03-27-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---Why has the government changed its mind on flying objects?

ANSWER:---It isn't exactly that they have changed their minds. It is that they are trying to cover it up. They are saying there are lights in the sky or mysterious objects that are explainable. But they know they are flying saucers. they knew this fifteen years ago. They knew they were on the radar screens even tho invisible. They have done everything possible to discourage this knowledge of the flying saucers. But they have no way to kid it anymore. In fact back in Massachusetts over Boston, last year people saw them in the daytime. Law enforcement people saw them. Air crafts tried to intercept them and they just kept ahead of the air craft and soared away into space. But everybody wrote about it and they couldn't get out of it by saying it was swamp gas in the daytime. They have had cases where people just disappeared; five of six cases over the last six months. Saucers were seen and people disappeared and never returned. They were not involved in the civil right program and were not who might for some reason or another disappear. And no one has been able to explain this and they are quite alarmed about it. There has been sightings in Florida where creatures came out of the ships; sort of grotesques creatures. Huge creatures. And people saw them and they smelled very badly. They were about sixteen and one-half to seventeen feet tall. Enough of them have been seen in the Florida area until they won't say anything about it anymore. Then there has been reports of saucers on the highways and this they haven't been able to explain away either. The electric devices on the cars went dead until the saucers went away and then they could move the cars again. The law enforcement officers were involved with this and they say their cars were dead. And then when the ships went up they could move again.

Another area involved --- a ship had landed on the highway in eastern Colorado. A car was there but the man was gone and they never found the man. But the car was there. And you could look for miles and miles over the prairie, but the man was gone. That same night, people had been stopped on the highway in that area by saucers and their cars were dead until the saucers were gone. These are things that have happened in the last few months. There are reports of thousands of flying saucers over the southern United States. These are reported by all kinds of people; astronomers and all kinds of people.

Then they were sighted over England and over Sweden after they were saying --'but they never saw them in England or in other places. And then all of a sudden, they are there. They had been spending about four or five million dollars per year on 'Project Blue Book' and other projects. They have a secret base set up in Colorado not far from that horse which was found dead so mysteriously and had parts missing, but wasn't opened up and so forth.

But the government doesn't' want people to get out and go hunting these flying saucers. This is understandable. For there are two kinds of flying saucers, no doubt. We have biblical records of those under the command of Michael the Archangel. These are the ships of the MOST HIGH. They don't necessarily have to be saucers, but unidentified objects. Those Isaiah saw were saucers and Ezekiel saw those wheels within wheels. We know that Michael was given the command over all the fleets when he defeated Lucifer and threw him out of the heavens. We know that wheels of the MOST HIGH go out from the throne. Thousands and thousands of them. Then in the book of Daniel, these are definitely saucers. But then Michael had command of all the fleets of the MOST HIGH when he threw Lucifer out of the heavens. Then we have the ships that came for Elijah. And Michael was in command of those too.

Now, you have another kind of ship. This is in the book of Revelation and it tells you that in the later day, in the climatic times, that ships come out of the pit. It says 'I saw a star fall from heaven, and the key was given to the bottomless pit.' And the shops are symbolized as smoke coming out. And they come upon the earth like locust and scorpions. It is given to them power like scorpions to torment those on earth who have not the seal of God. But the shape of the locust were like horses prepared for battle. These are air craft prepared for battle. Their hair like women is just translation meaning the outer covering of them was shimmering as the reflecting of the light of the sun. Well, this shimmering is the metal outside the ship. That is all. It says they have machine guns in their noses because they shoot at men. And they can hurt men with the stings in their tails. And there is a king over them who is out of the bottomless pit. In the Hebrew tongue, he is called Abaddon. And in the Greek tongue he is called Appolyon. This is the same thing. This is the head of all anti-Christ forces. This is Lucifer in his embodiment as he leads his forces of darkness.

Now, they come out of the bottomless pit. In otherwords, what is here described is that John sees these metallic ships. He sees them coming with stingers in their heads and their tails, such as machine guns and so forth. But John learns that as they come, God has put power out to protect His people and Nations, the forces of His Kingdom. The king over the forces of darkness is Lucifer. He leads and directs them. And these two words--Appolyon, or Abaddon--mean that Lucifer comes embodied. This is what the words mean,-----anti-Christ embodied.

QUESTION:---Is Anti-Christ one or many? It seems some places in scriptures that he is one and in other places many.

ANSWER:---Well, in the days of John when he was ministering to the early church, he said:--'Try the spirit to see if they are of God.' For many false prophets have come into the world. 'Every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is Anti-Christ. Whereas ye have heard should come and even now is in the world.' Now, 'ye are of God little children for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.' Of course, God has already made the statement thru the lips of the Apostle Paul that your bodies are the temple of the Living God, and their body is the temple of idols (speaking of the enosh, the pagans and these who Adamites were told not to intermingle with.) It tells you not to have anything to do with them because your body being the Temple of the MOST HIGH, and you having the spirit of God in you, then you have a divine nature and they have a base nature. There is to be no cohabitation with you and the mongrel.

So we have this statement as to the children of Anti-Christ. Every spirit that confesses not that Jesus the Christ is come in the flesh if anti-Christ. So that is many spirits. And here in the book of John--'whereas ye have heard even now is already in the world'--here John in his program was running up against the real anti-Christ. Everywhere he went they tried to put him in jail.

Now, the book of Acts is quite a book. Because it is all about how they preached the Gospel and the children of Israel became Christians. How the Jews bare false witness against them, how they stoned them or killed them in other ways. And one thing about this, in the book of Matthew, Jesus himself talked about how it would be like in the early days of the church. He said:--'Remember they will take you before the synagogues and bear false witnesses in front of magistrates and attempt to throw you in prison. So if you are a right-winger in these days, they will do this again. So don't feel bad. Christ said the enemy would try to do this. See? Remember however that Peter got out of prison by the hand of God and others did too. So it's not a mark of shame to be thrown into prison by the Anti-Christs, or to be taken before the synagogues and the magistrates. Because this was the thing which would arise again in the latter days.

Now, we come over here and into the works of the Apostle Paul and every chapter here about the ministry of Paul, we find the Jews cried out against him. They lashed him, stoned him, jailed him and so forth. Just take a look here:--'Straight way he preached Christ that He was the embodiment of God, and Paul increased in strength and astounded the Jews of Damascus. After that, the Jews conspired as to how they could kill Saul and they laid in wait at the gates of the city. So the disciples lowered Paul on a rope outside the walls of the city. But the Jews were watching every entrance and exit of the city to put him to death. ' That is just one instance. Then you come into the next chapter and it says Saul-Paul went to Phillipi and the Jews stirred up the people and the magistrates to destroy Paul.

Then another chapter and it says that Herod the king stretched out his hands to vex certain of the church and killed James the brother of John with the sword. And because he saw it pleased the Jews, he further proceeded to take Peter also. (Acts 12)

Then come into the next chapter and almost the whole city came to worship the Christ. But when the Jews saw the multitudes they were envious and they stirred up opposition and they expelled Paul and Barnabas.

Then chapter 14:--The Jews stirred up the gentiles against Paul. The city was divided and the Jews cried out against Paul. Then verse 19:--there came forth certain Jews from Antioch and Iconimun who persuaded the people, and having stoned Paul they threw him out of the city supposing he had been dead.

Then a little further along in the book of Acts, it says Paul was moving forward into Europe preaching Christ. And the Jews went before them always bringing charges against Paul saying:--'These are those who are turning the world upside down. And they took the house of Jason where Paul was staying and brought them before the magistrate.'

Now, it doesn't say they got anywhere in Corinth. These were Israelites. There is one thing they always said about a Jew. That is a Jew could not live in Greece. In the first place, the Greeks outwit them. They don't like them. Since they became Christian after the days of Paul, if Jews came in there, they called them Christ killers and run them out. So the Jews never got anywhere in Corinth, but in other places they did.

(Acts 18:12) When Gallio was the deputy of Achais, the Jews made insurrection with one accord against Paul and brought him to the judgement seat. But Gallio said:--'Oh, ye Jews, if it was a matter of wrong, or wicked lewdness, --oh, ye Jews--reason would that I should bear with you?' So he drove them from the judgement seat.

And then in the 19th chapter of Acts, as Paul was about to sail unto Macedonia, he decided to return. So the Jews sought to kill him. We could go on and on thru every part of the book of Acts. It isn't as tho this is not in parts of the book, but all the way thru the book of Acts the Jews are harassing, killing. They fought everywhere because they hated the Christ. They were anti-Christs.

Now remember that when Jesus said:--'Ye are of your father the devil, the lusts of your father ye will do', he was telling them, this is it. The chief Priests sent out soldiers to take Him and kill Him but there were so many people around Him that they were afraid. The soldiers came back and they said there are too many people around him and besides no man ever spoke like this man. So what are we going to do? The High Priest said--we have to kill this man. If we don't, we will lose control of this nation. The children of God scattered abroad are going to accept Him and will come in and take over. Even the Romans will believe on HIM.---Why? Because they were of the tribe of Gad. So they said:--we have to kill this man. So they plotted as to how to put HIM to death. Jesus said they had killed the prophets, and they proved it by saying even of Christ:--'His blood upon us and our children.' They were so anti-Christ, that they wanted to kill the body of God. They said, we will kill him and then Lucifer could be God. But they had no spiritual capacity and thus Christ let their whole program of hatred and venom against Him to bring about the whole program of Salvation. So even HIS atonement was set but the disciples and followers couldn't quite understand, for they had seen the miracles of God. Peter was ready to draw his sword in the garden, but he couldn't quite foresee anything happening to Christ. But Christ told them that this would come. And he explained it to them at the 'Last Supper' and so forth. And even tho they took part in it, they didn't quite understand. But the fact remains that the enemy screamed their hatred. The controllers of the city of Jerusalem, the Sadducees, the false pharisees, and these Jews, were many. But they were all anti-Christ. They refused to recognize that God had come in the flesh. And they declared He was a devil and if they could bring about the killing of this devil, it would release Lucifer so he could be their God. They still say this even today in their Talmud. And any minister who still holds that the Jews are the chosen people is an ignoramus. I can show you in the Talmud that the Jews say they serve the devil for their god, and that Jesus is a devil. How can you get away from this?--there is no way. When Jesus said concerning these people that they were of their father the devil, it is hard for people to understand. The churches of today are actually embracing the anti-Christ. Then are out here with binoculars waiting for some anti-Christ to arise on the horizon and there are many anti-Christ. Of course Christ knew that the devil was out to prove himself. When they took Christ out to crucify him, He could have called in legions of Angels or anyone of the pagans could have dropped dead. He could have brought a terrific attack against them, but it wouldn't have accomplished His purpose. He said:--'I lay my life down then pick it up again. So therefore let the enemy destroy me. Let him be the vehicle for the destruction, then I will come out of the grave.' (raise again) But the Jews didn't believe in the resurrection. They couldn't even conceive of this. They had reincarnation in their theology. They had Sadduceeism in their theology. They said we will kill this one who claims to be God. We will kill this one who by his miracles seems to be God, because He is gathering the people. So they crucified HIM and they saw the great light. Saw the Glory of God standing outside the netherworld and they said 'we don't want you here.--you can't come in here. Beelzebub calls out to Lucifer and says:--'look what you have done. this ONE comes with great power. This is the man who called Lazarus out of the grave and we couldn't hold him. He said:--'Lazarus come forth' and Lazarus gave a little shake and got out of here and we haven't been able to put him to death again.' So the Jews did the work of the devil and they even kept trying to put Lazarus to death again. But if you go into the book of John, you find that the Jews took council as to how to put Lazarus to death again. They weren't satisfied with putting him to death once, for after Lazarus came up out of the grave, the devil stirred up all his children so as to put him to death again. Because they could never stand the testimony of a resurrected man. And this was the situation.

So when Christ stormed the Netherworld this fulfilled the words of the Psalmist;---"open up ye gates, ye everlasting gates, the King of Glory shall come in". Then Beelzebub cried out;--"Who is this King of Glory"? And the answer came;--"He is YAHWEH, this is the king of Glory, so open up the gates for the King of Glory shall come in."

The book of Nicodemus has the whole catalogue of these events, and finally the gates are smashed with mighty power of the Christ (embodied YAHWEH) AND HE moves in to talk to everybody from Adam on down, to those who had died in his own time who were held here, and he talked to these Adamites because they were his people and he took them out of there and over into Paradise. This is where he had left the thief from the cross, remember he had told him:--'This day shalt thou be with me in Paradise.'

Well remember there are plains in the Netherworld and one plain there was called Paradise. The Netherworld was controlled by Lucifer and he could control the outer escape, could control the souls of Adamites in there because Adam had sold their souls into captivity but there was a limit to how far Lucifer could go. He could keep the Adamites there but could not torment them, but Christ delivered them into full Paradise. Remember the tree of good and evil , this tree was outside of Paradise, but the tree of Life was inside of Paradise. Remember that as the Christ came into the Netherworld he took the entire Adamic household into complete Paradise. Then he started to send a few up onto earth to scare the Jews to death. Then when he resurrected He took his whole company up and took or delivered their spirits into the plain of spirit. And then he returned and came to the tomb to raise his body and met Mary Magdalene and all the rest of this story was fulfilled.

But the leaders of the Jews when they found some of these resurrected people walking the streets they became alarmed and they went and hid in the Temple, down in the basement and locked the doors. Then after Christ resurrected they stayed out of sight until the ascension of the Christ. But they were just still as anti-Christ altho they knew he had resurrected from the dead. They tried to pay the disciples to deny the resurrection, they paid the Roman guards to say that the disciples took his body away. The Roman guards said :--'We can't say that'---but they took thee money and laughed at the Jews for giving it to them. But the fact is that from the very beginning, from the very first sermon preached by Peter concerning the resurrection of the Christ, as tot he truth of who He was, the Jews standing by saw the Israelites of Judah and Benjamin in Palestine, accepting Christ and they hated, and they spewed out their venom against Peter and John and had them thrown into Prison. O course God let them out again, so they started in on the whole church and then on Paul.

Now in the acts of the Apostles is the history of the church in the early years after the ascension of Christ. The impact was on Jerusalem, and then the Apostles went over into Europe and the apostle Paul also went to Europe for he was forbidden to go into Asia. But in every town, the Jews were trying to stir up the people. The word--Ethene --is nations which is not Jewish, the word Ethene designated them as not Jewish and it is translated here as Gentile. The nations of Israelites thus being not Jews were called Ethene or Gentile, and the Jews were stirring up these people. Everywhere thru out these nations the Jews were trying to stir up trouble, everywhere they tried to persecute and put to death the followers of the Christ, the offspring of God, and one place they could not go was into England. There were no Jews allowed in England during the time of Christ's ministry, and for several hundred years afterwards. In fact when Jeremiah had taken tea Tephi to Ireland and married her to Herramon of Ireland this Israelite king was of the lineage of David, the king over Israel. he married Tea Tephi and this reunited the Davidic line and transplanted the throne to Ireland as prophecy said it would go. And from Ireland to Scotland to Wales was it moved, finally it now rests in Westminster Abbey. But while Jeremiah was still in Ireland those Jews were coming in and trying to gather up all the gold, and trying to introduce pagan religions. You have heard how St. patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland? Well these were not literally snakes, they were these Jews the children of the serpent, the vipers, the generations of the serpent, but from the time of Jeremiah there were no Jews in Ireland for a long time.

Now; we can prove this---generations of the serpent--when talking to the people and the Jews stood by, they said of Jesus, we will kill this man, but Jesus turned to them and said;--'in a little while you will not be able to find me for where I go you cannot come'. And it says here;---'they said to themselves--where will he go that we cannot find Him, will he go to the cities of Ephraim. This is in the New Testament in the book of John. They knew England was Ephraim, that they were of the house of Joseph. And I can show you this in their Talmud right up to the present day. The rabbis know that Great Britain if Ephraim and America is Manasseh. They tell you this in their own Talmud. I can show you this in black and white. And back in the days of Jesus they knew this. They knew that in the time of Jeremiah that they could not go into Great Britain which at that time constituted of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. So in the days of The Christ as it is also today, they are attacking the church. Jesus had gone over to the Isles to the cities of Ephraim on the ship of Joseph of Arimathea and then came back and they were collecting customs. And Rome wanted to collect the taxes. So Jesus told the disciples to take a fish that had just been caught. And in the mouth of the fish was a coin. And Jesus had them pay the taxes with this coin. The Jews were amazed. They said, let's see that coin. So they looked at the coin and Caesar's face was on that gold coin. So they said:--'Oh, you render taxes unto Caesar.' So Jesus said, look at that coin. Whose face is on it? They said --Caesar's. So Jesus said:-well then give that which belongs to Caesar to him and to God that which belongs to him. But He had paid the customs tax having just returned from the cities of Ephraim. But the Jews are the most devilish people on the face of the earth. They are Anti-Christ. Let's face it. No minister has to apologize for this. They are anti-Christ. They are against the Kingdom. A servant is no better than his master. And if they had the power, they would liquidate the Christians. they don't quite feel that they have the power. And before they get the power, they will be liquidated. This is the difference. Jesus said concerning the latter days---'If this were the time for my Kingdom to come to its fullness, my servants would fight and my Kingdom would not be given to the Jews.' So in the days when we are in the end of the age, His servants will fight and the Kingdom will not end up in the hands of the Jews. Concerning this it says that the Kingdom suffers violence from the Jews and the violence takes it by force. But there comes a time when the Kingdom no more will suffer this violence. And My children will rise up and wrest this Kingdom out of the hands of the Jews and it will no longer be in the hands of the Anti-Christ.

So here in I John it says:--'If they confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, this is 'Anti-Christ'. Then come over here to the second Epistle of John, and he is writing unto the Christian church and he says:--'I beseech you that there are many deceivers who are come into the world who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an anti-Christ. This is the way you determine who is a deceiver. Look to yourselves that we lose not those things which we have wrought. But that we receive a full reward. This isn't talking about when you die. Nobody is going to move into the spiritual plains. You are right down here on earth. And what is now being brought forth by John takes place here in the world. He says:--there are many deceivers who confess not that Jesus has come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an anti-Christ. You look to yourselves so you don't lose the things which you have lost. You have been a thrifty people and you praise God, you pay your tithe, you are a people whom God has smiled upon. You have gotten wealth, and fields of crops. In fact way back in the book of Jeremiah, it says that we in America would gain all the blessings of God. That Thanksgiving would come out of America.

Back in the book of Deuteronomy, he said as he talks about the house of Joseph, that we would have all the fruits of the fruit trees, all the vegetables, and even the oil out of the ground. All of these blessings which are to come upon thy people. So do you want to lose these things? Look to yourselves--so that you do not lose the things "which we have wrought'. For whosoever abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, the embodiment of God, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of YAHSHUA, he hath both YAHWEH and YAHSHUA the embodiment ---has both spirit and savior. If there come anyone unto you bringing not this doctrine of YAHSHUA embodied as Savior, receive him not into your home, nation, or school. Neither bid him God speed. And don't say God bless you. For if you do, you will be the partaker of his evil deeds and he will take away the blessings which you have.

Now, I think we have evidence of this fact. For since they got hold of the economy they have been wrenching it from that day up unto this. They got your gold and silver, and they are taking 30% right off the top of your production and sending it around the world. Then after taxes, they have over one-half of your goods already.

Then the refugees come in and have been since W.W. I when we changed the immigration laws to let them in temporarily. And they were supposed to send them back out later. Then Mrs. Roosevelt later interjected herself into the picture and the Jews sponsored the bill. But we should never have let them in. In otherwords, if they deny Jesus the Christ, we have a right to close the immigration doors. Immigration was a discriminatory practice. We kept out people who did not believe. We wouldn't let too many eastern Europeans in because there were too many Jews there. We wouldn't let people out of Asia come just a limited quota. And as far as Africa was concerned, we would not permit an African free citizen to immigrate into our nation way back there at the formation of our nation. We said that he could not even by any condition of pre-servitude take on full citizenship in these United States. The constitution said he would never be more than two-thirds of a man. Could never vote. Said the Negroid was a second class citizen right from the beginning. And for two of them to get one and one-half votes wouldn't work either.

The fact remains that the scripture says if they deny Christianity, they are anti-Christ. They are deceivers. But the National Council of Churches of today has many deceivers in their pulpits. These are Jews. In our Seminaries today they have had Eastern European Jews come in and they start changing the doctrines in our Seminaries and they don' believe in the Virgin birth or the blood atonement. We had a young man here from Mississippi. He had been in a Baptist Seminary. He stayed nine months. That was all he could take. He had Jewish teachers who told him in his classes that the Bible was full of folklore and traditions. And out of that the Christians have evolved an area of philosophy. That in the teachings of Jesus there were something's that were of merit, but they were to remember, that He was just a man and sometimes He was wrong. Didn't understand certain things. That Jesus was an anti-Semitic at times and that was not good. When the Jews got thru telling these things to this Christian boy, he didn't want any part of this school. This was a Baptist Seminary and they had sent these professors form Baylor to take charge of this Baptist Seminary. This was a so called Orthodox Seminary and it had been taken over by Baylor, and now had all these Jewish pagan philosophers with their psychology and so forth. These my friends, are deceivers and anti-Christ.

Now, there is one thing to be said about a country like America. The majority of Americans don't listen to these kooks. Even the majority of the churches in the National Council of Churches. Their ministers go on preaching to Gospel except in the biggest churches which the Jew, have moved into as ministers. And in those churches there is no acceptance or recognition of Jesus the Christ of any kind. For instance, this was one thing changed in this last conference in Florida about three weeks ago, saying it isn't necessary that a minister of the National Council of Churches believe in the deity of Jesus the Christ. As long as he believed that he was a good man, or that he believes in the philosophy of Jesus. This is all that is now asked.---well--what a situation.!! They come out to cite that all men worship God in some form. That there are many Gods. So all gods could be classified as one. Thus explaining what Jesus said:--'I and the Father are one. And all men are brothers. This is what the National Council came out with in the area of religion, saying that Christianity is a religion of love, we embrace all men, and roll everything all up into One. This my friends is a deceiver and Anti-Christ. I am going to tell you that there are anti-Christs in the pulpits of the church. These are many and they are here now.

Now, there is no doubt about the fact that over here in Thessalonians,--this is rather unique according to signs, for it says the children of Light--that these events are not to take you unawares. For when they say 'peace and safety' then the same is swept from the earth. But you brethren are not of the darkness, so you will not be overtaken by what happens. This is the statement from YAHWEH (God). Then we also have the further warning that this day will not happen until there comes a falling away first. Today inside the church spectacular, the physical church, we find this because deceivers have come in. And it says that the offspring of evil shall be revealed as the very son of Perdition. This could well qualify as a Luciferian son. Could be many Jews or just a Jew. Because Jesus did way when carrying on His ministry, remember this was the fullness of God, the Virgin Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit to reproduce again the body of God. He being the same yesterday, today and forever.

Now, at this time Lucifer without doubt had brought forth a special progeny and immediately one which was his own offspring. And he brought it forth with a woman who was a sorcerer. So remember that we had Judas of Iscariot who was the son of Simon the sorcerer. But Jesus told His disciples that I have chosen ye twelve and one of you is a devil. This does not come from you. But one of you is a devil. The seventh chapter of John--Jesus was praying, so John would be able to record this for the children of the Kingdom. Jesus said:--'all these ---'thine (spirit) in the heavens, now mine (embodied) in the earth.' All of them except one who is the son of perdition. So that the scripture might be fulfilled. So Satan had his spot and Jesus let him come in to fill it so he could mark for all times the responsibility of Jewry that was Satanic. So remember this, after he had betrayed Christ, after he had put Him in the hands of the Jews, after he had heard that Christ had resurrected from the dead, he wanted to get back into the Netherworld. So he went tout and hung himself. The scripture tells you this. It says:--back to his own place. So he wasn't afraid of the Netherworld, was he? He was the son of Lucifer. He would rather get back there than stay here with Christ in the world. After Christ was crucified, he wasn't in a hurry, but when he heard that Christ had resurrected, he went out and hung himself. It is then referred to in Thessalonians that the man of sin is the son of perdition, and actually was at that time Judas of Iscariot.

Now, however we also know that Lucifer has many times been embodied. Back in the Old Testament he was the King of Tyre. And God said:--'I know who you are. You are Lucifer sun of the morning. You think you are the King of Tyre, but I know who you are.' And He said:--'You have deceived men and Angels, and now you are trying to cover yourself with every type of precious jewels trying to get light like you used to have. But I know who you are and I will bring you down to the pit.'

Then Lucifer incarnated into Antiochus Epiphane. And Antiochus was actually a Jew, an evil Jew of the Sadducee line. And he battled against the true Israelites who returned to Jerusalem. And even offered up a hog on the altar and so forth. The fact remains that this was the reincarnation of Lucifer. In fact in the book of Maccabees, it says:--'this was Lucifer incarnate.'

Now, the fact is that getting back to our first question of flying saucers we know that certain flying objects are going to come out of the bottomless pit. They may not be unidentified for long. In fact may be identified. But the head over them is to be Lucifer King of the bottomless pit or the Netherworld. And he will be called Appoloyon, or Abbadon. Of course when the (climax) of the battle of Armageddon starts it tells you that God is going to gather all these pagans together form the corners of the earth to be Anti-Christ. Thus the Asiatics and the Negroids are gathered together for this great day of God Almighty. Again it is the day of Appolyon or Abbadon. So Lucifer himself takes control and the incarnate form of Lucifer is in power. And whoever he selects as the top man over these armies could well be called the anti-Christ. But the scripture doesn't say too much about this. So Lucifer himself could be that one. But the scripture does say that God will seal this whole bunch up in the constellation of Ara called the Lake of Fire. Takes them out or locks them up in the Netherworld for this 1000 years. But one place talks about them being taken into outer darkness. But before this, there is to transpire the battle of Gog and Magog and then they go out into outer darkness---Ara. But you do have the Nethermost chambers called the bottomless pit. And it talks about holding them there for 1000 years. It talks about the beast and the false prophet being thrown into the Netherworld. The beast is the head of all political systems, the false prophet the head of all false religions,---this is the world order. And the two witnesses are church and state, the House of Israel and the Church of God. And also there is the false system of a false pattern of religion. And of course Mystery Babylon is the name of all this false pattern of politics, religions, and social, usury system.

Therefore we note that there were many anti-Christs. They were already showing up in the days of John. They are showing up by the thousands in our time. So it doesn't mean that you just have to have just one bullet for just one, but a lot of bullets for a lot os them. This is the picture.

Remember now that Anti-Christ is going to come against your country because your country is a country of the Kingdom. The blessings of God are upon it. But anti-Christ will be against your nation. Will be against every process of Gods law. What God is for, they will be against. God is for segregation and they are for integration. God is for no interest, and they are for usury. God says thou shalt have no other gods before me, and they will bring them all in. Therefore, the way you tell anti-Christ is ---in the simplest way is that they are against the Christ. You can get a lot of Christians who throw away their heritage because they want to be ignorant. But they still don't deny the Christ. And 65% of your country and maybe more will be in this company. They are already admitting that. They say that 65% of the people of this country will fall out with the Democratic Party because of the attitude toward Johnson and Bobby Kennedy. And because of the wars. But they said that the minorities in the United States make up 30% and they can carry all the minorities. Alright then basically the white man is moving to the right. There are no, or at least not many conservative minorities. Therefore there is only about 7 or 8% of Liberals with great influence and that is only because the Press puts them up front. But today the country is turning away from what the Democrat Party has to offer. And the Democrat Party knows this and they are trying to woo them back. Hippies and all the Negroes were for Bobby and a lot of respectable white people flocked around him. But if you had 5%, it would be a big crowd. There were even silly women swooning before him saying we just love his voice. He just talks so nice.--Well, we also thought that of Roosevelt, when he said:--'My friends'. They all swooned then. Today we may have about as many as we will have in the right wing camp, or the moderate camp and they are fast coming to identity. But the churches are full of minorities and Jews. They say that the Christian Scientist church is almost one-half Jew today. The Jews joined this church because they don't have to acknowledge the blood atonement, or those things. So they joined to take it over. And I know many patriotic Christian Scientists and their paper used to be all white. But now they are disgusted with their paper. The Jews have gotten in with it and the white people are disgusted with it. So I just laugh at them and I say---you are teaching that these Jews never really existed. You seem to like them, so why get disturbed about this. But they are, you know.

So I tell you that there are many anti-Christs and the devil is the biggest one. And whoever the top man is, he may be called the anti-Christ. I mentioned the other night, that the Bible Institute had this big Evangelist here in 1936 or 37. And back in 1936 when Mussolini invaded Ethiopia, he said that Mussolini was the Anti-Christ and the Roman Empire was going to be resurrected and I challenged him. Then when war came along, he said Hitler was the Anti-Christ--king of the north and Mussolini was king of the south. And they were joining hands. And the Roman Empire would be resurrected. So this was more than I could take. So I went down and challenged him to a debate. But he didn't want to debate at first, but finally he did. I said:--'I am going to make a prediction that the stars and stripes are going to fly over Italy before this is thru and Mussolini is not going to be the Anti-Christ. So you go back to Australia and when you see the stars and stripes flying over Italy, then Mussolini will not be the Anti-Christ and I want you to acknowledge it. But if Mussolini rises up and organizes all of Europe and stretches out the Roman Empire, I will give up all I believe and come over and join you.' So pretty soon we took all of Italy and then an evil bunch of Albanians who were supposed to be standing up for the Italians, took Mussolini (and they were headed by Jews) and they tortured Mussolini. They crucified him and hung him head down, cut him open and everything else which no one deserves. Mussolini may have had an area of fascist dictatorship which we wouldn't like concerning our type of freedom. But I will way this that he wrote some beautiful books. I can turn to my library and pick up "The Story of John Huck" by Mussolini. And that was the man who was martyred. He believed that men should live by faith and he stood up to the Priestcraft and evil. It is one of the most beautiful books you have ever read. There is so much in it that you can tell that the writer was so enthused about the life of John Huck. You can read it like a novel. And I have three volumes in here by Mussolini and everyone of them is on Christianity and its martyrs.

Now, this man was not anti-Christ. Wasn't to begin with. The Catholic hierarchy thought he was because he made the Catholic church pull in its horns and thus in 1928 signed a confident with Rome. But he said that Rome would not interfere. They were to leave their hands off the affairs of state. The Pope of Rome said that the only thing that the Pope of Rome would put his nose into anymore was his handkerchief. Well, I think that was probably a good thing. But after Mussolini, then Hitler was the anti-Christ. But he didn't close any Christian Churches in Germany during the war except one. And that was this ___________(Mediar??) and I would have closed his church even today and

put him in a concentration camp. This fellow doesn't believe in the Deity of Christ, or the Virgin Birth. But is supposed to be a big preacher. But the reason why he had to take it on the lam, and why his church was closed was because every doctrine he taught was the doctrine that the Jews taught. And Germany didn't want him to preach anymore. I am going to tell you something. During W.W. II, every Christian Church in Germany ran full blast. I happen to know that the Pentecostal churches that operated in Germany were, you would say, if the state was going to close a church it would get these people because some call them fanatical. But they never even had any trouble in Germany at that time.

So Anti-Christ has to be those who deny Christ; area against Christ and deny He is the son or embodiment of God.

But now they are trying to find a new Anti-Christ, when they are running all over town and stirring up the Negroes and trying to move their program forward. Right now there is a satellite circling the earth, and it has a bomb which could destroy everything within 1000 miles. It belongs to the Soviet Union and they are negotiating over this thing. They think they are going to pull the string on this thing one of these days and blast everything in a path 1000 miles long. They site it will burn everything to a crisp; houses, people, everything. They haven't broken one of these yet in the stratosphere, because they don't want to get into trouble. But it tells me in my scripture, that suddenly the horrible stars will burn over the cities of Asia and consume their cities to powder and dust. There will be a tremendous navigational error when they try this one. See? But there is not any harm to come to thee because God is not going to let the Kingdom of Israel be burned up or destroyed. Even the catastrophe of their limited weapons are probably going to land right in the heart of their own people . See? Because God has made a promise concerning His own people. And when Michael comes in with his armies, well--this looks like it might already be happening. The great flights of these saucers,--these are the hosts of Michael. Those seen around close to earth that are grotesque, may well have come out of the Netherworld. Because they are coming out as we are getting very close to the end. But God said that for the Elect's sake, the time shall be shortened.

I received in the mail today, a whole page of concentrations on time from Howard Rand. But what ever time God has ordained, there is a perimeter on this thing whether we are smart enough to figure this thing out or not. And I tell you that your time will be shortened. He said:--'I will shorten this time for the Elect's sake before the whole earth is destroyed.' Because the enemy with his horrible weapons, does not destroy you. God said in the book of Matthew, that for the Elect's sake, the time would be shortened (for Lucifer to control) or there would not be anyone left on earth. There would be no one left for the fallout would finish those not in the path, if they set one of those upper bombs off.

But it doesn't mean that just because the time is shortened for the Elect's sake that the world need not to be looking for his coming, because a lot of these false people who try to move in among 'My People' will say they are looking for the coming of the Messiah. For when HE comes, it will not be well with them. For He is going to bring destruction on their cities, and their houses, and their private property. And you know who that is. These are the false ones who say they are waiting for Messiah, when He has already come. And all of you have been redeemed, been saved. Yet all these kikes run around and say they are waiting for Messiah. This is what God is talking about. You couldn't pin it down any closer on people. I am going to site this. We are in turbulent times. We are seeing more and more violence. There is no question of this.

The Police Department tells how they are badgering them to go easy on the Civil Rights Workers and they are not liking it. The Sheriffs Department? They may manipulate. But the Police Department is getting ready to fight Negroes in Watts. The The Police Department says they have had a wave of murders this past month to contend with. They do this in gas stations and all over. And Negroes do it. He said you just don't know what is going on in this whole area. So the law enforcement may not go as some think it will across the nation. How long will it last? Well--until the end. But that may not be as long as you think. If it is two of three years, that is even too long. But remember this that when the Anti-Christ attacks, whether with black hoards, or Jewish ones, or even so called whites who have been filling up the hoards of Anti-Christ, they aren't going to get very far. There will be no mercy.

Now, if some of you are feeling merciful, we will have to bury you too. (Ha)-- The people who feel mercy will be buried, there is no question on this. When Christ returns, He will find His people battling Anti-Christ. So I don't want Him to find me hiding out behind the corn crib. After all, we have waited so long for this crisis of Armageddon. Because this is the day of our deliverance.

QUESTION:---These people who say the Jews are going to accept Christ, --'quote'-- that about they shall see Him who they have pierced or feared and they will cry and moan in acceptance.

ANSWER:---Remember, they have had remorse on them for a long time. They carry the responsibility for the crucifixion of Jesus the Christ. Some say this is that these were men who were innocent, but held to this job by the Jews. The significant thing is that if you go into the Old Septuagint, it does not say that they who pierced Him are going to mourn. This is only the way it was translated in the King James Version.

Now, there is another factor here. There is no way to believe that any people who are a part of Anti-Christ are going to be converted or changed for the first thousand years. For all of them are thrown into the bottomless pit. All of them who are of the armies who fought Christ. These people who fight Christ are those who try to destroy the Kingdom. There is no conversion for them for the first thousand years. Maybe out in the thousands of years to come. But that is like--'All flesh shall be saved'--'Every knee shall bow'. But I am not concerned with what is coming up 1000 years form now. I am interested in now. I can't tell ----- maybe, we will all be so happy after 1000 years, that we will be glad to see HIM save anything and everything. But right now, the thing is I am interested in what is going to happen right now to the Kingdom. The Gospel is for now. Therefore it is an interesting thing to take the book of Acts and see the power the church might have had. It is an interesting thing to show that the early Apostles except John, were put to death, martyred. It is alright to show that, but let's not teach that for today. For we are not in the days as at the start of the church where great persecution is to come on the church. We are in the days when the Anti-Christ may seek to do this, but now he meets the power which is not going to deliver the Kingdom. Remember, that martyrdom did occur. They were outnumbered, but still didn't give up their faith and because of this martyrdom, thousands of people in Europe saw this and they accepted. See? But today we have almost all the white race embracing Christianity. We are one-sixth of the worlds population. And one-sixth of the world is Christian. They tell you this all the time that Buddhism is the largest religion. This is old Gottmaism set in place by Jewry. Hinduism is the second largest with 583 million people. And Mohammedism and Christianity, they say, vie for equal numbers. So actually, Mohammedism isn't as pagan as you might think. Even tho they fought against Christianity and rejected Christ. But they rejected His as Messiah maybe, but as a prophet, no. They had all the writings of Abraham and Moses in the Koran. And the is they said that the Christian churches had idol. This in the days of Mohammed. Well, most of the Christian churches of then were Catholic and they had these images and icons. They may not be idols, anymore than a picture in your book or a stained glass window in your church. It is only a symbol of something out of the life of Christ. But the Mohammedians insisted the Christians were idolatry and the Mohammedians thus fought Christians because they thought they were idolaters. Harold Lamb shows you this in his writings of 'The Crusades' and so forth. But the pagan religions are Jewry. For Jewry runs Buddhism and Hinduism and Baalism, and Baha, and so forth. So all these pagan religions, the Yesserdies, the Voodooism and witch doctors,--in fact--the largest seminary is for Voodoo Witchdoctors and it is in Africa,--and it is headed by Jews. This Kenyatta who is head of the MauMau's,---he was given a degree over there in this Voodoo seminary. Then went to England to Oxford and wrote his essay on magic and witchdoctoring. And they gave him his doctorate at Oxford because he was a witch doctor. And he went back to Kenya, he started the MauMau's and they were Christ haters. But the United Nations came along and said--don't kill this man, don't kill him. So Britain didn't kill him altho he had over a thousand white women disembowel by the MauMau. And all their servants who were loyal to them were also put to death. But the U.N. said"--'don't kill him.' So they put him in jail. And when the United Nations said let him out and give him the kingdom, Britain let him out and gave Kenya Colony to him. So the MauMau are getting stronger all over Africa.

This Kenyatta,---(and I am glad they have to eat this---I quote from The Los Angeles Times)--that he was the greatest of Africans and they would like to see him send Africans over to America to help the Negroes here to win their freedom. They said:--the symbol of African Freedom was Kenyatta. While Kenyatta said no one could stay in Kenya Colony that wasn't an African Negro. So they started to put out 280,000 people from India, and Pakistan and so forth. And they said they would have to go to England. Well, England than passed a law quick, that it was not right. So the House of Lords passed it and the Queen signed it, so only 1,800 per year can go into England if they are not white. And anything off color is not white. So the L.A. Times praises Kenyatta for being the greatest integrationist of all time. But he is not. He only wanted Negroes to live there.

That of O.K. Let the MauMau stay in Kenya Colony. But this just shows you that it depends on who runs the country whether they want integration or not. But if have a country, they want integration as soon as they get their hands on it.

QUESTION:---Do Mohammedians like the Jews?

ANSWER:---No. They do not. All Arabs hate the Jews and they have been more consistent with that than the Christians. God said:--'I am not going to love my enemies.' Actually it is a silly thing. For the Jews are the super-deceivers on the world scene. And Jesus said this is an Anti-Christ.

What do they say as they do the work of deception?----They say--we are the people of God and you are gentiles and you worship a devil. There is no greater super deception that this Anti-Christ.

QUESTIONER:---Then they come over here and Christians try to save them.

ANSWER:---Well, this is a silly Christian idea that they are going to save all these Jews. But they aren't making any progress at this at all.

I can take you in here and show you the book about how Harry Gold goes down to a Christian mission one night and gets groceries, and takes them home. And the next night, he goes to a Lutheran mission and gets food and takes it home. And the next night, to another Christian mission and so on. His mother said:--'don't bring any of those Christian potatoes into my house.' Harry said this is not Christian food. It is just food. Mamma says:--but you become a Christian every few days. Harry says.--No, I just let them baptize me and then I bring home the food.' But he was just making suckers out of the Mission and the Christians. Oh, not some of us, for some of us are just waiting.

QUESTION:---Well, my question is why will Mackentire stay so close to them?

ANSWER:---My opinion is that he knows the Kingdom message. He knows they aren't the chosen people. But he is just convinced monetarily.

QUESTION:---Do the Jews think they are Hebrews?

ANSWER:---The top Jews know they are not. The others only know they are called Hebes. Every descendant of Heber is a white man. So every white man on the face of the earth is a Hebrew. Oh, there were white men descended form Noah, but they were all absorbed in seven generations. The Hamites were white men and not absorbed until after the time of Nimrod.

Actually there are more Jews who do not know anything about Orthodox Jewry. There are so many of them coming into Palestine that they claim the religion of Palestine may turn to Buddhism. After all Ben Gurian was a Zend Buddhist and was Premier for many years.

QUESTION:---I always thought the Jews knew a lot about the Old Testament, but I found out that they don't

ANSWER:---No. They read the Talmud. ------THIS (holding up the BIBLE) is YOUR BOOK. Not theirs.

(End of message)