03-13-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---The Jews---what did Jesus say about them?

ANSWER:---You are the children of the serpent. You are the worshipers of Shama of Merriot, of Mardoc. Because they are the blood gods and goddesses. And Kali was the wife of Lucifer and she was a blood goddess. The Jews were the ones who established these temples in India. And they sacrificed human sacrifices before Kali. This is the reason why they always hated the white man, the Aryan. This is the reason they used the Assassins and Thuggies to seize Aryans. They served Kali the mother goddess. And over in Egypt, the evil one was Set. And they sacrificed human sacrifices. And Israelites even started doing this. There was a mixed multitude which came out of Egypt with Moses and the children of Israel. And when Moses was up on the mountain, this mixed multitude, with their Jewish Priests came along and induced the Israelites to build this golden calf. And they slaughtered children in from of this golden calf. When Moses came down the mountain and discovered this, he broke the plates. So God called him back up the mountain. But these Jews were trying to set up this worship of Isis, Kali, Set and so forth because this is their blood lust. They would sacrifice children. They used blood to bake these cakes to the Queen of Heaven. Each cake had a little human blood in it. They are blood thirsty. This is ritual murder carried on by these high and powerful ancient Priests of Baal.

Remember how the prophets of God would come out against them and move against them? In the days of Solomon they filled his harem with these pagan women. And then they built the high groves for them and there they practiced human sacrifice. Always in the days of the bad kings of Israel, they practiced this.

Now, I want to point this out (Isaiah 57)-----------------

"The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart; and merciful men are taken away. None considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. He shall enter into Peace; they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness." ---But here:--"Draw near hither, ye sons of the sorceress, the seed of the adulterer,"---here the children of Isis, the children of Lucifer---"Ye sons of the sorceress, the adulterer and the whore".---Mystery Babylon is the great Whore who sits upon the many waters --- as Christ says in the book of Revelation. "Against whom do ye sport yourself? Against whom make ye a wide mouth and draw out the tongue? Are ye not children of transgression, a seed of falsehood, inflaming yourselves with idols under every green tree, slaying the children in the valleys and under the cliffs of the rocks?" This is ritual murder and they were sacrificing children. I can show you the names here of these mentioned--Shama, and Mardoc, and Isis, and so forth. They caused the children to be sacrificed on altars before these heathen gods. God warned the Israelites against this evil practice. And the sons of the Levi went to school---the school of the Prophets. And there, God's spirit was unveiled when these men learned the traditions, the scriptures, and the records at these schools. And the spirit of God would move upon them and they would come out and preach and teach. When these evil Priests would gather around Israel, the prophets would come out against these evil priests. For they would be telling Israel to pass their children thru the fire. These Jews would then accuse the Prophets of confusing the people as they told them not to follow these evil priests. So the priests would then murder these Prophets of God. Their people would find them scattered out along the road, their throats cut and their blood all drained out. See? This is what Jesus is talking about in Matthew as He told the Jews that they were the Prophet killers, and that they proved it when they said:--'If we had lived in the days of the Prophets, we would not have killed the Prophets. So Jesus said:--"You have just proved that you are the children of the Prophet killers."

Now, remember in the 8th chapter of John, Jesus said to these Jews:---"I am of My Father and you are of your father."---See? 'I am of my origin and you are of your origin.' "If God were your father, you would love Me for I am the fullness of God dwelling bodily, but you cannot understand My speech because you are no My Sheep. You Jews are of the devil, the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth. He caused men to error and caused war in the earth."

Now, Cain was the first son of Eve and Lucifer. And Lucifer had taken over and convinced Eve that God didn't mean what He said. He persuaded her to join all their orgies and he seduced Eve. You can find this in the book of Seth where he records this also. This is why it tells you over here in I John:--'We are not like those who fall back to this sort of thing like "Cain" who was the progeny of the wicked one.' Of course Judas Iscariot was also from this same source. So Cain was the first white murderer. So Jesus not only proved these were Cainanites, but also they belonged to this ritual blood cult. This cult was thus guilty of all the blood of the righteous slain on the face of the earth.

In Revelation, Jesus says that Mystery Babylon is the personification of all the evil--political, social, economic and religious---on the face of the earth. It says:--'It shall be proven unto thee that the Merchants, the powerful men of earth, are the sorcerers. They are the ones who betray the nations. Even now this United Nations program which is a part of Mystery Babylon,--and this is what God says about this Mystery Babylon:--'In her is found all the blood of the Prophets, all the blood of the children of Israel slain upon the face of the earth.---All the blood of the Prophets, all the blood of the children of the Kingdom. These men who are the sorcerers then, are organized Jewry. And Jesus already in the 23 chapter of Matthew said:---'You are guilty of all the blood of the righteous on the face of the earth, from Abel to Zachariah between the horns of the altar.'--(from A to Z). He cites in Revelation that they--Mystery Babylon--are guilty of all the blood of all the saints, meaning the believing offspring of God. So they are guilty of all this blood.

You know, for instance, the book of Esther is a phoney book. But it is a story of how a Jewish Queen seduced the Aryan Emperor. And they ghosted up the story as to how she had various leaders of his kingdom hanged. They realized that the Jews were trying to get a hold of their economy. But the book of Esther is a ghosted up phoney story. It is about how the Aryan Emperor took this Jewish wife and let her arrange for all the enemies of the Jews to be hanged. So in Palestine the Jews hung their enemies and they called it Purim Festus. And they celebrate this every year as they sing and gloat over the death of their enemies. And they bake blood in their cakes---blood of children that have been slain. So at Purim Festus the blood of their enemies is sown into their cakes or bread, and they eat this bread. This is what God said:--'They ate of the blood to the Queen of heaven.' So you see they have partaken of the blood of the Prophets, and they are celebrating the day when they will kill all their enemies and rule the world. This is the feast of Purim. And every year one of the holidays of all Jewry is Purim Festus. Back in 1776, the House of Rothchild--when the Illuminati was formed---they held a feast of Festus at that time. This was a celebration as to why all the goyim would fall to their assassination. Did you know that in W.W. I, when Hertzl wanted Britain to deed over Palestine to the Jews after the war, that they promised they would give financial aide. And the Balfour declaration was drawn up. The Jews were not satisfied with the Balfour Declaration, but they held a Purim Festus and said they would finance both sides of war secretly, because the more goyim that were killed, the greater would be Purim Festus for that year. Then after the war, they (Britain) tried to find out who really owned Palestine, and that when Pasco Goard and others appeared before the court and proved that they were Israel, and that the hides of land had been bought by Jeremiah; that the crown had been brought to Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, that actually Britain and all Israel held the deed to Palestine etc. And Britain then decided they had the right to Palestine, so they wouldn't deed it to the Jews. But they would let them enter in according to the immigration laws, whatever the quota might be. So the Jews were angry and they held Purim Festus 1919. This was when the war was over and they sang about the day when they would drink the blood of their English enemies and they baked their cakes and they had human blood in them. And right now the Jews are singing Purim Festus 1968, because of the war going on (in Vietnam). They stir up the communist to come against the Christians. And then pour the Christians into the war. They don't want to fight on our terms which would be victory and destruction to their program. They want wars always on their terms so that lots of Christians will be killed. Always Jews rejoice when Christians are killed. They sing and rejoice when Christians are killed--the more the better. And all those business houses in the areas of Saigon, are Jewish business houses. And the Viet Cong work in them in the day time and then are coming against our boys at night. And in the big communist newspaper in Manila, the companies out of Saigon are advertising and they are getting rich. They hire these Viet Cong and then turn them into assassins at night. One of the Secret Service Forces over in Britain, found that a group of Jewish financiers held a meeting in Switzerland and drank to the Purim Festus ow 1968. Every year around Purim Festus, children disappear. People don't know where they go and don't' realize it but they are never found because the blood is put in the matzos flour and scattered among Jewish bakeries so they can drink the blood of their enemies. But then Jesus said they are a bloody people and upon them comes all the blood of the righteous (Adamites). It was the Jews who said:--'Let HIS blood be upon us and upon our children.' No others would have called for the blood of God from the body of God Almighty to be upon them. Even pagans would have shrunk from this. But it was the Jews who boasted before Pontius Pilate as they wanted to kill the complete incarnation of the Supreme Revelation of God.--And they said:--'His blood be upon us and upon our children.' And it is. Don't ever forget it. Jesus said:--'I hold you responsible for all the righteous slain upon the face of the earth, and even as Cain.---God said:--'Thy brothers blood cries out to me from the ground.' The blood of the righteous cries out to HIM. Where in the book of Revelation God said:--'I shall be avenged for all the righteous that thou hath slain.'--all my believing offspring upon the face of the earth. For thou are a murdering --a bloody people.'

I don't see how, after that, any Christian minister could acknowledge the Jews as the 'chosen people'; how he could say these are good people.---God bless them--when they are bloody murderers who when you trace their history down they are the murderers of the earth. And they sacrifice children. Isaiah said they killed the children in the woods and sacrificed them to their pagan gods. How could any minister stand for this. Today, with this false and phoney book of Esther and that Feast of Purim, more children disappear,--as they drink to the death and total revenge and extermination of all Christians.

QUESTION:---Who was the wife of Shem?

ANSWER:---One of his own sisters. This was a perfectly legitimate operation for the beginning of a race. Back in the days when Adam and Eve had their children, it was designed so they would intermarry. But the factors which produced the bad heredity pattern comes from other patterns that moved in. Now, the impact of transgression and intermarriage breeds down or hurts. You are liable to produce people not clear in their minds. This was not the condition when the race was young and pure. Seth married his own sister of course, but there was about 2500 years between Seth and Shem. And there were lots of women of the race for Shem to marry. However remember that Noah and his three sons, Ham, Shem, and Japhet, had found grace in the sight of God. So you can be sure that their marriages were pure.

Now, we have the Nephilin who were an evil force of fallen angelic hosts that had intermingled and they established a seed line of these fallen angelic hosts. They had inter-crossed. They had seized all the white women that they could, forcing them into marriage. It says here that as men multiplied on the earth, that daughters were born unto them. And the Nephilin saw the daughters of men (Adamites) that they were fair. And they took of them wives for themselves. And there were giants in the land after the Nephilin took these women and children were born unto them. And the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. But they were monsters and giants. Now, the wickedness of these enosh, these men, was so great that every thought was evil continually. So it offended God that He had made the enosh on the face of the earth. That He had allowed this evil now sowed into the race. And He said:--'I will destroy the enosh which I have made form the face of the earth, or from all this land. (for the word is erets).

Noah found Grace in the eyes of the LORD. These are the generations of just men:--Noah was perfect in his generations. So there is absolutely no area of intermingling in this household of Noah, because you were told that Noah was perfect in his generation. Noah walked with God. He begat three sons, Ham, Shem and Japhet. And the earth was corrupt and filled with violence. And God looked upon all the land and it was corrupt. And all the flesh (this means the world order) --all the flesh is corrupt. So God said to Noah in Genesis 6:13:--'The end of all flesh is come before me--the end of the flesh of this land has come before me, for they have filled this land with violence and behold I will destroy them from the earth.' So Noah was told how to build the Ark. And then he was to take certain numbers of all the animals of that are on to the Ark. The erroneous thing here is that they keep translating it earth instead of just that land. Because they didn't take all the millions of species from the face of the earth on to the Ark. They would have had to have a bigger army than the British and the American Navy's to have carried just the food for them. So Noah made the Ark and God said:--'Come thou and all thy house into the Ark for thee have I see righteous before me in this generation.' Therefore the sons of Noah were not mongrelized. They were righteous in their generation. So Noah and his whole house went into the Ark. They alone went in of people of that area and God sealed them in Then HE remembered Noah and all those in the Ark and He made a wind to pass over the earth. This was quite an act in itself. But some people seem to have a strange idea about this. But remember that Noah and his house were perfect in their generations. This meant that they were all acceptable to the MOST HIGH. And they were all Sethites. But some people who don't know anything about the race question, think that everyone on the face of the earth was drowned. And these three sons of Noah and their wives were all the people left. Then they think that one son bred all the Chinamen, one bred all the Negroes after he sinned, and one bred the white race and so on. So those three races came from the three sons of Noah. This is of course, a biological impossibility. For kind begats like kind, seed having life in itself.

Now, the fact remains that no white man ever bred a Negro. Some have bred mulattos in their curse, but they had to cohabitate with a Negro to even begat a mulatto. So no one on the Ark was anything but white. The sons of Noah didn't take any other races on the Ark. After the flood, waters subsided, then Noah and this sons and wives came out on the face of the earth and they offered a sacrifice unto YAHWEH. Japheth and family finally went down into the areas toward the Hunan river of China. And part of his family later went on into Mongolia and there they were mixed with the Mongolians. The children of Japheth were pure until one begat Gog and Magog. And these two sons then married into the Mongolian and their sons became strong and powerful fighters. They have a white race line of intelligence. And they became thus great leaders of the Asiatic groups. But they never bred back into the race. They always bred out and in a few generations, the race of Japheth was gone. No trace of the white race was in these Mongolians. So they cannot be considered today as the blood line of Japheth. But they did breed some intelligence and leadership into the Asiatic line and the names of Gog and Magog rested over areas of Asia. But as far as Ham's sons were concerned, they came on down the line as pure white men. We were told that Ham was cursed and because he looked at his fathers nakedness then somehow he turned black. But that is an improper translation. He committed incest with his father's wife. And why the King James thought they must cover this up, I don't know. Maybe to be more discreet. But Noah was drunk and Ham committed incest with his mother. For this cause a generation of Ham---( a chastisement came over them) and the offspring of this incest, and for several generations, they were to be servants to the other sons as they could not inherit in the blood line. But remember they were all still white. And we can prove this.

Nimrod, the Emperor of Ur of the Chaldees, was a direct descendant of Ham. He was absolutely white and the people who made up his court were white.

Then Shem who was the most spiritual of the sons of Noah, and his descendants, continued to remain white. And they never made any mistakes in this manner as did some of the others. And Japhet never made any mistakes in this way, but it was his offspring later who bred into the Asiatics. Ham's offspring were good all the way down and Terah the father of Abraham was Prime minister of Nimrod who was Emperor of Ur. So you see, the white people were inner dispersing,---the line of Shem and the line of Ham until Nimrod, of the line of Ham, appointed Terah of the line of Shem as Prime Minister. The only thing was that by the time of Nimrod this Empire was getting very rich and powerful. But actually in the days of Ham, they had produced many warriors. And they had fought against the people of the land of Shinar, because this plain was inhabited by Pre-Adamites. Many of them had been there before the flood because there was in their generations, this Tidal King of the Nations. And he and the people who he ruled over before it was sunk, were Atlantians on Atlantis. This is why he was called Tidal. The name came from there. Then there was Sodom and Gomorrah and they were cities formed by fallen angels. And they had not been effected by the flood. In fact, the flood didn't drown the people of Egypt either. So we know the flood didn't cover all the earth. But these battles were because these people led by the Cainanites were giving trouble. The Hamites were battling all over Shinar and one of the great conquerors was Nimrod. He was called a Mighty Hunter; a warrior and a rebel, etc. He had conquered so many of these rebel forces, that he made his Empire of Ur very powerful. And thus India sent embassies. And some came from Mongolia and from Africa. And so they bowed before Nimrod. Then the Jews, (Yehudin---children of Lucifer, the murder gang who had been powerful for many generations as Lucifer sowed his seed and the seed of the Satanic Nephilin was sown among the houses of the various races),--so they said--we will bring you (Nimrod) beautiful women from Asia, from Mongolia and so forth. They may have been attractive to Nimrod, but the fact is that if they are not white, they are not right. So these non-white women were brought in to help get control of Nimrod. And finally, he began to mix with more and more of them. He had quite a harem. Even tho, I don't think he had as many as Solomon. And they all wanted Temples to their pagan gods. They wanted all the people to worship Nimrod as a god. So eventually, we discover that Nimrod went bad. The Baal worshiping Yehudin came to him and said:--'thou are the incarnation of god. Thou art the son of Baal-Peor who is god. And behold thy wife, Simarimus is the Queen of heaven, the incarnation of Lilith who was the wife of Lucifer who is the true god.

Well, Nimrod finally fell for all this and set up the idol temples to the idol gods which were supposed to share with him in his deity. So they said Nimrod and Simarimus were divine, and they had a son called Ninius and they heralded him as the son of god. The embodiment of the living god. So Queen Simarimus was considered the mother god, Nimrod the father god, and Ninius the son of god. And thus they started a Satanic trinity on the face of the earth.

Well, remember that Babylon was located where ancient Ur of the Chaldees used to be. Now, these Jew Priest have no connection with the descendants of Seth. But they are Yehudin. We refer to them as Jews because that is what they were later called. They are the abomination of the earth. They are the murder group. Remember these forces control Mystery Babylon. When Nebuchadnezzar came to power, Baal-Peor---actually a great idol----and this false religion was run by them. The doctrine of deity of Simarimus and Nimrod and Ninius was taught, and there were from three to five thousand or more Vestal Virgins inside Old Babylon. They had Priests, monks, and they had Pontiffs. And they all served the orders of this so called Deity of Nimrod, his wife and son.

Then remember, after the Christian church was formed in Rome, there is no question of this--Peter had led the people in the catacombs; these people were tortured, martyred; and Peter was crucified with his head down; yet the church grew even tho it was dangerous to be a Christian in Rome. At the same time the church was moving in Britain without any persecution and inside of Europe as well. The Vis Goths had joined with the Goths and the Evangels of Christ came into Germany and they became Christians rapidly. Attila became a leader and then the tribes after him accepted Christianity. And these were Goth and Vis Goth in the heart of Europe but never a part of Rome. They were Christians much like the church in Britain. They never dreamed of a Universal church or one that would call itself the only true church.

So it was that in the Roman Empire, as the Jews had the rulers borrow money from them, that they were able to force Rome to persecute Christians. Normally Rome didn't persecute people. They allowed freedom of religion. But the tribe of Gad which was controlling Rome was returning Christian fast so the Jews were working to stop this by controlling the Emperors. After Nero, they blamed the Christians for burning Rome which Nero had done in a drunken fir as he played on his fiddle and sang. Then they went out and persecuted Christians worse than ever. Had them thrown into the Coliseum with beasts and gladiators etc. Then after this when Constantine came to power, he emancipated the Church and Jews couldn't control Constantine and persecute the church any more. So the Jews said:--'Well if we can't destroy the church, then we will join it and change the doctrines from the inside. This way we can condemn the church.' In the book of Marronos written by Jew for Jews, they tell how they did this. So they joined the Roman Church and they gave lots of money to it and gained great power. Inside of thirty years, the top seats in the church which had been formally spiritually guided, were now held by Jews who had bought their way in with their wealth and a profession of holiness. But they were seeking only to destroy the church. But in their councils they started to say they needed an organization in the church. But in their councils they started to say they needed an organization in the church. Number 1, they needed to establish a chief Pontiff or chief Bishop. And they needed Bishops and they needed the people who would become Monks and take a vow of Celibacy. And they needed the Vestal Virgins who would be married to the church. So they started what became known as the Nunneries of the sisters and they did all these things in order to destroy the church from the inside. They transferred the order of Pontiff to the Catholic Church. And the scarlet and gold of the robes worn by the Priests of Baal. But they couldn't move to fast. They couldn't deny the Virgin birth or the deity of the Christ, because it had too firm a seat. But they did transfer to Mary, some of the things that belonged to Queen Simiramus who they had conned until she believed she was a goddess. The only thing was, the scriptures did give things to Mary. She was the mother of the body of God. Whereas she was the woman who encased the body of God. Therefore, she gave birth to the body of God. And she was the mother of God. So they wrote the doctrine of "Hail Mary, blessed above all women" and the scriptures do bear this out. But the Jews are cunning. They interwove the doctrines of truth out of Christianity in with the doctrines of ancient Babylon with its Pontiff and so forth.

Now, I will show you in the scriptures where they got some of these things. Remember when Mary came to the house of Elizabeth:--Mary rose in those days and went into a city of Judea and entered into the house of Zacharias and came to Elizabeth. And when Elizabeth heard the salutation, the baby---John the Baptist--leaped in her womb. Elizabeth was six months pregnant with John the Baptist and thus he would be born in three months. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and she spoke out with a loud voice and said:--'Blessed art thou above all women, blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Whence is this to me that the mother of my God shall come to me?'---So the scripture did say:--'Hail Mary, blessed art thou above all women. Blessed is she that believed; for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the LORD. And Mary said:--'My soul doth magnify the LORD and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.' This all comes down in the Magnificat of the Catholic Church. All this is also in the scriptures and is all fulfilled. But they transferred it form the Queen of Heaven and put this crown on Mary's head because she was the Mother of God. Thus the Jew interwove a concept of trinitarianism into the church to make up the trinity they had back in the days of Old Babylon. So they copied the Pontiff and he became the Chief Bishop and they put a tiara on his head, a circling crown just like the Pontiff of Baal used to wear. They put a robe upon him and a crown. And they did this in ancient Babylon also.

We must remember that they did this very subtlety and many Christians inside the church didn't know what Jewry was doing to them. The Jews in their books boast of this, how they used their power from heretics outside the church to heretics inside the church and they came with only one purpose which was to destroy the church and its doctrine. When the Christians woke up to this, they exiled them to Sicily. And then they run them out of Spain and the church came back. For they realized how evil the Jews were. But they didn't destroy the things they had sowed into their doctrine because they had been taught this. Plus the fact that in order to gain the control, they had in the days of Babylonian Priestcraft, they had carried over this idea that if they displeased or would not serve or pay the Priests, or if they offended Lucifer, they would be tortured. This was what they were taught. Lucifer would torture them unless they paid up. In Old Babylon the people gave their money to the temples for the Priests and Vestal Virgins. So if they paid off then, they would not go into Purgatory. If a man died, he went into 'limbo'. And this 'limbo' was a place where he waited until it was decided whether his family had enough money to pay his way out. If not, he went into purgatory. And to get him out of purgatory, they had to go thru the Babylonian mass. And in the Babylonian mass, if they didn't come up with the right amount of money, he slipped into the torture chamber of purgatory. However, there was always a chance some of his relatives would come up with the money and finally get him out of it. This is the way Babylonianism was run. And this was woven into the Catholic Church. If a rich man died, then the people being superstitious, thought they could use a lot of money to keep him out of purgatory. But if he had enough money, he just sailed right thru. So they shoved him into heaven which was a Christian doctrine at that time. But this was how Jewry took over the Catholic Church. If they could have thrown out the deity of Jesus the Christ, and sown in some foreign devil, they would have totally conquered it. But they did not quite do it.

But, --"the gates of hell do not prevail against the church."

The Catholic Church was founded on the Virgin birth and on the atonement. And they were not able to destroy if. But they have held it in bondage greatly until this day.

Now, we are not anti-Catholic. There are many good Priest. And they believe in the atonement. The Mass in the Catholic Church is not like the mass of Babylon. That was a mass to the devil, whereas the Catholic Church Mass is unto the Christ and His atonement. But you see, they still have the Pontiff and the Cardinals, the sisters. So this is the way Jewry affected that church as it tried to destroy it in that manner.

Now, they also wove into the scriptures some things as doctrine that were not doctrine. Some of these men were not just commercial theologians. You might say they were most everything. The Holy Spirit wasn't necessarily guiding them. But they wrote encliplas of doctrine while never seeming to understand the scriptural or spiritual truths about the sons of God, of the Kingdom of God, or the house of Israel and so forth. They said that all men started with Adam. But by this time they still had the Septuagint written in the Allegories by Moses. He wrote this about 1400 B.C. So these first five books of the Bible were written so long after they happened. So God had to inspire Moses to write them. When Moses was in the land of Egypt, he was raised as a son of the Pharaoh's daughter. But he was sent down to the City of On to be taught by the Priests of On in the traditions and scriptures. Then when he was driven out of Egypt, then God appeared to him in the burning bush and spoke to him and told him lots of things. We don't know if God sat and told him all the things he put into his five books or how much he learned thru tradition. But we do know that God did tell Moses to write and say these things. And the records of the Pentateuch were true. But it was written in Allegory. Job, one of the oldest books in the Bible, was written about 500 B.C. So that was long before Moses ever started to write. But when he used the words 'eret' for that country, when they translated about the flood in the King James and the Douay versions and others, they translated the word--eret--as all over the earth. So they had everybody drown on the face of the earth. And they trimmed the story to make it fit as well, so they would think that all the people drowned. And they weren't smart enough to see how God divided up the earth for the descendants of Noah, how among the heathen, and the pagans, the children of Noah's sons were to dwell. But where did the heathen and pagan come from? They weren't alert enough to see this. Catholicism thought the world had been made in six days and so forth. And they made it a doctrine. But this never troubled the Church in Britain or as the word was carried into Germany. But Rome claimed they were the only Church, the Universal Church. And they were setting up that doctrine. Then Martin Luther came out of Rome, whereas he saw that the 'Just will live by faith'. And he repudiated the power of the church to hold sins over people, or to forgive them for money. At the same time, he accepted the doctrine of the flood being all over the whole earth with everyone drowning but Noah and his three sons and their wives. Lutheranism came out of this as did the Dutch Reform Church, and Methodism and the Christian Church, later, in the days of Campbell. And the fact is that most of these people, as they came out, held to the doctrine now called Protestantism. The church in the Abbetries of Britain never were called Protestant. They were just called 'The Church'. They were the Norther Church and Catholicism was the southern church. When Rome was trying to battle against the people of Britain, they found that Britain was Christian. That they had great Monasteries and great Abbeys. In fact St. Augustine came up from Rome to convert these terrible pagans for Rome. Every time these Romans came to conquer Britain, the British would retreat and fight and retreat. And because they fought, then Rome called them Barbarians. Britain had need of roads. Whereas the Romans using lots of slave labor built great roads. They would fit together the stones with a solution from eggs and other material. And they made a glue which lasted for hundreds of years. So they glued these stones and the roads lasted for hundreds of years. At Glastonbury, at the hides of land which Joseph of Arimathea had, none of these battles ever came near that area. But the Romans would come in and the British would retreat thru the forests. And Rome, not as used to the forests as the British, would stop and build roads to bring up their equipment and their cook wagons and so forth. So the British would fight, then retreat, and Romans would slowly build these roads. And Britain would have beautiful highways. Then the British would come out under a flag of truce and Rome would accept this. Winter would come and the British would pay the taxes and Rome would leave a token force behind and go on home. The British would kill off this army and in a year or two Rome would send another army because no one ever came to pay the taxes. So here they would come again and the British would retreat and Rome would build more roads. I can show you beautiful arch bridges over streams and so forth. And these roads built with this special cement and they are still there today. Still they were built by the Romans hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

Now, St. Augustine was one of the great monks of the Catholic Church. So they sent him up to Britain to see if he might be of some use in moving the armies and to evangelize these people. So they said--'if we can just make Christians out of these people then maybe they will settle down and be part of the Roman Empire.' So they went to Britain and after arriving there, St. Augustine wrote back to Rome:--'These people be not pagans at all. These people have fine and fair ladies, and great stone palaces and houses. They have great churches where they worship unto God. Whereas there was several areas of discrepancy for they have not been under the true church. Still they are Christians and they seed and speak of Christ.' He continues:--'I enjoyed this greatly when I found it out. And I tried to persuade them not to fight and to join Rome. But we may be very wrong in attacking Britain which is Christian. We must weigh whether or not Rome is right in trying to overthrow Britain. We have conquered Britain many times, but the people raise up and don't want to pay the Roman taxes, feeling Rome will do them no good.' But he wrote about the fine Christians in Britain. So you see, in Britain they were not touched by many things which hit Rome until about the year 1000 or later when the church went into the Dark Ages to a degree. They didn't have the scripture of the King James Version and so forth. But the Abbetries of Britain had the scrolls and scriptures. They had much more of the tradition than they had in Rome. The Monks in the Monasteries of Rome were placed. They had the scriptures like the Alexandrian version like Mark had. But they had created their own version out of it. And they created the Vatican Version from whence the Douay Version would come. But this was then copied in long hand. These Monks would copy on parchment, the Old and New Testament. Copy it by hand. Then after copying scripture, they would start all over again. Maybe one Monk would copy 25 copies of the Holy Scripture in his whole life time. But that kept the scriptures moving, for they had lots of monks. I understand that one Sebastian Monastery put 1400 copies of the scriptures in one year. They had that many monks. So they copied the scripture whereas in Britain, they had scrolls and scriptures and monks were copying. But they only copied the Abbetory scriptures. So they had in Britain the scriptures and they had books that Rome had destroyed. But in Britain they taught by tradition. And they told of the things which had been told to them by the disciples and Joseph of Arimathea. So the tradition was much greater in Britain than it was in Rome. Many of the disciples of course, had gone to Britain. This is where many of them are buried. This was the headquarters which they worked out of in many of their missionary activities. Mary, the mother of the Christ, was buried in Glastonbury as was Joseph of Arimathea. Of course, in Glastonbury is where Mary's well was, and the Wattle Church which the Christ had helped to build once when He had sailed to Britain on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea. There He had taught in the Druid Universities and astounded the masters. He was the seat of High Masonry---Grand Masonry. Here also great teachers taught and they were astounded by the knowledge of this young man between the ages of 20-30. They were so astounded as they ask Him questions concerning the Mystic Masonic Lodge, when Jesus would answer them, and even tell them things they didn't know before the days of Solomon. They said:--'We have here the Grand Master of all Masters.' And they conferred upon Jesus the title of Grand Master. This was the embodiment of YAHWEH.

Pilate, (this Basque of Spain, who had been educated in the Druid Universities of London, and of course, himself a Mason, and a politician who had married Caesar's daughter), when the time came to select a governor for the land of Palestine, then Caesar chose him, his son-in-law to be governor, sending Pilate and his daughter to Jerusalem. At the time, Pilate served some of the gods of Rome. Even tho he was deep in Masonry, he didn't have too deep an understanding. Just sort of became a politician. But when Jesus was brought before Pilate, then Pilate was very interested in finding out all he could about this man because his wife had been informed in a dream that he must have nothing to do with this man. So he asked Jesus:--'Art thou a Jew?' And Jesus replied:--' Thou sayest that?' Pilate said:--'Art thou King of the Jews?' And Jesus replied:--'Thou sayest that? If my Kingdom were of this era, then my servants would fight and my Kingdom would not be given to the Jews.' This is what Jesus said. This is in the scriptures. But Pilate said:--'But what shall I do with you, for I don't find anything wrong with you. I have observed. I have had men listening to thy words, I have had them observe thy teaching. I have had them watching thy miracles. And I see no reason to crucify you. For I don't see anything with you. So what do I do with you?' So Jesus said:--'You shall do as it is written, for remember you have no power to do anything to me except it be given unto you.' Pilate said:--'Oh, don't you know that I can crucify you or let you go?' But Jesus replied:--'Thou has not any power except it be given unto you. No power over me except it be given you.' Then Jesus spoke to Pilate about the truth. He said He came to speak truth. Then He used a secret phrase of Masonry and immediately Pilate turned to Him and said:--'What is truth?' Jesus answered him and Pilate immediately said:--'Oh, thou art a Higher Master than I and I find no fault with you. I will let you go.' Then he rushed out on the porch and said to those Jews:--'I find no fault with this man. I will let him go.' The Jews started screaming. They said:--'If you let him go you are no friend of Caesar's.' Pilate said again:--'But I find no fault with this man.' They said:--'Let his blood be upon us and upon our children.' So Pilate went back in and said to Jesus:--'What am I to do?' Jesus replied:--'Do as it is written. For I am to be crucified.' So Pilate had a much longer conversation with YAHSHUA than recorded in the Bible. The records of Nicodemus record it for us. For Nicodimus was a scribe in the court of Pontius Pilate. But the fact remains, that during all this time these events were occurring, Pontius Pilate was a Mason, a Druid as well. So he recognized that YAHSHUA had all the answers. So Pilate said:---'I will do the legal thing. I will wash my hands of the blood of this man. He tells me what to do and these people, these Jews tell me--'let his blood be upon us and upon our children.' These are the bloodiest people I have ever known. Remember this is the area of Jewry. Christ establishes it here. This is again ( I call your attention to this in the book of Matthew, because Jesus wants to make it very clear who the Jews are.) They are the Luciferians, the blood murderers. And are covered by the blood of the earth. Jesus said to them:--'Ye false prophets, false scribes, false pharisees. Ye built the tombs of the prophets, the sceplacurs of the righteous, and now you tell me that if you had lived in the days of your fathers, you wouldn't have been partakers with them of the blood of the prophets. Wherefore you have just born witness against yourselves that you are the children of them that killed the prophets. For ye fill up the measure of your father. Ye serpents, ye generation of the vipers, how can ye escape the judgement. Wherefore I sent unto you prophets and scribes. Some ye killed and some ye crucified. And some ye scourged in your synagogues.

Now, synagogues means the gathering of Gog. For they had already brought in these pagans--Gogites, the Mongolians. And they were calling Israel's temples assemblies of Gogites. So Jesus said:--'These prophets I sent, some ye crucified, some ye scourged and some ye persecuted. But upon you will come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel, to the blood of Zachariah slain between the horns of the altar.---from A to Z. Jesus said:--'Ye are the children of Lucifer. Ye are the generations of the vipers, you are the blood lusters, the murderers, and upon you is the blood of the earth. You are the worshiper and children of Lucifer. You worship Shama and all these other gods.' (end of message.)