03-24-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...Do we bury the dead?

ANSWER:...From its earliest conception an instruction that bears on the eventual pattern of Resurrection it says:...Yes. Now, as far as the elements of composition are concerned they may be reduced to ashes, and the body turned into gas by the process of cremation, but they will still always be existent somewhere. Our race has always been taught to pay respect to the body, to embalm and to bury it. In fact our race taught the Egyptians the process of embalming the body, to embalm and bury it. The Egyptians knew nothing of embalming until after Enoch and Job went down and built the great city of ON and its great temple, then later erected the pyramid. Our race was referred to by the Egyptians as the children of YAH..the Ka of Light and Resurrection. In otherwords they identified our race with the embodiment of God, the embodiment of the God of Light and Resurrection. So it was early taught that it was our race who taught Resurrection to the Egyptians, and that the body was to be laid away until the Resurrection Day. In fact this is also demonstrated by the fact that the Egyptians had two Resurrections, and the early doctrines surrounding our race establish- ed the fact that one of the things which would be restored to it was Immortality. And that the spirit never dies, it took its flight into dimensions of Spirit in what was known as death. Thus the Egyptians were one of the first to catch the concept of the spirit taking its flight...outside the Adamic race. You will also note that the Egyptians had the concept of the soul crossing the River Styx into a Netherworld until it was Resurrected. Then when resurrected its soul could take flight into the sky or its soul might be resident in the earth. This was sort of a combination change made in the theology of the Early Egyptians, and they early adjusted some what to what they heard.

Now; the Adamic race was the only race which taught Resurrection. The white race specifically taught this, no resurrection was taught in Asia, none in Africa of course, although they had a doctrine called Witchcraft established in Africa which was for those called..The Walking Dead. It starts with the fallen Angel Voodoss and from this comes the religion of Voodooism which you find through out all the tribal histories of Africa. You find it down here in Haiti, and in Jamaica or wherever you find great numbers of Negroes, you find with these great numbers of the Negroes the Witchdoctors and Voodooism. There are Methodist Negroes who are also Voodooists, or Baptis who are still Voodooists and the moment a Voodoo Priest comes along they move into that area. A Voodoo Priest can activate their body and their physical brain, and consciousness can be activated thus, they are called the..Walking Dead. This word is also applied to these people with this religion. In the Old Testament we have the word..Zombie.. and it meant the Walking Dead. This isn't classified as such now days but is classified in the Voodoo religion. And at that time..the Zombie was definitely people of this type of Negro background, or this Beast category that had no individual soul. In otherwords soulishness or without soul was referred to as Zombie. So they were thus called..The Walking Dead..or dead while they lived. The Scripture said:..'the dead when they die know nothing at all', demonstrating that when they are alive they lacked spirit, so they were classified as dead, and this word also is Zombie. So the semantics of this word even in Ancient languages related to the Walking Dead. The Africans saved the body because they believed that it might be activated by their Priests.

Now;..the Asiatics followed Luciferian Baalism of various types. As you know Baalism as in Babylon, and as it shows up in Scripture..Baalism in Asia was all the various characteristics of Satanic religion. Almost all the Baalistic forces burn the body. They started the practice of Cremation, this practice belongs to the Kali worship, to Brahma, Siva and Vishnu of India. The body is piled on high brush piles and then is cremated with all types of professions to their Devil gods. And the spirit is then supposedly absorbed into what ever pattern of Devil theology they have. And in Kalism they have a type of reincarnation, therefore the reincarnation of Kalism can pass through any living creature from the smallest bug to the highest status. This is that area of a higher evolution in return. However in this instance all creation was by some route made to the Queen of Heaven. In otherwords it became a sacrifice of the body to the Queen of Heaven is referred to several times. The god Molech...and the Queen of Heaven. In the days when they took over Nimrod of Ur of the Chaldeas..these pagan consorts around about sold Nimrod on the idea of this propaganda that they would deify him, and thus Nimrod was then married to a witch by the name of Semiramis, and she was given the title which belonged to Lucifers consort..Lillith..or Kali the assassin goddess, and she was then called the Queen of Heaven, and all this was woven into Baalism in Ancient Babylon. So we will make this clear, since the Scriptures in all its background taught resurrection, the Old Testament taught resurrection, taught that in a day, by the very timing of God..the dead would be raised. The soul consciousness would then enter back into that body and as to its condition it would be judged according to its pattern and its work, and as to what its work would be. And as to that area of chastening and development it would require. So the judgment seat of God was always identified as a great resurrection or judgment day. It would come before the throne of THE MOST HIGH GOD. But this had nothing to do with the Israelites, or the Adamic Race, for they had only one judgment before the Father..different from that of other people. Being children of an Endless Life their spirits therefore, under their bondage of violation of Divine Law would go into the Netherworld where they were held from Celestial freedom until the Messiah would come. And when the Messiah would come who was the LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION, ..this was the doctrine they knew 5000 years before The Christ and was sowed into Ancient Egypt. This was none other than Christ...YAHSHUA, or Osiris..who was the LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION. That at His coming then He would conquer the grave, cross the River Styx for all His Household to establish His Kingdom in the Orb of earth forever. And that power of His LIGHT OF LIFE as the Son of Righteousness...He would use to release the spirits of His children, or His Household who had crossed the River Styx and been in bondage in the Netherworld. Their spirits would then be re- leased into the heavens with His triumph over death. And there would then be no waiting time for the Children of God after that. If they died in earth their spirits would immediately after that return to Celestial planes. So you see this doctrine long had a hold on the race, could only have been carried into Egypt by Enoch and Job who long understood this, as did their Savants who accompanied them into Egypt.

Again...it was taught that you do not destroy the body, rather preserve it because the body shall be instantly transformed and changed in the elements of its being, and the LIGHT OF LIFE shall activate it again. So there are various ointments which our race was instructed to use. Even back in the days of Seth, in the Book of Seth as the Zohar also shows. Seth also knew what to place around the body, and they wrapped the body then in sort of parchment like cloth they had learned to make, and the spices would preserve the body. The bodies then were placed in caves, and tombs and buried in the ground waiting for the day when God Himself em- bodied in earth would triumph over death, and the spirits be released, and then the judgment of His Household...this was the judgment seat of His Household..when he had finished His Atonement...and in that moment, in the hour of His Majesty then the bodies of everyone of that Adamic race, of those who were dead would stand upon their feet...this is what they were taught.

Today there is a slight modification in our theology, for when a person dies..the Christian plan has always been to lay away the body. Some say... but why have all these ceremonies, why all this bother, why funerals, why not put the bodies in the ground and be done with it. This is not just a fetish with our race, it is a fact that we have been told to put this shell, these physical elements in which the consciousness dwells..put it into the grave. And then the ultimate triumph of God was to be made manifest in this body. No area of Satanic power was to triumph over this race, even his body was to be changed in the elements of its being. It would be raised, the soul consciousness of the Celestial being would be rejoined with it, and it would be enveloped in Light, thus the body would put on immortality and never die again. The synthesis then in the electronic field as well as the Celestial field, and the conscious field would be complete. The individual would be able to exist in Celestial fields, and in physical dimensions anywhere in the creation as well as in the plane of soul consciousness. This is what the early church taught...this is what the church has always taught.

The Apostle Paul said:..'When absent from this body is to be present with the LORD.' This mortal shall put on immortality, and the soul is immortal, the spirit is Celestial and has Eternal Life, therefore the only portion of us which is mortal is the physical body. This being so, then this mortal must put on immortality..whether it does it by a process of Faith in these latter periods, and never tastes death, or whether it goes into the grave and comes out of it. Christians thus believe in the Resurrection, this is our Faith. Therefore as an evidence of this as we believe in resurrection we thus preserve the bodies until the Resurrection according to our abilities.

The body of Adam was placed carefully by Seth in the Cave of the Treasure. It was taken out of that Cave by Noah and put on the Ark, this is one of the Mysteries of the Ark. After the flood, it was put back again into what was later 'Cave of the Treasures' and it was there that Abraham as a young man was taught by Noah. This bears testimony in the Zohar, and I think if you could find a true book of Jasher it would do the same,..that Noah had taken the body of Adam on the Ark. This is where the legend comes which may have much truth, that Shem took the body of Adam down to the Pyramid Temple. Placed it in the coffer and then it was sealed until the Resurrection, and at the Resurrection of The Christ, the hole torn in the passage way which ascends to it down to the bottomless pit...this was done long after the Pyramid was sealed up...it was done by some strange and tremendous force. That this was a symbol of the fact that at the time of resurrection..this symbol of Life..was that the spirit of Adam under the control of The Christ would tear a hole up through masonry..embody the body through the walls when He was in earth. This was taught to Abraham long be- fore the resurrection, that Adam's body was in a Temple Pillar in Egypt and had been placed there by Shem, one of the sons of Noah who had made his way down into Egypt after the flood for this very purpose. So you see this is tied into our legends, to our traditions that we do our best to preserve the body. Remember that the body of the man Christ Jesus laid in the tomb three days, but among the gifts brought by the Wise Men remember were: gold , frankincense, and myrrh, so what was this Myrrh for? This was to be to preserve the body, after they laid Him in His grave clothes. For this purpose then the Myrrh was a symbol of His death. Therefore they would have preserved His body even this body of God, and the symbol was of preservation until resurrection. Of course there was a sustained animation in every atom of the body of The Christ even though the body was dead, but there was no process of disintegration in it. The Apostle Paul understood this, he said that he did not want to die, he just wanted to be clothed upon with Light in his physical body that had lost its Light in the days of the error of his Adamic parents. He wanted to have the Light so that he could have immortality, but he said:..but I also know that if I do die I shall be... 'absent from this body which is to be present with the LORD.' But I know this body shall be clothed in Light, and I know death is swallowed up in victory.

Someone said:..well what happens if someone is cremated? Well, it is Christian tradition, it is race history that we do not cremate the body, that we bury it. This cremation idea was first sold into America by Jews. It was never done in this country until after a great number of them made their advent here. Burial was very important and significant for our race, but then they tried to say that this was a necessity. They used to tell the story when they first tried to sell Mausoleums for cremation that it saved lots of room. That we could not have the room for Cemeteries because our society was increasing and there wouldn't be room enough to bury our dead. Well this is a pretty big earth, they could plot the Navaho desert and bury all the people there for the next 1000 years, and never take up much space. But this was the story, and some were given the line that the ashes went into an urn and was sealed up and they could carry it with them, why I wouldn't know? And anyway it wouldn't make any difference they were told. Well..technically and to this point, God can summon elements and He will raise the body, and those elements can come from the four corners of the earth, or wherever they may be. There is a synthesis of substance, people die in fires, where they can't help themselves. People may burn up in an airplane or on the ground, but these instances are beyond the ability of individuals to help what happens to their bodies. And the ability of God to synthesize this body from substances out of the elements is assured. However this is still what we would advocate. That the body be put in the ground, or put in a vault until the resurrection Day. For the grave shall give up its dead, the vaults shall give up their dead, for we are the Children of Resurrection, this is our Faith, for our race. All around about us are the pagans with no pattern of this. they have their strange rules, their satisfaction with their last rites to Molech, to the gods of Lillith and Kali, and this is to burn the body.

Me...I think we should bury the body, this is not a matter of Eternal Life, this is a matter of measure. Since they went to so much trouble to preserve the body of Adam until it was resurrected, when they followed this direction, instinct, and promise until they hauled this body of Adam half way around the world, then I think we the Children of Adam, the Children of Osiris, the LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION bear testimony to this in every committing service we attend. We commit this body to the ground until Resurrection Day. Now; I hope this does not effect someone whole loved one was cremated because they did not know the difference, or because they didn't think it made any difference. I am just telling you what I think answers the question asked.

QUESTION:...Will there be a re-materialization of the body?

ANSWER:...Resurrection is re-materialization of the body, or a portion of it. There is..of this you can be sure. There are portions of the body which do not break down in the earth, some chemicals will not break down.

QUESTION:...There was this so called minister and he was cremated...he was a Unitarian, can you explain what a Unitarian is?

ANSWER:...A Unitarian is about as near nothing as you can be and still walk, that is, ecclesiastically and theologically. There is a vast change in what they used to call Unitarians back in the day of the American revolution, and those of today. Because today Unitarians do not believe in the entity of God, they only believe in an entity of ideas which reoccupy bodies, travel from generation to generation. You can be a Buddhist and be a Unitarian. The President took great license with the English language when he referred to this man of God who had given his life. This was no man of God, this was an atheist preacher. This was a preacher who was a leader of Liberal young organizations with Communist front citations who had been thrown out of a Lutheran Seminary because of his communist, socialist associations, and had entered the Unitarian Church to carry on his RED activities. the Unitarian churches around America are where the communists hold most of their debates, their debating societies. They use them to try to slip them into more respectable society than communism would normally penetrate. And if they come in under the cloak of a great humanitarian program in the Unitarian church they get away with it. People who are not Unitarians think that the Unitarian church is one of the churches of Christendom, they think it believes in Jesus the Christ, but it only believes in HIM as a Historical character, doesn't believe in His Deity.

Now; there is a difference between Unity and between Universalist, and the Unitarian church. Do not think that they are the same. The Universalists church believes that God would ultimately bring about a total redemption for all people. This is true, God will put everything back in order. But there are doctrines taught by the Universalists which are not as deep as they might be, but they did believe in the ultimate sovereignty of the Eternal god who manifested Himself as Jesus. But that He would save all people, and the text they use is:..'all flesh shall be saved', so there is a tenet for their Faith.

Unity was a different pattern, this was an area of a spiritual, mental adjustment to the individual by thinking such things are good, by meditating on spiritual sources of strength. Thus it is that Unity became as sort of mental therapy, it was a type of spirit mind, metaphysics ministry, and of course it grew and extended. The weakness of Unity is that it never aggressively moves out against evil. It just tries to so aggressively think good that it refuses to recognize evil. It never makes for success against the powers of darkness, this is a pacifistic pattern, but as far as that is concerned we would not condemn it, for as far as it knows about God, it knows that God is love, and even in some areas exemplifies the patterns of Christ's ministry, and His death and His desire to save people and so forth. There are various types of Unity structures, some of them catch the concepts of Atonement and others don't even understand this. But at the same time it does not fall anywhere into the category of Unitarianism. So always people should remember that the Universalists, and Unity have nothing to do with Unitarian. I consider the Unitarian church a more devastating institution than as if no church at all because today it is being used everywhere by communists and fifth columnists as a front to operate behind.

QUESTION:...Do they have a tax deduction?

ANSWER:...A Unitarian can get a tax deduction because they call them- selves a church, and say they embrace the Christian religion. They say they accept the philosophy of Jesus but not His Deity.

QUESTION:... I read once that the Jews are not allowed to be buried in one of our cemeteries, is that true?

ANSWER:...Well, the instructions to our race were that no one not of your Faith, or your race was even to be buried adjacent to your fathers or your progeny. This goes back into Levitical law...'a stranger shall not be buried in thy cemetery, thou shall not join thyself to them even in death,' and this laps over everywhere. Now; in the tradition of almost all Christians no one was ever buried in a Christian cemetery in Europe in all its history unless they were Christians. You could not put a Jew in a Christian cemetery. I am going to tell you something...the Jews will not let you be buried in their cemeteries either. None of the Jewish cemeteries have any Christians buried in them. But then I don't know any Christians that would want to be buried there, but it is still true.

The fact remains that you also by any stretch of the imagination can't be buried in a Chinese cemetery. There is not any part of the followers of Confucius, of Buddhism which will accept anyone not of them to be buried in their cemeteries. So you see Universally through out the ages until we got to this time of this modern commercial cemetery which you have now out here where they don't care who they sell a chunk of ground to just so they make some money, so you get buried any where. Then there was always what was called 'the potters field' and you might get dumped into it. Yet even in the potters field they would never put the body of white person in the part of the potters field where those strangers to your race were placed, they had a separate field for even the other races here because they did not want to leave them on top of the ground so they buried them. People worry about what will happen if they die in a strange place, but still they will be buried.

I think the laws of God are so significant, in this separation and segregation of 'KIND', so instilled that even in the ducks that fly, that we ought to have as much sense as a goose. If you go out some day along in the fall of the year, go along San Francisco's great stretch by the Yacht clubs in there just before you reach the Golden Gate Bridge, and in there you see many thousands of Ducks flying south. They come over that flyway before swinging in over the San Juan Valley going down to the Imperial Valley, and here they land, but the Canvas back ducks stay together, the Mallards stay together, the Teals stay together. They won't have anything to do with the others. They will be resting all in their own places, with watchers around and if anyone even walked over toward another group, pretty soon they are being herded back by their own leaders, they never mix. So sometimes man doesn't have as much sense as a goose or a duck.

QUESTION:...Perhaps you have heard of this practice. Some of the Greek Orthodox Christians that I know of have the habit of hiring professional criers at funerals, mostly old ladies, and they carry on with almost unheard of noise. I was wondering if this practice is pagan, and was picked up somewhere along the line?

ANSWER:...Well, probably not pagan. But it stems from the idea that the more grief that was shown the more they impressed all people around them of how much they loved the departed. And if it was a loved one, a member of the family that they had lost, then they couldn't cry loud enough by themselves so they hired people to cry for them to show the depth of their feelings and grief. This is nothing necessarily imparted by our Faith, because the more we understand the deep philosophy of our Faith the less we are wreaked and torn with this grief. We don't grieve as they who have no hope, for we know there is no end to life, and spiritual consciousness is never lost, the body also shall be raised. There is a Celestial body, and absent from this body is to be present with THE LORD, thus this lightens our grief. It is true that the Eastern Orthodox church probably got much of this from the Assyrians. But there is different types of Assyrians today, they are not as the Assyrians of yesterday. And the Armenians of today are actually the breaking off of the Slavic races, and some of Ishmaelite backgrounds, but they are always among those people, made great demonstrations of grief. I will tell you something else strange about this, it is just a part of an adopted ritual they have undertaken. You may remember if you are acquainted with the Greek Orthodox..that after a funeral is over, after the body had been is buried, they always return to the home from whence the body had been taken and they feast all the rest of the day. And all the people who come from the far corners of the land, all of them partake of a great feast. But I have also noticed that those who mourn the most eat the most, in lots of those cases, so they get over it real fast, and it ends up sometimes in a festival that lasts all day and sometimes all night.

Now; in the New England states, and those who have been raised in the New England States especially at the time when I was a boy will remember that people traveled to funerals a long way. And in those days there was just Model-T's and Maxwell's and so forth, but lots of people came by horse and buggy from as far away as 20 miles. So as soon as the funeral was over the people were fed, and sometimes they housed them for miles around, and this was just commonplace. In the country, in the cities up until the last few years, and still out in the farming areas this is still true. This is done in Pennsylvania still unto this day. The Dutch fell into a different category, some of them were Dunkards and they had their own rituals and rites. But this has no deep significance. It is true that apparently it was always a custom that the wealthy, more affluent people secured more additional mourners to show the great impact of their grief, or their wealth, one or the other.

But remember that at the time Lazarus was put in the ground and Jesus arrived late, and they said:...'oh, if you had been here my brother would not have died.' The mourners were all around, a great number of mourners still mourning. But Jesus stilled the whole commotion by telling Lazarus to come forth, and that ended it, and the mourners all went home. After all the funeral was over. But in some of the writing concerning this the Jews were furious that Jesus had called Lazarus back out of the ground, because this upset their phoney traditions. They didn't have any power like that, and it was pretty hard to attack Jesus after this. So more than the Biblical comment was the Sanhedrin of that time concerning what they did. They even tried to make trouble for Jesus by going to the mourners and telling them they had lost money by what Jesus did since by calling Lazarus out of the ground, it cut short their mourning time which they were getting paid for. So there must have been a mourners Union back when Lazarus died, and the Jews worked on this.

QUESTION:...Speaking of the Greeks, I heard that the Greek Orthodox Bible is about as true as you can find, is this true?

ANSWER:...No more or less true than anyone might say of the version they use. The Greek Orthodox Bible is one-half way between areas of the Vulgate, the older Catholic Bible before the Douay Version. It is one-half way be- tween it and what we would refer to as the King James Version. There is also areas of the Greek Orthodox translation where they used an Alexandrian Codex which was a little different than used for the King James Version. Probably was closer to the original codex which Mark used, and this did not have some things which carry over to later. However the Priesthood was quick to understand..at Nicaea..that there was great strength added to the Priesthood by certain types of flaming torture chambers and perdition. But the Greek Orthodox, although they may have used a different codex still left all the flaming perdition in there because it made more power for their Priestcraft. When man gets hold of a little ecclesiastical power he sure hates to relinquish it. This does not mean that it doesn't contain a general theme. The whole general theme of the Scriptures of the Old and the New Testaments can be found in almost any version. Some have delated some things and other possess them, that the people should have. And some have added some things according to the influence that should not be there. And there is no doubt but that we can show Pre-existence in the Greek Orthodox version with great clarity because they didn't tone it down in any way. QUESTION:...What is the basic belief of the Jehovah Witness Church?

ANSWER:...Well, the answer to this would be a rather long answer. I think they have something like 240 books to sell, and when you want to know what the Jehovah Witnesses believe in..well they believe in what is in those books. They believe everything Judge Rutherford ever wrote in those books, they start with Russell who was a great theologian, and when the Russell movement started in the 1800's it was called 'Dawnism' until the Douay Version came out, and this was a man by the name of Douay who was involved, and after that Judge Rutherford came along and he formed the 'International Bible Students Association'. His headquarters were on Staten Island and he used to broadcast over WCPR, and then this thing began to spread. And then Judge Rutherford began to write all kinds of books and they were sold on street corners, and he started the 'Watchtower', and they started circulating these papers. Then Judge Rutherford died, and he was buried out here near Oceanside where there was land given to him, and others took over his operation.

Now; concerning the 'Watchtower', this publication has many errors in their theology, but they have great zeal in winning people to their theology. They have the fantastic idea that only 144,000 people will get the Crown of Glory, will walk into Celestial planes, and be in the presence of God and so forth. But 144,000 would only be a smidgin of the people compared to all the people of our race. In fact today the number of Jehovah Witnesses in the world exceed this number by 14 or 15%. So when you get their membership into the millions this demonstrates one of the fallacies. They also have a dual system, they are anti-trinitarian which is alright because the trinity is a Babylonian doctrine. But they have two Gods, they have the father and the son making God two people. They name God Jehovah, and make a big thing out of this, they say that anyone who doesn't know who Jehovah is doesn't know who God is. That Jehovah is God the Father, an old man, and Jesus the Christ is the son or the younger God. So they have two Gods, and anywhere in the Bible they find the word God they put the name Jehovah, and say this was the name of God from the beginning. But the word Jehovah was never heard of until the year 1011 A.D. And in the years 1001 to 1039 A.D. in translations then being made in Europe and in areas of Christianity...for God of the Old Testament, a group of theologians wanted to make a name for God or YAH and they came up with the name of Jehovah. But His name is YAHWEH..YAH means God, and YAHWEH is the personal name of God Almighty, so YAHSHUA is God the Savior. And in the 43rd., chapter of Isaiah He said:...'I YAHWEH am thy YAHSHUA'...hear O Israel, the LORD thy God is ONE.' The 43rd., chapter of Isaiah makes it clear that the God we call Father is also the Son...there is no difference between God the Father and Jesus The Christ the Son. As we understand this then we under- stand that Jesus is the embodiment of God for...'The fullness of God dwelt bodily in the man Christ Jesus.' We are assured of this in Colossians:... 'And Jesus made all things, without HIM was not anything made.' Jesus was before all things, and if He made all things then HE is also the Creator. If His body is the body of the invisible God then spirit, soul, and body is one entity...not TWO. Therefore here in the 43rd., chapter of Isaiah it is: ..'Thus saith YAHWEH who formed thee O Jacob, O Israel..fear not, for I have redeemed thee by thy name, thou art Mine.' Then see verse 3...'For I am YAHWEH thy God the Holy One of Israel, thy YAHSHUA or Savior.' And then He said:..'I am YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA.'

Now; there is no such thing as Jehovah..you can call him Jehovah or Mike or whatever you want to, but why would you run around and give Him another name? YAH..is the word for God without the pattern, and YAHWEH is His name, and also anything which was righteous, positive, or yes, in fact in the early semantics of our Faith YAHWEH was His name, and anything which was for God was YAH, it is right, it is positive. In the Germanic people it was YAH for yes, and in Australia and with the Dutch it is YAH for yes, it is right, YAHWEH is the right way, the yes way. And Jehovah was a composite made up word, which meant God...who was the powerful, or stretched out one, and VAH was the salutation of His ability to command, to make or create, so God the all expansive creative force was Jehovah, but that is just what men said about HIM, it is not His name. There is no God named Jehovah, but then God understands, and if everyone came along and called Him Mike, He would look down on all these silly people running around calling Him Mike. And if He saw some thinking that if they didn't call Him Mike that they wouldn't go to heaven, then He would think they were pretty silly. But people like the Jehovah Witnesses, these Russellites run around saying that is pretty silly isn't it? These people knock on your door, and they come in and they say..do you know God's name? I said:..yes, I know God's name, but I also know that you want to hear me say that God's name is Jehovah, but His name is YAHWEH, and there was never any name such as Jehovah until 1011 A.D. By this time they are all shook so you have to get out the encyclopedia and show them that the word Jehovah was not coined until 1011-1039 A.D. In the King James Version this word was spread, for the Jews had so hidden the name of YAHWEH, because they were now using this in their rituals, and rites, and now they say that this is the name that cannot be uttered by the human tongue. If anyone should say YAHWEH this is terrible, it can only be spoken of as God in the distance, therefore they have a Tetragon which is a set of symbols which are plain letter Babylonian, and these words they say mean YAHWEH, but they are never allowed to spell it out, they just use the emblem. But this is a part of the doctrine set up by the Illuminati, and the Talmud. So when the King James Version was translated, the Jews helped with the translation and they came in to say:..Jeh..Jehovah..Jireh..... Jehovah..Shalom and so forth, but the word Jehovah should not be used as the name of God because it is just a composite word.

I will say this:..One group of Jehovah Witnesses believes in the total extinction of everyone who does not believe that what they believe is total truth. They believe that everyone must accept this theme of their theology or they will be lost, and will go out into outer darkness. Just how everyone got by before this was founded by Pastor Russell I do not know, but really they are not what Judge Rutherford started or founded. Now; most of them are good people, they believe that Jesus Christ was another person, and Jehovah was someone else, they believe however in the Deity of Jesus, but they war against every other church. The Catholic Church to them is the Anti-Christ, and the Methodist church and other churches are the daughters of Babylon, and everyone who does not come out of these churches is going to hell, but they don't last to long anyway because they are to be wiped out and exterminated. But we wage no war against their general theology, in that they do recognize The Christ, and they are no more twisted up than the Methodist are when they talk about the Trinity, because the Methodist have three gods even tho they do not like to talk about it. And the Catholics have three gods also, an old God sits in the center with a young one on one side and another one off in the glow on the other side. They say there are three thrones with Father, son and holy ghost on separate thrones, but there is not three thrones either. Turn to the Scripture and it tells you that as John ascended into the heavens the first thing he saw as the spirit said:..'come in hither' as he wanted to see the throne..John said:..'I beheld and one sat on the throne and he was like unto the SON OF MAN (the embodiment of God).' Remember that when John was on the Isle of Patmos for his testimony concerning the name of god, and here he then heard these words:..'I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA...THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY...OR I AM YAHWEH THE ALMIGHTY'..and John fell on his face. But YAHWEH-YAHSHUA said:...'stand up John, you don't have to be afraid of me, don't you remember that you walked the shores of Galilee with me? You traveled with me as my disciple, and then John turned and saw the Glory and the Light of YAHWEH the Almighty, then he looked closer and he saw JESUS. Thus John learned and then tells you in the Book of Revelation that YAHWEH is YAHSHUA..JESUS, and he knew no fear. 'Behold I have the keys to death and the grave'..so John stood up...there was nothing to be afraid of.

In the Book of Ezekiel, then we find that Ezekiel also saw the throne, and ONE sat on that throne like unto the SON OF MAN...why? Because the body of God is in the image of the Spirit, even as we are in the image of God.. predestined to be in the image of God. Our physical body is in the image of our Spirit, which is the offspring of God. Therefore we as the children of God, this whole white race are in His Image, and this is the Image of God. If someone says they are Jehovah Witnesses then they have a lot to learn, and the more you learn the less of a Jehovah Witness you will be. You will become free from areas of superstition. We don't go along with measuring people, we don't say these people are good or bad, or something like that on the instance of which branch of the Christian Faith they are in. Make no mistake about it, Jehovah Witnesses are still a part of the Christian Faith although they are way out, and they think a lot of us are doomed. But there are a lot of denominations like that also, they think everyone but them- selves are going into perdition. There is a little bit more liberation in this today than there used to be. Even Rome is beginning to say that we may not all go to purgatory, but they don't want to make too much of this at the present time, but they are even beginning to recognize Protestant ministers in Rome, and they want to get us all back under one Pope, but we aren't going to buy that either. We are not about to move into areas of the graft that is involved. But there are lots of good Catholics and lots of good Catholic Priests, lots of honorable people in every area of theology. But Babylon moved into the Catholic Church as a fifth column to change their doctrine, and this is where their trouble lies, in fact it is where almost all trouble is.

QUESTION:...This organization of Jews and Protestants united..and for the separation of Church and State, is this communist?

ANSWER:...Well generally speaking, I don't know whether there is any left wingers in it or not, but generally they get into something like this. The organization comes from this idea that we must keep Church and State separated. They are a little bit anti-Catholic also, for they worry about the Catholic Church and that it will gain influence, and they are definitely worried about the Kennedy's. They are afraid we would get an official State Church, and they did not want any influence of one church over the other.

Now; this separation of church and state they have tried to make a big deal about this, and of course the Commies like this idea, so you always hear a great deal about separation of Church and State. You would almost think it was a part of the Constitution, but there is not one word in the Constitution, or the Declaration of Independence or any state document about separation of church and state, not one word.

Thomas Jefferson was the only statesman of the days of the revolution who wrote that we must do all that we can to not create a state church, we must not create or support a State Church. We must do all we can to maintain a separation between church and state. This was just Thomas Jefferson talking and he used this idea to try to exclude any attempt by the Episcopal church, or the Catholic church, or any other church to gain control and make all churches conform to it. For instance at that time in England the Episcopal church was the official church. However it had not been so exclusive that other denominations of Protestantism could not exist. There were Catholic churches in Britain, and Methodist churches in Britain and Scotland. In fact in the days of the Colonies John Wesley and his brother were over here. John and Charles Wesley were trying to convert the Indians and then decided they were all children of the devil as they just escaped being scalped. But England had other churches even tho the only one with tax exemption status, and which received financial assistance by the state was the Episcopal church.

It was decided that no church was to be given the status of assistance by the state above any other church. That instead of the church being subsidized by the government, the church would be free from having to pay tax to the government, and this was in the original discussion, and in every colony no tax was paid on the church or their grounds. Eventually this became the accepted practice in the nation, the churches paid no taxes to the government, nor was their property taxed because they gave a greater contribution to the government, and to the moral of the people than anything which could exist because this was a Christian Nation. And the vital pat- tern of its Christianity lay in its meditation and in its worship. the chief vehicle organized by The Christ for His purpose was His church. Where as every ecclesiastical institution may not be the true church in the symbolism with which it was created, still it is a part of the church, and al- though the outer ecclesiastics may become very temporal indeed it still is an identity of the believer worshipping Christ and celebrating the patterns of His Faith. Going back to this organization...I know of some similar, and we hear all the time of someone getting up and saying separation of Church and State requires this or that, but on of the false users of this is when the ADL supported this. They support the fact in trying to get prayer out of the schools that since schools are civically supported, that prayer in the schools, and Bible reading were not separation of church and state. But this is not true, what was meant when they discussed this in the days of Thomas Jefferson was that no denomination of Christendom be above the other. They did not recognize the Jews as far as that was concerned, when they called this a Christian Nation. There were a few here but they did not recognize them in this discussion for this was a Christian Nation. But as far as this is concerned, God save the nation if it is not influenced by the Church, and I don't mean religion. The Jews and Communists today are trying to knock out the tax status of the church. I was the one who secured the document that we sent to the Vatican, and spread through out Protestantism, to tell them to gather their attorneys for a fight. For the Jews were trying to take away the tax exemption of all Christian churches, which would drive the churches out of the cities leaving the synagogues open for greater success, and they were taking enough money from the goyim that they could afford to pay taxes if this would fold up the Christian churches. Any organization which goes along with total separation of church and state, and in so doing will knock out tax exempt status of the Christian churches, is fighting against the church whether they know it or not. So lets be practical instead of separation of church and state lets say we would like to see a total Christian identity with the state. In otherwords lets repudiate all false religions and false gods. If we wish to be tolerant enough to permit some to worship as they please lets still leave the nation within its position, that this is a Christian nation, as the Supreme Court has ruled on separate occasions. I have no respect for any other religion on the face of the earth other than Christianity. For you to have respect for any other religion except Christianity is to set up a shrine in your heart to have other gods along side of HIM. Remember there can never be anyone along side of the Everliving True God, all others are fetishes of superstition. So in this instance you can never set a people free by letting them be just a little superstitious.

You cannot be just a little right, you are either right or you are wrong. Lets face it, we are free where we think, it we are not free here we are not free at all. I would not want to see one denomination become a state church against this we would fight. But as far as trying to break the influence of Christianity you see they have tried to site that if churches preach on any issue that might be discussed later, or come up as legislation, they could lose their tax exemption status, this is wrong. Because the church must speak out on anything which effects its parishioners, this is a moral issue, it this is an issue that relates to their identity, or the purpose of God they must speak out.

Now; a moral issue is built upon the laws of God, for the laws of God are moral, they ethical, they are spiritual, they are creative, they are chemical, they are mathematical, but they are moral, and the church is totally free to speak out on any moral issue. Thus it is and has already been decreed in separate cases where they attempted to take away tax exempt status, after the preached about it. And it has already been established, and there is case numbers to the effect that anything which effects the parishioners of a congregation in areas where a decision must be made, which comes within the areas of ethics, morality...then the church has a right to speak out to its Parishioners. So with this in mind we speak out and talk about everything, because everything belongs to the Kingdom of God and everything is vital to us. So this is a long route to the answer to your question, and I haven't taken the time to go into all the background of this organization, but I have noticed in several organizations founded on this basis, it is not Biblical, it is not Constitutional. There is not a word in the Constitution about this, but every once in a while someone gets into a fret about this. The Methodists were so afraid that Rome was going to take over that they pushed this separation of church and state in talks everywhere. They had Blanchard who wrote books for them, and I have several of them...but Blanchard was a 'Wingie' and he ran with the Communists. There was a motive as to why he wrote these books. I today would circulate no books which had Protestant and Catholic fighting each other, that set up one denomination against another inside of Christendom. I will disagree with... I will support the things I believe against any area of Christian church as such. Although we would like to see men come to the knowledge of the truth where they would come to One Faith, One LORD, and One Baptism without a hierarchy which seeks to violate a Divine Law instead of support it, but someone then says..do you believe in only one church? Well, there is only one church and only one name for it and that is The Church of Jesus Christ...see? This they will come to...believe it or not.

But we should not kick around the semantics of the enemy, in other- words we don't go around saying this fellow has paranoia, this is the semantics of the enemy, if he disagrees with you then he is paranoia. Don't see a Communist under every bed, they try to frighten us off by saying you are crazy, so it isn't good to accept that semantic. The same thing is also true of the phrases they use today. The 'Extreme' right wing is to be castigated because it is RIGHT, or people are called 'reactionary'. There is no better word than reactionary but they try to make it look as tho it is bad. If you are not reactionary then you are dead, for a reactionary reacts to everything which comes into its environment, and if it is a virus or a poison, then it has to throw out a shield against it. We have to do this in the body politics, in the body religion, just as much as in the body chemical.

Today there are a lot of people who are conservative, but they are even getting afraid of the word conservative because the enemy does not like it. I have a world Federalist bulletin here in which they are trying to get all the World Federalists to back this new Super Tate above the United Nations, and they had 2,000 people at their meeting for this. This bulletin is just out and the first thing it says is:..The most dangerous people today are the 'Extreme Right', and to some extent the 'Extreme Left', but the Extreme Right is the most dangerous for they are trying to overthrow world government, overthrow the United Nations, therefore they are against World Law, one society, one brotherhood, so they must be overcome by Intelligent people who are not from the 'Extreem Right', not classified as Conservatives they must let Liberalism lead. So what did they do? They moved to frighten people with words until they want to get out from under being identified by words. But you see, words are our way of conveying ideas. We should never let words be destroyed because a super group of 'Liberal Elite' which are not Elite brains at all..they are pseudo-Elite as they can possibly be, just because certain groups have created a closed circuit of authority and want to subordinate your intelligence, when you stand for the great principals of your race, and try to tell you that you are just a sub- society, then remember that Lucifers plan was always to set up a society above the throne of God. And in the Book of Isaiah he said:..'I shall set my throne above the throne of YAHWEH the MOST HIGH. (Isa: 14:13) I will be above the north star, I will capture the Universe, I will have an Elite corpse and then I will look down on God.' This then is normal and here in earth they look down on God's children. But there is one thing which they have never been able to overcome..the Blessings rest on you, the intelligence rests on you, and the technology rests on you.

You are the 'Have Nations' of the world..this 'elite group' always comes to live off of you. They think they are smarter than you but they are not smart enough to make it, or produce it, they are only cunning enough to live off you for nothing. This is the way that Lucifer has always been, he never created anything, he only mutates and mongrelizes. Some will talk about the magic of Lucifer..I met a man the other day who was very impress- ed. He had been to India and saw all kinds of magic out of that religion over there..see..lots of supernatural things over there he said. So I said: ..well remember that Hudini was a Hindu Jew and he did lots of things, but they were all illusions, but he did have a familiar spirit that he could use, and this was Demon power. But did you ever see anything which accomplished any good for anyone come out of this? The man thought and then replied:..no, but I saw a man climb a rope and disappear. I said:..well you might have seen something like that..and he interupted and said:..yes, I saw it and after a while I saw him come down that same rope once again. I said:..well did it do any good for anyone? No, he replied..there were still people all around starving. Then I said:..did you ever see anyone come from Kali, Brahma, Vishnu, or Siva and take a loaf of bread and break it up and feed 5,000...did you? Or did you see one miracle that did any good for anyone while you were over in India? No..Oh! you probably saw a man play a flute and charm a snake, but they had already pulled its fangs, but did this do anyone any good?

These are religious fakers...don't talk to me about the supernatural, our religion is the only one which does any good supernaturally for any people. Not only did God call on a higher plane than we understood but He opened the eyes of the blind, and unstopped deaf ears, and He raised the dead. On top of that the secret of Spiritual lore is made known unto your race..not to THEM. For 'unto you it is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom of heaven, unto THEM it is not given.' And spiritual power will help with the healing of the body today, it will synthesize the tissue, give proper balance of substance with all the healing of Divine arts. There is no phase of our civilization today which is not trying to produce and work out a pattern for the good of people. There is a certain amount of science and a certain amount of humbug attaached to it all, not International humbug which is discovered because in the healing arts they have discovered about 35 to 40 percent of the people are only sick in their heads. So you can cure them with sugar pills because they have faith they are going to get better. So you can cure them if you get them to thinking right.

Now; there is a spiritual force which when they are properly adjusted with that brings a balance of the synthesis of activities and functions of the body and will reassure a healthy return. Divine healing is a spiritual force and it still lays with the church (the spiritual center of the Kingdom). You pray for the sick and they are healed, sometimes there are road blocks and they are not. The prayer covers whatever area of sickness they might have and it helps them to receive. I don't know any good doctor who does not pray. But at no time did I ever see God perform any tricks..see? He does not unlock doors or crawl between the sheets of a tablet and write words there. Familiar spirits do this, they knock over tables, and float them around. God does not waste His time doing that kind of stuff.

QUESTION:...What about the lies of the devil. I am appalled at the stuff coming out of Moscow lately. What I am talking about is these super Cosmonauts, they say they saw another satellite fly by, this is unbelieveable, they landed on land which is different enough, but it is difficult for me to believe that they can put up sattelites when they cannot make a good T.V. picture..because their picture was terrible. My Brownie can take better pictures. I personally can't believe they ever put a man up there... but what is your opinion? (Remember this was in 1965)

ANSWER:...Well, as to what they did, it is no harder to go around the world in a Russian Satellite than it is in an American one. It is no great feat to climb out of the ship and hang on a rope and then come back inside even tho they made a great to do about it. But a double shell Satellite is very little more difficult to make than a single one, it uses the same principal you use in a submarine with a water lock, and an air lock so you can pass into the chamber and back out of it. This is just a double lock process. When they say they are five years ahead of us because a man went out and back in on a rope this is silly, because if you can get up there you can sure get out and then back in. We have discovered many things.... you talk about heat and cold of outer space, but if you do not have anything to covey it then there is no heat and cold. Unless you have particles of atmosphere, or you are receiving direct reflection to heat up, you don't have any heat, you have to have something to heat first. So well insulated suits and oxygen are necessary. The only reason why I think they might not have done this is because the pictures were fuzzy, they could have been made two or three weeks before and just added them in. There is no doubt that their monkey to pull certain levers and with some he got bananas, but he also helped land the craft. But America put up a monkey and we got the monkey back, so anything the Russians can do, we can do with a trained monkey. But whatever the Russians have done they couldn't have accomplished if they had not captured German scientists to start with, and if they hadn't stolen a lot of secrets they wouldn't have been up there to begin with.

QUESTION:...But what about passing another Satellite?

ANSWER:...Well, when we stop to realize that I can go out here with a quasar and pick up one or maybe two satellites a night, then it is possi- ble. I mean just as much of the horizon I can see of a night, and actually we see hundreds of miles out there, but when we deal with just 300 miles above the earth, your horizon is really just 20 miles, and you don't have 20 miles here in this valley, but you have a straight shot up extending out 300 miles and you would probably have 1400 miles, and yet I see from hori- zon to horizon about one satellite every two hours going around. They are ours or theirs and one could have passsed the other. But there are also thousands of space craft out there also. There isn't a night when I can't find one. I would get tired if I didn't find one in a little while, but if a space craft came by or a saucer spun by then the Russians would say it was another satellite, for they do not believe in anything else. Remember our first man, before they put a paper clip on his lips said: ...'lots of them went by'. He couldn't tell how big because he couldn't tell how close they were, but they flew along with him and were saucer shaped. Then they silenced him and he wasn't allowed to tell what he saw, but I had taped the interview.

Now; the largest craft has been going around the equator for thousands of years. This circles the earth at the equator, but it has complete flexability. It can fly up over New York city or over Sidney Austrailia, and it has done just that. This is a large Space craft platform and it may be 20 or 30 miles in diameter, but it is huge. In the Book of Isaiah it talks about this thing sitting upon the circle of the earth. Some of the old books talk about this fact that YAHWEH sits upon the circle of the earth, which is this footstool of YAHWEH. So this is something, and it shows that Isaiah was not ignorant, he didn't think that the earth was flat, yet we came to 1492 after superstition set in, and Columbus had to sail the ocean to prove that the earth was round. But Isaiah had told you that YAHWEH sits on the circle of the earth, but people weren't believing him in those days. Enoch and the Savants knew about physics, and geometry, and astronomy, for if they hadn't known they wouldn't have been able to set the measures of the Pyramid. So these things point out that our race has had the knowledge for a long, long time.

Not long ago this great big object circling the earth...was found for our instruments can now find it, the Russians know that it is there and everyone has been trying to figure out what it is, but this object that goes around and round the earth may be as far as 500 miles out, but we can still pick it up with radar and sonar and we know its there. A short time back it left its track and came up over New York, and circled. We sent fast Jets into the sky and the Jets could observe it, but it was still there far above them and it was so big. Then it just sailed out over the ocean, and the Radar and Sonar picked it up, and it went back to its place of orbit at the Equator. Then it appeared over Sidney, Austra- lia, and over Melbourn and the powers that be, got real excited. This was when Foster Dulles was alive and he went down there for they thought maybe the Russians had put that up there, and it was coming out of the area of the South Pole. There was much known about this South Pole area when Admiral Byrd had explored it. He explored over 2000 miles of territory which is not at the South Pole on the ice. His note record that he had to get over into something like a great depression area which goes into the inner earth had stirred a great interest. They thought that maybe the Russians had taken over some of that area. This is why there is so much trouble right now about our turning over all this area to Russia in the Antartic because then Russia would have access to this whole area that Byrd had found, and which the Soviets were trying to find out about. But we definitely know that the systems that we sent out to track Satellites and pick up anything going around always picks up this big something that sits on the circle of the Earth at the equator.

Now; remember the Scripture says that YAHWEH sits on the circle of the earth and looks down at men like grasshoppers upon the earth. So He is looking down from a great height. I have seen some big space craft where they could swallow up a dozen saucers, there was a little entrance way in the bottom and they just flew into it,...how big was that mother ship.... who knows?

QUESTION:...At the time of the baptism of The Christ in the King James Translation, and in church doctrine doesn't that show a trinity? And how about Mormonism?

ANSWER:...No..at the baptism of The Christ in the King James, and in the church doctrine they sought to sell this doctrine of Trinity, they said a Dove came down and sat on the shoulder of Jesus, and this was the Holy Spirit, but it isn't in the Scripture that this is the Holy Spirit. And then a voice spoke out saying:..'This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.'

Now; the declaration of the church was that God speaking out of the heavens was one God, and Jesus was as a son, was another God, and the Dove then was the form of another God. But at no time did God ever take on any form of any creature...nothing but His own embodiment. So God wasn't in, in the form of a Dove, or a horse, or anything else. The only reason why they say the Dove was a symbol of the Holy Spirit was not understanding they were trying to symbolize this and they went way out. The word Agra-pneumas is the ALL ENCOMPASSING SPIRIT OF GOD, the fullness of which dwelt bodily in the man CHRIST JESUS. So the embodiment of God is where they refer to it as the Son. The spirit is the Father of Matter, it holds everything together. The spirit again is...THE FATHER OF MATTER, but spirit and matter are still the same God, it was not separate beings for remember:..'Hear O Israel the LORD THY GOD IS ONE.'

Now; as to the Mormons..remember that Joseph Smith is the one who found plates, and a Christian Church minister was a friend of this boy and they used to talk theology, and then the Angel appeared and they were told where to go, so the boy went and secured the plates and they translated them. Remember there are several books of Mormanism, there is the 'Pearl of Great Price', and 'The Document of the Covenant', and 'The Book of Mormon'. Now; I will not say that these books were not inspired, nor will I say that no Angel came along, nor will I say that they were not given, but I will tell you this...These books now written are not in the category as they were originally given, or else they forgot to translate with the key, and they included things in there which are not true. There were discussions which were true, such as the coming Manasseh people, and we find this in the Maya, and in the Yucatan. Because the tribe of Manasseh did send some of their people over here between 750-800 B.C., and they came into Central America and were received as the White Gods among the Mayas. These people had the name of Quetzel and Coatal, and they knew that Quetzel was white and that these Queechi were also white, and we tell you that these were of the tribe of Manasseh. They became great leaders among the Mayas, the Toltec, and these are where the white came from in the South Western part of these United States. The Asiatics who were invading were war-like and they forced the Mayas and Toltecs to escape from their cities which they destroyed, so the people were forced to go tribal. And from the Manassehites came the White Cherokee, the White Apache, and the White Sioux, and they were no more Indians than you are Indians. Now the House of Josseph is Ephraim and Manasseh, and a large part of them are in America, and in Britain so we know where they are just as we know where every tribe is, but the rest of Manasseh...this part of Manasseh crossed the sea, and this is found in the Scripture.

The thing is that the Mormons knew about cities and things that the Archaeologists since World War II have now been confirmed, so this proves that there was some area of inspiration in Mormanism. But it doesn't altogether prove that ithad to be an Angel of the MOST HIGH who delivered the plates, or told them where to find them because Lucifer has been observing everything also, and he is full of cunning and he knows where everything in earth is, or where it waas so Archaeological facts would not be enough. But I don't think he gives any testimony to Christ so we will throw him out, and say that generally speaking the Mormon religion recognizes Jesus Christ, but it has one area of error in it. They think that Jesus the Christ is like we are, that he also existed with the Father before the world was framed, and because he was good in His last existance He was especially chosen within this existance, therefore was born a white man and destined therefore to do the work that He did. They teach that He became god by His obeidence. As He once was so are we...as Christ now it so shall we be. This is Mormon doctrine, and there is some truth in it because as Christ now is...'so shall we be'. We are in His Image, we are the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. But at all times Christ was God, even as a babe. He did not become God when He arrived here, He was GOD, even before the foun- dation of the world. He said:..'Before Abraham I AM.' If everything in the Universe was made by HIM who we call Jesus The Christ, then He was God. In this instance the Mormons got into the same trap that the Trinitarians got into. The Trinitarians got this out of Romanism which had Babylonianism sown in, and where as the Mormons had something which was true to stand against error, they still absorbed some error which had been produced. Knowing this then...Mormonism is an evolved area of the Christian religion which carries some error and some truth. If Mormonism was a totally inspired religion in every issue, in every word of it, and all its present doctrines came from God, there would be no error in it, but Mormonism has some error in it just like the Methodist religion has some error.

Now; I am going to point this out clearly..in the first place we have to end in our thinking the multiple concept of diety. If we have God split up into three persons then we can't complain about Vishnu, Siva, and Kali. Remember...again: 'Hear O Israel the LORD THY GOD IS ONE LORD.' There is no Saviour beside me, no god on my left, or on my right...I ALONE AM GOD. One day I was sitting in a Lutheran Seminary and we were trapped there by a group of grey bearded theologians who wanted to prove their theology, prove that their theology was supreme. That there was great heresies and false doctrines which they should beware of, but they also would know the Scriptures so they would beware.

They invited me to come and speak on a subject that they knew we were an authority on. Then after we arrived they proposed to trap us into a question which they wanted as it would be in conflict with their theology. So these smart old boys would thus prove their point of theology to those on the outside.

The question was asked:..We understand that you believe in Jesus Christ, that you believe He is also the Father? Well we believe in God the Father, God the son, God the Holy Ghost, all three of these make up God..what do you think?

I replied:..I think you are as superstitious as the Babylonians and as the Hindu. Because there is not God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Ghost....as gods. But there is God who is the Father. He was also Jesus the Christ, and He is the Holy Spirit because these are just phases of His being. HE IS SPIRIT, SOUL, AND BODY, and I will prove this to you. So I began:...I told you that spirit is ENTITY OF BEING, and it synthesizes all substance of a physical creation. Synthesizes it by changing the Light Wavelength to an Electronic Wavelength. Then synthesizes the physical world out of electronical particles. The physical world is made up of the electrons and protons, and the component parts of the nucleus of electricity. Thus all the atoms of matter are made up of units of electricity, organized by the sheer entity of the Intelligence of the nucleus, which come right out of the Celestial plane, or the BEING OF GOD...WHO IS LIGHT, WHO IS SPIRIT.

For God is Spirit and they 'who worship HIM have to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth' or they will never understand HIM. And then we have this factor:..the first formed of every creature was the synthesis of the body of God...formed by HIS SPIRIT..read it: 'first formed of the creature' ...Collosians 1:15.

Thus before the creation then God synthesized a body of entity vibrations of substance for HIMSELF. And if you say when...well there is no beginning for when. In fact the synthesis could have been a consciousness in and out of synthesis...because YAHWEH always existed.

Now: I want to point out something to you...if The Christ was born of the Virgin Mary..and we believe that HE was, then she brought forth HIS body which existed before the foundation of the world. There was no conception other than by the Holy Spirit...that spirit which synthesized and produced this Body in her womb. So we are told that she conceived by The Holy Spirit...yes by the Holy Spirit.

Alright then, if she conceived of the Holy Spirit...this knocks out one of the trinity. If God the Father is not the Father of the babe, the Christ ..and instead the Holy Spirit is the father of this babe, then what is God the Father...the father of???????

This then stopped the discussion............

(End of this message)