we would have turned Chang Kai Shek loose and also quit worrying about a little graft in the government of Sigmand Rhee (of Vietnam). Look at out government. In that part of the world the best thing for us would have been to have Japan in Manchuria and Chang Kai Shek in China.

Until we teach geo-politics as completely as we, in the past, would teach geography, then we produce generations in our society who do not understand man’s relationship to the land and the abilities to survive and carry on the areas of his own culture. It is important that we battle and cut off the plans of the enemy. Things are moving so fast today and it is too late to develop all the areas of strategy that should have been developed in the past. However, this still does not mean defeat. But it does mean that we are moving into a new accelerated movement in the plans to destroy us.

Fortunately for you there isn’t much time left for the enemy to consummate the kind of treason that would put you into a One World Government, because it will not function. The thing that Russian is now admitting in their conference which was carried on 4½ pages in the Swedish paper, is that they felt that if a decision was made to save the world from atomic warfare, that they could persuade America with a few strikes and then American leadership would be ready to surrender all independence and put themselves into the U.N. as the head of world government. But now Russian feels that this would be unsuccessful because over 50% of America would not accept this and would probably destroy those who sought to save their lives by putting them into the hands of the United Nations. They said that no one understands the savagery of the ‘right wing’ in America except the agents of the Soviet Union who have been in America to watch its growth. They said the ‘right wing’ has motivated itself with cells sort of like the revolution of Russia, and it has activated itself by the church which carries an area of immunity. It is growing with such rapid speed, that unless we can stop this by producing some area of calamity in America, all the advantages we have won, and all the achievements we have made will be pushed backwards.

Human Events says that they are planning to use the masses of Red China to overrun the United States. (This was to happen when the Negro Revolution occurred in 67 and 68). But instead the stepped up war in Vietnam came instead.

Now, it is fantastic, but Mr. Johnson was willing to fight Communism in Vietnam, and after a fashion, in Cuba and the Dominican Republic. But he bows to advisors who encourage Negro uprisings in this country, so that the government can move in with Marshal Law and executive agreement, and thru this procedure they hope to disarm everyone, but especially the White Right Wing. Because Russia cannot make her move against this country until this resistance movement is squashed. Then is America went into the World Government thru the U.N. there would be no resistance to prevent it. This goes along with what the Russians said in their conference,--that if the leaders of America threw their country into World Government too fast, it wouldn’t work because of the reaction of the Right Wing.

Let’s take a look at our defenses her in the early sixties. One of the top officials in the Pentagon is a Communist Jew. One of the most radical extreme Liberals is in a high position (Paul Nitzi). He is saying that the Red world is not so far from our world in philosophy and we could adjust to live under the conditions of that society rather easily. So under that type of leadership, the Russians had thought that they could strike lightly at the U.S. or threaten to strike and the U.S. Government would surrender and come under the U.N. One World Government. (This was tried under Reagan). But now Russia says that the Right Wing in the U.S. will not surrender. They will fight and they would shoot the U.N. Troops just as quickly as they will hang the heads of government who try to push them into a One World Government. It is too late for that type of government action today. And the only thing for the enemy to do was now to crush America. That is the Russian assessment of the conditions in this year of 1966. This means that Liberty is rising in this country and those who would surrender to the Reds do not speak for the majority of Americans.

When we talk about the various Right Wing movements, you can move into many facets. For many years the Christian Nationalists Crusade had the largest group of membership of patriots who understood the score. And closely related to this group was the men like Henry Ford, Cameron, and Lebow and Melvin Clay Heart, and his economical council, and various editors. Especially we name Connely McGinnis. For if he would have had the money for a slick sheep paper, he would have swept America with it. But of course, remember, that the areas of communication was in the hands of the enemy, and they smeared with the press, radio and T.V. and hurt him. But still his documentation of the events was excellent and factual. We watched this development, the Anti-Communist League formed in various states, and we directed one of the leagues formed in this area. And they were laid out back during W.W.II and their purpose was to hold seminars all over this state, and actually all over the U.S. in church groups, mens brotherhood meetings. And we told them of the dangers of Communism and about the Marxist philosophy. We told men how to understand the antithesis of the concept of politics and of government---as it related to scriptures. This movement was very successful. And then suddenly Robert Welch appeared on the scene with his John Birch Society. For the good he has accomplished, we have said that we have supported the spread of his movement, but we have also said that he lacked vision because he has allowed Negroes, and Jews to penetrate his movement. Why do we fell this way??

If you are going to save America, which the enemy is trying to destroy by integration and mongrelization, then it has to be done by White men who are the majority of your population. In fact, White men should be the only ones in this nations. And we should have seen to that by our immigration program. And since we did not, then those who are unassimilatable should be deported because the survival of your culture and civilization is your responsibility.

Within the structure of the Right Wing, we have the Christian Defense League, the John Birch Society, and many other organizations. We had the Christian groups such as the Minute Men and others. There are about twenty-seven organizations in America with veteran military under grounds, including whole facets of Veterans of Foreign Wars and separate and inner groups formed within the American Legion itself without any relation to the leadership of that organization or its administration, but dedicated Legionnaires who formed separate groups inside the American Legion. So across America itself, there is probably twice as many men capable of forming an instant front as there is in the Armed Forces of our nation.

This is the evaluation at the moment of this Right Wing, and this is why the enemy attacks the people at the front of the Right Wing movement. Remember that all the Communist organizations in this country are constantly attacking the Right Wing. All Jewish organizations are constantly fighting against the Right Wing.

Last week the newspapers carried the report of Benjamin Epstein who is the head of the ADL. And he says that the Right Wing believes that there is a conspiratorial concept by the Leftist. And they believe that even Walter Reuther and the people surrounding the President are a part of this conspiracy. He says that today the most dangerous movement in America is the Right Wing extremists, and the John Birch Society is a part of this movement. It is dangerous and has confused the citizenry and misled the business men into thinking they are champions of the free enterprise system. He said that the John Birch Society had formed groups and has harassed the Civil Rights Movement with vigor by sponsoring the Jim Clark lecture tour and other tours against the Civil Rights Movement. He said that the John Birch Society must be crushed. Yet Robert Welch said that the ADL is a wonderful movement and it is fighting Communism.

Welch just as well come in and join the rest of us, since we have the same enemies as those who fought the Christ. We consider it a compliment we have the same enemies as did Jesus the Christ.

Dr. Wexler, World President of B’nai B’rith, is also speaking out. He says that the Right Wing is trying to sweep America out of the middle of the road into Right Wing extreme policies. And they will have to hold meetings across America to point out this Anti-Semitic movement.

The government is ordering every department to integrate their staff, use every area to do this in the schools. And even the State of California has ordered that now Negro history must be taught in every school. They are moving to elect Arthur Goldberg as President of the United States (Well, that did not work, and Johnson appointed him to the Supreme Court, then got him to leave that for the U.N. So YAHWEH must have helped there). The Jews say that they must move fast for Anti-Jewish sentiment is sweeping America.

QUESTION:--What is the latest on the alignment for earthquakes, and did the one in Peking, China appear on your alignment?

ANSWER:--Yes, It was there, along with this alignment which can be figured out by our modern instruments goes other factors. We know where the alignments will come, but whether they will blow is another matter. There are other factors involved such as the areas of inspiration and vision. And after finding the alignment, then I must know whether they are going to go before I tell you that they will.

QUESTION:--Do you know haw far reaching or destructive this one near Peking, China was?

ANSWER:--It was quite heavy. Especially the industrial areas of Peking were hit heavily. They cover up this destruction however just like the Russians tried to cover up the quake in the Mongolian mountains north of Lake Baikal, about three years ago. At that time, they were engaged in building nuclear war heads and nuclear missiles in that area. And their fusion material piles were not very stable. They had several disasters in that area which had destroyed several scientists. You see, the Russians had gone into the mountains of Mongolia, into the canyons of those mountains and built nuclear plants, and a community of workers. And then they would go about five miles and build another one. This is in the Steppes where the hoards of Genghis Khan used to ride, and now that area is covered with missile plants. They built a dam at the end of the great lake and it flooded the towns and much of their material stockpiles and this set them back in their production time table. Then came the earthquake and it struck north of Lake Baikal and it just folded the mountains in on those plants and cities. They said that they were moving bulldozers in to uncover the cities. But it would take two years to even get down to the cities for that was the vastness of that catastrophe. Well, then another earthquake came and buried the bulldozers.

The Swedish newspapers said that the earth flexed her muscles and just a little thing like that destroyed those missiles which were to be used to destroy America. Well, I can say that God flexed His muscles just a little and did more for America in a few seconds than the Pentagon had done for years. Remember, that no weapon formed against you will ever prosper. That is Biblical and it is factual an dit is a part of your Destiny.

Now, near Peking is Chicken Bone Hill and Dragon Bone Hill. And in those hills are the oldest known fossils. And it is a shame to smash them up, but I guess we can live without them. In Dragon Bone Hill we have 24,000 years of layers of the remains of man on earth. And in Chicken Bone Hill, we have fossils of man for 16,000 years. Today that area is in the hands of the Red Chinese. And the Germans who uncovered this have gone. But the Red Chinese have preserved the area around it. They have elevators that go down to the different layers of civilization. So it would be nice to have it preserved.

Now, just off this area is the fault line of the quake area. The biggest trouble they have in preserving these ancient fossils is the Chinese doctors. They think that if they can get these old bones and grind them up to powder, they can sell this with the promise that this will increase the power and virility of mankind. Also in demand are the elephant tusks and Saber Tooth Tiger teeth which are found in those places. So there is a struggle to preserve those old places. This fault system comes down from the Steppe then it passes between Chicken Bone Hill and Dragon Bone Hill.

We had the quake in Alaska right on schedule in our predictions, also the movement in Colorado and New Mexico. There were two quakes in South America also and they occurred in the beginning of our alignments of the 7th thru the 9th cycle. Frankly, the alignments for March and April ran too close together to separate.

QUESTION:--Can you refuse to send your children to school because they have a Negro teacher?

ANSWER:--Well, you can refuse. But whether you can get away with it is another matter. If you refuse to let your children go to school because you object to the Negro teacher, then they will probably throw you in jail and throw away the key. Besides they may take your children away from you. So the best thing to do is to move to a community where there is not this problem.

I do not want to predict what will happen when they try to force an illiterate and emotional society on to our society. But at this time the explosion will sweep things our way. In otherwords, where this had been tried, they ran into trouble because even the well-to-do blacks wanted white teachers. And so did most of the other Negroes. No area today where they have turned over the administration from the whites to the blacks seems to have been successful.

QUESTION:--We hear you mention from time to time---’white trash.’ If the white race came down from Adam thru Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to our time, then where does the ‘white trash’ come from?

ANSWER:--This is quite simple. The ‘white trash’ are a people who lack initiative. First, a certain percentage comes from the violation of Divine Law. And there has come a mixing of Negro blood into the race because people lacked racial pride. Second, there has existed a bad situation in some areas of the South. And not necessarily such great numbers, but they have been guilty of incest. The majority of these deficient children have been protected and raised in their communities and they grow up and marry one another. For instance, you see this in the Ozarks. I have ridden a horse from one holler to the next in the Ozarks, and I have seen this. Once I was scheduled to go back into the Ozarks about sixty miles and I had to leave my car outside and go in on mule back to an American Legion Hall to speak. When I got there, I found a hall that would hold about 400 people. And there were paths leading everywhere. There was a General Store and a school house of sorts. At seven o’clock, there they were and the place was full. There were mules tied everywhere.

I wondered what I could say to these people, mostly dressed in jeans. Altho a few wore suits. One man told me he was the richest man in ‘them thar parts.’ He had twenty-three silver dollars. And he showed them to me. Many of these men had been outside in W.W.I. And then came back to the hills. They had a Sunday School but never any church unless some preacher came to speak to them.

I had been told that there were many good Patriotic men back in there, and asked to go in and speak to them. So I had said that I would. I was very busy at the time, but since I had been assured that there would be between 300 and 400 people there, I had to go and see for myself.

Now, I mean no reflection against the good people of that area, because of that crowd of people there, as there were about 300 of them, the finest Anglo-Saxon stock you could find. But about 100 of them were demented form in-breeding and from breaking of the moral laws. Everyone was their cousin or aunt. And I don’t know but some were their own grandfather. It was a sad mixed up mess. There was one school teacher, and he had come from Vermont and married a girl from the hills and stayed there. And she was teaching a lower grade because he had taught her. There wouldn’t have been any school at all if he had not been there. He said that they paid him with chickens, hams and vegetables. And sometimes, some money. And then he would at times go outside and trade hams for jeans and whatever they needed. This man told me that he never sees more than $200.00 in cash in any year. I asked him about these people in these hills and he said that many had strict moral codes which said that they should not marry thy cousin, or have sex with your brothers and sisters. He said half of the people had Bibles, and quote the Bible. And half of them can read it. Then he said we have a fourth of these people which have a mental capacity almost as low as the Negro. And this class is the white trash. This comes form the violation of moral law with close in-breeding. On the outside, in the world, this created a caste system. And boys and girls are warned against marrying any of these called ‘white trash.’ But in the hills, this is different. So they intermarry with their own class and degenerate on downward. The scripture warns of this and that does not mean that some of them cannot become wealthy. Because sometimes they own some property and the government takes it and pays them more than they ever had in their lives. Sometimes I think they even take them and make politicians of them.

QUESTION:--Are some of these people then considered of another race?

ANSWER:--No. Blood is blood and seed is seed. So you don’t change your race unless you mutate it. But you don’t select them for leadership either. Now there is one thing the scripture says:--’I will cleanse the blood of My people.’ More than that, there are areas of correction of this physical ailment that is the result of this condition. This is God’s problem and His responsibility. It is only a small portion of America and maybe twenty-five percent of the most backward areas, but that isn’t true on the outside. Here on the outside, our problem is the Asiatics, the Negroes, and Porta Ricans and so forth, who may be controlled by multiple facets of race, religion, and political objectives which are incompatible with ours. I would make no apologies for my feelings that we should deport these people outside the United States borders and then close the immigration ports to them and never let any but a white man be a citizen of this country. Now this is Biblical Law. And the scripture says that in the days of the Kingdom, everyone will sit under his own vine, or under his own fig tree. They are not going to plant a fig tree in your garden. See? Racially speaking, there is not going to be any mongrelized pollution, or destruction of your race, or any race.

QUESTION:--Well then, does this refer to Israel as the Vine, and the fig tree as of Lucifer?

ANSWER:--Well, it could, because Jesus said:--’I am the vine and ye are the branches.’ And HE was talking to Israel. The ‘figs’ have been the emblem of all the Luciferian kingdom and ecclesiastical control. For instance in the days of the seduction of Eve in the Garden, and the violation of Divine Law, by Adam and Eve, we find that God walked in the Garden---which is an allegory---and there is a set of mysteries in all this. Remember it says that Adam and Eve were clothed with the tunic of what?---Fig leaves.--But not real ‘fig leaves.’ This is the emblem of the purple and gold Lamaseries of India and China, and of the ancient Steppes. This is the symbol you see on the friezes of the temples of India. I can show you beautiful temples, if you can call this weirdness beautiful, because almost all pagan religions use the ‘fig leaf’ for their emblem or symbol. The Jews use the fig leaf and they have them woven into their emblems in the Synagogues. I can show you the fig leaves right in the windows of Beverly Hills.

Now, when Jesus came along with His disciples, and He is talking to them of the various powers, symbols and forces, He said---see that fig tree over there---all fig trees should have edible fruit on them, but I am going to curse this fig tree because the fig tree will never have edible fruit. His disciples marveled at this because they knew that He spoke of the Temple. Because at that time, instead of the Levi of Judah and Benjamin being the Priesthood in the Temple of Jerusalem, there were Cainanites and Amalakites. Thus the Asiatics were in control of the Temple and they were all of them of the Fig leaf religion. The next day as the disciples came by this fig tree, it was all shriveled up. The false priests in the Temple knew that Jesus said this. And they plotted to put Him to death because they knew that He spake of them. Why? Because they knew their own emblem, and the Temple at Jerusalem was not a Synagogue.

Jesus said:--’I am the vine and ye are the branches.’ Thus one of the identifications of the enemy is by the ‘fig leaf’. So this could be the separation of that piece of Scripture--’Each shall sit under his own vine and under his own fig tree.’---This could also be the separation of pagan religious and their systems, and their fig leaf people, and the Vine symbol of Spiritual life thru Christ and through His people, He being your Father, and you being His offspring. Again this ties into the fact that the Adamic race are children out of the spirit into the physical world. You brought nothing in and you take nothing out. But you came from the presence of God into this physical world. Even Strongs Concordance will show you, that there are twice born men---born from above and born on earth. Born in the spirit and then born in the flesh by natural birth thru the breaking of the water. The Holy Seed is carried by this Adamic Race. This is the household of God transferred from heaven to earth. “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.’

The fact is that in no way is this ever considered as separate---this seed line proceeds forth from out of God, in HIS Issue. And ye are ‘Elohim’, all of ye are the children of YAHWEH.’

Jesus said:--’Thine they are in the heavens, Mine they are in earth. And none of them is lost except Satan’s own son who was Judas of Iscariot.’ (John 17) It is quite clear in this delineation. So there is no association between the origin of the White race and the Tungus man our Father created in the ages past, when He told us that He was going to give them the same physical image. Then He created them and placed them in earth. It was not until the 7th day of Creation that God said:--’There is no Adamite to till the soil.’ And He brought forth ---Bara--Adam in His own image and in His own Issue---His own life, for He breathed into him the breath of Life. Then He showed Adam all the people on the face of the earth. And he knew that there was no one there of his own race. So God brought forth Eve out of Adam and they were one flesh, one race. Thus, one flesh that could carry on the Holy Seed. I can show you this Holy Seed from the Old Testament. All thru the New Testament, I can show you thru the instructions of the Apostle Paul that you should come out from among them and be ye separate---segregated. For your bodies are the Temples of the Holy Spirit. Their bodies are the temple of idols. And he said:--’What fellowship has light with darkness?’---What fellowship has the Temple of God with Belial? Come out from them and be ye separate so that I can continue to be a Father unto thee, and thy children through all generations. God will never be a Father to a mongrel people. Some may say that God is the Father of the whole world, but this is not true. He is the God of the whole world, the God of the whole Universe. You may say that He has children in a philosophical aspect, because HE created them, but Bara--is different than Yastar. Bara means to begat Issue, and the Adamic race the Seed of God was zealously preserved.---’Out of Isaac shall thy seed be called.’--then out of Jacob. We cannot take Ishmael because there was a fusion of people. He was to become a great people, but will not be in the Administration of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God--the colonizers, the Children of God, the developers, must all come out of this race uncontaminated, unpolluted.

These are the people who are to bring ‘light’ to the world. ‘My Grace is sufficient.’--All flesh shall be saved, but the source of this is through MY Sons and by MY KINGDOM. I redeem them from their own error. I will pay the price for their own transgressions. But this does not eliminate your own responsibility. It does not eliminate your superiority either. It isn’t something that you can boast about and say:--’I did it.’ Rather, it is because of what you are that makes you capable of doing what you were asked to do. But no one in this room had anything to do with God begeting this whole race line, and knowing everyone of you from the beginning. The Scripture says that He wrote your name down in the Lamb’s Book of Life, of that family tree, the Tree of Life from before the foundation of the world. What did you have to do with that?

Some Evangelists try to scare you by saying they will get you into heaven or hell, perdition.---So take your choice. But you cannot take a child of God out of heaven. And you can’t send one to perdition because the Resurrection is over. Christ triumphed over the grave. He overthrew the power of Lucifer. He paid the price, the atonement which covered the transgressions of His own people. So trying to scare people with perdition is silly. Theology supports this. And the Apostle Paul recognizes it. And to keep a scare tactic for preaching purposes---well then, theology had to cover up so much of what the Bible teaches, because it does not give them the power of Priestcraft that they want. And therefore, they would be unable to extract from people by pressure. Today, we have a whole area of theology that can be totally mesmerized by an accepted area of theology from the past.

Take the Monk Armenian, around time of the Nicaen Council, he had already been influenced to write the theology of the church. And he accepted all kinds of Jewish inventions and the bringing in of the Babylonian doctrines. He didn’t know any better. But he sowed into the church a great many things that did not belong there. Gradually their Vulgate Version became enlarged to accommodate these conditions. Then these carried over into the Douray Version and on into the Protestant Version. And make no mistake about this, they copied the scrolls, or they would not have had anything to work with. The fact if that God has the power to preserve His word. Because none of the opposition seeking to multiply areas of change in the areas of theology were sharp enough to exclude all the truth. If they had excluded all the truth, they would not have had any framework to carry their doctrines. So--the Armenian theology was based on the work of the Monk Armenian. Then all of the Gamaliel theology which was Pauline theology, is called Grace theology---this following the words of the Christ:--’I give My sheep eternal life, and they shall never perish.’ This does not hinge upon a theology that they can slide back and be lost into some position of perdition, purgatory, or limbo of some kind. They are absolutely free by the finished---total work of YAHWEH, thy YAHSHUA. That the transition is to change men from their error so that they do that which is right. Jesus said:--’I did not come to condemn men, I came to same men. I came not to same them from perdition when they die, I came to save them from their sins.’ Why?--Sins are violations of Divine Law. They have their own recompense, they produce their own law of reaping whether it is biological, or whether it is economic.

God does not have to sit back and extract a revenge. He was gracious to give to you this wisdom and to give you the foundation for it, because you have the Spiritual capacity to understand it. That is why it tells you in the book of Romans, who the Law was given to. The Law was not given to Africa, or to Asia. The Law was given to Israel---Issue that rules with God. The Law was given to you because to you also was given the Covenants. There is nothing in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation that God gives by Covenants, by intent, by purposes or by leadership, to anyone but Israel. He used the Kingdom. And he uses Israel for all the developments of the world. He has made statements that are the best guarantee the world has ever had, that all flesh will eventually be saves. There will be reconciliation of all things. There will be an end of the developing, chastising cycles. There will be the creation of new creatures, the addition of capacities, all because it will be synthesized out of the mind and will of God and His household. In the meantime, live according to the period of your time, and according to the spirit of God, the Word of God, the patterns of prophecy which are to adjust each man for the generation in the time he lives. We can be thankful for tomorrow because we believe God. But there is no area where this becomes unscientific, and where it’s historical accuracy is not clear.’

There has been mistranslations of Scripture and there has been attempt to suppress doctrine. And there have been attempts to sell us the plan of the enemy. But we understand this. The King James Version has been one of the most erratic for not giving the proper translation using the word Jew for Judah in many occasions. The word Jew is the accursed Yehudim. And when Jesus is speaking to the Jews, then Jesus said they were of their father the Devil. He was speaking of the Yehudim, not of those who were of the tribe of Judah, or Benjamin and Levi, who were Israelites of your race in that area. The Apostle Paul talked of this mix up as he said:--’I am an Israelite, of the tribe of Benjamin and of the sect (religion) of the Jews.’ Then he discovered his mistake and he repudiated the religion of the Jews. He then said that the Jews were against God, and contrary to all men.

QUESTION:--How do you recognize a good Jew?

ANSWER:--Wouldn’t know, I never met one. I find records of good Judeans, and bad Judeans, but not good Jews.

QUESTION:--Good and bad figs?

ANSWER:--Oh, now wait a minute. You are talking about back in the days of Jeremiah, when they referred to the dwellers in Jerusalem as figs. Now the moment a false religion takes over a city or a community, it is then tied to the false religion emblem--the fig. The religion of Jerusalem back in the days of Ahab, and also in the days during the time just before Babylon overthrew Jerusalem, in the days of Zedekiah and his sons, was a false religion which had come into Jerusalem. And Baalism was so bad that the people were worshiping strange gods. Jeremiah said some of the people within that city under the false system of religion were good, and then he called the bad one a basket of bad figs. They were so bad they had to be destroyed because they could not be eaten, meaning everything they preached or stood for could not be used. Everything about them was evil. They were to be scattered over the world for a taunt, for a byword, and for a curse. The people called Sheenies today, are from the bad figs driven out of Judea, and that is where the word came from.

Now, make no mistake, in many places where the word Jew is used it comes from the word Judean. This is especially noticeable in the King James Version and in some facets of the Douray Version. And sometimes people think where this is mistranslated that the Jews running around today are all from Judean stock originally. But in the days of Jesus, these people were Amalakites, Cainanites, Hittites, and all those ancient people. The show of their countenance was against them. They were the same ones that Jesus said had killed the Prophets.

The people of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi in Judea and in Galilee were not of these people, racially called Jews. And one who lived in Judea, no matter his race, could be called Judean. But you could not call all of them who lived there a Negro, an Asiatic, or an Israelite. Just like in America. All can be Americans but that does not make the Negro a White man, and even a great many Jews do not consider themselves American.

Ben Hecht, remember, wrote that ‘I have a little holiday in my heart everytime I hear of a Christian dying.’ This kind of a statement identifies them in their thinking.

The book by Michael Gould--’The Jew Without Money’, explains this more clearly. The May Company sold these books until we told everyone to go down and buy one. And then they took in out of circulation because this book was not intended for anyone but Jews.

When they talked about this situation in this book, they said:--’This tenement house was sort of like a Plymouth rock, that he would wake up of a morning, and there would be Jews in bed with him---smuggled in from all over the world. And they would be protected by their Rabbi until being taught enough of the American dialect to get by. Then they would be released into the community and absorbed.

He said in this book that his brother would go down to a Christian mission in the Bowery every month and be converted and then tell them that they were starving at home, and the mission would send potatoes and other vegetables home. And they would soon make Jewish potatoes out of these Christian potatoes. Then his brother would go down to the Mission, and do the same thing so they would have food. He then said he had pleased men such as Ben Hecht, and others as they had passed as Americans.

QUESTION:--Earl Warren attended a Jewish Seminary before he became a Judge is that true?

ANSWER:--Now, I know the whole background of that family in Bakersfield. After he became a Supreme Court Judge, he studied in a Jewish Seminary and he had a skull cap on his head. And he said in order to properly interpret the law, that he had to study the areas of the Jewish law, the Talmudic law. He made four trips to that seminary and while there he made a study of what is called the Babylonian Talmudic law. This is what I know about Earl Warren and his study.

(End of sermon)