03-11-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Before we take questions tonight, there are some rather significant and startling things which transpired, and sometimes information gets out which the enemy thinks it has suppressed nothing which more clearly identifies 'Mystery Babylon,' or forces behind it than their actions. And when you identify them with actions and influences in areas of your government have identification. Here of course in the scriptures you will note that Mystery Babylon is the Mother of Harlots, the abominations of the earth. And therefore in this declaration the Angel cries out against Babylon the Great saying:---"She is fallen, is fallen." This is the beginning of the prophetic chapter on the fall of Babylon. And this "Mystery Babylon" is the habitation of all devils, every foul spirit, and a cage of every hateful and unclean bird. Thus it is that the identification which the Christ gives to John as to the order of Babylon, the symbol of its economic, political, and social administration which is made up of every unclean and hateful spirit is quite clear. It is made up of every foul and evil devil, and every unclean bird symbolized as a bird such as a vulture which hangs around to prey on death.

Now; in this declaration then YAHWEH said that all nations have been forced to drink some of the wine of her fornication. And the kings of earth have committed fornication with this Mystery Babylon. And the merchants of earth have waxed great thru her delicacies, and her power. Thus we have here the sordid pattern of moral depravity and degeneracy of the delicacies of "Mystery Babylon" by which she ensnares politicians, by which she gains control over rulers and kings of the earth. Under this process then YAHWEH-YAHSHUA condemns it and refers to its utter destruction. And of course in the last verse of this chapter which you are familiar with from other studies, then HE identifies the rulers of this Mystery Babylon as the powerful merchants of the earth who have deceived all nations with their sorceries, and who are responsible for the blood of all the Prophets and all the Saints who were slain upon the earth. Thus does not only this chapter open with a demonstration of their moral degenerate depravity, and of their design for economical, political, and social control, but it outlines within its outline, their manipulations to gain control of all areas of the Labor unions, and of crafts, and to seek to control all areas of commerce and of trade. At the same time he refers to it as the virtual whore-master of all the evil upon the face of the earth.

Now;--Jesus identifies them as Jewry , totally and complete. And if you go into the books of Matthew and John you will note that there is a clear outline of this matter. That these generations of the Serpent, and the Viper who He had just referred to as Shammai Pharisee (false Pharisee ), and scribes who were the generations of the Serpent ---Or the Luciferian Kingdom, He said they were responsible for all the righteous blood slain upon the earth from Abel to Zachariah between the horns of the altar. Then He even added that they would also be responsible for all the rest who would be slain upon the earth Thus here in the scriptures we have the identification that the Jews are responsible for the massacre of the Saints , and all the prophets, of all the slain upon the face of the earth. We come to the end of the 18th., chapter of Revelation, and Jesus says;--those who are of Mystery Babylon , are the ones guilty of all the righteous slain upon the face of the earth.---Who are they?--Well they are thy Merchants, identifying them as Jewry, Merchants all over the world with International commerce and trade which seeks to deceive all nations.

Then --He says; that the population of Mystery Babylon is made up of every Devil, and is the hold of every foul spirit. Jesus already in the book of John identified them as the offspring of Lucifer, who was the major devil, and then in the sixth chapter of John identifies them again with Judas of Iscariot.

The reason I am pointing this out is that "Mystery Babylon" is the mother of all the immorality and corruption on this earth, all pagan religions, and is even seeking to engulf the kingdom. But YAHWEH is saying ---'Come out of her oh, my people, be not partaker of her sins, lest ye receive of her plagues. Now; I have something rather interesting here for this has not been given National attention, but we will see that it has when we expose it this next week on our broadcast.---Listen --(quote) It can never be said that Uncle Sam has left any stone unturned in trying to win friendship with the dashing--dictator--President --Sukarno of Indonesia. Altho not all the efforts have been successful, for this left wing ruler of that former Dutch colony is busy launching Russian supplied air craft missiles forth, seeking to make war with Malaysia, and to drive out all the remaining western European influence from that area of the Pacific. The United states continues to subsidize this nation and so forth (unquote)----Remember when Mr. Sukarno made his visit to the United States the Red Carpet treatment was rolled out for him, and I want you to know what was requested, what the State Department did to secure his 'goodwill'. The State Department of Indonesia said that if the United States wanted to realize the 'goodwill' of Sukarno, and wanted to negotiate with him then they must entertain him in a manner fitting and suitable to him. Therefore they requested that the U.S. Department of State supply an Aryan blond, a redhead, and a brunette prostitute of the upper elite class who would not only entertain him, but sleep with him, and travel with him all over these United States. So the U.S. Government became procurer master--pimp, and supplied thru our State Department these three Elite call girls who traveled with Mr. Sukarno. And the U.S. government therefore committed a total felony which is a violation of what is known as the Mann Act--which makes it a felony to transport any woman across state lines for immoral practices. But our State Department supplied these Call Girls for this Indonesian Dictator, and we became in business as a nation--in the fulfillment of Mystery Babylon, the mother of harlots with whom the rulers of earth commit fornication, and sells her delicacies which in turn we do these things to win favor from a Communist Prince.

Now; if there is any possible disgrace greater than those of the Kennedy family-----committed with the whores of Brazil to the embarrassment of our Ambassador, this of course being a family problem, then to institute under their influence, and under the influence of Mr. Rusk in the State Department in violation of every law of the United Sates on the areas of morals----technically they should immediately release ever one in prison prosecuted on the 'Mann Act'. They should prosecute Mr. Rusk and denounce Mr. Kennedy posthumous because of this instance of transporting women to win the doubtful appreciation of Communist of a Communist Dictator. How far down can you go, how far down can a nation get? And yet the average American does not know anything about this, or there wouldn't be a church in the country which wouldn't be forced to come out and denounce this type of degenerate depravity in the name of the U.S. Government. I have here a full report of this matter, saying we have supplied the Aryan, Nordic type, the Brunette, Latin type, and the American red head Call girls that were asked for. These girls were selected for their Grace, and Finesse, and they became the bed partners for Sukarno as they traveled over the United States, and I think this degeneracy should be followed up with a total explosion. We will whip across the nation next week and we ought to get a little reaction----to clean up the State Department.

QUESTION;--What about this --Genesis 1;1 --could you explain?

ANSWER;; We answered this a few nights ago, we went over this, and then into the areas of Creation, and it is on tape. But what areas of this question is bothering you?

QUESTIONER: ;--What about this plural ---"Let us"?

ANSWER;--I am amazed--one person in the last 24 hours dug up this question, and how it got scattered so fast I do not know. the only factor is this;---in the first chapter of Genesis where it says;--'Let us make man in our own image ---and YAHWEH said unto the Elohim --'Let us make man in our own shape and form'. This is the creation of man, but over here where it refers to us (Adamites) it is only talking about creation in this solar system, for this is all this bible is concerned with. This has nothing to do with the existence of the sidereal systems which existed thru out eternity, because you do not have any beginning with God here, you have only a beginning with a specific creation. There has never been a period of time when God has not been existent . Nor was there ever a time when He hung on nothing for thousands and millions o years. He has always been creating the next creations which had already been formed. And there has never been a time when there was a beginning with God. There has only been beginning for some specific event and cause. The original Hebrew clarifies this, later Hebrew, and the King James translations mutate this until things are not quite clear, but when He said:---"let us '--he was talking to his family, and he meant you, because you having been begotten before the world was framed, having existed with the father before the Solar system was formed ----are Elohim.

In the book of Ephesians you are told that you existed in the bosom of the father before the world was framed. And thus YAHWEH therefore like a father was speaking to his family, consulting with them, and telling them what He proposed doing, and He said:---"Let us do this , and then we find that the word EL is the Impersonal name for god, but YAHWEH is his name. YAH is Eternal---Almighty Eternal --thus the word Mighty EL is an impersonal word. And Elohim are his offspring, as you have been told in the 82nd., Psalm---" Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of YAHWEH.' It is translated as;--"Ye are Gods and all of you are the children of God" There is no other race of people on the face of the earth today that are Elohim. You are the Celestial children-----oh, your physical bodies are not Elohim, but in the 82nd., Psalm it says:---'Why do you die like men, and fall like the Princes of men?' In other words you carry the vestige of immortality, so Rise and Conquer , that is the instructions.

But going back to this book of Genesis you will note that one person thought he had a hold of something, an undeveloped theologian, having gotten a hold of his ear, and thought he would throw a little twist in this camp. But we have gone over this so many times in the discussions of this subject that we were ready for this.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth--this word heaven is the firmament, the immediate atmospheric level of stratosphere which surrounds our earth. this is talking about our solar systems and the earth creation. The earth was 'without form and void' was a long dispensation of events between the first and second verse of 'Genesis I'. The fourth chapter of Jeremiah proves this for Jeremiah saw the earth without form and becoming void, and darkness was on the face of the deep. He said:--I saw the great catastrophe which swept away the cities, and left the fruitful places broken down. I saw wilderness swallow up cities, and no longer could you hear the voices of the soldiers, or the civilization, why? because they were all swept away. This is speaking of the ancient area of catastrophe which was involved in the first upheaval of the warfare of Luciferian the Milky Way long before his defeat. And in the struggle between him and Michael the Archangel the vestige of that civilization was even crushed, and whole continents were submerged in one of THE ancient prehistoric catastrophes. Then in the areas or recreation which starts in the Book of Genesis this takes place when YAHWEH said; ---'Let us make man '---Lets do this, and lets do that, at the end of this recreation which proves that you are lots older than you think, then that was when YAHWEH said unto the Elohim, 'Let us make man in our own image, and after our own likeness, or in a form like unto us.'

Then on the seventh day --after another cycle of thousands of years and migrations, and we have a clear pattern of over a million years of this migration , we have 600,000 years of the Torog man and his history of migrations. Therefore up to the sixth day--up to the time of Adam--was at least 600,000 years at the very shortest period, then we find that YAHWEH said; ----'There was not a man to till the soil'. So YAHWEH planted a garden eastward in Eden and brought forth his own issue---Bara -- and then Eve--woman was taken from Audaum because YAHWEH would not permit Adam to intermingle with any of the other races of earth. In order that his posterity might be true spirit and body in the flesh then HE said he took Audaum and put him to sleep and took Wo-man out of Audaum so that they might be one flesh. Then he forbade them to partake of this tree with the knowledge of Good and Evil. of all the trees of the Garden for fruit they were to eat, but of this racial tree which knew both good and evil they were not to mingle with it.

I bring this out because this covers millions of years, and Moses writing about it uses just a few chapters and then spends the rest of the first five books of the bible telling about events in his own lifetime.

But again I want you to know that when it refers to Elohim it is referring to you as a spiritual being. And the other day someone comes along and makes a statement that it was quite possible that the Elohim created the heavens and the earth because the word used for God is Elohim. But this is only because in the work of the Jews, in the chapters translated into the Septuagint in its later form as they did in the Greek in the New Testament before the King James version ---they changed it. I can show you this very quickly in a way that there is never any possibility for anyone to ever argue that the children of God, or that a multitude of people built or created the earth.

In the book of Colossians as it talks about the image of the invisible God, which is the body of the man Christ Jesus, the Apostle Paul said;---'All things were made by him, and without Him was not anything made. He was before all things, and by Him all things consist.' Now; this affidavit by the apostle Paul after his heavenly experience, after he wads carried into the heavens was also supported by the experiences of Enoch who clearly sites that the Eternal YAHWEH MADE ALL OF THE UNIVERSE, AND ALL THAT IS THEREIN. AND THAT NOW HE WAS PLANNING ON THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE Universe, by HIS MANY ELOHIM (sons) who would be raised by the full understanding of experience. For this cause having isolated all evil in earth, their experience was going to qualify them for an understanding of experimental perception, for the ruling of the Universe.

Now; since the word is 'Let us' it was the consultation of YAHWEH, God with his Elohim--children, but the actual work of imparting the energy of creating, and shaping and forming was done by the embodiment of YAHWEH who was none other than the man Christ Jesus. The Apostle Paul said; --'All things were made by him and without him was not anything made.

QUESTION; Can you tell us anything about the Lemurians of Mount Shasta?

ANSWER;--I am not a talking acquaintance with thee Lemurians of Mount Shasta , but mind you, I am a true believe, I am not a skeptic. This may seem rather strange but the oldest piece of North America is right here in California. Just east of the High Sierras is what is known as the Alabama range of mountains. Those are those little rounded off hills that start down by Lone Pine, and they run all of the way up to Mansanard. So from there south is what is known as the oldest land in the United states.

Now; in the White mountains up what is known as Wyman canyon, over one-half way up you turn off to the left and you have Permian Pigmite, or you have what is the oldest mountains in this type of formation existing in the United States. So the two oldest areas of material which can be found geologically, even the oldest of Permian formation, are found there in the Owens valley area. Then in the areas of remaining Permian material, out by Trinidad---standing out in the ocean you will see strange dovermans of rock, standing out in the water. So up by Trinidad, and down to Arcadia, and to Eureka as you go along the coast you will notice, by Big lagoon and other places, these massive rocks, and they are part of that formation altho they are gradually changing. They are wearing thru the years, but these are similar in formation to what we have here in the Alabama range.

Then the continental shelf of California is a part of the remaining continent of Mu, the land bridge extended over vast depths of ocean, and even now the ocean is almost two miles deep inland as at San Juan Batista in that Area. Avenues of the ocean goes all the way back under the land, and back to San Juan Batista in that area. Avenues of the ocean go deep underneath even to the mountain range called the second coastal range, and goes almost to Visalia, and the Sierra Range showing that even part of that land is superimposed. Thus this area from Capitola, and all the way south to past Monterey , is undermined, and then you shift to solid formation which extends south all the way under Carmel, and south to San Simeon with a small inland inundation going under the mountain in the ares of Morrow Rock and the Bay. Then you have solid formation again, then you come on down toward Malibu and the ocean goes deep under the land formation, and as the mountain chain swings off at Santa Barbara, it runs behind Ventura, and connects over here the other side of Vincent, and then forms the Sierra Madre range which extends over to the San Bernardino mountains, thus you have that as the first major firm formation shelf. Everything, the other side of the Sierra Madres out to the ocean is a part of the old Lemurian shelf. And in the great shaking and catastrophes which even the Bible refers to, and in the final stages of this, in the days of Peleg when the final division took place in the Bering Straits, and the last bridges disappeared with subsidence of land into the Pacific, at that time that shelf had its last breaking off. In other words for hundreds of miles out into the Pacific ocean land broke off and subsided. So how deep did it sink? the ocean is over two miles deep at Monterey Bay. So that portion of the shelf which broke off then went down over two miles. Then under the Pacific Palisades, and all the way down until you hit a sandstone over a granite formation with high ridges and ribs, this takes place just this side of Dana Point--then up from Dana point--Seal Beach, all the way to Long Beach and all the way up to Malibu the ocean is underneath a great shelf. There are places where the shelf is two to four thousand feed deep, but under that is a mile and one-half of surging ocean. The fact is that there are places where there is only a matter of a few hundred feet of land, and then there is ocean. There are ribs, and in between the ribs are these shelves.

Now; as I talk about this---Lemuria experienced in the days of Peleg, which is within the history of the Adamic race---within that period of 5400 years before the Christ---we would think about 400 years after Adam's exodus out of the garden, there was a great astronomical impact caused by Venus in one of her occasional passes at the earth long before she became a fixed planet in our solar system, and in this tremendous upheaval and shaking, the last of Lemurian shelf which broke off---down it went at this time. And the separation in the Bering Strait and other areas like around Gibraltar in that subsidence of the last of Atlantis which remained above the sea, including some land north of Hegoland---also went down in the European area.

Now; there were Lemurians existing even on the remnant of the shelf that went down-----in the area of the land that was sinking,--- and they went into the Trinity Alps. This is by tradition, and there is supposed to be four spots in the earth called the entrances and exits to the inner cave systems and the Netherworld. And this area was used interchangeably in the days of the Lemurians. This is discussed by traditions, and we get this from the later Incas, and from the old Indian legends of California, and from certain areas of theological precepts. But God was supposed to have placed watchers over the entrances having bottled up the fallen Angel spirits, who did not keep their first estate, but who started mongrelizing and sowing their evil seed in the earth. Thus they were bottled up in the Netherworld, and all entrances were then guarded by Watcher Angels. This is the reason why in the book of Jude that it talks about the fact that some of these fallen Angels did not keep their first estate, and were to be kept in chains of darkness, or in the inner Netherworld. And the Watcher Angels kept them imprisoned in there. You will note in the writing of Enoch and in areas of the Apocrypha books today, that they talk about these watchers who helped to hold them in.

Now; there are areas of the Netherworld wherein you could not hold them---for the type of spiritual beings like Lucifer, ever tho fallen in earth in body, still had access to come and go. And so did many of his follower spirits. But their process of occupying the earth required physical bodies to inhabit. Thus the progeny of these unassimalatable children forming Jewry of today is one of the processes of their operation. Plus the fact that the progression of the races fallen to them, they secured the cycles of return out of which of course we get the philosophy of Reincarnation which is Asiatic theology and has nothing to do with white men of the Adamic race. Under this same instance therefore the Lemurians had fallen under this Luciferian force. But before this the Lemurians had always dwelt on the outside of the earth like the Incas. But there was a people who were smaller in stature who were the Gnomes of earth. And they served the Luciferian forces in the Netherworld. The word used for them today since the Shafer Mystery, produced and distributed by Roy Palmer, is the---Deero. But the Deero is just a coined word of late times for a smaller people who dwelt in inner earth and who were a part of a Luciferian society. And remember in the days of The Christ, when He was crucified, He then descended into the Netherworld and preached to the spirits of the children of Adam's race who had a separate place there from the dwelling place of the forces of darkness----these forces of Lucifer. Then there was a confining area which was once the symbol of all dwelling places and this was Paradise. But a gulf divided this from the sons of Adam, and further divided it from the forces of Lucifer. Great gulfs divided these areas which meant uncrossable gulfs divided the area as far as beings were concerned. And they were limited by some area of force. After the resurrection of The Christ, then you are told that Sheol, or the place of the departed was enlarged, because no longer was any of the spirits of Adam's race on the inside of the Netherworld. No longer---never again---does any Celestial Adamic being go into the Netherworld, or Hell, if you like the word. No longer are they held under Lucifer's power of death. This being true, the occupancy of the Kingdom of darkness in the Netherworld was expanded.

Now; we are told that around Mount Shasta---somewhere in its forests, is one of the 'Watcher's' spots, and another one is in the Gobi Desert. Another is in the Carpatheans in Europe. these are entrances and exits to criminal Angels who were bottled up, and over them was placed 'Watchers'. But there was also layers of caves, and subterranean spots within the earths surface. And the legend is that the Lemurians feared the coming of the Adamites. And after the Adamites came upon the earth, because they carried the Light, the illumination of a son and daughter of God---until the violation of the Divine Law---they were afraid. But this aura was lost as Adam and Eve violated the Divine Law. But the word came thru the communication system of earth that the Adamites were here. And we are told that the Lemurians have been living in caves underground ever since the white occupation of North America. Also remember it was the Incas who disappeared in great numbers, into the cavern systems of South America in the Andes mountains. And today under a Luciferian combine---a remnant of an ancient society still carries on its existence.

Now; one cannot say positively that this is true. But there is much information, much material. But we don't have time in these discussions tonight to go into all areas. But these Lemurians would be a part of an early civilization which came under Luciferian forces, and whose punishment sank their continent. Today they are not under the service of the white man. They are still under the Darkness.

Under the early Wisdom schools of our race, like those established by Enoch and Job, there were many areas of Wisdom taught by them. In fact many of the secrets of Enoch involved the stories of the ancient races. And these things were then understood. The first Masters of the Rose Cross long before the degenerate and pagan society of Rosicrucian,---before it degenerated into what it is today---before that it was a Great White Mystery School of Knowledge. The enemy as it reduced this Mystery school, also joined the Master Builders school with its spiritual and scientific wisdom. And in this way they penetrated all areas of Masonry except areas of the Blue Lodge, and the secret company of the Light Carriers. Oh, they sought also to negate this tho it had served its purpose in its time. Thus they have sought even to mutate the areas of its symbolism. I think it most significant that this whole strategy has been one of sealing off areas of information. We have what has been known, and has been mysteriously referred to as the Elementals. And the Elementals are the basic formation in earth in which consciousness existed in forms and beings.

Now; of course we only see things in the visible plane of our physical dimension with the natural eye, therefore we look for things only in this plane. But there are creatures so synthesized with the areas of atmosphere that they are as transparent as the elements of the air, not visible to the eye. So we have these things known in two ways. They are referred to sometimes as the Silts of the Air. And these Silts are identifiable. In this instance then the Silts are the invisible forces of the air, of the Satanic line. They could sometimes make themselves visible as far as audio frequency was concerned. Sometimes they could step up, or change their vibrations until visible to human beings. Thus this tradition is woven into the Iliad and the Odyssey. They were the deceivers which sought to trap ships and men.

Then there was a counter action to this, and they are known as Fairies. They having been, in tradition, --however the old word used is in a different field,---and they were the beings which counteracted the evil invisible forces of the air. This then is also the tradition of little people, and fairies who worked for good. And this tradition did exist.

Now; the dwellers in earth are those who dwell in caves or caverns on the outer side of the earth. The outer forces being, supposed the degenerate Deero, were referred to as Gnomes. These Gnomes, committed to evil and transgression, lived in the earth and would appear in the forests and out of the caves and caverns where as their counter action would be the Dwarfs. But the Dwarfs would be in league with what we call Fairies. So is there any truth to this? Well, this is the background of old tradition, the Elementals. There was the tradition that there were those who could dwell in the fire, and these were called salamanders when they were evil, and Seraphim when good. And the Bible does say:--I make some of my administering spirit Seraphim, or dwellers in the fire. They could dwell in a blazing sun and find it completely compatible because there was no element in his Celestial of Light body which was in any way effected by its dimension. The Salamander was a rebellious Seraphim who operated for the Luciferian Kingdom.

Then in earth we have the Rephaim. And these are dwellers in the waters of the Luciferian Kingdom, and are somewhat mutation. Where as, therefore, there are also Nymphs who were the counterpart out of Celestial lines,--counter to the Rephaim who were a Satanic mutation---DWELLERS OF THE DEEP----Who dwelt in the dimension of the depth of the sea. And they definitely are existent beings out of which also some of the visible one of the Rephaim have been seen from time to time. The Mermaids are a mutation between the Rephaim and the fish. The fact remains that since they did not keep their first estate that there is little doubt that some of them existed. And their existence was more a part of antiquity than today,--alto there may be some still existing.

This is all a part of those very strange things. Remember when we had one of our Ambassadors over on the shore of the Black Sea in the days of Stalin.?? We, of course, had all our diplomats staying there,---which was the summer palace for Stalin - of course. But this Ambassador had insomnia and one night he got up and sat on his porch and then walked on the beach. And he saw a strange group of people---beings who came walking up out of the sea. And they walked on up with the slime and ooze dripping from them-- and walked right into the summer palace of Stalin. The Ambassador awoke others and they followed them up to Stalin's summer palace, and they waited and watched. He said these creatures finally emerged, and they were sort of hobgoblin creatures as tho half frog. This was before W.W.II when the use of skin divers with their strange flippers and suits were first seen. This was not like men in diving suits, for these creatures just walked down into the ocean and disappeared. The next day in going into the summer palace of Stalin, our Ambassador discovered the slime and ooze still on the floor, and on into the council chambers of Stalin. I think this was Ambassador Bullitt. But in the course of spending his time there, our Ambassador said there was no doubt that there was a link between the monsters of the deep and Stalin. But they would question his sanity if he told the government about these monsters of the deep, consorting with the masters of the Kremlin. Again these are of the elemental forces, and thus you note that you have---air, water, fire and earth. So you have the Elementals which the occult groups know so well. Remember there is Spiritual as well as Negative forces in these realms around us. We have no cognition of them generally because the modern sophisticated man has not been aware of the knowledge of the things related to the past.

Serving the areas of present Lemurians was supposedly areas of negation among the elemental. Curbing them has been Celestial still responsible existent Elementala. Thus it is, you are surrounded by a great Cloud of Witnesses. But it is that these Spiritual forces on the side of 'Right' battle constantly these negation forces, less they seek to influence earth and create whole areas of mental unrest. It seems that within the strategies of Lucifer that the forces of Elementals have the capacity to create mental distress. Or by the vibrations accompanied by evil and temptation---this they do. So it is the responsibility of Guardian Angels to counteract this force. Not all angels are of the high winged type, as people think of them. For there are many types of them. Thus the righteous elementals war for you all the time---battle in every plane---every dimension---. And are almost invisible guardian Angels for the Kingdom.

Now; your question concerning Lemurians--Mt. Shasta has a unique situation because we have the cities of Weed, and Dunsmure there. And into these cities has come-on and off for a known 100 years of history----white bearded men that were some what ruddy in completion, but who would be wearing togas and garments much like the Roman age. They would always trade or exchange nuggets of gold or silver, or gems for groceries. And when people tried to follow them, they always disappeared in the mountains around Mt. Shasta. I know---I have talked to these store keepers who have done business with these people. And they say that these people talked a very cultured language. They speak our language fluently, but they have a language not known to us. And when two of them are together, they will be speaking a language you cannot understand. And then they will turn and talk perfect English to our race. But the fact is that they do disappear in that area. And I don't want to go into areas of supposition beyond this. I have books and documented material which contains reports from competent observers on this matter. But I personally cannot give any authority to all this. Personally I know a couple of people who seek to impress people with their knowledge and supposedly gone up there. And they are ministers. And they came back to tell me a far fetched tale of what transpired. And something witnessed to me that this was a glorified lie, that they had never made the contact. But I do know those that have seen these individuals who may have seen some at one time at Weed. But I couldn't be assured of this. but as far as these others with the tall tale, they soon forgot their narrative---having not impressed anyone with it. But had they had the knowledge and instruction they claimed, they would be very wealthy now. And since their status hasn't changed, I know they didn't make it.

QUESTION:---David used the word Selah in the Psalms.??

ANSWER:---Well, Selah is a benediction of ALL PRAISE. In other words, the word 'amen'---should never be used.--But Selah is a good word. The reason that 'amen' should never be used-----well we all use it-----but the scriptures says that God is going to take all these heathen words out of our mouths one of these days. Even those we use which relate to HIM. And He is going to put back the word Ishi---or beloved. And we will no longer call HIM---God or any other pagan name, but will call HIM by HIS name.

Down in the land of Egypt when our people were in captivity, the Temples of Egypt were open to the worship of Set and Soth which was Satan and a great number of fallen angels and spirits. Where as the Temple of our race was only to the worship of YAHWEH. He was known also as RA, the God of Light, symbolized by the Winged Orb---the Sun. And the manifestation of Ra in the earth was Osiris the word for Life and Resurrection. But whenever the Egyptians prayed their prayer to their gods, while our race prayed to ONE--YAHWEH--then their Satanic priests prayed to Lucifer for everything. And they had a little god just so high,--about three and one-half feet high. And he sat on a pedestal, and was all decorated with stripes of gold. I have this picture of him in some of my archaeological volumes. But this little god was named Amen. He had only one job to do, and he never slept--, but his job was that as these prayers were said ----if any prayer was not remembered, he was to take this little prayer to answer. So the Egyptians would pray to Set and Soth and a great number of gods, and when they finished their prayer they would say Amen. and this prayer Amen meant don't let the gods forget. So the little stone god with the symbol of a god of the spirit world who jabbed the gods who they served--he was there so that the others goods would not forget.

Some of the Egyptians became converts to Ra or YAHWEH as they knew him, especially those around the land of Goshen, and up around the Great Pyramid, and the City of On. For they became converts of the Adamic faith. But the rest of Egypt prayed to their Satanic priest and this is where the work of the little god Amen came into play.

Now; one of the idiosyncrasy of what happens is that sometimes when you are in the environment of say--captivity, that when a prayer is over then the Egyptians always knew when they got to the end of the prayer because these Egyptians priest said Amen.

Now; when Moses came out of Egypt--he was responsible for some of the great songs of Praise. And one of the old Hebrew words for Praise to the Highest so let it be---was Selah. And he used the word Selah, and so did David. At times it seems that he adopted a word that shows up as saying---Amen. But actually this may not have been done by Moses directly. It may have been a carry over--still on the lips of men---after Moses was gone. Because the Baal priest were sometimes attached to Israel. And these Baal priest--when a prayer was over, then the people knew the prayer was over because these priest said--Amen.

Now; you will note that many times we do not use the word. But have it is a hard thing to break. And many times we close a prayer and never say Amen because we have a guilt complex every time we ask a little old Egyptian god to remind our Father not to forget. A God with Omniscience doesn't have to be reminded not to forget. Lots of times people just stand there if you don't say -Amen. They are waiting for that little nudge of dismissal. But this is where the word Amen came from. And this is what it means.

Now; it has been also now used as an area of approval. Thus this has been sowed into our semantics and words generally mean what men want them to mean. And when they say 'Amen' the average preacher doesn't know anything about what Amen means. Yet if he had gone into his Bible encyclopedia or a dictionary, he would have known that amen was a little god in Egypt who was to remind the other gods when the prayer was over. He was to make sure they were reminded that there had been a prayer. And this became the general symbol of the end of a prayer. It became eventually the same as --'Selah'--so let it be.

You go into a lot of churches today and these people who shout and holler and want to show they approve as to what the preacher says, --then they say--Amen. Sometimes they yell--Glory--and sometimes they just appreciate what the spirit reveals and don't say anything at all. Sometimes people say they are so spiritually stimulated that the spirit makes them say--Amen. But the spirit never told them to say that. So just you remember this--this is not something spiritually discerned. This is just their to show approval. Lots of churches used to have ---'Amen corners' years ago where the so-called sanctified Saints used to holler in accord with the preacher. It doesn't bother me. But I would just rather they would listen, because it is easier to get the message across. I generally find that when you go into an area of a great whoop-a-la, or a great disturbing noise, that you never get too much action. The more noise the less truth you ever get across. And when the meeting ends, and they go home they can't remember anything the preacher said.

Now; this goes into other areas. The Apostle Paul said:--'I would rather speak in an intelligent and understandable voice, and have a message men can understand rather than go into areas of emotion. Even with the ancient gifts of tongues (communing with spirit), he said he would rather speak one word that men could understand rather than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue which people cannot understand. As for myself I never found it practical to speak after any area of function which is not compatible with the truth. So if I consciously think about it, I couldn't bring myself to appeal to that little Egyptian god to tell my Father what to do.

QUESTION:---Were Cain and Abel born at the same time?

ANSWER:---They were not twins, if that is what you mean.

QUESTIONER:---I was wondering why Abel would be acceptable if the womb was contaminated?

ANSWER:---Abel was never acceptable to carry out the lineage of the Kingdom or YAHWEH would never have permitted Cain to kill him. Just remember that sometimes the devil oversteps himself. Even tho Adam was the father of Abel, still the womb was contaminated for seven gestations. Therefore not one of the offspring between Abel and Seth was acceptable. But you will note that when Seth is born, this seventh from Abel, then Adam says:--'Now, I have gotten a man in my own image and after my likeness.'

Someone said:--where did the other children go? Well, they were liquidated up in the High Tarim Basin. The days of the flood got rid of their generations. Seth and household did migrate out of that area, but these others were absorbed. But Seth was the pure seed. And the Spirit of God has cleansed the blood stream of all contamination. The only thing carried over from the curse of Adam's transgression, coming down thru out all ages until lifted by the total work of atonement, is that in the Chromatin, in the genes was the remembrance of all the experiences of our ancestors, and they had a remembrance of error which left this guilt complex in the possibilities of thinking. Thus it is paid for in the sacrifice of The Christ. Totally paid for. And thus comes a liberation of this guilt complex in the minds of men. It is rectified.

Now; prior to this YAHWEH accepted a substitute, but up to that time in the minds of his followers--all ritual patterns--in service and worship that existed between the days of our Patriarchal age, on down thru the Mosaic and Levitical Priesthood, were only symbols where each year they performed the ceremonies and went thru the procedures of the day of atonement and so forth. This was to lift from them their guilt complex which was held in their remembrance. And therefore altho they were the holy seed, and were not to mutate the vessels that carried this seed, they still carried a thought-wave in the seat of consciousness,--a guilt complex until the atonement of The Christ was finished for all times,--a completed oneness with His people. And anyone who runs around now thinking he has a guilt complex because of the fall of Adam, just doesn't know how free he is. You can still be in bondage if you do not know you are free. But when you learn you are free you never go back to that bondage ever again

QUESTION:---A number of places in the scripture it says:---A man begat a son and he lived so long and begat sons and daughters. Does this mean these sons and daughters married outside the race?

ANSWER:---No, it does not mean that. But since the Bible is the history of very important strains, in other words you shouldn't have in this Book the history of all the descendants of Adam and Eve. If you stopped to realize, there were millions of people surviving from Atlantis in the days of Abraham when he crossed the Plains of Shinar. Then--here was Tidal King of the nations which had gone down beneath the waters, before the days of Adam. And here he was, and lots of the people from that land also. You had people in Sodom and Gomorrah who were descendants from the fallen Angelic hosts, from their intermingling with people of ancient Atlantis The word Alatcan and the impact of these old words carried down by the people of Egypt and later into Greece by our own forbears as they went into Egypt to study and learn about these things. So there is a begetting of sons and daughters in every race. And those not of the Adamic race show up once in awhile as well. But you will find that as the Bible says:--'begetting of sons and daughters--that there is no particular Patriarch they wish to mention. But if they were to give all the names of the sons and daughters of Israel stock, it would take a book bigger that 100 telephone directories, and you couldn't carry it around.

The important thing of this book, is to get down to business. So therefore even tho we have only a selected portion of the areas of inspiration, still we do have 66 books. I would say 123 should have been selected even tho there were many more than this. But this is the reason for only mentioning the Patriarch. But even the bad lines are given so that you will know who fathered who and where they went. Also there is a confusion of names at times, the same name used by both sides, just like Jack and Joe or John. Now the enemy comes in and adopts our names and tries to pass himself off as Hu-man. I am very much for this idea of these Mohammedan Negroes taking the word X and dropping these Christian names. Its a great help.

QUESTION:---Are the Demonic hosts to be manifested before the coming of The Christ?

ANSWER:---They are manifested enough for my money now.

QUESTIONER:---It says in Revelations, I believe, something like this.?

ANSWER:---No,--it says that they took off the seal of one of the holes in the earth and a lot of these demonic forces came forth in great flying crafts--like locust. Not the size of locust, but huge and many. The use of the words flying locust is to show that they came forth in flying crafts. And they had stingers in their tails and could scrape the earth. This means machine-guns, bombs, --this kind of thing.

QUESTIONER:---Is this still to come?

ANSWER:---Maybe not. But the idea is that these forces come out of the Netherworld to make war against the Kingdom. Great areas of the Satanic powers is behind the Soviets, in the Kremlin, and behind the forces which war against Christianity. And could well have come out of this situation. How much visibility there will be to this I am not sure. Someone said:--there will be great hoards that will go out over the earth, but when I go down there on main street or Broadway, I see the hoards and they are out over the earth. I go down there and I see a few lining up at the Post Office. But go over to the Social Security office, and it is almost full of the hoards. So I see them and they are here. But as to how this develops, tomorrow morning for instance, the sky might be filled with the Satanic. I think the major areas of this attempt will probably climax about the time the enemy has gathered his forces and is going to try to engulf the Christian nations. We already have an advantage over them, and they are somewhat aware of this for we have seen the sign of 'The Son of Man' in the heavens.(Feb. 1962) And they also saw this and they mourned. But since the earth didn't fold up that day they stopped mourning.

Now; this happened to our race--'The day ye eat, ye shall surely die". And having violated Divine Law, and mutated our race by mongrelization then God had to set things in order. And He drove Adam and Eve out of the garden. And then our race didn't worry too much because Adam and Eve didn't die that day. Not realizing that --'that day'--was an era of time, not a 24 hour day. They still lived on for hundreds of years. But death was working in them. But also the enemy has moved into 'The Day of the LORD' which is a short period of time. And this rules for but a short hour. Strangely enough he is in terror until he gets by that 24 hours, and then got out of terror as he passed the sign. But the sign was speaking for an era, not for a day. Before this is all over, as you are told in the Book of Revelations, you are going to see the great spectacle of the Mighty Hosts of the Heavens coming in. The great space fleets of the MOST HIGH GOD, the great Flagship, the symbol of the authority of THE CHRIST. And it says these Anti-Christ forces of darkness--prepare to make war with HIM who comes in the heavens.

Now; I think it will be essential, very essential, and with all your ability to fight men in earth with all your technological superiority over all the people of earth who exist today, the occult forces materializing or coming out of the Netherworld with Satanic cunning, and joining in this attempt to destroy completely the Kingdom, will require even greater assistance. So Heavenly forces with greater power come to your aide to suppress the forces of darkness which come from the inside, some visible and some invisible, with all their cunning. So Heaven will stand by to take care of that while you take care of whole areas of what you are going to do in the earth. And before it is all over, the final areas of this battle with the flowing of blood to the horses bits,---on the side of the enemy--as CHRIST brings defeat to the forces of the enemy, and will find you also fighting with HIM. So in other words when they make war with THE CHRIST, they make war against His believing offspring in earth at the same time. And they have preceded against you before this final attack takes place. But shortening the time God steps in lest there be no flesh on earth. If we went into a total nuclear war with the enemy, and just started making nuclear bombs everywhere, between us and Asia it would sure thin out people fast. The scripture says HE will step in before this happens, and thus shorten the time. There may be a few bursts, and we can stand a few, because the scripture says that it is the cities of Asia that will be turned to powder and dust under the light of these 'Stars'---this is in the Book of Esdras. I wouldn't stay up all night guarding my door against all these forces who come out of the earth. But let me point out something to you---We have had a wave of new monsters in the last decade. From the Snowman of the Himalayas to Big Foot of the California mountains, --to all kinds of phenomena occurring all over. The scripture says:--as it was in the days of Noah---so shall it be in the days of the coming of the SON OF MAN. Remember that after the Nephilim had mingled with the daughters of men and produced those unassimilable people, that there were giants in the land. So if giants are in the land in our days it is Biblical that this would transpire at this hour, and in this era.

Now; I will give you another symbolic interpretation of the hole in the earth. When the map of the Pyramid--the map of the measure of the Pyramid is laid on the earth map drawn to the circle square of the circle, and then that circle given the same circumference drawn to the Pyramid scale, to the alignment patterns for the diameter of the earth at its circumference, then superimpose it on the map of the world, and if you do this then you will note that the Kings Chamber has to be in the British Isles because this is where you find the Throne-King. When you do this you discover that the hole or the pit is in Africa--thus the pit IS Africa. This has other significance as well--I can show you in Psalms where Africa is referred to as the Pit. Not specifically calling in Africa, but describing this area.

Now: therefore the great swarms of darkness which come out of Africa with its witch doctors, its powers, and its force may well be indicative today of the climactic forces who will be waging war against the Kingdom. I don't want to get into a full development of this tonight. But someday I will show you a super imposed Pyramid under this measure---over the map of the earth and you will be surprised how these lines of measure, and where these points fall. It would be just like a master blue print laid out over the sphere of the earth in this Western Hemisphere and equivalent side of the earth wherein as Britain and the United States could both be on it and placing the Kings Chamber in London, England.

QUESTION:---I was reading in the Kingdom Digest, and a lady from England was saying that these missiles which we have named Titan, Atlas, Stars, and so forth were tied into scriptures---about---there being no name under heaven by which we might be saved.---

ANSWER:---I think that might be a little far fetched here, and I will tell you why. It is true that we are using names from Mount Olympus, and from Roman mythology on a lot of these missiles. However a lot of these are named after weapons. For instance, we have Sabre Jets, swords, and spears, and all kinds of primitive weapons. The scripture says:--concerning the fall of Asia--from the Book of Esdras, that great flying swords would be sent over the cities of Asia. And they would turn into those horrible stars whose great heat would turn the cities to powder and dust. So here is the story of bombers, and many of ours carry names of weapons. Actually, one can get far afield, there is no salvation in appealing to any other God. However Jupiter to the Romans was the highest God--out of the heavens who carried the Shepherds staff. He was the ALL TIME--THE HIGHEST GOD. And Zeus was the HIGH GOD in Greece. He was also the Shepherd and also carried the club. And this Savior God in Greece was Zeus, and in Rome for these of the tribe of Gad , said he was Jupiter. So when the Apostle Paul went over to talk to the Greeks and he wanted to tell them that the Great God of the Heavens had now been born in earth, he used a part of the tradition of their race and talked to them in their language. And he said:--this was YAH-Zeus--that is his name and he is now embodied in earth. This is where we get the word Jesus today,--from the Greek----'YAH-Zeus. This is also the reason why eventually one of the things to be done is that HE will take the name of Baal out of thy mouth and put back the word 'Ishi". Then you will call him YAHWEH OR YAHSHUA. But no more will you call him Zeus. The Apostle Paul was using an area of semantics and he knew these Greeks were Scythian--relatives. Thus, he said:--'all our relatives passed thru the water; all ate of the same manna; all drank of the same water out of the Rock.' The people agreed to this, and they had to be Israelites to do this. And then Paul said:--'This Great Eternal God of the Heavens--the Universe, in whom we live and breathe, in whom we have our being, as certain of your philosophers have said--This is HE who has been born in earth as you were expecting. And when he said this he was quoting Plato. For I can go in there and take Plato off the shelf and show you that the Apostle Paul was quoting Plato. And Plato was telling what he had learned out of the background of our race which made him head and shoulders above all the philosophers of his time. So we say---Salvation comes not by appeals to other gods. You do not appeal to gods of India such as Brahma, Vishnu and Kali, for you wouldn't get any answers from them. I think that people sometimes get a little carried away in symbolism like this. In fact we do have various names for these missiles, and it may show to some extent those who do not produce the missiles, but who operate in areas of names and semantics. But everyone of our factories in production of these,--remember that the Jews are not in the area which produces the intelligence. They just are where they put their stamps on things going on. I wouldn't worry too much about this. I haven't too much trust in missiles until I am sure that they have nuclear warheads on them. Those missiles are no good until we tell the United Nations, and Mr. Uthant that you are going to use our own weapons. Remember that Wednesday of last week the Russians broke a nuclear experimental bomb out in the Ural mountains which violates the test ban treaty. And if we had good leadership, we would repudiate it now. With all this great and wonderful togetherness we keep talking about, they have now shot down another one of our planes. Therefore it should be quite obvious that 'togetherness' is a fallacious policy.

QUESTION:---What about this curse pronounced on Ham for such a seemingly small offense? There must be more to it.

ANSWER:---Small offense???---That must be because you don't know what that offense was? In the first place I will tell you what the offense was. It said:--'He looked upon his father's nakedness.' The word is uncovered--his father's nakedness. This was a process of violation of Divine Law----to be with his mother, or his father's wife, so that the progeny which came forth from this offense was not his father's son. In other words,---one of the sons of the Ham line would come from incest with his mother--or his father's wife. And because of this transgression, I can show you here inside of the Bible encyclopedia, and inside of phrases of Hebrew, that to uncover the nakedness of his father, is sometimes referred to as discovering the skirt of his father---meaning that he humiliated his father's line with a wife of his father. For this cause the Ham line thru this connection could never produce any administration line of the Kingdom. This did not mean they were not of the white race, but this was a violation of Divine Law. And so that is what is involved in this. I can show you much along this line, but it is embarrassing to Clergy to be forthright and frank so they have left the idea that because Ham saw his fathers nakedness,----saw him unclothed---then Ham was cursed. But this is not what this passage means.

This particular line from Ham became subservient to the other brothers because they had no inheritance in the Birthright. Ham later takes to himself, a white race wife. And remember that Ham, Shem, and Japheth had their own wives. They had their own posterity. And the Hametic line, except for this one seed--one violation continued on with this seed of uncontaminated racial purity, until the time of Nimrod. Remember that it was not immediately after the flood that the Shem line took control. Some of the Shem line joined up in Egypt with the line out of Enoch and Job--and out of the Shem line came the Hyksos (white Shepherd Kings) who dwelt in Egypt. Remember that Terah was the Prime Minister for Nimrod. And Nimrod was a direct descendant of Ham. Still a white man was Nimrod, and a great Emperor until he transgressed. So don't let anyone tell you that the Negroes came from Ham, and that curse of Ham made him black, or anything like that. This is the curse line not only in the guild complex that descended upon them, but they assumed an inferiority complex relative to the other lines except for the latter sons of Ham which came down to Nimrod. I can show you that Nimrod is a white man. I can show you friezes and carvings across ancient Temples of Nimrod, showing him riding after his leopards and lions in the hunt. So Nimrod was a white man, and Terah---Abraham's father,--was his Prime Minister until God called Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldees, and Terah went with him. So this is the reason for this pattern in the lineage of Ham. And eventually after the days of Nimrod, the descendants of Ham, after the breaking up of Nimrod's Empire---after Nimrod fell into the errors of Asiatic philosophies out of India, out of Kali with all the Satanic Baal power which sought to enter and capture the white race by establishing Babylon---then the Ham line was absorbed.

Now;______________(Symurimus) and _____________(Nininum) the son and Nimrod established the Satanic trinity. She was an Asiatic Princess. And this was Mystery Babylon the Great seeking to capture the white race. But remember that Babylon was an Empire of People, and not made up of only non-whites, but it was ruled and controlled by white people. Remember that Medo-Persia was White, and Greece was White. And basically the brains of Rome was also White. But the control that came into each of these Empires made these white Empires line up with the Gentile or Beast system, which was Jewry, --which had fifth columned its way in, and was there all the time. Of course they always sought to make International Empires out of white race Empires by fusing all the people. They sought the mongrelization of Rome. They sought to change and curse Medo-Persia, as well as ancient Greece. This is too long a story to get into tonight But this is the working of Great Babylon--Mystery Babylon the Great

Now; the Japheth children--after the flood--never came on down (to Mesopotamia). Instead, they went out thru the cataract and down thru the areas of the Wang-Ho river of China. The Japhetic line settled along this river. And some of them then went north and eastward and settled in the land we know as the Russias. For a while there were a few famous sons of the Japhetic line. But after awhile they began to intermingle with the Mongols of the Steppes, and lost their ability for great leadership, as well as their intelligence. Tho descendants of Japheth's were still rulers over the Asiatics, but they mingled with them until eventually their race line was absorbed. In other words, their race line sold their birthright and we say that the Japheth line was absorbed in Asia. But Japheth is not the father of the Russias. But the name Magog comes out of the violation of Divine Law of mongrelization, showing that the Japhetic name still stays even over those areas. This is why we are shown this land of Gog and Magog, and how these names hang over this land today.

Now; the Shemite line is the source of all the white line in the earth today with the exception of the Sethites who descended down in the days of Enoch and Job , and who were joined with Joseph as he married Asneth down in Egypt. So we Anglo-Saxon are non only of Israel seed out of the Covenant with Abraham, but we go back to the "Israel" Covenant made with the household of Seth. This covenant was reintegrated unto Enoch as YAHWEH said:---"Ye are my Israel".

QUESTION;---The Sethites were separate?

ANSWER:---separate from what?

QUESTION;--Were they a tribe apart?

ANSWER;---The Sethites were the offspring of Seth, who was a son of Adam that carried the pure seed line of the white race. Separate? They were just as far apart from the people of the earth at that time, as we are today--a different people. We don't have time tonight to go into the background and tradition of ancient India, but as the white race ---the Manu societies moved out of ancient Persia, and out of the High Steppes, and we conquered ancient India, and a time or two we brought some culture and wisdom to that land. And then the Mongols would pour out of the mountains and end that civilization. As long as we maintained our identity , an never permitted the race to be mongrelized and held for the only TRUE GOD OF THE HEAVENS , then we ruled supreme. It is only when we mongrelized the race, and faith that we lost control over India and other places. This is why if you look into the race chart today you may find that some of the people of India are called Caucasians even tho they never came thru the Caucasus pass, in those mountains, because the preponderance of influence in many of them---even still today belongs---belongs by the shape of the head, to the Caucasians rather than to any other race stock. This is not true of those of the darkest of skin however.

QUESTION;---Does English trace back to the Hebrew?

ANSWER;---Most of the English root words are Hebrew except as the semantic origin of these words moves into Latin which also had quite an influence. But most of this Latin is early Roman words and forms which we might call Hebrew Aramaic. Much of the words of the pure German are out of the old Hebrew with less of the Hyskos Aramaic input.

Now; it is rather strange but in all of the riff-raff battles with Asia, then Germany held the line against them for almost 1000 years. Thus it is that after that Eastern European Jews and Khazars poured in with their Kike semantics, that you will now find interwoven I inside some German----pure Hebrew words----then pure Aramaic words, and then guttural Kike words. This is why today that if you understand German you can also to some extent understand Yiddish. But there are many words in Yiddish which are totally Asiatic and have no connection with anything German, and yet Yiddish is talked fluently in all the Ghettos. This was also true in the days of the Czars of Russia.

QUESTION;--Who was Sargon I?

ANSWER;---He was Cain.

QUESTIONER;---Well sometimes we read that he was Nimrod and others?

ANSWER;---No Sargon the Magnificent was Cain. I have copies of the oldest letters in the world which were in the British Museum, and they go back, way back to an identification of Sargon, who he was, and who he fathered, and comes right on down to Narum-sin in the latter works. Mrs. Bristow, wife of the British curator wrote --" Cain and Argument" and compiled what is known as 'the oldest letters in the world' and then wrote 'Sargon the Magnificent'. I you ever find any of those in old libraries then pick them up. They are out of print now, but were of excellent work. This is to long to get into tonight, but it is interesting and we will get into it some other time, we have already talked for one and one-half hours.

We might make this announcement in closing ;--- Col. Gales mother passed away and we sympathize with him, but we know that she was suffering and the power of the resurrection will make manifest. He has our heart and sympathy in this, and altho we do not grieve as tho there was no hope, we recognize that God said; --'Come hither until the great preparation of that day. We just want him to know that we are all praying with him thru this hour of his loss. We pray that he will be given strength and the comfort of his mothers great faith. She taught him the Identity message when he was just a little boy, an this shows him how he was being fitted for what he knows of it today.