03-29-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...The two houses laying in the street in Revelation as to witnesses?

ANSWER:...These are Church and State, one is the nation or state of Israel, the other is the spiritual side of Israel. They are in bondage, not for 42 months, but as we approach this end of the age there is a falling away and we are in it now. When all the world is going "hippy" and all this fantastic folderal is going on then it tells us we are in the time of the "falling away." This is going on all over, thousands of young people in all kinds of patterns of morality, and dressing in this style and defying the patterns of law, are being held up as something new and wonderful. This is a symbol of the World rejoining, but it is going on all the time in India and in Africa where they have gone completely berserk. In Europe they are having the same kind of trouble we are having with these people. At the same time they claim that the church is forsaken so they join them in all their apostasy, so we see this is true. When we take a look at the Methodist church in San Francisco and Oakland, they take no stand against immorality and homosexuality. The message of the church seems to be that God is dead, everybody love everybody, join the world. They teach the areas of theology, to get along with everybody by joining them, but they don't oppose anything, or anybody. The world is sort of rejoicing because they think the church has gone down the drain. As far as the government of Israel are concerned the world operation seems to be pushing on, and we are getting into a One World Government situation. The President and his Cabinet seem to be going this way also. However, at the same time there has been some awakening of God's people even in the face of this, but sometimes they will rise up suddenly on their feet.

In Revelation it refers to church and state as tho they were beheaded in three different cities, so it cannot be two people. The city of Jerusalem was a city of religion in bondage, Babylon is economic bondage, and Egypt is political bondage of the world. So this was just symbols of bondage of Israel. Actually it has not been the true church which was in bondage, but coming up to today I think the area of bondage is mostly over, we are watching the deteriation, and we are now in the awakening which is the resurrection of the testimony of church and state.

QUESTION:...Do you think some were wayward in the true church of Corinth?

ANSWER:...No, the true church was not wayward, it is the church body....ecclesiastically.

QUESTION:...Then you think the true church will rise and stand up?

ANSWER:...Well, it is already standing up. The true church never fell for this, it is just an area of the church body which falls. Come over here to the Book of John since we have just come thru the patterns of Easter, and we note here in the areas of the trial of Christ, and the pressures they placed upon him that this proves conclusively the attitude the Christian's should have toward Jesus. You see, we are in a period of ecumenical conferences. The Pope advocates that all men must get together regardless of their race, color, creed or religion, just so they kiss his ring. Then they will all form an ecumenical conference of which he says in the scriptures means ..brotherhood. But the program of the Kingdom is not world Brotherhood, and the program of YAHWEH is not all together...left and right...it is only "RIGHT". So the attitude is that the Pope will come forth for an ecumenical conference. He says the Jews are not responsible for the crucifixion of Christ, he says there is no area for claiming that they are responsible for Christ's crucifixion. Nor would Jews of today be responsible for what Jews did in that day. However, they did call for "His blood to be upon them and upon their children"....did they not? And they haven't changed their mental attitude at all. They were singing Purim Festus all over the country last week. In fact I saw in the Lancaster paper that they had a big Purim Festus celebration out here at their church which means that all oaths are 'no' oaths. And they pray for revenge upon their enemies and the liquidation of them. They look forward to the day when they are going to avenge all their enemies, they will all be dead, and their enemies are still Christianity and Christian civilization.

Well in the areas of the scripture we want to point out that after the Jews had dispensed with a proper trial because the Sanhedrin couldn't meet at night, they then took the Christ before Annas and then Caiaphus the High Priest, and we see here in the Book of John that the Jews were very much disturbed because Jesus had been brought before them. But the thing they were planning to do was to put Christ to death. So it says:..."they plotted as to how they might put Christ to death."

Now; in the Book of Matthew it says:..."the chief Priests and the Elders, and the Council sought false witnesses against Jesus so as to put Him to death." They didn't find any false witnesses who they could establish as being true because they disagreed in their reports. At last they found two witnesses who had memorized their false reports, but they tripped themselves up. Nevertheless, the chief Priests had plotted together how they might put the Christ to death.

Then in the Book of Mark we see the same thing, he tells the same story, and Luke tells the same story of how the chief Priests had plotted how they might put Jesus to death.

In the Gospel off John in the sixth chapter., the facts really commence to come out. It tells of how Jesus said:..."I have chosen you twelve and one of you is a devil, speaking of Judas of Iscariot. And after that Jesus walked in Galilee because the Jews sought to kill Him. At the feast the Jews sought Him saying:.."where is He?"... because you see Jesus had gone down secretly. But no man of the Galileans dared to speak openly of Him for fear of the Jews. The people were saying:...could God do anymore than this one, do any more miracles than Yahshua does?, but the Jews sought to kill Him. Then the Jews crowded around and they said:.."who are you?" But Jesus said:..."Ye will seek me but ye will not find me....where I go you cannot come." And the Jews said:..."where can He go that we cannot find Him? Will He go unto the dispersed among the Gentiles, and teach the nations (Israel)?" What Jesus was saying is.....Where I go you cannot come..but they said:... "we have OGPU all over the world, so where can He go that we cannot find him? They didn't understand that Jesus was going back into the heavens, and no Jews could go into the spirit....into the heavens. Jesus said: "no man can go back into the heavens unless he came down out of it." But again in John 8., as the Jews crowded around Him, and as Jesus is going down into the treasury room below the temple, Jesus said:..."If you knew me ye would know the Father." These were the words that Jesus spoke, and no man dared lay a hand on him for the hour was not yet come. So there was a restraining power that did hold back in some areas of their plans.

Then Jesus said:..."I go my way and ye will seek me but ye cannot come." The Jews didn't understand this at all. Then He said:..."Ye are from beneath and I am from above." "Ye are of this world but I am not of this world (order)." Therefore again He speaks then to them that He is from above and they are from beneath but they cannot come. The Jews were catching the concept that they couldn't find Him but they didn't understand what He means for He was saying:..."Ye are out of this Luciferian world order while I am from above."

Later Jesus would say to those standing around....."Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." The Jews in the crowd would not understand and they would speak up and challenge Him. But He replied:..."If ye were Abraham's children ye would receive me." "Ye do not the works of Abraham. He said:..."I have told the truth, it is out of my deity, but you are not out of Abraham, thus you do the deeds of your father the devil." They said:..."We are not born of fornication, we are born of God." Jesus said:..."if God were your father ye wold love me, for I emerge out of God. Neither come I as apart, being embodied as Messiah....why do you not understand my speech....because ye are not of me....ye are of your father and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and the truth is not in him. When he spake a lie, he spake of his own, because he is a lie, and the father of it.....when I tell you the truth ye believe me not." When Jesus was making these statements He was clearly setting His disciples right as well as setting a correct record in the Book of John concerning His enemies. Why were they His enemies...and why they could not understand Him....who they were the offspring of and of what capacity they had mentally, for they had no ability to respond to the things of God.

And yet the Pope will tell you that all men are the same, there is no difference, we should not look for any guilt for the crucifixion of the Christ, all this is in the past and has nothing to do with the present hour. But I want to point out that at the same time over in the Book of John 11..."Then gathered the chief Priests and the Pharisees and councilled together and they said this man does many miracles. These were of course false Pharisees and Sadducees and they said:...If we let this man live He will soon have all men believing on Him and the Romans will come and take away our place in this nation. And Caiaphus, the High Priest said:... "you don't know anything at all, for if we do not kill this man we will loose control of these people and this nation." He said:.."I speak and prophecy that He must die or we will lose this nation. We must kill Him or He will gather together all the children of God who are scattered abroad." And from that day forth they took council as to how to put Him to death. So here was a plot that they openly engaged in. Here are the Sadducees, the false Pharisees, the High Priests and they are plotting as to how to put Him to death. Again Caiaphus makes it clear that he has been looking this situation over and he said:..."if we leave this man alone He is going to gather together the children of God who are scattered abroad. The Romans will then come in no doubt about that, and well, the Romans were of the tribe of Gad, so he said the Romans will surely come in so....we must kill this man.

Here before the crucifixion they were plotting to kill him, yet at the same time they did not want the credibility of it...they are sneaky rascals, they always want someone else to pull their chestnuts out of the fire. They want someone to do it for them. They hide behind companies and businesses, behind courts which they manipulate and so forth, but they themselves try not to do the job themselves. So it was at the time of Jesus that they turned Him over to Pilot to let him do it. The one thing which they had in common was that all these Jews wanted to put Jesus to death. But they did not want the responsibility of doing it alone. So when Jesus came before Pontius Pilot the things which stands out is that here in the Book of John...they led Jesus into the hall of judgment and Pilot said:...what charge do you bring against this man? Pilot had been observing Jesus and he saw nothing wrong with what He was doing, so he said:..."what is the charge?" They said:...if He was not a malefactor we wouldn't deliver Him to you." Pilot said:..."take Him then and judge Him by your own law." But the Jews said:..."It is not lawful for us to judge Him because we would put him to death, but it is not lawful."

Now; it was lawful for them to put anyone to death who had broken their law. A blasphemer could be taken outside the city and stoned, but of course if you appealed to Caesar this would be different." But they wanted to get Pilot to put Him to death. As soon as Pilot listened to them he took Jesus into the inner court and Pilot said to Jesus:..."Art thou the King of Judea?" Jesus said:..."do you say this yourself or did someone else tell you this?" Pilot again said:..."how should I know I am one of your own nation? The chief Priests have delivered thou unto me...what have ye done?" Jesus said:.."My kingdom is not of this hour, if my kingdom were of this hour my servants would fight and the kingdom would not be delivered to the Jew. But my kingdom is not of this world, it is not for now, it is hence."

Right here in the Book of John is this scripture and people have been reading around it all the time. Jesus laid down the challenge...the Jews were out to get Him...If my kingdom were of this hour my servants would fight and the kingdom would not be given to the Jews. But He didn't explain to Pilot that the week before He had taken the chalice instead of the crown. He didn't tell him He had drank the cup to the last drop and assumed all the transgressions of the world. Jesus had already told Peter to put up his sword, for if He wished He could call for reinforcements. But remember that the time was to come when His servants would fight for the kingdom. Jesus is really quite clear in establishing the fact that it is the Jews who are of the kingdom of Lucifer...they are the sons of Satan, they are the children of perdition, the children referred to as devils. Under this they are the program of God. In that day of course they were trying to destroy the head of the kingdom. Altho they didn't believe He was Messiah still they believed that He had tremendous power. But Lucifer did perceive that He was Messiah. Again they wanted the opportunity to have someone else put Him to death. So Pilot comes out and he tells the Jews...."I find no fault with this man....He is not guilty. But you have a custom and I will release unto you at Passover one man as I do each year at Passover, so which would you have me release unto you?"

Now; of Barabbas....he had just been caught and they said he was guilty of sedition, but he was a Patriot, and however in the last battle as the forces of Barabbas attacked the supply train coming into the Temple at Jerusalem, some soldiers had been killed. So some said that Barabbas was a killer but he was also part of the Army of Israel, and he headed the Army for Christ. He had over 3,000 soldiers in this army for the Messiah which they hoped to use to protect Christ in the city of Jerusalem. Barabbas, of course, thought the Jews would say:..."Give us Barabbas", for he had raided their caravans which carried a lot of the goods which they had been selling on the steps of the Temple. But no, the Jews said:...give us Yahshua, and Barabbas could not believe his ears. Pilot said:..."behold I bring him forth...the Man." And the Jews kept crying:... "Crucify Him." The chief Priests and their officers cried:..."Crucify HIM....crucify Him." Pilot said:..."take Him and crucify Him, for I find no fault in Him...He is not guilty."

The Jews answered:..."we have a law and by our law He ought to die because He makes Himself the son of God." Pilot hearing this again went into the judgment hall with Jesus and he said:..."speaketh thou not to me? Knowest thou not that I have the power to crucify thee or release thee?" Jesus said:..."Thou couldn't have any power at all against me except it was given unto thee from above. Therefore let he that delivereth me unto you possess the great transgression." Thereafter Pilot tried to release Jesus....he went back before the Jews again and said:..."I find no fault with this man."

Now; this shows the cunning of the Jews as they put on their pleasure saying:..."if you release this man you are no friend of Caesar." In otherwords, here Caesar has made you Governor, and this Yahshua says He is a king. but we have no king but Caesar, so if you release this man you are no friend of Caesar. If you let this man go who makes of Himself a king, you are working against Caesar. So...Pilot hearing this brought Jesus forth and he called for a basin of water signifying he washed his hands concerning the blood of this "Innocent man." He said:..."He is not guilty, I will not be responsible for His blood." We have this in the Books of Matthew and Mark, telling of Pilot washing his hands, that he be not guilty of the blood of Yahshua. This does not show here in the Book of John but the other Gospels tell us this part of the story. Thus Pilot delivers Jesus to them to be crucified. In the Book of Matthew we find that the Jews cried out....."His blood be upon us and upon our children." (Matthew 27:25) So they cared not for Rome yet they wanted Rome to crucify Him.

Pilot sent Jesus to the court of Herod because he thought Jesus came from Galilee and Herod was king over Galilee, but Herod sent Him back to Pilot for he is worried. He doesn't want to be responsible for any of the decisions made against the Christ. Even tho he was a Jew himself, was King over the Jews, still Herod saw the Sanhedrin had taken their measures, and he didn't want to make any decisions or he also would be guilty of the blood of Christ.

So one of the greatest malfeasance of all times, the greatest malfeasance of Justice of all times is that a man can be pronounced three times not guilty...by a judge, and then he would have to release this man to his own soldiers for crucifixion. This shows the power of Jewry as they hold their control over men and nations. Jewry was guilty of Christ's blood, for when Pilot said:..."Not guilty", they still cried "Crucify Him, crucify Him." Saying His blood be upon us and upon our children.

QUESTION:...Simon the Canaanite of Matthew 10:2-4....who is he?

ANSWER:...Simon a dweller of the land of Canaan, as simple as that. He was not a Cainanite any more than you would be a Negro if you lived in Africa.

Now; we are in a peculiar period of time. The Jews have always put the pressure on other people to do a lot of their criminal acts. And of course one of their methods is to try to control courts. Today they control administrations, they appoint Judges and sweep one into their control like even those doing investigative work like the F.B.I. There are Jews in the FBI., and in the CIA, and these outfits will frame men, and prosecute men, they have controlled judges who go along with this. Thus this is the same deal working as it was in the days of the Christ. They have never given up the idea that a sack of gold will buy and control men. They have used it all the time. Nero of Rome was almost an idiot when he got thru with all his drinking, his dope and all of this. They hired him, they proclaimed him great. When he burned Rome then they had him blame it on the Christians. So they took Nero over in that way. Oh, they are not going to win, but this is the way they have always operated. When they took over the Soviet Union by the Red Revolution then 17 million Christians were the first to fall victims in that hour.

Now; there is an interesting piece here in the paper. The ADL Bill would deny Anglo Saxon Rights. Urging the adoption of a Federal and State weapons control system to promote internal peace and security by Maxwell E. Greenberg president of the ADL (Anti Defamation League) asks support for his bill. Greenberg said his action was based upon a national report by the ADL which warns of reports by assassinations or plotting armed enforcement of their racial and political doctrines. Mr. Greenberg released supplements of Mr. Simms' report and calls upon Catholics, Negroes, and Jews to fight the core of Christian Americans of Anglo Saxon stock. For these Christians of Anglo Saxon stock distribute Anti-Semitic, Anti-Catholic, and Anti-Negro literature using a PO box in St. Petersburg. Also they use P.O. Boxes in other parts of the U.S. for other groups and other organizations. But they are all from the same stock. Readers of the literature will remember that Arn Pettito and Philip D. Lasses are sending out further information and their literature from P.O. Boxes. Mr. Simms the ADL Pacific coast director warns that such brothers in arms as the Minute Men, the American Exits Party, the American States Rights Party the KKK, and others are operating under the front of rifle and sporting clubs. The California Rangers, and the Texas Rangers, the Green Mountain boys, and the Christian Youth Boys continue to plot armed activity while skirting outright sedition. The ADL Bill would outlaw all such organizations to begin with and probably get down in the end to outlawing all Christian Church organizations including Catholics and Negroes.

So....You see the paper was not going along too well with their plan. But Mr. Simms says:...the para-military groups, a commitment of extremists groups in the U.S. is even more alarming than the movements themselves, for this extremism encourages and breeds violence of all types, urging the Catholic, the Negroes, and the Jews to support the anti-weapons bill saying, the desire to stop the sale of weapons in the U.S. is long overdue. For weapons as a protection of ourselves does no good. The time has come to take away this so called privilege to own and use weapons, it is certainly not worth the lives of the people who are killed by them.

Ignoring the Constitutional right of the citizens to own and use weapons, Mr. Simms says, that it will take registration of all weapons owned by the Christian Anglo Saxons of this nation to correct this situation.

Well, this goes to show that the Jews are never satisfied, with all the pressure they use they still move for more control, and we have people in most states trying to put over more control. The President says we need this bill to control crime, but they will smuggle weapons, besides they will get all the weapons which they want from outside the country. They just want to disarm the Anglo Saxon citizens of this country, and arm the trouble makers.

Now; the whole program of anti-Christ is socialism and communism and the push is to move the country more and more under Federal control. So the President of the U.S. makes a speech last week and he comes out to say that we must increase Federalism. We must recognize that States rights and personal rights are all right to talk about at picnics and so forth when you want to wave a flag. But you must remember that Federalism used to supply about 15 million dollars and in a few years it will be 75 million per year, so with the Federal Government putting out all this money it will have to have a lot more to do with how it is spent. The States will have to surrender their rights and individuals will have to also surrender their rights. They want Medicare and cheap housing and so forth. Thus they have to go along with the Federal Government, but these rights are no longer necessary anyhow. He says we are becoming a great nation so vast and so powerful that our founding fathers never dreamed of this, but if they had dreamed of this the Constitution would have been a different thing anyhow. So the President is calling for Federalism, Socialism re-distribution of our wealth etc.

Then Mr. Rusk come out and he says we have been busy putting thru the Airlines treaty, we have opened councils all over the U.S. and no liberal wrote in to help us pass these. 95% of all the letters written in to the senators were against the council treaty, against the airline treaty all those good things for the country. 95% were written by Liberty Lobby and their followers. All the extreme right wingers were writing in. And yet. The Senate had the audacity to pass this, from Jewish pressure, senators who are elected and who are supposed to be guided by their constituents when 95% of the people were against these measures they passed them. This is where Russia can send in all kinds of workers into different parts of the country, they could be saboteurs, military men spying in the land, but this would be putting embassies all over the U.S. and Rusk said we had to pressure the senate to pass this.

QUESTION:...Who is Mr. Greenberg?

ANSWER:...He is one of the officials of the ADL he released this report by Mr. Simms. This is the Anti Defamation Bill to deny ownership of fire arms. They want total confiscation .....to take them all.

QUESTION:...The tenth chapter of Matthew, verse 28; "Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul, but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

ANSWER:...Infamous translation. We can't tell just what it should say, but it is warning people about those who take over the thinking of the people. The soul and where men think is the same, and hell is actually the grave. But they destroy men in their thinking as well as destroy, or take over, their bodies until the end. They do this with drink, with drugs, with satanic hypnotism, and with their false doctrines. They take over men until they almost destroy themselves with their transgressions. But it is a far more dangerous thing when you can tamper with the mind of a man then just tamper with his body. They might put men in prison, and torture them, put them to death, but this isn't nearly as bad as when they get in and confuse men's minds, and hold them into denial of Christ, and into areas where they can no longer think.

It is just like this man Schoenfelt who wrote "Passover Plot", he is a far more dangerous man for he may neutralize more people who were normally Christian, and never looked into this matter, so will think he is an authority and he will thru control of their soul and their body. But this does not mean that they are permanently destroyed for nothing is permanently destroyed. God says:...All Israel shall be saved as it is written," but they do become casualties to this.

QUESTION:...I don't understand John 14:30?

ANSWER:...Jesus is talking to His disciples, to the church saying He will come. He has already told them that He will send the spirit of truth to them. That He would not leave them...that they can understand but the world cannot. "Peace I give unto you not as the world gives you, but I give you understanding...Peace of mind." Then He said:..."now I go away, but I come again, and if ye love me, ye rejoice, because I go unto the father." I go back to take the full hand of authority. This is to show the scripture should be read. I go back to take on the fullness of spirit which is greater than the flesh. Then He says in verse 29., "I tell you before it comes to pass, that when it comes to pass ye might believe. Thus I speak as prophecy and when it happens then you will know it is true.." But when they saw Christ crucified they forgot this, but when He resurrected and then went to heaven they knew it had come to pass. "How be it that I will talk not much to you for the prince of this world cometh, and has nothing in me." This is Lucifer...satanic power which will attempt to take over the world, and the church, but the embodied God would not be there, the church would be here, the kingdom would be here. But the administrative power would be Lucifer against the church. But that the world may know that I love the father and as the father gave me commandment, even so I do. Arise, let us go hence... The translation suffered violence, churches have translated and re-translated this, as they have tried to make it conform to their doctrine. In the early translation Jesus was telling that He must be crucified, and arise from the dead, and ascend into the heavens, there to assume the scepter hand of authority. He said:..." I am Yahweh, I am in control, when these things come to pass then you will understand." So, come on now lets move on. These little mistranslations are thrown in now and then, but still you don't lose the main meat of it, you can understand it.

QUESTION:...Who is this Jesse, in Isaiah 11:1?

ANSWER:...Oh, this is the House of David and David is a descendent of Jesse. This is an Eternal throne. This throne of David....there will always be a man or woman on this throne who is of this line. As Babylon put Zedekiah to death, then Jeremiah took the daughter of Jeremiah over to Ireland, took her on a ship out thru the Pillars of Hercules, and up to the British Isles and there married her to the king of Ireland, thus transformed the throne of David to the West. The king line comes right on down to the line-up on Buckingham Palace wall.

You see, one of the problems we have with the scripture is translations. We use the King James version because more people use it, but there are many translations and men say like Moffet, and Schofield, used the same scriptures. One man may be a Presbyterian and one may be a Methodist, or leaning toward evangelism, but each one came along and interpreted these scriptures, so they would fit into their beliefs. So when they get to an area where the context is different or inserted then they try to straighten it out as to how they think. We have these things and then Fenton will cut these out and try to insert something else, but there may be some which he won't see. Actually the scripture even tho they have been touched, and twisted, still the theme of the story is still there. The enemy has never been able to get them out, and it is not always the enemy because some are translated the way these men were taught. A lot of these men had areas of churchology, this is Priestcraft and added perdition fostered on Christianity. And they warp any passages of scripture they could with the tortures of transgressions, all of these things. These men believe all this stuff so everywhere the word was "Sheol" the would should have been...."the grave"...and they put in torture and hell and fire and so forth. Then other places where it is talking about "Shekinah Glory" which would burn out of all people their transgressions then they put them in a lake of fire, and burned them forever and forever. This is how these things got into the scriptures. You will be reading along real good and then Jesus will say something which doesn't make any sense, it will not go along with what He was talking about, but then it isn't what Jesus said at all. So it doesn't make much sense with what you already know.

Since God pre-destined His kingdom is going to stand, that He knows every person in the kingdom, that to them may seem far out, but He has said that you are going to think and you are going to do what He has predestinated you to do. In this passage here you are talking about...this is just how they translated it.

QUESTION:...Famine in India?

ANSWER:....Well, we read of this and yet they have coffers filled with jewels and with gold and silver. They have the greatest wealth in the world but they don't want to buy food, they want to con you into giving it to them, so their temples can still hold all this wealth. But then the pagan people are always this way. Since we spoke to you, the enemy thinks they will get all they want by destroying the food patterns. They will hike the annual wage idea, so that everyone will get an annual wage. No matter if they work, or how long they work, they plan to give them a daily wage and do this by controlling the food pattern. This is Walter Ruther talking after he returned from the Soviet Union. Most of the nation depends on the super market so they are to tie up delivery of food until the nation gives in and sees that everyone is given an annual wage.

Then today Martin Luther King comes along and he is for this annual wage for everyone...for every Negro $5,000.00 in the U.S.A. right thru ....right now. This is fantastic, but he is now going on a revolutionary warpath fighting the war, fighting this war against communism, he is for the annual wage and is going to march in the streets and so forth. But the one thing they are threatening our nation with is a famine unless we give in. But if they take our taxes and pay wages to those who will not work that is again unconstitutional. In fact they can't do what they are not capable of so lets face it. They are out of work because the cotton gin and other machines put them out of work. As long as we left the Negroes in agriculture work then we did all right, and they did alright, but there isn't much then can now do without a lot of training.

It is the leaders of the Unions who are bringing these demands for wages when they are not capable of doing the work for the wages. They increase the cost to everyone and it breaks the nation. But we will come into very serious times as the socialist anti-Christ program progresses. This is why it is good to have a little food on hand all the time.

(End of this message)