03-31-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...Could you give us a little more on the woman that Cain married?

ANSWER:...We have quite a bit of background material, Zohar information, early discussions and material from the Patriarchs, things which came up in the Zohar conversation records, the things like the writings of Seth, and so forth. We know that Cain went eastward into the land of Nod, and he took a wife from among the Akkads. But prior to this time he had also consorted with a Negress because this was classified as...among the Beasts of the earth and was not acceptable and this was one of the things besides being Luciferian that said that nothing Cain could produce would be an acceptable sacrifice, for he had violated this principal law.

There is a passage over here in the Book of Genesis as God talks about this Violation of Divine Law to Cain. He charges Cain and his COMPANIONS in plurality. This is interesting and proves that Cain and his companions have to absorb their own transgressions, as he runs them out. Thus it is plural in statement which is made to Cain. This is later discussed among the Patriarchs, and among the religious teachers later, about the fact that one of the first things that Cain did was marry into the lower Bestial orders. Then when Cain went into the land of Nod he took a wife of the Akkads, a higher station but again it was a people who were of the lower order, and thus the results came to pass. The people who had lived in the land of Nod of course no relation to Adam and his family. So this was again an extension of this Beast design (those without begotten spirit of God.) Remember that at no time from either of these strains of Cainanites...black or Jew, were they acceptable for intermarriage into the race. This is important for always genealogy checks this out. The only reason you get genealogy in the Scripture is that it is important to differentiate between people, so that there is no contamination with the Cain line, or with the fallen races that were here before the Adamic race came. The reason Noah was spared in the flood in the Upper Tarim Basin was because...'He found Grace in the sight of God, because he was perfect in his generations'. This pronouncement included his three sons and their wives, for if they had not been perfect seed lines, they would have been exterminated to stop this mongrelization, this brutishness. Every evil was evil continually, in fact there was no part of those in this Basin that were any good, they were eating men, their wild orgies, and their population were unprecedented in those days, in that area where the flood took place.

Now; always another question is raised concerning the genealogy of Jesus The Christ. Of course the old modernists were always interjecting a position...attacking the Virgin Birth, and of course thus the status of The Christ. They wrote pages, and there must have been some inserts changed into the genealogy of Joseph. And they first added that Joseph was the son of Heli (as was supposed) thus Jesus was the son of Joseph who was the son of Heli.

Let me point this out:...I think this is important about this genealogy, and this is one that people should be more conservant with...Luke 3. You will note that when the genealogy comes down to Joseph it says in verse 23 ....'Jesus himself began to be about 30 years of age, being (as supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli, which was the son of Matthat, which was the son of Levi,' and so on down to the son of Seth, the son of Adam who was a son of God.' When you get to...'The son of Matthat' then Mary was of this House, this is not the genealogy of Joseph who later was married to Mary. Let me show you something here:...go over to the Book of Matthew and you have the genealogy of the Legal House after Joseph married Mary. The genealogy of Joseph is the rightful descendent line of the House of David. And Mary also was a rightful descendent of the Davidic House.... the line of David. If she had not been of this line she could not have been acceptable as the Vessel to produce the Messiah, which not only had to come out of the House of David, but out of the House of Judah because all prophecies would be fulfilled this way. And let me show you that as it gives these genealogies you come down here in Matthew 1:16...and 'Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary who begat the Christ'. Then go back over to the Book of Luke and what do we start out with in the Book of Luke? 'Joseph who was the son of Heli, the son of Matthat'...but this Joseph is not the same person...not at all as the Joseph who married Mary. This translation here (being as supposed the son of Joseph) is a Jewish insertion, and this was put in here to try to deny the Virgin Birth. It shows up first in the translations at the time when the Vatican and Douay Versions were translated. And it shows up in the King James Version because it was taken out of the same text. This was never intended in the structure of the church, it was done by Jewish infiltration to destroy. In many translations (as was supposed) is written Italics, and this shows you that it was not in the older texts.

We thus point out that we have here a genealogy for the household from which Mary comes, and we have a genealogy which gives legal authority to the marriage when Joseph marries Mary and thus becomes the foster father we might say as he accepts the Virginity of Mary when he was told this by an Angel. And now the whole household was in the legal line, then also Mary had the Household of Levi in her blood lines because Levi was given to all the tribes. Zacharias was a Levi, and Elizabeth who was married to him was a Levi, and also a cousin to Mary. Thus Mary was of the King-Priest Line tied together. This is the symbolism of the Melchizedek Priesthood. So actually tracing the genealogy of the Christ back in all its earthly contacts...takes it straight back to Adam..the first Adam.

QUESTION:...But where are the Jews tied in here with this insert.... (being as supposed)?

ANSWER:...They wanted to prove that Jesus was the Illegitimate son of Joseph conceived out of wedlock. They wanted to have you think he was not of Divine Birth, thus not the Divine born Messiah.

QUESTION:...Oh, I thought they put that (as supposed) in there so you would think He was born of a Virgin, but I see.......

ANSWER:...The way it was written here was to make you think Jesus was the son of Joseph, this is what the verse does imply. Every scholar of Modernism has used this verse to attack the Virgin Birth. This verse was not in the Alexandrian Version.

QUESTION:...Is the Zohar a Jewish history?

ANSWER:...NO..the Zohar is an Israelite history. But the Zohar you find today has been taken over and been talmudized just as they have Talmudized lots of the Old Testament Books. For instance, since the Zohar, and lots of the old books were not accepted at the Council of Niacae, the only Zohar, normally in use by congregations is written by Jews who use this Zohar with a Rabbi saying is, and this Rabbi saying something else. The original Zohar does not do this, for the Priests and Patriarchs have a record and they recorded that YAHWEH spake to Joshua and this is what Joshua said. There may be more conversation as to what YAHWEH said in the old Zohar, than there is recorded in the Scripture because they had all the conversations of YAHWEH with the Adamites. So the Zohar is all that YAHWEH revealed to Adam and what the by-play of conversation was when that revelation took place. So it is sort of a historical discussion, or it is something which is heavenly and earthly, something which God revealed. The Zohar is things...mysteries of God revealed to man through conversations, and revelations, through the history of the Adamic race down to the time they stopped writing the Zohar, and this goes down to the time of the Prophets.

QUESTION:...Is there a plane in Celestial Planes where the children of God cannot go into?

ANSWER:...There are planes in Celestial that are probable, or more than probable...there is Biblical inclination that we could not go into this plane unless YAHWEH invited them in for revelation, or for some Celestial purpose. He might bring some Celestial children into some Celestial cognition because He was preparing to send them into some areas of earth where they needed the investment of this understanding, or He might bring from earth as He did with the Apostle Paul and Enoch...earthlings but still Celestial children, bringing them back to the briefing chambers and then taking them as He did John into the prophetic dimensions of tomorrow in the mind of God. He would have more than this, you and I cannot penetrate the areas of Divine purposes unless God wants to show it to us. There is a dimension of thought, and this is another facet of spiritual cognition. As you are spirit, soul, and body, your Celestial being is an entity as having a Celestial consciousness, and your body in a Light dimension, your soul consciousness then resides in a physical plane, or rather resides in a conscious plane and your physical body with its physical brain resides in the physical plane of reaction. But the very facet that you soul consciousness resides in...is a conscious remembrance and thought, and idea, this itself is a plain of dimension into which this consciousness could be projected at any level of consciousness whether Celestially or any area of perception, and while you as a conscious being are in a realm or idea of thought this is where you are at that moment. It is possible to project you backward and forward either by a Celestial cognition, or holding you in place by physical sense cognition. Although you consciously can travel backward in this, it can't travel forward beyond spiritual revelation, but it can travel backward over all remembrance. After all you sit in that chair and start to remember something which happened in your girlhood and at that time while you are thinking, while your consciousness is back at that incident, the body is here in the chair, but the consciousness had gone back over time to this very incident which is....reliving. But you cannot travel ahead in physical electronics, you have to travel ahead in spiritual concept, or with the creative mentoid thought of spiritual vision or even ideas as you plan tomorrow. From this point you travel, but you do not travel into tomorrow except by spiritual revelation...see? This is the reason again...that these are facet levels that most people do not realize. It is very easy to realize when the thoughts are in that area all the time, or visions from God come to pass. He especially does this to a minister or a prophet or to someone who wants this revealed, so he can project your whole consciousness into the future, then these things come to pass. But as far as you are concerned, you have already beheld this thing, in the seat of your consciousness although you never left physically. So you are one person, spirit, soul, and body, but your consciousness can go into any one of these dimensions for temporary residence. But as far as you are concerned...as you think in your heart...so are you.

QUESTION:...Is it a quite general thing that our spirit travels out into the Celestial plane when we sleep?

ANSWER:...I do not believe this...not at all...this is the experience of being disembodied..where the spirit just goes flitting around. I do not believe that is an experience purposed for you and I as Children of God. I think that it is Satanic, witchcraft, and I think when this is practiced that it is a dangerous thing. Many times when this is practiced then the body dies, and the spirit cannot get back into the body, thus it is disembodied. I think that Satan plays in this factor.

Now; the Father can take the consciousness of the spirit back into Celestial planes at HIS calling, not that you are trying to jump out of the body trying to go there, but HE could call you out for some revelation and you would not know whether in the body or in the spirit because the Apostle Paul could not tell whether he was in the body or in the spirit...he recorded this. The cognition of seeing, thinking, even of eating and living in Celestial plane was so real, and John experienced these things as did Paul who said he did not know whether he was in the body, for he locked his doors, shut the shutters of the house and went out and climbed into a chariot and went out, so he knew that he walked out and into that chariot. But the Apostle Paul was taken and he didn't know just how.

Now; there is a lot of phases in Spirit craft. The reason I say this is because we are living in a day when forces are at work, probably many forces are at work, and one of the most important areas of Satanic work is to try to deceive people, to lead them astray so they do not effectively do the work of the Kingdom. This is the reason why the Devil doesn't care how religious a people are just as long as they do not take a firm resistance to the things he wants to do. You can sing hymns, and participate in all kinds of religious activities but if you don't oppose his taking over of the nations, his trying to mongrelize your race, his trying to destroy the morality of our youth, or the suppression of God's kingdom, if you do not oppose any of this and just keep flitting around, and flitting away your time trying to figure out how soon you can get back into heaven, the devil is not very much disturbed by what you do.

Oh! you say....but he doesn't like our praying for anything. But actually people do not pray to defeat the enemy, they just pray for some spiritual hallucination which they don't know about, they pray for some little glimpse of Glory or some idea like that. Or they might have caught just a glimpse out of the Scripture that they were once enveloped with Light and Glory, and they might just pray for this not knowing that enveloped, they were to occupy the earth, they just want to float off on cloud nine. I know a lot of people don't like that expression...'cloud nine', but we only use it because it is so descriptive of the spiritual activity that we see.

Now; there is no question about the thrill and the joy of spiritual wisdom. There is no question about the charge as God unveils truth, there is a tremendous mood one feels in every area of conscious emotion, as one thinks and meditates on the vastness and the Grace of God, when this is catalyzed by fellow worshipers, or when you are joined with them in some deep or great spiritual truth. And because you thrive on truth you then reach out for truth.

However the Luciferian kingdom works on phenomena, and in this phenomena one of the areas in which phenomena works is that they invite people to participate in a type of practice in which they get out of their bodies. See? And they call this migrations of the consciousness, and some call it migration of the soul. And in this area of practice they become disembodied. I have known several people who have tampered with this. I have known some who were able to do this...one left Europe and appeared in this house ...while they were in Europe, but if they had kept this up it would have killed them...see? It is a reality, and always it is Satanically done, altho sometimes done in deception as these people were told that they had acquired higher capacities than others because they can do these things. And altho there is something invisible..we don't know what the elasticity of it is, there is at least a life like connection still between that soul consciousness and that body is stretched out 3000 miles. The fact remains that if the silver cord broke they would die. It can happen, and then you have a disembodied spirit, and you cannot get in or out, and generally they then become demon possessed.

QUESTION:...Can Christians do that?

ANSWER:...Well, generally they would not even try that unless taken off into a false and oriental pagan doctrine when studying this area of fantasy and they could become obsessed at this point. But as far as the individual getting beyond the ability of God to reconstruct them...no. However they could get into a very bad situation where they would be disembodied, being neither able neither to go forward or backward until Judgment Day or until the return of the Christ, one of these areas where it would take something special to correct. There were disembodied spirits remember, most have been exorcised by some great leader, maybe like Moses, or Elijah, and in the time of Jesus, or by His disciples. For instance those were disembodied spirits which were obsessing that maniac...in fact they made him a maniac. Remember how as Jesus came along they knew who HE was? They cried out:... 'Thou Jesus of Nazareth, thou embodied Incarnate Deity...torment us not.' Or get away from us, and then Jesus commanded all these disembodied spirits who were hanging on to this man for life so they could have some physical influence, commanded them to come out of this man, and they did. But they cried out...we do not want to be disembodied, we have found a place in this man, we don't want to have to roam those dry places, so let us go into those hogs. So they had more affinity with these hogs, and Jesus let them go into the hogs, and the hogs ran down to the river and drowned themselves. Of course the man who owned the hogs hollered about this, but the fact was that these hogs did not belong in the land of Palestine anyhow. And of these Demons it says:...'They drowned themselves so they could get back to their own place.' So they couldn't get back into the Netherworld until they made a re-entrance in some kind of a body. So what difference if you are in one beast or another? What difference then between a Jew and a hog? But they got back to their own place this way.

Now; Judas of Iscariot...remember that he was a Luciferian, a Nephilin in a physical body, a Jew, and he hung himself to do just that...get back to his own place. So these things belong to the negative principals. But if the children of the Kingdom become proselytes to the forces of evil, and dabble with occult Satanic powers they can be put in bondage to these things as far as their physical being is concerned, and their soul consciousness...there is an area of balance in law, whereas maybe you could not have kept them from returning to a dimension, but they could die, because this type of violation of Divine Law kill people.

QUESTION:...There was a man who talked about these innate powers, his name was Neville I believe........

ANSWER:...You mean this man at Fresno?

QUESTION:...I don't know where he was from.

ANSWER:...There are quite a few of these Nevilles around. There are so many people who have written books of Psychology, Philosophy and religion, so there are probably no names you could find, but what there would be several books by that name. This does not mean anything really because most of these fellows who dabble in occultism never expose it, they are absorbed by it.

QUESTION:...Why did Judas of Iscariot want to get back to the Netherworld?

ANSWER:...Because he didn't want to stay on earth after the resurrection. He knew that Jesus knew who betrayed the Embodiment of God, and if Christ resurrected he wanted to be down below. And if Christ was down below then he wanted to be here for he did not want to face the Christ ever again. These devils had the idea that they could kill the body of God, and hold Jesus in bondage. They thought that the power of Jesus would be finished if He was killed so Judas of Iscariot being a devil betrayed Jesus and this body of God was killed. Then the moment that Jesus descended into the Netherworld there was earthquakes, and violence and upheavals, and the spirits of the dead walked the streets again. Jesus sent out someone every few hours and this drove the Jews crazy. They hid down in the Treasury building and my they were worried. Ha. And during those three days when Jesus was in the midst of the earth, every once in awhile He would send someone out and they would walk the streets of Jerusalem. It tells you about this over here in the Book of Matthew, and in the Book of Nicodemus and in the records of the Sanhedrin. But Judas of Iscariot was first here and there, he was hiding out and very disturbed. Then when he heard that Christ had resurrected he went out and hung himself, for he knew that The Christ was here on earth, so he wanted in the Netherworld...he was so afraid. I don't blame him, not only was he afraid of Jesus, but if there was anyone who the followers of The Messiah would go after it would have been Judas of Iscariot. He didn't want to meet Peter again, and he was afraid of The Christ, he had fear in him, and he knew what he had done, so he hung himself to get back to his own place.

QUESTION:...Can a disembodied Satanic power enter the children of God? ANSWER:...They can obsess them, they cannot get the entrance into the internal possession like they can into Luciferian vessels. In otherwords a beast system society or anyone out of the other race, or a Nephilin offspring which are the descendants like the Jews for instance, they could have one, or two, or up to six of these spirits obsessing them and living in them at the same time. Whereas a Christian...they could never get in, but they can obsess them. They surround them so that they set up an outer wavelength of vibration so that they attack the areas of their consciousness. And at the thought level of their physical consciousness they can feel the thought wave, they can pick up the impulse. And they seek to build up the areas of temptation. So it takes an exorcist to free them but of course one can always plead the blood of the Atonement which sets any individual free. Even the words of this have a strange and magical power as far as Satanical power is concerned. No one who claims the blood of Atonement of The Christ to cover them, to shield them, to protect them from the obsession of Demonic power, can have demons remain on them.

Now; I can tell you this, if you want to see someone who is badly obsessed, many times they won't do this for themselves, and they won't ask God to exorcise these demons, generally it has to be done for them by someone else. And when ever this happens, when someone tries to free them, and pleads 'the blood', in almost every instance these people will curse, and swear and fight until they are delivered. Before the Atonement these could only go out by prayer and fasting in line with the coming Atonement. But after the Atonement they go out by command. Because...no longer has Lucifer and his hosts any power over an individual unless they submit themselves to them, and he who they submit themselves to becomes their master. Sometimes people submit themselves to the forces of evil or permit these obsessions of these Satanic powers to take over the areas of intermediate consciousness, and they can't free themselves, they are in bondage, and have to be freed by the church, the minister, or the intervention of God Himself, through the Angelic orders.

In the fullness of time Lucifer will not be able to hold the soul consciousness of any of the Household of Israel, these children of God. But there is no doubt that at times here and there people are obsessed. Sometimes this obsession is a mild force, not a full obsession. I think that sometimes there is an obsession factor in which certain evil spirits are assigned to be-devil an individual. And they will continue to pressure a person, and unless they learn how to drive them out then the individual will be frantic until they will want to scream. I will say that 80% of all insanity today is a Demon obsession.

Whereas our great sophisticated society knows so very much, still it knows so very little about Satanic power and spiritual forces. They say this is just bad metabolism, or it is from a blow on the head. There are injuries to the physical body from poor circulation, from some injury which could effect the ability of thought, that will require a miracle to reinstate, or require some areas of assistance to re-construct, but this is not demon obsession. We are talking of the person who has no blow to the head or such, nothing except the obsession factor which can move from the thinking center where it can be under attack by areas of temptation by processes which have been working on it. But this obsession turns to insanity, and this insanity is not the incurable kind. But it has to be cured by the power of God, by the right thinking, by the right alignment, casting out this power. But it is already paid for...The Atonement is consummated for the entire house. There is no way to get around that Atonement. You can even break the demonic powers over a captive Chinaman as far as that goes, but the Chinaman himself can not do it. But you can't do much for a Jew if he is a Nephalistic, for he is obsessed, and you could not cast them out if it were worth while to cast them out of him, for he is still a devil when you would get them out. So you are just shaking off the outside bunch. In otherwords this is not an area of spiritual exorcism for the Church. At one time volumes of experiences have been written about in Rome and throughout early Christendom about their early experiences with Satanic and Demonic powers. Strange and unusual factors are in such warfare against the human consciousness which effect society, and was very prevalent during the dark ages. One of the reasons why,..when the literary ability became good, the amount of literature had reached its low point. When literacy was low the areas of cognition are by experience, but as you rise in the areas of literacy, in the multitude of volumes and ideas, eventually even reality be- comes obscured by form set up in writing, and people are not as conscious as to things which are happening to the patterns of senses, because they are being shaped and molded by writings. So this was the reason why there was more witchcraft and demonology known during the dark ages. It was not because there was not as many areas of force seeking to make people ignore it. Demonology is just as active today, Satanic powers are still at work today. The only thing is, men's minds are controlled by radio, T.V., Press ,books, writings, and they are not conscious of it because there are not as many books on the subject and the only ones they read...or the only ones who read them are in the areas of theology and in psychological fields, as well as extra areas of perception, investigation, and so forth for people are interested in this phase.

QUESTION:...If these people can be cured, why don't we do it?

ANSWER:...Who are you talking about?

QUESTION:...The insane.

ANSWER:...Well it is done in instances where it is known that people do not have any injury pattern. We have watched many people brought for prayer, who have been freed from this situation. In fact the substitute for the ministry in this area is Psychiatrists, and most of those are modern Witchdoctors, as there are more Psychiatrists that are Jewish than there are Christian ones. They make a specialty of this. Among the Germans there are more Christian Psychiatrists than Jewish ones.

Now; as far as the area of insanity is concerned, if you go into an Insane Asylum...this is the most depressing place you could go into, but you will note that there is different kinds of these, some are violent and some are not, some are filled with obsessions and they are actually filled with demons and are lost and twisted by the darkness.

The physical injury or starved metabolism which might be in some, these can be cured. Men like Dr. Cope for instance with his Glyoxolite pattern of re-balancing the entire cell system of the body practically emptied the Insane Asylums of the Jungle of Brazil and that area, except for some who he could not reach who were under demon possession.

But here in our society today a careful analysis shows that better than 50% of the people in the Asylums are possessed. Many people on the outside are also possessed with demons also they just have not been locked up as yet, because they haven't moved into the areas of violence. So each to his own...for instance if this factor involves any part of the operation, if someone would start going insane in our movement then that would be an area where you could move, for this would be under your responsibility. If you just started to work on the 'nut houses' unless you were called only for that, you wouldn't get anything else done.

QUESTION:...Would you explain something to me. In the Book of Matthew where it says:..''The LORD will bring all His hosts when He comes to bring the nations...in judgment before HIM and.......

ANSWER:...This is a highly translated passage....

QUESTION:...Well, how does this go along with the Apostle Paul's saying: 'Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD?'

ANSWER:...Well, you have to die to do that.

QUESTION:...But he is talking of bringing judgment, doesn't that.....

ANSWER:...It depends on the judgment, there is more than one judgment. Give me the passage you want explained.

QUESTION:...Matthew 34.......

ANSWER:...No, it could not be that for there is no Matthew 34. But is it the one about dividing the sheep from the goats, is that the passage you want?

QUESTION:...Well...it is Matthew 25 then.

ANSWER:...Well, 'When the son of man shall come in all of his glory, and with his holy Angels with HIM.' That is a very big number when you try to figure that one out. The word here HOLY ANGELS is Administering Spirits, and these are all the Household of the family of God. Administering Spirits can control all the Celestial realms, anything that moves in the Celestial realm comes under the Administering Spirits unless they are on the negative side. So when the Scripture reads like this is means that all the Celestial orders are involved in the return of The Christ. 'And He shall gather together before HIM, and He shall separate them one from the other as a shepherd divideth the sheep from the goats.' So He is going to separate the white nations from the others in their areas of authority..in His Kingdom. This is what it is talking about, nothing more and nothing less. Then the King shall say to the sheep nations:..'Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.' So what has this to do with 'Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD?' If there is any individual who has passed into the spirit, they return with Christ and their bodies will raised at this moment, and be re-synthesized, or these physical elements will be for them to be embodied in, thus the dead in Christ rise at the very hour of His coming. Therefore those spirits He brought with Him which had passed into Celestial planes would be returning with Him, and would be immediately re-embodied as they entered this plane.

QUESTION:...Well I was thinking of particularly...of proselytes?

ANSWER:...What proselytes?

QUESTION:...Well, I could name a very prominent one right now at the head of our Government.

ANSWER:...But he isn't dead as of yet?

QUESTION:...No, but if he were, would he go into judgment, or would he be 'Immediately with the Lord?

ANSWER:...If he were to die now he would be back immediately in Celestial planes. He would be immediately before the judgment seat of The Christ in the plane of Spirit.

QUESTION:...His judgment would be then?

ANSWER:...The judgment for him would be in consciousness, this is where he has to live, there is nothing wrong with the spirit, it is the soul consciousness, and the physical body in which he is trapped by what he is involved in.

QUESTION:...But the Lord said:.........

ANSWER:...'Seven times as bad, seven times as dangerous'..yes, but that is no problem for you.

QUESTION:...you mean he will have no problem...no judgment?

ANSWER:...He has an automatic judgment, he is in judgment now, but you don't have to live in his house. The moment he gets back in spirit..well, you can't do anything with an incorruptible spirit, you can't bother the spirit one little bit. But the soul consciousness is the only thing which is carrying remembrances back which require a very instant and complete adjustment. This is not your problem at all, this moves entirely within the area as to how God cares to take care of this in His own Grace, but still.. 'Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD'. HIS Atonement is either complete, or it is not complete but there is no revenge pattern here.

QUESTION:...So who are the goats?

ANSWER:...All non-Israelites, you cannot be an Israelite sheep and a goat at the same time.

QUESTION:...But doesn't the Scripture say that they will be cast into the fire?

ANSWER:...This is all hokum...this fire business is bologna, they are cast into the SHEKINAH GLORY. But eventually all the goats, all that system over here in the Book of Revelation are put into the Shekinah Glory. This is the refining influence, this is the thing that during the Millennial period...that the Luciferian hosts will be placed in...all but Lucifer, he and his fallen hosts are not put into this Shekinah Glory until the 1000 years are over, and after he has regrouped his forces and is then defeated. Then he and this immediate echelon of fallen hosts are thrown into the aura of Light, and he then goes through that development. The Scriptures point out that this is in the presence of the Father, and all of His elders, and all of His church. So you are talking about a refining fire, a Shekinah Glory.

For instance any time you have a literal fire, you are only consuming something right now, and then it is gone. But as far as the Shekinah Glory is concerned, it is a refining force in a Celestial plane, it is LIGHT, it is ILLUMINATION, and it is Glory. It burns out error, does not leave any room for it in the seat of consciousness. There may be a certain amount of anguish especially for some in the kingdom, at being forced to adjust. There may be some people who will find a transitory experience as they move into the dimension of spirit because their soul may have been very sordidly fed on all the things that are not of sound value, all the things of error, and as they move into the spirit where the mind thinks and knows, the soul consciousness....whereas it was here building up all its appetite and desires around the things of the senses, all things built on error, now suddenly here in the dimension of spirit where it can't satisfy any of the things it has built itself up to delight in...then it may anguish in the transition. But to go into the time element and factors of the Grace of God, then it spells out the vastness of eternity for a 'day is as a thousand years with the LORD.' But the pattern is for the children, that there is nothing corruptible in the spirit, but there is in the seat of the consciousness the great directives of Divine mind functioning and working.

Now; there is a trend today that is a very foolish thing, this is to depict Christ and Paul as one against another. There is an entire design.. ..Satanically designed...to downgrade Paul. This is going on and anytime you find it this is just a peanut-brain working. Because the Apostle Paul in anything God inspired him to say is accurate. And anytime you find him seeming to say anything not in compliance with the plan of God, you go back and go through your concordance and find where they have applied the change because...it is there. In the Book of Timothy..Paul never wrote a lot of those things. There are times however when Paul said:..'now I am just thinking as a man, not under inspiration at the moment, so he was just speaking as a man, he would be thinking pretty' clearly, more so than one who hadn't had the experiences that he had. So under this instance certain human factors would rise up and he would acknowledge this. But the fantastic superficial additives which have been made are standing out so distinctly as against the great patterns of truth, that Paul was in no contest with The Christ. Remember that Paul was given the great commission of expanding and extolling the great vastness of GOD'S GRACE as a great spiritual, physical, and transitory force into the children of the Kingdom. Because you see...they are to be transformed in their consciousness, their thinking, their attitudes, not because they earned it, but because HE bestows it, upon them.

Now; The Christ fulfilled the judgment for the law, and as He was nailed to the Cross HE..ONE with YOU..became your substitute for all the violations of law at that time. So He said:...with HIM..nailed to that Cross were all the hand writings of all the ordinances which were against you. So what were the ordinances against you? The ones of punishment for disobedience that were always translatable into physical things...REMEMBER THIS. So if we all come down to earth for a while, in the Old and the New Testament...then everything for violation of Divine Law was punishable, where? right here on earth. It was executed by the corporal state, or the Ecclesiastical state which was a Theocracy.

QUESTION:...But is not abomination still punishable by death?

ANSWER:...Yes, but is that not physical?

QUESTION:...But I thought that meant.......

ANSWER:...No, it means just what it says:..'the wages of sin', there is not one thing that is punishable here that does not take place. The fact remains...since this was the area...then He took the hand writing ordinances against you, and with this He also liberated the consciousness without all these other situations as hinderance when the individual understands this. So the handwritten ordinances were nailed to HIS Cross, and thus the Apostle Paul could then teach the Message of Total Grace. But The Christ taught the message of the Law because He had not as yet made the Atonement. The Law was in full force during the ministry of The Christ, but at no time while it was in full force, at no time did God treat you but with Grace as to what you would deserve under the Law. He forgave, forgave, and forgave, this was His prerogative. He told Moses..even though you violate the laws still My Mercy follows you, My Grace follows you still. He dealt with Noah with Grace before the Crucifixion. But the moment you passed the crucifixion, now the church is in the age in which all condemnation has been taken off the Christian under the Atonement, or under the Household. But still this does not stop the law at work in its natural forces. In otherwords there is a Chemical law, biological law, these are the law of being, as things are, they have their functions. But the individual understanding, the operation of the Atonement does not go around with a guilt complex. But the Ecclesiastics builds up a design to hold people under bondage of these guilt complexes, this is exactly what they planned to do. They put people back under a law of condemnation and the Apostle Paul then attempted to set them free from this law of condemnation. Jesus was preaching repentance for the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand, in that he was calling on all the people of the household to repudiate all these false doctrines, these pagan things the Cainanites had sown in. Most of The Christ's battles were against these things being taught by the False Priests then in the Temple. Remember that He said:...'Neither do I condemn thee..go and sin no more', but they cried kill, stone, kill. But under the law they could not execute a judgment that they themselves were guilty of. If they were to get away with it they executing judgment, but they stood in front of Jesus and they could not get away with it...see? Because He said:..'Ye who are without sin cast the first stone', and what happened? They all got up and left, sneaked away because they knew that He knew every one of them.

QUESTION:...I thought this was not supposed to be in the Bible?

ANSWER:...This was in the Codex, concerning the fact that the Jews thought they would trap Jesus. Mary Magdalene was a very wealthy woman, powerful, beautiful, a sort of social butterfly, but an Israelite with great influence. And before The Christ came along she was bored, but when The Christ came and she heard HIM, and she followed HIM, then instantly her life was changed, from being a play-girl, she followed Jesus, and the Jews lost the popular woman of the social set of the city. So the Jews said:... we will embarrass this Jesus using her, and this law of Moses...since this woman has been known to consort with men we will therefore charge her with violating the laws of Moses, and the penalty if caught was death. Oh, they had never been concerned with this penalty before but now that she was a follower of The Christ these skunks came out to charge her. But Jesus looked them in the face and said:..so you want this woman to die, alright then observe this:...and He wrote in the sand:...'He that is without sin cast the first stone'. If He had said..with this law in force, that if you catch someone in the act then stone them, but this was a law to keep the House of Israel clear, basically it was to stop the violation of Divine law with other races, but the code also was with the structure of the House of Israel, and if they caught the person in violation of the law this was judgment. But these fellows came up with his charge of this woman...before Jesus so He said:...'If any of you have not violated this law, then you cast the first stone.' And instantly it pierced their hearts that He knew exactly who they were, and what they had done, so they all ran away and Jesus then turned to the woman and asked:..'Where are all thy condemnor's?' And she said:..'They have vanished LORD' And He said:..'Neither do I condemn thee, but go and commit these transgressions no more.'

QUESTION:...(this same woman who has asked all these questions, she undoubtedly wanted there to be some kind of judgment) But these violations are violation of Divine Law?

ANSWER:...Yes, violations of law are violations, but WHAT TYPE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL STRUGGLE ARE YOU IN? In otherwords, you are forgiven of all your transgressions, nothing you are going to do is going to put you in any type of perpetual straight jacket where Lucifer controls your soul and holds it for another ATONEMENT, or keeps it forever. He can never bottle up your soul consciousness, and hold your spirit, this he can never do. The Atonement sets you free, no violation of law gives him this hold on you.

Now; the violation of law...only as you in your mechanical operation take your judgments in the earth, but it is not because of condemnation for God has assumed upon Himself the responsibility for this transgression. He says:...'therefore I forgive...I have forgiven you'. And since God has justified who can lay any charge? The work of the Spirit is not therefore to make people obey because of the fear of what is going to happen to them when they die. Because when you know what is good for you, and the Spirit of God makes this known to you, then you want to serve God because He put this in you. He has renewed your mind, He has transformed your being. He is renewing your mind, this is going on all of the time. And you get a far better compliance, a much higher social order out of this...see? In otherwords, there is only one or two preachers you find in a bar room of a night drunk and boasting of that route...why? Because this isn't normal, a preacher does not go into these types of activities. Christian ministers generally don't hang out in bars getting themselves drunk. He might have before he got his mind renewed, but after he starts to accept spiritual values he doesn't want to hang around those places. It isn't because he is afraid, it is because his desires changed.

QUESTION:...Is this because of your consciousness?

ANSWER:...Conscious...this inside of you is the spirit sensitivity in the soul consciousness, there is no doubt of this. Now; there is also something else, people create a guilt complex which is not the spirit putting this on you but it is because they are not thinking correctly, they are thinking for themselves, and allow things of condemnation to be put back on them for things from which you have been set free. But as far as this is concerned, no amount of mental gymnastics, no attempt at intimidation, no amount of Priestcraft can put back on you what you have accepted as free of ...in the Atonement. Now; the person between the Devil and a hard-place is the one who is battling at times because he is in a place between one time areas of error, and a consciousness which gives an assent to truth, and the Apostle Paul even says sometimes that he finds a battle going on in his consciousness because of things he now feels intellectually that he should not participate in, and spiritually this was getting him keyed up. Then a desire comes along keyed to the senses, and by temptation would lead him this way, as the spiritual nature would pull him the other way. And he said sometimes in the earlier beginning of this experience after he had become a convert..'wretch that I am', he found that the flesh was battling with the spirit. But as he came to greater cognition, as he became aware more and more of truth, and the whys and wherefore of it, this battle dwindled. But Paul said that if all man's works were burned...if all works were constantly tried by fire, still what more foundation can any man build than that built on Jesus The Christ? This is the pattern of the kingdom, the Blue Print of Righteousness and perfection. He said:..'if all man's works were burned'...they are tried by what? By the spiritual fire of conscious illumination in the seat of his consciousness. And if every area of a man's works were burned...except his faith in The Christ and the knowledge of His Being...then still the man would be saved by his Spirit refinement which burned out the error and left him the truth. But no one is really that bad ...this is going to the extreme. But the Apostle Paul said:...if we do not have anything left but just the fact of the truth...that man believed...he would still make it.

QUESTION:...Is this talking of the truth which the world cannot receive? ANSWER:...In the 14th chapter of John it is talking about the spirit of truth which is the wavelength of cognition of the very Paraclete..the cognition of Gods own mind. Of the intelligence of God's own mind, and this is that which only your race can receive. The world cannot receive it but it renews you, brings all things to your remembrance, and leads you to the knowledge of all truth, even the spirit of truth the world cannot receive. Then right in the same chapter Jesus turns to them and says:..'Ye are they who have been with me since the beginning.' This was since the formation of the cosmos. In the 27th., verse, in the 15th chapter...'Ye also shall bear witness that these of His disciples who constitute his following are those who were with HIM in the beginning.'

QUESTION:...(same lady) Is this what is meant by bringing Judah into Captivity?

ANSWER:...I will bring Judah out of captivity not into it, the words are prepositional. Hebrew and Greek prepositions don't show you directions, so in this instance God is not putting the House of Judah in captivity, He is taking them out of captivity, they are free.

QUESTION:...I thought this meant the captivity or the bondage of God. ANSWER:...No..you are never in bondage to God, you are free when you come to HIM, you have freedom when you come to God, He sets you free, not puts you in bondage. In otherwords, He brings them out of bondage into freedom. But what particular set of theological ideas have been going through your mind which would set up this particular area of questions?

QUESTIONS:...But the Scripture says this many times...bondage.

ANSWER:...But what brought this to your attention?

QUESTION:...Joel 3:1...'For behold In those days and in that time, I will bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem.'

ANSWER:...Oh, you are going way back to the days of Zedekiah, to the days when Judah and Benjamin came back into the city of Jerusalem, and you are going back to a series of prophecies before any of these things took place. This prophecy was when the powers of darkness came against us.... When nuclear atom bombs are made, so the Joel prophecy is one of deliverance, of overcoming and success. Prior to this Joel speaks in his hour of things he catches, as waves of it come to him. But...you cannot go back and apply the areas of 'Joel' before the Atonement is consummated, for there are things that he must teach as a Prophet that now has been consummated on the other side of the Atonement...now you are set free. But he had to prophecy under his dispensation. In otherwords, all Old Testament prophets were as they spoke of Grace, but still had to prophecy under the conditions of the existences of the law unto the day of Moses, and to their time. Before that they were under Patriarchial law, then under the Mosaic law, and all had to speak...looking forward to the Atonement. And from the time that you leave the Resurrection of Christ, the New Testament, and Apostles are to speak under the philosophy of Grace, and the Spirit under a new dispensation for the people of Israel and for the Church.

Now; this is not an easy thing...for sudden spiritual transition to suddenly shape a whole philosophy and theology of a people, but they do this as the spirit makes this thing known. At the same time they are not freeing people from obedience to the ethical codes, nor from these standards but they are not seeking to teach something which puts aside the Atoning work of The Christ, and would again place people under the Luciferian bondage. You see...Hades, Sheol, or the grave, or the Netherworld are under Lucifer, the holding of spirits in bondage is as the Adamites were held right down to the Atonement, and having a division in this where in some were in more bondage than even this...see? But this absolutely ended with the Resurrection of The Christ. But the Prophets lived under this former condition waiting for this Atonement to come.

QUESTION:...We have a question from two witnesses?

ANSWER:...Well, let me see them they might be too long...Oh, who were these people who gathered around The Christ? Well most of them were Galileans, or Judeans, so the Bible says that there were many who believed on HIM...and these were the Judeans who were Judahites for the Jews, for Yehudin never did.

Now; some translations in the King James cause some problems, for instance John 8:37..the correct rendering should be..'I know that ye say ye are Abraham's seed, but ye seek to kill me'. There is a more clear translation in verse 39...'If you were Abraham's children you would do the works of Abraham'. This then repudiates verse 37 does it not? Then Jesus said:... 'Ye are of your father the devil'. In the Codex it says:..'I know ye say that ye are Abraham's seed...by ye seek to kill me...why? Because my word hath no place in you.' If you were Abraham's seed you would receive my word but you are of your father the devil, then He said:...'I am from above, and you are of your father the devil, so you can't be the seed of Abraham. He said:...'Ye cannot understand my speech because you can't hear my words, but if you were Abraham's children you would understand my words.' So these Yehudin were told by Jesus that they were no part of Abraham. I have said so many times on tape, and I will say it again...Jesus had just said to the people of Judah standing around him...'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free'. He wasn't talking to the Jews He was talking to Israelites of Judea and Galilee. And there were many of these lands who believed on Him. But not many Jews believed him...only Israelites and they were not Jews by race, but remember that before Jesus came along, their religion was under the control of the Jewish Hierarchic, this control was all over Palestine, it controlled their Temple, their government, but these Israelites were not Jews, and secretly they nourished hopes in their hearts that these False Priests would not believe in. This is why that Jesus after Identified Judas of Iscariot as the OGPU of the Temple...that now Jesus had to walk in Galilee. He could not walk among Jewry because the Jews sought to kill Him. So none of the Galileans who were His disciples sought to kill HIM, but when they came into Judea, then they dared not speak openly of HIM for fear of the Jews, so all Judeans were not Jews either...see?

So....although sometimes the word Judean is translated Jew, the only place the word should be Jew is from the people who were Yehudin, where it comes out and identifies them as the enemies of The Christ, who are attacking Him, who don't believe on HIM because they are not of the Household of God. Jesus marked this real clear and of course the fact is that at no time do we discover anything but that Jesus is making this clear delineation between the people...and this must still be done today for some are still called..Jew (Yehudin). This is why we discover in Revelation 3:9 and 2:9 with 9 being the measure the judgment that it says:...'Woe unto them who say they are of Judah and are not?' Yes, I know that it is translated Jew, but this is alluding to the people of Judah...look it up. So these phoney people we know as Jews, these who fought Jesus, and called for His crucifixion, those who ran the Temple in those days were not of the tribe of Judah, but they were calling themselves Judah. But...'Woe unto them who say they are Judah and who are not...for they are the synagogue of Satan.' As long as people stay Jew confused they are muddled up. But I also contend that people who are children of the spirit, when they hear the spirit they do not get confused, once they know. If they have a point of confusion they just haven't gotten free yet.

Now; lets look at this other passage that someone asked about..... QUESTION:...There was a certain Jew named Apollos, he had been born at Alexandria, Egypt.

ANSWER:...this is in Acts 18:24., and is translated, a certain Jew in the King James Version, but he was born at Alexandria, Egypt, was an eloquent man, and mighty in the Scriptures, and he came to Ephesus. Now; this man was raised in Alexandria which was a Greek province, but he was a Greek and had been raised like all Judeans, sort of under the Synagogue of Jewry, and as such he was still well acquainted with the Scriptures. But after hearing about Jesus...and remember here that although he was a Greek, he was still an Israelite, but after he heard then he accepted The Christ. Apollos is a Greek name, and he was very well known in his day. If you go back to the early Scriptures, and the early church fathers, then you see that Apollos was a Greek convert, and Israelite. Prior to his conversion he had been acquainted with the Scriptures, but the Synagogue in Alexandria, Egypt was where he had studied. But this man was an eloquent speaker, fervent in the LORD and he taught diligently the things he knew, for the Baptism of John had already occurred, and he began then to speak boldly. He even had the courage to go to the synagogue and contest it there. But when Aquilla and Priscilla heard him then they took him and explained 'the way of the LORD' more clearly to him as yet he had not joined the church which was at this time like an underground movement spreading out and functioning. Remember that Aquilla and Priscilla were Royalty, they had been down in Rome, had been in Greece, they were a Royal, devout family of Christians in the early excursions of Christianity. They had authority and wealth, but they took Apollos into their home, and they said:...you are expounding this truth, you are doing the right thing, so we want to tell you the rest of the story. They told him of even greater things, and he wanted to be baptized into the death, burial and Resurrection of The Christ, and he was thus baptized.

Now; this man was not a Jew by race, he had studied the Scriptures, this man of Greece had studied under the influence of the Talmud as this was scattered all over, even tho they did not as yet have the Kazzar Jews to contend with, still Talmudism was there. The Synagogue was of course in contest against The Christ, but when this man heard of Christ, of the Messiahship, then no longer was the Synagogue of any influence. At one time this man was well known all over the Greek Empire for he was an eloquent speaker and a great debater. If you go back to early church history in Greece, then Apollos was one of the great Orators for Christ and Christianity.

Like the Apostle Paul there were things that Apollos did not understand, such as the areas of Grace, which the Apostle Paul understood, and he seemed to be in dispute for a time until he learned these things, so people said:...I am of Paul, and some said I am of Apollos...but the Apostle Paul finally settled this by saying:...'Look we are all ONE in Christ.' But here you had two great personalities involved, both eloquent speakers, both brilliant students of theology as the Spirit of god unveiled it. Here you have the Scripture to show that apparently the people were following these two great religious leaders of their time. But Paul ended the argument by saying we are all following The Christ. If we would get, before the LORD comes, one of these translations that would make correction in the ethnic areas of translation, in otherwords saying:.... Judean instead of Jew as it should, then you would not get this race mixed in here where a man worshiped. You see prior to Judaism, or what developed as religion inside of Palestine...for there was a conglomerate mixture of Babylonian and Canaanite Priesthood over what had once been the Levitical Faith of the Fathers carried out under the Levitical Priesthood from the days of Moses, and all Israel participated in this. After the ten tribes And Benjamin, and after they came back from captivity their religion was called Judaic. Then when the enemy took control it became Judaism, but it had Canianiteism and everything else rolled into it. But if you went to the Sabbath School as a young Israelite to be taught, you had teachers, some of whom would be seeking like some of the National Council of Churches to speak for all Christendom so under the revelation of the administration of Priestcraft, and the relation of the state, they had great authority. But it did not mean that all the teachers and all the Levitical House believed this. Since they did not....then there were Sadducees, and Pharisees, and divisions of theology at this time of Jesus.

For instance...Zacharias, the husband of Elizabeth, the father of John the Baptist, he had the local Temple, even tho they changed the name to Synagogue under the Cainanitish Priests in the city of Jerusalem, but he had the local Temple in Bethlehem. Yet this man was a devout Israelite of the House of Judah and Levi, and he by no means accepted this Talmudic Priesthood....in no way. Thus you have to make this division among people. Remember that ye are to study to show yourself approved unto God, where you need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth. There is no more important area of study than to understand the ramifications of race, of Faith, of religion, and history which involves your race. This is why it is a study, why it reaches out so far. But today we don't find theology expanding this area of study. It is willing to simplify this thing down, and subordinate it today until the areas where they want to obscure it are reached. Therefore these things are sometimes spiritually discerned and brought past this veil, because we are in the period of time when everything is to be made known. You are in the place where you are called the Goyim or gentile, but you will be called the Children of God, as numerous as the sands of the seashore. And those who called you Goyim or gentile are the workers of iniquity, and the goats, and they have no part in the Kingdom of God. So you see the prophecies are being fulfilled, and at no time do they ever have us all in line, always there was a remnant who never bowed their knee to Baal. Always there has been the Light of Knowledge, always the Wisdom in the secret company of Israel, who kept the Light burning before the great revival of His Kingdom, in the latter days.

Now; even those who are your critics, even these in the various areas of theology who do not understand, they are all going to come to the truth. Some who are tools of the enemy today, but they will come to this truth some day. Their eyes are blinded at this moment where as not blinded as to who the Christ is, but to who they are. There are actually some people who have been blinded when they talk about Jesus as a philosopher, a good man, a teacher, and yet don't believe in His Deity, His Divinity. But how blind can you be? I don't consider some one like this minister in any case, because how would you be a Christian Minister if you did not believe in the foundation of the Christian Faith which is the Deity of The Christ?

QUESTION:...You said it took only a handful of Israel...like when the Midianites were destroyed, but they had help from heaven didn't they?

ANSWER:...Alright, so the Midianites were destroyed just like the Reds will be destroyed, like when the Chinamen come in, just like the Jews will be destroyed right here, as well as the Negroes all over the country when they attack us, this is just what is to happen. In the confusion they fall on themselves.

QUESTION:...Gideon only had 300, so the Israelites didn't stand up to well.

ANSWER:...Oh, but take a look at this, the Midianites were the ones who died, not the Israelites. Gideon sent home all the sleepy, tired, Israelites, but they didn't get destroyed.

QUESTION:...Well, why try to wake people then if it only takes 300 as it did for Gideon?

ANSWER:...Whoa now...don't try to put me back in the days of Gideon. We are in the last days. We are as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens, and we are one-sixth of the worlds population, we are still outnumbered but we are still going to win.

QUESTION:...But it didn't take many in Gideon's time?

ANSWER:...If you were right now to evaluate the facts that we have in all the white race only one sixth of the worlds population, and if you took this percentage wise and evaluate it down, the number of those who know the truth, who lead in the battle with the enemy are only a segment of Israel.. ..aren't they? And they have not bowed the knee to Baal, so this is the remnant, or segment that God used to raise up to save the country with. But don't try to apply the facets of all that happened in the past to this time, for God adds to the things and we will have the Hosts of Heaven with us in this battle which is ahead. There was some of those with Gideon, but we will have all of them with us.

QUESTION:...I thought this was to be an example.

ANSWER:...Well an example, but don't contest this, God already told you He was going to bring in all the Hosts of Heaven. He tells you that the enemy is going to die, it will take seven months to bury the dead, and so forth. So this didn't happen at the time of Gideon, so you see you have additional conditions, this isn't as tho this is a truth factor, this is just it. There are examples but the whole thing doesn't have to duplicate, but parts of it do. There isn't going to be another flood either as at the time of Noah, you are going to do it with electronic dissolvement this time and with fire. The enemy is going to receive its judgment but without a flood. The flood was an example but there is not going to be another Sodom and Gomorrah for the whole world either, but the evil conditions they try to put over are the same conspiracies they are trying to put over today, and are an example. There is to much historical prophecy to pour everything into the same thimble.

QUESTION:...Do the children of God in the heavens have different areas of knowledge as they do in earth?

ANSWER:...In the dimensions of spirit, especially in the Celestial realms of the family, then anything they desire to know concerning their environment is instant cognition. There is nothing they would think about, because He knows all things, and they are spirit of His Spirit, so there is no encumbrance there. The only areas are where the spirit might move into undisclosed areas of purpose, or individual direction would be called into these areas of development, this is His prerogative. God does not go into long expansive declaration of the intricacy of this particular volume, but there are Mysteries not revealed here. And even if you had all the 163 Books, the fact still remains that there are many things about the planes of Spirit that can be brought to your remembrance. And there are also many things that are not all together discussed. These texts were written for your conduct in earth to accomplish this mission. You don't need an education concerning the Celestial, your spirit already knows this, it could be brought to your remembrance for...'Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened'. However there is not one area in which a child of God in Celestial planes has been barred to him, no secret hidden from them in Celestial planes. Nor does God intend any longer to hide anything from you that you seek to know. He will make known if the desire is created, make known the answer, for it is also available.

Now; God is showing us more things all the time, and some of these things are ready to be preached on, they are ready to be sown in, a little at a time, here and there. Other times you don't feel right or the spirit does not bring them up. When you start a sermon today if you are speaking under inspiration, then you don't always know what you are going to speak about, but as that sermon advances God starts thrusting in things He wants said. And as this goes along, you may get areas that He has been unveiling to you through the week, and you may then think you will add something, but find that you can't get it, because it is to be held off for a while. These are things I can speak to you about, by experience, but in time God is going to unveil anything you have asked to be shown. Then if someone comes and asks a question of you about something God has unveiled to you, then now, it is something you know, and you can answer their question. But there are things being unveiled, and will continue to be unveiled, to fill out cognition. Maybe there are things which sub-consciously you have known, but you never thought about it here in this visible life. But when you think about these things then they make sense. You hear this sermon, and it then adds right up. But that is something that God is doing, He is bringing things to your remembrance. For this cause again God has raised up ministers, and He continues to establish the orders of His Church with ministers. In order that they accomplish their services there are functions which people carry out, in teaching, and instruction and all these things. But in this facet there is no limit on the knowledge of God.

QUESTION:...Is there any common denominator between these people who believe this message and those who don't? (This is the same woman who has been so doubtful all the time.)

ANSWER:...Well there is a common denominator if they believe that Jesus is The Christ.

QUESTION:...How do you have anything in common with them?

ANSWER:...Oh, I have a lot in common with them. I visit with Baptist preachers, and Presbyterian preachers, and others who do not know identity, and some of them are against it, but I don't find many of them against anything after you talk to them for a while. I don't find any one rabid about this, for they won't let themselves think, but you still have a common denominator, it isn't actually a common denominator, it is a super one. In fact if they believe that Jesus is The Christ, that He made the Atonement, that the children of God have Eternal Life, then they have a common denominator with you. They may not know who they are, but they still have that common denominator with you. However they can be a very surfeited people as long as they are in bondage to error, and they don't accomplish very much. A lot of them are on a very weak milk diet, not very strong meat.

QUESTION:...But the people who do believe in the kingdom and those who do not, why do some people believe and some not when this is the truth?

ANSWER:...Now..that is a very superficial question..I have already said that people that believe in Jesus The Christ have things in common with me.

QUESTION:...Well a lot of people believe in Jesus Christ but not in the kingdom here on earth.

ANSWER:...But the common ground we have is Jesus, not what they do not believe...there is no common ground in disbelief, but I have common ground with anyone who believes Jesus is The Christ, and who love HIM. I have no common ground on the areas of error. But I have common ground in the areas of our agreement. I don't know just what you are trying to get at, but I am pointing out to you that I am not at war with the Christian Church. I am at war with Jewish penetration, I am at war with ignorance, but I am not at war with the Souls of Israel. I am not at war with my Father's children, I am only at war with His and our enemies.

QUESTION:...I know but why do some people not accept knowledge even though they accept Christ?

ANSWER:...Because they do not understand. If all the people of Israel understood we would win tomorrow.

QUESTION:...The reason why they don't understand then is because they haven't heard?

ANSWER:..Oh, some who have heard haven't understood, or they are rebelling because sometimes you have been raised in the church, and raised to think that this IS THE CHURCH, and you have been actually taught that this is the only church, your mother and your father went to this church so this is it. And then someone come along and tells you some of these things, and although it makes sense, still this is the church, so this can't be wrong, we have always been in the church, and unless you can get them to set down long enough to see some of these things in the Bible, and even then they will go to their preacher, and although he will fight this truth, still when he can't explain then they will think on it. Lots of people don't want to be bothered. They are too busy with parties and playing around which would make them think. But they will go to church on Sunday and listen to the singing, and this will fill a sort of natural appeal for God, there is a little bit of HIM in the songs. The minister will talk about how beautiful the Gladioli's are, and only a beautiful God could produce something like this. So He must be more beautiful than His creation, and He must love us a lot to do these things for us, so lets all love one another. Then it is time for the benediction and they go home. So they came away from the service feeling good, God loves us, loves the flowers, and they go home. Instead of doing anything about exposing the enemies of the Kingdom they don't do much. But they don't like to be disturbed.

QUESTION:...How do you tell who is really white with all these people running around trying to get a tan?

ANSWER:...Well, I wouldn't have time to run around and examine them, but you don't get hooked on the countenance of the average person...see?


(End of this message)