03-10-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


(As you read this transcript of this old tape I want you to notice just how close the enemy was to their objective back in 1965, but for the Grace of God, America would not be where she is today.)

QUESTION:--What are the latest developments in this continuing war against the enemy?

ANSWER:--Well, we have had investigators everywhere, and as for Captain Gates who happens to be the chief intelligence officer of a nation wide secret police, who probably has this meeting bugged, he is higher than the Police Department, and answers only to the President's group. But the program is that America is on the edge of a total dictatorship unless we on the RIGHT win. It will be just like the OGPU everywhere else, there will be no where to go as they plan to pull the rug everywhere at the same time. There isn't any doubt that the design was to get us (this is speaking of the night that the Swift group were stopped, and with guns made to lay on the ground face down with the guns in their backs.) Afterwards they said that they were after some deadly armed Communists. And they had their orders at the least resistance to kill.

So the Gates department set up the wrong information in their briefing because no other organization would list you as a desperate armed criminal. This is just a part of the plan, but you have no police protection. So Patriots be warned, the Alabama affair (Selma March), this Negro uprising is just what was planned, they are just stepping it up as an excuse to go after all Patriots, or people who oppose integration.

A man heard our tape and this morning I talked to him for he had rushed back to New York to his investment friends, and International Bankers, and they were amazed that he knew so much, but yes all securities were timed to collapse on the 30th, of the month. The market would be pulled down from under it, and gold and silver prices were also in the picture, and one more time the market would be milked for all they could get out of it. So this man said: you were right, but I couldn't believe that this process was going at this speed until I got back here, and yes the economic crash is set for the last of March, and from April to June they hope everything else will crash elsewhere. I talked to this man for two hours, but the program is that they are planning to collapse our economy, pull the rug out from under our industry as well, and all foreign investments as related to America, leaving only a few avenues open but absolutely to hit in all areas of home production. This is an attempted design, and this man said they are already minting new coins without any precious metal in them, but they will have the same gravity as coins in the coin machines so they can continue to use the slot machines, but the value of the coin is worthless. So we are on the edge of a lot of things, just as we are on the edge of stepping up the war situation. But with the war stepping up, then the State Department made this fantastic proposal to Hanoi, if they would desist then they would be made a favored nation and make North Vietnam the Yugoslavia of Asia. A friendly Communist nation, and then we would finance their education, their industry, housing, and development. So now the American taxpayer would be paying tribute to Hanoi. We would put them on easy street if they would just stop the war, this story is in the L.A. Times of yesterday. These people should be put in a concentration camp because they are suggesting that instead of fighting communism we should support them.

Here is something else fantastic out of a Texas paper: The study is completed for Inter-Racial towns, this is urged for all cities and towns, all suburbs of America. Inter-racial new towns are proposed as the ending of the urban problems. So Federal money would clear all slums and build modest income housing and fine apartments. The effect according to the man who drew the plans would be to revitalize the cities and remove urban sprawl of America's suburbs. This would be subsidized housing for inter-racial communities, nothing else, so as to have total integration, inter-racial type of housing for all types of people so they would live in the same type standard housing. They said that unless America is willing to accept inter-racial housing so as to bring the Negro up to middle class living there is little hope that American cities can be saved. (Well, remember this was tried, and they tore these to pieces almost as fast as they were built.) The idea is to crack our society at the family level, if you do not go along with this you are anti-social.

QUESTION:--What is the result of this planning for a crash of the economy?

ANSWER:--This could mean a total economic crash, and only the reaction from our kind of people could make it not work. This could be already starting, as the job layoffs are already starting especially in the Aircraft Industry. The government want control of your life from the cradle to the grave, wants you to be obedient slaves, in other words you would have arrived at the day of the Anti-Christ, so lets face it. In other words he is making war in these United States, so this is just a little bit of this situation. Today they were flying Helicopters over us here in the mountains, hovering low as to see what cars were there, and they were so low that the glass was vibrating in my neighbors houses, they were that low. So they are watching all the time and listening right now.

QUESTION:--What can we do to work against this thing?

ANSWER:--Well, the best thing to do is to try to awaken people as fast as you can, because the more who are awakened, the more who will stand with us, and this is harder for them to pull off their master design. They will do this with honey in their talk, and development, with all kinds of promises to the people. The President has come out with his new war on crime which requires super policing powers, integrated police departments, and to stop the selling of Fire Arms, stop transporting them from one state to another, except by licensed dealers registered with the Treasury Department and so forth. All this just shows you how this is all shaping up, this would even stop you from transferring your own possessions of firearms from one state to another, and things like that.

QUESTION:--I find out in talking to many lovely people that they go for this race mixing, they say that is God's plan eventually anyhow.

ANSWER:--Then they are mental morons, regardless of how smart you think they are, anyone who gives ascent to a mongrelized society no matter whose relatives they are. They are mental morons.

QUESTION:--Having to do with the influence of spirits, both good and bad, how can Lucifer's spirit influence the body?

ANSWER:--All the multiple designs of evil forces at the spirit level have to function through the areas of the senses. So in other words they wage war through the senses by activating, motivating those of their own who are already in total agreement with them to utilize all the sense opinions, through use of the T.V., Radio, Newspaper, word of mouth, by the idea that multiple repetition over a wide scale becomes an acceptance. Plus the fact that they attack the structure of mortality by everything which is lewd and obscene. The attack on the structure of the accepted thinking comes by making this all common place, and even would have us swallow the fact that all areas of evil can become humorous, if we laugh at it, if we think it is not important what they are doing then they have already accomplished an area of invasion in the realm of thought as far as the enemy are concerned, and there is no way for the Luciferian forces to get at your spirit. For the spirit already has Eternal Life, total indestructibility. It is an incorruptible seed, there is no way a Satanic power can attack your spirit. Where as you have a Celestial being , and a spirit consciousness co-resident soul consciousness resident with you at the same location. Inside your physical body resides your soul consciousness, and there is a certain area of spiritual contact and stimulation in this body, and in this consciousness, in this Celestial being which is coexistent at the same time, and point where your physical body is. You are thus dwellers on two plains, so your Celestial is unaffected in anyway by Satanic design to tempt and destroy or to wage war upon it. The physical mind however is subject to all the influences of the conditions which it evaluates out its environment. For instance the environment round about you then is not only the propaganda and all that is used to keep asleep that which is already asleep, and make them think that it is vastly accepted. Universally accepted, this would make it true. The Babylonian order embraces all the pagan countries, embraces all the pagan races, non-white races, and thus the spectacle of all these things are continually paraded before you. And as you behold it, not just as an observance, they want you to see multiple worship, and pagan deities, multiple processes of rituals, the color and splendor of these patterns without showing you in this country for instance, the sordid areas, Travelogs review it for you. The world is pulsing and is alive so who are you WHITE MAN who must determine its destiny, see. Let the world all become one, and then you assume you proportion according to your general number. This is a Luciferian general trend which I note at the Washington level, in the State Department, in the Education Department level. The whole design is to get us to lose our identity, in the World Order, in the masses of the World Order. To lose your philosophy, our culture, our religion, our concepts, and then our defense of our race.

This is all a part of what we might call spirit warfare of the Satanic kingdom against your race, and its advent must be through the senses. Now the person who is aware of this sets back and adds to their knowledge, adds to what they see with constant evaluations. If it were not for this you could be lulled into even an area of Universalism, and start accepting the mass picture. This is why today some of the most interesting pictures on T.V. are these color travelogs all over the world. Especially the religious dances, and all kinds of areas of their culture, and their ancient paintings and so forth. They are continually praising this, and the great art and their value. What they are trying to do is sell you something, look at it, and at the same time be equally interested in the sight and equally denouncing it within, because what they are trying to do is to get you to accept the fact that everybody is right to a degree, and when you resist the mass you are wrong. So therefore the warfare being fought against you is a psychological warfare first.

Now; sometimes we must classify other facets to this battle. The Luciferian Kingdom seeks to produce a depressive condition. The individual physical structure can only carry a limited amount of pressure, but at the same time the spiritual forces are able to stimulate and restrengthen the individual in his physical consciousness at the soul level to resist increasing amounts of pressure.

The fact is that the Luciferian Kingdom must do two things; when they are aware that they are not selling us on their way of life, that they are not getting in enough DOUBTS, then they try to induce an area of fear. They seek to work upon the individual, the white man, the Christian to show the sheer weight of their power, the sheer masses of their forces, as they try to sell you on your defeat. Or they seek to threaten you with their ability and their power to pull out the supports under all the economic structures so as to leave you at the mercy of their forces. And what they work on is the depression of the mind.

Now; I do not care who the person is, from the apathetic to the Saint, the fact remains that within the physical body he is subject to the pressures, the feelings, the temptations, the forces of the enemy. And the stronger his Faith the sooner he gets up and throws it off, although he can be almost brought down to a point of despair by the sheer weight of pressure. This is one way that the sheer weight of Satanic pressure against the Kingdom, wars on men. It wars more this way, maybe it at times is trying to throw fear into the Right Wing Christian Patriot. More than that with this same strategy there are people found who have mental disturbances, and these people may have a pattern in their background which a psychiatrist may understand. These people may get into areas of melancholy from time to time, and they find themselves driven by the same twist and fortune of this. Then they can be on the right side and if hit with the great weight of this pressure they just seem to fly apart, or they go sullen under the pressures. This is the way the Luciferian kingdom fights against individuals. He tries to upset basically their thought flow, their inner serenity.

Now; any person who says that they are never disturbed, or that they can't feel a temporary wave of depression then they have never been anywhere, or nothing has ever happened to them. But at the same time again they know the areas where they are weaker, so they hit the areas where they are the weakest.

Now; in this instance the whole strategy still has to come through the areas of the senses, and the areas of the evaluation which the soul consciousness makes through the senses. By these policies of hearing, seeing, and experiencing they try to throw a wave of intimidation, and slow down or back up activities of the Kingdom. I think Lucifer is convinced that there is a great number of people who he is battling, that he is never going to win. He is never going to win them over, they are always going to fight him, and then he tries to suppress them by fear. Every once in awhile I see someone fade out through fear, and they want to crawl under the bed, but it won't help them any, but when everything gets to the point of war they are on the run.

The third wave of the Luciferian tactic is to us use an area of superstition. This is because as they set up the wave of this they try to break down any functioning operation, and then people say: there is no one left you can trust, then they are negated. A person has to make a brick without straw sometimes, and if it falls apart then make another, just don't stop.

Now; lets face it there is no way a spirit being can capture a spirit of the SON of GOD, and hold him in bondage, and throw him into some terrible torture chamber somewhere until he dies. So he doesn't capture spirits and run off with them as captives. He is not sitting down playing chess with God, he wins some and God wins some. This is not true, this is just melancholy theology by Babylonian Priests sown into our Christianity until they have weakened it to some degree, because some people accept this. But we are not worried about what Satan is doing today as effecting me when I die, because I am not anticipating dying, we plan to be round while lots of them leave. But the fact of the matter is that in this instance we are not worried about the Devil making us captive and we will go off somewhere into captivity. The thing I want to point out to you is that if the Devil can by these areas of evil spirits, by the process of the World Order, if he can block you from doing important things then he has won a victory. If he can keep you in constant fear he has won a victory. Or if he can neutralize you until you go along, and hide your talent in the ground because you are afraid you will lose it then he has won a victory. So in all these things, I point out that he is in the warfare against you, and this warfare is psychological.

And since you are AS YOU THINK don't fool yourself because you are no further ahead than you think. For this is where you live in this house, and how you think and how you feel is where you are. If you are already defeated or if in this area you live in this melancholy cycle this then is you, this is how you live. So if you say: if there is any impact that the spirit world of Lucifer's kingdom can have, then what effect can it have on me? Well, if it can hold you down and

keep you down then this is the effect it can have, for you have to be able to climb above it. So you are in a battle and you are going to receive the buffeting, and you are going to have to rise above the buffeting and triumph over it. The triumph then lets you go above and beyond any area in which they can influence you. As Prince of this world he seeks to influence the material things of this world, and then wave them in front of people, and then say: you are going to lose all this so you better become inactive and save it. And people will say, well we have our home, our future to look out for, we can't invest in anything which opposes them. We say: Oh! yes you can or you will lose every bit of it.

Now; mind you this is a premature prophecy, everyone who thinks first only of individual security rather than the cause is going to watch in this period the whole thing swept away. This is true, and they will be amazed, for the areas by which they sought to protect themselves from will come through in flying colors. The fact is we are going to win, and we will confiscate anything left if we have to. There will be lots of missing Cainanites, for "There will not remain a Cainanites in the house of the Lord of Hosts" (Zechariah 14:21)

Even Beverly Hills will be just a beach resort in those days. So lots of things are going to transpire. We are moving into very climatic hours, and events are moving closer, but if the thing last ten years or more the fact is they are not going to trod down the children of God. But we must keep the victory picture, the culture emblem, the race pattern, we must keep the covenants of God. This is one place you have God tied down, for this is His family, this is His promises, His covenants, these cannot fail. Except those who repudiate the covenant, who don't want to work within it, then He has a duty bound pattern to their Celestial natures, even though they go through rough times until they come to their senses. For He who He loves, He chastens. You can be the target area of the enemy but this does not mean that you are abandoned, this just means that God has calculated that you are able to take it or He wouldn't have permitted you to be in the position so they could level this attack on you. The enemy plays for keeps but so do we. Think about it, we won't ask for any quarters from our enemies, and we won't give any. When they get back into the dimension in which they belong then and only then will we be satisfied. This is a program for keeps, understand this, we are arriving at a time when your Faith, the intensity of your vision, the transference of God's pattern to your thinking must become a pulsing dynamic with its spiritual catalyst which is the drive you run on. You run your car on gasoline, but our body on food, and you have to run your whole conscious being on the sheer purposes of God with its Will, its dynamics, its vitality, and this so charges you that there is even a Zest in the game.

Make no mistake about this, we came down here to take the earth, to take it back, and take it we will, even if we have to push the enemy to the ends of the earth, and put him under complete supervision, we will never quit. If they knock out a Colonel or a Major don't worry for God has more, he never brought anything into the world and he doesn't take anything out but they can't keep us from coming back. So they don't win here, and we are passing the point where they will not be able to knock out those God is using for key areas of responsibility unless there was some tremendous and greater purpose which God was going to bring about. It is a possible thing that there are some areas of leadership which they might get to if when they get to them they set the whole countryside on fire, you can't tell about those things, because Martyrs have been necessary before. However at this point I think we are so far advanced in the master strategy of the Anti-Christ that we have intellectual goons in positions of high responsibility who are going right along with the enemy. One police officer said: it does not matter who is in power, if a communist, then I am still a police officer, if a liberal is in power I am his police officer, if a conservative is in power I would be your police officer, but now you are on the outside and we are on the inside. Well there is no principal here, so they have found enough people and by educational processes, they have totally mutated their beings, until they are trained, embodied robots, they are captured soul consciousness.

Now; these men may be of your own race, but they are the proselytes of hell, and seven times as bad as the children of the Devil themselves when they are of your race. We would have no mercy on them because they are proselytes as far as the saving of the society is concerned, by the Grace of God we will iron out this in the end. But as long as they serve the enemy they are more deadly to the cause than the enemy himself because they are accepted in areas where the enemy would not be as easily accepted. Some of the things I noticed as I talked with this man this afternoon who had just returned to New York, and that area of the investment capital of the world, is that there is this vast movement of gold and silver. He said the market was divided into classifications of buyers and sellers, but in private conversations they were always wondering what bunch of Jews were manipulating this. He found out that every sharp investor, every share thinker whether he knew it or not was there in the battle against the Jews, and their world government, their world monetary policy, their desire to capture all precious metals, and control all industries. They know, without knowing prophecy that the worlds troubles are caused by insidious, determined Jews. But this he discovered while in New York, and he said: I am not a religious man, but I know that I heard it, and I can sense this, a great division is coming down on the thinking of men. It divides the political forces seeking to put over these things, to try to catapult our civilization into Catastrophe, and they equate these things automatically with Jewry. So this He said, is what is happening and men are waking up to the facts.

This is what the spreading of these tapes does, for it just goes on and goes and goes, it runs into millions, and people tell it, tell it. This is why the enemy trembles at truth. He is fighting indestructible areas of truth. Crush it to the ground and it rises again. You are charged with it, it is a great dynamic spiritual force of energy. God says He pours it down like rain around, MY PEOPLE. The enemy senses this and fears it, they may even in frustration do violent things, and get all out of measure. But anything can happen at this time as we see the time approaching. The world gets in an uproar, the mid-East is of course unsettled par usual. As I said earlier, the state department is trying to buy Hanoi and put her on easy street, develop her with tax money.

Now; you don't have to worry about that, all the communists want the same thing, the demonic forces activate a zone he seeks to hold us back, to intimidate, and to destroy us by fear, but in this fear turn all thoughts to economic catastrophe.

Now; you have to have certain economic weapons to fight with, thus those in the fight areaways concerned with the loss of economic weapons. This is important, but the fact remains that as far as individuals are concerned, individuals who desist from the fight because of what they think is their financial security will lose every bit of it in this fight for this time.

QUESTION:--These people who go along with the enemy in this economic fight do you think these retirement plans have a lot to do with this?

ANSWER:--I am going to say this, there are some things which are not acceptable to some because this tape goes all over the nation. The structure of the Kingdom has never been built on the subsidy of the state. It has always been built upon thrift, upon enterprise, and upon family cooperation, and upon the structure of society, upon parenthood and so forth. It was never dreamed of when I was a boy that the state would ever supply any security for our parents and grandparents. If they had in the development of their family expended what would have been their savings in order to provide, assist their children in giving them advantages, this was just a normal responsibility, and a good investment because their children and grandchildren were going to see to their security because they were a family. The nation was made up of families, and because they had a Faith they had responsibility, 'honor thy father and thy mother', economic security was not built on something the state was going to provide, it was going to be built on careful planning and developing, and people had a concept not built on how fast you can spend it, but see how you can accomplish the most with it. By securing the things you want and need, and evaluate the wants against the security of the future, but develop an area of security for yourself and your family. Then as the family became sound and secure they suddenly escalated these things into fortunes, and suddenly they could have the luxury items they wanted. They could have security because they had found a way to attain it. We have found in the past few generations that one made it, and the next lost it, because the enemy has been destroying the youth at the college level, and destroying the values in the last 40 years. However the structure of 175 years of America was to build strength in property and homes and so forth, built around Faith and responsibility where they would even pour all in for the security of the family. At the same time the parents were living with a different vision and were more successful in being able to put by and store, in all levels of family life, all walks of life. This is the results and thoughts of how you are taught. Do you know the difference between the poor man, a middle class man, and a rich man? This is apart maybe of the setting of values, where we might say that some rich men have accomplished much in accumulating, but haven't assumed their proper responsibility where as at the same time many have. But this has always been an attitude of mind. And for people who do not attain that level they do not like to face it, thus it is an attitude of the mind. The level at which you are capable of functioning at which you are capable of reaching people, either to sell, produce or create, and to release the monetary return for what you relate is dependent upon your attitude of mind, your relationship with it, to the great catalysts of forces in this media.

Now; there are some people who are buffeted, and maybe in the battle of the ages, they have been at the poverty level of society and have been made to think that if they can make a living and survive they are lucky, and they probably will never make it into the middle class bracket, for the rich hold the world, and never let the other climb up. This is an attitude of the mind, you say, but I never had that attitude. Yes, you did, and never became any bigger than the mediocre. Then there are others who say, all I want is to just be middle class, and I am going to attain that, and they did, but they never doubted that they could go out and fill the job in any category which they would apply. Then there are those who have had this concept, and this is generally ingrained in the mind of a child by a father who already knows it. Having placed this in the mind of the child it becomes an underlying factor. The father in many instances, and this I know because in New England society I know how it worked, the father would start with a boy of 12 or 14 years of age, saying: here are good men digging a ditch and making a good living. These men liked their work so they would do well. And then there were men whose major contribution was with their minds, and they would sell to people these ideas to support themselves, and there were those who would instruct, and those who would teach, and those who would lead, and thus you determined in your mind what status that you wanted to be. How do you want to work, with your hands, in human service, or with your mind, this is the focus of your intellect. So you determined what you wanted to be. Thus I was taken out onto the hill and shown the world, and here it is, what do you want to be, make up your mind, because if you start working toward this goal you don't want to wait until you are 30 or 40 years of age, it has to start here and now.

Now; the fathers of this race taught the boys when they had reached what was called maturity, 12 years of age, this was adulthood in ancient Israel in those early ages. Because by the time they reached their 20's this was the formative period of the "idea" complexes.

Now; I can talk a person out of a plant at 30 or 40 sometimes as we gave them new ideas, new concepts, as we released them with spiritual law, and they have gone out with a new concept of who they are and where they are, but I am talking, apart from the spiritual transition which sets men free, for men are bracketed in their economic level, or in their status.

Now; since the devil controls the world "Babylon this head of gold", since the operation is to buffet men by economic powers, they will thus buy men and move them up in their financial power a little if they will serve Babylon. This is also a very powerful factor. But how you can break down a great creative society when it is built around the family, the creative ability of the family, the honoring of their fathers and their mothers, and their cultures and developing of their sciences in the betterment of their society. How?

The first thing that you do is to divorce the thinking of the younger set from their parents, make no mistakes about this, they will say; after all your parents should not be a burden on you, you should not have to look after these older people, the state should do these things. And then if we take these older people out of the employment line then look how many jobs there will be for the younger ones. So instead of being a family problem to work out and compute, they make it a state problem and relieve you of that responsibility. But the moment you relieve people of their responsibility they begin to deteriorate, for men with responsibility grow into giants, the tree gets bigger and stronger as the wind blows upon it. So it is that challenges build the area of functions, then the stronger, the bigger, and the more powerful men become. So their thinking is geared to bigger status. So in this instance along comes this thing, and I consider Social Security one of the menaces of our time.

Now; understand this, first because they squander the money, it is not even a sound policy, and by the time the modern youth reaches it will there be money anyhow. If it collapses in a few years it will leave a lot of people who are dependent on it in a very serious spot. But in fact as these things collapse, the Kingdom comes in, just remember that. But what I am telling you is not so that any of you will worry, but many of you in older years have been buffeted by this condition, and they swept away your saving by depressions, they have catalyzed the control over you, confiscated your money by higher taxation, they have shoved in these pieces of bait such as Social Security and other things to keep you blind. You say: I might as well get it, other people are getting it, get anything your silly government is giving away if you are in the age bracket to get it, but my friends what they have done is to put you, dependent on the state, thus making it more and more powerful until people are afraid that if they upset the status quo of this state, even though they know that those who lead it are evil, that they will lose their particular benefit goal which they are paid off with. So the government bribes you not to resist it saying we will take care of you in your old age. Not maybe at the level had the family stuck together, and which they could have provided with ease without the parasites. But at the same time the best asset the white race had was its children.

Oh! There was such a thing as a family getting a little to big, getting beyond their economic capacity to support itself, and this would produce a poverty pattern, but sometimes even here a powerful pattern developed within these children, such a drive, to get out of this pattern that they would make successes out of themselves in spite of it. And on the other hand remember this, the family usually had 6 to 8 children who grew up and then became wage earners, and the status of the family as a unit was instantly magnified, and maybe even soon had them in their own businesses. And in the upper areas of society they were never worried about money for their children because they always had it around them, it was always a commodity which was attracted by families. But families always knew that what they had to do was WORK at what they were putting over until it was a success. They never had for one moment an idea that they would not be a success, so they grew up with that attitude. You anticipated it because it came to you, and you expected it.

Let me tell you this, I am not trying to give you a lesson in psychology, but you either attract or break down, and sometimes the enemy has this success, if he can buffet you into fear, if he can get you depressed until you think the world is collapsing, and only when you reverse it, and anticipate it, reach for it and move ahead does it flow to you. This I can tell you, and you will say: I will go back to my fathers house. I am not going to stay down here eating the husks. Remember there are a lot of prodigal sons who didn't go into the wasting of their living like the listed Prodigal son did, but they do become prodigal sons once in awhile in that they walk out of the status of their living once in awhile, walk away from their status of living, their dynamics, their attracting forces, because in the battle they are short circuited for a moment, then they say: Why am I down here eating swine husks when I could be partaking of the best off the top?

I want you to know that right now the enemy is trying to make us feel that without an all powerful state, there is no physical security. I want you to know that the best physical security is your Faith in the dynamic flow of spiritual power until it does not make any difference if you keep going anyhow. And I can say this, the more you can get of every pattern of spiritual and physical adjustment, the better you can be physically, you can be ready to fall apart and spiritual power can sustain you and keep you going. So this is true, get everything balanced. This is good, but there is nothing like the spiritual flow of the force that keeps you going in the right direction. It keeps you thinking of the Kingdom, it is what you are here for.

Now; I am not thinking of a bunch of Saints sitting on hassocks with halos around their heads, I am just talking about people who believe, who live. I am not against a bunch of people with halos coming down the street either, if they have a rifle in their hands, for harps are not to effective. We have reached the time when you can hang up your harp on a weeping willow tree, and hand me down my rifle. But the fact is that the Kingdom gets in these spots once in awhile, and then God raises up a David and produces His Joshua's, and right now we are in the hour when Joel the prophet speaks. He says: I am going to call with my spirit to my daughters and sons, east, west, north, and south, and they will raises up a mighty army. I will tell them to beat their plows shears into swords, and their pruning hooks back into spears, and do this while wearing a halo, see. This is what I am talking about, this is the dynamics by which God moves. These things are all in the structure, and we must catch the fact that this is our Fathers World. The more you think about it, this is for us, and we have come into this inheritance to occupy it, and according to the spectrum we have of it, determine the success with which we occupy it.

This is again why I point out to you that you will notice that brackets will break off, and break away from anyone of the social levels, and even if they break away from their fathers house they are still a success. They never learned to think any other way, they just go out and do it. So I have watched this rather interesting thing, about 70% of all brackets stay at the bracket they were raised in, that they were raised to think in. They say: you cannot get out of it, there is no way to beat this thing, but the fact is they beat themselves all the time, see. Anyone who says there is no way to beat something is already beaten. Anyone who says we are licked, who says: Dr. Swift I think we accumulated all the assets we can get, and then find some spot say back in the mountains and get there and just stay out of sight. Well, I would rather be out here and fight just one year, than stay back out of sight the rest of my life. I would be bored to tears, I wouldn't want to miss what was going on. The picture is, that even if the Anti-Christ marches, then we withdraw, and attack there, which is fine, but don't get clear out of the picture, see.

Someone says: there is a passage that says: 'When the indignation has come you enter into a closet for a short moment until the indignation be passed. (Isaiah 26:20) But people don't know what this means, this is God's move against the indignation, when He pours out His judgment upon the enemy. When God starts to strike them down then you will see this, and you will just get out of the way and say: all right Father finish it up. But don't you think for one moment that the indignation means that the enemy is against you, this is just the sheer animosity of the evil, and you don't run from the field because of that. You don't even run from the field when the indignation is being cast down, you just don't want to get caught in the middle of it. Why get surfeited with that when you can step out of the way, see. And it says that there might be a short moment when you enter your closet while Archangels finish off those in the streets around you. There is some things you cannot always do, but there are a lot of preachers today who have a Holy Roller complex, and we aren't against Holy Rollers either, but we can say this without attacking anyone. They have a complex, the moment there is trouble they run right in and get down and start yakking with God, but He had known all about it, He knows what is in their hearts, and knows they are praying because they are scared of Christ, see. But they think this is religion, but the best the devil can put over is to get everyone in there and have them yelling at the top of their lungs to God. Telling Him what He already knows, knows more about than they do, and they just as well go to sleep because they are just wasting their time. Of course for some people the more they talk the better they feel about it, they have to get it off their chests, they have to tell someone. Most of the time I think God just lays the receiver down to one side and lets them talk on, because they don't bother all those centrals all the time, and when the light switches on that they have hung up then replace the receivers. Because you can't imagine a Super Intelligence having to listen to what He already knows. All the time what the spirit does is send spiritual flows of energy to quiet the consciousness, and direct it. God looks upon the ignorant and has mercy upon them, but the thing is these are the facets we must remember, this is our Fathers World, My Father is rich in wealth and land, He holds the silver, gold, rubies, and diamonds, for His treasuries are full. This old Hymn is an inspired one, this is His Universe, we are His children, and as we think so shall it be. So we can go out and move and create, or we can defeat ourselves. This is why I tell you that Social Security, old age pension programs based on the present status is not sound.

Now; there is a way in the structure of our society, for we have harnessed great dams, we have produced great electrification projects, and we did it with our tax money, and we are therefore going to take over the cost of this operation and use this tax money to run our government, or the money paid to run our electrical power by industry and by homes, we will run the government by this area of income and won't need Income Taxes because there is more money coming in from this energy we created with our own tax projects than it takes to run our government if it were run right. On the other hand we can say; we are going to divide the soul output over production of all energy and give it as a dividend to every citizen of the U.S. from the age of 50 or over. This is a dividend from the total capacities of a society, from its consumption and purchasing power. They don't have to live within this capacity, and rich as well as poor get it. But you still haven't removed the fact that these are entities of our society. If a person wants to work until they are 90 and he can do this, then he doesn't have to stop just because some union, or social order wants to ordain this. Some of the greatest areas of creative capacities of our society start at 65, they have experience, they have knowledge, of their background, and they are active and alert because they have learned this much. On the labor market they say you need Social Security because you are finished at 40 or 50 years of age. Or they come along and say that you should retire now, and go into a time of total leisure. Just go out and do nothing which is work, just anything that pleases you, just live for pleasure. There isn't anything wrong with this unless a person learns how to live with time and does not disintegrate. They have been set at a certain level and pitch, they back off from this and don't use it, and it becomes a disintegrating factor. They have to find a directive. This is the reason why the Kingdom is an all fulfilling picture and pattern, because as men move into areas of knowledge, even as they age, as they release themselves from their earning capacities, they are now throwing their energies into this thing as they see it, and they never grow old, they are still dynamic and active. We have to measure aging by energy output in a directive they are working for. And we can say that some people are old at 30, they don't have much output in any form, they are casualties in our society.

Again I tell you, it is important for you to realize, the world is mine, whether in ideas, with their services or with their finance, whether it is commodities for their use or whether services or with their finances, whether it is commodities for their use, or whether services supplied, therefore there is no man who should be so intellectually low in his thinking that he can't find something he can contribute or create, that the world will buy. Or some way to translate his services to something which the world will buy. So is your thinking doesn't include the fact that you have a total capacity, almost an untouched reservoir to meet any condition or situation, or to adapt to any situation, or process your way to the top of it, then this is the thing you must possess. To many get wiped out in depression, they said 'I can't make it anymore, things have gone to far.' I know one man who has made 4 fortunes, and he just finished the fourth one and lost it but will be starting on a fifth, and he will make it. But what a ball he had while he lost them. I only point this out because the man invested a lot of it in good causes, or what he thought was good causes, in Africa and in Asia and now he says that was a waste of money. But he had good experience, and he has now learned his enemy. But what I am pointing out is that this man is still a millionaire even though down to a few thousand, because he thinks like this. He knows how to put things together so he will get it back again.

Now; I tell you that the Social Welfare state is honey for Lucifer, and because of this it tries to get us to accept the fact that the state must become our protector, our provider. Then says: see, you really are protecting your parents, you made the state strong, you let them take care of it in an efficient dispersal, so everybody shares in it. So you see, the idea planted is let everybody share, isn't this better than letting everyone seek their own level?

But no, God says he puts enterprise and initiative upon enterprise, thrift and initiative, upon obedience to My Laws, by the structure of the household and the building of the order. Therefore if this is competitive then it is good because it stimulates people to say, we move out to establish this. At the same time, for the whole state to claim this is strange, for as we move out there we will see a great deterioration, not only in our own society but in all the world. It is already in progress, the thinking of our youth is so neutralized that you can watch them deteriorate. Then someone always says the youth are going to the dogs. Well, the dogs haven't gotten them yet, but they have taken an awful bite. I have never seen, you can remember your youth, if you could suddenly project back to 30 years ago, and if any of my companions acted like this 30 years age we would have had them in the nut house. But this wiggling called dancing it has effected them, this is Satanic Voodooism, a vibration of total evil that takes possession of people. It is so absorbent that the children of God even absorb a little. They can't quite adjust to this but they vibrate a little. This just goes to show you, that although people have always liked to have a good time, and some have danced, and I am not narrow mined so I am not going to call it good or evil. There is nothing wrong with the waltzes or dances with those patterns, nothing was wrong with old folk dances of our race in Scotland or other places. But what we are watching today is an attempt to pull us out of our culture, and throw us into the total vibration level of the enemy, of the lowest orders, and this depravity moves through people, and you learn to detest this beat.

Now; whether it is in my friends or my enemies, I am hyper-sensitive and I sense this, I can sense what they feel. Sometimes there is value with the gift of discernment, and there is times when it is a drawback, because you pick up their feelings and have to try to figure this out. This is why again, the more a preacher knows the more his burden is among all those every where. Because he knows what can injure, and he can feel it himself. But again, I tell you, this is the battle, this is what we must resist, and never forget our inheritance as we move into greater tomorrows. It is not to allow that which will injure to be integrated into us, but to resist this while we build into higher values.

Now; we are not talking to anybody specifically, we are talking to everybody here and on the tape circuit wherever it goes. Remember that you are sons of God, so why die like ordinary men? Shall you be enslaved by the enemy? You came here to occupy the earth, you came for a victory not defeat. In all these instances we are not about to be defeated. We should feel that we have fared much better than our master, "Shall a servant fare better than his master?" They hated him and despised him and we are told over here in the 6th, chapter of Matthew, "Shall a servant fare better than his master?" Even though they are war with you fear not. Remember when they persecute you in the cities then remember that ye shall not have gone over all the cities of Israel until the son of man comes. The disciple is not above His Master, the servant is not above HIS LORD. It is not enough for the disciple that he be as His master, and the servant as his Lord. I they call the master of the house evil remember that they called Jesus the devil. Well today they brainwash people who should know better, so they turn around and say that Jesus was Beelzebub. So if they call, the Master of the house, the devil then how much more are they going to call you--devils. Remember this, don't expect that the devil will give you lip service, nor will people who are not awake, who are in apathy, they will hurt you also, but don't let them bother you, just go right ahead and take over, they will come around when they see who is in power. "Fear not therefore because there is nothing covered which shall not be revealed, and nothing hid that shall not be known. For I tell you in the darkness, speak ye in Light, and what ye hear in the ear preach from the housetop." (Matthew 10:27) When you see a blight tell the world. I always thought that this was a great admonition upon the part of God. When you catch up with the enemies conspiracy instead of retreating in fear get up on the housetop and shout it to the world. Then what they have planned is known. Even anything God reveals to you prophetically shout it out so the whole race wakes up to it, feels it, and lives with it, and then the enemy will get mad. Even Captain Gates can't do anything which we don't know. We are talking about the super intelligence agent of the Los Angeles OGPU who has our phone tapped, so he says. Some people get a little concerned, but we aren't stroking any cats, remember this is our Father's World.

QUESTION:--Getting back to more or less to the other question concerning our Christian brethren, to who we are to turn the other cheek.


QUESTION:--Just how much, how long and how far is a Christian supposed to go along with a Christian brethren when you know they are hurting the cause, hurting the Kingdom, as you yourself said who can you trust?

ANSWER:--No, I said: don't let them get you down with this idea.

QUESTION:--Alright, when your own Christian brethren are doing this, what are you to do?

ANSWER:--You are to triumph over them.

QUESTION:--I know, what I would like to do, and in this I am beginning to feel wrong. I want to destroy my own Christian brothers, I am sorry.

ANSWER:--Remember this is going out over the whole nation.

QUESTION:--I know, but I can't help it.

ANSWER:--Well, lets evaluate this.

QUESTION:--Alright, but you said they were worse than the devil.

ANSWER:--I said they are a proselyte of Hell.

QUESTION:--Alright, a proselyte of Hell, a person of your own race who rejects these truths, a man of your own race who repudiates the Kingdom, rejects these truths, who will work on the staff of the enemy to destroy, and doesn't believe.

ANSWER:--Now wait a minute, we consider this person in the bracket of the enemy, and this is now, The Grace of God, it is his problem as far as this individual is concerned.

Now; we get problems in the structure of our society, people think wrong, they become emotionally disturbed, or individual animosities develop inside the Kingdom, but they remain believers, there are hostilities which buffet us but now we turn the other cheek, turn the cheek forgiving seven times seven for a person of our race. But when we deal with the enemy to hurt us from the outside then turn the cheek to that person once, then don't do it anymore. But don't haul this in as personal, there are people I know who become so neutralized by the enemy that they act like the enemy. I never used to have an enemy except on the outside of the ranks, but now I have enemies on the inside of the ranks, but I don't let them make me lose any sleep over that.

QUESTION:--How do you get over that, I want to know?

ANSWER:--Well, I will tell you this, there is a couple who come down from up by Santa Barbara. They have been totally taken over by a minister who has defected, totally. And now they come in between services and try to gather people out of our congregation.

QUESTION:--Is this an older couple?

ANSWER:--No, this is a younger couple, and these people spread the most evil, lying propaganda. We never see these people, but they operate out of a lying operation. I know these people think they are Christians, they are looking for the LORD to come, and all these prophetic things, but they have been taken over by this area of opposition.

Now; this angers me, but it doesn't rile me. But I also don't hate these people. I am disturbed, I am sorry they are mental captives. But not sorry to the point that I want to bring them in or get them to stay, see. I drop them unless they come to their senses. Then I come upon an individual who goes out and who demonstrate that they didn't have a deep spiritual value by their design to destroy by doing everything against you for their own gain. I put them on a farther out track of animosity. If they can hurt the Kingdom by this process, and are actually feeding information to the other side then I begin to put them in the same category with which you treat the enemy, see. But I have no hate animosity in my heart as though tearing up my inner nature. I look at this person as mentally sick, totally a casualty, but none the less dangerous and must be treated as such. The thing we have today is that emotion is the normal reaction, the response of the physically alive being in a sense body. And your soul consciousness reacts to the catalyzed electronic memories of injury until you get furious. We can all get furious at times, but if you let this fury rise up until it hurts you more than it does them then you only hurt yourself, see. So you have to calm this, the thing to do is learn the catalyst of spiritual energy, and this is also true, truth is far more important than anything else. The constant energy of the Light pattern of the spirit flows through the race, passes through both sexes, consummates itself in a continual continuity of life, due to the make up organically, and the nervous system. A woman is far more sensitive to areas of disturbance than a man is. A man can get very much disturbed, but his anger moves coolly and he can throw it off, and it does not stir him up from day to day. It has to be a fresh encounter, and then he is more cool after that stirring. But he may be more dangerous and more calculating as he strikes back. A woman's nervous system rises up to a high emotional pitch, and it stays turbulent, unless it is coordinated with a spiritual force to temper it moves back on the adversary, and it does more to the individual than it does to the enemy. So if the enemy can keep you all stirred up and make you unhappy, disturbed and pressured then this wins for him a victory. And this enemy can also be a captive, some are that I am thinking of, even enemies of the inner circle of the activities, they are captives already, and some I think are mentally deranged, and some people are also impacted.

Now; I am going to say this very frankly, there are various things which effect the emotions, cause you to resist. One of the things which limits the emotions to resist are narcotics, excessive alcohol, and areas of drugs, and by these drugs I mean the pain killers like Aspirin and so forth, not deep narcotics. Actually what these things do, they temporarily satisfy and when they cease these functions they have left the nerves ragged, or dull, and they leave the individual more disturbed.

Now; there may be many people who will disagree with what I am saying; and we are not trying to be iron cast puritanical, "Let no man judge you by what you eat or drink". And we are not going by what Paul said to Timothy, that you should take some wine, just water alone is not good, because it was good for him. We are not just saying that a glass of beer bothers anyone. We aren't saying that it does or does not effect an individual regardless of what they eat or drink. But this I will say: the tolerance level as far as the nerves are concerned is much lower than people think. This is one factor and these patterns effect them. I think right now, in fact I know, and you might happen to know one of those who has by the defect, created waves of trouble, stirs the catalyst of it and feed in the wrong area.

Alright, but their high alcohol intake has already destroyed some areas of their mental capacities. So therefore they are already a casualty to this thing. I have witnessed whole areas of intemperance, and one could not counsel them, they would not take pastoral advice because they thought they knew more than anyone else, but I have watched these factors destroy.

Now ; remember that this individual in this body is very highly sensitive mechanism, this body is highly sensitive, it is chemically balanced and energy wise. And the soul consciousness within it has to use this instrument. If the instrument is defective the soul consciousness is working with a defective instrument. The only thing that can repair it spiritual repairs, and it can only adjust with spiritual adjustment. Therefore we say this, the enemy impact hits us all, the more a persons emotion has a tendency to move the more they are disturbed. Some women get an intense depression, others an intense anger, and men get this also to a lesser degree, but this is all a part of the warfare.

Never let it get to you until you lift your hands and scream. Never let it get to the point until you say, who can you trust? I never say this although we have been infiltrated from time to time, I realize that we may be betrayed. I would rather make the mistake of trusting one person further than I should, than to have to be so worried about not trusting anybody that I never did anything.

QUESTION:--I knew that but I think you misunderstand me.

ANSWER:--No, I do not misunderstand you at all, I am just going to the other end of it, say who do you trust. The fact is that I have no problem with this. Lets admit we don't always follow discernment, I am not just talking about emotional disturbances, and people talking about the fact, for instance, I have admitted making brick without straw. I went along six years ago with a man who seemed so active in wanting to fight for the Kingdom. Even though sometimes there was something that did not quite ring true, I still accepted him, and let him slide by. I will be frank, I admitted him into a circle of friends, and tried to work with this individual while all the time there was something which I said was wrong, that this could even be a trap, that this could be even military intelligence working against the patriot. And then I would approach this from another angle and say, no this is just a deranged mind. I have watched this and I should have cut it off before it ever got that far, I should have cut off this persons activities, no matter what he went into, for we were just making bricks without straws, see. And we were hoping things would be better as he got a better grasp of the message then things might be better. But there are people who are even to far gone as casualties to their own ego, they are to subject to those conditions so let them fall back into some other job which they will want to do.

There is something one must learn as you ask me, how do we over come this things what do we do? We fight the enemy on the outside, we fight one of our race when they are working with the enemy, and we fight for total victory. We will not discuss how we fight, so as not to give to much information to the enemy. We fight on a spiritual level, we fight with truth, we fight to awaken people, and if we have to we fight to defend our lives, and continually we must realize who we are, and what we are a part of, and that we are going to triumph. We must also remember this, that most of the things which stir you and me normally is our own, and this is the area where as it hits against us, this hurts our feelings, hurts us all. But this is the very thing we should not be disturbed about, but rather be disturbed when they hurt the cause. Because look, they said everything about Jesus, and even his disciples forsook HIM. And the enemy went out and talked and there was not one evil, vile thing but what they said it about Jesus, not one thing. There is nothing then that they could say about you or I than what they have gone further in as they spoke about Jesus. So HE said: they do this to me, and they will do it to you, but don't let them destroy you, don't let them disturb you so much. If they can keep you in a total mental uproar then they can limit your ability.

QUESTION:--This is not a matter of personal feeling, I could care less what people say--

ANSWER:--Then you have advanced further than I have.

QUESTION:--Now come on, the thing which gets me is when the message of the Kingdom is spread, then this is what we are here for, personal things and slander, as far as I am concerned I don't care.

ANSWER:--But listen, I have watched this thing from Florida north, from east to west, but remember they cannot whip the Kingdom, it is to big. Every time they knock out one then two comes back.

QUESTION:--Well, are we to pray for these characters?

ANSWER:--Oh, I am not wasting my time praying for the world. Jesus said: 'I do not pray for the world, I pray for those the spirit gave me.' But ever once in awhile I find myself praying for captured, numbed minds. But no, you don't have to feel a deep over shadowing, a gathering of them like a hen would her chickens.

QUESTION:--I don't want to really have anything to do with them. But we have been taught that they are our brethren and we should do a certain amount. But sometimes I think I am praying for the wrong thing.

ANSWER:--Well, in the areas of prayer, I don't approach to far in that area, for these rascals, except to bind them. I know that God knows all about them, and if I knew as much as He does then I probably wouldn't go as far as I do. I would stop them at the gate, or cut them off at the pass so to speak. Actually when the enemy does these things he has to hold up a good image, or he can't get ahead with good people. Then he has to knock down what he spiked, then the survival and the accomplishment of 'the Right' the ones who only approached because they thought this was good, then they come right back. I will tell you this, a traveling vessel when like a whirlwind through the neighboring states, he was a traveling vessel of hate, and he kind of surfeited and knocked down people, but the tapes just kept rolling right along. Now we are getting letters back, we couldn't live without the tapes just keep them rolling along. This is the areas of our spiritual leadership, this is where we get our advice. So these people who new negated in that attack, over 50% of them are already back. So as this rolls along then the enemy is really not accomplishing anything, but the enemy makes a prophecy, this is the end, you are to be destroyed, but there is no end, for you are getting bigger and bigger, the Kingdom goes on and on and the enemy is being defeated.

I was in Riverside last night, and I found out that in Ontario, a whole area of the circuit was neutralized by a vicious lie of a woman, who all the time lies to her friends saying they are still for what we believe, and stand for. And yet they are out there trying to destroy by telling a 100% lie to keep them away from the meetings. Not only that but she has been saying: 'Dr. Swift thinks you are all fools, and hates you all.' This person knows this is total lies, then what happens? Out of that every household one person comes back and he said: 'Dr. Swift everything is happening just like the tapes say, and I want you to know why they are not here.' My mouth dropped open with amazement and I said: 'I knew that they defected, but I did not know it was like this, and of course this is a 100% lies, so a lying nature is behind a nice applicable smile at times.

Now; irrespective of the hypocrisy of this person, irrespective of what the previous situation may be, this was a total design to destroy as much as they could in the whole Riverside Area. And they had even defect defected people out of the Christian Defense League as well. But the room was full last night, every chair they had vacated already was full of new people. And knowing what has happened then let the chips fall where they may, for we will get back most of those people. There won't be many people who will become neutralized by a person who has become a Witch, or is totally captive to an evil desire to destroy. Because the shepherd had a certain responsibility to people being neutralized by something like this. Had I not experienced a nation wide attempt to destroy the truth, totally baseless, I might have had impact from a community attempt, but I carry on. Oxnard, Riverside, they aren't going to capture these areas, they have already neutralized some of these areas, and the people sit at home, they want to be there but they can't come, they live in fear, they have been told a lie. But remember that this is how Lucifer fights, but it has been done all through history, they did it to Moses, to Joshua, they murmured and they lied and confused. They did it to Jesus and to the Apostles, and they continue this today. When the enemy can capture the intellect on the inside, then he has gained what is more unstable to him. So again you forgive this enemy of our own race. I look upon them as totally mentally sick, so don't permit them to destroy when you have a way to put a block on this. We are in a battle for survival, and fortunately for our enemies they are from those we can identify, they are from the Jews, and the non-Christians, and of course they out numbered us in the world 6 to 1, but we are still on top in mastership in most plains.

Now; remember that we have a heavy struggle ahead of us. If I let my mind dwell on the areas of neutralized Christians, proselytes too much we would never be able to get anywhere. I have been disturbed by it when I thought I couldn't get up and speak within an hour, but then I had to pull myself together and say: look the Kingdom does not surrender, the sons of God have a responsibility, we are at the top, and I bring myself back up and by the time the Bible Study is under way, it doesn't matter what has happened. As to your question, I am not answering it as a personal question because of all these factors, but on a national level. We are at the strongest testing time we have ever had, where in the attempt to deflect, the attempt to destroy inside and outside, in churches and all over, this is when it reaches its peak, this is when the devil puts out the most effort. And I have reached the point, even though it still hurts, but I have had to write everyone off, I would still fight on because there wouldn't be anything else to do.

Now; I have absolute confidence in everyone around me and if I didn't I would keep them, see. But that doesn't mean everyone who comes and goes, or who has bugs in this place, see. We know that the enemy has come into this place, they come as government is surrounded by a communist fifth column trying to take over your nation, when all the law enforcement agencies have been infiltrated, when they have set up organizations, not in keeping with your constitution, with your rights and privileges, then we know that we have a technical and legal police problem. At every level we have a problem, so alright we expect this, but the end of that is near. It may be a little longer in transition, it may take several years, or several months, but whether it condenses or expands we must think of complete victory.

You must not let fear of reprisal by the state stop your thinking, because if they can give you state fear then even the state has to move softly. You have to have public opinion if they go to fast beyond the law, and public opinion then they will be in trouble. So don't be neutralized, there will not be another day like this do think victory.

I can say this, that out of some of the most trying experiences, then God starts to pour in an area of truth until it becomes so exhilarating that you feel good in the midst of it all, and you feel yourself charged with more power, and you rise above it and are stronger than before, each time you rise above it you are stronger than you were before. So just remember that there is no attack of the enemy stronger than you are able to bear. So God has already evaluated that you are going to make it. If he hadn't planned for you to make it, then you wouldn't be in the spot where you could witness this. At the same time if they move against you, then we do battle for you. If they attack we counter attack, if they seek to knock down our structure we set it back up. The most important aspect the Kingdom can have, irrespective of these little breakdowns we see now and then, the most important thing the Kingdom has going for it is, UNBREAKABLE LAW.