03-16-66 Bible Study Q&A


Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...Would you discuss the Sphinx?

ANSWER:...The Sphinx is a symbolic Temple and it has its relationship to the Masonic Order. There are areas of Masonry that can tell you much about the Sphinx. We can cite that as far as the Builders of the Pyramid were concerned that they built the Sphinx first. Then they built the Great Pyramid after they had first built the Sphinx. The Builders of each were the people who lived in the city of ON. And of course the Temple of On and the people of On who were originally settled there were divided by 12 areas in which were allotted to them to live, each according to their time and their measure.

They then built the Sphinx before the Pyramid and the Sphinx was an Incumbent Lion (lying down) with a human head. It signified the recognition that the Lion of Tribe of Judah would be the ruler of the nations. Actually the other people of Egypt did not know what the Lion stood for, but the people who built it understood all the symbolism.

Never in all the areas of Egyptian history were the native Egyptians able to figure out the Lion, or understand what it represented. The symbol of the Mystery of the Pyramid has its sequel inside the Sphinx. There are 33 steps which lead down from the door in the front of the Sphinx. And there is an Amphitheater that is held up with 10 Pillars. And the 33 steps are also equivalent with the 33 years in the life of Christ, as well as the Amphitheater with the 10 Pillars, and this door opens into a circular room, and it has 2 Pillars standing within it. This is equivalent to the 12 Tribes of Israel and their division. The builders of the Pyramid knew this when they built the Sphinx, and the Pyramid for the were one and the same Builders. (Ephraim and Manasseh were also symbolized here.)

There was a passage from the back of the Sphinx up into an area of the Pyramid. This passage has been sealed from the time of the Beginning and there is no way we can force its entrance. However ..George Washington knew about the inside of the Sphinx, and he wrote a paper on this but no one knows exactly all that is contained within the Sphinx, except there were schools of Masonic thought that understood the symbol of the Sphinx.

When Napoleon went down into Egypt with his armies, they fired shots at the Sphinx and chipped off part of its ears. The fact remains that after that time the Egyptian Government and the British Government have worked together on the archaeology side of this matter, and have worked at repairing the Sphinx and putting it back to its original state.

The Incumbent Lion with the human head which is the symbol of the Lion of Judah... the Christ..IS THE GUARD OF THE PYRAMID. The symbolism which the Sphinx contains is also the symbolism of the Pyramid as well, except that the Pyramid in symbolism is in greater detail. Today the Egyptians will not allow anyone to excavate between the paws of the Sphinx. At one time the sand had filled in until it was almost to the top of the paws of the Sphinx, but now they have the excavation down almost to the level of the entrance chamber, and of course there is a small door at the back of the Sphinx but for some reason the Egyptians will not let anyone enter this door.

So that is the story:.....

The Incumbent Lion with the human head and the carrying forward of the chambers inside the Sphinx are only a part of the Mystery, and these came together inside the Pyramid in the areas of the Pyramid known as the Chamber of the Kingdom. This knowledge was taught and known and understood by those who in the past studied the Sphinx. And we might say that Masonry since the days of George Washington and down to our times has known that the Sphinx contained these chambers within. The interesting fact is that if you took a map, worked out the details of the inside and the outside of the Pyramid and study it then you would discover that by placing the King's Chamber in London, that the Pit would be in Africa, and it also indicated that the meaning of the Pyramid and the Sphinx was well known thru out the years that Westminster Abbey was the House of God, and does cover the spot where the top of the King's Chamber would be if the King's Chamber was put over Westminster Abbey,..and of course the pit is in Africa. So it lays out a rather interesting fulfillment in the passages of the Pyramid. I can't say any more about this...I know a little more, but this is all I can say at this time. Also it is the symbol of Virgo and Leo, the beginning and end of the Constellation.

QUESTION:...When Christ stood on the Mountain overlooking Jerusalem and He talked about gathering them like a hen gathers her chickens, what did He mean?

ANSWER:...As far as Jerusalem is concerned then Jerusalem is an Ancient city, and it belonged to HIM. He was properly the King of Jerusalem as well as of all Palestine. This was the site of the Great Temple as well as the Honor Guards who stood before King David, and YAHSHUA was David's Greater King. When He looked upon Jerusalem He said He wished that Jerusalem had come to Him, and He would have comforted her like a hen does her chicks...still He also realized that the people of Jerusalem at that time consisted of the Hittites, and the Amalikites, and the Cainanites, and so forth, and were now called Jews and had made Jerusalem their capital. The true Judeans..of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi came willingly to Jesus but the majority wasn't lamenting the Sadducees because He knew that the people who made up the Sadducees would not come to Him...would not receive Him.

He knew that they would not have any capacity to receive Him, would not recognize the Spiritual truth built around Him. They were totally void of this truth. However when Jesus looked upon this city and cried those words, He was without any illusions of their turning to Him, but He also was not without human emotions. He knew that this was His city, and a part of the Headquarters of the Kingdom. However, Jesus made it very clear that He did not anticipate that there would be any acceptance of Him by the people of that city at that time.

When the day comes that the city of Jerusalem will accept Him...then of course there will be a lot of people missing from there. But you cannot speed that up. The people of Judea and Jerusalem even in these latter days are still His enemies. Then of course their acceptance of Him is not going to come in this period of time either. All things have to come to their own climax before that happens. However the climax isn't very far away, but they shall be destroyed, and the city will go thru a great many changes and these changes will involve geology as well as the inhabitants. But here the passage of scripture was only relative to what Jerusalem had been, and what Jerusalem was the symbol of. The majority of people there at the time of the Christ had no capacity to receive Him...when He made this statement.


QUESTION:...The people of Carthage were called Phoenicians and many writers said they were worshipers of Baal...is this true?

ANSWER:...There is no basis of truth in this because the people who were called Phoenicians or actually Pho-Honech were actually the sons of Enoch and then the Phoenicians were a descendent line who came on down thru the House of Israel as well. When you come down to the period of the Phoenicians they referred to the people of Greece as Phoenicians also, and they were still sons of Isaac-Saxons and they felt they were a part of the Kingdom, and so much did they feel this that when Alexander the Great started out with his Macedonians...he started to gather as many as possible and he sought to gather them into one conclave, for he wanted all the people of the white race, all the people of the Kingdom to be all gathered together. When he went out on the plains of the East he met with Persians that came down from the North. He met people from the Upper Steppes who were Sethites, and he asked them to join him. He said that they could keep their own religion and any facet that related to their background, but he said that he had studied carefully the origin of the nations, and he had studied where they came from, and he called the Greeks...Phoenicians and he knew where they came from.

So with this in mind then Alexander the Great was out to build the white race, and Alexander was not an ideal person in some ways and may have indulged in things he should not have, but this was largely the results of going into Ancient Babylon and other places, and as the years went by he may have become more temperamental and more indulgent in the pleasures of the flesh, but when he went into Ancient China and conquered parts of that land, he thought he had conquered the last of the races, but when the people came pouring out of the Steppes, he said that he would not go into the Steppes to fight them for with this many people they would be swallowed up. Alexander the Great died on the way back and he never reached the land of Greece. But it was very significant that he realized that all the white people belonged together. At that time in history all the sons of the white race were called Phoenicians. So it is an area of error to say that these people worshiped Baal for they did not.

In fact the Zorasterians not only followed the service exactly like the children of Israel did in which they recognized that God was One, and that He meted out areas of chastisement. But they realized that He enveloped them in power, and in light and that He gave them Eternal Life. The Zorasterians believed that Zoraster was His Prophet. They would fight those who opposed them, but they made no offer to fight anyone who would worship their God. This may have been a weakness on the part of the Zorasterians, but they said that God is everywhere, and He sees all things...BUT WE ARE HIS SONS. So this marked them as men who came down out of the Steppes, out of the place where our race was originally begotten and out of the genealogy of these came the people who went into India, and into Persia and into Europe where they built Stonehenge, and the other sports of the Rings of Stone in Northern India and Burma. They were the same people possessing the same knowledge that made Alexander the Great realize that these were the same people, and although he brought some of them together, he had little real knowledge of why they were the same people..only something which seems to have driven him on in this field.

QUESTION:...Isn't Phoenix a combination of Enoch and Noah?

ANSWER:...I would say that Phoenix came from Pho-Enoch...do you know that in 812 B.C., some of the children of Israel traveled westward and they crossed the Atlantic and came into Central America and there they preached the Gospel they had at that time. And they were looking for the Great White God who was to come. They were not far off for they taught that when He came He would be the Messiah, and He would give life to me, and that He was the Redeemer that they were looking for. This is the reason why the people who were in the Maya's land and the Toltec land received these Israelites when they came, and they considered them gods, and they permitted them to be their teachers. And they let them dwell in their cities. Now the Mayan had no armies at this time when our race appeared in their country. I might say that these Israelites were of the Tribe of Manasseh, and they went to sea on the Ships of Dan. Actually the ships of Dan were located in the Mediterranean Sean and some of the Manasseh went on those ships to the other world. And here as they came appeared the symbol of the Phoenix. They used the Peacock also some times in their symbolism.

Then Asiatic Indians came down from the north and they wanted to destroy the Maya, and especially the white skinned ones, so they brought weapons for their destruction. They circled the cities of the Maya's with sulphur and set that on fire. The Maya's and the Manasseh people could seal the fumes out of their homes so they retreated into their underground tunnels which led to the outside and they then went northward into the land of the Toltec people and there built a strong civilization. The people of the Asiatic Indian's waited for about two weeks and then when they broke into the Mayan cities they found no one there.

The Maya and the Manasseh people stayed for a while in the Toltec areas and then Manassehites continued on North. They were a nomadic tribe for a time, and then they moved north and eastward. The Aztec also had the Phoenix bird, and they had some stories of this trail of remembrance. Of course we do not know today, but the strongest of the oldest teachers of the white Apache were also of Israel. Then there were those dark Asiatic Indians who came down from the north into this country...America.

The Mayan's were never given an identity with Israel, but they kept Israel alive while Israel was with them. So Manasseh Israel went out of Mayan land and went North and produced tribes in the northern part of Central America and the southern part of the United States. Wherever you see the trace of them then you see that they never permitted any sacrifice except to one God. At the time that they called for a sacrifice it was, then as it is today, an atonement. More than that we have the Queechie...which were found in some of the southern tribes of Indians, and these Queechie were actually also of the tribe of Manasseh, and they talked about how they came across the ocean, and how someday they would go back. Now they never sailed back but when the Mayan's who had gone on south... reformed and moved on south they always looked for the return of these people of the tribe of Manasseh. They said that when the tribe of Manasseh returned it would be the end of the age, and it would be the coming of their Messiah-God.

When Cortez landed in Mexico the word reached the tribes which were growing to some size. And some of the tribes were Indians and some were not, but their progeny of course made up part of the so called Indians of North America. At this time remember that one of the things that Cortez wanted to do was to carry the message that the messiah, the King of Israel had come, but little did he realize that white men had been there before him carrying the message of His coming. Cortez and his men wanted to tell this country about the coming of the Messiah as well as to gather all the land they could for Spain.

There was a group of Negroids that had come out of the areas of the Caribbean Sea and had fused themselves with some tribes of the Indians in the southern United States, and these tribes then had no love at all for the white man so they started to liquidate Cortez's military, and he ordered measures that made him seem more cruel than he really was. But these orders made it clear that the only Indians who became servants to the Spaniards were allowed to survive. So when Cortez got down to South America the people there bowed to him, and they thought that he was the Christ who had come. They had been taught of His coming so this white man must be God. Thus Cortez came to the new world where already white men had been in this land telling the natives about the coming of the Christ. Cortez went all the way south into the land of the Inca's and carried their treasures back. His men then began to fight over the treasures and some of them stayed in the Islands of the Caribbean Sea. Later some of these treasures were found in the cities of that area and they came from the loot carried off by Cortez's men. But as far as the people who were in those early days with the Maya's they were of Manasseh Israel.

QUESTION:...The Mormon's consider that the men of Levi were a part of the Manasseh Tribe that came over, is that true?

ANSWER:...Some of the Levi came with Manasseh of course because Levi was given to all the tribes as their Ministers. In fact I would not give very much for any minister who is not of Levi, even today, because House of Levi is supposed to be scattered in all the tribes and they are to be the ministers. I think the difference in the Called Ministers and the uncalled Ministers is whether they came from the House of Levi.

QUESTION:...There was supposed to have been a White Christian King who ruled in the area of what is now called India, and he was supposed to have been slain by Genghis Kahn, and his name was King David, some seem to think that he was the son of Prestor John, do you know anything about him?

ANSWER:...As far as the term India is concerned, most of the areas of the East were know as India. When Genghis Kahn swept out of the Steppes he came against strong white Aryan societies, and the year was about 1011. I don't know whether this was the son of Prestor John or not. But I think people will be surprised to find that Prestor John is still alive and still preaching and will be when Jesus comes.

"For if I will that thou should follow me, and that thou should remain...what is that to thee?"

In otherwords, Jesus turn to Peter, and is rather short with Peter and here He is dealing with a Mystery. Let's look at it a moment.

John 21:18..."Now verily I say unto you, when thou was young thou girdest thyself, and walketh where they wouldest. When thou shall be old thou stretcheth forth thy hands and another shall gird thee, and carry thee whither thou wouldst go."

Now; prior to this Jesus had said to Peter:.."Son of Jonas, love me more than these? Then after Peter has assured Him that he loved Him Jesus said unto Peter...Feed my Sheep. And the third time Jesus said:..."Son of Jonas, loveth thou me? And Peter was grieved because he said this to Him the third time..."Loveth thou me?" and Peter said to Him.."Lord thou knowest that I love thee." So again Jesus said to Peter..."feed my sheep."

In this instance then Peter turned and he said:..which one of these is he that betrayeth thee? And then seeing the disciple that Jesus loved...this being John then Peter said:.."Lord what shall this man do? Jesus said:...If I will that he tarry till I come what is that to thee?, you just follow me."

Now; it says that this saying went abroad among the brethren that this disciple should not die, yet Jesus did not say that he would not die...Jesus just said that "If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee?" The scripture says that the saying went abroad among the brethren,...BUT DID JOHN WRITE THIS? We have reason to believe that the last three verses were not put in there by the writer of this book...John.

In fact these go back with a reflection over what has already been said. It is perfectly plausible that John would say...that the saying went abroad among the brethren, that the disciple would not die, but John just wanted to discount this, but the next verses were not written by John, rather someone else just thought John should have had a better ending for his Gospel. (now Dr. Swift just left this question and did not explain what he meant when he quoted John 21:18. to me with the talk of Prestor John and so forth, then John being the writer of Revelation, and the Revelation of Jesus the Christ, the Spirit of Truth...then this spirit of truth would continue on and on until the climax.)

QUESTION:...Back to Alexander the Great. This book I read had Alexander the Great fighting with some people of Gog, was this Russia?

ANSWER:...Yes. Alexander the Great hated the people of Gog from the Steppes of Asia. As far as the story that Alexander died in a drunken fit, I can't find too much evidence of that. He did die of a seizure and of course all of the History he entered into was accomplished before he was 32 years of age. He was a magnificent conqueror. We will just have to say that all he conquered he then let the people go, and they could keep their religion just as long as it was not offensive to the ONE God. Now there is one thing about Alexander the Great...he learned that there was only one God, and that God was ONE. People with just one god were trusted by him more than those with many gods. If they had two or more then they were not permitted to carry on a worship of two gods.

QUESTION:...When I was in school I majored in Ancient History and the books I studied then said that the Czar's of Russia were great Christian rulers, but the books that students have today say that the Czar's were very cruel and tyrannical rulers, and that they kept the people in subjugation. Would you comment?

ANSWER:...As far as the Czar and his wife were concerned, they were, up until the end a very Christian people. They were of the Greek Orthodox Church. When Germany sent the Princes into Russia to hold back the Zarcon's, in order to hold them back they had to send to the Princes of Germany for an army. These Princes of Germany went into Russia and fought a long war and after a long ten year battle they were able to put the Czar on the Throne. Then came a migration into that country from Northern Europe, as the Danes and the German's especially came into Russia. Then from the south came people from Greece, and especially from the Slavic nations as the Slavic people decided to expand for now there was a Christian King on the throne, so in this way Russia became a powerful country. Now; many of the people came into that country with nothing, so serfdoms were set up all over the country and the people were rural people, and they raised grain and built their homesteads, and they gave a percentage of what they raised to their Princes, and the Princes gave a percentage to the King for the use of his armies, and for their own protection and this percentage was about 30% of all they raised. It was quite a function for the King's men to come and take the taxes. But the serfs weren't unhappy with their King because if a man had difficulties that year they did not take the full amount of tax. So there was not any major unhappiness in Russia with the coming of the Russian Revolution. The industrial areas of Russia with the coming of machinery were small so when Marx and Lenin were trying to whip up a revolution they could not get any cooperation from the Serfs because they were a rural people, and Russia wouldn't be a leading Kingdom with that type of setup. The Steppes of Asia was so large that the different tribes of Mongol's roamed their own part of that world without much contact with the other people. Then when Russia gained in its development it developed an army but it was only big enough to put down rebellion at home. The Czar didn't always realize that the revolution had gone so deep into the life of his people. He did not realize that many...many Kazzar's had been brought into his country to assist in the rebellion. The Marxist rebels were e not the Serf's who did the farming areas of the Serfdom. So the many German Princes had developed these little Serfdom's and they were nobility of the land. They and the people of Asia were taken so completely by surprise with the Revolution and they didn't know quite how to cope with it.

(Thus the rebels for the Red Revolution were brought into the country for that purpose, to bring down the country. And it worked because a rural people did not understand what was going on in the outside world.)

QUESTION:...I saw a picture of the Red Army and they seemed to appear to me as white men, and I was surprised because these men looked like us, and I took a magnifying glass and looked closely. So I can't understand this?

ANSWER:...Well, they may have a picture to show you, but most of their best troops are Mongolian's and they are ruthless. The people of Russia now are a mixed people. There are some who are preserved in their way of life, and ministering to them are cold and calculating men, and the church is just for display and to confuse. This small minority of people are so hungry for any type of religion that they haunt even these displayed churches. It is a sad situation.

QUESTION:...Wouldn't you think that Queen Elizabeth being who she is would know she is of Israel? And if she knows then how do you explain her speeches against Rhodesia and South Africa?

ANSWER:...Well again, she has no power, the House of Lord's sets the policy and to them this is a revolt against the crown and this cannot be. Then again, Elizabeth has hesitated but she cannot dissolve the crown. I don't know if she knows who she really is, altho she goes thru the motions when crowned. However integration is one thing and annihilation is another, and if the white government of Rhodesia and South Africa are turned over to the Negro's it will mean the annihilation of the white race of those countries and I'm sure that Queen Elizabeth does not want that. Anyway, it does not matter what she wants, for another Greater King is going to take over that Throne one of these days, but that throne will exist until He comes.

There will be some significant things connected with that transfer of the throne. And I don't think you have to worry about the whites in South Africa, they are firmly in place.

QUESTION:...There was a report that they were preparing a place in Canada for the Royal Family, is that Biblical?

ANSWER:...It is Biblical. They were preparing a place to be used in case of the one great war which we haven't had as yet. However, if Russia was to suddenly swoop down with everything she has on Germany and on England, then the plan is to bring the Royal Family and all the sacred instruments for the ceremony of the throne to Canada. It was over here once before and when this transpired the people did not know that the throne was in England. However, I think you will see this happen again, for it can be moved very quickly...."I call all Israel into one place." Ezekiel chapter 37. However, we are going to win that last war and we are also going to save Germany.

QUESTION:...What will happen to NATO now that France is getting out?

ANSWER:...I think it is a fine thing that France gets out of NATO. I never did cotton to France anyway. France is in a rather sad spot, for it is filled with a lot of good people, but it is also filled with a lot of people who are so filled with wine that they have no resistance left. You know that France is the one place where they drink the most of the sweetest wine, and that brings complete submission. Muscatel is the wine that they drink and it is also the wine of the Wine-o's. You cannot imagine what France is like. It has retreated so far and so fast since the war that the streets of France and especially Paris are filled with modern Beatnik's. You see them everywhere. In fact you can't take a fast photograph of the streets of Paris without bringing this fact out. There are some fine people there who work the farms and in the Burgundy area and in various mountain areas, and they are Normans, and the Benjaminites and they will remain separate until the last. There has never been so great a mixture of races, and people as there has been in France. The men who held out for racial self respect and carried the line forward such as Petain and other are gone, this man now in charge I think is a white man.

QUESTION:...Do you really think that DeGaul is a white man? I thought he was a mongrel?

ANSWER:...You can't really tell, but he looks like a typical Frenchman. I think he is white.

QUESTION:...As much as Mr. Johnson?

ANSWER:...Mr. Johnson would not be proud of that.

QUESTION:...Mr Johnson says he going back to Texas...can he?

ANSWER:...I think Mr. Johnson says he can, I think Dallas would keep him alive in spite of himself. However, you do not talk openly today or you get into trouble.

QUESTION:...I listened to the Joe Pine show and he had a Reverend Black on there who was a Faith Healer. What do you think of that?

ANSWER:...I don't know who this man was, but I hope he gave a good account of himself. There has never been any period of time when Faith Healing was not a reality, because sin, sickness, and death are the outcome of violation of Divine Law. Meaning that someone violated Divine Law, maybe not the person this happened to but the process of the atonement covers sin, sickness and death. Therefore the scripture says:.."By his stripes we are healed." It also relates that you have vitality and the processes of the atonement reaching you. In otherwords, you can pray for the sick and you can be sure Christ will perform. (John 14). "If ye ask anything in MY NAME I will do it."

Now; someone says:...'but I prayed and I didn't get any answer.' Well, did you pray in Faith, believing you would get an answer? As far as Faith is concerned that is what Faith really is. That is what Faith means. That you believe in God and that you believe In Him ultimately. Faith doesn't want to be a doctor, Faith claims the healing power of the Christ and it works. I have witnessed many Faith healings over the years. We have in our congregation prayed for people and healing, and in most instances they were healed. Most people who weren't healed said:..the same thing happened to me this time as last time..so they didn't expect it to happen, and they did not get the healing.

Generally speaking when a person comes forward for prayer and for healing they receive it. then if they are healed they don't think anything about it, because they feel better. The thing is this healing will work more and more as we come to the end of this age because God will pour out more and more power on His ministers.

QUESTION:...Isn't the loss of Faith in healing the results of so many frauds in that business?

ANSWER:...Well, possibly some people have lost faith in healing but I would say that we just believe in healing. It isn't necessary for 500 people to be present for five people to be healed. That is just a big fanfare. In otherwords, God can heal you in your homes without all those others there. These so called Faith healers make almost a circus out of it. They pray and everyone gets better but maybe 90% of their ailments were in their heads anyway.

Now; with Jesus those types of meetings were not held. They brought the sick to Jesus because they had a need. They came to hear Him preach and the Presence of God was there to heal them. It was like a man they lowered thru the roof to the feet of Jesus, and the Presence of God was there to heal him. So Jesus said to the man...Take up your bed and walk. Then they asked Jesus if it wouldn't have been better for Him to have said that the man was healed? Jesus said:..You do not understand... this man wanted healing. Jesus thus said:...'Take up your bed and walk. Thy sins are forgiven thee.' Then they did start jabbering among themselves as the Sadducees tried to figure that one out, but the fact is that He just said to the man:..'Take up your bed and walk.'

Then there was the woman who had the issue of blood for seven years and she touched Him and she knew...that if she touched Him that she would be healed. This was amazing for in the crowd which was so big...yet Jesus said:...'as your Faith is, so be it unto you.' But you find that Jesus did not heal with any big fanfare. It was just a living miracle as he opened the eyes of the blind and unstopped deaf ears. And He can still do it today, but He has commissioned His ministers to do the same.

In otherwords, this is not to be a show...its a vital work of power. We have witnessed great services where some were healed and we have witnessed quiet services and some were healed. So I am convinced that great services only attract attention to the areas of this phenomena. And its very possible that at least 50% of those going for healing are only sick in the head, but that still leaves a 50% rate for the ministers praying for them...I believe in Divine Healing. I believe that you have a right to it. I don't believe that you do away with doctors either, because always you need cooperation with the individual and so as far as healing is concerned...it is there.

QUESTION:...There is quite a bit said about miracles performed in this end time by demons.

ANSWER:...Demon's don't perform miracles, they can do tricks but they can't heal.

QUESTION:...Is it signs and wonders then?

ANSWER:...Yes, men do that in India. They climb up a rope and disappear in the air and its an illusion and a good one. The signs and wonders are not good. When you go through this there are lots of things that can be done as signs and wonders and illusions, and they are classed as magic. But then it comes to Divine healing, a lot of doctors that I know believe in Divine Healing. They are not opposed to Divine healing because a lot depends on the individual and maybe they aren't responding to therapy but then they are healed by Divine healing. Well, all of these things are just aisles of salvation for people. I don't tell people to quit going to the doctor's, but I am saying that sometimes they can go to pray and get healing. I don't think you have to go to a doctor every time you have a headache, or even a broken leg which will heal even if you cannot get to a Doctor, because God can heal it. What He put together in the first place can be put together again...by Him.

QUESTION:...Who are the people of Switzerland?

ANSWER:...Switzerland was started when a small group of Germans went into those mountains. Now Switzerland is also part of Gad, but there are more people in Switzerland that marry Germans than any other people on the continent of Europe. In fact the Swiss and Germans just won't marry any others. So the Swiss are mainly part of Judah.

QUESTION:...Why don't you give us an answer to a question we haven't even thought of?

ANSWER:...How about that...I have been answering questions tonight that you asked because I thought that would be easier than going to the questions that have been coming in by air.

QUESTION:...Would you comment on the Sealing of the 144,000?

ANSWER:...Is this from the Book of Revelation? It is in the 7th., chapter? "And I head the number of them that were sealed and there were sealed...an hundred and 44 thousand of all the tribes of Israel.' Now; 144,000 is not a total number. This is a symbolic number and the square of 12 is carried out to a thousand here but could be carried out to 10 thousands and on and on. For every individual in the structure of the Kingdom is sealed. This goes down thru all the children of Israel. Then after this... I beheld and lo a great multitude which no man could number of all the nations and kindred and peoples, and tongues who stood before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands. And they cried with a loud voice saying:..salvation to our God, who sitteth upon the throne and unto the Lamb.

Again this is a continuity of the remnant sealed out of Israel. Actually after this...when it says that I beheld a great multitude, which no man could number...well, no man could number this multitude because this is the carrying of the identity out and out and out. Whenever you get the number 144,000 remember this is a symbolic number. Then you will note that over in the Book of Jude it says that He comes with 10,000 of His saint's...in Judgment. This is another of those symbolic numbers. This is the 12 apostles squared by 1000 and also it represents the 12 tribes. You know that when the old Patriarch's and all of their descendants of the Old Testament are gathered out, there is more than 12,000 of each tribe? Then there are many more times that today. Then in another place as this is mentioned it calls them male virgins. And this shows the impossibility of this passage.

So in otherwords, this is 144,000 people carried out to the endless thousands who haven't bowed the knee to Baal. These are the people who spiritually energized, spiritually empowered do not bow the knee to Baal. As far as them being male virgins, this is a symbolic statement.

QUESTION:...Is there a reason for leaving out the tribe of Dan here in this chapter? Some say the tribe of Dan are held back in judgment?

ANSWER:...No, I don't think so. They put in both tribes of Joseph and left out Dan, but I think you would find that all tribes are embodied and I think this is just poor translation that happened over a period of time, but it was there in the original translation. I can show you judgment for Judah and other tribes as well. So I don't think this has any significance here for Dan is well marked as one of the tribes.

Now; one thing I would say....In the Book of Revelations it goes all out to show 144,000, and in another place calls them Male virgins. Of course the Jehovah witness sees this and will make a great point of this and they say that every Jehovah witness becomes one of the 144,000. When they visited me I asked if I could make it into that group of 144,000 and they said I sure could by becoming a Jehovah witness, for that is what it takes. So I said...Now just a moment..and I reached for the World Almanac, and that was 6 or 7 years old and I said:...here back in that time you had 1 million members, and you are going to get me in this number so how are you going to condense this million or more down to 144,000, and also no woman can get into this number because they are not male virgins. So what are these.... male virgins? So explain to me, are you going to throw out some of these people so you can take in a few new members? Well they said they would be back and they took off on a run, but so far they haven't been back to explain this to me. But the actual symbolism in this tells us the language is crude, and tho they did not count women in the Old Testament, still women are in this numbering. In the Book of Joel it says:..'I pour out my spirit on the sons and daughters', so women are in this symbolic numbering of 144,000 which is all the House of Israel.

Now; there are a lot of people who think that this next passage:..."After this I beheld, and lo a great number"...is a division but there is no division in the Bible. So read the rest of the seventh chapter. This is symbolic of the fact that a great many people have died in the intervening periods. We have people die every day, and many are killed by the Russian hoards and so forth, and these people were not established as a specific number. So here John is talking of the end of the age, and he sees that great numbers of Israel....in the land of the living, and he squares them into Israel.

Actually it is a big square and its much easier to square it out as tho each were equal. But this is just a form of showing that all Israel is there, that "All Israel shall be saved as it is written."

QUESTION:...The President of Zambia...I have heard, requires Bible reading every day. Now knowing their opposition to Rhodesia I wonder is this man a phoney or is he sincere?

ANSWER:...We cannot comment too much on that, actually Zambia isn't causing much trouble anyway for a great many of the people of Zambia are employed inside of Rhodesia, and if the whites of Rhodesia did not give them employment there would not be any money inside of Zambia. Now; if the big countries like these United States force Zambia to go it alone, then we will have to supply the money for they cannot go 'all alone'. The results will be that the taxpayers foot the bill. They had previously rules and regulations due to white leadership, and do to the fact that the white man gave them every bit of their civilization, so actually if they have taken on certain of those customs they might not know exactly where and why they do these things. So certain of the ruling class may have retained certain doctrines of the old and of the new Testament, but they could not understand it as well as they did under the white leadership they used to have. Then again there are white ministers in Zambia from America and they may be permitted to teach them for awhile. Zambia is a small country and there are less than two million people there.

QUESTION:...Can you give any background opinion on the American Bible Society and their work?

ANSWER:...The American Bible Society has one great fetish which is to get the Bible translated into every language and get it to every people. They have just run wild with the Bible, translating it into every language. There isn't so much wrong with this but they could spend their time more diligently.

(end of this message)